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Pastor Jamal Bryant

Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant. (born May 21, 1971, in Baltimore, Maryland) is an African-American preacher and pastor of the Empowerment Temple AME Church in his hometown of Baltimore.

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But you support Bernie who promoted the endorsement of a known…
First Roland Martin and now Pastor Jamal Bryant speaking the truth about Paula White.
Check out this awesome video by Pastor Jamal Bryant on the truth about Pastor Paula White
Pastor Jamal Bryant was talking about it
"Whatever the enemy stole from you, you're about to get it back. It's About To Go Down!" - Pastor Jamal Bryant
I liked a video Pastor Jamal Bryant - The problem with Paula White...
If ppl were as outraged with the truth about Red Cross as they were about the lies they believed about Joel 🤔🤔🤔.
"It's not too late to walk in your purpose. God will confirm your dreams!" - Pastor Jamal Bryant
Pastor Jamal Bryant shares the shift in his theology regarding LGBTQ people. And the page continues to turn!
Pastor Jamal Bryant - The problem with Paula White... via
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Jamal Bryant - The problem with Paula White...
Y'all talk about Jamal though. Pastor Jamal Bryant allows a pillar and beacon in his community!!
Every bill in September will be PAID! Do you trust God to step into your situation? - Pastor Jamal Bryant...
Don't let a day go by without reminding God of the promises he spoke over your life. He responds to his word Pastor Jamal Bryant
"Get excited about who you are becoming." - Pastor Jamal Bryant. ~Happy Sunday!~
Pastor Jamal Bryant 2017 Sunday July 2 in NY a black life is worth .67
Pastor Jamal Bryant held in contempt of c...
Pastor Jamal Bryant held in contempt of court via
Pastor Jamal Bryant held in contempt of court
Pastor Jamal Bryant came through to get him a hoodie.
great initiative! I saw it on Pastor Jamal Bryant's Periscope Tues &…
I liked a video Phaedra Parks was allegedly texting Pastor Jamal Bryant before Apollo went to jail??
Pastor Jamal Bryant is miles ahead of Jackson and Sharpton in regards to his message to young people reminds me of a young Farrakhan
Pastor Jamal Bryant-200 churches will close this yours on the...
Phaedra’s “mystery man” is reportedly Pastor Jamal Bryant, the ex-husband of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” star,
But Gizelle where was this ambition to be a boss lady before Pastor Jamal Bryant, before the kids, or before you reached your peak 🤔
People will show you their intentions.unintentionally! -Pastor Jamal Bryant
Check out excellent Periscope from today by Apos Joseph Prude & Pastor Jamal Bryant re: Wake Up America!
"Normalcy brings sadness because we were created to unique, standout, and be ourselves.". --- Pastor Jamal Bryant...
And I had an absolute great time worship st Pastor Jamal Bryant's church today 🙌🏼. Def will be going back
Pastor Jamal Bryant. Invites you to join us for worship There's still time to get here 9:30 & 11:30 services
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Please join Pastor Jamal Bryant and the Empowerment Temple at
You don't know what you missed @ the seven last words service with Pastor Jamal Bryant and The Empowerment Temple.
"Beware of those who carry the bacteria of death and take it to those who have new life." Pastor Jamal Bryant
"We keep contaminating people with the bacteria of tradition & if people don't agree with our ideas we vilify them." Pastor Jamal Bryant
Me at Pastors and Leadership conference w/.Pastor Jamal Bryant
oh naw.. thats it... she too busy dating Pastor Jamal Bryant 👀😏
Don't cling to a mistake.because you took a lot of time to make it. ~ Pastor Jamal Bryant. Good Morning FB Fam, Let's Get It!
Today's sermon is "Advice from an Avocado" by Pastor Jamal Bryant. Watch it here:
Fellowshipping at my friend Pastor Jamal Bryant church..
That *** can get it. I need a like him in my life.
If people weren't affected by your absence, they were never affected by your presence . -Pastor Jamal Bryant
At this stage and age in life i dont fool with too many people... as Pastor Jamal Bryant preached "I just dont fit in" blessed me!!!
