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Pat Summitt

Patricia Pat Head Summitt (born on June 14, 1952 in Clarksville, Tennessee) is an American women's college basketball coach.

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Pat Summitt trusted God with every ounce of her time and talent and treasurs frome her heart with passion
.shares what Pat Summitt has meant to her throughout her playing & coaching career. Please support
"Success is a project that's always under construction.". – Pat Summitt
Enjoyed the in Nashville. Fun fact- did you know that Pat Summitt had a perfect 100% grad rate of her students?
"You can't always be the strongest or most talented or most gifted person, but you CAN be the most competitive." -Pat Summitt. 🏀💪🏽
I grew up in awe of Pat Summitt! Such an inspiring leader! Wrote a report on her when I was a young girl!
"It’s harder to stay on top than it is to make the climb, continue to seek new goals."~ Pat Summitt
Responsibility equals accountability equals ownership. And a sense of ownership is the most powerful weapon a team can have…
We Back Pat: Legacy. Doris Burke explains why legendary Tennessee coach Pat Summitt was never as concerned about...
Big day at UT medical center for the opening of the Pat Summitt clinic to fight Alzheimer's. Ribbon cutting soon!
You can’t always be the most talented person in the room. But you can be the most competitive. ~ Pat Summitt
Confidence is what happens when you’ve done the hard work that enables you to succeed - Pat Summitt
If 2016 takes Princess Leia after taking Pat Summitt and Hillary Clinton's presidency, I will truly be forced to becom…
The willingness to experiment with change may be the most essential ingredient to success at anything. – Pat Summitt
"Lots of people coach the game. Very few get to define it.". – Geno Auriemma on Pat Summitt
Mount St. Joseph and Hiram began the game by honoring Lauren Hill and Pat Summitt's legacy.
It's a sad day in Tennessee and ladies' sports Pat Summitt passed away last night. We will miss you coach!
I know she's looking down on us from above. -Finals MVP on Coach (Pat Summitt) as grips he...
An emotional Candace Parker dedicates the 2016 WNBA Finals to her late college coach Pat Summitt. .
Finals MVP, dedicates her 1st WNBA title to her late college coach, Pat Summitt 🙏 . .
Candace Parker dedicates WNBA championship to late, great Pat Summitt (her college coach and mentor)
Overcome with emotion, the Sparks' Candace Parker dedicated her WNBA title to the late Pat Summitt.
Is it safe to say the Vols have 2 guardian angels from Pat Summitt and Zaevion Dobson cause I believe it is.
Muhammad Ali. . Gordie Howe. . Pat Summitt. Buddy Ryan. Jose Fernandez. Arnold Palmer. 2016, you can stop now.
Tennessee football will wear commemorative stickers on helmets this season to honor Pat Summitt. (via https:…
Inspiration from Pat Summitt, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and More: Once a month (or so), I sha...
"Here's how I'm going to beat you - I'm going to outwork you. That's it. That's all there is to it.". – Pat Summitt
East Tennesseans turn the world orange for Pat Summitt
Banner honoring Pat Summitt hangs in Thompson-Boling before start of ceremony. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, Pool)
Tune in KPUG AM 1170 now to hear ESPN's Celebration of Life Service honoring Pat Summitt. Peyton Manning to eulogize, hosted by Ryan McGee.
Tara VanDerveer, Lin Dunn, Carol Ross, Gail Goestenkors, Nell Fortner have all arrived at Thompson-Boling Arena for Pat Summitt's service.
Finally arrive! Here for Pat Summitt's celebration of life!
The University of Tennessee to host a celebration of life for the late Coach
Geno Auriemma is attending the Pat Summitt Celebration of Life tonight in Knoxville.
Dolly Parton on Pat Summitt: "We were both proud of the fact that we were born and raised Tennessee girls."
Dolly Parton: Pat Summitt and I had ‘a very special bond’ (Tennessean)
In Knoxville for the Pat Summitt Celebration of Life. 1st stop, the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. Live at 5!
Staff attending the Pat Summitt Celebration of Life - please leave your car parked where it is and walk to the Arena
Truly honored to be part of tonight's and honor the great Pat Summitt.
Handle Success Like You Handle Failure. You can’t always control what happens, but you can control how you handle it. Pa…
Public service for Pat Summitt will be on Tennessee\u0027s campus
Just arrived in Knoxville for Pat Summitt's celebration of life.
