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with Pastor Mike from Spirit of Faith Christian Center now!
・・・. Pastor Corey and Pastor Mike at the Point Church and Canyons Church MLK…
- Pastor Mike continues his teaching on God's design for the local church examining "Gratitude for Grace."
An original chorus: "King of Kings" ♫ Pastor Mike sings his song about making Jesus king of your life
Pastor Mike at Christmas service just asked all the 5-10 year old kids how many animals were on Noah's ark. Some kid responded "6"
Back on the air 12/30 with both Pastor Mike and CCman Josh Wagner to get answers on why a tent city for Daytona!
Thank you Ryan for saying what we may not always get the opportunity to say, "Thank you Pastor Kathy & Pastor Mike. We love you."
check out The Way Christian Center. The pastor is Mike McBride. He's a friend of mine.
Pastor Mike Campbell: We want to remind everyone that this will NOT be a Town Hall Meeting. This will be a normal...
Powerful message this morning by Pastor Mike Hayes on "God Will... Restore"! "Only God can restore your soul"
Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee & Bobby Jindal will join pastor who wants to see *** put to death via
If you missed this week's sermon, click here to listen to Pastor Mike wrap-up his series through the book of...
LIVE on Lunch and Learn with Pastor Mike " part 1 of Your Attitude can cost you your blessings"
Pastor Mike wore his Pastor Barry costume to lunch today!
It is a great privilege to announce that Riverbend Baptist has unanimously voted Mike Dorough to be our new sen…
"The Bride of Christ" How did Jr. High pastor Mike VanMeter's message impact you?
Peace Treaty Between Israel and Antichrist: Pastor Mike offers an interpretation of Daniel 9:27
"God created a masterpiece, but sin scribbled on his Mona Lisa." . - Pastor Mike Novotny
Mike look like ah PASTOR & KEAN you look like ah mf mayonnaise burger
Pastor Mike has arrived and ready to go!
people come for Pastor Mike like he did something wrong
Team Asia is all accounted for except Pastor Mike, his flight is 28min away. Board FLT to Tokyo in 40min. Pray for travel and preaching.
Just prayed for him Pastor Mike and for anyone else dealing with this issue!!
Thoughts on Spiritual Warfare (November 1, 2015). Pastor Mike Cepela. Generational curses, Christ in the Christian...
"Goodness is the fruit of your salvation, not the root of it". - Pastor Mike Santistevan
A Vision of God: Pastor Mike explains what's happening in our crazy world. There is hope.
Good Morning Pastor Mike and Thank you!! LoveThis!! NeededThis!!Hope your day is great!!
Fr. Scott Woods, St. Mike's parish pastor, to be speaker for Religious Studies Lecture Series.
In case you missed it... Sunday's Sermon - Pastor Mike Weider
It's your adversity that forms your identity. ~Pastor Mike McClure, Jr.~.
I had a vision that you won the fight over drug addiction. You were so free. Live the Prophetic Life. - Pastor Mike Reed/UVCF Church
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
- Congratulations Pastor Mike. Baptisms will be next.
"Ask" ♫ An original worship chorus by Pastor Mike :)
Jesus & Shopping for Swords: Pastor Mike talks about what season it is on our planet. The Second Coming is near.
Faith gives me a substance that I can take hold of in my spirit until the day it is revealed in the natural. -Pastor Mike
What God has promised in the spiritual is about to become visible in the natural !! -Pastor Mike
Anyone know any legit scary movies on netflix?
"Pastor, if we can teach our kids psychology, geometry, and chemistry, we can certainly teach them theology!"
Great spending time with our good friend, Pastor Mike Mozingo, for the past 2 Sunday's!
A Social Media Morning in the Life of (reprise): A simple look behind the scenes.
Pastor: [5 hours into the sermon] I'ma be through in a minute.. Voice: TAKE YOUR TIME PASTOR!. Me:
"Life shapes us, but God reclaims us." - Pastor Mike Speegle |
I know its kinda cliche but its depressing to look at my pumpkin and think *** halloween is over
Mike Huckabee is basically the man that Chris Berman's mother and pastor wish he would be
We're excited for today's service for installation of Rev. Mike Ulasewich as pastor!
Pastor Mike: Sometimes Jesus is the one with the paintbrush in his hand, working at a homeless shelter...
