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Pastor Alexander is preaching from Mark 16:1-8 on "The Message of the Easter Angel."
Happy Easter Sunday! Pastor Mark has a great word from Romans 8 about God working good in our lives this morning!...
When your pastor says "no one sits around the table and talks about death!" Mark and I make eye contact. That's where you're wrong bucko.
"It's time to quit thinking of ourselves and listen for the True Shepherd, Jesus Christ." - Pastor Mark Somers
Christian pastor to wash the feet of people to mark Easter
Happy Easter! Pastor Mark is preaching about God lifting you up when you are pressed down. (Job 22:29). Our...
Pastor Chris and preacher_mark reading Luke 24 on this Easter Sunday morning.
Me to Pastor Mark: "Do you have some good words today? No pressure but this will be the first Easter message Dean will ever hear" 😂
The beatitudes aren't a wish list, they are an agenda! - Pastor Mark Lindstrom
Here is the listening guide for today's Easter message from Pastor Mark Williams. After hearing the sermon, tell us…
I had a blessed time this morning celebrating a sunrise Eater service with Pastor Chris and about 50 or so maybe...
Social media dont fail me today, pls post ya pastor remix Mask Off during todays sermon thx in advance
Headed in to join the Jesus is Alive party 🎉👍🎈😀. Pastor Mark
This morning our speaker is Pastor Chuck Swanson. And our text is Mark 16: 1-8. We are continuing our series "You Were There".
Preached word from Pastor William P Cabell Mark 16:1-7 "Why are you up so early"
Pastor Hobbs and his team and Bishop Mark on missions and Ministry abroad this week... islands of St Vincent & the Grenadines and Jamaica
Great message from Pastor Mark right in time for Resurrection Sunday! Alpha & Omega Bible Ministry is brought to...
Pastor Nick is preaching the Sunrise Service sermon from Mark 16:1-8, "Surprise, Surprise!"
Easter Sunday with Pastor . Mark 16:2-8. 2 Very early on the first day of the…
Easter: Christians, Muslims celebrate together in Kano: A pastor organised the event to mark the Easter……
Father Mark, have a blessed Easter day; we at our Lady, are very blessed to have you as our pastor..…
I'm a winner no matter what. By Pastor Mark Jeske. The Bible is full of stories about how Christ, the prophets,...
Our guests on The Sacred Space this morning, Pastor Mark Ellis and Pastor Chucks Ugoihe. join…
Pastor Damilola Mark ministering in the topic Manifesting the New Covenant.
Christian pastor to wash the feet of transgender people to mark Easter
It is finished. By Pastor Mark Jeske. One of the two most important days in human history seemed pretty ordinary...
I don't know if I'm up to the pressure. By Pastor Mark Jeske. Lord, why does everything have to happen at once?. I...
Disciplines of Fellowship from Mark 2:1-12 by Pastor Bryce Naylor.
Thank you for reaching out to us, Please send Pastor Mark your message at helloGod bless! -MDM Team
!!! Pastor at Revival tonight...WHOA "We mark our Bibles but we won't allow our Bibles to mark us"
I'm looking forward to preaching at Anchor Baptist in Massillon with Pastor Mark Jacobs this evening.
Daily devotions with the Big Book and Bible combined! Paperback and Kindle versions are now available!!…
Sermon Teaser. Pastor Jim is back this Sunday and he will be going over Mark, chapter 12! Hope to see you at our...
Join us this evening as Pastor Raj continues our Tour Through the Gospel of Mark...Tonight we'll be finishing...
“All things are possible to him who believes.” —Mark 9:23 NKJV
TONIGHT!. 6P Duct Tape Night!. 6P Teens: The Gospel of Mark with Pastor Matt. 7P Adults: Nathan Hull will be teaching.
Who's the Greatest? Lead Pastor Jay Risner will teach from Mark...
This is what they get for following this fool. How in the *** are you going to give someone with hair like...
You need to identify and speak to the mountain instead of speaking about it. Ministering: Pastor FO. Title: Speak to…
A call 4rm Mark Zuckerberg to come and receive $10m,, And a call from ur Pastor that God is calling u,,,which one wud u ans…
happy to try and help a bit. Thanks for sending it. 👊. Pastor Mark
Listen @ to Pastor Mark Mayerstein with Alpha Omega Ministries every Wednesday on The HUB...
