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Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak (born Patrick Leonard Sajdak; October 26, 1946) is a television personality, former weatherman, actor and talk show host, best known as the host of the American television game show Wheel of Fortune.

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I like Pat Sajak but he's wrong on that.
Pat Sajak is savage. He knows what's up.
Me: "I'd like to buy a vowel.". Pat Sajak: "You can't own vowels, man.". Me: "Whoa... you're blowing my mind right now Pat... *** .."
Pat Sajak might just be spirit celebrity
I'm more concerned about members of Congress being drug-free than I am about mem...
And Pat Sajak for SecDef, Pamela Anderson at State, and Chuck Woolery as ambassador to the UN.
it's Gru's and Pat Sajak's birthday! have a good one, man 😉🎉🎉
Dude needs $250 and ask Pat Sajak if he can buy a consonant.
Pat Sajak had his own talk show but it didn't succeed. Clint Eastwood's attempt to be humorous with a chair didn't fly either.
Bad Erotica, like Pat Sajak "with one *** of a hard-on." Yeah. Said it was bad. Plus a Plz RT. PrettyPlz
Bad Erotica All Over The *** Place, w/ a Contest and Pat Sajak with 'one *** of a *** ...
I can't believe Pat Sajak is not tired of hosting Wheel of Fortune after all of these years. I'm in line next to be the host. Hope I get it.
I am going to hang this in my living room like Ed Grimley did w/Pat Sajak photo on SNL years ago.
It's still weirds me out that Jeopardy airs before Wheel of Fortune now. Also I do still believe that Pat Sajak is an android.
[Wheel Of Fortune, pet edition]. Pat Sajak: Ok go ahead and solve the puzzle. Cat: *just knocks the free spin off the counter*
I love how Pat Sajak gets all pissy when someone wins big on Wheel of Fortune. He must get paid less when the prize is more than 50K.
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Why doesn't Pat Sajak ever spin on Bankrupt for the Final Spin?
How does Dave know what it's like to work with Pat Sajak?
This contestant wearing a sari is making Pat Sajak so noticeably uncomfortable.
Pat Sajak is definitely the biggest *** game show host.
As soon as pictures emerge of him with a sex symbol like Pat Sajak it shall be writer-ed.
What? How could an article about Matt Harvey and Pat Sajak with "snuggling" in the headline be satire?
Trudeau Jr plays a Vapid Pat Sajak in Liberal "Refugee Wheel of Fortune". "Kath" Wynne is Unfortunate as Vanna White.
I believe our destiny is in the stars. More specifically, I believe Pat Sajak controls everything
I think I love Pat Sajak more than I love anyone else on this planet.
Pat Sajak trolling the Left was a thing of beauty
Pat Sajak is slowly losing his mind but he's still pretty entertaining.
Vanna White n pat Sajak the only white ppl to not age like bananas
I believe the old saying goes "it's not a birthday til you get called a eunuch to Pat Sajak."
Hey Pat Sajak/How about that Secret Santa? Don't you want me to win? There's ONLY two days left; Can you see to it that I am a winner?
Sorry I forgot to get you a Christmas gift. I was busy remembering that time I played Pat Sajak in a middle school skit.
|| I had a daydream while driving about Pat Sajak chasing me with a nail gun.
I need to contact Pat Sajak right away. I've been studying the wheel for the past year & it is getting faster. We are all i…
Wow Vanna really felt the Pat Sajak Burn tonight
I bet Pat Sajak has crazy parties...
That computer animated Pat Sajak is giving me the heebie jeebies
Wow, Pat Sajak is not holding back on the saltiness tonight at all
"Oooh Pat, I'd like to buy a big, throbbing, D". "Honey, you can't buy a D it's not a vowel". - Pat Sajak's wife's futile attempt at seduction
If the numbers don't match up with the numbers on the receipt you're done for. Feds handing out L's like Pat Sajak.
My son says Pat Sajak is always happy but I bet he has his down days.
Source w/Marlins says Fernandez will only go to LA in right deal. Hearing Obama, his kids, Vin Scully, Magic's bandaids, and Pat Sajak.
