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Pat McCrory

Patrick Lloyd Pat McCrory (born October 17, 1956) is an American politician and businessman. He was the 53rd Mayor of Charlotte from 1995 to 2009, and is the Republican nominee for Governor of North Carolina in 2012. He is facing current Lt.

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East vs West. Which BBQ style does Gov. Pat McCrory prefer? According to his press secretary, "The Governor loves all NC BBQ"
Pat McCrory is the best governor the state of Georgia ever had.
Gov. Pat McCrory is the worst governor in the history of NC & the United States of America. Any Questions
September is Preparedness Month: Governor Pat McCrory has proclaimed September as North Carolina Preparedness ...
I cannot wait until Pat McCrory is no longer governor of North Carolina.
Governor McCrory Urges Residents to Be Aware and Prepare for Emergencies: overnor Pat McCrory has proclaimed S...
Pat McCrory announces 700 pharmaceutical jobs coming to NC.
Opinion: Filling in N.C. Budget Details - by Becki Gray Kudos to Gov. Pat McCrory and the General Assembly ...
Ex-trial judge Baker succeeding Foley on NC elections board: Gov. Pat McCrory has filled a vacancy on the North…
Somehow just noticed there's a state webpage full of photos of me and Pat McCrory looking at things:
After a brief stint in public office as NC Gov. Pat McCrory's budget director in 2013-2014, Art Pope is now back...
Online petition calling on Gov. and the legislature to act now to
"McCrory says he believes in charter schools, sidesteps voucher schools. can't pin down Mayor Pat! W-HAW!
Thanks to NC Chamber for NC Governor Pat McCrory speaking candidly at the NC Conference on Education.
Gov. Pat McCrory talking education with attendees at NC meeting
North Carolina healthcare activists decry the inaction of Gov. McCrory on
Pat McCrory tries to rally historic tax credit support
Governor Pat McCrory is inviting North Carolina and the nation to a time of worship, prayer, fasting and...
And as if that wasn't enough Chatman also strongly supported Pat McCrory for NC gov
I want to be Pat McCrory. Blue state!
A month before he was elected as NC’s governor in 2012, Pat McCrory attended a fundraiser hosted by Paul Foley,...
Charles Belk and NC Governor Pat McCrory speaking at the NC Bill Signing... via
Governor, Senate leader urge action on different tax bills: Gov. Pat McCrory and Senate Republicans are urging…
That show should be shooting in NC, but Pat McCrory and the ruined the film/tv industry here.
Governor Pat McCrory to join Secretary Susan Kluttz at Historic Tax Credit rally -
Yesterday Governor Pat McCrory signed North Carolina House Bill 814, a new law that will require the state’s...
Visitor spending rises in the Outer Banks: Governor Pat McCrory says visitor spending topped $1 billion in Dar...
Governor McCrory Signs 10 Bills into Law - RALEIGH – Governor Pat McCrory has signed the following bills in...
Aug 11, 2015 Raleigh, N.C. Governor Pat McCrory has signed the following bills into law. H.B. 566 - A bill to...
Tim Moore Pat McCrory in Shelby tonight to honor our veterans.
Wonderful to see the become a reality for NC families as Governor signed it into law today:
Cooper calls on Pat McCrory to expand Medicaid
Governor Pat McCrory signed the ABLE Act into NC law this morning. FIFNC Executive Director, Betsy MacMichael...
More Manufacturing NC Jobs Announced: Governor Pat McCrory and the Economic Development Partnership of N.C. ha...
New NC Law to Protect Identity Theft and Mistaken Identity Victims: Governor Pat McCrory signed S.B. 233 into ...
Pat McCrory’s refusal to expand Medicaid is a moral failure
"The state legislature continues to push Gov. Pat McCrory around, and he doth protest too hollowly.”
Gov. Pat McCrory announced today that has resigned as NCDOT sec. for family and personal reasons. Visit
NC DOT Sec. Tony Tata has resigned effective today, says Gov. Pat McCrory.
Why the NAACP is so unhappy with Gov. Pat McCrory coming up next on at 6a.
Gov. Pat McCrory will be in tomorrow, attending the annual N.C. Sheriff's conference that is being held in Sunset Beach.
