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Timothy Brian Storey (born November 2, 1960 in Lynwood, California) is an American speaker, author, life coach, media personality, and entrepreneur.

Dollar Bill Pastor Tim Brown Pastor Tim Ross Ted Cruz Pastor Tim Rogers

He's some kind of odd evangelical, in the Tim Farron vein but even more so, was a pastor before an MP.
Jack Daniels of GA is nominated to replace Tim Hall. . Tommy Swindoll nominates Don Byers of MI. Jay Baines…
The phenomenal Pastor Tim Sloan will be our guest on KYND's The Book Nook. Join us as he…
ICYMI, Part 8 of Pastor Tim's series, "The Ten Commandments," is now available for viewing:...
There is one God, one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus” (1 Tim 2:5). “Buy the truth and do not sell it”. Proverbs 23, 23
Pastor Tim Femi Oladipo reminded me of this with a post of his...
Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor...1 Tim.5:17. Give your pastor respect & proper pay. (I'm grateful MPBC does)
The Whole Armor of by Pastor Tim Alsbaugh >>>
Great message by Pastor Tim Ross using the movie Trolls!
Suprise! Suprise! Look what Pastor Tim will be preaching on this sunday! Plus, come see his brand new, shinny...
Pastor Tim Shrader motivates Cedar Street Church to rebuild by encouraging us with the story of Nehemiah. ~...
Christian, is God leading you to pastor? (A Solid Knowledge Of Romans Is Crucial) Study 1 Tim. and Titus as you seek our…
I don't want that to happen to . Pastor Tim however.…
Moderator Tim York opens the business session with a devotion from Galatians.
Kyle Odom, accused shooter of Pastor Tim Remington, changes plea to guilty
Pray today that your pastor be a good example in speech, life, love, in faith & purity. 1Tim4:12
pastor Tim, any good books for and against infant baptism?
We are so excited to welcome Perry Hall Baptist Church's new Pastor Tim Whitney, his wife, Megan and his son,...
If I were pastor: "Come to my church. We have chocolate.".
hey Jake,I wouldn't expect u to remember me,but I'm a friend of pastor Tim's & facetimed u from your dads once. Anyway...
Love is an action that leads to a feeling, not a feeling that leads to an action. - Tim Keller
"Bring It" - Pastor Tim. Surrender it all - blessed and broken to the Lord. He promises to use it, and in the...
Throwback because I miss fishing class with Pastor Tim
I added a video to a playlist See Your Calling (part one) by Pastor Tim Rigdon | New Covenant |
Gayle Marie Jones Pastor Tim and church members help everybody. Now, they need your help! Please share
Do you disagree completely with the article Tim Miller posted on fb today about a pastor drinking? I s…
It was a joy to have Pastor Throckmorton visit offices today. Great lunchtime fellowship.
Our own Joel Franks will be the main speaker tonight at the National. Our Pastor Bro. Tim will be introducing...
. pastor: you do not need money if you want to be a good Christian . Members: sir but you have 4 cars?
What are you planting in heaven? Exclusive: Sid Roth interviews author, apostolic pastor Tim Sheets
Pray today that your pastor gently instruct those in opposition and show kindness to all. 2Tim2:24
On the air this morning with Dave and Pastor Tim at KSLT here in Rapid City from 8-9 MT - Go to…
1 Tim.5:22 Don't be too quick to appoint anyone as an elder/pastor, and don't share in the sins of others. KEEP yourself PURE.
Listen now to the sermon audio from 7/16/17 as Pastor Tim Case shares a message called "Seek and You Shall Find":...
We experienced an amazing day of services yesterday! Pastor Tim kicked-off with teaching us how to become…
How ur parents look at u in church, when the pastor's sermon is about today's youths being addicted to pressing their phones…
"Worry is a symptom of seeking wrong things." - Pastor Tim Ma
"You can be in warfare and have victory at the same time!" Pastor Tim Raiford
That is the worst!!! I know a church made pastor go on vacation & made him count it as vacation.
Dear Pastor, Your "success" had nothing to do with your worship totals today. Everything to do w/ your heart responding…
I salute Sr Pastor Tim Brock--blowin it up at Christ Community Church in Alamogordo, NM. NOW Generation leadership!
