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Pat Burns

Patrick Burns (April 4, 1952 – November 19, 2010) was a National Hockey League head coach. Over 14 seasons between 1988 and 2004, he coached in 1,019 games with the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, and New Jersey Devils.

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Give each other medals, Pat each other's *** and ride the rainbow into the libtard sunset!. As the world burns!…
What about Pat Burns and Barry Melrose? That was a fantastic meltdown by the late legend Burns.
Fawning over each other while the world burns from their failed policies! Pat each other on back but throw garbage…
I'm eating your food tonight, strictly because of your sick burns.. can I get a pat on the back?
it's not Pat's it's not Las Vegas light show called Geno's. Dalessandro's has the best steaks
Pat's cheesesteaks better than any Pittsburgh food you eat fat boy
yall are sweet as a south Philly cannoli. Which is more disgusting than a Pat's Cheesesteak
at least it's not with puns this time! :D
One last chance to pat himself on the back while the world burns. Get back to DC Obama and keeping packing!
Comedian Bob Denver was born Jan. 9, 1935. Here he and Ed "Kookie" Burns teach Pat Boone Hip Talk in 1959.
Drew Remenda on Pat Maroon: "He has size like Thornton, competes like Pavelski, and has hair follicles like Burns".
I hope your "morally superior" vote gives you comfort as the world burns. Give yourself a nice pat on the back!
Pat Wilson - Bop Girl c these people are in filmclips not the nuthouse
at first glance I initially thought physically closest to McMullen and I thought "Pat Burns?". ... but Lou makes more sense.
pat yourselves on the back for a highlight video of the season include the starting quarterback? Dumpster fire burns bigger!!
As for my career, I always said to my kids, 'you don't cry because it'...
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Coming to another hockey Mecca like Toronto makes you a better coach. ...
go australia is there anyway joe burns will make a come back and pat Cummins?
If one of my players ever wants to hit me, he better do it really hard...
Time's up. Even Scotty Bowman, Pat Burns, etc get tuned out by a team and got fired. Now it is Clod's turn.
Back in 96 Coach Pat Burns from Miami always told us, when you work hard you will be rewarded!…
ICYMI: dug up a reason for California NHL fans to worry (or not).
They're probably all ex pat members.get them back up here...we've got Bu…
Long-term NHL contracts in California could be subject to this obscure law:
I applied a piece to the Ducks, Kings and Sharks. And oh boy. Nightmare scenarios.
we'll split it diagonally. You get Burns...
Ex: my relationships / girls I bonded w/ affected my ability to bond with future girls. Random lays, eh. Love burns you out.
On this date in 2014, Rob Blake, Peter Forsber, Mike Modano, Dominek Hasek, Pat Burns and Bill McCreary were inducted into HHOF
only Pat Burns won Stanley Cup. I'd say a Ken Hitchcock comparison would be better
Eddie O cried during his interview with Dave Hodge during the intermission. - Pat Burns trying to fight Barry Melrose during the 1993 playof
wussup Ms.Burns ... How's life across the world
They're trying to kill me before I'm dead. I come to Quebec to spend some time with my family and
Remembering Pat Burns & all We sure had some fun at MLG in '90s 'getting it going'
I am intimate with waiting... . *burns effigies of Pat Rothfuss and G.R.R.M*
I got hit with an octopus in Detroit one time. It was the most gross thing I've ever had happen.
Maybe under eye concealer...does anyone have one of these? Do I buff or pat??? Teach me
I think playing 40+ games as a youth (anything 16U and lower) really burns out the kids now. Specialization is a bad thing.
Famed historian Ken Burns warns presidency will “make the recession of 2008, 2009 look like child’s play.”
I believe in Wendel Clark. We want Wendel to be a prime-time player.
sup new Bff btw I'm pat burns the other other half of
The kids get cheated out of a lot of times with their dad. They were good about it.
As a police officer Pat Burns was once knocked out cold by a frozen turkey while breaking up a domestic dispute.
Zibanejad trade reminds me of moving Jason Allison from Washington to Boston. Got some tough love from Pat Burns, and it finally clicked.
Been home alone the pat 3 nights smh *burns one
Then, if he loses in a CLOSE election, they'll pat each other on back as nation burns.
- Eh, I found it to be really unsatisfyingly plotted. A bit too pat, too neat. Joe Hill is doing some good work.
