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Pat McCrory

Patrick Lloyd Pat McCrory (born October 17, 1956) is an American politician and businessman. He was the 53rd Mayor of Charlotte from 1995 to 2009, and is the Republican nominee for Governor of North Carolina in 2012. He is facing current Lt.

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Governor Pat McCrory is on with now. covering coal ash clean-up regulation
TBT: With Governor Pat McCrory at this year's NC 4th of July Festival in Southport.
Pat McCrory facing pressure to call special session over business incentives
Pat McCrory and his group made decisions that may cost a lot of NC jobs.
Governor Pat McCrory and Chick-fil-a conspire to send North Carolina film jobs to Georgia?
u planning CC questions? “If you have a question for Gov Pat McCrory let me know. He'll be on the show today”
"Pressure is building" for Gov McCrory to call a special session via
"I wouldn't know. I've never met with them." Gov. Pat McCrory on influence of ALEC on North Carolina legislation
delivers over 10k signatures to McCrory to stop defense of NC *** marriage ban
.asks McCrory to weigh in on marriage ban via
He has been In office for a while, but it's still funny to see Pat McCrory come to the station as Governor instead of Mayor!
If I had a hit list, Pat McCrory would be on it.
Advocates ask McCrory to weigh on on *** marriage.
Advocates ask McCrory to weigh in on *** marriage via
"That's our suggestion for Pat McCrory, hopefully in the direction of South Carolina." Eugene Chadbourne dedicating Walk Away.
McCrory asked not to defend NC *** marriage ban: Same-sex couples and their families who want Gov. Pat McCrory to...
Gov. Pat McCrory ordered all North Carolina state flags to be lowered to half-staff on all state facilities from...
Governor Pat McCrory issued a flag order today lowering all North Carolina flags to half-staff on August 27 in...
McCrory names Mark Martin to top NC judicial post: Gov. Pat McCrory is picking the North Carolina Supreme Court...
Gov. Pat McCrory Names Next Chief Justice of NC Supreme Court: Gov. Pat McCrory announced Mark Martin will become...
Governor appoints Jeff Sheehan to replace Mike Smith on NCDOT board: Gov. Pat McCrory has chosen to replace...
How Democrats Rig the Election Game Started by ilona trommler Written by James Simpson Elections matter. President Obama proves it every day as he willfully seeks to wreck our nation. But this is very evident elsewhere, too. The 2010 elections reversed decades of Democrat majority control in state houses. Since then, GOP governors and legislatures all over the country have been restoring sanity to state government. Most Americans don’t know this of course, because the media won’t tell you. One good example is North Carolina. Republicans took over the North Carolina legislature in 2010, and Charlotte’s popular Republican mayor, Pat McCrory, won the governor’s mansion in 2012. This gave the GOP full control of the state government for the first time since 1898. In 2013 Governor McCrory signed a new voter ID law, and a fairly strong Republican majority, willing to take political risks, took over leadership of the State Board of Elections (SBOE). The Democrats are having fits. An interesting email rec ...
The North Carolina state budget just became law this morning. It raises teacher pay and advances positive solutions for our state. Gov. Pat McCrory said, "This budget reflects a pragmatic and thoughtful approach to managing taxpayer dollars. It provides raises for our teachers, highway patrol officers, court employees and a cost of living increase for retirees and preserves Medicaid eligibility standards. This budget will continue to fuel North Carolina’s economic comeback.” NCGOP Chairman Claude Pope said, "Governor Pat McCrory, Speaker Thom Tillis, Senate Majority Leader Phil Berger, and the entire North Carolina General Assembly have shown tremendous leadership to craft and pass this budget. Governing is never easy, and they faced many challenges in the pursuit of common ground and achieving the best policies. I applaud everyone for their unwavering dedication to get the job done."
At Saturday's ceremony at the State Capitol, Governor Pat McCrory applauded the role North Carolina played in World War I.
I'm sending this email to Governor Pat McCrory. Gov. McCrory, Please veto the NC budget proposal that takes away longevity for teachers and tries to pass itself off as the biggest pay raise in NC history. I have given 13 years of loyal service to the children of NC as a teacher. I am one of the first NC Teaching Fellows from that model and now defunct program and I continue to be an educator in NC. The respect that people once had for teachers is gone and we have been forced into a position where we must fight for fair pay and get painted as money grubbers by our elected representatives. I've endured years of wage stagnation while expectations and demands placed upon me have increased. I am continually reminded how I am a contracted employee and I would like to remind you and our elected officials that it is you (and your elected predecessors) who have been able to change the terms of the contract to suit your needs. The contract I signed provided me (and my wife, 13 years of teaching) with small annual . ...
Pat helps kick-off North Centennial Commemoration of World War I -
Pat McCrory, governor of North Carolina, is the worst governor ever in the entire history of America.He has trashed NC.
How much money did Duke Energy give to N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory?
DEATH PANELS REPUBLICAN STYLE. N CAROLINA Gov Pat McCrory left 377,000 citizens off Medicaid 2 spite our President
House passes $21B budget for 2014-15; headed to Governor Pat McCrory to sign
NC Senate pushes for limits on local elections and sales taxes: Gov. Pat McCrory will decide whether to sign a...
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McCrory orders that laws be enforced on coal ash: RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Gov. Pat McCrory has...
Gov. Pat McCrory today issued an executive order regarding coal ash clean-up >>
Sooo, how are you all fairing out this first year without tax-free weekend? Y'all mad at Governor Pat McCrory yet or nah?
McCrory Supports New State Spending Plan: Gov. Pat McCrory said the budget proposal that is expected to be sent...
Law could be a boon to the future of shuttered industrial sites: Bill signed by Gov. Pat McCrory this week mak...
NC Gov. Pat McCrory's coal ash executive order summary: Dear state employees, do what you should have been doing all along.
Gov. Pat McCrory announced today that he will sign General Assembly’s $21 billion budget when it hits his desk
The only politics I'm following right now "LIVE NOW: Pat McCrory on Budget -
Governor says he'll sign budget, wants Democrats to have their say next session: Gov. Pat McCrory, via news...
Gov. Pat McCrory says he's been in films. "Shallow Hal" among others.
Biggest role for Pat McCrory was apparently cameo in 'Shallow Hal.'
This is amazing! Pat McCrory's IMDB acting profile:
I pray Pat McCrory doesn't get voted back in.
Gov. Pat McCrory says bill falls within his parameters, he will not veto it.
Gov. Pat McCrory says he will sign the budget
Governor offers reward in 2009 Caswell Co. murder case: Gov. Pat McCrory has offered a reward of up to $5,000 to...
North Carolina is the worst state with the worst governor (Pat McCrory) in America.
Editorial │ Medicaid match: In his first year as governor, Pat McCrory often said he was stepping on toes of b...
Bobby Jindal (La.) is fighting against CC testing. Pat McCrory (NC) promised to sign legislation this week...
Great time representing Vince Coakley for Congress, the and Gov. Pat McCrory today @ the…
Poets ask to meet with McCrory: North Carolina's former poet laureates will ask to meet with Gov. Pat McCrory, following the resignat...
