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Pastor Joel Osteen

Joel Scott Osteen (born March 5, 1963) is an American lay preacher, televangelist, author, and the leader of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

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HOUSTON (AP) — Authorities are investigating after $600,000 in checks and cash was stolen from a safe at Pastor Joel Osteen's Houston megachurch, which has one of the largest congregations in the country.
"God can make greatness out of a great mess." -Pastor Joel Osteen
Pastor Joel Osteen has been targeted by thieves who stole cash, checks and credit card info. from his Lakewood Church ht…
Up to 600K was stolen from the Houston Lakewood Church led by Pastor Joel Osteen
Praying for Lakewood Church, Pastor Joel Osteen, and the congregants of the church!! Someone stole $600,000 from their safe. 🙏 This is just ridiculous ! Smh 😏
Police: $600,000 stolen from Houston megachurch led by Pastor Joel Osteen:
Authorities say thieves stole $600,000 in donations from a safe inside a Houston megachurch led by Pastor Joel Osteen. Read more here:
I just want to go on the record by saying that I am not afraid to admit to being a Christian who believes that the Holy Bible is the word of God. I'm very disappointed to learn that Pastor Joel Osteen is afraid of hurting people's feelings by telling them they are a sinner!! Heck, we are all sinners. As Christians tho, we know that Jesus is quick to forgive us when we ask Him. Joel is not helping anyone get to Heaven by saying that Apostles Paul, John, and Peter were wrong by teaching the early churches that their sins separate them from God!!! The Apostles were straight forward and didn't sugarcoat things. They were bold in their faith. Joel on the other hand wants people to disregard their teachings and follow him on the path where homosexuality, adultery, murder etc doesn't keep you out of Heaven. I'm not judging anybody or even giving my personal feelings about these things. I just think Pastor Osteen is out of his mind for telling people that the Bible is full of mistakes!! He just doesn't want to h ...
Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen for this message!!!
Pastor Joel Osteen to Larry King: 'Scripture says homosexuality is a sin.. but I don't want to preach about it'
Pastor Joel Osteen bought a 10.5 million dollar house in Texas. Is this what Jesus died for? This is what he uses your money for? Come on, some of you have to see that this is just wrong. He pays no taxes and yet we support him and his luxurious life. Do all of his congregation get a share to? It appears that he is running a for profit business. And he is profiting big time.
"We are victors and not victims!" This is what Pastor Joel Osteen reminds of us!...
There is this day when i was watching CTV and it was Pastor Joel Osteen who was preaching.One of the sayings was "GOD BRINGS THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE".I was made to believe that because i am experiencing that in my life as i am in the foreign land, the goodness and mercy of the Lord is following me in these days of my life, Glory be God.
Breaking My Chains Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Pastor Joel Osteen said in one of his messages “guard you mind because if your mind gets pollute your world would get pollute too, and the only way we are going to be what God wants us to be is detoxing our mind” That reminded me when I decided to change my life. I was over weight, my health was going down the hill, I was high risk to be diabetic, and I lost one of my friends due to a cancer. That made me realized how fragile is life itself, one day we can be here and the next day maybe gone. Living in Hawaii was a blessing a lot of my friends were athletes so they also inspired me to do something about it, specially my friend Jim Moore he is an Iron Man and a great person. So, I started walking, then running, changed my eating habits, biking and swimming. It took me almost a year but I did it. I lost weight, I was healthier and I did my first triathlon, I was so proud of myself. But with all this t ...
Christ, through Pastor Joel Osteen!' What a New Year that will be for Lakewood Church. 2099 turns into 1 January 3000, wooh-
Act like youre blessed, talk like youre blessed, think like youre blessed. Put actions behind your faith and one day you will see it become a reality. - Pastor Joel Osteen
Love this quote by Pastor Joel Osteen, "“We may get knocked down on the outside, but the key to living in victory is to learn how to get up on the inside.” Today no matter what's going on and has you down, GET UP and GET ON WITH IT! VICTORY AWAITS!
Pastor Joel Osteen,he must be reading my mind on tv tonight. He said" all is well" . Life is like the fields of a farm. You have to pull the weeds to get to the crops. All the things I am working on in life is the weeds but, " all is well" because in the end I know God will take care of us in the end. And at the end I know I will get the crops. I love God,he always something in mind me.! !
Keep doing your best, God will take care of the weeds in your life! Pastor Joel Osteen! In spite of difficulty all is well!
Learn more about The Crossing here: Pastor Joel Osteen & friends congratulate The Crossing Church and Pastors Eric & Kelly Dy...
Pastor Joel Osteen gave a good service today. Now, putting it to use will be a Good Challenge, but it will be done! God Bless You As You Give
Don't let your heredity stop your destiny - Pastor Joel Osteen
When weeds pop up in your life, this only means that you are closer to your harvest. Know that God controls and determines your life and destiny. All we nees to know and say is that "All is well"- regardless of your current situation. ~Pastor Joel Osteen~
Don't use your words to discribe your situation, use your words to change your situation. Pastor Joel Osteen (2014)
Using this day to rest, reflect, and pray. In my reading of Pastor Joel Osteen, he says "Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, replace them with thoughts that say "I can do all things through Christ. I am equipped, empowered, and annoited". Have a blessed day everyone.
I DECLARE I will live victoriously. I have the DNA of a winner. I am wearing a crown of favor. Royal blood flows through my veins. I sm the head, never the tail, above never beneath. I will live with purpose, passion, and praise, knowing that i was destined to live in victory. THIS IS MY DECLARATION,..(Pastor Joel Osteen)...
In the words of Pastor Joel Osteen: When everything goes wrong in life, always remember to say All Is Well. Good sermon.
How you perform in the most difficult time will affect rather you reach your full Destiny - Pastor Joel Osteen
Awesome message today! Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen, I remain one of your great fans fromSwitzerland DianeMeera
"ALL IS WELL"!!! I have used this phrase so many times to 'describe' my situation. However, today I shall use it to 'change' my situation! It is a simple way to look those adversities (health, work,finances, family, etc.) in the face and show God that I believe that All Things Shall Work for my Advantage!!! - watching Pastor Joel Osteen. Happy Sunday, FB Fam☆
Just love the little "jokes" Pastor Joel Osteen starts his Sunday services with!
Pastor Joel Osteen says" Give the Devil a nervous breakdown". Be good to someone even when things aren't going the way they should be going.
Don’t allow yourself to become bitter. When you embrace change, the winds that you thought would defeat you will actually thrust you forward :D ~Pastor Joel Osteen
CHEER UP & KEEP A VICTOR'S MENTALITY, JESUS HAS MADE IT FOR US.(Romans 8:11)The most powerful force in the universe is breathing in your direction. Every morning you need to remind yourself, “I am ready for and equal to anything that comes my way. I am full of can-do power.”Listen, that sickness is no match for you,that financial problems trying to weigh you down That relationship issue is not going to keep you from your destiny. The loss of that loved one did not stop God’s plan for your life. Don’t let it overwhelm you. You can handle it. You’ve been armed with strength! Keep a victor’s mentality because a victor’s mentality becomes a victor’s reality! Pastor Joel Osteen.
Set out to honor someone else every day. Pastor Joel Osteen.
Pastor Joel Osteen's message: " Pray God Size Prayers and God will show big in your life". Ask God for the secret partition of your heart and keep faith. Amen!