Fellow Republicans test NC Gov. Pat McCrory, who had one of his toughest weeks this term
Gov. Pat McCrory has had better weeks.
"Last night, Gov. Pat McCrory signed the "Historic Artifact Management and Patriotism Act," which prevents local officials from +
Good for Gov. Pat McCrory. The Anti Confederate Flag crap needs to stop.
Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane and Gov. Pat McCrory on Friday finalized the city's purchase of the 307-acre...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Gov. Pat McCrory has signed HB390 into law. This bill was a...
Gov. Pat McCrory announces completion of sale of former state mental hospital to city of Raleigh to be turned into public parkland
Today the state of North Carolina and Gov. Pat McCrory recognizes the 30th Infantry Division "Old…
Gov. Pat McCrory signs ban on removing historical monuments
Gov. McCrory taking heat from GOP leaders: Gov. Pat McCrory is used to taking heat from the left, but this week,…
McCrory, GOP senator at odds over sales tax bill veto threat: Gov. Pat McCrory says he will veto a Senate bill to…
Tomorrow: Gov. Pat McCrory and chief counsel owe public full accounting on conflict-of-interest situation.
"Pat McCrory, governor of North Carolina, attends a news conference at Reynolds American in Tobaccoville"
Even our Republican governor tried to stop this bill. Respect point gained for Pat McCrory, shame on the rest
.Pat McCrory wants to be a Vice Presidential Candidate. He is just like every other Republican. A Liar!
Mark Sanford and Pat McCrory hit with ethics complaints after taking payouts from mortgage lender.
Governor McCrory: North Carolina residents should prepare for hurricane season: Gov. Pat McC...
Veterans gather on Memorial Day to honor those who served: Governor Pat McCrory was in Morganton on Monday for one…
.That's what happened when someone didn't please our TParty puppet Gov
Maybe you should be checking Pat McCrory's lying ***
will GS accept a combo from price's chicken coop, Pat McCrory and a 1st rd pick for u to come home? 😂😂
New resource guide released for veterans. Governor Pat McCrory made the announcement today. Follow the link to...
Shoutout to Gov. Pat McCrory for tipping me a dollar for cleaning his clubs today 👍🏻
Tell Governor Pat McCrory (R) to stop voter suppression in North Carolina!
NC people, PLEASE CALL TODAY Governor Pat McCrory at 919.814.2050 to leave a message urging him to…
Note Buncombe Co has VTC too -- scheduled to discuss veterans courts on CBS
Teacher pay is all from state legislature. I'm a staunch republican and I don't like Pat McCrory at all.
. scheduled to discuss veterans courts on CBS News Sunday Morning this Sunday
Because the Governor Pat McCrory probably emptied the coffers and gave the loot to Duke Energy, his old boss.
The 37th annual Governors Medallion Awards is presented by Governor Pat McCrory and First Lady Ann McCrory,
Gov. Pat McCrory was in Sylva today (Friday) with Department of Cultural Resources Secretary Susan Klutz; state...
URGENT: North Carolina's governor, Pat McCrory, is deciding whether or not to veto an Ag-Gag bill today. Call and...
"Gov. Pat McCrory signed a bill into law Thursday that will ban all teenagers from using tanning beds in North Carolina."
Thank you, and for finding yet another way to screw the state of North Carolina:
Cabarrus projects would get $24M from McCrory's bond proposals: CONCORD, N.C. -- Gov. Pat McCrory’s expansive ...
Gov. Pat McCrory Proclaims May as Motorsports Month in North Carolina: The 10-Day Blockbuster of Racing, highl...
Way to go Governor Pat McCrory your bringing in more Jobs.
NC should be off your list of places to visit if Pat McCrory signs it into effect. Please send a memo to him to...
URGENT: NC gov. Pat McCrory is deciding on an Ag-Gag bill! Call and ask him to VETO HB 405! (919) 814-2050, Option 3.
North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has signed a new tanning bed bill into law today stating that adolescents...
from because Pat McCrory could make a decision as early as today on the NC ag…
Youth tanning bed ban signed into law in NC: A dozen bills signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory include a ban on…
Governor Pat McCrory, Please veto the bill (HB405). This bill will only benefit the factory farm industry but not consumers.
