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Pastor Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers (born Timothy Adrian Rogers on 20 September 1969) is an Australian musician, actor and writer, best known as the frontman of Australian rock band You Am I.

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I liked a video Pastor Tim Rogers and the Fellas: Charleston 2016
Watch on Pastor Tim Rogers in Dallas at the Hope of Glory Community Church
I will meet you all in Rome , Ga. In August to have a little church!! Pastor Tim Rogers and The Fellas ,, I love...
Watch on Pastor Tim Rogers in Osceola AR At Promiseland Church of God in Christ
One thing a pastor told me. Nvr think u too good to help the ppl thts tryna start where u was! We helped u get to where u are. Tim Rogers
Cleveland we're just a month away and I need to see you in the building!!! . Pastor Tim Rogers &…
I liked a video from Tye Tribbett,The Walls Group and Pastor Tim Rogers - Night of
Watching LIVE on Ladessa praise n worship with Pastor Tim Rogers
Bobby Jones in NC on tonight. to see him says Blockbuster business operators... Pastor Tim Rogers snapped shot!!! With us!!!
Late post: last night Pastor Tim Rogers & the fellas blessed us as well…
3 NIGHTS OF GREATNESS!!! Come hang out with SAG as we celebrate Pastor Tim Rogers 35th birthday!!
Just saw and my pastor tim rogers in the same picture
Last post about I promise. Me and Pastor Tim Rogers
After Le'Andria sung to my soul, Pastor Tim Rogers spoke to my soul with his words from God... his singing at the...
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Tim Rogers (taking it back)
"My chains are gone" as performed by Pastor Tim Rogers and the Fellas. Originally performed my Chris…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Turn it Around by Pastor Tim Rogers and the fellas song by West Coast Conference Son's of Allen Choi: via
I liked a video Pastor Tim Rogers crying to God PLEASE!
Pastor Tim Rogers will be on TBN Friday, July 25 @ 10:30am (central) ... Tune in and check your local…
Our Midnight musical headliners, Pastor Tim Rogers and the Fellas
Pastor Tim Rogers killed this week...yep👌
God has a way of revealing things to u... an in the words of Pastor Tim Rogers... I'm jus gone tell him THANK YOU.. even when it hurts THANK YOU
The word on tonight!!! Yyyyesuh!!! Spoke Volumes!!! The revival this week has been a blessing to me! Couldn't go one place but i found myself in the house of God and I got mines! The lord showed up and showed out and I ain't mad at Him!!! Thank God fir sending Pastor Tim Rogers with a word that EVERYBODY should have heard!!! I Pray that Blessed by Four continues ti have a good week and may God continue to bless y'all years to come!!! Well night y'all!
Pastor Tim Rogers is already preaching..My My if you not here you are missing it...I believe the roof coming off tonight..
Last nite of Bama Blast...with Pastor Tim Rogers. Rested,Refresh, and Ready!!!...
Pastor Tim Rogers & the Fellas singing "Thank You" at the Brown Singers Homecoming Celebration, in Memphis, Tennessee, on October 21, 2013.
LOTS OF GOOD "CHUCHIN" GOING ON THIS WEEKEND!!! Don't miss the last night of revival with the incredible Pastor Tim Rogers and the climax Sunday with "Bama Blast"!!! SUPPORT my Alabama people!
I think I'm in love with Pastor Tim Rogers! Lol.
(T.P.T) Testimony Post Time; Can you share your "Test Of Times" {"La'Porsha Lewis"} The WORD on tonight brought by Pastor Tim Rogers! YYYESUH!!! Praise is what I do to say Thank Yah! Luke 7:36!!! I got EXACTLY what I need, then some! Lord thank you for a DIRECT word!! Im "sadmad" I'm missing it tomorrow, but the spirit of the lord that was in the house tonight is gone be with me tomorrow!! {Hallelujah Glory Be To God!!!}
Pastor Tim Rogers an Bilbo (hope that's spelt right) on the set an he still killing them vocals
Wow...I'm Speechless tonight in Tuscaloosa Al when I tell you Pastor Tim Rogers preached us kraxi OMG.The power feel so heavy...God really moved...
