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Pastor Kimberly Ray

Kimberly Raye is an American author who writes mostly Romance and Paranormal fiction. She is the creator of the Dead End Dating series as well as authored a variety of Harlequin Romance titles.

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Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin,. It took me years to realize that God loves me and to please Him only. I w…
I am so encouraged by the life of Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin. Her life has laid a profound foundation for single... http:…
"Sometimes in my dreams I'm praying passionately for people and then I awake and feel compelled to pray again". Pastor…
Love Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin. One of the most annoited preacher's I have ever heard. Just recently ran across her yo…
God bless you Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin! I have been blessed by your ministry for a long time! Every week we ar…
My pastor is in the house and she's teaching this word I love my pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin
I liked a video Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin Ministries - We're Here For You
with the Ray Sisters Pastor Kimberly L. Ray Angie Ray Ministries getting ready for the 37th...
Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin, Enjoyed the Broadcast tonight!! It was a great blessing!!
I added a video to a playlist Evangelist Tanya Ray And Pastor Kimberly Ray
. So honored my Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin was considered❤
very grateful to have this telecast on the word network thank you Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin amen amen
spoke with Pastor Kimberly Ray, she mentioned you and I wanted to reach out to you for a few words of encouragement
Amen Pastor Evangelist Kimberly L Ray-Gavin God bless you, your husband and family forevermore in Jesus name!
Amen pastor kimberly God's vessel of honor you and your family are in my prayers God bless the ray family
Tune In tonight "A Time of Intercession" TV program with Pastor Kimberly Ray-Gavin on the WORD Network @ 11 pm
It's Time for a Time of intercession with Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin. Please tune in WJYS channel 62
Mark your calendar for this explosive week of dynamic preaching & singing! Shirley Caesar Pastor Kimberly Ray & more https:/…
Pastor Kimberly Ray left a mark on Resurrection Church. Check it out:.
The state of GA will be waiting for you! :)
There is a preserved distinction that accompanies a real saint of God - Pastor Kimberly Ray-Gavin . .
Kimberly Ray, Pastor of Church on the Rock in Mattesin, IL.…
Kingdom Blessings to Off Pastor Kimberly Ray-Gavin and Church on the Rock. Such a massive response in preparation...
Pastor Kimberly Ray won't be attending the 48 hour prayer meeting anymore. I was looking forward to seeing her on somebody's scope😒
I just go home at 10:00 pm and still feel his presence from the service!!! I thank God for Pastor Kimberly Ray Glavins
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Kimberly Ray: The Blood of Jesus
Pastor Kimberly Ray Prayed the prayer of faith at the Homegoing Celebration of Apostle Richard D. Hinton.
this is to Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin. on her lost of your Pastor
...Please come visit us!! You'll be Blessed!! But again I say, Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin is Amazing!
I listened to Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin again last night. My soul is happy, refreshed and encouraged.
AMEN Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin - May God Bless you all at House on the Rock ~
Senior Eagles scream encouragement to those that are in the valley. Pastor Kimberly Ray
Pastor Kimberly Ray...Preaching up in here. FGBCF . "Lord not like this"
Pastor Kimberly Ray is preaching in this place. "Not like this". Judges 15:14-19.
hi pastor Kimberly ray Gavin how are you doing long time no talk I having been on here for a while ?
Thanks Pastor, Kimberly ray. I receive that In The Name of JESUS!
Pastor Kimberly Ray-Gavin and The Church on the Rock coming to Wisconsin via
Tonight pastor Kimberly ray is coming on at 12:00 on The word network
Conference 2013 -- Two sweet ladies I know from Pastor Kimberly Ray's church
There is a PRICE to pay for the anointing ! -Pastor Kimberly Ray
A Visitation from the Lord - 33rd Annual Prayer Conference Pastor Kimberly Ray via
Pastor Kimberly Ray truly delivered the Word of the Lord today!
Pastor Kimberly Ray - I am Persuaded via This really blessed me just now!
Pastor Kimberly Ray has great news!: Fresh insight on prayer for anyone who has been struggling to see breakth...
Cant wait for PASTOR KIMBERLY RAY'S 2014 message. Am still enjoying the 2013 PRAISE BREAK & PREACHING!:
Support my cousin Pastor Kimberly Ray - buy her new book!
Get your copy of by Pastor Kimberly Ray today!!
