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Pastor Marvin Winans

Marvin Lawrence Winans (born March 5, 1958) is an American gospel singer and member of the musical Winans family.

Pastor Winans Perfecting Church Andrae Crouch

Who Are We and Why by Pastor Marvin Winans on 85.5FM . Listen Now via {
Throwback Mus Medley. Pastor Marvin Winans via I want the Lord to say well done my good & faithful servant
I added a video to a playlist Andrae Crouch Let the Church Say Amen-- by Pastor Marvin Winans
Please join us for our 25th year with Pastor Marvin Winans at
All roads lead 2 Abundant Life Church TONIGHT!! Pastor Marvin Winans will be sharing the Word!
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Marvin Winans sings Wherever I go
Bring back the days of Yea and Nay, when we could plainly see the way... - Marvin Winans
Pastor Marvin Winans leading devotion. "Come on in this House"
Throwback Music Medley. Pastor Marvin Winans via had a good time in Canada had CHURCH I miss my Pastor
I liked a video from Pastor Marvin Winans Refuses to Bless the Kids of Subgle Unwed
I liked a video Pastor Marvin Winans, "Possessing the Promise" (Full Length)
Don't be with someone who is just willing to tolerate your faith. ~ Pastor Marvin Winans
Pastor Marvin Winans knows he can finesse a song!!
Pastor Marvin Winans - Song Medley @ Antioch FC 2009 listen, like, share at
"Knowing information is different from revelation." - Pastor Marvin Winans
I need to hear more song like this. Pastor Marvin Winans - I Feel Like Going On
Pastor Marvin Winans 2016 Preaching - Should I give money to the poor. &...
Lineup Announced for the 2016 Holy Convocation, Hosted by Pastor Marvin Winans May 16th –…
Pastor Marvin Winans 2016 Preaching - Test yourself - Are you in Jesus -
What an honour to be singing for pastor Marvin Winans
I wish I could teleport to SA to be at those sessions at PCI with Pastor Marvin Winans! The little I got was so good! God is great!🙌🏾
Hi Pastor. I want to know whether you are also joining Pastor Marvin Winans in Kimberley, South Africa.
Happy Birthday Carvin and Pastor Marvin Winans!!! God bless the both of you!!! ~
Happy Birthday Carvin and Pastor Marvin! Congrats Marvin on your grandchild being born today on your birthday. Marissa Lior Winans welcome!
Brokenhearted (with Pastor Marvin L. Winans) by Kirk Franklin from the album: Hero
Pastor Winans Someone sent me a friend request from Is this a legitimate FB page??? looks HACKED...
I LOVE That Song. 🎤🎼 There's a brilliant version done by: Pastor Marvin Winans on YouTube. 💖
I liked a video Pastor Marvin L. Winans singing A Song of Consecration
Actually where was Pastor Marvin L Winans?! Let The Church Say Amen is his!
📹 Pastor Marvin Winans - I Feel Like Going On God gave me a reason to praise Him.   Some people are just...
Thanks for your support Pastor Marvin Winans look forward to networking. B&N,
Pastor Marvin Winans. Holiness is still right by my book !!!
I liked a video Pastor Marvin Winans and Mano Hanes
LIVE on in the Studio with Pastor Marvin Winans Jr CRYSTALfromtheD and
Pastor Marvin Winans on my flight today!!!
I had some free time in Detroit today so I surprised Pastor Marvin Winans with a visit. Check out our…
Listening to Pastor Marvin Winans before I go out tonight. Guilt tripping myself
I'm Listening to 'We May Never Know' by Pastor Marvin Winans on DASH, the best radio app Download the FREE App:
"Having Detail of my personal health, hid it oh so well none could see...Then you forgave me..." -Pastor Marvin Winans
Some of us are still shifting from the Breath of Life Encounter! Thank you Bishop Dantley, Pastor Marvin Winans, and Pastor John Hannah!
Going down tonight Pastor Marvin Winans will be helping us celebrate!! Tell a friend, bring a friend!!...
Pastor Marvin Winans will be in the building tomorrow don't miss it! Join us 6616 E. Chelsea Street Tampa FL...
"I've SEEN you work in others, and I want you to WORK in me"Pastor Marvin Winans
My mom and brother Lorenzo with Pastor Marvin Winans
God bless you brothers. I want to say hi to pastor Marvin Winans. Love your music sir.
