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Pastor John

John Kilian also , (March 22, 1811 – September 12, 1884) was a Lutheran pastor and leader of the colony known as the Wends of Texas.

Pastor John Gray Pastor John Hannah Pastor John MacArthur Pastor John Hagee Lakewood Church

WRESTLING & WARRING (Part 2). Today Pastor Mike Onyali continue to show us the meaning of this words in the Bible...
"There is a need to highlight the work of pastor-theologian-activists other than Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."
I added a video to a playlist Pastor John Gray 2017 - The Day Before the Overflow
Will the racist violent behavior stop? Pastor John thinks not. Why? Three reasons:
Pastor John Hagee please pray my sponsor adela get alright
Loved having u as my Pastor, John Piper! A good word as always...
"Price determines value, and Jesus paid the highest price for us." -Pastor John at Immersion
"Your little bit is about to become a lot of bit." - Pastor John Gray 🔥
Pastor John MacArthur shares what's wrong with us American heart.
saw the Christian movie ," All Saints " today starring John Cossack ( Greek Wedding). A true story of a Pastor working to save a church.
Meet our school admin team! Mrs. Ball, our principal & Fr. John, our pastor are front and center. A joyful leadersh…
Thank you very much for this fantastic resource, Pastor John. God bless you.
Like John Piper, the pastor, wrote about how he was "using his cancer" to glorify god and I dunno --…
features John Corbett as Pastor Michael Spurlock. Don't miss it! An amazing film and necessary for our time.
John, what was your favorite part of playing the role of Pastor Spurlock?
- John what was your favorite part of the role as pastor Spurlock?
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I've been watching some of Pastor John Gray's sermons on YT, and it's so good! He always has a good message. Btw, I like the humor he adds.
John Corbett is Pastor Michael Spurlock Don't miss at a theater near you 8/25/17
CBN article on my stand against racism.
See how we are helping Pastor John & local churches assist communities in after devastating mudslides. ht…
I liked him in my Big Fat Greek Wedding, and now John Corbett is a pastor in a new movie All Saints! Who's watching?
When you know better, you do better. Maya Angelou. Myself and pastor John Abraham
John, as a veteran and a pastor and a fan, I salute u.
Listen to Pastor John Mark’s interview with KLAK and Alan Freemont to hear more about big things happening Sunday!…
"Get ready..I don't think it is going away. A moral breakdown of our society." Pastor John MacArthur
ALL SAINTS is based on the inspiring true story of salesman-turned-pastor Michael Spurlock (John Corbett), the...
Every individual is responsible for his own conduct, so that the choices we make affect our own lives. Pastor John MacArthur
and grew his church and congregation over decades. John also came from a southern, baptist background. Pastor John's style was COMPLETELY
This week Pastor John continues with his series, 'Visible Faith.' This week you will learn about the varying...
Test your Bible Knowledge !. How many people were saved on the ark?. w/ Pastor John
Today at PHCC we have Pastor John at The Tenfortyfive and at The Six we have Andy Davies talking to us! Come...
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The New Greater Bethel Ministries, Pastor John & Lady Valerie Boyd invite you to join us at the Big Gospel Tent...
A fun surprise for Pastor John when NPC members Bill and Susan Stockton showed up in Silver City this weekend.
Celebrate Recovery, the greatest vehicle to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our generation! Pastor John...
Pastor John shared an inspiring message on Easter Sunday about our in the resurrection. "Therefore comfort on…
You know I have to do it. Pastor John and Pastor Matthew Hagee's endorsement projects a winner.God Bless in Jesus Name.Amen
Happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary, Pastor John and Diana Hagee! May the Lord continue to use…
Pastor John's Sermon from the 4th Sunday in Lent. Read Blog:
Pastor John, Patty Matthews and Allen Bosch are at the Synod Stewardship Lab and our own, …
dude Pastor John just reminded me about it and now I really wanna find the video and watch it 😂😂😂
Man, increases don't be the next John of Leiden, praise be Pastor.