Gov. McCrory wants to change Medicaid, but DHHS struggles to manage program - On May 14, Gov. Pat McCrory rolled...
McCrory Addresses NC Business Committee for Education at Corning Plant: Gov. Pat McCrory traveled to Wilmington...
McCrory signs 4 bills into law - Gov. Pat McCrory has signed into law a bill laying out the...
Martha Waggoner of the AP reports that North Carolina's four former poets laureate have requested a meeting with Gov. Pat McCrory. Earlier today, the four -- Fred Chappell, Kathryn Stripling Byer, Cathy Smith Bowers and Joseph Bathanti -- issued a statement about their outrage:"As former poets laure…
Marijuana oil bill signed into law in - Gov. Pat McCrory says a...
While on a tour of the Corning plant, NC Gov. Pat McCrory said he also took a private tour of Screen Gems studios while in Wilmington.
Gov. Pat McCrory visited the studio lot in Wilmington today and we can confirm he visited at least one set.
N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory strikes a blow against the poetry cabal with his pick for laureate:
North Carolina House votes to replace Common Core, Gov. Pat McCrory will sign via
NC Gov. Pat McCrory announced he'll sign a bill that will initiate a "review" of ᔥ
Maybe they can team with Pat McCrory
“Don’t put your stupid hat on,” Watch: Gov. Pat McCrory on as approached NC.
North Carolina avoided major damage from Hurricane Arthur, Gov. Pat McCrory said Friday morning, and conditions up and down the coast are improving - but flooding and about 44,000 power outages still afflict an area that usually has one of its best days on the Fourth of July.
Gov. Pat McCrory to give a keynote address ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council ) Is the people that are trying to take a way pensions!!! Collective bargaining! Gov. Pat McCrory is scheduled to give a keynote address at the annual American Legislative Exchange Council meeting this month, the latest prominent North Carolina official to affiliate with the controversial group. McCrory is dismissing questions about his July 30 appearance at the ALEC meeting in Dallas. The organization closely ties corporations and conservative policy-makers who draft "model" legislation for introduction across the nation. It previously came under fire for its support of voter ID measures and the "Stand Your Ground" gun laws. "I speak to many groups that invite me," McCrory said Tuesday, comparing it to talking to a teacher group later that day. Other headliners for the meeting include Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Pressed on the group's controversial past, McCrory said he looked f . ...
It's the 4th of July holiday weekend...and if you are considering heading to the coast of the Carolinas where thousands are already vacationing, be aware that tropical storm Arthur is quickly approaching and it's already having an impact on the coast. In fact, the storm is expected to reach hurricane strength later today. Good morning to you on this Thursday, 3 July 2014, from the WBTV News morning team...John Carter reporting to you this morning. Be sure to join us from 4:30 to 9 AM this morning as we are going to bring you up to date on all that's happening with Arthur as well as a lot of other news. A tropical storm warning is in effect for the entire NC coast this morning. A hurricane warning is already posted in Dare County. Governor Pat McCrory has declared a state of emergency in 25 counties along the coast. In just a few minutes, at 5 AM, a mandatory evacuation will go into effect for Hatteras Island along the outer banks. We'll take you live to the coast to show you what's happening. And w ...
Gov. Pat McCrory on Friday signed a bill that sailed unanimously through the General Assembly in a little more than a week to counter a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that could have prevented people from suing over groundwater contamination in Asheville and Camp Lejeune -
I just signed a petition to Pat McCrory, Governor, Thom Tillis, Speaker, and Phil Berger, Senator: Assure that Duke Energy and its shareholders pay to clean up ALL the toxic coal ash dumps in North Carolina, and don't target low-income communities for this waste disposal.
Last week, Gov. Pat McCrory signed the Energy Modernization Act, which lifts the moratorium on fracking, allowing gas companies to frack in North Carolina as early as next year. The N.C. Senate proposed in its budget to explore shale-gas reserves in Davie, Rockingham, Stokes and Yadkin counties, possibly placing Forsyth County in the middle of an industry that has repeatedly brought with it crime, heavy traffic, water contamination and even earthquakes. McCrory and supporters have claimed fracking will spur economic development. So far, though, it appears that North Carolina citizens may be spending rather than making money. The N.C. Senate wants to spend nearly $1 million of taxpayer money to explore our gas deposits for the gas industry, throwing in an extra $100,000 for marketing. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money, but spending precious taxpayer dollars seems wasteful when, in 2013, the top 10 gas-producing companies in the U.S. made $1.2 trillion. To try to attract a trillion-dollar indu ...
A well written synopsis by Cindy Humbertson .I wonder if John McCain truly understands the gravity of the choice he made. When I see an event like the standoff at the Bundy Ranch, the disaster in LasVegas, candidates like Joni Ernst, Todd Akin, and Richard Murdoch, I see Sarah Palin telling people not retreat but "reload". When I see a Gadsden flag, I see sedition. When I see Sam Brownback, Rick Scott, Mary Fallin, and Pat McCrory, I see Sarah Palin. And when I see Sarah Palin, I see John McCain handing her the "red meat" to feed the rabid right. When McCain made this choice, he unlocked the door to the asylum. He should be ashamed of what he has wrought. Most people, had they made such a monumental mistake would at least have the good taste to sit down and shut up. His mental capacity has been questioned by me since the first time I heard her speak, and my opinion of him has declined accordingly. Though he served this country, and suffered greatly as a POW, he is certainly no hero. Never have the words . ...
Educators and others in more than 90 counties in NC have signed petition to support NCCAT in ongoing budget process.
McCrooper is born in North Carolina. Let's stand up for our Teachers and Education. Pls Sign Petition to AG -
Belhaven Mayor & NAACP President Seek Medicaid Expansion: Governor Pat McCrory and a group of doctors are urgi...
I try not to make too many political or negative statements on social media, but that Pat McCrory is a complete ***
Governor Pat McCrory is speaking to the in Cherokee, NC
Gov. Pat McCrory said the Republican-driven bill to repeal the Common Core education standards "is not a smart move," using his strongest language yet to warn against an effort pushed by conservatives in his own party.
Watch this 1 minute vid clip and you'll see why the worries about
Petition Governor Pat McCrory to opt-out of Common Core state education standards
Pete's tip of the day: Irene Nolan's new blog. A summer of waiting for important decisions Friday 06 June 2014 at 3:47 pm. Some of us will be sweating this summer -- and not just because of the weather. There are decisions or actions due on any number of issues that will have profound effects on the future of not just Hatteras but also Ocracoke. There are two court opinions we're waiting for, a decision on the long-term solution for bridging the S-curves and north Rodanthe, and maybe finally some word on the "emergency" beach nourishment in that area. Here a quick look at all of these issues. CHAPA LAWSUIT AGAINST DOI AND NPS The Cape Hatteras Preservation Alliance sued the Department of Interior and the National Park Service in February of 2012 to stop the Park Service's off-road vehicle plan and final rule for the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Defenders of Wildlife and the National Parks Conservation Association, represented by the Southern Environmental Law Center, were allowed as defendant-interven ...
**Breaking** Cisco will add 550 jobs in RTP, Gov. Pat McCrory announces. The jobs, to be added by 2017, will pay an average of more than $72,000. Full story here: says this is evidence of a "Carolina Comeback." What do you think - is the state on the road to recovery?
