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Pastor Troy

Micah LeVar Troy (born November 18, 1977) is an American rapper, actor, and record producer. He is also a member of the hardcore rap group D.S.G.B.

Judge Alex

Capizzil DFactory performing live @ Thunder Valley Friday March 14th Opening for Yukmouth & Pastor Troy. Tag, repost, share, like and comment to show your support!
Pastor Troy made up his words when rapping. Made a whole song with a chorus talking bout "well uh huh"
Pastor Troy has a new album call Crown Royal 4 will be available on
I'm @ home listen to pastor troy murder man I'm chopp chopp turn up
Picture it: me and Lane, cruising down the strip in a rental, cranking Pastor Troy. On a Tuesday.
throwing up in the bushes blasting Skrillex and Pastor Troy lol
We are gearing up for tomorrow's incredible services at 9:15am and 11:00am! Pastor Troy is bringing the next part...
i had to turn off Pastor Troy . . . it was getting dangerous
Tomorrow is Vision Sunday where Pastor Troy lays out the theme and vision for 2014: Welcome Home! Get a head start by reading Luke 15!
Don't let pastor troy drop something bruh the world not ready
โ€œAbout to listen to some pastor troyโ€
About to listen to some pastor troy
I downloaded clash of clans,and be going to war!!! Pastor Troy style..!!
Pastor Troy - Vica Versa: via ever had a song stucc in ya head for weeks?
Why future throw pastor troy on that Sh!t ATL remix
U know who makin noise? Pastor troy and them east side boys
Still listen to PT. Pastor Troy that is
VIJM News Update: Prayer is tonight at 6pm. Pastor Troy will be preaching tonight in Wilmington at New Covenant Holiness Church, 1020...
Come join us tomorrow as Pastor Troy preaches on Star Wars Episode 2: Battle for Earth
ion even listen to rap like that frfr, but much respect to Pastor Troy for that Doe B tribute!
Lawd, Judge Alex got Pastor Troy on his courtroom show getting sued... lol...
Pastor Troy on Judge Alex again..smh!!
Pastor Troy is on Judge Alex right now being sued.
I may be living under a rock, but did anyone know that Pastor Troy is getting sued for breach of contract on Judge Alex on Channel 2? Not his proudest moment.
Yo turn to Judge Alex, Pastor Troy on there! Lolz
Pastor Troy on Judge Alex so channel 11
Ok I thought I was tripping but how Pastor Troy gon be on Judge Alex???
Watchn Judge Alex and Pastor Troy on there getting sued lol I then saw it all smh
man Pastor Troy bk n court again 4 a no show on Judge
"Within any infrastructure you do have Subject matter experts, based on what a person is good at we must have a common goal within any success organization." Pastor Troy (P.E) Evan Who Wants to be an Social Entrepreneur? WKTV Theory Into Practice
Member the Rapper "Pastor Troy"! He getting sued on Judge Alex right now. Pastor Troy did a no show at a concert..
domain names
Pastor Troy on Judge Alex being sued for a no show at a concert.
Pastor Troy on Judge Alex?? And the judge is saying it's the second time?? Lol
I'm trying to expand my music library. While none of you can magically pull my forgotten favorites out of a hat and remind me of them, let's give it a try, shall we? No country or heavy metal, they're really not my thing. (If it helps, I love Chumbawamba, Cake, Alanis Morisette, Pastor Troy, Koopsta Knicca, etc.)
We on the way SOUTH CAROLINA!! Pastor Troy & TEAM VMG... Myrtle Beach will be *LIVE* at HEAT ULTRA LOUNGE 415 Yaupon Circle Myrtle Beach, SC
Pastor Troy(LIVE in Germany for The 1st Time on 12/14/13!! โ€ฆ via
Good evening fb what a mighty God we serve; Wow! Awesome church very good devotional by Reverend Witcher; Pastor Troy Shaw preached an Awesome word 'How to Answer God' Job 42:6-10;1. Repent v6; 2.Talk right include God. V.7 3.Know when you can't speak for you v8; 4. Know what the right answer can do v10: Getting ready to hear an Awesome word from Pastor Bill from the Rock Church!
Tracey Troy preaching on this afternoon
Pastor Troy is going to see the new Hobbit movie on December 15th in Red Hook. Once theater releases showing...
There will be a Sunday evening service tonight. Due to the conditions, Pastor Troy will give a short challenge and resume his regular Sunday PM series next week.
