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Pat Robertson

Marion Gordon Pat Robertson (born March 22, 1930) is a media mogul, television evangelist, ex-Baptist minister and businessman who politically aligns himself with the Christian Right in the United States.

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"I don't know if we can put Pat Robertson in a vampire movie."
I know Arctic Circle once had Tropical Climate . R U an Earth is young religi…
Andrew Jackson was really upset about the Civil War - the voices told DT this, okay? They’re the same voices that tell Pat Robertson things!
Turned on Fox News and thought Pat Robertson was on. Whoops. It was Col. Oliver North.
I suppose if i say Pat Robertson is the Right you wouldn't have a problem with me using as broad of a…
Unfortunately this one doesn't appear to be true
The Phrase Of The Day is: "Jurassic Sphincter" It was in reference to a vile piece of human garbage named Pat Robertso…
the absolute funny thing is even Pat Robertson accept evolution
Watching a classic "Praise the Lord" from 1981 on right now. Pat Robertson's ecstatic over Christian being in Congress.
never trust Pat Robertson, they're probably wrong
Exacto. Which is just what Rafael Cruz and the other Seven Mountains sect v…
I said the minute any of the pundits turn into Pat Robertson after the election it was an auto unfollow.
My bad it was Pat Robertson in his program that commented on taking Chavez out. Falwell di…
Pat Robertson is vermin. He is a worthless meat sack.
Pat Robertson is a senile man that needs to be ignored.
Pat Robertson is a religious nut job who pushes the "word of god" to justify his intolerant beliefs
Pat Robertson continues to offend. If there is a god, he ought beat some sense into him.
Red states. God's wrath. I learned that from Pat Robertson.
Odd how Pat Robertson never declares that people are killed in tornadoes due to God's wrath over manmade global warning, isn't it?
and at the other end of the spectrum of the beauty of God's work Pat Robertson
What we have here is Jimmy Swaggart and pat Robertson all rolled onto one presidential corporate grifter family.
Family Spice (sits silently next to Pat Robertson on the 700 Club and smiles on command)
I would say being someone like pat robertson or ted nugent would be the low point
Saints superfan underwent surgery this morning to receive a long-awaited liver transplant:.
I'll DM Pat Robertson, he owes me a favor!
Deadly Tornadoes Rip Through Texas As Floods Threaten Midwest. What will Pat Robertson say about why God did this?🤔
Ken Ham's purpose on Earth is to make Pat Robertson seem intelligent.
Has Pat Robertson told us why this happened yet? "East Texas"
Founder's"wall of separation between church and state"Thomas Jefferson's le…
you could listen to Pat Robertson, or you could make the correct choice
So what have we learned in church today? That Pat Robertson is the submissive in relationship.
I added a video to a playlist Pat Robertson: Worst Person Ever
"This is God's wrath for voting for a racist, greedy, heathen as POTUS." - Pat Robertson
Did Pat Robertson pay the bounty to the cancerous growth that killed Hugo Chavez?
Josh Feuerstein aka Kevin James and Fred Durst had a butt-baby, wrapped him in tin-foil and mailed him…
And conservatives like Glen beck pat Robertson are smart?
Tomorrow me and pat made a plan to hammock and color in his yard
Pat Robertson's entire African charity (from Congo) was a scam. Millions of dollars in aid raise…
Rev. Pat Robertson: There could be demons attached to your thrift store finds - Salon
Mr Blow, you know of the hypocrisy of Jerry Falwell Jr., Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham Jr.…
If you combined the brains of trumpy and Pat Robertson into one it wouldn't be a pimple on a fleas ***
Pat Robertson president of Christian broadcasting network is saying oppose Trump and your opposing God lol 😂
Or maybe it's because Pat Robertson is literally a demon in a man suit and no one has excised him?
was born in Robertson cuts off kids hands that wont mine for gold for hi…
Thank you, I love being informed. Looking forward to listening to the new book. Enjoy VA Home of t…
I don't care, I just know how stupid his base is. W…
"Is there anything good that comes out of Pat Robertson's show?". Answering "No" to that wouldn't even be a hyperbole.
Two people I hate today ( in addition to Trump), Michelle Bachman and Pat Robertson. OK, I lied, I hate them everyday.