Pastor Jamal Bryant had it like that Giselle 🍆?
He embraced a homophobic pastor thinking it would help him with black votes.
"When you are a will always be a target". -Pastor Jamal Bryant
"Conformity is the slowest form of suicide." Pastor Jamal H. Bryant
Get logged on now to to get a word from Pastor Jamal Bryant & be blessed in song by...
Never a dull moment with my friend and fraternity brother Pastor Jamal Bryant! J5! @ The…
It's going to be epic with Pastor Jamal Bryant... march 11 and 12 Ozone Park Queens NY 10 mins from JFK airport.
"I Can not entertain people who try to clown me" - Pastor Jamal Bryant
I can not/will not give a stage anymore to people who tried to clown me~Pastor Jamal Bryant
A clip from my interview w/ Pastor Jamal Bryant on his show "The Empowerment Experience", here we are discussing Kim Burrell'…
Wait a min Pastor Jamal Bryant commented on the video😩
Pastor Jamal Bryant told her come to church on live😂
Gentlemen I need your support & Presence along with Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant. Do not support Lenovo.
thanks sir mr president Obama for our patience and thanks to patience in pastor marvin sapp and pastor jamal Bryant .thanks Janice
Sometimes everything is going wrong .for the right reason. ~Pastor Jamal Bryant
Pastor Jamal Bryant is a wolf in sheep's clothing bro. Every time I see his name come up it barely has to do with g…
I'm scared of people who know EVERYTHING! !! You can't know the question AND the answer! !Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant
Now that Santa has come & gone get up & go to church & or get online with Pastor Jamal Bryant he's talking about...
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Pastor Jamal Bryant and me at a Pastor's and leadership conference
Me and Jamal Bryant at a Pastor and Leadership with civil rights activist
Pastor Jamal Bryant of the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD collected and donated…
girl I ain't know u know pastor Jamal Bryant when u coming to speak in Baltimore
Pastor Jamal Bryant either wears his pants up to his nipples or dude was rocking a cummerbund...
Why is the Pastor Jamal Bryant pants around his neck!
I hate y'all pastor, Jamal Bryant and don't care.
Some people don't want to be the artist, they just want to be on stage. ~Pastor Jamal Bryant. (11:30) service ~Dawn Gibson
Man! Pastor Jamal Bryant speaking on economic development and the churches.. he so asking the truth!
I added a video to a playlist Bishop Jamal Bryant - Disses - Pastor Tony Smith
going to watch pastor Jamal Bryant at 11:30 since I can't be there physically.
Everything that's a GOOD thing, is not a GOD thing. -Pastor Jamal Bryant
Pastor Jamal H Bryant. Psalms 30:11. The Impact of the Trade Agreement . Why is that relavent to our people
Excited about Pastor Jamal Bryant's new series, Eviction Notices. I'm going to catch the 7:30am series online. :)
It's October and Bishop Victor Powell has a special treat for you! Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, pastor of...
Wedding hotels Christian pastor jamal bryant declines to respond to allegations he fathered a child ou...
Just When you think you are finished.God is just getting started... ~Pastor Jamal Bryant
When everything looks like it's falling apart.God is putting something major together... ~Pastor Jamal Bryant
What an awesome event hosted by Pastor Jamal Bryant and the Empowerment Temple Church Family. Shoutout to Sister...
Grow apart.from people who won't grow. Pastor Jamal Bryant
Pastor Jamal Bryant Hosting Celebration of Frank M. Reid III’s Elevation to Bishop of the…
I hope y'all logged on to Pastor Jamal Bryant mother Rev, Dr Cecelia Williams Bryant is...
Is anybody about to arrive at their RIGHTFUL PLACE??? Pastor Jamal Bryant.
Pastor Jamal Bryant killed it this morning. He preached on Picking Tomatoes. He's wrapping up…
Looking forward to hearing the Word from Bishop George Bloomer, Pastor Herbert Davis and Pastor Jamal Bryant tomorrow morning before church.
"If you call yourself a LEADER and NO ONE is following, you're just taking a WALK!" Pastor Jamal Bryant...
