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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Christian Oyakhilome (known popularly as Pastor Chris ) is a Nigerian televangelist faith healer who runs a healing school and is the founding president of Believers' LoveWorld Incorporated also known as Christ Embassy , a Pentecostal Christian ministry headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

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The sexism of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - Punch Newspapers via
Maintain A Good Conscience. Sunday, September 18th . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd . For the love of money is the...
A Strong Desire For The Word. Friday, September 23rd . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd . But grow in grace, and in the...
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome And Pastor Benny Hinn in great miracle mission
Sounds beautiful. Is it available online? I remember when Pastor Chris Oyakhilome baptized me in the Spirit...
This October in Lagos. Rev Chris Oyakhilome hosts Pastor Benny Hinn, in the Healing Miracle and Impartation...
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is running in order to support poor families :
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome reveals three secrets to absolute victory at Partners’ Online Conference Click here@
*** straight, rich/poor, black/white, we are all children of God :) "Every child is your child" - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
"The circumstances of life should not define the quality of your personality" Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
With a message of Faith in God, the Youth of Christ Embassy have replaced fear from the hearts of young people:
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and hold a Miracle Healing Impartation Service on 28th & 29th of October :
PASTOR CHRIS THROWS SHADE AT EX-WIFE. The marriage saga of the founder of Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome and...
Pleasekeep praying for this Miracle and Impartaion Service with Pastor Benny Hinn and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
The Quality of your words determine the live you live Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd
I added a video to a playlist Powerful Affirmations of Faith - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
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I liked a video from Can You Change Your Spouse ? Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome may consider marriage again
The Power of the mind by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
"There's no such thing as average. An average man is a well decorated poor man." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
LAUGH WHILE YOU READ. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome decided to have a leisure ride without his driver one evening with...
Carriers Of His Grace, Power And Glory. Thursday, June 30th . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd. So that from his body...
Is it better to go single to your favorite holiday destination or to go with someone?
We now have all books by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at an affordable price. Make your order today!
The Power of Tongues in This Book, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Teaches You the “What,” “How” and “Why” of
You are not a success until you are changing someone's life permanently for good. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome — feeling thankful
Mid Year Thanksgiving Service Live with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. So far so good in 2016.
A Shout of A King! . Glory, Shout of Victory In this tabernacle!. Mid year Thanksgiving with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome! .
Pray from ur spirit, speaking fervently in other tongues; get your spirit lit up &alive to God
Healing is Your Right in the Kingdom pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I liked a video Pastor Chris Oyakhilome 2016 - Worship and Communion Service Preparations
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You have the grace & ability for growth, increase, &expansion. Therefore, keep making progress!
Don't Be a Victim of the System pastor Chris Oyakhilome via
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, D.Sc., D.D.). With focus on our Mid-Year Thanksgiving Service on Sunday, 26th June, we...
The blessings are already packaged and delivered to you; the Bible says,..Click to read more: .
GRACE AND PEACE IN INCREASING MEASURE – PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and
The circumstances of your life will never describe the quality of your personality- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Anything is Possible. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. When you say “You know, I’m from a poor family. I’m poor I’m...
I added a video to a playlist Tongues and the Anointing - by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome preaches by the tomb of Jesus
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome serves Holy Communion at the tomb of Jesus
Israel tour with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in pictures
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of a kind. A man sent from God to our generation. . Thank you so much sir for...
Chronicles of Miracles Atmosphere for Miracles by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome www aforen com Part 4 part
My pastor, life coach, instructor,teacher, my father, my all n all... Pastor chris oyakhilome ,D.s.c., D.D.
This is our to Go Forth and in the nations of the World. - Word of the year by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd. ...
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Wow! Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a special message for you in the April edition of the Healing School Magazine.
Preach the Word to the things in your home and they 'll have new values-Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Caught in the Act? Pastor Chris Oyakhilome opens football Academy in South Africa -
"When you take a thought and ruminate on it,there's no telling what it'll do to and in you." -Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Listen to the Jewish snake story about Jesus! As narrated by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DD, DSC.
I liked a video from How To Deal With Inner Conflicts pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I liked a video from Victim or Victor pastor Chris Oyakhilome
10 shocking facts about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy (+Photos) …
I liked a video Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Teachings 2016 - " Cultured by the Word " - Pastor Chris
Pastor Ose Oyakhilome takes a swab at her brother-inlaw Pst Chris. Watch closely
Meet Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's brother as he takes a swab at his Pastor Shudders
Avoid rumors, get direct pictures of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in action.
