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Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak (born Patrick Leonard Sajdak; October 26, 1946) is a television personality, former weatherman, actor and talk show host, best known as the host of the American television game show Wheel of Fortune.

Vanna White Alex Trebek Chuck Woolery Donald Trump Steve Harvey Bob Barker Art Fleming

While everyone has their eyes on Trebek, Pat Sajak is living his life, low-key reverse aging under the radar.
If you travelled through time to when Pat Sajak was a child to describe to him how he'll spend most of his life, what do you think he'd say?
Do you think Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak hang out?
Definitely gotta get this pic with Pat Sajak
I only know Pat Sajak from his Rugrats appearance
DYK? Pat Sajak was the second book other than Shaquille O'Neal.
I want to watch the viral video of pat sajak walking away from the wheel ripping on trump
Walking the dogs and hearing Pat Sajak telling a contestant how many r's there are on a tv as spins and plywood fills windows.
You should always choose Pat Sajak first and then the obituaries.
Never realized just how awkward Pat Sajak is on Wheel Of Fortune
Live your truth, climb a mountain, binge on Taco Bell, cuss out Pat Sajak because his hair doesn't make sense, burp Katy…
Argh! It's busy days like these I'm forced to choose from either reading the obituaries or watching Pat Sajak.
Wheel of BOOM! Pat Sajak unleashes one *** of a truth-slam on unethical politicians and LEAKS
The weatherman on news six looks like a younger taller pat sajak
...are you retarded? If someone commits a rape and once said they love Wheel of Fortune…
Blunt Force Truth would be better, and far more popular, with Pat Sajak.
I'd like to hear Pat Sajak's rebuttal.
It's not often you hear the disappointment in Pat Sajak's voice.
And Pat Sajak helps you win Wheel of Fortune.
DYK? Pat Sajak met the world's oldest element in Canada.
The quiet disgust in Pat Sajak's voice when he says "...No."
when Pat Sajak of all people is disappointed in you it's time to end it all
Pat Sajak looks like the type of guy to answer his phone like "Yellow!"
Every contestant on Wheel of Fortune goes home with $1000 because they had to suffer Pat Sajak's personality for 30 minutes.
Well, I wasn't around for the Ted. Actually, at that time, the weather person was Pat Sajak. Anch…
Can I get a petition for an extra letter Alex? Just missing the i. I must be asking the wrong person. Pat Sajak! Let me spin your wheel!
I'm praying I live to one day see someone troll Pat Sajak and just say "Global Warming is Real" as the answer to every puzzle
Chuck Woolery, Pat Sajak, and Jon Voight are feeling left out right now.
I've already resolved to address any tv hosts as "Pat Sajak" given the opportunity
No hints, but it could be Pat Sajak! He's fantastic on that Wheel of Fortune, and he knows a lot of le…
TIL in 1968, Pat Sajak joined the army and went to Vietnam serving as a disc jockey for Armed Forces Radio
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Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round contestants are shown the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E in honor of Pat Sajak's favorite author…
I liked a video Pat Sajak Stand Up - 1989
Is the host of The Bachelor available for next election? How about Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak, Julie C…
Eh, it's been done. April Fools 1997: Trebek hosted Wheel of Fortune, and Pat Sajak hosted Jeopardy.
show host..did ya? Pat Sajak has also done MUCH better for longer than you! Guess I can see why u r a…
We ran into Pat Sajak taping Wheel of Fortune promos at Navy Pier last summer. The Chicago shows just ran last mont…
There might not be a show curse. But maybe Pat Sajak shouldn't pick up when you call.
You guys are running out of guests. Someone check on Bud Grant and Pat Sajak.
It's a great photo! On my phone, the judge kinda looks like Pat Sajak. Lol
In which Pat Sajak makes a fool of himself
Zaza might have a bigger head than Pat Sajak.
We might have just had worst in-game contestant ever. Somewhere, Pat Sajak and Vanna White are in need of smelling salts.