Great service at Spirit and Truth today. Something good is on the horizon, we will keep you posted!.Pastor Troy
"We are all only one bad decision away from stupid!" -Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy let us out of church at 1:20... I'm just getting home..ughh
Yo they was playing pastor Troy at the Steelers game just now lok
Pastor Troy preachin the truth on this fine sunday
According to the word of God that was spoke at Greater Love Ministries no matter what I go through or where I go God is with me and if God be for me then who or what could be against me. What could stand against an all powerful God.nothing all! Thank you to Pastor Troy & Charlean Johnson for such great faith and obedience that produces excellent service ***God bless.
If you listen to Pastor Troy I fw you. ๐Ÿ‘
Pastor Troy Anthony Bronner was so on point today really preaching about Christ it did my soul good service I love worship singing and the holy ghost shout, most of all I love the WORD! My GOD he was on point thank you lord a sheep that found her way back home.
Woke up late but made it to church! I am MORE than a conqueror. My struggle is not my own. And I've already won. Thank God for Pastor Troy. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. SO glad to be home!
What I heard today at Victory For The World Church with Pastor Troy! 2 Cor 4:7-9 Consider the *** Jack box! If you pull back all the fancy labeling, you will find that all boxes are pretty much the same. What is significant about the *** Jack box is not the outside packaging, but what is inside. Just as the scripture says about treasure in jars of clay, the *** Jack box has a treasure inside. You will have to go through some sticky stuff to get to the treasure inside the box, just as the scripture says we are pressed, crushed, perplexed, persecuted, and struck down ~ STICKY STUFF! In addition, the makers of *** Jack knew the treasure needed extra protection inside thus the plastic wrap around the treasure. Our Maker saw fit to use His son Jesus as the plastic wrap around our treasure deep inside our bodies. We may have fancy outside packaging, but that is not going to protect us from the sticky stuff of life. NOBODY BUT JESUS!
I've wanted to listen to pastor Troy for like the last 20 minutes
Join us at THE SECRET PLACE this afternoon at 1pm as we celebrate Jesus, the King of kings. Pastor Troy will be ministering a practical, powerful word from God. Message Title: Revival Killers - "The Fear Factor"
*** that just made me wanna bump Pastor Troy- Vice Versa
Pastor troy is the real King of the A!
Troy was trying to take the mic from the pastor at church ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
ok that was kinda funny but why you look like pastor Troy baby brother ?
We're streaming live now at Come join us for worship & a message from Pastor Troy!
Parents, when you don't destroy the demons in your life, your demons become your children's . . . -- Pastor Troy Wynn
Pay attention to how long you've been dealing with demons -- the longer they remain, the more they claim; the longer they reside, the harder they are to hide . . . -- Pastor Troy Wynn
Don't let me be in the whip cruisin to pastor Troy. Have a *** thinking ima gangsta batch. Nah I'm soft and supple lol.
Don't sit in church for your whole life and not change. -- Pastor Troy Wynn –  10% Off
"Pastor Troy - Vica Versa" jam this'll make u think deep
"Dreams cost more than you wanna pay, & take longer than you wanna wait" Pastor Troy.
On road back to DFW. Stopped at FBC Madisonville. The incomparable Troy Brooks is pastor. Gotta worship. This a great place to do it.
My Pastor Troy Gramling will be on Chanel 6 (after Joel Osteen) at 11:30am. Check out Potential Church.
If not in church, look for Pastor Troy Gramling,AMAZING Sunday morning preaching! WSVN channel 7 @ 10:30 in the morning. Following The Active Word. Have a happy Sunday!
On that Pastor Troy heavy this morning
I need some early morning preaching! Press Pastor Troy!
Pastor Troy's word of the week is Status Quo
Pastor troy words. You can have sex with any women. But dont have sex with a married women. Knowingly. I love it. Makes sense.
Surrounding areas showed up and showed out looking good feeling great .. Pastor Troy That boy Twinn and Kuntry...
Pastor Tracey Troy is preaching this morning
*game lol Pastor Troy not new edition lol
Spirit and Truth Worship service today at 10:30am. Come join us in the anointing!.Pastor Troy
Bangin Pastor Troy Face Off all my hood *** kno bout dis.
Just holla'd at dat boy pastor troy over here in da dot! I was so fresh da *** had too respect my Gangsta.Me & dat boy lil Fimp
If I was a professional fighter I would come out to pastor troy we ready 2000
Listen to music by Pastor Troy on Pandora. Discover new music you'll love, listen to free personalized radio.
Hail mary by 2pac and Vica Versa by Pastor Troy move me
Pastor Troy was the first *** out Atlanta. He doesn't get any recognition
I got nuts like almond joy, who gne fck w/ pastor troy ?
