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Timothy Brian Storey (born November 2, 1960 in Lynwood, California) is an American speaker, author, life coach, media personality, and entrepreneur.

Mission Statement Pastor Tim Rogers Pastor Tim Ross Holy Spirit Quezon City Quad Cities Calvary Church

Pastor Tim’s latest message from the Colossians Series is now available at ..Download or listen online.
He admits he doesn't know the truth, but insists he knows she's a sinner. What kind of pastor teaches like that?
Join our church family for our midweek worship experience. Pastor Tim is preaching the new series RESURGENCE.
Read Romans 8.26-39 in preparation for Pastor Tim's sermon on Sunday. Have you found security in God's love?
"Better," Pastor Tim's book on life's deepest questions, is on sale for under $4 on Amazon, iBooks, etc! Info at
When Pastor Tim discovers a startling secret from a youthful adversary, can he save the boy's life?
Pastor Tim Ross brought it last night at VII!
I want to encourage everyone to turn your eyes on Jesus today and seek His face. ~ Pastor Tim Lambert
You can be a really nice, smart, sanctified guy, but if you don't protect your sheep from wolves, you are, by def., a …
Mark your calendars! For more information, see Pastor Tim.
My wife is a fantastic writer when it comes to devotions. This really speaks to all of us who are followers of Jesus.
Wherever there is an original, there is always a fake...
In light of last Sunday's message that warned us to watch out for false teachers that will attempt to seduce our...
Pastor Tim Rogers will be on TBN Friday, July 25 @ 10:30am (central) ... Tune in and check your local…
How Can a pastor be Preaching about charity and Put Password on Church wifi?"
My interest came from my own curiosity... But my pastor pointed me to 2 Tim 2:15 as inspiration to study the bible.
Hamilton Collection
Probably the best message I've ever heard from Pastor Tim tonight
We have a retired ELCA pastor on staff at St. Tim's. Is that not so common in the church?
"Abstinence has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with appetite." -Pastor Tim Ross
Throwback with Pastor Wayne in Eugene !! One of my favorite pastors to listen to. LEGEND !!
Want to touch the nations right from Irving, Texas? Join us for prayer- 6:30 tonight at Pastor Tim's home 4125 Double Oak Ln Irving 75061
went down the answers and I didn't see Tim Keller much. Tim is the man for both. Plus my pastor Matt Chandler
Great message to Trail Life boys given by Pastor Tim of Gravel Ridge Baptist
Right now its Tim Keller, John Piper, and my pastor Jonathan Williams
. Tim, I am a Christian and I don't agree with all of Pastor Clark's arguments but you are embarrassing yourself sir.
For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind. 2 Tim 1:7 (NIV) Remember friends a sound mind. PTL
Video: Super creepy pastor Tim Conway explains what he wants more than anything else
We had a GREAT time horseback riding with Pastor Tim and Missy Vamosi from Linwood Communi...
Pastor Darick Rutley and Pastor Tim Slaughter after the service
Well if you can't be a clone for Christ what's the sense of reading all those books by (insert famous pastor's name)?
Pastor Travis Johnson & Tim Milton had the privilege of awarding college scholarship money this week to two young...
Pastor-Tim Downs stepped up with $100 donation, a man that inspires me to give it all so I can received His all!!!
Pastor Tim Parton was our guest for the Mid-Day Motivator today. He is the Pastor of a new church launching on...
"Needle & Tweezers". Not to long ago, a little boy whom we foster, got a splinter in his finger. The splinter was...
Watch below from Sunday, as Pastor Tim Pepper describes for us the prayer life that Jesus intended.
My car has broke down on me. What a great few days. Pastor Tim said things tend to come in threes. I had no idea...
And in other news, five students were slain when Pastor Tim threw three Verge EPs out into the crowd.
FCA camp has begun! Pastor Tim is teaching them our chant!
Thanks Tim Lane former Director of CCEF, my former pastor who pastors pastors
Sen. Tim Scott: “I watch Pastor Hagee as often as possible!”
Great fellowship time talking preaching/theology with Pastor Tim, and
Meet us this Sunday at White Dove in Lafayette! Come Experience His Presence!!! God's truly moving! Come GROW with us! Come Join Pastor Tim & Twila Miller for Worship SUNDAY at White Dove Church in Lafayette for one of our "Life Transforming" services: 8am & 10:30am / Live Stream with Pastor Mike Mille' 6pm Live Service with Pastor Tim Miller We are Located @ 1400 W. University Ave. on the corner of Congress & University. This week at 6pm we will be hearing the 6th Message from Pastor Tim's New Series "Encounter" Entitled "Reverse The Curse!" You won't want to miss it! Come worship with us. You'll be glad you did. Please Share/Repost
We'll be having tacos tonight before Bible study. Bring sides if you can. Hope to see you there! Pastor Tim
Pastor Tim was talking about how we are best fulfilled when we walk in the fullness of the purposes of God for...
"I'm the pastor, I know how to lead the flock/I'm like Tim Tebow, I'M A SPIRITUAL JOCK!"
many of our churches have a great young peoples group. Tell her to try The Way! Pastor Tim is awesome!
Kirk Hammet's good friend Tim Agnelo was the pastor at my brother's funeral. Tim and Kirk formed Exodus together.
"When God commands you to do something, He will give you the strength to do what He's called you to do" Pastor Tim
For everyone that missed the pre-service parenting advice copperpointe today from Pastor Tim and…
Rest, Good Start, Sabbath, (Church Days affect the rest of your week). Pastor Tim blessed us with God's perfect Word this morning.
Trusting by Grace, Pastor Tim Burns - Matthew 24:1-14, "Expecting the End" - on CrossTalk Radio - 'Christian/Indy/Calvary' -
Teens meet in less than 5 minutes at Pastor Tim's home. Come be a part of a
Tim just called to let me know he's having the Pastor over to the house to Pray for me ... I Believe with all my...
Pastor Tim preached from the super fun XTREME CAMP stage this morning! Registration closes at 6:00 pm today.