Lockett literally got knocked into another universe
First Corinthian Baptist Church of Harlem . Pastor Mike and Rev Lakeisha are honorees. Honoring our youth and...
Close may count in horseshoes or hand grenades but close to the Gospel might as well be a million miles away – Pastor Mike
'We have this renaissance in Harlem, but there is an under current of poverty that no one talks about' Pastor Mike
Mark of the Beast: Do you agree with Pastor Mike's interpretation of 666?
I'd love to know what Pastor Mike & Matt Chandler think as they are probably the most liberal pastors I know. And Mark Driscoll too.
& Thank you Pastor Mike & Vicar Nick from for your chapel message.
aheartforgod is Most Popular in A pilgrim journeying to the Celestial City. Won't you join me? Pastor Mike is making
Today marks the 24th year of Pastor Mike serving at Hillcrest Baptist Church. Thank you Pastor Mike, for...
Thank you Pastor Mike and everyone from Emmanuel United Methodist Church who helped cook and serve all the great food
Here is a link to a sermon preached by Pastor Mike out of John 4 on the subject of Missions
Living Hope's YA Retreat was so powerful, and Pastor Mike Perkinson brought a series of life changing words . . .
August 16, 2015: Pastor Mike continues the sermon series discussing the parables of Jesus.
Me and my Youth Pastor Mike Gray. Thankful for the great influence he has…
Does Proverbs promise my child will not stray?
It's so good to have Pastor Mike back! 'We ARE Cathedral!' - Mike Lewis
Cher and I enjoyed church today with Coach Mike Byrnes and his beautiful wife Colynda. Pastor Anthony delivered a power…
You don't have to be perfect to be used by God! You just have to be available. Awesome message from Pastor Mike...
MH Thu.: Pastor Mike Rakes on thinking Biblically + Mark Rose discusses the worldwide flood from his mining & geology background
The start of my spiritual journey. 1983. Thank you Pastor Mike Carlisle for guiding me there.
Join us tonight as we close out our revival with Pastor Mike Daniel and Shiloh Baptist Church. We are expecting God to show up and show out!
Happy Birthday Pastor Mike! Our Tribe wouldn't be the same without you! Hey guys, let's show him some love today!
I want to thank my brother in Christ Pastor Mike Joy for meeting me for a great wisdom lunch on today. My brother...
Pastor Mike Mcdaniel delivered a great teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Check out the full…
See Pastor Mike & Pam for a Potters Field presentation this Sunday at the AOG at 10:15am! All are welcome!
Pastor Mike Frymier will be preaching tonight for our Adult Bible Study at 7pm!
LIVE on The Most Valuable Motivator is preparing for his production at Spirit of Faith with Pastor Mike…
Come out tonight to hear Pastor Mike talk about what it means to be a child of God, and then enjoy pizza and...
I'm taking the rest of the day off to go buy my gun and license. Then going to stop by and see Pastor Mike for five minutes .
Catch Chapter and Verse w/ Pastor Mike Macintosh at 9:30am, A ministry of Horizon San Diego.
"Words spoken in a moment of anger can wound for a lifetime.” - Pastor Mike Schreiner
A Response to the Era (August 16, 2015) . Pastor Mike Cepela - We must give a response to the world, despite being...
Can't wait Pastor Mike to hear what God has put on your heart!!
"We frame our day with how we announce ourselves to the World. Rejoice in the Lord always " Pastor Mike.. thank you..Grateful
Pastor James Ng’ang’a arrested, to be charged on 4 counts over
from reading the synopsis, much like the kid’s book I wrote. another uncanny similarity my pastor said you and I share.
Don't miss tonight's Midweek as Pastor Mike gives the finale of our series We will…
Tullian Tchividjian Deposed of Clergy Credentials: Mike Gryboski, CPTullian Tchividjian, former pastor of Cora...
Why did Pastor Mike Higgins participate in a march for racial justice? His answer is simple. http:/…
I am game for that! I got to talk to him briefly after he got ba…
ALL IN with Pastor Davis, that's my brother and one of my spiritual advisors.
I know Mike's in if Pastor Davis is then we can do one cause I a…
Check out Pastor Mike's message "The Deception of Success," which was recently delievered in Astoria, Queens.