Also Pat Mccrory just signed a bill not letting girls 13-18 use tanning beds. Starts this October. This is what's happening now.
Sleepy Hollow will be filmed in Georgia now instead of NC. Thanks a lot Pat McCrory.
NC Gov. Pat McCrory to sign bill today to Ban Teens from Tanning Beds
What does Gov. Pat McCrory think about gerrymandering? Watch:
Gov. McCrory to sign new tanning bed bill into law: Pat McCrory will sign…
Pat McCrory is wrapping things up at the 3 day RGA "Corporate Policy Summit" in Dallas Texas. A corporate lobbyist smoozefest.
North Carolina you should hang your head in shame. Pat McCrory is to blame for allowing Veto the ag gag bill
Humane Society will run TV ads urging Gov. Pat McCrory to veto so-called ag-gag bill.
It's not just animal abuse that ag gag laws cover up ... Tell NC Gov. Pat McCrory to veto bill.
I guess the NC legislature would rather see egg on the face of Pat McCrory then to have jobs from Volvo.
North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has an ag gag bill sitting on his desk. Here's ...
What is trying to hide? Call or email Gov McCrory and ask him to veto Ph
Write Governor McCrory and tell him not to support HB 405/SB 433
Pat McCrory 2.0 - Guv's team has put him in a box & won't let him off his short leash...
Attention: HB 405 ag-gag is in Governor Pat McCrory's hands, and the clock is ticking! If passed it will be used...
Reminder: Pat McCrory is asking to allow oil drilling CLOSER to NC beaches.
Officials want to give private firm keys to state motor fleet: Officials in Gov. Pat McCrory's administration ...
We need your help in NC to stop Please spread the word to get Governor Pat McCrory to Veto HB 405 ag gag legislation. Thanks!
All my animal loving non-NC Tweeps. We need your help to urge Governor Pat McCrory to Veto Here's how:
Today we received a proclamation from Governor Pat McCrory recognizing May 2015 as Mental Health Awareness Month!...
Speaking at a rally later, Pat McCrory is trash.
The new is more scripted and isolated. He's not the same bumbling politician from 2013.
Roy Cooper reveals his campaign against Pat McCrory
Also on the show 5-9a tomorrow on WBT: PGA Radio's Bill Rosinski, Governor Pat McCrory, and WBT alum Gerry V.
OPINION: How McCrory gets judged: RALEIGH — Pat McCrory will likely run for reelection next year as governor o...
Is NC Governor, Pat McCrory, a friend of the HBCU? . via
Outer Banks taking a stand together to say NO to offshore oil drilling. Are you listening, Pat McCrory?
Environmental groups hold hands for clean energy at Freedom Park: Pat McCrory to develop “a clean...
Yes we knew that a year ago, Duke Energy & Pat McCrory trying to cover up are leeches sucking off each other
At the NC Governor's Western Residence stop by from 10-5 today and visit Governor Pat McCrory.
The Syllabus: Pat McCrory, friend of the HBCU? via
The canary in the coal mine North Carolina Republicans vandals/ideologues work to take down a State. Pat McCrory
McCrory and wife hold open house in Asheville Saturday
We just received news that NC Governor Pat McCrory signed HB 706 into law today!. House Bill 706, championed by...
Gov. McCrory and wife hold open house at western residence in Asheville Saturday
Disclosure: shocking collapse of the state's voter registration system here in NC under Republican Gov. Pat McCrory.
"Not if I have anything to do about that " - Pat McCrory
So it's now illegal to tan in a tanning bed under the age of 18 yall parent permission or not... thanks Pat McCrory 😒😒
"If Pat McCrory believes in a healthy North Carolina, he should veto HB 465!"
Conservative takes office, and voter registration at public assistance offices drops 66%.
NC House differs with Pat McCrory on budget plans
Great news! NC Gov Pat McCrory's funding to hire HERO Corps members to rescue kids was just approved by the House Appropriations Committee!
Walker is another Koch brother puppet, like our NC Governor Pat McCrory.
Exclusive to Daily Kos. Thu May 07, 2015. A data-mining analysis of information publicly available from the North...
Don't get me started about Pat McCrory. He talks the talks, but never walks the walks.