Mahalo to the TEAM that prepared the House for Pastor Mark's Celebration of LIFE today at 6pm. You're Phenomenal!!
Join us Sunday, April 2nd with special guests Pastor Mark and Trina Hankins! Service times are 10:00am & 6:00pm.
Join Pastor Mark in receiving your divinely supplied spiritual nourishment from the Word of God. TODAY at 10am!
See yourself the way God sees you. Conquer your giants and receive your promise! - Pastor Mark Garver
Have you joined Jesus the Warrior King? Explore the fight with Pastor Mark’s Daily Devotion.
Rev. Mark Thompson will be installed as pastor of Breaking the Chains Congregation in MIlwaukee. More info:
A mark of being God's child is a willingness to ask for help when we need it. Are you willing to ask "Will you help me?" Pas…
Pastor Mark did an amazing job challenging us to go deeper in our prayer life. Head on over to…
Pastor Mark, we are on the 40 day prayer challenge, REVIVAL has taken place! Praise God
FLIGHT sergeant Mark Choongwa's widow breaks down during the funeral today.. (Pictures by The MAST)
MILITARY pallbearers carry the casket of the late Flight sergeant Mark Choongwa. (Pictures by Bibian L. Mwale)
I liked a video from WHO IS YOUR PASTOR (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 99)
2 litre cool drink he buys for R19, sells to Zama Zama illegal miners for R100. What a mark up 😂
*TAKE A BREAK AND LAUGH*. Baro went to His Pastor one Hot Monday Night . *Baro:* Pastor, the Enemies are after Me!...
What a great time learning from Pastor tonight.
On Sunday, our Youth Pastor, BJ Keaton shared a message with us from Mark 2:1-12. Click below to listen!
Brokenness is a part of the human condition,but God is in the recovery business. Join Pastor Mark for Celebrate...
Watch Pastor Mark's message from last week's Pie Auction called Life of Pie:
Did God really create the earth in just seven days? | Pastor Mark Driscoll
Pastor pleads Guilty to scamming Church members out of more than a Million dollars
Cheyenne, Pastor Mark will be preaching on Moses and adult supervision. We need God to be the adult in our...
I just finished day 20 of the plan 'Pray Like Jesus' Glory be to God for all.
Pastor Mark began a new message series this past Sunday called "It's on the Money." Taking down the idol of greed...
Watch heartbroken Pastor admit scriptures are being changed. 👇Start it at the 8 minute mark to skip music.
Great time with our brother, Mark, at a Central Ill/IN pastor's fellowship. Glad to have HAC young servants of God…
The cross places Jesus as High King over all of redemptive history. Pastor Mark’s Daily Devo
Pastor Mark and Eric will be taking care of Tradio today... I will be praying the place is still in one piece when I get back.
Pastor Mark Scott has a radio show as well as Wayne Dupree. Both very good shows. Pastor Mark is good friends of Prez-Elect Trump
Sermon Topic: You have to believe to receive Text: Mark 11:24 Speaker:Pastor Fred Zamani
great to have Pastor Mark sharing - I am the good shepherd in his own words
Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clark, Allen West, Dr Darrell Scott, Pastor Mark Burns - all Trump's men- all black.
Watch the video Oh PLEASE watch the video - jump ahead to the 2 minute mark! It is priceless I mean total...
Listen to Pastor Mark Burns, he is on the money here. God is using Donald J. Trump and this man has realized this...
Looking forward to a great time in the Lord tomorrow in Monon, Indiana with friend and Pastor Mark Newman.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Pastor Mark wants to remind everyone to bring their boxes to the church this…
Pastor Mark Burns who stood by Colors United and gave some of the best rally speeches!!
how dare you doubt Pastor Mark Burns!!
Pastor Mark has an amazing message in store for you tomorrow!. Remember we have Sunday Services at 10AM, 11:30AM,...
"If we are only praying in reaction to what the devil is doing in our lives, who is really leading our prayer life?"- Pastor Mark Carrillo.
Love, love, love my pastors!. "You asked for it.". Drinking... (Man! I cut it short before Pastor Mark hit up...
Thank U Pastor Mark for sincere ❤️of Christ, country, and real unity.