I thank & respect Governor Pat McCrory who has ordered all state flags in NC to be lowered to half-staff in remembrance of
Proclamation from the Governor Pat McCrory and the state of North Carolina given in honor of one of…
Governor Pat McCrory proclaims June 7th in memory and in honor of Dr. Angelou
North Carolina: You have been FRACKED by your money grubbing Governor, Pat McCrory. Had enough yet? VOTE OUT...
People you should contact gov. Pat McCrory. It seems our state reps. have turned down Common Core education in N.C. gov. McCrory has decided to pass a bill which will allow it in our schools. Common Core is no more than a federal top-down education take over. That NEEDS to be completely removed from N.C. We need to empower local communities to run our schools, NOT the federal government. call him and tell him. (919) 733-4240 Do it for our future, do it for our childrens future.
They passed this "gas" in the middle of the night, when everyone was sleeping. It's outrageous. Listen, North Carolinians - all you citizens, teachers, middle class folk and minorities - Pat McCrory and his cronies think you're all dumbasses and that you're not paying attention. PAY ATTENTION! Vote in the mid-terms - ALWAYS Vote. Your vote is your vote - it's your voice in YOUR NC and YOUR AMERICA!
McCrory wants more money for medical examiners - Gov. Pat McCrory and several lawmakers are...
RALEIGH-Gov. Pat McCrory has ordered flags to be lowered to half-staff Saturday in memorial of Maya Angelou. He...
Religious Rights in North Carolina Schools June 6, 2014 Bill Donohue comments on a bill that is close to being submitted to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory for consideration: North Carolina is set to pass a bill that would ensure the religious liberty rights of school administrators, teachers, and students. If it is adopted, it would prove to be a useful model for every state. The bill unanimously passed the State Senate last year, and then passed 106-9 this week in the House. Because an amendment to the bill was passed in the House that allows school employees to "adopt a respectful posture," it was sent back to the Senate for approval. If it succeeds there, it will go to Governor McCrory for his signature. The ACLU is questioning why more religious liberty rights for students are needed. Evidently, when it comes to religious rights—unlike *** rights—it is possible to have too many. The bill is modeled on the rules outlined at the federal level. In 2003, under President George W. Bush, the Depart ...
Want to know what will be injected into the ground when a fracking well goes up next door to you? Well, here you go: you don't know what fracking (hydraulic fracturing) is, please ask me. That's what messaging is for! Additionally, if you happen to be near Cherokee this weekend, Thom Tillis, Pat McCrory, & company will be at the NC Republican convention--you know, if you feel a need to go tell them how you really feel about fracking and what they've been doing to public education.
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Great, they are going to be testing for fracking in the next county over. Gov. Pat McCrory is an *** for signing it. Ugh!! Stupid people.
This must be part of N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory's new Curriculum.
Pat McCrory. Padded pocket sell-out. You and the entire NCGA. Those are the smiles of a group of men who have been bought and paid for.
Best line: "But Senate leadership barely tolerates Republican Governor Pat McCrory because he acts like he’s some...
Skip to content home the film the crew US action NC action press screenings donate contact buy the dvd NC action Hemp offers Hope for NC Farmers and Communities Did you know that hemp requires no herbicides or pesticides, grows from seed to plant in four months, is low in labor, and is the perfect rotation crop due to its ability to detoxify and regenerate the soil it’s planted in? Hemp products developed in the same community where hemp is farmed can create jobs from agriculture, transportation, processing, manufacturing and construction crews, creating an industry that “would be regionally sustainable and revive the local economy wherever it is grown,” according to Chris Conrad, author of Hemp for Health. • In NC “The Studies Act of 2006″ created an independent commission to study the beneficial uses of industrial hemp passed into law by Gov. Easley on 8/16/06. Unfortunately it was never acted on and died in committee. Contact Governor Pat McCrory and your NC representatives and let them kno ...
FACT SHEET What’s wrong with SL2014-4 (S786), North Carolina’s 2014 fracking bill Thursday, June 5, 2014 Yesterday, Gov. Pat McCrory signed SL2014-4, Energy Modernization Act (S786). The Act breaks the state legislature’s 2012 and 2013 promises to review a finished package of rules before voting whether to allow fracking permits to issue in North Carolina. Instead, following a truncated legislative review period in early 2015, the rules will go into effect by default, and permits will begin to issue sometime in early to mid-2015. Beyond breaking the legislature’s promise, the Act fails to address the most significant risks that shale gas development poses to our health, communities, and the environment. SL2014-4 does not address the risks that matter most Compulsory pooling, in which a natural gas driller can force a landowner to allow development of their mineral estate against their will. The Act punts on this issue, asking for more studies [§25], where it should have explicitly prohibited comp ...
got a blockbuster trade Mark, John McCain and Tom Tillis, Berger and Pat McCrory for free.
I just signed a petition to Rep. Tim Moore (NC-111), Rep. Thom Tillis (NC-98), Sen. Phil Berger (NC-26), and Governor Pat McCrory: The recent passage of rules restricting free speech and protest at the General Assembly are deplorable. It’s un-American and a direct assault on free speech rights you s…
Governor Pat McCrory has ordered all flags in NC to be flown at half mast on Saturday honoring Maya Angelou. Thank you Governor McCrory. If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we die. - Maya Angelou
NC ed groups, state ed leaders, Gov. Pat McCrory & business community all calling for to stay
N.C. Flags to Fly at Half-Staff Tomorrow in Honor of Dr. Angelou: North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has orde...
Thermal Control Products’ own Colleen Matte attends event in Raleigh with the Motorsports Advisory Council to be honored by the North Carolina House of Representatives, Senate, and Governor Pat McCrory.
Pat McCrory of makes critical mistake. .
The Herald Sun - Cisco to expand - Gov. Pat McCrory announced this morning at Cisco Systems Inc.&campus in t...
Gov. McCrory: Cisco to Create 550 new jobs in NC by end of 2017: Gov. Pat McCrory and commerce secretary Sharon...
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“Gov. Pat McCrory says he supports higher standards too, and hopes that the focus of lawmakers’ efforts rests on...
soldiers played key roles in the historic invasion in 1944. More of their stories:
On 6-4-14, N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law a bill that clears the way for permits to be issued for gas...
McCrory says he has tried to meet with protesters - Gov. Pat McCrory says he has...
Everybody saying AFAM is a trash degree diving Art whatever his name is and Pat McCrory ammo to shut down all liberal arts majors
Ken Humphrey ~ "What's a guy! Thanks to Gov'na Pat McCrory the GOP is going to start 'fracking-up' everyone's drinking water in NC. The Koch Brother's are ecstatic!"
Gov Pat McCrory at with Gary Moore and Ed Paradise talking about the future of
Japan Candy Company Comes to NC: Governor Pat McCrory participated this week in the groundbreaking ceremony fo...
