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Pastor Joel Osteen

Joel Scott Osteen (born March 5, 1963) is an American lay preacher, televangelist, author, and the leader of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

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When God opens the windows of heaven, He’s going to pour out blessings that you cannot contain and you cannot explain- Pastor Joel Osteen
Night of Hope Miami was one of the best things I've ever decided to do alone thus far in 2017! Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen!
He takes great selfies! With my Pastor David Crank at Joel Osteen
Pastor Joel Osteen is an excellent speaker. He surly can capture ones attention and hold it.
Who is Jesus? Has he talked to you, or has he talked to you through a pastor as fraudulent as Pat Robertson or Joel Osteen?
Yeah. I don't begrudge a pastor with a day job during the week getting himself a nice car, but these Joel Osteen types -- Nah.
If Joel Osteen is a Christian pastor, I'm an astronaut. (SPOILER: I've never so much as been on a plane.) ... Present the Gospel ONCE, Joel.
His demeanor is similar to that of Pastor Joel Osteen. He's such a devoted dad.
you're an amazing dad. Your demeanor is similar to Pastor Joel Osteen. May God continue blessing you and your daughter.
Donald Trump sharing news he got from watching Fox is kind of like our pastor giving sermons he got from watching Joel…
I do not trust Joel Osteen one bit. "Millionaire pastor" just doesn't seem right to me.
Joel osteen isn't a pastor. He's an inspirational speaker who doesn't speak the truth.
Schools Megachurch Pastor - ...not that it takes much to punch through the hypocrisy
God Schools Megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen - God said, sell your possessions and give to the needy!
There are only 2 options when it comes to ministers: con artists or severely deluded. I was the latter.
God Schools Megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen. True. I want you to stop building megachurches and start building...
Little Giant Ladders
Joel Osteen is, in and of himself, a scam.
Really what a moth/ €=%son of $&=7€ this guy to blame all that people to gain money
Megachurch pastor joel osteen says muslims attend his church and that his books 'sell a lot in muslim countries'
Was watching Pastor Joel Osteen this morning, and he said the same thing.
Unexpected Sunshine. When dark clouds are in our lives, there is a simple beauty of healing coming in unexpected sunshine. Pastor Joel Osteen
"Don't let people put THEIR limitations on YOU!" - Pastor Joel Osteen
I'm nice, I smille all the the time...but if you're negative, I'll smile while waving goodbye - Pastor Joel Osteen
According to these regulations Pastor John Hagee, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes would have been asked to step down
'Your goal as a pastor should not be to make new content. If it is, go be an associate pastor for Joel Osteen!'
LOL, My brother imagine so based on this regulation Kenneth Copeland, Pastor Hage, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes
timetable. Going by the Nigerian govt. regulations TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, Pastor Hagee and many others would have stepped down..
Joel osteen pastor you can have more people if you speak to more white people. paralegal an minister robert j lee.
I'm gonna be a pastor by age 43, you know, at least part time. I'm tryna be Joel Osteen for the ends and the cul-de-sacs.
Exactly moreover who their successor is? According to the new regulations Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Pastor Hagee, TD Jakes ...
Joel Scott Osteen is an American preacher and televangelist. He is the Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church, in Tx.
Lakewood Church.met Pastor Joel Osteen afterward awesome. 😀😀
Joel osteen pastor. A Lady name jessica at my church likes me im willing to marry her. Michelle theall told me. Paralegal robert j lee.
Oh no.. Pastor did a Joel Osteen impression.
LakewoodCh - God controls the Universe, the odds does not determine what He can and cannot do. - Joel Osteen, Pastor
LakewoodCh- You may feel like the underdog, but you and God are the majority. - Joel Osteen, Pastor
Joel Osteen is more of a motivational speaker than a pastor
"But but... google says they're Christian!" . My dear friend, google also says Joel Osteen is a pastor
Please choose pastor JOEL OSTEEN as one of the pastors to give us blessings during President Trump's Inauguration
Just one question really...why doesn't yours truly get a mention!? Am I not "prosperity" enough for .
thanks pastor dr irishea love to watch you and mom and dad always love more living in Houston .thanks pastor joel osteen. jaf
Tonight I am going to share some of my Fave Affs n Declarations from Dr John Demartini n Pastor Joel Osteen n they are amazing ->Take notes
This is why I love pastor Joel Osteen. His sermons were bible based but relatable enough that my Muslim dad would watch with me and nod
Was pastor Joel Osteen there?! Cher loves him and I bet you do too...
