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Pastor Troy

Micah LeVar Troy (born November 18, 1977) is an American rapper, actor, and record producer. He is also a member of the hardcore rap group D.S.G.B.

Lil Jon Trick Daddy Project Pat Crime Mob Anthony David Lil Wayne South Georgia Shawty Lo Too Short

If the sun is up, it's way too early to be listening to Pastor Troy
Nigguh Vise Versa by Pastor Troy just came on. I almost blacked out. Song should only be played in football locker rooms. Wo
Pastor Troy got me saying vicea versa in professional situations. Smdh.
T-Rock and Pastor Troy live in concert July 2nd!
"(Nehemiah's) taste of royal society could not satisfy his divine appetite."~Pastor Troy Nicholson
I added a video to a playlist The Perseverance of the Saints - Job 17:9 - Pastor Troy Dukes - Grace
Listen to Atlanta ga featuring pastor troy by Jerry Smith 41 on and big jay
Lol... Tell em Pastor Troy and them down South Georgia boyz said, since everybody think they soldiers, then wassup, lets go to war
lmao. Y'all was listening to pastor Troy at prom huh?
Pastor Troy should be in any commercial that the Goldberg theme ever plays. Those are the rules forever.
If you were to put Kanye, Radiohead, pastor Troy, James Blake, Phil Collins, Prince, Tip, & Lil Wayne together you'd come out with me ⚑️
"Our role as the church is to share the message of Jesus Christ to the world." - Pastor Troy H. Jones
I come from the city that they don't play by the rules - Pastor Troy
How yo mom look at you when the Pastor says something about disobedient children
had that Pastor Troy playlist goin in the gym this morning...floated right thru that workout
Listen to Above the Law by Pastor Troy on
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
You have to stop renting space in your head and in your heart to people who don't appreciate your property value. (Pastor Troy Wynn
Pastor Troy and his son entered the building
- Bringin Back Atlanta ft. Pastor Pastor Troy on Tune in LIVE!
U know it's local celebrity street... Pastor Troy and Blackwidow
S/o pastor troy just jump in the building
Pastor Troy on stage now at the right now...
Lil Jon - All The Way Crunked Up (Ft. Pastor Troy & Wacka Flocka): just in case you didn't know I'm all d way...
My favorite Big Boi verse is actually the one he had on "And I Love You" x Rich Boy feat Pastor Troy. Cuz it was SO unexpected.
Been up since 5am trippn out Pastor Troy is a mess yall .We them Boys on point he did his thang. I have went...
Episode 18 of Life Change WebTV with Pastor Troy and Dr Crooks. Watch and then Share! .
The factv that Pastor Troy is still outchea with the WHC belt is fire
Pastor Troy speaking to a packed house at Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy before their first musical.
And Outkast matter of fact that whole Dungeon Family plus sum Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy was saying it before Lil Jon too..
Need someone to go with me to the Legends of Southern Hip Hop Tour. Trick Daddy, Project Pat, Juvenile, 8ball & MJG, Pastor Troy!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
MJG . Juvenile . Trick Daddy . Pastor Troy . Project Pat . All in one concert???. Y'all playin frfr..
Saturday at Club Lacura we have Pastor Troy live, customer appreciation and many…
If you wanna get a good laugh watch this Pastor Troy and the "little woman" relationship.
Juvenile, Too Short, 8Ball and MJG, Trick Daddy, Project Pat, and Pastor's like 1999 all over!
Atlanta star Ashley 'Minnie' Ross discusses getting pregnant by Pastor Troy, the drama on the show and more
I liked a video from Ashley "Minnie" Ross Opens Up About Pregnancy and Pastor Troy
'Little Women' star pregnant by rapper Pastor Troy via
Juvie, Trick Daddy, Too Short, Project Pat, and Pastor Troy? Might have to do it for the culture.
I always keep my composure Listen to Universal Soldier by Pastor Troy on
Gotta put the Project Pat & Pastor Troy playlist to the side before I get a ticket
Listen to Lil John ft. Pastor Troy- Throw it up by Jairo Lacayo on i swear Lil Jon looks homeless
Listen to Maniac Ft. Pastor Troy Prod. by Beat Zombie by PIT on
Workout playlists for me is simple and the same Pastor Troy Pandora, Krit Pandora, Tye Tribbett Pandora
Thanks for the RT, and love Take It Off ft. Pastor Troy! -->
This is my jam: Boys To Men by Pastor Troy on No Mo Play In GA Radio β™«
Y'all in Georgia and you're trying convince me there aren't any Lil Jon or Pastor Troy CDs lying around?
