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Pat Forde

Pat Forde is a sports journalist who currently serves as a national columnist for Yahoo Sports.

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You and Pat Forde deserve each other. You’re both irrelevant and dumber than dirt. I mean, it’s Yahoo…
I think Pat Forde is a true Kentucky fan.
Formally of ESPN and now with Yahoo, Pat Forde predicts NC State hands a beat down to Arizona State in the Sun Bowl…
When Karen Sypher made Rick Pitino *** in less than 15 seconds, Pat Forde was jealous because it beat his personal record time
Yahoo’s Pat Forde picks NC State to win the Sun Bowl by 14.
Pat Forde going with a Wolfpack win over Arizona State in the Hyundai Sun Bowl.
Pat Forde picks Purdue to beat Arizona, Oklahoma State over Virginia Tech and N.C. State over ASU.
Make sure to add Pat Forde to that list. All 3 have serious hard one for the Vols.
I’d put you and Pat Forde as the biggest losers during this coaching search. Your hypocr…
Check out Pat Forde's list of worst coordinator hires in the last 2 decades of CFB*.
After initially thinking Shea was a great QB , Ole Miss realized that their backup QB was better. In a…
Anything to fight with Cal, did Jerry teach Pat Forde the ropes?
Pat Forde wouldn't put up with that.
Helen Buckley makes important points here. This is about looking like we’re doing ‘something’, not *actually* making it…
Lol Pat Forde with a recency bias all-timer
Stop reading pat Forde. I know at this point all you guys made up hour minds long ago. All b…
Pat Forde is on the back pocket list.
Nothing Pat Forde says upsets me. Fortunately, I have a feeling I'm better armed than he is. 😂😂😂😂
Fortunately, Pat Forde's approval has never been much of a priority for Tennessee. In fact, I'd opine the direct op…
News flash: Pat Forde is turning into an absolutely worthless sports writer because he insulted a few h…
Rattled, biased, petty. Demonstrating journalistic integrity slightly better than a high school sophomore...From…
Pat Forde seems to have some relationship with Curri…
Why would Pat Forde write about Schiano, Sandusky and child molesting and then continuously rip…
So, let's review: Forde, child molesting, Sandusky, Schiano and Currie. Don't forget the key here is c…
Following NCAA rules is morally indefensible. *** this Pat Forde guy is about as two faced and dumb as they co…
Ole Miss waived their transfer restrictions, so Pat Forde wrote about it. That prompted an Ole Miss fan to send a…
Tennessee fans are literally obsessed with telling Kirk Herbst…
Maybe it was the removal from the press box for inappropriate behavior that caused bitterness toward The Flagship. h…
Tom Mars gives us his response to more hate-mail from Ole Miss fans after Pat Forde writes about how Ole Miss has waived trans…
Ex-Cal coach Sonny *** could be candidate for SMU job - SMU is in the market for a new head coach aft…
Don't you have enough on your plate?! We don't need anyone else to teach us morals that hasn't any to b…
Pat Forde at Yahoo just called you a carnival barker. Dan Wentzel was none too pleased either. You must…
Yahoo’s Pat Forde gives strong opinion about possibility of Jon Gruden coaching Tennessee
This looks like its going to be an excellent tournament, best of luck Pat Forde and to the organisers and event staf…
At this moment, you just know Pat Forde is itching to write another “You made your bed, now lay in it” piece...know…
Good frustration does build up with Indiana overrated school losing. Just go back to India…
All indiana losers - Pat Forde whatever his name is, the very few fans in chicago like mully and hanle…
Pat Forde first on the scene for another nonstory.
Pat Forde is becoming the new Mark May. Making his hatred towards OSU easily well known…
They played for OSU in 2015 ❔⁉️...They didn't win the B1G or go to CFP...They beat Michigan…
WATCH: Yahoo Sports’ Pat Forde talks about the making up of Ohio State
We know RoseBowel has a source. Sheridan or Duncan keep leaking to him, Pat "Volleyball" Forde and Da…
Thx to Pat Forde's catch or I would have been forever embarrassed. Chris is the best.