This Sunday is Week 3 of Advent! At our 8:30am service, Pastor Beth will be preaching "Jesus and John." . Then...
One of my favorite interviews: Atlanta pastor opens up about church planting, community, and calling
Started my day with Pastor John Citizen talking to the students at Stewart Middle School. Go Eagles!
Pastor John, beware of a fake account in your name. They have mirrored your profile and it looks the same. I blocked them.
Apostle John, a godly parent, a youth pastor all would say, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”
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If you've been listening to Pastor John Samuel Barnett for a while you know that he has had a plethora of...
Any Pastor planning on using John 3:16 to preach this Sunday is a Savage. 😁😂😁😁
A New Blog Post from Pastor John on the importance of teaching the whole counsel of the Word of God:...
What I Learned from a Pastor’s Letters. Article by: John Starke. Henri Nouwen is a complicated figure. He was a...
1. In his book Running with the Giants, John Maxwell tells of a new pastor who shared the following eight rules with his congregation:
i give my pastor 21 days only to return my offering, he cheated me that 2016 is my year. There is not…
Great visit to Sts. Robert and William today. Super pastor, Fr. John Betters, + principals, Meg Cosgriff and Martha Dodd=awesome school!
I liked a video from Gun to Your Head, Will You Deny Christ? // Ask Pastor John
I liked a video from Should Women Be Police Officers? // Ask Pastor John
. We'll y'all could just support a Pastor in Pakistan trying to preach the Gospel. A little help on this one please & thank you.
Pastor John Thiel will close the book on a 40-year career at a farewell mass at Tanunda Lutheran Home later this...
In heaven, we will do everything we want to do because we will be made holy in greater and greater joy.
I liked a video from What Does It Mean to Live in God’s Presence? // Ask Pastor John
JESUS TOLD THE ISRAELITES IN JOHN 8 “the truth shall make you free,” but what's the TRUTH? Get His TRUTH @
The first American to orbit Earth, John Glenn, has died aged 95.
Finding and Fufilling Your Purpose by Pastor John Jenkins Snr of the 1st Baptist church Glenarden: via
"To look out at this kind of creation out here and not believe in God is to me impossible." - John Glenn
Pastor John Ross' message this Sunday will be "Re-Joy" based on Isaiah 35:1-10
My pastor, Rick the courthouse candy man and now John Glenn? 2016 has been rough.
ECLI teacher and pastor John Drage preached on preparing for Christmas on Sunday at The Rock Campus Church at Mizzou
From Pastor John Pavlovitz "This is not about losing an election"
He made his first flight when I was 14 years old and my pastor sent me an envelope with the commemorative stamp...
CHRISTLIKENESS is the surest way to DISTINCTION in life - John 14:6
and John an unapproachable pastor on social media sniffing for underage tail. Not impressed.
Pastor John Hagee - The door of hope., this old man can preach.
Hey Fam! Hit me up for Pastor John P Kee New Christmas Music . I'll hook You Up
I read the HRW report on the Sharia crisis in Kaduna. Makarfi was called "Pastor John", because he tried to be balanced.
Yes, thanks Pastor John. You are right. God moves us for very specific reason. We will continue to seek answers...
Pastor John will be leading a sample session of the Lifetree Cafe at Mt Pleasant Baptist Church at 7:00 tonight. Come and check it out!
Special Note: We are updating locks at church. All exterior doors have been re-keyed. Pastor John has a sign...
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What a Powerful Time that we had at Pastor John and Lady Hannah and the New Life Covenant…
Congratulations to former Viking Joe Ryser and wife Erin on the birth of their son Jack! Proud grandparents Pastor John and Phillis.The best
Wherever you are online, you can watch Pastor John and Matt speak now! -JHM Team
Ministering @ Plano Church of God with our great friends Charles & Regina Walters and Pastor John & Sharon Todd
Does anyone have photos from last years Dunk Tank? :) I'm looking for a good one of Pastor John! :) Roger Eckley...