I still think Pat Sajak is boning Vanna White !. just waiting for TMZ to confirm it..
Coach K is the Pat Sajak of Coach guests. Low key savage.
Time for and me laughing at Pat Sajak for hating his job
Lmao at Pat Sajak's discomfort at having his hair favorably compared to the do of a contestant's *** partner.
Trivia starts in 30 mins. Prove what you know about Pat Sajak (you know, from Colorado and more 7-9pm
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I heard Pat Sajak has a hidden tattoo of a Feynman Diagram... According to my college physics teacher
A poorly kept secret: Al Gnoza will return to Hburg airwaves. But how is Pat Sajak involved?
Al Gnoza's return to air is imminent, even if CBS21 can't say so; and how is Pat Sajak involved?
Pat Sajak: the puzzle is before and after . Me: Little Rock Nine Inch Nails . Pat: please guess a letter first
tell me there's a Pat Sajak Caps card.
I was trying to reply to tell you Pat Sajak has a tattoo.. But the amount of replies you get is giving me anxiety.
Pat Sajak has that 1000 yard stare like a soldier ready to snap if he does one more episode.
lol she bout 55 or so. She from Myrtle Beach. Pat Sajak the old one tho lol
One thing I never realized about Pat Sajak is that he's actually really, really funny.
Pat Sajak & Vanna White look like the couple from Beetlejuice when they're resurrected by Ortho.
I think Pat Sajak and Vanna White are the happiest people in the world. They have not a care.
this is why Pat Sajak has to be "iced down" after each show and put back in his cryotube.
F⏹CK YO⏹ MONDAY. I'd like to solve the puzzle, Mr. Pat Sajak.
U.S. Secretary of State Kerry is here with Serbian Foreign Minister Drew Carey in Disguise & German Minister of Foreign Affairs Pat Sajak.
John C Reilly...LL Cool J.Pat Sajak...which one has the biggest head?
My fist attempt at drawing Charlie Baker looks more like Pat Sajak. Shows how rarely I draw local stuff.
I was watching Tim Hawkins the other day and found a new "swear word". Pat Sajak!
Pat Sajak saying goodbye to a losing contestant on Wheel of Fortune = most painful thing to watch on televi...
TIL Pat Sajak is a Vietnam War Veteran and was the host of "Good Morning Vietnam".
Just played four rounds of Wheel of Fortune on the Wii, *** you THQ animated bobble-head Pat Sajak. Just wanted to win one bonus round.
Sally who looking stupid now. Thinking Pat Sajak was the original host of Wheel of Fortune.
you are such an *** Chuck is not Pat Sajak and he did not host Wheel of Fortune. Stupid stupid
A wonderful surprise! Thank you. Knocked me off my chair! (Needed Pat Sajak in that skit, too! I imagine he dances as well)
For the love of Pat Sajak can we please at least look in the direction of Don't make this harder than it needs to be.
Pat Sajak walks off 'Wheel of Fortune' set after second dumb answer: via
Trump looks like a giant frog that hollowed out Pat Sajak & tried to pass for human, but only mastered the expression "What's That Smell?"
Nice Ed Grimley appearance on I miss that character, I must say. The only thing that skit was missing was Pat Sajak, I must say.
now on ESPN: a show featuring Smith and Skip Bayless agreeing about everything. Includes laugh track, prizes assigned by Pat Sajak
Pat Sajak loves LSU bc they got ALL of the vowels.
When is somebody going to tell Pat Sajak that he's not funny?
If I could have anyone's career I would choose Pat Sajak.
TV just switched from college football to Wheel of Fortune, and man, does Pat Sajak look old.
88-year-old grandpa also had very strong opinions about Pat Sajak saying, "There's two letters" instead of "There are two letters."
Flipping thru channels. Just saw Pat Sajak on He's doing a poofy thing with his hair now.
I wonder if anyone has ever asked Pat Sajak to say "jak"
Pat Sajak must live in DC. He's at another game
Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak, host of Wheel of Fortune, traded places on April Fools’ Day 1997.