Pat Sajak was puzzled that he couldn't find the Million Dollar Card tonight on
Lol Pat Sajak is losing his mind. Now he and Vanna are opening all of the prize envelopes 😂😂😂
How well do we really know Pat Sajak? He's up to something, I tell you. Once we've run out of word puzzles, he might conquer the world!
The weirdest piece of knowledge I've retained from my childhood is that Pat Sajak's son is a character in Rugrats
Who has the plug on the freezer Pat Sajak and Vanna White sleep in every night?
Pat Sajak is toughl comp. Everyone wanna buy an "I" this week.
Pat Sajak: Should Donald Trump Resign?: One has to wonder if there are days when President Trump wakes up and…
You know what's funny? Pat Sajak has been trapped in a prison of eternal torment since 1981 and you can…
"We're playing wheel of fortune... Livvy just told Frank Sajak to go to *** . "It's Pat"
DYK? Pat Sajak is the spiciest product in the English language.
I have seen it all. A man just asked Pat Sajak for the letter Are-ruh on the Wheel of Fortune. He gonna drive Pat b…
2nd annual murder clown jamboree/orgy, this Sunday at 2pm, Pat Sajak Community Centre
That (New Jersey Devil) Travis Zajac and Pat Sajak are related. Also, Pat Sajak did an amazing job on Jeopardy.
Victor Newman, Bob Barker and Pat Sajak were the white male trifecta of the 80s
If this is Wheel of Takes, then who is Pat Sajak? (And who is Vanna White?) I nominate Chris Cillizza (for both)!
Pat Sajak, Vanna White, Alex Trebek renew 'Wheel of Fortune' and 'Jeopardy!' contracts
Pat Sajak, Vanna White, Alex Trebek to stay on their game shows until 2020 - show failure that did wheel of fortune before pat sajak
I had that dream about having to kill zombie Pat Sajak again last night.
Imagine if Pat Sajak had an uncle made entirely of sofa leather
Might as well take advice from Pat Sajak he been with Vanna White for years
Ron MacLean is second only to Pat Sajak when it comes to dealing with loud, dumb people.
Can we get a re-evaluation of Sajak? B-i-L was repairing his Segway and asked Pat to call my mothe…
Dear America:. Next time you want to make a game show host president please consider Pat Sajak or Alex Trebek instead.
David Letterman? Really? The guy was on network air for 33 years. Maybe try a Pat Sajak or Chevy Chase reference fo…
"Wheel of Fortune" has been renewed for 2 more years. Only news here is neither Pat Sajak nor Vanna White will be replaced by Ryan Seacrest.
When you win Wheel of Fortune, your family rushes up to hug you. When you lose, your punishment is to stand by yourself next to Pat Sajak.
Me: "i prefer not to go on vacation with Alex Trebek. He'd do his weird voices." Husband: "Agreed. I'd go with Pat Sajak though."
I wonder how Pat Sajak would do as president? Just in case we want to make the switch from reality TV star to game show host in 2020.
*sets up video camera. *does aggressive karate moves choreographed to original Wheel of Fortune theme song. *Mails it to Pat Sajak and waits
I'm so old, I remember when Pat Sajak was considered a serious threat to Johnny Carson.
Art Fleming original host of Jeopardy before Alex Trebek and not Wheel of Fortune before Pat Sajak. That was Chuck Woolery.
Art Fleming did not host Wheel of Fortune before Pat Sajak as you stated on TMZ Live. It was Chuck Woolery & Susan Stafford.
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Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been the hosts for 35 years now... Hard to believe.
Y now it's time for the Pinterest show starring Pat Sajak. Oh, cruiserweight.
Fun fact, before becoming the host of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak was a dj for the AFVN in Vietnam during the war.
Pat Sajak Wonders if it too soon to start worrying about
Who got laid more: Pat Sajak, Chuck Whoolery, Alex Trebik, or Mark Summers?
