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Pat Brady

Pat Brady (December 31, 1914 – February 27, 1972) was best known as cowboy Roy Rogers' comical sidekick. Pat's full name was Robert Ellsworth Patrick Aloysious O'Brady and this was shortened to Bob Brady, although it is not known when the O' was dropped from O'Brady.

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Uit mijn retroranchdoos: The Roy Rogers Show is an American Western television series that broadcast one hundred episodes on NBC for six seasons between December 30, 1951 and June 9, 1957. The show starred Roy Rogers as a ranch owner, Dale Evans as the proprietress of the Eureka Cafe in fictional Mineral City, and Pat Brady as Roy’s sidekick and Dale's cook. Brady's jeep Nellybelle had a mind of her own and often sped away driverless with Brady in frantic pursuit on foot. Animal stars were Roy's Palomino horse, Trigger and his German Shepherd wonder dog, Bullet. Like Rogers’s films, the series featured traditional cowboys and cowgirls riding horses and carrying six-shooters in a contemporary setting where they coexisted with automobiles, telephones, and electric lighting. No attempt was made in the scripts to explain or justify this strange blend of 19th-century characters with 20th-century technology. Typical episodes followed the stars as they rescued the weak and helpless from the clutches of disho ...
Dear Honda, put on Canard's bike for A1. Sincerely, everybody.
I hate the fact that brady and pat are blaring the music so they can't hear me talking 😑
if you see your favorite QB. Tom Brady. TB12. Tom Bom. Tom Terrific. Tommy Salami. Shady Brady. Tomahawk. Brady Bunch. Tom - m…
Thank god we live in a generation where girls love to show off their ***
I'm an *** I know that. But it worked for me in high school and it's been a reflex ever since.
to be a true leader, people follow you at will-you get fined/jail if u don't follow Obama-definition?
Poof: Public says America's world leadership has tumbled to 40-year low via
Iran accord in Geneva followed by new violence, new diplomacy for Mideast via
LOL sad to say I probably couldn't get much more for it 😣😩
something in the middle. Something nice but cheap
I was talking about her and pat making cups together!! So they needed to adopt asian kids!! So in reality pats of the market!!
The pension deal COVERED w/ Gov Quinn, Sen Bill Brady, and political guru and good guy, Pat Brady all next show 5-9am
DUMB *** TURNCOAT RINO. Hows your job helping out the LEFTIST SCUM at the Pud Whacker?
Lol saying that your michigan squad is a top ten team. That's like saying Brady hoke isn't fat
I've never gotten food delievered and I've asked like 100 times. I've have such good friends
On CLTV Politics Tonight with Paul Lisnek in a minute or so to talk politics of pension reform
New Obamacare weapon for GOP: Doctors - Seung Min Kim and Jennifer Haberkorn - via
Or come pick me up and take me to dinner...
U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk not best known in country — but still in dead heat against Lisa Madigan: New poll via
Two Reliant Stadium security guards were fired for taking photos with Tom Brady:
Tom Brady gives Drew some advice for next Sunday
Send your best friend this courtesy Fox, Muppets,Pat Brady reps some of the puppeteers!
Kristen was going to pat her pastry for Brady
On noon news, Speaker Madigan grants rare sit-down intvu: WILL pass today, but no savings 'til IL Supre…
Lots of worries about Senate roll call right now. Both parties. via
Detroit becomes largest U.S. city to enter bankruptcy via
Ironic this ruling comes today given what is going on in Illinois. Detroit Is Ruled Eligible for Bankruptcy
Madigan and Durkin listen to testimony at the ongoing pension conference committee hearing.
I've been overly exhausted lately. I need to snap out of it
5 Reasons why Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5
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I'm not *** but if a dude dropped his pants in front of me I'd look. Nothing wrong with that
been there done that... I dres nothing but his *** Teacher was creeped out
Couldn't we just run audio from one of the Pat Summeral-era Madden games? "Brady back to pass...complete...First Down."
Not only awesome at her job, my VO agent, Pat Brady, carved this killer styrofoam jack-o-lantern for me. htt…
Rusty Richards (Sons of the Pioneers), Loren Janes, Dean Smith and I believe his wife, who was always so quiet I never got to know her. RUSTY RICHARDS Rusty had long been an admirer of the Sons of the Pioneers and had met Tim Spencer earlier on in his career. While attending a movie, The Searchers, he was thrilled to see an old friend appearing on the screen but less than thrilled when his date failed to recognize the name of Ken Curtis, or, for that matter, the Sons of the Pioneers. Despite that setback Rusty later married Amy Fitzpatrick who in very short order became a confirmed Pioneer fan. In 1963, Pat Brady mentioned to a friend of Rusty's that the Pioneers were looking for a tenor singer--an opening created by the departure of Tommy Doss. Not too surprisingly the friend recommended Rusty. He is also known as a tremendous song writer. LOREN JANES One of the key figures in the development of modern cinematic stunt design, improved safety procedures and co-founder of the Stuntmen's Association of Mo . ...
moron Pat Brady so hot for Scott Walker;must be his talent in bootlickin' Kochs,profiting corp pals w/gov contracts, while …
*** Pat Brady explains Scott Walker&Jindal will work for us to make sure we don't have pesky living wage,ACA,reproductive…
He had a dream. (cast of Rose is Rose comic strip, by Don Wimmer & Pat Brady, are known for their love of http…
So who was your favorite TV "sidekick?" Roy Rogers had Pat Brady, Andy had Barney, Ralph Kramden had Norton---Who was your favorite sidekick?