If you listen to Pastor Joel Osteen, you will have a good day. He has such a calmness about himself, such a peace. I do admire his spirit.
but the divinity of Christ is not your only criteria. Joel Osteen believes that Jesus is divine!
Father in heaven, thank you for the fivefold ministry, that you have given The Body of Christ, for you have given some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the Saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of The Body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the Faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ: That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of The Body unto the edifying of itself in love. We Love you Father with all ...
I can honestly say that Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries is one of my favorites. Just a pure, open-heart, spirit-filled word that's brief and truthful. I don't need to hear an organ, praisebreak, politics, or "whooping". Just give me the word of God.
A little kid asked for some milk, my pastor handed him a Joel Osteen book.
Knoxville: 8 Questions with Joel Osteen: He's a televangelist, author and he also pastor's one of the largest ...
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A PERSON GETS ‘BORN AGAIN’ as told by Prophet, John Paul Jackson on He says this is sort of like fertilization of a human egg with sperm. The HUMAN SPIRIT is inside an egg membrane called the SOUL which hardens over time and the HOLY SPIRIT tries all during a person’s life to penetrate the SOUL membrane, and when a person’s SOUL resists allowing the HOLY SPIRIT in, that is by rejecting Jesus Christ from being a person’s personal Savior and Lord, then the SOUL membrane gets harder & harder. When a person finally decides to ask JESUS CHIRST to be her/his personal Savior & Lord, then the HOLY SPIRIT comes in and binds to the HUMAN SOUL and a person is then BORN AGAIN. A simple check to see if you are BORN AGAIN or not is, if you practice sinning, like continuing to lie, cheat, steal, commit fornication, adultery, drunkenness, drug addiction, homosexuality, then you are practicing sin and are NOT BORN AGAIN, because when a person gets BORD AGAIN then they receive the CONSCIENCE, .. ...
growing and its hair is very long; just like Samson. Remember your father said this in one of his sermons. Pastor Joel Osteen
Pastor Joel Osteen. You are wonderfully and fearlessly made in the image of Almighty God. Go! and give us your speech!
Gotta love Pastor Joel Osteen ! He always knows how to cheer me up !
I DECLARE breakthroughs are coming in my life, sudden bursts of God's goodness. Not a trickle. Not a stream. But a flood of God's power. A flood of healing. A flood of wisdom. A flood of favor. I am a breakthrough person and I choose to live breakthrough minded. I am expecting God to overwhelm me with His goodness and amaze me with His favor. THIS IS MY DECLARATION...(Pastor Joel Osteen).
Lakewood Church ain't seen nothing yet! Pastor Joel Osteen, "Do your thing!" Go! and spread His messages to the billions of
before existence was even mentioned. You know what? God is supremely and ultimately happy for His beloved pastor, Joel Osteen
Thank God! for you, Pastor Joel Osteen because you're everybody's dream come true! We believe that special things are going to
1) Dodie Osteen is the mother of Pastor Joel Osteen of the Mega Church Lakewood Church in Houston TX USA
Inspiring words: "Prosperity discovers our vices and adversity our virtues" - Francis Bacon "What can be done another day can be done today" - Montaigne "Everyday is the best day of my life" - Pastor Joel Osteen "God will always bring the right people into your life, but you have to let the wrong people walk away" - Pastor Joel Osteen
.. I don't get it. Is there a local Joel Osteen near you? Cause the celebrity one is amazing.
(you'd better live it right now!) Oh! Pastor Joel Osteen, we cannot believe this anticipation because Lakewood Church is about
is about to release His: favour, might, peace & love, to Pastor Joel Osteen, his family and the congregation of Lakewood Church
TBBH, this is how I feel when I see someone quote Joel Osteen
Pastor Joel Osteen: Your message is the Guiding light for my success in life with God as my Savior. Rithy Reth :-)
Rithy wants to share Pastor Joel Osteen comments:. We Believe…. … the entire Bible is inspired by God,
Pastor Joel Osteen: Thank you for your inspiration for all my success in life :-) Rithy Reth
Amen, Amen to this, thank you Pastor Joel Osteen for this!
Father, thank you for your word, Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the LORD, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts. But who may abide the day of his coming? And who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap: And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness. Then shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasant unto the LORD, as in the days of old, and as in former years. And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fea . ...
The scripture talks about how all of our days have been written in GOD'S book. He's already recorded every part of your life from the beginning to the end. GOD knows every disappointment , every loss, and every challenge. The good news is your story ends in victory. Your final chapter concludes with your GOD-given destiny. Pastor Joel Osteen
God wants to celebrate you, is there anything biblically wrong with this statement?? It came from the lips of the Texas mega church pastor Joel Osteen.
Can't wait! Exciting times are coming and heading your way, Pastor Joel Osteen. Two weeks that will totally change your life
There have been plenty of times where I've thought something negative and I'm just about to say it, but I'll catch myself and think, No. I'll zip it up. I'm not speaking defeat into my future. I'm not speaking failure over my life. I will turn it around and speak favor into my future. I will declare, "I'm blessed. I'm strong. I'm healthy. This will be a great year." When you do that, you are blessing your future. Pastor Joel Osteen I Declare
Our words have creative power. Whenever we speak something, either good or bad, we give life to what we are saying. Pastor Joel Osteen I Declare
This is a fake/unauthorized LinkedIn profile for right?
Pastor Joel Osteen just invited me to connect on linkedin... I'm pretty sure he must have gotten…
Christian Pastor Joel Osteen Exposed Add: us and share: these pages our personal accounts
When you declare not in your authority but in The authority of the son of the living GOD, then all the forces of heaven come to attention. The mighty armies of the unseen most high GOD will stand behind you. No power can stand against our GOD. No sickness. No addiction. No fear. No legal trouble. When you speak and you do not doubt, the mountain will be removed. By: Pastor Joel Osteen
Your mom said you think Joel Osteen is beautiful. I was just wondering what you think about your pastor. :-)
I DECLARE that I will live as a healer. I am sensitive to the needs of those around me. I will lift the fallen, restore the broken, and encourage the discourage. I am full of compassion and kindness. I won't just look for a miracle; I will become someone's miracle by showing God's love and mercy everywhere I go. THIS IS MY DECLARATION..(Pastor Joel Osteen)...
When you really understand that the enemy is not in control of your life, but God is, you will stop falling apart at the sign of trouble, set back, or challenge. God doesn't send every trouble; But if He allows it, He will use it for Your GOOD! He is a strategic might as well stop trying to understand why everthing happens along the path to destiny (why the job loss, the sickness, the divorce, the pain). Just Know that it is working for your good! ~Great reminder from Pastor Joel Osteen
If you made mistakes God still want you to be the man He want you to be - Pastor Joel Osteen (of Lakewood Church )
God does everything strategically. He allows things to to happen. From the beginning of time he knew what he had for your life. It might not feel good but it's working out for your good. Wow! Mighty word from Pastor Joel Osteen.
Snake-handling pastor in Kentucky dies from snake bite. Joel Osteen is lucky mullets don’t have teeth.