"Our battle is not against flesh and blood ..." Unless you're Mark Burns who prayed at the GOP convention Monday
I know my life is nearing its end and I accept that.
Toronto was a great place to work, a fun place to work. People were so hockey-oriented, hockey...
AND Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns. And anything by Pat Conroy. Ok, I'm done!😬
We should pick some better teams to play against, but I vote 'Coupe Pat Burns.'
Pat Quinn, Pat Burns , Al Arbour and now Gordie Howe - hockey has certainly lost some true legends of the game lately
Great story about Pat Burns giving him the business one game about phantom offsides. Finally calls Trevor Linden
Always love seeing Pat Burns' picture at the beginning of
pat has an sec *** stuck in his throat. It burns his *** to watch the B1G return to power
Devin Chafin 5 yards for the Baylor TOUCHDOWN. Bears lead, 6-0, after misheld snap on PAT. 10:26 1st.
*pats some more my hands gets friction burns but the parts im patting aren't harmed but atleast I get to pat something*
Taylor to Jared Beard burns Tech, again, on a deep route over CB Maleek Hall and races 79 yards to the end zone. PAT good. 14-7. 1:19/1st.
Checchia to Flynn for a 38-yard TD on 4th-15. You know Burns is money. PAT is good. 35-6 7:30 left 2Q
Hill with a 32-yard touchdown run. Burns with another PAT (extending his record). 14-0 Plainedge 7:30 left 1Q
Day 2 of action gets underway at 9:00 AM this morning at the Pat Burns Arena
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Met with Pat Stanton today. At Celtic he noticed young Burns and Aitken carrying hampers from bus even though they were playing. 1/2
NAPHA game three action about to begin. vs at the Pat Burns Arena.
Nat. Trust meet in Education room Burns Cottage, 7pm, Thursday, Nov 19. Pat Kane will talk about Braveheart.
you guys should use late, great Pat Burns Leafs days as inspiration for Back on Tracksuit.
Pat Burns stands beside the wheelhouse of the Yakutat, a vessel he operated 20+ years ago.
I once saw Pat Burns make players roll on ice like logs for messing up drills.
Pat Burns essentially tells Tie Domi to play hurt, so he does. I am judging.
POS Protester stomps, burns US flag outside of GOP debate but his anti-America demonstration backfires in major way https:/…
Clouds move in now, rain moves in early tmw morn, & neighbors move out as he burns rubber to get here
The flame burns strong on this historic day.
.shares updates & company growth in an interview with CEO Mark Cattini & VP Pat Burns
THE PAT BURNS AWARD – A TRIBUTE TO CAREGIVERS! for their outstanding support and dedication to a person with cancer.
I loves me some Pat Burns. Srsly. Great leader. Great guy.
Well if Pat's Diner goes out of business or burns down, I'll have to take ya up on that offer!! heehee!!
GOP candidates should not throw away their shot to use these 51 sick burns from Hamilton - Vox.
Sarah Vaillancourt w Marc Bryson on FM 107.7 at 5:15 p.m. about the upcoming weekend at Pat Burns Arena.
Pat, were they in a big metal box that gave your horrible burns on your legs? If not,
The "perfect" Eddi Reader gig: she defecates on a Union Jack & Pat Kane burns it with oil.
That was the best show I have EVER seen. Well done Brendon Burns, give yourself a good ol Aussie pat on the back
Lately I've been reading "Coach", a book about Pat Burns. . It makes me sick how distant these are to those .
Why The of Things and the Should split | |
Regarding anger in Toronto, today should be dwarfed by the Wendel Clark trade and Pat Burns firing. Much more damaging than AA leaving
he basically put torts in the same breath as Pat Burns earlier
Bass players have only one emotion: A blinding, furious rage that burns like the fire of a thousand suns.
Sad to see the Rise guys out. Especially Burns & Pat.
Burns more candles than a basic white girl
Burns & his beard are going to the box for tripping Nelson
Pat Haden fell out because he saw the end of the MSU/Mich game
Sorry y'all I think momentarily flat-lined. Y'all Michigan been talking SO greasy. I hope it HURTS. I hope it BURNS, baby. …
Paul Martin was not on the ice for SJ warm-up. Brenden Dillon took his spot w/Burns. Dylan DeMelo appears to be making season debut
Chile and movies with my Beloved husband Pat Burns prefect fall evening 󾬙 . God is Good All the time!
