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Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak (born Patrick Leonard Sajdak; October 26, 1946) is a television personality, former weatherman, actor and talk show host, best known as the host of the American television game show Wheel of Fortune.

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Be selling them O's call me Pat Sajak
Anyone have that meme of Pat Sajak with a "Welp" look on his face and under that U MAD BRO like the Wheel of Fortune board?
When Jeopardy ends, I'm saddened by how big of an *** Pat Sajak is.
Watching Wheel of Fortune. Pat Sajak is THE best game show host of all time! Nobody beats him.
Come see me open for Lair and the Pat Sajak Assassins at Blank Space on 8/13/14 $5.00 21 and over
I have a phone interview with Pat Sajak in 10 minutes. Just throwing that out there.
Now at Rocky Mount's Amtrak station. Where, at 8yrs old, I saw Pat Sajak and Vanna White wave from a train.
Y now it's time for the hamster show starring Pat Sajak. Oh, Physics.
I wonder who would win in a fight, Alex Trebek or Pat Sajak
Or: the entire pizza, a frosty, and Pat Sajak.
If someone photoshops a pic of Pat Sajak kissing my avi I will show you my boobs (subject to change)
For pity's sake, couldn't they just once pretend to be Pat White and Vanna Sajak?
I would be so good on Wheel of Fortune and I would kiss Pat Sajak right on his effing mouth
This father son duo on wheel of fortune are killin Pat Sajak...
And now we hear from Pat Sajak, game show host & expert on climate change. Great article by Duncan Black:
Ken Griffey jr being traded to the reds. . When Dan miller (rip) came back to WSMV after co-hosting the pat Sajak show
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Remember back when I was always hanging out with James Brown, Lee Greenwood and Pat Sajak? Ah, good times…
I'd have never expected this of Pat Sajak.
This judge looks just like Pat Sajak. Yes I would like to buy a vowel.
A private jet just flew over Hillsdale; must be Pat Sajak
Pat Sajak: I don't even know if he's short YAS MAMA! Such vanilla bean realness
Back in day you could have seen Pat Sajak working at the He now hosts
My dream is to one day live in a world where no one cares what Pat Sajak thinks of global warming.
When Pat Sajak shushhes the audience he gets so angry! I wish I could feel that strongly about anything.
Pat Sajak is at the game. Does he want to talk global warming?
Pat sajak at the dodger game front row
"Clay _igger" on the screen and dude asks for an "N". Pat sajak didn't know what to do with that.
More impressive skill: Bob Barker knowing where the Big Wheel will stop or Pat Sajak knowing where the Wheel of Fortune will stop?
Pat Sajak and Vanna White be flirting on Wheel of Fortune. I peep it.
Do you think Pat Sajak is an expert at Wheel of Fortune or just a face to the whole operation?
I'm pretty sure that Pat Sajak is a robot, you guys.
Does anyone else think Pat Sajak and Vanna White bone it out?
My life is so dull, I can't even scrape together an anecdote to tell Pat Sajak.
I wonder if Pat Sajak ever gets tired of seeing people's faces when they get a bankrupt
If Pat Sajak opened a store, he'd only sell vowels.
I don't know who's sadder: the Pat Sajak knockoff in beige or the poor mans Burt Reynolds in...WHAT IS THAT?!?
I still have this on VHS somewhere. 1989---The Monkees on The Pat Sajak Show 1989: via
Pat Sajak & Lesly Brown on fixing his sprinkler system that caused Damages flooding neighbor: via
Pat Sajak was once on an episode of Rugrats. That's pretty cool.
I like RiFF RAFF's Otis freestyle. The rap game Pat Sajak line is my favourite... also, appreciate the shout out, dude.
Pat Sajak just made a joke that his electric can opener is in his bathroom. What does that even mean?!?! I feel concerned.
Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek are going half on a drone as we speak
I watch Wheel Of Fortune quite often and have never seen Pat Sajak spin a bankrupt on the final spin. Hmm.
Wheel of Fortune contestant stuns Pat Sajak with epic solve - Wicked Local Middleton
Fairly sure that Pat Sajak and Vanna White do not age
I would never want to be on The Wheel primarily because of how touchy feely Pat Sajak is. Yuck.
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Pat Sajak and Vanna White are so perfect!
So, Pat Sajak is definitely one of those guys who pays a dominatrix right?
For some reason I decided to watch Wheel of Fortune and totally got the Before & After and the Thing! Take that Pat Sajak!
I'm so glad Van Gaal got the Pat Sajak dye job
wow, exactly 2 weeks until I'm a contestant and get to meet the man, the myth, the legend Pat Sajak. H_ly sh_t !