Hey ALL... if the weather has you at home Sunday morning, remember you can ALWAYS join us LIVE online at 10:15am and 11:45am! Pastor Troy Ervin begins a NEW Sermon Series entitled "Hope, Joy, Love" I hope to see alot of you logged in!
WE WILL BE HAVING CHURCH TOMORROW, BUT if there is bad weather in the morning, we will post something at 8AM as to whether we will have one or both services. Pastor Troy is preaching on "A Silent Night in Bethlehem" tomorrow. Be careful travelling! We are praying to see you in the morning!
Soul Train Music Awards is on and it's pretty good until K. Michelle started singing with that big *** wig on!! When she gets old she's going to have to get a Hover round to drive all that paid for Dr. Jamieson *** around!! "Go sit down" in my Pastor Troy voice!!
A few songs that no matter what my mood or where I'm at I will get up in the middle of the dance floor or wherever and dance!! 1.Rihanna-Rude Boy 2.Beyonce-Get Me Bodied 3. T.I-Get Loose 4. Pastor Troy-Pop that P 5. UGK-Bend Over 6.Beyonce-Dance 4 U Just a few...Those are my dance jams
There WILL be LIVE ONLINE SERVICE in the morning at the usual 10am time. Pastor Troy will be online chatting and sharing from God's Word. Tune in at Just click the link to go there in the morning!
The Mrs got the chili jumping. A few movies and I got the Hen to handle the cold weather. In the words of my guy Pastor Troy "WE READY"
But the pretzel joke though! Thanks for the laugh pastor Troy Goode
So who going to brother pastor Troy tonight?
Pastor Troy is bringing the Word all the way from the Middle East.
I'm that Pastor that going to tell you how it really is,just like pastor troy
Can't forget about 334 Live with Pastor Troy performing and my homie DJ Firestarter in the mix!
People will belive other people but wont belive there relationship,time they go out with friends they belive them but wont belive u.its just crazy...but u wonder y he or she do things to disrespect u.special my people (black floks)...boy i tell u folks dont know the like pastor troy im bout to move to mars cause the world a mes...have a bless day people
thnkful this day is almost over..thinkn go vibe wth Pastor Troy or nah..!!?!?!?
Straight from the back of the game I rock it Yelawolf's got that crack boy In the woods with the SK I'm cockin' You don't want to play with that toy Droppin' this heat like a asteroid Good in the south like Pastor Troy. cause i got that trunk muzik
Birthdays Pastor Troy birthdays Kuntry Munkey Birthdays Dance Floor shake it some mo
Always enjoy a nice, long, silly, fun group text with my family! Delisa Ledford Bailey, Pastor Troy Ledford, Judy Ledford. I would share an excerpt, but no one would get us.
My brother nasty, I can't believe he told me that ima have to talk to him. Preach time taking Dr. Phil to Pastor Troy. ! Lol
9 years ago tonight (12/2), I shot 2 very different events at two locations. I started out by photoing Gavin DeGraw at Arena at Gwinnett Center before I headed over to a party thrown by Ludacris where I photo'd Luda, Katt Williams, Tyler Perry, Jermaine Dupri, Pastor Troy, Disturbing tha Peace, The Real Kid Capri, Killer Mike, and Sleepy Brown. For some reason all of the photos from that night are mixed up in 3 pages at this link. The photos that show a question mark can be clicked on to be seen.
I'm am sooo shocked and very very thankful I'm brought to tears I just got the best biggest blessing yet this month I wanna first thank our lord Jesus Christ and next thank my pastor Troy and my church for the wonderful blessing I just recieced god Is good
I got a music ? Who was the girl spittin in Rhonda- By: Pastor Troy...
Troy PD just received a brand new shipment of extra heavy batons. No Pastor Willie and no Alice Green means plenty of work for Samaritan.
I have a pastor troy. really good deals on bzzz
now booking Pastor Troy for your next event
11/29 (Black friday) it's goin down pastor troy in da building and 715fam coming to shut it down!!
715fam live Friday August 29 pastor troy gone be in da building so u kno we turning up.GET WIT DIS MOVEMENT! !!
looking for talent for your next event? consider booking Pastor Troy
Good Morning Beloved... Morning Service with Pastor Troy Britt was Empowerment to the Weary and Last Nights...
check the work of Pastor Troy one of the artist that we can book for you
โ€œPastor Troy trash broโ€ *makes mental note to drop you on sight*
Yesterday was a day for Kleenex. A beautiful service in the morning reflecting on Gods amazing love. My grandgirl Maya stood next to me in worship, "Grandma Carla, we're back! We at Potters House!" Melt my heart... After church I crashed the Banfields small group party and enjoyed sweet fellowship. Next came the wedding shower for Pastor Troy and his lovely Wendy. The church sisters did an incredible job - so impressed!!! Drove back to the cabin for time alone with the hubby doing one of our favorite things - dreaming about the new addition on the house, church gatherings and family memories that will happen there. Worked till late on HCI "stuff" by the glow of the Christmas tree. I am blessed!