Pastor John, you are blowing up! Saw ur TV show & Joyce M. announced.Started watching ur 1st show on TBN Happy 4 ur success
Join us at 10:30am tomorrow, Pastor John is leading and Pastor Lee is speaking
A pastor's journey from to explains to on http…
A pastor's journey from to explains to on
Continue your study of Sunday's sermon topic with devotions written by Pastor Clay:. Day 2. Read: John 20:26...
We're working with St. John Baptist Church to find their of Ministries. Apply here:
"Only one time has God used a perfect person, the rest of the time He uses what we give him.". -Pastor John Warneke
Check out my periscope with Sonya Blakey and Pastor John Hannah.…
Join us tonight at HOCC for our Wednesday Night Service, as Pastor Garrick teaches her message from JOHN 3:1 -...
Loved getting into Jonah 1 this am and then preparing John 7-12 this afternoon. A pastor's privilege.
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My Pastor was reading a bible verse and said "Come, follow me" I replied with Amsterdam Kobalar smh
To be set free we must love truth no matter where or who it comes from. John 8:32
I've always loved this painting of Peter and John racing to the tomb by Burnand
Are you struggling with prayer? Watch this week’s Q&A video with Pastor John and Pastor Phil:
From the desk of Pastor Jon for Wednesday, March 30th;. Verse: He must increase, but I must decrease. John 3:30...
I can listen to Pastor John Gray al day fr. 😥
Pastor John, well said Sir, it is our duty & obligation to husband our resources efficiently for our Country
Rev. Martey invites Pastor Prince over to take the bible reading. John 9:4&5
Bible study was a real eye opener tonight. Thank you Pastor John and Peter Scazzero.
Pastor John is focused. But Pastor Eddie is SUPER focused.
Its so true that Pastor John p kee is the of Gospel Music “Act like you know”
I liked a video Standing in the Need of Prayer by the New Life Community Choir featuring Pastor John
Listen to Lil John ft. Pastor Troy- Throw it up by Jairo Lacayo on i swear lil jon looks homeless
So glad I watched the live of this tonight. Pastor J. John is hilarious and…
~ Pastor John C. Davis III has stacks and cases of water piling up in his office slated for Flint...
We hope you will join us Sunday when Pastor John will be preaching on Faith Under Pressure: "The Denial of Peter"...
Under the sculpture with the most sculpted pastor kingofkingspca. John Lennox talking…
John Kasich showing he has no understanding at all of religious liberty debate in this country. Ignorance.
WHOA. Press on, people. - mailakue: Pastor Benjamin Robinson speaking on John 6: “The disciples tell the...
Join us this Sunday as we continue our Series on The Gospel of John. Pastor Will Wold will be preaching at 8:30 &...
John Kasich has a future as a kind pastor in Kirk Cameron movies
Pastor John Maeshiro and His Wife are Scheduled to move to Koriyama in February
"If our sins aren't forgiven, what good is it if we can walk?" -Pastor John on The Parable of the Paralytic.
"A man with God is always in the majority." John Knox, Scottish Pastor (1514-1572)
Pastor continues Series sharing life changing statement Jesus made in John [Week 2 Video]
via This is an awesome message from Pastor John Kilpatrick!
[John Newton] Amazing Grace: Uke tab added by : Pastor_josh.
When John Kasich was asked whether he would allow exceptions for abortion, his answer “Yes,” My EARLY Florida Ballot
Pastor John's preaching getting noticed means the ministry of PBC gets extended.
Local pastor and Citizen columnist John Pearrell extends an invitation to discuss "Risen"
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Pastor John is in it to End It. Bringing awareness to modern day slavery. Join our team. Shine a light...
"Staying Alive," by Pastor Bob from John 15:1-17. Food and water are absolutely essential ingredients for...
"You are not sentenced to your trials, you are trusted with them" - Pastor John Gray
Hmmm pastor Elton John Mabiriizi he says on.Monday he will declearing his plan B. What killed me how cud electrol...
The language of your country is different from the language of your situation - Pastor John Agbaje.
"This is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.". - 1 John 5:14
The challenge with many christians is we pray about things but do not say what we prayed about - Pastor John Agbaje.