What is wrong with people? Franks is a young man trying his best, learning the game...makes me sad so called Gator…
Follow The Money- doesn't think is automatic for at 13-0
PAT FORDE: College basketball in state of emergency before season even starts
I understand that the few *** do not speak for the entire Gator Nation. But if you hear 10 compliments a day and 1 disgus…
This is worth the 90 seconds it takes to watch this video. Please RT
Rosen was right as Pat Forde argues here.
Pat Forde and are wrong and there are just too many people who prove the point.
Pat Forde didn't know that the . Service Academies are colleges
What Pat Forde is describing is impracticality, not impossibility. That's exactly why he and Josh Rosen are wrong.
I think Pat Forde penned a good article on Rosen, kinda broke it down with a personal story
Pat Forde with the HOTTEST OF TAKES: D1 sports is invasive and often takes precedence over academics
You stop with making rational sense Pat Forde! You stop that right now Mr!
RIP Jason Corbett. I hope the Corbett family gained some comfort from the right verdict. God Bless his 2 children Jack an…
[Pat Forde] Josh Rosen is right – college football and school don't mix via /r/CFB
Don't forget to include Pat Forde as the second member of the Mars/Nutt scribe team.
I asked for ur thoughts on the article by Pat Forde and his points. Wasn't expecting 2 get pointed elsewhere. Thx.
Stop lying. You were giving Pat Forde head when the news broke.
I thought Pat Forde's take on this was pretty nuanced if a bit too "my wonderful kid" at the end…
Pat Forde analysis of interview with Josh Rosen = how sportswriting can still create immense value alongside shift to video.
The only leak I know about is Steve and whomever is feeding Pat Forde his info
Pat Forde leaked 1st NOA against confidentiality agreement. This will be proven in court.
Chris, The NCAA leaked to Pat Forde the 1st NOA in Jan. 29, 2016 article. No one had right to release except Ole Ms.
RR lawsuit is your document for truth. Per rr suit, nation's leaker for NCAA info is Pat Forde. NCAA lea…
First qualification, don't troll Pat Forde from an official BU account
Because he knows he will lose, he is desperate now. He wanted money, but knows he has no s…
and pat forde tried to ruin our 2016 recruting class. They new ab our 2nd NOA after NCAA told OM they were done.
NCAA broke their own bylaws to try to get Ole Miss. In doing so they leaked info to pat forde steve Robertson and Dan Wolken. Not ethical
We thought we were obsessed with Ole Miss then we saw Mississippi State Fans, Dan Wolken and Pat Forde ...
Seems like Pat Forde is trying to cash in on Drew and KSR's coat tails.
Some sports, so called analytist, should not be allowed on tv or speak .Seth Davis , Jeff Goodman, Pat Forde... all 3 goobers and ***
Worthless professional. Hopefully he's a better dad.
Boris Johnson's greedy political ambitions implode, Michael Gove waffles on. As for Labour, you couldn't write the script. U…
Pat Forde, the father of two of our Olympic trials qualifiers (Clayton and Brooke), held his own in the media...
Well his kids are LITERALLY competing at Trials...
Pete Thamel and Pat Forde are creepin round Oxford like
even the biggest sports media friend of the program Pat Forde rumored to have an affair with a volleyball player
Am I the only one who thinks this might be the lovechild of Pat Forde & Dana O'Neil? 🤔
found this picture of Clay Travis and Pat Forde this morning...who knew?
I defer my swimming expertise to you, Ms Phelps and Pat Forde
loved the pat forde line. Nailed it. Owned it. Bring on ESPN.
On the latest on what it's like watching your kids swim in
Iceland victory best result since Munster beat the All Blacks!
A half-century after England won the World Cup and had a developing economy, it's luck appears to have seriously run out.
The striker Böðvarsson works at this gas station in the winter time but plays football in summer htt…
To lose membership of Europe once is is misfortune, a second time in five days looks like carelessness
need a hero right now. Someone with real leadership. Someone with a plan.
Hello, is that IKEA, I need a new cabinet urgently.
yeah she's the best. Pat Forde not so much
I figured didn't want to interview himself, so I took a shot. Enjoy, swim parents and sports parents:
your guy (Pat Forde) made light of these people's loss. Please get rid of him.
Yahoo's Pat Forde will be covering the U.S. Olympic Swim Trials. Two of his kids will be there, too, competing.