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Layin down watchin Pastor Joel Osteen and I feel like he is talkin directly to me... Telling me to Keep the faith because in the opposition God is puting me in the path to see the light
Now, Pastor Joel Osteen on. Tell me why this man immediately starts preaching to me😳
GOD has planted seed of greetness inside you. When you take a step of FAITH, GOD will reward you in HIS season. Your tomorrow will determine what you planted today. *Thank you so much Pastor Joel Osteen for this wonderful and very inspiring message. You really touched peoples heart, including mine. Thank You.* :* ^_^
Life is full of challeges,but i like the way pastor Joel osteen puts it "the bigger the challege,the bigger the destiny.Jesus was crucified,mocked and faced all kind of evil on friday.But on sunday things were different,He raised again from death.It might be your friday,but your sunday is coming. Just be a believer,lean not on your own understanding and the Lord shall see you through.
All true words spoken by Pastor Joel Osteen
God is strategically directing my steps.He is strategically positioning me to see more of his goodness!!! Thank you God and Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen!!!# God's plans are better than mine and his thoughts are higher than mine# love him#
He just called Jesus fabulous. Go home Pastor Jerry. Stop comparing Jesus to Joel Osteen.
"Radical Faith. ..Radical Results!!!" -Pastor Joel Osteen (radical faith happened to me a week ago on TOTR. ..thanks again Bernadette. )
Earlier today I watched Pastor Joel Osteen say that god allows bad things to happen to put u on the right track. Now my question is: Why did god allow the Holocaust? Why did he allow the native Americans to be slaughtered and land confiscated? Why were blacks enslaved and dehumanized? What track was he putting those people on, or what good came out of it for them?
God will bless you all God so love the world that he gave is only begotten Son, Adam was king of world, Jesus is the king of the world, he has to have been born some where, but he was born to the world. We were pre told that Jesus will be know as THE WORD, meaning knowledge and the bread of life, the bible is a book that contains words, as well all books, all words belongs to God, human decides which word is bad, everything God creates is good and for a reason he is in everything. Peter was chosen by Jesus as to be the one his church was to be build on, not Paul, who formerly known as Saul, the one that was blinded for persecuting Jesus, who suppose to of written all his books in prisons, sorry I do not buy that, this is fiction, even to this day, I am sure all prisoners letters are open and censored, not even a NUN can write their family without they letters also been censored. Pastor Joel Osteen, bishop TD Jakes and pastor Dr Myles Munroe, all wrote great inspirational books, base on life, what they see ...
"If you have a poor mouth, you will have a poor life. Zip up the defeat and declare God's unprecedented favor." ~Pastor Joel Osteen
You don't need peoples approval to become all God wants you to be-Pastor Joel Osteen
Just coming out of church from Lakewood Church Houston Texas. Awesome service and spirit filled and inspiring message by pastor Joel Osteen. Praise God almighty for His blessing upon my life today and may the Lord continue to use you Joel.
God does not abort dreams. The treasure is still inside you. The power is released when you choose to believe. (Pastor Joel Osteen)
Watch Pastor Joel Osteen this morning and I am so glad I am. It is exactly what I needed to hear right now!!!
God have a plan to our life! Any dream he put in our heart, he will make true... Because he first dreamed before come to our Heart! Pastor Joel Osteen
Didn't get to Church this morning, But I did receive the word from Pastor David Jeremiah, There's no Resurrection without Death. And Pastor Joel Osteen, Order my steps, God is directing our steps. God is good in spite of our down falls everyone have a Safe & Bless day ♥ U all.
Fox News Sunday was very good this am it comes on Fox Cable @ 1, 5pm CST, Joel Osteen, 2nd Hstn Pastor Kerry Shook on 7pm CST, TBN, pls RT!
I once liked his upbeat friendly christian message but NOT after saying "homosexuality is not Gods best"
GM fb family & friends just got through watching pastor Joel osteen it was a nice sermon be blessed
GM - God works in mysterious ways everything in our lives has been ordained! Pastor Joel Osteen!! ❤
Walking some Pastor Joel Osteen...this man will make u think life is the greatest thing ever.! AFTER THE DIFFICULTY THERE WILL BE GREAT JOY!
"Don't get discourage about the process; it's the strategy God will use to bring about the promise." Pastor Joel Osteen
Church in ma tv with Pastor Joel Osteen on channel 341 " TBN Africa"
Good Morning!why is Pastor Joel Osteen talking bout my battles and struggles,Confirmation I'm being Renovated and Restored.When praises go up blessings come down.I serve an Awesome God!Have a blessed day my ppl.
Good Morning.Rise N Shine and give God the glory!! Patiently waiting for I can watch Pastor Joel Osteen as I do every Sunday. Can't wait for May 24th when I see him in person at Americas Night of Hope!! Another one of my dreams coming true!!
Just want to say thank you Pastor Joel Osteen. God bless you and your family.
Pastor Joel Osteen said this morning your set back is a set up by God for you to be victorious please be bless.
Good Morning America...Watching Pastor Joel Osteen with hubby...Message about GOD's plan. Be patient and wait. Don't get discouraged stay in Faith.
Closing my message & singing, I'll fly away...& like Pastor Joel Osteen says...God bless you. Lol we never like 2 close our broadcast w/out
that's you, beautiful Pastor Joel Osteen. God loves you abundantly. Be always happy! Have a beautiful, uplifting and
Good Morning! Pastor Joel Osteen. You have come a long way from being behind seventeen years at your father's church in Texas.
Pastor Joel Osteen Wrote: God uses trials to bring about His promises. He is not going to just help you survive; He’s going to help you thrive and come out the other side blessed...Thank You Lord.. Amen
Pastor"When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance. Joel Osteen"
Rocking out to pastor Joel Osteen, a man who's words are so inspiring and up lifting. I'm not a Christian but when he comes on he makes me just wanna join the army of the most high.
He is my Pastor. Thank you so much Pastor Joel Osteen
Inspiring word: slow down and enjoy the journey Life is not really about getting to a destination. It’s about how we live along the way. It’s easy to become so goal-oriented and so focused on our dreams that we overlook the simple things we should be enjoying each day. Life is a journey. There is no such thing as the finish line. If you make the mistake of living just for the destination, you will look up one day and realize you’ve missed out on the biggest part of life. Most life is routine. Most of us get up every morning, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed, and then do it all again. There are very few mountaintops; you graduate from school, you get married, you have a child. The high times are few are far between. But many people live only for the mountaintops. They’re so focused on earning promotions, they work night and day. They don’t really enjoy their families. They’re so stressed raising their children, they don’t enjoy their children. They’re so caught up in solving dai ...
According to your list Pastor Joel Osteen should be an atheist.
Dr. Dave Martin is a mixture of Pastor Joel Osteen and Larry The Cable Guy.
achievement, which has been displayed by God's power of love, which he pours out and showers, upon Pastor Joel Osteen's
life? Well it is this: "Good Evening! and welcome to the Newsflash of the Decade! Pastor Joel Osteen, the sensation of
Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen will produce his first film titled Mary, Mother of Christ.
Excuse me my bad.. "If you "can't" be positive, then at least be quiet?"... Joel Osteen / In my planners and Newsletters from Pastor Joel Osteen, I have a lot of Quotes I've read over the years and am putting them all in one place.. Words Of Wisdom are Always Welcome Here, cause Lord knows, even though I may say, "I have been there." , I DO NOT have a Clue Still Yet To This Very Day!! & I'll own up to that.
What do Joel Osteen and the Timothy McVeigh have in common? Mother Teresa and Hitler?: Pastor Don Green of Tru...
