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Pastor James

James Townley (1774-1833), was a Wesleyan minister and author or numerous books.

Pastor James MacDonald Pastor James David Manning Old Testament

Songwriting session this afternoon with Pastor James @ Struthers Parkside Church
Trump accepted Christ in May, verified by pastor Mark Burns who lead Him to it, and Dr James Dobson as well, stop judging, u R wrong
A Franciscan Moment from Bishop James St. George OSFoc, Pastor of Saint Miriam Parish and Friary in Flourtown, PA:
"I hate Barack Obama who is a long legged demon out of the pit of *** .. (Vine by Pastor James David Manning)
If I'm James Dean then you are Audrey Hepburn (acoustic cover): via
Merry Christmas St James Family. Enjoyed Worship Service today with our amazing Pastor and Associate Ministers:...
"Real love is to love with no reason." ~Pastor James Lowe
Incarnated; Named; Exalted. Would you become an ant to save an ant? ~Pastor James Lowe
A pastor with Deeper life Church Prof. James Ayatse has been elected TorTiv V paramount ruler of Tiv nation of NorthCentral Nigeria.
MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Canaan Christian Fellowship Church and our beloved Pastor, James H. Veney and First Lady...
Pastor Tom leading the children in the Christmas story @ James Island Baptist Church
Merry Christmas from St. James A.M.E. Church, Pastor, Brent LA Prince Edwards. Remember the reason for the season!
Merry Christmas Pastor James. I was just thinking of you & your family. What a wonderful day. 🎄
Today in Presbyterian History: 1794 James Lyon died; pastor in Northeast US & east Canada, one of the earliest American hymn tune composers
Merry Christmas! My pastor James Hightshoe ! Could listen to him sing all day long
Watch a brief message on the Christmas Story from Pastor James Greer. No church service today, enjoy time with...
007 james bond :See the pastor who rolls around with heavily armed bodyguard
Change can be the biggest battle a man fights but can also be man's best friend. -PASTOR JAMES MAJOR
Word by Pastor Emeka Orji . Text: Matthew 1:18-21King James Version (KJV). 18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on...
Pastor Lawrence speaking this morning from James 1:1-end
Message by Pastor Lawrence. Life at its best. James 1:1-27
Why yes, this is Crowder's new ALBUM. This Pastor, he gets me! Thanks Pastor James!
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Tony Smith: 2015 07 18 Not King James Version but the King James
At some point whites will stop taking all this hate. And we could have a race war. "Black Pastor James D Manning"
Pastor James W Dowe The Voice WGII Radio will bring it in all Starz Spreaker
Pastor James preaching right now on our NEHEMIAH series, if you can’t make it you can catch up on demand at…
Though there may be a trial of our faith, our faith should still be productive. (James 1:1-4) ~ Pastor Joseph Onilede
Welcome to our 9am service the morning preacher with be Pastor James Hunter. . Please share the service and tell...
Preacher: Pastor Kenneth Habuh-Rajan. Text: James 1:2-8. The challenge you are experiencing can't be your final bus-stop.
My youth pastor asked me, "Preacher, if smoking is so bad, then how does it cure salmon?” . We laughed and laughed. . Th…
James Robledo, worship pastor at Sovereign Grace, sharing in song
Robert James announces he is standing down as International Pastor of ICS after record 30 years of service to the church in the role.
Tomorrow Pastor Richard continues the series with "Following Jesus in relating to others" James 3:18 All welcome!
This week, Pastor Evans continues his series on James during morning worship at 10:30 AM. Sunday school classes...
Thank you, Pastor James. Have you seen this?
Open Heavens 15 October 2016: Saturday daily devotional by Pastor E. A. Adeboye – Who is your Role Model?
Certainly love my pastor and mentors who serve as pastors. Norman Gamble James James H. Cokley Ralph W Canty Sr
Ask Pastor: Binding And Loosing. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me on "Ask Pastor James" at...
