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Pastor Joel Osteen

Joel Scott Osteen (born March 5, 1963) is an American lay preacher, televangelist, author, and the leader of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

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Joel Osteen is a feel good pastor. Yall ever watch his ministries? He quote one line from the bible then goes off telling stories 😭.
I just won a game of Solitaire! Joel Osteen. My favorite author.Favorite pastor on tv. Love him. Will can.
Pastor Joel Osteen a true man of God
GOD IS GOOD! It was GREAT watching Pastor Joel Osteen this morning...
"The pastor responded, 'I’m not going to, I can’t go for all that positive gospel stuff.'". I take the positive...
Joel Osteen has to be the most annoying pastor ever
People don't determine your destiny, GOD does! - Joel Osteen, a Great Pastor
"Trust God to straighten your question marks to exclamation points!" Pastor Joel Osteen. Preach!
Our churches should not be museums to display perfect people, they should be hospitals to help the hurting -Pastor Joel Osteen
Pastor Joel Osteen tells audience in Greensboro, 'God is for you' -
Pastor Joel Osteen tells audience in Greensboro, ‘God is for you’
Excited to attend pastor Joel osteen's service later
So glad 2 of my sons had a chance to meet Pastor Joel Osteen tonight at the Night of Hope.
Getting ready to hear a great word from Pastor Joel Osteen!
i cant tell if Joel Osteen is a pastor or a motivational speaker
The False Promise of the Prosperity Gospel: Why I Called Out Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer totally agree.
If I ever go to church again in my life someone find me a white church with a pastor like Joel Osteen, black churches are the worst
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Joel Osteen - Jesus Rocky Style
And billboards on 141, and pastor idolatry, and little to no basis in actual theology, and probably a whole rack of Joel Osteen
Interview on Pastor Joel Osteen's Radio Station.. You have to tune in every day iamdadra
Tune in at 12pm EST. Pastor Shonia Montgomery Stokes from Destiny Christian Center will be on Joel Osteen's...
TentangYour Best Life Now. Buku. Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential is the bestselling book by pastor Joel Osteen. …
You're anointed to be You, You're not anointed to be someone else. -- Pastor Joel Osteen webcast
I just love Pastor Joel Osteen Life is freer when you realize that if someone doesn’t like you or doesn’t give you the time of day, it’s no big deal.,theanointedone
Mrs Soledad O'Brien and I MegaFest Dallas Texas, Pastor T. D Jakes, Joel Osteen and others, glory be to GOD!!🙏
He doesn't preach the message of the cross or the blood of Jesus No crosses in his church. don't follow him unless all you are wanting is a warm fuzzy feeling. He doesn't teach you to be prepared for the second coming of Christ.
Accidently put on the channel with pastor Joel osteen preaching but Ngl I am inspired
I think I like Joel osteen more than my pastor
✨ ❤ Pastor Joel Osteen✨ I was excited to meet one of my favorite Religious Leaders and his wife -…
Joel Osteen is a fraud. He does not even have a degree, but he is worth over $40 million dollars. How much like...
I purchased two of Pastor Joel Osteen's You Can. ...You Will . {one for me for my mother in law }
Encouraging words "I DECLARE" By Joel Osteen the senior pastor of Lakewood Church, in Houston, Texas.
Pastor Joel Osteen,i luv u,n u always gv me hope when there iz none.God bless U
The fabulous Pastor Joel Osteen signed his latest book at a Wal-Mart in my neck of the woods last night.
Priority matters. Keep God first and he'll take you places you have never even dreamed of. -Pastor Joel Osteen
"The False Promise of the Prosperity Gospel: Joel Osteen & Joyce Meyer" well worth the read.
Come, on Pastor Joel Osteen; You've got an amazing evening in front of you, it's time to Party! Are you ready??? ♥
Joel Osteen in Atlanta Friday for booksignings Atlanta Journal Constitution Pastor Joel Osteen, a…
Pastor Joel Osteen's New Venture. Pastor Joel Osteen and his wife, Victoria, who have been married for 27 years,...
Joel Osteen is a motivation speaker not a pastor. And that's 💯
America's pastor Joel Osteen introduces promises from his new book YOU CAN YOU WILL...
http:// Wouldn't it be nice if Pastor Joel Osteen, had something like this Contacts are so crucial.
Pastor and author Joel Osteen offers some insights on our dreams and how to make them come true.
Joel Osteen will make it all better: Broke? Need a fresh vision for your life? Pastor Joel Osteen has just rel...
pastor Joel Osteen keep something big in your vision on now
Joel Osteen. Christian "Pastor" who doesn't mention God or Jesus ONCE in his new book.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Joel Osteen on his Yankee Stadium messaging. Renowned pastor Joel Osteen joins "CNN Tonight" to discuss his...
Pastor will be on the show next week. Have a question for him? E-mail it to us!
why Joel Osteen WHY did you do this i do not approve 😡!!! Can i cuss out a pastor? I was to…
Joel Osteen Doesn't Know The Bible Like his new age cult followers; they do not either
Victoria Osteen -- Wife of Mega-Church pastor Joel Osteen --is facing massive for saying this...
Popular pastor, Joel Osteen, who supports Pope's call for Protestants 2 become Catholics,does not know the Bible well
Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen turns to satellite radio
Pastor Joel Osteen memorizes his 28 minute sermon for 6 hrs. Practice! Here's the interview
False Prophet? . Osteen has no bachelor’s or divinity degree. He lives in a 10mil mansion net worth 40mil .
Joel Osteen fans, what say you? I'm not a fan. He doesn't teach or preach the full Word of God and that's dangerous.
