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Pastor Jim Bakker

James Orsen Jim Bakker (Baker ; born January 2, 1940) is a televangelist, a former Assemblies of God minister and a former host (with his then-wife Tammy Faye Bakker) of The PTL Club, a popular evangelical Christian television program.

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If you take the RFID Chip, you cannot get on the Y…
I liked a video What the Bible Says about Leviathan - Pastor Jim Bakker
I liked a video The Power of the Pulpit - Pastor Jim Bakker & Bishop Ron Webb
Just prayed for you, & Tammy Sue during our work devos: love in Christ, Kristen
Pastor Carl leading people to Jesus - The Jim Bakker Show (3-17)
Pastor Carl Gallups lays out the Gospel and gives an appeal to Salvation on the Jim Bakker Show (March 2017)...
Christian pastor and televangelist Jim Bakker: "Do you mock Donald Trump? Are you critical of his administration?...
Pastor Jim Bakker prays that everyone will see a year of restoration! Amen!
Pastor Jim Bakker discusses the importance of trusting God, no matter what hills or valleys you are going through.
Pastor Jim Bakker shares two more clips from his interview with President Ronald Reagan from 1979.
I liked a video from Resisting the Devil - Pastor Jim Bakker
Pastor Jim Bakker is MORE anointed now than b4 his mistake!God ALWAYS makes a MESSAGE of redemption out our mess!
Pastor Jim Bakker and Gary Heavin discuss how to prepare especially for these perilous times.
omg, this kills me: Pastor Jim Bakker Is Concerned About Your Bowel Movements
You know what the secret is to being healthy and eating healthy? Only put the good stuff in your house. -Pastor
Pastor B, the apologetics prof in our episode tackles pre-trip fears, I think you'd like it:
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Pastor Jim Bakker puts the new MEV Bible translation to his personal test.
There is no salvation without the cross. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Join us on the live stream on tomorrow at 10:30 AM CT for service led by Pastor Jim Bakker!
Pastor Rick Joyner and Pastor Jim Bakker discuss the consequences of Christians leaving the body of Christ.
Pastor Jim Bakker preaches a powerful message on how the Church needs to go into the world to lead souls to Jesus.
People were always, when I grew up, were really worried about offending God. And now it’s like we’re trying to offend God.-Pastor Jim Bakker
You’ve got to keep your eyes on the prize of the call of the high calling of Christ Jesus.’ve got to keep on going.-Pastor Jim Bakker
You see, if you get into the book of’re going to find out what’s going on. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Michael Snyder and Pastor Jim Bakker review all of the record-setting disasters that shook the world in 2015.
Pastor Jim Bakker claims extreme weather conditions in U.S. caused by 'spirit of ISIS' -
So what kind of people should you be? You should live holy lives, not backbiting, not mocking each other. -Pastor Jim Bakker
If you want God to restore you, you need to be a restorer of others. -Pastor Jim Bakker
This is the time for restoration for you. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Lori and I are just two broken vessels. But you know what, God can put the pieces back together again. -Pastor Jim Bakker
John Shorey shares a word, from God, for Pastor Jim Bakker.
The reason Jesus died on the cross was to restore because you can’t make it. -Pastor Jim Bakker
It’s time to let the world know that God answers prayer. That God is a God of restoration. That God wants to restore you. -Pastor Jim Bakker
The next Jim and Tammy Bakker: Elevation Church pastor refuses to disclose finances or talk about his 16,000-squar…
There is nothing worse than religion without relationship to Jesus Christ. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Pastor Jim Bakker and Dr. Chuck Missler talk about God's abandonment wrath.
Pastor Jim Bakker & Pastor Mark Biltz discuss a vision about a coming judgment that man has never seen before.
It’s about believing. Why does God speak to me? I’m a believer. I said I’m a believer, that’s all. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Pastor Jim Bakker and Rick Wiles shares news events that point to something major taking place September 2015.
Pastor Jim Bakker shared examples of what's taking place today that was foretold by David Wilkerson years ago.
Pastor Jim Bakker shares a prophetic dream about the coming future.
Jesus is coming back, but we are living in the final times. We must be ready, and people are not ready. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Pastor Jim Bakker & Rabbi Jonathan Cahn talk about how God can use judgement to bring revival.
Oh Lord!!!.Pastor Jim Bakker: Obama's Iran deal is a sign of the Second Coming via
Ex Con/Pastor Jim Bakker blames Obama’s Iran deal for California’s drought and the Second Coming of Christ Pastor Jim Bakker - Iran Nuclear Deal Sign Jesus is About to Return - Ring of Fire - Ring of Fire
Pastor Jim Bakker & Zach Drew share reports stating that two of U.S.'s enemies have the means to launch an EMP bomb.