We're excited to welcome Pastor Mark back to Trinity tomorrow--and we'd love the opportunity to welcome you, too!
Thank you Pastor Mark Burns for your services. We live in the land of the free because of the BRAVE men and women like y…
Thank you Pastor Mark Anthoni Thomas, Miriam A. Moore, parents and teachers who have shared your personal...
Delighted to have our amazing senior pastor Stuart Bell with us tomorrow continuing our Mark series .. looking...
Longtime pastor hands over reins at St. John’s, St. Mark’s
Longtime pastor hands over reins at St. John's, St. Mark's
Inspired and challenging talk by Pastor Mark Wiltshire on at the AOG zone West meeting.
lol. Great pt. I have to mentally book mark that reply
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Join us for Morning Worship tomorrow at 9:30 am. Pastor Mark will be continuing the Reset Your Light sermon series.
If your pastor doesn't speak out about racism, hate crimes, and vulnerable people tomorrow, schedule a meeting with them…
How about Pastor Mark Burns and his church of one? 😳
"We've got to stop being African-American or Hispanic-American. We've got to just start seeing ourselves as Americans.". Pastor Mark Burns
Join us online 11 am as Pastor Bill shares a message about Mark of the Beast issue…
It's time overcome negativity! It's time to live with God's perspective! Join Pastor Mark Sunday as we learn exactly how to do that.
Pastor Mark, please DM me as soon as you can. Thank you.
Pastor Mark Sartin speaks on words of knowledge from the Holy Spirit
I just finished day 4 of the plan 'Pray Like Jesus By Pastor Mark Driscoll'. Ch…
Pastor Mark, Healing r Nation would b great if people weren't being paid 2 Riot by Soros. AD is on CraigsL
Thanks to Pastor John Mark Harrison for your prayers this morning.
As a youth pastor, it is impossible to do everything. Mark Stoorvogel
"Pastor Mark Burns apologizes for image of Hillary Clinton in blackface" : via
Should the world be worried by a President Trump?: In this US election special, Pastor Mark Burns defends……
Thank you Pastor Mark for your service then and your service now!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
In Mark 10:29-31 is expounding on the 100 fold return for prioritizing & proclaiming with demonstrations His Kingdom Message!
that thread is sinful. and mark's always the pastor's son. KILL ME NAW. LOL! 😂😂😂
"God is establishing His Kingdom here on Earth and wants to do it through you.". -Pastor Mark
New to MEBC? Spend an evening where Pastor Mark and wife Star- rla will host you with the sta ,…
Annette and I had a great time with friends, Pastor Mark and Lady Carolyn Reid Sunday in West…
Gr8 book! We love Pastor Mark (we're a part of NCC). Mark mentions Taylor Wilkerson's story in the book. Is that your son?
This past Sunday, Pastor Mark announced that His good friend and long time Pastor, Sam Hinn will…
Pastor Mark and Shelly Russell , Dr Jim Bradford and the where did of Lighthouse Assembly of God in Metropolis,...
Hey Pastor Mark McCoy thanks for the follow!
Pastor Burns: "We [need to] stop describing ourselves with adjectives before who we are."
Pastor Mark Durie says Cardinal George Pell is an easy target for allegations.
Heard this today from Pastor Mark Batterson of the National Community Church in DC - "the answer to every prayer is more of the Holy Spirit"
I would totally watch a debate between the Reverend William Barber and Pastor Mark Burns.
Pastor William BarberI have never been so moved. You took me to church. I thank you!
Mario Cuomo's DNC speech and several RNC speeches. I think Pastor Mark Burns was one of them.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Pastor Mark Burns full speech at Republican National Convention (7/21/16) is right
Pastor Mark Burns: "For 50 years black people have been voting Democrats & and we're still broke..."
Pastor Wilton will conduct the annual Blessing of the Pets at 11 a.m. July 31 at St. Mark's in Otter Creek. All are welcome.
Why this pastor spent $3,000 in church funds to win an Oregon raffle with an AR-15 as the prize.
Tonight, 6:45-8pm Ministry Centre . Join Pastor Mark as he continues this 'drop in' style Bible Study on...
and COR AME's Pastor Mark Whitlock unite to work toward end to racism and violence ht…
Thank you Steve Poarch (M.Div. '04), Lead Pastor for such a wonderful service today honoring Officer Mark McCullers!