NC has always been at the forefront of USA’s defense. Nowhere was that historic commitment more evident than Normandy
BOTH NC House & Senate pass bill to repeal Common Core. Gov. Pat McCrory, however, is not sold on the idea. Thoughts? Learn More Here:
Alright! This could prove interesting. IF you are against the proposed fracking of our beautiful North Carolina. And IF you want to protect our pristine fishing and water related entertainment and IF you want to continue to have the best well water ever.then meet us in Andrews, bring a sign and join us in peaceful protest as our beloved Gov. Pat McCrory, comes to town. He will be at the free clinic proving all he has done to help the poor in our area.
OrthoWilmington chief executive officer, Stephen L. DeBiasi, FACHE, CMPE, has been appointed to the North Carolina State Health Coordinating Council (SHCC) by Governor Pat McCrory. Read the full story here:
Gov. McCrory to Announce Major Economic Development at RTP: Gov. Pat McCrory will announce what he calls a "major...
An open letter to Pat McCrory; Dear Scumbag, I begin with such harsh language because I already understand that you have no concern for what the people in this State really think, or want. So nothing I or anyone else says could possibly effect you. therefore, it is not my intention to dissuade you from hearing the will of the people or consider what is really best for the land in NC on Fracking. That would be futile. It is my profound hope, however, that the next time you look in a mirror, and that split second where you layer over your conscience and spin yourself that you're actually doing good for the State, before your aristocratic, untouchable, indignantly royal sense of self takes over, that you will here this; "I am a scumbag" even just for that brief nanosecond, and that you have to spend just an extra few seconds talking yourself out of it. Because you are a vapid, immoral corporate house boy, you will go too far and even your supporters will eventually abandon you and no spin or money in the wo ...
CHARLESTON, SC – Last week, North Carolina’s Republican governor, Pat McCrory, signed a new piece of tax legislation that, among other things, eliminates the authority of the state’s cities and towns to collect what’s known as the “privilege license tax” beginning next year. The move, a victory for…
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Written tests now required of fewer drivers - Gov. Pat McCrory says his administration is...
oust the GOP in 2014. Pat McCrory, Richard burr gotta go. As well as all gop house members and state legislatures.
Thanks for FRACKING All of us in NO- Carolina Sheik Governor Pat McCrory and your Republican Taliban . We will remember in November and vote your tired *** out .
I have never been one to follow politics, but I have started to recently...and it seems that the more I learn the more angry I am...especially with our governor (NC), Pat McCrory. He's terrible!
Carolina GOP Pushes Unprecedented Bill to Jail Anyone Who Discloses Fracking Chemicals by Molly Redden 05 31 2014 as hydraulic fracturing ramps up around the country so do concerns about its health impacts... these concerns have led 20 states to require the disclosure of industrial chemicals used in the fracking process... North Carolina is not on that list of states... it may be hurtling in the opposite direction... Thursday 05 29 2014 three Republican state senators introduced a bill that would slap a felony charge on individuals who disclosed confidential information about fracking chemicals... the bill... whose sponsors include a member of Republican party leadership... establishes procedures for fire chiefs/ health care providers to obtain chemical information during emergencies... Friday 05 30 2014 the trade publication Energywire noted individuals who leak information outside of emergency settings could be penalized with fines/ several months in prison... Hannah Wiseman... a Florida State Univers . ...
I kept scratching my head trying to figure out why Thom Tillis, Pat McCrory and Art Pope were so scared of Moral...
Dissent? Someone who has had enough. 'A political activist'? We don't want Democrats or Independents standing in front of tanks: I sincerely hope we can see more and more of them who 'say' they are activists, to actually 'do something'. Hand-wringing and/or screaming at FOX News dumbasses doesn't quite cut it. Study this photo below: Pat McCrory and Thom Tillis are wrecking a once proud state, The State of North Carolina.
SELC's Derb Carter pulls no punches in New York Times op-ed: With a governor, Pat McCrory, who was employed by...
Halliburton wrote NC fracking rules for Greedy *** in charge, Pat McCrory, Thom Tillis and Phil Berger; they will profit most.
Pat McCrory, Thom Tillis and Phil Berger are destroying JOB opportunities for Environmental Professionals in North Carolina through their regressive and detrimental Environmental Policies, which lessen environmental regulations on water and air quality.
Spoke with Governor Pat McCrory via telephone and told him I was opposed to the lifting of the moratorium due to the dangers of fracking. 🌍🌊
EDITORIAL: Gov. Pat McCrory should stand up for teacher assistants
North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory and the General Assembly had better get it together before Texas steals all...
From my friend Mayor Jim Taylor of Matthews: 18 hours ago We need help in getting the word out to members of the GA. Please let them know that towns needs to be able to maintain local control of what our communities look and feel. We have a vested interest in our communities and those in Raleigh are not the best equipped to know better then those here locally. The large lobby groups are spending lots of $$$ to take that ability away from those closest to the people, Town & City Councils. Please help get the word out. This will come up this week. In Matthews we need help from NC Senators Jeff Tarte and Robert A Rucho . We may also need help from Gov. Pat McCrory. (In Huntersville, we need Charles Jeter as well.) HB150 and SB139 began as identical bills, but the Senate version did not progress through the usual Committee review process. The House bill was revised three times as it passed from the House Regulatory Reform Subcommittee on Local Government over to the Senate Committee on Commerce, and it is Hou ...
NC Gov. Pat McCrory relegated to a “quasi-ceremonial role” by his own party that’s moved even further to the right:
Disaster Aid The U.S. Small Business Administration and Gov. Pat McCrory issued disaster declarations Thursday for Eastern North Carolina counties hit by tornadoes last month. The declarations enable recovery aid for businesses and homeowners. People can start applying for aid on Friday. Eight tornadoes raked Eastern North Carolina on April 25, and one in Chowan County killed an 11-month-old boy. More than 325 homes and buildings were damaged or destroyed by the storms, with Beaufort County bearing the brunt of the damage. The disaster declarations cover Beaufort, Pasquotank and Perquimans counties, as well as any adjacent counties. The SBA declaration means homeowners can apply for low-interest federal loans of up to $240,000 to repair or replace their homes and some personal belongings. Renters can apply for up to $40,000 to replace personal belongings, and business owners can seek up to $2 million for business property losses. McCrory's disaster declaration will enable anyone who doesn't qualify for an ...
Rally to support public ed at noon in Marshall Park. How does Pat McCrory" plan to pay for teacher raises?
Wilmington's Dale Williams asks Gov. Pat McCrory for a meeting to discuss the value of incentives. Have...
Gov. Pat McCrory announced teacher pay hikes "Career Pathways for teachers;" is it enough??
I love Obamacare is what my mailbox sticker said, but it angered some of my unknown vandalizing neighbors who removed them off my mailbox.I had just put up a Clay Aiken sign from the rally he held at the recreation center on Old Bunce road off Cliffdale last Saturday when I met him and shook his hand and received a tee-shirt with his Clay Aiken for North Carolina message. People really do need to be 'in the know' about where the candidates stand on certain issues that affects ALL our citizens lives, and not just the freedom stealers who give all the rights and freedoms to certain special interests groups and their corporate buddies like Thom Tillis/Pat McCrory/and the whole republican tea-party conservative legislators and their senators (sinators) in concert, bringing fire *** and brimstone upon the poor and needy of our state :(
North Carolina public school teachers would be able to earn thousands of dollars more a year if they succeed in the classroom, mentor their colleagues and work in high-demand subjects or hard-to-staff schools under a plan rolled out Wednesday by Gov. Pat McCrory.