1 WEEK TO CONFERENCE! •. Delighted to have Pastor James Fam from Coastal Church with us…
I added a video to a playlist Donald Trump in Charlotte, NC Oct. 14, 2016 (7) - Pastor James Robison
Your faith must be results oriented. James 2 vs 17 puts it this way, "Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have wor…
If you can't understand a scripture or a Bible Verse, please fill the form at the bottom-right of the screen...
One great thing about our pastor is how personable he is. Come meet Pastor James Merritt after tomorrow's service!
This is my daughters biological dad - Please consider helping them out he left with no insurance and would be sad...
Tonight I assume there are fireworks in heaven and Pastor James is somewhere near the Eastern…
House of Prayer Jefferson City, Missouri. Pastor James and Dorene Jackson.. We had a great time!! John 5 is the...
A word from our BB Pastor, the Rev. James Joseph Huling.
Wow, powerful words spoken by Pastor James Robison need to for…
Appreciate Pastor Mike James & Lighthouse BC in Tomball, TX! First revival they've had in several yrs. PTL for His…
A video of powerful worship at Pastor James Kirks funeral.
Can you imagine being in the congregation of Jerry Falwell Jr, James Dobson or Franklin Graham and are assaulted. Would you…
Was glad I got to spend a few minutes tonight with my good friend and fellow pastor Brother Chris Cornutt. Great...
Can somebody help me verify if this is true? McKeithan Smith, Pastor Jack Fields, Herbert Shaw, James Neal, James...
Beautiful service for James Kirk, an incredible Pastor, loving husband and father, and a friend to all that knew him.
Very fitting celebration today of the life & home-going of our friend, Pastor James Kirk.…
It is my prayer no one is deceived to vote against their convictions. Don't vote Trump because a pastor says to! James 4:17
Your pastor, on you thinking he doesn't know you're checking scores.
When you had sex with the pastor but you go to church and he's preaching about no sex before marriage and homosexuality is…
Pastor said to tell you guys, hello!
Join Pastor Nkechi on Freshdew on your local radio/TV stations this weekend. For full broadcast schedule, visit
Beautiful celebration of the life of Pastor James Kirk of Christian Life Center in Heath, OH.…
God, family & friends is really all that matters! Reminded AGAIN today watching the home going service of Pastor James Kirk!
watching the funeral of Pastor James Kirk. Sad. Tragic. Another reminder that life is but a vapor
please check Pastor James Davis, Pastor Mark Burns and Pastor Darrell Scott financial records. No free write offs if they are political
in fact former Pastor James Windborne, also of RNB fame, has been looking for him as well over the years.
pastor James Davis is no match for Bakari
Want to take a tour of the Old Testament? Join Pastor James on Sunday nights starting 9.11
Just got done w/ a pastoral care call: "Pastor James, once I get thru this crap... I want to just serve the church"
Pastor James Davis is another one who *** the Trump. What a big disgrace, how can he even show his face?
What's with all these black pastors like Pastor James Davis pushing for raving racist Trump?Is it wanting to control women?
War of words between Pastor James Davis and Bakari Sellers. via
Pastor Aaron James of First Bryan Baptist Church accepted The Savannah Church of the Month Award from Baker...
So "Pastor" James Davis is perfectly fine with Trump kissing the hind end of black pastors, but the black congregations need no specifics? 🤔
oh they have now recruited another "pastor" Pastor James Davis🙄
It's amazing that you bring these ignorant clown-Pastor James Davis
Yet ANOTHER fact-free uneducated "pastor", James Davis,shamelessly trying to "educate" the educated!. Should be funny-it's not!
Was a supporter right to apologize for Clinton blackface cartoon? Pastor James Davis & debate
uncle tom pastor James Davis acting a butt hole on CNN Erin Burnett, but bakari sellers Holding it down!!!
James Davis(no pastor) Mark Burns (No Pastor) I want to know who goes to their churches, just one person, I have a question for them.
Pastor James Davis seems more concerned about getting his than doing good 4 others. Is he a Trump U grad?