This day in the History of country music 1. Bill Hayley born,1925 2. Jeannie Seely born,1953 3. Nanci Griffith born,1953 4. Roy Rogers died,1998** ** Roy Rogers, born Leonard Franklin Slye (November 5, 1911 – July 6, 1998), was an American singer and cowboy actor, one of the most heavily marketed and merchandised stars of his era, as well as being the namesake of the Roy Rogers Restaurants franchised chain. He and his wife Dale Evans, his golden palomino, Trigger, and his German Shepherd dog, Bullet, were featured in more than 100 movies and The Roy Rogers Show. The show ran on radio for nine years before moving to television from 1951 through 1957. His productions usually featured a sidekick, often either Pat Brady (who drove a Jeep called "Nellybelle"), Andy Devine, or the crotchety George "Gabby" Hayes. Rogers's nickname was "King of the Cowboys" and Evans's nickname was "Queen of the West".
I got told i had a terrible up-bringing because I stood on Henry hill today... LOLOL
Met the most ignorant old ppl of my life today
Well... I spent too much money this weekend and lost an extra $60 on AC29...
I figure I only owe you $15 since Amanda ruined my entire pack of solo cups... LMAO
You better be good for your gambling losses
I sure hope is gunna be lurkin at budds today!
This just in!! Pat Brady is the head candidate to take over the CV diving coach job!
don't go over board tonight. We have all day tomorrow and Sunday to get white girl wasted
Well life is too short so love the one you got cause you might get run over or you might get shot ❤🔫
I'm down. Wanna get me a bottle to three olives dude?
Just turned off all my alarms for tomorrow. Such an amazing feeling
Ppl letting apps ruin they're day...unbelievable
I only think that IG is dumb now because I hae no service at work
Vine was better off seperate from Instagram... Stupid
Finally back in the office... Not too pumped about it
Pat Brady for signing multiple balls incorrectly. Min of 3 balls
They made Pat Brady resign for this waste of space?
I don't have enough service at work to pull it up...
Guess ima have to check out this video when I get home from work
I wish I didn't cut my hair so I could bring The Diggler back
If dirt diggler isn't back at the crick this weekend i'm out.
No camper for Budds Creek... That's a first for me
If I can't take my camper... I'm prolly not going to budds
It's though... You know what that means... 😳
Not in the mood to do anything today
I seriously wish I was better with trust
But most of you guys are 10x thirstier than any woman could ever be.
oh and pat brady will be at ringcon JUST FLY ME TO GERMANY RIGHT NOW PLEASE
Sleeping naked is awesome until you have to get out of bed in the morning and its freezing😨
I feel like is going to drink heavy today
Pat Susan and Helenna ...Just a heads up! Remember our purchase? Careful coughing! Ting ting! LMAO!!!
The day after courageous Illinois Representatives fended off another assault on marriage, the IL GOP State Central Committee in a secretive, closed door session electedJack Dorgan to replace Pat Brady to lead the party.
Pat Brady probably knows just how crazy the Republican Party is first hand.
Pat Brady voiced his support for *** marriage and was all but run out of the Illinois Republican Party. He vents:
The Grand Old Party in Illinois is an oxymoron. Old? Yes. Grand? Not hardly. Now it is in the throes of selecting a new chairman after cannibalizing the old one. Problem is the old one, Pat Brady, isn’t all that old. And dared to express
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You cannot make this stuff up: Joe Walsh on short list to replace Pat Brady as IL GOP Chairman.
The Illinois Republican Party is going through challenging times. Tuesday, after weeks of pressure from fellow Republicans, and with financial spigots turned off in the first quarter of 2012, ILGOP chairman Pat Brady resigned. As a result, the ILGOP State...
Pat Brady resigns as Illinois GOP chairman via
Pat Brady's fate was sealed after he pushed for marriage equality earlier this year.
This just in: Pat Brady, Chair of IL GOP, quit this am, after ongoing battle over his support for *** marriage bill.
On Sat the State Central Committee will vote to determine whether or not to oust Pat Brady as GOP party chair
your new Pre game footwear: Pat Mac's cruggs > Brady's uggs.
Pat Brady's advice: "whatever you fear the most, that's what you should go for"
Pat Brady's challenge was also as small business owner - competetior came to town and changed bus model
thank you for the Starkid ref on CF- I FOUND it a great treat- love Pat Brady the agent to Starkid and a proud Hufflepuff
Blog: Roskam not saying much on Pat Brady controversy. via
I think I still it urs so I will, maybe we can bring and we can all get sloshed up its been a while
Said he'd play Brady if he showed he was mentally ready; now he's left him out presumably cos GW injured.
as sad as it is... I'm legit bitter about it
I don't get half the likes I deserve on IG...