So thankful to have Dr. Sisk in services today w/ his son Tim Sure been praying for him!
Here's a photo of most of our production crew and local church evangelism leaders together with Pastor Tim...
Pastor Tim Thompson explains Jesus' example in Mark 9 of His desire for those without power, possessions or...
Pastor Tim on is Dollar Bill on Its like finding out Shock G & Humpty were the same dude
We loved having Pastor Tim Ross come and hang with us today! We bet you'll never watch Trolls the same again!...
Thank you Brother Robert Navarrette for your faithful service and sharing today's message from Pastor Tim Aragon,...
Learning about how so many hymns were born out of suffering and persecution. Pastor Tim Tan and…
Pastor Tim: I want to be so driven that I'm not distracted.
Small Group Leaders are asked to attend a Luncheon this Sunday with Pastor Tim and Randy in appreciation for your...
Move-Up Day for kids and teens will be on Sunday, June 4. You may see Pastor Randy or Pastor Tim for details.
A few minutes ago... Pastor Tim and Pastor Shaun delivered our last couch to a family that needed one. Remember,...
Catching up on this week's Saw in credits. Fell off couch when I realized Pastor Tim is Dollar Bill.
Does anyone else find Pastor Tim creepy? I keep thinking he's going to make a pass at Paige.
Huge fan of both and Just now got that Pastor Tim and Dollar Bill are both Top of his craft.
I may never be able to reconcile the fact that the inimitable is both Dollar Bill(ions) and Pastor Tim.
Pastor Tim can't appeal to a higher power and Dollar Bill can't appeal to a lower one.. ***
That's great acting when you look at the tv & see Dollar Bill & Pastor Tim instead of
What a powerful, great time in Bullhead City , Arizona @ Spirit Life Church. . Pastor Tim and Barbara Odom! Levi...
So what does it say about me that I'd pay hundreds of dollars to watch Dollar Bill beat Pastor Tim to death?
Wait wait wait WAIT. Pastor Tim and Dollar Bill are the same actor?
.Dude, your range=impressive. Watching DVRed Billions + Americans back 2 back highlights it, Pastor Tim vis a vis Dollar Bill
Pastor Tim & Barbara Rigdon Prays for the church and YOU! | New Covenant | Providence, KY
Surely I'm not the only one that thinks it is bizarre watching the same actor play both Pastor Tim and Dollar Bill.
Pastor Tim of New Life Covenant Church: Mattie Freeland Community House will "build on her mission and her heart."…
don't promise anything Pastor Tim. I know you told your wife
Sweet Praise and Worship preparing our hearts for God's Word. Pastor Tim's Message today, "No Regrets" Matthew...
Pastor Tim, As a former agent, watch for a poison tipped umbrellas and stay off of rooftops...
Worshiping with us this morning? Follow along with Pastor Tim's message on your smartphone or tablet! >>...
Wonderful retirement party for Pastor Tim and Kathy Hall after 28 years at Grace Community Church.
Pastor Tim and Pastor Thomas met with a church planting team in north Baltimore today. Fairway will help by...
Pastor Tim is wrapping our current series tomorrow. Please join us as we lift up our nation, leaders and potential leaders in…
Many came to us and said Pastor Tim is one of the best host thus far.Funny,witty and we love his...
Join us Sunday morning as the ladies from TCUC sing and share and Pastor Tim ministers. Carthage Full Gospel Church.
If you don’t take control of your schedule, others will do it for you. via
Join us tonight at 7pm! Pastor Tim will be teaching the second part of his sermon, "Wise & Otherwise."
Thank you for being my youth pastor. I will be praying for you and your family as y'all go onto the next stage of y'all's life
Click this link to listen to Pastor Tim Gray's message entitled "Malachi":
Pastor Tim some pastors from Quito would like to have a formal permission to publish your book into Spanish,
I'm not a Russian spy or owt, but I wouldn't let my kid stay over at Pastor Tim's house either
Pastor Joy Whyte Grant, Bishop Grant, Pastor Tim! This is all just too good!!!
