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Pat Riley

Patrick James Pat Riley (born March 20, 1945) is an American professional basketball executive, and a former coach and player in the NBA.

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🏀Buckets. If you dont know Pat dont know what means. End of. . Take No Prisoners.
Pat Riley gone have to get somebody down in Miami to help Hassan Whiteside out
Pat Riley is smiling knowing that McRoberts is finally healthy and playing well.
There are only two options regarding commitment; you're either in or you're out. There's no such thing as life in-between.…
😭😭 He not going back. He don't fw Pat Riley
you were outclassed today. Pat Riley was watching Black & Hill...not anyone on that mid major team from VA
Heat down 55-49 at half in Portland; Whiteside 7 for 7 (15 pts) and Pat Riley has big offensive plans for him:
When you lose by 36 and 44 on consecutive nights, Pat Riley's phrase, "the disease of me" rings hard in my mind. They've got to solve this.
This would be the team if Pat Riley hadn’t offended DWade
My hair came out perfect today, I feel like Pat Riley
" I keep a lot of heat, like Pat Riley. " 🔋🔊
I would like to point out that barring that PAT return my take was HOT
No pressure it's only Pat Riley and Micky Arison sitting court side, that's all 😂
Pat Riley - Philosophical approach to basketball > (via
Game 6, 1988 "What Isiah Thomas did in the second half was just incredible." Pat Riley
Here's the only trade that makes sense. Mallex Smith, Matt Wisler, Max Fried, Austin Riley and Pat Weigel. Sox would say no.
You have to defeat a great players aura more than his game.
: When you're playing against a stacked deck, compete even harder. Show the world how much you'll fight for the winners c…
Pat Riley rep took a hit. That press conference was a sign of desperation and it came back to bite him in the *** He jump t…
what ever do you mean? Pat Riley AND the Heat mascot are there!!
Pat Riley REALLY has nothing better to do?!?!?!?!?
There are only 2 options regarding COMMITMENT; you're either IN or OUT. There's no such thing as life in-between -Pat Riley-
Pat Riley is NOT going after Gordon Hayward or Blake Griffin. His targets are D. Cousins, John Wall & Paul George
I love this era and this brand of Basketball! Pat Riley vs Phil Jackson!
“Biggest mistake Pat Riley has ever made." — on Riley allowing Dwayne Wade to leave the Miami Heat. https:…
"Jennings answers reveal a mindset that was prevalent among Knicks teams in the 1990s under Pat Riley and Jeff Van Gundy"
please tell Charles the reason he is watching Whiteside, is HOF Alonzo Mourning, Juwan Howard, &Pat Riley have moved him up..
Dwyane Wade, who has yet to speak with Pat Riley, ...
Dwyane Wade hasn't talked to Pat Riley: "I know who Pat is. If you’re not with him, you’re against him"
Pat Riley is the sole reason Dwyane Wade is wearing Bulls red as opposed to Heat red.
Dwyane Wade really bout to drop 40 on us tomorrow and this all Pat Riley's fault
Brandon Jennings out here on those 90's knicks Pat Riley rules . 😂😂
Pat Riley & need to make a move as impactful as when Gordon Bombay snagged Adam Banks
You beat Michael Jordan by meeting him up at the rim, are you meeting your competition and challenges at the rim? - Pat Riley
Pat Riley is doing Chris Bosh so dirty man
Pat Riley is selfish and has no class. He's trying to delay waiving Chris Bosh so that he can't play for another team in the playoffs. SMH.
Report: Heat likely to waive Chris Bosh after March 1: Pat Riley essentially said the Heat are done with Chri...
*** why Pat Riley doing Chris Bosh like this not waiving him in time to go play for somebody else? Cold
When Chris Bosh is in the Hall of Fame he'll thank Pat Riley for what he's trying to do right now
Gotta love Pat Riley. Doesn't want Chris Bosh to die on the court. Respect.
Pat Riley i get it its business but you playing Chris Bosh.your going to place him on ir until hes ineligible...