Our only covering is Jesus Christ the son of God. I want to be under his tent. I want to be under his covering. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Pastor Jim Bakker & Zach Drew talk and read scriptures about the Revelation churches.
Pastor Jim Bakker & Rick Wiles talk about our present day artificial economy.
Pastor Jim Bakker & Rick Wiles talk about how the real church will be America. long as we stand up for Israel, God stands up for us. ...we’ve turned our back on Israel...tragedy comes to America.-Pastor Jim Bakker
We’re to usher the coming of the Lord and we’re to win souls. It’s harvest time, it’s the Church’s time. -Pastor Jim Bakker
It’s time to stand up and stop shutting up! -Pastor Jim Bakker
We can’t give up. The church has given up in a lot of areas. ...We’ve been threatened by political correctness. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Get right with God, be prepared, know the Word, know what’s coming. We have the guidebook. We have the plan. -Pastor Jim Bakker
We’ve got a lot of events that we’re going to go through in these years. This going to be the beginning. -Pastor Jim Bakker
When the world’s coming apart, you might as well praise God because there’s not much more to do but focus on the Lord! -Pastor Jim Bakker
We’re coming to the point...It’s going to be life or death. It’s going to be God or the antichrist. -Pastor
Pastor Carl Gallups explains why he believes the blowing of the sixth trumpet could happen very soon.
Pastor Jim Bakker and Dr. William Forstchen discuss the threats that Iran has made to the United States.
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Pastor Jim Bakker teaches, from the Book of Revelation, what happens to the two witnesses in the last days.
Pastor Jim Bakker is always wanting to make your life better
People, just be ready, know Jesus. ...the Bible’s real, the Bible’s truth. Every word of it. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Pastor Jim Bakker reveals the third of eight clues to the mystery of the Gospel.
He is not coming in the night to scare us. He is coming as our lover, He is the lover of our soul. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Pastor Jim Bakker & Zach Drew review the events that have taken place during the last seven Shemitahs. via
The rapture to one person is sweet. But it is to another death. Judgment, to another. The same event! -Pastor Jim Bakker
...“I will never be happy until I see young people coming up behind me...reaching higher than I am.” And that’s my goal.-Pastor Jim Bakker
It’s time to warn your neighbors, your friends, your children, your family. -Pastor Jim Bakker
...Have your heart right with God; have Jesus in your heart; ask Him to come into your heart and to forgive you... -Pastor Jim Bakker
We’ve got the promise of God in these last days, in these last hours, that He’s going to pour His Spirit out upon us. -Pastor Jim Bakker
America is in prison. And Jesus said, “I came to set the captives free.” -Pastor Jim Bakker
...too many Americans are living sick. And they just keep taking pills to keep them alive, but... they’re not alive. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker had the honor of interviewing Governor Mike Huckabee and introducing his new book.
Remember Matthew 7:15. Pastor, Montel endorsed false prophet Sylvia Browne and her new age church.
God never works the same way, God just does things the way He wants to do them. -Pastor
Pastor Jim Bakker and Zach Drew share things that could change the world in one second.
If you’re going to serve God, you will have warfare. -Pastor Jim Bakker
There's something prophetic about saying you cannot sing in the Holy Land. - Pastor Jim Bakker
If you’re going to get raving mad over something, you ought to get angry over them taking Christ out of His own birthday. -Pastor Jim Bakker
We're living in an hour of evil, but the Church wins! The King is coming! -Pastor Jim Bakker
I believe we are entering the most active period of prophecy man has ever known.The events are going to happen so quick...-Pastor Jim Bakker
The book of Revelation is especially relevant today because it gives us insight into tomorrow’s news. - Pastor Jim Bakker in "Time Has Come"
Totally cannot keep a thought pattern going without help. He missed his calling to be a Used Car Salesman. He's just pathetic!
You think we've got mad people in the streets now?...When they're starving to death...They're going to go crazy.-Pastor Jim Bakker
I believe, with all my heart, that the time when there will be no food to eat is coming. I think it's sooner than later.-Pastor Jim Bakker
If you want to say "fear not" you need to...tell them why they don't have to be coming back...-Pastor Jim Bakker
One of the keys to survival is to have prayer, to have people coming together, to have home meetings again. -Pastor Jim Bakker
It can be an unsafe place where your called to. And when you're where God calls're in the greatest protection...-Pastor Jim Bakker
If everyone does a small part,...We can literally impact the world.The church, together, has the power. -Pastor Jim Bakker
People survive tragedy and then they die from a cut, a wound, or they die from lack of water or water being contaminated. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Don’t turn your back on God because religious people have been mean.Don’t take it out on God.He knows your heart. -Pastor Jim Bakker
. I heard a pastor speak about it on tv- but I no longer get TV- couldn't stand what Jim Bakker was doing.