I held my nose and voted 4 U. It will NEVER happen again.
Shin piece finished. Thanks again eyecramps
Work... It's Friday.. Ain't nobody got time for that
I get so frustrated that the media likes to forget that Welker was a Phin before a Pat & did nothing there! Thank Brady a bit guys
Random *** movie quotes always pop up in my head lol
Can happily say I am so in love with Brendon Brady! Only man with a tash I would! Quality viewing this week, pat on the back Hollyoaks!!
telling Ye now he is, I seen him in d gym, were wore u brady
My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun
Sit on my face and let me eat my way to your heart
“I'm dying” this seems to happen a lot to you Pat. I'm starting to be concerned...
LOL I'm that guy... But.. I did get my shin tattooed lastnight so I somewhat have an excuse
cool shorts BRO its only 30 degrees outside
It's supposed to snow today and I'm wearing shorts... I'm such a good planner
I hit snooze until im supposed to be at work lmao
I never do that and I couldn't come on late bc I took off tomorrow 😔😡
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story of my life... and my alarm is always set LOL
didn't see you on a bike! Throwin all day wasn't sure if it were really you
Scotty didnt even say hi to me at budds last weekend... smh
This year's Spring Family Fun Day is gonna be AMAZING! sign ever! = Way to go...
Something happened to where I'm following 102 ppl... 2 of you have to go..
Had a good time wit my boys lastnight!
I can feel this hangover kicking in and I'm not liking it
Drinking on a work night is never a good idea the next day
Pat Brady might actually lose his seat at the head of the IL GOP today because he supports marriage equality, effectively declaring they don't need new members if they associate with teh gayz. I have used statistics that would put Nate Silver to shame to find all the members of the IL GOP in 2025. Here he is. His name is Bill.
I read that David Diersen, a former secretary of the Illinois Center Right Coaltion said, "In Illinois, elected officials like Tom Cross, Mark Kirk, and Judy Baar Topinka, and party officials like Pat Brady who work against the Illinois Republican Party platform should not claim to be Republican, should immediately resign, should be removed from office." Do you agree? If, in 2014, Comptroller Topinka doesn't run, who should replace her?
Why yes, Pat Brady should resign as head of the Illinois Republican Party. Just as soon as the rest of the State Central Committee does.
ILGOP thinks it's problem is Pat Brady standing up for *** marriage. Har har.
Pat Brady (Dec 31, 1914 – Feb 27, 1972) best known as cowboy Roy Rogers' "comical sidekick." Pat's full name was Robert Ellsworth Patrick Aloysious O'Brady and this was shortened to "Bob Brady," although it is not known when the "O'" was dropped from "O'Brady." Born in Toledo, Ohio, Pat Brady first set foot on-stage at the age of four, in a road-show production of Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch. From that moment he was hooked on showbiz for life. While appearing as a bass guitarist in California in 1935, Pat struck up a friendship with a young country & western singer named Leonard Slye, a member of the popular Sons of the Pioneers. When Len Slye was elevated to screen stardom as Roy Rogers, he recommended Brady as his replacement in "The Sons". However, as Bob Nolan, an original member of The Sons, was referred to as "Bob," and The Sons thought one "Bob" was enough, "Bob Brady" became "Pat Brady" from then on. Making the transition to films himself in 1937, Brady played comedy relief in several of th ...
GOP Central Committee in Illinois trying to remove Pat Brady bcuz he supports *** Marriage.
Once Phil's done speaking, he should pull out his cape, pat MD'A on the head, wink at Dwight and say, "I'm the real I'm back."
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I'm stuck here till 3:30 today... Fml
Why does my job have to be so boring
Matt has the myspace shirt off profile pic as his twitcon
When I creep you creep. Just like that
Everybody wanna be famous. Nobody wanna put the work in
Banging ratchets on Ain't nobody got time for that
Tina is def not getting humped today
“It's so hump your little hearts out”
I'm actually in a surprisingly good mood today
It's so hump your little hearts out
do you like the ravens or just hate the pat's?! B/c I can totally understand the joy in seeing Brady lose.Believe me.
I said the same thing to myself an hour ago
no ones looking at the tea in the pic ( . )Y( . )
Everyone goes through tough times. It's the people that stand behind you and support you that make everything easier
I have a cut on the inside of my mouth and it's killing me
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Everyone creeps. Most people just deny it
Why is GOP leadership destroying the party from within? : In the past few weeks, IL GOP Chairman Pat Brady has...
Priebus, IL GOP Chair is Destroying the Party. He MUST go. What say you?
you saying up there? Or we gonna play Rock Paper Scissors to see who's driving home lol
Hey you would look pretty good in a Pat's uniform, just saying. Tom Brady isn't to bad either! There's my pitch.