What's up with all these begging *** sellout pastors pastor James Davis
Pastor Mark Burns, Pastor James Davis how R these people calling themselves Pastors & spewing this hate, divisiveness?
Who da fuq is this pastor James Davis. I am speechless
is taking Pastor James Davis to school and he still doesn't get it. Just answer the question HOW?
Do you think Pastor James Davis believes in what he is trying to spin ?
Wow found another black pastor sell out James Davis is there a plantation somewhere I don't know about?
WTH.. Now here's another black "Pastor" Trump supporter Pastor James... What do these "Holy" men c in him? Well pretend holy😝
as usual educating the Trump supporters on as they stumble. Pastor James getting emotional 😂
Jesus take the wheel. This ignorant joker named "Pastor James Davis" on w/ no issues commandment. pimping is easy!
Pastor James Davis. Just another sellout black pastor for hire that Trump got too.
How low can Pastor Burns go! I am too disgusted! As James Carville said on morning Joe! "Somebodys going to *** for this!
Isaiah 56:10-12King James Version (KJV). 10 His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb...
Pastor Wilson is about that Dad life! I thought he was just in there 2 see what they were doing
"Sometimes You got Learn to Press your way through"! - Pastor James…
Watch on praise pastor james weathersby preaching grace message
You need prayer. So James Adekunle Bond becomes a mega pastor & "delivers" you as you pray "Our father who art...
Today we are joined by Pastor James Jackson, Pastor Moore, Kate Aguliar, and Pastor David Green as we speak on...
Black Pastor Message to African Americans & Minorities Explains Trump's Plan for the Inner City ht…
Top 5 things God will do for Nigeria with Buhari - Pastor James Adejoh. The founder and General Overseer of Jesus...
So bless to knw this grt man of God. Chilling with Pastor james_oloyede
Goes along with Pastor James' sermon this morning.
Join us today for a special service at Cloverleaf House with Pastor James from Tetra-Edge (Benin-City)...10am!
"No one has a copyright on what God can do in the Spirit." - Pastor James Kato at in
This week's update is here! Join us this Palm Sunday as Pastor James continues his series, "The Lord Is...".
This is a great goal, but I'd say the opposite is actually true (based on my experience as a Pastor/attender).
when will you stand up against Pastor Kevin Swanson & Rev James Manning, calling for the execution and stoning to death of American ***
Awesome distribution today! I and our team would like to thank James Uyeda Pastor from Westminster Good...
This is my and great friend...Pastor James Allen. I always learn some from him.
If you want to know where you're going in life, look at the five closest people you spend time with. Pastor Sammy James
I second this hey, & Papa doesn't have to do the sermons everyday, there's Evang Fritz, Pastor James, Pastor Sam...
COZA Pastor's reply to Man Who questioned his Dubai Birthday party. -
Daily Inspiration- Life will throw punches at you but duck and move. God's got you covered! Keep moving. Pastor James Barnwell
I can think of twojust recently off the top of my head, um... Rev. James T. Meeks and pastor Corey Brooks
James Glass, Senior Pastor at Glasgow Elim Church, is one of our speakers at Elim Leaders Summit 2016. James has...
Dr. Belinda prayed my healing. Pastor James prayed it and i have as well and we all know WHATEVER they speak in...
Imam Mohammad Ashafa & Pastor James Wuye - "There are 3 kinds of leaders: the good, bad, & ugly" …
The Imam & the Pastor - what a double act! Mohammad Ashafa + James Wuye talk about the good, bad & ugly of religion + VE…
Bible Quotes by Pastor Ade Balogun: "God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble." James: 4:6 # Faithkeepers
Great Word from the Lord through Pastor Rae tonight!!! James 5! We give You ownership of our lives Lord!!
Pastor Kevin James will be live on Moody Radio, Thursday, March 17th from 7am-9am. He will be a a part of Moody’s...
.on James Flint Jr. closing at Christian Valley in Gary, IN | Pastor Bynum's pre anniv…
Pastor calls for *** to be executed before introducing This isn't the pastor who was shot.