Great honor for a real Champion. Thank you Pat Summitt. via
Winners are not born, they are self-made. ~ Pat Summitt
A true champion both on and off the court, Pat Summitt's legacy lives on through the work of
"Pat will live forever in our hearts." Dolly Parton honors Pat Summitt.
Legendary coach Pat Summitt was a fierce competitor both on the court and in her battle to
The public-private effort to permanently honor legendary coach Pat Head Summitt with a statue and plaza in her...
Public service for Pat Summitt will be on Tennessee's campus.
Site announced for statue in Clarksville
Public celebration of Pat Summitt to be held in Knoxville
REMINDER: a celebration of life service honoring Pat Summitt will be tonight at 6 PM at Thompson-Boling Arena.
Pat Summitt's immeasurable impact and legacy will be honored tonight on the basketball court named after her:
Tonight we join the entire women's basketball community to celebrate the life & impact of Coach Pat Summitt. https…
CHP student & her tribute to Pat Summitt. So proud of our students, their talents, and their hearts.
If you can conceive it, and you can believe it, then you CAN achieve it.the words of Pat Summitt.
Interviewing sportscaster on her relationship with Pat Summitt over the years
Tennessee student paints tribute to on 'The Rock':
UT student paints 'The Rock' to honor Pat Summitt. (Sent from WBIR-TV)
The should have been orange for all the honor out of Knoxville. Zaevion Dobson, Eric Berry, Payton Manning, and Pat Summitt.
We celebrate the life & legacy of Coach Pat Summitt tonight at Thompson-Boiling. tribute http…
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Celebration of Pat Summitt's life today at Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville
People already lined up outside TBA for Pat Summitt's Celebration of Life. Starts at 7:00 p.m..
Knoxville News Sentinel video tribute to Pat Summitt by
The Rock on campus before tonight's Celebration of Life for Pat Summitt.
The women's basketball world will pause tonight (ESPN2, 7 ET) for a "celebration of life" to honor Pat Summitt: https:/…
Senior painted the Rock in tribute to Pat Summitt, whose celebration of life begins at 7 pm.
TONIGHT 'Celebration of Life' to honor coach Pat Summitt
Be sure to tune in to the ESPY Awards tonight on ABC at 8/7c to see a special Pat Summitt tribute.
Watch ESPN2 tonight for coverage of "Celebration of Life" honoring at 7 p.m. ET:
KCS secondary administrators wear orange in honor of Pat Summitt!
I so admire this lady. RIP Pat Summitt! Live the message.
Pat Summitt's fight against Alzheimer's disease has gained momentum since her death.
Our thoughts are with the families and friends of two inspiring legends, Pat Summitt and Buddy Ryan.
Wanted to acknowledge the passing of 2 influential coaches last week. . Sympathy and prayers to families of Pat Summitt and Buddy Ryan.
BostonGlobe: Maura Healey only met Pat Summitt once, but she made an impression
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20+ former players have visited Coach Summitt as she continues to struggle w/ her health. https…
Just In: . Pat Summitt’s pastor: Family no longer allowing visitors, as her death is imminent.
A statement from Vol great Peyton Manning on the passing of Pat Summitt.
Just In: Flags at half mast at the capitol building in honor of Pat Summitt.
In memory of legendary Tennessee coach Pat Summitt, an inspiration to many on and off the court. You will be missed. https:/…
Maybe the best description of Pat Summitt She had character and was authentic. Summitt’s character is her legacy
"She was one of the greatest coaches America has ever produced. Period.". remembers Pat Summitt:
Pretty pleased with how this came out. I rarely feel this way about what I write.
“Discipline helps you finish a job, and finishing is what separates excellent work from average work.” -Pat Summitt
Remembering Pat Summitt, Thursday at 7 p.m. ET free admission at Thompson Boling Arena!
‘The game is never over’: A letter from Pat Summitt to a young basketball player
This is radio station I grew up listening to every day. Appreciate having chance to talk to KMOX about Pat Summitt.
The way Pat Summitt lived every day was awe-inspiring. Here 5 things we all can do to keep her spirit alive.
Whatever it is that you desire to do in life, have the courage and the commitment to do it. ~ Pat Summitt.
Tremendous column by on Pat Summitt's last great gift: Sharing her fight with Alzheimer's.
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Pat Summitt being honored at Yankee Stadium before the first pitch.