I don't know who's more into men.. Pat Robertson or Pastor Manning. 🤔.
.what a tragedy that the theology of is closer to Pat Robertson than Marcus Garvey when he chooses to jail...
A lot of folks donate money to pile onto Pat Robertson or Joel Osteen's mountain of cash rather than donate $5 to a homele…
Can we all agree that Pat Robertson is Satanic?
Does anyone else think Jeff Sessions looks like Pat Robertson?
Christian clergyman/con-man Pat Robertson said that attacks and criticism of Donald Trump are satanic attacks.
Who is Jesus? Has he talked to you, or has he talked to you through a pastor as fraudulent as Pat Robertson or Joel Osteen?
But some straight people are the equivalent of Satan. Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Tom Brady, Pat Robertson, Paris H…
Another thing to add is I once worked at a company that handled items from organizations like Pat Robertson's, and --
taxing christian churches would get the con artists out of them. Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, but
Pat Robertson 700 club today: Trump made big strategic mistake immigration & should focus on tax cuts & now he is stuck in a Tar Baby thing?
Al Franken—church lady, does PAT Robertson, see i can appreciate even leftist liberals’ art—he does just a hilarious Robertson,
Millions of other Americans with Pat Robertson on the this morning.
domain names
Pat Robertson must be so glad someone has picked up the torch for him. *sigh*
Because everyone should watch and cherish out-of-context Pat Robertson…
he and Pat Robertson are the logo on the package of poison cookies
out of all people, was watching Pat Robertson last night He stated what this judge is doing is illegal per contitution
Pat McKay hits his fifth 3-pointer of the game to bring St. Patrick even with Robertson County, 55-55. Black Devils ba…
Pat Robertson uses tax exempt, spew of hate on tv. He combines his political bias &performs "miracles" to convince the searc…
Pat Robertson is disappointed the headline writer didn't mention "The 700 Club."
My CP "When you're published I want Pat Robertson to hold your book up and scream about horrible it is."
Tried to objectively watch The 700 Club. Pat Robertson lost me at, "Foster parents aren't 'real' parents." Real Christian.
Pat Robertson is a liar. Proverbs 30:6 Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar.
Children's religious belief. Televangelists Pat Robertson and James Dobson said a few beatings would be good for
Pat Robertson just said that the world is flat 🙄
No shade but we're watching The 700 Club and I had no idea Pat Robertson was still alive
They all but call Pat Robertson a liar in the article. Said he had bogus claims. Pat Robertson is...
I heard their so called preacher, Pat Robertson, call it art.
Little Giant Ladders
Senile bible-groper Pat Robertson: Muslim ban protesters are paid by —who else? George Soros, the Tea Klux Klan's go-to Jew…
So you had Pat Robertson's 700 Club, Christian radio networks, and a proliferation of televangelists spreading propaganda for…
Pat Robertson falsely insists that President Trump only wants to keep "about 100 people" out of America
I am both stunned and appalled that Pat Robertson would claim to kno...
We need to address the (religious cults). Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson , James Dobson and those like them!
Some just hold onto the past, like Brian Fischer and Pat Robertson.
Lisa at Ken Copeland's BD with Pat Boone, Pat Robertson, Ken, Pastor Ray Gene, Gloria, & Terri. I salute all of them https…
she, Pat Robertson, James Dobson have said some beatings and torture, a lot fewer *** hippy/freak/agnostic
Yes, for two decades, with help from the evangelical right...remember Pat Robertson , Ralph Reed..Christian coalition
just as long as it isn't Pat Robertson, Ken Ham or Andrew Wakefield.
Pat Robertson disseminates hate like a paedophile giving candy to children, but in his 80s he'll be going his imaginary sky father soon
Jay Sekulow recently spoke with Pat Robertson about all the legal issues surrounding Clinton's email investigation and what th…
I swear senior televangelists have the kiss of life: Billy Graham, Jimmy Swaggart, Charles Stanley, Pat Robertson...all over 80 + flipping.
get a brain. Stop watching fox and Pat Robertson
Confirms how religious Pat Robertson really is...
Evangelical leader Pat Robertson: Trump is "like the Phoenix"
and Bible Belt "Christians". James Dobson and Pat Robertson called on "Christian" kids to bully and beat up
You know when Pat Robertson or Westboro or James Dobson talk and Xians have to say "we're not all like that"? Pence is, and proud of it.