Pat, Vanna and Alex aren't going anywhere
Discounted outlet mall Pat Sajak would like you to pay attention to him
Pat Sajak, Vanna White and Alex Trebek have all signed on for two more seasons of hosting Wheel of Fortune and Jeop…
I just found myself answering the questions Pat Sajak was asking the contestants on Wheel!! My god I need a life.
Pat Sajak's polite sarcastic demeanor would make him an excellent choice for Secretary of State.
I be coming out with L's like Pat Sajak
Best TV crossover: Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak switching places on Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune on April Fools day 1997. 👍
I'm glad Jeremy Borash is suspended. He sounds more like a lame game show host, next to Pat Sajak. He needs to quit
How has Vanna White not punched Pat Sajak in the nose yet?
Epic word fail last night on Wheel of Fortune, but Pat Sajak said he’d rather see that version of the play...
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*time travels to 2067*. Pat Sajak and Vanna White are still on Wheel of Fortune.
yo Pat Sajak was just a wild *** to Vanna White in the ending credits segment of Wheel
Please, please say there are close-ups of Pat Sajak's and Vanna White's faces. Oh, and the audience's ~ like at the Oscars
Current and former game show hosts that are still alive and their current age:. Jim Peck-73. Pat Sajak-70. Steve Harvey-60. Drew Carey-58
As CIA assassins go, Chuck Barris was a better marksman than Richard Dawson, but lacked the icy detachment of Pat Sajak
Every night, Huckabee probably has to pause his DVR to collect himself during the witty banter between Pat Sajak and Vanna White.
Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek were in my grandmother's living room more than any white men in history
The late Audrey Meadows was born 95 years ago today. From the Pat Sajak show:
Pat Sajak makes more than Lester Holt, Scott Pelley and David Muir.
Wheel Of Fortune is should be the title for some kind of ominous sci fi fantasy. It's wasted on Pat Sajak and Vanna White.
Pat Sajak and Vana White are madly in love
I thank her every day for Pat Sajak and Vanna White.
Do you remember Jimmy Connors being down at Wimbledon, and came back to beat Pat Sajak? Oh, I meant Ivan.. McEnroe?
Today is Seth's birthday! Along with Hillary Clinton and Pat Sajak!
Papi learns he's a hockey expert, gets choked by Pat Sajak, & adds Raja Bell to his list of fake-outs...
sorry man, but Pat Sajak was too hard to pass up on.
I want Pat Sajak, of Wheel of Fortune fame, to play the role of Itchy Johnson, the lactose intolerant astronaut.
For some reason, lots of game show hosts are right-wing nutjobs (Pat Sajak, Alex Trebek, Drew Carey, etc.)
I don't get that picture looks like Pat Sajak👍
Vanna White: Hello Pat. Pat Sajak: Hello Vanna. Vanna:let's pose for the photo. Pat: Ok. (Flash). Vanna:we did it. Pat:ok
been thinking the same thing abt Pat Sajak and Vanna White for decades
Pat Sajak: Family here?. Player: nah I just had a nasty divorce and my kids think I'm *** Pat: that sound means its time for the final spin
That's the trouble with trying to influence an undecided voter. First ...
I will no longer be starring as "Doorman 2" in Lifetime's 'The Pat Sajak Story' due to a contract dispute. I apologize…
Wheel of Fortune stars Pat Sajak, Vanna White filming in Chicago (and enjoying
More like...Donald Trump takes over for Pat Sajak as the Wheel of Fortune host. Melania will taka Vana's slot.
I said yes, which turned out to be the right answer.
Army Veteran Pat Sajak: Today’s is Pat Sajak. Pat served in the Army during...
omg if he names Pat Sajak as running mate I'm switching to republican.
I haven't watched since Pat Sajak left. It took me a long time to adjust to him replacing Chuck Woolery. I can't do it again.
Breast Cancer Awareness
It's only a matter of time before Steve Harvey replaces both Pat Sajak and Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune.
sweet seats...must be close to Pat Sajak or Mary Hart?
If I went in to pitch this show to a network, I would be laughed out of the...