STOP TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE! As if u don't have issues. Instead of talking about them pray for them -via Pastor Jamal Bryant at 11:30 srvc
Father's Day blessings to Pastor Jamal Bryant & all men of Empowerment Temple
Pastor Jamal Bryant facing new baby scandal?
Pastor Jamal Bryant said this morning.."Don't tell God you have a problem. Tell your problem you have a GOD.
"If you already prayed for it ... Prepare for it!!" -Pastor Jamal Bryant 🙏🌹
Baltimore still mending after Gray death: Kate Snow speaks to Pastor Jamal Bryant about Sunday's
LOVE that black Pastor Jamal Bryant on He says is "the mother of MASS INCARCERATION" 👏👍🙌 Wish wld talk more lk this!
Pastor Jamal Bryant of B'more church says 1 in 10 B'more residents are addicted to heroin. Can this be true? 1 in 10?
Unity March ends at the Empowerment Center led by Pastor Jamal Bryant.
One way to get blocked and deleted REAL QUICK is to come over here talking about Pastor Jamal Bryant!
I agree with Pastor Jamal Bryant. Jesus was about Love and "turn the other cheek"...not hatred, bigotry, and...
Breaking: Huge endorsement from Pastor Jamal Bryant on why Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for black people.
I cant believe Pastor Jamal Bryant would marry her..but maybe she is just turnt for the camera's
Pastor Jamal Bryant joins Detroit pastors to help victims of
I never heard this Man thanks to Dr. Pastor Jamal Bryant for…
Pastor Jamal Bryant wrote: If GOD blocked it.don't stalk it!
Pastor Jamal Bryant does it again! I've been following Pastor Bryant for over a decade. He's such a remarkable...
Anyone know anything about Pastor Jamal Bryant coming to Atlanta in April?
Some people don't want change.they just want a comfortable enslavement! - Pastor Jamal Bryant
Pastor Jamal Bryant does something very special f
Awesome Worship ! About to receive the word from Pastor Jamal Bryant! . I'm ready!
It wasn't my degrees, education, who I know that got me here but the one who speaks through me. I think Pastor Jamal Bryant preached that.
Pastor Jamal Bryant wrote: Your goals are simple. Just not easy!
I liked a video from Pastor Jamal Bryant and Roland Martin Pt. 4
Pastor Jamal Bryant reminded us that these *** ain't loyal
You were born looking like your die looking like your decisions. ~ Pastor Jamal Bryant. Good Morning FB Fam, Le…
Pastor Jamal Bryant. People who want nothing for themselves.don't want you to have nothing
We were worshipping at our home church today " Empowerment Temple" and Pastor Jamal Bryant had a guest Prophet...
Pastor Jamal Bryant questioned on why he invited Min. on Word Channel .
Pastor Jamal Bryant is here at New Zion Temple about to bring the house down! .
Daystar Network has kicked Pastor Jamal Bryant off for inviting a muslim on tv who doesn't believe in Jesus, but...
Pastor Jamal Bryant issues a scathing rebuke to the plantation "christians" at DayStar. .
watched on proud of Pastor Jamal Bryant!!! DR SLG
Michael Adrian Davis of Hallelujah FM showed up for Pastor Jamal Bryant and Min Farrakhan
Pastor Jamal Bryant has the best quotes*!!! Get the recipe
Pastor Jamal Bryant blessed us with the word this morning!!! I'm inspired to go back to Milwaukee and…
Pastor Jamal Bryant drops out of congressional race If it's viral, it's here!
Men’s Empowerment 2015 with Dr. Jasper Williams and Pastor Jamal Bryant in Detroit
Don't let your fear become.bigger than your faith. Pastor Jamal Bryant
Your destiny is stronger than your enemy- Pastor Jamal Bryant
Speaker Spotlight . Pastor Jamal Bryant is preaching tonight at 7:30PM at "The Encounter" conference!...
Pastor Jamal Bryant just joined. YES..., what are YOU waiting for? Inbox me for your free (yes,...