“When you stop doing life on your own, your blood pressure will go down!! it LOUD Pastor Mike"
"I don't want to live having never known myself" - Pastor Mike
"There are things in the world that cannot be loose until you loose it."Pastor Mike
"I don't want to be on a journey to meet God and never meet myself on the way" Pastor Mike
"Living is connected to honoring the logic of your life.I do not want to live and not to have ever met myself "Pastor Mike
"If I trust you have the ability to find the answer thenwhy would I respond to your question " Pastor Mike
The Twelve: Jesus prays all night and this is what He gets? 3-min video teaching by Pastor Mike :)
Find out about Pastor Mike's giant that he had to conquer:
"When you are true to the logic and meaning of your life. IT does not matter anymore" Pastor Mike
This week, pray for Christ Kingdom Ministry Center and Pastor Jumar Mike.
On Come jogging with Pastor Mike and lose a few pounds
"Canyou imagine chasing your purpose and you have no relationship with people ?"Pastor Mike
"Often times when we go looking for our purpose we struggle "Pastor Mike
Pastor Mike of The Rock Church shut it down tonight. I'm up tomorrow night.
Coming up soon... if you would like to be baptized, see Pastor Mike.
Had such an amazing time with Pastor Mike, Pastor David, and Sam. Can't wait to join The Wesley and leave my mark on Tarleton. 💜
Repost from Start off our new Wednesday series "Love & Marriage", Pastor Mike & Kathy Hayes…
Update your maps at Navteq
Pilgrim's Progress (family video): Watch it on Pastor Mike's website while you're eating a late night snack :)
I liked a video from Communist China Purchases US State Idaho - Pastor Mike Hoggards
Daily Bread 2015 by Pastor Mike Anderson: Who is Rich and Who is Poor??
God decides when enough is "enough" - not us! - Pastor Mike Ray (message on Surviving the Quitting Places - 1 Kings 19:4)
Mike Kelly Snr Pastor of Life Church in Queensland will be with us on Sunday the 5th of July. This is going to be...
Pastor Mike and the team with GP Davao Family.
Last night Pastor Mike had some great words of wisdom loved it! thank God for men like this who live what they preach!
Don't miss Pastor Mike Wondel's Fun Church debut this Sunday. This guy is laser-focused on the…
So & Pastor Mike were talking about how they comb their beards & leave hair all over the place. I was like 😕
"Not a prayer or a tear has ever been wasted. God hears and sees it all." Pastor Mike Plunket praying for mothers at Ris… was a 10 mike day. Rose to a pastor's prayer and back. I feel great...ask me tomorrow…
check out new book by Pastor Mike Robinson "Exodus: The Case for God, Moses & the Exodus"
Thankful for the preaching & fellowship with and Pastor Mike Johnson this week. I've been sharpened.
One of our students, Steve, came to pastor Mike & after talking about life struggles, he decided to put his faith in Jesus!
Pastor Mike is back in action this Sunday! Get here to tell him you missed him.
Check out this video message from Pastor Mike about Revive Indiana! -
Attention Lake Worth: You get a door hanger selling "practical preaching"? Not what you think:
Pastor Mike reads the account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Luke:
What an amazing sermon from Pastor Mike last Sunday! If you missed it, check it out online at...
Sermon of the week with Pastor Mike Watch "May 24, 2015 - Esther 1" by on
Excited that my brother elder/pastor Mike Ducharme is preaching this Sunday...
Pastor Mike Online 6-23-15: A new MP3 sermon from Bethel Church is now available on with...
31 Ice Cream Flavors of Bible Translations: Pastor Mike explains why there are so many translations of the Scriptures
.I love you pastor Mike. Praying for your leg.
We're glad that you came in our Ignite with Pastor Mike Redick, thank you & Jan Carlo :)
Pastor Mike's last message is now online .
Today’s guest devotional comes from Mike McClanahan, our Missions Pastor. -
Thanks to Pastor Mike from Burnt Hickory for loving on our players this morning !!
Yelled Mom at but pastor Mike responded
Tell Grandma your friend Mike is the pastor... Cause I preach to the whole body. And I preach the truth.
I added a video to a playlist Five Keys to Fishing for Men by Pastor Mike Burton
Daily Bread 2015 by Pastor Mike Anderson: Can You Have Joy in the Midst of Trials?