Pastor Troy in here lookin like somebody uncle lol
Pastor troy shouldve put a young *** on that song tho so it could blow.
Pastor Troy still be walking around with the Intercontinental belt
You can't pimp me, Ima pimp myself in pastor Troy voice πŸ˜‚
I added a video to a playlist Psalm 49 - The Deception of Riches - Pastor Troy Dukes - Grace Baptist
I added a video to a playlist The Duty to Search The Scriptures - John 5:39 - Pastor Troy Dukes -
I know pastor Troy is not your boyfriend πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
As usual, Pastor Troy gave a great word today at service. He spoke about common courtesy and…
Pastor Troy ain't fine but I been wanting to pet his goatee like FOREVER
I walk in Church and pastor Troy said "wassupp slim" πŸ˜‚
I don't think ms minnie was dating pastor troy
Pastor Troy Gramling said, although he, his brother and father grew up in a household full of anger, he chose to...
Pastor is doing a sports themed sermon series. The alter was decorated with a Troy Aikman jersey so I fixed it.
Pastor Troy is on my TV right now... 😳 –  10% Off
Go get the Pastor Troy App at the Google Play and ITunes App Store
Have you checked out new documentary by Rent or Buy here
Pastor Troy about to pull the F650 back, new paint new wheels .
Pastor Troy provides "state of the church" to 34 United Methodist Men Connecting to Christ, Growing Community, & Serving the world.
I wonder if Pastor Troy ever ended up being a baller. I know he wanted it.
Listen to War in Atlanta by Pastor Troy on Highly underrated πŸš€
Top 3 Pastor Troy verse ever Listen to F**k 'Em by David Banner on
That line up tho Rocko, Pastor Troy, Shawty Lo & more about to bring back memories.
Just sitting in traffic in contemplating why Pastor Troy said the virgin Mary probably sucked *** with a click of nasty concubines
Lil Jon and Pastor Troy always makes me fight the urge to toss weights around recklessly in the gym
No song will ever be more turnt than Throw it Up! Lil Jon and Pastor Troy together could make any song lit.
I did a gospel remix of Pastor Troy's "Help Me Rhonda". "Help Me Jesus" I believe it was.
Pastor Troy X we ready will live forever
Whatever happened to Pastor Troy??? He had some joints in early 2000's
Listen for free! Opening this Sunday for Pastor Troy in ATL!
Ayo tellem Pastor Troy and dem DSGB boys said, since everybody think they Souljas, then wassup we'll go to war
I added a video to a playlist Act A Fool by Born Ready ft Pastor Troy [explicit].
Listening to Pastor Troy War in Atl "I don't like you"
I will be live this Sat opening up for Pastor Troy
Still far better then most of the ATL rappers at that point in time unless you felt Pastor Troy had bars lol
Listen to No Mo Play in GA, Pt. 2 by Pastor Troy on
Whole time I thought this Pastor Troy that sung this when I was young smh
Pastor Troy : bloodygummy :D We invite u to J0IN our FREE iPh0ne 6s giveaway! Check bi0 for rules. Thx
If you listen to a Pastor Troy song its like the anthem for late 90's early two thousand beat productions lol
2 those who influenced me heavy I wouldn't b where I am now w/o Mannie fresh pastor Troy beats by the pound Nor…
"Southern Takeover ft. KillerMike & Pastor Troy" from The Sound Of Revenge by Chamillionaire on Apple Music.
I just took a shot with Pastor Troy . I think I died and went to Atlanta heaven
Awesome service last night - 2 great stories by Pastor Troy as a great reminder of Christmas!
Scarface, Juvenile, Mystikal, Trick Daddy, 8Ball and MJG, and Pastor Troy in Atlanta... just for $35. Bruh I'm there!!!
darkskin girls wake up in the morning looking like pastor Troy
pastor Troy, lil scrappy, outkast, nas, Jeezy. Oldies all the way.