NC House differs with McCrory on budget plans: Gov. Pat McCrory’s state budget proposal is seeing some major c...
NEWS: JuxCraft attends event at NC Executive Mansion, put on by NC Gov. McCrory. Becomes first Minecraft server...
Gov. Pat McCrory, speaking in Kannapolis, says state is following wishes local transportation leaders on I-77 toll project.
McCrory continues to push for historic tax credits: NC Gov. Pat McCrory is pushing the General Assembly to rei...
House budget would put a wrench in McCrory’s reform effort
pat was one of three lawyers to be targeted for murder. Pj mccrory and Oliver kelly too
A new Civitas Poll shows Gov. Pat McCrory w some of his strongest ratings lately.
it's all because Pat McCrory is governor. If a Dem was Governor. He wouldn't say a thing. Even if debt was raised, and jobs lost.
.at the Syllabus blog: Pat McCrory, friend of the HBCU? via
From the blog, N.C. might have found a friend in the governor:
Gov Pat McCrory ordered US and NC flags lowered to half-staff on May 15 in honor of Peace Officers Memorial Day
Before I sign a budget I’ll be looking for historic tax credits. - Gov. Pat McCrory.
Main St. NC will drive the revitalization of the state economy. - Gov Pat McCrory
McCrory to sign teen tanning ban into law: Governor Pat McCrory will sign into law a ban on people under 18 fr...
Mac Everett, Gov Pat McCrory and Johnson Wagner using the picture frames. Good work team.
Pat McCrory, Dear Pat, playing "catch up" after you have dropped the ball so completely, won't make you a real...
A ban on kids under 18 using tanning beds in NC is heading to Gov. Pat McCrory's desk. Is it time to ban teenage tanning?
The result is 40,000 fewer poor voters.
Gov. Pat McCrory and Cultural Resources Secretary Susan Kluttz will be in Kannapolis tomorrow for a historic tax credit event.
Gov. McCrory makes the case for $3B bond proposals: Buoyed by recent news of an unexpected budget surplus, Gov. Pat…
Gov. Pat McCrory teeing off at 1 at Told me he hates the 1st T "more than speaking to 10k people"
Did I just hear an ad discussing Pat McCrory's successes that actually used the Howard Dean scream? Heh.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
NC Gov. Pat McCrory ready to tee off! He says this is one of the scariest things he's done! He speaks at 10 on
It might depend on how you feel about Pat McCrory.
"Gov. Pat McCrory and others have shown disdain for a liberal arts education." UNC: Teetering on the edge.
One day after losing Volvo to SC, Tim Moore and Pat McCrory talked incentives at the
South Carolina trumps North Carolina in bagging Volvo: When it comes to jobs, Gov. Pat McCrory has always been…
I thought PAT MCCRORY was the right fit for this Office but I was WRONG.
What's that old saying- when you point fingers at others, there are three pointing back at you. The GOP is *** ..
Gov. Pat McCrory at OTC: essential to sell along East
North Carolina Pays off Unemployment Debt to Federal Government. Governor Pat McCrory announced Tuesday that...
Still stinging from losing Volvo to SC, NC Gov Pat McCrory urges state lawmakers to step up with econ. development $$
NC Budget Surplus: Governor Pat McCrory announced very positive news for the state of North Carolina, which in...
Voter supression in NC? Disenfranchising portions of the electorate is not new but getting caught is rare. We...
Pat McCrory ducked questions Weds. on abortion restrictions & his campaign promise
Gov. Pat McCrory signed a bill into law this week that would forge a deal between Duke Energy and: Gov. Pat Mc...
A few keywords to make you click this link: smooth jazz, cupcakes, Pat McCrory, Dix:
Happy Mother's Day in heaven to my momma Angela Jarrett, Nana, and Momma Pat. Not a day goes by that I don't miss...
RALEIGH, NC (WECT) — Governor Pat McCrory has signed a bill setting the gas tax through the end of: RALEIGH, N...
Gov. McCrory took 16 months (!) to provide travel records to NC journalists.
16 months for 6 months of records: "What does Gov. McCrory have to hide in his travel records?"
Gov. Pat McCrory's biggest reelection roadblock may be fellow Republicans in the state legislature. Rowdies.
