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Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak (born Patrick Leonard Sajdak; October 26, 1946) is a television personality, former weatherman, actor and talk show host, best known as the host of the American television game show Wheel of Fortune.

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Last night I dreamt Taraji P. Henson was on Wheel of Fortune to promote an animated movie Pat Sajak was also involved with.
Darren Wilson became Pat Sajak's successor on Wheel of Fortune. The answer to every puzzle was "MURDERER."
Growing up, I loved Then, I realized how sleazy and creepy Pat Sajak is and how dumb the game is compared to
Revelation: just told my 8 year old that Vanna White and Pat Sajak look the same as they did when I was his age. I'm 40! Deal with devil?
Pat Sajak lives vicariously through the Wheel.
If I make it, I gotta be like my hero Pat Sajak and get wasted before taping
*** real phat. I got the cake back. Have that *** spinnin'; Pat Sajak.
I told you Merv Griffin, Pat Sajak and Vanna White didn't invent that game show!
Met him years ago while watching the news in studio with Dan Miller and Pat Sajak at WSM-TV in Nashville. He came...
Sony made a mistake in canceling The Interview. And they're making an even bigger mistake showing Pat Sajak & Vanna White in high definition
Pat Sajak sniffing the air and growling if he thinks any Canadians are trying to sneak onto the set.
MUST WATCH: Pat Sajak raps all the lyrics to "No Type" on ESPN --->
I don't listen what celebrities have to say about politics. Unless it's Pat Sajak.
Pat Sajak Says TV Content Is Getting 'Darker and Darker' and Reveals the Other ... via
I'm not Pat Sajak but I think I just hit the wheel of hot pocket is fried. It's cardboard crap. Thanks Vanna!
Doug Ford looks like a fatter version of Pat Sajak.
I once saw Igor Kravchuk at the St. Louis Science Center and was too awestruck to speak. I once gave Pat Sajak sass on his own game show.
ME: I'd like to buy a vowel [starts rummaging through wallet]. PAT SAJAK: Once again, it doesn't cost actual money.
Pat Sajak's loathe of his own job makes watching Wheel of Fortune no fun. Time to hang up the Hangman game, Pat.
Can someone tell me why Pat Sajak chooses R S T L N E every freakin time on Wheel of fortune?
Sony Studios is sending their toughest Right-Wing Action Hero to N.Korea. No word yet on who'll replace Pat Sajak on "Wheel."
Pat Sajak to finalist re: her family in audience: "Everything okay with you?". *nervous laughter from finalist*. Pat: "That's what I thought."
I would love to see y'all do Pat Sajak vs Alex Trebek and have Bob Barker as a tie breaker! πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ πŸ™ŠπŸ’‹
No, Pat Sajak is just keeping it real. Come on, look at the contestant he was laughing when he saw his friend's look. "Let it Go".
I have just watched the happiest nerds I have ever seen in my life win $40,000 on Wheel of Fortune!! When Pat Sajak asked them for 3 consonants and a vowel, they SANG "Y, M, C, A"!!! I love it!
Pat Sajak awkwardly getting hugged by two(?) guys with special needs. That was a classic unintentionally funny tv moment.
A couple of real goobers on Wheel of Fortune tonight. You can tell Pat Sajak is REALLY enjoying this.
Pat Sajak looked so uncomfortable tonight
I'd like to buy a vowel for myself, and a brain for Pat Sajak.
Pat Sajak because he gets to look at Vanna White.
Pat Sajak pushed physically challenged contestant during the bonus round and it was RUDE!
Who has the greatest job in the world: Pat Sajak or Vanna White?
Going to workout to Wheel of Fortune tonight. Pat Sajak fuels my hate fire but I ducking love It's a win-win.
Pat Sajak is freaked out by these twins.
Pat Sajak looks so displeased with his life.
Pat Sajak took a dig at someone in the studio audience the other night.
Pat Sajak got on a double breast suit on πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
.I refuse to take heat from someone whose go-to jacket was co-inspired by Pat Sajak and the Queen.
