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Pastor Troy

Micah LeVar Troy (born November 18, 1977) is an American rapper, actor, and record producer. He is also a member of the hardcore rap group D.S.G.B.

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Shoutout everyone who rocked with me at the Lil Wyte show 2 weekends ago! Up next, Pastor Troy!!
But fr, Pastor Troy was and still is that ***
I'm just gone vibe to this Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy Hungry for the Holy Series 3-8-15
I'm ratchet for loving this pastor Troy song but LOOK AT THE SKY😻😻😻 I WANNA GO
Check out Pastor Troy Evans recent article on Exponential Conference's Blog!
My dad thought Pastor Troy was a real pastor.
Gotta update my Pastor Troy discography today.
Throwback Thursday n they playin nothin but Pastor troy n Lil Jon , *** I missed the south
cool video pastor troy a real og u too Mr.704
I been listening to Pastor Troy all week. Dude was the southern DMX.
Just bumped into that *** pastor troy this *** still caring around that wrestling belt.😂😂
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Troy- I Want War
Lawd I wanna go see pastor troy tonite.but this rain tho 😒😒
Pastor Troy nd the migos got me hype asf ...
When I was a young boy partying at North Park they Played Pastor Troy Vice Versa and erbody was ready to whoop *** Whole gym screaming YEAH
If you don't know who is pastor troy u ain't from the south
Then Pastor Troy w/ the crescendo'n "Uh Huh" in the background didn't help either
have you ever heard anything pastor Troy has to say on that topic?
I'd be lying if I said Pastor Troy wasn't my favorite rapper 😂😂😂
you heard ‘Combat Jack Show: Pastor Troy and Shaheem Reid Episode’ by The Loud Speakers Network on
Dog you know the concept, people always want the person who doesn't want them. like pastor troy said I wonder if it
That master p, pastor troy beef tho lol aye p there? 😂😂😂
Pastor Troy got me super hype right now
Now Playing Lil John feat Pastor Troy - Throw it up on
Pastor Troy x Pop that. 💃 will forever eva be my favorite song..I go crazy. 😏😈
"If we be actin up, you best be backin up!!" -Pastor Troy
So got me feeling so hype...I'm playing Pastor Troy...I do this for the 99 2000
Pastor Troy's message is now online at
Gotta tell Pastor Troy to let this track ring off in New Salem on Sunday.
they should've had Pastor Troy on the show saying "LET'S GO TO WAR" YEA
Pastor Troy & Jim Jones gotta be up there too for ad-libs...especially 03 - 06 Jim Jones lol
Vica Versa-Pastor Troy. One of my top 10 favorite songs of all time
I'd imagine a few *** got the wig split to Lil Jon, Pastor Troy & Onyx in the clubs.
Lil Jon ft. Pastor Troy 'Throw It Up RT"What songs are guaranteed to start a fight in the club?"
keep it a Buck it was this dude named Kilo Ali then Jermaine Dupri played a major part. Then we got Pastor Troy. He fire tho
Now I'm on that pastor Troy I need to b sleep to turnt for wat the future hold tho so I can't sleep scared I might miss something
DMX and Pastor Troy always get me hype no matter how old their songs are lol
Bruhhh I used to love me some Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy: Pastor Troy and them Down South Georgia boys said since everybody think they soldiers wassup let's go to war.
Pastor troy: Hold on watch this. Man: No limit records. Pastor troy: Yea yea yea can I speak to P?. Man: P not here.
Can't trust nobody that never lied to their mom and told her pastor troy was gospel
Am I the only one that has a Pastor Troy Pandora station? If you haven't just recently started "thuggin" you gotta get it.
Pastor Troy's "Vica Versa" just spoke to me...brought back good memories.
I will forever love Visa Versa by Pastor Troy
Seattle gotta play "We Ready" by Pastor Troy over the PA System. It's only right.
Ppl showing up to practice and popping pastor Troy smh
Today we broadcasted our 2nd service message by Pastor Troy "live" at Akina Community Church. It's a blast to...
Just completed session 3 with Pastor Troy Wooten in Ohio. Love these people.
I liked a video Pastor Troy Speaks on Master P and No Limit Encounter
You better get a scream in you Pastor Troy!
Attended a bible study already an now I'm ready to worship and hear Pastor Troy's message! 🎉
Today we continue with part two of our Awaken Love series. Pastor Troy says that this is a message you do not...
"Men you're to love your wife based on her position with you, not based on her performance. " -Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy an them down South Georgia boys
It's Sunday so it's only right I listen to Pastor Troy
check out Pastor Troy one of the artist that we can book for you
Now playing on the beat94.5fm Myblockradio - Sensei O.Z. - Paper (w/ Pastor Troy) - tune in @
My name is Money Gramm At the age of 13 my family and I moved to San Diego, California from Greenville, North Carolina where I became very fond of rap music due to the influence of West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg. My brothers and I used to record over old tapes on a boom box, rhyming to beats in our head. My passion for rap music grew more and more from my inspirations of LL Cool J and Run DMC. At the age of 17, I recorded my first mix tape which I must admit was by far the most amateur work I've ever done. However my passion was so strong that every day, no matter the weather I carried my back pack up and down the street to sell my mix tape. I've performed at several different clubs and opened acts for artist such as Pastor Troy, Mulage, and Freaky Zeaky. I spend long days and nights at the studio with new ideas every hour. Rapping is my career and I eat, sleep and dream music. My goal is to become a successful and inspirational rapper in the music industry. My hopes as a successful rapper are to inspire a ...