OH Syna So SNAP!. We forgot to mention that The Pat Sajak Assassins is playing Stag Night at the Livery Company...
Stonechat is back with The Pat Sajak!. (assassins)...
Wheel of Misfortune!: . Wheel of Misfortune!. Pat Sajak is being sued by his neighbor for ...
Heard somebody call the Vanna White to Pat Sajak. I don't know though. Maybe more like Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford.
Conservative minimum-entertainer Pat Sajak trips all over himself after forgetting *** people can be engaged too.
Hey, Pat Sajak -- how about a edition of Wheel of Fortune?.
Pat Sajak provides us with a valuable lesson on wedding congratulations
Even though Pat Sajak is a I think he handled the situation well *shrugs*.
This is no blunder. It is an honest question. The blunderer is *** Pat Sajak Pulls Major Blunder With *** Contestant
While introducing T.K. Klotz of Long Beach, California, Sajak commented that Klotz was engaged. “Some woman has...
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hey how about "accidentally" knocking that photo of Pat Sajak into the fire. Doesn't deserve to be on same mantle w/ *** couple
Aw. we love any game show that doesn't involve Pat Sajak or Chuck Woolwhatever.
So what is wrong with what Pat Sajak said? People are just WAY too "thin skinned" today!! Get over it!!!
"To fall down the ladder of life is to merely crawl across the charcoaled horizon of time." - Pat Sajak
Slugging coffee at 11:15pm so I can host a game show at midnight. Just like Pat Sajak does. commences in 45 mins. Get there!
Pat Sajak: I've Been Drunk on Wheel of Fortune via doesn't take a ROCKET SCIENTIST to host the WHEEL
When will the IRS scandal get lapdogs drooling? Pat Sajak solves the puzzle
Interesting is the Str8's proclaiming *** R mad abt this. I couldn't find 1 in comments! So yes they are homophobes!
Pat Sajak pulls major blunder with *** "Wheel of Fortune" contestant
Sajak Pulls Blunder With *** Contestant PostGay# it's a dam shame this country will DESTROY you if you are just normal...
Does Pat sajak look like a real life bobble head to anyone else?
“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak is taking heat again for his anti-climate change stance – this time from “Real Time” host Bill Maher.
"Makes sense that Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy! the show for smart people, believes global warming and Pat Sajak, the host of Wheel of Fortune the show for *** doesn't." - Bill Maher
From the online-only portion of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher: Bill Maher: New rule. Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak, who thinks climate change is a hoax, has to stick to spelling. It's ironic that Pat's show is basically a puzzle where all the pieces point to one and only one incontrovertible ans…
He's the longest-running game show host. Who is Pat Sajak? No? *** - it's Who is Alex Trebek. Congrats, Mr. Trebek!
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Heh: Pat Sajak's take on the 'lost' IRS emails is a winner
Looking forward to comments from Pat Sajak, Gary Sinise on Bowe Bergdahl exchange.
Pat Sajak is a top member in The Illuminati. We also gave Merv Griffin the idea to create Wheel of Fortune and made sure…
Bryan and I decided there needs to be a season of Survivor that is made up of all game show hosts.Marc Summers, Louie Anderson, Steve Harvey, Pat Sajak, Alex Trebek, Regis Philbin, Meredith Viera, etc..,
J.J. Abrams, Axl Rose, Aaron Hernandez, Prince Fielder, Sandra Bullock, Pat Sajak, Adrian Peterson...don't mind me, I'm just messing with FB & the trending feed ;)
Sajak sparks backlash with "unpatriotic racists" comment on 'What's the deal with Pat...
called 63% of americans "unpatriotic racists." Sign the petition, demand FIRE PAT SAJAK.
Pat Sajak, "I'm sorry, 'Q' has already been called." Contestant, "No. I asked if you had a CLUE!?"
On Pat Sajak talks climate change so, as a radio chick, I should give my opinion on the ekono...…
Pat Sajak is a science denier, but did you know about all the other crazy stuff he’s said?
"I now believe" Pat Sajak is part of a clone-army sent from the future to infiltrate.
Phrase:. Pat Sajak _s an _d_ot. "I'd like to buy a vowel. An I. And I'd like to solve please"
Word+ Words = Sentences - Stolen with permission from simply because I like it it. Pat Sajak has s…
Pat Sajak was just kidding. Unpatriotic Racist is an obscure Captain America villain.
Womp womp. Pat Sajak ruins your sick-day game-show viewing with climate denial for
I listen to climate scientists -- who earned PhDs and conduct years of research, subject to peer review -- for...
Did Pat Sajak really say global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists, or is Wheel of Fortune running out of phrases for their puzzles?