I liked a video Pat Sajak Reveals Reason for 1 Day Job Switch With Vanna White on 'Wheel of Fortune'
Where have you gone to...been silenced? I enjoy your remarks as much as Pat Sajak!
Pat Sajak TROLLED an audience member during Yikes. Funny zinger or uncalled for? Thoughts?? -Em.
Where is my Gerard Pique oil? Does Pat Sajak scare poodle urine? Why is Ludacris in my cabbage patch?
He'll just be Krypton's Pat Sajak and host all of the shows
Disagree. Best one: Pat Sajak,a typical heartless conservative. That guy is obviously special needs, and Sajak just mocked him.
(it's weird that arguably, Pat Sajak is the school's most famous graduate)
Naw, he's a *** all the time, many servers can attest to that. He doesn't like to be recognized 😐 I're Pat Sajak!!
Tuning into Wheel of Fortune as I channel hop; is it just me or does Pat Sajak really dislike these women who are solving every puzzle?
They're convinced Pat Sajak is going deaf.
Pat Sajak looks like a divorced clown
Almost gametime. Pat Sajak should be in the Keith Richards/Apocalypse conversation.
No one hates their job more than Pat Sajak
Sitting, waiting in Great Clips: Just amazing that Wheel of Fortune is still on, Pat Sajak still hosts it, and Vanna still looks good.
shaving another 8 hours if I like obsessed with the dark out. The difference between me and pat sajak, are mean soft escape. Eat my mud f***
My tv won't let me watch anything above PG rating. Thank goodness for Pat Sajak and a wholesome family tv program. That and Ghost Adventures
Farmer Smurf is peeing a booger in Australia. Pat Sajak just bought a strawberry in the Earth. Moron and Constipation have butt fever.
Pat Sajak's comment to the comatose audience member is hilarious.people are becoming way to politically correct.
.- You need to see Pat Sajak burn this guy
Pat Sajak takes a dig at someone in the studio audience:
Offbeat News 96.5: Pat Sajak makes fun of audience member during Wheel of Fortune: Pat Sajak strikes again.
Pat Sajak had a great view of that Giroux goal!!
Seeing Pat Sajak lose it on Wheel of Fortune is the best EVER (that & MORE game show fails!!).
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Pat Sajak mocks an audience member on "Wheel of Fortune."
Pat Sajak and Vanna White have the best jobs in the whole world.
I'm spontaneously learning how to embezzle and Pat Sajak is hopelessly jealous!
"I'm asexual". "Well, do you like sex at least?". Pat Sajak, can we buy this person a clue?
Wheel of Fortune is a real-life word puzzle TV game show that is hosted by Pat Sajak in the United States.
Some of those guys would vote Pat Sajak in too
o is Pat Sajak and Wanna White ever gonna pass the baton or is Wheel of Fortune just waiting one of them out
Watching wheel of fortune you can really see how much of an *** Pat Sajak is.
Pat Sajak has a huge attitude tonight
call up pat sajak and tell him the only letter is I and money can't buy this
Anyone find what channel the Bills-Jets game is on? Pat Sajak does not appear to be on either team.
A Sad Bedtime Story Once upon a time people got outraged over something Pat Sajak said on the Internet. The End.
I don't know about Trebek, but Pat Sajak is a major ***
"You think every older white man looks like Pat Sajak, I can't help you"
Worst anagram logic ever. But I always knew something was up with Pat Sajak so I'm glad they noticed too...
Oh he's annihilating Pat Sajak, call it now.
yeah I just checked he looks older. Also Betty white. And what are we gonna do when Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek die?
Dreamed I asked Pat Sajak about being on $25k Pyramid, he was clueless. Awoke and realized it was Super Password. How insane dreams can be.
maybe she should buy a vowel and see if that helps. Pat Sajak is with her.
I once heard someone ask Pat Sajak if he was wearing any pants.