I'm sure we can all agree that Pat Sajak and Vanna White are vampires.
I can't watch Wheel of Fortune now without thinking about the time Pat Sajak rapped "No Type" on ESPN
If reincarnation is real and I have any input on it, I'd like to state that I want to come back as Pat Sajak.
At least Pat Sajak seems to hate himself as much as I hate him
Am I the only person that wants to see Pat Sajak lose his mind on Wheel of Fortune, and turn it into a WWE-style outing?
How does Pat Sajak still have a job? ::yawn::
Just found out that Pat Sajak and Vanna White are NOT married.
Pat Sajak looks so tired. just let him rest
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Me: *Pat Sajak is looking old. Time's passing. We're all gonna die*. . Google: Pat is 69. . Me: *** Pat looks good. Pat don't crack."
.Do you think Pat Sajak hates the clicking noise of the wheel?. Me: Pat Sajak hates everything about Wheel of Fortune.
Dawn Wells & Bob Denver on the Pat Sajak Talk Show - Dec. 1, 1989
You gotta wonder if he thinks endearing himself to Pat Sajak will get him work.
bf: 'Pat sajak? he's my dad's third cousin.'. me: 'ok'. bf: '..i'm just kidding...about any relation between pat sajak and my father. me: .
Turned on the TV to see and hear this and it struck me that Pat Sajak…
it sounded like a beautiful mixture of a broken R2 unit and Pat Sajak
Pat Sajak looks SO good for 69. And I just realize how dirty that sounds but I'm gonna leave it cause it's funny. 😂
I don't trust Pat Sajak and his mediocre program
I want to go on Wheel of Fortune and win then make Pat Sajak lead me by the hand to the final puzzle.
I'd be really disappointed if Pat Sajak wasn't a nice guy in person.
Who will get bored first: Alex Tribec or Pat Sajak?
It's my turn. I need to buy a vowel. _ _TL_R D_D. N_T_ _NG WR_NG. Pat Sajak looks impatiently at me as I try not to solve th…
A 3/3 for 3 that can be cashed in for a draw-7 in the late game? Sweet. Welcome to the Pat Sajak!
Tarantino questions if boycotts violate his 1st Amendment rights term for him.wanker
-wheel of fortune- _ U M P F O X Y -me, like a furry *** "H-H!" -pat sajak- "'s J. jump foxy. kill this man. "
Even Pat Sajak Laughed At This Awkward Dude: Man, that kid needs to relax.
That time Pat Sajak and Vanna White came to S. Philly -- "close enough to by a vowel from." Thank you
.Pat Sajak and Vanna White stopped by Ralph’s Italian Restaurant yesterday
"There in front of her stood Vanna White and Pat Sajak, close enough to buy a vowel from."
What happens when you stumble into Pat Sajak and Vanna White in South Philly? This.
first 2D: your fav with host Alex Trebek & second 2D my fav with hosts Pat Sajak & Vanna White?
I wonder if Vanna White and Pat Sajak ever just hang out on a Saturday
Pat Sajak and Vanna White have not aged a day since 1993. I hadn't watched that wheel since 2006. What a simple classic.
Jim Webb looks like Pat Sajak's corpse, bloated after a few days in the Hudson.
Only a feeling of diarrhea can really inspire us. - Pat Sajak
Why should I care about Pat Sajak's opinions?
Over a weekend in '85 they recorded every single episode of Wheel of Fortune. That's the only way to explain Pat Sajak's ageless complexion.
Whatever deal Pat Sajak and Vanna White made with the devil, sign me up.
Easily, the most useless 20 seconds of television has to be the banter between Pat Sajak and Vanna White at the end of
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I felt like Bob Barker, Drew Carey, and Pat Sajak all in one working the wheel for the St Judes Walk…
Free think piece on the politics of game shows: Chuck Woolery, Wink Martindale, Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek are all conservatives.
Chuck Woolery, Pat Sajak, Wink Martindale...what is it with '80s TV game show hosts and the right wing?