140521. I'd like to solve the puzzle. Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak. Is as dull as de...
when I was 8 I saw pat Sajak watering his garden and he said hi to me and I said "um. how are you" and started sprinting
I'm starting a kickstarter so that I can buy a vowel from Pat Sajak
ill hang this in my gallery along with my mural dedicated to Pat Sajak
In 33 years, why has Pat Sajak never spun "bankrupt" on the final spin on ?
I suspect Alex Jones is immensely popular among people who think Pat Sajak is trying to kill them through their TV set.
Wheel of Fortune:. Nancy Grace: I'd like to buy 18 A's. Pat Sajak: This puzzle only has 14 letters... NG: Okay
"Let me write that down. I want to get it right." as Vanna White in a hyp'cal convo w/the boss giving her a message for Pat Sajak.
I was going for Pat but left my Pat Sajak outfit at home.
I added a video to a playlist apollonia on pat sajak
I liked a video apollonia on pat sajak
I'm glad Pat Sajak calmed down and realized he is simply a game show host. It was getting rough there in the 90s.
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'Wheel of Fortune' contestant solves everything so quickly that he breaks Pat Sajak
America, Vote now, which game show host has the most credibility?. Pat Sajak, Alex Trebek, or Donald Trump?
I feel like I could do Vanna White's job at a fraction of the price, even if her duties include fellating Pat Sajak
Good show today, liked the reminiscing. Please bring Pat Sajak back on.
Pat Sajak's a *** What, is he bored with his forever job? Click.
I just got a chance to listen to the full Pat Sajak rant, and I'm dying. You need to work that into the show daily
It seems to me we have been in a rhetorical arms race in this country, with...
U ever think abt pat sajak in the morning. The stamina it takes not 2 thrash his skull into the anyway who wants 2 buy a vowel
When Pat Sajak dies the world will forever be less orange.
“I love that look of fear in your eyes.” - Pat Sajak
Trump ain't having speakers at the convention. He's having headliners. They will be as followed: Bobby Knight, Pat Sajak and Charo.
What will we do when Pat Sajak retires from Wheel of Fortune
I wonder how many times Pat Sajak has fapped to Vanna White
I wonder how many times Pat Sajak has drunkenly hit on Vanna White...
Pat Sajak: I again would like to remind everyone to not use the force to…. [flip-ding]. Vader: I'd like to solve the puzz…
How come Pat Sajak, Vanna White, and Dolly Parton never age? They were old in 1990 and look exactly the same in 2016.
when you said Pat Sajak I thought here comes a boring clip, that was hilarious. Classic
I love but he needs to be replaced with Pat Sajak immediately.
can you please play the pat Sajak clip
I think Pat Sajak is a producer for Nightly News now.
Y now it's time for the Brain Games show starring McFly. Oh, Pat Sajak.
Pat Sajak is a right-wing Republican. Why isn't he on the ticket?
Pat Sajak's forehead now reaches the back of his head!
I wonder if Pat Sajak and Vanna White.. Ever .. Solved the Puzzle if ya know what I mean ..If she ever gave him a
Pat Sajak is the greatest heel in all of game show television. He has those slight jabs, if you pay attention.
Sometimes I get the feeling that Pat Sajak is drunk.
OH: "I had so many weird crushes. I didn't have a *crush* on Pat Sajak, but I liked him. He was like a coo…
Pat Sajak would have been a better choice
by allowing every Pat Sajak hosted shows from the Pre-1997 era 100% intact
The judge handing out Ls like pat sajak
Patrolling the roads on the outskirts of Pakistan, Pat Sajak and Vanna White ambush unsuspecting travelers.
(college student playing Wheel of Fortune). Student: "I'd like to buy some sleep, please.". Pat Sajak: "Looks like you've gonna bankrupt."
Pat Sajak got busted smuggling 6 megagrams of heroin to Alabama.
"You are much more the Vanna to my Pat Sajak." -- to me on our roles in comedic timing.