Jim Gaffigan Show did a tremendous job with this too. As does Pastor Tim on THE AMERICANS of course.
This Saturday, team Zimbabwe is invited to celebrate your victory with some chickfila at Pastor Tim's house!
"The good work we would do for Christ is not best if we use it as a substitute to time spent with him." -Pastor Tim Bailey
All summer long we have learned how to Grow Strong! It is now time to armor up!. Listen to Pastor Tim's final...
nothing, turn around, and eat something healthier Tim-tam.
Pastor Tim shows his heart about "Sharing the Light" in the spiritual darkness of Michigan. State Missions Emphasis
Pastor Tim delivered an incredible message this weekend as he challenged us all to take our next step. In case...
How is your prayer life? Pastor Tim explains the habit of prayer in a recent sermon.
*** even they are using themselves. The irony of the pastor bashing LGBTs while clutching an iPad Tim Cook launched a few months earlier
Today Pastor Tim and our team celebrated with Ben Lloyd as he baptized his son. Nick recently decided to follow...
Check out this video from Pastor Tim for a sneak peek inside our newly renovated building at Liquid Garwood!:
This weekend, Pastor Tim returned with a message from John 15:1-11. He stressed the importance…
I actually know Tim. He went to school with Amanda and he's the youth pastor at the church down the block from mine.
The Summit at Southern Acres will be starting back up tomorrow night at 6pm with Pastor Tim. There will be...
Any place is a place of provision when you are walking in resurrection faith. Pastor Tim Brown
"Pure speech is speaking life and truth; is it truthful and is it fruitful?" -Pastor
A wife is not to find her fulfillment in her husband, but in the Lord. Pastor Tim Brown
"A broken crayon still colors. The blessing is in the breaking." Thank you Pastor
Pastor Tim: Feeling much better today! Thank you for the prayers and support yesterday. RUFF being under the...
Yesterday we introduced our new Children's pastor Mr Tim. Sort of like Mr. T. But not . Looking forward & excited
Be wise!!. Proverbs 13:20 (NLT) Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble. Making disciples,. Pastor Tim
Your deepest calling is on the other side of your deepest doubt. -Pastor Tim Dunn.
(argon). The Americans (2013) - Pastor Tim was recently added to Plex.
Thank you Pastor Tim. refusing to love someone because they don't think like we do means we become the Pharisees
Pastor Tim & the Venia congregation pray for the successful Indonesian mission trip of Un Dillman.
Pastor Tim teaches the children about hospitality.
Esau gave up his inheritance to Jacob for a pot of soup. Pastor Tim Thompson speaks from Hebrews 12 urging us to...
Hey Christians! If your pastor acts like David Miscavige GET THE *** OUT OF THERE! Zero tolerance for that alien made up satanic cult
Today’s wonderful message by Pastor Tim Dunn is now available to watch online!.
Everything that comes from the Kingdom is eminent domain. Pastor Tim Ross
I was relaxing a bit ago and actually tuned to CNN (which I NEVER watch) and I saw an interview with the pastor...
Pastor Tim Thompson announces the new Venia Church location at 41831 McAlby Court in Murrieta, effective Sunday...
Thank you for giving feedback on social media; we love seeing it! What was YOUR takeaway from Pastor Tim's...
Forgiven people ought to forgive others. -Pastor Tim
God chose you. He loves you. He adopted you. He's on your side. -Pastor Tim
If you love someone, you don't stay silent. You share the truth (of the Word of God) in a loving way. -Pastor Tim
Had a great time today speaking at Journey Community Church today. Thank you Pastor Tim for the opportunity.
Fun fact: our 6yo told pastor all about Tim Horton's during the children's sermon this morning.
Children's sermon on vocation. . Pastor "what would you like to be when you grow up?". 6yo "I'm going to open a Tim Hortons in…
Pastor Tim has an exciting message to bring this morning at our 9am service! Come join us!...
Randy has arrived! Please welcome Randy to our church family and pray that his partnering with us and Pastor Tim...
Join Pastor Norman & Pastor Tim as our Cityside service launches tom at 10:30am at Ala Moana Hotel!
Sue and I are meeting our son Pastor Tim & Dollar Bill tomorrow nite in DC!