Learn American English CLICK TO GET MORE REVIEWS → English Comic Shops If you are fascinated in obtaining comics then you ought to initially glance for the nearest comic shop in your community. Looking at comedian guides has been a great pastime for many men and women as they grew up and some like me are continue to massive enthusiast on the comic reserve period. Learn American English Jimmy Fallon: King of Late-Night The coolest ever, interesting, intoxicating, these are just a handful of of the phrases and terms made use of to describe Jimmy Fallon, and his late night time display. When I was a child, likely to university with a future rap star, Pastor Troy in college or university, I utilized to really like to hear to Erkyah Badu and the Roots's song, "You acquired me," and dance the full way across campus. Even even though I was on the basketball crew and a great rapper, I loved to dance. Superheroes - Now and Then For several years, adult males and women of all ages of all ages have experienced a . ...
Adhere to the rap assasins creed. I'm just glad, I got rep to breed. Centurion of greed. I'm Pastor Troy, that's John Reed
SGH = LightShow, 2 Chainz, Project Pat, Kur, Pastor Troy, RondoNumbaNine, more on the way
Gonna listen to nothing but Pastor Troy, Oomp Camp and Hitman Sammy Sam music.. We need the Falcons to beat the Cardinals
I'm listening to Vica Versa by Pastor Troy on
I have a playlist of Elle Varner, Sam Smith, and Ed Sheeran...then a playlist of Pastor Troy, Ali and Gipp, Guwop, Boosie and Gates
Theta Chi band parties on Thursday and Friday night! Pastor Troy and the East Side Boyz on Thursday and Granger Smith/Earl Dibbles Jr Friday
"Love God. Love people. That's what it means to be a Christian." —Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy the homie, but every time he come to Charlotte someone gets popped.
I remember back in the day when I first heard of him I thought Pastor Troy was a Christian rapper.
Three and a half months no job. however, I have an interview with Costco in Eden Prairie, yes, I know its like 20 miles to work, on Thursday at 3pm for a Shift Supervisor for demos in store. It's part time - 30 hours per week with one Sunday-Monday a month required. It pays $12.50/hr so not bad. I also applied at Red Cross for an administrative coordinator position for a nursing assistant program - part time 20 hr/wk, an administrative assistant/data entry at an orthotic prosthetic place in Edina, and a couple of Medical Assistant positions today. I am seriously considering, if I do not begin a job at the end of this month, to get out of Mary Kay. I sit and look at my 2 boxes of inventory and only see that it is a month's worth of living expenses, which right now I desperately need. I love MK and always will but taking accountability and responsibility for my decisions like Pastor Troy preached on a month ago, it was an impulsive decision. The truth of the matter is I need steady and dependable work ...
According to published reports by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, American rapper "Pastor Troy" walks in slow-motion 100% of the time …
I see Sleepy Brown, Outkast, and Pastor Troy all over my TL. I need to be watching whatever y'all watching
Thinking of letting Randy Watson be the Opening Act tonight for Last Mr. Bigg & Pastor Troy at…
I know every lyric to 99% of Pastor Troy not bs'n
That boy ain't got no heat though he told me all his dreams would come true with a Pastor Troy feature
Any time I see I think he's Pac or Pastor Troy with Master P's sunglasses.
->Hottest track in the club right now P.I.T Maniac ft. Pastor Troy
My white sociology teacher is starting off class by playing Vice Versa by Pastor Troy. He's a cool guy in my book
Traphouse in Windermere collectin money like a pastor
Looking forward to a great service tonight with powerful worship and a great word from Pastor Troy! See you at...
Make up your mind, you either pastor troy or loaded lux
Jawga Boyz and The official Pastor Troy fan page (Pastor Troy). This one is freaking awesome.Don't be...
Deniro Farrar helps me get thru it all, Wayne is the all-time favorite. And Pastor Troy and Lil Wyte is only listened to when you bouta die!
I'm bringing pastor troy Wednesdays back
“Pastor Troy why you wanna slap the taste out of lil john mouth? lmao
Pastor Troy "I'm Right Here" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: I said it b4 and I'll say i…
Pastor Troy welcoming everyone this morning at First United Methodist Church! Great to see students this morning!
Juan Mendoza is Rekage, a multi-faceted artist and entertainer hailing from the historic Lower East Side neighborhood in New York City. Rek is a reflection of how the recording artist has evolved over the past few decades. He is a singer, rapper, engineer, producer, and passionate songwriter all packed into one. Rekage has been working for years to perfect his craft. Starting as an intern with Avalanche Management and AV8 Records, moving on to Electric Feel Management, Vice President of Urban with Nightlife Productions, CEO of RekMusic. Rekage has gained the necessary skills and knowledge to stake his claim in the industry. His outgoing personality has allowed him to develop close relationships with some of the most talented people in the industry, establishing numerous collaborations with top artists in urban music. Rekage has worked with some of Hip Hops finest including AZ, Foxy Brown, Styles P, Cormega, French Montana, Chinx Drugz, Jae Millz, Murda Mook, Pastor Troy, Tru Life, Project Pat, Bonaf ...