Discovery Funny what aging does and then again, not quite so funny? For instance, I have discovered I can no longer dunk the basketball. Not that I ever could, but I sure can’t do it now. I ran cross country one year in high school to rehabilitate and averaged 5 minute and 26 seconds a mile and I can't run at all now. There were guys who were faster. Few could throw the baseball as fast as I could or cover an outfield position like I could. At least that is the way I remember it at my age. I hunted deep into uninhabited, pristine areas and often wandered miles on the ice on Lake Superior fishing. I sometimes catch myself thinking about walking the ice again and punching holes in two feet of ice with an ice spud. The heart is willing, but the flesh is weak. I need glasses to read, a cane to walk and a hip that is going to be surgically replaced, if the Lord does not perform a miracle beforehand and then my hip joints will be twins having had the other replaced in 2009. I lift weights repetitiously, one d ...
Adapted from Pastor Joel Osteen. Beloved, Every single one of us deals with fear, but that doesn’t mean we have to be controlled by it. I have a timely message on my heart that has the power to change the way you approach the fears in your life. As I’ve learned to apply this principle in my own life and ministry, I’ve seen God do amazing and unprecedented things. And I believe God wants to do the same thing for you! You’re going to rise to new levels, overcome every obstacle and see your God-given dreams come true. Here’s the key: Activate Faith, Not Fear It’s a simple choice you and I get to make every day. Activating your faith, rather than activating your fears, is one of the most important things you can do to live a victorious, overcoming life in Christ. The Scripture says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV) That means you can say “no” to fear, doubt and insecurity because those things are not from God. I ...
People can call u many different things but u r not what people call u, u are what u answer to--Pastor Joel Osteen
“Ask Me (God) to show you the path forward moment by moment.” Was the important reminder I got today from the book ‘Jesus Calling’ by Sarah Young. This is key to a closer walk with God! Forget planning the next ten years of your life, just stick with God one step at a time, trusting His direction for you by following your instincts! This is where amazing things happen like solutions to problems popping in your head and people magically showing up to assist you! Like today, when I was feeling so upset with someone almost the entire day, I decided to take a time out with God and was led to the perfect words from an old post… ““Jesus put it this way: “Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and disturbed” (John 14:27). Notice it’s a choice we have to make. He didn’t say, I will make sure your circumstances are perfect. That way you can be happy.” He said, in effect, “The things upsetting you right now don’t have to upset you. The people aggravating you, even if they don’t cha .. ...
So, Pastor Joel Osteen, of Lakewood Church, make God's day today and be the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS! Have no fear because God
peace upon this earth!" Joel Osteen, the pastor of the number one Church in America and in living history, which was founded,
I do disagree with some things Joel does & says, but then I don't even always agree with my own Pastor. http:…
Pastor Joel Osteen signs copies of his book at Chapman Highway retailer Thursday 11:56 PM KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Hundreds waited in line Thursday night to meet pastor and televangelist Joel Osteen. He was at the Chapman Highway Walmart to sign copies of his book "Break Out." Osteen is in town for his "Night of Hope" event Friday at Thompson Boling Arena. Many of his followers told 6 News they have very personal reasons for wanting to meet him. "I moved back here in 1985," said Kim Jones, an Osteen follower. "[I'm] glad to see he is continuing his dad's mission." Kenneth Whaley said he was saved in prison by watching Osteen on television. "I wanted to bring my kids down here to get his autograph." Pastor Osteen is the leader of Lakewood Church in Houston, the largest single church in the United States.
A Night of Hope with Pastor Joel Osteen. Only 2 suites away from Pat Summit.
"Victoria and I love the people of New York. We're excited to be at Yankee Stadium again, and we believe people will be uplifted and filled with an expectation that their best days are still to come." -Pastor Joel Osteen.
Lakewood mega church Pastor Joel Osteen sat down with Larry King and spoke about everything from Duck Dynasty to the Pope, Obamacare, and his views on the controversial topic of homosexuality.
I want to be clear...if you despise ministers like: Pastor Joseph Prince, Pastor Creflo Dollar, Andrew Wommack, Kenneth Copeland, Pastor Joel Osteen...etc.why in the world did you send me a friend request?
Listen! to me, Pastor Joel Osteen, "The rain falleth on the just and the unjust!" Don't you dare run away now!
Osteen, who loves people, everybody loves Pastor Joel Osteen of Houston, Texas. His church, Lakewood, is vibrant and very,
2014 will be a year of no lack, devine healing, restoration, vindication, triple favor, double portion, victory, Overcoming every obstacles, the weapon will form but it won't prosper, devine miracles devine marriage, transfer of wealth, deliverance, unprecedent and historic success, standing before kings and not unknown men. Don't wear a chip on your shoulder. Got will take you throught fire and we all come out as pure as Gold. I pray President Obama and first family have the best year they ever had and his approval ratings sky rocket. I pray the obama care system turn around and that President Obama pardon Eric Snowden. I pray for devine favor and blessing for the first family. I pray for the country of Russia and Our own country to have a bounce back year in the economy and begin an economic surge and boom. I pray for Russia and their citizens and all of the victims and familes involved in this week's bombings and that they have a great and safe winter olympics 2014. I pray for peace in the middle east ...
Yes! Yes! Yes! 2014, "HERE WE COME!" HAPPY NEW YEAR! Pastor Joel Osteen, we love you, we are proud of you, we miss you, we   10% Off
Don't go Into a New year holding on to a grudge from last year, it's Time to let go of the hurt, pain, anger, and unforgiveness. Leave it all behind!.. # PASTOR Joel Osteen Ministrie
Which pastor is more heretical: Joel Osteen or Rob Bell?
This is your time. This is your moment. God has equipped you, empowered you and anointed you. No weapon formed against you can prosper. ~ Pastor Joel Osteen
I have been prophesied to that no more of these Anxiety Attacks since I was 2 Years old from Fear, Worries, Depression and Stress will take place anymore! I have been standing on FAITH of The Lord for healing, Wholeness, Deliverance and Set Free for over 30 Years! I know that my Business "Train of Thought Tutoring shall Prosper in Clientele and Students and Overflow Financially Abundantly that I will begin to hire Individuals that are Skilled and Certified with Degrees as I AM! I watch Pastor Joel Osteen every Sunday Morning getting dressed for Church and He told me to step out on Faith 2 years ago and I did! GOD IS NOT A MAN THAT HE WOULD LIE! I AM A WOMAN OF GOD AND IN 2014 EVERY THING THAT I HAVE PRAYED FOR AND DESIRED IS ON IT'S WAY! WATCH OUT BECAUSE QUEEN CANDACE N. BRYAN-CAMERON IS READY! I LOVE YOU FB FAMILY AND ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST!
Blessings in my life..Pastor Kumuyi, Joel osteen, Pastor Adeboye, Pastor biodun (freedomcourt),Pastor paul Adefarasin.God bless u all.
Holy moly heard about a ridiculous rant. Really! Just an FYI Joel osteen is a pastor for Lakewood Church in Houston Texas
every pastor has a different calling as to how they teach. Joel Osteen is an Exhorter. He's called to uplift.
Don’t use your circumstances as an excuse to be sour. Start moving forward. This is a new day. You have an amazing future ahead of you. PASTOR JOEL OSTEEN
Discover the champion in you by Pastor Joel Osteen! Am very blessed!