Pastor Troy's word of the week used in yesterday's sermon: Paradigm Shift - A remarkable, dramatic, life-changing...
Pastor Troy closing out his series on "Bridge Building"
Omg pastor troy coming to the rock ugggh y he couldnt wait til after i had my baby thats my *** i know he gone shut it down.AYE ITS DA PASTAH!
Yall complaining about going to work still sleepy and lazy be thankful for what you have me I am turnt up off this Pastor Troy early in the morning
Watch 'we were homeboyz' the movie by pastor troy!
Swerving thru traffic dis Monday morning listening to Pastor Troy! Yeah I'll never change! (Rolling down the window screaming out DSGB!)
Y'all don't know nothing about that pastor troy man.
Breaking News: When your dream is in intensive care - adjust your visitor's list! Something to think about??. Pastor Troy
Charlotte's own CROWN BOY, Judah Boy DCB teamed up with DSGB's Pastor Troy to make a southern anthem for Charlotte and Atlanta to ride to, featured off Judah...
yo! I'm missing 2 records i need. Lay It Down by 8Ball and MJG and Pastor Troy "pop that pu$$y".. u got em ur catalog??
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To all my Pastor friends and family. I urge you to take some extra time as a church family in prayer and fasting. I stand tonight to tell you there are great spiritual battles going on for so many of our fellow laborers. May God lead you in your prayers. With much love and respect. God Bless You. Pastor Troy Daniel
Shower tyme nd lay dwn nd watch we was homeboyz by pastor troy...
It was GOOD to be in the Lord's House today...focusing on giving thanks. Pastor Troy spoke from Psalm 100...5 Reasons Every Believer Should Give Thanks. What great reminders...what sweet people to worship with. Thankful.
Pastor Troy will be performing live this Saturday night at Wayne's World Nov. 23. Any upcoming artist that wants Troy to lace a track for them call Will @ 662/719/8353 or Wayne @ 662/719/6286
Thank you everyone who helped to feed our community tonight at the community Thanksgiving was great... the food was awesome .. the music wonderful and Pastor Troy Walkers sermon was just what I needed to hear..thank you once again . God bless.. Presents We In Ur hood 4 The Mixtape Hosted By Pastor Troy! This is our 4th installment of our Street Series Check out 1-3
Pastor Troy will be in town soon. Any artist or groups looking for a verse from P.T Cruiser get at me
Thank you Pastor Troy for such an incredible teaching. I thing there was something for everyone. Good luck to all who will be going to NY to flip the bird! Making sure we reach people in need to be fed food and also their souls. God be with you!
So glad I made it Elated that they gon' go to Heaven But do they know Heaven may not be tha place to go Again I ask, Heaven was *** and vica versa The Devil's in me and I'll be damned if I'm gon let God hurt ya. (Pastor Troy)
Its been a good week fam... shut club chop shop down friday with pastor troy... then how about them cowboys... shell squad for life homie
Driven home listen too some pastor Troy that's my dog
Shout out to everyone that show-up for Pastor Troy and District 5 last night! entertainment Anthony Broadus Photography
Pastor Troy and K Camp??? Progress is good but its gone get better..1st mixtape dj drama?...
Wonderful day, tired but happy. Thanks to Pastor Troy, Patty and all the wonderful volunteers for helping make today's event a huge success. Thanks to the congregation of Potential Church for sharing of your hearts and treasures. The greatest gift, is the love you've shown S. Florida's most needy. You will be remembered. Thanks to my wonderful team. Mitch, Charles, Alex, Alex, Robby, James and Niebla for riding it out. Thanks to our Alpha classes and the crews from Pompano and Hollywood and all those behind the scenes like my brother and sister Tony and Melissa who "make it happen". Thanks to all the community development for standing shoulder to shoulder and providing energy. You guys are the best. Finally, the great news is we beat last years numbers and have another 600 to pick up tomorrow. The multitudes will be fed once again praise God!
God is Good! What a great message today at church preached by Pastor Troy Shaw; James 5:14-20; "How To Keep From Being Selfish" 1. Know what to do with the sick list. V14-15; 2. Know what Christian friends are for v16; 3. Embrace the power of prayer v16-18; 4. Be committed to conversion v19-20. We need to do something that seem dangerous to us; but a blessing from the Lord because we are doing His will even if we die in the process & yet it is All good! God Bless!!