If you have vision of any substance, you cannot do it by yourself -Pastor Marvin Winans
Thank you to Pastor Marvin Winans for blessing last night with your incredible music…
The one and only Pastor Marvin Winans.A living legend... And he is funny...we wanted me to arrest…
Bishop Marvin L. Winans is the founder and Pastor of Perfecting Church in Detroit, MI. He is also a…
Had a ball catching up with my music mentor, family friend and pastor Marvin Winans!
The sounds like Pastor Marvin Winans' preaching at Whitney Houston's funeral. They carried the ENTIRE THING on CBC. Shocking.
Pastor Marvin Winans does it for me
Great to hear, meet and talk with Pastor Marvin Winans yesterday!
Me and Pastor Marvin Winans after the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Andraé Crouch Tribute Concert!! I…
Your anointing is evident, if it's tangible & transferable! (Pastor Marvin Winans)
The only gospel singers I'm in love with is pastor Marvin winans ranch Allen & Shirley ceaser
Pastor Marvin winans sinner's prayer is my favorite
Did I mention that Pastor Marvin Winans came on stage to sing with about LAST THING you EVER expected to see. Lol
Detroit charter school linked to Pastor Marvin Winans sued for unpaid utility bills
My chef for the evening. Pastor Marvin Winans.
So I took a picture with Pastor Marvin Winans, and Lord help me the picture didn't come out right. I was a ghost...
Getting ready for the word from Pastor Marvin Winans.
If you are not at Majestic Life Church WATW, where are you? Pastor Marvin Winans is ministering in songs, worship & Word
Pastor Marvin Winans giving a great message. He speaks the raw truth, I can dig that.
Wishing one of my favorite male voices, Pastor Marvin Winans, a wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Me and Pastor Marvin Winans working out an arrangement for 2 of the 10 songs in his Winans medley for the Let The Church Say Amen - Andrae Crouch Celebration Tour. I'll give you 3 more songs from the medley and the other 5 songs you'll have to wait for the concert! : ) The other 3 songs I'm leaking are: 1. Everything You Touch Is A Song 2. Very Real Way 3. Millions
Pastor Marvin Winans teaching in rehearsal tonight. This guy is a PROfessional all the way around the…
Pastor and artist Marvin Winans on reality TV --- "That is what it thrives on no matter how." -
--> Winans family offered reality TV show? Will they join or another series? ---
Pastor Marvin Winans is not willing to put his family on reality television. The Detroit based pastor and…
Working for The Mildred Gaddis Show with our good friend Pastor Marvin Winans on 1200 AM WCHB!…
"God needs your element of anticipation." - Pastor Marvin Winans
"Make this your last time coming [to church without expectation]. Make a list of what you expect God to do." - Pastor Marvin Winans
"I want you to try to prove me wrong. Start expecting and see won't God deliver." - Pastor Marvin Winans
Pastor Marvin Winans is now preaching at our 29th church anniversary @ CRL in Baltimore
Happy Ol' School Thursday! Check out my video with right here:
Blessed to have been given the opportunity to speak at Pastor Marvin Winans Church. He is one of the kindest and...
Pastor Marvin Winans Discusses the Rights and Wrongs of Meditation: Are you meditating the right way? There’s ...
Controversial decision by pastor an example of shunning single moms in Living Faith face --
Listen to Pastor Marvin Winans explain what people get wrong about meditation...
Pastor Marvin Winans and I a few years back at the unveiling of Bebe and Cece Winans star on the…
Pastor Marvin Winans voice is a true blessing 🙌
Pastor Marvin Winans will be n the house tonight @ 7!! Dont wanna miss this one Come check us out (cont)
Join us Wednesday September 24, 2014 as we enjoy the anointed word of God from Pastor Marvin L, Winans.
one of the back ground singers in Man in the Mirror was the pastor that buried Whitney Houston - Marvin Winans...great show!
Pastor Winans HAS to sing when he comes back. He basically has no other choice. I mean hello… You're THE Marvin Winans! Come on now! 😅💁
Me and pastor Marvin winans killin em right now
Pastor Marvin Winans and I after "Experience The Outpour" service at Zion Missionary Baptist Church.