Is what I'm hearing about Chris Bosh true? . Pat Riley is a savage for that.
Pat Riley has done Chris Bosh dirty my GOD
The way Pat Riley doing Chris Bosh is so wrong. Dude don't deserve that.
Pat Riley has lost it since LeBron left. From calculating to cartoon super villain. Free Chris Bosh. http…
What is happening to Chris Bosh in Miami is ridiculous, and Pat Riley should die
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Pat Riley disrespectful fam how you gon keep Chris Bosh so he can't play for anyone else but you said his career in Miami…
Pat Riley really is Tywin Lannister. Dudes are ruthless.
People also seem to forgot we have a first class organization in Pat Riley, Coach Spo, Alonzo, etc who kno greatness
via CBS Sports/ Pat Riley says Chris Bosh cut off communication with the Heat: Zach Harper...
Pat Riley is very well liked in the industry. Why have free agents flocked to him for years? Again, ignoring fact.
does Pat Riley's ego affect the ability to bring top free agents stars to The end all big 3 in bad way.
Pat Riley says Chris Bosh likely played last game with Heat (The Associated Pre...
Pat Riley confirms Chris Bosh's career with Heat is over: "We are not working toward his return"
Heat president Pat Riley says he believes Chris Bosh has played his last game for Miami:
Pat Riley says don't expect Chris Bosh to return. STORY:
Pat Riley: Chris has played his last NBA game as Heat
Chris Bosh's career with the Miami Heat is over Pat Riley: Chris Bosh not in Heat’s plans for return…
Pat Riley has no regard for human feelings. He's a savage.
🚨Update🚨. Chris Bosh has reportedly been at odds with Pat Riley for months. Miami Heat organization believe he's done wit…
HEAT believe that Chris Bosh's career with their franchise is over. Bosh hasn't wanted to speak with Pat Riley for months (Y!)
Nah, Jim Buss ran him out. Pat Riley would've come back to coach in 2005 if they hadn't got rid of Shaq. But they won in 09, 10.
Pat Riley thinks one Miami Heat acquisition stands out above the rest. (via
Pat Riley, Dave Checketts and Ernie Grunfeld - they brought the Knicks back to the glory days
Who do you blame Pat Riley or DWade?
So, I'm watching the 98 ASG. Which isn't a big deal to me until I hear "Pat Riley is desperately trying to trade for Mitch Richmond." . YO.
Dwyane Wade says he didn't leave Heat because of money or rift with Pat Riley .
Birdman is mad at Pat Riley for not paying enough to stay in Miami.
*** Pat Riley, this like tha island of misfit toys. No one wants these waffles no syrup *** ***
Joe Biden and Pat Riley cut from the same cloth
Shout out to coach Pat Riley aka Joe Biden getting us through to the promise land with them pep talks lol
Pat Riley wishes he had done more to keep Dwyane Wade in Miami
Pat Riley regrets not doing more to keep Dwyane Wade in a Heat uniform.
Pat Riley's "Franchise Tag" proposal. Already done in the Philippine Basketball Association.
Pat Riley gives an interesting update on Chris Bosh's injury progress:
Pat Riley non-committal on Chris Bosh's return to Heat for next season - Hot Hot Hoops via
Pat Riley details the negotiation process between the and Dwyane Wade this summer.
Pat Riley unsure when Chris Bosh will return to Heat.
Pat Riley said a restricted travel schedule or limited workload is in play for Chris Bosh. Nothing determined yet.
Basketball>Pat Riley on whether or not Chris Bosh will start the 2016-
Pat Riley still unsure if Chris Bosh will play again.
Heat president Pat Riley talks about Chris Bosh's status for the upcoming NBA season.
Heat: Pat Riley says it is too early to know when Chris Bosh will be able to return; "sensitive, complicated" situationvia
Pat Riley took the blame for D-Wade's departure from Riley also didn't have concrete update on Chris Bosh.