M.O.P, Helta Skelta, Styles P & Pastor Troy been on repeat for the past week.
I know what will make me feel better about this busted ear drum. Pastor Troy and them Down South Georgia Boys!
I swear Pastor Troy remind me of my cousin Drop.
I ain't listened to Pastor Troy in a min.
My favorite rappers are the slutty boyz Project Pat juicy j, pastor troy, eminem
Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins, Pastor Troy, Three 6 Mafia had me acting a thug girl. Didn't know how to act. Lol
Pastor Troy x No No Play In GA.will never get old
Off the clock, pastor Troy and I are about to skate 🚙💨
Is it just me, or does Troy Tulowitzki look like Johnny Manziel's older bro??
growing up I wanted that Pastor Troy beard so bad.
If you listen to lil boosie(anybody on trill fam), gucci mane, or pastor troy you cool with me
Firehouse Productions Live at Atlantis opening for Pastor Troy 8 ball and MJG 2013
Then this *** gone play Pastor Troy while we in da car I wanna cry bruh
for survival - Pastor Troy my fave song ever from him
One of the most underrated hip hop tracks is that vice versa by pastor troy.
Best beats in the industry! Credits include: Too Piece, Yuckmouth, Pastor Troy, Oj Da Juiceman, Maintain & more
"Pastor Troy" is back! Arian is a concert promoter. He says he booked "Pastor Troy" to headline a club event. Arian says "Pastor Troy" actively participated ...
metal and rap. That is it. Anything else doesn't work. Slayer, Three 6 Mafia, Megadeth and Pastor Troy.
I've been on Resse, Durk, Pastor Troy, & Three 6 Mafia all morning.
I get hype when I hear Pastor Troy old music...
For sum reason this pastor troy got me crunk at 3 in the morning..
am i the only one that used to listen to Pastor Troy?
You're not a true southerner if you don't like Pastor Troy!
Pastor Troy had some dope music back in the day!!
The most influential man in my life the past 11 years! Pastor is bringing it!
I'm not a huge rap fan but there are certain songs and rappers you have to know. 504 boyz, Lil Troy, Pastor Pat, Three 6 Mafia, Warren G
I ain't no friend of P; Don't ask me bout that boy.. he ain't no man think I'm lying then ask Pastor Troy
If you ain't fw Pastor Troy some wrong witcha
The baddest chick followed me today and I'm just like why?! Lmao I ain complainin tho Pastor Troy is jus one blessed individual, HALLELUJAH
Nobody woulda Eva thought to make a song like VICE VERSA. Pastor Troy was a genius dawg!
Ahead of his time... He was so good “Pastor Troy back in da day >>>>”
Great spending time w/ Pastor his team, Pastor and some of his team! Great day of learning!
Photo: Follow Pastor if you don’t already to receive some great leadership principles.
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Follow Pastor keithcraft if you don't already to receive some great leadership principles.
😑 tuh! Don't play me. I rocks with pastor Troy.
Pastor Troy for this road trip. Pastor disaster!!!
Listen to Postal Service, Lil Wayne, and Kool Keith . Pink Floyd on my best days, Daze off DJ Screw. Pastor Troy and Lil Jon *** just preach
Happy birthday to our Lead Pastor Bryan Davis and our Troy worship pastor Joshua Stobart!
Pastor Troy first album still ride.
Here I'm talking about Pastor troy last night and I found a mix wit his songs
idk why I wanna listen to some Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy was crunk af on no mo play in GA 😂😂
Pastor Troy been spreading the word lately.
Pastor Troy visa versa is the hardest song that's ever came out rs
I'm jamming to that new pastor troy! I'm that *** He gave yatti an 48 a shout out
If your beard make you look like you homeless thats not wassup. BUT if you got the Pastor Troy with jst hair on the chin and not all over..
Them Pastor Troy beards be looking gud😅. Not them big homeless men beards😂✌
Lol.. You never know with Bobby.. Maybe we can get K-Dogg to play some Pastor Troy during timeouts.. Lol..
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Check out Pastor Troy Wynn, Sr on CTN (june wk 1)
Vice Versa x Pastor Troy...cuz my mood
When I think 2pac I think check out his 2 mixtapes tribute to 2pac
4 instance, I need a 30-45 minute Youngbloodz set and a 30-45 minute Pastor Troy set. And keep Luda and TI the *** away from there
(Educated Hustlers ft Pastor Troy) Download the bass bumping hit now on
Y da *** pastor troy still wearing this WCW championship belt around..tho??
If you lived in Georgia in the late 90s, you know all about Pastor Troy "No More Play in GA"...
I woke up 2 day feeling .. I started with nuthn but a dream.. my hustle, networking skills, n drive allowed me 2 accomplish things id only wish 2 have done.. ive done a song with LIL SCRAPPY n ROLLS ROYCE RIZZY... I done shows with RICH HOMIE, ROSCOE DASH, LO'REAL n MORE.. Ive been invited into a rap legends home to do a song n his personal studio "PASTOR TROY" ... shot a music video n MIAMI... now me n CHEVY workn... plus my son JESUS jus had a try out for a TYLER PERRY film n ATLANTA.. if I DIE 2day I KNO I LIVED HOW I WANTED 2.. Point is LIFE IS SHORT go TAKE *** u WANT and get every bit out of it.. set goals n KNOCKm DOWN. LOL but who am I ???... JUS A *** U KNO... WHO BOUTA BLOW..