We had the most amazing message brought to us by Pastor Troy Roberts today! It really made me rethink how I view others!!! Thank you Pastor Troy for listening to what God wanted you to preach! It was a Life Changer!
Great service at Spirit and Truth today. Sent prayers up for someone in need of healing and have already heard a good report. Isn`t that the way it is supposed to be ? Isaiah 65:24"And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer: and whiles they are yet speaking, I will hear.This is where the church should be heading.Pastor Troy @ Spirit and Truth
The strength of the church is not our seating capacity but our sending capacity - Pastor Troy Jones
Who should we bring to jesup trick daddy or pastor troy
I had a wonderful time at church today pastor troy talked upon how thankful n graceful we should b cuz we have so much to b thankful for he said b forever thankful n prayful to god no matter what's going on n ur life stop complaining n criticzing b joyful prayful n thankful cuz god is good all the time
Church was Great.Pastor Troy gave a good service and like always so inspirational..
The word of God was awesome this morning! Thank you Pastor Troy for your obedience! My Church is Awesome! I have the sweetest son, thanks for walking me to my car!
Visiting R3 church today in Rancho Cucamonga ( I can always hear Bugs Bunny ( Mel Blanc) saying "Cucamonga" when I say that) Looking forward to meeting pastor Troy and hangin with Jaymes and Deb as well as meeting new friends there. Then off to Colortile to pick tile for a new serving shelf outside the kitchen window.Mexican tile here we come - Blue/Yellow/ Orange !!
Thanks for the lesson today Pastor Troy!!!
God says" Don't fear, I AM with you"! So the question today which one do you choose faith or fear? Thanks Pastor Troy.
Had a great night, went to Maui to see Pastor Troy and Andrews I must say I had a great time out!
My Pastor Troy Garner getting ready to preach on Thanksliving ... glory b to God
Pastor Troy is about to preach and teach on Thanksliving!!!
First time I've volunteered to help with both services. So blessed to be able to do so! I love this place and their message of God's love. Come join us next week when Pastor Troy Brewer begins his next sermon series "Indescribable". There's a 9:15AM & 11:00AM Services. Looking forward to tomorrow nights Extreme Service & Wednesdays "Illumination" Service. "We love to love on people!"
Met Pastor Troy Gramling and his wife Steph!! They prayed with me.
"Those by the way side are they that hear; then cometh the devil, and taketh away the word out of their hearts, lest they should believe and be saved." (Luke 8:12) We are told by Peter that any successful resistance of Satan is by faith (1 Pet. 5:8-9). Any failure or defeat by Satan suffered on the part of the Christian is a failure in faith (Luke 22:31). Why we often tend to blame God using such pious epithets like "God is sovereign" or "God is in control" perplexes me. God is not at fault for our defeats. WE ARE!!! We fail to resist Satan by standing firm in our faith. Most of us know that faith comes by the agency of God's Word. This is why Satan targets the Word of God. If He can get us away from the Word on instead have us concentrate on nice religious sounding phrases, he can continue to successfully destroy the lives of God's people. God has called commanded us to resist the devil and has given us every provision in His Word by which to do so and has shown us an example of how to do this in the lif ...
God imagery: Other shirts feature skeletons in various repose, including one kneeling and praying with the words 'Yeezus wants you' Still a southern man at heart: The confederate flag is displayed on the wall of his pop-up store Kanye's sixth album Yeezus confronts racism head-on, and the items, which were unveiled on the first leg of his tour in Seattle earlier this month, may be a nod to songs such as Black Skinhead and New Slaves. Kanye, 36, finally spoke out Monday on why he chose to decorate his merchandise with the symbol, which for many is a painful reminder of slavery (although many view it as a symbol of southern pride, and it is still displayed in many areas of the American South). Kanye is not the only rapper to make reference to the flag in his music, with singers Ludacris, Andre 3000 and Pastor Troy all incorporating the symbol into their album covers or dress. His 'n Hers: Kanye opened his pop-up store right next to Kim's DASH boutique on Melrose Avenue. Many disagree with Kanye's use of the ...
Happy Birthday to my cousin Alex " Pastor Troy " Smith ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰ you'll forever live on ,miss you. ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜˜
" Scream Lox " My Jam 23 from the five boroughs of death like Pun Nas And Big L Harlem style out of this world like D-Block on a beAt freestyling featuring Mase trowback before the Sermon from EPMD and sermons at church was born to unite and elevate like Pastor Troy listen to that Dirty South music rep that 407 and 305 raised in the sunshine state after moving from Beantown mass murder so I knew was born to kill fake rappers on any instrumental and shine like the Sun fire element momentarily jazzing with Jay and Pharell Allure Oo No all in the name of Love no exceptions check my perception
Shootin jumpshots like Brent Barry, Kyle Korver, Jason Terry... N if a ๐Ÿ’‚ try n take my ๐Ÿ’ต, no Pastor Troy but we ready..."