I so love Pastor Kimberly Ray's Ministry! She's an Anointed & Mighty Woman of God..So very Excited and Happy... http:…
If you don't have Pastor Kimberly Ray new Book it's Talking about The Power of Prayer. You need It, I am Bless by it http:…
Pastor Kimberly Ray is TEACHING! Jesus, seeing that everything had been completed so that the Scripture record... htt…
Pastor Kimberly Ray gave a great word at
Get your copy Spiritual Intervention by Pastor Kimberly Ray today! Available at http:…
If you were blessed by the word fron here is the whole message Pastor Kimberly Ray - I am Persuaded: http…
"I am so happy for Pastor Kimberly Ray. Love is worth the wait
“There are people that want to be anointed but they do not want to pray.” Pastor Kimberly Ray …
IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO GET YOUR COPY of "Spiritual Intervention" by Pastor Kimberly Ray ,This Book is sure to bless u! …
What a Blessing it was to host Pastor Kimberly Ray at both our 9 & 11am services!
Angie Ray Ministries Presents the Deliverance Prayer Tour with Pastor Kimberly Ray-Gavin at 12noon http:/…
"Saints of God, we can't make it to heaven shouting down here and can't love each other" ~ Pastor Kimberly Ray
"Nobody may ever know your name, but just have power with God" ~ Pastor Kimberly Ray
"Your first ministry is to your house" ~ Pastor Kimberly Ray
"You gotta be faithful to your church" ~ Pastor Kimberly Ray
Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin is up preaching ! Pray the word of God !
This morning Intercessory Prayer with Pastor Kimberly Ray was ANOINTED don't miss tomorrow morning…
“This morning Intercessory Prayer was AMAZING with Pastor Kimberly Ray.. Be there in the morning.…
Pastor Kimberly Ray is a praying and preaching woman of God.
have a blessed nite pastor Kimberly ray love you
pastor Kimberly ray I love your hair rt
hi pastor Kimberly Ray how are you doing today Iam feeling much better I thank god for tounching my body god is so good
I will be in the building. I love Pastor Kimberly Ray and it is not a church night for me. Can someone say...
"Spiritual Intervention" by Pastor Kimberly Ray will certainly not be a waste of your time... please get a copy and see for yourself
Amen Pastor Kimberly Ray you are preaching to the men as well!
I too Pastor Kimberly Ray ministering the awesome Word of God
Sitting here watching Pastor Kimberly Ray on Word Network, and I see my mother, along with Mother Hazel Saunders...
I'm watching LIVE right now! Tune in now, a time of Intercession w/Pastor Kimberly Ray-Gavin!!
"What is Authority if you do not use it"- Pastor Kimberly Ray-Gavin
Just sitting here reflecting from the information given at the conference. I am really excited and ready to embrace the Cultural Shift. Teachings from Tia Brewer-Footman, Pastor Kimberly Ray, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Bishop Michael Blue and Bishop T.D. Jakes and so many others have inspired me to go out and minister to the people in the arts & entertainment sphere. If you know where you fit in the world, let's go out and captivate our audience. Let us stop doing church work and start doing Kingdom work by being present in all 7 spheres: business, government, media, arts & entertainment, education, family and religion. Anybody with me???
Pastor Kimberly ray preach they shouting lol go head
Watching one of my fav's Pastor Kimberly Ray
Lord have mercy.Pastor Kimberly Ray is preaching!
Preach pastor Kimberly ray, I'm fighting for my harvest yes God
Preach pastor Kimberly ray, I love you here! Love you
Come on pastor Kimberly ray word network I'm glued to the tv! I love her
As we prepare for the week gain spiritual insight from this interview I did w/
I remember who was preaching when I received the Holy Ghost @ pastor Kimberly Ray # CCFM 2014
So Pastor Kimberly Ray got up to the mic & IMMEDIATELY Exhorted under the HolyGhost Power😩🙌
What were you saying when you received the Holy Ghost??!!. ~ Pastor Kimberly Ray. My, my!
We got to preserve decency in the church! ~ Pastor Kimberly Ray. YES LORD!
Pastor Kimberly Ray is one of my favorite preachers
I know Pastor Kimberly Ray is about to PREACH! CCFM2014
Eddie James & Pastor Kimberly Ray are in the house tonight!
I'm about to faint! Pastor Kimberly Ray just walked in.
