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Pat McCrory

Patrick Lloyd Pat McCrory (born October 17, 1956) is an American politician and businessman. He was the 53rd Mayor of Charlotte from 1995 to 2009, and is the Republican nominee for Governor of North Carolina in 2012. He is facing current Lt.

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."I’d encourage the leaders of [TX, KY, VA] to consult with outgoing NC Gov. Pat McCrory" about their anti-LGBT bills.
McCrory pardoned six, commuted life sentence: On his way out of office, Gov. Pat McCrory pardoned six people who…
Thanks to Pat McCrory we might be blacklisted.
YES. This is precisely what happened here in NC thanks to FORMER (I like saying that!) Gov Pat McCrory and Republic…
Good dive into the maps of where McCrory lost while Trump & Burr were winning
For more analysis of how McCrory lost and Cooper won, read the full feature. Lots of colorful graphics to look at.…
Of the 10 NC counties with most residents with HS diploma, McCrory won 4. Of 10 counties with lowest, he won 8.…
McCrory had an “education” problem – of the 10 counties w/ most college students, he won 0. Had won 6 of them in '1…
As is inaugurated, our graphics illustrate how he won the race – and how Pat McCrory lost.…
via a really interesting set of maps looking at the 2016 election in North Carolina:
Charlotte mayor jennifer roberts handed an olive branch to protesters while governor pat ... -
Why? Did they not see what happened to Pat McCrory?
endorsing pat McCrory for the Milwaukee Bucks' Mediocre Record Is Hiding a Dangerous bigot; and, b.) the legitimate president-elect.
incoming governor. They said it was misery under Pat McCrory being their governor.
Roy Cooper spent $7.5 million more than Pat McCrory to be elected governor.
And yet his ties to Exxon cast serious doubts on his integrity. Compare, for example, Pat McCrory, whose admin was…
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the HB2 law is still a thing and Trump won presidency, ig the only good thing going for me is pat mccrory won't be the governo…
thank you Governor Pat McCrory thank you
North Carolina Governor Signs Law Limiting Successor’s Power The villainy of the GOP agenda, in obstruction!
Why not Pat McCrory was one of the best North Carolina Governors in recent history!!
That's Pat McCrory's hole. Needs it for his potty inspections.
Sanford City Councilman, Charles Taylor, appointed to the Oil and Gas Commission by former Gov. Pat McCrory. Read...
North Carolina is LITERALLY leaving Pat McCrory in 2016 and I'm living for it
Pat McCrory and Republicans passed HB2 into law, and are completely responsible for it remaining law. They own it.
Lawmakers reached a deal to repeal but the GOP couldn't hold up its end of the deal. via
I feel like mentioning Pat McCrory's folly here, but that's answering a different question, something about political suicide…
"bipartisan good faith agreements" from the NC legislature. that's hilarious. tell me another one.
Divide and finger-point, lose big money for N.C., that's all McCrory kept doing and why he lost his seat as Governor.
If you think Pat McCrory is "alt-right" you don't understand anything about politics.
Stop WHINNING Pat McCrory (R), you lost. Get over it. (Is that how we're supposed to say it?) (a former Republican)
that sounds about as unfun and infuriating as Pat McCrory and the NCGOP... Let's both move west! xD
Someone please light Pat McCrory's *** on fire for causing this much trouble in 2016.
Pat McCrory statement on repeal failure
North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory blames "the left" for sabotaging effort to repeal bathroom law in Republican-domina…
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!. America is dead. it is only holding us back.
Pat McCrory says HB-2 is a common sense bathroom and locker room bill. . We heard how our cis-gender President-Elect acts in the locker room.
Pat McCrory, evil and intellectually dishonest to the bitter end.
More of the same Pat McCrory is a failure. Four years of Pat underhanded tactics hurt the citizens of North Carolina.
Having my arguments misrepresented by NR alongside & cross that one off the bucket list!. http…
thank you so much. On the off chance I'm. It allowed to do trump, in thinking of going like Ted Cruz or pat McCrory
By the way nice explanation tonight.
Refresher for NC lawmakers: your state has already lost $650M, at least, because of
Pat McCrory never claimed to have made a deal this week.