That man Pastor Troy got my day off right tho 👌
Pastor Troy is available for booking for performances or walkthroughs
“If your greatest fear is failure, your greatest pain will be regret.”. ~Pastor Troy Maxwell
Pastor Troy does the ice water challenge ... with his own unique twist. Watch to see if you've been called out. Share with others if you like what he did.
Saw trending and I thought it was about Pastor Troy.
Just gonna listen to Pastor Troy's Vica Versa and pretend my tea is a cup of whiskey.
Pastor Troy's prayer for men: May God give you strength and courage to fight for your faith, family, and future.
Pastor Troy to get my day started! Time to snap out on these people and I'm excited about doing it!
Listening to Pastor Troy while on a highway is a bad idea.doing 100mph without even noticing
Imma have this pastor Troy goatee by august tho
Pastor Troy is praying for all the Father's.
"The first pastor of your home is YOU." -Pastor Troy
Had a great time Celebrating Father's Day At Secret Place in Bellflower! God Bless you Pastor Troy! The Word was Right on!!!
"Whatever you do, work at it with ALL your heart, as working for the Lord, NOT FOR MEN." - Colossians 3:23 Pastor Troy N. Terrell shared a great sermon this morning about passion. It really hit home for me because, though I'm going through a tough season right now, I've always been a passionate person. When the Lord gives me a passion about something or someone I will give it my all until He shows me completion or that flame in my heart is subsided. I've learned in recent times that people and circumstances can affect your passion. They can block the oxygen that keeps the flame alive ultimately killing it. BUT...I was reminded this morning that when your flame is almost extinguished, when it's just an ember, all it takes is a little breath of oxygen to bring it back to life.One point he made was "don't worry about what others think about you." Being constantly concerned with what others think about us can be so crippling that it causes us to miss out on what God has for us. He said, "follow your passion . ...
a great track from Pastor Troy - Words From P.T off his new album The Streets Need You...(2013)
This Friday, Saturday and Sunday was the tent revival at Have Bible Will Travel. Usually I am out of town and miss this event but this year I finally got to attend. It was amazing. There is just something about being outside and the fellowship with your sisters and brothers and then going inside the tent when the music starts, and your all together and then you can just feel the Holy Spirit come alive. It is the most powerful thing I have ever witnessed so far in my walk with The Lord. When the preaching starts the Holy Spirit just intensifies even more. Your on fire for Jesus. It was amazing and I will never miss another one. Thank you Aaron Cofer, Pastor Troy and Pastor Pat for the amazing preaching. WOW is all I can say. You listen to these men testify about how their life was, you see them with their tatoos, and if you didn't know the kind of men they were, you would never think how anointed and Holy Spirited they are. Looks can be deceiving so don't judge someone on how they look on the out ...
Pastor Troy "Go White Boy (feat. Lil Wyte)" from "Streets Need You" album in stores & online now. Purchase album on iTunes: follow...
2piece has been Featured in XXL Magazine,Do It Big Magazine, Underground Fix Magazine and more. he has had two Singles on the top 100 Billboard charts and is apart of Boxing Legend Roy Jones Jr's Indie Recording Label Body Head Entertainment. 2piece has Recorded and performed with many major Artist throughout his Career in the music industry. Lately he has been given the opportunity to travel the world Headlining his own tours and shows while dropping hit after hit gearing up for his(Debut Album) set to release July 4th 2014 Entitled "100 % Pure THC" with appearances by Pastor Troy, Yukmouth, Twisted Insane, Jelly Roll, Rappin 4 Tay, Lil Chuckee, Pleasure P, Roy Jones jr, Mr. Magic, Stevie Stone KnuckleHead Banga and more. ANY Artist that's serious about their music, Interested n getting a feature from a Roy Jones Jr Recording artist 2piece of Body Head Entertainment Inbox me. Let's Network! We are working on features. I'm also looking for a couple artist/promoters who have a budget for a tour.
Pastor troy on the radio whoa is it 99 again lol
[Pastor Troy - talking] Yeah (yeah) This song here is called *** Vice Versa (I'm doin' my best to save my people) It's like, (The people & I will rely i...
Happy Father's Day! Join us at 9:00, 10:45, or 12:30 as Pastor Troy continues the 3rd message in his series, Prosper. Don't be late!
classic track from Pastor Troy & DSGB off the album The Last Supper
Big bruh can vouche this and big cuh done ran into pastor troy and been on tour with yo gotti and bohagan called out by jody breeze at the fie house talked to big block from atl ga chilled with freeway and talked to jay z he ask me why I wasn't on I talked jeezy he picked my number out of the draft in atl ga. He told me Columbus Ga was up next
My music remains Heavy Metal but I get down with Curtis mayfield Johnny cash Tom Petty most definitely my man Pastor Troy
THE ELIAB SPIRIT (A condensed version of Pastor Troy D. Bohn’s written work) 1 Sam 17:28 “When Eliab, David's oldest brother, heard him speaking with the men, he burned with anger at him and asked, Why have you come down here? And with whom did you leave those few sheep in the desert? I know how conceited you are and how wicked your heart is; you came down only to watch the battle." David’s primary opposition came from his very own brother: Eliab! Sometimes your greatest source of discouragement, opposition, conflict, and Misunderstanding will originate with those who normally should be your nearest allies. When God begins to bring promotion, blessing or vision into your life— many times your greatest obstacle will be in overcoming the challenge of being misunderstood or even despised by other believers who may resent what God is doing in your life at a particular time. Remember: It was after Joseph (Gen 37) shared the vision that God had given him with his brothers that they threw him in the p .. ...