Talks independent movement, Scarface & Diddy & more ht…
Royal Keil Royal Keil Royal Keil serious business when he had Pastor Troy and Shawty Lo at Bugatti Grand Night...
take 4 min. Tell me what cha think. Whyte Hawk Feat. Pastor Troy | Dead Man:
Run tell this playboi. Bet a stack you want show da homies Whyte Hawk Feat. Pastor Troy | Dead Man:
King of the Mic featuring Pastor Troy Jan 3 2016! Register now!
don't let Pastor Troy, Crime Mob, Soulja Boy or Lil Wayne come on. Party would crank UP!
Chad wake up listening to Future bruh. 😭 Go to sleep bumpin Migos. Make life changing decisions to Pastor Troy. πŸ˜‚ He's the best bf ever tho!
From outlast to Pastor Troy to Lil Jon to TI to Jeezy..
I grew up on Lil Jon and the Eastside boyz and Pastor Troy
Atlanta really started this Crunk Turnt up Trap music stuff way back with Lil Jon & the eastside boys, Ying yang twins, Pastor Troy, T.I
It's 9:54 and I'm listening to Throw It Up by Lil Jon and Tha Eastside Boys and Pastor Troy. So you know what side of the bed I woke up on.
What yall know about Pastor Troy Face Off album?
Pastor Troy has been my coding spirit animal for the past two days.
I'm in a Pastor Troy kinda mood today... not sure if that's a good thing...too bad I don't have any on my iPod.
Hotel lobby, sipping Bill Cosby, pour her up another one watch her get naughty…. Well *** Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy got a song called Bill Cosby I knew somebody would do it
- Dodge feat. Pastor Troy on Tune in LIVE!
We welcome Pastor Tracey Troy to Prophetic Connection 2015! Remember, the symposium begins at 7:15 p.m. and will...
Me & Pastor Troy in here talking about running into Jay Z out here in Atlanta. My life is so random lol.
RIP Cy. was his Fave. Pastor Troy's video resonates with alot of people it was meant to resonate with. Slow beat but HEAVY!
There was a point when i was saving up for a WWF Championship Belt, unfortunately it wasn't when i was 7 , i was 18 , thanks Pastor Troy
Troy pastor β€œtook what he pleased” from the parish to buy a Florida condominium, invest in stocks, government says
The Next King of the Mic Soundstage date is Jan. 3rd w/Pastor Troy performing Live & also Atlanta…
Because of my last RT, I'm currently listening to old Pastor Troy music on YouTube and now I feel like going out and starting a fight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I encourage all to watch this conversation between Pastor Steve Parson and Roland Martin! I feel horrible that...
I was in 7th grade when I heard "Make Em Get That $ Right" by Pastor Troy. Such vivid imagery in his lyrics.
Only the real know about that Pastor Troy & The Congregation CD
"And nah I aint Pastor Troy but I'll blast ya boy and give the masses joy"
My Boi Pastor Troy is making a statement. Check PT doing what he loves to do.
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I put pastor troy on the same playlist as Vashawn Mitchell, Mississippi Mass & old Kirk, what cha lookin for Kirk.
Ryan Cameron Is giving me LIFE playing all this Pastor Troy this morning!!! Lol
Great night at Grace Bible Church! Prayer with Pastor Troy and his wife.
I added a video to a playlist Ed Lover - Pastor Troy Interview
Yeen from ga if you didnt fw pastor troy πŸ˜‚πŸ’―
This past Sunday we had a son of the house Pastor Troy Davis visiting Parklawn from Georgia. He continued...
pastor troy x "no mo play in GA" used to be the turn up fight song.
Pastor Troy really the atlanta ghost .. I see him every where
Pastor Troy got the hardest commercial on the radio πŸ“»
I'm listening to Pastor Troy's Crown Royal 6 on My Mixtapez app
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you look like pastor Troy with box braids
Happening right now! Pastor Troy is bringing the Word. Sin is done, and God has won. . Ø
Sound check Sounding Awesome ! We Ready like Pastor Troy in the early 2000's we hit…
Pretty this lady in the car next to me is scared to get out because of the music I'm listening to..Pastor Troy-Attitude Adjuster
Wednesday at Club Lacura is going down "WE READY" Pastor Troy Live.
"You have been Blessed to be a Blessing to others "-Pastor Dr. Keith A. Troy New Salem Baptist Church
I will be hosting Pastor Troy concert in elpaso Texas…
Prophetic word of 2015 by Pastor Troy Brewer via
Not sure if I listen to too much Pastor Troy, Da Mafia Six, Crime Boss, 8Ball & MJG, Geto Boys, etc. or not enough... is there an "enough"?