1,500+ people have signed a petition at to rename Thompson-Boling Arena after Pat Summitt. https…
On an ALL-NEW we discuss Pat Summitt, Buddy Ryan, NBA Free-Agency & our first anniversary
Pat Summitt&legacy as champion of female sports will forever endure
"Be generous with encouragement and gratitude.". Five ways to carry on Pat Summitt's legacy:
Do you have your official shirt yet? Proceeds benefit
“There may be coaches that win more than Pat, but there will never be another Pat Summitt,” Baylor Coach Kim Mulkey
Every Pat Summitt-coached player who completed her eligibility at Tennessee graduated. Every player. In 38 years.
Pat Summitt’s last great gift was sharing her fight with Alzheimer’s . Saw this and had to share.
If you think Pat Summitt was clutch as a coach, see how she delivered after Lakota West's Amber Gray had a stroke. Amazing. .at 6pm.
What does Pat Summitt mean to .Amber Gray and family?. The coach delivered with Gray's life at stake.
Orange & Purple in remembrance of Tennessee Lady Vols former coach Pat Summitt!
Wimbledon tennis, golf, Rio Olympics and the great Pat Summitt - all on this week's VOA Game Room ►
I think Bob Knight put it best- if you win 33 games for 30 yrs straight you will be 10 shy of 1,000. Pat Summitt won 1,098
Pat Summitt an ambassador for the Volunteer State sharing the very best of Tennessee values https:/…
Every little girl who played basketball wanted to be a Tennessee Volunteer because of her, RIP Pat Summitt.
Having a great attitude is a CHOICE - Pat Summitt
Pat Summitt Wants a cold cash that trips nugs
Every sportswriter who ignores women’s sports should read what wrote after Pat Summitt’s death.
"God doesn’t take things away to be cruel.He takes things away to lighten us. He takes things away so we can…
Great Pat Summitt story about her giving a pregame speech to the Tennessee football team.
We’ll Remember The Ones We Lost: Pat Summitt’s death reminds us of how little we understand Alzheimer’s disease
.showed their respect for Pat Summitt last night during the Olympic Trials in Omaha
Outstanding piece on what Pat Summitt's legacy really is about: equality and respect.
My love and heartfelt condolences go to the family, as well as all loved ones, of the beautifully unique lady, Pat Summi…
If the state of Tennessee had a Mount Rushmore, Pat Summitt is on it.
Would love to have a Town Hall w/ Pat Summitt, Kay Yow, Sylvia Hatchell and Debbie Yow. Leading ladies in athletics. http…
We lost a legend today. Pat Summitt was a true champion who made a huge impact in women's sports.
Did you know: Pat Summitt was a dairy farmers daughter and she contributed her work ethic to growing up a farm kid! https:…
Reading stories from many coaches on how Pat Summitt helped them on their journey. It's our duty to help other coaches. .
Here's what I learned from Pat Summitt when I played for her at the University of Tennessee via
Pat Summitt has died at the age of 64. . She led Tennessee to 1,098 victories, most in Division 1 history.
"Some people's heroes wear capes. Mine wore a whistle." - Tribute to Pat Summitt on http…
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) Pat Summitt, the winningest coach in Division I college basketball history who boosted women's game…
Sometimes Pat Summitt took over a Bruce Pearl practice. Other times Pearl just had to move practice via
Pat Summitt left impression for Bruce Pearl's teams at Tennessee: "Even though the Lady Vols were still Lady ...
"Summitt was empowering women to be themselves...and inspiring women to outstretch their society-restricted reach."
In memoriam of legendary head coach and pioneer, Pat Summitt. (via .
Pat Summitt's record is legendary. Her work ethic—second to none. We need exactly that kind of commitment to end Alzhei…
No little girls would be dreaming about playing professional basketball if it wasn't for Pat Summitt. I was definitely one of them.
It's not QUITE orange, but the sunrise is doing its best to join in the Pat Summitt tributes...
The Mercury will honor Pat Summitt tonight during with a patch on all jerseys.
ICYMI: Powerful words from in this moving tribute to our beloved friend, Pat Summitt.
Regret at professionally ignoring career of Pat Summitt
Sports world lost 2 all-timers yesterday. Pat Summitt and Buddy Ryan had 1 thing in common: extreme old-school toughne…
Little Giant Ladders
RTUdon't have2 do extraordinary things.Just do ordinary things extraordinarily well. ~Pat Summitt
Rename the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship Trophy "The Pat Summitt Trophy" -- I'm totally on board for this!! htt…
"Pat Summitt showed just how wrong Alzheimer's stereotypes are"
"I see coach's glare & hear her voice screaming at me to rebound.". Candace Parker reflects on loss of Pat Summitt. https…
Pat Summitt's legacy has been felt in Peach State .