Heat president Pat Riley still unsure when Chris Bosh can play again via App
Pat Riley noncommittal on Chris Bosh's future at today's news conference:
Pat Riley unsure if Chris will play next season
Pat Riley says the Heat would be open to Chris Bosh playing with potential restrictions.
Pat Riley admits he's "floored" Dwyane Wade left the Heat, is unsure of Chris Bosh's return.
Pat Riley: No timeline for Chris Bosh’s return
Pat Riley gotta be dumb. How can u not be all in when it comes to Wade? That's common sense man.
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"Obviously we've had a tough summer. Period." - Pat Riley. WATCH live now -
Pat Riley on D-Wade: "My responsibility to make it happen. I didn't make it happen”
All it takes is Pat Riley to flip McBob, Derrick Williams and Briante Weber for Westbrook and a 1st and you're back on boated. You'll be ok
Pat Riley gave max contracts to Dragic, Bosh and Whiteside but not the franchise's greatest player. Disrespectful. https:/…
I wrote about Dwyane Wade's departure and what it means for Pat Riley's relationship with the city.
Putting a statue outside of American Airlines Arena for Dwyane Wade is absurd. Pat Riley will retire faster if you do that.
I still feel like Pat Riley was suppose to hold it down like Suge Knight w| Death Row 😭
WOW Pat Riley has morphed into Ray Farmer 😂 You text LeRetard your feelings about Wade I guess calling him or on TV was just not right?
On another note, Pat Riley is a snake. You lowballed your biggest star. No respect for you. I hope your team wins a ring after you die lmao.
@ Pat Riley. Hope you got something up your sleeve for letting Miami's greatest athlete ever go..
There's no way Westbrook chooses Miami! Pat Riley must be tripping! . LA Lakers or bust for Russell, no doubt!.
I have faith in Pat Riley, he knows what he's doing; Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook are both FA next season, we good.
"I truly loved Dwyane, but families grow, change and get on with another life."- Pat Riley http…
While you're watching Kelly Ripa, one more nugget: Pat Riley never called Dwyane Wade during the entire process.
I feel like Pat Riley should call OKC and see what they want for Russell!!!
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is Pat Riley already working on a trade for Russell Westbrook? Surely this has to play into his crisis management plan.
Pat Riley is officially washed. The game has passed him by. Too stubborn, too stuck in his ways
"Forever, for always, your coach I will be. FOREVER!” Pat Riley to about Wade https…
Pat Riley messed this up. Wade to Chicago man.
Pat Riley was never a fan of fraternizing with the enemy (Do you think he liked how Wade was around Lebron?
Pat Riley preaches family and Loyalty but failed to take care of the greatest Miami Heat player of all time. Sad just sad...
Pat Riley bout to go get Russell Westbrook
Ben you know Pat Riley going after Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook & DeMarcus Cousins next summer
Pat Riley the type of person that can bring a superstar like Russell Westbrook
If Miami lands Russell Westbrook next year people will be saying "Oh, yeah" Miami will be appealing as long at Pat Riley is there
Pat Riley knows exactly what he's doing. Now that Wade is gone the door is wide open for Russell Westbrook next season.
Imagine if Magic left the Lakers to go home to Detroit or Ewing & Mourning bolted NY and Miami for DC. Would we even know who Pat Riley is?
Pat Riley already scheming for next year though, don't be surprised if he goes crazy to trade for Russell Westbrook.
Heat fans swear Pat Riley really is Don Corleone 😭😭😭
So how hard is Pat Riley going to go after Russell Westbrook summer 17? Come on man, gimme some hope
Pat Riley has the biggest ego in NBA history. Did he forget he had Magic, KAJ, Ewing, Wade, Shaq, and Lebron? You need players to win
Pat Riley bring Russell Westbrook to Miami next year. Make this right
If Dwyane Wade was going to leave Miami it makes sense to go home to Chicago. Pat Riley will probably try to trade for Russell Westbrook.
Pat Riley has to have a plan up his sleeve or something. Get me Russell Westbrook and I'll be good.
*** Dwyane Wade better not ask Pat Riley or Micky Arison for a reference when he goes looking for a new job. Wait,celebs don't need those?