I like to imagine during the guessing portion of bonus round of wheel of fortune "PAT SAJAK IS HOLDING ME HOSTAGE"
We used to put our phones on hold to deal with people; now we put people on hold to deal with our phones. Pat Sajak
Pat Sajak was 52 years old when he was born
I just noticed something weird: When did Donald Trump turn into Pat Sajak?
Ordinary Americans don’t own $2000 purses or $20,000 pantsuits for that matter...
‘Wheel of Fortune’ is One Politically Powerful Show: Who knew Pat Sajak and Vanna White had such political power?…
pat sajak is known for his incredible Truth Spreading
Pat Sajak hits the nail on the head
Most interesting (shareable) fact learned at today's tapings of Pat Sajak lives near Annapolis.
I wonder how long Pat Sajak has been bored with his job.
pat sajak gotta be near 70 right? how have he and vanna never got tired of each other? need that 30 for 30 LOL
and Pat Sajak clearly doesn't want to be there lol
Bad news. Test marketing of the "Pat Sajak Strength & Nutrition Bars" failed miserably. May try reverse mortgages.
Pat Sajak and his team better watch out because &of Fortune&contestant Robert Santoli is stealing the…
"Wheel of Fortune" contestant Robert Santoli did so well on the game show, host Pat Sajak even asked him to ease up.
Pat Sajak & Orson Bean after performance of Orson's Safe At Home. Final shows this weekend. Must…
Paging Hillary! Pat Sajak has some friendly advice for 'professional politicians'
I think Pat Sajak is pretty cute. I'd marry him. . -my grandma watching Wheel of Fortune
Are double-breasted suits coming back in style? I saw Pat Sajak and Steve Harvey wearing them today. Maybe it's just a game show host thang.
A new book about racial balance in Cuba: "Havana White," by Pat Sajak. But Pres. Obama refuses to give Castro a copy.
I'd love to be on just to hear the sound, of Pat Sajak saying to me, "You've won the bonus round!"
That moment you realize managed to get both Alex Trebek AND Pat Sajak in a span of 18 half hours worth of episodes
it's a "don't miss" with Bob Barker, Chuck Woolery and Pat Sajak
Just in: Pat Sajak will be our special guest April 15-16 on Pops concert w/ Martin Short!
PAT SAJAK: Go ahead. Spin the wheel. ME: Yay! [wheel lands on "Bees"] Uh, Pat? What does this mea-. [Pat cackles as the buzzing grows louder]
Pat Sajak Net Worth: Besides that, Pat Sajak continues to be declared for a yearly salary of 8 million dollars...
Hamilton Collection
Yep! I was in the movie too. I was also on Carson twice and once on the short lived Pat Sajak show. Oh and Who's The Boss.
I'm not sure I could honestly tell you what movies each has been in. they both look like Pat Sajak
Fact: Vanna White is a man, and he's been getting *** from Pat Sajak thrice daily for 25 years.
I think we're in for a ride with Chris Rock hosting the however the Academy could've hired Pat Sajak to host if they wanted it safe.
(Hint: Klu Klux Klan Wizard) DAV_D D_KE. Donald Trump, "I'd like to solve the puzzle, Pat... DAVID *** ". Pat Sajak, "Are you kidding me?"
It looks like a bootleg version of Wheel Of Fortune. Instead of Pat Sajak, they have Pat Lojak.
Pat Sajak's little jokes whenever somone solves a puzzle are my favorite.
*** Pat Sajak, back at it again with the Vanna Whites
Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune: "When you're in Panama, try the lox.". a. no and b. the remote is across the room
I'll put you in touch with Pat Sajak. His son was our team manager at Maryland.
Ben, Classic Missing E. I covered all this in '99. Still waiting for royalty check from Pat Sajak. Have emails to prove it.
Wow... Even Wheel of Fortune loves Pat Sajak and Vanna White are in your town.
I wonder if Pat Sajak is going to show?
Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak should let former host Chuck Wollery host "Wheel" while Sajak is on vacation.
. Orange County is the most RWNJ county in CA. Pat Sajak, Chuck Woolery lead RW PACs
TIL that on April 1st, 1997, Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak switched jobs. Trebek hosted Wheel of Fortune, while Sajak …
I think if I was ever on Wheel of Fortune, I'd just end up trying to fight Pat Sajak.