Let someone punch my kid in the chest. Ol Pastor Tim would meet the Lord that day.
Loved seeing Pastor Tim Copeland 2night! Powerful move of the Holy Ghost @ FPC Buford followed with great message from Rev McMullen from TX!
God is waiting to tell you things but He can't tell you because you still don't know who He is - Pastor Tim
It's a very sad thing when your friends have nothing good to say about you. - Pastor Tim
boy, tell me about it. Praise the lord and his power to be able to keep those thorns controlled. Thank you pastor Tim
I was much better at knowing how to pastor, until I became one. Now, I'm "Lord help me figure out at least one thing!"…
I keep thinking that Pastor Tim is going to make a pass at her, and turn her life right side up...
Congratulations to Vivian Yearwood, Founder & Pastor / Teacher. at The Truth Centre- PAOC. you have won a $10 Tim Horton's gift certificate.
They were a rockin' group... even Pastor Tim crowd surfed! . To top all of that off, there was a young man who rededicated his life to Jesus!
Pastor Tim really just smelled my coffee for alcohol
Pastor Tim and Major Damon Friedman are wrapping up the devotional series this weekend! We can't...
This Sunday, Pastor Tim returns with a new series... Christianity is not about a religion, it is about a PERSON.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
e.g. people who thought Jesse, Hank, and Skylar were the worst, or who want Pastor Tim assassinated.
Happy Birthday Pastor Tim! Wherever you go, that's where the party's at! Praying you have a blessed year!
"Others may abandon you, divorce you, and ignore you, but God will love you."
We started our session 1 for the day 4 on a high note with pastor Tim Mbabu.
Watching S4E5 wondering who will die first, Martha or Pastor Tim? Don't spoil it for me if you know the answer!
Awesome visual Pastor Tim shared with us tonight // 1 John 1:9
Pastor Tim: stay ready and prepared. You need to know that God doesn't lie and He's working out your promise as...
Always believe the best about people until youre proven wrong.- Pastor Tim Bernard
In our Healthy Living Series, Pastor Tim Timberlake spoke tonight about the "Need for Supportive…
"I saw her too man- I didn't see anything to shout about!" - Pastor Tim
Dunking pastor Tim for the love of God toward poor children.…
Check out Pastor Tim's Sunday message called "Press" on YouTube if you missed it or if you just want to catch it...
If you don't have joy in the Lord it's because you aren't living life for the Lord. Pastor Tim Brown
"maybe if you lay off the cupcakes your pants wouldn't have ripped" -pastor Tim
Pastor Tim Eaton of Edgewater Eastvale talks about how powerful music is in our lives. Read the full article...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
We had a special guest at the mission today: Tim Hester, Exec Pastor Thx for praying over us, Tim!
Pastor David : 2 Tim 2:22: ..flee youthful lust; but follow after righteousness.
New York *** get baptized in sewer water by Pastor Splinter
Because so many teens and young adults are taking their lives,If you are a pastor or youth pastor and you would...
Pastor Tim: The church body consists of the universal and local gathering of believers under the headship of...
Ty and Alyssa are tracking Pastor Donald's flight on flight radar. Waiting for his arrival. Hour and a half away.
NEWS: Pastor Tim Wilbanks, Middleton, TN has secured the services of KINEO. Their process starts in JULY!
“I am an ordained pastor and always loved that Tim Kaine spent a year in Jesuit service”
if you are a youth pastor and would be interested in my book on suicide contact me.To many are taking their life...
.Thank you pastor for the powerful convicting word you shared this past Sunday!
but Pastor Tim is cool with the kids huh?
Prayers for Pastor Tim If you would like to donate to help-
Family Movie Night: Dating: Family Movie Night: Dating. Join Pastor Tim as we continue our ongoing conversation…
met Tuesday at the Living Word. Pastor Tim was a gracious host. Optimistic Christian Believer.
Felt a couple of weeks ago that I needed to go spend an afternoon with Pastor Tim Van Cleave! What a great time...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I will meet you all in Rome , Ga. In August to have a little church!! Pastor Tim Rogers and The Fellas ,, I love...