To sack one shadow minister was unfortunate, to lose seven seems like political carelessness. Looking bleak for Jeremy Corby…
Well NOW Pat Forde's swim obsession makes perfect sense. I always thought he was just one of those weird swim guys.
Pat Forde in response to a video of the horrific events in West Virginia.
So Ireland, has a plan but UK has no plan Sadly, I am not surprised but am very worried for our neighbours. https:/…
Pat Forde's kid is covering it as a jouno- you should have him in the show.
Liked this column on a great sportswriter who has 2 children competing in
As the Olympic swim trials begin, one sports writer has a keener interest than most. A terrific story:
In this piece, Yahoo's Pat Forde shows no objectivity, and it's absolutely awesome:
what if it turns out that Calipari's system hindered Skal? . A thinkpiece by Pat Forde or Pete Thamel whichever one you like better
How did Pat Forde even get Laremy Tunsil's password?
If I was drowning, I would rather have Tom Jurich, Pat Forde and Mitch McConnell swimming towards me, than have JJ Hoover helping in a boat
If Calipari had run a kid out of town to make room for a better player, Pat Forde would say he's worse than Hitler then…
Website Builder 728x90
Pat Forde and Gary Parrish think that's racist of him .
Re: Pat Forde article - The football investigation involves David Saunders/Houston Nutt from 2011 and before. Not tied to cur…
hope Seth Davis or Pat Forde doesn't see that. lol
It's so funny to see UL fans whine about Rick Bozich and Pat Forde. Someone actually called them UK fans on FB. Pretty sure both hate Cal
Is it true that Pat Forde and Stephen A Smith are starting a support network for sports reporters whose opinions nobody respects ?
he'll talk to his buddies Pat Forde and Dana O'Neil but abides to the gag order when it comes to media days.
And I won't speak on the subject unless I'm trying to send a message to McGee through Pat Forde.
I do think Sharon will turn out to be *** but that's another story
Well done on all your Awards,best Soap by a Long shot on any TV channel,take a collective Bow! Onwards and Upwards.
Been out of the loop. Has Pat Forde written a smug and self-satisfying post yet about how Louisville should be kicked out NCAA?
Pat Forde on radio contorting to not indict Pitino shows moral compass: elite white coach=not guilty, young black athlete=guilty.
on Kornheiser's local radio show he & Pat Forde sounded like this was a regular part of recruiting .
Pat Forde’s brain waved to FSU’s offense as it left the parking lot.
Where's Pat Forde and Pete Thamel on the Pitino Louisville scandal? They were ready for a witchhunt when UCF was stealing recruits.
That quote is courtesy of Pat Forde at Yahoo!. McGee was placed on administrative leave by UMKC earlier this month following allegations.
Pitino comments to Pat Forde and Dana O'Neil then they run to Bob Valvano to discuss. Same media incest that caused Louisville hooker mess.
Rick's quote to Pat Forde about McGee telling the truth. =. Frank Pentangeli's brother showing up when he testifies in The Godfather II
Love this story about swim dad and sports columnist
Do I need to post Pat Forde's article on Petrino?
SW intern Emma Foster writes on experience as both a swim journalist and swim dad.
Forde's Fab Four: How Michigan's botched punt disrupted the playoff picture: Who's in and who's out of Pat For...
These guys never change. Pat Forde "Ohio State is the worst No. 1 team of all time!" How would you like to own quotes like that?
thanks for sharing Pat Forde, have a great Sunday :) (insight by
TCU has given up 260 yards of offense in 1Q to Iowa State. I'm sure Pat Forde will be posting about their defensive dysfunction shortly.
almost as bad as Pat Forde sending his college football thoughts out to the public.
Then they moved to Pat Forde is wrong lane.
actually pays Pat Forde to represent them. Can't make that up
Pat Forde on Kornheiser's show this week demurely said he didn't want to comment on Grier. Didn't stop him w Jameis & Dalvin. ***
Week 7 picks from Pat Forde baked fresh for you
Matt Jones is what Pat Forde is to Louisville . Call them out please . God please
Something I didn't think I'd be doing today: searching for Pat Forde's keys.
The great Pat Forde is writing about UofM football. Dammit we made it!!!
Pat Forde just said his NCAA playoff is Alabama, Michigan, Baylor, and Ohio State.