'Board of Elections data reveal registration irregularities under McCrory': '
Lawsuits over appointment power share arguments - Gov. Pat administration is in the...
Governor Pat McCrory: "We're going to continue to invest in this institution. You are crucial to this entire State."
Pat McCrory's speech is absolute garbage.
North Carolina and the remainder of the South doing its best to disenfranchise everyone not voting GOP.
McCrory speaking at Elizabeth City State graduation: Gov. Pat McCrory is giving the graduation address at Eliz...
The state of NC is required to offer people the chance to register to vote when they apply for public assistance...
40,000 registered voters names vanished from the rolls. I'm thinking this could be the next Republican scandal.
BREAKING: My agency didn't register people who applied for services Oops! My agency is BREAKING the law!
Voter fraud is alive and well but it has little to do with "illegals" and showing ID.
domain names
The legacies of ppl like Charles B Aycock and Jesse Helms lives on.Pat McCrory is a modern day version.
Panel sour on McCrory's efficiency plan: Pat McCrory has repeatedly championed his drive to...
Panel sour on McCrory’s efficiency plan: A state legislative committee was critical of Gov. Pat McCrory’s gove...
Money talks -- especially when it comes to offshore says revenue sharing is a must.
Gov. Pat McCrory at Drilling dollars essential to sell offshore exploration along East Coast
Public invited to McCrory's western residence open house: ASHEVILLE - Gov. Pat McCrory and first lady Ann McCr...
We are sunk - thanks Pat McCrory.Via Carolinas clear first federal permits for oil surveys
NC Gov. Pat McCrory - Public needs help from industry to learn where energy comes from, its cost, and how it's used.
NC Gov. Pat McCrory - North Carolina wants into the energy business. Plans seismic to start this fall
Bill, that guy is wrong for discounting NC. Many are fed up with Pat McCrory so could swing back.
N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory extends tax credits for some renewable energy projects -
At midterm, Pat McCrory finessing re-election agenda
interesting article from 'At midterm, NC Gov. Pat McCrory finessing re-election agenda'
At midterm, NC Gov. Pat McCrory finessing his re-election agenda
McCrory targets $14M for EC projects: . Gov. Pat McCrory has included $14 million in funding for U.S. Coast Gu...
spent $125,000 on travel last year & he has some things to hide. Find out where he went & what YOU paid for
Why my car tax gotta be so high for 2011 car!? 😭 Dang U Pat McCrory 😭
Gov. Pat McCrory talks about local business and the North Carolina State Ports Authority today in Brunswick County!
What does have to hide in his travel records?
Want to know where Gov. Pat traveled to on your tax dollar?
Gov Pat McCrory visits historic Edenton today!. Jobs, education, lower taxes.opportunity for all.
NC Gov. McCrory back from California visit: North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is home after a visit to California…
Pat McCrory. D'oh MT Media now attacking Republicans for making public records requests?
Due to the outstanding efforts of Phi Omega, North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory, has issued a…
From your mouth to Pat McCrory's ears...
TARGET: North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory. Fox Penning is a cruel blood-sport that is legal in North Carolina,...
Raleigh, North Carolina is the state's capital and Pat McCrory is its Governor.
Yes, Roy Cooper should promptly release public records, says And so should Pat McCrory.
Glowing bio on "non-profit" econ dev site reads remarkably like campaign bio:
N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory still not sold on Medicaid expansion - Charlotte Business Journal
All purpose parts banner
Gov. McCrory seeks money to hire vets to catch child predators Gov. Pat McCrory included $2 million in his propose…
Editorial: More people means more money for NC: Gov. Pat McCrory is banging the drum for infrastructure improv...
At WPCOG annual meeting...honored to have NC Gov Pat McCrory as guest and speaker .
Even Pat McCrory knew voters weren't happy with him breaking his promise. He brought us... cookies?
Another day, another decision by Gov. Pat McCrory to deny justice to Henry McCollum and Leon Brown, -
NC Governor Pat McCrory declares 4/20/2015-4/24/2015 Playground Safety Week for the State of NC!
The N.C. General Assembly sent a bill to Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday that would create a “soft landing” for...
Wait.Pat McCrory is Elizabeth City's graduation speaker? Whew my Lawd...the irony.