"Men, If there is trouble in your home, it's your fault. You set the tone. Turn it around." pastor Troy Williams
Lawd , Lawd Jaques Djbigdawg Williams bringing Pastor Troy to da VALLEY, throwback! May as well bring Petey Pablo to!
People grew listening to Jay Z. I grew up listening to Project Pat, 3 6, Pastor Troy, Gucci, etc.
He jamming! My big brother use to have me listening to all of that, Drama, Pastor Troy, Project Pat, Crucial Conflict. Smh good times.
Watch the video or listen to Pastor Troy – Can You Stand The Game for free. Can You Stand The Game appears on the album Face Off. Micah Levar "Pastor" Troy (born November 18, 1977) is an American rapper and record producer and a member of the hardcore rap group D.S.G.B. (Down South Georgia Boys). Af…
Getting it in final competition for deal with Pastor Troy.Wish my God Son.T-Kay and the crew GOOD LUCK.ONE LOVE
Pastor Troy... Vice Versa... Took me back just that quick! Whew!
For all yall down south boys on that southern rap... I got a PASTOR TROY style beat comin up. Its a BANGA! COMIN SOON!
I was on the plane with Jagged Edge and Pastor Troy ... but felt too much like a groupie to ask for a pic ... even though I think I'm the only one who recognized them. smh.
a great track from Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz Feat Pastor Troy - Throw It Up off there album Kings Of Crunk
What if heaven was *** and vice versa. Would you you start doing evil in order to nurture your spirit man do you understand there's a war that's raging on and the devil got some ammo too. -Pastor Troy
Listen to music by Pastor Troy And Criminal Manne on Pandora. Discover new music you'll love, listen to free personalized radio.
Abundant life according to the scriptures does not necessarily mean possessing an abundance of things, but rather an abundance of HIM! JESUS is LIFE (John 14:6) and possessing an abundance of HIM is the abundant life. Life is not experienced until Jesus is experienced.-Pastor Troy Clerk
We looking to do a concert! Who do you all want us to book?? Already talked with Mr Bigg, Pastor Troy and 2 Live Crew. We thinking bout going old school. But this is your decision. Who do you want!?
Smh, my sister has just abt talked me out of a party, I think we going 2 hard rock Mississippi. 2 the beach baby, pastor troy on the beach really
After telling the story of Abraham's willingness to offer up Isaac as a sacrifice in youth group at The StoreHouse last night one young man said, "I can just imagine the conversation on the way home! Abraham must have turned to Isaac and said, 'Don't tell mom!'" // Priceless! // Upon hearing that I would turn 50 on the last day of this month another young man said, "I'll buy you a 'First Alert' for your birthday Pastor Troy."
Glory to God Pastor Troy Davis and Pastor Danny Sutton are bringing the Glory of God to Africa. Now they are about to go to another level of Global. They are doing a Radio Show that reached 7,000,000 listeners. God have your way, use your vessels to speak a word to your people.
Stream It's the Pastor by Pastor Troy on Outlaw [Explicit] for free on Grooveshark.
Great words from my pastor Troy Costanza last night. Life is a beautiful mess. Can't agree more. Perfectionism is definitely a joy killer. May we thank God today for everything, including our mess. 😃
Pastor troys vica versa is one of the realest songs ever recorded!.. think not? Needa
Blessings, to all men of the IAR network, please remember that this Saturday is the encounter at Pastor Troy church in New Britain. Please RSVP ASAP to know who's going and have a head count, Thanks.
"The Holy Spirit is the agent of God. He's waiting for us to move based on the voice of God." -Pastor Troy
when I was in HS it was "Throw It Up" by Pastor Troy, Young Buck, and Lil Jon.
Check Out DJ Rob this Thursday rocking the decks with live performance by Pastor Troy!
Want to pose with a ride already magazine ready and some even previously featured? Then you know who to get at. I'm the Sychotik Oklahoma's Chapter Prez. This summer we have a music video shoot or two featuring these rides and some others with rapper Pastor Troy, and potentially rappers he has previously collaborated with (Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Lil Jon, and more). We may want some extra girls for the music video shoots and we will be doing a club photo with these and more nasty Sychotik whips. If you think you can make these rides look even better, hit me up, and I'll get you more details as they come. These rides have been featured in magazines such as special editions of DUB, and have more Best of Show trophies than the owners care to count. And these are just a few rides from our worldwide club. Quality rides need quality models. HMU for my contact info and details as they come if you wish to participate in the photo shoot which we'll use for our website, posters, and magazine submission, or an ...