I just figured out that Pat Forde was in with - it wasn't Blake Clark after all
Jesus, with each passing day Pat Forde is looking more like the weird love child of Jimmy Durante and Karl Malden:
Wetzel to Forde podcast: Does Alabama have a QB problem?: In the latest podcast, Dan Wetzel and Pat Forde diss...
Lexington Herald writers would be Pat Forde and Rick Bozich.
SBD: Steve Ballmer forging ahead with plans for OTT service … Pat Forde previewing college football from Singapore. $
Says Forde, Pat Haden has done everything but win. The occasional reader of Forde's says, he has yet to write a winning story.
Didn't he take over during the sanctions? Forde sounds like he's reaching for straws here. 
Pat Forde is such a god awful commentator. Being ignorantly cynical, shortsighted, and whiny on anything =
Dan Wolken reading a Pat Forde column like
Its actually the 2nd negative column written by Forde in regards to Pat Haden.
My dawg Forde callin it for realz on Teflon Pat.
"Pat Forde chastised me for seeing my dad"
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after calling out the Waco media, the Boise media better beware the upcoming blame game from Pat Forde!
Cheick Diallo still not eligible. Maybe that's why he picked Kansas. He knew if he picked UK, Pat Forde would write a novel about this.
Pat Forde takes a snapshot look at the Pac-12 for and proclaims Chris Petersen as best coach:
I have begun to think that Pat Forde, Mac Engel and Chip Brown are the same person.sharing one brain.
Yahoo Sports expert Pat Forde breaks down everything you need to know about the Pac-12 for this season.
vs. Auburn on 'most intriguing' games list:.
It is the same mentality as seen with Mac Engel, Pat Forde, etc.
thanks for sharing Pat Forde, have a great Monday :) (insight by
Pat Forde lists SEC contests among the "Most Intriguing Games" of 2015
Cards vs Tigers make Pat Forde's list of the 21 most intriguing games of the 2015 season.
U of L-Auburn on 'most intriguing' games list
U of L-Auburn game is included in 's list of the season's 'most intriguing' games
Pat Forde is not a good human being.
Seth Greenberg puts Pat Forde on blast for latest John Calipari criticism
Two great sportswriters at work on Tiger: Pat Forde quotes Dave Kindred, who recalls the fall of Muhammad Ali. featured in NBC s Science of Love
That's how I'd base my picks, that who played at Kentucky, and whoever Pat Forde dislikes, and I'd consider hotness of gf/wife
It's obvious that Pat Forde and Dana O'Neil are not on that committee of voters.
people moan about David Forde could be worse we could have Pat Cuff in goal
.first Dan Patrick, Pat Forde and Bruce Feldman, now Simmons. No reason for me to even visit anymore
I bet Pat Forde would say that with a straight face.
I know right. They completely reduced Pat Forde's air time & just made him a ESPN writer when he refused to just be a puppet
y'all get a lot right but don't lie that you had it first. Pat Forde had it first
According to Pat Forde, LaTech's Michael White is the top candidate for the job.
REPORT: Florida Gators targeting Michael White: Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports reported that Louisiana...
Mike White a leading candidate for job according to Pat Forde.
Pat Forde on NCAA administrators overreacting to grad transfers: They're also overreacting to "one-and-done."
Pat Forde Munster Martial Arts in studio with three students, on recent success
My team of doctors has recommended avoiding anything by Pat Forde or Dana O’Neil to prevent dramatic blood pressure spikes.
Add Yahoo's Pat Forde to the people scratching their heads over the NCAA's graduate transfer dust-up:
Apparently Thornton reclassifying is a major issue to Pat Forde who doesn't understand he is going back to his original class
Yes. Try to stop the schools from gaming it. Pat Forde had a nice article today about this and reclassifying in HS.
I got 5 on Deadspin, Christine Brennan, & Pat Forde being madder than Fox News when Obama Got Elected around 8pm-ish.
John Calipari named NABC National Coach of the Year. Pat Forde responds:
Great piece by Pat Forde, who should probably expect a call from Boeheim:
I’d rather listen to Jeff Goodman, Pat Forde call a UK game with the sideline reporter being Pete Thamel than any woman
Jus read Pat Forde "Forde yard dash" yahoo today best line "coach least likely...mike leach he prefers to send them to the equ…
If we send Clay Travis, Pat Forde, and Mark Schlabach to California, I'm pretty sure their tears could end the drought.