Living Like It’s Your Last Day: Pastor Mike talks about priorities in life...
The audio of Pastor Mike's sermon from Sunday is on-line now. The Ever-Growing Kingdom of God / Luke 13:10-21...
"Mark of the Beast: Pastor Mike interprets 666 in the Bible. Do you agree with him?"100% hinderance
We've reached our destination: Grace Baptist Church in Alliston. Our gratitude to Pastor Mike & the community here
Thank you Dave for helping out Pastor Mike!
- And we are so glad you are there, Pastor Mike
Had a great time Saturday with at Thanks to Pastor Mike and Kim Lawson for having me.
Looking forward to being with our good friends, Pastor Mike and Mona Stanley, May 3rd. We will be providing...
Thank you Pastor Mike and Pastor Fred for coming to my rescue today!!
Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas: 4-min video teaching by Pastor Mike. Listen while re…
Bruce Andresen & Pastor Mike doing research on video elements & design today @
"Missions exists because worship doesn't." Dr. John Piper. Reminded of that by Pastor Mike's message this morning. Lots of work to do!
Wow this guy shared his notes form Pastor Mike and Connie M. Smith. Marriage event. Truly some Grace Based...
Pastor Mike spent Wednesday morning fellowshipping and networking with Gary Rohrmayer, executive director of...
Letter to Pastor Mike Olive from William Waters, Dept. Mgr.:. The Common Ground Church's claims are nonsense.
The Common Ground Church and Pastor Mike Olive: Go to Exodus 20:16. Pastor Olive is abusing religion to divide us. .
People who believe in not tolerating a new church in their city.
when you listen to Kayla Sipels mixtape
Blog: The Nation of Israel in Prophecy-Pastor Mike Online 3-3-15
Pastor Mike Reid of Grace Fellowship Church (Iowa) is heralding the gospel! @ Metro Red Line - North…
Foundation Works. Pastor Mike Herzog. March 1, 2015. Yesterday, we closed with with the statement, "We need to shine our light in dark...
Join Pastor Mike next Thursday in the mountains.
Mike Baker, senior pastor at Eastview Christian Church in Bloomington, IL will be joining us this morning!
Who Killed Jesus? → Pastor Mike explains who was really responsible for the death of Christ.
Family: Pastor held in N. Korea: A Canadian pastor, who went to North Korea on a humanitarian t... "
the Koi family legit always has me feeling some type if way 😍😍😍 Pastor Mike I'll be sure to invite you next time
Being born again changes everything! Listen to Pastor Mike’s sermon from this Sunday at
and James, Pam, Pastor Mike, Lisa,Crawford, and so many other amazing people❤️
I've never missed a day of so meeting Pastor Mike was kind of a big deal!
Tonight was just SoGood!! Thank you again Pastor Mike praying, believing and thanking God for you!!
If American soldiers are "murderers," feel free to go to the Middle East and stop their bullets with your strong opinions …
Testaments of Jazz by YinkaSax featuring Mike Lash, Pastor Adom, Dee Jones hosted by MCPC. Sunday…
"What are you rooted in? If it's not Christ, you're not going to grow strong." - Pastor Mike
We started a new series this past weekend called, "Love Is" and Pastor Mike talked about love being "Patient and...
Life is a series of relaunches. Don't stay grounded, relaunch!.
"We share in Christ's passion for the lost as we reach them everywhere & every time." -Pastor
Teaching on the Feast of Puream by Pastor Mike Thomason... Read the book of Esther Psalms 112:
A pickle update: whole jar almost gone, Pastor Mike isn't the only one in his family who REALLY likes these.
Pre-Tribulation or Pre-Wrath Rapture? → Pastor Mike makes both cases so you can decide
Pastor Mike will be live on KKLA at 4pm discussing Listen in.
When Kayla Sipel said " Now it's time for you to feel my pain , hope you start living in shame. " 🔥🔥🔥
I finally got an answer from the Common Ground Church, well, kind of: I'll share the answer with you a little later.
Seeking either a pastor's position or get back into a IT Security Management and Engineering job. Anyone can assist?. Salute!. Mike P.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
The wants us to do enough to get by, surprise others with your . -Pastor Mike Ayers. .