Calling it rn Pat Riley some how makes a trade to get Russell Westbrook.
I'm so mad at Pat Riley rn. We better make a deal for Russell Westbrook. Dragic+Bosh. For . Russ+Kanter???
Well I trust Pat Riley . So LETS GO HEAT!!..A heat with no D wade. LOL A heat that Hassan Whiteside is the leader. lol
Only way Pat Riley can justify this is by somehow getting Russell Westbrook next summer, and that's a big if.
If Russell Westbrook is on the trade block, then Pat Riley needs to pick up the phone
Pat Riley better have been texting Russell Westbrook for months...
Smh and I thought Pat Riley was NBA’s Don Corleone.
I feel like Pat Riley going to trade for Russell Westbrook 🤔
I suspect Pat Riley might just try getting Russell Westbrook now to replace Wade
Pat Riley recollects himself and tries to pry away Russell Westbrook from OKC
Somebody go keep an eye on Pat Riley for me please. Keep him away from all sharp objects.
Pat Riley straight up disrespected my man D-Wade. After all he's done for that originazation. Without him there's no Bosh,…
*** guess Pat Riley ain't Don Corleone after all.
Pat Riley is a slick haired J.R. Ewing
Pat Riley just got F'd in the A. Rondo wade butler mirotic and Lopez is a good 5
You think Pat Riley might have something up his, say, landing Russell Westbrook in South Beach?
Dwyane Wade stepped into Pat Riley's office like
How does Pat Riley go from Don Corleone to Don Knotts in 6 years?
I'm still gone be a Heat fan I became one because of Dwade but it's business and I totally understand. Pat Riley dropped the ball
Pat Riley was a *** this offseason, he dropped a major ball with Dwade. His time is up if he leave and it's looking that way.
can't fault Pat Riley for overpaying Bosh either, they didn't expect his health issues to be this severe
Sho boy that LeBatard article. Henry Thomas bodied the *** out of Pat Riley because of LeBron.
I rather Pat Riley get Russell Westbrook some how
Pat Riley is going to wake up with a horse head in his bed from LeBron if Wade leaves.
Wade to Cleveland would be unbelievable. Pat Riley would have someone whacked if that happens.
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Jerry West took the title from Pat Riley for the top finesse lord
Tom Brady and Pat Riley couldn't close the deal with KD. Preferred to see him play for a team in the East.
Billy Donovan, Pat Riley, Doc Rivers and Tom Brady failed us all.
I thought Tom Brady and Pat Riley had pull? 😂😂😂😂
Wow, Pat Riley delivered his offer to Dwyane Wade in a briefcase.
Boston brings in Tom Brady for the KD meeting and Pat Riley raises them a DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and Dwayne Johnson
Pat Riley and Wade live look at Joes stone crab meeting on free agency
Pat Riley & Mickey Arison basically kicked Wade in the *** Draymond Green style with that 10 million a year offer.
Pat Riley there is no way on God's green earth that you walked in with a straight face and offered 10 million a year
to some of us, Pat Riley's legacy is still not playing Rolando Blackman.
of course not. Pat Riley is ALL about loyalty
Perfect. He wants to be traded. Pat Riley has a green light.
Pat Riley the 🐐. Now we need KD, or Jimmy Butler, Micheal Conley. Sign back Loul. SIgn Dwade!. . Drop McRoberts!
Lakers need one of the big 3 - Jerry West, Pat Riley or Phil Jackson. Phil probably happens once Jimmy is out of the way.