Cooper City staff getting ready for week 2 of our book study with Pastor Troy! Beโ€ฆ
I'm listening to "Vica Versa" by Pastor Troy on Pandora This us a throw back!
Who are you discipling? Discipleship leaders make other disciples. Are you? .. Pastor Troy Evans Muta Mwenya Michael Essex
Boy come off that Pastor Troy. What you know bout that?
I bout lost my mind listening to Pastor Troy!
They gonna be at Summer Jam near Fayettville along with Migos, DJ Drama, Pastor Troy, K Michelle and some other folks.
*cues Pastor Troy* "my nxgga eff what you say, ain't no play in GA"
Did I tell yal when I went to the Sbar it was a crowd jumpin around in the middle like pastor Troy days lol
They told me you can get Pastor Troy to preform for your party wit $50 and 2 oz. of Mid.
If you wanna kill some one just listen to Pastor Troy Pandora
We DSGB ready like Pastor Troy would say if you don't believe it watch Aaron Rodgers go to work Sundayโ€ฆ
From your avi you seem to be either a flashy pastor or a cassette tape rapper. Are you a pastor in the Pastor Troy sense or...
Did yall know Pastor Troy has a movie coming out called ' We Was Homeboyz ' ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜’
gotcha. I was always more of a Pastor Troy fan myself.
โ€œPastor Troy- Murda Manโ€ pastor been the truth DSGB we ready help me Rhonda visa versa ... U understand my slanguage!!!
My sister just said she ain't playing like pastor Troy & lil flip
Did you miss Pastor Troy's message this Sunday? Well make sure and check it out in this week's Podcast.
"Make a song dissin me because I'm Pastor Troy, wanna act likeu don't even know ya boy"
Shots out to pastor troy keep giving us good muzik
Down To Ride-Pastor Troy, still rides in the whip
And if a *** try to take my cash no Pastor troy but we ready
Ima pick back up on it later. I'm focused on how I get me a beard and to look like pastor Troy for my birthday...
*** was sleep on Pastor Troy foreally doe.
That Pastor Troy "no mo play n Ga" gets me hype everytime. The ppl chanting "WHAT WHAT WHAT" n the rapid gun fire in the background.
Why is pastor Troy coming to Enterprise? What he singg ?
Pastor Troy Jackson kicks off the program outside Speaker Boehner's office
Listening to dis hood azz *** PT.Np Universal Soldier by Pastor Troy
I'm listening to Pastor Troy all day today.
Pastor Troy has the sickest rap vox
I remember when I first heard of Pastor Troy I thought he was a gospel artist. I think I was off a lil bit
Pastor Troy the hardest emcee in the South.
no one in this world as loving and kind as the youth pastor Troy Coldwell
*** yeah Cree just produced my new song with Pastor Troy
Youth pastor Troy Coldwell, is totally worthy of the youth pastor award! He has grown our group from 13-45
Do *** in atl still listen to pastor troy
T-Rock โ€“ Gun And A Vest (Feat. Pastor Troy) T-Rock is assisted by Pastor Troy on this ne
if a *** try to take my cash NO pastor troy but we ready
When that Pastor Troy verse come in!!
Throw It Up will last forever!!! I can't even trust you if you don't know Pastor Troy verse
I just DL Three 6, Hypnotize Camp Posse and Pastor Troy. I jams in my
Goodie Mobb had Pastor Troy, DJ Kizzy Rock & Youngbloods as opening acts... it was a dope show... outdoors & raining
i had a pastor troy CD in my s10 :c forgot ot get it out when i traded it in
Ima play that Pastor Troy the entire ride lol
Bae pastor Troy played flackey in the movie, but he was a good *** boyfriend thoe..
Young Nino... . Come through shinin', 400 for the free throw. You don't wanna fight the boy, I got too many hands for you; Pastor Troy
Only gotta keep quiet for a lil bit longer cause I made a promise but the 19th, y'all better play that Crime Mob and Pastor Troy for me ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ™Œ
Incredible. ...Pastor Troy said he had heard of me and to keep grinding. ...after multiple convos we in talk if a...
I GOT MY ATTITUDE ADJUSTER โ€œI feel like listening to pastor troyโ€
I feel like listening to pastor troy
Me Bluejay and Pastor Troy kicking it. He a cool dude.