They asked nothing of me, they just welcomed me there. Hallelujah, good God almighty, I just heard in my Spirit & Jesus came unto His own but His own received Him not but they receive me like one of their own family & me the same. I'm taking time today to be 4 the little things & to say my coffee is also good at home. I found it came from a store owner who is closed on Sunday & they play Christian music n their store. Go Piggly Wiggly, I see how you are serving the Lord. A great lead for others to follow- go grocery store chains! People taking a stand for God & He blesses you when you do. God has a reward system when we put Him first, He blesses you. And anything you touch shall prosper, GBU! Amen, blessed in the city, blessed n the field, blessed coming n & blessed going out. Somebody shut like Pastor Joel Osteen said, I have the favor of God! Lol & why u don't need everybody liking you. Just the right person or small group of people...go Saints! We are blessed to be a blessing amen.
"No matter what comes your way, don’t get bitter. God is still on the throne and He will make your wrongs right." ~ Pastor Joel Osteen
The words you speak attract things/ppl into your space. Be mindful of even the most subtle words.
. Butch Joel Osteen is a pastor of a church in Houston . He s on Sunday mornings & Sunday nights around midnight
Pastor Joel Osteen was the victim of a vicious attack on his personal faith and ministry late last week. A website claimed that Osteen had given up his ministry and belief in Christianity due to a "lack of faith."
Just Finish watching pastor joel Osteen' the message he preached on was for me' i know this!
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Pastor Joel Osteen done changed his avi. 👀
betraying Jesus Christ! Watch Out! Pastor Joel Osteen, because there maybe a 'betrayer,' amongst you, in your fold?...
"Texas-based megachurch pastor Joel Osteen, who has signed on as executive producer for the film..." via CP.
can U imagine HBDT walking into Joel Osteen or St.Patrick's Church with Pastor Weber's testimony?
God promises your payday is on its way. If you'll learn to be a prisoner of hope and get up every day expecting God's favor, you'll see God do amazing things. You'll overcome every obstacle. You'll defeat every enemy. And I believe and declare you'll see every dream, every promise God has put in your heart, come to pass. ~Pastor Joel Osteen
I would love to with Pastor Joel Osteen
Two words to remove from your vocabulary "If Only". These words will create much chaos in your life and ultimately cause you to see everything in life as negative. "Your past does not dictate your future, it prepares you to take hold of your divine destiny" - Pastor Joel Osteen Great Message Pastor Joel!
The forces that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you. You have a destiny to fulfill~Pastor Joel Osteen
"The scripture says, “Rain falls on the just and the unjust.” Even when you have faith, you’ll still have difficulties, but when the storms come, you will not be defeated." - Pastor Joel Osteen
"Too often we rely too much on people when we should rely on God." -Pastor Joel Osteen (Sermon: Get Over It) ^
today in church pastor paul says,"now im not trying to give you any of that joel osteen mumbo jumbo" I said "dang shots fired"
Joel Osteen is talking about getting over the bs in your life bc no one owes you anything. FAVE MEGA CHURCH PASTOR, EVER
Pastor Joel Osteen said this morning that every setback is simply a setup for a comeback. Love it!!!
You can be pitiful or you can be powerful., It's up to You!! I'm watching pastor Joel Osteen. I am anointed by God!!! I am a daughter of the King! Our book ends in victory! Dee
I would actually go to church if Joel Osteen was the pastor
I hear Pastor Joel Osteen will be at Yankee Stadium o June 7th -
"...You are not disadvantaged by your past; you are prepared by it..." Pastor Joel Osteen.
"If you cannot be positive, then at least be quiet."-Pastor Joel Osteen
I didn't goto MY church dis morn., but das ok, 'cause I still had church listening to Joel Osteen (Blinky as my pastor calls him, lol)
Just visited Pastor Joel Osteen church...sadly I didn't get to hear him preach but the man that came forward blessed my heart!
did anyone listen to Pastor Joel Osteen
Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen for your message this morning! "Get Over It". Let the LORD fight my…
At worship service of Pastor Joel Osteen in Houston, TX.
"Your not defined by your're prepared by your past" - Pastor Joel Osteen
Pastor Joel Osteen's message Do powerful this morning!!! Don't be pitiful, be powerful!!! Awesome Word :-)
You are not defined by your past you are prepared from your past. PASTOR JOEL OSTEEN
Joel Osteen is the only pastor I actually like
You can't seek pity and be powerful at the time, MAKE A CHOICE.~ Pastor Joel Osteen.
You’re not inconveniencing God by asking for help in your everyday life. God wants to be good to you. He wants to show you His favor in new ways. He’s saying today, “I dare you to ask.” Pastor Joel Osteen.
Nothing that happens to you is a surprise to God.get over it because. ..he is in control. ...pastor Joel Osteen.
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Pastor Joel osteen, that was a great sermon..
I woke up this morning remembering people that have contributed POSITIVELY in shaping me to who I am today. I could remember this time last year in the corner of my room somewhere in Imo State. A young man (Kolawole Akinwande) came in to my room with words of admonition and before the end of our discussion,I was opportune d to see life from different perspective.This propel me to speed up and take some bold step in this YEAR 2013. Kolawole Akinwande..Thanks for being part of my vision.I thank God for the day I met you.To you PASTOR JOEL OSTEEN,Senior Pastor @ Lakewood Church in Houston.Texas.Your words of encouragement is working wonders in my life.I sincerely appreciate God for releasing you as a blessing to this generation.To my Vice Principal Academics,my MUMMY,and MENTOR(MRS CHRISTIANAH F TOPE-DADA)I remember the first time I met with u one on one back then in your office at Government Technical College Ikole Ekiti.That encounter gave birth to a lot of things in my life.My God shall continue to guide ...
That pastor Joel Osteen is so full of crap
My father is funny, ask him who his pastor is and he'll tell you Joel Osteen... Service is every Sunday at 7:30a. Lol
"If you’re to become everything God’s created you to be, you need a boldness to ask big. Then God will give you the desires of your heart and help you." -- Pastor Joel Osteen
Today was my son birth dads funeral. Blesses he got to met his aunt, sister and brother. Thank you God for your blessings. Makes me want to be in church all day with my long time favorite Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries. My son and I went to see Joel in 2006. Recently my son birth dad got on to Joel Osteen.
"Instead of talking yourself out of your future start talking yourself into it. “I can do all things through Christ.” -- Pastor Joel Osteen
Don't expect people to be perfect. If you’ll put yourself in their shoes, you’ll find they did the best they could with what they had. Pastor Joel Osteen
When you face situation that seems impossible in your everyday life, God says, “I dare you to pray and ask me for it.” Pastor Joel Osteen
In 2014 there will be some powerful biblical movies released. Noah with Russel Crowe. A very powerful adaptation from the bible. Jesus of Nazareth (2014). Left Behind with Nicolas Cage The plot will take place a few hours after the Rapture. Every Believing Christian has vanished from Earth. Pontius Pilate (2014) “The Buzz”- Brad Pitt may play the most villianized character in biblical history, Pontius Pilate. Exodus (2014) “The Buzz”- Fox has landed Ridley Scott to direct their interpretation of a Moses epic. Mary, Mother of Christ (2014) “The Buzz”- This is the pseudo prequel to “The Passion” featuring writer Benedict Fitzgerald “Bonus Buzz”- World renowned Pastor Joel Osteen will produce this picture. I'm personally proud to see Hollywood embracing the bible. I plan on going to the movies alot in 2014.
