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Pastor Shirley Ceasar

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The Queen of Gospel will be in our area June 29, 2013 - Saturday - 7:00PM - Lakeland Center - Get your ticket now! Dont, wait! Pastor Shirley Ceasar - Canton Spirtual -See Flyer for more detail
Pastor Shirley Ceasar- I remember Momma never forget what mom has done for you.
Go and get Pastor Shirley Ceasar's new albumn, it will bless you I promise! Number 5 is my new favorite song!
The highlight of my year so far. Me and The Legend, The Queen of Gospel music... Pastor Shirley Ceasar!!! She's...
Pastor Shirley Ceasar prophesying and speaking life to my pastor, Archbishop Freddie Marshall who…
Yall know Trina wasnt suppose to be on Trick Daddy's "Naan" it was suppose to be Pastor Shirley Ceasar
At New Salem church on So. Parkway and there are nearly 4000 people here paying tribute to the queen of gospel music. Pastor Shirley Ceasar
Dr. Cole have bless time with Pastor Shirley Ceasar.
Yes ma'am to Viola Davis, and I will refrain to comment on Pastor Shirley Ceasar...good show so far
Seeds that were planted in me years ago I now see operating in my life. Pastor Shirley Ceasar told me, "Don't...
Pastor Shirley Ceasar doesn't evn look as old as she is!
The Queen of Gospel Music Ms. Pastor Shirley Ceasar. I just love her.
got that Pastor speaking Voice like Shirley Ceasar!! I love it lol
Honestly i don't think anyone understands the magnitude of how much i despise of Pastor Shirley Ceasar.
Pastor Shirley Ceasar still sound the same, like her voice is still in the 80s/90s!
She reminds me a lot of Pastor Shirley Ceasar.
I love me some Pastor Shirley Ceasar from the bottom of my heart! *thats what you call sho nuff holiness*
just spoke to Pastor Shirley Ceasar this morning ...
My friend Pams niece is on the Celebration of Gospe.One of the best concerts i seen was Yolanda Adams,Pastor Shirley Ceasar,Vickie Winan
Pastor Shirley Ceasar is still blessing with her voice and she got some nice shoes!
Thank you Lord for Pastor Shirley Ceasar,she is AMAZING! Love her.
Authentic Pastor Shirley Ceasar . ... Gospel music at its greatest
If you want to go to church just listen to Pastor Shirley Ceasar.! She will take you there.!
Pastor Shirley Ceasar - The grace of God that rests on her life is impeccable
Pastor Shirley Ceasar will forever be one of my favs!
Pastor Shirley Ceasar on on is so good and worthy of praise!
Loved Pastor Shirley Ceasar as a little favorite song was/is I remember Mama.Yes
Pastor Shirley Ceasar! Mummy use to blast her good singing every Sunday morning!
My fav song right how Pastor Shirley Ceasar-God Will make a way gospel
Is it just me or has Pastor Shirley Ceasar ever aged? She's looked the same since I was a child lbvs
I love to hear Pastor Shirley Ceasar sing.
I wonder if Pastor Shirley Ceasar songs all her sermons?!?! She touches me every time I hear her
Pastor Shirley Ceasar still got it... Touch somebody and tell them GOd WIll Make Away.
Pastor Shirley Ceasar looks beautiful in her pink lace and silk dress! God WILL make a way!
Pastor Shirley Ceasar does something to me !
I love me some pastor Shirley Ceasar, but that outfit...
Yes pastor Shirley ceasar i love her
Pastor Shirley Ceasar has looked the same age since I was 8!
I like contemporary Gospel, but I'm in love with any music the queen of Gospel, Pastor Shirley Ceasar sings
Pastor Shirley Ceasar yes God will make a way...
God will make a way!!! Sho Nuff Sis your girl Pastor Shirley Ceasar! Is singin!!
Pastor Shirley ceasar has been around since.I'll stop right there
Pastor Shirley Ceasar has the quickest recovery from those little squiggly runs she
Pastor Shirley Ceasar is singing my song...I like how she sings"WILL"
PASTOR SHIRLEY CEASAR! She will always be relevant. Idc idc idc idc idc. Lol
Pastor Shirley Ceasar is one if the best I love her!!!
Pastor Shirley Ceasar. God will make a way!!