Good morning fbf Pastor Tim Rogers have turn this church out on svp tv channel 31 lord have mercy i love to see men n the spirit lord God can't say nothing else.
Ok this is one of my favorite gospel artist!!! Help me wish him a Happy BIRTHDAY!!HAPPYY BIRTHDAY Pastor Tim Rogers!
"When it comes from the heart and it's a word in due season, it brings life to your soul." ~Pastor Tim Rogers
I wanna hear the Fellas and Pastor Tim Rogers !! I love them
Just got word that Pastor Tim Rogers and the Fellas will be at Pastor Leandria's church tonight in Atl! I cant wait!!!
Pastor Tim Rogers and this fella Darrel Walls riding t… | Socialcam
God moved threw Pastor Tim Rogers at Antioch tonight "power of pain"
Pastor Tim Rogers is preaching in here!! "The Power of Pain"
Pastor Tim Rogers & The Fellas know they sung they butts off.
I added a video to a playlist Doug Williams & Pastor Tim Rogers "The Love of Jesus"
Cooked the famalia breakfast now snugglin in bed with bae listening to Pastor Tim Rogers && those fellas...
Our Vacation Bible School is this week & our very own Pastor Tim Rogers will be giving the Overview on All the Lessons,Come out & Be Blessed
Pastor Tim Rogers will slay a good gospel song.
This never gets old... Change-Pastor Tim Rogers lettin' the world know!!: via
Pastor Tim Rogers is just pure anointed in the Lord... (
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
It may be tuff,watching me go through hard times,but let me suffer ! Jesus Suffered! Allow me to go through! Pastor Tim Rogers
Great message tonight.. Pastor Tim Rogers.. Acts 26:1-2..Tell your story..Great Revival at Mount Olive..last night of revival tomorrow so you don't want to miss it... God is good..
Going to church tonight Lord knows i need it...Going to hear Pastor Tim Rogers at Mt Olive with my kuzzo Kenneth Thompson..
Feed your faith. Exercise your faith...Start building your faith by confessing the Word of God in your life! . - Pastor Tim Rogers
If you missed Pastor Tim Rogers talk about the fight of faith this wknd you can catch him at at 8 & 10pm EST tonight!
Don't miss service at Church Online tonight as we hear from Pastor Tim Rogers on how to fight the good…
(1 Timothy 6:12) The fight of faith is the fight to stay IN faith...The greatest fight we have is with our own flesh. -Pastor Tim Rogers
Pastor Tim Rogers has made his arrival
Pastor Tim Rogers and the fellas by Jordan Kiel -
Pastor Tim Rogers in the fellas part 2 by Jordan Kiel -
Lots of fun with Max yesterday! Star Wars Weekend!! Hollywood Studios. Dinner at Epcot. This AM building a big lego with my daughter. Olivia's House!! This keeps me fun, relevant and Good lookin! Lol! Well Fun and relevant will have to do!! Lol!! Love Time with my kids! Sing Sunday Night!! Great Weekend so far!!
Headed to Night 2 of Bridging the Gap Conference with Pastor Tim Rogers. Excited a mighty word from the Lord!...
What a time we had tonight in Revival. Pastor Tim Rogers ministered a great word "Where is the New Testament...
Tonight is the night - "Bridging the Gap" Conference with Guest Evangelist: Pastor Tim Rogers of Blytheville, AR.
Pastor Tim Rogers just followed me on Instagram _ I'm so blessed to have a new brother and friend like him
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The catholic church had a bunch of men attracted to little boys, and the little boys were molested for mnay years. The church was sued. The Boy Scouts have fought to prevent such things for many years. Now ,since the Boy Scouts were forced to adopt a *** friendly policy, who will the kids sue? It is only a matter of time.
Time for the Pastor to go home!...My next week is officially underway!...(and I'm slightly ahead)
Pastor Roger and the team helped us with some POWERFUL worship @ TAG this am!! Then Missionaries Tim and Karla Shamala brought a Great Word! BLESSED to be a part of such a great church!