"The first baptism (salvation) prepares you for heaven, the third baptism prepares you for earth" - Pastor Tim,
A great time of worship at Clements BC this AM. "I believe somebody could get saved today if they wanted to."Pastor Tim Anderson
Moments like these, I love being a pastor! To God be the glory!
God is so good! I just got blessed from God! I'm so great flu for His timing and faithfulness to me.
"I can't just say thank you, I have to write a whole dissertation on how wonderful you are." -Pastor Tim . 😹
We need to get up to God's level of thinking. Read His Word. Know His Will. Follow Him!-Pastor Tim
We are nit supposed to WORSHIP worship! Deep Pastor Tim Clark
God never intended you to go to the ground for blessings. The ground is cursed. He intends for you to go directly to Him!-Pastor Tim
"We're not supposed to worship worship." - Pastor Tim
John 4: once the Samaritan women realizes who Jesus is, she worships Him. She leaves to go and tell others. -Pastor Tim
Our life should be lived within the parameters of His Word. -Pastor Tim
Big push at Calvary Church of the Quad Cities to register! Come on Church Family! Pastor Tim declared that THIS...
Make the decision today. Watch us live! (live at
Trinity, Sanford received 20 new members where Tim Martin is pastor
"There will be no do overs in eternity. I don't want to leave anyone behind." Pastor Tim Ravan on…
See you at 11:30 am for worship and a challenging message from Pastor Tim! Can't make it in person? Tune in...
. leading adults in praying for our July student camps. Thanks, Pastor Tim!
God doesn't answer prayer the way we think he should; He answers in the way we need. -- Pastor Tim Hall
"If you are going to pick up what God wants you to carry- you may need to put some things down." Pastor Tim Liston
As I was snapping pics during the Teleios Men's Mega Summit on Friday, Pastor Tim Ross snapped a…
How we think determines how we live. Don't think in the physical. Think in the spiritual. Think on God's level!-Pastor Tim
How much of His Word and His Will are you in?-Pastor Tim
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"Guilt has it's eye on the past, but true remorse has it's on the future"-Pastor Tim Forsthoff
pulpit swap! come to Ascension to hear Pastor Tim from Trinity! and blessings to both congregations.
"Do not conceal what God wants you to reveal." -Pastor
Pastor Tim talks to us though D (Discover) of discipleship as we continue our series A,B,C of Discipleship
Pastor Tim “God has an adventure instored for you!”
Pastor Tim: Call the family members and get your friends up this morning. Starting at 10 AM I'm diving into a...
I WON! I think. . The hare took a left turn in Albuquerque and I haven't seen him since.
this just in : pastor tim makes a derogatory remark, and Hunter Williams (Natanel) comes back and offerers help
Notes to Pastor Tim's message for 6/29 - "Getting Rid of Tobiah!" - online at
Thank you to Pastor Tim & Real Life Church! Really appreciate the opportunity to share this morning! Thank you!
The new book "I'm Looking For a Man" derives from a conviction in Pastor Tim Shockley's heart. To place your...
Join us this weekend for The Storyteller & a message by Pastor Tim on the mustard seed. Tonight @ 6:30, tomorrow @ 9 or 11a. See you there!
This is my brother, Edward Earl Hinton! I thank God for Symphony Bible Church and their Pastor, Rev. Tim...
Thanks Sabrina Michelle for these lovely photos of Pastor Tim ... Inbox us your photos of the fellas…
Pastor Byrum - 2nd Tim 3 RR Your Home for the Message of the Cross
Pastor adam_nelson86 rockin the mic tonight at so thankful for this man as a friend,…
Our Midnight musical headliners, Pastor Tim Rogers and the Fellas
Worship is thick in this place led by Pastor Tim Manigult!!! Get here!!! It's not too late!!!…
GT giant Tim and pastor Timothy being silly
Pastor Tim: Leave your past behind. Jesus paid the ultimate price to allow you to be free. There's a new YOU...
What an amazing honor it was to have Pastor Tim Chambers from Shore Fellowship Church preaching the house down...
Welcome back Pastor Tim! . We are starting a new sermon series on Sun, Jun 29th. After worship, our UMW is...
Anti *** Ugandan pastor literally has the sadz that Apple’s Tim Cook is ***
Pastor Tim will be bringing God's message entitled "Prove It" this Saturday, June 28. Doors open at 5pm. Everyone welcome.yes EVERYONE!
This is one of the best sermons I have ever heard from my Pastor Tim at the Lone Star Cowboy Church! I urge...
Hey Brad, I’m the youth pastor of the Chapin group in Haiti this week. Thanks for mtg w/ them & helping them through this.
God of this City continues tonight through Sunday… and possibly beyond! Pastor Tim will be preaching each night...
New App Launch. We would like to Welcome HIS Worship Ministries, Pastor Tim Copeland to our Kingdom Impact...
Pastor Tim Moore of Walk Worthy Baptist Church on addressing immigration crisis: "I would rather receive the children and deport Congress"
This is awesome! The goalie for the USA soccer team says Christ is most important. Pastor David you got to at...
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Just met a pastor who drives a New Mercedes. That isn't right
Hi Pastor Tim. Thank you for the follow. God bless you today.
Congrats to for getting baptized last night in a backyard by our pastor
Pastor Tim Morning Devotion:. God allows your trial because He wants to make you “devil-proof”! That does not mean...
One of the most encouraging couples...pastor Tim Nyirenda.
Thursday, June 26, 2014 You Make Me Laugh Bonus Here's hoping there is no one like this at your workplace. Faced with hard times, the company offered a bonus of one thousand dollars to any employee who could come up with a way of saving money. The bonus went to a young woman in accounting who suggested limiting future bonuses to ten dollars. *Thanks to Pastor Tim for this joke!*
I am so excited to get to help provide a time of praise and worship tomorrow. I hope you are as excited to come experience it! See you at 11 am! - Pastor Tim
It's Revival time. Lighthouse World Ministries 605 E. Grove St. The Speaker Pastor Tim Allison from Bloomington IL. Come out and be blessed!