Watch on love & lust series- b.o.w. ministries . pastor James Duncan
Join us for Bible Study on Periscope right now with Pastor James J. Christmas Sr.
Rev. James C. Crangle: He served as pastor of Presbyterian Community Church in Rock Falls, Westminster Presbyt...
Lecture 5 on the book James is now available! In this week's video Pastor Standard teaches on the relationship of...
Inspiring inter-faith dialogue between Pastor James Wuye and Imam Mohammad Ashafa from
Full Name: James Bradley Creely. Future Career: Full-time Worship Pastor. Crushing: Yes, on my beautiful wife.
James ocholi SAN gave his life to christ when in form 2 in 1972 or 73.he died a pastor. Adieu MOG
Powerful words from our High School Pastor, James Walker, on trusting in the goodness of God through difficult...
Sr Ad "If first you wrote ideas on paper to send to friends, you probably would not mail it." 1:26
James Jones new pastor at Church of the Open Door
“About 15 years ago, (I used to Pastor in Ilorin then) I identified a unique teaching grace upon the life of Dr.
Blessings Not Burdens - by Pastor James Merritt . “…It seemed good to me also, having followed all things closely...
Gripped by the Healing Power of Christ - by Pastor James MacDonald. The Lord has anointed me. To bring good news...
Join us for Bible study! Service starts at 7pm. Pastor Mike will be teaching from James 1:2. Share and invite a...
Congrats to new pastor Coral Ridge Pres Ft those Ft Lauderdale yrs 1978-93 &my late friend D James Kennedy
James 4:1-10 . "Getting right with God.". Pastor Curtis D. Morris . Wednesday, March 16th. Prayer and Worship Night at 6:30pm
Dr. Haynes III, is in the HOUSE at Saint James AME Church South Location. .
"pray or become prey" (Pastor Eric). “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”. James 4:7
We loved getting to serve Pastor James and Belmont Park Baptist Church this week!
A collection of tips on managing your pastor’s microphone
Are they as good as James Brown's in the Blues Brothers? That's my benchmark when it comes to pastor speeches
will. I'll tell our pastor. You might know James Jividen. He's from your church.
On Saturday Joanna Kelley, Irene Mukonyo, Twyla & Pastor James from St. Catherine's Orphanage had a great meeting...
Listen to my new episode Should King James & Pastor Pay Reparations ? (Law Clinic) at
We welcome Pastor James Capers leading worship at Messiah this weekend. Join us!
I'm not too much of a fan of Pastor James Marshall.
Today Prayer at 12 Noon and 10pm! James 5:16 declares ".The earnest Prayer of a righteous man Makes Tremendous Power Available
Thorns of Grace - by Pastor James Merritt . “That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults,...
Ordinary You, Extraordinary God - by Pastor James MacDonald . Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Excited for this celebration of my 1st Assistant Pastor James Chandler and Director of Daughters of…
that *** got on a wooden pastor chain and a jaden smith tee on with LEBRON JAMES shorts on
Listen to Light on the Hill w/ Pastor James Kaddis at 11:30PM, A ministry of Calvary Chapel Signal Hill
God uses rejection to protect us from our own preference. . -Pastor James Miller
Pastor James preaching the word at Kingdom of God Worship Center . Forestville Maryland
Pastors Tom, Michael, Troy, Jason, James ALL look better than THIS pastor!!
Don't forget what God has established! . Pastor James Golladay
Join us tonight with Pastor James J. Christmas Sr. at New Galilee Baptist Church at 7:30pm.
Pastor Andy James bringing our message tonight at Chapel!
For all my pastor buddies and family! This is for you! James Wall Ryan Akers Jeff Maness Max Colaw Steve Colaw...
Jesus Christ, was a "Jew", son of David, son of Abraham. Matthew 1:1 . Holy Bible (King James Version).
Don't forget about Ladies Night Out. Oct. 29th Pastor James Ford Jr from will be our key speaker!
Christ Our Helper - by Pastor James Merritt . “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with...