PAT BURNS is hitched. FJV's are taking over Cleveland... @ John Carroll University
Coaching staff includes Pat Burns and Pat Quinn. Need to write about some other forwards & goalie to fill out my team
I asked Brent Burns if the Sharks feel more motivation to win after missing the playoffs. His answer was gold:
Burns going for tripping. Good penalty
Schneider absolutely robbed Burns with the left pad after Burns' incredible effort
Titans fall to Hanover. Brian Burns and Joe Benting with TD's. Pat P with TD pass.
LaRaymond Spivery keeps from the 1 and gets into the endzone. TD set up by a 52 yd run by Khalil Burns. PAT good. 14-10 OSHS. 6:23/2nd.
Burns scores again..this time from 28 yards out set up by a big run by Joey Severn..PAT good..Cw leads 23-0
Burns with a huge 77 yard touchdown run with 14.2 seconds left in the half..PAT no good..CW leads 16-0 at the half
Spencer Burns runs it in from 2 yards out..PAT good giving Coldwater a 10-0 lead with 1:15 left in the half
Can Brent Burns' beard be seen from space yet?
Donte Thompson's pass complete to Christian McFadden for another wildcat TD, Burns PAT good. Cats up over Meade 14-6.
Fball...PAT good. NVOT goes 55y in 12 plays, burns 603 off clock. 7-0 over Pascack Valley
Mrs. burns just looked at pat and said "I don't even know what to say to this kid anymore" 😂😩😩😩
Breast Cancer Awareness
I usually dial 999 and ask for Burns
Tavaris Scott 62 yd td run Ledbetter pat good 52-0 shelby over burns 4 mins left 3rd
I don't think if I gave up a season ending home run I'd pat Tulo on the butt. Just me?
Check out these great photos of our amazing athletes from this fall. Thanks to Pat Burns for her excellent...
Do you think Claude will make it to Thanksgiving? This is starting to have a Pat Burns feeling to it.
Pat Burns looked incredibly concerned about Lemieux's health.
Feeling like Claude will get the Pat Burns treatment within 3 weeks. Who will be next up?
hope you wrecked shop tonight pat, always rooting for you. Keep Burns in check
Cassard scores for the wildcats, Burns PAT good. TIED UP 28-28 with 4:18 left in the 3Q.
The Bruins will begin the year 0-3 for the first time since '99. Pat Burns lasted just eight games before getting the boot that season.
Great interview by Panther Burns are coming to AZ 10/23; 10/24.
Pat yourself on the back, man. We've got your celebratory music covered.
Pat Burns hasn't dealt with this much trouble since Nam
I see the hands of Mr. Burns aka Pat Haden rubbing together right now.
Welcome To Pat Ehinos Blog: Photos: Baby suffers serious burns after he drank ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Didn't Murphy at one time actively lobby to replace Pat Burns behind Leafs bench?
[Her face burns red and she turns to pat their head; awkwardly because of the position she's in] I love you too.. ///
Porter would be 6th Detroit native to play for Pens. Others are Zatkoff, Charlie Burns, Kevin Hatcher, Pat Neaton and Gordie Roberts.
TOUCHDOWN NICOL! Burns through the line for a short TD. PAT is good and the score is now 28-23.
"I wonder what his body looks like under his head…probably like mr. burns" - dad on pat sajak
idk probably Mr. Burns or Hitler or someone like that
The tea has given me 3rd degree burns.
Los Angeles Burns in New "Fear the Walking Dead" Trailer: The lights dim on the City of Angels as fires form a...
They love Scotland that much they'd rather celebrate St.Pat's day & ignore Burns or St.Andrew.
BREAKING NEWS: Teen Burns Down Local Drugstore, says "I'm tired of work today."
Promoted to Head Coach tonight for my sons soccer. Should I go Pat Burns or Torts on them? Keep in mind they are 6 year olds.
We surf here too on the east coast PAT BURNS!
.interviewed Mark Cattini/Pat Burns on our acquisition of Soonr & what it means for
well the real Pat Burns isn't alive anymore, so I guess I was driven home by a ghost, haunting ptbo in the afterlife
one time my cab driver said he was Pat Burns, a famous Toronto Maple Leads head coach. That was the greatest night.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
WE DID IT!! You guys did so great.. Give yourselves a pat on the back! 💪 . (We're against the beliebers next)
So, naming contest won by guys named Pat Burns and Mark Crawford. Guess you had to be an old hockey coach to win
deal. We will have 911 on standby for your 3rd degree burns
Furious Vietnamese fan burns Man City match tickets after being ignored by players at hotel
Pat Burns? Mark Crawford? Is Brian Douglas also an NHL coach I'm not aware of?