Pat Sajak having to ask u how to pronounce ur name on da Wheel...thanks Mom. And Dad... Maybe...
apropos of nothing, the sound that's played to stop you from yelling should be Pat Sajak yelling "YARN!" cc:
I can't stop laughing at this forehead situation. Pat Sajak is literally on fleek
I know, right? I kept looking for Pat Sajak and Vanna White to pop in...
Do you remember when Pat Sajak had a talk show? Awesome. How about Alan Thicke?
*** Vanna White and Pat Sajak still on wheel of fortune 👴👵
I dunno, I think Pat Sajak and Vanna White can probably solve it.
As Pat Sajak might say, "Sorry, Ben. That darn wheel wasn't very nice to you tonight. But we sure hope you had fun!"
Bio hacking? Pat Sajak made one woman look like a moron for saying she participates in bio-hacking. Too funny
Siri do you think Pat Sajak and Vanna White are friends in real life
Pretty sure Vanna White fantasizes about murdering Pat Sajak.
Can't believe Pat Sajak just offered to take that big girl for a cupcake
So Pat Sajak won't hug the heavy lady who wins 32k & a car, but he hugs the thin blonde who wins $1500 & a vacation?
Pat Sajak has a slick sense of humor
discuss the ramifications if Trump named Kobe or you know someone like Kanye or Pat Sajak as veep? I'll hang up and listen
I really want to see him go toe to toe with Pat Sajak
[Wheel Of Fortune, pet edition]. Pat Sajak: Ok go ahead and solve the puzzle. Cat: *just knocks the free spin off the count…
Perfection: Pat Sajak nails bumbling POTUS for screwing his own O-care pooch
Pat Sajak: Okay just one letter left on the board. Would you like to solve the puzzle?. Ted Cruz: Pass
PAT SAJAK: ok final round. category is "Author of Goosebumps" i'll give you the letters RSTLNE. [RL ST_NE]. ME: no idea. readin…
VIDEO: tells how he text Pat Sajak instead of Pat Riley
Can u believe SAJAK'S radio in thinks it's funny temp is -03deg/30mph winds!!!
That time when Pat's tongue was stuck in Sajak's cheek .. I hope!?!
I like Pat Sajak but he's wrong on that.
Pat Sajak is savage. He knows what's up.
Me: "I'd like to buy a vowel.". Pat Sajak: "You can't own vowels, man.". Me: "Whoa... you're blowing my mind right now Pat... *** .."
Pat Sajak might just be spirit celebrity
I'm more concerned about members of Congress being drug-free than I am about mem...
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And Pat Sajak for SecDef, Pamela Anderson at State, and Chuck Woolery as ambassador to the UN.
it's Gru's and Pat Sajak's birthday! have a good one, man 😉🎉🎉
Dude needs $250 and ask Pat Sajak if he can buy a consonant.
Pat Sajak had his own talk show but it didn't succeed. Clint Eastwood's attempt to be humorous with a chair didn't fly either.
Bad Erotica, like Pat Sajak "with one *** of a hard-on." Yeah. Said it was bad. Plus a Plz RT. PrettyPlz
Bad Erotica All Over The *** Place, w/ a Contest and Pat Sajak with 'one *** of a *** ...
I can't believe Pat Sajak is not tired of hosting Wheel of Fortune after all of these years. I'm in line next to be the host. Hope I get it.
I am going to hang this in my living room like Ed Grimley did w/Pat Sajak photo on SNL years ago.
It's still weirds me out that Jeopardy airs before Wheel of Fortune now. Also I do still believe that Pat Sajak is an android.
I love how Pat Sajak gets all pissy when someone wins big on Wheel of Fortune. He must get paid less when the prize is more than 50K.
Why doesn't Pat Sajak ever spin on Bankrupt for the Final Spin?
How does Dave know what it's like to work with Pat Sajak?