Dear Friends, Before we leave for Eastern Congo , we are just sending out some praise reports and prayer needs. 1. At our last campaign in Eastern Congo we heard the wonderful testimony of a young girl who was healed of dumbness in 2003 when we were there. 10 years later she testified of the dramatic change that had come to her life since the healing. She now spends hours in the church in daily prayer . She also works in the church. Her healing miracle was testified by many in the community. 2. Also in the same town in Eastern Congo an elderly man was healed of a goitre . 10 years later he stood and testified to the miracle 10 years ago and sang a wonderful Swahili song to give thanks to the Lord. His Pastor and church members confirmed the miracle as they knew his condition before. 3. We give thanks at the last Eastern Congo Crusade that we were able to preach the Gospel to 30,000 people in the stadium on the last night. Many were young men who were former child soldiers. Many called on the name ...
Well it's bout dat time for me to get on my music flow!!! Pastor Tim Roger an my baby Jessica Reedy !
thankz to the brothers and pastor for helping me open my car James Negron Tim Rodriguez and roger pruneda and brother polo thankz guys
I favorited a video Cooper Temple COGIC - Pastor Tim Rogers and the Fellas "He Will Supply"
On March 24, two time Stellar Award nominee Pastor Tim Rogers and The Fellas will take the stage during the Gospel Quartet Series. The concert will also feature the award winning group, Perfection and outstanding new quartet, Meant by God. The groups will take the stage at The Kroc Center, located at the fairgrounds in midtown Memphis, promptly at 6:00PM.
Pastor Tim Rogers did it again tonight!
Pastor Tim Rogers is preaching again tonight in my city!
Church was awesome. Pastor Tim Rogers preached tonight. I had an great time really needed that. 🙌🙏
The only way to describe tonight!! Pastor Tim Rogers preached that word tonight!! He preached & teached it!!
Pastor Tim Rogers is preaching tonight & I know it's going to be OTC!
Pastor Tim Rogers is my favorite gospel singer.
Join me, Pastor Tim Rogers, Ronda Boswell Montgomery, The Montgomery Family, and The Hinson Girls at Ebenezer Baptist Church of Union County tomorrow night for a Benefit BBQ & Concert for Bobby Faircloth. It's a night of BBQ, Southern Gospel, and Blue Grass music! All proceeds go towards the medical bills of the Faircloth family. I hope to see you there!
If you are a fan of gospel quartet music.. u must listen to "keep me" by Tye Tribbett and Pastor Tim Rogers... aaawww llaaawwwiid
Just heard! Congratulations to my cousins Pastor Tim Rogers and the Fellas for winning the Stellar Award. Traditional Group of the Year. God is good!
2013 Stellar Awards Pre-Show was Fire! Chrystal Rucker, Jonathan McReynolds, Jessica Reedy, The Walls Group, Dorinda Grace Clark-Cole and Pastor Tim Rogers & The Fellas shut the Tpac DOWN! Lexi Allen was amazing as usual and gave a fashion clinic on Award Show attire...Nashville is where its at this week!!!
Im so proud of my boys...shoutout to Pastor Tim Rogers and the Fellaz!!!
Pastor Tim Rogers should let Bilbo sing more on songs...Bilbo the truth!
Pastor Tim Rogers and The Fella..(The Battle) The best in gospel music Quartet Style
Join us for the Last Night of a Power Packed Revival @ Morning Star Church w/Pastor Tim Rogers, Tonight 7pm.
Wanna shoutout my God daddy Pastor Tim Rogers...congratulations to you and the fellas for being nominated "Quartet of the year"...God has really blessed you guys...keep up the good work boys...also thanks to everyone who has voted for them.. We love you!
Church was really good tonight. Pastor Tim Rogers was fantastic! Romans 8:31! Romans 8:28!!! Read it!! God is so good!
Really enjoyed Pastor Tim Rogers tonight! That word had me happy on my way home! Thank You Lord for being there for me!