This is clearly in response to famed Climatologist James E. Hansen's statement that "E, T, A, O, I, N, S, H, R, ...
Roman Catholic priest Rev. Edwards Beck, who believes that denying climate change is a sin, on Wednesday lashed out at game show host Pat Sajak after he compared environmental activists to racists.
Larry Collins said: "Hate to say this, but because of Pat Sajak's awful remarks, I will no longer look to game show hosts for moral guidance." How true, how true. Sniff.
Pat Sajak reminds us that on one side of the global warming debate is 98% of scientists, and on the other is a game show ***
Here's one puzzle from Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak I doubt anyone can solve: Why in the world he said this.
Karl Rove is thin as Pat Sajak between his ears.
Pat Sajak says “global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists.” Yikes, Karl Rove has sajaked his brain.
Pat Sajak would like to buy a crazy. :p
Dear Pat Sajak- You didn't get the job you have because of your brilliant mind. So strike a pose and STFU.
I'm tempted to make fun of Pat Sajak at length, but he's just too easy of a target. So I'll wait and pick on someone my own size. I'd love to hear what all of you think, though.
Pat Sajak thinks I am an unpatriotic racist because I think climate change is real. Can I buy a vowel Pat, you D_uche?
“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak sparked a social media backlash Tuesday after calling people concerned about climate change “unpatriotic racists.”
Wait...people actually care what Pat Sajak says about...anything? I'd like to solve the puzzle Pat: No they don't.
Pat Sajak calls Global Warming advocates "unpatriotic racists." Sounds like someone's been playing way too much "Wheel of Limbaugh."
Let's all get distracted and care big about what Pat Sajak (come on, people) has to say about climate change or, for that matter, anything else.
"Pat Sajak: ‘Global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists" ~~ A game show host is now an expert on human psychological traits AND the weather. *** Vanna, give him a letter!
The top three trending stories of the morning on social media: Axl Rose named greatest singer, Paul McCartney postpones concerts, Pat Sajak on global warming.
Pat Sajak is trending over a global warming debate! Instagram is under fire for banning photos. Plus, an unconventional commencement speech goes viral!
Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak’s online outburst Monday night mocking the idea of man-made climate change is only the latest in his series of off-screen conservative rants, Salon reported.
Pat Sajak calls global warming folks, "unpatriotic racists." I'd like to buy a vowel for "PAT _S BATSH_T." (Happy Humpday Y'all)
It is rather telling that secularists will immediately jump all over the Vatican (and other religious institutions) for making absolutist statements regarding Church policy and moral positions. God forbid, however, someone express skepticism toward the doctrine of “global warming.” Pat Sajak is apparently now akin to Donald Sterling in some eyes. Dissent is not tolerated.
Amazingly enough people still think GLOBAL WARMING is a myth.really? Pat Sajak.
Pat Sajak said what we are all thinking.
Pat Sajak just called 63% of americans "unpatriotic racists." We challenge you, Pat, to meet face-to-face with any of the 97% of climate scientists to set you straight on the facts of climate change.
Pat Sajak stuck in the Magical World of Letter Turning ...:) ..Wow !! ...
???!! "Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak calls the majority of scientists "racists." Media Matters for America
Can someone do an illustration for me of a bald Pat Sajak chasing his toupee like a kite in the wind with a big tornado in the background? I need that.
Believe me, Pat Sajak will believe in climate change once a good hard wind blows that piece off his head.
Pat Sajak commenting on climate change is like me commenting on doing a show and NOT getting a standing ovation.
OMG! I got Pat Sajak and Chuck Woolery mixed up! What about Bob Barker? Or Chuck Baris?
These days Pat Sajak makes me very happy that my first words were "Bob Barker"rather than his moniker.
"you've never cared before when Pat Sajak said anything, why does it matter now?". --since when is he allowed to have an opinion!?
Hey there, Pat Sajak...I've always kind of liked you as a "quizmaster" (as Ed Asner pronounced it), but since you are no scientist, I rather resent your calling me a "racist" just because I'm inclined to believe that humans can affect climate change. I guess you think those U.S. Army generals who recently voiced their opinion that climate change is a clear and present danger to our security are just racist *** too. (Well, sure, they're all such flaming sissy liberal flower children, those generals. Just like those *** commie-pinko scientists.) OK, so anyway, "famous TV game show host says there is no climate change" has the same ring of authority as "Sarah Palin says she understands world affairs because she can see Russia from her back porch." In other words, you really should stop calling people names, and stick to what you actually know something telling Vanna how to to spin those letter boxes around for you.