Kevin Durant trying to slide in Pat Riley office
Pat Riley gotta go after Paul George persuade him to leave Jeff Teague ain't gone help them when a championship come to Miami PG13
what are your thought on Paul George coming to Miami? Pat Riley should make that happen
Tyronn Lue: 3rd coach to win NBA title after taking over a team mid-season; others are Pat Riley (2006 and 1982) and Pau…
Pat Riley maybe, but I can't see Pop and LeBron working together (his ego's too big for the Spurs coach)
The "Showtime" Lakers have had this experience with in fact, Pat Riley. The last 36-year-old head coach, and he did just fine.
also Pat Riley was the coach, James posey was a dog, and the vets they had where all hungry and been there before
Whoever that Cavs player was that helped Green up would've got RIPPED if Pat Riley was the coach
There are only two options regarding commitment. You're either IN or your OUT. --Pat Riley
Pat Riley sparking that cigar right now with his 7 rings
Cavaliers: LeBron James has struggled to bring Pat Riley's method of structure, accountability to Cleveland - Wind…
Pat Riley: "...and that's why u should join the Miami Heat!". Durant: "So what's the deal with Bosh?". Riley:
Steve Kerr is 1st coach to lead his team to The Finals in 1st 2 seasons as a head coach since Pat Riley (Lakers in 4-straig…
It took Pat Riley for Lebron to get it. It took Phil Jackson for MJ to get it. Kevin Durant needs Fred Hoiberg to get it.
When OKC loses & you know Pat Riley is gonna have a meeting with KD
LT: Look, not everyone's Pat Riley, but if you're gonna tell your team "we're better looking," you gotta lead by example, Pete.
Hassan Whiteside you are the best center bye far in this league. Heat NATION knows it and Pat Riley & Mickey Arison also!
Maybe MIami should go for a cheaper Center and let Whiteside go. So they can get Pat Riley's "Whale" lol
Ira Winderman's take on future of Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley: Ira Winderman sits back on th... Google
"Charles Ramsey came at us hard, long and often. No, wait. That was Akeem Olajuwan." -- Pat Riley
sun-sentinel​.com >> Ira Winderman talks Miami Heat and the future of Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley
In addition to keeping key free agents, Pat Riley said his other offseason goal is to see Bosh return to the court.
Pat Riley hopes Bosh's blood clots go away, wants new deals for Wade, Whiteside via
Tyronn Lue has tied Pat Riley for most wins without a loss for a first-time head coach. He's 9-0 in the postseason. (via Alex Kennedy)
Hour 2 discussing Pat Riley vs Michael Jordan in bid for Hassan Whiteside and Why do Heat fans hate Erik Spoelstra?
Jordan crying face on Pat
Somebody get me a crying Jordan meme on Dwayne Wade, Pat Riley, Bosh, Spoelstra, and Gabrielle Union
Request: Pat Riley, Eric Spolstra, & D-Wade get the treatment. Also mix in a pile of cocaine and we will have some true art!
Hurry and put the Jordan crying face on Pat Riley.
So when Miami loses this game, we putting the Jordan face on Erik Spoelstra, Wade, Pat Riley or Drake?
If there wasn't a Michael Jordan, kidney transplant or blood clots. The great Pat Riley will go down as the greatest coach/president ever.
There was some chatter in locker room between players & reporters. Pat Riley just walked through. All conversation brie…
Pat Riley retired Jordan's signature No. 23 before his final game in Miami during the 2002–03 season as a tribute to his career
How is Pat Riley going to shift a Cover 2 away from Terrence Ross after a long rebound?
the Heat are Apollo Creed in Rocky 4 who is getting pummeled by the Russian & Pat Riley is Rocky who won't throw the towel in
Warriors already crowned Champs, Kawahi Leonard is more valuable than LeBron, Pat Riley is the new Dan Gilbert.
Heat Nation! Now Pat Riley would at lease take the Bird man Anderson service right now to deal with Bismack Biyombo running the paint.
I want Miami. To see the defeated looks on Joe Johnson and Pat Riley once the Cavs win will be priceless.
Joe Johnson was a great pickup by Pat Riley of
Pat Riley's biggest accomplishment this season was stealing Joe Johnson during the middle of the season. Lethal jump shooter.
Imagine how funny would it be if the Heat beat LeBron 2 yrs after he moved away.. Pat Riley will snort coke infant of LeBron
Le Batard: True or false. You knew LeBron was goin back 2 Cleveland b4 Pat Riley did. Mike Miller: *awkward laugh*
TBH Lakers run the NBA.. If it's not the team itself, it was Pat Riley in Miami, & Now Jerry West in Oakland.