My pastor friend Mark Hallock asked me to write a post for his excellent blog, so here it is. I appreciate him...
Anglican pastor and academic Mark Durie on peace within different religions.
I hope you'll join us this weekend. We're excited to welcome Campus Pastor Mark Jobe! https:…
"Quit fighting battles where there is no reward." - Pastor Mark Trice
This morning's message, a continuation of "The Gospel of Luke - Shaping The Church" series, from Pastor Mark...
It was neat to hear Pastor Mark mention Clive Palmer and Titanic 2 in the sermon today. Are you a Titanic buff?...
Mark Jackson walk like a pastor how ironic
Baptist pastor in Dallas: Christians should reconsider re trans ppl: "I want to understand the way God has made us"
These two people mean the world to me. I love you both, Pastor Mark and Miss Crystal.
Yes motion on the floor! Yes! Thank you Mark Holland. Bishops are divided just as we are. Model the way COB
go home go home go home you panels are pathetic and thank you Pastor Mark Burns for setting them straigh…
Pastor Mark Burns:. No matter WHAT COLOR you are, We are ALL ONE people under the RED, WHITE & BLUE!. https:/…
Well Said! . Pastor Mark Burns: "I want to declare to you, that under Donald Trump, ALL lives matter."
Respect for this guy trying to educate himself and others.
This. Read and contemplate before judging(others). I've decided that I have no right to judge...
A Dallas Baptist pastor actually took the time to learn about the transgender community. Here's what he has to say.
We're happy to announce that Pastor Mark has been selected to serve on the Cathedral Chapter of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey!
Thanks to Pastor Mark from Cedar Run Community Church for being part of Impact's first of many ordination services!
Mark walker, Congressman from NC, a pastor & truth teller holds down the Democratic reps as they defend lies about Ben Rhodes & Iran Deal.
Charlotte pastor Mark Harris is running in new 9th Congressional District
Did not this pastor 'conspire to defraud' Whole Foods? Why isn't the D.A. of that town or county charging
CityReach Philly church unites in prayer with Pastor Mark Novales for a 8 yr old named Tony who was diagnosed...
Pastor Mark referenced a similar story in the message on Sunday! Enjoy!
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Revival meeting continues tonight at the Faith BC of Selmer Tn. Pastor Mark Shumaker & I hope 2 c u there!
PASTOR MARK ROCKS THE HOUSE Pastor Mark Burns Fires up the Crowd at Donald Trump Rally in Charleston...
It's not what it looks like by Pastor Lanre OLUSEYE with the text taken from Mark 4 Vs 26-29…
No matter what PROBLEMS are in your "boat", they are no match for the PERSON in it. Jesus is with you! Mark 4:35-41 http…
no mark CNN reports the truth . Trump is satan's employee. And you lose the right to be called pastor
The 6th part of the MISSION POSSIBLE sermon series was about the POWER OF PARTNERSHIP. Pastor Mark stressed on...
I'd love to see more of this - an open mind above all else! Kudos to Mark Wingfield, associate pastor at...
Pastor Mark Burns you are a guiding light to me in this so important election✨
Oh the Lolz in this story. Why not just say the Pastor lied & is going to be sued.
ICYMI Pastor message from Sunday - Jesus' answer to opposition in Mark 2:1-12:
Village Men had an awesome weekend hearing from Pastor Mark and doing tons of crazy activities at the Men's Retreat!
7 things this Baptist pastor is learning about transgender people
Mark your calendars for Friday, June 10th 7:00pm for A Night of Praise & Love for our Pastor and Saturday June...
You learn so much from the book of Luke taught by Pastor Mark Driscoll
Over the weekend Pastor Mark talked about the mission field and shared three missions we run and support here at...
The message from our last Sunday service has been posted. It comes from John 1:14 and was given by Pastor Mark...
Listen in as Pastor Mark Gordon speaks on 10 points to live with God's assurance. Keep the conversation going by...
Hippie Phil and Pastor Mark seem like an odd couple
Our hope for a clear head in life is a close connection to God. -Pastor Mark
Pastor Mark's sermon this morning is "He is King" from John 12:12-19. Read it at
We love Pastor Mark! Open the White House with a prayer from him next year.