Oh, did I mention Rapidfire Ent is bringing the Pastor of Disaster, Aug 31st??. Pastor Troy Live In Cincinnati!... httโ€ฆ
Pastor Mark and Pastor Troy wanna play in the bouncy house too! @ City Church Universityโ€ฆ
reaching out on behalf of DSGB & Pastor Troy want to get on ThisIs50
All The Way Crunk Up (Clean) by Lil Jon ft Pastor Troy and Wacka Flocka Flame Click to listen.
My five year old cousin is literally bobbin his head hard af to pastor Troy "we ready" and killing *** on call of duty
NOONE HAS WON THESE TICKETS YET! Follow the treasure hunt! WANT a PAIR of tickets to Pastor Troy @ Outland...
Now Playing on 704djs sysdication radio - Pastor Troy - Jello tune in @
Now playing on the 704djs syndicated radio - Pastor Troy - Jello --
now playing on Hot107.9 fm Carolina - - - - Pastor Troy - Jello - - - click to tunein >
Now playing on the beat94.5fm Myblockradio - Pastor Troy - Jello - tune in @
Now playing on Philly Newest block king pin for h Pastor Troy - Jello - click link to listen
Yesterday at GC, We had an amazing and incredible message brought to us by our very own Pastor Troy! Then all of...
Tickets to Pastor Troy @ FUBAR August 8th are $13 message me for group rates now! And discounts if u buy a cd or tshirt the same day.
Pastor Troy will permeate from everyone's speakers.
There's a church missionary group on my flight & one of the youths just said "Hey Pastor Troy!". Wonder if he knows he has theme music.
We gone have to da sumn bout dat Pastor Troy T lmao
Starting the day off bumpin Pastor Troy.
I still love pastor Troy idc idc I grew up of him too
Letter to Trayvon - by Pastor Troy Proceeds donated to the Trayvon Martin Foundation
The Streets Need You by Pastor Troy in stores this Tues.
Pastor Troy 'WORDS FROM PT' (Audio): . Pastor Troy releases a new record, titled "Words From PT" from his albu...
Pastor Troy's in Richmond tonight hit me up for verses ect.
"Pastor Troy.," I thought it was Pastor Tucker back at it again
Dear Pastor Troy, - Release an album that makes me want to skydive into Congress and hold people at...
I really need to find my Pastor Troy cd.!
I'm ready for that new pastor Troy album to drop that a must have !!! # real sh
Lemme put on some Pastor Troy... Or Tito Lopez real quick !
I know what Pastor Troy said in Vica Versa
Pastor Troy got a Vica Versa remix for Trayvon Martin.
Pastor Troy - Vica Versa is nothing but the TRUTH! Just listen to the lyrics ...
Pastor Troy - Vica Versa. .. Get this in ya life and bounce
What y'all know bout that pastor Troy
Webbie boosie n pastor troy on the playlist time to get it In
Y'all messed up by letting me find my signed Pastor Troy poster from 1999. Time to bounce around and listen to No Mo' Play in GA.
I just used to tag Southern Takeover by Chamillionaire Feat. Killer Mike And Pastor Troy.
Pulls in driveway, pastor Troy comes on radio. Pulls back out and Circles the block a lil longer
Np Vice Versa x Pastor Troy!! This song has always been dope to me
BGood @ Summer of Strange LouKy, Blueprint&Illogic, Pastor Troy & more
Why was I allowed to listen to Are We Cuttin' by Pastor Troy at 13? Foolish.
It feel like a Project Pat type of day... It's been a while. Might throw some Pastor Troy on work listening to Pastor Troy..trying my best to stay awake
When Pastor Troy came on in MS..lord
What if Heaven was *** and *** was Heavan way would we go. vice a versa... pastor Troy.
"I always keep my composure often full off that doja, universalโ€ฆ โ™ซ Universal Soldier by Pastor Troy (w/ apple) โ€”
Are you wearing Bugle Boy jeans?? Pastor Troy on your radio Rock with us
Ppl up north think Pastor Troy is a pastor
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Troy - Oh Father (with lyrics)
Listening to chevyboy ft. Pastor Troy-psalms& proverbs
PT cruiser aka pastor troy still fye...this *** came out of nowhere but that's what's up tho hope to here mo
Watching Chevyboy ft. pastor troy-psalms & proverbs...Pastor Troy murked it, that *** still got it..he need drop some more music
this slow mix has me in my feelings this morning. let me pull up some Eminem or Pastor Troy.
on my Pastor Troy flow this morning..
This Pastor Troy almost had me ready to turn up on this lady at my job for pulling my hair ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿ˜ค
Life and purpose are designed to flow from within us ~ Pastor Troy Blackwell
Hosted by ADre Deshawn. Rodney Cincinnati's Pictureman in the building. Get tickets now!. Pastor Troy Live In...