Hey how can you be a pastor, but not a theologian? Doofus.
watching by Pastor Joel Osteen the message is Words are important
I swear joel osteen is hilarious, he makes being a pastor seem fun
Joel osteen is a great motivational speaker. Calling him Pastor? Idk about all that now. He doesn't even quote scriptures. 😒😩😳
successes abound in your life. Please, God! send us the miracle so that our duty will be to help Pastor Joel Osteen in his
or low on ourselves, Pastor Joel Osteen always comes running to our aid. He pushes and urges us, despite pain, to walk on and
Pastor Joel Osteen is so perfectly right when he says that we are living our tomorrows today! Whenever we are feeling rundown
"Your problems are not there to defeat you they're there to increase you!" - Pastor Joel Osteen ❤️
Heavenly Father as I Lisa and DJ tony an friends get ready to bring joy to ur children out there we ask you to bless us with health strength an lots of sunshine throughout our day today 26th dec 2013 plz bless each an everyone whose making this journey with us protect them and let them be safe I Lisa ask you to bless us with the presents of the holy sprit .thank you lord Jesus amen an amen pastor Joel Osteen God is the one who puts the dream in ur heart ...he wants to amaze you with his goodness amen
"This is the best time of year to start with a new attitude. This is the season of joy, the time to express gratitude." -- Pastor Joel Osteen
What's up, ? Please be sure to listen to Pastor Joel Osteen and I are currently live:
Sitting down with my friend Pastor Joel Osteen recently filming Principles of Hope TV show.
Jeremiah 22:22. The wind shall eat up all thy pastors, and thy lovers shall go into captivity: surely then shalt...
Pastor Joel Osteen! Thanks! for everything! We hope that you get everything this Christmas Day from Santa Clause! May God
Good Morning! Pastor Joel Osteen & welcome to another beautiful & stimulating day ahead, for you, this wonderful Christmastime!
Heard this quote today. Spoken TRUTH. Trouble is inevitable. Misery is optional. --Pastor Joel Osteen
How can people who don't know what God requires to be saved, be saved themselves? You know, people like Pastor Joel Osteen, and most every other Preacher and Pastor in America? -Dennis Mellenberger-
Giving honor to whom it is due. Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2014 to all my prayer partners around the world : FB friends and followers Dr kalu Oji of building memorial for God Bishop ken obanor of victory life church internatiinal Sister Ruth Boaz of 7in 1 Prophetese Irene manjeri Of bethel Healing ministry of Uganda Pharm iheanyi Uzoma intercessors for Nigeria Dr Mike Evans of Jerusalem prayer Team Pastor Benny Hinn of Benny hinn ministries Pastor Kenneth Copland of Pastor creflo dollar of creflo dollar ministries Dr Bill Winston of Bill Winston ministries Pastor Jesse Duplantis of JDM.Org Pastor Rod parsley of W World harvest church Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church Dr Che of HIM outreach . Pastor Jentezen Franklin of Free chapel church . Dr David Jeremiah of Turning point Dr Reinhard Bonnke of Reinhard Bonnke international evangelistic ministries David and Barbara cerullo of inspira tional ministries Sister Lara of Beyond veil prayer Team Bishop T.D Jakes of The potter's house of Da .. ...
"Today, take off the “washed up, failure, guilty and condemned” labels. And put on some new labels: “redeemed, restored, forgiven, talented and creative.” -- Pastor Joel Osteen
If you start the day off in a grateful mood, thinking of what's right, I think it will make your day go better. - Pastor Joel Osteen.
Pastor Joel Osteen is getting ready to be on Hannity on Fox,
" nothing's going to change if you just expect more of the same. You've got to tell your heart to dream again" - pastor Joel Osteen
Top of the morning everyone!! ~Your attitude should be, “Nobody owes me anything. I am not at a disadvantage. I am equipped, empowered, and anointed.” Pastor Joel Osteen..
Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks with Lakewood Church Pastor Joel Osteen about the intersection of faith, science and healing.
Happy Monday ladies... You have something to offer nobody else can offer. Nobody has your exact personality or your gifts. You are more than average. You are one-of-a-kind.Pastor Joel Osteen...
"You wouldn't be alive if God didn't have another victory in your future!" - Pastor Joel Osteen
I gotta get my ginger tea. Pastor Joel Osteen is on
Pastor Joel Osteen visited Fox News Sunday today for a “special Christmas message.” Unfortunately for Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin,Gretchen Carlson and the rest of the “War on Christmas” victims, he suggested they were acting more like Christmas cry babies than Christmas crusaders.
Pastor Joel Osteen tells Chris what encourages and worries him about the state of our spiritual union. Watch and share with us your thoughts.
"God knew there’d be unfair situations. That’s why He’s already arranged a comeback for every setback, vindication for every wrong, a new beginning for every disappointment". ~~pastor Joel Osteen ~~
Osteen: Pope Francis more 'inclusive' - "I like the new pope," Pastor Joel Osteen says, adding Pope Francis has ma...
Pastor Joel Osteen on Fox News. I enjoyed listening this anointed man of God.
Watch Lakewood Church, with pastor Joel Osteen, every Sunday at 11am tx. Time
"You are not what people says who you are what God says who you are" (pastor joel osteen)
Just because people speak negatively about you. They try to kill your testimony. God is not moved by labels. You don't have to suffer in silence. God's mercy is bigger than any mistakes that you've made. God designed and equipped you for the race that you have to fulfill. You're not Average. You have a destiny to fulfill. Take off the negative labels. God/Move Forward -Pastor Joel Osteen-
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Don’t go around worried, and The of the has you in the palm of His hand. - Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries Like and share if this encouraged you!
GOD doesn't label us the way people label us. Remove all negative labels what people say you are and go with the labels GOD says you are. PASTOR JOEL OSTEEN
What you say about me doesn't change what GOD says about me. PASTOR JOEL OSTEEN
IT would be nice if u post jokes like Pastor Joel Osteen . MERRY CHRISTMAS SND A HAPPY NEW YEAR .
May today be filled with love, peace and blessings for all. going to watch my Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries in a few already thanking the King for all his blessings. I am very blessed loving my family and friends xoxoxoxo
Americas Pastor Joel Osteen is on 8am, 8:45 is Truth for Saints and Sinners with Harvest Baptist Church
"Don't go around worried, nervous, anxious, and intimidated. The Creator of the universe has you in the palm of his hand" Pastor Joel Osteen
I just responded to a post I disagreed with and I want my response to be in my FB Wall for the record: 12/22/2013 @ 1:36 PM, Miami, Florida I can't agree with this. God uses Whoever He wants to and in whatever way He wants to do it. Each one has ITS OWN CROSS to carry Saeed and Phil. They are both being Persecuted out of Righteousness in each of their home countries. Maybe GOD didn't feel like using Grace to stand against GLAAD, and we see God's Strategy, UP FRONT NOT BACKING DOWN CALLING HOMOSEXUALITY SIN and since NO Televangelist or Mega Preacher or Grace Teacher has had the Anointing and the Boldness to address the USA on this matter, GOD chose Phil to do so! Pastor Joel Osteen had the opportunity to address the sin issue, but didn't have the character to do so, just as an example. Maybe God is Mad at GLAAD, maybe God wants more Babies on Earth but since heterosexual marriages are lacking, He can't get those Babies. It could be! And to the point, Homosexuality is Antichrist, what else is it? what else ...
Thanks Pastor Joel Osteen!!.. God didn't make ME average.. I'm not ordinary!! I have treasures in me.. Glory.. I love it!!