In this podcast episode Pastor Mark talks to Paul Johnson about keeping faith through pain.
THIS Sunday our Pastor Mark, Pastor of our Glenwood Church is speaking at New Creation Church of Meeker this...
Special thanks to Pastor Mark, Lisa, Ciska, and the MET for their leadership and time. Engage 16 was awesome.
Pastor Mark's calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd . No one fools Pastor Mark.
Blog Post: I Got My Books Back! (and other important news from Pastor Mark).
Pastor Mark really encouraged me after church today
Congratulations to Pastor Mark and Janice!. Josiah Alan Maddux arrived at 1:13pm. 9lbs 8oz. 20.5" long. Mom and...
Tomorrow at services, Pastor Mark will preach a message called "We Don't Coast". We would love to have you join us!
Later in day-Pastor Mark baptized Brandon Roberts and Austin Ray in Mossy Creek!
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Pray for Pastor Mark, Chris Ames, Jack Gilbert and their wives and families. It's the best thing you can do for...
Did you know that October is Pastor Appreciation Month? It's time to send some love to Pastor Mark and Pastor Chad!
We just surprised Pastor Mark & his wife, Tammy, with some gifts to show our Appreciation! Thanks for all you do...
When pastor Mark asks me what I was thinking, I'll let him know I asked your permission first!
Pastor Mark highlighted 6 accepted characteristics of our culture. One of them is: God is the standard of our...
New LIfe's Sermon Series continues this Sunday at 9 & 11. Listen to pastor Mark's most recent messages at
Learn how you can ask Pastor Mark a question here:
Had a blast last night 😋Grateful for Slim Shady, Pastor Mark and friends 🙏🏽
Pastor Mark as always being blessed by You.
Always Christian-like Pastor James Manning interrupts candlelight vigil with slurs (1:20 Mark)
Liberty family, Pastor Tim continues the series on Mark. See you Sunday and invite a friend.
Support the House of Dreams by purchasing BBQ dinners for Sep 26, 12-4pm at FFC. Call Pastor Mark ext 31
Mark of the Beast: Do you agree with Pastor Mike's interpretation of 666?
We are excited to have Pastor Richard Salazar. . SUNDAY | OCTOBER 4th . So mark your calendars and start inviting...
Great time this morning with Pastor Mark! Glad we got to see him on his way to
Pray for Mark Cox, a church planter who used to be a youth pastor in AR, who is launching Access Church in Columbus on October 18.
Our Mark Latham still finds time to promote during the Street Pastor Recruitment and Vision nigh…https:…
Sunday, Sept 27th—Releasing Our Faith from Trademark Restrictions: Mark 9:38-50—Pastor Chris . "to listen to .
Dear Pastor Mark - Russian brothers are waiting for you!
Pastor is preaching at my church Scripture: Mark 10: 56-52. Text "Don't forget to holla.
Honored to minister in the precious country of Uruguay, S.A. with my great friend and Pastor Ricardo…
Listening to Pastor Mark Francey is such a treat! We are so excited to hear what he has to say to us at
I just found Pastor Mark Burns on — check it out! /cc
Pastor will be joining us at First Wednesday! Mark your calendars for Wed, Oct. 7th at 6:30pm!
Join us at church as Pastor Mark discusses why we get angry. Service times are:. Sunday // 9-10am /…
Funny thing is I bet every pastor who shows this video would decry Mark Driscoll's sexism yet not see it in this.
Jury gives not guilty verdict to pastor accused of sexually assaulting women at shelter(Orlando news)
Mark your calendar now! Pastor John P. Kee aka will be in concert FREE to release his latest…
Inferiority is fear you do NOT make the mark and you are less than others. ~Pastor Detrick Redding
We're hosting an event entitled The Awakening, led by pastor and author Mark your calendars for 10/3:
This coming Sunday, mark your calendars to hang out after church for lunch with the pastor!
Pastor Jim Bakker & Pastor Mark Biltz discuss a vision about a coming judgment that man has never seen before.
Pastor Mark confronts & restores and so much more as we go through chapter 6:1-10 in Judges @ 9:30 & 11AM! Join us!