ICF contest winners are Brian Douglas, Pat Burns, & Mark Crawford. Thanks for your contributions! ^hs
Never mind nookie, anyone for the last of the Pat Nevins? C'mon now, an hour of free Pat Chat.
I see Steve Simmons is doing what Damian Cox did when he blamed others for falsely saying Pat Burns died
Good for Bob Hartley, winning the Jack Adams, first Flames' coach ever to do so. The year Terry Crisp lost to Pat Burns, I did the intro.
Will always hear Bob Neumeier on games in late 90s. Heart attack for each goal, etched in stone as Pat Burns coached.
McLellan leaving reminds me of how Serge Savard agreed to part ways with Pat Burns in '92. Never officially fired
The HHOF names Rob Ford to the board, disses Pat Burns and won't let Paul Henderson in. It's as legit as pro wrestling at this point.
George Wythe's Pat Burns and Twin Springs' John McCrary have coached (and won) a lot of basketball games. They square …
After news of the Patrick Roy to trade broke, Pat Burns called Marc Crawford and asked if they'd ordered Cup rings yet.
successful in the late 80s. Traded for Doug Gilmour which started turning the franchise around then hired Pat Burns not long
From one legend to another, Doug Gilmour remembers Pat Burns: "I have so many memories of Pat" http…
The organization has been disrespecting their fans for 40 plus years besides the Pat Burns & Pat Quinn years!
Mike Ulmer on the long overdue induction of Pat Burns:
Classy move by Mike Modano, taking time in HHOF speech to tell Pat Burns' wife, Line, that he would loved to have played…
Congratulations to Rob Blake, Dominik Hasek, Peter Forsberg, Pat Burns & Bill McCreary on being Inducted to the
Mike Babcock's memories of Pat Burns? "He got to hold the Stanley Cup after Game 7 (in 2003) and I had to watch."
VIDEO: The Burns family spoke on Pat Burns' behalf at the induction ceremony tonight in Toronto.
Burns’ wife remembers ‘two different Pats’TORONTO — A few months ago, Line Burns was driving to see a friend and just happened to stop in Gilmanton, N.H., where she used to live with her husband Pat. She was gassing up her car and getting something to eat when her phone rang. On the other end were Pat Quinn and John Davidson from the Hockey Hall of Fame telling her that Pat Burns would finally be enshrined four years after his death. "It was meant to be," Line Burns said. "He was probably laughing up there." With her husband's Hall of Fame ring in her grasp, Line talked Friday about how they used to laugh so much at home. She couldn't help but laugh that night when a video montage of Burns's best and angriest coaching moments were shown on the video screens at Air Canada Centre. Those included him winning the Stanley Cup with the New Jersey Devils, yelling at referees and going after Barry Melrose. "I'm sure it wasn't fun at that time," Line said, "but it was hilarious." The emotional range of the ...
As a huge hockey fan I am very happy to see in my eyes the best head coach in NHL history gets his name into the Hockey Hall Of Fame Pat Burns, very nice to see my favourite NHL player Doug Gilmour be apart of his Induction. It *** that Pat Burns isn't alive to be there but it's so nice to finally see his name in the HHOF! RIP Pat Burns!
Tune in to the Induction Ceremony NOW on as former head coach Pat Burns is honored ton…
A long overdue tribute to Pat Burns -- at The Legion
Pat Burns will finally enter the Hockey Hall of Fame this weekend. Here is a great piece on him.
Wendel Clark and Doug Gilmour share their thoughts on Pat Burns. via Mike
Top hockey coaches of all time. Herb Brooks is Jack Adams, Pat Burns, Toe Blake, Al Arbour, and Mike Babcock are in the discussion
Calling Tom Watt a piece of s$%$. That was funny. He went after him
Q. When PAT burns a container does it melt?
Pat Sajak is right, liberals would be going crazy if we had a President Romney golfing while the world burns.
The plan is... play more golf. Golf has become the modern equivalent of fiddling while Rome (America) burns.
American Spectator: Golf Is Not the Answer King Putz plays while the world burns around him.