Pastor Troy why are you bringing your friend in for a special sex ed class when we already have Munson talking about his sexc…
Pastor Troy will be participating in The Family Service Center 14th Annual Homicide Survivors Candlelight Vigil.
Hey, preached the resurrection service at a Hindi church in Mombay India. Again a translator with its problems, again stumbled over words, and papers blowing off pulpit. Two came to faith, praise God for the power is in His Word. I would like to first thank Hope Chapel, and Pastor Dan, Tom McCarthy, Bobby Chance, Pastor Troy for being my pastors and examples in the early years of my faith, and my current church the Rock, Pastor Ross, and Pastor Jim and Pastor Nathan for being my friend and helping me to greater works for His Glory
Why is this the first year I'm hearing about Pastor Troy "annual Easter egg hunt"?
Sheniqua Lovingme Davis won the free pass to see Pastor Troy at the Venue in Cape on Saturday, May 17th.
We were so thrilled to be able to host everyone who came to Big Day this past weekend! Thank you to everyone who helped make Big Day possible! If you want to hear Sunday's message again, you can listen to Pastor Troy's message on the Four Blood Moons at for free!
J Dot Brwn new Atlanta Ga Anthem. Ga $ouljas. Remix will b coming soon with Pastor Troy. Giftd2BDifferent coming...
A lot is being made about a very prominent Pastor in South Florida who has directly affected many lives for the positive. I personally go to Potential Church and a couple of weeks ago Pastor Troy spoke about this very thing, letting your guard down, even for a second. Staying and fighting the fight. Even spoke about great Pastors making wrong decisions. We all sin and no one is perfect but the man upstairs. With that being said, it doesn't make Pastor Bob less of a person, it makes him human like the rest of us. He made an error on his part and for that reason, he did the right thing. Like all of us, he will have his faith to rely on and see him through this time and what road it will lead him to. Many will now call him a hypocrite or this and that but what he what is he, human like the rest of us. Everything happens for a reason and if one couple is salvaged from this, then maybe that was the reason for all of this. People need to stop placing blame and fingers and address yourself in the mirro ...
This Atlanta mix your playing is wack! IJS! Play some Pastor Troy, Kilo Ali Lil John, Crime Mob, or Ying Yang Twins!
I liked a video Pastor Troy: By Choice or By Force - Partner in Crime[Track 11]
4/4/14 Fort Myers Fl. Blood Money in ya city! We turnin up w/ the homies Mike Jones, Lil Flip & Pastor Troy...
JROCKA BIO My name is Jason Brown aka JRocka. I was born on April 18,1988 in Barnwell,SC. Music is in my blood. I listen to all generes of music. my biggest influence is my family. My grandfather, Paul Brown, and his brothers are known as The Brown Brothers. My grandmother, Pauline Brown, is a publihed author and poet. My 2nd cousin is the Godfather of Soul ames Brown. My brother Observe is on Billboard charts and Grammy nominated. I am also influened by Absolute, Max Payne, Mr. Flip, Pastor Troy, Lil Brod, Lil Wayne, and TI just to name a few. I am affiliated with Bridgework Recordings, the legendary MC Shan, platinum artist Blazze Johnson, WGIV’s The Hype Show host Jrob, Ms. Jackson, Ishmail, The General Prince Sci (Head of the hottest DJ squad in the Carolinas Party Punisher DJS), and DJ ERock. I started my musci at the age of 13. I have been in this industry for 12 yrs. 6 of the last 12 yrs as the CEO of my label Blue Eyes Ent. I have a lot of goals and ambitions. My goals and ambitions are as follo ...
«"What's up, big mouth, big talk, big game?" -Pastor Troy (No Mo Play in GA)» -Creflo Dollar towards T.D. Jakes
You do that Imma go find Jermaine Dupri , Pastor Troy , and Trinadad James .
Mike WiLL Made-It - "SH¡T (ATL RMX)" Ft. Pastor Troy, Jeezy, T.I. and Future by Eardrummers on
Capizzil DFactory performing live @ Thunder Valley Friday March 14th Opening for Yukmouth & Pastor Troy. Tag, repost, share, like and comment to show your support!
Pastor Troy made up his words when rapping. Made a whole song with a chorus talking bout "well uh huh"
Pastor Troy has a new album call Crown Royal 4 will be available on
I'm @ home listen to pastor troy murder man I'm chopp chopp turn up
Picture it: me and Lane, cruising down the strip in a rental, cranking Pastor Troy. On a Tuesday.
throwing up in the bushes blasting Skrillex and Pastor Troy lol
We are gearing up for tomorrow's incredible services at 9:15am and 11:00am! Pastor Troy is bringing the next part...
i had to turn off Pastor Troy . . . it was getting dangerous
Tomorrow is Vision Sunday where Pastor Troy lays out the theme and vision for 2014: Welcome Home! Get a head start by reading Luke 15!
Don't let pastor troy drop something bruh the world not ready
“About to listen to some pastor troy”
About to listen to some pastor troy
I downloaded clash of clans,and be going to war!!! Pastor Troy style..!!
Pastor Troy - Vica Versa: via ever had a song stucc in ya head for weeks?
Why future throw pastor troy on that Sh!t ATL remix
U know who makin noise? Pastor troy and them east side boys
Still listen to PT. Pastor Troy that is
VIJM News Update: Prayer is tonight at 6pm. Pastor Troy will be preaching tonight in Wilmington at New Covenant Holiness Church, 1020...