Miss the Q&A from this past Sunday? Here is the 10:45 AM service Q&A where Lead Pastor Mark answers some of your...
Come by chapel to hear Mark Rogers, a pastor at Fellowship in the Pass Church, and a short testimony from GGBTS student
Child sex abuse scandal black mark on Catholic Church: Pastor
I've Mark Cuylenburg, who's fundraising for on Donate now
Pastor Ed Young will be joining us as a guest speaker at next month's First Wednesday! Mark your…
Mark your calendars. Homecoming October 4, 2015 with Pastor Matt Munday. Invite your friends and family. It is...
to last Sunday's message from our current series, So. Make plans to join us as Pastor Mark wraps up this...
On today's Hymn and Gospel Time with Jay Nunley... The Isaacs, Ricky Skaggs, Mark Lowry, and our Daily Devotional from Pastor Randy Skeens.
Best way to judge someone's spiritual temperature is by how they treat others..- Pastor Mark Roberts
Sorry Mark had to work late, but we could have come and got you :(
I have only flown through there. Have a blast! I am good just got Pastor Mark's new on the launch team😀
sorry we couldnt make it Mark got out of work late..
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Jesus in Galilee, Part 2. THU 9/24 at 10:30aET on Somebody Loves You: Pastor Raul Ries teaches on Mark 3. Hear it:
Pastor Saeed will mark 3 yrs of unjust imprisonment by Iran on Sept 26. .
Worry Killed Him - by Pastor David Jeremiah . But when they arrest you and deliver you up, do not worry…. Mark...
Pastor Don spoke at S. Everett 4square Sunday. If you weren't able to be there, you can listen online. .
Sept 26th will mark 3 years Pastor Saeed Abedini has been unjustly imprisoned by Iran .
thanks for sharing Pastor Mark Driscoll, have a great Wednesday :)
What a phenomenal day! Jersey Sunday, a great sermon by Pastor Mark, and SIX baptisms!!
Headed to CCA! Family wager (who buys lunch): will Pastor Mark reference hunting during service?
Pastor Mark preaches tomorrow from 1 John about "The Last Hour." Don't miss it!
Pastor Mark had some help from the men of to demonstrate the armor of God.
"We've come to worship and to stand with God," Charlotte pastor Mark Harris says @ We Stand With God rally in
So sad that Pastor Mark is leaving but wishing him the best of luck in Northwood, NoDak! 🙏🏻
Many thanks to Pastor Mark Mckeehan & staff of Chillhowie Baptist in Knox. for great service/message & food-Great people-family atmoshphere
Trust and Obey is our sermon serious for the next 6 weeks @ baylife church in Brandon, FL. By pastor Mark Saunders.
Results from today's members' vote on Mark Minton & the position of Worship Pastor is now online on our website.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Had a great time of worship this AM @ Crossway Baptist in Springfield MO with Pastor & worship pastor Mark Mathes
Today in his sermon, our pastor maintained Jesus was making a poop joke in Mark 7:14-15. I'd never read it like that. I love this church.
Thank you to pastor mark and all the folks at Trinity for welcoming us this morning.
Pastor Mark Surburg has brand new content up! Sermon for Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity - Lk 10:23-37
Pastor Mark spittin fire at church this morning 🔥
Pastor feeding our faith family this morning through Mark 8 & 1 Peter 4. Grateful that he…
Pastor Mark Baker is the truth when it comes to sowing seed!
Everything that has happened to you was necessary, you might not of deserved it but it had to happen so you can breakthrough~ Pastor Mark
Pastor John-Mark Bartlett delivers the Word of the Lord
Pastor Mark just said; Ask yourself what are you attracting?.
Pastor Wilson bringing us the word this morning. The message "Something Within"(Mark…
"If given the opportunity to be me, I cannot fail!", Pastor Mark Baker, Greater Works Than These Ministries, 2015
This morning's message, a continuation of the "Revival" series, from Pastor Mark Powell.…
Pastor Mark just said; Create an atmosphere of integrity, peace and stability and people will enjoy being a part...
"Believing with a Purpose: Doubt is not an option!" Mark 5:35-36 Senior Pastor, Kevin Ragland (8-30-15)
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" Going up on a Tuesday " from Mark 9:2 Pastor Kenny Rice is bringing the Word.