That which was lost through Adam's disobedience is restored/renewed in Christ's righteousness. Pastor Tim Brown
thank you for following me Pastor Tim. May i know how we can work together in Christ.
TONIGHT AT 5 PM. Brandon Holt and Pastor Tim will be leading us in worship and intercession. If you are hungry...
Pastor Tim could pass for Phillips brother!
They badly need to kill off Pastor Tim and put the full focus back on the spying missions.
Tim Blake, our next gen pastor, has a powerful sermon on fear in store for this Sunday! Don't miss it!
Pastor Tim Beal, and father of VC graduate Madi, delivers our commencement address.
Getting to my study a little late tonight. Pastor Tim's words encouraged me. Like Paul, many of…
Not usually a proponent of knocking off preggo woman & clergy but Alice & Pastor Tim 🤔
You do not want to miss Sunday morning at 10:45am as Pastor Tim teaches on the subject "A Loving Church" from...
Durham Pastor Rev. Tim Conder discusses the true intent behind the passage of North Carolina's HB2 & why he risked..
So often, fulfillment lies on the other side of suffering. (Acts 14:22) Pastor Tim Brown
I really thought Pastor Tim was a goner this week while in Ethiopia! You guys doing a recap next week for two eps?
Really, any irritation I feel toward Paige stems from how she feels about Pastor Tim — he gives me a weird vibe.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
While Paige telling Pastor Tim the truth was super cringe-worthy, it was really understandable from her perspective.
This fellow who is a pastor and shares the name Tim Young in Oregon I do not know, basically on the same Jesus team:
Where there is no Word of God, there is no work of God. Pastor Tim Brown
I'm guilty. I also hope they gut Pastor Tim & put him in an incinerator. Sorry You're very talented.
You're not going to want to miss service this Sunday!!! Pastor Tim will be bringing the Word in…
Its incredible when a pastor writes me and says my ministry has been blessed by this book.
I'm still really surprised that Pastor Tim doesn't have a "special ministry" for Paige, if you know what I mean.
Their reaction as they find out the baby will b born w Pastor Tim hair!
"Focus on what you know, and you will experience the mystery of what you don't." -Pastor Tim Cox Jr
Sincerest thanks to Pastor Tim Daniel for this Executive Calf Skin Notetakers Bible!! Just used it this morning!!
Join us Sunday as we welcome Pastor Tim Smith to continue in our series + baptisms and End of School Bash! htt…
Find Out Friday: Announcing Pastor Tim Holgerson as instructor for our Church History class!
With one of my heros. Pastor Tim Dilena
it's time to take out Pastor Tim AND his wife
Can't believe Pastor Tim is still alive. Cc:
And the award for worst TV wig goes to Pastor Tim on
I called this several weeks ago but I think she will get and probably fail to "get rid" of Pastor Tim and wife.
Watch on Pastor Tim Rogers in Osceola AR At Promiseland Church of God in Christ
Pastor Tim, Here I thought you were lost in the jungle! And there you are, standing in some parking lot causing havoc!
it shows how sheltered she is that she doesn't think that pastor Tim's an *** for doing what he is doing.
just discovered The Americans and already on Season 2. Love Pastor Tim-a very fair and honest portrayal of a man of faith.
Do you like does. And Pastor Tim has some thoughts to share about it this week.
Nice look without the Pastor Tim goldilocks. Two thumbs up! 👍👍
We get in to trouble when we try to be like someone else - Pastor Tim
What, Gaad too?! Being a bit rough on the characters this season, aren't you? Yet Pastor Tim still lives...
I'm so over Pastor Tim and his annoying wife.
what is going to happen next week? I am on edge. What if Pastor Tim and Stan start talking? Ugh.
When you know that you're giving 2nd best obedience and don't aim for the best, then it becomes disobedience. Pastor Tim Brown
keeps getting better! Close call with Pastor Tim, although I still feel there may be more to the story...