Walking in Love and Truth Pt.2, Pastor Dale Duvall teaches from 2 John. Recorded at Calvary San Dieg
When you get a take it back home and search the scriptures concerning it. - Pastor John Agbaje.
When you meditate on what has been said, faith begins to come out of you - Pastor John Agbaje.
To see new things,there has to be a new approach.Do not pour new wine into old wine skin - Pastor John Agbaje.
You want a first class, that desire is going to place a demand on you. - Pastor John Agbaje.
Prophecies have been spoken,but we do not meet the demand of the word most times - Pastor John Agbaje.
We have a personal cross to carry.But it is through that cross that you experience God's power - Pastor John Agbaje.
God does not speak concerning your condition, He speaks about your position - Pastor John Agbaje.
Breast Cancer Awareness
That's EXACTLY what came across to me.
We receive the ministry of Pastor John Agbaje this Thursday evening.
Connect with Pastor John Kennedy and join us for it's Monday - Friday 11:45 AM EST
& Saga the "Pastor" vs. Mr.Predictable/boring & John John Da Don...this should be interesting.
God used Pastor John Morales in CBBC Chapel as he preached, "Living So You Don't Have To Lose" from Philippians 1.
Pastor John can u say a prayer for me, thank u
"I always like to describe myself as a missionary from Nigeria to the USA." Pastor John Eigege and his wife...
Wow. The Bait Of Satan by John Bevere is the best read on offense etc. So sorry that happened to you pastor.
She could of been with anybody but pastor troy?girl say John from the next street over *** thats more believable
hi team, is there any email to message Pastor John & team to say thanks and words of encouragement ?
starts at . Amen to Pastor John Hagee and our families.
On account of Lazarus, many were believing in Jesus (John 12:11). What a statement! I hope it can be said of me. On account of Robbie...
Bible Study comes from John 1 with the focus on wisdom by Pastor
Jesus said, “If you ask anything in my name, I will do it” (John 14:14). That cannot mean that if we attach “in...
Pastor who led inauguration office Wamena under police investigation
"Do I join Wycliffe bible translators, or do I go on to become a sniper? Both help people meet God...". -- Pastor John
"God is not building on multiple cornerstones." Pastor John on 1 Peter 2:4-10 Jesus is the only way to be saved.
Pastor John had me last week with physics. This week Pastor Chad's talking football and I'm lost.
Pastor John is starting a brand new series called Mothers, Brothers, and Significant Others!…
Seriously though, this guy told me I was too good of a dad to be an effective pastor, now he's sharing John Hagee's blessing over children
LIVE on Pastor & First Lady Draper Teaching on Gods love in Family 1 John 4:19 Part three
WATCH Pastor Maldonado's lone win to date then check out our list of one-win wonders >>
Daytime skyPod starts this morning at 10:00! Pastor John will be @ Sky Prairie all day today. Evening skyPod tonight 6:30!
John Rogers, co-translator of the bible with Tyndale, burnt on this day 1555.
Meet one-win wonders! Watch clips of their biggest moments >>
The top 5 reasons why young pastors tend to get themselves fired.
Find out what's going on around Evangel Temple as Pastor John Harwell gives us the announcements!
"You make a lasting impact by what you give in life. No monuments are erected to the guy with the most toys." Pastor John
TWO DAYS until our Leadership Development with THE ONE and ONLY, Pastor John Morgan. See you on Saturday!
What Should a Clever Moose Eat?: Natural History, Ecology, and the North Woods. by John Pastor - Island Press.
The staff and youth & young adult biblical studies class would like to wish our Youth Pastor, John Paul Stennis,...
"Thanks for the lovely scripture verse which came with the nice juice I had this morning!" - Pastor John Rushton
He's the driver who couldn't drive. So why will miss Pastor 'Crashtor' Maldonado? .
See you this Sunday, February 7, 11:00 A.M., for Pastor John's message, "WOW, now that's Super!"…
"You can see a glimpse of your future by the people you hang out with." -Pastor John 🙌
"Unlike the first Adam, Jesus rejected passivity.". Pastor John Bryson - 2012.