Joel Osteen needs to spend less on teeth-whitening products and more on buying a new Bible.
"Holy Determination" Love Pastor Joel Osteen, his sermon never give up
Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen turns to satellite radio +
Even Joel Osteen can't keep his bible stories straight. According to the Bible, Moses was dead before Joshua...
Multimillionaire Megachurch Pastor Osteen turns message to satellite radio
Thank u Jesus "Megachurch pastor turns to satellite radio".
Why am I not surprised that Joel Osteen has never read the Bible? (Yes, this is true.)
High School graduate & multimillionaire Joel Osteen's campaign to make 'stupidity' and 'heresy' synonymous continues!
Megachurch pastor turns to satellite radio
Great message by Pastor Bro. Joel Osteen to stay on the potters wheel and let God mold you into the person he wants you to be
Megachurch pastor turns to satellite radio: ... Lakewood Church, Joel Osteen is a busy man, and he's about to ...
will Pastor Joel Osteen gonna come with you. I have a lot of questions for him.
“While pastor Joel osteen lives in a $10m mansion what do you say to this?.
Joel osteen & Gilbert Lumoindong are two of my favorite pastors besides my own pastor. (at —
Joel Osteen is at it again. I'm not sure what's scarier: his ignorance of the Bible or the lack of Xian discernment.
Joel Osteen ⚠️FALSE PROPHET⚠️. doesn't even know the as well as I do. 😕 .
The Power of I Am. Amazing sermon by Pastor Osteen! Check it out even if you aren't religious!
According to Joel Osteen – Pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, these first century apostles are wrong...
where do I send direct messages to pastor Joel Osteen ?thanks
Buy a house on the beach. Go to an Adele Concert. Meet Pastor Joel Osteen. Lady Antebellum to play at my wedding anniversary. Meet CR7
The word of the Lord to Pastor Greg Laurie, Joel Osteen,Benny Hinn, Billy Graham. The word of the Lord to Pastor...
I Love pastor Joel Osteen and his word! I watch or listen to him almost every morning to…
Feelin bleesed this mrnx with pastor Joel Osteen
I've been watching Pastor Joel Osteen . "Don't give intimidation an invitation " . Words of wisdom Amen
The past 3 months I have been doing alot of soul searching and trying to understand why certain things happened in my life and now trying to focus on the way forward. This morning while going through some papers on my desk I found this reading from Pastor Joel Osteen that I kept from 2011 that explains everything so clearly. Please read it and be encouraged. Embrace Your Season – Joel Osteen “For everything there is a season, a time and purpose under the heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1 God has ordained seasons and cycles in our lives. Sometimes, when our dreams aren’t coming to pass on our timetable, we can be tempted to get frustrated. But we have to be careful not to allow our attitude to keep us from moving forward. Understand that in God’s kingdom, every season is not harvest. There are plowing seasons, planting seasons and watering seasons. Sure, we would love for every season to be a time of increase, but without the other seasons, we wouldn’t be prepared. It’ during the plowing seasons when ...
Every day you live with a negative attitude, dominated by your discouragements, is a day you've wasted. - Pastor Joel Osteen
Tv been going to the Joel Osteen show I think it's a sign and become a pastor
Wife of mega-church pastor Joel Osteen is awarded no points for her idiotic statement.
My former pastor and teacher, Dr. Ligon Duncan, explains why Victoria Osteen and husband, Joel Osteen, preach...
i'm sorry Pastor Joel Osteen is just delusional.
Pastor Joel osteen truly is a man of faith!!
Peace is not the absence of trouble. Peace is knowing that in our troubling times God is with us.Pastor Joel Osteen
Pastor Joel Osteen's televized ministry is so powerful!.
Pastor Joel Osteen will be in Greensboro, NC on November 14th .. and guess who will be the Hosting…
Took the kids to Lakewood Church this morning where the great Pastor Joel Osteen resides. Revived the…
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i'm sorry Pastor Joel Osteen, is just a smooth talker. he's a theologian in it for the money.yes, any one agrees?
"It takes the same energy to believe as it does to worry" - Joel Osteen
Lakewood Church worship leader Israel Houghton says after working with Pastor Joel Osteen for more than 11 years he can testify that "he's the real deal."  
Count Down to the National Sunday Law 1. Pope John Paul: On May 31, 1998, Pope John Paul II issued an Apostolic Letter entitled “Apostolic Letter “Dies Domini “of the Holy Father John Paul II" On pages 22 to 23 (sections 64 to 67), of the 37-page papal letter, will be found a call for secular governments to enact—and strictly enforce—laws which will guarantee that all their citizens will rest on Sundays. 2. Pope Benedict: "Sundays must be a day of rest dedicated to God, family, pope says" Pope Francis: "Sunday should be observed by all" (05/07/2014) In latest interview, Pope Francis reveals top 10 secrets to happiness (27/07/2014): reads, "Sundays should be holidays. Workers should have Sundays off because "Sunday is for family," he said." 4. Religious Leaders: "Let's make Sunday a day of rest, for God’s sake" Pastor Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Mormon Senator, Other US Leaders Meet With Pope Francis in Rome In later news items the Pope invited all religions to unite. Obama: "Obama meets ...
Enjoying a great prayer service with Pastor Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church. Blessings to all my friends & family!
"The more favor on your life, the more opposition will come. Nothing can offend you without your permission. If you allow someone to offend you, you are giving away your power. If you don't keep your walls up, it can keep you from your destiny. Stop allowing things to upset you." ~Pastor Joel Osteen
"No matter what comes against you when it’s all said and done you’ll still be standing." ~ Pastor Joel Osteen
😂 I can watch Joel Osteen instead of church cause my Pastor be doing the most. 🙉
Thank you, Pastor Joel Osteen, for you words. I believe what I see in my spirit.