As this pastor explains, Joel's teachings are antithetical
no disrespect to him but he's nothing like what his father was who was a real pastor. Joel Osteen changed once he got his
I thank you LORD for your grace in my life.I am also thanking Pastor Joel Osteen for his prayer for me.
ICYMI: Butch Jones wants taking pastor Joel Osteen's advice and celebrate victories big or small via
Pastor Joel Osteen endorsing Trump. Now if just all the people that follow him would vote Trump. God hear are praye…
I am so disappointed in Pastor Joel Osteen for supporting trump. I have been following and believing in Pastor Joel for many m…
Has anyone asked Joel Osteen for his thoughts on the Trump tapes?. He called Trump a "friend" of his ministry:
- God has put a supernatural strength on you to fulfill your destiny. - Joel Osteen, Pastor
I love you Pastor. Joel Osteen, from Pastor. Michael Whiting from the house of jesus Church. Houston Texas.
God has bigger plans for you then you do. Ephesians 3:20 - Pastor Joel Osteen
I just watch pastor Joel Osteen now I'm looking at pastor Dr. Charles Stanley.
Now on air Sunday Morning Worship on with your girl Oludolapo Message...Nothing is wasted-Pastor Joel Osteen
I don't have pastor here in Germany. I follow your ministry, Joel Osteen ministry and God TV. GBU too
The AC would be capable of fooling the elect. HRC is way too obvious. A Joel Osteen type pastor could do it.
Pastor Joel Osteen's house while a lot of homeless Americans live on the streets
Pastor Joel Osteen's house while many Americans still live in poverty
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
At Elevate Life church in Frisco TX about to see Pastor Joel Osteen!
It is true? I respect you and believe God blesses you. But! God hates liars.
One of America's largest churches brings powerful praise and a positive gospel message from Pastor Joel Osteen at 3pm
I'm a reverend and a pastor. A pastor of the church. I go by usually pastor.
This article says he didn't and how the rumor came to be
make up your own mind. Pastor Joel Osteen Makes No Apologies for His Wealth | Oprah's Next Chap...
Victoria Osteen reveals secret to her happy marriage with Pastor Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen is the best presenter in the world for me, to be learnt!
declares regarding each day like it's friday keeps elevated joy. Make your Monday a Friday goes easy! Pastor Joel Osteen
(TLJ NewSource) Mega-Church Pastor, Joel Osteen, renounces his vast wealth, becomes Pastor of tiny church in Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya.
Hi pastor Joel osteen I love you and your wife and your preaching it means a lot to me thank you
Joel Osteen really my favorite pastor
We were blessed with an opportunity this morning to meet PASTOR Joel Osteen and have him sign a…
We love Pastor Joel & Victoria Osteen. Actually we heard those words many yrs ago from John Osteen:)
falling sound asleep after pastor Joel Osteen 's sermon on not giving up on your "dead/ dry bones" ( book of...
The 150 famous people challenge day 34 belongs to you Pastor Joel Osteen...Please donate to Kelcie's Place..Thanks https…
The guy in looks like Pastor Joel Osteen.
If you want to understand American, reading John Saward is a good place to start
I'm genuinely curious as to why people say that Joel Osteen is a false prophet. He's a pastor that spreads positivity. He doesn't prophecy..
The pastor, Joel Osteen, doesn't take a salary from the church. So his income (from his books, etc.) is taxed.
I get mad when ppl diss Joel Osteen as if he's my personal pastor.
okay i'm down for it when deedee makes us listen to pastor steve in the car but she's making us listen to joel osteen lmk WHY
Joel Osteen's title is SENIOR PASTOR. I mean, they even have corporate titles!