Last night I had the opportunity to hear Pastor Jamal Bryant preach for the second time! This man can…
This Sunday we continue our "Summer Series" with Pastor Jamal Bryant at 7:45 am & 11:15 am
Pastor Jamal Bryant is preaching this place crazy!
Pastor Jamal Bryant's one sermon, where he says "I don't know what mind I was in, that I fell in love with a...
"Lord, adjust my environment to fit my assignment, tailor make my next move, cut off all loose ends & make amends" ~Pastor Jamal Bryant 😊
Fulfillment doesn't come from holding the cup it comes from being the cup! Pastor Jamal Bryant
on @ 7:30 pm for Bible Study with Pastor Jamal Bryant
Pastor Jamal Bryant wrote: Don't scream about what you are against...when you can't talk about what you are for!
Why y'all don't get people on there who know about race like a Pastor Tony Smith or Jamal Bryant instead of weak people..
Churched good this evening with Pastor Zeb Talley & Rehab, Chris Ervin & AD, & Dr. Jamal Bryant..
Pastor Jamal Bryant and Mayor Herington will be there on 10/10/15
for 930/11/30 worship with Pastor Jamal Bryant please log onto
I had been thinking a lot about how I felt about Louis Farrakhan's recent interview with Pastor Jamal Bryant.
Log on or tune in on your Tele for a "WORD" from Pastor Jamal Bryant now.
You're too anointed to be anonymousJamal Bryant
I am ministering this weekend with Prophet Brian Carn, Pastor Benny Hinn, Dr. Jamal Bryant and more in Jackson,...
I GOT TO INTERVIEW PASTOR AND ACTIVIST Jamal Bryant the other day for Dropping the Video…
Pastor Jamal Bryant had a very interesting interview with Minister Louis Farrakhan. Change is needed and the...
Please family, especially my Christian family, please watch and listen to Pastor Jamal Bryant and The Hon.
Keep up the great work Pastor Corey Brooks. . We need more black preachers like you and pastor Jamal Bryant.
I liked a video from Two Minstrels Louis Farrakhan & pastor Jamal Bryant
White Christians-are criticizing pastor Jamal Bryant for meeting with Minister Farrakhan. Article
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Watching Minister Louis Farrakan and Pastor Jamal Bryant on the Word Network. Muslims and Christians fighting for justice.
If you want to watch streaming Pastor Jamal Bryant download our APP GCT (Greater Community Temple) is so easy to watch that way!!!
Anyone have a Link for the video of pastor Jamal Bryant interviewing the minister?
watch the interview he did with pastor Jamal Bryant he proves himself pretty well and you do more research it's not on the-
Pastor Jamal Bryant says Baltimore has over 2000 churches. Imagine how many teachers, after school programs those lost taxes cld pay for!
Reminder! Tonight at 8pm EST, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will be interviewed by Pastor Jamal Bryant...
Pastor Jamal Bryant has an imposter who is trying to collect money. This person is a fraud! The only agenda for today is
Enjoy Powering Encounter with Pastor Jamal Bryant and Louis's Farrakhan right now on the Word Network Comcast Channel 565.…
"If in the last two weeks 6 Caucasian women has been killed in police custody, what would be the outcry?" Pastor Jamal Bryan…
The Word Network with Dr. Farrakhan & Pastor Jamal Bryant... Trump is being heard bcuz he's not a *** to the rich...😮
I don't date preachers, but I think I would bend my own rule for Pastor Jamal Bryant. But, then again, he lost...
Pastor Jamal Bryant is the truth. I love him!!
Min Louis Farrakhan is speaking the Word Network w/Pastor Jamal Bryant
God always raises up a Moses and a Joshua for his people. God raised up Martin Luther King as a Moses and Pastor Jamal Bryant as a Joshua.
For a long time, I didn't know if my Angel was an angel or the Holy Spirit until Pastor Jamal Bryant, unknowingly, helped me to distinguish.