Unemployment stop: Pat McCrory (R-NC) claimed this weekend that gutting the state's unemployment benefits has ...
By Victor Li A new law in Georgia will require some applicants for food stamps and welfare benefits to pass drug tests. Reuters reports that Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed the legislation Tuesday. The law allows government officials to test applicants if they have “reasonable suspicion” that they use drugs. The state can temporarily revoke benefits to someone who flunks a drug test, although the law allows children of that person to receive benefits from another adult. Through a spokesman, Deal said that the law was necessary because drugs prevent people from finding and keeping jobs. “If some, however, reject treatment and instead choose a lifestyle that renders them unemployable, taxpayers shouldn't have to subsidize that,” Brian Robinson told Reuters. Meanwhile, opponents of the law have stated that they will challenge it in court. Debbie Seagraves, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia, called the law “shameful” and argued that it violated the Fourth Amendmen ...
Gov. Pat McCrory announced once again millions of dollars in tax breaks for big businesses, including Red Ventures in Charlotte, Novozymes in Cary and Syfan Manufacturing in Everetts. Lawmakers still giving away taxpayer money in form of corporate welfare when they should be taking care of public services and the people who provide them. We are urging lawmakers to do the right thing this year and give all state employees and retirees a much-deserved raise.
Wow! Reminds of N.C. Governor Pat McCrory sneaking in and out of Asheville, NC during Moog Fest. He knows he is doing a lot of harm and lacks the courage to be confronted. It's pathetic behavior.
North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory appears to be getting more behind Thom Tillis' U.S. Senate candidacy a week before the Republican primary.
Still freaking out about my foray into the local TV news last night. There was our Governor Pat McCrory plugging away hard for his buddy Thom Tillis. McCrory tells the "news" that he is voting for Tillis for US Senate. Yes, channel 14 considers this "news" and airs it every hour as a news story. I wrote a letter to channel 14 this morning, complaining about the obvious bias of the so-called news coverage, and their airing it every hour. It's unfair to the democratic candidate Kay Hagan, and to every voter who is fooled. What a total manipulation of the public by the "news." Please feel free to share.
.coal ash plan is what Duke Energy wants and it adds new major loopholes.
Great event hosted by High Point Market | The World's Home for Home Furnishings nice to receive recognition from the State and NC Governor Pat McCrory
"But he’s dismissive of claims the Republican-controlled General Assembly and Gov. Pat McCrory have hurt public education by clamping down on teacher pay. “When teachers start working 40-hour weeks and 50 week years, like most taxpayers, then I will consider their pay,” he said in one recent email." The Republicans’ 2012 candidate in the district, lawyer Milton Holmes. (District 50)
Last night I disregarded my usual good judgment, and watched the nightly commercial news. There was our NC Governor Pat McCrory, looking at the devastation caused by yesterdays tornados. Homes were scattered in pieces all around him, and people cried at the loss of everything they owned. I will quote the governor here, when he was asked if the people could qualify for federal or state disaster relief. "I hope they don't qualify. That would mean it wasn't that bad." All I could think was, how heartless and cruel he sounds, as if the suffering of people who have lost their homes, all their possessions, and in some cases suffered serious injuries, is not important to him. He doesn't care about you and me at all. The working class people of North Carolina just don't matter to him. So, if you or someone you know says they are "not interested in politics" please forward this to them. Dear friends, it can be you next time, in a position of vulnerability. You could lose your job, or suffer a major illness, or hav ...
Yesterday, Gov. Pat McCrory announced that he plans to vote for Thom Tillis in the crowded U.S. Senate Republican primary. What do you think of this endorsement? Are you surprised? Do you think the Governor should have announced his endorsement during the primary?
Way to go North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory! I do hope that the doctors in your state will take notice and admit that Lyme Disease does in fact exist in your state! Dari Cupp
Heading over to the Pro-Am. No Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, or John Fox this year. :-(. But hey, Wesley Walls and Pat McCrory are here.
"When tornadoes hit the state Friday evening, Gov. Pat McCrory was in Maine for a political event"
North Carolina Leaders Endorse Bob Rucho April 29, 2014 bobN.C. – State Senator Bob Rucho on Tuesday announced overwhelming support for his campaign for NC Senate with endorsements from local and state leaders. “I’m honored to have such widespread support for our campaign and I will work to make North Carolina the best place in the country to live and do business,” Rucho said. “Our message of a BETTER NC offers greater opportunity and prosperity for all and is resonating with citizens across the state and voters within our district.” Endorsements: Governor Pat McCrory Congressman Robert Pittenger Lt. Governor Dan Forrest Senate Leader Phil Berger House Speaker Thom Tillis Senator Jeff Tarte Senator Tommy Tucker Representative Ruth Samuelson Representative Bill Brawley Representative Jacqueline Schaffer Representative Rob Bryan County Commissioner Bill James County Commissioner Matthew Ridenhour Charlotte Councilman Kenny Smith Charlotte Councilman Ed Driggs Matthews Mayor Jim Taylor Honorable ...
John Thompson raises a provocative and important question: who is inflicting more damage on teachers and students? Tea Party extremists like North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory or Se regard of Educ...
Gov. Pat McCrory touts plan for changes to state's colleges, universities at Methodist Tuesday: Before speaking...
After receiving over $1M in campaign contributions from Duke Energy, corporate puppet and elected Gov. Pat McCrory may now be in hot water as a new scandal has surfaced
Three years ago this month when tornadoes hit the state, the Dome headline read, ‘Where was Perdue?’ Fast forward to this past weekend, Gov. Pat McCrory found himself in a similar two-step – but one that ended quite differently.
Gov. Pat McCrory to meet with new Mayor Dan...
Will the New Road Formula Stick? - RALEIGH - Last year Gov. Pat McCrory and the General Assembly managed to acco...
So I'm at work talking to this redneck and I mean that in every sense of the word literally and figuratively. So he says I'm tired of that *** Barack Obama messing up my state. So I said you do realize North Carolina is controlled by a Republican Legislature and a Republican governor right he said yeah so what's up what do you think Barack Obama and his policies are doing to affect North Carolina if you're mad go talk to Governor Pat McCrory. Teabag logic you gotta love it!
N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory will tee off at 1 p.m. in tomorrow's Wells Fargo Pro-Am.
storm damage in Stedman, NC. Gov. Pat McCrory visited and issued a state of emergency. my report at 11pm
Glad I dont have WF Golf ProAm tickets,the big names consist of Wesley Walls and Pat McCrory. Maybe the invites got lost on the stagecoach?