We ARE LIVE!. JOIN Bishop Marvin Winans for Holy Convocation 2014. watch now @ Wess Morgan Singing & Pastor Donnie...
Thanks for joining our campaign, Pastor Marvin Winans of Perfecting Church! Thanks for supporting the plan to turn around Wayne County...
Pastor Marvin Winans just quoted Marvin Luther King Jr... "In the End, we will remember not the words of our...
Me & the family with Pastor Marvin Winans after The Winans concert back in the day:) He was so…
What a beautiful tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou on OWN this morning! . Pastor Marvin Winans and BeBe Winans are...
Coming!!! Please hold this date May 24, 2014.11 A.M. to 3 P.M at the Westgate Hotel .Downtown San Diego... $60.yours truly will be Honored for the worked I've done down through the years.Isn't that something. God did not forget about me.Vikki will be the keynote speaker and entertainer that afternoon. Those that know me, Vikki and Pastor Marvin Winans are my favorite people of all time. The complete info coming as soon as I get it. I hear it's going to be something!! Thanks to all my friends who are planning to attend in support of me...God Bless you...15 of you- all.thanks .they only have 250 seats for this event .
😍 Thank you Mike Sears, Pastor Marvin Winans, and the AWESOME students at the Marvin L. Winans Academy of Performing Arts for having me at your Career Day 2014 ! I hope I inspired at least one student to go for their passion and live their dream ! *(L) pictured with a music class with 6th, 7th, 8th grade students *(R) pictured with Pastor Marvin Winans
When you come to Jesus, simply TELL THE TRUTH!-Pastor Marvin Winans
Truth is not always comfortable, but truth is ALWAYS right! -Pastor Marvin Winans
Pastor Marvin Winans singing during the first evening of the International Maranatha Conference 2008 in Maranatha church, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
For those of you who did not make it Grove Street church tonight you really missed it. Pastor Marvin Winans was off the chain. Preaching II King 9:4. " What's Left" Sucess is measured by our obedience to God. We don't want to be where God was we want to be where God is. Stop looking at your past, praise God for your future. Preach, sing, dance with what's left. Thank God for where you are right now. Here's the best thing he said tonight " Stop crying over what you lost, and praise God for what you have LEFT! Pastor was show preaching to me tonight. The Glory of The Lord Filled that place. I am so glad that I was apart of the celebration! Glory!!! Bishop Marvin L. Winans was awesome.
I liked a video Pastor Marvin Winans in L.A. (1995) - Pt. 3 of 3
Pastor Marvin Winans performing "Let The Church Say Amen" live at the 2013 Stellar Awards...Please comment and subscribe
Do you know God will speak to in song. You hear a song in your spirit sometimes we pay no attention I suggest you do. God placed in my spirit 2 weeks ago " Pastor Marvin Winans " for I have heard you cry" confirmation that blessed and made my soul happy
If you cannot see where Jesus is, holler until he finds you where you are!...Pastor Marvin Winans
...Pastor Marvin Winans...You just Dnt wanna know (im over it now) ... this song is giving me LIFE!!
Pastor Marvin Winans is preaching this thang .
Happy Holidays fb fam Pastor Marvin Winans spoke into my life on this morining inbox on the book. I needed that word been going through so much in my life I know the storm is going pass a way.
Dude I wanna go hear Bishop McKissick and/or Pastor Marvin Winans preach this week!
Aha, wouldn't you agree with me that Pastor Marvin Winans voice on this song has a bit of that old school Gospel...
Pastor Marvin Winans. The baddest male vocalest impromptu. I love this guy!
I liked a video He is LORD Vanessa Bell Armstrong & Pastor Marvin Winans
Hi all, if you're up, I'll be interviewed tomorrow by Pastor Marvin Winans on Mix 92.3 FM around 8:30am EST!
I love this song. Every time I hear this song I get chills. Pastor Marvin Winans performance is awesome.
Please listen now to Mix 92.3. I will be joining Pastor Marvin Winans to discuss the future of Southfield.
Was Pastor Marvin Winans Right to Stand Against the Single Mother Fad? . Read this Woman's Heavy Letter -->...
marvin winans should have BLESSED the CHILD by praying over THE CHILD as he did with all the others who were born...
