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Pat Butcher

Patricia Louise Pat Evans (née Harris; previously Beale, Wicks and Butcher, and occasionally referred to in the British media as Fat Pat) is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

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After today I don't have to work until Thursday. I'm as happy as Pat butcher in that ice cream van that time.
Pat Butcher is my Spirit Animal crystal and glitter embelished by littleMclothing via
ffs please don't say you think I am like Pat Butcher .
This sounds amazing. Looks like he’s waiting for Pat Butcher going by the decor ;)
they look good on Willow. If I wore them i'd look like Pat Butcher's great aunt
😂 Pat Butcher centred in a star burst of all the different earrings she's ever worn ... now that would be special. And beautiful
It will either involve vampire-killing or cats. Or Pat Butcher. Possibly all three.
Downloaded this Sans Regular by Check it out
I love big earrings. Channelling my inner Pat Butcher!
People down here more butcher than Pat. Myself included
What's Pat Butcher from Eastenders doing in the picture? 😁😁😁
I BLOODY LOVE ANIMAL PRINT. Probably more than Pat Butcher and Kate Moss together.
Can't stand them massive ear ring hoops make girls look like pat butcher
Poss controversial also but never keen on EastEnders . S'times was funny but unintentionally (i.e Frank/Pat Butcher).
Just watching Billy Conelly's tracks across the USA, Blow me he's interviewing Pat Butcher.
Wondering if I should wear my 'Pat Butcher' coat again this winter (knowing my boyfriend will hate it) or treat myself to something fancy 😏
Sam aka Pat Butcher is absolutely furious 😂
Pat butcher: I'm here for you Peggy
Callum said I looked like Pat Butcher with my earrings ffs
If the girl is good looking it may be able to run but I dont wana see pat butcher pouting with dog ears😅
Pat Butcher's analysis is notably absent, who do they think they are
Thought my leopard print shirt was rockabilly, now looks like racist barbra from across the road had an illegitimate child with Pat Butcher
I just said "Turn off the light Frank" to my MacFurBear... In full on London Pat Butcher growl. He weren't impressed, oddly.
Feel like pat butcher over the amount of earrings I have 🙃🙃
Probably the same place Pat Butcher got her earrings!
does that feature a racist Pat Butcher lookalike?
Esther Miles Lyndsay West Pat Duff Mary Butcher will be showing in during Oct/Nov
Ask your butcher for Pat LaFrieda – the meats served in NYC’s finest restaurants are now at your ShopRite!
I saw yesterday - loved it! But couldn't help thinking that Pat Butcher might have been the influence for Patty's earrings. 😄
Yay! a fab comedienne. Her Pat Butcher a hoot, but she’ll always be referred to as ‘Shell Dockley’ in our house!
yeah. He's posher than Pat Butcher is in real life.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
My 'Minus' Energetic Sessions guestmix is up! With 3 tracks + my boshup of Pat Butcher
Things that look more like Gloria Hunniford than her lookalike:. Pat Butcher. Peggy Mitchell. Lulu. A shoe. Gove's beard
he also sacked Cheryl (Heather Trott) for doing a unverified interview thingy,and killed Pat Butcher even tho Pam didn't want her killed off
Kane was so stoic there. Reminds me of Butcher. Pat Butcher.
East Enders producers. Here's a story. Emily Bishop comes back from Peru with her *** girlfriend and the square think she is Pat Butcher
East Enders. Johnny goes away comes back looking totally different! How about Emily Bishop coming to Prince Albert sq as Pat Butcher?
Pat Butcher is RETURNING to Walford for a special storyline:
Pat Butcher to make ghostly EastEnders return for Peggy Mitchell's death exit?
Peggy Mitchell to be visited by Pat Butcher's ghost as she passes away! Check…
It's one of those days when I can't get the sound of Peggy Mitchell telling Pat Butcher "I'll FLAMIN WELL KILL YA" out of my head. So catchy
Enjoyed interviewing this television icon -Pam St Clement aka Pat Butcher from Eastenders! For…
Blood,sweat and teeth were lost tonight,what a lad is. Bad when I was thinking of Terry Butcher and said Pat Butcher instead 😂😂😂
'Imagine a world where Van Halen, Les Harrys,the odd Muppet...&Pat Butcher all go round to Bernie Worrell's &get hammered'The Quietus on Za!