Lakewood megachurch pastor Joel Osteen takes huge stage with positive message for "America's Night of Hope'
let me quote Pastor Joel Osteen msg"don't waste your time&energy on negative people.let it go."
joel osteen, Victoria is the real pastor give her the dues she deserves
So since mr Crutcher was a pastor/preacher you think Bisho td jakes, Joel osteen, creflo Dollar, etc are going to...
man that is soo true and so right. Two fav. Thing I do to start my day one listen to Pastor Joel Osteen and Allison mack.
Victoria Osteen encourages people to have confidence in God's love: Victoria Osteen, wife of Pastor Joel Osteen from Lakewood Church,...
Men charged w/ criminal trespass after heckling Pastor Joel Osteen's sermon found not guilty
INTENT 4 men who heckled Pastor Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church acquitted of criminal ...
Promotion doesn't come from people it come from the Lord. "Don't Rely On People" Thats the msg from Pastor Joel Osteen.
"The way to pass the test is to be your best right where you are". - Pastor Joel Osteen
Much love and respect for Lakewood Church, Pastor Joel Osteen and his beautiful wife Victoria. Hearts as big as Texas
Pastor Joel Osteen an incredible man. I told Pastor that I definitely tune in for his sermons but it's also all...
Amen Pastor Joel Osteen just like your dad very encouraging if he were alive he would have preached in Shillong by now.
God didn't make a mistake when He made you. You need to see yourself as God sees you. - Pastor Joel Osteen
Pastor Joel Osteen always says the right things when it's much needed
Pastor Joel Osteen hits on some major life struggles
"Are you a TROUBLEMAKER or a PEACEMAKER?" - Pastor Joel Osteen
check out Joel Osteen. He's the biggest in
I regularly listen to Pastor Joel Osteen on podcast. This one was…
Joel Osteen gives advice on how to deal with 'alarmists': 'God didn't call you to keep everyone happy': Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewoo...
"If you focus on your burdens, you won't enjoy your blessings." Pastor Joel Osteen
I'm doing a repeat of Pastor Joel Osteen "Taming The Tongue" Tune In and enjoy it
Funny everyone is teaching about David this morning,first Joel Osteen and now Pastor Makhamba,is there something God is trying to tell Me😀😀
"hey, Gav. Joel Osteen is my personal pastor, and he would LOVE to book you at Lakewood one Sat. Yeah, totes legit..."
breaking news pastor Joel Osteen dead hit by suv.
Joel Osteen: 'You can't watch the news 24 hours a day and expect to stay at rest': Pastor Joel Osteen of Lake...
You may be a product of your past, but you don't have to be a prisoner of your past - Pastor Joel Osteen
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, NOT where the Spirit of the Lord was - Pastor Joel Osteen
Lauren & Todd at Lakewood Church in Houston home of Pastor Joel Osteen!!!
Vote TRUMP Pastor Joel Osteen: "You can't find a more giving, gracious person than Mr. Trump!"
Pastor Steve Lawson may be speaking about Joel Osteen, but sadly this applies to *many* pastors today.
Donald Trump is the GOP front runner, and Joel Osteen is the pastor of the largest US church, we are in big trouble folks...
Joel Osteen says people can have peace even in the midst of storms: 'Turn that mess over to God': Pastor Joel...
John gray is an associate pastor, nick nilson is the youth church pastor, Joel osteen is the senior pastor. I have three. Ewu.
Yes, this is my "Crush The Stage" Coach Delatorro L. McNeal II with his mentor Pastor Joel Osteen this Sunday...
hmm Pastor Joel Osteen said same thing"Mr.Trump is a great man, very generous" Of course for a TV evangelist like Osteen money?
hi pastor Joel Osteen I enjoy your message all the time on tv you and your family are beautiful . Leslie lovings
Amen and i always will. Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen. Have a joyful blessed day!
Tell em like our Senior Pastor tells us,. "Joel Osteen ain't gotta answer to God for you, but I do"
Change your mindset. Change your life... Pastor Joel Osteen's Full Sermon "The Power of 'I Am'"
My love for Pastor Joel Osteen and T.D Jakes is indescribable. ❤️❤️. Chill I'm still Muslim. 💯
If Joel Osteen was my pastor I'd never miss church.