Jesus calls us to shout good news from housetops. Come to and see how literally pastor Tim reads this.
This is Pastor TIm, If you are in town tomorrow morning you dont want to miss the message "Koinonia, Pt 3 We need...
212 is back on Tuesday, June 24th | Get ready for a new series from Pastor Tim Somers all about your…
Awesome men's conference this morning at Christ Tabernacle with Pastor A.R. Bernard of CCC & Pastor Tim Delano of BT
"My title does not determine what I do. What I do determines my title." - Pastor Tim, Waters Church North Attleboro
Notes to Pastor Tim's message for 6/22 - "More Than Enough - online at
Our natural tendencies almost always lead us away from peacemaking rather than toward it. How can we walk the unnatural path of the peacemaker and experience God's blessings as a result? Join us tomorrow Pastor Tim concludes the series Thriving in the Beautiful Mess of Relationships! Lakeline Campus service times are 8:30, 10 and 11:30 am and Lakeline PM at 6 pm; Hill Country Bible Church Steiner Ranch service is 10:30 am.
Pastor Tim: Be ready for a wonderful service tomorrow. I've got a great message to share with you that will HELP...
Pastor Tim WILL be ministering tmrw morning. We will get out in plenty of time to eat & make it to Wally Brown's...
Me and Pastor Tim Delainey he was Incredible, told us to Put A Robe on it
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR Tim Bruner! I hope u have a great day with family and friends,God sure did bless us all with u in our lives,,,
Join us tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. as Pastor Tim continues through the book of Romans! We will also gather around the...
Hey fb fam. Would you take a moment to pray for Tim, Michael, and Pastor Theo today. They are in Greece and...
God's power and God's purposes go hand in hand. Watch Pastor Tim briefly explain at
Now Pastor Tim Deleeny is about to Bless us...
Big question this Sunday, come out at 10am and here Pastor Tim's answer...
Biscuits & gravy with hash browns for breakfast. Yummy! Now time to get in the shower and get ready for the day. Heading to West Carrollton for the poker run/fish fry to help support Pastor Tim Baker. Come on out and join us and help support the church!
Don't forget Refugee Sunday tomorrow morning and evening. We will recognize the work of the LIRS in helping refugees get settled in Madison. In the evening at 7 pm, a "Munchie" Pot-luck will take place. Pastor Tim, Lisa, and Anders will be presenting stories and pictures from their Sabbatical trip to India and Nepal. We will also get a chance to see the St. Stephen's debut of Anders Hansen's documentary on the Chauhan's and being a refugee. See you tomorrow!
This Sunday, Pastor Tim will show pictures and share stories about his trip to Haiti and the incredible things God is doing
back on the air this morning at 8AM; my guest is Pastor Tim Smith, founder of Center of Life in Hazelwood
Pastor Tim!!“We are in a noisy world too busy to hear God speak to us.”
Pastor Tim Rogers killed this week...yep👌
Update your maps at Navteq
.Must ask He's the Biblical expert on what godly women can say to men. He has more rules than his pastor, JMacArthur.
unfortunately not. I don't think Pastor Tim wants to share the house with the crazy Coxes.
We don't just want to know God's word, we want to live by it. Watch Pastor Tim briefly explain at
Pastor Tim: "I'm following your YouVersion bible account and noticed you started a devotional on Wednesday, but are still on day one?" 😩😭😂🔫
Amen pastor "Today determines the future of Ekiti State... I pray for peace in all 16 Local Governments of the State."
Reflections on a week at with our middle and high school students: 1. I love the passionate worship of our students. I especially enjoyed when Pastor Brad and Pastor Tim went silent and I could listen to 200+ students worshipping. That’s a beautiful sound to my ears, I know it is to God’s! 2. Our students are remarkably well behaved. I was a youth pastor (several times) and don’t remember students being this respectful, kind and honoring. Some parents are doing a good job… 3. Our Class Pastors are remarkable. I am so thankful for the men and women of God who make pastoring students their life’s purpose. Watching them laugh, play, cry and pray with the students is inspirational. 4. The countless Reality staff who took a week off work to love students are heroes. Week wouldn’t have happened without them. 5. I loved watching students praying for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Their genuine quest for everything God has is both real and refreshing. 6. Our students have unity in diver ...
Glad to meet Pastor Tim Zacharias and Pastor Matt Fitch this week...
This was a great night - a word about Kathmandu India!. Pastor Tim just booked his tickets for November to go to...
imagine his lil white *** in pastor Tim kitchen at 3 in the morning lolol
Thanks to pastor Toby, our bus has been watching Tim Hawkins for the past two hours...
What does a friendship look like when it's founded on Jesus? Watch Pastor Tim Chaddick briefly explain at
Friendships based on Jesus are to be places of refuge and reconciliation. Watch Pastor Tim briefly explain at
How can you deepen a friendship? Watch Pastor Tim Chaddick briefly explain at
Do we want God to simply change our circumstances without changing us? Watch Pastor Tim briefly explain at
How can we respond to God's word with action? Watch Pastor Tim briefly explain at
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Yep... That's my youth pastor. Happy Birthday Tim! Thank you for being my pastor, coach and leader,…
To what extent does a pastor's/deacon's family disqualify him from ministry (1 Tim 3:1-13)?
Here's a new post on leadership that I wrote for - //
This Sunday @ NBC... 11am: Ken Scott: Revive the Church - 'Danger, Lion on the Loose'. 7pm: Pastor Tim Robinson:...
Pastor Phil's new book is featured on Tim Challies' blog today:...
Don't forget that Sunday at 4:30 there is a meeting for anyone going to Cuba. It is very important that EVERYONE going attend. If you have a conflict you should contact Senior Pastor Tim Fowler right away.
Asking for prayer for Pastor Tim Crotts and Sister Crotts in route to the Philippines for special conferences there,
Can't wait to have Pastor Tim Broton from here at tonight! It's going to be awesome! Bring someone !!!