"God wouldn’t have given you the desire to reach your goals if you didn’t already have everything you need. Rise up with boldness and confidence." Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries
CNNs Dr Gupta Pastor Joel Osteen on the power of - Video -
"Often people get these two words mixed up: acceptance and approval. If someone comes to my church, I don't have to approve of every single thing in their life, because that's not my job. I'm not God. My job is to accept you as I have been accepted. With everything in my life, God accepted me. So acceptance and approval, we draw a really cool line in there…" - Pastor Joel Osteen Pastor Joel Osteen was acused of being a false teacher by sharing these words. But even our own savior Jesus Christ was falsely acused of being possessed by a demon. S. Mateo 12:24 and S. Marcos 3:22 I dislike how some "Christians" show disgust for other people like if they are somewhat superior to them. When in reality we are all going through the same troubles and temptations. If we could only truly understand this and put all of our differences apart and help each other with words of encouragement we would see the love of God. Im not saying im perfect and I understand I have my flaws and my moments but honestly who doesn't.
"When you put your trust in Him, even when you have difficult times, you can rise higher. You can excel, you can be leaders. It's an empowering message, not one that pushes people down" -- Pastor Joel Osteen, Joel Osteen, megachurch pastor (Texas) and New York Times best-selling author
You would not be alive unless God had another victory in front of you. Pastor Joel Osteen.
People will try to label you not good enough, too slow, too old, too many mistakes. You can’t stop negative comments or prevent negative labels, but you can choose to not let them hold you back. You are equipped, anointed, strong and well able to do everything God has called you to do. Pastor Joel Osteen.
Excited to see Katie talking about church. I just saw a picture of Bishop Jakes and Pas. Joel Osteen. Yesterday Pastor Paula.
Call me crazy but I like Pastor Joel Osteen
I vote hands down Warren Buffett & 3 generations of Buffets. Loved it! 2nd: Pastor Joel Osteen & Victoria- great year of shows!
Watching "Keeping the Faith" The Modern Face of Religion on the Katie Couric Show with Pastor Joel Osteen & Pastor Carl Lentz (Hillsong). Yeah Katie!!!
Take a look at the modern face of religion in America today with Pastor Joel Osteen, whose sermons draw tens of thousands every week, and a New York City pastor with tattoos and a rock band! Plus, "The Maccabeats" sing a cappella with an anthem of hope, peace and love.
watching an interview on television with Pastor Joel Osteen and all I can think about is how big a hypocrite he is. Hard to believe how a man can say he is for accepting everyone for who they are, yet he refuses to support the institution of *** marriage. Things don't add up there..
I was suppose to leave n go to the store a while ago..Y I put on the TV n seen Pastor Joel Osteen; He always preaching words that u need to hear at that moment n he never misses a beat!!! WOW!!
Joel is an incredible pastor! The entire Osteen family are dedicated servants of God!! I love Joel and Lakewood Church!
Stop wasting valuable energy on things that don’t matter. Get over anything that is holding you back and move forward in victory.~~~ Pastor Joel Osteen
Pastor Joel Osteen is a man of God :) and it's so nice of Kaite to bring Pastor Joel Osteen to her show !! 
On the Katie show (right now) a special series on faith! Pastor Joel Osteen and Carl Lentz of Hillsong New York sharing over their faith! Yes, Jesus! 󾌳
Psalm 41 says, “The favor of God keeps my enemies from defeating me.” When you walk in God’s favor, honoring Him with your life, knowing who you are and Whose you are, you cannot be defeated. -Pastor Joel Osteen
For Anyone who is interested.Pastor Joel Osteen is on Katie Couric today 12-19
GREAT MESSAGE BY PASTOR JOEL OSTEEN, EVERYBODY SHOULD READ THIS: Between You and God (Written by: Joel Osteen) Posted on November 17, 2012 by kennardgroup The Scripture talks about “the hidden petitions of your heart.” I believe those are things that are supposed to be between you and God. Sometimes, people get off course because they share their dream with people who can’t handle it. Sure, that person may want the best for you, but they may not fully understand what God has placed in you, or they may not have faith for it like you do. You have to resist the urge to go around telling everyone all of your goals and dreams because some things are meant to keep to yourself. If Joseph would have understood this, it would have saved him a lot of heartache. As a teenager, he had a dream that his older brothers would bow down before him one day. God was showing him that he was going to lead a nation and have great success. The mistake he made is that he went out and told everyone. Now, his older brothers d ...
Good Morning and Happy Thursday. Check this out from Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries..We are responsible for...
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What an opportunity for Christians to share the Gospel: “Will a *** person be accepted into heaven, as you see it?,” Oprah asked the famed Pastor Joel Osteen. “I believe they will,” he responded. ”Sometimes we look at *** being a bigger sin than being proud or not telling the truth. I don’t think God categorizes sins.” We don't "earn" heaven - being *** or practicing a *** lifestyle is not what God intended for His children, however, He loves us none the less. Jesus, God's beloved Son, died on the cross to cleanse, heal and redeem us—spirit, soul and body! That is how precious we are to God! "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved." John 3:16–17 “For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more.”—Heb 8:12 Pastor J ...
Ok, I'm I was told not to sleep but I could use my iPad. So I decide to watch one of my favorite ppl. Pastor Joel Osteen. ( connecting with the right people). One good lesson I got was some ppl are not just ready for where God is taking you. Is not like they are not good but they are just not ready to see the favor of God upon your life.
People may not approve of you. Don't worry about it. God approves of you. People don't determine your destiny. People can't stop God's plans for your life. God called you. God equipped you. God anointed you. ❤️ -Pastor Joel Osteen
Thanks sa aking mahal for always motivating and encouraging me everyday! Kahit hindi ako sanay sa culture at ugali ng mga tao sa new environment ko and i still adjusting pa rin :) as pastor Joel osteen said " Not every person is going to understand you and thats okay. They have a right to their opinion and you have every right to ignore it. Choosing to be positive and having a Grateful attitude is going to determine how you're going to LIVE YOUR LIFE because HAPPINESS is always a choice. You cant wait for circumtances to get better. You have to create your own Good fortune. So look for ways to be happy every day." ... Thank you so much Lord for everything and congrats to me for having my 3rd christmas in Tuguegarao!!! :)
for God is about to bestow His unique gifts upon His beloved Pastor, Joel Osteen, who has fended off struggles from his past and
Yes! Pastor Joel Osteen, "Our best days are still ahead of us!" as you so rightly say. All too often, we look back at our past
Pastor Joel Osteen basically says the same thing over and over again. ._.
THERE IS A FAKE PERSON PRETENDING TO BE PASTOR JOEL OSTEEN.seriously.because with this seed you are about to sow into the lives of this particular orphans in Africa that the lord has showed me,will put a final stop and bring a .The message is to long,but talked to REAL Joel Osteen Ministries and IF you get a friend request it is Fake
"Get up every day and say, “Father, thank You for taking me further faster. Thank You that Your gracious hand is upon me, that I am surrounded by your favor." Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries
"Your hidden treasure is about to come out" (Pastor Joel Osteen)
Good Morning and Happy Wednesday.Love this from Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries..All the facts may be telling you...
Mom, I saw my first "STAR"-says my daughter, Julia, after meeting Pastor Joel Osteen at Barnes and Noble yesterday:)
Watch a short clip of Lakewood Church Pastor Joel Osteen and Hillsong NYC Pastor Carl Lentz on the "Katie" show talking about faith.