The dance moves Pat did while prepping my gate when they announced my name on the starting line at motorama >>>> i am still laughing
I'm running away from home. It's settled
Somehow I'm always in some kinda trouble. Idk why or how. But I'm not about it
Even with all the bad news piling up I'm trying my best to stay positive
Today's already taken a turn for the worst and its not even 7:30 yet... Smh
Maybe he wants to change the platform to a SMART one that people will VOTE for!
That's what you call chocolate wasted
On Monday evening, the Madison County Republican Central Committee joined the going chorus of calls for Pat Brady to resign his post of Chairman with the Illinois Republican Party. Late last year it was revealed that Brady was working with Democrats to lobby Illinois state lawmakers to redefine the...
This past weekend, Pat Brady, Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, was interviewed on Fox 32 about his political activity to help Illinois Democrats pass radical Leftist legislation to redefine marriage and family. This conflicts not only with the Illinois Republican Platform and the National...
Scuttlebutt abounds about possible replacements for state party chairman Pat Brady. With various Republican organizations, leaders, and ILGOP State Central Committee (SCC) members calling for his resignation, Brady's time may be limited; although there is no word yet on an...
Pat Brady, the Chair of the Republican Party in Illinois, says he won't resign despite backlash from his party o...
Influential party bosses raise the pressure on Pat Brady amid debate over the future of the party.
Two more Starkids are going to be on glee soon, we don't know who, when or in what context but Pat Brady (their agent) has confirmed it ~Scarfy's really excited
*** group attacks Hagel, ignores GOP offenders: Here in Illinois, Pat Brady, chair of the state GOP,...
Pat, Erica ( ), and myself. Just three out of the brady bunch.
Rumors have joining Andy Reid in KC. Because if anyone is a perfect fit for Peyton Hillis and Brady Quinn, it's Pat Shurmur.
Just the same, the club needed such "men of use" to support their activities. The Bohemian Club's waiting list, which had first appeared away back in the 1920s, grew to ridiculous lengths. I was told that if a Californian is not admitted before he is 30, he can despair of membership unless he achieves commercial or political prominence. Many older men die waiting. And membership comes dear. The initiation fee for regular voting membership is said to be $8,500, and dues are set at more than $2,000 a year. Because the regular members require entertainment, "men of talent" pay greatly reduced fees. On Wouk's acceptance, for instance, he was put to work writing a history of the club. The encampment became controversial in the early Reagan years when reporters, still suffering the hangover of Carter populism, questioned club executive appointees about the club's sexist practices. The Grove's keenest adversary is Mary Moore, who lives in a counter cultural shantytown in nearby Occidental. Moore was the 1953 San ...
Brady Hoke and Pat Fitzgerald could be your two best bets
If you are in Chicago tomorrow or can come down, please join in calling for Pat Brady to resign.
pat Brady should have sided on guns -- not *** today . Another fumble on our own 1 yrd line
Illinois GOP chairman OK w/ *** marriage ...offers spurious rationalization. There is a case. Pat Brady didn't make it.
well...tell you what, Brady people: as far as I'm concerned it's the police' job to come pick up the *** dead body and give me a pat on the back for a job well done.
Reblogged from Political Vel Craft: Who knew that when Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady called for “Change for Illinois,” he was referring to legalizing oxymoronic homosexual “marriage”? ILLINOIS REPUBLICANS: Make your voice heard regarding…
Meganne Brady & Pat Coyne bought Max a snuggie for Christmas! He looks dam cute in it!
My friend Billy Prendergast has it! "We need baltimore to win and go beat denver next week, then a rematch in foxboro from last year where we send ray ray off in style!"
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
So, we are in the MIDDLE OF PACKING TO MOVE IN A FEW WEEKS. Ya know, you PULL EVERYTHING out of drawers and make a huge mess to pack right??? Then today we get a call from the landlord that he will be by TOMORROW to take pictures of the house so he can sell it! What part of MOVING OUT and packing does he not understand? So I spent the whole day shoving stuff BACK IN drawers so he can get a perfect picture for the market. Then back to pulling crap out again :/ GEEESH!
Full Senate could get bill next week or soon after new Legislature is sworn in on Jan. 9.
Sitting at home watching good ole happy days.
A Senate committee has rejected a measure that could have provided $675 million more for road and bridge projects and averted layoffs at the Department of Children and Family Services.
... it keeps government out of personal lives. Pat Brady says he has been calling Republican lawmakers for several weeks seeking...
. Here's the latest polling showing majority support, in fact:
. Actually every poll released in the past six months shows just the opposite: a majority of IL residents SUPPORT it.
Tedy Bruschi and Darren Woodson discuss which rookie quarterback is most likely to win this weekend.
. Thank you for endorsing same sex marriage in and dragging into the 21st century!
Dear Illinois GOP Chair If you ever come to Asheville, I would be most honored to buy you a drink. Sincerely, Karen O.