We are at the beginning of the end...You’ve...missed the opening curtain. The stage is set...and you can’t stop it...-Pastor Jim Bakker
You've got to live in the Word of the Living God! -Pastor Jim Bakker
I want you to be ready so you can be a harvester - you can be a blessing. -Pastor Jim Bakker
God is going to bless America when we do what God wants us to do; when we bless and take care of those who fought in wars.-Pastor Jim Bakker
Jesus died on the cross to forgive you so you would have the covering of ALL sin! He says He can't even remember it! -Pastor Jim Bakker
God specializes in mending the broken and He makes healers out of brokeness. -Pastor Jim Bakker
God's plan for YOU is bigger than all of your mistakes. -Pastor Jim Bakker
We are in the final hours to prepare. -Pastor Jim Bakker
America has turned, born form the hand of God, to our President even saying we are no longer a Christian nation. -Pastor Jim Bakker
It's not the world that [God] is trying to wake up. He's trying to wake up those who follow him. -Pastor Jim Bakker
...get ready. These things are coming and they are going to happen so quickly that you won't have any time [to prepare]. -Pastor Jim Bakker
[An EMP Attack] is our Achilles' heel. It's the vulnerability of what we believe is a great nation, and it has been a great nation, but it's something that can cause us to become a third world country overnight. -Pastor Jim Bakker
This is the beginning of the end... You think it's been crazy? Crazy has just begun. -Pastor Jim Bakker
This, from pastor Jay Bakker (grace-full son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker) of Revolution Church in Minneapolis:...
pastor Jim please pray for my bother Scott who is in a jail cell dying because he's not getting the proper medicine.
Two nights ago, I had to opportunity to visit the ramans of what was once the former Heritage USA / PTL Club grounds in Fort Mill, SC, just 7 minutes South of Charlotte. This was especially signifigant to me and my family, as my closest relatives had been PTL partners and lost big when Pastor Jim Bakker was arrested for fraud. Somewhere, there are pictures of Tammy Faye bouncing me on her knee. We'd visited Heritage USA yearly during the most important years of my childhood. I had to go back. When I visited the grown over rubble of the park in 2005, it was depressing. Many of the attractions had been razed or burned to the ground. But Thursday, I saw something different. Much of what was left had been completely restored and was in use by over 20 churches, working in tandem. Everything is clean and peaceful again. It was a great feeling to know that God helps people bounce back.
The Church is not a building, it's a group of people who love God and love each other. -Pastor Jim Bakker
The Church should be the center of your life. You need to hang out with God's people. The antichrist hates the Church because the Church will survive! -Pastor Jim Bakker
When God speaks to you, you ought to listen. - Pastor Jim Bakker
You know what the protection is from believing lies? Loving everybody and forgiving everybody. - Pastor Jim Bakker
Why should I spend my whole life on fiction when there is a reality far more exciting? - Pastor Jim Bakker
Let's come reason together. I am not trying to divide the Church. I am trying to prepare the Church for the last days. - Pastor Jim Bakker
I believe television is going to play a major role in the ruling and reigning of the antichrist in the last days. - Pastor Jim Bakker
Texas Abortion Clinic Closed By State Matthew 19:18 ESV “And Jesus said, “You shall not murder…” Editor’s Note: Throughout the scriptures, God has made it clear that shedding innocent blood is murder, and no murderer will enter heaven. In addition to the death of the unborn baby, abortion also substantially harms the women and many times, families, husbands, boyfriends and a whole sphere of relationships connected to and surrounding each abortion. Often, lifelong guilt and other social, relational, spiritual and even physical problems follow the murder of innocent babes in the womb. Pastor Jim Bakker believes that this issue, abortion, may be the single most significant issue that brings God’s judgment on this nation more than any other. Texas officials have closed a Houston area abortion clinic because they refused to follow regulations in new state laws. The Houston Chronicle reported that A Affordable Women’s Medical Center had their license revoked on Friday. The revocation is the first ...
If we come together, can you imagine millions of people making a statement that we love Jesus? -Pastor Jim Bakker
Pastor Jim Bakker is a pioneer of Christian Television. From humble beginnings, he rose to build one of the largest ministries in the world. As a young man, Pastor Jim was called to “make Jesus real” to the world. During the golden era of television, he was divinely inspired on what medium he could...
Right now, in this hour, the devil doesn't want the Son of God movie to hit America. -Pastor Jim Bakker
The harmony of the Word of God is amazing. - Pastor Jim Bakker
When I was watching the crucifixion, the Lord said to me this is what the United States is doing to Jesus. - Pastor Jim Bakker
What are the rulers of the world doing today? They are speaking great swelling words against God. - Pastor Jim Bakker
God never appointed you to figure out who is right and who is wrong. Just love them all and forgive them all, then you can rest. -Pastor Jim Bakker
There is going to be a double moving of the spirit in the Christian world [and] in the evil world. - Pastor Jim Bakker
We love that Pastor Jim Bakker and Lori Graham Bakker (Jim Bakker Show) aren't afraid to try new recipes! What new recipes have you tried recently?