Spols has Pat Riley old red notebook loaded with plays that he stole from the nba waterboy version of Henry winkler
Hmm... Phil Jackson, Greg Popovich, Pat Riley, Red Auerbach and Jerry Sloan in my book
Also interviewing East Dillon's Eric Taylor, Jeremiah Van Gundy, and the trademark attorney who reg'd "threepeat" to Pat Riley.
Just had a moment of thinking Pat Riley & Bo Ryan look more alike than I would have given them credit for before today. Am I alone in this?
Eric Spoeltra is Pat Riley's hand puppet like Jason Garret is Jerry Jones hand puppet
he's the Jason Garrett of the NBA. Spo is the ultimate "yes man" to Pat Riley just like Garrett is to Jerry.
I really hope my Heat play the Cavs in the Eastern conference finals coach Spo and the GOAT Pat Riley knows how LBJ play
Larry Brown did. Larry Bird did. Pat Riley did in Miami and NY. Stop being a homer Franklin.
Pat Riley needs to work some magic and bring Kevin Durant to Miami.
Gregg Popovich, Donnie Walsh, Pat Riley - all more or less the same age as Phil. It's not about age.
Greatest thing Pat Riley has done in his career is have a player (Gerald Green) in the hospital on a psych hold and NO details come out
Dr buss and pat Riley respected so much they hugged him after getting swept.
Rambis makes him look like Pat Riley so facts
"To have long-term success as a or in any position of you have to be obsessed in some way." Pat Riley
At this point if Pat Riley signed a woman you would trust it
Watching Barrett Jackson auction and who do see.the godfather himself PAT RILEY! He wins in everything he does.
. eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges. ~Pat Riley
All my bros tote dat HEAT i feel lik pat riley in my (voice)
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New motto to live by: Would Pat Riley do this?
Pat Riley in Miami is a unique situation that makes a star-driven approach work. It wouldn't work for other teams.
NBA stars want to play for Riley. Other NBA GM's aren't Pat Riley. He uses that tool to his advantage well.
"Pat Riley actually isn't a good GM" is a statement that kind of makes sense if you ignore context.
Pat Riley has mostly 2 personnel legacies. Courting disgruntled superstars & mining undrafted talent. Look it up.
Pat Riley has only drafted in lottery 4 times with Miami. Butler, Wade, Beasley, Winslow. So, yes. Not norm for him
so Pat Riley & Eric Spoelstra had very little to do with them going to 4 straight Finals. Bron did that on his own I guess 😴
Imagine any player doing this to Pat Riley? Or Don Nelson? Or the Zen Master?
Yo grandma wasn't lying Pat Riley was nice..
A player-coach? I only see this going well. Kyrie Irving is going to love this.. LeBron needs Pat Riley in his life.
You may share a birthday with Pat Riley and Spike Lee, but I share one with Brandon Inge.
Happy Birthdays today to Pat Riley (71) of "Rupp's Runts" and to Jimmy Dan Conner (63) and Jerry Hale (63) of the "Super Kittens".
You are the most gutless team I have ever witnessed! Pat Riley and David Blatt are laughing their *** off!
It's been 50 years since Texas Western beat Kentucky. Use to mark the moment with Pat Riley, David Lattin, Tubby…
Just be cool like Rick Pitino or Pat Riley.
It's management that screws this team up. Pat Riley wanted to get Mitch Richmond to team up with Patrick at one point but
this money can be used for 2nd round picks, cash part of trades, Pat Riley's Xmas party!
Unlike Phill Jackson , Pat Riley doesn't play games. No patience for team build up
Pat Riley played on KY team losing to Texas Western in '66. Tex West's David "Big Daddy D" Lattin's grandson, Khadeem, starts for Oklahoma
Still think Pat Riley trades the dragon and signs Mike Conley in the offseason.