Come join us tomorrow as Pastor Troy preaches on Star Wars Episode 2: Battle for Earth
ion even listen to rap like that frfr, but much respect to Pastor Troy for that Doe B tribute!
Lawd, Judge Alex got Pastor Troy on his courtroom show getting sued... lol...
Pastor Troy on Judge Alex again..smh!!
Pastor Troy is on Judge Alex right now being sued.
I may be living under a rock, but did anyone know that Pastor Troy is getting sued for breach of contract on Judge Alex on Channel 2? Not his proudest moment.
Yo turn to Judge Alex, Pastor Troy on there! Lolz
Pastor Troy on Judge Alex so channel 11
Ok I thought I was tripping but how Pastor Troy gon be on Judge Alex???
Watchn Judge Alex and Pastor Troy on there getting sued lol I then saw it all smh
man Pastor Troy bk n court again 4 a no show on Judge
"Within any infrastructure you do have Subject matter experts, based on what a person is good at we must have a common goal within any success organization." Pastor Troy (P.E) Evan Who Wants to be an Social Entrepreneur? WKTV Theory Into Practice
Member the Rapper "Pastor Troy"! He getting sued on Judge Alex right now. Pastor Troy did a no show at a concert..
Pastor Troy on Judge Alex being sued for a no show at a concert.
Pastor Troy on Judge Alex?? And the judge is saying it's the second time?? Lol
I'm trying to expand my music library. While none of you can magically pull my forgotten favorites out of a hat and remind me of them, let's give it a try, shall we? No country or heavy metal, they're really not my thing. (If it helps, I love Chumbawamba, Cake, Alanis Morisette, Pastor Troy, Koopsta Knicca, etc.)
We on the way SOUTH CAROLINA!! Pastor Troy & TEAM VMG... Myrtle Beach will be *LIVE* at HEAT ULTRA LOUNGE 415 Yaupon Circle Myrtle Beach, SC
Pastor Troy(LIVE in Germany for The 1st Time on 12/14/13!! … via
Good evening fb what a mighty God we serve; Wow! Awesome church very good devotional by Reverend Witcher; Pastor Troy Shaw preached an Awesome word 'How to Answer God' Job 42:6-10;1. Repent v6; 2.Talk right include God. V.7 3.Know when you can't speak for you v8; 4. Know what the right answer can do v10: Getting ready to hear an Awesome word from Pastor Bill from the Rock Church!
Tracey Troy preaching on this afternoon
Pastor Troy is going to see the new Hobbit movie on December 15th in Red Hook. Once theater releases showing...
There will be a Sunday evening service tonight. Due to the conditions, Pastor Troy will give a short challenge and resume his regular Sunday PM series next week.
Great service at Spirit and Truth today. Something good is on the horizon, we will keep you posted!.Pastor Troy
"We are all only one bad decision away from stupid!" -Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy let us out of church at 1:20... I'm just getting home..ughh
Yo they was playing pastor Troy at the Steelers game just now lok
Pastor Troy preachin the truth on this fine sunday
According to the word of God that was spoke at Greater Love Ministries no matter what I go through or where I go God is with me and if God be for me then who or what could be against me. What could stand against an all powerful God.nothing all! Thank you to Pastor Troy & Charlean Johnson for such great faith and obedience that produces excellent service ***God bless.
If you listen to Pastor Troy I fw you. 👏
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Pastor Troy Anthony Bronner was so on point today really preaching about Christ it did my soul good service I love worship singing and the holy ghost shout, most of all I love the WORD! My GOD he was on point thank you lord a sheep that found her way back home.
Woke up late but made it to church! I am MORE than a conqueror. My struggle is not my own. And I've already won. Thank God for Pastor Troy. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. SO glad to be home!
What I heard today at Victory For The World Church with Pastor Troy! 2 Cor 4:7-9 Consider the *** Jack box! If you pull back all the fancy labeling, you will find that all boxes are pretty much the same. What is significant about the *** Jack box is not the outside packaging, but what is inside. Just as the scripture says about treasure in jars of clay, the *** Jack box has a treasure inside. You will have to go through some sticky stuff to get to the treasure inside the box, just as the scripture says we are pressed, crushed, perplexed, persecuted, and struck down ~ STICKY STUFF! In addition, the makers of *** Jack knew the treasure needed extra protection inside thus the plastic wrap around the treasure. Our Maker saw fit to use His son Jesus as the plastic wrap around our treasure deep inside our bodies. We may have fancy outside packaging, but that is not going to protect us from the sticky stuff of life. NOBODY BUT JESUS!
I've wanted to listen to pastor Troy for like the last 20 minutes
Join us at THE SECRET PLACE this afternoon at 1pm as we celebrate Jesus, the King of kings. Pastor Troy will be ministering a practical, powerful word from God. Message Title: Revival Killers - "The Fear Factor"
*** that just made me wanna bump Pastor Troy- Vice Versa
Pastor troy is the real King of the A!
Troy was trying to take the mic from the pastor at church 😂😂😂😂
ok that was kinda funny but why you look like pastor Troy baby brother ?
We're streaming live now at Come join us for worship & a message from Pastor Troy!