With everything I read about Trump, it blows my mind when Christian leaders like James Dobson & Pat Robertson urge christians to vote
It's about the corruption of 35 years of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and the whole pack of American…
Falwell,James Dobson,Pat Robertson were allowed to take over GOP during Reagan & totally reshape it into party don't recognize
.. Pat Robertson is one w/ anger. He says loads of horrid things; is a hateful, intolerant, old bigot w/ OT issues.
. Does anyone else get the impression Pat Robertson was beaten, around the head?
I think Pat Robertson should be beaten until he gets a brain in his head!!😠
Was it George W Bush who said Haiti made a pact with the devil or US TV evangelist Pat Robertson of 700 club?
Have you listened to Pat Robertson or Franklin Graham lately or Pastor Ken Adkins that was just arrested for child molestation
Then you need to disavow Tony Perkins, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, and Kim Davis.
Donald Trump has the endorsement of Evangelical leaders. Pastor FBC Dallas, Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham and 100s of other Evangelicals
I Hope channel 3-1 KFDX in wichita falls tex puts the christian show 700Clua with Pat Robertson back on today.
OMG - its too much! I realized Pat Robertson was GONE. But did you find any connections to 'Hal Lindsey' or 'Jack Van Impe'?
Update your maps at Navteq
VA has Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell Jr, rural low education voters, so we have GOP General Assembly This must change
This isn't the ignorance of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell Jr. Or that horrible Franklin Graham. This is a man who...
Tony Perkins, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, and Ted name a few
John Lewis is doing his best Pat Robertson impersonation, I personally am not going to lay down & get beat.
John Lewis doing his best Pat Robertson impersonation.
I take it you've never heard of or Pat Robertson, or Sarah Palin, or anyone speaking for God.
A Trump & Clinton election is God punishing the USA for suffering fools like Pat Robertson, Alex Jones, & Sarah Palin.
Walid Shoebat, Tony Perkins, Michelle Malkin, Brian Fischer, Sandy Rios, Pat Robertson & a whole slew of others & get back to me
Hucksters like Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart and Pat Robertson rake in the $$ with same appeal.
Pat Robertson, who was back in the news today, blamed 9/11 on *** people. That is good old home-grown American homophobia.
Trinity Broadcasting leaders Matt and Laurie Crouch join Pat Robertson on the 700 Club to honor the memory of...
Matt & Laurie Crouch celebrate Jan Crouch on the with Pat Robertson.
Donald Trump to meet with self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs and televangelist Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson warns homosexuality will destroy America and James David Manning claims Obama did the 9/11 attacks
Pat Robertson: ‘We’re Going to Destroy Any Semblance of Christian Morality That Exists in Our Country’
OK then do U perfer Billy Graham Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell ?
Cory Bernadi is Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson rolled into one person (and there's enough there for 2 people)
This man grew up to be one of our greatest foes. Guess who it is.
You r as self righteous and devoid of integrity as Ken Ham or Pat Robertson.
Pat Robertson / Huckabee totally sux... we tell u why on CrabDiving @ RIGHT NOW!
Saying the Washington Post is just a newspaper is like saying Rasputin was ...
All of the awesome people are dying because of the Rapture, that's why we're still stuck with Pat Robertson and Jimmy Fallon.
Is this a Pat Robertson parody account?
U should send this to Pat Robertson he'll tell it on his show as if it's really happening. Comedy Gold right there!
I find it unlikely that Pat Robertson knows even a single trans person, yet he's going to act like an expert
Gohmert sounds like a perv and also a bit like Pat Robertson
Even if that means I have to listen to Pat Robertson, it must stand.
He and Pat Robertson could retire some place together.
the only bad thing about Randy Travis I can think of is that he does or did donate to the college run by Pat Robertson
NETFLIX: BibleKult's "Poop": Pat Robertson, staked out in the loo by a guy dressed like Andy Warhol. 5 hrs, nothing
Hope Falwell,Jr, Robert Jeffress, and Pat Robertson are paying attention to someone of true character.