Pastor Marvin Winans , did not know you was in the city tonight.
I liked a video from Pastor Marvin Winans Bans Single Mothers From Getting Their
"Your ability to continue means you are committed to your faith" -Pastor Marvin Winans
Had a good day, headed to church to hear Pastor Marvin Winans
Written by Taylor Brown. And duet w my friend Pastor Marvin Winans
I feel like I haven't been to my church in forever! Shame on me!! Pastor Marvin Winans will be there tomorrow though. So to the Mount I go!
Do you agree with Pastor Marvin Winans’ stance on not blessing babies of unwed mother’s amongst the congregation of his church?
History is important, Pastor Marvin Winans acted with grace concerning scripture Deut. 23:2; God said it, not pastors.
Hello TOmmy,. My name is Ramone and I saw your video on Youtube on Pastor Marvin Winans. I want (
Charity Grace lives on the east side of the city with her 2-year-old son, Joshua. The two recently started to attend Perfecting Church under the leadership of Pastor Marvin Winans.On Sunday…
(2) I can believe someone in Detroit tried to Carjack Police Chief..Cause someone carjacked Pastor Marvin Winans at Gas Station
The *** kind of question..RT pastors dedicate babies of unwed parents?
“Should pastors dedicate babies of unwed parents? But of course!
Should pastors dedicate babies of unwed parents?
Just heard this on the radio. Pastor Marvin Winans church in Detroit won't do public baptisms if the couple is not married.
Pastor Marvin Winans accused of discrimination: Pastor Marvin Winans of Perfecting Church is currently under a...
Pastor Marvin Winans says NO to public blessing of unwed mother. What are your thoughts?
Pastor Marvin Winans' denial of baby dedication is unjustifiable.
Pastor Marvin Winans accused of discrimination -
What do you think about Pastor Marvin Winans refusing... — I have no knowledge of this story but. I think its me...
So you tellin me God could accepted and forgave the *** mary madgalene but pastor marvin winans can't bless an unwed mothers child
God talks about folk like pastor marvin winans in the Bible too
[VIDEO]: Famed Pastor Marvin Winans doesn't bless children born out of wedlock
On Sunday Pastor Marvin Winans is planning a special blessing at his Perfecting Church in Detroit, a dedication service for children two years old and under. However, when a woman who is a member c...
Today in we're talking about Pastor Marvin Winans and his refusal to bless the son of an unmarried mother…
Single mother Charity Grace (pictured) alleges she was barred from a dedication service for children that is to take place at Pastor Marvin Winans' Perfecting Church in Detroit, Mich., this Sunday ...
According to Atlanta's gospel radio station, Pastor Marvin Winans has a very controversial policy in his church regarding the dedication/christening of children born to unwed mothers...he won't do them "publically". He's getting a lot of negative feedback because of this position. What's your take? Should a pastor refuse to dedicate/christen children if the mother is unwed? Just curious.
CHURCH FOLKS I HAVE QUESTION Pastor Marvin Winans will not bless babies that were born out of wedlock in front of his congregation. Being that my daughter (who happens to have been born out of wedlock. stuff happens) was indeed blessed in front of my congregation, I feel a little sadden by this. What are your thoughts on this situation?
First of all, good morning to all of my kings and queens! I get to work and turn on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and I hear the topic of discussion. Pastor Marvin Winans is refusing to bless a 2 yr old because the child was born out of wedlock. Of course, I was trying to call. But, before I get in my soap box, please tell me your thoughts on this.
I am a person who respects all religions and everyone opinion because I have mine and you can have yours but this topic I heard on the Ricky Smiley's show this morning really bothered me to my heart. The topic is regarding Pastor Marvin Winans from Detroit who declined to do a Baby Dedication to a 2 year old little boy because he was born out to wedlock and his parents was not married. This really bothered me because the church is the one place you should be able to go and not be judged or felt unwelcome. A church is a place of healing and spiritual feeding. Your church family should be your family when you have no one else to lean on. They should be there without question or judgment. There was callers on the show saying that they support the pastor and that child should not be born out of wedlock and it was a sin and there is enough messed up kids in the world already, do not need to bless and support more. WTH?! There are a lot of kids born out of wedlock and it does not mean that they will have a mess ...