Join us for DP Show in NYC Wednesday w/ Grant Hill, Kurt Warner, Rich Eisen, Pat Forde, and an in-studio visit from Darius Rucker
Good takes by Pat Forde. Love the term "Bo Plateau."
that would be a toss up b/w Clay Travis, Darren Rovell and Pat Forde
wonder if Pete Thamel or Pat Forde have any thoughts re Bledsoe's success? :)
I will be chatting over at for first half of the Green Bay-Seattle. Follow along. Pat Forde will handle second.
stAte coach Blake Anderson receives an 'A' grade from Pat Forde in his coaching debut. via
Best Case / Worst Case: The possible extremes for AFC East teams in 2014 By cover32 Staff Prior to the start of the NCAA Tournament, Yahoo’s Pat Forde pens a great column where he outlines both the dream scenario and worst nightmare for every team in the field. It’s a great read, something that serves as the perfect primer for the Big Dance. And he keeps it real. Forde doesn’t say that every team’s best-case scenario is to win the national title; that’s not realistic. And he doesn’t paint a picture where the ultimate doom is losing to a lower seed. Instead, he maps out a high and a low that could actually happen, providing some great food for thought before the first games tip off. With a tip of the cap to Forde, the editors of cover32 will spend the next eight weeks breaking down each division in the NFL, providing a best-case and worst-case scenario for each team. We start today with the AFC East: BUFFALO BILLS Best Case: The Bills benefit from two big distractions being removed from the loc ...
Cuonzo Martin’s departure highlights Tennessee's immense level of dysfunction via Pat Forde is an ***
There's a 95% chance that Pat Forde and Rick Pitino are in that bed that they made.
And while we're talking about Marshall, an excellent piece from Pat Forde:
Yahoo Sports’ Pat Forde br0ke the news this evening that Buzz Williams will be the next men’s basketball head coach of the Virginia Tech Hokies. This is a big time hire for the Hokies which was not expected when the Hokies started this search earlier this week. Whit Babcock has made a big time hire…
I like BS Report and Bill Burr. Yahoo has one I want to try with Dan Wetzel and Pat Forde. The Pat Boyle one looks good too.
Oooohwe…that time Pat Forde went scorched earth on John Calipari:
I know it's late for some of you...but Pat Forde demolished John Calipari in this column -
Big thank you to Pat Forde, Dan Issel,Collier Mills, Andy Carter and Matt Bradford for being on The Mills Show today. Podcast should be up shortly.
Pat Forde went to Mizzou. A truly surprising development.
"Man, know who's a good sports writer? Pat Forde." -no one
Pat Forde is a retard. No wonder ESPN fired him.
Pat Forde gonna Skip Bayless "Baylor gonna . Nah. No shame losing to KU in Phog when out-of-bounds lines only for home team.”
lol Pat Forde crying about the out of bounds play that wasn't called
I don’t think Pat Forde should be alone tonight. “Charlie Strong informed UL AD Tom Jurich tonight he wa…
Was Mike Stewart possessed by pat forde during that game?
Pat Forde is an *** I hope he wears that title proudly.
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Pat Forde gonna Pat Forde (as in you get off on trolling Baylor. Very professional of you)
What a troll. Pat Forde just couldn't wait for Baylor to lose.
Talking about David Kaye. The guy who got into it with Pat Forde after TTU game
Pat Forde of Yahoo: Power conferences are poised for their own voting block within the NCAA:
According to Yahoo's Pat Forde, there is growing momentum for the power conferences to break off into a new NCAA division:
Wouldn't be surprising considering it's Pat Forde. Once wrote Dave Doeren "spurned AU for NC State" when AU didn't want him.
Pat Forde: NCAA too reluctant to give student-athletes a voice and a vote
Pat Forde of Yahoo: NCAA athletes should have a say in NCAA governance:
Off to watch the Strikers SMASH the Scorchers at the waca with Pat Forde!
Pat Forde said that Arkansas' bench was SCREAMING for a foul...