Carthage/Elmwood, I'm in yo hood with Backdraft Albums & Pastor Troy Tickets! (513) 549-9094. Call and I'll meet you!
OMGG, the Pastor Troy song get me all the time.
Gerald Laird is the Fat Troy Glaus...and that's saying something. Love him and I loved Pastor Troy.
My name is Money Gramm. At the age of 13 my family and I moved to San Diego, California from Greenville, North Carolina where I became very fond of rap music due to the influence of West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg. My brothers and I used to record over old tapes on a boom box, rhyming to beats in our head. My passion for rap music grew more and more from my inspirations of LL Cool J and Run DMC. At the age of 17, I recorded my first mix tape which I must admit was by far the most amateur work Iโ€™ve ever done. However my passion was so strong that every day, no matter the weather I carried my back pack up and down the street to sell my mix tape. Iโ€™ve performed at several different clubs and opened acts for artist such as Pastor Troy, Mulage, and Freaky Zeaky. I spend long days and nights at the studio with new ideas every hour. Rapping is my career and I eat, sleep and dream music. My goal is to become a successful and inspirational rapper in the music industry. My hopes as a successful rapper are to inspi ...
Saw Big Tigger, Pastor Troy, & Lance Gross this weekend... Why did my old self get so excited to see Big Tigger tho lol
Do you want to see what the preacher sees when he is walking through a crowd made up of 10's of thousands of unruly people? Here you go! This is Pastor Troy ...
Added a new video: "Chris-Po Opening Perfromance at Ignite for Pastor Troy"
All I'ma say about last night is.crazy! I loved it. But definitely should've left earlier to rest up for work. But that don't mean I'm not gon' turn up for the Pastor Troy show tonight!!! I need a date. Who wanna go? Anton Classic McClee Just Mel Kevin Fox Jazzy B Hunt-Walker
TAKING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST TO A LOST WORLD! via Pastor Troy; (((JOIN US THIS WEEKEND FOR RAVEN STREET CHURCH))) "Backslidden Atheist" - FINALLY got this guy to "backslide" after sharing the Word of God with him for about an hour! His name is "Martin" and he is from the Netherlands and is here with the Dutch Air Force for training (he flies a helicopter) He started out as a staunch (yet inquisitive) "Atheist", but would finally yield to agnosticism by the end of our conversation. He was astute enough to realize that most (he said 99%) of those claiming to be Christians were pretty much just like him and did not truly represent the Bible's description of Christianity. It was a very good time sharing, answering questions and challenging this 23 yr old young man to be open to the drawing of a God that loved him enough to die for him. Keep him in prayer
A pastor and five members of his ministry team were arrested Friday night in New Orleans, Louisiana for preaching on Bourbon Street after sunset. Pastor Troy ...
What does Mr. Williams know about Pastor Troy? Lol I can't.
Pastor Troy...get me hype every time I hear em.
Ima grow my beard out like pastor Troy
Lil peanut gon be hostile with all this pastor troy lol *shruggs*
Got the Pastor Troy playin this morning!
Inbox me to get ur slot to open for pastor Troy pre Memorial Day weekend thurs may 23rd!! At club liquid Orlando fl!
Thurs may23rd is gonna be a pack out night with pastor Troy performing live! Get ur slot to open up for the legend!! At club liquid!!
Want to open up for pastor Troy thurs may 23rd at club liquid?? inbox for details
I like awwl dattt.. Make em get that money ritee *Pastor Troy voice*
Thursday may 23rd the legend "pastor Troy" performing live at club liquid orlando!...
Owie i remember i use to listen to pastor troy.
Jamming to some vintage Pastor Troy at 3am.
Seem my team been bumpin vintage pastor troy all day. Lol
Da Robin sound like a female Pastor Troy...
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We was just talking about Pastor Troy yesterday. And how that *** was on Judge Alex ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
in 2003 Pastor Troy & Sammy Sam both performed at BDay Bash. Troy on went after Sammy Sam, and had the whole Lakewood crunk.
Or you can purchase my album here!! FLOOD NATION ALBUM Feat. Travis Barker & Pastor Troy!!
I've done enough *backflips onto my sky bison and twerks in a sundress, listening to Pastor Troy eating Blue Bell*
If out military consisted Of Ray Lewis, Pastor Troy, The Rock and Tim Tebow we might never lose
That's why you walk out to Pastor Troy and eliminate all doubt about exactly with this union is gonna be.
If only Pastor Troy was in the military dawg we might not never lose again
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