One day not only his name called, but pastor Joel Osteen will stand in the pulpit to preach, Amen🙏🙌👏
amen to that..thank u Pastor Joel Osteen. God's blessing upon you, your families n your ministries.
and calling out their seeds of greatness. (Pastor Joel Osteen)
Joel Osteen says Christians must make 'preparations for God's goodness' and anticipate 'a downpour of blessing': Pastor Joel Osteen o...
Good morning good people. As you go about your business today keep in mind that Pastor Joel Osteen is 53 years old. . Have a good day.
Pastor Joel Osteen preaching "The Blessing and the Burden"!!!. 2 Corinthians 4:17. The key is to…
Just because you don't see a way doesn't mean there is no way. Pastor Joel Osteen
scenes, content making others look good, knowing that you may be invisible, but understanding that you’re invaluable. (Pastor Joel Osteen)
Pastor Joel Osteen says that verse is to be taken as pure allegory
Im sure you get this a lot but I want to create an addon for one show for my mother of Pastor Joel Osteen. Any advice?
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He's cheating people every time he claims to be a pastor. He's an Amway salesman and nothing more.
One pastor's 'tear-stained plea' to Preach both difficult and joyful truths
Pastor Joel Osteen said it best. 25% of people will not like you. 25% of people will not like you but could be...
Hanging out with Joel Osteen...Great pastor, leader and human being... :-)
Pastor Joel Osteen takes to Colbert's 'Late Show' to talk...
Who enjoys the way Pastor Joel Osteen preaches? Like he is reading from a book. 󾰀󾰯 — watching Trinity Broadcasting Network
“Contrary to the misinformation making the rounds on social media, Pastor Joel Osteen has not endorsed any candidate"
Don't walk, but "RUN" from temptation. Pastor Joel Osteen
The pain of discipline is much better than the pain of regret. Pastor Joel Osteen
Texas pastor Joel Osteen was getting plenty of speculation after it was rummored he endorsed Donald Trump for president
I spoke to my Union / Association President and we believe like you things will change in my life. I love Pastor Joel Osteen.
Texas pastor's response to critics who call him too kind
[VIDEO] Pastor Joel Osteen slammed for praising Donald Trump in past interview...
Funny thing- I tried for years to search the state for the right pastor, with the rights words-but always came...
A humble, God-fearing, church leader and Pastor Joel Osteen has endorsed . Very Impressive!
Joel Osteen is a motivational speaker, not a pastor. The only reason why he is so popular, is that he tells you what you want hear
The power of I am.say positive things to yourself
Our words are powerful creators of our lives and these two words -“I AM” - have especially strong creative power.
Charisma News Joel Osteen's Motivational Gospel and the Reality of *** Charisma News Pastor… via
Pastor Joel Osteen Had to make a decision as Pastor! Israel Houghton ‘Released From His Responsibilities at Lakewood Church.
If u keep telling someone who horrible they r are, it wud only get worse!
Holy Rollers would be a great name for a tag team. The Reverend and The Pastor, one of them looking like Joel Osteen
I'm fine w/ this, but don't call yourself a pastor. You're a motivational speaker.
Joel Osteen defends ministry for shunning 'hellfire and brimstone' preaching, saying 'people feel guilty enough': Pastor Joel Osteen ...
Positivity is possible. Watch episode & start your journey: htt…
󾌴󾌴. "The day would serve as a way for God's people to "step outside their comfort zone" said Pastor Osteen during...
Pastor Benny Hinn standing up against Joel Osteen on his Larry King's Interview and Oprah Winfrey.
-People doesn't determine your blessings, God does! - Joel Osteen, Pastor
Kyalya beginning to sound like Pastor Joel Osteen.
I know you can't see it, my friend, but there's also an image that describes the vast wealth of Pastor Joel Osteen.
THE POWER OF YOUR BLOODLINE (By: Pastor Joel Osteen). You may struggle with an addiction. You may have made some...
I love this saying by Pastor Joel Osteen.
Pastor Joel Osteen, I want to build a truck with sound stage to evangelize, you can partner? Rio de janeiro Brazil.
Its funny to hear Pastor Joel Osteen say that people should have swag yet he admits he doesn't know what swag is lol.