Certain Big Ten student sections would do well to consider this article from Pat Forde:
Pat Forde seems to have something out for us.
you can do that and be a fan. Most national reporters have their teams. IE Pat Forde
There are actually people who still follow Pat Forde? Yeesh...
Pat Forde ain't hiding his KU hate tonight. Mizzou grad, so I'm not shocked.
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Pat Forde now up 1 with :36.5 left. Duke/Carolina axis of power in danger of going 1-6 to start ACC play.
Pat Forde points out in question to Billy Donovan on SEC teleconference that he's only active coach under age 50 with a national title.
Pat Forde listening to SEC teleconference, wonder if he'll have any ?'s for Cal
BBN News: Hey, look, Pat Forde showed up - We were beginning to wonder if we'd ever hear from Pat Forde about the Bobby Petrino hire at Louisville, ya know, since he blasted Petrino back in 2007. Would Forde run and hide this week to avoid being critical of his favorite university? Or would he own up to what he wrote before and question []
December 11, 2007. Noted UL homer Pat Forde writes about Bobby Petrino, "But a little success can be a dangerous thing. It might tempt some deluded and desperate school to offer Bobby Petrino a job -- and that's a temptation the disingenuous drifter is powerless to resist." (Article- couldn't describe the University of Louisville better myself.
Multiple reports, following Yahoo's Pat Forde, are saying that Bobby Petrino -- liar, scoundrel, indifferent recruiter, proven winner -- will be the new head coach at Louisville, the very program he ditched in 2006 for a short stint with the Atlanta Falcons.
According to Pat Forde of Yahoo, what began as just merely a rumor of Bobby Petrino returning to the Louisville Cardinals as head coach has now turned into a reality. Forde is reporting that Petrino returning is very close to happening. Y sources: Petrino hiring imminent at Louisville
Our discussion with Pat Forde minutes after he broke the news that Bobby Petrino is coming back to Louisville:
Pat Forde is reporting the BP to Louisville deal is complete.
Per Pat Forde BP deal to Louisville is complete.
"If he's the same Bobby Petrino who was here before, it's a bad hire." --Pat Forde
ESPN and Yahoo's Pat Forde both report Petrino is the new coach at UofL. What do you think? Good hire/bad hire???
BREAKING- Louisville is expected to hire Bobby Petrino for his second stint as head football coach, according to Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports.
And there it is ... Petrino to Louisville reported by Pat Forde ... And we are getting destroyed by national media which was to be expected. Tom has a lot of credibility but has put a lot on the line. Hang on! Going to be a wild ride! Go Cards!
Bobby Patrino just named Louisville Cardnial's new head coach. Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports just spilled the beans
Bobby Petrino is set to return to Louisville per Pat Forde. Amazing.
Pat Forde reports that Bobby Petrino has been hired at Louisville. Welcome home, Bobby!
I am now taking bookings for school workshops & parent talks for this term . If you are interested in having with Pat Forde at your childs school please don't hesitate to get in contact. Also have time slots available for family help sessions. School workshops are available nationwide .
Why are we Pat forde and all these other guys worried about how Charlie Strong handles media and boosters and all this other crap. CAN HE COACH AND RECRUIT!!?? YES!! I don't care how he handles the boosters. Hire somebody to handle them rich biatches. I just want Texas to go back to the ship!! SHOT!!
Louisville fans oh how you forget For all UL fans calling to bring back Bobby Petrino read this. As Petrino began to build Louisville into one of the best offensive teams in the country, he also continued his practice of secretly meeting with other teams about their head coaching positions in the middle of the season. According to Yahoo Sports' Pat Forde, Petrino met with Florida, Mississippi, and Notre Dame officials about their head coaching positions during the 2004 season. For the Notre Dame meeting, he even used the same airport location as the meeting he had with Auburn officials from the year before. Then five days after signing a large contract extension with Louisville, Petrino interviewed for the head coaching position at LSU (which eventually went to Les Miles). and this is just at UL. He walked out on you and tried to leave every year. Left during the middle of the year at Atlanta for Arkansas. At Arkansas he was fired for lying to the university after have a motorcycle wreck with a ex volley ...
Pat Forde -- wanted to make sure you see that you are mentioned in this "Downton Abbey" recap from Entertainment Weekly. From ESPN and Tubby Smith to Lady Mary -- that's really something!