VIDEO: Candace Parker has an emotional postgame interview on the day of Pat Summitt's death htt…
The first paper I ever worked for paid tribute to Pat Summitt's only trip to play Maine - -
Midweek motivation from Pat Summitt, the National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball coach with 8...
Awesome, emotional interview between Holly Rowe and Candace Parker speaking on Pat Summitt.
Candace Parker's postgame interview with Holly Rowe about Pat Summitt
That time Pat Summitt got mad and took over a Tennessee men's practice:
Pat Summitt will be forever missed She made this yankee's blood run ORANGE Simply the best. Better than all the rest
so in 2016 we have lost David Bowie, Doris Roberts, Prince, Muhammed Ali, Pat Summitt, Merle Haggard, Nancy Regan, and Glenn Frey.
Pat Summitt, enshrined as a member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2000, has passed away at the age of 64.
Pat Summitt was a pioneer for women's sports and a coach like no other. She'll truly be missed.
Former Lady Vol Candace Parker shares her high school recruitment letter from Pat Summitt.
Fantastic opening anecdote from in her appreciation of Pat Summitt
Pat Summitt made it "okay to be a woman and to love sports.".
Sad day, of remembers Pat Summitt & NFL HOFer Dan Hampton shares thoughts on Buddy Ryan https:…
My brief oral history of Pat Summitt's time on the first US women's Olympic basketball team:.
Long read. Worth every minute. MT The Gary Smith story on Pat Summitt. Read it & you'll understand.
RIP Pat Summitt, who showed how to be a woman in sports via
I can't say it enough. RIP, Pat Summitt. You showed how to be a woman in sports.
Head coach was on the radio this afternoon, talking about Pat Summitt. LISTEN here.
Pat Summitt's influence on South Dakota sports? NOW on Aberdeen Central girls coaching legend on Summitt at 3:20
Pat Summitt, legendary former coach of Lady Vols, dies at 64 - The Washington Post
Mississippi State head coach Vic Schaefer on the passing of Pat Summitt:
Any chance you'll get Cheryl Reeve on to talk about Pat Summitt? Maybe can secure Bruce Pearl?
Pat Summitt; the only female coach to win the Sports Illustrated ‘Sports person of the Year’.
Pat Summitt and Buddy Ryan in one day. Sports world lost two great ones today.
New trending story from Sports Illustrated : Geno Auriemma pays tribute to long-time rival Pat Summitt
OU coach Sherri Coale has released a statement on the passing of Pat Summitt:
Saddened to hear of the passing of Pat Summitt. Incredible coach and leader. Rest in peace to a basketball legend
UPDATE: Pat Summitt "died peacefully this Knoxville surrounded by those who loved her most," says son
Pat Summitt, all-time winningest coach in Division 1 college basketball, has passed away at 64.
Remembering legendary basketball coach Pat Summitt – video obituary
Pat Summitt, college basketball coach known for most wins, dies at 64
UConn head coach Geno Auriemma paid tribute to his longtime rival Pat Summitt
Legendary basketball coach Pat Summitt, the winningest in Division 1 history, is dead at 64.
Legendary women's basketball coach Pat Summitt has died:
Pat Summitt, legendary college basketball coach, dies at 64
BREAKING: Legendary Tennessee women's basketball coach Pat Summitt has died. She was 64.
RIP to Pat Summitt, the winningest coach in the history of major college basketball.
From "Pat Summitt is the reason our game is where it is today." (1/2) (Pic cty AP/Mark Humphrey)
When I was a kid we watch more Lady Vols games than men's games literally because of Pat Summitt
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A look back at the legendary life and career of the late, great Pat Summitt
Read SI legend Gary Smith on Pat Summitt in his 1998 profile "The Eyes of the Storm."
Pat Summitt was one of the most accomplished and influential figures in the history of women's sports.
Sad news about Pat Summitt. Years ago when her health started failing, it was so sad because I was a Lady Vols fan for…
The time Pat Summitt took over a men's practice via
Coach taught 'em well: WNBA's Candace Parker, Glory Johnson play with pride -- and heavy hearts -- for Pat Summitt.
BREAKING: Pat Summitt, legendary Tennessee women's basketball coach, has died at 64:
This is the Gary Smith story on Pat Summitt. Read it and you'll understand.
The great Gary Smith on the late, great Pat Summitt. RIP.