Pat Sajak Does It Again Indeed..America burns and Obama can't he golfs..
Never thought i would see this day whn burns while is so unlikely quiet.
Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city - George Burns
Obama would be perfect lead for New daily soap opera, "As the World burns," he's already got the acting down pat..
Did you miss this year's record-breaking ? Don't worry, we've posted the full video: h…
I don't think I talked to pat burns once during high school but we had a 10 minute conversation at the gas station today 😂😂
Pat Burns to be elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame
Maybe its just me but I can't read Pat's articles. The abuses of grammar and (lack of) punctuation... it burns us
NOW: Patrick Burns releases statement confirming he spoke with state exec. member Pat Anderson re: MacDonald:
Suju's move in Mamacita reminds me of how us Black girls have to pat our heads right before we get a perm so we don't get chemical burns lol
We would like to congratulate the late Pat Burns and his family on his election to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Pat... http…
We're about 15 minutes away from first pitch between and It'll be Sean Whitten vs Pat Burns here today.
Fun fact Henderson Lake used to be called Slaughterhouse Slough because it was a bog next to a Pat Burns slaughterhouse
Pat Robertson's evil words will haunt him when he burns in *** for heresy and blasphemy.
Blake Pieroni of USA wins very close heat 4 of men's 200 free in 1:50.39, over Aidan Burns 1:50.82
Pat Burns says everything will come out in the wash and that they will "go at it full speed and try to win a world title."
Jermain Taylor's trainer, Pat Burns, says JT will report to training camp in Florida tomorrow.
Just because it burns when I pee doesn't mean I have gonorrhea, mom!!
Neighbour on Dunshire Dr. (Pat Burns area—North End, reports cougar seen in yard last night Aug.26.
The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn burns, The doorbell Rang by pat Hutchins and Pamela Allen's books
Potskin with a single to left. Pat Burns steps up now.
Pat Burns will lead off here for Saskatoon.
Mitchell hit one to left, but Pat Burns made a great run and catch to hold the runners on first and second. Kyle Ezekiel is up.
Listening to Pat Fitzgerald pretend like the faked injuries thing didn't happen last year burns my ears.
third degree burns from a chocolate croissant, another reason to dislike the French
Story gets uglier by the minute. Atty Pat Burns persuasion skill and tactics appear a tad lacking.   10% Off
iPhone burns a hole in woman's breast
Okay okay quit with the texts and the e-mails.. it's not the same Pat Burns that wants Allan Rock's head!!
Hockey Hall of Fame should be ashamed for not inducting Pat Burns prior to his passing.
Peter Forsberg and Rob Blake elected to the 2014 Hockey Hall of Fame. They join Pat Burns, Dominik Hasek, and Mike Modano.
Congrats to Dominik Hasek, Rob Blake, Mike Modano , Peter Foresberg, Pat Burns for making it to the Hockey Hall of Fame.
*Upon hearing the HHoF announcement, Jim Rutherford picks up the phone and attempts to hire Pat Burns as the team's new coach.*
Pat Burns, Bill McCreary, Mike Modano, Dominic Hasek, Rob Blake and Peter Forsberg named to Hockey Hall of Fame.
HHOF finally correct Pat Burns omission. The question now is, what changed since 2010? HHOF committee just another bad oldboys joke.
Three members of the Hockey Hall of Fame selection committee (Pat Quinn, Jim Gregory & Serge Savard) replaced this yr & Pat Burns gets in...
The class of 2014 hockey Hall of Famers are Dominik Hasek, Peter Forsberg, Rob Blake, best American born player Mike Modano, former Devils coach Pat Burns (RIP), and ref Bill McCreary. Induction weekend is November 14th-16th concluding with the ceremony on the 17th. (the hockey hall of fame website)-sarahloves2run
BREAKING: Former head coach Pat Burns has been named to the Class of 2014.
Pat Burns welcomed into the Hockey Hall of Fame finally along with Bill McCreary. Solid choices there.
Pat Burns. Pierre Turgeon. Hard to take seriously when these 2 men continually omitted.
[Tries to pat down the burns, slightly panicking.]
May as well be ginger the way my skin burns in the sun!