This contestant wearing a sari is making Pat Sajak so noticeably uncomfortable.
Pat Sajak is definitely the biggest *** game show host.
As soon as pictures emerge of him with a sex symbol like Pat Sajak it shall be writer-ed.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
What? How could an article about Matt Harvey and Pat Sajak with "snuggling" in the headline be satire?
Trudeau Jr plays a Vapid Pat Sajak in Liberal "Refugee Wheel of Fortune". "Kath" Wynne is Unfortunate as Vanna White.
I believe our destiny is in the stars. More specifically, I believe Pat Sajak controls everything
I think I love Pat Sajak more than I love anyone else on this planet.
Pat Sajak trolling the Left was a thing of beauty
Pat Sajak is slowly losing his mind but he's still pretty entertaining.
Vanna White n pat Sajak the only white ppl to not age like bananas
I believe the old saying goes "it's not a birthday til you get called a eunuch to Pat Sajak."
Hey Pat Sajak/How about that Secret Santa? Don't you want me to win? There's ONLY two days left; Can you see to it that I am a winner?
Sorry I forgot to get you a Christmas gift. I was busy remembering that time I played Pat Sajak in a middle school skit.
|| I had a daydream while driving about Pat Sajak chasing me with a nail gun.
I need to contact Pat Sajak right away. I've been studying the wheel for the past year & it is getting faster. We are all i…
Wow Vanna really felt the Pat Sajak Burn tonight
I bet Pat Sajak has crazy parties...
That computer animated Pat Sajak is giving me the heebie jeebies
Wow, Pat Sajak is not holding back on the saltiness tonight at all
"Oooh Pat, I'd like to buy a big, throbbing, D". "Honey, you can't buy a D it's not a vowel". - Pat Sajak's wife's futile attempt at seduction
If the numbers don't match up with the numbers on the receipt you're done for. Feds handing out L's like Pat Sajak.
My son says Pat Sajak is always happy but I bet he has his down days.
Source w/Marlins says Fernandez will only go to LA in right deal. Hearing Obama, his kids, Vin Scully, Magic's bandaids, and Pat Sajak.
I still think Pat Sajak is boning Vanna White !. just waiting for TMZ to confirm it..
Coach K is the Pat Sajak of Coach guests. Low key savage.
Time for and me laughing at Pat Sajak for hating his job
Lmao at Pat Sajak's discomfort at having his hair favorably compared to the do of a contestant's *** partner.
Trivia starts in 30 mins. Prove what you know about Pat Sajak (you know, from Colorado and more 7-9pm
I heard Pat Sajak has a hidden tattoo of a Feynman Diagram... According to my college physics teacher
A poorly kept secret: Al Gnoza will return to Hburg airwaves. But how is Pat Sajak involved?
Al Gnoza's return to air is imminent, even if CBS21 can't say so; and how is Pat Sajak involved?
Pat Sajak: the puzzle is before and after . Me: Little Rock Nine Inch Nails . Pat: please guess a letter first
tell me there's a Pat Sajak Caps card.
I was trying to reply to tell you Pat Sajak has a tattoo.. But the amount of replies you get is giving me anxiety.
Pat Sajak has that 1000 yard stare like a soldier ready to snap if he does one more episode.
lol she bout 55 or so. She from Myrtle Beach. Pat Sajak the old one tho lol
One thing I never realized about Pat Sajak is that he's actually really, really funny.
Pat Sajak & Vanna White look like the couple from Beetlejuice when they're resurrected by Ortho.
I think Pat Sajak and Vanna White are the happiest people in the world. They have not a care.
this is why Pat Sajak has to be "iced down" after each show and put back in his cryotube.
F⏹CK YO⏹ MONDAY. I'd like to solve the puzzle, Mr. Pat Sajak.
U.S. Secretary of State Kerry is here with Serbian Foreign Minister Drew Carey in Disguise & German Minister of Foreign Affairs Pat Sajak.
John C Reilly...LL Cool J.Pat Sajak...which one has the biggest head?
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