Pastor Jamal Bryant: Dont Collapes After the Crash at The City of Refuge... via
God said "I'm getting ready to bless you to such extent that It's like your past didn't even happen" - Pastor Jamal Bryant 🔥
The panel was awesome talking about what we need to do to save our cities...Rev. Al Sharpton, Pastor Jamal Bryant,...
Only oppressed people that allow oppressors to educate our children.-Malcolm X (Pastor Jamal Bryant)
Don't wait for someone to pass you the torch. Get a box of matches! -Pastor Jamal Bryant
Pastor Jamal Bryant introduces Minister Louis Farrakhan at AME church press conference announcing the 20th...
"If you're tired of starting over , stop giving up" - Pastor Jamal Bryant
Pastor Jamal Bryant out earlier about Sandra Bland in front of the police station where the tragedy occurred.
Pastor Jamal Bryant, the leader of Baltimore-based Empowerment Temple Church, is hosting yet another event that...
Si'Mone Sez shared Pastor Jamal Bryant's post. Exactly. "Until the Lion is the Historian.the...
Pastor Jamal Bryant. The medical examiner of is the wife of the district attorney. I'm done playing
Pastor Jamal Bryant. Dear Lord , put to bed what's been keeping me awake, uncover what's hidden in plain sight and let the w…
, Minister Farrakhan will be speaking about Justice or Else on the Word Network with Pastor Jamal Bryant. Please check…
Enjoyed a wonderful service tonight at Greater Pentecostal Temple with Pastor Jamal Bryant!! An awesome word from...
Heading to church to hear a Word from the Lord. Pastor Jamal Bryant is speaking and I'm excited!!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Entrepreneurship is directly alligned with biblical stewardship. ~ Pastor Jamal Bryant.
Pastor Jamal Bryant gave a phenomenal word on last night "Faith Saved Me"
"Here in Texas, we are not afraid of ISIS, we are afraid of the police!" --- Pastor Jamal Bryant
My favorite message from Pastor Jamal Bryant is "You Gotta Come At Me Better Then That!" That really blessed my life!
Pastor Jamal Bryant is my favorite person I promise you ! 💚
Pastor Jamal Bryant & the failure in a skirt via is alive & well in the Black community...
Pastor Jamal Bryant speaking at today's press conference at the Waller county jail for
How do you feel about Pastor Jamal Bryant teaming up with Louis Farrakhan?...
"If the enemy can't kill you, he'll make you 2nd guess your calling." Pastor Jamal Bryant
looks like is searching he also mentioned Jamal Bryant is his pastor. Hope he finds Christ
News: Norton challenges Pastor Jamal Bryant to get pastors to join in a class action claiming that the Supreme...
The six burned Black Churches nobody seems to be talking about. Pastor
a capella with your pastor Jamal Bryant
Since the 6 Black churches have been burned down. & discussed LISTEN
Roland Martin, Pastor Jamal Bryant on the Six Burned Black Churches: Roland Martin and Pastor Jamal Bryant discuss…
Empowerment Temple on 16 June - 19 August 2015, Pastor Jamal Bryant is serving breakfast & lunch meals for children under the age of 18 🍴
I didn't know Pastor Jamal Bryant's sermon plays as a inverted sample before Chris Brown performs "Loyal" at his concerts lmboo! Boss!
Hang out with me today on Praise 104.7FM, Rich VA at 3:15p.m. when we talk to Pastor Jamal Bryant and catch up on everything in Baltmore.
Don't let kill what a conversation can cure!! ~ Pastor Jamal Bryant
do you think Festus Ezeli look like Pastor Jamal Bryant from Baltimore?
Dear Pastor Jamal Bryant letter. Powerful letter written by resident of Baltimore City. What do you think of...
you never heard Jamaal Bryant story?!
"Civil disobedience is always an inconvenience. It never comes without a challenge." -
Here's the link to the Rev Jamal Bryant interview He's promising/threatening more protests across the state.
I find myself siding with the conservative host here, which makes me very uncomfortable.
.states that there are more protests planned all over Md. Listen to the full interview on
Hear tell us about a very powerful protest in spearheaded by Pastor
Pastor jamal Bryant was on CNN and said may in Baltimore was deadliest month in16yrs in Homicides."He said police are pulling back."