"A.R.M. Prayer Conference, Register Today"! Pastor Kimberly Ray invites you to a set aside time via
WELP NITE Pastor Kimberly Ray is the speaker tonite!!! I'm excited LET'S…
YOU ARE INVITED...BISHOP T.D. JAKES, Senior Pastor of The Potter's House (Dallas, TX), will be with us for the first time as a GUEST SPEAKER during CCFM Conference 2014--June 25 through June 28, along with Bishop Michael A. Blue, Pastor Kimberly Ray, and Bishop Paul S. Morton! Admission is FREE, but registration is encouraged. Ask about the UPGRADE and how you can be a part of the SPECIAL SESSION in which BISHOP JAKES expounds upon his NEW BOOK, "INSTINCT." Please visit for more information. VISIT THE LINK BELOW to watch BISHOP T.D. JAKES minister: Thank you and please share with others.
I want to be Pastor Kimberly Ray. She's perfect.
had to record ARM to see Pastor Kimberly Ray and hear a powerful word. Matt 18: 18-20
For the past few days a rash broke out on my legs and arms. Very irritating, painful. I took the anointing oil I received from a conference in Illinois w/Cheryl Ray w/pastor Pastor Kimberly Ray and Pastor J Denise Ray I put the anointing oil on the condition and I said God heal me. Lord heal me from the root and praise God it stopped Itching in the name of Jesus and the pain is gone . The power of prayer is powerful
I just finished watching pastor Kimberly ray just woke up had to comfort my mom I pray before work
I liked a video Pastor Kimberly Ray Prays at Azusa 2013
Pastor Kimberly Ray is honored with the Fire Award for her service to the Body of Christ
Thank you Lord for another day. Pastor Kimberly Ray - I am Persuaded:
Pastor Kimberly Ray: The Blood of Jesus: BLOOD OF JESUS over my life ,family and friends ,devil is a liar.
Man I feel prayer in my belly! I keep hearing pastor Kimberly Ray saying, oh yeah. I love to hear her pray! I getting excited! God is listening!
On this parking lot photo I did a full shifted started at 6am, got off drove to Reno Nv. to attend a service Pastor Kimberly Ray spoke at that night...after service hit the road back home. But the word was worth it, I got to meet her and The Lord gave traveling grace!!!
Update your maps at Navteq
have a blessed nite pastor Kimberly Ray
So I listened to my cousin Pastor Kimberly Ray interview. When she announced her engagement she had like 30,000 views or something like that.when I announce whenever it's time for me to get married I don't expect to have that many. Just something around 15,000 ;)
Kimberly Ray talking about her new book and her recent engagement via
Good morning Pastor Kimberly Latrease Ray how are you?
Praise the Lord. Pastor Kimberly Ray. I truly believe you are a blessing to many. And my prayer is that you continue to be a true women of God. For many are sailing there's soul for frame and glory of self. Forgetting that it was Jesus who blessed them to begin with. Continue to fight a good fight a faith women of God.. And never lose sight of the prize ... which is only found in Jesus.. Agape..
WOW! You DO look like a LADY named Pastor Kimberly Ray!! LOL! You should meet her. She's a BEAUTIFUL woman of God!😊
This is our Sister in the Lord Pastor Kimberly Ray Overseer of... "ANGIE RAY MINISTRIES". The Title speaks for itself and God says it all. We Hope After Watc...
We're Honoring Pastor Kimberly Ray along with other gospel greats May 15
I receive this Word Mighty Woman of God & 1 of my Absolute FAVORITE People, Pastor Kimberly Ray!! *hugs*
Friday getting my hair done and picking up my pastor Kimberly ray book!!
Check out the book "Spiritual Intervention" by Pastor Kimberly Ray! Esp,if you are a intercessor, has strongholds are family curses etc..
Preach Pastor Kimberly Ray! I will be going her direction this summer! Glory!
Pastor Kimberly Ray is preaching SHO on the WORD network!!
can you share the link please. I love pastor Kimberly Ray.
This year I am gonna make sure I empower someone else...naturally and spiritually. Pastor Kimberly Ray spoke on the molting process of an eagle. My focus will be single parents and youth.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I can hear Pastor Kimberly Ray saying: take us higher and fill us with fire! Yes Lord!!