Wink Martindale, Chuck Woolery, and Pat Sajak are politically conservative. Game show hosts are awesome :)
I used to think Pat Sajak and Vanna White from wheel of fortune were married
I saw Pat Sajak at Disneyland earlier this year with Vanna White.
I enjoy that Steve is basically Vanna White to Johnny Mac's Pat Sajak.
you two are beginning to look like Pat Sajak and Vanna White killing time to commercial brk .. spin the wx wheel for
Actual topic of conversation between me and - how old are Pat Sajak and Vanna White. No, we're not looking it up.
Convinced Alex Trebeck, Pat Sajak and Regis Philbin are the same person
I wonder if, in the days before email, Vanna White ever mailed Pat Sajak a letter.
A dread the day when Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak, and Vanna White are the only stability in my life.
CBS would not attempt another late-night talk show until 'The Pat Sajak Show' in 1989
Do you think Pat Sajak sees the wheel spinning in his nightmares?
Pat Sajak: "Laura, I don't know what's going on in that head of yours." Neither does anyone else, Pat.
I'll bet Pat Sajak hates the alphabet.
"Does the band have a name, he asked?". Pat Sajak, you sly *** you.
Did "Pitch Perfect" secretly talk about 9/11? Was Pat Sajak behind it all? This is hilarious. Thank you internet.
We like this description:. "The Pat Sajak Assassins: incredibly talented four-piece from St. Louis pushing the...
Pat Sajak is one of us, he would be fantastic...
If I ever come across a picture of I think I'll frame it, like Ed Grimley did with Pat Sajak! ^_^
[Vanna White turns a letter, a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels falls out]. Pat Sajak: (clears throat) Look at that, two R's.
Blessed be Pat Sajak. May he be the guardian of the . Holy wheel forever and ever🎶. Aaaammen🎶.
*** you know times are tough when Pat Sajak doesn't even try to land on $5,000 with the Final Spin.
Pat Sajak is the darkest, most controversial comic talent of his generation! Trapped, trussed and tamed by a complex personal services
The only reason to watch the Duhop show ... She is the Vanna White to Pat Sajak ... Everyone Wants to See Olivia...
“is that Pat Sajak in the suite behind home plate?”ne#
Pat Sajak muttering "dumb do" under his breath after someone asks for a Q
Do you have trouble pooping Pat Sajak? What you need is DJ Beat-up Acidhead's Pat Sajak Pooper. It's only $19.95! Not available in stores.
maybe you can be pat Sajak. No offense but you are no Vanna White
Bill: Sam has anyone ever told you you look like Pat Sajak?
If you're on Wheel of Fortune & the first letter you guess on a puzzle is "X" you deserve to be teabagged by Pat Sajak o…
switch Bob for Pat Sajak and you got me
unfortunately though, I just found out that Pat Sajak is a conservative republican. I thought he was better than that. oh well :P
Watched first appearance of James Bond (1954 Casino Royale). An American Bond who looks like a young Pat Sajak. At least it had Peter Lorre
I just realized that my neighbor looks like Pat Sajak
but he's so confident! He shouts out answers and Pat Sajak's like...that's not even a word.
No one can make pleasant small talk with guests like Pat Sajak. He is the master.
A *** man just won on Wheel of Fortune. Knowing that Pat Sajak is a hard line conservative, this makes me giggle.
Pat Sajak really just looks like he doesn't want to be here anymore
Pat Sajak has to be super rich but super depressed, right?
I love when Pat Sajak shushes the crowd during the final round... Like you would NEVER catch Trebek doing that
This image just made me realize how much he looks like Pat Sajak. Can I buy a vowel, please?
I think he looks like Pat Sajak too.
Reminds me of Pat Sajak. If he is not him, then I don't know! LOL
[alt. universe where Wheel of Fortune never aired]. -Welcome to Sajak Hardware. -I'd like to buy a dowel. *a strange sti…
Nobody believes in leprechauns but Pat Sajak has been right there the whole time.
Pat Sajak is a very different TV personality than Alex Trebek.
Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak are my only two friends Monday-Friday nights
If I ever host an event I want Pat Sajak as the host. Or Steve Harvey but that guy has a lot going on in his life so Pat will have to do.