My wife and I met Pastor Joel Osteen and it was the high light of our day..God bless
-The GOD that I serve is a rain making GOD! The drought will come to an end.- Joel Osteen, Pastor
- Do like Elijah, start making plans for abundance.- Joel Osteen, Pastor
-You don't need a bunch of people behind you, you need the right person (GOD) behind you.-Joel Osteen, Pastor
-2014 is my year to bloom, blossom, and flourish.- Joel Osteen, Pastor
Joel Osteen preach better then my pastor I'll rather watch church on tv
I forgot how great of a pastor Joel Osteen is.
Oh, Joel Osteen, what's wrong with being the number-one, greatest, ever-living pastor, in history, at our time, in
Still standing Osteen what an awesome message ThankU Abbafod your goodness and our amazing Pastor!
The Spirit of ecumenism now, lay down your all your differences & become one church (James Robison, Joel Osteen, Kenneth C).-Pastor Langford
Pastor Joel Osteen, thanks for being number one; Forgiveness is written all over you! Thanks!
"You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a . ~ Pastor Joel Osteen. (Even I Need To NOW!)
This is what it's all about - Now, you're talking Pastor Joel Osteen.
Good Morning and Happy Friday. Love this from Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries..When you use FAITH instead of...
I'm confused. Is Joel Osteen a pastor or motivational speaker? I've never heard him talk about repentance.
despair. "On & on!" That's what you say, Pastor Joel Osteen, come on, what are you waiting for, Christmas day?
forgiveness. Pastor Joel Osteen, Life's too short to waste time on being negative or having negativity and people, around us -
"God wouldn’t have allowed it unless He had a purpose. Don’t just go through it—grow through it." Pastor Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen was bored with his radio/tv communications major, so he decided to drop out, skip seminary and become a pastor.
to forgiveness of wrong patterns, which form and shape, our everyday lives. Joel Osteen, Pastor extraordinare, you must never,
son & child, of the Most High God, Pastor Joel Osteen, beaming down upon him, His glorious rays of sunbeams - Sunshine is equal
My pastor Joel Osteen 👈👈👈says to think big when you pray... I definitely wanna host Family Feud one day
Nothing you've done in your walk with God is in vain.I and Joel a living testament.Pastor Joel Osteen…
is coming to Lakewood Church - BIG-TIME! Have a glorious day and afternoon now will you and please, Pastor Joel Osteen, be
Good Afternoon! Pastor Joel Osteen. Let's see now shall we? Yes, that's right! People's issues are their concern - your role
Happy is what life is all about! How are you this morning dearest, Pastor Joel Osteen? Have you had a brilliant day and
“You may think there is a lot wrong with you, but there is also a lot right with you.” - Pastor Joel Osteen
AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! How are you this fine, beautiful Tuesday evening, Pastor Joel (MAGNIFICENT) Osteen? You're amazing and
You can't be a pastor cheating on his wife trying to preach to me. Go ask for forgiveness. I'd rather stay at home with Joel Osteen.
"Pastor, what do you think of Joel Osteen?" "I think he has a very nice private jet."
God wants you to have a good quality of life & peace which passeth understanding no matter where you are. Poverty is not only a curse but a state of mind. If u keep telling yourself your broke & poor you will remain unchanged. Why our minds need to be renewed by the washing of the word & what God has to say. God can get anything to you no matter where you are...even from a tomb or grave Jesus told Lazerus to come anything to hard for The Lord? And yes...their are spiders in Kings palaces to...I choose to worship & remain content in all things wether abased or abound because truth is...any of us could be here today & gone tomorrow...only the Father knows the final hour so we like we are dying & for me that means being rewarded doing what the word says & having fun! You can't get these moments back but u can keep doing what works! Having much n ur life no matter who or where u are! Put God first like Pastor Joel Osteen said & He (God Himself) will take u places that you've never bee ...
Happy Sunday/ Happy Fathers's day again all!!:) I am enjoying my church service on-line!! One thing I truly miss also ;is my church Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, and the best Pastor Joel Osteen!! So happy i can watch on-line!!;) Enjoy2day!!:)
There are so many prophetic events that are happening extremely quickly. The unveiling of the Anti-Christ seems to be at any moment with all that is happening! - Largest Asteroid to fly by earth Sunday called "The Beast" - First time prayers of Peace to be held with Jew (Israel) & Gentile (Palestinian Authority) at the Vatican in the Popes Private chambers on Sunday - Sunday is the Day of Pentecost - Pastor Joel Osteen, Mormon Senator and other :"Leaders" met with the Pope privately this past Thursday for a "ecumenical and interfaith prayer" - Lightning struck the Vatican TWICE when Pope Benedict suddenly resigned last year - Lightning struck TWICE the One World Trade Center Bldg in New York when Pope Frances visited Israel for push of Middle East Peace and Agreement. - Floods hit China in unprecedented level killing a number of people in the past 24 hours. - The Largest "Super-cell" storm to ever hit London in over 170 years happening right now - WWIII threatens to happen as Russia and USA ties are deepl ...
Bishop T.D. Jakes, Pastor Joel Osteen and Bishop Rance Allen at Starbucks! When I say this is FUNNY then PLEASE believe me LOL HILARIOUS!