Live pictures of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at youth camp.
Get your copy of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Power of the mind... Dope read I tell you... It's going for only R80
I liked a video from Maintain Your FOCUS in Life pastor Chris Oyakhilome
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Pray For Your Country. Wednesday, March 30th . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd . I exhort therefore, that, first of...
I believe in hardwork. But I work from a place of rest - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd
I liked a video An Understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
THE MAN...THE MESSAGE and THE MANDATE...listen to this message by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome you will be glad you did.
I liked a video Pastor Chris Oyakhilome 2016 - " Listen to the Holy Spirit " - Pastor Chris Teaching
Divorce Saga: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Finally Speaks Up After over a week of remaining silent on the divorce suit
The book, "The Power of Your mind" by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd a must read and must have by all.
Chris Oyakhilome sacks pastor for raising prayer points against divorce, sets new rules.The most trending news in NG
Social MEDIA claims that the Rusape man healed by prophet Walter Magaya was healed by Pastor Chris and Pastor...
South Africa threaten to jail Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, if his church fails to release its financial records,
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome claims it was him who healed Garikai not Magaya -
“Send words into the realm of the Spirit,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome says!.
Outrage on Social media as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome claims he healed Garikai
I liked a video from Prophesy to EVERY Situation Pastor Chris Oyakhilome 640x360
He's Merciful. Monday, March 7th . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as...
TOP 4 People in Nigeria who inspire me right now . 󾮗1- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ph D. 󾮗2 - LimoBlaze Samuel Imo . 󾮗3...
MARCH COMMUNION SERVICE NOTES WITH PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. 3/6/16. From time to time when we give you a message...
doest ospina remind u of pastor Chris Oyakhilome?
Ospina reminds me of pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Photos of Carissa Oyakhilome - daughter of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at a wedding in UK
Watch "How to take possession of what belongs to you by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome" on
The Authentic Christian Life . . Friday, March 4th . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd . You may as well know this too,...
The Power of your Mind. . A new release by our Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd . Renewing your mind for the Supernatural . 😇👑 get yours
Watch the Questions and Answers Session of March Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on...
Listening to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's message, 'Ministering to the Lord'. Wow! Really getting blessed!
Pastor Joy Amenkhienan celebrates Power of the Mind written by our Great man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DD,...
Revealed. How miracles are enacted in Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s crusades | TheCapital
Christianity is how you live your life towards God, towards other people and towards yourself. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his wife, Anita, finalize their divorce. See more here >>>>
Anita drops Oyahkilome from her name for Obhodaghe as she divorce Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
For the word of God to work in you, there's got to be ORDER in your life- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
"You will never know the value of a miracle till you need one" ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, P.hD
But to be honest Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a man of God.Just one man has caused the whole nation to respond to him. Anyway …
A week to Night of Bliss with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. You are our special guest, see you there. htt…
Excepts from Rhapsody of realities, pastor Chris Oyakhilome
God pulled me out of mess; I have a happy life free from abuse- Anita Oyakhilome shades ex-husband, Pastor Chris
Finally, my Pastor and life coach will be in Ghana on 5th February 2016.Chris Oyakhilome
has nothing to do with age,it is the condition of a man's spirit,same goes for Chris Oyakhilome.
Soccer city with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a night with destiny, a night to remember!!
I added a video to a playlist Use your Mouth to Create pastor Chris Oyakhilome
What is your expectation for with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome? . always.
9 days to Night of Bliss Accra 2016 with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at the Independence Square. 😊😊😊😊
[News] : Committing abortion when you are raped is double sin’ – T.B Joshua: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said a b...
A pastor can teach you on TV, but he can't. pastor you on TV. There's so much to gain. by belonging to a church. -Chris Oyakhilome
He's Your Strength And Shield!. Wednesday, January 27th . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd. ...the LORD is the...
I liked a video from The Image Of The Heavenly pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I liked a video from You Are A Spirit Being pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's daughter turns gospel singer (photos)
"The easiest thing in this world is to listen to God.." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome..
Understanding the Law of Faith pastor Chris Oyakhilome via
A night of Bliss with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It felt like heaven on earth. All Glory to God
I can't just wait to start reading this new BOOK by PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME "THE POWER OF YOUR MIND". Make sure u get yours
Crafted For Excellence. Monday, January 25th. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd. "For we are his workmanship, created...
Night of Bliss Ghana with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.5th Feb 2016 at the Black star square.See you!