Brady approached that Q&A w/ all the sincerity of Pat Sajak thanking the losing contestants for playing on "Wheel Of Fortune."
All I wanna know is what Laverne Cox, Pat Sajak, and Vanna White were doing on the campus today
In 1997, Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak (the hosts of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune) traded places for April Fool's Day. http…
they're all game show hosts:. Pat Sajak. Alex Trebek. Monty Hall. Wink Martindale. Chuck Woolery
Now that Pat Sajak has weighed in on climate science I'm looking forward to Chuck Woolery's thoughts on quantum physics.
Chuck Woolery and Pat Sajak have 2 things in common.
So the Pat Sajak & Vanna White on 'Wheel Of Fortune' are robots now right?
More important than who is replacing Jon Stewart on the Daily Show is who will replace Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune
Pat Sajak in a mostly unbuttoned linen shirt and pink pants is one of the more disturbing things I've seen.
OMG! Earlier today I was at & got stuck in the elevator with Pat Sajak & Alfre Woodard. FULL PANIC! and someone smelled like Doritos
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If NBC wants to keep their main demo watching NBC Nightly News, they need to get Pat Sajak or Wilford Brimley in there.
Everyone's wondering who Jon Stewart's replacement will be. I'm wondering who'll replace Pat Sajak when he's finally sacrificed to the Wheel
Heard this morning that Pat Sajak was the local tv weather guy when the creator of WOF discovered him.
The moments that Pat Sajak and Chevy Chase have been biding their time for seem to be coming over the horizon.
Pat Sajak has the greatest job every created.
You really don't understand the amount of money these men make… the same ones you overlook: Brian Williams, Alec Trebek, Pat Sajak
Chevy Chase might argue with you. As would Magic Johnson, Kris Jenner, Pat Sajak and Martin Short. Not as easy as it looks.
Pat Sajak touches every girls *** on stage just before the bonus round.
How does pat sajak do this multiple times daily
Pat Sajak is starting to look like The Riddler from the old Batman TV show.
Pat Sajak always looks on the verge of a psychotic break.
Never appreciated what a great gig Pat Sajak has, until I started working
My short list of candidates to replace Jon Stewart: Byron Allen, Willie Tyler and/or Lester, Pat Sajak. Alan Thicke
There's some magical water that Pharrell Williams and Pat Sajak are drinking, and they haven't aged since 1994
I think Pat Sajak is being played by a Oompa Loompa tonight on The Wheel of Fortune.
domain names
Does allow you to describe your sense of humor as "Pat Sajak-esque?"
Pat Sajak gotta have smashed Vanna White at least once. like on one of them cruises they advertise.
I gotta wonder if Pat Sajak and Alex Trebeck secretly hate each other. Seriously. The signs are all there.
"And I know when she broke the news you told her man don't say that, matter a fact like Pat don't Sajak." -
Silence, then:. "Do you think Pat Sajak is happy with his life?". -coworker Matthew asking the big questions again
Learn how you can partner with Pat Sajak in this one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity!
Sajak: Tell us about yourself Mike. *makes alot of noise adjusting the mic for 9 minutes*. "Hi Pat. Im scared of bees. The b…
"CBS just announced that it will use guest hosts Fridays for the Pat Sajak late-night show. In LA, this is called jury duty."--D. Miller,'90
Charron's Pat Sajak bar sounded an awful lot like yours..
Pat Sajak obviously hates his life & I can't believe Wheel of Fortune hasn't caused him to have a complete mental breakdown.
We should just have a picture of Pat Sajak on the cover of the Kennedy Center program
Pat Sajak just said "Here comes the D!" He knows exactly what he's saying.
Lowkey just figured out that Wheel of Fortune's Vanna White and Pat Sajak aren't married to each other...
OMG... Pat Sajak and Vana White are still doing Wheel of Fortune???
One day, when I grow up, I want to be Pat Sajak
I want to see Pat Sajak vs. Alex Trebek fight to the death
After all these years, I still can't get a read on whether Pat Sajak and Vanna White are friends.