It's the sermon that changed the way Oprah sees her life. Watch as Pastor Joel Osteen, one of America's favorite preachers, reveals the power of the words 'I am' during a Sunday sermon at Lakewood Church in Houston. Find out why Pastor Osteen says anything is possible if you have the faith to believ…
Well, pastor Joel Osteen isn't God's best work either. matter of fact, he isn't humanity's best work. Repent...
**No it isn't you evil little man. But being a bigot IS fundamentally against the 'rules' of Christianity.**...
Pastor Joel Osteen doesn't approve of *** marriage, but he doesn't want that single viewpoint to define his ministry. During a conversation with Osteen and h...
"Certainly, other people can pray for you, they can believe for you, they can quote the Scripture to you, but you must exercise faith for yourself. If you are always depending on somebody else to keep you happy, somebody else to encourage you or to get you out of trouble, you will live in perpetual weakness and disappointments. You must make a decision that you are going to be a believer. Take charge of your life and decide, "No matter what comes against me, I believe in God. I'm going to have positive outlook for my life! Other people's faith can indeed bolster yours. But your own faith will bring you miracle much faster than anybody else's. What you believe has a much greater impact on your life than what anybody else believes." -Pastor Joel Osteen Good morning:)
What an amazing time of fellowship with America's Pastor Joel Osteen in New York City.
I love Pastor Joel Osteen , such an inspiring person ☺️
Osteen meets with Pope Francis at Vatican: Joel Osteen, senior pastor at Houston's Lakewood Church, was part o...
Popular Pastor of Lakewood Church Joel Osteen recently sat down for an interview with the Huffington Post and...
Pastor Joel Osteen on Night of Hope Yankees Magazine. YES Network visits Pastor Joel Osteen to talk about his...
Get ready Church! Count down ONE day to Pastor Joel Osteen NYC!
You may be living in poverty at the moment, but don't ever let poverty live in you. - Pastor Joel Osteen
You can't fight today's battles with yesterday's anointing. Ask God for a fresh anointing -Pastor Joel Osteen
U weren't created to barely get by U were created for victory the anointing on ur life will cause people to be good to u -Pastor Joel Osteen
You have a king or queens anointing!! -Pastor Joel Osteen
God knows when the right time is. If it hasn't happend yet then that means its not time yet!! -Pastor Joel Osteen
Where u are is not where ur staying!! Start speaking life to urself!! -Pastor Joel Osteen
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Romans 1:24-32. Not Joel, but God has a definite instruction and disgust about this.and not just *** ..but...
Glenn Beck. 1 min · . Everyone in the mainstream media tries to trap any pastor, politician, athlete, and all Bible...
pastor Joel Osteen will be Live in at Stadium-Sat, June 7th. Check him out:
Unbelieveable. Don't let teaching What God Clearly says is wrong, but skirt around the topic and teach your...
Pastor Joel Osteen gets his own radio show! Read more at
NEW YORK, June 5, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Pastor Joel and Victoria Osteen are returning to New York...
Robin Roberts honored for journalism and courage - Enlarge Joel Osteen: Texas pastor gets live show on SiriusXM...
By Pastor Joel Osteen:. You’ve got to believe that something big is in your future. When you take the limits off...
Joel Osteen barges into Howard Stern's crude world: Is Lakewood's celebrity ...
Fascinating video, no matter where your opinion lies. Interesting topic. "Tattooed Pastor Who Ministers To Celebs"
But living a life of luxury financed by your toothless trailer - park dwelling " parishioners " is perfectly "...
Today was my 1st time to listen to Pastor Joel Osteen & ii dont think i can afford to miss his programm
Joel Osteen to Have Own SiriusXM Channel: Joel Osteen will soon have his own SiriusXM Channel. Tha pastor of t...
Ok, I admit it. I am not a fan of Joel Osteen as a pastor. Motivational speaker? Maybe.
Megachurch pastor and bestselling author Joel Osteen will return to Yankee Stadium on Saturday, June 7, at 7 PM,...
Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen gets his own SiriusXM channel | Christian News on Christian Today
It is great receiving a miracle, but nothing is greater than being the miracle. Pastor Joel Osteen
Pastor Joel Osteen opposes *** marriage, but he doesn’t want his Christian ministry defined by his stance on the contentious social issue. When asked by HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill whether *** marriage is “against the rules,” Osteen, pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, said he believes it is. ""be careful you don't fall off that fence it's high.."" But the famed preacher offered an important caveat. “It would be … but I don’t really focus on a lot of those things,” Osteen said. “I try to stay in my lane of what I feel called to do. [The topic] does come up in interviews and things … that’s not my core message.” Osteen explained that his core message is helping people let go of their pasts, reach their dreams, have a healthy self-image and raise good children. While homosexuality is part of addressing life issues, the pastor said he doesn’t want to be defined by his views on the issue. “Everybody’s welcome, but my take on it is, you know, it’s easy to make one ...
Pastor Joel Osteen is open about his disapproval of *** marriage, but he does not want his opinion to define his whole ministry. During a …
Just wanna share this goodreads :)) this is from Pastor Joel Osteen.. Here it goes... It is important for a husband to understand that his words have tremendous power in his wife’s life. He needs to bless her with words. She’s given her life to love and care for him, to partner with him, to create a family together, to nurture his children. If he is always finding fault in something she’s doing, always putting her down, he will reap horrendous problems in his marriage and in his life. Moreover, many women today are depressed and feel emotionally abused because their husbands do not bless them with their words. One of the leading causes of emotional breakdowns among married women is the fact that women do not feel valued. One of the main reasons for that deficiency is because husbands are willfully or unwittingly withholding the words of approval women so desperately desire. If you want to see God do wonders in your marriage, start praising your spouse. Start appreciating and encouraging her. Every . ...