Earlier today I shared a photo that appeared to come from the Brady campaign site. It was an extremely shocking ad/poster. An intelligent friend of mine informed me that this picture did not come from that organization. I'm assured this lady researched this, and wouldn't be apprehensive to "tell me like it is" whether it hurt my wittle feelings or made my head swell like Obama's ego. I don't research stuff I share on here. It's your job to look it up if you want to refute my posts. Now. If I offended any woman that has dealt with sexual assault, I apologize. If I offended any Brady campaign supporter, some anti-gun, bleeding heart liberal. I don't care
Weatherford bound! Goodbye panhandle...Dallas tomorrow for the Cotton Bowl!!!
the new ESPN mag article about Tom Brady actually lol, the writer was relating appreciating what he does now to Buddhism ideas
BOLSHEVIKS were coming here in the early 1900's; presume we are dealing with their offspring.
Seeing the brady bunch. Brings back memories from when i was young. Lol
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pat wants to go to Madison Wisconsin
I'm not there anymore, but upset as this is the Land of Lincoln.
They are really WACKED OUT over there in Illinois. Now the GOP is catching sodomism? Shameful! How stupid!
This afternoon, the Illinois State Senate Executive Committee heard testimony on Senator Heather Steans‘ “Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act” (HB 4963). With nine Democrats and 6 Republicans on this committee, the bill easily passed out of the committee by a vote of 8 to 5. We do not expe...
"Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady Wednesday expressed his 'full support' for *** marriage. 'More and...
Wait, so every time you say 'Pat Brady' a little bird appears? Awesome!
Thanks to Illinois Republican chair Pat Brady for supporting
Good job supporting in Now get your party on board.
GOP Head Pat Brady won' back down his support for A turning point for the party?
Crain's: Pat Brady says he will not back down from his decision to endorse a pending bill...: Pat Brady says he ...
Make no mistake about it: Freedom of religion in Illinois faces a vigorous and sustained attack. I hope that people of good will, even those who believe that the Catholic Church is wrong on this or any other issue, can see the danger to the freedom of us all.
Illinois Republicans need to follow the lead of GOP Chairman Pat Brady.
Thank you for supporting marriage equality in Illinois!
marriage? GOP's Pat says he's just leading the 'party of
Chairman Pat holds firm for legal same-sex -- despite lots of yaps
Who do u think is better? Kobe Bryant or Phil Jackson? Magic Johnson or Pat Riley? Bill Belichick or Tom Brady? R Some players are so good u can't coach them? Or are the coaches so good, they make good players great?
Reportedly Oregon HC Chip Kelly is being sought after by Bills and Browns. You think he'll go to either one Pat?
— If anyone thought *** marriage legislation would pass easily in Illinois, the initial hiccup Wednesday in the state Senate illustrated how hard-fought the issue is likely to be every step of the way.
Meanwhile, Illinois State GOP Party Chairman Pat Brady is urging Republicans to vote for the marriage equality measure.
Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady // AP Photo The momentum continues to build for same sex marriage in Illinois. On Wednesday, Pat Brady, chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, said he was putting his
Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady is giving his 'full support' to a push in the state to legalize *** marriage, a notable step that could give the bill an extra boost in the statehouse — and possibly help Republicans in the Democratic-leaning state. More and more Americans understand that...
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Illinois lawmakers began considering a measure on Wednesday that would make President Barack Obama's home state the 10th in the nation to legalize *** marriage. Supporters and opponents furiously lobbied lawmakers as a leading sponsor of the proposal pressed for a quick vote in the state Senate. The "lame duck" session is the final meeting before a newly elected legislature takes office later in January. Buoyed by November election referendum victories in Maryland, Maine and Washington state, supporters of *** marriage want to make Illinois the first Midwestern legislature to approve it. Iowa's Supreme Court legalized it in 2009. If approved, Illinois would be the second most populous state to allow *** marriage after New York. Democrats hold a majority in both chambers of the Illinois legislature. But as in Maryland, Washington state and New York, a few Republican votes may be needed to pass a bill in Illinois. State Republican party chairman Pat Brady was making calls to Republican l ...
Setback for *** marriage Supporters 2 votes shy of legislative hearing BY DAVE MCKINNEY AND ZACH BUCHHEIT Staff Reporters SPRINGFIELD — A bid to legalize *** marriage in Illinois suffered an unexpected setback Wednesday when supporters fell two votes shy of getting the legislative hearing they wanted, meaning no Senate vote on the measure until Thursday at the earliest. The 28-24 procedural vote showed the razor-thin margins surrounding the contentious issue and clearly caught backers off-guard, thwarting their plan to advance the measure to the Senate floor Wednesday night. “It’s a little bit too soon to conclude it was a fatal blow,” said Rikeesha Phelon, spokeswoman for Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago). Late Wednesday, Phelon said the measure would be voted on by the Senate Executive Committee early Thursday. Earlier in the day, supporters moved to waive a six-day waiting period set out in Senate rules to get the measure heard in committee Wednesday night, but key absences among Demo ...