Pat Robertson: Trans people are frauds by
5. I wrote re: Trump flip-flop on Kim Davis, Christian Broadcast Network interviews, town hall with Pat Robertson
so we lost lemmy kilmister david bowie and now Prince but the reanimated monkey corpse know as pat robertson lives on
I think the moment I fell out w/ Arab,specifically ,liberals was when I saw them earnestly cite Pat Robertson to help their argument.
God's best comments are delivered via weather (just ask Pat Robertson);. they're all wet
The Lord works in mysterious ways. This might be his revenge on Mitch McConnell, right Pat Robertson?..
In other sad news today, Justin Bieber, Kanye west, Pat Robertson, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump were all found alive today in their homes.
The late Fred Phelps or Pat Robertson would be a great VP pick. Cruz would pick Sen Mike Lee-Utah. He's the only one that likes Cruz
Pat Robertson: Many Transgender People Are Frauds Listen from the 2m mark onward.
You cannot fool Jeff Sessions, Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell Jr, Michael Savage and half the conservative movement.
I have joined Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffries, Pat Robertson, Jerry Fallwell Jr in supporting Donald Trump. To stop the invasion of Am
Pat Robertson, the non-Christian? He Speaks to GOD and Speaks to Us for GOD,. right. Could he possibly be GOP?. https…
Even though spoken in the Name of Jesus Christ, Pat Robertson's political opinion is not the Gospel, but only just opinion.
Happy birthday Dr. Pat Robertson. Thank you for the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).
In US the religious right think their faith should be crammed down kids throats; Pat Robertson, Christian kids should be BULLIES
ur in a bubble all u new atheist fascist are. Ben Shapiro and Dave crowder are your friends now? What's next? Pat Robertson?
Love you pimping out your credentials from Pat Robertson and Bryan Fischer. Will be following.
fun fact: Pat Robertson won in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington in the 1988 Republican presidential primaries
Once again... (say it with me) Pat Robertson doesn't speak for us. (...any more than the Westboro folks do, for that matter.)
In Va Beach, was at Pat Robertson's VERY religious Regent University. His Chicago venue choice was definitely intentional.
To be fair, Pat Robertson doesn't believe in YEC. Everything else is accurate, though.
I have lost all respect for Pat Robertson he is no Christian he is a opportunist
Pat Robertson and Farwell, the founder's of today's Religious Right
neither is Pat Robertson and he is still on it
amazing. I, for one, am very glad to know this about . Esp after seeing his dad on TBN talking to Pat…
Thank you Pat Robertson for endorsing TRUMP. True Christian knows true Christian.
Pat Robertson 700 Club Endorses Donald J Trump for President of the United States http…
congratulations to Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson on their successful support of the *** Agenda.
Shout out Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson for bringing Marriage Equality to America
Somebody quick as Pat Robertson what the distribution of albums titled Eidolon is to get this from that one.
"Say what you will about Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, but at least they put *** on the map with their frothing, regressive loathing"
They say "the good die young." Like Pat Robertson, that thing will outlive us all.
"Who's to say what a Christ-like persona is supposed to be like. IF Pat Robertson thinks that Mr…" — Kevin Burns
I know what WNYC's Brian Lehrer meant by "1988's brutal 3-way" among Bob Dole, Pat Robertson, and George Bush, but it doesn't sound pretty.
Senator Cruz got my respect for that big time. The GOP is behaving badly and even Pat Robertson is trashing them for it.
Where is John Hagee, Mike Murdock, Pat Robertson and some of the other big name pastors. Why are they not...
TIL Dorothy Hamill bought the Ice Capades at a fire sale in 91, then sold them to Pat Robertson in 95, who drove them into the ground in 96.
David duke is no worse than Mike Huckabee or Pat Robertson. Because he doesn't kiss zionist *** he's racist?
Kids, "Stretching is cool... Speaking Hindu is not cool". - Pat Robertson. (Hindu is not a language). Also, Uncle...
Ted Cruz is a frickin tool. Sounds like a southern preacher like Pat Robertson or Jimmy Swaggart
Congratulations Howard for the Best Hair award. Regarding Memet's mean Turkish grandmother not Pat Robertson fan.
It's heavy military. Pat Robertson, Regent University, etc. I want to say Bob McDonnell use to represent Va Beach or something?
ISIS is the bastardization of a religion. No different than Jim Jones, David Koresh, Hitler, or Pat Robertson.