Make plans to get by Miracle Revival Cathedral tonite (Friday) at 7pm for prayer & 8pm for Pastor Kimberly Ray, her prayer team & church! People are calling...ample & secured parking, easy access! Come on to REVIVAL FIRE @ Miracle Revival Cathedral 2010 St. Charles Rd. in Maywood! Seating for Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists.Let's get something from The Lord. Pastor Kim's book will be for sale too. SPREAD THE WORD. THEN right after MRC Revival, we're headed straight to DWC for SHUT-IN! TONIGHT! JANUARY 31
I received my book and I'm on chapter 7 already! All I can say is Thank you Lord for Pasto…
FAMILY!!! Just left FIYA! The FIre of the Holy Ghost was @ Miracle REVIVAL Cathedral with Pastor Kimberly Ray NOW to Destiny Worship Center where the FIRE is gonna meet us again in a SHUT IN! That's right a SHUT IN starting in 5 minutes! MEET US!
Final night of revival. Pastor Kimberly Ray. Ready for the word
Pastor Kimberly Ray coming to Maywood IL Tonight! Miracle Revival Cathedral 7:30pm, 2010 St. Charles Road .Looking to see our West side family...Its been a while. Come Pray with us.
Happy Friday Afternoon FBF.Only 3 hours to go...Lord hold back that snow tonight. Let your people get home safely with no accidents, no worries. I know your hand is over your people. Lead us and guide us for your righteousness sake. Amen PS: Don't forget Revival tonight at MRC - Pastor Kimberly Ray
I have to make it my business to make ot to someone's church and or synagogue! ! Think ill go with my Pastor to MRC and hear Pastor Kimberly Ray.The customers at this place today has fire shooting out their ears for no apparent reason
Its time to "CONTEND FOR THE FAITH"... Listening to Pastor Kimberly Ray- what a word, what a word. Jude 1:3
Monday night, Prophet Amere J May Sr. & the Holy Ghost blessed us in Maywood! He'll be there tomorrow and God has already given him some specifics for the saints. Meet us in prayer Wednesday will be Prophet Edgar Aaron. Bring pictures of family members to prayer & put them on the altar! Thursday is prayer and then Pastor Kimberly Ray is coming! FRIDAY This move has been EPIC
WAIT... Did Pastor Kimberly Ray just confirm the Enoch revelation from tonight's call, almost verbatim on the Word Network?
Pastor Kimberly Ray is doing her good preaching tonight on the word network my god Preach Ray .
So happy for my Sister,Pastor Kimberly Ray, her new book is phenomenal!
Time for the Saints to REFUEL, REFRESH, REIGNITE! Meet us for an outpouring at Miracle Revival Cathedral, January 26th-31st! Including special guests Prophet Amere May, Prophet Edgar Aaron and Pastor Kimberly Ray!!! Good Goodness! God is doing something in the spirit and I'm ready to receive! Trust me family, you wanna meet me there! Spread the word.
Pastor Kimberly Ray is on the WORD Network. helping me SHO!!
Honoring God today for my sister,Pastor Kimberly Ray . She has a new book published by Charisma House Publications called Spiritual Intervention. Today is the official release date. Thank you Jesus!!!
...if you go out today, stop by Walmart and pick up Pastor Kimberly Ray's book Spiritual's there, I CHECKED!
Blessings body of Christ. I don't often make reference to myself as a prophetess but today I would like to speak to you from this office-one that I've been placed in by God & confirmed by man. There is an assault against those in leadership especially Pastors & men of God. Many of our gatekeepers & watchmen that have been on the wall have been under great attack. The judgment & love of God is being released in our land in a manner by which many in this generation have not seen, heard or experienced. In this season, The Lord is giving opportunity for repentance and the humbling of one's soul. Many will say things that are to come within the next few months are coincidence and of the devil. But I must reveal to you today that God's plans are in motion and through judgment and the will of God, there will be circumstances and situations that will not be turned. God is giving us a season to repent and cry out to Him.Wail and lament. Wise men, don't glory in your wisdom. Strong men don't glory in your ...
Watching Pastor Kimberly Ray on the word network . That woman is bad, she can preach!
Layin here watching pastor Kimberly ray & her sisters they are going making me want to pray! Yes Go head!
hi pastor kimberly ray how are you doing. Today. Happy new year love you !!!