Don't miss JUNE 25, 7pm, Lakeline Campus! One Mission Vision Night Pastor Tim shares what God has in store for HCBC.
A big THANKS to Shameka Harris for this beautiful pictures of Pastor Tim, Damieon, Sydnie & Avie!!!
How do you control your uncontrollable anger? Pastor Tim wishes he knew.
Your message tonight could not have been more on point so glad you're my youth pastor
another thing you coming to vacation bible school again this year I need to get revenge on you an pastor tim after the upset 😂😠
Join me next Friday, June 27th at The Circuit for the 'Three Hinges' Messages! Thank you Pastor Tim Lambert to...
a beautiful revelation ThankYou Pastor Tim😊 Praise the Lord. The fruits of each season of life manifest in abundance in U&Yr family
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Looks like the weather is going to hold for the outreach tonight! Meet at the church at 5:30. . Pastor Tim
This is what the community in CHRIST is about. The sherif brings the inmates to the church, this I believe is what Christ is about loving all. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they are lost in addiction or just simply lost. When God gives us mercy and forgives all our sins, he gives us a new life full of mercy, grace, unconditional love. we as christians must show the same. Thank you Sherif Seele and Pastor Tim, for not giving up on everyone. I know you all have touched and changed many lives mine included. And also for Bill Walsh for bringing so much love to Mercy Street. You all are such a blessing to me and many. May God continue to bless you all. Love and miss my church and church family. Simply put, I am so blessed to have you all in my life.
When you're Pastor asks you to pray about a certain position in the Church one should be careful what they pray for because you just might get it. Here is the perfect example of what I'm speaking about. My old Pastor Tim asked me to pray about the Royal Rangers because one of the other church members was wanting to start a chapter. The Royal Rangers is a group similar to the Boy Scouts it's a good organization with one exception unruly little boys. So naturally I didn't have a problem praying about God's will concerning the brother's desire to start a Royal Ranger group especially since I wasn't going to be involved in it or have anything to do with it. If the brother wanted to be a baby setter on Wednesday nights with a bunch of kids may the grace of the Lord be with him for he is going to need all the grace he could get . So I prayed and I prayed again for over two weeks I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed some more. Actually I had gotten the answer two weeks earlier but I wasn't overwhelmed wi .. ...
PRAYER WARRIORS... Please join me in Welcoming 22 New Prayer Warriors to our team. We are so happy to serve with you all. Please take a minute and read our Mission Statement. We are primarily a Prayer Group who serves others in need. No Solicitations Ever! WE NEED YOUR HELP! May you feel the Agape Love we share here with God! Pastor Tim
I'm not a man who's for sale, I'm a man who's sold out -Pastor Tim
I Cant Do This Without You | The Brooklyn Tabernacle AWESOME WORD Thank you Pastor Tim! Had to share it with everyone
One of New Hope's deacons, Rob Wilson, fills in for Pastor Tim and teaches how we should love like Jesus loves and how we should show that love to all we encounter on a day to day basis.
Good evening Brothers and Sisters and welcome to Sunday Night Service at White Fire. I'm Pastor Tim and on Behalf of Brother George and sister Gail We welcome all of you here tonight.
Sunday Sunday Sunday! Excited about gathering @ NVWC & New Harmony Ministries. New Harmony will be leading our praise @ worship time & Lord willin Pastor Tim will be bringing a fresh word from The Word on Heaven... Join us if you don't have a place to worship or if ya just wanna visit, every one is welcome. No dress codes so come as you are cause we would love to see ya! PTL!
Hey church family this is Pastor Tim. I am writing to request prayer. First, for Linda Skeen. She fell down some stairs at work and my have a compression in her back. She will be seeing a surgeon. Second, pray for the Dunlap family, friends of David Skeen. Their daughter was in a car accident and is in the hospital. Third, pray for Garry Coleman. His immune system is severely depleted. He will have to stay at home until his immune system is built back up. They will be running tests to see if anything is wrong. Please be praying for these requests. Thank you.
Several from CCUMC attended the Ecumenical Good Friday Service at Laurels of Carson City. Pastor Andy, Nancy Woodcock from the Catholic Church, and Pastor Tim from Open Door Fellowship did the service.
Roan Mountain Church of God celebrated Pastor Appreciation today. We are thankful for The Hyde's dedication and service. Thank you Pastor Tim, Sister Sue, T.J., and Victoria!! May the Lord richly bless you for your sacrificial giving.
What an Awesome God we serve! Last week was an incredible day with our Sunrise Service, Burrito breakfast and Easter Service. Tomorrow, Sunday school starts at 9:30am, followed by Morning worship at 10:30am. EC Kid’s ministry will starting a 6 week series on “Heaven.” Pastor Tim be preaching a message titled “Miracle in the House!” Tomorrow night at 5pm is our Sunday Night Concert Series with Saxophonist Jordan Chalden. Take time and invite someone to come to church with you tomorrow. Most people never come to church because they have never been invited.
This is an excerpt of a post that was posted by a friend of mine Nathan Adams and I totally agree with him. Pastor Tim is a terrific proven leader and I support him 500% and with that I am honoured to stand with Nathan and the rest of my "FAMILY" in supporting him. This was never meant to be controversial either just a very powerful and timely message to us all. Nathan wrote: Easter Sunday Moncton Wesleyan brought in a world-class scholar, Dr. Craig Evans, to speak very inteliigently about the reliability of the bible and the resurrection. First I want to say, great job Pastor Tim Guptill, in bringing in such a resource and in everything you are doing right now. I think we need to rally around Tim in a big way. He is leading our church through a huge transition. If you are tempted right now to get off and try something else--don't! You are needed at your home church. If you don't feel as connected because there are new staff pastors, then connect with the new staff pastors! We have all invested years in t ...
Amazing Easter service at Trinity Lutheran Church in Hudson, Wi. So nice to see friends we haven't seen in a long time. Pastor Tim had a wonderful sermon, the choir was amazing, and how fun to see some of my former cheerleaders with their families. Now, off to Courtney's for Easter dinner with family and friends. Blessings to each of you!