We are living in an hour when the unexpected will take place. According to the Scripture, we must be prepared. - Pastor Jim Bakker
...let's begin this new year by giving...our cares, our past, our heartbreaks; God will give you a new beginning. - Pastor Jim Bakker
We are heading full force into a collision course with eternity right now. It's time to hear. It's time to heed the Word of God. - Pastor Jim Bakker
The foundation is the Word of God, there is no other foundation. - Pastor Jim Bakker
My mission is to get people ready so they can preach the Gospel in this last day. - Pastor Jim Bakker
I believe there are going to be more prophecies fulfilled in 2014 than we have ever known or recorded. - Pastor Jim Bakker
I want to give a big birthday wish to a very great man who stole a big chunk of my heart! Happy birthday Papa Jim! And to the rest of the world Pastor Jim Bakker! Love an miss you dearly!
I am going to tell you something about 2014. There is going to be a dramatic increase of spirit activity. - Pastor Jim Bakker
Pastor Jim Bakker hosting the show from the Studio City Cafe in Branson.
Pastor Jim Bakker hosts Rabbi Jonathan Cahn who teaches on the date that Jesus/Yehushua was really born according to the Hebrew calender and the bible and *** ..
Pastor Jim Bakker welcoming our dear friend, Rick Joyner, back to the show!
We need people. We need each other. We need to be in the body of Christ. I'm so thankful for the body of Christ. -Pastor Jim Bakker
The antichrist has to have you hungry to get you to sign up to be a part of his regime. -Pastor Jim Bakker
Jesus doesn't look at the dirtiness. He sees you, clean before Him. - Pastor Jim Bakker
Prosperity is not evil. God wants to...prosper you. But it's the love of money that is evil, we're not to worship that. - Pastor Jim Bakker
He said warn the people to fall in love with me. They're in love with money and the money is going. - Pastor Jim Bakker
I believe that we're in the preparing time. God gives His people time to prepare. - Pastor Jim Bakker
The wise understand salvation. The wise get it. - Pastor Jim Bakker
I always tell married couples before they get married, "Try to spend your life trying to out love each other". - Pastor Jim Bakker
We are in a mess in America. Why are we in a mess? We have turned our back on God. - Pastor Jim Bakker
We are all human beings that need Jesus. - Pastor Jim Bakker
GenerationNOW taking a tour of Branson, MO with Pastor Jim Bakker. Showing the new interns around the…
Religion is not Jesus. Religion condemns and points fingers. Jesus forgives. - Pastor Jim Bakker
You don't get well by wishing yourself well. - Pastor Jim Bakker
We are a couple of good old boys who want to live until we die. - Pastor Jim Bakker
We are living in Biblical times. Every word of the Bible is absolutely important. - Pastor Jim Bakker
What you do for God, they can not take it away from you. The babies, the people that are saved, no one can take that away.-Pastor Jim Bakker
You can't be sick and go out and win souls in the last days if you are laying in the bed. We believe that God has a plan for you to be well. - Pastor Jim Bakker
It's wrong to be in love with money. Jesus had nothing good to say about it. - Pastor Jim Bakker
There is so much happening in the world. I think people have become anesthetized to what is going on. - Pastor Jim Bakker
Pastor Jim Bakker takes a couple minutes and discusses with Rick Joyner the restoration of Heritage USA
From my former seminary classmate and Lutheran pastor, Fr. Anders Strindberg: Flicking through the cluster of "Christian" TV channels is sickening. So first Pastor Jim Bakker explains to me about the imminent apocalypse showing snippets from the movie The Day After Tomorrow. On the next channel, Pastor Pete Popoff wants to send me "miracle spring water" to ensure "supernatural debt cancellation." Pastor Mike Murdoch, possibly the slimiest person ever to to have his own TV show, explains that debt and poverty is a sign that your life is controlled by the devil. Pastor John Hagee claims that pre-emptive nuclear strikes against Iran is Christian, his colleague argues that "Christian Zionism" is a cornerstone of the Gospel and will send me a miniature silver shofar for a $1,000 donation. Next channel: Pastor Arnold Murray of Shepherd Ministries peddle Anglo-Israelism and "serpent seed" doctrine, subtly bagging on the Jews. EWTN has a special on clinical treatment for homosexuality, TBN explains yet again that ...
The only way that this generation is going to have a revival is that grace is made real to them. –Pastor Jim Bakker
Grace gives you the license to love. –Pastor Jim Bakker
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