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Pastor Tim Ross

Timothy Jonathon Ross (aka Rosso) is an Australian comedian, radio host and television presenter. He is best known for performing stand-up comedy and radio works as part of the comedy duo Merrick and Rosso with Merrick Watts.

Pastor Tim Ross is my hero for working the word EBULLIENT into a sentence today.
Everything that comes from the Kingdom is eminent domain. Pastor Tim Ross
Join Morning Manna Friday June 24, 7am Central Time and hear Pastor Tim Ross as our closing…
Don't settle for good. Give yourself permission to be great! -Pastor Tim Ross (Daniel 1:20)
A few pics from this morning before we head back for one more service with Pastor Tim Ross today at 5pm:
Revelation of the day: Pastor Tim Ross plays video games
Check out Pastor Tim Ross's message, "From The Inside Out," from this past weekend.
Check out Pastor Tim Ross' sermon from this weekend! Don't forget Pastor Robert Morris returns next weekend!!
Pastor Tim Ross blew the off the tonight!!
Pastor Tim Ross brought it last night at VII!
"Abstinence has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with appetite." -Pastor Tim Ross
As I was snapping pics during the Teleios Men's Mega Summit on Friday, Pastor Tim Ross snapped a…
Stop tailoring God's word to fit your fears. -Pastor Tim Ross
Pastor Tim Ross, Ladies Jesus will show up just for you. The Potter's House Dallas native. Amen
Tonight on Praise the Lord: Mark Chironna hosts Pastor Tim Ross, Evan Bernie Moore, Bob Nichols, Chad Rowe and The Binions in Dallas, TX.
Tim Ross, pastor at is in "The Green Room" with and . He's sure to make you laugh!.
Ladies and gentlemen...Pastor Tim Ross doing what he does best...
Pastor Tim Ross - Individual 2013 - I Know Who I Am Watch us live this weekend at or
I was listening to Pastor Tim Ross speak on ORU channels, he spoke about the donkey being tied up for Jesus use, it never been ridden, never ben used but waiting for the day Jesus would us him. He started the people that's tied up waiting to be used by Jesus. The people that prophecy has been spoken over and feel like they haven't or can't do anything because of the call on their life. The young person, that never got high, never had sex, never took a drink but you will be used of God, he is preparing you for his use.~Pastor Ross YOU might feel as though you are tied up but you aren't tied up, there is a call so great on your life that you are waiting to walk in your purpose. The prophecy will come to pass continue to walk by faith, continue to stand on the word of God, continue to trust God he doesn't lie, he cannot lie, it shall come to pass. Be of good courage, it may seem hard but you are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. I believe in YOU!
Dead men cannot be tempted! Die to your flesh! -Pastor Tim Ross going over some of my notes from last nights culture shock conference!!
"If you fail under pressure then your strength is too small" -Pastor Tim Ross
Omg like I'm still in God's presence. Pastor Tim Ross brought forth a powerful Word of God last night. Be strengthen under pressure..
In case you missed it...Pastor Tim Ross just shut down the first night!! God showed out...but you…
"You don't want to become an old person with young problems"- Pastor Tim Ross
“"Our faith is not measured by the size of our strides, but the number of steps we are willing to take." (Pastor Tim Ross)”
"The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed"- Pastor Tim Ross
Pastor Tim Ross - Face to Face: Divine Encounters - Moses' Story Watch us live this weekend at or ht...
Edited testimonies don't help anyone, they only preserve our reputation. ~ Pastor Tim Ross
Listening to Pastor Tim Ross of share his testimony on Wow! Encouraging and Inspiring!
"Temptation comes to distract us from the blessing, while oppression comes to stop us" - Pastor Tim Ross, Campus Pastor, Gateway Church
You don't want to miss Church (this weekend! Live Changing message by Pastor Tim Ross.
"When God wants someone to do something for Him he won't give them ambition, he'll give them a burden." (Pastor Tim Ross)
Lost for words after that church service! Great message from Pastor Tim Ross at NRH! I am so in awe of Jesus!
"You will never become righteous by obeying The Law, but you will never become free breaking it." - Pastor Tim Ross, Gateway Church.
Pastor Tim Ross is speaking this Wednesday night! Invite your friends cause if you don't, he's gonna find you!
Spread the word! Pastor Tim Ross is speaking this Wednesday get ready cause he's gonna preach your face off!
People! Spread the word!! Pastor Tim Ross is speaking NEXT WEDNESDAY NIGHT, NOV 28th, at MOR NRH!!! If you don't know, now you know 'cuz he's gonna melt some faces!!
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