: Pastor Joel Osteen ABBA YAHUWEH ( not God)is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1
Not a big "Joel Osteen the Pastor" fan. I'm more of a "Joel Osteen the motivational speaker" fan.
Joel Osteen is the sleaziest of the sleazy. As I've written.
Joel Osteen is actually a very Inspiring Pastor. IDFK what does him being a White pastor have to do with the quality of his messages. 🤔
Joel Osteen is a known Satanic high priest parading as a "Christian pastor". We aren't all stupid.
.brings God to the heretical garden of sin that is late night television. ht…
Joel Osteen is my favorite pastor, I need to attend his church one day!
I am...Pastor joel Osteen shares with Dr Phil...
Blessed and excited to meet Pastor Joel Osteen this morning while visiting Lakewood Church in Houston.
: Pastor Joel Osteen Never measure ABBA YAHUWEH'S unlimited power by your limited expectations .
Its such a blessing to wake up and be able to see mom and dad praising and worshipping with Pastor Joel Osteen...
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Paxton praying for you. Being a Mem alum and Pastor in Philly area would love to see you in Philly! Great pic with Joel Osteen!
I know purpose driven is hot in the amerikan culture, no denying that, Joel Osteen is considered "America's pastor"
Dare today to accept the person God made you to be~ Pastor Joel Osteen
Featuring motivational pastor and New York Times best-selling author Joel Osteen Ministries.
Joel Osteen is a pastor & he's pretty blind. I think Trump is not genuine, talks far too much about how great he is
For the last 5 years, I have been implementing into with super fit
"How you pray will determine what kind of life you live," says pastor Joel Osteen in his recent sermon series...
replace "Mr. President" w/ Mr. Pastor and you have Joel Osteen. Replace "winning" with "save" and you have any Megachurch leader
PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS... This is Pastor John Osteen (father of Joel) PREACHING ... this will BLESS YOU SO GOOD.
: Pastor Joel Osteen : what can a man give in exchange for his soul :Money cannot buy ABBA YAHUWEH'S Kingdom .It's not for sale
:Pastor Joel Osteen. You are prepare by it, you are stronger, more experience and you have a greater confidence by what power ??
: Pastor Joel Osteen : Yes we are defined by our past. And without ABBA YAHUWEH,spirit in our lives we cannot overcome the world
Pastor Joel Osteen If you are a servant ?who is your master ? if you have a master do you honor Him or you honor your own self ?
Today pastor started the message saying "We're going to start our message the way Joel Osteen starts his messages. " Umm...What do I do?
Watching Pastor Joel Osteen right now. Always so encouraging and inspiring.
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Passed away years ago. Pastor Austin wasn't Baptist. I liked his style of preaching. I enjoy listening to Joel Osteen but I don't know if
Don't give a *** what anyone says, Joel Osteen is a great pastor
Joel Osteen - Pray God-sized prayers. 😏... Pastor Joel sure does have a great sense of humor..😄
An Appeal to Joel and Victoria Osteen by MICHAEL BROWN – Is Joel Osteen a heretic?…
Checked off my bucket list! Grateful to have seen Pastor Joel Osteen
Wow what a surprise to see my Pastor at the Joel Osteen Night of Hope!!!…
Forever grateful to have seen Pastor Joel Osteen at the Sports Arena
10,000 ppl. paid a fortune to see Joel Osteen tonight. Is he a motivational speaker or a pastor? He gives ppl. what they want, not NEED.
It's about to take off here at Night of Hope with Victoria and Joel Osteen in San Diego! My Pastor, Pastor Lee...
.talks with Pastor before his San Diego event tonight:
I saw a video of Pastor Joel Osteen on Dr. Phil and he was speaking of this, even wrote a book on the subject. I...
Pastor Joel Osteen is speaking to me right now 🙂
Had a great time in worship and meeting Pastor Joel Osteen this…
Pastor Joel Osteen. Keep using what you have and God will give you more!. Be a good stuart!…
MARBLES was a fantastic time ⌚ for Pastor Joel Osteen with his father, PASTOR JOHN OSTEEN!
Victoria loves Pastor Joel Osteen and Victoria is awesomely prouder of everything which Pastor Joel Osteen has done for 7
A beautiful marriage with love and fantastic pleasures everyday is the love that Pastor Joel Osteen has for Victoria.