Can only hope that whilst Pastor Tim was stranded without gas he was happened upon by nomadic barbers who liberated his hair…
Continuing sin can cause you to be taken captive by the devil. Pastor Tim Brown
As considers protections tonight, Pastor Tim Leitzke speaks out in support
You are to believe that God sent His Son of promise. This is the preaching message of the New Testament. Pastor Tim Brown
Pastor J Huggins: An ounce of action can crush a ton of fear. – Tim Fargo
My name is Pastor Tim Casey and I do not go to church every time the doors are opened, or as often as I should,...
I hope the episode of The Americans when they finally deal with Pastor Tim is called Go Ask Alice
recap Half a world away, Pastor Tim is still causing trouble for the Jennings family
We found Pastor Tim Byler singing for his lunch today at our monthly event!
Poor Paige, Pastor Tim's disappearance is really taking a toll.
oh great Pastor Tim is safe. boring.
killing Pastor Tim is always the move weather you watch or not.
Alice should be more afraid of her bad haircut than creepy Pastor Tim going missing.
I might be a monster but I hope Pastor Tim and his wife don't survive the episode
Alice threatens outing when Pastor Tim disappears in Ethiopia
. Do the world a big favor and kill off Pastor Tim once and for all. No need to leave Alice behind.
My review of last night's "The Americans," where Gaad and Pastor Tim's trips went awry and Paige finally talked back https:/…
I'm gonna watch tomorrow too! I have to teach so it will be late again. Gotta watch my former pastor Pastor Tim
As much as Elizabeth May not wanna kill Pastor Tim anymore I think the decision is out of her hands now
Pastor Tim isn't out of the woods yet, but..
I always suspect Pastor Tim is just Matthew Rhys in heavy spy disguise.
No dead Pastor Tim. Nothing is looking up for the Jennings.
Pastor Tim and Martha need to team up for a Jennings fan club of secrecy.
The Americans 4.02 "Pastor Tim" - This episode of The Americans has walls coming down within the Jennings house...
'The Americans' recap: What to do with Pastor Tim? Spies disagree: Teenager Paige Jennings (...
I wonder what song Philip is going to kill Pastor Tim to the sounds of? Jesus Loves Me maybe? Some Christian rock? Hmm?
Maybe they can convince Paige that Pastor Tim is going to open a church in Russ. Oh yeah, not that won't fly.
It's Palm Sunday and we're going to REMEMBER the COURAGE and COMPASSION of Jesus this week! Pastor Tim will be...
notes turnout re: 1972 Wallace assassination attempt, yet neglects 2016 turnout after attempt on Pastor Tim Remington.
Please keep Tim Remington in your prayers. (Pastor Tim spoke at Nancy Missler's memorial service in Coeur D'Alene) https…
our wonderful TSA let this guy get on a flight to DC.
Pastor Tim visited Rachael, JP, and little Jackson Alimusa this morning. Join us in praying for their family!
Thank you, Pastor Tim, for inviting to speak at Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church in Foley, MN tonight!
I hoping to do some more studies in that area. Any book/paper recommendations?
Pastor Tim Remington is doing better he is out of ICU it appears the shooting suspect flew to DC on a expose aliens tirade
Cell phone misdial connected Odom to Altar Church: Kyle Odom is accused of shooting Pastor Tim Remington multi...
Please continue to pray for Pastor Tim, and the suspect who is now in law enforcement custody.
Remington family happy with Pastor Tim's recovery
pics hv been circulating on local news since he shot Pastor Tim ova weekend so why did Boise AP officials NOT hv his info&STOP him
Parishioners continue pour into the Altar Church to pray for Pastor Tim Remington.
Pastor Tim Remington. Needs Our Help. This is the pastor from Idaho shot after praying at a Ted Cruz rally. . A...
CDA police continue to look for the gun they believe Odom used to shoot Pastor Tim.
Guy who shot pastor Tim boarded a plane . Went to White House. In the age of technology this seems like a
Kyle Odom, the ex-Marine accused of shooting Idaho pastor Tim Remington, was charged Wednesday in Washington,...
Kyle Andrew Odom, 30, of CdA, is fighting extradition from Washington, DC, in shooting of Pastor Tim Remington:
Pastor J Huggins: Enjoy life by limiting your emotional baggage to a small carry on. - Tim Fargo
Thank You CJ Meek. Pastor Tim is no doubt proof of God's miracle-working power. We invite everyone who reads this...