"The primary mark of authentic faith is love for Jesus." - Pastor Chris Bell
I uploaded a new track, "August 29, 2015 Am Pastor Mark Polley", on
Pastor Mark just said; Everything you do creates a climate! You are the seed that gives birth to the atmosphere...
Mark 7:14-15. Then he called the crowd again and said to them, "Listen to me, all of you and…
The happiest people in the world don't necessarily have everything; they MAKE THE MOST of everything. Pastor Mark
If you live in fear of getting hurt, you won't really grow in the love of God. -Pastor Mark on how we need each other
Pastor unpacking Mark 8 & 1 Peter 4 for the family today. We must recognize that "our faith costs us something." It has to.
"YOU are the only one that can destroy God's plan for your life." ~Pastor Mark Hadinger
Today is Sabbath & if you go to Pastor Mark Ballmer will teach U GOD'S word. Have a great Lords day. Amen
We welcome everyone today! Meet us at 11:15a for a powerful word from Pastor Mark Burns for the Hour Of Wisdom at...
"Your journey is going to mark your life and define who you are." Pastor Todd Mullin
God has great things in store for you.9:30 service preaching by Pastor Mark Baker tune in now.
Mark your calendars! Join for dynamic preaching of and 9/16-17
We must understand that God's plan is way beyond our scope of comprehension. Pastor Mark Neal, HHBC, 8-30-15
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Don't Miss our 11am worship service as Pastor John preaches a sermon entitled "Answering The Call" from the series on Mark.
If the only time you open a Bible is Sunday morning when your Pastor tells you to, then you have a serious problem. Mark 14:49.
A little surprise for Pastor Mark for his birthday from the choir! We are all blessed that you are…
Happy! Figured out how to get PC on a big screen at home Thrilled to see CKelly & Pastor Mark
Make Your Mark On the World this morning with CLUB1040 at Freedom House Church Batavia, OH - Pastor…
Pastor Mark sharing a great word from God.
This morning at Grace, we have bible classes for all ages & Pastor will preach from Mark 10:17-31.
Is your pastor building a church or a stage?
Apologies, we are having problems during this service live streaming Pastor Mark's message. Our tech team is working to resolve it.
Pastor John Mark concludes the "Clash of Kingdoms" sermon series tomorrow in worship services at 9:30a & 11:00a.
Worshipped at Mountainside Lutheran Church with Pastor Joe, Bishop Mark & an amazing band. Thanks for your support!
Dynamic preaching today on Generosity by Lead Pastor Mark Minturn. If you missed today's services, don't forget...
Check out the latest message from ps - Its Not Meant To Work -
What a privilege being taught by Guest Pastor "Learn to Discern". where champions are trained.
Join us Sunday at 10:45 am for our contemporary service with Pastor Mark Coffey and the CLC Praise Band. It's...
Pastor Mark and his praise team leading at children's campfire.
We're excited to have Pastor Mark Collard with us this Sunday from Equippers Church London! Spread the word!
Mark your calendars for Praise Center's "Turning The World Upside Down" City-Wide Revival with Pastor Quentin...
"has a way of inconveniencing us. His inconvenience is how He reveals our - Pastor Mark Aarstad
Thank you very little Pastor Mark for turning your seat warmer on in the middle of the summer!
Had such an amazing time with Pastor Mike, Pastor David, and Sam. Can't wait to join The Wesley and leave my mark on Tarleton. 💜
Mark your Calendars Tribe Called Grace...Pastor on the Move...Grace on the Move!!! Sunday, August 16th 4pm
Yeahhh.. Going fishing for the 1st time. Pastor Mark has invited me. Early morning at 5...
Pastor Mark Schuitema preached the clear Word of comfort, truth and conviction at the funeral of Katrina Scott.
Pastor Mark's eNote "I have come to understand that the race is not always to the swift, but...
Out with missionary church planters from Colorado. Mark and Stephanie will be joining us this Sunday as pastor...
Aviator's Game Wednesday, August 12th. $2 tickets. Contact Pastor Mark today (Thursday) if you want tickets.
Why do u follow Mark Driscoll? He is unwilling/unable to exercise the wisdom needed by a pastor
Pastor Mark finally broke down and gave me an office. Preparing the message is almost as fun as…
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