If it wasn't for Pat Riley then Rick Pitino wouldn't have coached at UK
Chris Bosh continues to explore all medical options, says Pat Riley
Just 20 days away from Agree or Disagree with Mike and Mad Dog: best guest ever: Pat Riley
don't lie that's what good ole Pat Riley said to you! It's ok we welcome u back with open arms in Miami next year!
Devin Booker will be better than Ray Allen. Too bad Pat Riley didn't draft him. Hopefully Pat can draft Josh Jackson.
"Great effort springs naturally from great attitude". Pat Riley
PART 2 - Watch as & are recognized by Pat Riley during last night's halftime.
I'm willing to bet Pat Riley has already been in contact with Marcus Thornton about holding off on signing with other …
Pat Riley will give KD the right pieces
i dont think klay would do that. That man pat riley making movesss. So u think westbrook stays or goes somewhere?
it's LeBron's fault. This is why Pat Riley told LeBron he wouldn't have any special privileges. LBJ meddles too much.
Currently in a Miami mansion, Pat Riley is plotting on getting KD to South Beach like..
won't even need to if Bosh retires. Whiteside will get Bosh's money & the cap jump will help y'all. I hate Pat Riley lol
He's just not an NBA caliber coach. If KD and Westy had Phil Jackson or Pat Riley theyd have 2 rings minimum by now.
I hope he do anyway Pat Riley could do it
pat Riley has nothing to do with lebrons postmoves lmao
can u pat Riley is the real question
pat Riley made him kiss the rings and he'll allow him back plus he gotta get that muscle shot
Nah, I just got off the phone with Pat Riley, going to Miami
Just watched a documentary on the 75-76 "Sunderella Suns". The first of only 2 Suns teams to make the Finals. No idea Pat Riley was on it!
lol it's not that serious if we get him or not. We can easily find another good Center with Pat Riley in control.
I 2nd this motion 🙋. Should've never left in the 1st place. Pat Riley had his back like no other.
He saw Pat Riley in the stands trying to recruit early..
if Bernie is out, i'm writing in Pat Riley for my vote.
Pat Riley has a two-year plan for the Heat that's enough to keep rivals on edge...
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you'd think that but Lebron burned that bridge with Pat Riley. Pat not having it.
. This roster Pat Riley assembled is amazing. Very similar to the spurs right know.
In other news, can we discuss how well Jay Sabol is pulling off the "Pat Riley" look?
what a steal pick by Pat Riley this is why he's the godfather
Heat, Pat Riley want Joe Johnson to finish career in Miami...
When you see me address me as Mr. Pat Riley
“LeBron James wants to be the next Pat Riley.” - .
Pat Riley will sign either KD or Westbrook.. BOOK IT!
Pat Riley stepped up with this Joe Johnson trade
Never in a zillion years would I have thought the Heat would ever have two rookies in the March rotation on a Pat Riley t…
Joe Johnson said Pat Riley told him he wasn't just bringing him in for one year. This was long term in mind. Says he wan…
Kevin Martin and Ty Lawson to sign with Miami Heat? Yeah baby! Make this happen Pat Riley!
Anytime you stop striving to get better, you're bound to get worse. – Pat Riley
Does Joe Johnson now take over Luol Deng's place as the most important free agent signing in Heat history, Pat Riley?
Heat tried getting physical with Steph (probably on Pat Riley's suggestion). Steph managed only 42 points.
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Don't tell Pat Riley but if Tex A&M also successfully sues Seahawks n Bills that would be a three-peat via
they'd better. Pat Riley magic on dorrell wright and ray allen
This *** but I there any doubt Pat Riley's wizardry is directly responsible for this?.
as much as I appreciate Chuck Daly, Pat Riley deserves that spot more! 4 chips w/LAL plus 1 w/Mia.
Pat Riley interested in EVERYBODY that is bought out. Christ, Johnson, Kevin Martin, Ryno? Bet there are even more targets they want
Tired of losing man ... Pat Riley better make a splash like rns whatever it takes
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