TIL on April 1, 1997, Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek hosted each other's shows as an April Fool's joke.
Pat Sajak is 68 years old!? And I thought Vanna was aging well!
Pat Sajak Loses His Cool on 'Wheel of Fortune' | Video - ABC News via
I must share with you all, my crush is Pat Sajak...I have to get on that Show...
Pat Sajak Walks out on Wheel of Fortune - Terrible Horse Answers (Funny)
Get outta the way, pops. Pat Sajak and Coach K need to rehearse their Oom-pah band.
Pat Sajak gets enormous glee in showing the contestants what they didn't win."Oooh look, you could've won $40,000" What a ***
Pat Sajak just asked a woman if she wants to see his Rush Limbaugh tattoo
I find Pat Sajak literally disgusting. The man grosses me out.
Breaking: The only thing the Obama Administration hasn't given away free - Pat Sajak's vowels!
Update your maps at Navteq
Is it wrong to think about Pat Sajak sucking my ding-a-ling?
Jeopardy! The main reason people watch is to see if Pat Sajak is still alive. He has been embalmed for years.
Love hearing how Pat Sajak changes the inflection in his voice when there are two t's so it doesn't sound like tooties
Pat Sajak hasn't aged much.. He still corny as ever tho..
you were bashed by Pat Sajak tonight on his Wheel of Fortune show. I couldn't believe it. Made a underhanded remark on talk radio.
I want to see Pat Sajak's tattoo of
Is it just me or does Pat Sajak get cheesier the older he gets?
I love pat sajak. He just just made a great comment about talk radio.very cool
Can't tell me that Pat Sajak and Vanna White ain't smash at least once..
appearing tonight - also, Pat Sajak and Dustin Diamond will be in attendance. What a weird night.
The following people had talk shows that last two seasons or less: Katie Couric, Pat Sajak, Megan Mullally, Magic Johnson, Queen Latifah.
Pat Sajak has No Control had it with your horseplay Keep giving Pat Sajak
If I say I want to solve the puzzle, how many times do you think Pat Sajak would let me say "badger" before he stops me?
My father's dinner prayer: Father, we pray that you bless Pat Sajak and Vanna White.
The Oakland Raiders are so terrible that pat sajak just dissed them on wheel of fortune
Fairly certain that Vanna White is a figment of Pat Sajak's imagination.
that's the absolute minimum for anything Pat Sajak is involved in
Pat Sajak coming in hot with the classic "dude I think your daughter's a *** pause
I wonder if the portraits of the withering, dusty corpses of Pat Sajak and Vanna White are stored together or separately
I heard an interview with Pat Sajak and he mentioned having a number of deceased celebs still in his mobile. Never deletes!
So you're looking for that Pat Sajak essay on profanity? Only on Ricochet:
"You did it minorities! America is a welfare state now." - Daniel Tosh as Pat Sajak on Tosh.0
"Poor people DESERVE to starve to death." - Daniel Tosh as Pat Sajak in Tosh.0
So Micahel Buffer and Pat Sajak are both not welcomed back to games now I guess.
I saw Pat Sajak at the Coyotes game tonight
This is my cousin Glen sitting next to Pat Sajak tonight at the PHO / WSH game. Glen was unable to buy any vowels.
Pat Sajak and Vanna White were often "drunk" while hosting the earlier seasons. Sajak said they'd have "two or t...
So saw pat sajak...and didnt ask of he could buy a vowel.
I never thought Pat Sajak would have a take on the ending of the dry scrape before overtime
The real winner here is Pat Sajak, here is here at GRA. Showed him on the jumbotron
PAT SAJAK SIGHTING: Someone say a letter for my phrase: - -- -
stop praising pat sajak. he is a Troglodytae and his radio station in annapolis ***
Locker had dinner with Pat Sajak last night. I wonder if he told the Locker name story
I wanna go on Wheel and tell Pat Sajak I help keep poor people out of jail for a living
I'll take "People who are tied up in my basement for 500, Pat.". Sajak: You have the wrong show. Also, what?