ESPN says according to league sources, the Chiefs are close to making Andy Reid their next head coach.
There are many things wrong with Illinois politics, but today our attention should turn to the feckless and destructive antics of the chair of the Illinois Republican Party: Pat Brady. On this the first working day of the New Year, the purported standard-bearer for conservatism in Illinois is busy c...
Republican Party chairman Pat Brady says it's time to support the cause.
SPRINGFIELD - Liberals have gone wild in the Illinois lame duck session starting with President John Cullerton's Democrat-controlled Senate, who in the first day of a three day session moved legislation to legalize same sex marriage, mandate gun registration and... endorsement from Pat Brady? This is really going to both my beloved home state and my home away from home of IL.
Pat brady chairman of the GOP supports *** marriage. He believes he has the support of all republicans. Mr. Brady you are having a bad dream. Write your rep's to remove him as chairman.
Illinois Republican leader Pat Brady came out in favor of *** marriage yesterday, stating that marriage equality "honors conservative principles" of limited government. Apparently, I'm still sleeping somebody wake me up.
You can e-mail Pat Brady. He is the chairman of the Republican Party in Illinois. He supports same sex marriage even though the members of his party are against it. pbrady Send him a message to let him know how you think on this issue. I sent an e-mail and got an immediate response. Rep. Anthony DeLuca also responded to my e-mail. These leaders need to hear our voice.
It doesn't look like the Gators worked on onside kicks very much during their bowl practices.
Today...Senator Kirk (GOP)said he now wants to increase rehab for medicaid recipients, and Pat Brady the head of the Illinois GOP strongly supports the *** marriage bill. Neither story is from the onion
Hockey fans: Do you want a 48gm. season or do you say screw the season? I know you don't like hockey Billy Brady so you don't have to comment!
Nothing like good classic television shows.
Windy City Times News - Marriage committee hearing delayed, vote still expected this week A committee hearing on a bill that would legalize *** marriage has been postponed at least until tomorrow, but that may not slow the bill's progress. LGBT leaders had anticipated a hearing on the Religious F...
If it is a girl what Mae sounds better Peyton Ann or Delilah Marie?
Seattle seahawks look like the best team in the NFL this year. Agree or disagree?
Illinois Republican Party chairman Pat Brady endorses marriage equality, calls on lawmakers to legalize it h/t
Not unexpectedly, the *** marriage bill seems likely to move through committee today and to a floor vote tomorrow. As pro-family forces attempt to rally the grassroots to voice their opposition, the growng question seems to be which Republican(s) might...
Former conservative and current head of the Illinois GOP-Pat Brady- came out today (no pun intended, maybe) in favor of *** Marriage!
So...just curious about how everyone feels about people who use handicap parking places BOGUSLY by driving a car with a handicap permit and then parks in a handicap spot?? Feel free to let Kyle Holmes know how you feel!!
BREAKING NEWS: Illinois GOP Chair Pat Brady endorses same sex marriage bill, encourages GOP legislators to vote in favor of the bill.
The Republican Party Chairman in Illinois is backing a plan to allow *** couples to get married. Pat Brady tells the "Daily Herald" he's making the call as a citizen, and outside of his duties as the GOP leader. He's asking Republican lawmakers to support the proposal in Springfield. The state Senate is expected to pass a bill this week and send it to the House.
Equality Illinois Republican leaders supporting the right to marry: “Giving *** and *** couples the freedom to get married honors the best conservative principles. It strengthens families and reinforces a key Republican value –that the law should treat all citizens equally,” said Illinois GOP chairman Pat Brady.
Hamilton Collection
Who said "mustard and custard" as his slang words on an old tv show?
Who do you want as the Cleveland Browns next head coach?
Are the police just randomly arresting every entertainer from the 70s n 80s or what??.might want to check out cliff richard,timmy mallett,pat sharp n maybe the chuckle brothers while theyr at it!.for legal reasons i just want to make it clear that i have no evidence any of the above entertainers have ever nonced anybody up!
Val Bantoe Ray Lewis was nice, but since he's ending his career, it's time u hop onto the Pats side lol
In 1994, when the first so-called "assault weapons ban" passed in Washington and was signed into law, the NRA went state by state throughout the country trying to pass what those who fought them called "Baby Brady Bills." If passed, they would have been instant gun owner registration schemes. Don't think these types of shenanigans can't happen again in 2013. Your elected officials (local and federal) must be pressured constantly or many of them will sell out.
Chip Kelly come on browns was my browns die hards think i personally want lovie only cause gruden ain't gonna coach
The time has finally arrived! Illinois lawmakers are expected to begin the debate and vote on the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act anytime between today and January 8.
Public Service Announcement:I wanna say farewell, congrads & thank u to Ray Lewis for showing us how football is supposed to be played,for makin our team wat it is today,even dat we only have 1 ring,we've been contenders all but 1 yr since u've been here,how many teams can say dat?U'll be missed out on da field by us(da fans),ur teammates,coaches & opponents,u gave us ur sweat,tears & blood for more than 10 yrs,now go get dat ring(SUPERBOWL) & enjoy ur retirement homie,its well deserved!