I'm sorry, but 1987 was the last time Pat Sajak was relevant to any American discourse. What does Bob Barker say?
Pretty nuts that Pat Sajak admitted to being D.B. Cooper, the Zodiac killer, the 2nd gunman on the grassy knoll AND the other guy from Wham!
Pat Sajak was gonna say spaying and neutering your pet was racist & unpatriotic but was afraid Bob Barker would kick his ***
Can't we go just ONE DAY without another Pat Sajak controversy???
Did we know that Pat Sajak is apparently crazy?
I'm pretty distured, since up to now I have been relying on Pat Sajak for pretty much all my advanced science information. Donald Trump is my expert on ballet and Japanese screen painting and Herman Cain advises me on African geography.
I'd already heard that Pat Sajak is a king-size d_ck, but this confirms that judgment. ...and how exactly does being concerned about the environment and climate change equate to being a "racist" anyway?!?
The clue is: What Pat Sajak really is. __ __ __ __ __ __ __
I now believe that Pat Sajak is a game show host.
Pat Sajak can say anything he wants, as soon as his last name is a valid word on Scrabble.
If you actually care about what Pat Sajak has to say about global warming, signal your hospice nurse and ask her to raise your dosages.
I think we should take the advice of another game show host here, Bob Barker, and have Pat Sajak nurtured. ASAP.
Pat Sajak controversy! Should he be fired for his weird comments? Or should we get Wink Martindale's opinion first? - JA
I get all of my science knowledge from game show hosts. Climatology: Pat Sajak. Astronomy: Chuck Woolery. Quantum Mechanics: Bob Barker
I hadn't been aware that Pat Sajak still exists, but apparently, his TV show is still enormously popular...
Pat Sajak needs to solve this puzzle: D_NT DRUN_ TW__T
Just a quick reminder that Pat Sajak is NUTS. Carry on.
"Cliff, the elbow pain alarmists are knowingly misleading you for their own racist ends. Get out there and pitch." - Dr. Pat Sajak
Pat Sajak has denied the existence of climate change, and now I can't help but wonder how Bob Barker feels about same sex marriage.
“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak watches contestants spin a big wheel for a living, and in his free time apparently calls out those who he feels exaggerate climate change as “unpatriotic racists” on the Internet.
Now I see many posts about Pat Sajak as some kind of vile lunatic for a dumb crack about climate change, and nothing about this scumbag rapper Macklemore's funny *** drag?
Pat Sajak may have lost his marbles, folks.
Now that Pat Sajak has weighed in on global warming, will we be hearing from Alex P. Keaton next?
Pat Sajak is a bit of a whackadoodle!
Pat Sajak is a real *** The man say that global warming scientists are no good racists. *** Is he in denial. Burn him up I Wayne and Keke.
wisdom from the mouth of Pat Sajak: People who believe in climate change are "unpatriotic racists". time for an official name change: how about Pat Sajak ***
Following up on a previous post, 1 in 4 Americans are wrong about something. The 1, Pat Sajak. That means that Alex Trebek, Chuck Woolery and Bob Barker are safe.
"Pat Sajak, you answered there's no global warming. Survey SAYS: Every scientist thinks you're wrong." -- Richard Dawson
EVERYONE, except possibly Pat Sajak at this point, is better than Wink. Also not Richard Dawson.
Martin Short, Pat Sajak get laughs in Annapolis via
Pat Sajak, cult hero? Well I guess he is one to Ed Grimley.
Mort Anderson came out there looking like Pat Sajak
Pat Sajak to Vanna White, who was wearing a yellow gown. "U look like a beautiful canary. I have a cuddle bone in my drsing rm." LMBO!
Pat Sajak just asked Vanna White if she wanted to peck at his cuddlebone after the show ha.
What if, just once, Pat Sajak and Vanna White come out to greet the audience and start hardcore making out?
Way to go, Pat Sajak, Vanna White and the ladies playing Jeopardy tongight. There are two women and one young man with Down's Syndrome playing. The young man's enthusiasm is making the show! Kudos to the two ladies who are having a hard time trying to win against this young man. Not because of their efforts, but because they are watching his efforts!
Question: Which celebrity was NOT a mayor of a town in the United States? Answer: Pat Sajak is best known as the host of the American television game show Wheel of Fortune. However, he has never been the mayor of any town in the United States. Jerry Springer was the mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio. Sonny Bono was elected mayor of Palm Springs, California. Clint Eastwood served as the mayor of Carmel, California.
According to the NHL Bracket Challenge, I have 50 points and have correctly picked the winner of each series so far. That puts me ahead of some rather famous people: Jon Hamm of Man Men (20 points), Barry the NHL Mullet Melrose (13 points), Alyssa Milano (10 points), Kristi Yamaguchi (10 points), and Pat Sajak (0 points).