Daily inspiration with Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi. 1 John 4:16 “God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in...
shalom man of God, is my great pleasure to follow yr spiritual inspiring and encouragement May the Lord bless. Regard pastor John B
For all young adults this blessing is for you. Pastor John Gray is the truth and he us hilarious.
Pastor John Gray gave an AMAZING message tonight!!! @ Church of the…
Live Now: Mid-Week Bible Study with Pastor Jeff Lasseigne. Click here for webcast.
Fasting Day 25:John 1:1-14. Since d word can become flesh, then create what is lacking in UR LIFE by d word in Jesus name
Poured out to the marriage class & now being poured back into by John Gray, Associate Pastor @ Lakewood Church.
Do what you know & leave the rest with Him. ~ Pastor John Lindell . The Lord will do it. By His Power. By His Name. With His Favor & Grace.
Houston get ready for a taste of Chicago as Pastor John Hannah comes to bring a sure fire word from God during...
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LIVE on Youth group at FBC Prosper with Pastor John
Pastor Brent completes the series on John’s gospel with 3 encouragements to boldly follow Christ.
Tune in live now at Victory to hear Pastor John teach " Living the Amazing Life Through Financial Partnership -...
Bible study tonight will broadcast from Pastor's periscope, not the Smyrna Nation periscope. Follow him John H...
Hello Pastor John can you check out our web-site. We are a 501c3 organization. Help us spread the word
Pastor John and Sara Anderson will be our special guests tonight!
I wonder if Barack Obama ever heard John 14:6 all those years in Pastor Wright's church?. @
February's Pastor Proverb: . St John 4:7(KJV). Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one...
Thank You Pastor John P Kee for everything you have done for our city of Flint! U R Such A,Blessing!
We are saddened to announce the death on January 23 of John Akers, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in San Jose...
Adventure Kidz Teams. Free breakfast, free childcare and an inspiring message from Pastor John. All Three campus...
For God so loved the world,. that He gave His only begotten Son...
John MacArthur: 4 Things You Need to Do to Stay in Ministry for the Long Haul -
Our very own Pastor Um talking with John Piper and Trip Lee about the importance of multi-ethnic churches.
no victory for my destiny? Thanks for true words Pastor John.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The RTVS Live® here's some of what YOU Missed when Pastor John Morrison stopped by to His Story and Events...
Pastor John is @ Sky Prairie all day today! Band rehearsal in the afternoon. Shine your light! (Matthew 5:15-16)
Pastor Chris asked me to introduce myself. I was raised near Raleigh, North Carolina. I moved to Atlanta to...
At our January Theme Chapel this morning we prayed, sang praises, and Pastor John Lee taught us about Psalm 23...
Adult Bible Study this morning at 10am. We will discuss John 2:1-11. Hope to see you there. Blessings, Pastor Deb
"You weren't made to be somebody. You were made to KNOW Somebody" - Pastor John Piper
have you guys seen John Oliver take on this?. Good stuff. Plus profanity.
Pastor John Hagee, I need a count my son: How many greater than God Muslims have we wandering America thinking them self Christian?
Join Pastor John C. Davis III today and on Friday . time: 9:45am (est) on AM1310 "The Light" (or) stream on-line...
What is love, really? THU 1/14 at 11aET on Grace2U: Hear Pastor John MacArthur's message, "Walking In Love, Part 2."
While we mourn the loss of a dear friend today, government mourns its lost taxes. RIP John ✌
Fruit sale to benefit local homeless: . Pastor Ed Wheatley from St. John’s Lutheran Church in Stacy and a crew ...
After thinking long and hard, researching all the facts and consulting my pastor, I am endorsing Trump -
When someone tells u that there is many ways to God, ask if they read the Bible, then tell them "John 10:1" says not
John 16:2-3 Jesus was warning his disciples about the coming persecutions.