*The Perfecting Church, home to famed gospel singer and Pastor Marvin Winans, is having a special dedication ceremony for the congregation's youngest member
Here's a good church day question to ask...Pastor Marvin Winans wont bless the babies of unwed mothers at his church up in Detroit. Do you think this is being judgemental or is he right for doing so? I wanna know what do youi think? Could this be one of the reasons a lot of people dont go to church. If youre gonna be judged at church just as you are on the outside...whats the point? Your thoughts?
ABOUT PASTOR MARVIN WINANS REFUSAL TO DEDICATE CHILD... Because people see me as a "pastor" I have received a lot of questions on this matter. This is not uncommon in the "church!" Most of the comments that I have read are subjective responses (i.e., how we FEEL about the church policy). I have had many unwed mother's come to me asking if I would dedicate their child. I had no problem with it at all because I understood the intent of their heart. It is important for us to understand the concept of the "Child Dedication Ceremony" as the "Church" has instituted it. It is even more important that we understand why a mother would want this ceremony carried out in the first place. The Roman Catholic Church has not only instituted this ceremonial practice as a vital part of their program; they have also taught that your child will not be protected from Satan and the agents of *** without the "blessing" of the church. (NOTE: All Christian churches are Catholic, even if they profess to be Protestant. The Protest ...
A single mom is upset with Pastor Marvin Winans after his church refused to dedicate her 2-year-old son
Is it fair for Pastor Marvin Winans to not bless a child of an unwed mother in front of the church congregation?
Religous question.Pastor Marvin Winans of the famous Winans gospel group who preached at Whitney Houstons funeral. Denied a unwed mother who wanted her child blessed Mother said she wants to instill values and morals in her son .was he right or wrong ?
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is being indicting for blackmailing, threatening to murder Mr. Tyler Perry & Pastor Marvin Winans entire families.
Is it live streaming...? I would love to see Pastor Marvin Winans...
“Pastor Marvin Winans is like one of the coldest singers in the World” thought I only thought that
Listening to one if my favorite preachers, Pastor Marvin Winans
i grew up listening to Bebe Winans' music. i now listen to pastor Marvin Winans. the class of the man is simply phenomenal
Riding back to the hotel listening to Pastor Marvin Winans "alone but not alone" album. I really loved this whole record. Classic music
On the road today but still had to get some word. Listening to Pastor Marvin Winans before I start my…
You know what? I had Pastor Marvin Winans Project "The Praise and Worship Experience" downloaded for ever on my...
The song Pastor Marvin Winans sings at the end of I Can Do Bad All by Myself >> makes me cry every time I listen to it.
I love to hear Pastor Marvin Winans sing and preach!!!
best part of is when pastor Marvin Winans song comes on
🎶Lord, I've seen you work in others n I want you to work in me🎶 ~Pastor Marvin Winans
can listen to Pastor Marvin Winans run lines all night long!!! Oh wait I am 😂😂
Aha, it doesn't get any better than this y'all! Lord draw me close to you! That was Pastor Marvin Winans with...
A quick encouraging chat with Pastor Marvin Winans just after performing on the 2013 Stellar Awards.
Hamilton Collection
"Faith will always move you in the direction of its goal." Pastor Marvin Winans
Sitting here watching one of Pastor Marvin Winans sermons
Ready to hear one of my favorites tonight. Pastor Marvin Winans! I'm super…
Pastor Marvin Winans is speaking to my life, right now..
Throwback Music Medley. Pastor Marvin Winans: via Afterwhile it will all be over
still feasting off your awesome word delivered at pastor Marvin winans Confrence! Please let me know when you speak in Detroit
this always mks me think of unc peanut~Pastor Marvin Winans,sayn 2Aaron Hall b4 they sing"A Friend"🎶
I wish I could go to the Pastor Marvin Winans school of music in order to learn how to be a Psalmist...Just a wonderful thought.
I've been asked to place this poll on my page. If you could hear the following sing & preach who would it be? Pastor Shirley Caesar Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole Pastor Kim Burrell Pastor Marvin Winans Pastor Marvin Sapp? You can pick two...
Breaking new the Pastor Marvin Winans speak in court in front of the men who robbed and beat him down at gas station, Fox 2 report. BATMAN 300
One of my favorite voices on the planet: Pastor Marvin Winans! His first adlib on 'It's all God' is just immaculate!!