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Join us for our Easter Services! 7am Sunrise Service at Westgate Park followed by a delicious breakfast back at church in the Fellowship Hall around 8am. 9:30am for Easter Service in the HBC Sanctuary with a great message by Pastor Tim and the best worship music in town! Tonight we are having our Maunday Thursday service at 6:30. Hope you can join us!
Very thankful to Pastor Tim, Philip, Chris, Greg and Hillcrest Bapt Vols who have gone above and beyond in supporting the JBA/VBS Clinic!
Pastor Tim: Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.
Pastor Tim: Let's take time to pray for Elder Michelle Walker tonight.
Pastor Tim and I on a journey through Billy Graham's library
Pastor Tim has been granted permission to run a Christian lunchtime club using the ALPHA program at Edith Rogers...
Time for my Sunday nap... (Bill's too). We both went to worship - at different churches but nonetheless. Bill was the reader at Mount Calvary. At Wesley, Pastor Tim was on fire (again) and the sermon was inspiring. PS150 was wonderful and I was still singing as I made omelets for lunch. Sheets and even blanket and mattress pad washed. Every time I go downstairs to change laundry, I do a little decluttering down there and Bill and I have a Sunday date to do at least an hour in the basement. We got four bags of recycling done today of old papers, magazines, etc. 6 loads of laundry done too... Nap and then later dinner made by Alyson, who is authentically Irish. we are joining her, Chad, Ashlie and Jon for St Patrick's Day dinner!
This Sunday @ Discovery Church of PSL, Pastor Tim will wrap up the 6 week teaching series God. Love. Sex. See you @ 10am!
There will be a series of gatherings at the Higher Rock Christian Church Ministry Center on Timog Ave in Quezon City, Mar 6 and 7 (Thurs and Fri), 7:30 - 9:30PM and Mar 8 (Sat), 9:30AM - 6PM. Guest Speaker, Pastor Tim Carns of Calvary Bible Church, Burbank, California, will share what God's Word says about DISCIPLESHIP IN THE CONTEXT OF THE BODY OF CHRIST AND PARENTING. Be encouraged and refreshed with us. All are invited, click the photos below to get more details. NO REGISTRATION FEE IS REQUIRED. Feel free to share this post. :-)
"When this war is finally over, we won't look back at how hard the battle was, but at how great our King is." - Pastor Tim Shanley
2014 is not even half way over but you can go ahead and give Tim Keller the award for most plagiarized Pastor of the year.
1 John 4:7 "7. Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." Long day, I don't have much to say at this point but this... Thank you, thank you all for loving my family today, we have felt everyone of your heart felt prayers, it helped get us through the day. And just as this Bible Verse states you have been friends because you have shown us love and we can take comfort knowing that God loves and cares for us us even thought this hardest of times because you showed love and God is love, and if you showed that to us that means you were sent by God to encourage us. So we thank The Lord for His love being show to us today by everyone of you. And thank you to all of our family and friends who have come by to be with us, to laugh, cry and feed us, words aren't enough to express our gratitude. We truly have felt the Presence of the Father in our midst today. Keep us in your prayers as arrangements are being made, we will post information r ...
Today read Luke 5 when Jesus started to called His disciples... Pastor Tims message came to mind the ripple effect ... as the first of the disciple was.. the first of the Jesus freaks . today the ripple effect grows and grows.. and Lord I pray more will come into your ripple that flows thou hearts and minds of peoplo your people ... in Jesus name Amen. is in the process of doing a migration that has taken longer than anticipated. Sermons won't be available until sometime mid Wednesday. Watch for Pastor Tim's latest sermon from the Sermon on the Mount sometime Wednesday night or Thursday.
You are only counted out if you stay down.I speak a "get up" into someone's spirit right now!...God is not finished with you yet, the devil is a liar! are gonna make it, you are gonna finish, tell the devil and everyone around you that you are on your way back up!.. backsliden preacher, Get Up!...the people who have been knocked down in life...I speak a Get Up in Jesus name!!!...God is about to take your foot and place it on the enemy's neck and your about to make the comeback of your life!.Get Up!.Pastor Tim
Pastor Timothy is going to India again for a much longer term mission. This would be a great time for us help him and support this mission. If you are prompted by the Lord to support Pastor Tim and want to make a donation you can private message him for information.
Pastor Clay, Pastor Claire and Pastor Tim are absolutely tearing it up tonight on our last night of SDR. . Thank...
“There is stupid peace and there is smart peace.” -Tim Keller (Pastor) I guess the 21st century is because...
I had a great time last weekend at Camp River Crest. I fell on ice, went sledding and froze to deth, got my blanket stolen, threw oreos filled with toothpaste at trees, got destiney spoken into my life and stayed up almost all night each night with my favorite people in the whole wide world.:) I HAD SOO MUCH FUN!!! Thankyou leaders for having lots of patience with us crazy kids! Thankyou pastor Mike and pastor Tim for giving us the knowledge on our worth and destiney in our lives!:)
Pastor Tim, Just saw Son of God with the family. He is the way. He is the truth. God bless this World.
Having a good time in Davao with Soli Deo Gloria Church. Pastor Tim is doing a great job teaching us about parenting, purity and for the next few nights, discipleship. Then back to Manila, where he will teach the same things from Thursday through Sunday at Higher Rock Church in Quezon City.
Would like to thank all of the church's that came to our anniversary/connect point rally Sat night. Christian WorshipCenter, Bethel CLJC (Tidwell), New Life Tab UPC Osceola (Pastor Tim Doran), New Life Tab UPC(Pastor Keith Stokes),Carroll's Corner (Wilbanks), FUPC Lepanto, Peace Tab (Snow),Paragould), Searcy(Bro. Larry Davidson) Souls Harbor of Cave City(Pastor Sam Manuel), Salvation Ministries of Jonesboro(Pastor Derrick Followell, Manilla UPC, Hope Church(Pastor Hayse) Ar. District Crusaders President (Matt Corbitt) plus visitors from many other churches! What a great time of worship with people from a large number of churches! This is Gods Plan! On Earth as it is in Heaven!