I bet Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak secretly hate each other. Worthless trivia knowledge versus dumb spinny luck. Who will win the day?
Pat Sajak is the best at silently making fun of people.
The host of wheel of fortune, pat sajak, is sitting in front of me..nbd
Rumor has it Pat Sajak is here. And a Caps fan.
Tosh ripping on Pat Sajak's ridiculous political views is the best thing to ever happen at 10pm on a Tuesday
Keep giving Pat Sajak answers involving a horse, and he
pat Sajak in the house row 1 right of caps bench sec 102
Guys I think I spotted Pat Sajak is at the game.
I’ve also seen, not met, Pat Sajak & Tom Clancy. PS lives in Annapolis & TC used to have a home 10min from where I live.
Since when was Pat Sajak some vocal political commentator?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
As I lay besides my wife, watching Wheel of Fortune, I wonder. I wonder why we don't have a GIF of Pat Sajak aging over time...
I can't believe it wasn't "riding a brown horse". 'Wheel of Fortune' host walks off set
O m g this guy on Wheel of Fortune said he was a blogger and Pat Sajak goes "well what do you do with your life"
Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been doing this for a long time! I haven't watched this joint in years! Who still watches
Lucas is sitting up in his seat. He's watching Pat Sajak and talking to him intermittently.
'Wheel of Fortune' host walks off set
Man...that Pat Sajak seems like a real ***
"Pat Sajak walks off the set of Wheel of Fortune in disgust -->
According to Al Michaels on the Pat Sajak gets around in his own G4.
Pat Sajak Yells at Wheel of Fortune Contestants for Ridiculous Puzzle Guesses, Walks Off Set - Pat Sajak has...
BREAKING: Pat Sajak notes that, if we spin the wheel on "Wheel of Fortune" backward, we can reduce carbon emissions
Pat Sajak says ppl concerned abt Climate Change are unpatriotic racists. Who only care about cleaning up pollution & s…
I love how Pat Sajak is a climate change denier, yet completely believed that guy just guessed "New Baby Buggy" without ch…
Pretty sure Pat Sajak got his facts on climate change from an email whose title began with FW: FW: FW: FW: FW:
I'd been waiting for Pat Sajak of TV's Wheel of Fortune to weigh in on climate change before forming an opinion.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Pat Sajak is to climate change as Jenny McCarthy is to vaccinations.
Of course Pat Sajak denies climate change! He's been working in the same air conditioned studio for over thirty *** years!
I have wondered for years what Pat Sajak thought about climate change.
Pat Sajak publicly commenting on climate change makes about as much sense as Al Gore publicly commenting on climate change.
but the best version of all is the Nintendo Wii version, featuring, for the first time ever, Pat Sajak.
Was as excited as Ed Grimley meeting Pat Sajak when I was chatting with Martin Short!
Pat Sajak's had it with your horseplay
Come on, WWE, have Pat Sajak host already.
Nine celebs you maybe didn't know who served.. Pat Sajak, Jimi Hendrix, Dr. Seuss, Bea Arthur, Mel Brooks, and Jack Kerouac.
Boy you kno Pat Sajak been knockin down Vanna White for decades lmao
Im convinced that Pat Sajak and Vanna White are aliens...they looked the same 30years ago..
he should be Pat Sajak and you should be Vanna White!
What could Pat Sajak and Vanna White possibly have to say to each other at this point?
I think it's margaritas at El Torito. "Always wonder if Pat Sajak & Vanna White leave work & get hammered at Applebee's."
I always wonder if Pat Sajak and Vanna White ever leave work and get hammered at Applebee's.
domain names
It's 2014. When do we get to the big reveal that Vannah White and Pat Sajak are really homunculi?
at = shootout! In 1st Qtr: 44 plays, 41 pts, 512nd yds of offense. . Pat Sajak, I'd like to buy a "D" please.