I went to a book signing with my friend Gisela and with Mima. We met Pastor Joel Osteen. I am looking forward to seeing him in June at Yankee Stadium. I was able to record him as he approach the woman next to Mima. We were not allowed to take pictures with him. There were over 500 people on line to get his autograph. Marlene
"Too many people go through life thinking somebody owes them something but God never promised that life would be fair. Just stay in faith and He will take what’s meant for your harm and use it to your advantage." -- Pastor Joel Osteen
One of my christmas wish list is to attend a church service of Pastor Joel Osteen and hear his preach!!! # nothing is imposible with God
WUSA news promo:. "Bruce [was at] a celebration with Bill Cosby!". "And Jan, you were with Pastor Joel Osteen!". Gee, whose night was better?
after just speaking about how I miss watching Pastor Joel Osteen and John Haggee on cable I came across it now on basic tv ! And found out he will be in town jan 3 preaching at arena I can't wait to go ! 󾌵󾍛
Joel Osteen brings book signing tour to DC: Pastor and best selling author Joel Osteen is in Washington, D.C.
"Negative thoughts come to every person, the key is, don't verbalise them. Be positive or be quiet" Pastor Joel Osteen.
As Oprah and Pastor Joel Osteen conclude an episode of "Oprah's Lifeclass," Pastor Joel advises the audience on negativity, telling them, "Don't ever say anything negative about yourself."
Pastor Joel Osteen live in northern Virginia tonight. You can't get near the place...but I did!
Father, I come humbly before you today. I give you my past, present, and future, knowing that you will redeem my life. I release those who have hurt me. I choose forgiveness so I can be FREE to move forward in the path you have for me in Jesus name. Pastor Joel Osteen.
Don’t make the mistake of wearing a negative label. Wrong labels can keep you from your destiny. Wear the right labels: strong, talented & valuable. Pastor Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen is hands down the best Male Pastor of all times. Congratulations on your success, it's well deserved! :)
"God knows right where you are and He knows how to get you where you need to be. His hand is on you and He wants you to live blessed and with peace." Pastor Joel Osteen TUNE IN TO THE WDZ & DON'T FORGET THAT ITS THE REQUEST HOUR. WHATS YO SONG...
"When we see others as valuable the way God sees them, we treat them carefully. We speak respectfully. We look for the good in others and honor them for who God made them to be..." PASTOR JOEL OSTEEN Thank YOU JESUS for these good words! This statement all alone is an AWESOME SERMON!
Pastor Joel Osteen talks of the life of Billy Graham and his ability to touch the lives of people all over the world.
Top of the morning everyone!!! Remember "faith doesn’t exempt us from difficulties. The storms of life come to every person. But God will not allow a storm unless He has a divine purpose for it" Amen~Pastor Joel Osteen
On today's The 700 Club at 12noon we have Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries to discuss overcoming obstacles to live the life God intended. Don't miss it!
Keep us posted please? PROUD, LOVE, NEED, JOY, all embrace Pastor Joel Osteen, today, this morning, afternoon, evening &
Its interest when Children of Isreal escaped for Egypt, they saw the King of Egypt & his army marching against them. The Bible says the children of Isreal were terrified. ( Exodus 14 vs 11-12 GNT ) They said to Moses, weren't there any graves in Egypt? Did you have to bring us out here in the desert to die?. It would be better to be slaves than to die here in the desert. Friends you may be to what seem to be the dead end situation in you life but I came to lift up your hope dat be still & stand your ground. Quit talk about your present circumstance coz the more you talk about it the more you are making it bigger. When the children of Isreal complain to Moses, Moses was looking on what God can do. Moses said don't be afraid! stand your ground & you will see what the Lord will do( Exodus 14 vs 13 GNT ). Because Moses was faithful to God the Bible says in ( Exodus 14 vs 29 GNT ) the Isrealites walked through sea on the dry ground, with wall of water on both sides. Friends God is making a way for you coz no p ...
The word *** refers to both Homosexuals and *** And the whole world including the Christian leaders and other religious leaders are now involved in this debate/ discussion and implementation of policies revolving around this issue. The UK recently made it very clear that it will cut back very significantly on funding or aiding African governments and other countries which do not put in place polices to embrace and accept homosexuals and *** in society. The Civil rights movements (Including Human rights and some civil societies) worldwide have of late been pushing for entrenching of the rights and recognition and embracing of the rights of the Homosexuals and *** Leading musicians e.g. Lady gaga have sung songs to praise and encourage homosexuality and lesbianism such as “I Was born that way!!!”. Musicians like Ricky Martin, the late Michael Jackson, Elton John e. t. c are known to be open *** musicians/singers. Even a book known as *** Bible” has been introduced perpetuating the ...
The damage that Millennials do. The do things MY way or I will use the Internet to do you harm. On Pastor Joel Osteen.
Morning everybody... I want to encourage u all this morning with the daily devotional taken from pastor Joel Osteen... Nothing wasted: Psalm 103:4 "Who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion." I know people who feel like they’ve wasted years of their lives because of poor choices. They spent years in a relationship that was toxic, years with an addiction, years at a job where they weren’t fulfilled. But you have to realize, nothing you have been through is ever wasted. Your past experiences, good and bad, have deposited something on the inside of you. Those challenges have sharpened you to help make you who you are today. When the enemy brings hardship into your life, God has a way of taking that experience and turning it around for your advantage. You may think you’ve hit a dead end, but if you’ll stay in faith, you will see God begin to open up a new route. He’ll put the right people in your path, the right opportunities, the right circumstances to move you forw ...
I just had the honor of shaking hands with Pastor Joel Osteen.
First things first, I wish to thank God for his love and Mercy I also want to thank my sister for those inspiring words at times like these those words means a lot, also thanks to Pastor Joel Osteen listening to him right now when a door closes there is a purpose he has something better in Store for me I have to leave it in his hands and have faith, through God all things are possible.Amen
Its my time.God is good to me.i had a very busy day today.and everywhere i went today.i got a word of encouragement.i went to ihss she said a week...i went to the county building he said it was a mistake..give him 2days.i know why the devil was working so *** me pastor Joel Osteen said the storm always seem the worst at the end..i was talking to my worker today..i didnt understand a word he said but God got this go home no ihss worker...oh do worry babygirl...its on the way u look at 15/20 checkes.I LOVE THE LORD HE HEARD MY CRY.u know how ppl say becareful what u as for. Well i asked the Lord not to move the Mountain just give me the strength to climb don't take away my family in blocks just leave me all around...thank you Jesus...
Keeping the main thing, the main thing! My Beloved Children, when mans love for power, are driven out by the power of Gods love and kindness for them, then they shall have peace, rest, victory and true wealth and riches overflowing abundantly! Beloved, the unbeliever seeks after power, but your heavenly Father already knows what you need, so keep Jesus, the King of Gods Kingdom, first place, upfront, and center. How do I keep Jesus first? By listening to grace teachings from Pastor Joel Osteen, and Pastor Joseph Prince, and you will receive an abundance of grace, and the gift of righteousness, which is a righteousness of faith in Jesus, and not of mans works or efforts. And everything you need will be given to you richly to enjoy, and you shall reign as kings over fear, lack, and discouragement in life before God in the Kingdom of grace, and His beloved children. In the beloved, Rudy
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