I like to imagine the song "Blank Space" is about the tension between Vanna White and Pat Sajak.
I was hoping he meant "Pats" like Pat Sajak, Pat Riley, Pat Morita, and Pat Benetar.
Must-see: Greg Gutfeld vs. Pat Sajak in magically hilarious snark-spat
I don't like how condescending Pat Sajak has been to Vanna White lately.
Did you know that Pat Sajak and Vanna White's combined net worth is $75 million? Really. Just something to think about at work today.
W! Syndication 1989 Pat Sajak & Vanna White Fami…: Pat & Joanne with their $37,150 win and Family of the Year trophy
"You're as shady as finding Pat Sajak on a street corner."
I can't believe Pat Sajak just quoted Mountains' Mississippi Queen! I'm getting five minutes of tv at a time, yo. It's a strange five minutes, too. Sounds like a barn out owl who'in and a cow moo'in ;)
Holy molee watching wheel of fortune and Pat Sajak just read the lyrics to Mississippi queen whoa
"One time Pat Sajak showed me his toupee" me too grandpa
How come Sony studios didnt leak any emails from pat sajak and Vanna White? There has to be something. ..the investigation continues...ha Walking away
"Thinking of taking an online course. Can't decide between Journalism or Non-Fiction." ---Pat Sajak
Lady on Wheel of Fortune 'I've been playing the violin for 20 years '. Pat Sajak 'Well you must be tired'
Pat Sajak is just downright creepy.
I don't even think Pat Sajak takes Wheel of Fortune seriously anymore
I wonder if he hangs out with Chuck Woolery and Pat Sajak.
Pat Sajak from the wheel of fortune just mention about the musical group mountain it would be good if somebody told JD or
Last night I dreamt Taraji P. Henson was on Wheel of Fortune to promote an animated movie Pat Sajak was also involved with.
Darren Wilson became Pat Sajak's successor on Wheel of Fortune. The answer to every puzzle was "MURDERER."
Growing up, I loved Then, I realized how sleazy and creepy Pat Sajak is and how dumb the game is compared to
Revelation: just told my 8 year old that Vanna White and Pat Sajak look the same as they did when I was his age. I'm 40! Deal with devil?
Pat Sajak lives vicariously through the Wheel.
If I make it, I gotta be like my hero Pat Sajak and get wasted before taping
*** real phat. I got the cake back. Have that *** spinnin'; Pat Sajak.
I told you Merv Griffin, Pat Sajak and Vanna White didn't invent that game show!
Met him years ago while watching the news in studio with Dan Miller and Pat Sajak at WSM-TV in Nashville. He came...
Sony made a mistake in canceling The Interview. And they're making an even bigger mistake showing Pat Sajak & Vanna White in high definition
Pat Sajak sniffing the air and growling if he thinks any Canadians are trying to sneak onto the set.
Breast Cancer Awareness
MUST WATCH: Pat Sajak raps all the lyrics to "No Type" on ESPN --->
I don't listen what celebrities have to say about politics. Unless it's Pat Sajak.
Pat Sajak Says TV Content Is Getting 'Darker and Darker' and Reveals the Other ... via
I'm not Pat Sajak but I think I just hit the wheel of hot pocket is fried. It's cardboard crap. Thanks Vanna!
Doug Ford looks like a fatter version of Pat Sajak.
I once saw Igor Kravchuk at the St. Louis Science Center and was too awestruck to speak. I once gave Pat Sajak sass on his own game show.
ME: I'd like to buy a vowel [starts rummaging through wallet]. PAT SAJAK: Once again, it doesn't cost actual money.
Pat Sajak's loathe of his own job makes watching Wheel of Fortune no fun. Time to hang up the Hangman game, Pat.
Can someone tell me why Pat Sajak chooses R S T L N E every freakin time on Wheel of fortune?
Sony Studios is sending their toughest Right-Wing Action Hero to N.Korea. No word yet on who'll replace Pat Sajak on "Wheel."
Pat Sajak to finalist re: her family in audience: "Everything okay with you?". *nervous laughter from finalist*. Pat: "That's what I thought."