Pat Robertson farted ... again ... upside down
All purpose parts banner
Dear - please put Pat Robertson in a home. It's well past time for him to get the care he needs for advanced senile dementia.
Pastor Jeffress Falwell & Pat Robertson need to wake up b4 u totally ruin your reputations and organizations supporting Trump
You know back when Pat Robertson and his people were praying for an opening on the Supreme Court and Rehnquist...
There's an interview with Harry Dean Stanton on the Repo Man Criterion where he gets compared to Pat Robertson and he goes "that *** !"
- February 9th 1988. Bob Dole wins in Iowa, Pat Robertson is second.
Pat Robertson, Harold Camping, and Apollo Quiloboy are some of illogical people who said that the church is not needed ?
To whom we going to believe Pat Robertson, Harold Camping, Quiboloy or to our Lord Jesus Christ?
The irresponsible bear the consequences. And it's not so much divine retribution as it's built into the law of nature. Pat Robertson
For those of you under 35, Pat Robertson was a televangelist in the 1980's. he was big in Iowa as well.
we have lost 2 Sir Terry's in the past year and *** like Richard Murdoch and Pat Robertson still fester on :-(
I spend a lot of relational energy having to rid others of the stigma that I am Pat Robertson, just because I'm a pastor.
Marco Rubio seems to forget he's at a presidential debate and isn't a televangelist on a 700 Club broadcasting with Pat Robertson
Ever since Pat Robertson ran and that little *** Ralph Reed used the churches as a political tool.
Frank Zappa tells Charlie Rose about Pat Robertson and Iran-Contra via
and there are far more than he. Pat Robertson of 700 and MANY others.
Part of the deal with Pat Robertson selling Family Channel years ago was that 700 Club would run forever.
Odd Tidbit of the Day: this new channel will still play Pat Robertson's 700 Club. Talk about 2 competing worldviews, both wrong.
have Trump, neo-nazis and Pat Robertson. have Obama, Planned Parenthood and Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Even CBN Pat Robertson can not stand 'Televangelist' Ted Cruz, "nonsense" ..too extreme
Gowdy endorsing Rubio reminds me of Pat Robertson endorsing "America's Mayor" Rudy Giuliani.
I bet ISIS don't have any TV "Voices of the Caliphate" as insane as Pat Robertson or Jack Van Impe.
cont. 2,go to Christian bookstore counter cult section,Ed Decker, John Ankerberg,John Hagee, Pat Robertson,have books on this
Pat Robertson and Bill O'Reilly are two cheeks of the same *** and you can shove your "War on Christmas" post right up between them.
Pat Robertson was right & Bill O'reilly was wrong on Islam. ISIS is banking O'reilly's ideas
It's a show full of drunken merriment and the latest from crazy uncle Pat Robertson. Becuz…
Come now sir, you can't sell that used car ! That sounds like spin from Roger Stone or Colson. Pat Robertson in Arabic ? LOL !!!
You know who else is a "man of his time"? Pat Robertson. Also David Duke. Jim Watson. Et rascalia.
That's not violence any more than saying the sooner Pat Robertson dies the better this world will be. You are dumb...sorry.
The KKK and Pat Robertson don't represent all Christians. So, why do people think that ISIS represents all Muslims?
Pat Robertson, Paul and Jan Crouch... Where I go my book goes.
We had Jerry Falwell & Pat Robertson not only telling their TV congregations to back Reagan/Bush plans but they used …
how many Christians are machine gunning civilians and blowing themselves up based on the teachings of Pat Robertson?
.and Evangelist Pat Robertson warned Bush. A lone voice in the wilderness.
Pat Robertson releases statement last evening about something...
Prayers for Paris. Tomorrow, Pat Robertson will blame *** for this senseless tragedy. Don't worry, he'll burn in *** with the terrorists.
And can someone pre-emptively gag Pat Robertson before he can tell us what the Paris attacks were God's punishment for?
thinks that will bring Satanism to a person's
now a Pat Robertson will say that what happened in Paris is cuz of *** ..
Pat Robertson's anti *** necklace? Prob had to take it off during doggie it wouldn't chip his teeth.
I had a dream/vision recently this past week about Pat Robertson
*** thinks that will bring Satanism to a person's
If you think Pat Robertson won't, think again
No one will take them. Same reason why Pat Robertson never dies.