Parents, when you don't destroy the demons in your life, your demons become your children's . . . -- Pastor Troy Wynn
Pay attention to how long you've been dealing with demons -- the longer they remain, the more they claim; the longer they reside, the harder they are to hide . . . -- Pastor Troy Wynn
Don't let me be in the whip cruisin to pastor Troy. Have a *** thinking ima gangsta batch. Nah I'm soft and supple lol.
Don't sit in church for your whole life and not change. -- Pastor Troy Wynn
"Pastor Troy - Vica Versa" jam this'll make u think deep
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
"Dreams cost more than you wanna pay, & take longer than you wanna wait" Pastor Troy.
On road back to DFW. Stopped at FBC Madisonville. The incomparable Troy Brooks is pastor. Gotta worship. This a great place to do it.
My Pastor Troy Gramling will be on Chanel 6 (after Joel Osteen) at 11:30am. Check out Potential Church.
If not in church, look for Pastor Troy Gramling,AMAZING Sunday morning preaching! WSVN channel 7 @ 10:30 in the morning. Following The Active Word. Have a happy Sunday!
On that Pastor Troy heavy this morning
I need some early morning preaching! Press Pastor Troy!
Pastor Troy's word of the week is Status Quo
Pastor troy words. You can have sex with any women. But dont have sex with a married women. Knowingly. I love it. Makes sense.
Surrounding areas showed up and showed out looking good feeling great .. Pastor Troy That boy Twinn and Kuntry...
Pastor Tracey Troy is preaching this morning
*game lol Pastor Troy not new edition lol
Spirit and Truth Worship service today at 10:30am. Come join us in the anointing!.Pastor Troy
Bangin Pastor Troy Face Off all my hood *** kno bout dis.
Just holla'd at dat boy pastor troy over here in da dot! I was so fresh da *** had too respect my Gangsta.Me & dat boy lil Fimp
If I was a professional fighter I would come out to pastor troy we ready 2000
Hail mary by 2pac and Vica Versa by Pastor Troy move me
Pastor Troy was the first *** out Atlanta. He doesn't get any recognition
I got nuts like almond joy, who gne fck w/ pastor troy ?
Hey ALL... if the weather has you at home Sunday morning, remember you can ALWAYS join us LIVE online at 10:15am and 11:45am! Pastor Troy Ervin begins a NEW Sermon Series entitled "Hope, Joy, Love" I hope to see alot of you logged in!
WE WILL BE HAVING CHURCH TOMORROW, BUT if there is bad weather in the morning, we will post something at 8AM as to whether we will have one or both services. Pastor Troy is preaching on "A Silent Night in Bethlehem" tomorrow. Be careful travelling! We are praying to see you in the morning!
Soul Train Music Awards is on and it's pretty good until K. Michelle started singing with that big *** wig on!! When she gets old she's going to have to get a Hover round to drive all that paid for Dr. Jamieson *** around!! "Go sit down" in my Pastor Troy voice!!
A few songs that no matter what my mood or where I'm at I will get up in the middle of the dance floor or wherever and dance!! 1.Rihanna-Rude Boy 2.Beyonce-Get Me Bodied 3. T.I-Get Loose 4. Pastor Troy-Pop that P 5. UGK-Bend Over 6.Beyonce-Dance 4 U Just a few...Those are my dance jams
There WILL be LIVE ONLINE SERVICE in the morning at the usual 10am time. Pastor Troy will be online chatting and sharing from God's Word. Tune in at Just click the link to go there in the morning!
The Mrs got the chili jumping. A few movies and I got the Hen to handle the cold weather. In the words of my guy Pastor Troy "WE READY"
Terry Pratchett Hillary Clinton Fashion Police Star Wars Kathy Griffin Jeremy Clarkson Islamic State Top Gear Will Ferrell Nancy Snyderman Blurred Lines Boko Haram Robert Downey Jr White House Iron Man Andy Samberg Vladimir Putin Liam Neeson Jimmy Kimmel Downton Abbey President Obama James Bond Secret Service Harper Lee Kurt Cobain Michelle Obama Jimmy Kimmel Live Floyd Mayweather Ferguson Police Department Cheltenham Festival Alexander Mcqueen Sierra Leone West Virginia Marvin Gaye Gold Cup Ed Miliband Internet Explorer 8 Pope Francis Michael Graves Kanye West World Cup Kerry Washington Nigel Farage Los Angeles French Alps Breaking Bad South Korea Tom Cotton Willie Wilson Robin Thicke Premier League North West Steve Strange Steve Jobs Six Nations Real Madrid Spandau Ballet Raphael Varane Ohio State Kyrie Irving Gary Cahill Robin Williams Romelu Lukaku Cricket World Cup Indian Wells Home Page Pamela Smart Tora Bora Nicki Minaj Mike Tyson Pharrell Williams Lewis Hamilton Tony Robbins West Africa Europa League John Lewis North Dakota Saturday Night Live Dynamo Kiev State Dept Boy George Richard Branson Boston Marathon John Inverdale Air Force New Game Shania Twain Attorney General Eric Holder Ellen Pao Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Yankee Stadium Rand Paul New Zealand Apple Watch Boris Nemtsov Mutual Fund Wall Street Middle East Kleiner Perkins John Terry

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