Why God Speaks - by Pastor Charles Stanley . James 1:23-25. God is not one to speak in generalities. When He...
Thank you Pastor Dave, Pastor Hanzo and Pastor James for training and preparing our volunteers at the…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
This week on hear from our very own Pastor James Schrader on Worship in Romans 12 http…
watch for these boys.are talented and bad on stage. are from Dandora BETHEL OUTREACH MINISTRY UNDER PASTOR JAMES
Today’s Sermon, “Sin: The Leading Cause of Death in the World” Pastor James Langston, Pilgrim Outreach Ministries
The pastor seh, him have fi him money already, him nuh wah nun of ours. Him never fly Delta to church him got...
In the noonday service Pastor Kirksey talked about Joy & Growth. He says you design to grow, make progress, improve, & increase. James 1:1-6
Pastor teaching major themes from James 1 at Living Faith: . -Testing. -Wisdom. -Wealth. .
"There is an indication that prayer can change the mind of God." -Pastor James T. Meeks at…
Pastor James J. Christmas Sr. will be in revival this week at New Galilee Baptist Church starting at 7:30pm!
Pastor told me to read the book of James and let him know what I got from reading it 😳😕
There is never a reason for a pastor to be alone with a female asking about details of her sexual behavior. Never.
Not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced." - James Baldwin"
A Jamaican reading list from recently shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize
of course my pastor. James Brummet, Richmind, Va
A pastor, Joe James, ponders one of his own experiences of threatened violence and suggests how to respond...
MORNING PRAYER: Join Pastor James and Lady Tara Jackson for Morning Prayer Monday and Friday at 6am.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
a Hindu family being converted by pastor james gowda in Bengaluru.picture courtesy- my friend Bala http:…
"We are a covenant community and when we join a local church we have responsibilities to one another; & they are significant." Pastor James
Pastor James' Installation Service has been rescheduled for Sunday October 18th at 4pm at The First United Church...
FIFA Presidency: No better candidate than Kalu – Pastor James:. The aspiration of former Abia State governor, Dr.
Pastor James worthy got me in church with the tank top 💀💀
So excited about the reappointment of Pastor James & Mary Spivey to Restoration Fellowship in Murfreesboro TN.
If you missed church yesterday, you can access Pastor James' sermon here:
The Debasement of Religious Worship - Part 2: In this episode of Standing Firm, Pastor James Brown Jr…
Listen to "Pastor James David Manning interview" by via
This my Great Grand Gold father Pastor Grant Foster my Grand mother Hattie Bell James sitting and my mother...
Bible contradictions – do they affect you? Yes! Why? Only 1 side can be of God. Get crucial truths @
I am very excited for this weekend! Pastor Carter has Rev James Lumpkin coming to ZT to be with us.
Listen to Pastor Nate Holdridge teach through James 1:8-12 right now on KKMC! 880AM within the Monterey/Salinas area.
My Pastor, our Bishop, James L. Kilgore, gone but not forgotten!
One year ago today we said farewell to my pastor James L Kilgore, none so missed.
Truth and Love Conference with Dr James White and Pastor Tom Pennington via
“A pastor told me Ghana will score three. He mentioned the goal scorers. Jordan, Wakaso and Dede.sosket”
Great insights from a pastor and wife reflecting on their first five years in their role:
The act of mercy is complete in and of itself, whether the opportunity is taken or not, God is honored regardless~ Pastor James McDonald
It is wrong to connect the act of mercy with the outcome we desire- Pastor James McDonald
Absolute truths in the hands of absolute sinners.absolutly brutal~ Pastor James McDonald
One year ago today Bishop James L. Kilgore went to his heavenly home, I miss my pastor ,none better.
Today we honor our Pastor James Levesque & Deb as our Father and mother in Christ. We declare LIFE ABUNDANT & BLESSING OVER FLOWING!
Personal Loans for your personal needs from pastor james.: Your fast, secure and simple loan application is al...
James Brown speaking at our pastor's conference!