Elton John is either morphing into Liberace or Pat Butcher. Anymore sparkles, diamonds, earrings & jewellery we'll not tell the difference🙈
I'm sure on totp 2 they made a gag about Roger Daltry looking like Pat Butcher.
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Kayes come out like a model and I look like pat butcher of course
PAT . CRISS ANGEL can make your DUNNE PROBLEM disappear. or maybe RCJ can let the butcher out of his cage to help out.
She's not been in eastenders since 1997, she's was hardly TV royalty like Pat Butcher, Dierdre Barlow & Scheimichael the Dog
is 'the pat hour' a time that you dedicate to Pat Butcher? 😂😏 xx
A Butcher’s Life for Me: There’s a tremendous beauty in the English language. We, unlike some of our European ...
I'll tell you how well known and respected he is - Pat Butcher became Evans after marrying a more famous Roy - loser
Doesn't like *** people yet walks into the house wearing a Pat Butcher leopard gown. Plus he was a hair dresser. Really boo?
Patrice Evra looks like Pat Butcher after she's been on holiday
Bobby George on the darts there. Sounds like Frank Butcher, dresses like Pat Butcher.
My favourite variation of this saying is, "Pam St. Clement on the streets, Pat Butcher in the sheets!"
it's literally the gayest blazer I've ever seen too, Pat Butcher realness.
Pat Butcher is waiting by the phone.
Adam keeps calling me Pat Butcher because I'm wearing big earings. He thinks it's an insult, lol
I was looking for Pat Butcher clocks on Amazon mate. Duh!!
why does Daniella Westbrook look like Pat Butcher
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Who let this homophobic Pat Butcher into the big brother house ?
Swear he borrowed that outfit off Pat Butcher
Mate I'm *** and wouldn't even wear that. Anyone for raiding Pat Butcher's wardrobe?
Mayor of London? Nah mate... Also Pat Butcher wants her coat back.
Darren sounds like a young frank butcher.
Danniella Westbrook looking a lot like pat butcher!
maybe Gemma is covering for Pat Butcher 😂
It's great to seen an ex Eastender on Who doesn't love Pat Butcher?
Gemma going for the pat butcher look! . Will she last longer than the jungle?
She looks like Peggy Mitchel and pat butcher mixed together
Angie Watts is my spiritual animal. But I do love a bit of Pat Butcher too.
I can't believe there haven't been any Tripods in this episode. Just Pat Butcher, Lisa Maxwell & Penny's dad from Just Good Friends.
don't listen to this geez, he's got more earrings then Pat Butcher
According to Emily I'm good at washing & bad at eating! Rocking the Pat Butcher earrings too
'Listen Jesse bruv yeah listen, she ain't no Kylie Jenner, but she ain't no pat butcher either' his description of a woman
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The girl who Tyga is allegedly talking to does not look 13, she looks about 21. Why are you skipping the pat butcher eyeshadow stage pls?
Pat Butcher has her own Emoji on Firefox
This throat infection has me sounding like the love child of Pat Butcher & Stephen Hawking 👀
that’s brilliant! I’ve never mastered earrings but tempted to get a Pat Butcher pair for this eventuality
Ex-EastEnders star 'can't keep up' with show since Pat Butcher exit
Pat Butcher 1 mês atrás. this song makes u want to drop acid and miss the wife you never had
just checking with the Master Knife wielder Pat the Butcher...
Give it a rest Pat Butcher, I was busy looking at a dead body.
so mean I look like pat butcher, but thanks fanny
it's a toss up between that and the 'Pat Butcher wall clock'
Why you wearing like 12 pandora rings for? Pat Butcher never even wore that many rings
will have to get one of these to go with my Pat Butcher canvas wall clock 😉
Where'd Dele Alli get that tape from?? Pat Butcher?
Serving some pat butcher realness whilst waiting to be kidnapped and taken to church ie…
I was told this morning that Moira Stewart's pumpin Pat Butcher in real life. Is this true?
Take That's costumes resembling Kat Slater, Peggy Mitchell and Pat Butcher on Strictly. Tonight's theme is the women of
I dread to think of the damage Hurricane "Steve Evans" will cause. The fat Pat Butcher lookalike!