I love all kinds of good music. When it comes to gospel,I'm more of a p&w fan (israel, marvin sapp) that sort of thing. I know one thing though.when it comes to quartet, that Pastor Tim Rogers & those fellas be singing 4REAL!!! Think I'm about to get that new album.
Timara(15), Timya(12), Tiffany(8) the daughters of Pastor Tim Rogers singing Leandria Johnson's phenomanal son "Jesu".. enjoy,rate,and comment.. oh and that'...
just got home from church..i felt like i was home because Pastor Tim Rogers took us up tonight
Lord thank yu for allowing me & my family to see another days journey...I was truly blessed on yesterday by Pastor Tim Rogers...he showed up & showed out. I have been going thru a lot & some people dnt even kno half of it but I still have joy...the devil still trying to attack my son but I serve a God...once I pass dis test because I kno dis to shall pass I'm go have one word for the devil..GRACE...OAN: headed to work to get dis 8 hours over with...praying time pass me by today
About to see and hear Pastor Tim Rogers in Memphis, TN.
It's my birthday celebration on Sunday December 30th featuring Pastor Tim Rogers and the Fellas, George Dean and the Gospel4 and Tallie Rogers at the House of God Keith Dominion here in Nashville. Tickets go on sale this week and will make a great Christmas gift.
Sittin at mt.olive missionary baptist church @ the auditions with my fam. And all the other finalist waitin on the meet and greet with the judges... Pastor Tim Rogers, Myron Butler, and mrs. Peggy Tatum. Lil Miss Faith said she is excited happy, and nervous at the same lol me too.letsgofaith
Want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. Yesterday was awsome, got to work and on my break I was trying to rush to the bathroom and my co-worker stopped me and said my supervisor needed to talk to me and when I entered the breakroom there stood a large cake and everyone shouting happy birthday. Cindy Turner, your awsome. Have a blessed day. Took 2 days of vacation to go to revival. Pastor Tim Rogers will be delivering the message tonight @ St. Paul Missionary Basptist Church tonight.
He's my savior He's my deliver! Somebody call on Jesus! Jesus Jesus! He makes me feel better! Jesus the great words if Pastor Tim Rogers! Gnfbf!
I can remeber a message Pastor Tim Rogers preched "Trust God even when you can't trace HIM" and Reverne Patrick Jackson preached a message, "Let the life, I LIVE speak for me" Bishop Billy Jenkins preached "Its holiness or *** Apostle Teresa Lee Jenkins preched "Don't get OFF Focus" You have to know who you are and whose you are; inspite of what the enemy say or do, know who you are. Apostle Milan Carter spoke on "Allowed Power"
This is your opportunity last night...can you say children under the unction of the Holy Ghost on last night running, dancing and praising God ranging from ages 4 to 21 it was absolutely amazing...the house was in a uproar it was a true pentecostal experience...I'm awed and anticipating the move of God. Double duo Pastor Chris Williams (of Perfection) Pastor Tim Rogers (of Tim Rogers and the Fellas)... Agape! Born Blessed Pastor Luella Patrick
On my way home listening to one of my favorite songs. Pastor Tim Rogers and Fellas " My Number One Friend" That's a Bad Jam there - oh Lord. Everybody needs inspiration and Jesus is my Number one Friend !!! Check him out on YouTube
Listen to Pastor Tim Rogers being interview by Tony Gee.on the The Tony Gee show .95.3 Fm 400pm.
I took the time to complete the 1st 2013 Stellar Awards ballot. Waiting for the second one on Sept 10th. If you are a registered voter please remember to vote for Pastor Tim Rogers & The Fellas.
The conference tonight in Denver was such a blessing! Thanks so much to all that supported. Thank God for Pastor Burleson who gave us a powerful message on last night! I praise God for the singers who sang under the anointing as well as the dancers! Wow Tonight Pastor Tim Rogers will be our guest you don't want to miss it! bet me there! prayer starts at 6pm
Thank you by Pastor Tim Rogers & the Fellas (he's already done enough to tell him thank you ) wow thank you Jesus Thank you God
Hear Ye Hear Ye don't say u didn't hear about it.its almost that time REVIVAL @ MT.ZION MB PIPERTON under the leadership of Pastor Pierre Lyons. Once again Pastor Tim Rogers will bring the house down but hold on this yr a guest lecturer none other than Pastor Chris Williams!!! This is one you don't wanna miss. When you ask September 18-20, 2012 starting 7 pm nightly
got the CD and on Track I see and Hear my Uncle Pastor Tim Rogers.. so honored and blessed to ...