Being the game show aficionado that I am, this coming week Wheel of Fortune will celebrate it's 6000th episode!!! Ever since it's debut in 1975, this has became an amazing and fun way to play Hangman while having the chance to win tens of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes!! Pat Sajak took over "Wheel" in 1981, immediately after Chuck Woolery. Mr. Woolery left the show after Merv Griffin, the creator of "Wheel" and "Jeopardy", declined to pay Chuck $350,000/year to stay with the show. This led to Woolery hosting some great game shows of the 1980s, including "Scrabble" and "Love Connection". Vanna White joined Pat in 1982, making her one of the most beloved women in America. Vanna OFFICALLY became a "Letter-Toucher" in 1997, after turning letters for 15 years. So far, the show has produced 2 Million-Dollar winners, and has given over $200 MILLION in cash and prizes!!!
It's College Week on Wheel of Fortune, and Pat Sajak & Co. served up a doozy for the final episode. And by "doozy" we mean "best worst contestant ever". Check out Julian from Indiana University. The kid lands the l...
If anybody has the opportunity to watch Wheel of Fortune tonight with Julian from Indiana university in the middle, watch it, it's pretty good. He is terrible. Pat Sajak's reactions to the guy are priceless.
Most people don't know that Pat Sajak is really Frank Gorshin!
I just watched Dave Letterman announce his retirement. This is amazing to me. I have watched Johnny, Tom Snyder, Dave, (in the old studio), Joan Rivers, Arsenio Hall, Pat Sajak, Chevy Chase, Conan, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Fergison, Jimmy Fallon and now Seth Myers. It's pretty amazing how many people have had talk shows. And now Dave is done in 2015. I don't know who will replace him, but it's the end of an era when Jay and Dave are both gone.
Wheel Of Fortune is excited to announce that Pat Sajak signed a 400 year extension.
Here is an extra Trivia question for everyone. Who is your favorite TV game show host. Bob Barker of The Price is Right. Gene Rayburn of Match Game. Wink Martindale of Tic Tac Dough. Pat Sajak of Wheel of Fortune. Bob Eubanks of The Newly Wed Game. Alex Trebek of Jeopardy. Etc.
There is no god, Pat Sajak is the one true ruler of this world and the next. Seriously.
pretty sure the nectar of the god (Pat Sajak) is the sacrificial blood of a virgin lamb
I would play with Pat Sajak's bing bong. Sober.
'Must they take away ALL our freedoms?' Pat Sajak laments a restriction at local park
You toured the wheel of fortune set? Did they show you pat sajak's carapace closet? Uh, yeah, me neither.
*attractive young woman spins the wheel - it lands on $500*. "I'd like a 'D' please.". *Pat Sajak bites his fist*. "I can't do …
😂😂😂😂 'THAT'S funny': Pat Sajak reveals big Piers Morgan 'news,' password for Earth Hour shindig
So am i the only one who didnt know Pat Sajak (Wheel of Fortune host) is from the Chi & graduated from Farragut
I'm having problems with my boyfriends this evening. I think Pat Sajak and the ppl at Wheel of Fortune are lying about how much money is actually out on the final puzzle wheel spin play. I have been watching this show forever and over the last few years since they added these "surprise" amount envelopes on the bonus wheel, not one time have I seen anyone pulled anything more than 30,000 cash and Pat always reveals the card regardless of the win/loss outcome. I no longer believe there is a 100,000 cash amount envelope and it's all a front. It's so sad cuz I really like Pat. He is still sexy and could get it all, but he has got be truthful and up front with me about how much money he actually has. And don't get me started on Alex Trebek. He is always taking and putting words in folks' mouths making them loose all kinds of money on Jeopardy! He could get it too, but changing folks words around all the time is annoying. IDK... At least Wayne Brady is always saying "Let's Make A Deal" to a girl, but I would .. ...
When someone doesn't win anything on Wheel of Fortune, why can't they just be honest & tell Pat Sajak, "This SUCKED! I had a miserable time! I hated watching these other 2 win all the money instead of me!"
This dude on wheel of fortune just slapped Pat Sajak's ***
The mountains were real, as was the shower and piece of metal, but I think it came from my weight set. Not Pat Sajak.