Equality NC brings empty boxes to Gov. Pat McCrory, saying they "symbolize" the number of petitions.
Gov. Pat McCrory questions need for religious freedom bills
Gov. Pat McCrory to be in U City at 11 am for naming ceremony of last segment of I-485 in honor of Realtor Allen Tate Jr.
WATCH LIVE at 5: Gov. Pat McCrory gives update on winter storm aftermath
RALEIGH, N.C. — Gov. Pat McCrory's claim that more 40 percent of the costs associated with workers comp.
Annals of North Carolina: Gov. says brothers' pardon still being reviewed
Merging visions for N.C.: Early this week, Governor Pat McCrory delivered his State of the...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Governor Pat McCrory came to the studio to honor Larry Stogner.
We are dealing with this too in NC, thanks to Pat McCrory & the GOP General Assembly
Pat McCrory's big economic plan is to try and get automobile companies to leave other places and come here? Lolololler
McCrory sets sights on transportation initiatives - WSOC Charlotte
Gov. Pat McCrory says brothers' pardon still being reviewed
HDR Opinion: Chris Fitzsimon column: McCrory’s uneven State of the State address: Gov. Pat McCrory was all ove...
Nearly 5,000 people signed a petition to reinstate the Historic Tax Credit program — one of Gov. Pat McCrory’s goals.
Gov. Pat McCrory presents Larry Stogner with the Order of the Longleaf Pine - North Carolina's highest honor.
pat mccrory is about to give Larry Stogner the long lead pine award. my momma got that award 😎😎😎
People call me all the time asking to speak with Governor Pat McCrory 😒
Gov. McCrory criticized for claim about workers' comp fraud: Gov. Pat McCrory is taking heat after saying 40…
Answers on Medicaid expansion waiting on Supreme Court: Gov. Pat McCrory and DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos say…
up close and personal with Pat McCrory and the Governor's Mansion in Walter magazine. his mother was an artist.
Duke Energy's donations to Pat McCrory have really paid off for them in North Carolina too.
Gov. Pat McCrory wants to borrow $2.5 billion for NC transportation and building projects
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Gov. Pat McCrory&roads, buildings bonds would go to statewide vote
McCrory offers ‘North Carolina plan’ in State of State address: Governor Pat McCrory listed new initiatives for…
Gov. Pat McCrory's roads, buildings bonds would go to statewide vote
McCrory’s agenda is short on ideas: Gov. Pat McCrory offered little in the way of inspiration or leadership, not to…
Gov. Pat McCrory's State of the State address, in a word cloud
Oh the dilemma. Pat McCrory twiddles his thumbs on medicare expansion while NC citizens die. Some leadership
Gov McCrory gave shout out to Rutherford Co on WBT Charlotte about getting economic development help to rural areas.
Image of the day: Gov. McCrory at the State of the State address via
"If you want to take gender studies, that’s fine, go to a private school," Pat McCrory, the Republican governor of North Carolina, said.
Gov. Pat McCrory on rural development, education, communication, energy and electric co-ops htt…
Ok Democrats - do you know republican governors besides the executive committee members that are members of the Republican Governors Association? Well here they are! You should watch closely the legislation going on their states ... they love it when you don't pay attention! They are: Gov. Robert Bentley (AL); Jan Brewer (AZ); Nathan Deal (GA); Eddie Calvo (Guam); Butch Otter (ID); Terry Branstad (IA); Sam Brownback (KS); Paul LePage (ME); Rick Snyder (MI); Phil Bryant (MS); Pat McCrory (NC); Jack Dalrymple (ND); Dave Heineman (ME); Eloy Enos (Northern Mariana Islands); Brian Sandoval (NV); John Kasich (OH); Dennis Daugaard (SD); Gary Herbert (UT); and Matt Mead (WY). Let them know you are watching how they govern and WHO THEY SERVE!
Governor's mansion decks the halls with Pat McCrory's favorite records
Gov. Pat McCrory ordered all U.S. and North Carolina flags at state facilities to be lowered to half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Sunday, December 7, 2014. This order is in observance of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day that marks the day when the U.S. entered World War II, and honors the lives and memory of those who defended our country on that fateful day in 1941. “Pearl Harbor presented the greatest challenge to our greatest generation. Pearl Harbor reminds us that the defense of our liberty comes at a great price. The sacrifice paid on December 7, 1941 will never be forgotten,” said Governor Pat McCrory.