Has Linda Carter inherited Pat Butcher's earrings on ;-)
Pat Butcher rang she wants her leopard coat back... what were women thinking
The Jamaican kit looks like some Pat Butcher cast off.
how to you pick the right colour to wear?? I always think I end up looking like Pat Butcher lol
Would you rather shag a 2 legged pat butcher or a 1 legged an armed nicole sherzy?
So this isn't a male version of pat butcher?
v good book though if you like athletics. The Perfect Distance by Pat Butcher if you're interested
dunno what you were working on but I made an Eastenders set. The Pat Butcher icon is divine
Is Charlie Fairhead going to die? This is like Pat Butcher all over again. I'm not ready
the real villains were Pat Fenlon and Terry Butcher. Ohh...and Rod Petrie.
Nice to see Pat Butcher in tonight.
It's Peggy Mitchell and Pat Butcher on acid. Watching with
Pat Butcher has been in at my suitcase again. ☀️🌴🐯
petition: Ask Cruise companies to stop visiting the Faroe Islands while they butcher pilot whales.
YASSS Pat Butcher is my personal style icon.
There's making black pudding on I think there's a butcher in the making!!
My cat snores like Pat Butcher and I don't know what to make of it...
it's not the fact he's feeding on scraps, he's slow and has the first touch of Pat Butcher.
And when I get there and I butcher their language I bet all the Germans will just pat me on the head and go aww she's trying to speak!
Some dodgy new boots and a Pat Butcher earring... It's Balotelli-Watch:
Like something pat butcher would wear lol
What TV show, film, song makes you feel sad? A listener says she cried when Pat Butcher died on
Pat Butcher and Mario Balotelli go way back
lost out on the Pat Butcher Total Recall artwork too ?
Pat Butcher's Total Recall is up for sale...
Catching up with tonight's I see that Les Coker has forgotten his nights with Pat Butcher.
got one, just need Pat Butcher post triple bypass
Why does kylies knee remind me of pat butcher
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Oliver Khan - the love child of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pat Butcher
Donald trump looks like Pat Butcher with her fringe straightened
Who would have guessed Pat Butcher was actually a posh bird who dreamed of being a vet?
Hey! The Pat Butcher Photobooth is here at pop up this Friday and Saturday x
For your dad. Snog, marry or avoid. Pat butcher, dot cotton and jenner caitlyn?!
Have we signed Pat Butcher as our new DM yet?
Hey Pat Butcher called. She wants her earrings back
are you mates with that Scouse geezer that used to hate you? That's proper Pat Butcher Peggy Mitchell stuff that.
What on earth has happened to Pat Butcher?
Mario Balotelli in stands for Liverpool vs Bournemouth wearing 'Pat Butcher earring'
Balotelli at the game tonight looking like Pat Butcher.
would you say you're a Natalie Cassidy? Or Pat Butcher? 😂
Imagine going for a tattoo of your gran and it turned out like the love child of Ken Barlow and Pat Butcher
President of one of Cincinnati's largest private companies steps down: Pilot Chemical president Pat Butcher is…
its got to be Pat Butcher then for one or Janet St Porter (god help us) and maybe Una Stubbs
Hi Mary Frances, David Finley here. It has been too long. Retired now from Ford. Serving with Pat Butcher. Great seeing you.
Seriously are you taking the Pee!!! they are more Pat Butcher than Tracy Martin. Although I will take 'Outrageous' !!! LOL
Pat Fish/The Jazz Butcher is playing a free solo gig this Friday in London.
.not sure. I might look like pat butcher
Is it possible that Lucy was hit on the head by someone lobbing one of Pat Butcher's ear rings?
Pat Butcher in the Queen Vic with a garden hose!. what's yours?. 😂😂
Bring back Pat Butcher she is just as much as an institution in as Peggy Mitchell proper eastender
Eastenders must be sick that they killed off Pat Butcher
Watching and Pam St Clement aka Pat Butcher reminds me of me nanny looks like her an all 😔
You no you have a boring life when the most excited you've got all night is seeing pat butcher back on tv 😂🙈🔫
June Brown and Danny Dyer are too funny, Pat Butcher is back though 😂
My top 3 favourite female characters have been Tiffany Mitchell, Pat Butcher and Kat Slater. I also like Ronnie and Linda now.