Day 3 and the last day of the Annual . Pst. James Muchai our lead pastor for Mavuno Lusaka...
Pastor James Booth defended his decision to fire the pregnant mom, claiming an out-of-wedlock pregnancy violates the church's moral code of
Blinded By Grace - by Pastor James Merritt . “As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from...
Faith on Fire - by Pastor James MacDonald . Now Thomas, one of the Twelve, called the Twin, was not with them...
My sweet friends Pastor Jacob and Anna Biswell with James and Joy Maloney. :-* They are such a…
Do you know who God is and are you making Him known? Join us this Sunday to hear Pastor James talk about David's...
On Sunday Pastor Dave explored the intensity of our future plans referencing James 4:13-17. . From these verses...
My shwit sweetheart Terry Gobanga, will be on Family TV tonight at 8pm speaking on Submission with Pastor James...
For $Christ has set us (Gal 5:1). But the 1 who looks into the perfect law, the law of and
Beginning this Sunday Evening at 6 p.m. TLC invites you to join us each Sunday night in January for our "Month of Miracles" series. We are honored to have joining us to minister: Pastor Reva Kasey, Pastor Jan Painter, Apostle Garfield Curlin; and our very own, Pastor James McFadden. Please join us Sunday evenings through January and start 2015 out with a mighty move of God!
Greetings and Blessings to Pastor James Vinson and all the members of CFCC. May your Blessings be plentiful during the 2015 year, and beyond!
Greetings from Peace and Fellowship Church. Come jump start your 2015 year off with something new. We invite you to come join us with Praise and Worship on this 1st Sunday, January 4th, 2015 of the New Year. Services starts @ 8:50, we are located at 612 State Ave KCKS under the leadership of Pastor James Drew, Jr. "We have not because we ask not", song of praise says..."Lord make me over, Make me over again. Be blessed... Pastor James Drew, Jr K. Wilson, Secretary
READ & REIGN THROUGH 2015! "And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul? For the Son of Man--Jesus is going to come [soon]with his angels in the glory of his Father, and then he will repay each person according to what he has done". (Matt. 16:26-27). Dear friend, I admonish you this lastday of 2014 if the Lord has preserved your life. Let your New Year Resolutions be that you're going to live for Jesus Christ in 2015. Let people around you surrender to Jesus and more souls be added to your Church through your word and lifestyle. And I declare unto you that will 'LIKE, SHARE or Type AMEN' in agreement of this message, No unclean spirit or anything that's not of God will journey with you into and through 2015, The God of Heaven shall bombared you with great miracles roundabout in Jesus name. Be free to Contact us for Prayers, Counseling, send your Seed-Faith Support for our Evangelism. {Tell Somebody that Jesus Christ Saves, Pray for the ...
Lets hear from Pastor James MacDonald one last time this year: It’s Never Too Late Then Samson called to the LORD and said, “O Lord GOD, please remember me and please strengthen me only this once, O God, that I may be avenged on the Philistines for my two eyes.” . . . Then he bowed with all his strength, and the house fell. . . . So the dead whom he killed at his death were more than those whom he had killed during his life (Judges 16:28, 30, ESV). Most people know only fragments about the Old Testament judge Samson—long hair, superhuman strength, seduced by Delilah—but there is so much more worth knowing. Samson’s parents were barren but given a miracle child. An angel essentially announced to them, “You’re going to have a boy, and he will belong to God from the day he is born.” Samson was raised as a Nazarite, a person who took a strict vow to belong totally to the Lord. Sadly, pathetically, his life did not belong to God; it belonged to Samson. He was a sensual person. Though he grew ...
Headed to Hillcrest Baptist Church near Ooltewah, Tennessee (exit 11 off 75) for watch night service. Starts at 8. Pastor James Langston. Sunday I'll be in St. Pauls NC with Matthew Beaver.
New Year's Honour's from Queen. Titles for celebrities like James Corden to a local town pastor
Tonight Lynchburg! Tonight at Living Word worship in 2015 with Pastor James Camm and Jamel Strong!