"Listening to Presidential and Papal versions of their meeting is a lot like watching 'Rashomon.'" --Pat Sajak--
Wondering why all my bones are hurting! Even my ribs hurt. I did do a lot of yard work about three days ago...maybe that's what's doing it. Dang, durn, drat, phooey! (Courtesy of Pat Sajak)
"I wonder if pat sajak ever screwed Vana White" my mom while watching wheel of fortune
Pat Sajak's clever wit never gets old. Oh Pat... You so crazy.
in hm... Wonder if Pat Sajak is cheaper that…
Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek are conservatives too, right?
Happy Birthday to the cuzzo! Wagon way back like Pat Sajak! Hope you have a good one homie. Stay safe and have fun!
My first born son will be named Patrick. After the host of wheel of fortune Pat Sajak
‘THAT’S funny’: Pat Sajak reveals big Piers Morgan ‘news,’ password for Earth Hour shindig via
When even Pat Sajak is left speechless, you know it's worth watching!
I'll bet he's a fan of Pat Sajak lol
The Venezuelan information minister says that subliminal clues in crossword puzzles is inciting people to protest. Not only that, he has declared a jihad against Pat Sajak and Vanna White.
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Pat Sajak and Vanna White back in the day LOL! Love ya Bro !
You don't need Pat Sajak! We can sit down together and come up with the perfect VOWS for your wedding. And I never use the word "obey"!
Pat Sajak has hosted Wheel of Fortune thousands of times, so imagine his surprise when a contesta...
What’s a “thing” with a three-word name starting with the letters “NE”? Stumped? Not lucky Wheel of Fortune contestant Emil. Wednesday night, the clever competitor cracked what host Pat Sajak called the “most amazing solve in my 30+ years on the show.” Tonight's 'Wheel of Fortune' features most amaz...
I'm more surprised that Pat Sajak is still alive and Wheel of Fortune is still on the air than I am about that guy's lucky guess.
Watch a Wheel of Fortune contestant win big -- and surprise Pat Sajak -- with a flabbergastingly lucky guess during a bonus round on March 19
"Wheel of Fortune" contestant Emil de Leon from Daly City, Calif., stunned host Pat Sajak and viewers in one of the game show's most amazing puzzle solves.
Watch 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant Pat Sajak, win big in crazy bonus round - . Wheel of Fortune...
Could this be the luckiest Wheel of Fortune guess of all time? Even Pat Sajak was shocked! Watch:
I've got a good feeling about this. Watch: 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant has epic win
Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Solve Amazes Pat Sajak: One “Wheel of Fortune” contestant stunned not only viewers but...
Wheel of Fortune winner scores on just two letters "N+E." Guesses: "NEw Baby Buggy" Wins $45,000. Pat Sajak pats him for a wire.
Pat Sajak stunned by 'Wheel of Fortune' win
Is there any more depressing human being than Pat Sajak? And wheel of fortune is the worst show ever.
So everyone is just going to ignore the fact that Pat Sajak and Vanna White have not aged since 1984?
ok before I put the answer up lets see if anyone gets it. I don't even know the answer as I haven't watched the video yet. It's a thing, and it's three words: three letters, four letters and five letters. The first two letters are "NE." Go ahead. Come up with a guess -- make it a good one -- and then watch this video and see if you can pull off what a contestant named Emil did on the episode of "Wheel of Fortune" that aired Wednesday night. His guess was so incredible that host Pat Sajak shakes his head and then jokingly frisks Emil to see if he's hiding anything.
Watch: Crazy Ending to 'Wheel of Fortune' Leaves P... via No way- had to have cheated
I love Pat Sajak's reaction in this. He clearly can't believe it:
Wheel Of Fortune contestant guesses puzzle with just TWO letters via
Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak stumped by Emil De Leon (FilAm?) who guessed final puzzle w/ only 2 letters visible. htt…
Watch: 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant has epic win via win!
Puzzle solver? This is wild if you haven't seen it. 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant has epic win via
Olathe teacher part of memorable 'Wheel of Fortune' episode: Pat Sajak called it one of the most amazing solve...
'Wheel of Fortune' player solves puzzle with scanty clues, wows Pat Sajak ... -
Is the the best Wheel of Fortune guess ever? Pat Sajak seemed to think so. Video =>
Did you see the contestant who stunned on “Wheel of Fortune?” What Pat Sajak had to say about it:
Pat Sajak is speechless when this guy's guess is right
Pat Sajak calls this the most amazing solve he’s seen in his 30+ years on “Wheel Of Fortune.”
“Pat Sajak says this is the most amazing Wheel Of Fortune solve he's ever seen HOLY _H_T
This guy’s winning guess on “Wheel of Fortune” this week was so unbelievable that host Pat Sajak actually patted him down to make sure he wasn’t cheating. W.O.W.
"Give me the D." Pat Sajak shifts his weight uncomfortably. "Fawn, for the 5th time, there is no D." Vanna White giggles.