Pastor Shirley Ceasar looks younger every time I see her!!! Her smile/voice brings joy to me, that's annointing
Alright Pastor Shirley Ceasar betta come thru with this pink COGIC gown on
Pastor Shirley Ceasar look amazing a idol of mine
I produced the legendary Pastor Shirley Ceasar's new cd Good comes out tomorrow please support this icon!
I wish Pastor Shirley Ceasar was my grandma!
woke up prayed rea my bible nd listen to some Pastor Shirley Ceasar feeling pretty good today!!!
African American voices have soared through gospel music with messages of hope, faith, strength, and victory! Ladies of color has exemplified phenomenal music of inspiration from Mahalia Jackson to Pastor Shirley Ceasar. From Albertina Walker to LaShun Pace. From Tramaine Hawkins to CeCe Winans. And let's not forget Mary Mary, Coko, or Jekalyn Carr! W pays tribute during this black history month to these awesome women! Who is your favorite African American female gospel artist?
Pastor Shirley Ceasar will be the special guest on The Donnie McClurkin Radio Show at 5am!!! Pastor Ceasar will...
Just has a great...time tonight from Nashville, the Stellar Awards...thank you Pastor Shirley Ceasar from blessing me...on tonight..
I just read something that made me stop and think. OK, so we all know about the "controversy" surrounding a simple photo of Bishop Trotter and his granddaughter in the bath tub together. BUT I'm curious how much GASPING, and CLUTCHING OF THE PEARLS, and OUTRAGE would have been felt had this been Pastor Shirley Ceasar, or Evangelist Dorinda Clark Cole, or Prophet Juanita Bynum in a picture like the one in question with their grandchild...The MALE leaders in our faith seem to bear an unjust cross of scrutiny and suspicion when it come to what's appropriate and what's not. JUST MY OPINION...
I miss you Mom! You are everything to me. Pastor Shirley Ceasar- I remember Momma via
Just got call from Pastor Shirley Ceasar. She's VERY excited about the new cd we just completed! It will be released next year Good God
He'll do it again with Lyrics by Pastor Shirley Ceasar
Watching the BET 2011 Awards for the umptienth time...Dzam Patti labelle,Gladys Knight and Pastor Shirley Ceasar...just gotta love dem lady Legends in the music industry and they sill b looking mighty fine in this day and Age...A good afternoon to u all.
There is a lot of dry bones you see them on tv everyday i could name them if i wanted to but you figure it out
I know that I an on the verge of a breakthrough, the devil is coming at me so much. I have to keep praying, I have to have the faith of a mustard seed. I know that God has something big in store for me. Nobody ever said it would be easy. So keep praying for my stregth. I rebuke you devil and all your works in the name of jesus. My grandma's favorite singer is Pastor Shirley Ceasar, all I have to do is pray and hear her voice, think of my grammy and the storm clouds seem to fade. Thank you jesus for the right combination.
Pastor Shirley Ceasar came out yesterday @ Americas Center to sign autographs and take pics @ our AARP booth. She is apart of AARP. I missed her, would've been nice to have met a legend.
Lord I just saw Pastor Shirley Ceasar! Up close too
MEDIA ALERT THIS COMING SUNDAY ! "RUTH LA'ONTRA JONES LIVE" Ruth La'Ontra Jones: 20 year old native of Aberdeen, NC - the youngest of three children born to Pastor Arvetra and Ruth Jones. She serves as a dedicated member of The Come As You Are Evangelistic Center, in Aberdeen, NC, under the leadership of internationally renowned, Evangelist Lydia Jones and Co Pastor Arvetra Jones Jr. At Come As You Are, Ruth serves as Praise and Worship leader. She loves the Lord with all of her heart and is not ashamed to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The singing ministry of Ruth started at the age of 2. Showcasing her talent on the hit show Sister Act Two, "Joyful Joyful" became her song. Her singing ministry has allowed her to: open up for the renowned Helen Baylor at the tender age of 8. sing for Pastor Shirley Ceasar. grace the stage with Kierra Sheard. do background for Vashawn Mitchell. open up for James Fortune. Featured on: Troy Sneed's "Youth For Christ" CD song intitled " Never Give Up". "Teen Pure n Hea ...