Safely Over And it came to pass, when all the people were clean passed over, that the ark of the LORD passed over, and the priests, in the presence of the people. Joshua 4:11 What a God that we serve! We who are truly washed in the Blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, have been given power to become the sons of God. “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:” John 1:12. The Lord has gave promise to His, that He will keep us and never leave. It’s His Words that carry the promise to all who by faith will receive them, “...and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” Matthew 28:20. And again, “...for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” Hebrews 13:5. The children of Israel were safely kept until all were across the Jordon river into the promise land and as it was with them so will it be with all of His children today. He will keep close watch over you friend and lead ...
I am feeling a lot better this evening. Pastor Tim prayed for me and in a little bit I was able to go downstairs and put a load of laundry on and feed my dog. I ate and so far so good.
Pastor Tim Russell would it be ok if I brought a container for food donations for the food bank here in Brazil? My girls are doing it through Girl Scouts ;)
What's disturbing is that a pastor would quote 1 Tim. 1:4 out of context to dismiss consideration of Jesus' genealogy
Say this and thought of Pastor Tim Chambers message Sunday morning.
HEY! It's that time again for our campus conference, Converge! Here's what we need: 1) REGISTER! Please register and encourage others to register at the link below. 2) Please PRINT this open this letter, fill in the form, and print it out. Take it to your local church, parents, friends, and neighbors who may want to support us. Hit myself or Pastor Tim up if you have any questions :)
What a great night with Pastor Tim Adelegan and the rest of the team, great seeing Triple O KeepBreathing after a...
Kaden met with Pastor Tim this afternoon to discuss why he wanted to be baptized. GREAT MEETING - followed by a GREAT family devotion tonight as he prepares to be baptized this Sunday by Pastor Tim and Phil DuBois! GOD IS GOOD!
What an incredible morning at Crossroads Baptist in Newark. Incredibly sensitive people.. wonderful worship. It's been a long, long time since I've seen people walk down the aisle BEFORE I could start the invitation. God's powerful presence was so evident. Pastor Tim - thank you for allowing Joy and I to minister to your very special congregation...
Please pray for Pastor Tim & his wife, Camille. They have a sweet family and are serving the LORD! Ms. Ca...
Pastors Tim and Cherrie' talk about GAVIN - a young man who made the front page this past week in Owatonna MN. You have watch and see what Gavin tells Pastor Tim when he asks for his autograph...funny. :)
I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to belong to a Church that not only stands on the word of God, preaches, teaches, outreaches and opens the door to receive more...More love, support, encouragement, opportunities...To be a better me, the way God intended it to be...Thank you Pastor Tim GibbGibb and Bethel Pentecostal Church Family...♥
'Pastor' attacks and chases journalist, falls flat on his face - and it's all on camera
From Pastor Tim- I talked with Aileen Jones' daughter-in-law today. Aileen is in the Cookeville Hospital in very serious condition. They have ran every test imaginable and can find nothing wrong. They request prayers that something can be done to give her relief.
Substitute Teacher: Walking through the hallways at the middle school where I work, I saw a new substitute teacher standing outside his classroom with his forehead against a locker. I heard him mutter, "How did you get yourself into this?" Knowing that he was assigned to a difficult class, I tried to offer moral support. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Can I help?" He lifted his head and replied, "I'll be fine as soon as I get this kid out of his locker." *Thanks to Pastor Tim for this joke!*
Pastor Tim Wilson our Sr. Pastor Bringing the WORD to us .. We are
Please we need prayer NOW! Please keep us in your prayers, we have been over loaded with folks with lots of needs and struggles, Pastor Tim
ON AIR NOW: using his rugby skills to get away on
Church family corporate prayer cancelled for this evening. Pastor Tim
Team Clayton DeBoard plays at 6 and Team Pastor Tim plays at 7 in the opening night of church league basketball tournament play. Come cheer them on at the Miller building!
Join us Thursday nights at 6:30pm for our new mid-week service! Pastor Tim is preaching on "The Holy Spirit!" Come and learn how to be a Word and Spirit person!!
The only non judgmental Christian I have ever met was Pastor Tim. He was gnarly.
On Sunday, Pastor Tim shared on the sobering truth of spiritual laziness in his message, "The Meeting Place"
Heads up! Leadership meeting and St. Patrick's day party potluck at Pastor Tim's House March 16 from 1:30pm to 3:30 Don't be late and wear some green
"spend more time watering your lawn than admiring somebody else's grass." -Pastor
Video message from Pastor Tim. Have a blessed week!.
Would you like to know how to have a Healthy Happy Marriage and Family? This week Pastor's Tim and Cherrie' share...
Pastor Roman Tsyganiuk of the Sacramento Slavic SDA Church has a lot to say about the conflict between his native Ukraine and Russia
498,306 souls since 2006!! Does it touch your heart to hear these testimonies? Do you share them with others in church or at work? How lovely are the feet of them who bring good news!! 28 souls heard good news the past couple of weeks, and responded by asking Jesus into their hearts! Please pray for these dear ones, if you know them give them a call and invite them to fellowship or join you at church. 2 saved, Pastor Ron & Deb Luce, (Bob & Cory), Church on the Streets 8 salvations with Stephanie. Kids min., WOLN 2 salvations at Moses group 2-12-14 2 souls, pastor Tim Nicholson 2-Pastor Reiner, Counseling Center 2-22-14 12 souls WOLN, 4 adults, 8 kids 2-23-14 at WOLN
I'm still worn out from service yesterday. Pastor Tim Latta preached the glory down!