I miss Pat Butcher. I know she's dead... But maybe they could bring her back anyway?!
I almost ended pat butcher career with that slap
Like see watching pat butcher argues I want to cry cause she's actually my gran
I'm sure my grans got a wee part time job as pat butcher
OMG Pat Butcher on Graham Norton, made my day,,, I miss Pat :(
Pat butcher looks like a manly dame Edna. End of
thought Pat Butcher died in real life
Still find it bizzare that pat butcher is a *** is real life nothing against it just find it funny
Thank you for being Pat Butcher into your sofa.
I'll never tire of Pat Butcher's super plummy real life voice.
Still can't believe how much Pat Butcher looks like my mum
Graham Norton stroking Pat Butcher's *** - not something you see every day...
I loved the character of Pat Butcher- one of my all time faves from
Never though I would see the day that Pat butcher would ask to stroke her *** !!
I've got a pair of Pat Butcher's earrings from the mid 90's
Oi stop that pat butcher I've missed you
I put a tenner on it, Pat Butcher stinks of Murray Mints
Killing Pat Butcher off wasn't the best decision
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Has Pat Butcher got the answer to what happened to Lucy Beale?
No one knows man it's gonna be faking pat butcher or big heather at this rate 😂!
tbf I reckon pat butcher came back an one bombed her in the face
cheers for the tip Nick but I just Googled pat butcher and says she's no longer on the programme 😂
It's Pat Butcher but not as we know her!!!
Actually I could be a brunette Pat Butcher
Thanks, I've gotten it from you, but never see it labelled as such in the butcher shop here, guess I just need to ask for it!
Sat in the chair, hairdresser said its about time you had something new. Absolutely Pat Butcher'd it. Now look like a german ***
He always does Pat Butcher. This is him at last years Eastenders party
I'll only come if dresses up as pat butcher.
"I never knew pat butcher moved this gully lol 😂😂😂.
not sure but Pat Butcher's got his 'rabbit rabbit rabbit'
We know the suspects. Let’s all establish Our noms are: 1. Elvis. 2. 3. Pat Butcher’s earri…
Just told "Your earrings are like, Pat Butcher chic". Went down better than I expected.
I have a horrible feeling I'm slowly turning into a hybrid of Bet Lynch, Pat Butcher and Kat Slater.…
Hamilton Collection
yes! Now I can say Pat Butcher from Eastenders AND John Ruddy from nearly ran me over! 😂
Lovely Pam St Clement has got right where she wants him 'Benjamin!' Wish she would use her Pat Butcher voice and scare us all
Pat Butcher, or Pam St Clement, is going to Shrewsbury Town's ground to sign books. I assume she wrote it.
EastEnders legend to appear at Coventry's Waterstones: Pam St. Clement, known for her role as Pat Butcher, will…
It also features an early role for Pam St. Clement aka Eastenders’ Pat Butcher as a nun.
Saw my old girlfriend earlier, she's looking like a butcher.Pat Butcher
Brand v Farage isn't the big fight on this, two women are recreating Pat Butcher v Peggy Mitchell
Pat Butcher considers the Old Vic's production of Sophocles' "Electra"
Dame Judy Dench looks more like Pat Butcher every day
pat butcher or Marilyn manson which one would you sleep with and why
i said she looks like a Christmas tree with that hideous dress and pat butcher earrings :/
How much of a Pat Butcher enthusiast are you without these hmmm lol
Burnistoun Butcher 0 Pat Butcher 2. Lambert coming on. Oxlade-Chamberlain off. I might follow him. This is the definition of petering out.
Remembering the times when I would wear those cheap clip on earings that made me look like Pat Butcher! My childhood 😂💎
you stay out of this. You look like Terry Butcher. Or pat butcher. I get confused.
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The elephant in the room is how much Jo looks like Pat Butcher now, you know it, I know it, she knows it. There I've said it.
you borrowed that coat from Pat Butcher..
Seeing Pat Butcher in Primemark, sporting flip flops as she clobbered a 5 year old with her shopping was one of many highlights today
2man fight happening infront of me and one of them called the other pat butcher lool what shall I do
Children In Need 2014 EastEnders special: So Pat Butcher and Harry Styles are getting it on. Viewers don’t kn
What was with those Pat Butcher earrings? Although, she didn't sound much like a Butcher, more like a Asbo...