First Monday 2014 Consecration! Monday January 6th Hymn Lovers' Conference is a day of consecration and prayer. Pastor Kimberly Ray Intersession For The Famliy
Yes! Yes! Yes! A.R.M. Church On The Rock 4013 Lindenwood Drive Matteson,Il. 60443 We will be in service today, starting at 11:00am. If it's to much snow to drive to city or you looking for a good place to visit this morning, come on by. Our beloved, Pastor Kimberly Ray will be ministering today!
In 4 days my cousins book will be sold in Walmart & Barnes&Noble! Spiritual Intervention by Pastor Kimberly Ray
Pastor Kimberly Ray speaks at the 1st Annual Women's Luncheon during the 2013 International Faith Conference. Purchase the IFC on CD or DVD at
...Last post: So grateful to see 2014! Regardless of what happens...Keep moving forward! See you in 21 days! OH!!!Don't forget to support Pastor Kimberly Rays book Spiritual Interventions now on or at your local Barnes & Noble or Walmart or Christian Bookstore beginning January 7th! Love you!
Thanking God for the mature eagles (saints) in my life, who may see me in the valley and encourage me! Pastor preached yall! Happy New Year Ppl! Kimberly Graves Michelle Coleman Theresa Sturdivant Phyllis Grant Pastor Kimberly Ray if i forgot anybody charge it to my mind not my heart! Good night or morning lol
With bended knees I salute the unction upon your life and ministry Pastor Kimberly L. Ray. You've being a...
I'm Anointed Per; Pastor Kimberly Ray. Thank you Jesus for the blessings.
Pastor Kimberly Ray is preaching tonight on The Word Network ..
Pastor Kimberly Ray is preaching about the deliverance that THE SAINTS need! TeamWordNetwork!
When you understand the purpose of a Test u will stop complaining through it!--Pastor Kimberly Ray
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength: (Isaiah 26:3, 4 KJV) Preach Pastor Kimberly Ray!!!
Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee". God knows you by name! If you'd like to pray today, join me, Assistant Pastor J. Denise Ray at 7pm (central) Phone Number-(712) 432-8399 Access Code-516918 I look forward to praying with you! Pastor Kimberly Ray Cheryl Ray Ridley Tanya Ray
This is a beautiful, awesome and anointed Woman of God. Pastor Kimberly Ray. I first met her when we attended high school together. She was set aside, even then. I'm excited about what God is doing through her.
2014. My Ministry WILL Launch. I WILL meet Pastor Kimberly Ray, Tamela&David Mann, Tyler, WILL Have An Even GREATER Relationship with God! Hear what I am saying. Im Gonna be Able to Bless the House of God so GREATLY It'll BLOW MY OWN MIND!! THE TIME IS NOW! In My own life& Ministry! devil You THOUGHT you had me BUT I GOT AWAY... I SHALL NOT DIE BUT *LIVE* to DECLARE the Works of the LORD! God Bless and I LOVE Yall! ♥
Pastor Kimberly Ray. Grace Mercy and Peace: Will there be an electronic version of your new book in January?
The spirit of rejection will drive you to try to buy love from people who feel you are beneath them & not worthy of acceptance in their circle. STOP!!!-Pastor Kimberly Ray
Thank you Pastor Kimberly Ray, for such an awesome Word.
A time of intercession is on with pastor Kimberly Ray
Kimberly Ray Luke 4:18 the anointing is not just for you! The real purpose is for being delivered.
gm pastor Kimberly Ray how was sevice last nite aswer me please thank you
Hanging with my friends, Bishop Hezekiah Walker and Pastor Kimberly Ray at The Word Network.
S/o to my godmother Pastor Kimberly Ray preaching on The Word Network...I still love her and her sisters (my godmothers) no matter what
Pastor Kimberly Ray on the Word Network! Tune in now!
I wonder if know that Pastor Kimberly Ray is on the Word Network!?
Dont forget tonight at 8:30 on the word network.Pastor Kimberly Ray an the Ray sisters along with Bishop Hezekiah Walker will be on until 10p.m.
FYI: Pastor Kimberly Ray will be on the word network tonight from 8:30-10pm. with @ Bishop Hezekiah Walker Jr an Tanya ray.
My new habit watching Pastor Kimberly Ray on The Word Network! She is a Proverb 31 woman in the 21st Century!