Update your maps at Navteq
Great today in Maghull with June Burns, Cllrs Lynn Gatherer and Pat McInley and
Today was such a great Blessed Day enjoyed the evening with my beloved Pat Burns and sweetie Arieon Burns.we all took a nice little nap after dinner. Then enjoyed wztching our t.v shows hubby and I like to wztch together.Tomorrow hubby is going to spend the day with our son Patrick Burns the have a big day planned , me and sweetie have plans as well shopping, dinner and might see a movie. You have to make every minute count, enjoy all God gives. The small things are the Big Blessings.. Thankful and Greatful for my Family that God uses to show me His Great Love.
Phyllis Douglas Stiner Vauda John Faulkner Parrott Pat Burns here you go! Next trip!!!
As this week comes to an end, I am so grateful for so many people and for, so many opportunities! Amy Carver, having you back in my life after 20 years, is the new possibilities with your circle and with Vistage International! Thank you, Jerry Conti for the opportunity to support our environment and the planet with green energy...hear me sing, "Viridian, I'm so happy!" Rose Winters and Pat Burns, thank you for your powerful partnership as we produce the Living Legacy Summit and acknowledge legendary leaders in Living Medicine! And, Dr. Mary Tobin, thank you for giving such brilliant care to my dear friend, Lisa Ambroziak. Each of you is an inspired Leader!!
Today's lesson is that good coaches get fired and win somewhere else, for those of you who have never heard of Scotty Bowman or Pat Burns.
*pat, pat, strokes hair* Good! Be more knowledgeable than Kongou, even though her love burns!
The way the Bruins played that first period will have Pat Burns turning in his grave
“I'm down too” let's do it and black out and make fun of Pat Burns
I do love Cardinal Burns. It's like a more current and satirically edgier Vic and Bob.
The only thing Habs and Bruins fans agree on is that Pat Burns should be in the HHoF.
Ken Buchanan, Pat Clinton & Ricky Burns for me,would've added Jim Watt but can't go him as a commentator.
Don't just play; Compete!! Thanks Pat Burns for giving me something to fight for.
Your right, it was. I can still remember Pat Burns reaction after the game.
Correct. The Leafs winning at Montreal when Pat Burns made his return there was one of the highlights of that season.
I just shed a tear when the showed Pat Burns
Who wants to kick it with me burns and pat?
Hope that there is a *** and Pat Robertson burns there for eternity. If not, lets hope his personal *** is a album
MSU AD Kevin Busiman, Kevin Burns from MCHS Mankato and City Manager Pat Hentges are in attendance.
I'm a little late on this but congrats to Kodi Burns on being named running backs coach at Samford under Pat Sullivan.
Kodi Burns will serve as running backs coach under Pat Sullivan at Samford, per a release.
I was thinking of the voluntarily absent Tom, and PC Burns's interest in the case. He should give Pat words of advice.
Still miss Pat Burns one of the great personalities and hockey minds the game has seen in a long time
he's not liked at all. Pat burns was a tough coach but his players loved him! That's the diff Carlyle can't adapt.
Pierre with the Pat Burns reference, trying to stay relevant to old as *** hockey fans.
Pat Burns is Richard Rose award winner this year at
Richard Rose Award to Pat Burns "catalyst and role model for the community"
firmly believe if Pat Burns was healthy he might be coach today.
Lead DeBlower has been Devils HC for longer than Pat Burns was. . This has been your sad fact for today.
Hi my name is Pat kid who doesn't understand that you need to save your work to the actual flash drive before logging out at 3AM Burns.
IL Gov. Pat Quinn may not be allowed run ads comparing .to the Mr. Burns, but I'm happy to point it out.
Just want you all to know, my mom Robin Devries my aunt Lisa Donofrio Devries and my mentor Pat Burns are all I need to be as awesome as I am and a shout out to Jesikuh De Vries and Ash De Vries
Except Our Jay Mariotti faked the death of Pat Burns and blamed others for it
oh Alex made mine so idk about that
“Free ice cream is the best ice cream 😛 eapecially made by mwah!
well Lou picks everything, but I meant he doesn't have the same feel as a Pat Burns or Jacque Lemaire
This is where Mike Yeo should be losing his g-d mind, a la Joel. Quenneville or Pat Burns. TERRIBLE. CALL.
Free ice cream is the best ice cream 😛
Quinn compares Rauner to Mr. Burns: Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn wasted little time likening his Republican rival...
So, Pat Quinn’s campaign strategy is to name call.
Gov. Quinn: Rauner & `Mr. Burns` love bragging about their millions: Gov. Pat Quinn is bringing the heat towards...