Last Sunday at church, Pastor John Gray said that there's 1.5 billion dollars out there for someone that God put. There were 3. GOD IS GREAT
Reverend John Chilembwe. was a Baptist pastor and. educator, who trained as a. minister in the (cont)
It's Up to You by Pastor John E Rutland at faith Gospel Church Tacoma, WA via
When God announces you, no man can denounce you. ~ Assoc. Pastor John Gray on TBN
I liked a video from Pastor Paul Begley "Live" with special guest John Breaux
"bad company corrupts good character" -Pastor John Gray.
I'd recommend anyone to listen to Pastor John Gray online or in person
Rev. Matthew Makela, a married father of five, resigned as pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church and School.
FUN FACT: performer Pastor formed his first choir at 13
"WAR in ATL" documentary includes stories about Lil John, Master P
wedding. Pastor: "Do you take this slitherbein to be your lawfully wedded mung, till death do you beezstein?. Jackson: "bahh"
Thanks, Pastor John, it is good to have something like that on the air for renewal and repentance of the unbeliever.
We need to develop an abundance mindset. - Pastor Hagin Everything in the bible is abundantly mine now! 10:10
Special thanks to pastor John brown and crosstalk radio for their support of our music ministry!!! God bless crosstalk!!
Our next Communicants Class begins Feb. 14 and meets for 7 weeks @ 4 pm on Sundays. Contact John Kwasny or Pastor Caleb with questions.
The book of Acts is a sequel of the book of Luke - The rest of the story! Pastor John Lakin
Pastor John teaching our first session of the book of Acts!
Join the conversation! Tonight Pastor Curney will continue the teaching of John in chapter 17. We Have The Faith...
God knows Pastor John's heart. 😊 Please, if you want to rebuke anyone, do it lovingly.
Criticized while our archbishop over handling of sex abuse cases, John Nienstedt is now an asst. pastor in Michigan.
"Don't expect the worst; expect God..." (Lloyd John Ogilvie, American author and pastor)
I believe that Pastor John's point here is to show the significance of going farther to spread the gospel 😊
That moment you call Pastor JOHN... Pastor JIM. I'm sure is very proud of me.
My memories of John Connell, liberty activist, early mover for the and musician.
Matthew 11:4-6 NLT. 4 Jesus told them, “Go back to John and tell him what you have heard and seen— 5 the blind...
I am really excited for this weekend's conclusion of II John. Pastor Lawrence and I will share time on this one.
"You can do more than pray after you've prayed, but you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed." - John...
Just a few hours until service tonight! Pastor John will be finishing up our Wednesday night series. There are...
What a blessings to meet Pastor Rudy Rasmus, of St. John's Church and leader of the Love Revolution.
Join us tonight at 7 PM as Pastor John teaches on "Israel: God's Timepiece - God's plan for human history from...
GRAFTON -- John Connell, 57, the pastor of the Peaceful Assembly Church, died in Tuesday's blaze that destroyed the 217-year-old church.
We're helping St John Baptist Church search for their Read more here:
Join us tonight for the book of Luke. Pastor John is saving you a seat . 4465 Hansen Rd, 7PM. Childcare is...
tire: -Watch this Interview: Importance of a Sabbatical: with my brother John Van Pay
A pastor is called to call sinners to repentance. Been afraid is a sign of absence of the Holy spirit. We must be bold like Peter n John.
I liked a video Gospel, Hope, Visitation of Jesus, Hedge Protection and Pastor John - Minister Elvi
John Breaux Jr. will join Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana to discuss "Scientific Questions to Biblical...
Imagine Zuma as a Pastor...Lets turn our bibles to John page 10
Another chance to hear Sundays message from Pastor John Ahern
Please pray for peace and comfort for Mic Burris and her family. More details to come as soon as they are available~Pastor John
Pray for Pastor John, speaking tonight and 3x tomorrow at Campus Outreach New Years Conference, Milwaukee. https:…
The Answer Conference is excited to have Pastor John & Aventer Gray from Lakewood Church as one of our speakers!
+ TUESDAY TUNE-UP + 12-15-15 +. From: Pastor John. ” The Lord has taken away the judgments against you;. he...
Pastor John p Kee. Thank you and God bless you.. Merry Christmas.