Dear Charlie Strong, as a Longhorn fan, I welcome you with open arms. But I beg you to please read this article... Because I wholeheartedly agree and if you don't take it to heart there will be TWO great colleges with broken hearts. -"Charlie Strong has earned everything he's gotten, but Texas is the wrong fit for him" Yahoo Sports By Pat Forde
Written by J.M. Comer November 13, 2007 after Saban’s first season at Bama. There are some corrections and additions to this article that I made to bring the Sabanator up to date. The University of Alabama’s head football coach. Author. Husband. Father. The Lord of Sabanation. The Sabanator. Saint Saban. The $4 million man, correction now the 7 million dollar man. A man of few words and seemingly fewer suits. But what is a man? Some say it means being prepared to do the right thing, whatever the price. Jeffery Lebowski, co-author of the original Port Huron Statement, jests it takes that and a pair of *** What makes a good coach? A curtailed look at Nick Saban’s years as a head football coach offers us this information: * Entering this weekend’s game, his overall coaching record stands at 98-46-1. * Before becoming head coach this year at Alabama his college coaching stints were at Toledo (1990), Michigan State (1995-99) and LSU (2000-04). As the coach at Michigan State, his record against r ...
Pat Forde Sports source: Charlie Strong has informed Louisville he is leaving for Texas. Announcement expected Sunday.
Pat Forde says Strong would be the "worst fit for Texas" because too many people care about Longhorns. Translation: Nob…
"[Charlie] Strong would, in fact, be the absolute worst fit for the job anyway. He is the anti-Mack Brown, completely averse to extensive interaction with media and boosters. Strong is from the Greta Garbo school – he wants to be left alone. That wouldn't fly at Longhorn Network University. If he's hired, you're free to wonder whether the people involved with the search asked the right questions and got the right answers..." -Pat Forde, Yahoo Sports.
Strong to Texas is not confirmed yet. According to pat forde. He's a Louisville guy id believe what he says
Pat Forde Tree poisoner. Tea bagger. Flying female kick attacker. I don't know where this idea comes from that Alabama fans are crazy.
NATIONAL writers -- Yahoo!: Dantonio said to dream big and that's exactly what they're doing. The dream has gotten so big, in fact, that people don't think the national championship is out of the question as things move forward. "Michigan State simply was the better team in this Rose Bowl. And *** near the best team in this 2013 season," columnist Pat Forde wrote. "Now a can't-do program that had no business aspiring to a national title for nearly 50 years can do so again. The improbable dream may actually be within reach in 2014." -- Sports Illustrated: Columnist Pete Thamel comes right out and says it: Michigan State is no longer the little brother. "As the locker room dance party spread from Pasadena to East Lansing, Spartans everywhere basked in the victory," Thamel wrote. "Cue the music, as this new era in Spartans football already has a soundtrack." -- ESPN: The words 'Michigan State' and 'elite' are usually reserved for sentences regarding the basketball program. But Adam Rittenberg says the Spart ...
Ah, the old Peach Bowl. Reminds me of my distain for Clemson, seeing first hand how you never return a turnover when you have the lead late in the game, a la Marty Moore, "sleeping" in the Atlanta airport, and sitting in the Georgia Dome press box between Rick Bozich and Pat Forde.
I would like to commission an Eric Crawford - Pat Forde - Doug Gottlieb human centipede and donate it to UofL
Pat Forde on Apple Cup game: Washington State-Washington (12) . Stakes, on a scale of 1-5: 3. For the first time since 2002, both teams come into the game bowl-eligible. Huskies coach Steve Sarkisian and his job security could use a win to get off the seven-victory plateau he’s been on for three straight seasons. Heat, on a scale of 1-5: 2.5. The longer Mike Leach is in Pullman and the better the Cougars get, the feistier this rivalry should be. He brings it out in the opposition, and in himself. All-time series: Washington leads 67-32-6, but the Cougars pulled the upset last year on the Paloose. Dash pick: Washington State 41, Washington 37. Make it a third impressive road victory for the Cougars in 2013. And get Sarkisian a good set of earplugs for when he walks off the field
The Jameis Winston story is tough to write about now, but man do Yahoo's Pat Forde and Dan Wetzel do a great job.
did you see this article from Dan Wetzel & Pat Forde
Great article by Pat Forde and Dan Wetzel... Guy deciding Jameis charges is FSU UG and Law Graduate. RT
Pat Forde take on Hand and Michigan Trust me, Mich fans, Hoke is a more talent developer than recruiter.