There is no better place to be Monday Night than at Lakewood Church's Business Fellowship Class. Learn how to explore and declare Gods promises over your life using the “I Declare” principles of our Pastor Joel Osteen. You are a mirror image of God, as your declare your vision in life, you activate the most power force of the universe that lead you to success. We will see you on Monday with your Vision Board. Program will start 7:00 PM. Coffee bar and delectable evening appetizers. Monday June 2, 2014 - 7:00 - 8:30 PM Lakewood Church - (3 Floor) No registration or fee. Child care and parking is available! Open to the public. Invite friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers!
If the church knew more about the Augustine writings again pelagiansm, less Christians would follow folks like Joel Osteen or Oprah.
The Scripture says in Proverbs 11:25, “When you refresh others, you will be refreshed.” If you want your dreams to come to pass, help somebody else’s dream come to pass. ~ Pastor Joel Osteen
“Nothing happens to us, it all happens for us!” is the wonderful line I’ve stolen from Pastor Joel Osteen! I’ve found this to be so true! Just like Julie not winning, despite all of her efforts, to become star of the month, month after month, she got an incredible life lesson- when you fall, you get back up! So many kids in her class have decided that they could never win and they gave up, but not Julie! Losing didn’t happen to her, it happened for her! I can think of so many incredible examples in my life of times challenges that I’ve experienced that I thought were the worst things ever going through them, but coming out of them, they were the best experiences for me! I was so upset at myself that I went to extremes to lose weight recently and ended up sick for a few weeks! Getting sick turned out to be so great for me as it has taken me a while to get my mojo back, but now I don’t leave my house without drinking my veggie smoothie every day! The smoothies are so great and I feel 20 again, ...
To Pastor Joel Osteen Ministry. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been or how impossible it looks, God is called the Author and Finisher of our faith. The dream wouldn’t have come alive if God didn’t already have a plan to bring it to pass. Rogelio Aquino What if the word G-d when you used it , is deception G-d? How if the written prophecy concerning the worldwide deception of Satan (written in Apocalypse 12:9 So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.) you are one of his instrument? Therefore, what parameter that we going to use to you as a Pastor of your group, to determined who really who you are? Did you know that the more sweetest and hopeful words when it use in the name of G-d is the most dangerous faith at all time? Can you please bring out your cased, where in the written word of vision stated that you are the SENT as the Pastor in your group? I suggest kind ...
First time visiting Lakewood Church Pastor Joel Osteen. Really enjoy service. Great message. Go get the blessings that God already has for you in his warehouse.
omg Joel Osteen is the pastor at Lakewood, his sermons are the best
Enjoying our breakfast tacos on the patio today. Streaming Pastor Joel Osteen and being grateful for the beautiful day in Houston. Feeling grateful for all my blessings. Yes! :-)
Psalms...he has crowned us with favor! Pastor Joel Osteen I am here with my King! :)
My Dad is obsessed with this inspirational pastor Joel Osteen and he saw him living this morning
Joel Osteen the only pastor I'll watch on tv He keep it 1000
If you need a miracle, become a miracle! Help someone that needed help, and God Will raise someone up to assist you...paraphrasing...Pastor Joel Osteen. You can't help everyone but you can help someone! Have a blessed, awesome Sunday in Jesus name! With my mommy
I asked God to wake me up early this morning so that I would not miss my 8:30 am service since I went to be really late. And guess what God did? God took the snooze button and set it to 7:00 am. Then I snoozed to 7:30 got up prayed, pop my homemade rolls in the oven , made breakfast, talked to my sister in Chicago. Them I got a Faith-filled message from my Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries. Now I know my week has started on the right note.Note for the day; Faith is the currency of Heaven.
When you Refresh others,You will be Refreshed.~Pastor Joel Osteen~
Pastor Steve will be joining Joel Osteen for a Texas-Sized Night of Hope. Get your tickets at
Just finished my morning workout now watching Pastor Joel Osteen with my granny
Joel Osteen makes your pastor look like he's doing too much!
Getting house straight - workout - paying some bills - planting a seed to bless someone else. - waiting for Pastor Joel Osteen to come on!
Don't magnify your problems. Magnify your God. The bigger we make God, the smaller our problems become. --Pastor Joel Osteen from Daily Readings From Your Best Life Now
if you ever com r to the state's and go to Texas, Pastor Joel Osteen's church is in Houston Texas and is awesome.
.. I'm not sure, I don't really know, I don't know, I just don't know. 😜.
.. is Joel OSTEEN ignorant of the scriptures... I don't know.
I'm not T.D. Jakes, or Creflo Dollar, or Joyce Meyer, or Joel Osteen, or any other Megachurch Pastor.
“It absolutely grinds my gears that treat Joel Osteen like he's a pastor. He and his teaching are a hoax...” !
You are not what people call you, you are what you answer to. Pastor Joel Osteen
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Check out my pastor, Joel Osteen and my good friend Billy Dorsey prove how God is real.
I'm getting texts from people who are seeing the promo commercials for my tv interview with Pastor Joel Osteen...
"Most of us would never walk up to someone and criticise them - so why would we do it to ourselves?" - Pastor Joel Osteen
Good Morning and Happy Wednesday. Love this from Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries..With God on your side, you cant...
Joel Osteen is the best pastor there is in the world
When you meet an awesome girl, and she tells you her favorite pastor is Joel Osteen.. 😭😔🙇
Joel Scott Osteen (born March 5, 1963) is an American author, televangelist, and the senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston
"Seek to do good, show kindness, and you will see it come back as a blessing in your own life in return!" . Pastor Joel Osteen
"God knows how to resurrect dead dreams." ~ Pastor Joel Osteen. Thank you God for breathing life into our circumstances.