Feelin' Everything that I am, I owe it all to you.-Pastor Tim Rogers
He's here to bring us out part 6 Pastor Tim Rogers: via
Number 1 friend Pastor Tim Rogers and the Fellas Live: via
Two phrases everyone needs 2say 2themselves: "Superalo! (Get over it)" -Pastor Tim Rogers. "Get Happy Now!" -Book recommended by
Me and this man of God, Pastor Tim Rogers!! Oh he blessed my soul on tonight!!!
You are invited to join Pastor Tim Rogers and church family for a night of great Gospel music with The Big Blessing Trio, at Life in Christ Church, this Sunday night at 6PM. The church is located at 1255 Old Hwy 63, or just south of the 63/98 turnaround intersection on hwy 63. Lucedale, MS.
Saying CONGRATULATIONS to Arkansas' own and our co-laborers of in the quartet gospel music industry, Pastor Tim Rogers & the FELLAS of Blytheville for making the first ballot for The 28th Annual Stellar Awards! They have 3 nominations total (award 11, 17, & 24)! When the ballot opens to the general public, make sure you go online and vote for Tim Rogers & the FELLAS to show love n support! I have no doubt they can take something home with them!!! Don't forget...YOU GOTTA SHOW SUPPORT IN ORDER TO RECEIVE IT!!!
I completely forget about Pastor Tim Rogers! I'll be calling Hasan Green on tomorrow as well!!!
Check out this sensational new group out of Blytheville Arkansas Pastor Tim Rogers & The Fellas singing "All Things".
Pastor Tim Rogers & the Fellas rocked the Jones County Civic Center. Them boys bad.
Last night of Revival was great. Eternal Security.I am not wicked I just have wicked ways. Thank you Pastor Tim Rogers
here is 1 of my fav gospel artist of today, Pastor Tim Rogers ... This was my first time meeting him, truly an honor. Singing his song, "jesus Is real
"Everything you have today is a result of what you said yesterday." -Pastor Tim Rogers - supernatural acceleration
I wanna sing like Pastor Tim Rogers one day.! is Kristy Kreme's 75th b-day. Buy one dozen and get a dozen of glazed for 75 cents! Donuts are being boxed up as fast as they can take them off!! Line is long...but donuts are may have to eat more than one! (P.S. Pastor Tim Rogers has the BEST ministry assistant in the world!)
This is Pastor Tim Rogers at New Hope on youth day. The audio is a little loud but he sounds great!!! June 2009
Men's Breakfast tomorrow with Pastor Tim Rogers, who is a missionary from Brazil. Don't miss it guys.
I'm sitting here listening to Pastor Tim Rogers and the Fellas
Pastor Tim Rogers and the Prince of Peace Church at Clear Creek MB Church in Oxford, MS
Listening to Pastor Tim Rogers and the Fellas' "Angels" on nashville's 92Q. It still excites me to hear it over here.
Hello fbf! Are yall ready for Memorial Day Weekend? It's on @ The Parker Playhouse on May 27th @ 8pm featuring Jessica Reedy, The Soul Seekers, and Pastor Tim Rogers and The Fellas. For tickets go to or inbox me. There are still some V.I.P. tickets avlb. Hope to see you there!
Thought Pastor Tim Rogers was in the house.its my son Marcel! Screaming sing Cel!
Ready to get off work - Excited about hearing Bishop Noel Jones tonight at Holy Convocation 2012 and Pastor Tim Rogers tomorrow night in Tampa. It's going to be a great week! :-)
The lastest video from Doug Williams of The Williams Brothers and debut of Pastor Tim Rogers. This inspiring video was filmed in Jackson, MS and has already ...
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