Guys like Keith Olbermann or Pat Forde would have ignored me and moved on. This guy is still trying to get over on me. But like Nick Foles, I keep throwing it to the end zone over his defense.
Wait... there is no way Jim Rome aka Rome is Burning and Pat Forde from The Dash are pals.
Watch the video Marcus Mariota makes statement in Oregon win on Yahoo Sports . Yahoo Sports’ Pat Forde weighs in on the Ducks’ 45-24 victory over the Washington Huskies.
Good read by Pat Forde but I'm not sure Rick Perry would get "Roll, tears, roll." More like, "Roll, tears ...uh ...uh... There were three.."
Forde on Dawgs' win: Inside, YAHOO national writer Pat Forde gives his take on Georgia's win over South Carolina.
Yeah, but reputable CFB guys like Pat Forde, Matt Hayes and Tony Barnhart have been critical, too.
Hear what coach Dabo Swinney told Pat Forde and Dan Wetzel about his team's matchup with LISTEN:
Yahoo's Pat Forde and I have an emerging bromance. And the Butch Jones Song is at the center of it.
seen this yet? Ames, IA worst town in Big 12 according to Pat Forde...
Pat Forde looks at the SEC in a glance.
Pat Forde of on SportsTalk: thinks SEC will win 8th consecutive national title with Alabama the favorite ..
Jones Featured On Yahoo! Sports Front Page: Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports was in Knoxville on Monday and spent ti...
For all you UT fans that are hanging on to Butch's every word and taking it Brick by Brick. The Best Pat Forde column
Pat Forde (talks bricks with Butch Jones. Check out the column:
pathetic. Pat Forde picks an argument with famous college KID & you report it.What an accomplishment,like a Heisman
Urban Meyer doing the full ESPN media junket today. Under Tressel it would have been a panel of Bruce Hooley, Pat Forde & a potted plant.
Yahoo! Sports' Pat Forde (is with us on the show now. You can listen in at
He is now a national media analyst and FOX1 has their own Mark May or Pat Forde. Ignoring is not an option.
Pat forde is an *** he is a shyt columnist and jealous of JFF success
you know Pat Forde was know as Pat Edward 40 in Northgate that 1 time.
Why does Pat Forde gotta do my boy dirty like that?
Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports lists Bobby Petrino as one of college football's most intriguing coaches:.
Interested what Ole Miss fans think when journalists/broadcasters refuse to say Ole Miss and say "Mississippi". Pat Forde the newest one
It's a good thing we've got people like Pat Forde to tell people how they should behave.
Pat Forde running his mouth on & then making a backward comment about his intelligence is classy. What journalistic integrity.
Pat Forde is one of those *** who never partied Keep your awful opinions to yourself ***
Pat Forde is a swim parent. A hardcore, overly obsessed swim parent. I’m not sure I would like him any more.
did you see Pat Forde's story on Teddy Bridgewater today?
Yahoo's Pat Forde interviewed Teddy Bridgewater back in June and put together this great piece
Nothing has improved my TL more than unfollowing Seth Davis, Doug Gottlieb, Darren Rovell, and Pat Forde.
Judge for yourself re:NCAA structure Pat Forde: Me last year:
Richard Pitino & Steve Masiello did not illegally release Bledsoe's transcripts to Pat Forde and Pete Thamel
VIDEO: Forde, Anthony say Pitino had the best week ever: Yahoo! Sports' Pat Forde and Greg Anthony met on the ...
Also LOL-worthy: Pat Forde in 2009 calling the end of the Billy Gillispie era the "Black Friday in the commonwealth"
I do my best to ignore glorified internet trolls like him. Hence why I ignore others like Pat Forde, Pete Thamel, etc.
Pat Forde is the Piers Morgan of college sports writers. And Piers would be more upset about the comparison.
If ya get me one might as well get Gary Parrish one, Andy Katz, Jay Williams, Pat Forde get the idea
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