Pastor Jamal Bryant & Empowerment Temple

Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant. (born May 21, 1971, in Baltimore, Maryland) is an African-American preacher and pastor of the Empowerment Temple AME Church in his hometown of Baltimore. 5.0/5

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Home Buyers Session is so good people are hanging around for further questions. Shout out to Pastor Jamal Bryant &…
Thanks to Pastor Jamal Bryant and Empowerment Temple AME for Home Ownership Workshop! Let's go from renting to own…
Please join Pastor Jamal Bryant and the Empowerment Temple at
You don't know what you missed @ the seven last words service with Pastor Jamal Bryant and The Empowerment Temple.
Pastor Jamal Bryant of the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD collected and donated…
Father's Day blessings to Pastor Jamal Bryant & all men of Empowerment Temple
We were worshipping at our home church today " Empowerment Temple" and Pastor Jamal Bryant had a guest Prophet...
Empowerment Temple on 16 June - 19 August 2015, Pastor Jamal Bryant is serving breakfast & lunch meals for children under the age of 18 🍴
My Pastor Jamal H. Bryant & members of Empowerment Temple protestings of gov. Hogan`s decisions of schools denial .
[WATER COOLER BUZZ] It has been reported that Pastor Jamal Bryant of Empowerment Temple is leading a…
What an honor to bring the Mothers Day Message, at Empowerment Temple w/Pastor Jamal Bryant. Teaching…
The homicide/crime panel discussion was awesome at Empowerment Temple with Pastor Jamal Bryant and…
Prophet Todd Hall is at Empowerment Temple live or online Pastor Jamal Bryant is Pastor our souls are being revived!
Story on the work of Empowerment Temple and Pastor Jamal Bryant on Solidarity Sunday...
talks with Pastor Jamal Bryant about the C.O.P.S. initiative at Empowerment Temple Church.Read more:
I attended Sunday service today at the Empowerment Temple, and the sermon by Pastor Dr. Jamal Bryant was both...
Baltimore, join me tonight at Empowerment Temple for the Backdown4what youth conference with Pastor Jamal Bryant
During a sermon full of homophobia, sexism and misogyny, Pastor Jamal H. Bryant, of the Empowerment Temple in...
Pastor Jamal Bryant from Empowerment Temple showed up and showed out. It was a spiritual experience that I will never forget. If he ever comes to your city, be sure and take a seat and get ready for a spirit filled message.
Pastor Jamal Bryant's fall from grace began with an extramarital affair that tore up his congregation and destroyed his marriage. I went to his mega church, the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland, to talk about the affair that ended his marriage, disrupted his congregation, almost destroyed h...
What do you think Pastor Jamal Bryant would do if Curtis Payne from House of Payne does the chicken prayer at Empowerment Temple?
I am What God desire me to-be. Happy New Year. Church was Awesome with Empowerment Temple, Pastor Jamal Bryant.
Now cyber worshipping w/ Empowerment Temple, Pastor Jamal Bryant. Come get your 2014 started off right!...
GOD of GRACE and GOD of GLORY! THANK YOU for what YOU have given us through the last 8 hours of PROPHETIC PRAYER from the Empowerment Temple AME Church, Baltimore , MD, Mother Cecelia Williams Bryant, Pastor Jamal Bryant, and Senior Bishop John R. Bryant. Heavenly Father, Holy One, REWARD and REPLENISH THEM OPENLY for their MANY LABORS of LOVE! Dear LORD of MAJESTY and MAGNIFICENCE, I ask you NOW to please give to Mama C sweet rest, refreshing, refueling, renewing and EVERY thing that she needs as she has labored, pouring out to all of us through the night and into this morning. Strengthen and keep us all in Your tender care. In the Name of Jesus. Amen. Amen. Amen.
Moment of Joy: Guest from Baltimore (Empowerment Temple) giving Thanks & singing praises "It Is Yes, Lord!" Mr. Lance London then thanks Pastor Jamal Bryant for his generosity and then encourages our guests to NEVER give up.
More pictures from the Thanksgiving 2013 day of service at Carolina Kitchen. Some of those served were transported to and from the restaurant in Hyattsville, MD. Thanks Pastor Jamal Bryant, Empowerment Temple, Baltimore, MD for supporting the effort. Lance London, the volunteers, supporters and you made it possible for folks to enjoy a hot, delicious meal!
Tune into Empowerment Temple online. My Pastor Jamal Bryant is about to preach a word.
The Rev. Al Sharpton will be at Empowerment Temple tomorrow in Baltimore -Pastor Jamal Bryant! He'll be singing his new book, ' The rejected stone'. This is going to be a good book!!! GO HEAD REV!
I thank God for my Pastor Jamal Bryant & Empowerment Temple!