HAVING a son as beautiful, KIND, LOVING, sincere, honest, joyful as Pastor Joel Osteen was a wonderful, special time ⌚ for John
honour which Pastor Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen have for their children 🚸
EVERYONE ACKNOWLEDGES the tremendous joys which both Pastor Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen have experienced together. IT'S
PASTOR JOHN OSTEEN IS cheering 📣 Pastor Joel Osteen in heaven. IT'S WONDERFUL FOR EVERYBODY TO HAVE had the greatest of
the honour which Pastor Joel Osteen gave to his magnificent father, JOHN OSTEEN and God remembers, PASTOR JOEL OSTEEN
A quote I think you might like."whatever follows Iam is coming to get you" Pastor Joel Osteen
Shower done. Heater on. Now listening to Pastor Joel Osteen via Youtube.…
grateful for Pastor Joel Osteen doing the best position as, the senior Pastor in Lakewood Church ⛪ We rejoice in God's goodness!
This is so beautiful to see Pastor Joel Osteen with his daughter whom he loves.
One of Pastor Joel Osteen's finest and best jokes ever. WE LOVE IT!
Hey! EC. Since you like to read, you might enjoy these books, I Declare by Pastor Joel Osteen and Rules of Engagement by
Mrs. Victoria Osteen, Pastor Joel Osteen's wife, is one of the world's greatest ladies. I don't know how she...
We NEED to have the teachings of Min. Priscilla Shirer shown on mainstream TV, just like Pastor Joel Osteen. She's a powerful woman of God!!
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I've heard people bash Pastor Joel Osteen... Bishop Jakes... I keep scrolling because most are in the body of Christ. Destroying our body
Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen for your thought provoking tidbits. May God continue to bless you, your family,and your ministry!
Have you heard Pastor Joel Osteen's full sermon "The Power of 'I Am'"? We heard about it during his http:…
Isn't this the truth ! 💯 Chuuch x Slim Thug ft. Pastor Joel Osteen
Why do most people condemn Radical Grace?I received a message from my friend not to read books of Pastor Prince,Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer.
Rapper Slim Thug and Pastor Joel Osteen "collaborate" for new song 'Chuuch' on 'Hogg Life, Vol. 2'
Not only is Michael Pitts speaking, but my pastor is giving out Joel Osteen tickets on Friday. Best bet I'll be there.
I have had so many prayers for my relationship, my health and myself, but now it just has to be confirmed by Pastor Joel Osteen himself.
MARK 25-27 Scriptures for today from Pastor Joel Osteen at 8:00 service! be content for…
I actually like the song that slim thug and pastor joel osteen did together
Dear. Joel osteen ministry . Good evening. Thank you so much. I respect you, pastor.
Even though Joel Osteen isn't a real pastor he speaks the truth
If this is the church that Joel Osteen Pastor's, not interested, until he lets GOD'S will be done!
I want to share some of the thoughts of the great ambassador of hope. Joel Osteen (snr pastor of Lakewood Church) read and be encourage.
Joel Osteen is my pastor love hearing the words of God from him
Can't take Joel Osteen seriously as a pastor. Once he cares less about being famous and more about using scripture in his sermons then maybe
Mark Driscoll publicly apologises to fellow pastor Joel Osteen for 'sin' against him
Joel Osteen is not a pastor. He's a motivational speaker.
bloom, to blossom, I can breathe new life in it. . Pastor Joel Osteen, Lakewood Ministries
Our value comes from our WHO, not our DO. A failure is an event, not a person. Our WHO never changes. - Pastor Joel Osteen
The six men who shouted scripture at Pastor Joel Osteen during a Sunday service have been charged with trespassing
What do Rapper Slim Thug and Pastor Joel Osteen have in common? A song! Listen:
"If your constantly giving and never receiving, thats unhealthy" -Pastor Joel Osteen
"There are some things you can only learn in a storm." Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries
Thank you so much Pastor Joel Osteen. The sermon just fueled my spirit. The that Holy Spirit kept saying in spirit is...
Slim Thug and my Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries putting it down!