Pastor Marvin Winans is so anointed, He could sing the ABC's and it'll still sound heavenly!! Lol
New post: Pastor Marvin Winans Preaching in the COGIC Pastors & Elders Conference
I love my church!. ANYBODY can POP up!. Pastor Marvin Winans. and Rodney Jerkins!!!. WHERE does this…
"We have to continue to believe God in order to move into our destiny." ~ Pastor Marvin Winans
Most definitely going to see Pastor Marvin Winans sing and minister tomorrow night! Once in a lifetime and its prob just what I need
is starting Walk and Worship now! Waiting on some Pastor Marvin Winans please Mr. Vince McCaskill
TWG paying homage to Ron Winans S/O to Pastor Marvin Winans and The Winans u enjoy. God bless
Make sure you take a listen to Pastor Marvin winans - I Need Thee
I love how worship through music isn’t confined to one sound. From Bishop Paul S. Morton Sr. and Pastor Marvin Winans who have that old school sound, to Deitrick Haddon and Canton Jones who have a new school sound, to Hillsong who has a sound from a totally different culture. I can appreciate them all. At the end of the day it’s about the God who created us all.
Pastor Marvin Winans gave my pastor Pastor James Perkins a shout out invitation this morning on mix 92.3FM to hear Dr. Mensa Otabil, founder & pastor of the International Central Gospel Church in Accra, Ghana. Pastor Winans mentioned Greater Christ Church mission work with FOCOS, an international orthopedic and complex spine organization in Accra, Ghana West Africa. Greater Christ, Bettye Wright and the FOCOS team helped FOCOS build the first orthopedic hospital in Accra, Ghana West Africa in 2011. Pastor Winans said he wanted Pastor Perkins to hear Dr. Otabil.
I added a video to a playlist 2013 Stellar Awards - Pastor Marvin Winans
Sitting front row at the event I hosted tonight listening to Pastor Marvin Winans and his sister CiCi SANG.
Pastor Marvin Winans doing what he does!
Just met THE GREAT Pastor Marvin Winans!!! Ask if he could Bless Me with DRAW ME CLOSE TO…
"There are some things that God had to cut and allow to decay in order for you to explode" Pastor Marvin Winans
"He does not cancel His eternal assignment because of personal proclivity" Pastor Marvin Winans
Just got done attending bedside baptist the message was great Pastor Marvin Winans. I needed to hear that.
Pastor Marvin Winans can sing sha...ahn ahn. He is such a blessing
Pastor Marvin Winans...via YouTube! I liked what that man just preached. If God has called u 2 preach or 2 Pastor then open ur mouth & speak
God is not impressed by your American Express! ~Pastor Marvin Winans
Nothing like Pastor Marvin Winans singing, and preaching to get you into a remaining REVIVAL mode! He knows all...
My dream is to go to a church that Pastor Marvin Winans preach at. that man is just great.
i googled the song you just played and it IS Pastor Marvin Winans and perfected praise choir.
Pastor Marvin Winans !!! It's about to go down Holyghost Pandemonium !
The movie I CAN DO ALL BAD BY MYSELF always ministers to me. That church service scene and Pastor Marvin Winans...
Listening to some Pastor Marvin Winans. About to watch the kids hunt for eggs.
Paul Morton & Pastor Marvin Winans - Bow Down on Where the Power is in the Praise
Let the church say Amen and all of God's people say AMEN!! That was Andrae Crouch featuring Pastor Marvin Winans...
I'm over it now, over it noww. I can't say how, but I'm over it now - Pastor Marvin Winans
UPDATED: Pastor Marvin Winans carjacked and robbed in Detroit --I didn't know about this last year. They don't care..
Listening to Let the Church Say Amen by Andrae Crouch & Pastor Marvin Winans
i would love to be married by Pastor Marvin Winans ..
Pastor Marvin Winans is my favorite vocalist, so I know a lot about him...:-)
Pastor Marvin Winans... Andrea Crouche... John P Kee... What do y'all know about these old school vocalists?
Pastor Marvin Winans is such a beast of a singer. He is just as good live too. Kudos
Pastor Marvin Winans will slay you and your church.gotta watch him! Lol
Pastor Marvin Winans bringin' it this AM at Bethel World Outreach!