Pastor John preaching live at Encore at 11:00!…
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Don't miss our 11AM Worship Service as Pastor John continues with the message "And So It Begins". Also catch us on Charter Cable Channel...
Tonight at 7pm Pastor John continues in the "Marriage & The Bible" series with a message entitled "The Husband's...
Took a little trip out to Porterville to have lunch with Pastor John of Porterville Community…
Rick Warren covered all our expenses for Tim Newberry and myself (Pastor John) to fly out and join about 50...
Pastor John delivered some well deserved goody baskets to Maynard and Inskip Elementary!
Get your day started with Mid Week Minutes on with Pastor John & Hannah today! ☕️
Pastor John Hanna is dope. Funny , real, and down to earth.
Join us for Bible Study tonight as Pastor Rob will be continuing the study of 1 John. Check out our hotline below.
Join us this Sunday at 9:25. Pastor Vincent Rife will speak from John 11
John Wimber to his wife "If God ever has me pastor a church again, I pray we will devote ourselves to the poor". A reminder for all churches
Peace is on the other side of obedience. John Ortberg
Love you so much Pastor John. Thank you for your much-needed preaching. Love you!
Pastor John is ready for our Clothe a Child Golf Tournament are you??? Get those teams together. Sat Oct 3rd...
Pastor John shares the Vision of the House beginning this Sunday!. If you want to know where we're going, who...
Striking images of and message by John Paul was a philosopher & Benedict a theologian. Here is a pastor!
Sir Pastor Charles is my mentor, He is my pastor, a preacher of truth. He is a Pastor at Seventh-day Adventist...
John Boehner looks like that one trustee member that absolutely doesn't care what the pastor says.
Leadership Day: Xchange... Love learning from Pastor John Nuzzo, who has my mentor and one of the greatest men who has impacted my life.
Looking forward to speaking at Jacksonville Outpouring, Fri-Sun, hosted by Pastor John Morgan .
KGT Action Step is here!. Drop pastor John an email, or write a note and put it in his mailbox at church to tell …
"Excellence is not about performance it is about attitude!!!" - Pastor Howard-John Wesley
Pastor Manning thinks John Paul II was the last Pope.
Devotion - by Pastor John Hagee . Genesis 27:34— When Esau heard the words of his father, he cried with an...
"Creation has to reveal the order of God in creation" - Pastor John Osa
Pastor John Hagee Instructs God to Punish America or ‘Apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah’ (Video)
"I Thirst" by Pastor John E. Rutland at Faith Gospel Church in Tacoma, WA via
The Captivity and Deliverance of Mr. John Williams: Pastor of the Church in D...
The blinding power of pride keeps many from seeing the saving power of God. -Pastor Mike Johnson
Pastor John in Singapore with his wife Beauty Talukder.
"Education gives u knowledge, but experience makes you a mature person." -Pastor John Abraham
If you didn't make it to Christ Central this past Sunday, you missed part 2 of Pastor John's message about Faith...
A selfie with the awesome Pastor John ! 😊
Pastor John the conference is awesome, the Lady from England testimony was so anointed also the preaching was anointed, God bless
Pastor John with us all the way from Oroville! So pumped to get to hang out with him this week!
This Sunday we are thrilled to have Pastor John preaching that "Love Trusts". We hope you will join us at 9am...
John Calvin (1509–1564) was an influential French theologian and pastor during the Protestant Reform
Ok.. Where Ya'll at? Can't pass on the anointing... 😇😇 @ Lakewood Church with Pastor John Gray
Last Sunday, Pastor Nate kicked off the new message series, KNOWN. We saw in Revelation 1 John's immediate...
Join us tonight at CCCM as we study: 1Peter 4 with pastor John Chubik. 7:00 PM
Join us tonight as Pastor John continues the Marriage and the Bible series with a message entitled "The Characteris…
3 John 1:2-8. Living as a Child of God. . Pastor Shaw
you gotta take it easy I'ma tell Pastor John you be looking at eggplants on snapchat FOH u need Jesus
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