If I was Roy Cooper, Pat McCrory would had to see me.
I'm sorry but did Gov. Pat McCrory ever have control of his?
Here is my rant regarding Pat McCrory's HB2:
Pat McCrory is making himself look defeated and vengeful for his failure to make North Carolina a place for all to enjoy living
North Carolina Republicans just failed to repeal the state's anti-LGBTQ law via
Mayor Jennifer Roberts needs to be removed from office her and Pat McCrory has cost North Carolina millions of dollars in lost revenue
However, I am getting ruined by this MOSTLY because Pat McCrory refused federal money to expand Medicaid coverage in North Carolina.
NC Gov. Pat McCrory pardons Tim Bridges who was wrongly convicted based on erroneous hair evidence:
Gov. Pat McCrory could be headed to Trump administration | The Charlotte Observer
North Carolina’s anti-lgbtq Governor Pat McCrory concedes race, is the first governor in his state to not be reelected. https:/…
Pat Mccrory is a homophobic bigot w/no ethics-that's putting it nicely. on Ivank…
Pat McCrory has officially become the first NC Governor ever to lose a re-election campaign
The ACC Championship is just another example of how Pat McCrory has lost us money.
Roy Cooper now leading Pat McCrory by nearly 10K votes in NC governor's race. NC law allows for recounts for vote margins und…
Pat McCrory wanted a vote recount, and Roy Cooper is now beating him by 9,700 votes instead of the original 5,000 votes. Hold…
53% of voters in NC think Roy Cooper was the rightful winner of the Governor's race, only 39% think Pat McCrory was:
could you please include the NC governor race in your recount as well? Pat McCrory is trying to steal this election from us.
Pat McCrory trying to steal governor race he lost in North Carolina. State election board meeting now to discuss
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Pat McCrory would like to identify as a two-term governor but North Carolina won’t allow it.
If only Pat McCrory would have shown the same kind of backbone. This is what NC used to be known for in the South,…
With Haley on board, I wonder if Pat McCrory (if he loses) and Renee Ellmers will join the Trump administration too:
bo Raleigh is WHYLING they rented a UHaul and told Pat McCrory to pack up LMFFFAAAO
This Republican demanding recount. Why aren't Democrats doing this when evidence of vote suppression is mounting??!!
⚡️ “N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory refuses to concede the election”.
How Pat McCrory is preparing to ask North Carolina's GOP legislature to steal the election for him
We manage to vote out hateful, ignorant NC Governor Pat McCrory and now he's trying to steal the election.
Hey, this is bad: North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is refusing to concede to an election he lost ht…
If recount changes nothing but NC legislature intervenes for Pat McCrory, is it over for Roy Cooper? No.
Meanwhile in North Carolina, loser governor is trying to murder democracy entirely in his state:
Pat McCrory admitted his chance of winning looked bad. He claimed he didn't expect to win. This is a ploy to stall.
Pat McCrory is making wild, unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud because he lost
North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory files for recount as challenger's lead grows
And yet the world is not coming to an end. Huh. "McCrory Files For Recount In NC Guv Race"
Campaign for Roy Cooper — the Democrat leading governor’s race in North Carolina — says Gov. Pat McCrory should just con…
Pat McCrory wants the state legislature to gift him an election he couldn't win in a largely Republican state. A re…
In response to Governor Pat McCrory’s request for a recount, Cooper for NC campaign manager Trey Nix released the followin…
Pat McCrory is trying to steal the election he lost. . No, seriously.
Pat McCrory lost the North Carolina Governorship. Now he’s trying to steal it: via via…
's LGBTQ community doesn't want to spend 4 more years with Pat McCrory via
Pat McCrory is seriously refusing to concede in the election. Dude, you lost. Get over it and move aside for Roy Cooper.
North Carolina's attorney general is winning by thousands of votes, but Gov. Pat McCrory is demanding a recount
Left-wing conspiracy theories of vote rigging in MI/PA/WI just as pathetic as Pat McCrory's refusal to accept defeat in NC.
Protesters pulled a uhaul truck in front of the governors mansion and say they will help Pat McCrory move out.
Pat McCrory is trying to steal the North Carolina Governorship.
Pat McCrory and the Republicans who brought you HB2 are trying to steal an election:
The N.C. race between Gov. Pat McCrory and Roy Cooper has the same status it gained on Nov. 8: too close to call.
Gov. Pat McCrory: We're watching the South Carolina and Georgia fires, as well.
It looks like North Carolina’s LGBTQ-bashing Gov. Pat McCrory is out of a job:
Roy Cooper is up 2000 votes over incumbent Pat McCrory with 99% reporting. Let's go! . Charlotte wants its sports back.
With 2/3 of vote in, Dem Roy Cooper holds miniscule lead over embattled Pat McCrory
Pat Mccrory had already damage North Carolina economy so don't elect him as a Governor again
North Carolina's 'Bathroom bill' could be the downfall of Gov. Pat McCrory - Salon via thanks
Pat McCrory has been a great governor. HB2 isnt ideal, but Charlotte forced the act. Jobs have marched to NC since '12. Teachers got raises.
Will Hillary Win North Carolina? Also I'm really upset with Pat McCrory for Governor, also with HB2! Will Roy…
Roy Cooper widened his fundraising lead over Pat McCrory in the 3rd quarter, according to campaign disclosures.
North Carolina’s “Bathroom bill” could be the downfall of Gov. Pat McCrory
OK I get it. Y'all can have the First at Flight status back.. just take Ohio native/NC Governor Pat McCrory with you..
CNN: N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory to deploy state National Guard and highway patrol officers in fatal shooting of Jamar Clark This 19-year-old .was
Wish I still lived in Wake County. I'd wait all day and all night for my chance to flush Pat McCrory & his potty po…
Scott Walker, Rick Scott and Pat McCrory are part of the Clinton conspiracy!
You are a disgrace Caitlyn, not because you are trans but because you are trans and support these *** (1/2)
Pat McCrory says Trump 'needs to have his mouth washed out' - Washington Examiner
Let me remind folks that Gov Pat McCrory& Gen Assembly moved to set aside 500k from the disaster relief fund to defend HB… featured in NBC s Science of Love
North Carolina Governor says should use men's facilities
remember when NC flooded and thousands of people are suffering bc pat mccrory took $500K from the disaster fund to enfo…
View the NC Governor's debate between Pat McCrory and Roy Cooper
Pat McCrory headed for defeat which means NC voters will endorse CHANGE. Take that in your restroom and protect it, Guv.
This is horrible. Pat McCrory's transphobia cannot stand, and is a reminder of how much further we have to go.
I have never seen McCrory better. He looked energetic in spite of a long weekend and had command of every issue. Strong…
Pat McCrory, please keep telling me about how "protects" women and children while you endorse a sexual predator for P…
"She's going to use the men's shower.". Pat McCrory just said this. About Caitlyn Jenner. While running for re-election.…
Reliance on fossil fuels is driving climate change and extreme weather events like Matthew.
Pat McCrory signed a bill forcing women to share their medical records with the government.
Pat McCrory wasted a year's worth of the legislature's attention & his own political capital fear mongering about trans Amer…
should use the men's restroom in North Carolina, According to Pat McCrory
Pat McCrory and Roy Cooper blast each other on LGBT law in North Carolina debate
New story from TIME in Politics : Pat McCrory and Roy Cooper Blast Each Other on LGBT Law in North Carolina Debate
Wood carving of Pat McCrory's dog to be featured in museum this month done by David Boone, Yancey County woodcarver.
FUN FACT: Pat McCrory lied to voters saying he wouldn't impose abortion restrictions then snuck it into Motorcycle Safe…
Pat McCrory is clearly living in some alternate reality. Teachers aren't doing better off in the NC, they're leaving.
Whoever covered Glenwood Avenue with Trump-Pence and Pat McCrory signs, I'm coming for you
. Rick Scott is now in the lead in the Worst Governor's Race. Rick Snyder and Pat McCrory are tied for 2nd place.
"Gov. Pat McCrory, said the law would balance "public trust" with the rights and safety of police officers."
NC Gov Pat McCrory and the NC Republican lawmakers have signed multiple discrimination laws that violates the 1964 Civil Rights act.
NC Gov. Pat McCrory confirmed protesters R being bused in from other states. Can you say George Soros? Or is it the American Commies again?
Gov. Pat McCrory issues executive order on Charlotte situation, puts Secretary of Public Safety Frank Perry in charge.…
N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory declares state of emergency after violent night of protest against police shooting
Yep, at least THREE GOP governors knowingly let towns be poisoned. Rick Snyder, John Kasich, and Pat McCrory.
NC Gov. Pat McCrory releases 2nd ad attacking trans people, reemphasizing why we need to elect
To all the people in North Carolina don't elect Pat Mccrory as your Governor again please elect Roy Cooper as your next Governor
"The ball is in Gov. Pat McCrory's court now.” via
Gov. Pat McCrory's bid to have the Supreme Court take up the case after the 4th Circuit ruling was despicable, he loses again
Thanks to Gov. Pat McCrory for taking time to meet with Deans and Chair of the Faculty Senate.
TW transphobia... but it mentions Pat McCrory (NC'S governor, for those who don't know), so you already knew that.
Regardless of terrible presidential choices we have to vote against Pat McCrory as Governor of North Carolina
State finalizes sale of another historic house in downtown Raleigh: Gov. Pat McCrory has signed the deed transfer…
HB2, still a total drag in North Carolina polls, becomes Gov. Pat McCrory's go-to joke
Every time Pat McCrory and Scott Walker scream about activist judges and voter ID laws, keep this in mind.
North Carolina republican Gov. Pat McCrory head is about to explode over today’s overturn of his state’s voter ID law which a.
NC Gov. Pat McCrory says he had verbal agreement w/ NBA to change HB2. Says GOP legislators scuttled the deal
Yes, pink slips for Pat McCrory, Richard Burr, and Phil Berger.
LIVE: Donald J. Trump campaigns in Winston-Salem with Gov. Pat McCrory and Richard Burr
After months of not seeing prominent local pols at events, Trump has both Sen. Richard Burr and Gov. Pat McCrory tonight in NC
Can the NBA pull Pat McCrory out of NC instead of the All Star Game?
Pat McCrory is a bigoted, hateful governor who cares about nobody except his white Republican constituency.
Roy Cooper for governor! " He stands up for people that are fed up" with Pat McCrory & republican senate dragging NC back to the 1950's.
How the world views NC and "Goobernor" Pat McCrory along with the incompetent Republican leadership on HB2.
"Gooberner" Pat McCrory& incompetent Republican legislators in control in Raleigh's plan for public education in NC.
HB2 is dangerous & unacceptable. Join me in demanding Pat McCrory & fully
Pat McCrory finds out that Roy Cooper is not Walter Dalton. (Thank the f'in Lord)
Governor, AG duke it out in Charlotte debate: Gov. Pat McCrory and state attorney general Roy Cooper shared the…
Pat McCrory of North Carolina is the worst governor in the history of America, bar none.
good thing former Duke Energy exec Pat McCrory is governor of North Carolina
Advocates for Gov. Pat McCrory and Attorney General Roy Cooper dueled it out in competing press releases and "on background" phone calls, i…
The latest Civitas Poll shows Gov. Pat McCrory leading Roy Cooper in race for governor of North Carolina.
Barack Obama is not a King. I stand fast with Pat McCrory, the NC state’s governor on Transgender issues.
Pat McCrory, Pres. Bush's court would be more acurate. Pin it on the GOP not POTUS Obama. VOTE McCrory out. BLUE
not till they get rid of Art Pope and Pat McCrory
Roy Cooper's campaign is getting sassy w/ its latest email "Five Maroon 5 Songs for Pat McCrory."
Pat McCrory, Phil Berger & Tim Moore probably don't know who Itzhak Perlman is.
Gonna get all liquored up & write a blog about Pat McCrory, Phil Berger, Tim Moore, Ricky Diaz, & HB2.
*** Pat McCrory? Asked and answered. Transgender Rights and the End of the New South via
I support or Governor Pat McCrory and im glade hes standing up against all this ungodly awful stuff
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thank you Pat McCrory . GOD bless you . I pray that Georgia Governor Deal had…
I think in ten years Matt McGorry might legitimately be able to play Pat McCrory as a segregationist governor in t…
After Budweiser said it'll change its name to "America" for the summer, N.C. Governor Pat McCrory decided to change his…
4 ways NC governor has thumbed nose at Obama administration: Pat McCrory and Barack Obama have a testy relationship. htt…
Gov. Pat McCrory speaks out on North Carolina suing the Justice Dept. in defense of HB2
Pat McCrory didn't tell the state's attorney general he was suing the fed govt over NC's bathroom law
Gov. Pat McCrory wants more time to respond to feds on House Bill 2 - Charlotte Observer
DOJ lawsuit names Gov. Pat McCrory, NC Department of Public Safety and UNC as defendants .
"Today we are firing a federal civil rights lawsuit against North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory, the NC Dept. of Public Safety, & UNC."
Lawsuit is against state, Gov. Pat McCrory, Department of Public Safety, University of North Carolina, and the Board of…
Annabelle Webb, senior at NVHS, recognized by N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory as member of N.C. Youth Legislative Assembly!
Gov. Pat McCrory defends HB2 and slams PayPal in Fox News interview
Gov. Pat McCrory touts economy during Charlotte appearance but can't avoid questions
Two more polls show GOP Gov. Pat McCrory trailing in
N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory defends HB2: I can’t believe we’re talking about this via
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Another week, another set of lies from Gov. Pat McCrory (R) about HB2, His hate law is costing NC thousands of jo…
Gov. Pat McCrory reluctant to say more about House Bill 2
Results from show a slight lead for Roy Cooper in race against Gov. Pat McCrory: https:…
Gov. Pat McCrory says the Human Rights Campaign is "more powerful than the NRA." says: False.
Megyn Kelly grills Pat McCrory over anti-trans North Carolina law: ‘What is the fear?’
praying for you here in Raleigh, North Carolina USA. Please pray for our Governor Pat McCrory. He needs…
BREAKING: Governor Mike Pence to enter presidential race today, select Pat McCrory as his running mate.
Open letter from trans 9th grader to NC Gov. Pat McCrory via
I wonder if Gov. Pat McCrory refers to the food served at that infamous "African American buffet restaurant" as soul food or southern food?
Gov. Pat McCrory says the executive order will reinstate the right to sue in court for discrimination.
Pat McCrory at Hamlet restaurant Jones on Main run by Pastor Yvette Jones.
Thom Tillis is no longer my senator. Pat McCrory is no longer my governor.
"The governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, pointed out this hypocrisy. After New York Governor Andrew Cuomo...
Garrett said she appreciates Gov. Pat McCrory proposing to raise teacher pay by, pn average, 5 percent. Said that's a start, should be more.
Pat McCrory is dumb.don't mess this up for Charlotte 😒.
.Pat McCrory has "a lot of political damage awaiting him"
Not convinced NC Gov. Pat McCrory fully understands the anti-LGBT law he signed
Well, aren't we Miss Manners, or is it Mister? I can't tell! "An etiquette lesson for Pat McCrory"
Thank you Pat McCrory and Dan Forrest. Keep NC kids safe!!
Gov. Pat McCrory signed legislation last week by the legislature and signed by Gov. Pat McCrory signed legislation
Right... and "Black Face" was just good ol' fashioned entertainment, not hurtin' no one!.
Gov. Pat McCrory: No Title IX threat to billions in federal funding after controversial new LGBT law - PolitiF...
North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is sued over transgender law
It's a Matter of safety for our children. Thanks Pat McCrory.
McCrory to transgender North Carolinian: "You know, we all have to make adjustments in life."
McCrory's sense of common sense is a State that sets policy for local gov't by prohibiting local rule.
Trans man exposes the absurdity of North Carolina Republicans with a simple message to Gov. Pat McCrory - .
In NC, LGBT discrimination is called 'political theater'
NC Gov Pat McCrory stood up to business interests today for Christian/trad/common sense values. Good job, governor.