Pastor Marvin Winans blessed our church with a great service today. 🙌🙌
"People will do for God as long as God is doing for them..." - Pastor Marvin Winans
Ready for third service with Pastor Marvin Winans (@ Bethel World Outreach Church - w/
At to start the day off right with guest Pastor Marvin Winans!
"Best For Last" by Bishop Wagner led by Pastor Marvin Winans is my theme song dis yr. that song just speaks to me...
Pastor Marvin Winans with the Gospel Tribune Atlanta! What a time in Buckhead we had!!!
A lot of pastor's in the house including Pastor Marvin Winans
To listen to the interview with Pastor Marvin Winans please call (530) 881-1300, access code 736810Today, at 6 pm EST.
Pastor Marvin Winans. Now dats one man whose voice and songs simply bless my heart.
boring except Pastor Marvin Winans and the Kurt Carr tribute.
You mean Pastor Marvin Winans or his son?
Once Pastor Marvin Winans gets through singing a song it will never be that way again.
Happy 55th Birthday to my awesome pastor, Bishop Elect Marvin L. Winans!
Tomorrow Pastor Marvin Winans and Carvin Winans, missing my church in the "D" Perfecting Church 7616 E Nevada
Detroit love to Pastor Marvin Winans and the WINANS FAMILY so sorry about Michael Winans 14yrs in Federal Prison.
I'm a man pain lookin back on my past, Lord let the Good outweigh the bad...I love Pastor Marvin Winans song Sinners Prayer
Michael McDaniel: He has shared the stage with celebrated comedians; Lewis Black, Brandon T. Jackson, Dave Coulier, Mike Epps, Tony Roberts, David Alan Grier & Donnell Rawlings of the Dave Chappelle Show to name a few. Because of his uncanny ability to capture the tone and diction of celebrity artist and politician's voices he has been quickly labeled in the industry as “the guy with the golden copy cat voice.” His impressions range from Dave Chappelle, Denzel Washington, Dr. Phil, President Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jim Carrey, Pastor Marvin Winans, Gospel Artist Donnie McClurkin, R, Kelly, John Legend, Teddy Pendergrass and a whole arsenal of various performers! Michael, a student of Second City has a passion for sketch & improv comedy. His split second interpretation to engage spectators with no scripts, memorized dialogue or rehearsed scenes are a true testimony to his authentic creativity and mastery. His recently released anticipated DVD entitled "Out of My Mind" was performed to a standing .. ...
"nice movie..."{Pastor Marvin Winans ft Gladys Knight they can get it}♬
Pastor Marvin Winans singing Draw me Close from his CD "The Praise and Worship Experience is a most have. It will bless you.
Playing right now Andrae' Crouch feat Pastor Marvin Winans "One More Time" 88.7 in Chicago
I thought Tyler Perry did Pastor Marvin Winans wrong but I see he needed to be embarrassed by if he..
GE FBF. I pray everyone is enjoying their Valentines Day so far. Join SPBC Creighton Campus and Elm Campus Petersburg for our 1st lent worship celebration. Special guest speaker - Pastor Marvin Winans. So don't stay home and be upset because you didn't get anything for Valentine's Day. God is your 1st love and Valentine. Never forget it. Love U FBF. :)
Stop giving where you are living and start sowing where you are going - Pastor Marvin Winans
"Faith is individual. Do not let anyone dictate your faith." ~Pastor Marvin Winans
This is truly a treat tonite! My favorite gospel singer is preaching tonite here at Pastor Marvin Winans!!!
needs to honor Pastor Marvin L Winans and the Winans family I'm just saying!
If you're in ATL, tune into Fox5 at 5pm.They're airing my performance w/Pastor Marvin Winans & at the Superbowl Gospel Concert
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Churrch was great today! The Church of the Traveling God was rocking today. Amen !! The choir was slanging today, Patti Labelle, Pastor Marvin Winans, and Tamela Mann say amen
Let me tell you that in person sermon we had in 2000 from Pastor Marvin Winans in Detroit. Listen.
**Pastor Marvin Winans - 'You just don't wanna know'** this song makes me cry everytime. ☹ coz *** I relate so much!
You grew up in church but you don't know who Pastor Marvin Winans is?