Today's Chapel service with Campus Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin is now streaming live! Visit
Please join us on Wednesday at 12 at the Presbyterian Church for Our Lente lunch. It's a time for us as a community to worship and eat together as the body of Christ I believe it will be a powerful time. You are loved Pastor Tim
Thank you Pastor Tim for coming and praying with us. I appreciate you and all you do for the kingdom of God. I want to thank God for blessing New Harvest with great pastors and leaders. I love my church family!!
If your in driving distance of FCWC. You need to be at revival. Starts at 7pm. Pastor Tim Tim Finlayson brings the word. You will not be disappointed. I promise.
Message from Pastor Tim: Since our parking lot currently has a low coefficient of static friction, the Word of Life Church is cancelling tonight's Soup's On Ministry. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Lord, I know that without Your power my life would be useless. Prompt me, by Your Holy Spirit, to glorify You in everythin…
Fred Wenger sent me this prayer . . . Father, I thank you for Pastor Tim. I ask that you be with him this very day, this very week. Be at work in him personally to make him the man you have in mind for him to be. Fill him with the Holy Spirit. Give him godly wisdom. Bless everything blessable about him. Cleanse the rest. Meet his needs in such a way that he will be resourced to meet the needs of others. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.
God have mercy on one who attacks a pastor unwarranted. A refining fire to the minister but a consuming fire to his menace 1 Tim. 5:19-20
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"A tax collector, fisherman, a doctor, prostitutes, Gentiles, Jews, and Pharisees have absolutely nothing in common ... until they meet JESUS." - Pastor Tim Morgan
Favorite moment last night? When I said Ellen Degeneres was fun and got rebuked by a pastor and sent Bible verses.
Hi everyone: We will be on a call-in radio talk show tonight (March 3rd) in Barbados at 8:00 - 11:00 Canadian time. You can tune in online to hear the show and you can even call in with a testimony from Canada if you like. Google CITA Radio Barbados and follow the directions. Hope you can listen in for a bit! Blessings, Jane and Hal and Pastor Tim
Please say a prayer for our youth and discipleship pastor Tim and Eldora- They are in need of replenishing. They are some of the hardest workers ever and we are highly blessed to have them on this team.
What a joy and an absolute pleasure it has been to minister to the people of White Dove in Lafayette. I'm humbled by how the Holy Spirit has moved in our services. Anything can happen! Expect Dat! See you Tuesday night at White Dove Lafayette! Bring a friend! You'll be glad you came! Pastor Tim Miller
I am being blessed so much with the series of messages that Pastor Tim is preaching; The Kingdom of God. The Spirit of God is moving in our church and people are being blessed. Praise God for all the healing that is evident in Jarred Kelly with more to come. It was great to see Jarred on stage at the end of the service leading in the worship songs. Russ Creamer did an awesome job leading the morning worship. God is really blessing Gateway Fellowship and I'm excited to see what God is going to do next with those of us who are willing to be used of God. Count me in!
Pastor Tim's 30th Anniversary of his ordination, and he answers questions from Grace'rs at the 10:30 am service.
PastorTim Bailey Options for this story Getting Honest With My Self about Sin …except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. Luke 13:5 Scripture reading: Psalms 51 We don’t talk about sin the way we use to anymore. It’s not a big deal today for some reason. But in years past Christians hated it, feared they would slip back in it, fled from it and grieved over it. The truth is, we need a fresh understanding and way of looking at our sin! ALL SIN INVOLVES DENIAL! Today sin is causally looked at and that message has spilled over into the pulpits and pews. But the real truth about sin is that it is still sin. It brings death and separation! The outcome of sin will always be the same unless it is washed in the Blood of Christ Jesus. We must, each and everyone, deal with and execute with a purposed drive to rid our lives from its poison. We must admit that sin is there and recognize who I have sinned against. A Christian college professor got honest and put it like this: “I’m nice to my students, re ...
"The devil has no right or share of your life or anything you are called to do.". -Pastor Tim…
Scripture tells us to be imitators of God. --Pastor Tim Rice speaking at Christian Fellowship Church in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota on 3-2-2014.
This weekend was a tiresome weekend for our family, Even tho I'm still in recovering mold, it was all worth it to see the smiles, tears of joy, Laughter, & Excitement on Our Parents Face.The Celebration was Greater than Awesome, It was A Magnificent Extraordinary Celebration. We Would also like to Thank our Special Guest for showing Up, We Don't put together Anything that he cannot be invited, are Show up are be apart of, & Thats none other than Our Personal Savior JESUS Christ, You did it again, you let your presence filled The Place.To All the Pastor & Wives that showed up to show our parents Love we Thank You, Bishop James Mcneal Jr, Philadelphia Penn & Our New Hope & Faith Family, Thank You for The Love you all showed to Our Parents.A friend Is A Friend, Through Thick & The Thin, No matter what comes are what goes, A friend remains A friend, Thank you all so very much for The Love shown to our Parents, from Our Philadelphia Family, Thank Bishop Henry & Co-Pastor Gwendolyn Williams, Pastor Angela, B .. ...
Bible study at Starbucks tonight, with pastor Tim ✨
OK, Pastor Tim, tell me again about the climate in Houston -- just came in from shoveling snow in 12F . So glad I waited for it to warm up.
PRAYER WARRIORS.HELP NEEDED! WEEK DAYS This group is primarily a Prayer Group, and we have Praise & Worship weekends every week. During the week, please do not clutter the wall here with multiple posts that are not related to a Prayer Request. It makes it to hard for the person requesting Prayer to find the Prayers we have written for hem. One other area that is getting out of control is SOLICITATIONS. They have no business being posted here. No books, clothing, health tips or even advertisements for Christian Materials. We take this very serious, and need everybody's help. NO SOLICITATIONS EVER! Pastor Tim
Great to have Pastor Tim back with us. @ River Oaks Community Church
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1 Peter 2:12 - Live such good lives among unbelievers that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day He visits us. I have always been a fan of the Olympics - winter and summer. A video segment of one of the winter athletes caught my attention. It was about recent gold medal winner, David Wise. He is a U.S. free-style skiing half-pipe athlete. David is married, has a two year old daughter, and is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. He won the first gold medal for the U.S. in this sport. A recent blogger noted this headline from NBC news: "David Wise's alternative lifestyle leads to Olympic gold" Read that headline again and see if you notice anything a bit strange. Did you see it? NBC tagged him with an "alternative lifestyle." I read the article and here are some quotes - "He's not like the rest of his field. He's always smiling." "He is a full-time family man." "He attends church regularly." "While the rest of his competitors are hanging with the ...