To say there will never be anyone like Pat Summitt is not hyperbole. In fact, it seems inadequate, writes ht…
The definitive piece on Pat Summitt by Gary Smith--and one of the best in SI history:
Pat Summitt led the Lady Vols to 8 national championships (87, 89, 91, 96, 97, 98, 07 and 08) and 18 Final Fours.
That time Pat Summitt took over a Vol's men's practice - “I remember I threw up twice that day.” (via
RIP to Lady Vols coach Pat Summitt, one of the truly great coaches and people in the history of American sport.
She convinced generations of girls that the playground belonged to them too. . The life and legacy of Pat Summitt:
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Wanna read about the time Pat Summitt got so angry at men’s team that she took over practice? Yeah, you do: https:…
See CEO Jim Ward on discussing and how Pat Summitt helped raise awareness
RIP Pat Summitt and Buddy Ryan, two legends who changed the coaching game forever. We can all strive to impact the wor…
Buddy Ryan can't hold a candle to what Pat Summitt did.
2016, STOP WITH THIS GARBAGE. Pat Summitt & Buddy Ryan in the same day?This after Ali. I don't trust you
Praying for the families of Pat Summitt & Buddy Ryan!. Two of the Best Coaches of All Time. . 🙏🏾
Pat Summitt & Buddy Ryan were coaches but talk to their former players and it's clear both were far more than that. https…
Ok, 2016, you've taken enough people & now you're taken Pat Summitt & Buddy Ryan? But Heaven's Coaching Staff just keeps getting better
Pat Summitt inspired a generation of basketball players.
Pat Summitt, winningest coach in D1 college basketball history, has died at 64
Very sad news about Buddy Ryan and Pat Summitt. Two amazing coaches, and coached 2 of the best teams in history! Prayers to…
Pat Summitt, winningest coach in D1 history, has died at 64 Mrs . summer you truly will be miss Rip always USA
All I wanted to be when I grew up was a Lady Vol. Rest in peace Pat Summitt
Appreciation: Pat Summitt used basketball to empower women, writes
"The Sgt. Major and I have an understanding"- Pat Summitt after a mtg between herself, Kamiko Williams, and Kamiko's dad, a drill SGT/USA
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Winningest coach to ever do it. RIP Pat Summitt.
Legendary coach Pat Summitt has died at age 64.
Terrible news waking up RIP Pat Summitt. One of the greatest coaches to grace any sport.
Buddy Ryan and Pat Summitt. Tough day for more than just the sporting world. Amazing examples of leadership and class.
Rest in peace Pat Summitt, you were the best to do it! 😢😭
"She convinced generations of girls the playground belonged to them, too.". Jeremy Schaap remembers Pat Summitt.
Correction: Pat Summitt was 1 of best college ball coaches not just of my era, but ever. Most wins all time, men or women, & 8 titles. RIP
Take this week to share with our daughters the story of the incomparable Pat Summitt.
RIP to Pat Summitt. Arguably the best college coach NCAA Men's or Women's basketball has ever seen.
Now on - The Adams' Theory by - Sean talks Pat Summitt and Buddy Ryan. Listen:
"She's the equivalent of John Wooden in the women's game." - Kim Mulkey remembers Pat Summitt
Pat Summitt left her legacy on the game.
Geno Auriemma: "Pat Summitt is synonymous with women's basketball."
Pat Summitt is 64. For perspective: Coach K is 69, Roy Williams is 65, Bill Snyder is 76, Jim Boeheim is 71 and Bill Beli…
A legend. An all-time great. (Pat Summitt joined by loved ones with disease progressing)
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Past few days 'difficult' for former Tennessee coach Summitt: Pat Summitt's family said Sunday that the last ...
The Summitt Foundation has released a statement on Pat Summitt's condition
Pat Summitt's family requests prayers after "difficult" few days for legendary coach
Go Pat Summitt not doing well, family preparing to say goodbye -
With report of declining health, Pat Summitt supported by athletes, coaches - ABC News
Legendary coach health failing, family ask for prayers
My heart goes out to Tyler and all who knew and played for the greatest coach ever; Pat Summitt.
If you think of people as buildings, Pat Summitt is a skyscraper. Heavy morning.
Pat Summitt by far is my all-time favorite and most inspirational coach! I wish I would've had the opportunity to meet he…
one of the best college basketball coaches - men or women - of all-time. I will always love Pat Summitt.