.. is Joel OSTEEN a victim of being ignorant of the scriptures... I don't know.
Found this book on my Dad's Bookshelf, entitled IT'S YOUR TIME by Pastor Joel Osteen, read the first…
Thank you for this beautiful day Pastor Joel. Happy Mother's day to Pastor Victoria Osteen. Be blessed both of you in Jesus name
"God has the final say and He is saying "It's not over" (Pastor Joel Osteen 5/11/14) 3:-)} 0:-)} ♥♥
4) & Dodie Osteen is the mother of Pastor Joel Osteen of the Mega Church Lakewood Church in Houston TX USA
1 month from today I will be in NYC with Lakewood Church Missions team serving with the Generation Hope Project! We will be serving in the poorest areas of the Bronx. I am honored& so excited to be serve along side such amazing people! We will also be assisting with Pastor Joel Osteen's Night Of Hope at Yankee Stadium. He has done night of hope for several years in the biggest buildings all over the country and so many lives have been touch! We will be your hands and feet Lord! I'm pumped!!!
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Pastor Lisa Osteen Comes talking of Joseph story. Osteen Comes is an Associate Pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas under the leadership of her brother, Pastor Joel Osteen. In her role, she brings over 25 years of preaching and ministry experience to the congregation and is involved in many aspects of the church’s leadership. Lisa is a notable miracle of our day, having been healed of a crippling disease as a baby. Injured at birth, Lisa developed a condition similar to cerebral palsy which doctors said would cripple her and cause her early death. But as her parents prayed for her, God miraculously healed Lisa before her first birthday. In 1990, while serving at Lakewood Church, again Lisa’s life was spared when she opened a package containing a pipe bomb that exploded in her lap, riddling her office with nails and shrapnel. God miraculously protected her and she escaped with minor injuries. Through all of her challenges and experiences, Lisa has become known as a respected ministry leader and ...
We went to Church today and Pastor Joel Osteen was not there today, in lieu of his absence Pastor John Gray preached. I want you to know he brought the house down, that man could preach!! I had not had the honor of listening to him, boy I'm ready for some more... Preach it brother Gray!
Yes:) Right now I'm watching an interview between Pastor Joel Osteen&Oprah on You Tube - Wonderful talks:)
"People don't talk about ORDINARY people, they talk about EXCEPTIONAL people." -Pastor Joel Osteen... If people desire to waste their time dissecting your life, that only shows they haven't tapped into their own purpose. SRM II+
HOUSTON (AP) — Authorities are investigating after $600,000 in checks and cash was stolen from a safe at Pastor Joel Osteen's Houston megachurch, which has one of the largest congregations in the country.
"God can make greatness out of a great mess." -Pastor Joel Osteen
Pastor Joel Osteen has been targeted by thieves who stole cash, checks and credit card info. from his Lakewood Church ht…
Up to 600K was stolen from the Houston Lakewood Church led by Pastor Joel Osteen
Praying for Lakewood Church, Pastor Joel Osteen, and the congregants of the church!! Someone stole $600,000 from their safe. 🙏 This is just ridiculous ! Smh 😏
Police: $600,000 stolen from Houston megachurch led by Pastor Joel Osteen:
Authorities say thieves stole $600,000 in donations from a safe inside a Houston megachurch led by Pastor Joel Osteen. Read more here:
I just want to go on the record by saying that I am not afraid to admit to being a Christian who believes that the Holy Bible is the word of God. I'm very disappointed to learn that Pastor Joel Osteen is afraid of hurting people's feelings by telling them they are a sinner!! Heck, we are all sinners. As Christians tho, we know that Jesus is quick to forgive us when we ask Him. Joel is not helping anyone get to Heaven by saying that Apostles Paul, John, and Peter were wrong by teaching the early churches that their sins separate them from God!!! The Apostles were straight forward and didn't sugarcoat things. They were bold in their faith. Joel on the other hand wants people to disregard their teachings and follow him on the path where homosexuality, adultery, murder etc doesn't keep you out of Heaven. I'm not judging anybody or even giving my personal feelings about these things. I just think Pastor Osteen is out of his mind for telling people that the Bible is full of mistakes!! He just doesn't want to h ...
Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen for this message!!!
Pastor Joel Osteen to Larry King: 'Scripture says homosexuality is a sin.. but I don't want to preach about it'
Pastor Joel Osteen bought a 10.5 million dollar house in Texas. Is this what Jesus died for? This is what he uses your money for? Come on, some of you have to see that this is just wrong. He pays no taxes and yet we support him and his luxurious life. Do all of his congregation get a share to? It appears that he is running a for profit business. And he is profiting big time.
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"We are victors and not victims!" This is what Pastor Joel Osteen reminds of us!...
There is this day when i was watching CTV and it was Pastor Joel Osteen who was preaching.One of the sayings was "GOD BRINGS THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE".I was made to believe that because i am experiencing that in my life as i am in the foreign land, the goodness and mercy of the Lord is following me in these days of my life, Glory be God.
Breaking My Chains Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Pastor Joel Osteen said in one of his messages “guard you mind because if your mind gets pollute your world would get pollute too, and the only way we are going to be what God wants us to be is detoxing our mind” That reminded me when I decided to change my life. I was over weight, my health was going down the hill, I was high risk to be diabetic, and I lost one of my friends due to a cancer. That made me realized how fragile is life itself, one day we can be here and the next day maybe gone. Living in Hawaii was a blessing a lot of my friends were athletes so they also inspired me to do something about it, specially my friend Jim Moore he is an Iron Man and a great person. So, I started walking, then running, changed my eating habits, biking and swimming. It took me almost a year but I did it. I lost weight, I was healthier and I did my first triathlon, I was so proud of myself. But with all this t ...