Pat Butcher, Goldie Hawn and bearded Alan Carr united again for the SClub7 super tribute group.
Didn't know that Pat Butcher had joined S club 7. Sorry Jo
Smothering on some Carmex lip balm before bed in this weather, is a must. Otherwise I will be waking up with lips like Pat Butcher. 👵👄
messed up I say bring Pat Butcher bk from the dead
I am on about Pat Butcher the top GILF
blue eyeshadow, red lippy! Pat Butcher meets Bet Lynch 👏😂 thankfully I've never done it but it hurts my feelings to see it!
The trial so funny jimmy Bullard sounded like pat butcher ha
I'd rather dream about pat butcher putting nipple clamps on me
God, Jo from S Club is so vile. She looks more like Pat Butcher every time I see her and don't forget her being a racist cretin on Big Bro.
So One Direction performed new track 'Night Changes' on and it was AMAZING http:/…
So Harry Styles does an incredible Peggy Mitchell impression, doesn't he?
Linda taking after Pat Butcher with her earrings
*** is Linda wearing cross between pat butcher and bianca
and blue shellsuit circa 1989, bauble earings, think Pat Butcher!
Is the actress who played Pat Butcher dead in real life?
Loved seeing Pat Butcher back on Eastenders for Children in Need
'Say Boom Boom Boom, now let me hear you say Anal, ANAL'. Pat Butcher.
one now looks like Pat Butcher, is it her?
EAST ENDERS! I ship Pat Butcher and Harry Styles of courseee! Hutcher
Jo from S Club 7 looks like Pat Butcher now. Emblematic of the fact that they really shouldn't be reforming and peddling tween pop again!
What’s really sad about the S Club 7 comeback is that all the girls got prettier except for Pat Butcher.
S Club 7 need to be on the naughty list for that performance last Friday night. Jo sounded like Pat Butcher from Eastenders
Apparently the lead singer from S Club 7 the other night looked like Pat Butcher from Enders
And is there an undemented Pat Butcher look? (asking for a fiend)
They're very dangly. I look like a demented Pat Butcher.
So reunited for the good of Children In need? They've announced a 2015 tour. I wonder if Pat Butcher/Shirley Carter will be there?
Jo from looks like a mix between Pat Butcher & Kathy Beale from FREAKY!!
No. Bradley got chubby, Paul has a creepy moustache and Jo looks like Pat Butcher
Tina is the hottest now, how did that happen? Disregarding slightly racist Pat Butcher look alike.
My coat has me looking like Pat Butcher
Pat Butcher discussing her earring collection
I will never forgive Brian Kirkwood for killing off Pat Butcher. NEVER.
ReMii you look like Pat Butcher you nonce
I accidentally bought another According to I'll look like 'a posh Pat Butcher',…
My nan just described Gemma Collins as pat butcher 😂😂😂
Pat Butcher called, she wants her earrings back
I was surprised to see S Club 7 on children in need last night.Even more so to see that Pat Butcher off Eastenders is n…
not bad advertisement! Worthy fit got pat butcher back in shape!
Pat Butcher and Harry Styles? “It turns out I’m the ultimate cougar” Ian Beale has an Albert Scare as he meets some familiar faces in this BBC EastEnders special for Children In Need.
Pat Butcher, Ricky Gervais and Audley Harrison in S Club 7?? Don't remember that one!
Professor Hargraves from Back to the Future mixed with Pat Butcher mixed with Uncle Fester.
If you could party with Pat Butcher or Bet Lynch who would it be? x
As well as Anthony Hopkins, Michael Kitchen & Martin Jarvis this film has also just featured 'Pat Butcher' from off of Eastenders!
Hashtag bring back Peggy Mitchell. Hashtag bring back Dot Cotton. Hashtag bring back Pat Butcher
Outlook has left me a shell of my former self, but on the upside, I'll be back on your radio om Sunday night! (Sounding like Pat Butcher!)🙌
These latest pictures make Gazza look like Pat Butcher has done the ice bucket challenge.
Its that time folks. No more Pat Butcher!! Lol
Can't get up off the sofa. Think Pat Butcher thoughts. . Think Pat Butcher thoughts. . .