This Thursday morning and Marcos Ambrose Fan Page will join North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory for a special announcement about the Month of May. We'll fill you in as the event happens Thursday morning
What's the deal with McCrory's endorsement? - Clark: Off the Record via
AMATEUR RADIO RECOGNITION AND APPRECIATION MONTH 2014 BY THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF North Carolina A PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, North Carolina is home to nearly 18,000 licensed Amateur Radio operators of all ages, known as hams; and WHEREAS, in 1914, amateur radio operators organized across the nation by creating the American Radio Relay League and the National Association of Amateur Radio [sic], for the purpose of providing communications support and service, especially during emergencies when all else fails; and WHEREAS, for the past 100 years, ham radio operators have experimented with and perfected technologies we all enjoy today; including television, high fidelity FM, cellular telephones, integrated circuits and more; and WHEREAS, White House and Congressional reports on disaster response such as Hurricane Katrina praised amateur radio for its role in providing emergency communications when normal telephone and internet service failed; and WHEREAS, since 1949, North Carolina amateur radio operators hav ...
.catches up with Gov. Pat McCrory in Stedman as he tours damage. # NCSevereWx
Governor Pat McCrory is in Stedman NC looking at damages.
At dinner meeting with Gov. Pat McCrory and Senator Wesley Meredith
Thank you Gov Pat McCrory you made the right choice to endorse Thom Tillis for NC US Senate. Thom Tillis is true...
Way to go Gov. Pat McCrory for endorsing Speaker of The House Thom Tillis for NC U.S Senate the right choice for...
Governor Pat McCrory speaks to the audience at IAMC Spring Forum.
GOP gov makes his pick in crowded 2014 Senate primary
Triad unemployment rate holds steady in March: Pat McCrory and Republican legislative leaders ha...
Gov. McCrory endorses Thom Tillis for US Senate: Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday further injected himself into the...
Gov. Pat McCrory said he is planning to cast his ballot Wednesday for Thom Tillis.
McCrory backing Tillis for US Senate in primary: Gov. Pat McCrory has thrown his full weight behind Thom Tillis...
NC Gov. Pat McCrory at event for U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis. Says he's "more than passed the audition."
Moore & Van Allen Adds Former Mayor Pat McCrory, who resigned last month as mayor of Charlotte, N.C. after serving 14 years, has joined Moore & Van Allen as a public policy consultant.
On Sunday, April 27, Governor Pat McCrory toured Eastern North Carolina to inspect damage caused by Friday’s severe weather in Beaufort, Perquimans & Chowan counties. The governor also expressed his sorrow after an 11-month-old boy died Sunday morning from injuries he sustained Friday when a tornado…
High Point, NC - Governor Pat McCrory, Department of Cultural Resources Secretary Susan Kluttz and Doug Bassett, chairman of the High Point Market Authority, dedicated a state historical marker today on South Main Street alongside the historical Furniture exposition hall building that was built in 1…
Governor Pat McCrory will be on the ground in Beaufort County Sunday, touring damage from Friday's tornadoes.
North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory has issued a State of Emergency for four counties in Eastern North Carolina. One look at this video, and you'll know exactly why.
Good morning! Kristen Miranda and Ashley Batey Meteorologist with you on this Sunday morning. We hope you had time to get out and enjoy the weather yesterday...but if not it looks like you get another shot today. Ashley will have your full forecast this morning. There are also several news stories developing overnight. Right now in Vatican City the ceremony to elevate two former Popes to sainthood is taking place. We'll show you live pictures. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are searching for leads this morning after a shooting sends two people to the hospital, including a seven year old girl. We learned overnight that Gov. Pat McCrory will visit storm damaged parts of North Carolina today. A guy mowing the lawn is hit by a plane.we'll explain how that happened. The Bobcats get one more shot at staying in the playoffs... And could you ever figure out the Rubik's Cube? It is celebrating a big birthday - can you guess which one? Plus we'll have advice for grilling fish this morning. Busy day. Hope you'll ...
Rand Paul, Pat McCrory highlight Saturday speakers at GOP Convention: Maine Republican leaders brought in some...
NC Gov. Pat McCrory has an appearance in Asheville at noon NC Airports Association Conference at Grove Park Inn. Closed to press.
Just In: Gov. Pat McCrory has rejected Raleigh's $38 million to buy the 306-acre Dorothea Dix property. In a counter-offer, the state asked for $52 million for 244 acres and rejected a city request that North Carolina bear up to $22.7 million in environmental cleanup costs. Follow the latest developments at
Statement from Governor McCrory on the Selection of New Mayor of Charlotte: Raleigh, NC -  Governor Pat McCror...
Dan River, North Carolina, Coal Ash Spill On February 2nd, more than 80 tons of coal ash, a highly toxic byproduct of coal burned for electricity, leaked out of a Duke Energy containment pond and into the Dan River. The spill, the third largest of its kind in U.S. history, ultimately coated 70 miles of the river in North Carolina and south central Virginia. Coal ash contains toxic chemicals and heavy metals including lead, selenium, mercury and arsenic; though these are threats to the environment, to ground water and to human health and wildlife, coal ash isn't classified as hazardous and isn't federally regulated. On March 20th, North Carolina regulators cited Duke for illegally pumping 61 million gallons of coal ash wastewater into the Cape Fear River. Who's responsible Duke Energy. America's biggest electricity provider and the former employer of North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory, Duke is currently valued at nearly $50 billion, making whatever fines it incurs for polluting easily absorbed. One piece ...
"Gov. Pat McCrory vowed to continue the fight for North Carolina’s military bases, but after flying in a Lockheed Martin F-35 simulator on Thursday, he said that fight would not be from the air.“I’m going to fight for Cherry Point and all our other bases,” McCrory said. “It might not be fighting fro...
Gov. Pat McCrory said Thursday that he is now focused on working with Charlotte officials to rebuild trust in the city after its mayor was arrested...
McCrory on restoring trust to Charlotte.
Well...its obvious to my Baywood neighbors that signs do work...for the same ones who helped get Pat McCrory and the legislators elected, or the same ones with Thom Tillis signs going up in their yard as I walked out to check my mail. I only have a sign on my mailbox that says One-Term and Obamacare...I'll bet this irritates the little old white lady two doors down from me with her republicans signs going up every election no matter how poorly they've performed and how they only criticized those who actually are trying to do positive things to move North Carolina forward for the sake of ALL its citizens and not just a select few:poop:
this is for the LeBlanc girls..Pat McCrory LeBlanc, Karen McCrory, Mary LeBlanc Zaunbrecher, Julie LeBlanc Smith, and most of all Holly LeBlanc. Remember those Oreo cookies?
Blessed Be The Name of the Lord...The El Shiddia..Praise God and Thank you Jesus...Amen...If you don't want Christian's to pray to their God then by God how can you institute laws that are religious in origin, by other religions wishing to force their religion upon the masses. Thank you NC Governor Pat McCrory for you understanding and positive leadership in North Carolina.
Gov Pat McCrory put politics ahead of North Carolinians by not expanding medicare. Pat has blood on his hands.
Cool thing I made today in class: heatmap of where Pat McCrory's campaign contributions came from (darker = more $)
.This calls for a haiku:. Centrist? Ha! No way!. Governor Pat McCrory . Coal ash on his hands
You can thank Senator Phil Berger and Gov Pat McCrory for supporting a tax plan that gave huge tax cuts to profitable corporations headquartered in NC. In turn - those corporations did not create new jobs. So how does this benefit us? "nine corporations headquartered in North Carolina paid an average overall corporate income tax rate of just 3.7 percent, well below the state’s 6.9 percent statutory rate at the time, on more than $51 billion in combined profits."