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Ph,D). The Prophetic Utterance:. "If you will take time to listen to my voice and hear…
google n watch my pastor chris oyakhilome' "Atmosphere for miracles" and "Enter The Healing School" videos
World Class Christmas Carol by Christ Embassy and the inspiring Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd.
We're ready for Night of Bliss Ghana with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. What about you?.
For a moment there I felt pastor kumuyi was referring to pastor Chris oyakhilome...
Now on stage; pastor Ambrose Isesele, host of this record breaking Christmas Eve service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
You can never hear my message and not be a success-Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd, DSc, D.D. — feeling inspired
was awarded the degree of Doctor of Science at a Special Convocation Ceremony, Read more @
RHAPSODY OF REALITIES. THE INWARD WITNESS. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9TH. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd. For as many as are...
The Glory of God is in our hearts and He is in us. Glory to God! - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Rev. Dr. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was bursting with the Holy Ghost this evening,Gloray!
"Don't hope for the blessings of the country to come upon u, give the country ur blessings - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
now Anita Ebhodaghe), the estranged wife of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, was in Kigali, Rwanda where she…
I liked a video from Fellowship Through Prayer Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Your response to God is where your blessing is. Learn to respond to God. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I added a video to a playlist Our Calling To Glory pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I liked a video from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome crying profusely
I liked a video from Keep Talking, Don't Stop pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Cassper filled the dome but he's not the first 1 to.Just in september Pastor Chris Oyakhilome filled the dome & there was an overflow of ppl
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome donated "One Billion Naira" to the building of the Engineering Faculty at the Benson...
Am so thankful to pastor chris wat he allowed God use him do
The extent of your vision, is the boundary of your blessing - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
If halloween was a Nigerian thing? Hehe I will be Pastor Chris Oyakhilome! Check this out 😁😁😁
IT IS 2 DAYS TO . The November Global Communion Service with our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will...
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Chris Oyakhilome || Moments Of Worship
I added a video to a playlist Worship Music with pastor Chris Oyakhilome
All things that you'd ever need in life are wrapped up in the Word of God. Go for the WORD. . -Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - Glory Of The Word: The Word of God instructs us and guides us, but the Word is more ...
I liked a video from Isaiah 60 pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I liked a video from Understanding the Spiritual World pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I liked a video from The Dew of Heaven pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome donated 1B naira to Benson Idahosa University during the week! . This won't make headlines!
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome pledges N1b to Benson Idahosa University. . If I say govt shld start taxing them now u'll tell me to…
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome donates 1 billion dollar to Benson Idahosa University? Asin, dash..just like that!!
Just got my tickets for with the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome maan Im soo excited,thank you Lord Jesus!
I added a video to a playlist Beautiful People 2 pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I liked a video from Beware of Dogs Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome shows swag, rocks an unusual outfit to the pulpit (Photos)
3 Tickets for LPC with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome . This are my moments.
God is an extra ordinary strategist-pastor chris oyakhilome
Anita Oyakhilome Writes About “Abusive In Relationships and Marriages: Last year, it was reported that Pastor Chris…
From my earlier days I never thought my prosperity depended on my members' givings, rather on my own giving - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Demons Cannot Withstand the Power In the Name Of Jesus. Watch Pastor Chris Oyakhilome demonstrates the...
You may flunk your exams in school and still make it in life, but if you flunk life's exams, you're sunk! - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore...
I liked a video from Quickness of imagination Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I liked a video from Don't Fight Demons pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I liked a video from He did NOT Die for You in Vain Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
'The name of the game is winning and winning Only' that is a message that shared by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I added a video to a playlist Understanding The Holy Spirit pastor Chris Oyakhilome
domain names
I liked a video from Christian Consecration 1 Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I liked a video from A call to win SOULS pastor Chris Oyakhilome
5th February 2016... Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be in Ghana!!! 4pm till 6am the next day. Thank you
Erm, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and estranged wife have reconciled?
Happy Fathers Day Mr Tuluba Kithama, Pastor Judah Kalinga and Pastor Chris you soo much .
Did you know that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Phd gives answers to lifes deepest questions on
Your greatness is not in the definition of your assignment, it's in the quality of your Spirit... Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I liked a video Holy Spirit your senior partner Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Coming Soon: Night of Bliss with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, PhD; live in Ghana!!
Rhapsody of Realities. Prosperous And Influential . Friday, June 19th . . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. And if ye be...
Miracles everywhere at the special Worship and Miracle Communion Service with the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
I added a video to a playlist power in the name of jesus pt 9 by pastor chris oyakhilome.