If you are not at church, you be sure to check out Pastor Jamal Bryant & Empowerment Temple online.
Pastor Jamal Bryant of Empowerment Temple, loves and supports "Single on Purpose"!
Getting ready for bible study at Empowerment Temple with Pastor Jamal Bryant (online of course). My first one with this ministry and I'm super excited!
Empowerment Temple, Baltimore MD. Awarded 30 Academic Scholarships. This is truly good ground!
I hope Empowerment Temple, Pastor Jamal Bryant, Baltimore, MD will be on the UT Tour schedule!
watch it online w/ Pastor Jamal Bryant : Empowerment Temple . It's really good .
Um yeah, so I just figured out why Pastor Jamal Bryant's church is called Empowerment Temple! Thoroughly Empowered!!
(And if you ever visit Baltimore, Maryland, be sure to visit Pastor Jamal Bryant's church, Empowerment Temple)
I'm enjoying my good Friday at Empowerment Temple with Pastor Jamal Bryant and his guest speakers they are on fire tonight !!!
with Bishop Oscar E. Brown at the Empowerment Temple with Pastor Jamal Bryant -First Mt.Olive Freewill Baptist Church's Finest!
This morning I watched the online service of Empowerment Temple. I loved the message from Pastor Jamal Bryant
If you could do anything now, what would you do? — Go to Pastor Jamal Bryant's church, Empowerment Temple in Bal...
What is your favorite city? — Baltimore, Maryland, home of Pastor Jamal Bryant's Empowerment Temple!...
What inspires you? — Listening to Pastor Jamal Bryant minister God's Word at Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Ma...
Many of you know that I, like you, always struggle with many many daily dilemmas. Regardless of what it is, it's not important. All I want to say is prayer and fasting & spreading the word does change things. I can tell you countless things that have turned around since I started this 40 day fasting & praying. I've fasted many, many times before but it never ceases to amaze me about the miracles or revelations that come about when I the Lord works on me. It never fails. The hurricane, tornado & earthquake comes but at the end there is sunshine and rainbows. Word to the wise: don't let anyone stop you from doing what you need to do to uplift The Lord while trusting in him to changes things! Get down on those knees-even in the restroom! He will bring you through the storm. Yes, i know He knows I backslide and listen to my music, & get a little feisty, but Please patient with me God is not through with me yet! I plan to catch up on posting Pastor Jamal Bryant and Empowerment Temple's congregational 40 day fa ...
I'm having a glorious time praise in worship online with pastor Jamal Bryant,Empowerment Temple.last service has started .I won't go back to the way I used to be before your presents came and change me. hallelujah
Last night was INCREDIBLE! Preaching at Empowerment Temple has opened 10 doors for me!!! Jamal Bryant spoke into my life and said give it 40 days!! This experience I will never forget! Thank you Lord!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
My nephew tore the pulpit up, I think Jamal Bryant is going to have to purchase a new one!!! And Jamal Bryant came right behind him and shut it down, with a Prophetic word Better Is Coming! Had a awesome time here in Baltimore, can't wait to come back, I thank God for allowing us to have a awesome experience the fellowship was awesome everyone at Empowerment Temple & Pastor Jamal Bryant welcomed us with open arms! Thank u father for allowing us to have this wonderful encounter with u, I am excited about what's yet to come.
What a wonderful time and experience I had with Charles Butler & Trinity tonight as we participated in a taping for The Word Network at Empowerment Temple with Pastor Jamal Bryant! That man taught on is appropriate CB&T's season. There is still time to download the CD get in on today's debut totals!
I can't settle for just anybody, I need who God has for me! Pastor Jamal Bryant @ Empowerment Temple
Please pray for us as we travel to Baltimore MD! This is a major moment in the ministry that God has assigned me with! If you are in the area meet us tomorrow night at Empowerment Temple in Baltimore MD at 7pm with The Word Network, Pastor Jamal Bryant, Earnest Pugh, Regina Skeeters, Sean Tillery and myself!! My little/big sis Marissa Farrow will be leading us into worship!!! EPIC!
Church was awesome today at Empowerment Temple with Pastor Jamal Bryant omg god was in the bldg and speaking through the man of god. It was awesome awesome can't wait until bible study tues I am so glad I attend that church
. . . be sure to catch Pastor Jamal Bryant's 9:30am & 11:30am services live on Empowerment Temple's website! God bless you!
Everybody get up it time to worship the Lord,I'm in Baltimore Maryland, at Empowerment Temple,with Pastor Jamal Bryant join me online. hallelujah
Winning Women, below is the link to Empowerment Temples 40 Day Financial Fast. Empowering Women Through The Word Ministries is joining with Pastor Jamal Bryant, Empowerment Temple and thousands of others over the next 40 days in an effort to change our mindset toward the way we handle our money. Who will join me over the next 40 Days?