Christ, through Pastor Joel Osteen!' What a New Year that will be for Lakewood Church. 2099 turns into 1 January 3000, wooh-
Act like youre blessed, talk like youre blessed, think like youre blessed. Put actions behind your faith and one day you will see it become a reality. - Pastor Joel Osteen
Love this quote by Pastor Joel Osteen, "“We may get knocked down on the outside, but the key to living in victory is to learn how to get up on the inside.” Today no matter what's going on and has you down, GET UP and GET ON WITH IT! VICTORY AWAITS!
Pastor Joel Osteen,he must be reading my mind on tv tonight. He said" all is well" . Life is like the fields of a farm. You have to pull the weeds to get to the crops. All the things I am working on in life is the weeds but, " all is well" because in the end I know God will take care of us in the end. And at the end I know I will get the crops. I love God,he always something in mind me.! !
Keep doing your best, God will take care of the weeds in your life! Pastor Joel Osteen! In spite of difficulty all is well!
Learn more about The Crossing here: Pastor Joel Osteen & friends congratulate The Crossing Church and Pastors Eric & Kelly Dy...
Pastor Joel Osteen gave a good service today. Now, putting it to use will be a Good Challenge, but it will be done! God Bless You As You Give
Don't let your heredity stop your destiny - Pastor Joel Osteen
When weeds pop up in your life, this only means that you are closer to your harvest. Know that God controls and determines your life and destiny. All we nees to know and say is that "All is well"- regardless of your current situation. ~Pastor Joel Osteen~
Don't use your words to discribe your situation, use your words to change your situation. Pastor Joel Osteen (2014)
Using this day to rest, reflect, and pray. In my reading of Pastor Joel Osteen, he says "Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, replace them with thoughts that say "I can do all things through Christ. I am equipped, empowered, and annoited". Have a blessed day everyone.
I DECLARE I will live victoriously. I have the DNA of a winner. I am wearing a crown of favor. Royal blood flows through my veins. I sm the head, never the tail, above never beneath. I will live with purpose, passion, and praise, knowing that i was destined to live in victory. THIS IS MY DECLARATION,..(Pastor Joel Osteen)...
In the words of Pastor Joel Osteen: When everything goes wrong in life, always remember to say All Is Well. Good sermon.
How you perform in the most difficult time will affect rather you reach your full Destiny - Pastor Joel Osteen
Awesome message today! Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen, I remain one of your great fans fromSwitzerland DianeMeera
"ALL IS WELL"!!! I have used this phrase so many times to 'describe' my situation. However, today I shall use it to 'change' my situation! It is a simple way to look those adversities (health, work,finances, family, etc.) in the face and show God that I believe that All Things Shall Work for my Advantage!!! - watching Pastor Joel Osteen. Happy Sunday, FB Fam☆
Just love the little "jokes" Pastor Joel Osteen starts his Sunday services with!
Pastor Joel Osteen says" Give the Devil a nervous breakdown". Be good to someone even when things aren't going the way they should be going.
Don’t allow yourself to become bitter. When you embrace change, the winds that you thought would defeat you will actually thrust you forward :D ~Pastor Joel Osteen
CHEER UP & KEEP A VICTOR'S MENTALITY, JESUS HAS MADE IT FOR US.(Romans 8:11)The most powerful force in the universe is breathing in your direction. Every morning you need to remind yourself, “I am ready for and equal to anything that comes my way. I am full of can-do power.”Listen, that sickness is no match for you,that financial problems trying to weigh you down That relationship issue is not going to keep you from your destiny. The loss of that loved one did not stop God’s plan for your life. Don’t let it overwhelm you. You can handle it. You’ve been armed with strength! Keep a victor’s mentality because a victor’s mentality becomes a victor’s reality! Pastor Joel Osteen.
Set out to honor someone else every day. Pastor Joel Osteen.
Pastor Joel Osteen's message: " Pray God Size Prayers and God will show big in your life". Ask God for the secret partition of your heart and keep faith. Amen!
If you listen to Pastor Joel Osteen, you will have a good day. He has such a calmness about himself, such a peace. I do admire his spirit.
but the divinity of Christ is not your only criteria. Joel Osteen believes that Jesus is divine!
Father in heaven, thank you for the fivefold ministry, that you have given The Body of Christ, for you have given some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the Saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of The Body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the Faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ: That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of The Body unto the edifying of itself in love. We Love you Father with all ...
I can honestly say that Pastor Joel Osteen Ministries is one of my favorites. Just a pure, open-heart, spirit-filled word that's brief and truthful. I don't need to hear an organ, praisebreak, politics, or "whooping". Just give me the word of God.
A little kid asked for some milk, my pastor handed him a Joel Osteen book.
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Knoxville: 8 Questions with Joel Osteen: He's a televangelist, author and he also pastor's one of the largest ...