Pastor Kimberly Ray I looking at y'all on tv you all crying out too God is blessed my soul
What more can I say: Well yesterday if you missed Azusa The Next Generation head is going to explode from all the preacher, Dr. John Gunn, Prophet Carnes, Bishop McDaniels, Pastor Kimberly Ray,Pastor Jamal Bryant and Marvin Sapp who ministered as as a preacher...My Bishop promised he would never feed us any junk, and today I am full. A must have DVD collection !
Our 8am service had Pastor Kimberly Ray , 10am service was AMAZING w/Pastor Steve Munsey, and now our 12pm Pastor Bill Winston! Can't wait!
THIS IS IT! "FOUNDER'S FIRE FRIDAYS" - STARTS TONIGHT! It's a night filled with fire.are you ready? 7:30 P.M. TONIGHT'S SPEAKER: APOSTLE DONALD L. ALFORD, PROGRESSIVE LIFE-GIVING WORD CATHEDRAL, HILLSIDE, ILLINOIS OTHER GUESTS INCLUDE: Pastor Kimberly Ray, Pastor Tracy Devolt, Pastor James Williams, and Pastor Alfred Windom!!! - From Pastor De: "It's a celebration for me, but God's people have been in a BATTLE! We need something from God, BAD! That's what I want FIRE FRIDAYS to be about! WITH PRAYER FIRST! I want something from God during these services. We've had all the great celebrations, now LET'S GET TO GOD! If you need revival, refreshing, restoration, make it by any of the FIRE FRIDAY SERVICES this month." THIS IS THE NIGHT! MEET US THERE! DESTINY WORSHIP CENTER 5514 WEST CHICAGO AVENUE, CHICAGO, IL 2013: GOING AFTER BETTER!
Join us tonight! We will be with our Godfather, Apostle Richard Henton, Pastor Kimberly Ray has a word from the Lord.
Glad I could be on the prayer call tonight! Thankful for Pastor Kimberly Ray and Bishop Murphy!
We had an amazing time in worship last night with Pastor Kimberly Ray and tonight we'll conclude with Bishop Noel Jones and we want to see you here. Arrive early so that you're able to visit the different vendor tables. We'll see you tonight, 5758 W Fillmore Chicago IL!
Like if you attended the FaithWorks Conference and like mine, your life will never be the same! John Hannah, Pastor Kimberly Ray, Pastor Charles Jenkins, Pastor Smith Jr., Bishop Brazier, Bishop Horace Smith, Bishop Paul Morton, Bishop William Hudson III, Bishop Noel Jones, and Sheryl Brady torn AFC Church up on 38th Indiana Street. This conference was so powerful I am giving away copies of it! The theme "Radical Newness"!
Plz join us all this week in Lakemary Fl ..for our state women convention at the lake Mary Marriott under the Leadership of our State Supervisor Mother Mildred Eason...Tonite our very own,Mother Eason Will be the lady of the hour, then Thursday Night Pastor Kimberly Ray bye the way Illinois will be here I just cant wait. 7 o'clock each night PM.C.O.G.I.C
Sitting in Beverly Crawford's womens Conference. Getting ready for Pastor Kimberly Ray to preach.
Want to go to Pastor Kimberly Ray's 32nd Annual Prayer Conference on Aug. 30th - Sept 2nd.
CCFM 2012 was one of the best conferences ever!! Thank God for Pastor Kimberly Ray, Dr. Bill Winston, Pastor Eddie James & group, K4K2 Conf.
Finally home. What an amazing trip. Visited Mall of America, biggest mall in America complete with theme parks and seaquarium inside the mall (Minneapolis, Mn), Southdale Mall, first mall ever biuilt in America (Minneapolis, Mn), Michael Jackson and family home corner of 2300 jackson street and Jackson family Blvd, met and talked with immediate family members (Gary, In), Barack and Michelle Obama home, secret service everywhere. Neighborhood residents visitors must be background screened weeks in advance before they can come by to visit, cannot buy a home in this community until background check passed even with cash in hand (Chicago, IL), Stadiums; Bears (soldier field), Bulls (united center), White Sox (cellular center), Minnesota (Vikings/Twins/Timberwolves), Notre Dame University (South Bend, In), The Sears Tower (Willis Tower, Chicago, IL), Met with televangelist Pastor Kimberly Ray of the word Network and Angie Ray Ministries (Church on the Rock). These are to name just a few of our stops along our ...
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