Pastor Jamal Bryant of Baltimore needs someone to pick better outfits for him when he comes on CNN.
My Pastor Jamal H. Bryant & members of Empowerment Temple protestings of gov. Hogan`s decisions of schools denial .
has made several unflattering posts about Pastor Jamal Bryant. and while im not taking those back he deserves...
I found my Shepherd on the news., love my hope to be next Mayor/Pastor of BALTIMORE CITY!!' Dr. Jamal. H. Bryant.
I do want to go to Pastor Jamal Bryant's church tho. That'll be my only reason
Protest causes traffic delays on I-395 - Faith leaders, led by pastor Jamal Bryant and others, were demonstrating ...
TL: "Iyanla Vanzant is heading to Baltimore with Pastor Jamal 'them *** ain't loyal' Bryant to 'fix the city'". Me:
Anniston get ready June 4th Pastor Jamal Bryant will be in the city! 3511 Alexandria Road, Anniston Al 36201. The...
[WATER COOLER BUZZ] It has been reported that Pastor Jamal Bryant of Empowerment Temple is leading a…
BREAKING: The day after a 3-day weekend for many, pastor Jamal Bryant and others say they are blocking traffic...
I liked a video Pastor Jamal Bryant - War Cry at Azusa 2015
"Every man with a DREAM needs to have a Michelle on his TEAM! " - Pastor Jamal Bryant.
The size of your faith has changed.stopped trying to squeeze into circles that are 2 small for you!- Pastor Jamal Bryant
"You will always grow apart.from people who don't grow!". ~Pastor Jamal Bryant
LORD keep imparting wisdom into my Pastor and Daddy keep a protective hedge around Rev Dr Jamal Bryant in the...
Boy I tell you Baltimore ! Bishop McClendon and Rev. Dr. Pastor Jamal Bryant got together yesterday. There are...
Yall not going bash me for liking pastor west when pastor Jamal Bryant screwing half his church 😒
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Pastor Jamal Bryant. People who try to ignore you don't realize.they can't pretend your favor doesn't exist!
Pastor Jamal Bryant. Dear Lord today, let me laugh @ attacks, smile @ circumstances, grin @ people playing games & not cry over spilled milk
Agreed and decreed in the name of Jesus... Pastor Jamal Bryant thanks for this Word in due season.
Pastor Jamal Bryant says Baltimore mayor is failing the city
Pastor Jamal Bryant: "For the last 25 years, women have the been the ones on the front lines."
Pastor Jamal Bryant: "In a lot of schools, the only male authority figures are the security guard & the gym teacher."
I do not respect pastor Jamal Bryant ! His words and action does not match ! Idc who's church leader he is ! 👐🏾
Thug is EXACTLY the term to be used. This Pastor Jamal Bryant is delusional.
In Ravaged Baltimore, Freddie Gray's Pastor Speaks of the Dearth of Black Male Role Models When the Rev. Jamal H. Bryant walks into pub
What an honor to bring the Mothers Day Message, at Empowerment Temple w/Pastor Jamal Bryant. Teaching…
My harvest is getting ready start Pastor Jamal Bryant
It's funny to see attempt to trap Pastor Jamal Bryant!!! His facial expression says it all! Silly rabbits. Tricks are for Tricks
So the kids at empowerment academy has to pay 3 dollars to wear regular school clothes *** is pastor Jamal Bryant
Yo, ! You & Jamal Bryant agree with what this brother said about us? He's dealing with the REAL issue!.
Pastor Jamal Bryant. We are naive and short sighted if we are to think the DOJ probe should just be Baltimore & not nation wide!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Pastor Jamal Bryant-. When you find what you are born to do.nobody has to tell you what to do!
THE PROPHET IS COMING TO BALTIMORE!. (Bishop Clarence E. McClendon will be joining the Host Pastor Jamal Bryant)...
Today my Pastor Jamal Bryant is walking with a Buddist who is over millions of people in the World as they talk...