I bet when Vanna White & Pat Sajak are doing the sex Vanna's always screaming "give me an 'O' Pat!"
Do Vanna White and Pat Sajak age EVER?? There is some secret in that wheel.
Pat Sajak & Vanna White are the whitest people of all time.
Today marks her 57th birthday and for years now she has been by Pat Sajak's side. At times she is arguably considered the best looking wing of all time and let's be honest even with modern technology, someone NEEDS to turn those letters! Happy Birthday to Wheel of Fortune's Vanna White and today's
I wanna know what someone would say about me if they were talking to Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune
Someone please answer the age old question: how the *** does Vana White not age? OR Pat Sajak or Pharrell?!
her soul crushing hatred of Pat Sajak
Mine IS, but Pat Sajak is going to be her first victim, so she watches every episode. It's all she talks about!
A failure to enunciate to Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak's liking cost a contestant a bundle of money earlier this week along with the rest of the game.
Chevy Chase was Pat Sajak's first guest? Oh, the irony. The First Guests on 22 Late Night Talk Shows
I liked a video Pat Sajak and his wife are spending Valentine's Day with Vanna White and her man.
I think I will start watching The Tonight Show again. Now that Jay Leno is gone they can start working on Pat Sajak!!!
Jimmy Fallon's new set reminds me of the set from the Pat Sajak Show. I like it.
We will be opening the show at the Schlafly Tap Room this Friday for Syna So Pros cd release, also with Pat Sajak Assassins! FREE 9pm!
How much pan stick do you think is used on Pat Sajak's face every show?
Photos: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ with Pat Sajak and Vanna you look nice tonight Vanna
Oddly, episode 3 is named after a long-running American game show! I wonder of we'll see Pat Sajak?
"Hi, how ya doin? Good to see ya! Hello!"- Pat Sajak Walking Out to Host the Wheel, 2014
The one where you ended up with Pat Sajak and three Lebanese strippers on a pontoon boat? Heard it already.
I was Pat Sajak in a Wheel of Fortune parody in eighth grade. Gray slacks. Pink tie. I hated myself the whole time.
"Well... It was nothing personal, but the wheel got you man. I'm sorry!" is a phrase I hope I never hear from Pat Sajak
Why the contestants on "Wheel Of Fortune" always yelling vowels and consonants at Pat Sajak?
Pat Sajak looks like a ventriloquist doll.
I wonder if they show Pat Sajak sexual harassment videos from the 50's to teach him how to interact with young girls on
Pat Sajak just passed us in the Phoenix Sheraton!
Got to give it to Pat Sajak and Vanna White milking Wheel of Fortune for all she's worth. Guess they will leave the building feet first.
It's going to be so sad when Pat Sajak and Vanna White retire!
Pat Sajak is a little man with a big head. Bring on
Pat Sajak and Vannah White have the creepiest relationship in television
Pat Sajak, your hairline is migrating too far North
Pat Sajak is a million times cooler than Alex Trebek.
I never realized how much I think Pat Sajak hates his job. I mean seriously imagine having to do puzzles with *** for years on end.
If you're on Wheel of Fortune & the first letter you guess on a puzzle is "X" you deserve to be teabagged by Pat Sajak on…
Pat Sajak says he & Vanna used to get drunk before taping Wheel of Fortune. But, he insists he never got behind the wheel when he was drunk.
The silencer on my Mack we call it Pat Cause it don't Sajak(say jack) ..
Quick, simple directions to the place: Take the F train to Roosevelt Island. When you get above ground and out of the station, make an immediate left. You'll see a Duane Reade right in front of you. Go right past that and you'll see the restaurant. Come on in. We'll have some food and appetizers there to start. They have a good bar and other good food too, so feel free to buy anything else you want. THE SHOW STARTS AT 7:30PM. Pat Sajak waits for no man.
A Canadian lumber camp advertised for a lumberjack. The next day, a skinny little man named Pat Sajak showed up at the camp with an axe and knocked on the head lumberjacks door. He took one look at the skinny man and told him to leave. "just give me a chance to show you what I can do." Pat Sajak said. "Ok, see that giant redwood over there ?" the lumberjack said. " Take your axe and go cut it down." Pat Sajak headed for the tree, and in five minutes he was back knocking on the lumberjacks door. "I cut the tree down,"Pat Sajak said. The lumberjack couldn't believe his eyes. " Where did you get the skill to chop down trees like that?" "In the Sahara forest," Pat Sajak replied. "you mean the Sahara desert," the lumberjack corrected him." Oh sure, that's what they call it now."