Happy day two of the year 2013. Since you all have been hearing about the news regarding the "Fiscal Cliff" for the past couple of weeks.the bill has passed both Houses of Congress. Now we can go on and on as to who is to blame, etc etc, but right now I could careless! See, what the "low information voter" who has been duped into thinking that the rich sould "pay their fair share" are now going to feel the effects of that lie that has been put out there. See, when the "evil rich people", who owns businesses mind you, that provides that milk, eggs, cheese, wine, soda, cars, computers, cellphones, tablets, etc start to layoff workers.because they can not afford to pay people because of higher taxes & regulations to even run a business, then that's where you are going to get more people asking for government hand-outs! Remember what I have said, those government entitlements are paid for by the taxpayers (yes including myself.I do pay taxes on my retirement should you *** ask) , not out of "Obama's Sta ...
Ray Lewis is gonna retire at the end of the season :O
Who is/was the best running quarterback in the past 20 years
Dear State Representative and State Senator, The move to redefine marriage, something that cannot be redefined by virtue of the biological union it describes, while making you and your colleagues feel self-satisfied thinking that this cause is a human rights cause, will further diminish the autonomy of the family and embolden future legislators to use their power to redefine familial relationships to the ultimate destruction of the family - our basic unit of government. This legislation has onerous implications for the future of the family and those institutions, most importantly the church, which is compelled by faith to defend the Biblical and traditional representation of marriage as one man and one woman. Please have the courage to do what is right for the family, the community, and the country. Vote no to redefine marriage.
Patrick Brady was a longstanding member of the Central Jersey Road Runners Club.
To everyone that lost a loved one in 2012 may we heal together and be be able to move on in life knowing we are better for having such special people in our life's that we loved so much
Happy late Birthday to Amber Digby (born on Dec. 30th in New York, this singer and songwriter, raised in Nashville, her mom was a harmony singer with Connie Smith and her dad played bass for Loretta Lynn, with her band the Midnight Flyer's, Amber keeps alive traditional country and western swing). Born on December 31st were Robert Ellsworth Patrick Aloysious O'Brady (bass player born in Ohio, better known as Pat Brady, actor, sidekick of Roy Rogers, member of Sons Of The Pioneers, he appeared in a dozen films 1938-51, including "West Of Cheyenne", "Man From Sundown", "The Durango Kid", "Songs Of Texas", "Bells Of Coronado" and "South Of Caliente"), Rex Allen (Arizona born singer, songwriter, actor, rodeo rider, was on WLS Barn Dance until '49, one of his most successful singles was "Don't Go Near the Indians", inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, WMA Hall of Fame), Dale Noe (songwriter, musician, wrote "It's Such A Pretty Wo . ...
Order Miche Bag Online!
What's on before Christmas. Thursday - Last Trivia for the year w Big Dave! Friday - "Patrick & Patrick" PJ Cullen and Pat Brady - 8pm Should be great craic! Saturday - "LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME" 8pm Dont miss this show! Sunday - Caribbean feast all day Monday - Christmas carols from 6.30pm families welcome
Well the election is over and it is a disaster for Illinois and the nation - but only for taxpayers. The 50% or so that suck on the government teat will still be taken care of at our expense. State Senator Kyle McCarter of Lebanon says we need to restructure our party from the bottom up. I beg to differ. We at the bottom busted our butts to get our people elected for zero pay and very little thanks. We are the ones who put up signs and registered voters. We have very limited input as to who are candidates are going to be. The restructure should start at the top. The central committee has given us the last 2 failed governor candidates, the convicted felon from the time before, and the national central committee has given us 2 consecutive failed presidential candidates. They are the ones that have the big state positions along with their big pensions. Read this Pat Brady, Judy Baar Topinka, Bill Brady, Dan Rutherford, Kirk Dillard. Give us candidates that are electable. The next 4 years will be ...
Roy Rogers on Westerns Channel.sorry no Dale Evans, Bullet, Pat Brady, or Nellie Bell.It's Roy's birthday, his older movies being shown.Happyy Birthday Leonard Sly...that was his birth name...yes, Gabby Hayes is on some of them...
Don't forget Dale Evans and Buttermilk as well as Pat Brady and NellieBell
Roy Rogers and Trigger, there was also Dale Evans and Buttermilk, and Pat Brady and Nellie Bell the jeep and the dog, Bullet! I loved them!
I adored Roy, Trigger, Bullet, Pat Brady, Nellie Bell, Buttercup but didn't like Dale Evans because she was married to Roy & I wasn't!