My good friend Pat McCrory did not stay for the 2 post credit scenes so obviously he isn't a real Marvel fan
Did Governor Pat McCrory know he was embracing a convicted felon, with ongoing questionable dealings, in the State Capitol building on Tuesday?
This is what he claims on his web page: "North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory believes it is important for government to have a culture of customer service and work together with you to help you solve problems." Well Pat, SOLVE IT!
I think that was your Governor Pat McCrory who did that
A good friend of mine need some help with a petition can you guys help me please?
I think you got it wrong Gov Pat McCrory states Thom Tillis will beat Kay Hagan and a lot of the NCGA support
If you were a spokesperson for the likes of Virginia Foxx and Pat McCrory, your values are somewhat questionable. At best.
I'm now being followed by the former mouthpiece for such *** as Virginia Foxx and NC Gov. Pat McCrory. This'll be fun.
Governor states that is the most qualified candidate for NC Senate! .
Charlotte store cook fired after making comment to Gov. Pat McCrory - A...
N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory to be subpoenaed by grand jury in criminal investigation
Not quite an endorsement from the Governor, but close...
McCrory to Duke Energy: Move ash away from water - Gov. Pat McCrory told Duke Energy on...
Gov. Pat McCrory: Thom Tillis is the most electable: Gov. Pat McCrory waded into North Carolina?s Republican...
Dr. McGee announced today that NC Governor Pat McCrory will be the keynote speaker at Commencement!
NC Headlines: NC governor returns from 2 days in Washington: Gov. Pat McCrory is back in North Carolina after ...
Pat McCrory jumps in GOP primry, telling WashPost that has the best shot to beat
This man, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, is the definition of evil.
NC officials yank settlement offer from toxic polluter despite its ties to Gov. Pat McCrory
Governor McCrory to Visit Burke County Today: Governor Pat McCrory will be in Burke County this afternoon (Mar...
My story this week: about Pat McCrory, a moderate governor in NC surrounded by wingnuts
Pat McCrory can eat a *** It would be nice if, in 2016, one of the parties would nominate a NON-RETARD for governor.
The Republican governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, worked for Duke for 29 years. .
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Gov. Pat McCrory presented with the Governor’s Award of Performance Excellence in Healthcare. via
If only Pat McCrory, our TEA Militia Commander and Governor, could read! I'd send him this if he could!
The three causes of what LOOKS like abandonment by NC non-custodial parents: 1) No ability to put their hands on $5000-$8000 to hire an attorney to rectify what cost the other parent $0 to do 2) Fear of the family courts. Why spend $20,000+ to get exactly what you are going to get if you don't show up? 3) Parental Alienation by a malicious parent or family court judge who allows one parent to move a child many states away and then tells the child that the other parent doesn't want to see him/her and plays the victim role for attention and sympathy. Pat McCrory
Soo does anyone else even care about the fact that Gov. Pat McCrory is doing NOTHING to clean up the hooorible Coal Ash spill at the Dan River??..he has consistently ignore it..and WHY?...because the company responsible for the clean up- (Duke Progress Energy), were huge contributors to Gov. McCrorys campaign. It's frustrating when you think of the poor helpless wildlife that has no choice but to be cover in that crap..not to mention the numerous environmental issues that it's bound to cause!.what a great Governor we have!
Gov. Pat McCrory took questions at a Raleigh private school for an hour Monday and ended the forum with his own: ‘How do you pay for it?’ The remark came in reference to the recent Duke Energy coal ash spill into the Dan River.
Gov. Jay Nixon throwing all kinds of shade at Gov. Pat McCrory on
2BC..Mark Foley and his sex with congressional pages is one thing//but now Pat McCrory doesn't want to fix the leaks in NC
Rachel Maddow reports on the outrageous anti-science positions held by North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and his Secretary of the Department of Environment.
Um, say what? Let me read this again. Read it with me: . In North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory's (R) top...
"If you're not following the growing North Carolina controversy involving Duke Energy and Gov. Pat McCrory's (R)...
In North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory's (R) top environmental official has some jaw-dropping views on science. For...
It's hard to know which direction to look in today with regard to Republican governors. Between Chris Christie in New Jersey or Scott Walker in Wisconsin or Pat McCrory in North Carolina with regard to their shenanigans I am getting dizzy.
NC's Governor, Pat McCrory, worked at Duke Energy, the company that spilled coal ash into the Dan River, for 28 years prior to his election.
Way to manage your rage gov After making comment to Pat McCrory, food store cook fired in Charlotte -
A grocery store worker gets canned on the spot after a heated exchange with N. Carolina Governor Pat McCrory.
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Gov. Pat McCrory gets cook fired for criticizing him:
After making a comment to NC Gov. Pat McCrory, a food store cook was fired in Charlotte -
NC Governor Pat McCrory, who worked for Duke Energy for 28 years before being elected, was briefed regarding filing a lawsuit against Duke for damages from the 85 tons of sludge leaked into the Dan River. Duke Energy is a 50 Billion dollar company. His instructions, do the right thing. He recommended a fine of less than $100,000. Way to go, Governor! Can't wait till you get your hands on fracking!
Gov. Pat McCrory met with Chancellor Martin and business leaders today at A&T.
NBC nightly news did a piece last night on the latest snow storm in the northeast that included a comment from our own NC Governor Pat McCrory. Seems odd to me. What's up with this ??
This morning on Jim DeMint, N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory, Michael Sam's agent, Bob Woodward and more.
~ Today's Worst Person in the World: Gov. Pat McCrory ~ Another Republican governor is being investigated for corrupt practices. Imagine that. Who would have guessed it? This time it's *** bag Pat McCrory of North Carolina. The U.S. Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into the state environmental agency tasked with regulating Duke Energy after a coal ash spill left the Dan River so polluted that people were advised to avoid contact with the water. The probe will open a window into the relationship that state regulators have with Duke Energy, the country’s largest electricity provider, and a company that also was a 28-year employer of Gov. Pat McCrory. Fascism is alive and well in America. After all, not only did the governor work for Duke Energy for some 28 years before becoming an elected official of the state, but he knowingly accepted campaign contributions from the corrupt energy giant in return for future favors. One of those favors was the rather light $99,111 settlement re ...
SUNDAY: When will this winter storm end? We'll get an update from Gov. Pat McCrory, R-N.C., and Marshall Shepherd, the former head of the National Meteorological Society. Later in the show, we'll talk to Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint. Plus, what does Michael Sam's announcement mean for the NFL? We'll have a discussion with Sam’s spokesman Howard Bragman, Cyd Zeigler of, Jarrett Bell, NFL Columnist for USA Today Sports, and Donté Stallworth, an NFL wide receiver. All that, and a great politics panel with Bob Woodward, Jennifer Rubin, David Sanger, John Harris, and Neera Tanden. Hope you'll join us.
McCrory declares state of emergency for NC: Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency in North Carolina on...
Storm quote of the day . by Governor Pat McCrory to WCNC . "Please leave your stupid hats in the closet until the storm is over!" Love it, Pat!!!
Everyone in NC at least strongly dislikes Pat McCrory. Right?