Warning: The following post is sure to be embarrassing for the author. I have watched about a week's worth of Wheel of Fortune after purposefully avoiding the show for many years, and I have made two observations: 1. Pat Sajak is actually pretty good at his job. Despite being genuinely creepy, his delivery is smooth and he is fairly witty for a game show host. 2. The numerous strategical errors made by players are unbearably infuriating. To wit, there is no need to purchase obvious vowels when you have already have figured out the puzzle. Also, if the category is "activity" and the last three letters of the word are _N_, you do not need to choose a "G" and an "I" for your extra letters on the bonus round. The word is clearly a gerund of some sort.
I noticed that Pat Sajak walks on the left side of Vana White. Is there a right or wrong side?
Though Jeopardy is a far superior show, Alex Trebeck will never be half the man Pat Sajak is.
In the early 1970s, long before Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak worked in Nashville at WSM-AM-FM-TV. His main duties were to be the TV station's weekend weatherm...
Catching all the L's Pat Sajak is handing out.
Valentine's Date with Vanna ... Do We Have to Spell It Out? 2/14/2014 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF TMZ TV Awww yeah ... Pat Sajak is kicking it with Vanna White tonight for Valentine's Day! But hold off on the champagne and fireworks -- his wife and her man will be there too. Which means 30-plus...
"I hope it (acting career) goes well. You have a nice presence about you." - Pat Sajak My day was made.
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Looking for Pat Sajak. He just found me.
I think Pat Sajak is a lil tipsy 2nite...
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After sitting with the family to watch some game shows it's crazy to think Alex Trebek is 73 Pat Sajak is 67 and Vanna White is 56...
Well, that was the first time I ever asked an audience for a round of applause. Not sure where that came from. Who am I? Pat Sajak?
I often wonder if people like pat sajak, Vanna White, and lil kim ever come to realize that all that plastic surgery did was make their face look HUGE and WIDE?!
I feel like Pat Sajak and Vanna White are just so awkward.
I wish Pat Sajak would hurry up and kick Alex Trebek's *** what are you waiting for??
Mom and I and deal or no deal! They will only watch anything with me if I don't talk to the tv. Spoil sports. Who is more annoying than Pat Sajak?
I got to meet Pat Sajak and masaharu morimoto today.
I want your votes: Who would win in a Celebrity Death Match? Pat Sajak (host of Wheel of Fortune) or Alex Trebek (host of Jeopardy)
I wonder if Pat Sajak and Vanna White get along? Pat seems like an ***
I hate Pat Sajak I think he is an genuine *** I tell Chaslynn every day but tonight he said to Vanna White which was very clever. He said. I send my sinus to Arizona I send my liver to Peru I send my spleen and kidney for the summer to Sydney, But I'm saving my heart for you.Chaslynn Maldonado
Pat Sajak killing all you men on air with his poem to Vanna White for vday. I bet you five his wife won't let him come home tonight lol...
Okay, am I the only one who is completely distracted by that awful weave job on Pat Sajak's head? (Wheel of Fortune host)
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Play Pat Sajak's Crossword at Gaming Wonderland, home to hundreds of the best free online games!
You think Vannah White knows that Pat Sajak is her pimp?
On of my pet peeves.. Pat Sajak's hair!
will Pat Sajak and Vanna White ever retire
Syna So Gettin' Close. Get ready for the Schlafly Tap Room next Friday with DinoFight! and The Pat Sajak Assassins!
One day a fisherman named Pat Sajak was lying on a beautiful beach, with his fishing pole propped up in the sand and his solitary line cast out into the sparkling blue surf. He was enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun and the prospect of catching a fish. About that time, a businessman named tom spanks came walking down the beach, trying to relieve some of the stress of his workday. He noticed the fisherman sitting on the beach and decided to find out why this fisherman was fishing instead of working harder to make a living for himself and his family. "You arent going to catch many fish that way," said tom spanks to Pat Sajak, "you should be working rather than lying on the beach!" Pat Sajak looked up at the businessman, smiled and replied, "And what will my reward be?" "Well, you can get bigger nets and catch more fish!" was tom spanks' answer. "And then what will my reward be?" asked Pat Sajak, still smiling. tom spanks replied, "You will make money and youll be able to buy a boat, which will then re ...
Watching Wheel of Fortune and now seeing Pat Sajak just makes me think of anger. Thanks
Is it weird to anyone else that Pat Sajak has NEVER hit a lose a turn or a bankrupt?? I'm thinkin it's rigged!!
Has anyone ever noticed how ridiculously easy the jobs of Pat Sajak and Vanna White are? I mean, seriously...they make $8 and $2 million dollars respectively. I'm in the wrong business...
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