Don't wait for a special occasion, let every day be a blessing day. Pastor Joel Osteen
Have the attitude, not how can I get blessed today, how can I be a blessing. Pastor Joel Osteen
Being good to people in YOUR time of need is one of the most powerful things you can do. Pastor Joel Osteen
If you will become a miracle, that is the seed God will use for your own miracle. . Pastor Joel Osteen
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Psalm 37 says trust in The Lord, and do good. Pastor Joel Osteen
Every opportunity you have be good to people. Pastor Joel Osteen
God will make sure somebody will be kind to you in your time of need. Pastor Joel Osteen
That's the way God is, you go around being good to people, and God will make sure that people are good back to you. Pastor Joel Osteen
When you become a miracle God will make sure that you get paid back. Pastor Joel Osteen
your gifts will come back to you, pressed down, shaken together, running over. Pastor Joel Osteen
But if you want happiness for a lifetime be good to people. . Pastor Joel Osteen
me better. Joel brightened my day.Joel was good to me. Pastor Joel Osteen
Proverbs 11:17 puts it this way, your own soul is nourished when you are kind. Pastor Joel Osteen
There is no greater feeling than making somebody else's day. Pastor Joel Osteen
Friends the real joy in life is not in what we get but in what we give. Pastor Joel Osteen
Are you looking for ways you can be good to people? The more you bless others the more God will bless you. Pastor Joel Osteen
Galatians 10:16 says don't miss an opportunity to be good to people. Pastor Joel Osteen
When you believe all things are possible. . Pastor Joel Osteen
doesn't line up with the vision God placed in your heart, you need to see that as being temporary. . Pastor Joel Osteen
released. That's why the scripture uses such strong language, where there's no vision people perish. Pastor Joel Osteen
You've gotta listen to what God's telling you, and not what people are telling you. Pastor Joel Osteen
You've gotta change what you're seeing. Do not let the enemy paint the images in your mind. . Pastor Joel Osteen
If you don't have a vision for it, it's not going to come to pass. Pastor Joel Osteen
with your own resources then your dreams are too small. Pastor Joel Osteen
dreaming about He will supersize it. He'll do more than you could ask or think. Pastor Joel Osteen
When I heard Pastor Joel Osteen on this new track with Slim Thugga
God is a Gentleman He will not force His way into your life. Pastor Joel Osteen
it activates God's power. In our weakness God shows up the strongest. Pastor Joel Osteen
If you'll acknowledge God, He'll go before you and make crocked places straight. Pastor Joel Osteen
crown your efforts with success. One way to acknowledge God is simply ask for His help. Pastor Joel Osteen
decision to look to God for your answers He begins to work. . Victoria Osteen, Wife of Pastor Joel
face any challenge. You can face any obstacle because God empowers you with His word. Victoria Osteen, Wife of Pastor Joel
I learned this from the time I was a little boy, when you honor God, God will always honor you. . Pastor Joel Osteen
Remember all it takes is one touch of God's favor. Pastor Joel Osteen
We become just like the people we associate with. . Pastor Joel Osteen
when you get into a relationship with someone you don't just get the natural. You get the spirit as well. Paraphrasing Pastor Joel Osteen
Friends your life is going to follow your thoughts. Pastor Joel Osteen
Our God is not a random God. He's a precise God. He has lined up solutions for you down to the very second. . Pastor Joel Osteen
Joel osteen is the only white pastor I'll listen to.. sorry. and trust me I have to b really needing the Lord.
Become a Better You by Pastor Joel Osteen omg girl you have to read it. Very motivating and Inspiring.
ambushes pastor Joel Osteen on Ask me the question! Yes it's sin, an abomination
Friends what God promised you He will bring to pass. When thoughts tell you otherwise dismiss them. Pastor Joel Osteen
favor, increase. Not only eternal life, but abundant life here 9on this earth. Pastor Joel Osteen
If you want to see the great harvest, God's favor increase, you have to chose discipline today. Pastor Joel Osteen
the people that are good at saying no to their flesh. Pastor Joel Osteen
Joel and Victoria Osteen are deceivers. Plain and simple. As one pastor said, Osteen is the judgement of God on...
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