Now that the situation is starting to die down, get ready for offensive spouting and babbling from Ann Coulter, Pat Robertson etc.
This evil granny better take John McCain, Pat Robertson to the retirement homes in Florida with her.
I'm getting tired of people like Joshua Feuerstein, or, Pat Robertson saying things that are so stupid and/or unbiblical.
It should be Pat Robertson dressed up!!!
Pat Robertson: ‘Force *** people to wear specially-colored clothing so regular people would see the deviant sodomite.
I read "Pat Robertson" but for some reason I thought it was "Robert Pattinson". I'm sorry, Pattinson!
Shouldn't we check in with Pat Robertson? Speaks for God, doesn't he? Or maybe Antonin Scalia -- he said he believes in devils!
Has Pat Robertson blamed the French & their lack of religion for the terrorist attacks yet? Or has he issued his apology in advance?
Yes, Pat Robertson was into animu before you even existed.
what's Schafly's version of America? White supremacy? Obama may not love that version. Another GOP crazy like Pat Robertson.
Pat Robertson's keen insight strikes-out again! Way out there. Someone should check on him.
Pat Robinson: can come to religious weddings, "But you don’t want them bringing Satanism."-->
Since checking a law office isn't probably the best way to tell, I think we all need to call Pat Robertson.
🙏 I'm convinced no one named Pat has man junk. Virtually certain re. Boone and Robertson.
Pat Robertson says *** should be forced to wear specially-coloured clothes to mark them out https…
Pat reveals his inner "Force homosexuals to wear special colors."
This world needs more people like George Carlin and less people like Pat Robertson.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Imagine Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Pat Robertson rolled into one..frightening
Where's the reporting on the Pat Robertson & evangelical bloc support driving Car
You should have listened to Pat Robertson, Dave, this is what *** marriage does! ;)
You can replace Osteen with Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Donald Wildmon or any other televangelist/fundie and it...
Guess where Ben is getting all that support? It's the Pat Robertson wing of …
Pat Robertson, Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts. All people that need to get a job.
Not a fan of Pat Robertson but here it is: 1999 Interview With Mike McNulty On His Film "Waco: A New Revelation"
Listening/wincing to the Mike Drudge / Alex Jones interview. This is what I image Richard Nixon interviewing Pat Robertson would sound like.
Carson is the evangelical niche candidate, like Pat Robertson or Mike Huckabee. He won't win
I honestly believe that Pat Robertson is mentally ill
John Hagee, Pat Robertson and Westboro Baptist Church can stand to take some pointers on how to be good Christian leaders from Pope Francis.
"[U.S.] was founded as a Christian nation." - Pat Robertson. "The U.S. is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian reli…
Pat Robertson on She’s not exactly the champion we want (VIDEO)
Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham... 2 hateful con artists. If they actually believe in *** they should be afraid.
End Times rabbi tells Pat Robertson that God will punish America over the treatment of Kim Davis
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Those "stupid" people are ones everyone likes: Pat Robertson, Phil Robertson, the Duggars, Creflow Dollar, Joel Osteen.
Yea, Kennedy never had a chance. I'm sure there's a connection to Nepal. Let's ask mouthpiece of God, Pat Robertson.
Do you remember that window several yrs back when RWers (I wanna say Pat Robertson, O'Reilly maybe) praised Islamists 4 "morals"?
if Pat Robertson gets killed by a rabid raccoon today, I will denounce atheism and accept JC as Lord and Saviour.
Ramos is a dishonest illegal immigration activist open borders activist he is no just like calling Pat Robertson a journalist
Pat Robertson would say anything to get his money ! Every time he opens his mouth his hand is out.Praise the Lord !
Pat Robertson takes credit for today's recovery in the name of the Lord.
The Good Lord done touched Pat Robertson in the head!!!
Good lord. Has she been hanging out with Pat Robertson?
"...there is no place to hide financially except in the Lord." - Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson--DOW drop is god's punishment for Obama. The Lord invests in mysterious ways...
Former Republican presidential hopeful and America's beloved Christian leader Pat Robertson strikes again:
Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Billy Graham all supported Jimmy Carter in 1976.
Bless you Pat Robertson, Bless you Jim & Tammy Faye, Bless you Jimmy Swaggart you deliver my word & grifting is ok too
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