You eat at the Well-Smelled Butt Sniffer with Pat Sajak. You order Mexican trash can fried rice with ketchup.
Nice career while critiquing my bff sorry, look who is coming out now now with a true honor and pat sajak?
World Series bump: Even Pat Sajak getting in the game.
One day Pat Sajak and Vanna White will not be on Wheel of Fortune via /r/Showerthoughts
Pat Sajak's hair hasn't moved in over 30 years.
wheel of fortune on a Friday night! TURN UP.the volume so I can hear Pat Sajak. πŸ‘΅
Pat Sajak and Vanna White look exactly like they did when my grandmother watched Wheel of Fortune and she's been dead since 1995.
I stay around the white like I’m Pat Sajak Plus I had my A game up since 8-track
Does anybody have it better than Pat Sajak?
Ok, the first thing that popped into my head was "Pat Sajak's Mystery Tour".
Let's all join hands across America until Pat Sajak admits he's a vampire and is actually 105 years old.
What do you think? Should Bill & Nik dress up as Pat Sajak and Vanna White for Halloween.
Los Angeles, France. You read Avatar with Pat Sajak. Pat Sajak reads about toilets from a distance.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
*Pat Sajak turns to the first contestant, the son of God*. "Jesus take the wheel."
"Sometimes you just stumble into something that works, and here I am a quarter of a century later. ~Pat Sajak
Pat Sajak holds hands on the first date. "I'll walk you over to this mark right here. Now, 3 consonants and vowel."
"After such mad acts, could we please have a moment to grieve before people start trying to make political & social points? ~Pat Sajak
What happens to wheel of fortune when pat Sajak and Vanna White retire?
I just put brandyn down...I'm handin out L's like Pat Sajak
Actually, suggestion of Pat Sajak to guest host prompts another idea:
Could be worse, I share mine with Pat Sajak. :(
should retire Pat Sajak not today, or tomorrow, but yesterday.
"Wheels cost bout a fortune, I'm the black person Pat Sajak" -
It's ironic that game show hosts like Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak, and Drew Carey would be conservative since there j...
I wonder what Pat Sajak is thinking right now?
Hey! Impt. article on 7 celebs who don't believe in climate change! Pat Sajak! Donald Trump! Ted Nugent! David Koch! http…
Pat Sajak & Mary Hart like hockey and are on TV. They meet all the requirements to host HNIC.
Pat Sajak just made a bacon joke on Wheel of Fortune. Yep, he's an American! πŸ˜’
Ask ABC about their strategy with nutbag Pat Sajak. They're up to their clavicles in the sand.
Yeah I'd like to guess the phrase, is it BEER ME PAT? . Pat Sajak: No but *** yeah dude, I have to beer you now. But no you also lose.
I swear Vanna White and Pat Sajak do not age.
I realize I'm late to the party, but Pat Sajak is a charming, charismatic quizmaster!
maybe that's why Pat Sajak followed me yesterday..
Wheel of Denial: Pat Sajak - "global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists" via
I want to see Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak, and Bob Barker getting questioned about 1930s literature, buying vowels, and guessing prices.
Pat Sajak makes sure Vanna White does her job that's God lol!!!
Watching LA vs St Louis with Pat Sajak n Larry King behind the plate... Looks like Weekend at Bernies remake.
Did anyone else see Larry King on the field during that? Where's pat sajak
Who's had more work done, Pat Sajak or Vanna White?
I feel so bad for Pat Sajak when contestants practically scream their letters.
Yep. Postseason is when celebs come out. Not just in LA---Saw Pat Sajak and Tom Brokaw at '04 WS at Busch.
"Any time I throw up.I it's Wednesday again?" - Pat Sajak
*on Wheel of Fortune*. Me: I'd like to buy a vowel, Pat. Pat Sajak: do u want that as a meal or flex
[New puzzle]. Pat Sajak: Jesus, take the wheel. *Jesus spins*. Jesus: Pat, I'd like to solve the puzzle. Other contestants: OH, COME ON!