Need a good laugh? What did George Burns tell about what it would be like to have sex late in life?:
I mostly agree with your article but the Pat Burns leafs were good defensively at least from 92-94
I want to thank for being the best escort! She taught me to play the ukulele and crushed it tonight! You are the best :)
Shout out to for being the best guy an escort could ask for! You're Mr. Columbine in my heart! 💙
No one stands up for us! Remember when Pat Quinn, Pat Burns, Dougie or even Mats would go off. Gone are the days where we had a backbone.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
yeah one of the better coaches team had after Pat Burns. Think he could have gotten them a Cup or two
Hey how is Pat Burns not in the Hall of Fame
Pat Burns now is still a better coach than Pete DeBoer. This team has no accountability whatsover. Optional skate after that abortion?
As with most of Ken Burns' work, the Prohibition documentary felt weak and too pat in places but it did get me thinking about it
Notice how we always hear about "teams that are tough to play against"? Not since Pat Burns era can you say that about the
MT Since Bowman left in '79, only Pat Burns has lasted 4 seasons as Habs coach. That continues to blow my mind.
.I couldn't accept that there was no gif of Pat Burns' windmill so I made one:
Couple hand burns from rescuing a pizza in the oven, at work still a bit drunk but overall, awesome St. Pat's night with :D
Since Scotty Bowman left in 1979, only Pat Burns has lasted four seasons as coach in Montreal. That continues to blow my mind.
LOL is that the same Jacob Burns playing for Perth Glory right now?
has the mouldering look down pat. Burns you up inside.
Doing full band/crew St Pat's dinner at the most Irish restaurant we could find in all of Montgomery, AL: Chilis
Happy Did u know JohnGlenn, first European settler in yyc, was born in Ireland & Pat Burns, 1 of the Big4, had Irish roots?
Welcome! We are pleased to announce the addition of Pat Burns to our Danberry Oregon Office! Contact
Randy Savage is the Pat Burns of the WWE.
Scots days: 1/25 Burns Night; 4/6 Tartan Day; 11/30 St Andrews Day "St. Pat's Day. Scots feel left out but we'll drink anyway..."
Pat Burns was another Irish personality! His fiery personality gained him respect from his teams and the fans!
if they do just know it's all your fault Tanner 😩
sorry guyz. It was a joke. I hope no one kills you😁😁
I'm not sure how I feel about people favoriting this...Do they want to kill me too?
Is anyone doing any celebrations for St Pat's Day tonight? + all my other friends.
gotta love ineinite. Gotta love self burns. I miss you. Come home now.
what happened to the amoeba of friendship? You don't break that kind of love 😞
. Tan Tan angry. Tan Tan need more favorites
"They're called "alpha males" because they're broken, primitive, buggy versions of real humans."
Past grand Marshall Pat kelly with GM Tom burns & laoh Irish women of the year 04 Meghan kelly
Great moment. Cheered like crazy in living room. Wanted so badly to see Pat Burns & Leafs vs Habs in Final.
HHOF voters should be ashamed of themselves letting Pat Burns die before induction. ASHAMED!
Tomorrow will be the three year anniversary of Pat Burns's passing. Hopefully he's truly at peace now.
As the late great Pat Burns would say my head feels like a chewed caramel today
pat he's mr Celtic 1 of us on the sidelines up there with tommy burns god bless pat x
As you can see, the gates of *** have opened and central Illinois burns with the fury of Satan himself.
At Pat Burns Arena for the last game of the weekend, vs Spartan Girls
PENALTY Nathan Burns steps up to take it. NEW 1 BRI 1 (64'). Live Now:
God bless ya Pat Burns Love ya even more now
The two that really bother me are Paul Henderson and Pat Burns. Both should be in, no questions asked.
You probably already heard, but Maggie is safe and in her new home :) Thank you Theresa Burns for giving Maggie...
Tim Walsh connects with Tom Burns for a 38 yd TD. Cannata's PAT good. Lead 21-7 with 9:46 left in 3Q
Walsh to Burns for a TD and the PAT is good! Attleboro leads Xaverian 21-7.
At Pat Burns Arena for the game between Spartan Girls and Rothesay-Netherwood!
ah yes. Pat went there. I tried Framing Workshop but it was exorbitant.
9 yard pass from Fieger to Carter Burns - PAT no good .Tigers up 20-0
At Pat Burns Arena for the game between and Spartans!!
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