"...don't put your stupid hat on..." Governor Pat McCrory of NC. (In regards to staying off the roads.) Wow. Did you really have to put it that way?
QOTD: "We're just encouraging people to be smart, and don't put their stupid hat on during the next 48 hours." ~ NC Gov. Pat McCrory
Gov. Pat McCrory needs to prove that he can stand up to industries that pollute |
Fascism in North Carolina is now a reality as Gov. Pat McCrory extends an olive branch (free pass to pollute) to his former 28-year employer Duke Energy
So a good friend and homie just posted something that people in NC Needs to see...smh Alana 'Molly Sue': Sooo I just yelled at the TV listening to Governor Pat McCrory (NC) interview with Wolf Blitzer. While he was speaking, the N.C. Dept. of Transportation released a statement saying that all abandoned cars will be towed and the owners will be responsible for tracking down their cars and paying for towing fees. The Governor said, well Wolf, somebody has to pay for this and it might as well be the car owners. Wolf said but what about the people in their cars who run out of gas, or the pregnant woman with her child in the back seat or the people who have to deal with car accidents, do they have to pay? (SMH.our Govenor did not sound compassionate at all! At least Governor Deal of Georgia gave everyone two days to get their cars)
So what is the point Gov. Pat McCrory declaring a state of emergency a day before the storm if All of the businesses/corporations are going to require everyone go to work anyway...Goes to show you that most businesses are more worried about making a few dollars then the over all well being of their employees.
Pat McCrory NC Governor Repuke, capped Unemployment benefits for workers and cut the weeks allowed, so I asked him today is his wages which are outrageous also capped? No reply.
* Schools and Districts to Recognize Drivers and Love the Bus in February The wheels on the bus could not go “round and round” without the bus drivers who navigate North Carolina’s roads to make sure students get to and from school safely each day. That is why State Superintendent June Atkinson is encouraging parents, teachers, school leaders and students to recognize these drivers during the national Love the Bus month in February. In addition, Gov. Pat McCrory has proclaimed Feb. 10-14 as “School Bus Driver Appreciation Week” in North Carolina and he urges all school communities and citizens to support the Love the Bus program and to recognize the excellence of the state’s school bus drivers and their record of safety. To read more, please visit and click on the appropriate link under “News.”
Help NC - Governor Pat McCrory is the worst of the worst!!!
"Don't put your stupid hat on at this point in time." -NC Gov. Pat McCrory urging residents not to drive in the snow, sound bite of the day.
Congratulations to Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina. He won playing gotcha with Wolf Blitzer.
Gov Pat McCrory said if you leave your car it will be towed and you will be responsible for paying for it and finding it…
As Pat McCrory said today...don't put your stupid hat on. Only time I agreed with him! I do have to give props to Greg Fishel who said when the snow starts it will come super fast!
NC Governor Pat McCrory told us not to put our stupid hat on
Pot calling kettle quote for the day... (Pat McCrory North Carolina Governor) "Don't put your stupid hat on!" Maybe the snow will slow down the poisoning of our waterways by the largest Coal Ash spill in US History!!! Watch out Virginia! You're down stream from this one!!! Sounds like an interstate lawsuit now. Battle of Governors! I want to see this one in claymation!!! Maybe sculpted in toxic coal ash?! I can still frame it on my iPad!
Is the snow and ice turning Raleigh, NC into another Atlanta? We'll talk with Gov. Pat McCrory at 5p ET.
Did our Governor Pat McCrory really say "don't put your stupid caps on!" OK,well thanks Pat I will remember that one next election.I voted for you and really have not loved whats going on in our state since the election,that said if you publicly refer to your constituents this way,it gives me great concern as to your actual thoughts.A great number of folks had to drive today and for you to speak of them in such a condescending manner disturbs me greatly.Sorry ,not all of us have a personal driver!
Pat McCrory can't you hear Mayor Reed & Gov Deal facepalming right now? Practice saying "We screwed up! I'm sorry!" not "Drivers are stupid"
Update: Governor Pat McCrory asks drivers to stay off roads
North Carolina's Gov. Pat McCrory told citizens today not to put on their stupid hats. We did that on Election Day when we elected him! Now we are stuck and can't get that hat off for 4 years!
NC Governor Pat McCrory's advice to people in the ice storm. "Don't put your stupid hat on". Best advice from a politician I've heard .
You would think Pat the rat McCrory would have learned from Atlanta. NC traffic snarled and people stranded because of snow.
Gov. Pat McCrory has said the smartest thing I've heard him say yet, ( Don't put your stupid hat on! )
.CNN: -- Two people have died in North Carolina due to an ongoing winter storm, Gov. Pat McCrory said
North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory does his best impression: "Don't put on your stupid hat."
Soon to be one term North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory just proclaimed on national tv that drivers stuck on snowy roads in the superstorm are "stupid." How did this clown ever get elected?
Some friendly advice on surviving this snow storm:. "Don't put on your stupid hat." --NC governor, Pat McCrory
I've gotten to the point where Governor Pat McCrory makes me want to throw up every time I see him. Now, I think he's dying his hair trying to look younger. He's butt ugly and no amount of hair dye is going to change that! He's the most anti-education politician that ever got elected in any state. Time for Pat to go!
Best quote I've heard all day! From North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory "Don't Put Your Stupid Hat On Today." How do ya follow that one up? Well said Pat!!!
Looks like Raleighians didn't learn anything from Atlantians! Southern Piners ain't looking to smart either!..Pat McCrory said 'don't put on your stupid hat'. Well, Mr. McCrory, guess some people didn't hear you. I did. I left my stupid hat on the hatrack!
Pat McCrory. Gov of NC is my favorite guy for today. "Don't put your "stupid hat" on. HA!
O.K. I don't post much of anything but this just cannot go unsaid. Our famous Governor Pat McCrory just got on the news and advised everyone in NC not to put their "stupid hats on" referring to getting out on the roads - my opinion is that there is no worry because all of the stupid hats are in Raleigh!
STORM, BRINGING DEADLY ICE AND SNOW, SLAMS 'US' SOUTH-EAST : Feb 13, 2014, 01.55 AM IST ATLANTA: A deadly winter storm brought heavy snow, freezing rain and a possibly historic accumulation of ice to the south eastern United States on Wednesday, causing hundreds of thousands of power outages and treacherous driving conditions, meteorologists said. The worsening storm stretched from eastern Texasto the Carolinas, and is likely to reach the Middle Atlantic states by late Wednesday, National Weather Service meteorologist Roger Edwards said. Power outages spread rapidly as temperatures dropped. More than 330,000 homes and businesses were without power in the US southeaston Wednesday afternoon as a severe snow and ice storm battered the region, local power companies said. Some customers may have to wait up to a week for power to be restored, said Georgia Power spokeswoman Amy Fink. "It does appear that the storm could have an even greater impact than we originally had predicted," she said. The wintry mix had a ...
You have got to love Pat McCrory telling people not to put their "stupid hat" on. Say it like it is Pat!
Pat McCrory says don't be stupid to NC.but he got elected? Go figure
Love it! Governor Pat McCrory, in a press conference encouraging people not to "put your stupid hat on".trying to keep people off the roads and out of harms way. 100% agree!
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