When Pastor Troy comes on and you can't help but get hype
Listen to No Mo Play in GA by Pastor Troy on
Lemme turn on this pastor Troy and do a lil dance before bed.
They should... Pastor Troy ji like the equivalent of Suga Bear up here...
Okay Atlanta, I see you with Pastor Troy playing in the background.
Are they playing Pastor Troy at this Falcons game?
I hear Pastor Troy we can't lose now 😴
Also the music playing on the kids ride was Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy looks like he's asked a woman to wear that Georgia helmet during sex
Me too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚RT I really like that Pastor Troy hurt 911 commercial
nothing is... except for Pastor Troy doing pregame at the first UGA game this year.
Falcons fans been blasting Pastor Troy all day
Nothing good follows whenever someone that amped off sum old pastor troy
now that the work is done for the day! I'M READY FOR SOME FOOTBAL *plays Pastor Troy at ignorant levels*
Sleepy & Pastor Troy - Turn It Up. Now Playing on available on iPhone and Android
Bone Crusher, Pastor Troy, Crime's been a great ride to work!!!
Pastors Appreciation Month is in October!. Please remember to say "Thank You" to Pastor Troy and Pastor Dale.
My top 5 rap legends from da South is Pimp C, Scarface, Pastor Troy, Lil Jon, and T.I.
Pastor Troy's family and the whole Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church in community ( Whiteville NC) are in my prayers.
Naw, Pastor Troy can wait. I'm finna smoke a newport and listen to some Ahmad Jamal & Ottis Redding then make a beat...
And my clients put on Pastor Troy for their Workout this morning. It's going to be a good day Jason Lee
I must agree with "Throw it up" by Lil' Jon and Pastor Troy is the greatest crunk song of all time!
This all Imma say real quick.screaming like Maco? You mean Pastor Troy,Lil Jon,Trillville and Crime Mob? Ok bye lol
My lord. Don't let Lil Jon and Pastor Troy's "Throw It Up" come on. No words can describe that feeling. You had to experience that moment.
I ain't gonna lie I really miss the "Crunk Era " of rap Im talking the old Lil Jon , Pastor Troy , Lil Scrappy , good ole times man
When I'm explaining to my kids what crunk was I'm a let them hear Lil Jon and Pastor Troy "Throw Em Up."
Pastor Troy is the originator of the championship belt| Not Aaron Rodgers
"You've Got to Make the Choice" delivered by Pastor Troy in second service! Be sure to get the CD!…
Awesome message this morning by Pastor Troy on tolerance - always inspiring and on-point!
Me last night with Pastor Troy I bout sweated too death lol
Thank you Pastor for bringing the message today; we are privileged to consider your family our family!
Had an absolute blast hanging with our family this morning! Thank you Pastor bpettygc…
I just look forward to every Sunday here. Pastor Troy Maxwell is so darned good at his job!
Pastor Troy's sermon is now live at.
If it's War they want we gonna sing it like Pastor Troy.. We Ready!! We Ready!! We Ready!!
Man pastor Troy is always a underated rapper
Did Pastor Troy just say he looks better than Pastor Raley??! 😊 What an anointed worship service this morning.
"God has already worked out what you're worried about." - Pastor
Lyin bout her crib x pastor troy is easily a favorite
Preaching today at Delaney Street Baptist Church for Pastor Troy Peeples. Pray as God continues to bless this...
"Treat other people how God treats you" -Pastor Troy
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I mean it's Sunday so I guess Pastor Troy on the radio is fitting.
This man pastor Troy in Jasper reppin Georgia state hard βœŠπŸΎπŸ˜€πŸ’―
Pastor Troy partying with us in Jasper, AL
at SALEM BOUND FAMILY DAY in SALEM, AL today! PASTOR TROY blessed us with his presence.
The craziest club ish I witnessed was when Pastor Troy came to Club Continental. Saw 6 fights break out in a matter of 10 minutes.
Money right - Travis Porter (the original is a Pastor Troy song ) ☺️😏😎
I look super swollen on this pic but I enjoyed supporting Pastor Troy. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ή
Thank you Pastor Troy Sanders for gracing Kingdom International Ministries Virtual Church with your presence on...