I should have planned before today since it starts today but this needs to be added to my Lent agenda! Thanks Pastor Jamal Bryant & Empowerment Temple!
Listening to Bishop Liston Page at Empowerment Temple in Baltimore Maryland with Pastor Jamal Bryant! What an Awesome God! Love it!
Lord, You are good and your mercy endure forever,**we worship You hallelujah hallelujah,**You are good all the time, and all the time u are good.***Worshipping with Empowerment Temple with Pastor Jamal Bryant join me.
Pastor Jamal Bryant Spoke live this morning at the Empowerment Temple which was like hold on to your seat belts. He was saying we always use the scripture "He that finds a wife finds a good thing" He said God don't put us together he already did that once with Adam and Eve and when Adam said this women Eve made him eat the Fruit. The Lord say you're not blaming this on me any more I'm not doing any more hook up. He said we have choices to choose who we want to be with, GOD give us more than one to choose from. He said we would be like let me pray for about it first to make sure this is for me. He said don't get mad at GOD when you married the nut, he said you did it to yourself. If it's so easy to get than it's not of GOD. Just typing what he said.
For those who may be Wednesday join Empowerment Temple, Pastor Jamal Bryant, as they start their 40 Day Financial Freedom Fast. Spread the word on this green revolution!
Pastor Jamal Bryant killed today! Enjoyed service at Empowerment Temple!!
trying to watch service at Empowerment Temple with Pastor Jamal Bryant but there is no sound. :-(
Pastor Jamal Bryant of Empowerment Temple will B at my church Tuesday night at 7:00
What a good weekend- my Wizards beat the Bulls n Pastor Jamal Bryant rocks Empowerment Temple- now my Lakers won! Jay-Z daps up Kobe
Pt. 2 of photo shoot with Pastor Jamal Bryant of Empowerment Temple. @ Studio BLP
African American Leaders need to stand up and be noticed!!! Pastor Jamal Bryant of Empowerment Temple of Baltimore, Bishop David Evans of Bethany Baptist Church of NY are in the House with Reverend Al Sharpton at the Pre Inaugural Church Service this evening! This is the voice of our nation coming forth and I believe that they can back it up. Really glad to see Pastor Bryant and Bishop Evans at the helm, both brilliant, have stron courage and can back up what they say - more important they ain't hungry for no Republican payouts to snuff the Black community. We must pray for them as they go forth on the front lines leading the way in support of this 2nd term where our President will need true warriors on the battlefield with intelligence and education.
There is word for your life at Empowerment Temple with Pastor Jamal H Bryant.
Pastor Jamal Bryant is about to preach. Follow the link...
I am coming to back to you and say this is not about you and me its about Pastor Jamal Bryant and Empowerment Temple.
I've only been a member @ Empowerment Temple a few months, but I've watched Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant since before I moved here from Jersey. I don't care what ANYBODY tries to say about "Pas!" He is CALLED and ANOINTED to bring in the YOUTH! It is OBVIOUS that God has given him a VISION on just how to do that! To have a "Temple" FULL of YOUTH on ANY Sunday in THESE times, is nothing short of a MIRACLE! People always tryna hate on "Pas!" Tryna say he's too flashy, he's worldly and this and that! If you're gonna bring in the YOUTH, you have to reach them in a way that THEY understand. They gotta SEE that you can still be FABULOUS on the LORD's Side! The BIBLE says the Workman is WORTHY of his hire! The Tithe was not only to take care of the Temple but ALSO the PRIESTS! And who are WE to say how well the Priest deserves to be taken care of! That is GOD'S decision and OBVIOUSLY God wants this man well taken care of! We are not blessed by what Pastor spends money on, WE are blessed because our Tithe LEFT ou ...
LaKeicha Wing The Ravens must have heard Empowerment Temple's theme for 2013-"Taking Care of Business!" Yup, they did just that! — with Pastor Jamal Bryant
Sermon--NO IFS, ANDS, OR BUTS October 2012 Radical, Revolutionary, Innovative, Anointed, and Cutting Edge are some words often used to describe Dr. Jamal Bryant. He is the Senior Pastor of Empowerment Temple, the fastest growing in the A.M.E. denomination.
And about Rev. Jamal Bryant. Pastor Tony Smith had much to say about him moving to Primrose Ave. He's not a REAL Pastor. He built his church off of his Father's (Bishop Bryant's) legacy. There was nothing difficult about building Empowerment Temple. While he, on the other hand, was a real Founder.
Pastor Jamal Bryant: Sometimes, you must experience "bad" things, people, and situations, so that YOU don't become any of them. ~Empowerment Temple on The Word Network~
Pastor Jamal Bryant at Empowerment Temple in Baltimore. He is the truth!