Looking back at 2014! My Friends Pastor Pastor-James Edwards Jr. & Bonnie Edwards I love these people 4 life!...
Pastor Maldonado. 0 crashes in 2015. Nah jokes he probably has. Credit: James Russel
LeBron James has one more MVP title and three more finals appearances than Michael Jordan did by age 30.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
It is with great sadness to announce the passing on of the son of Pastor James Ferreira from George. He will be...
U want CREAM in that coffee?. Pastor James David Manning: Starbucks semen Latte: via
I think so.. My dad is well known pastor. He like the Michael Jordan/ LeBron James on pastora
My cousin Pastor James Ward (from Chicago, Ill) and I after my installation service 12/28/2014.
James Luellen shared Pastor Steven Andrew's photo. Just now · . Dr. Benjamin Rush - Signer of the Declaration of...
See the Crazy Things Neno Evangelism Pastor JAMES. NG’ANG’A did to a HIV Positive Lady - SMS the word TUJUANE to 21145 More ~>...
goodevening. Im James, son of Genny and Kapitan Lito Hernandez from Pasay City. if you can lead and bless us on my wedding day.
Always True: 5 Great and Precious Promises of God. TUES 12/30 at 8pET on Walk In The Word w/ Pastor James MacDonald.
being married won't take away your sexual sins, like wearing a LeBron James jersey doesn't make you a Cavalier
A Thirsty Soul - by Pastor James Merritt . “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for You,...
Ahhhg Pastor James! "I dunno how people will be practically preparing for *** fire. Smh."
Here's the video Pastor James started Sunday's message with - Atheist Pen Jillett talks about receiving a Bible...
Pastor James delivers the final message in our White Noise Series, "Go Tell It On The Mountain" this past Sunday.
Pastor James McDonald's summation of Colossians 3:12A: Christians are chosen, changing, and cherished.
Pastor James talks to us about how to test and approve the will of God with humility and obedience. . Sermon is...
"Blessed people don't have a confused mind" -Pastor James Nichols
Rick James is seriously my favorite pastor ever
“Question ladies do I have a sexy voice on the phone or females gassin”lol bye Felisha (or James in this instance)
Charlottesville news Jay James on Faith - December 29, 2014 - Jay James and Pastor Alvin Edwards discuss plans for...
Pastor James Ford just gave us a great lesson on Ephesians 3. What part of his lesson meant most to you? How have you limited God?
Coming up at 6:30 PM on Pastor James Ford looks at Ephesians 3 to help us realize that God knows no boundaries.
Will sister Beverly and pastor James respect the decision or will they rebuke that evil spirit and…
"How to be Sweet Shepherds and Carefree Sheep" - Pastor James O via
Pastor James David Manning, one of my favorite speakers, laying down some truth!
Today, pastor of World Changers Church in Georgia, joins James and Betty on LIFE TODAY.
Starting Over - by Pastor James Merritt . “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has...
The Antidote for Fear - by Pastor James MacDonald . Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of...
Therefore get rid of all moral filth & the evil that is so prevalent & humbly accept the word planted in you, which can s…
just thatavailable. They haven't promoted it heavily. . I'm thinking they're making sure it works well before pushing it
I didn't think about how it benefited hearing impaired, great help for them, for sure...
Hamilton Collection
here's info about it. It's just as illegal to crank text 911 as it is to call. .
i guess I'm not the first to think of this idea :-) I hope it's successful, I'd like to see it here in SC...
I love how my bestfriend is my Youth pastor. Seriously so thankful for him
Overseer Pastor James Spencer - "Make sure we don't get it wrong; God will help us to do the things we are to do"
Overseer Pastor James Spencer - "Keep the fire burning and continue to let Him be known in our lives"
Check this video out -- Pastor Stephen John Thurston-St James MB Church Brookhaven, MS.avi via
Tune in to evening service. Pastor James Sears speaker.
At Transformation Church Nigeria, it will be Divine Growth in 2015. Come speak to your future at the cross over night with Pastor James.