"TODAY hosts Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb to guest host Raw". We can get those goofs, but not Pat Sajak. Despicable,
.Oh they mack. Been doing this since way back. gets purchased by AIPAC. Knows it's wrong, like Pat, won't Sajak.
I just saw pat sajak not on wheel of fortune and it freaked me out
Pat Sajak stunned by Wheel of Fortune win - USA TODAY
What is it with game show hosts? They're all hucksters and *** Pat Sajak is a screaming teabagger and so is...
first Pat Sajak. Now this dipstick. What's with game show hosts being so darned reactionary. At least Bob Barker...
*** to be Jay! Pat Sajak spots a downside to Carney's CNN gig.
Once upon a time Pat Sajak worked at Chicago's Palmer House. He now hosts Wheel of Fortune
They say your girl can spell and cal solve the toughest puzzles.. Your girl look like Pat Sajak...
Pat Sajak Net Worth: Pat Sajak has not definitely disclosed about this estimated net worth gossip, but he said...
Future car dealership owner for life, why on earth is this delivery Pat Sajak thinks I'm racist against.
Things I learned today: Pat Sajak is a and 3 large bottles of water at a hotel cost nearly $14.
*Pat Sajak homeless in 30 years*. Do you want to buy a vowel?? How about you? ANYONE? DOES ANYONE WANT TO BUY A VOWEL I HAVE KIDS TO FEED
So excited to be the Vanna White to Pat Sajak in the Idea Accelerator.
Today alone I googled "how long before milk goes rancid" and "pat sajak aging" and this is just the light at the end of that tunnel
Did you hear that Pat Sajak got a sex change?. His name is now Pat Sajill. *everybody in the crowd freezes and has an existential crisis*
I have never seen pat sajak in severna park tho
It makes me want to shank Pat Sajak. I hate Wheel of Fortune because of that *** thing.
Only with a twist...his batman voice sounds like Pat Sajak.
The sexual tension between Pat Sajak and Vana White
Join Pat Sajak on his business endeavor - Great American Deals
oh right. Need to get pat sajak white *** on tv selling pact tracking software for seniors
His name can be used as a noun, an adjective, or as a deterrent against Pat Sajak.
I'd let Pat Sajak lick my entire body.
How many of Pat Sajak's headshots do you think are hanging in restaurants across America? My estimate is over 1000. Diners count.
Pat sajak please stop talking and trying to make jokes you're not funny!!βœ‹πŸ˜‚
Like Pat Sajak & Vanna White... HTF have they been the same age for over 30 years?
Pat Sajak has a stranglehold on the industry. someone really should disrupt him
either Pat Sajak is an honorable man, or that video screen is too complicated for a spring chicken, but
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Pat Sajak and R.L. Stine followed and unfollowed me the same day, which REALLY makes me think RSTLNE on Wheel of Fortune is ominous
guy looks like a cross between Pat Sajak and Leonardo DiCaprio.
Wheel of Fortune was 100x more awesome before I knew that Pat Sajak was awful. Sigh...
event tonight and I saw on the big screen and Pat Sajak. In the same film.
Phil Simms doesn't not look like Pat Sajak.
This is what I use to do on Friday nights...Little has changed! (Jay Leno & Pat Sajak Host Friday Night Videos 1986)
Wonder if I could take Pat Sajak's spot on Wheel of Fortune when he retires? That'd be a sweet job.
Pat Sajak, king of uncomfortable comments
Pat Sajak: "ask me if I've ever swum w dolphins". "have you ever swum w Dolphins". Pat: "no, but I have taken a steam bath with Don Shula"
So do pat sajak and Vanna White age or ?
Pat Sajak just said something to one of the "Wheel of Fortune" contestants, and her response was "YOLO, Pat. YOLO"
Pat Sajak just gave today's contestant some skill related feedback
Pat Sajak talks about 'Wheel of Fortune' -
I think WFMU's website has a recording of Pat Sajak as a Armed Forces Network DJ, it was an interesting listen
Are you sure? I saw Sweet Meat wrestle once and commented on how very like Pat Sajak he looked. No shame.