A lot of people were asking why I was with Pastor Shirley Ceasar on Bobby Jones recently.They didn't air the...
I saw Pastor Shirley Ceasar on Bobby Jones show on Sunday. When she did the song Holy Boldness, I had to rewind several times to see it again. Such a great inspiration. Thanks for being you.
Good Morning FBF" God Is A Good God!" I want to shout out my Sister Evang. Lorraine Stancil on Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel this morning great to see her on she was ministering with Pastor Shirley Ceasar and Curt Carr
I just seen my sis doing her GOOD sangin' behind Pastor Shirley Ceasar!
penned two classic hits already for Pastor Shirley Ceasar "Holy Boldness" & Good God" can't wait until the cd is released!
This Kurt Carr and Pastor Shirley Ceasar duet "Good God" just sent me to the stratosphere. Great song!
I will always love me some Pastor Shirley Ceasar
Pastor Shirley Ceasar taking me to church b4 I get to church on Bobby Jones this morning
I'm driving at least 85! I notice a state trooper coming up.passes me right by. At the same time, Pastor Shirley Ceasar sings through my satelite XM, "you've got favor with the Lord." Lesson learned Lord. Slowing down, in more ways than one.
Woke up with Pastor Shirley Ceasar on my brain! She is such an anointed woman of God! GM FB! :)
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Church flow at home with Tamela Mann, CeCe Winans, Kirk Franklin, and my very own Pastor Shirley Ceasar! Some powerful singing up in here!
Baby Pastor Shirley Ceasar would be a better moderator than "THIS GUY"
Pastor Shirley Ceasar coverage by Atlanta division. We get the Word out for real. Invite us to your next valued event. Let us be your media ...
My GOD!!! We just had CHURCH on that BET stage! Pastor Shirley Ceasar and !! Sorry staff y'all can stop THE SHOUT!!
Howdy DC!! On the way to BET to tape the Bobby Jones show...backing the legendary Pastor Shirley Ceasar!!
Why do women have 16 or more different personalities??? *** don't know if they gone wake up next to Pastor Shirley Ceasar or Freddy Kruger.
I really want to shake the hands of Pastor Shirley Ceasar and Rance Allen...
Forgive me. But why do Pastor Shirley Ceasar remind me of James Brown?!? Ijs
In studio tonight with the legendary Thompson Community Choir...working on song reuniting them with Pastor Shirley Ceasar!!!
During a Live taping of HLN's Nancy Grace on Wednesday night Pastor Shirley Ceasar audio was cut off after she told Nancy Grace that they all "were facing so...
Up early this morning headed to airport in the car with & The Amazing Pastor Shirley Ceasar!!! I'm tired as all get up
The mahalia jackson tribute was good. Amber Riley, Jennifer Holiday, Yolanda Adams, and Pastor Shirley Ceasar did a wonderful job. I rember all those song.
Amber Riley, Yalonda Adams, Pastor Shirley Ceasar and Jennifer Holiday...J. tribute...the groans nd growls of the gospel throats!!!
Pastor Shirley Ceasar has always been a classy lady and still looks great!
All purpose parts banner
Live from BET's 2012 Celebration of Gospel Event: The stars of gospel and entertainment lit up the red carpet an...
I Love Pastor Shirley Ceasar, she old school and know what she wants!
playing with some Gospel Legends this yr at Celebration of Gospel from Fred Hammond to Pastor Shirley Ceasar..its going 2 be great.
ok, so I'm going to call THIS the official eulogy... Shirley Caesar!
For those of you whom never heard the word of God . Today is your day , Get Ready , Get Ready , Get Ready -Pastor Shirley Ceasar voice-
Does anyone know where I can see video of Nancy Grace vs Pastor Shirley Ceasar talking Whitney Houston?
put high up on the wall for hanging up on Pastor Shirley Ceasar when pastor told her that SHE has problems too! LOL
“just like I can't believe that Nancy Grace hung up on Pastor Shirley Ceasar...” Are you serious!?
Cee Lo is dressed like Pastor Shirley Ceasar at a Baptism. (All white everything )
Don't forget that Pastor Shirley Ceasar is being honored tonight on on
sponsors tribute to Pastor Shirley Ceasar, Kirk Franklin, & Bishop Paul & Pastor Debra Morton today at
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