Happy Birthday to David Frizzell (Arkansas born singer, younger brother of Lefty, toured with his brother throughout the 1950s and 1960s, in '81 would record a number one duet, "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma," with Shelly West, scored a number-one country single with "I'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home" in '82) and Lynn Anderson (N.D. born country singer, songwriter, daughter of Liz and Casey Anderson, best known for "(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden", western performer winning Best Female Vocalist from the Academy of Western Artists and 2007 WMA Female Performer of the Year). Also born on September 26th were Shug Fisher (Oklahoma born singer, songwriter, musician, actor, would replace Pat Brady as bass player in the Sons of the Pioneers, would write several songs for the Pioneers including "Out On The Open Range", "Ridin' Down To Santa Fe", and "Forgive And Forget"), Tommy Doss (Idaho born fiddler and singer, played with Bob Wills' Texas Playboys from 1945-1947, he replaces Bob Nolan in ...
Pat Brady the thespian Boy scout leader.
Well, tonight's 'Talkin' Toons with Rob Paulsen' podcast couldn't have been a bigger blast!! Great crowd at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, and huge fun sharing the stage with my TMNT compadres from lo those many years ago... Rob Paulsen, Cam Clarke, Barry Gordon, Peter Renaday, Renae Jacobs, and Sue Blu! Thanks a million to Rob and Pat Brady for putting it all together, and to the many amazing fans who came out to show their appreciation for something we had the privilege and honor of working on for 10 years!! Turtle Power!!! :)
Republican state chairman Pat Brady has pointed out that House speaker Mike Madigan’s law firm represents Habitat Company, where Jarrett is the former CEO.
Just watched an old movie of Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Pat Brady, Boy that Buttermilk is a smart horse :). He led them to Dale, Seeing it really brings back good memories .
When Julian G. Gomez first decided to bravely (and carefully) come out of the closet as an undocumented American in his video "Why I Can't Go To LeakyCon" he had no idea the support it would get. No idea that Starkid's agent, the amazing Pat Brady (Starkid is one of Julian's favorite things in the world) would rally Harry Potter families to drive Julian to LeakyCon. That his heroes like John Green would come to his support. Or that his hero Jose Antonio Vargas would fly out to LeakyCon to meet Julian and put him in a huge documentary he's making on young undocumented Americans. But that is exactly what has happened. Thanks to Pat, Jose, John Green, and these "Harry Potter families," Julian very unexpectedly got to LeakyCon - and was overwhelmingly surrounded by the love of this community. Please consider it a metaphor. The road to rehumanize the plight of 12 million people is long.but brave people like Julian Gomez, and our partners at Dream American, and with supportive communities like Pat, John Green, ...
Headed back home today from Chicago. This was an absolutely wonderful vacation. I met the most wonderful people. So much love at this conference! Can't wait to do it again TWICE in 2013. Portland, Oregon end of June and London, England in August. "Don't wanna see you go, but it's not forever, not forever." Major thanks to all the staff at LeakyCon, Pat Brady, and Team StarKid for all the love. I got my wish. I know somewhere Jim is smiling. And thanks to Darren Criss for being the totally awesome guy he is. Hope to see a bunch of you next year at one or both events!
Don't forget it's market day! Pat Brady from the St. Francois County Bee Association will be at the Madison County Farmers Market to give a demonstration on bee keeping, he will also have fresh local honey to sell. It will 'BEE' a great day at the market! I will have Strawberry/rhubarb, Cherry, Blackberry, and Peach Pies, Honey White Bread, Honey Whole Wheat Bread, Focaccia Bread, Cinnamon Rolls, Outrageous Brownies, and Granola. Hope to see you there! Located by Giffords Lumber Co. 1-6.
Kane Young Republicans missed headline speaker Pat Brady last night. He did not show. Attendees hoping it was just an oversight.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
In Bernies political column in todays SJR, Bernie attacks IL GOP Chairman Pat Brady saying Brady issued a news release headline David Gill says he will hike taxes on everyone. In a radio show Gill said he would let Bush tax cuts expire. But Richards Gill's campaign manager said Gill was responding to agreeing with Obama on letting cuts remain for people making less than $250,000. Dr Gill from Bloomington is a Democrat for socialized medicine and he is making his 4th run for Congress. The fact is if you eliminate the tax cuts you are raising taxes which is what Gill believes in. Pat Brady is right the attempt by Obama and Gill to let taxes rise on high earners amounts to a job killing tax policy. Since the high earners are the small business people who create jobs. Gill is opposed by GOP Rodney Davis a dynamic former aid to Congressman John Shimkus. Davis has raised some $400,000 to less than $207,000 for Gill. Davis in my mind is favored to beat Gill attempting his 4th run.
When I was young my Mother had on something like this.older maybe and we use to call it NellieBell because it reminded us of the noisy old car that Pat Brady on Roy Rogers.ha, ha.
"We are under the thumb of a controlling, vindictive, ethically challenged,self-serving Leprechaun, and I mean no disrespect to Leprechaun". He has spent 40 years in Springfield making himself rich,trading on his position of trust. He has his finger-prints on every problem we have with respect to our pension problems. Tell me how you really feel, Pat Brady and Tom Cross of MIKE MADIGAN Take the politics out of it. I THINK ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE
Pat Brady says it would be a mistake for Washington Republicans to stall a vote on a new prosecutor here until after the November election.
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