Pastor Tim McCarn: I find it more clearer everyday in serving God, that with a high calling on your life, the...
And my faith in Him convinces me that He is more than able to keep all that I've placed i.2 Tim 1:12a Pastor Brian Simmons
The Church office will be closed today, Pastor Tim and Rachel will be working from their home offices. Please be...
(2) yesterday my pastor of the church I go to down here answered me "I know God moved you here for me. I am going through what you did!"
Thank you Pastor Tim for willing away the winter with your purple shirt. I Think it worked.
Late post...on yesterday I was so glad my God baby and his mommy went to church with me... The message was awesome Pastor Tim brought word...thanking God for
Serve one another!! Galatians 5:13(NLT) For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love. Making disciples, Pastor Tim,
Ducking, weaving & dancing. Tires out his attacker and avoids violence
God says, "you are His treasure". Yes "you, you, you"! C'mon worship team getting down and Pastor Tim…
WATCH THE ATTACK: Incredible footage of a Gold Coast pastor unleashing an attack on an A Current Affair reporter.
"If you do only what you are supposed to do, you are a slave. If you go the extra mile, you are a servant." -Pastor Tim Ruhl
Don't miss our story on the Church Pastor tonight. See him lose the plot here:
Pastor Tim preaching on having a fresh "Minty Marriage" by focusing on Christ's love for us.
Man Tim Keller has to be one of the most intelligent theologian/pastor.Blows my mind with hisway of thinking and how Gospel affects his life
Pastor Tim McCarn: We never lose a friend: just imposter's that looked like friends. . From my best friend Pastor Josh Pal…
♡Dig a ditch so GOD can send the rain♡~ Pastor
Still meditating on that message today from Pastor Tim "The Necessity of Vision" 📖
Looking forward to the start of tonight with Pastor Tim Ruhl preaching. Thankful for the 38-year ministry of Bro. Trieber.
"Look out. God's on the move!" - Pastor Tim Dilena, Brooklyn Tabernacle
Pastor Tim Conaway brought It today! If you missed it, catch another sermon series word NEXT SUNDAY!
"You are called to live a counter cultural supernatural radical life in Jesus" Pastor Tim Chaddick Reality LA —...
Pastor Tim wanted to make it known to the world that he got a haircut. So timcruz331 with the rest of…
Whom Do You Serve? A message from our Senior Pastor, Dr. Tim Bruster, on the last Sunday before Lent begins.
Pastor Tim & Twila Miller will be back Ministering at White Dove Lafayette ,located at 1400 W. University Ave., This Sunday Night, March 2nd at 6pm. God has been moving in these Holy Spirit Driven Services. If you live in the Lafayette area come see us (Both old & new friends). If you've been believing God for something in your life then come join us! The River is Rising! Come Expecting for ANYTHING to Happen! EXPECT DAT! Please Repost, Call, Email, & Invite... Spread the Word. Don't Miss It! You'll be glad that YOU came!
Pastor Tim and Kentucky Sheriffs Boys and Girls Ranch Assistant Camp Director Tracy Powell holding one of the...
Special kid/family friendly Ash Wednesday service at 6 p.m. at First United Methodist Church, Kenosha. You won't want to miss this! Kids and families will have a short worship service with Pastor Tim and then a lesson afterwards. Each child will receive a set of Resurrection Eggs and a Lenten Devotional kit using glow-in-the-dark Rainbow Loom bands! If you are not "friends" with Oasis - please friend our page for updates and information about First United Methodist's mid-week ministry with children!
Friends, it is an honor to inform you that earlier this month I accepted a call to full time ministry as the Associate Production Director at Ingleside Baptist Church. I've joined the Worship Arts team, working creatively with Chris Hawkins, Jonathan Green, Jay Turner, Teri McCook, Amy Gramling, and a whole bunch of other amazing ministers. This is a big deal for me on a personal level because I've grown up at Ingleside, learning from the teaching of Pastor Tim, and now I get to tangibly contribute at a fully invested pace to the ministry that trained me. I appreciate all of the kind words many of you have already offered for this new opportunity. I'm excited, and I look forward to interacting with you all in ministry for our good and for God's glory.
Happy Monday Everyone!! I hope you guys enjoyed yesterdays message as much as I did.. it was an awesome word from Pastor Tim! Wanted to take a few minutes to remind everyone about all the "happenings" at The Verge! Tuesday night: Youth Bible Study at the Church 7:00--8:30.If you are in the 6th to the 12th grade..we would LOVE to see you there... I have a lot of great ideas for the summer and I know you will love it..we are very relaxed and you will FIT RIGHT IN.. so please come and if you need a ride.. please contact me and I will make sure that happens for you!! Thursday night: New Bible Study with Carol Edwards Teaching... this is the first week so it will be more introductions, meet and greet, etc. Beginning at 7:00..probably lasting about 1.5 to 2 hours...Going to be GREAT!! Sunday Service at 10:30 featuring AWESOME Praise and Worship and as always an AMAZING Message from the Pastor! Sunday afternoon we are honoring all of our volunteers, (past and present) with a luncheon to show you just how much .. ...
Pastor Tim with former NFL PRO Allen Williams (The Road to Destiny Interview) at Impact the City Church
A glorious message by Pastor Tim conway. If you are not saved, have never sought after Christ or know nothing about God but have a yearning desire to learn a...
"What Is Justice?" Find out the answers this Sunday with Pastor Tim
Shine your light today!! Psalm 112:4(NLT) Light shines in the darkness for the godly. They are generous, compassionate, and righteous. Making disciples, Pastor Tim,
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