Welcome to the city, Pastor Tim. We pray God's blessing on your ministry.
1 Week until kicks off the new season. I cant wait to see Elizibeth kill the *** out of Pastor Tim!
I'd peg Pastor Tim as American Baptist not Campolo, but otherwise, CT (!) terrific on (h/t
Pastor Tim is back at home on day 70. Please read about his trial.
Pastor Tim Remington was shot 6 times while getting into his car at Altar Church in Coeur d'Alene today. He is alive a…
Update from Pastor Tim's family on condition: they say he had a "rough night" & is in a lot of pain
Just spoke w/ Jeremiah Remington, Pastor Tim's son. He says his dad is in good spirits, but in a lot of pain.
Best Buzz coffee stand in CDA will donate 50% earnings to Pastor Tim & his family this Saturday
ONLY IN 'MURICA! Pro-Cruz Pastor, and alleged Martian, Tim shot by military vet concerned about Martians.
"Too often we overestimate what we can do without God and underestimate what we can do with Him." - Pastor
Police say the Idaho man suspected of shooting Pastor Tim Remington Sunday has been arrested in Washington D.C. Coeur d'Alene Police
we'll see that video 10X a day of Cruz with the "kill the *** pastor introducing him
Pastor Tim Rose of Rose of Sharon, RoS, Church delivers a short devotional on the extraordinary God who...
Cruz's pastor said Hitler was sent from god. Tim Jennings, your thoughts?
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When the pastor sees someone get saved 🙌🏼😂 w/ Tim Raveica, Cori Bitner (Vine by
Pastor Tim: I'm praying this afternoon for everyone who's linked with Jocelyn and I for the next 21 days till...
Idaho police are searching for a man who shot Pastor Tim Remington a day after he delivered an invocation at a Ted Cruz rally.
He's the King, and He can do whatever He wants too. -Pastor Tim D.
A Conference for Mega-Pastors: "If they want to let him be their pastor in name only, that’s their business. "
Please pray for total recovery of pastor Tim Remington. Pastor shot in Couer 'd Alene
Pray today that the Holy Spirit kindle the affections of your pastor & prepare Him for service. 2 Tim 2:21
How fitting that this is YouVersion's verse of the day & Pastor Tim just talked about it in Sunday's sermon!.
Tim Remington, Idaho pastor, shot after leading prayer for Ted Cruz: via
Friends and family have setup a GoFundMe page for Pastor Tim Remington to help with medical and rehab costs
.Here's a chance to support the pastor (Tim Remington) that was shot.
"I don't want to be the best, I want to be the best ME I can be" - Pastor
Saeed Abedini has a history of domestic abuse. Thnx to Divorce pastor.
Our Senior Pastor Tim Rowland and our whole team invite you to join us! .
not at all! Pastor has pride a place in my racing room... Do you need proof? Lol
Hah, typical woman, Pastor loses his job and you dump him !!! LOL
Finished s3 of Far and away their best season. Man, do I wish Phillip killed Pastor Tim when he had the change. Stupid Paige.
Worship tonight was amazing! And Pastor Tim had a phenomenal message!
".and as heavy snow fell across the Potomac, Pastor Tim rained down in small pieces along the smokey riverbank"
“God will only give you what you would have asked for if you knew everything he knows” -Tim Keller
Pastor Tim Price's 2nd Corinthians series is now available on physical & download media:
BREAKING NEWS: Renault save themselves £20m in carbon fibre spare parts by not signing Pastor.
Back in the home state of FL for Pastor's Conference w/
This Sunday, Pastor Tim continues his series from Matthew 5 on "No Ordinary Life." This week's focus is on The...
'Pastor' Gender Bender Tim Callaway- Jesus cured the demon possessed , he did'nt go around causing more cases.
I liked a video from WE HAVE RENOUNCED tim tebow | Pastor Martin Richling
How do you feel about pre sinning? How about prepentance? Pastor Tim has wisdom about both for you this week.
"It is rare today to find a pastor who has a spiritual director.This widespread loss of what in healthier tim...
Pastor Tim teaching Kidspark about why Jesus had to die.
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