Check out Matthew 26:1-30. Pastor Mike expounded upon this tonight.
Cliffhanger: Pastor Mike explains a scary Bible passage in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 7...
We are so blessed to have Pastor Mike as a leader in our church What an awesome speaker!!
My mom went to church,liked it & got blessed by Pastor Mike. GOD IS GOOD AL THE TIME! ALSO. Wanted to let everyone that i have had any altercation with in the past that i forgive you & love you. If i have wronged u some way PLEASE FOR GIVE ME. GOD STILL WORKIN ON ME.
Late Upload Guess who is with me? The Jason Statham look like? He is Pastor Johnny Bucog. Thanks to Pastor Mike Sarceno Mekong Gallardo and Ate Wennibel Wennybelle Borja Sarceno for the opportunity to have dinner at Raddison Blue Hotel. God bless you more!
Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?? What should we be sensitive about? Pastor Mike began a series last Sunday called "Be Sensitive." That message was "Be Sensitive to the Holy Spirit" from Galatians 5. This week we'll learn to "Be Sensitive to God's Provision" - Luke 12:22-34 I hope you'll plan to join us!
Me, Tiara and my beautiful sister Tasha here watching the movie Selma. Thanks Pastor Mike
"Love it Pastor Mike Fabarez. Love it. Be encouraged. Praying for you."
It should be against the law to get 6 right then lose the challenge
Drop by today's blog to meet our new operations pastor,
Listen live to Pastor Mike on To Every Man an Answer today at 3pm PST. Call w/ questions 88.88.ASK.CSN
We had an emotional moment at church last night. Brad & Jamie Newton announced their resignation to the youth group as our Youth Pastors. Brad came on staff Easter of 2012 and has done a fantastic job! We saw lots of growth & activity, as well as seeing him become Ordained as a minister and get married! The Newtons have felt led by God to change ministry roles and locations, feeling drawn to possibly the Benton area. We love and support these guys, and will keep them in our prayers! In working out this transition with Pastor Mike since August, the Lord brought to the church a young couple that has training and experience in Youth Ministry. With Pastor Brad's help, Justin & Courtney Plummer will step in as our Interim Youth Pastors, effective Sunday, Jan. 18th. The Plummers attended Master's Commission at MacArthur Assembly of God in Jacksonville, spending several years in ministry preparation and are only a couple of classes away from receiving their Certified Ministers credentials with the Assemblies of ...
If you look up the answers in trivia crack
Pastor mike bought 500 tickets to see Selma an I'm at home like 😒
Time Tenses - Past | Present | Future. Which one are you stuck in. Check out Pastor Mike break this down.
This Saturday, 1-10-15 at 10am, is our first VVR of the year! Come hear Pastor Mike cast the vision…
Colts are gonna win the Super Bowl. This is Luck's year
Do you want you marriage to not only survive but thrive???Come and hear Pastor Mike tell you how! -- at...
is a Pastor & claims to be a good Christian. Yet half the time he lies.
that guy…. Pastor Mike Glenn…. wow. that was real. that was absolutely beautiful. WOW.
Pastor Mike Glenn awesome sermon at the celebration of life for Little Jimmie Dickens
Pastor Mike Glenn remembers seeing Little Jimmy sing when he was 12, became friends later
What a beautiful celebration of Little Jimmy's life. Pastor Mike Glenn speaking now and & up n…
So if we're waiting on those who can't see what we see to validate us, we'll never receive the validation." ~Pastor Mike Moore, Faith Chapel
What Might Jesus Say to a Muslim? → Pastor Mike explains the origins of
I really loved the sessions. Pastor Young is very humorous. The message was easy to follow. Excellent delivery.
Once again.White man kills black man.Why?
Pastor Mike, I love the secret closet!
How to Stay Ablaze for Jesus (podcast):  1+ minute audio teaching from Pastor Mike :)
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Could you just spare 1 Minute of your precious time to pray for YOUR pastor/priest/preacher whoever has been...
This Friday is the very first service of 2015! Pastor Mike will be speaking a word and praying over us as we...
Hello Pastor Mike Fabarez - thank you for following me, and have a great day!
Pastor Mike Fabarez is now following me on Welcome!
Come on Sunday to hear Pastor Mike kick off our sermon series, The Gospel of John, on the first Sunday of 2015!...
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