Listening to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome- on my Android phone . A great song!
Success is causing the world around you to aspire to your inspiration. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd.
As we mark Children's day we must not forget what pastor Chris Oyakhilome said..Every Child is your Child treat them well
I added a video to a playlist lamb upon the throne with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and his alienated wife, Anita Oyakhilome, have settled their disparities. -
Oyakhilome, wife reconcile: There are indications that Pastor  Chris Oyakhilome, Senior Pastor of Christ Emba...
pastor chris oyakhilome: do muslim and christian worship the same God? .
Though details are still sketchy, fillers emanating suggest that Chris Oyakhilome, Senior Pastor of the Christ...
At-last! Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and reconciled wife [See proof]:  Am not sure how sure this is, One of the pa...
The meeting with pastor Chris Oyakhilome today was amazing
Check out Pastor Chris Oyakhilome dressed in camouflage
Who is the Holy Spirit pastor Chris Oyakhilome: via
The success of another person doesn’t mean you are failing. . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd.
"Refuse to end your life on the side walk. There's a place for you in the world." Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Check out Pastor Chris Oyakhilome dressed in camouflage
Check out Pastor Chris Oyakhilome dressed in camouflage -
"If you are rude, your faith is useless." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
"You have to control life from the realm of the spirit, else you'd be a victim" - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
A King in your Jungle.. Dominate everything that has a name.. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was born and raised in Nigeria abi? Why does he do phonéh?
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd. is a Blessing to our generation
Your mentor? "Happy birthday to my pastor,mentor and teacher pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Rhapsody of Realities. Express His Glory . Saturday, May 16th . . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Let the word of Christ...
Thank God for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd
Ministering with a difference along side with my Father and life teacher pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I liked a video from Logos vs Rhema pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I added a video to a playlist Create good habits Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Teaching
RHAPSODY OF REALITIES. YOUR TESTIMONY!. THURSDAY,MAY 14TH. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd. And they overcame him by...
I added a video to a playlist Spiritual Warfare Keys of the Kingdom Part 2 Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Portrait of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd, scale A2 42cm x 50cm. I like drawing on a larger scale, more…
On February 6,2004,3.5 mil people in Port Harcourt,Rivers State,Nigeria gathered in a single Christian meeting by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
I liked a video Pastor Chris Oyakhilome/ Perspectives in Prayer
& then my sister sent me an audio called "Success through the Holy Spirit" by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, it just opened my eyes (3)
See Pastor Chris Oyakhilome doing exercises with his top pastors in South Africa
Messi having more anointing than pastor Chris oyakhilome - Recieve!
"Until a man has tamed himself he is still a slave, your greatest victory will be the victory over yourself." ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Rhapsody Of Realities. Favour Others. Thursday, May 7th. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome . Hereby perceive we the love of...
Give JESUS a big handdd!!! *In Oyakhilome's voice* RT"Lol look at boateng,as if pastor Chris laid hands on him""
I don't think Pastor Chris Oyakhilome can make a *** fall down like this .
Can someone make a vine of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome doing "You want it? Take it!" and Boateng falling under the anointing.
Quote of the day by pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Listen to this inspiring short video message by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. You will indeed be inspired:...
The reason why my wife wants to divorce me………. – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Opens Up
LWPlus premiers 'The man, the message and the mandate' teaching series by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd.
Frank edward in love with pastor chris oyakhilome daught///»view here
will always and at all time follow pastor Chris oyakhilome he is my God sent plus
Monday, May 4th 2015.Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd-Three Levels of Meditation.Meditation is a vital activity that...
Frank Edwards in hot romance with Pastor Oyakhilome’s daughter (+Photos)
May 2015 Month of MEDITATION. Joshua1v8. Meditate on atleast 2 verses each day this MONTH. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome,Phd
I wanna say a very big thank you to my man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd who gave me this opportunity to...
Photos: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome exercises with his top pastors in SA: Christ Embassy Head Pastor Chris Oyakhil...
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome spotted working out in South Africa (Photos).. - See>>
Take advantage of the grace that's upon our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. . CE Accra-Ghana's Day 1 of with Rev. Ken
REV. KEN:. He thanked Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, & then to Pastor Biodun & Pastor Lisa Lawal. He was glad he came to
Anyone ever read 'How to make your Faith work' by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome?
Seriously tho, that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's video where he's turned to an air bender is utterly eerie and funny...smh
Life Has Come! . