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Pat Healy

Patrick Healy (born July 20, 1983) is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the lightweight and welterweight divisions.

Cheap Thrills David Koechner Ethan Embry Sara Paxton Bobby Green Jim Miller Matt Dillon Dreama Walker Jon Jones

Everlasting's Pat Healy is also the star of Compliance, The Innkeepers, Cheap Thrills and Starry Eyes.
Took way too long to watch from What incredible performances!
Yes I'll get in line with the rest of the garbage.
TFW u want 2 C WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS/FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD double feature on Sat nite but it's already sold out on Weds!
I feel the same way about Pat Healy.
A book I'm reading Pat I'll try and find the link and send it to you.
Kerryman Pat Healy was forced into a Mayo jersey at Ballinrobe races!
It's a bit too quiet. Next thing we know Pat Dolan, Roddy Collins, Felix Healy and Maxi will form t…
A reminder to readers: Due to Hurricane Harvey, we have temporarily removed the limit on articles that can be read with…
celebrates one day early with GREAT WORLD OF SOUND
Hi Mr. Craig!!! My brother just worked with Mr. Pat on The Burning Woman!
recognizing in 'Magnolia' is a total delight :)
I don't think I've ever seen a movie nail the awkward patter of brand new coworkers quite li…
This movie is so great - don't miss a chance to see it in a theater
Important thread all about the racist/fascist Sheriff Joe Arpaio just pardoned by racist/fascist
LOVED this movie when it played at SXSW. Can't wait to rewatch it.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Omg I would kill to see this on the big screen!
Great film I was lucky enough to actually see in a theater.
Go to this if you can. One of my favorite things I have ever done. is a wizard.
Lightweight division has a new contender in Pat Healy.
And of course, you should listen to our w/
This movie has an INCREDIBLE cast! Larry Fessenden, Pat Healy, Macon Blair, Gary Cole! Wow.
Spielberg, Take Me & Directing for the Duplass Brothers with Pat Healy
Hi, my name is Ryan Zawistowski. A close friend, Pat Healy, was featured as a FO from SWA in an article by Ian Tocher back in 1995
The director of SOMETHING EVIL finally does something good: he hires Pat Healy. Congrats! Well deserved.
Pat Healy and Vinny Magalhaes officially out of due to injuries. had the Pat Healy news yeste…
The Innkeepers, written & directed by Ti West and starring Sara Paxton and Pat Healy, was released on this day in 2…
I finally know who could carry on the Ghostbusters franchise. Michael Eklund, Pat Healy, Clifton Collins Jr, & AJ Bowen. Make it happen now!
It's not as good as the first but it's pretty *** good and it has a satisfying ending.
BUT I see it's streaming now so I am stoked 4 this RESOLUTION
it wasn't streaming on netflix @ the time me & my friend watched and I was too mad to ask him to order the DVD!
Little Giant Ladders
Oh does it ever! How did you go a whole year this upset and not consider it???
Sweet Loaf Juice: not exactly refreshing, but kind of okay in a pinch!
Too bad fired Meatloaf from Celebrity Apprentice. Could use a big bump with some sweet loaf juice:
22 loses pat Healy and it went the distance . And you think he will beat Conor LOL
Just noticed that one of Khabib's recent opponents, Pat Healy, had a record of 1-4 in the UFC...
You are so money, man, you don't even know how money you are.
Khabib has 3 wins in the last 3 years, one against Pat Healy and one against Darrell Horcher. Quite the Murderer's Row.
Whether they sell snacks or Drafthouse blurays I feel all vending machines should feature a picture of
and Pat Healy in 2013? Dos Anjos is only quality win in last 4 years... he's gotta fight a top LW again like a ferguson/MJ
Have you ever seen the theme for The Littlest Hobo?
I will vote for whoever promises a return to tv theme songs with lyrics that describe what the show is about.
Probably something like "I have answers. I have many many very very good answers. Brilliant answers."
Tune in to NBC where Tom Brokaw has complimented his mouth full of marbles by swallowing broken glass!
I wonder what the answer to 'Mr. Trump, can you answer a single question?' Would be...
Turned off the debate, because I need to finish this review of SHAMELESS S6. Nice surprise in episode 9: as a grumpy bar patron!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"Calmer than you are, Dude. Calmer than you."
“I have a much better temperament.” The audience laughs. He continues yelling, interrupts the moderator.
it's the plantation in gone with the wind, Pat
Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?
Trump's jab at 400-pound guys sitting online in bed may have lost him the alt-right
Trump Fact: Trump prepared for this debate by telling women to shut up his entire life
Lester Holt follows up on his birther questions, "What do you say to Americans of color?".
I know who we should hire for cyber security.
I endorse that trump golden blow Take a line every time the Don does
"I was endorsed by Ice, snow AND sleet!"
Jack Palance wants his craggily breathy inhale back...
An 'extremely credible source' has called my office and told me that birth certificate is a fraud.
The full story on when Donald Trump and his dad were sued by the DOJ and LOST for refusing to rent to Black folk.
She just called him a racist twice in 10 seconds. Not like it's not true, but that's still kind of a big deal
Does Donald know the debate is tonight?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Trump says the crime rate is high. Actually, nationwide, it's declining.
The top of Trump's head looks like dirty snow.
Coming soon to NBC from *** Wolf;. Law & Order: Very Against Police Judge. . .
Well... that settles the race problem in America! G'night!
It'll be canceled by February in keeping with FOX's standards.
If this whole thing was some sort of John Grisham law novel, that would be the best twist at the end.
Why isn't he being dragged off stage by Feds in cuffs for tax fraud? He just admired it
Fact check: no internet during MacArthur's tenure.
Did Trump stop by Rahad Jackson's place beforehand?
Welp can't keep a cokie misogynist down for long.
I saw this short in H.S. on the Sundance Channel and it blew my mind. I've been cheering on Pat Healy since.
Matt Healy of gets honest about how his pop star status impacts his songwriting:
Actor “I have certain authors that I respond to like certain filmmakers”
maybe it's needed tho Pat, if Healy is looking to bring in better quality players on higher wages.
I remember when Bruce Buffer announced Jim Miller as the winner when Pat Healy won. Any post-fight events involving Miller is bad.
Pat Healy does it again! You gotta do this one. Carnage Park - See the trailer .
This Carnage Park movie is freakin outstanding why not much press on it.??? Loved it. Ashley Bell and Pat Healy awesome
Carnage Park 2016 Crappy day get worse Pat Healy Ashley Bell r great Definitely worth watching
It's not every day you get to watch a movie you love while talks to you about it the whole time.
@ Pat Riley. Hope you got something up your sleeve for letting Miami's greatest athlete ever go..
I haven't even received my copy yet, but I can safely say you guys have made a great movie that much better.
It was one of her life-long dreams to work with Ripley Sorbo. Also she does a lot of Ayahuasca.
Weekly MMA Talk with guests Pat Healy, Andre Harrison and more!
Sorry Pat Riley, will always have more love and give more credit, towards for all that has become.
Not me. But if you're a Genini like me, you can expect the unexpected!
Hey did you guys all get followed by after this chain or just me?
file photo of Roger Ailes and Gretchen Carlson
But srsly, we’re bringing sidereal astrology & putting tropicalists where they belong…out of business!
Untimely death or perhaps a tragic dismemberment of someone very close to you.
THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 blu-ray w/ commentary by yours truly and my brother Jim from available now!
I only saw him *** once in that documentary but provided no commentary except a little vomit in my mouth.
Did Pat Healy provide recorded play-by-play? This is getting into the realms of strange I truly enjoy.
Head's up - Taking of Pelham 1,2,3 Blu has a commnetary track with
I have some somewhere but not really the time or apparatus with which to do it. DM me your info and I'll try.
- Just saw Cheap Thrills and absolutely loved it! Any chance you have some shirts left for sale?
He's crawling around, waiting to strike.
I think you did since the body was never recovered *** 😱
*** I was so scared that you were going to hobble out of that mine.
It looks like two sheriff badges...
Wade to Cleveland would be unbelievable. Pat Riley would have someone whacked if that happens.
Everlasting's Pat Healy is also the star of Cheap Thrills, Starry Eyes and Compliance.
Pat Healy has reminded us the Side 2 Track 7 final vote-off closes at 9pm GMT.
Sad to hear of the passing of Liam Healy Snr. Thoughts are with Pat and Liam and the family circle. RIP
: about to enjoy what DeathProof should've been.
Pat Healy taking a break from the campaign trail to make out on the Grand Tier Balcony at the Met's Madame Butterfly. Gurl come on
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Congratulations to Pat & Julie Healy have announced that they are expecting a son some time in April.
May have been a mistake making the in-laws watch Cheap Thrills...
Armed And Dangerous was my first introduction to him and his Michael Carlino was amazing.
R.I.P. Robert Loggia. Truly sad. I looked forward to working with him one day. One of the greats.
Things you learn while watching a Christmas movie every day of December: ScarJo & are in Home Alone 3.
Pat Geary, Madeleine Smit, John Healy and Gary Cormier discuss the future of work
"Get a pat on the back off someone in your local after winning the Heineken Cup." Cian Healy speaks to
Swet. Okay, when you visit, dress warm cuz its COLLLD!!
some time during Sundance for the premiere/press. Date hasn't been announced yet.
Hey friend when are you coming to Park City?
Even consider putting the replication bucked in another AWS account with limited access.
For industrial strength paranoia, have no roles/access keys that can delete from replication bucket.
Can also recommend turning on bucket => bucket in another region replication.
follow up q: us-east-1 makes most sense for us on geo basis, any reasons not to use it? (S3 only)
I remember a novice chase there years ago and about 8 fell at one fence. Pat Healy photographer made a fortune out of it!
As a bonus Trump'll find conclusive video of each of us *dancing over 9/11*
Insult to injury, the gulags will be called "loser towns."
Trump says video of muslims celebrating 9/11 in New Jersey can be seen clearly behind the munchkin hanging from a tree in The Wizard of Oz.
No better day than to get yourself that bionic *** you've been dreaming of all year...
No Christmas flick tonight. Instead, we're filling in some gaps..
Women don't seem to be frightened of me when I'm walking behind them on the street at night when they see I carry a purse.
Touring a Pat Healy designed museum today! Go Bears (and Cats today). Congrats on Hawks.
The grim reality of being a stepchild.
Papa's got a brand new badge. Here's the poster art for our newest short film BREAKER BREAKER, ft.
The new horror anthology is one of our favorite scary movies of the year: Pls RT!
THE INNKEEPERS Humor/horror balance took moment to get used to but ult wonderful. Sarah Paxton & Pat Healy great together
Since you had Pat Healy on your show already.. What do you think of the movie Cheap Thrills??
...working on some Halloween art, while watching this awesome film. & are superb! :)
guess where I brought my girlfriend
Jim Bergin will be in Inch in the coming weeks Eamonn so no reason for you to wait until January
Laughed out loud during this scene w Hope this comes to Boston so all the horror fans can check it out.
Feeney then Healy. It's going to be Pat Jennings before long. Or George Best's face drawn on a balloon.
Bernie's voice is a dead ringer for Larry David's voice of George Steinbrenner from Seinfeld
There's no way to tell whether I just saw Pat Healy at the Arclight or if it was just one of the 5000 eastside dudes that look just like him
Mr. Pat Devaney and Claire Healy of Wellbeing Matters are hosting a free talk 'Bullying & Wellbeing in the...
hehe glad to help. Lol, I'd forgotten I'd even written that. Nice one :)
I motivate myself, pat myself on the back, bla bla bla..I'm bummed the one I want to tell most, really doesn't care! :))) .
Robert Lewandowski has now equalled That Man David Healy's record of 13 goals in a Euro qualifying campaign.
Theres Something About Mary Pat Healy Those goofy *** are about the best thing Ive got going. :-o
STARRY EYES’ Kickstarter campaign attracted the attention of actor Pat Healy.
It looks like is getting weird in EVERLASTING. I like weird. I like Let's do this.
Totty's 18 TD run, Healy's 5th PAT put Napa up 43-0 over Armijo, 8 min left in half
Pat Tabler. Gregg Zaun. Glenn Healy. What part of: . "Sub-par broadcasters actually hurt your brand". does Rogers just not un…
. a picture of a pumpkin & 3⃣D printing⁉️ . Just what is going down on Day 8⃣ of our
Tremors 5 just hit in horror movie sales this week. Tremors Attack Pack 1-4, up to in sales
Electronic Device Insurance
Woke up in a cold sweat.Glenn Healy was doing Jays games with Buck&Pat!!!
Pat Healy star of The Innkeepers, Cheap Thrills and Starry Eyes in Everlasting. Trailer:
technically Gonzo is an illegal alien...
Here's to the girls and boys and also myself who survived teen pregnancy.. You da real MVP Soo give yourself a pat on the back. 😏😉☺️
I know, right. As for the Beastmaster ...
Shouldn't he be dead from gangrene or dysentery or some kind of infection by now?
I'm submitting that treatment momentarily
What kind of world is this where 5 movies in Captain Jack Sparrow hasn't traveled through time to contemporary L.A. or New York yet???
Pat Healy as Jonathan was creepy too.
would love to!! Steve and Pat are you ready to come back!? :)
lip balm gave me at Our INTERVIEW with will be…
Pat Healy star of Starry Eyes, The Innkeepers and Cheap Thrills in Everlasting. Trailer:
it's an amazing movie! Totally blew me away! I'll be wearing my Cheap Thrills T-shirt next Sat.
So glad you liked it, Cheap Thrills was incredible!
Been thinking about some of my favourite films in recent years - this is definitely one!
In Donegal to see my da. Cork City ( with Colin Healy & Liam Miller ) v St Pat's on RTE in the L of I cup
My new rule is when I see in a movie I say “ HEY ITS PAT HEALEY” at inappropriate volume. Pat Healey is in TALES OF HALLOWEEN 😎
Healy says "vociferous". Warne gets into him for using big words. Australia achieves peak dumb. Congratulations everyone!.
Although his role is small, is great in He's one of my favorite actors. Criminally underrated.
My interview with lightweight champ He defends his belt at against Rick Hawn
Jared was overheard saying, "it's ok, I've been told I will be supplied with unlimited foot longs while in prison."
Fogle jokes tend to be unfunny and in poor taste. But. Well. Pat Healy wins.
That moment when you realize and are in the same movie as
I'm the only one who didn't care for It Follows. As for Drag, I like my horror hard, not cartoonish
May is great but I will hear NO WORDS against It Follows (or Drag for that matter)
I'll keep that in mind for future irritations, brother
May and Cheap Thrills should bump It Follows and Drag Me to *** off the list:
All in the eye of the beholder, my friend...
Are you taking requests for which elderly woman you choose?
If I have to sit through that Sheba cat food ad with the snapping one more time, I'm going to shoot an elderly woman in the head.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
he would Destroy Pat Healy right now, straight crush him :p Pat would come in stoned and Mike would toss him around :p
he faked his way out of a beating from Pat Healy. Thats for *** sure.
Off the top of my head.. Dermot Keely, Felix Healy, Cork Tom, Pat Sullivan, Roddy Collins
Thanks Pat!! Lets hit up the links when you get in town brotha!!
Shurgard - Chingford sign off Project Manager Pat Healy admiring his labours of love
Love it! Single best pitch-black comedy with Pat Healy smashing Jell-O shots. Netflix for sure!
Here's a pic of what I got from from Horrorhound that I mentioned on the latest podcast.
Netflix seriously needs to add this movie
I'm jealous. He is so cool! Check out Cheap Thrills if you haven't already! He's great in that as is Pat Healy & David Koechner!
Fact: John Degenkolb and Pat Healy have never been seen in the same room.
Finally finished my card featuring !!! Hope you like it!
What's going on with Lallana's teeth? He looks like Pat Healy In something about Mary.
he doesn't need your protection, he did Cheap Thrills.
We're kind of protective of him around these parts. And his sweater.💜
Creepiest moment in might be asking "Are you a Taters girl?"
Continuing my month-long tribute to my favorite unromantic fictional characters with my # 4 entry, Pat Healy from...
We used that nose bleed as FX ref for a film! And that nose is following you!
makes one *** of a creepy cult leader on the most recent Backstrom.
I have an envelope full of ticket stubs for shows I've been to. Last real ticket dated 2009, all print @ home after
I can picture a buddy cop movie with you two. Let's make that happen.
PARTY PAT HARD. Thank you for bleeding and partying and everything, Pat. We are in this party together.
I went in 2002 also when he opened for Flogging Molly. One of my happiest memories.
$18.50?! Good value for your 2002 party dollar!
I should rally write slogans for a living.
Cute picture of you. Am I allowed to say that?
One of the greatest nights of my life during a rough time in my life. Thanks You are an inspiration!
Please say HI for us when you see him!
is an amazing dude... Can't wait to see him in a month!!
Here's the latest from newly signed (33:33). Look for him on 3-20
The newest episode of is LIVE - listen in as battles Mercury Retrograde with us!
Snip snip snip... Our freshie fresh with is coming your way.
Thanks Chuck. Me too. Marc is the best.
Pat Healy loses $130k for some weed. Jones is heralded for his decision to go to rehab and loses nothing. What a world!
ones Jon Jones and the other is Pat Healy
Pat Healy lost over a hundred grand in bonuses 4 1 fight for cannabis. Jones has to be fined massiveky. Bad for sport
Pat Healy get's fined, Matt Riddle get's cut, and Nick Diaz suspended for weed. Jones does coke ... what a good guy. is inconsistant
Pat Healy suspended, loses bonus, no contest for pot. Jon Jones ? For cocaine?
they took all Pat Healy's money away when he popped for cannabis, but they let Jones get paid and not punished.
So Jones keeps the belt after testing + for cocaine in camp but anyone tests + for weed gets screwed. I bet Pat Healy …
Another task force and a National Summit. Get this guy to tender his resignation now Pat Healy is a disgarace
Wiman moved from CO to OR & joined Pat Healy & Mike Pierce fight team at Rose City Fight Club ;)
Would love to see you guys pickup Dom Robinson, James Chaney, Attila Vegh, Pat Healy, Eddy Ellis, Luke Nelson, Ryan Thomas
What doesn't kill you makes you richer! Cheap Thrills with David Koechner, Sara Paxton, Pat Healy and Ethan Embry is available now in UK cinemas and on demand.
There's Something About Mary is on TV. I love this exchange between Ben Stiller's character, Ted, and Matt Dillon, the private detective, Pat Healy: Ted: So you're moving down to Miami? Pat Healy: I accepted a job offer. Ted: With who? Pat Healy: With... uh... Rice-a-Roni. Ted: Isn't that the San Francisco treat? Pat Healy: It *was*. They're changing their image.
Compliance (2012),directed by Craig Zobel, with Ann Dowd, Dreama Walker and Pat Healy
Pat Healy made such a splash in return to UFC at 159 against Jim Miller and fast forward a year and he may be on his wa…
*** good fight card on tn! :D UFC on Fox 11 fight picks: Pat Healy, Thiago Alves, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Yoel Romero, Donald Cerrone..although he has a *** tough fight, Miesha Tate, and the heavyweights are a toss up but I'm gunna take Travis Browne!
You can't see but it's Sara Paxton, Kristen Bell Sam Levine and Pat Healy !!!
Directed by E.L. Katz. With Pat Healy, Ethan Embry, Sara Paxton, David Koechner. Cheap Thrills follows Craig (Pat Healy, Compliance), a struggling family man who loses his low-wage job and is threatened with eviction. In an effort to delay facing the music at home, he heads to a local bar and encoun...
SPANKIN' NEW REVIEW! "Cheap Thrills," the new indie film starring Pat Healy and David Koechner is now reviewed at:
Watch the video 'Cheap Thrills' Red Band Trailer on Yahoo Movies . Pat Healy and Ethan Embry are offered money by David Koechner and Sarah Paxton to do increasingly awful things.
When the money is on the table, how far will two friends go to ensure their futures? Cheap Thrills with Pat Healy, Ethan Embry, Sara Paxton and David Koechner is out 2 May in the UK.
SAN FRANCISCO: VOLUME 2 - DAY 130 Anybody get the number of that MOVIE that just hit me? I guess because of our jaded, overstimulated culture now (and yes, I admit I am a part of that), movies have got to get more extreme and in-your-face to get your attention. Bear and I just bore witness to this, watching Cheap Thrills. Think of what you'd get, if KILLER JOE playwright Tracy Letts did some meth, took the screenplay for WOULD YOU RATHER and scaled it down to a kind of chamber piece for four. That's what Cheap Thrills is...a nasty, NASTY piece of work. And I mean FUNNY GAMES-level nasty. The performances are incredible. Pat Healy and Ethan Embry are just absolutely fearless, while David Koechner and Sara Paxton are positively demonic...yeah, I believe that's the right word. Oh, and after playing the nice, sweet 'final girl' in movies like SHARK NIGHT and THE INNKEEPERS? I think this role will change that kind of typecasting for Sara for GOOD. This isn't a conventional 'horror' movie by any definition ...
Also always fun to turn on a tv in a hotel room and be greeted by murdering a guy.
(Just gonna keep on diggin' this hole.)
Just don't get it confused with my J- *** er" project, GRUDGE ***
Another great night dancing to Glenshane Country band and Pat Healy and the Enjoy Travel Band.
got all excited to see Pat Healy was in this movie I started watching then find it's not you. Make more movies damnit!
Look back at all of the major drug-related stories in MMA that took place in 2013 with MMAmania's "Year in Drugs." From Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva's test failure after UFC Fight Night 33 to Pat Healy's $130K toke, we have the complete naughty list.
I'm never fed up to watch khabib nurmagomedov's match agains pat healy waiting for his next bout hopefully he will take on nate diaz
"The Year in Drugs:" Definitive guide to notable and drug test failures in 2013
If the devil were a person, he would look like Pat Riley
Just watched match against pat healy the way you slammed him in the 3rd round was unbelieveable! You are good at wrestling bro
It's not hip to try and rob a skyscraper on Christmas Eve.
Guess being square wasn't as hip as he thought...
The Heart of Rock 'n Roll may still be beating...but the Brain of Rock 'n Roll is splattered on the wall.
My favorite Christmas memory is when John McClane shoots Huey Lewis in the forehead.
"Rustam Khabilov...yes I loved his last fight with Pat Healy and his next fight with Melendez" - Rafael dos Anjos
Yes! I've already been grilling for details!
Well thank you Metro News paper's Pat Healy for calling my believe system "ancient mythology or idiocy" . How Rude!!!
I've been seeing you every night on my TV in the Eagleheart promo.
My point is, does Costner play the Winter Soldier? DM if you must.
The happiest of birthday wishes to talented actor, raconteur, and all around nice guy !
makes perfect sense... pat this argument is over. We'll take this to the ice
 border= old pal in the trailer for Draft Day!
Get a glimpse of in the new trailer for Ivan Reitman's Draft Day!
I'm glad there is an account for that!
Not telling anyone I was up till 4am watching Home Alone 3&4. At least it was exciting seeing in # 3. 👍
Worst day of my life .. I can't even grasp my head around this. Rest Easy Pat, I love you so much. Fly high w Brett 👼💙
he's an undefeated Russian fighter who recently beat Pat Healy
Do you know that is on at this moment on Or was that a complete coincidence?
Best Xmas movie of my generation. Bar none.
Not to mention the kerosene burns and electrocution.
Sweet dude. Yourself and Pat Healy are gonna be a killer combination. :)
Congrats to LT Pat Healy of TL21. Today is also his last day. Congratulations Pat! Have a great retirement.
mmm ok. Thank you. And good luck with the film!
The film comes out in the US 3/21. It has European distribution but I'm not sure when.
2/2 they wants to watch it! I saw the movie in the past Sitges Festival, but i fear not comes to the theaters in Spain...
1/2 sorry: you know if Cheap Thrills will be screened someday in Spain? Yesterday night i talked about the film with friends
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Mostly just looking forward to 2014 because gets a theatrical release. 'Bout time.
Wait until you see what does with 'em...
Get your tickets for at midnight tonight! With judges and …
Bobby Green set to take on Abel Trujillo at UFC 169 on Feb. 1 in New Jersey Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has unveiled yet another match-up for what will be its first pay-per-view (PPV) event of 2014. UFC 169: "Cruz vs. Barao." Fresh off their victories this past Saturday at UFC on FOX 9, Abel Trujillo and Bobby Green will now clash on Feb. 1 at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, as part of the area's Super Bowl weekend festivities. The card is headlined by a bantamweight title unification bout pitting returning champion Dominick Cruz against interim titleholder Renan Barao. The evening will also showcase featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo putting his strap on the line against Ricardo Lamas. Both Green and Trujillo are attempting to build upon their impressive final outings of 2013 and claim their spot on the crowded list of fighters looking to claw at the lightweight throne, currently ruled by Anthony Pettis. Green is currently entrenched in a seven-fight win streak and is 3-0 thus far inside the O ...
Pat Healy had to climb into a tank and cut off all sound and sight before the magnitude of this past weekend's Strikeforce fight really hit him. "I went in th
"No, just down the street the Celinto Catayente Towers. It's quite a fine example, in fact. I recommend that next time you're up that way that you drop in and take a gander at it yourself." -Pat Healy
Cheap Thrills is one of the best films of the year. The ratcheting up of tension is almost unbearable and Pat Healy, Ethan Embry and David Koechner give flawless performances all around. Seek this one out when Drafthouse releases it theatrically early next year.
Cheap Thrills tells the story of a new father facing eviction whose life is turned upside down when he meets a wealthy couple who offer a path to a better life...but at a price. Starring: Pat Healy, Ethan Embry, Sara Paxton
Second Cheap Thrills Red Band Trailer A man facing eviction puts himself in harm's way to earn cash for his family. Pat Healy , David Koechner and
Bobby Green breaks down his big win against Pat Healy at UFC on Fox 9.
In a matchup of former Strikeforce fighters, Bobby Green won his seventh straight fight and his two win in the last 38 days as he defeated Pat Healy by unanimous decision.
Bobby Green def. Pat Healy, and Scott Jorgenson lost too.
SACRAMENTO – Bobby Green flirted with danger all fight against Pat Healy, but he never quite let Healy get the upper hand en route to a unanimous decision.
After about a 9 hour snow delay in Chitose because the plane couldn't land, an hour delay in in Anchorage because they couldn't get an engine on the plane started finally made it back from Japan last night. And now it is 0300 and I'm up already. Time changes can be a real pain. Glad to be back home with Stephanie Healy Creasman and Pat Healy and of course the puppies and Denali. Looking forward to seeing Greg Holden and Kate in about a week.
Hard-nosed lightweights Jim Miller and Pat Healy are ready to put on a show at UFC 159, and move one step higher on the 155-pound division ladder.
On behalf of Improv Asylum, I would like to extend our thanks to Radio BDC DJ Adam 12, Adolfo (from Toucher & Rich), comedian Tony V, Ryan Gaul and Jim Rash, Vinester Ry Doon and comedian Will Noonan, HGTV star Taniya Nayak, Pat Healy a/k/a Uke Springsteen, David Eigenberg, Red Sox & Radio BDC DJ TJ Connelly. They generously donated their time to be a celebrity guest at No Rest for the Wicked Funny this weekend at Improv Asylum. They donated auction items, entertained us for an hour and brought guests to support us. They helped us help over 975 families in the greater Boston area by raising over $39,000.00 for Globe Santa. THANK YOU!
Keeping mine too, going to be as handsome as Matt Dillon as Pat Healy.
"I want to thank Evan Katz, Scott Weinberg, and Pat Healy. Jones for Cat President."
For tonight's movie, I took another look at THE INNKEEPERS (2011) starring Sara Paxton, Pat Healy and Kelly McGillis. Directed by Ty West. I really liked this little ghost movie the first time I saw it. Tonight was no different. This movie has a very intimate look and feel to it. The characters are interesting and very well played. It builds slowly, then really delivers some scary moments. This is a contemporary favorite of mine. Thanks, Brandon Stephens, for introducing me to this.
Dreama Walker and Pat Healy talk about COMPLIANCE - |
If you squint Pat Healy looks like Tim Sylvia with his striking.
Pat Healy is fighting. Isn't that the character Matt Dillon played in Something About Mary?
The University of Notre Dame will welcome its class of 2017 to campus this weekend and a dozen of those freshmen comprise Inside Lacrosse’s No. 8 ranked men’s rookie class. The talented 12-man group features five midfielders, three defensemen, three attackmen and one goalie. Seven of the incoming players are listed in the Inside Lacrosse “Power 100 Freshmen” rankings. Three of the ranked rookies are defensemen - Garrett Epple (overall, defenseman), Chris Carter (overall, defenseman) and Pat Healy (overall, defenseman). Midfielders Ben Pridemore (overall, midfielder) and Sergio Perkovic (overall, midfielder) made the list along with attackman Anthony Marini (overall, attackman) and goalie Shane Doss (overall, goalie). Five of the student-athletes recently were named National Interscholastic Lacrosse Coaches Association (NILCA) All-Americans. Pridemore and Epple appeared on the first team, while Carter, Doss and attackman Zack Bartolo were selected to the second team. The class also features three p ...
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