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A PERSON GETS ‘BORN AGAIN’ as told by Prophet, John Paul Jackson on He says this is sort of like fertilization of a human egg with sperm. The HUMAN SPIRIT is inside an egg membrane called the SOUL which hardens over time and the HOLY SPIRIT tries all during a person’s life to penetrate the SOUL membrane, and when a person’s SOUL resists allowing the HOLY SPIRIT in, that is by rejecting JESUS CHRIST from being a person’s personal Savior and Lord, then the SOUL membrane gets harder & harder. When a person finally decides to ask JESUS CHIRST to be her/his personal Savior & Lord, then the HOLY SPIRIT comes in and binds to the HUMAN SOUL and a person is then BORN AGAIN. A simple check to see if you are BORN AGAIN or not is, if you practice sinning, like continuing to lie, cheat, steal, commit fornication, adultery, drunkenness, drug addiction, homosexuality, then you are practicing sin and are NOT BORN AGAIN, because when a person gets BORD AGAIN then they receive the CONSCIENCE, .. ...
growing and its hair is very long; just like Samson. Remember your father said this in one of his sermons. Pastor Joel Osteen
Pastor Joel Osteen. You are wonderfully and fearlessly made in the image of Almighty God. Go! and give us your speech!
Gotta love Pastor Joel Osteen ! He always knows how to cheer me up !
I DECLARE breakthroughs are coming in my life, sudden bursts of God's goodness. Not a trickle. Not a stream. But a flood of God's power. A flood of healing. A flood of wisdom. A flood of favor. I am a breakthrough person and I choose to live breakthrough minded. I am expecting God to overwhelm me with His goodness and amaze me with His favor. THIS IS MY DECLARATION...(Pastor Joel Osteen).
Lakewood Church ain't seen nothing yet! Pastor Joel Osteen, "Do your thing!" Go! and spread His messages to the billions of
before existence was even mentioned. You know what? God is supremely and ultimately happy for His beloved pastor, Joel Osteen
Thank God! for you, Pastor Joel Osteen because you're everybody's dream come true! We believe that special things are going to
Inspiring words: "Prosperity discovers our vices and adversity our virtues" - Francis Bacon "What can be done another day can be done today" - Montaigne "Everyday is the best day of my life" - Pastor Joel Osteen "God will always bring the right people into your life, but you have to let the wrong people walk away" - Pastor Joel Osteen
.. I don't get it. Is there a local Joel Osteen near you? Cause the celebrity one is amazing.
(you'd better live it right now!) Oh! Pastor Joel Osteen, we cannot believe this anticipation because Lakewood Church is about
is about to release His: favour, might, peace & love, to Pastor Joel Osteen, his family and the congregation of Lakewood Church
TBBH, this is how I feel when I see someone quote Joel Osteen
Pastor Joel Osteen: Your message is the Guiding light for my success in life with God as my Savior. Rithy Reth :-)
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Rithy wants to share Pastor Joel Osteen comments:. We Believe…. … the entire Bible is inspired by God,
Pastor Joel Osteen: Thank you for your inspiration for all my success in life :-) Rithy Reth
Amen, Amen to this, thank you Pastor Joel Osteen for this!
Father, thank you for your word, Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the LORD, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts. But who may abide the day of his coming? And who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap: And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness. Then shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasant unto the LORD, as in the days of old, and as in former years. And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fea . ...
The scripture talks about how all of our days have been written in GOD'S book. He's already recorded every part of your life from the beginning to the end. GOD knows every disappointment , every loss, and every challenge. The good news is your story ends in victory. Your final chapter concludes with your GOD-given destiny. Pastor Joel Osteen
God wants to celebrate you, is there anything biblically wrong with this statement?? It came from the lips of the Texas mega church pastor Joel Osteen.
Can't wait! Exciting times are coming and heading your way, Pastor Joel Osteen. Two weeks that will totally change your life
There have been plenty of times where I've thought something negative and I'm just about to say it, but I'll catch myself and think, No. I'll zip it up. I'm not speaking defeat into my future. I'm not speaking failure over my life. I will turn it around and speak favor into my future. I will declare, "I'm blessed. I'm strong. I'm healthy. This will be a great year." When you do that, you are blessing your future. Pastor Joel Osteen I Declare
Our words have creative power. Whenever we speak something, either good or bad, we give life to what we are saying. Pastor Joel Osteen I Declare
This is a fake/unauthorized LinkedIn profile for right?
Pastor Joel Osteen just invited me to connect on linkedin... I'm pretty sure he must have gotten…
Christian Pastor Joel Osteen Exposed Add: us and share: these pages our personal accounts
When you declare not in your authority but in The authority of the son of the living GOD, then all the forces of heaven come to attention. The mighty armies of the unseen most high GOD will stand behind you. No power can stand against our GOD. No sickness. No addiction. No fear. No legal trouble. When you speak and you do not doubt, the mountain will be removed. By: Pastor Joel Osteen
Your mom said you think Joel Osteen is beautiful. I was just wondering what you think about your pastor. :-)
I DECLARE that I will live as a healer. I am sensitive to the needs of those around me. I will lift the fallen, restore the broken, and encourage the discourage. I am full of compassion and kindness. I won't just look for a miracle; I will become someone's miracle by showing God's love and mercy everywhere I go. THIS IS MY DECLARATION..(Pastor Joel Osteen)...
When you really understand that the enemy is not in control of your life, but God is, you will stop falling apart at the sign of trouble, set back, or challenge. God doesn't send every trouble; But if He allows it, He will use it for Your GOOD! He is a strategic might as well stop trying to understand why everthing happens along the path to destiny (why the job loss, the sickness, the divorce, the pain). Just Know that it is working for your good! ~Great reminder from Pastor Joel Osteen
If you made mistakes God still want you to be the man He want you to be - Pastor Joel Osteen (of Lakewood Church )
God does everything strategically. He allows things to to happen. From the beginning of time he knew what he had for your life. It might not feel good but it's working out for your good. Wow! Mighty word from Pastor Joel Osteen.
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