Little Giant Ladders
200 chains for this Mulassanne and the rims bought from Pat Sajak
I wish I had own personal pat sajak (host of hit game show "wheel of fortune") to make me feel good when things go wrong
Go, Pat, Go! Pat Sajak calls out Liberal Hypocrites - again.
"As an avid LARPer and gamer, I often have spells where I wake up covered with other people's blood."-Pat Sajak
Discovered by the knights of King Arthur, who placed it in a bottle in the ocean, where it was found by Pat Sajak.
Do you guys ever think Pat Sajak and Vanna White from ever... Ya know... Play scrabble together?
71% of Americans Think the Redskins Should Keep their Name; Bet They Agree with Pat Sajak on This
"Jesus, take the wheel"- Pat Sajak, anytime there's a Hispanic guy on his show.
Pat Sajak is Offended by a Pro Sports Team Name and it’s Not the Redskins
Pat Sajak is right, liberals would be going crazy if we had a President Romney golfing while the world burns.
After every taping of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak and Vanna White return to their home--a snow globe on my mantle.
A hundred years from now, people will still be watching Wheel of Fortune and Pat Sajak's hair and Vanna White's tan will still be hosting.
In an unfair race, Alex Trebek wiped the floors with Pat Sajak. And for those of you who didn't know Pat Sajak is from Wheel of Fortune.
Pat Sajak on Al Gore's side in Al Jazeera fraud lawsuit
I pray to Cary Grant, Isaac Mizrahi, and Yves Saint Laurent. I pray to Jimi Hendrix and Pat Sajak. I pray to clown Le Coq, "sportif" or not.
Be selling them O's call me Pat Sajak
Anyone have that meme of Pat Sajak with a "Welp" look on his face and under that U MAD BRO like the Wheel of Fortune board?
When Jeopardy ends, I'm saddened by how big of an *** Pat Sajak is.
Watching Wheel of Fortune. Pat Sajak is THE best game show host of all time! Nobody beats him.
Come see me open for Lair and the Pat Sajak Assassins at Blank Space on 8/13/14 $5.00 21 and over
I have a phone interview with Pat Sajak in 10 minutes. Just throwing that out there.
Now at Rocky Mount's Amtrak station. Where, at 8yrs old, I saw Pat Sajak and Vanna White wave from a train.
Y now it's time for the hamster show starring Pat Sajak. Oh, Physics.
I wonder who would win in a fight, Alex Trebek or Pat Sajak
Or: the entire pizza, a frosty, and Pat Sajak.
If someone photoshops a pic of Pat Sajak kissing my avi I will show you my boobs (subject to change)
For pity's sake, couldn't they just once pretend to be Pat White and Vanna Sajak?
I would be so good on Wheel of Fortune and I would kiss Pat Sajak right on his effing mouth
This father son duo on wheel of fortune are killin Pat Sajak...
And now we hear from Pat Sajak, game show host & expert on climate change. Great article by Duncan Black:
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Ken Griffey jr being traded to the reds. . When Dan miller (rip) came back to WSMV after co-hosting the pat Sajak show
Remember back when I was always hanging out with James Brown, Lee Greenwood and Pat Sajak? Ah, good times…
I'd have never expected this of Pat Sajak.
This judge looks just like Pat Sajak. Yes I would like to buy a vowel.
A private jet just flew over Hillsdale; must be Pat Sajak
Pat Sajak: I don't even know if he's short YAS MAMA! Such vanilla bean realness
Back in day you could have seen Pat Sajak working at the He now hosts
My dream is to one day live in a world where no one cares what Pat Sajak thinks of global warming.
When Pat Sajak shushhes the audience he gets so angry! I wish I could feel that strongly about anything.
Pat Sajak is at the game. Does he want to talk global warming?
Pat sajak at the dodger game front row
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