We're going to get meta and fact-check fact check of Here's our first, on Title IX threats
Sign this petition to tell pat mccrory and the to repeal their anti-lgbt law:
What else has previously qualified as, "the norms and etiquette" of North Carolina, but we now know better about? 🤔
Pat McCrory is a dope or a puppet on strings pulled by Art Pope. This H2 bill is far more than a joke. Pat and his cabinet of crooks have relabeled North Carolina "First in Flight" to " NorthCarolina State Where Bigotry is the law!" Also the a acronym NC is know known as "Nibody Cares." North Carloina is now the laughing state of this country. How great would it be to go back in time and not elect such an arrogant, ignorant pig as Governors. His legacy will be limited to the man that came out of the closet as a bigot. Soon B of A is certain to re-locate their headquarters and one can also count on no new businesses evercoming to North Carolina again. And let us not forget that Pat McCrook was strongly behind the NASCAR Hall of Fame with a forecast of over 500,000 visitors annually. Unfortunately the average visitation is approximately 100,000 if thT many. McCrook is not a smart man and he's taking North Carolina down quickly due to his complete ignora necklace.l
Gov. Pat McCrory held a press conference today at Jordan Lake State Park celebrating the passing of the Connect...
Yep. NC, now owned by Art Pope and the Popettes and brought to you by puppet Pat McCrory has returned to 1950's!
I am endorsing Pat McCrory for NC Governor and Dan Forest for Lieutenant Governor.
Join us for the Nash County GOP convention with Pat McCrory. Help us spread the news and check out these other...
NC State Park Attendance Up: Governor Pat McCrory announced this week that attendance at North Carolina’s stat...
via North Carolina news in brief - RALEIGH — Gov. Pat McCrory's press secretary during his succe...
In the Gaston Gazette: Roy Cooper won't defeat Pat McCrory by indulging the Democratic Party's Fury Caucus.
NC Parks First Day Hike: Governor Pat McCrory encourages North Carolinians to ring in the New Year by visiting...
Pat McCrory & the Republican'ts have cut per-student spending at the UNC system by 25% while raising tuition by 34%. Thanks, NC GOP.
McCrory doesn't like UNC president search bill: Gov. Pat McCrory defended the University of North Carolina Gov...
A bill to legalize industrial hemp production is headed to Gov. Pat McCrory.
Heading to Charlotte North Carolina to facilitate the response call to prayer with Governor Pat McCrory...
McCrory signs unemployment insurance bill in Gastonia: Unemployment insurance legislation signed by Gov. Pat…
McCrory signs unemployment insurance bill in Gaston County: Pat McCrory on Thursday signs legislation he says ...
Governor Pat McCrory ordered all United States and North Carolina flags to be lowered to half-staff on all state...
Lowering of US and North Carolina flags on September 11 for Patriot Day. Governor Pat McCrory ordered all United...
Labor has the power to send Thom Tillis back to Cornelius and Pat McCrory back to Duke Energy. ✌️👋
NC Gov. Pat McCrory distances himself from rally to turn nation back to God
Gov. Pat McCrory signing unemployment insurance bill in
McCrory to sign bill increasing number of job searches for unemployed: Governor Pat McCrory will be Gastonia T...
Plan and prepare for emergencies, disasters: Pat McCrory proclaimed September as Emergency Preparedness Month which…
Pat McCrory is the absolute worst N.C. history. So far he's remained off the radar but his deeds are as bad as Walker's.
how did Pat McCrory let you in this state
Groundbreaking for latest expansion draws Gov. Pat McCrory, other dignitaries. More later at
It's a big day for as visits to celebrate the Health Sciences and Pharmacy groundbreaking:
Thanks to for passing Religious Liberty act & overriding Pat McCrory's VETO making sure another will NEVER happen in
Gov. Pat McCrory discusses federal challenges to North Carolina
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
. matt in toronto... or Governor Pat McCrory of a US state. . decisions decisions mattie. $HLF
Gov Pat McCrory @ WH event to honor - so is Duke alum Shelley Moore Capito & David Price, etc
Honored to have Governor Pat McCrory ride in the King Apple Parade!
Wrong, Pat. encourage innovation. Regulations do not.
Pat McCrory was happy to send thousands of NC based film/TV jobs to Georgia.
Pat McCrory tubing down the French Broad River on Labor Day ... Hope your day was this chill
Environment poised for more notice in N. Carolina elections: Pat McCrory and outside ...
Gov. Pat McCrory signed a bill Friday in Charlotte that regulates ride-hailing services such as and
McCrory implements rules for Uber, other ride-sharing companies: Gov. Pat McCrory says the new state law will ...