"tell P Pastor Troy and them Down South Georgia Boyz said since everybody think they soldiers we can go to war"
Join KIMVC in 5 minutes! Click on to hear a Word from Pastor Troy Sanders!
I just used Shazam to discover This Is It by Pastor Troy.
Don't miss your chance to see Pastor Troy performing live in concert on Saturday August 8, 2015 !! Buy your...
I was a devoted Pastor Troy listener.
I grew up listening to Pastor Troy not Eddie Long
"Living today through tomorrow while yesterday was cursed." - Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy and Trick Daddy be preachin for real.
Sending "Turn Up" featuring Pastor troy to all radio stations... hit me up if you need it...
This Sunday Pastor Troy continues his series in Romans. Join us at 8am, 9:15, or 11am. Invite a friend or two!
I know a church where a gunman wouldn't be able get off as many shots as that psycho did in South Carolina
"Thou shalt not kill unless they make you feel like they superior. NAWL BRUH!! Who ya wit??" - The Wise Pastor Troy
Killings Pastor Troy: this affects all of us--not just those of a certain skin tone; who serve a Living God"
Associate Pastor Shewn Kelly and Senior Pastor Troy Smotherman from Church on The Move discussing the Veteran's...
"I urge pastors and men in these churches to prepare to defend themselves." -Pastor E.W. Jackson htt…
Pastor Troy-Move To Mars.this here appropriate at this moment
Listen to what Troy is saying . Pastor Troy - Move To Mars
Video shoot June 13th.. Have you heard β€˜IMA HUNDITT FT. PASTOR TROY’ by YungRochii on
We gonna make it makes me think of another ex.Pastor Troy We Ready takes me to love lane lol
"where i come across ya is were im gonna drop you breaking your punk *** of something proper" - Pastor Troy
"in my city ant no thang we know your name,where you went to school and where you use to hang" - Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy a legend man you gotta really listen hiss music
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Pastor Troy - Vica Versa "if this was vice versa ill be an angel cuz ima devil"
Vice Versa by Pastor Troy the only song i can listen to right now
Lls I still listen to pastor Troy idc
Pastor Troy Fields is keeping it all the way real right now.
On Pastor Troy Fields says he knows there are 9 dead and he says he wants this shooter dead
Pastor Troy Fields tells reporter "there are nine people dead in the church." Police Chief and Mayor set to speak
BREAKING: A pastor at the church in Charleston says 9 people are dead; shooter opened fire during bible study. LIVE:
My summer music play might really only consist of TPain, Future, and Pastor Troy
Everytime I'm in the A. I run into Pastor Troy.
Pastor Troy playlist in the gym gonna have my strength levels up by 200%
At the gym on some "Vica Versa" by Pastor Troy... Brings me back, never gets old brotha!
I want war by pastor troy be getting me so hype man.
Just heard the song with Pastor Troy he did off my beat πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ
Pastor Troy and them down South Georgia boys just came on my pandora πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
drama, miracle, and pastor Troy was all the same ***
I'm bout to get back on Pastor Troy, I've been sleep on him for a while
On this pastor Troy to start my morning ...DSGB
Hi Pastor Tracey Troy We're SUP, why not look at our piece on Jay Rhule! Cheers!
My Lil Wayne era came during undergrad. So when I think it Pastor Troy "we ready"...a few minutes later my mind goes to
Get your 2 for 1 tixx on Livingsocial for with Pastor Troy, Anthony David & more! Now with a 1hr open bar!
Pastor Troy & Hitman Sammy Sam is gone be the best rap beef in Atlanta
SON.SON!!. Pastor Troy is coming to Brooklyn on July 12th...with Anthony David. . *LIFE RECEIVED*.
Next fight needs to be them drunk on brown liquor with a ring in the former 559 parking lot. Pastor Troy blaring...
+ tomorrow I'll be performing Pastor Troy's Rhonda and 8Ball + MJG's Space Age Pimpin as my Gospel Session.
Pastor Troy drops a new single Top Let Down, from the soundtrack for his movie We Was Homeboyz.
then Satan answer our prayers and played throw it up - Lil Jon/pastor troy. the homies lost it
My new sounds: 3. Voice Of The Streets (ft. Pastor Troy) on
Tried to download some Pastor Troy today . My apps *** though
Vice Versa by Pastor Troy always gets me hype. It goes so hard that you can't help but get hype.