It's OFFICIAL!!! Pastor Jamal Bryant, Evangelist Edwrin Sutton, Regina Skeeters and SeanTillery & Changed will be ministering on Feb 26 at 7pm at Empowerment Temple in Baltimore Maryland! Be There!
Pastor Chat has just placed interview with Pastor Jamal Bryant of Empowerment Temple, Baltimore, Maryland up on...
on my way to Empowerment Temple , Baltimore, MD-Pastor Jamal Bryant- special guest Pastor Marvin Sapp-
Well CLBF, Just came back from Taping My 1st Commercial for "Clever Little Book," Compliments of The "Empowerment Temple!" I LOVE Pastor Jamal Bryant! He is DEDICATED to seeing His People PROSPER! Hair was TIGHT, Make-up TIGHT and Outfit REAL cute! 15 seconds NEVER felt SO Good! Clever Little Book is AVAILABLE on (paperback and KINDLE!) and also (NOOK!!) I don't plug it JUST because I wrote it. I plug it because it's TIGHT and by it, GOD is going to EMPOWER Me!
CHURCH, FB Family and those who are in search of; GOD only wants a "Little Oil." This AM, I am fellowshipping with Pastor Jamal Bryant of the Empowerment Temple. He is testifying as a man of GOD only can. Aspire, "Buck" Johnson's or Brother Magic Johnson did a good thing this morning-PraisingGOD with a powerful S.W.A.G.-Sealed, Serving & Saved With Amazing Grace. "Believe ye all Saints, small and great and all between in FATHER-GOD Blessing all that HIS children shall start in the Name of JESUS CHRIST. The LORD only wants to Bless those who puts HIM first-in FAITH. ALL you need is a little oil-olive oil. PRAISE and GLORIFY FATHER-GOD in JESUS' name ^-^! Start whatever in the name of GOD and allow HIM to finish it for HIS Glory, GLORY! Keep the foolishness of this world-HE give me GRACE, LOVE & VICTORY! ^-^
Happy Thanksgiving from Pastor Jamal Bryant and the Empowerment Temple family!!!
"When people mishandled you, your value went up" ~ Pastor Jamal Bryant .I'm blessed to be a member of Empowerment Temple.
"You are too brilliant to be basic." - Pastor Jamal Bryant of Empowerment Temple. Reinforces my thought process these days.
Didn't make it to church this morning? Tune into Pastor Jamal Bryant, Empowerment Temple --->
Please join us now at Empowerment Temple now where Pastor Jamal Bryant is the pastor and preaching . Services with also be at 9:30 and 1130 am . Come here a word from the Lord.
I just love technology. Wonderful online service today at Empowerment Temple. Pastor Jamal H. Bryant was on point.
Pastor Jamal Bryant and Ray Lewis.. Ray Lewis after speaking to our youth.. We Must St @ Empowerment Temple
Dr. Jamal Bryant pastor at Empowerment Temple and Waters American Church in Baltimore .
Good Morning and Welcome to Empowerment Temple’s 7:30 AM Cyber Worship Service with Pastor Jamal Bryant. It’s Women’s Day at Empowerment Temple! Be Blessed and Enjoy the Service!
And while some preachers support Obama's *** marriage views, like Rev. Otis Moss III of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, and some do not, like Pastor Jamal Bryant of Baltimore's Empowerment Temple AME Church.
Dr. Jamal Bryant, pastor of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, spoke at the National Press Club, where he joined civil rights leaders and Occupy Wall Street ac...
International speaker Dr. Jamal Bryant, founder of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland understands first hand what it is to have his life become center stage to the public attack on the fall of not only a pastor, but a man and a family. For the past two and half years, Pastor Bryant has dealt ...
You have received an evite! Join us in person or online for one of our three Sunday worship services. We look forward to welcoming you Empowerment Temple.
I did a wonderful book talk & signing in Baltimore w/Pastor Jamal Bryant at Empowerment Temple. I'll be back soon. Thanx CB!
Amen for Empowerment Temple online! It's so far from my house but Pastor Jamal Bryant is the Truth!!
Where are you spending your Sunday? I will be at Empowerment Temple. Don't meet me there beat me there in the words of Pastor Jamal Bryant!
LIVE NOW!! from Empowerment Temple with Pastor Jamal Bryant,Pastor Breonus Mitchell and many more!
Turn to THE WORD NETWORK! My Pastor, Pastor Breonus Mitchell is preaching for Pastor Jamal Bryant @ Empowerment Temple!
A Million Voters Registered on Easter? On the last week of February, the Rev. Jamal-Harrison Bryant, pastor of Empowerment Temple in Balt
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