> Is that Pastorr Marvin Winans' church or Pastor Donnie McClurkin's? I can't remember.
Join us at St. Paul's Baptist Church for "Thunder on Thursdays"our guest preachers are: 2/14 Dr. Marvin Sapp, 2/21 Pastor Marvin Winans, 2/28 Dr. Jasmin Scular and many more!!! Services are FREE come and be blessed!
I want to see Kim Burrell, Pastor Marvin Winans & The Clark Sisters perform live.
So, I just got out of the recording session w/THE Pastor Marvin Winans😱. I can't even attempt to tell y'all how I'm now in shock lol
"We want to be present for our future" -Pastor Marvin Winans @ Crowne Plaza
currently listening to the keynote speaker,THE Pastor Marvin Winans, at the Together We Have @ Crowne Plaza
Pastor Marvin Winans is the keynote speaker! In geek mode right now.
"Draw me close to You, never let me go. I lay it all down again. To hear You say that I'm Your Friend. You are my desire, no one else will do, cause no one else can take Your place, to feel the warmth of Your embrace, help me find the way, bring me back to You! You're all I want, You're all I ever needed, You're all I want help me know You are near!" Thank you for the re-make Pastor Marvin Winans.
Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson did well, but I wish we could have had some church at the Pastor Marvin Winans singing "Let The CHurch Say AMen"!
not only was the poem weak, but he is being followed by a boring pastor! Obama needs to get Marvin Winans up in this piece!!
I'm not even gone say nothing about the pastor. He too is brilliant. But y'all know Marvin Winans was on call. Ok I'm done GOD Bless America
Somebody get Pastor Marvin Winans ready to sing "Let The Church Say Amen".
Draw Me Close - Pastor Marvin Winans rose to fame as a member of the Winans -- not just the well-known First Family
adding Marvin Sapp to the group with pastor Donnie and Pastor Winans
pastor Marvin Winans will forever be a legend
Pastor Marvin Winans has ta hve one of thee dopest vocals eva.him and Donny Hathaway r my faves! Them guys are crazy gifted! R.i.p. Donny H
Fell asleep on the but I stayed awake just 2 see Pastor Donnie McClurkin and Marvin Winans, I was so blessed !
My cheeks hurt from grinning so hard listening and watching Pastor Donnie and Pastor Marvin Winans
Look at God... I just met Pastor Marvin Winans & gave him a copy of my CD. He told me to expect a review from him...
Pastor Donnie McClurkin and Pastor Marvin Winans have this place on fire!
Pastor Marvin Winans! I'm glad he recovered from getting his *** beat at the gas station. God is able.
Marvin Winans is probably one of my favorite "Pastor's who sings" lolol
While Pastor Marvin Winans is performing, he is still so very anointed (at least to me). Such a legend, and you...
Ok...I'm trying to hold on..but did u hear the lyrics by Pastor Donnie Mcclurklin & Pastor Marvin Winans: I heard folk talk about the things You've done but I would just laugh at what they say..who would have thought the time that I would be the 1...who would've thought that I would get to know U this way? Wow..glad I know U Lord!!! Then Marvin Sapp came up & just TORE up his songs!! Luvin it!!!
I've said it once and ill say it countless times.. Pastor Marvin L. Winans is the BEST singer in the world!!
Omgzz I love and Pastor Donnie is on my TV on with Winans !!! Love love ,
I promise u I love Pastor Marvin Winans! Dude is the best male singer on this side of heaven...
I never get tired of hearing Pastor Marvin Winans!!
Pastor Marvin Winans & Donnie McClurkin... So glad that Donnie was able to Sing! Our prayers to him during the loss of his mother!
I'm know I'm a lil late cuz I had to fix dinner but Pastor Marvin Winans & just killed it on the Stellar Awards! Yesss!
Let the church say Amen!..then know Him in a better way! ..and the Stellar Award goes to Pastor Marvin Winans!
Pastor Marvin Winans always gives an incredible performance!! "Let the Church Say Amen"
Pastor Marvin Winans does more than just sing, he actually ministers.
"Pastor Marvin Winans is letting us have it at the tonight He did that!!
No one does it like Pastor Marvin Winans!
Pastor Marvin Winans you allowed Him to use you like you told me you would last week! To God be the glory! "Let the Church Say Amen!"
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