I would love to see y'all do Pat Sajak vs Alex Trebek and have Bob Barker as a tie breaker! 😆😂🙌 🙊💋
No, Pat Sajak is just keeping it real. Come on, look at the contestant he was laughing when he saw his friend's look. "Let it Go".
I have just watched the happiest nerds I have ever seen in my life win $40,000 on Wheel of Fortune!! When Pat Sajak asked them for 3 consonants and a vowel, they SANG "Y, M, C, A"!!! I love it!
Pat Sajak awkwardly getting hugged by two(?) guys with special needs. That was a classic unintentionally funny tv moment.
A couple of real goobers on Wheel of Fortune tonight. You can tell Pat Sajak is REALLY enjoying this.
Pat Sajak looked so uncomfortable tonight
I'd like to buy a vowel for myself, and a brain for Pat Sajak.
Pat Sajak because he gets to look at Vanna White.
Pat Sajak pushed physically challenged contestant during the bonus round and it was RUDE!
Who has the greatest job in the world: Pat Sajak or Vanna White?
Going to workout to Wheel of Fortune tonight. Pat Sajak fuels my hate fire but I ducking love It's a win-win.
Pat Sajak is freaked out by these twins.
Pat Sajak looks so displeased with his life.
Pat Sajak took a dig at someone in the studio audience the other night.
Pat Sajak got on a double breast suit on 👏👏👏
.I refuse to take heat from someone whose go-to jacket was co-inspired by Pat Sajak and the Queen.
I liked a video Pat Sajak Reveals Reason for 1 Day Job Switch With Vanna White on 'Wheel of Fortune'
Where have you gone to...been silenced? I enjoy your remarks as much as Pat Sajak!
Pat Sajak TROLLED an audience member during Yikes. Funny zinger or uncalled for? Thoughts?? -Em.
Where is my Gerard Pique oil? Does Pat Sajak scare poodle urine? Why is Ludacris in my cabbage patch?
He'll just be Krypton's Pat Sajak and host all of the shows
Disagree. Best one: Pat Sajak,a typical heartless conservative. That guy is obviously special needs, and Sajak just mocked him.
(it's weird that arguably, Pat Sajak is the school's most famous graduate)
Naw, he's a *** all the time, many servers can attest to that. He doesn't like to be recognized 😐 I're Pat Sajak!!
Tuning into Wheel of Fortune as I channel hop; is it just me or does Pat Sajak really dislike these women who are solving every puzzle?
They're convinced Pat Sajak is going deaf.
Pat Sajak looks like a divorced clown
Almost gametime. Pat Sajak should be in the Keith Richards/Apocalypse conversation.
No one hates their job more than Pat Sajak
Sitting, waiting in Great Clips: Just amazing that Wheel of Fortune is still on, Pat Sajak still hosts it, and Vanna still looks good.
shaving another 8 hours if I like obsessed with the dark out. The difference between me and pat sajak, are mean soft escape. Eat my mud f***
My tv won't let me watch anything above PG rating. Thank goodness for Pat Sajak and a wholesome family tv program. That and Ghost Adventures
Farmer Smurf is peeing a booger in Australia. Pat Sajak just bought a strawberry in the Earth. Moron and Constipation have butt fever.
Pat Sajak's comment to the comatose audience member is hilarious.people are becoming way to politically correct.
.- You need to see Pat Sajak burn this guy
Pat Sajak takes a dig at someone in the studio audience:
Offbeat News 96.5: Pat Sajak makes fun of audience member during Wheel of Fortune: Pat Sajak strikes again.
Pat Sajak had a great view of that Giroux goal!!
Seeing Pat Sajak lose it on Wheel of Fortune is the best EVER (that & MORE game show fails!!).
Pat Sajak mocks an audience member on "Wheel of Fortune."
Pat Sajak and Vanna White have the best jobs in the whole world.
I'm spontaneously learning how to embezzle and Pat Sajak is hopelessly jealous!
"I'm asexual". "Well, do you like sex at least?". Pat Sajak, can we buy this person a clue?
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