These pat butcher n Patrick clips av had me crying frm last night still now too much joke am done 😂😂😂😂
to ask whether is auditioning for a replacement role as pat butcher in Eastenders?
So I served pat butcher at work today😊
ah yes, the abuse. From pat butcher
Nice to see appreciative of his Pat Butcher fan mail. She's a big fan.
She *really* is. Don't know if you know UK soap Eastenders over there, but to me she IS Pat Butcher :
Loving the decor at the LB branch - framed photos of the Hoff, Pat Butcher and Arnie + Danny Devito!
Join us on The Green for a live, acoustic performance by Pat McCusker + Jeff Butcher from 6-8PM tonight!
New earrings x not pat butcher just courtney x
Cora is the new Pat Butcher of square
That time I went raving with and Pat Butcher
Liverpool linked with Radamel Falcoa but could end up with Wilfried Bony. That's like dating Cameron Diaz and then marrying Pat Butcher.
AU: The reason for the pan out on to the London landscape in Eastenders titles is a small child bouncing on Pat Butcher's belly flying
Na that's where your wrong... Pat Butcher is
very true. My inner playboy is more a cross between Nick Rhodes and Pat Butcher. It's not a pretty sight.
My dogs new name is Pat Butcher.. Just saying...yeah...
The last time I blubbed like this was when Pat Butcher died! That poor gorilla!
Pat would like to thank Terry Butcher for restoring his reputation by proving just how bad Hibs could get.
Whose dog, Butch, is fitter than a butcher's dog, while butching about with Pat Butcher.
Dono if that's sarcasm or the pat butcher impersonation
Pat Butcher will go mental when she finds out Angela's been raiding her wardrobe!
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IMO its like replacing pat butcher with Susan Boyle. Both are complete ***
Even Pat Butcher is here in spirit. She's always inspiring creativity! Lmao
we'd have been better off with Pat Butcher than Terry Butcher.
Terry Butcher was also out his depth then? Pat fenlon was a relative success, in retrospect.
Pat Butcher interview, about UFC, WWE, etc -
Me maa back in the 90's with er pat butcher ear rings, mad da
Now that wud be sexy but wud need pat butcher ear rings too. Mine says it holds 22kg
This pretty girl is Pat-terdale Butcher !! Pat is a young female Patterdale who gets along well with other dogs...
Me and my lil man watching Postman Pat on dvd's.(again!)
Wishing the gorgeous Rachie Pat Butcher Wilson a fabulous 40th birthday. Go give the day your best and enjoy...
LVG aka Pat Butcher is looking forward to tonight…….
Taking health advice from our h&s manager who's fat *** frm Austin Powers doppelgänger's a bit like taking fashion tips from Pat Butcher
Omg nooo lol Iike Oleg the Meerkat baby sheesh where did Pat Butcher come from in all is she still alive
frank butcher was more loyal 2 pat.than lampard was 2 Chelsea x
I must have shouted so much last night because I've sounded like pat butcher all day.
Well it's better than sounding like Pat Butcher I guess
Hello to and from Pat the butcher in Dungloe. Thanks for the photo Pat.
Thank you to my good friends Pat Murray, Pat Butcher, John Nuzzo, Greg Mohr, Daniel Amstutz, and Andrew Wommack...
Terry Butcher as Pat Butcher is just funny!
- Terry Butcher as Pat Butcher is just funny!
Ross, who would you rather be stuck in a room with, Pat Butcher, Peggy, or the guy with a gun in Papua New Guinea
Good Lord, it looks like Chris Evans has raided Pat Butcher's wardrobe.
All I'm saying is I've never seen Steve Evans and Pat Butcher in the same room. That's all.
is it me or does Steve Evans look like Pat Butcher?
Does your dog look like Danny Dyer, your cat resemble Kat Slater, or your parrot pose like Pat Butcher? If your pet bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the residents from Albert Square, Coronation Street, Emmerdale or Hollyoaks we'd like to see. Please email thismorningwith a picture of your pet, your name, location and a phone number by Thursday at 10:30am and we could show it on Thursday's Soap Sizzler. Terms and conditions at
Steve Sidwell has now scored more Premier League goals than Captain Birdseye, Suggs and Pat Butcher combined.
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