NC governor enters immigration order lawsuit: Gov. Pat McCrory says he joined a lawsuit brought by the Texas…
Pat McCrory helped take benefits like this away from North Carolinians, don't forget that.
NC Best States for Business! S/O To Pat McCrory! You can say what you like. He gets busy!
State agencies ordered to photograph & video NC Gov Pat McCrory. NC folks hungry for photos? Define self serving.
State agencies send staff to photograph McCrory: Gov. Pat McCrory?s office is asking state agencies to pitch i...
Governor Proclaims Tomorrow as "Small Business Saturday": Governor Pat McCrory has proclaimed this Saturday (N...
Editorial: Jobs recovery continues, but wages haven’t caught up: As Gov. Pat McCrory touted a jobs report last...
Pat downs at the airport are always fun.😂
Top 5 names will be submitted to Gov. Pat McCrory, but governor under no obligation to appoint from those 5. Messick got 64 votes.
Governor McCrory Urges Citizens to Prepare for Winter Weather: Governor Pat McCrory has declared November 30 t...
47 % of N.C. residents approve of Gov. Pat McCrory’s performance
thru Pat McCrory and specifically Art Pope they have infused NC with a backward conserv. agenda
NC "has frankly got enough ... journalists. With all due respect to journalism, we've got enough." - Gov. Pat McCrory h…
Gov. McCrory helps dedicate WWII statue: North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory was in Belmont to dedicate a statue...
Wonder who NC Governor, Pat McCrory, will be rooting for in the
I've seen it happen in North Carolina. Pat McCrory & Thom Tillis have set this State back decades.
Big happenings today in Belmont. That's Governor Pat McCrory there for the rededication of the Fighting Yank statue
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Funny how I STILL feel that way about Pat McCrory!!!
What a Fracking mess in North Carolina thanks to Thom Tillis and Pat McCrory! Vote for Kay Hagan 11/4!
McCrory to let NC coal ash regulation become law: Gov. Pat McCrory said Tuesday he won't sign a new law regula... http:/…
Gov pat mccrory and rep Virginia foxx visit triumph in clemmons
NC Gov. Pat McCrory less popular than Obama in Republican district . via
Governor Pat McCrory has arrived to address the workers at Triumph.
NC Jobs Announced for Iredell: Governor Pat McCrory and N.C. Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker announced that H...
Gov. Pat McCrory addresses a crowd in Greenville on National Manufacturing Day.
Gov. Pat McCrory coming to UNC's university day after cutting funding from our school not too long ago. Oh ok
Hundreds of new jobs likely in Greenville: Governor Pat McCrory (R) will be in Greenville Friday afternoon at ...
Gov. Pat McCrory visiting Dunn manufacturer this morning: Gov. Pat McCrory is visiting an employer in Dunn this…
Gov Pat McCrory is in Dunn at 10 am to visit Godwin Manufacturing, the largest truck equipment manufacturer in US
Pat McCrory & Thom Tillis couldn't invest in education & reward their rich friends who got them elected at the same time.
Come on Pat McCrory and Thom Tillis Guns don't belong at the NC State Fair! Maybe we all should just stay home!
Governor McCrory to make stops for Manufacturing Day: Raleigh, N.C. - Governor Pat McCrory will make stops in ...
4 govs were awarded an A on this report card:Pat McCrory of NC,Sam Brownback of KS,Paul LePage of ME& Mike Pence IN.
So Pat McCrory, Sam Brownback & Paul LePage. We should all be so lucky.
Sure would be nice if WRAL would launch a "Campaign Promises" tracker for the way they did for Pat McCrory
Pat McCrory ties with Sam Brownback on a list, but that may not be good news.
NC Teenagers: Remember, it is Pat McCrory and the Republicans in your state who have blocked you from early voter registration. Republicans.
Pat McCrory actually supports no gun policy at Dixie Classic Fair in Winston-Salem.
"I still think the Jim Hunt-Pat McCrory meeting could be the Apocalypse." -
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