NC rules for Uber, other app-based ride companies now law: Gov. Pat McCrory has signed into law state regulations…
Alzheimer’s awareness event draws McCrory visit: Gov. Pat McCrory and Charlottean Harriette Thompson, who was ...
Mecklenburg County traffic makes me want to hogtie Pat McCrory to the top of my car and leave him there when I drive
Roy Cooper and Pat McCrory are polling close to evenly in the 2016 gubernatorial race.
Governor Pat McCrory just signed a bill into law that creates a permanent home for ridesharing in North Carolina! Hooray !
Gov. McCrory kicks off Alzheimer's event: Gov. Pat McCrory speaks at The Cypress of Charlotte's kick off for t...
East vs West. Which BBQ style does Gov. Pat McCrory prefer? According to his press secretary, "The Governor loves all NC BBQ"
Pat McCrory is the best governor the state of Georgia ever had.
September is Preparedness Month: Governor Pat McCrory has proclaimed September as North Carolina Preparedness ...
I cannot wait until Pat McCrory is no longer governor of North Carolina.
Governor McCrory Urges Residents to Be Aware and Prepare for Emergencies: overnor Pat McCrory has proclaimed S...
Pat McCrory announces 700 pharmaceutical jobs coming to NC.
Opinion: Filling in N.C. Budget Details - by Becki Gray Kudos to Gov. Pat McCrory and the General Assembly ...
Ex-trial judge Baker succeeding Foley on NC elections board: Gov. Pat McCrory has filled a vacancy on the North…
Somehow just noticed there's a state webpage full of photos of me and Pat McCrory looking at things:
After a brief stint in public office as NC Gov. Pat McCrory's budget director in 2013-2014, Art Pope is now back...
Online petition calling on Gov. and the legislature to act now to
"McCrory says he believes in charter schools, sidesteps voucher schools. can't pin down Mayor Pat! W-HAW!
Thanks to NC Chamber for NC Governor Pat McCrory speaking candidly at the NC Conference on Education.
Gov. Pat McCrory talking education with attendees at NC meeting
North Carolina healthcare activists decry the inaction of Gov. McCrory on
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Pat McCrory tries to rally historic tax credit support
Governor Pat McCrory is inviting North Carolina and the nation to a time of worship, prayer, fasting and...
And as if that wasn't enough Chatman also strongly supported Pat McCrory for NC gov
I want to be Pat McCrory. Blue state!
A month before he was elected as NC’s governor in 2012, Pat McCrory attended a fundraiser hosted by Paul Foley,...
Charles Belk and NC Governor Pat McCrory speaking at the NC Bill Signing... via
Governor, Senate leader urge action on different tax bills: Gov. Pat McCrory and Senate Republicans are urging…
That show should be shooting in NC, but Pat McCrory and the ruined the film/tv industry here.
Governor Pat McCrory to join Secretary Susan Kluttz at Historic Tax Credit rally -
Yesterday Governor Pat McCrory signed North Carolina House Bill 814, a new law that will require the state’s...
Visitor spending rises in the Outer Banks: Governor Pat McCrory says visitor spending topped $1 billion in Dar...
Governor McCrory Signs 10 Bills into Law - RALEIGH – Governor Pat McCrory has signed the following bills in...
Aug 11, 2015 Raleigh, N.C. Governor Pat McCrory has signed the following bills into law. H.B. 566 - A bill to...
Tim Moore Pat McCrory in Shelby tonight to honor our veterans.
Wonderful to see the become a reality for NC families as Governor signed it into law today:
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Cooper calls on Pat McCrory to expand Medicaid
Governor Pat McCrory signed the ABLE Act into NC law this morning. FIFNC Executive Director, Betsy MacMichael...
More Manufacturing NC Jobs Announced: Governor Pat McCrory and the Economic Development Partnership of N.C. ha...
New NC Law to Protect Identity Theft and Mistaken Identity Victims: Governor Pat McCrory signed S.B. 233 into ...
Pat McCrory’s refusal to expand Medicaid is a moral failure
"The state legislature continues to push Gov. Pat McCrory around, and he doth protest too hollowly.”
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