Vice versa" by Pastor Troy gets me hype. All I hear is the ad libs! Yeah! Yeah!
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Shoutout everyone who rocked with me at the Lil Wyte show 2 weekends ago! Up next, Pastor Troy!!
But fr, Pastor Troy was and still is that ***
I'm just gone vibe to this Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy Hungry for the Holy Series 3-8-15
I'm ratchet for loving this pastor Troy song but LOOK AT THE SKY😻😻😻 I WANNA GO
Check out Pastor Troy Evans recent article on Exponential Conference's Blog!
My dad thought Pastor Troy was a real pastor.
Gotta update my Pastor Troy discography today.
Throwback Thursday n they playin nothin but Pastor troy n Lil Jon , *** I missed the south
cool video pastor troy a real og u too Mr.704
I been listening to Pastor Troy all week. Dude was the southern DMX.
Just bumped into that *** pastor troy this *** still caring around that wrestling belt.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Troy- I Want War
Lawd I wanna go see pastor troy tonite.but this rain tho πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Pastor Troy nd the migos got me hype asf ...
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When I was a young boy partying at North Park they Played Pastor Troy Vice Versa and erbody was ready to whoop *** Whole gym screaming YEAH
If you don't know who is pastor troy u ain't from the south
Then Pastor Troy w/ the crescendo'n "Uh Huh" in the background didn't help either
have you ever heard anything pastor Troy has to say on that topic?
I'd be lying if I said Pastor Troy wasn't my favorite rapper πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
you heard β€˜Combat Jack Show: Pastor Troy and Shaheem Reid Episode’ by The Loud Speakers Network on
Dog you know the concept, people always want the person who doesn't want them. like pastor troy said I wonder if it
That master p, pastor troy beef tho lol aye p there? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Pastor Troy got me super hype right now
Now Playing Lil John feat Pastor Troy - Throw it up on
Pastor Troy x Pop that. πŸ’ƒ will forever eva be my favorite song..I go crazy. 😏😈
"If we be actin up, you best be backin up!!" -Pastor Troy
So got me feeling so hype...I'm playing Pastor Troy...I do this for the 99 2000
Pastor Troy's message is now online at
Gotta tell Pastor Troy to let this track ring off in New Salem on Sunday.
they should've had Pastor Troy on the show saying "LET'S GO TO WAR" YEA
Pastor Troy & Jim Jones gotta be up there too for ad-libs...especially 03 - 06 Jim Jones lol
Vica Versa-Pastor Troy. One of my top 10 favorite songs of all time
I'd imagine a few *** got the wig split to Lil Jon, Pastor Troy & Onyx in the clubs.
Lil Jon ft. Pastor Troy 'Throw It Up RT"What songs are guaranteed to start a fight in the club?"
keep it a Buck it was this dude named Kilo Ali then Jermaine Dupri played a major part. Then we got Pastor Troy. He fire tho
Now I'm on that pastor Troy I need to b sleep to turnt for wat the future hold tho so I can't sleep scared I might miss something
DMX and Pastor Troy always get me hype no matter how old their songs are lol
Bruhhh I used to love me some Pastor Troy
Pastor troy: Hold on watch this. Man: No limit records. Pastor troy: Yea yea yea can I speak to P?. Man: P not here.
Can't trust nobody that never lied to their mom and told her pastor troy was gospel
Am I the only one that has a Pastor Troy Pandora station? If you haven't just recently started "thuggin" you gotta get it.
Pastor Troy's "Vica Versa" just spoke to me...brought back good memories.
I will forever love Visa Versa by Pastor Troy
Seattle gotta play "We Ready" by Pastor Troy over the PA System. It's only right.
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Ppl showing up to practice and popping pastor Troy smh
Today we broadcasted our 2nd service message by Pastor Troy "live" at Akina Community Church. It's a blast to...
Just completed session 3 with Pastor Troy Wooten in Ohio. Love these people.
I liked a video Pastor Troy Speaks on Master P and No Limit Encounter
You better get a scream in you Pastor Troy!
Attended a bible study already an now I'm ready to worship and hear Pastor Troy's message! πŸŽ‰
Today we continue with part two of our Awaken Love series. Pastor Troy says that this is a message you do not...
"Men you're to love your wife based on her position with you, not based on her performance. " -Pastor Troy
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