Pat Summitt family: 'Past few days have been difficult' - Knoxville News Sentinel
Hate to hear about Pat Summitt. Stay strong Pat!
everyone loves Pat Summitt. Best thing that ever happened to women's basketball. Praying for her and her famy
The family of former Tennessee coach Pat Summitt is ‘preparing for worst’
Praying for Pat Summitt , one of the greatest women to ever walk this earth , such a great Tennessee native
I knew Pat Summitt was an incredible coach and a pioneer. Then I spent two years in Knoxville and realized she was so much more.
Pat Summitt was the single greatest basketball coach ever. Literally made women's basketball out of nothing...
Pat Summitt made all women's sports credible when all she was trying to do was make make young women have positive attitudes and win games
My heart breaks for the family of Pat Summitt and all Alzheimer's families facing the end. The final days are awful. When will we ?
Yall don't know how sad I am about pat Summitt...she is the reason I love Tennessee ..
Pat Summitt's family asks for prayers after reports that the coaching legend's condition has worsened:
Awful, awful news about Pat Summitt today:
News we've been dreading: Pat Summitt surrounded by loved ones as health declined in recent days.
Prayers and thoughts go out to Pat Summitt
Pat Summitt reportedly in poor health, family ‘preparing for the worst’
Statement from Summitt family on Pat's condition:
Family of Pat Summitt releases statement on her condition, prepared to say their goodbyes today. Read:
The world isn't ready to lose Pat Summitt 😭
Family of former Tennessee coach Pat Summitt ‘preparing for worst’
Everyone's fond thoughts and memories of Pat Summitt are important, because she made all people she met feel that they matte…
Pat Summitt reportedly in poor health, family 'preparing for the worst'
Pat Summitt is going through a "difficult" time in her battle with Alzheimer's disease
The Family is thinking about and praying for Pat Summitt and the Lady Vol Family today.
The sport would not be what it is without Pat. My high school playing & coaching days were impacted so much by her. .
Family of legendary Tennessee coach Pat Summitt is 'preparing for the worst.'
For multiple generations, Pat Summitt has been among most universally admired people in sports. Wishing the best to her fam…
Pat Summitt news knocks wind out of me. She earned our game respect, which bought us, as kids, the ultimate freedom: we bel…
My thoughts and prayers are with Pat Summitt's family. I know exactly what they are going through, as my family...
Pat Summitt's family acknowledges her declining health, requests prayers in difficult time:
STORY: WBHOF weekend - Coale and Stiles reflect on Pat Summitt's impact on women's basketball
Do the right thing! If you have to think about it you shouldn't do it. – Pat Summitt
Pat Summitt. Winningest Coach of ALL TIME! Nobody will ever do what she did for sports. A living Leg
People used to ask the same Q about Pat Summitt: Would she ever want to coach men? As if that would be the true measure of her greatness.
IMO the Lady Vols have to move on from Pat Summitt. No former players or her son as the coach. They need to go find their own great coach.
They need a new coach, iLoved them during the Pat Summitt era and ever since she had to step down theyre trash
Finally caught ESPN's IX for IX on Pat Summitt. Great show/ GREAT coach. 2 things stuck with me:. 1) Work hard. 2) Don't play the victim!
Had a Great Birthday with good friends! Appreciate yall
“The greatest reward for being a team player is that it means you will never be alone.”. -Pat Summitt.
The more successful you are, the more responsibility you must assume. – Pat Summitt
"If you want to be in the game, you better shoot 75% from the line." -Pat Summitt
life. It gives you vision. But you can’t acquire it if you’re afraid of keeping score. -Pat Summitt 🏀💪🏽
I do miss seeing Pat Summitt on the sidelines...
There is not much you can control in life. But how hard you work is within your control - Pat Summitt
Yo love the Pat Summitt tribute. Just... fix that last name pls
Honored to provide some assistance to The Pat Summitt Foundation.
Most people get excited about games, but I've got to be excited about practice, because that's my classroom. - Pat Summit…
Wait ... I'll answer my own question: Mary Lou Retton, Bonnie Blair, 1999 U.S. Women's soccer team and Pat Summitt. All won.
Your guess is as good as mine. . We had Bear Bryant & Adolph Rupp, and we were this close to getting Pat Summitt.
A special thank you to Pat Summitt, Senator Becky Duncan Massey, Joan Cronan, Susie Stiles, the Knoxville News...
Each year started with a day 1 of practice! Thanks for your leadership in how to WIN Pat Summitt! National Chaps 91
Hate to break it to you, but it was my friend Pat Summitt who told Kiffin how to 2bc
If you don’t want responsibility don’t sit in the big chair. Pat Summitt
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