Awesome time at church this morning! Great way to end the last Sunday of 2014. Thanks Pastor James Anthony...
"Test Your Water"- Pastor James Larson. . Enjoyed service at the Anchor church this morning.
Pastor James said he thought Baseball was boring today in church, and he has a doctorate.
The pastor says he is preaching from the LeBron james version in the bible & quoting lyrics from black messiah..mission…
.Reading this while making my way through Reading Charles Taylor made me chuckle this morning.
This morning Pastor Jeff prayed over James and Kristie Roberts, our dear friends. They are doing…
With Pastor James in London visiting his daughter, Pastor Neil will bring a message on the Church's responsibility to her…
Show some support to Pastor James Sharp as he does the Lord's work in Uruguay
Baseball... For when soccer gets too boring- Pastor James 😂😂😂
Please enjoy this high quality musical presentation from Pastor James, Katie, and John as our Christmas gift to...
My long time friend Pastor Betty and Pastor James have been joined in a Holy Matrimony now at AIC Mbingoni Matuu.May God be the pillar of your family.I lov u guys.
Pastor James is about to give some insight on the Ferguson situation on Moody Radio this morning. You can listen...
New York pastor says *** people will spread ebola in Starbucks: James David Manning of the ATLAH World Mission...
Peter had been fishing all night with no luck and Jesus just got done preaching an awesome sermon to the people. Jesus tells Peter, "launch out into the deep for a catch" Peter replies, we have been trying all night, but nevertheless at Your word I will do it. Even though Peter was tired and surely frustrated, he still obeyed the Word of God. Jesus then told him to let down his net and when Peter obeyed again there was so much fish (blessing) that they had to call their friends over to help them carry it and it still almost sunk the boats. Talk about a blessing that is overflowing, WOW. Finally after toiling all night with nothing and now so much they have to get others to help them. The blessing would have been too much for just Peter, it would've sunk him, but God knowing ALL things knew that Peter would share his blessing. (think about that for a minute) After getting to shore with their awesome blessing Luke 5:11 says that they left their blessing behind and followed Jesus. Even though the blessing wa ...
Homophobe of the day award goes to US Pastor Manning for claim that Starbucks flavours coffee with semen of sodomites
Middle week service... Pastor Pat spoke on:. -being swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath; (James 1:19...
Proverbs, the King James Version of the ✞ Holy Bible, chapter 19
Can't make this stuff up. Idiotic 'pastor' James Manning: flavored w/ semen of sodomites via
GOD TEMPTS NOBODY. . James 1:13 Let no one say when he is tempted, "I am tempted by God"; for God cannot be...
Pastor Moody and the Miles congregation thank Pastor Harmon and St. James for a wonderful celebration in the Lord.
"You have to have compassion for those that you wish to influence" - Pastor Garin James
"Don't allow your weaknesses to keep you weak, accept the challenge to make yourself better!" - Pastor Garin James
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
"No matter how people look at you or what they call you you have to look at yourself as a leader" - Pastor Garin James
"Leadership is who I am on display, my character. Developing my leadership skills is the key to success and growth" - Pastor Garin James
I added a video to a playlist Face 2 Face with Pastor James Chacko
Pastor Andy's Bible study begins in less than 30-minutes. Join him and explore the book of James.
Pastor James gave a great and encouraging message last weekend on generosity. While it can feel like a...
December 14, EDDIE JAMES will return to Crusaders. YES! is the pastor in Chicago.
"God intention is that the church will be a redemptive supportive community." Pastor James Daniel
"The church needs not only look inside but also outside." Pastor James Daniel
"The work of God can never be done in an atmosphere of mistrust." Pastor James Daniel
"We must respond to the knock at midnight." Pastor James Daniel
"God's people depositories of His grace needs to tell the world, He cares." Pastor James Daniel
The church must become the voice of hope. That's why we're here. (Pastor James Daniel)
Responding to Pastor Danny Cortez: Preparing for the Tsunami by James White Over the course of the next few ...
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