God will bless you even in your vulnerability... Pastor Jamal Bryant
Did Pastor Jamal Bryant do anything for the city of Baltimore when all the protests were going on? Just curious. I respect him.
come be our guest we will see you there! Pastor Jamal Bryant will be in the house.
Even that Pastor Jamal Bryant acknowledged this on TV CNN.
So Pastor Jamal "These *** Ain't Loyal" Bryant is now considered a serious political voice in Baltimore?
We are so elated to have Pastor Jamal H Bryant come to Sacramento CA!
Pastor Jamal Bryant delivers powerful speech about violence at Freddie G... via
I know that Pastor Jamal Bryant was deep in the situation. Sadly, many participants of...
CNN: Pastor brings faith leaders together to heal Baltimore
Baltimore Pastor Jamal Bryant, says POTUS Obama guilty of “black-on-black crime” for calling the city’s rioters “thugs.”
Hear Pastor talk to us about working with gangs to rebuild http…
Stop with this fake pastor calling women *** " DO SOME RESEARCH! nonsense.
Two shines (Sybrina Fulton and Pastor Jamal Bryant) on CNN again blaming everything on the "police".
What Christian pastor quotes alcoholics anonymous before they speak? Jamal Bryant smh
Hey .here's your next talking head, .- he'll fit right in!
..- Men like .are THE PROBLEM! Unfaithful spouse, opportunist, what's HIS net worth?
Pastor Jamal Bryant worked to bring faith community leaders together to help Baltimore. CNN's Poppy Harlow talks with him.
New Day Chris Cuomo, is standing up there Pastor Jamal Bryant, with silly *** 'PUSH BACK" with that you...
Pastor Jamal Bryant "Like Joseph's brothers in the bible police saw Freddie from afar & said what are we gonna do with him?"
Pastor Jamal Bryant: "It's an exciting day for us, but it's actually a sad day when black people have to celebrate the syste…
State of Emergency Issued After Baltimore Erupts in Flames and Rioting; Pastor Jamal Bryant Rebukes Rioters via
Pastor incites violent protests: Jamal Bryant, Pastor of Empowerment Temple AME Church, 'Someone has to pay' for Freddie Gray's death."
Pastor: 'Someone has to pay' for Freddie Gray's death.". Biography: Who is Rev.Jamal Harrison Bryant:.
Pastor on riot rumors: 'At least 53 shades of grey': Reverend Ja...
"I don’t know how you can be black in America and be silent." Pastor Jamal Bryant
““Pastor Jamal Bryant check in with and ...
Pastor Jamal Bryant and I walked hand in hand during the protest and single handedly fought for justice! Lies like that
"Violence has never brought justice." - Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant
1) We APPLAUD Pastor Jamal Bryant for ALL of his efforts. He didn't just start. He's been in the FIGHT for
My Prayers r with Pastor Jamal Bryant as he leads the way 4 Peace & Unity in Baltimore
spoke to - "we're way off course frm where we were a week ago" LISTEN/SHARE htt…
Pastor Jamal Bryant tells kids to pull they pants up at the uligy. like is that what is going to keep us from being killed?
"Violence and justice never go together in the same sentence." -Pastor Jamal Bryant
S/o to Pastor Jamal Bryant for actually trying to get things done. Glad he's not another Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson!
Rev. Jesse Jackson is at the funeral, sitting next to Pastor Jamal Bryant
God Bless the Gray family, Pastor Jamal Bryant and everyone who cares about justice in America.
Pastor Jamal Bryant-exposed the police that killed Freddie Gray. Video
Pastor Jamal Bryant-exposed the police that killed that black man. Video
Pastor Jamal Bryant-exposed the police that killed black man. Video
My level of excellence was raised after hearing the preached word from Pastor Jamal Bryant last night!
Pastor Jamal Bryant is dat guy. One of my childhood homies has the same name and he be spittin the word too...
You can get cursed mishandling who God has blessed you with ~Pastor Jamal Bryant ... This includes children!
The homicide/crime panel discussion was awesome at Empowerment Temple with Pastor Jamal Bryant and…
Pastor Jamal Bryant wrote: If your mind is should your mouth!
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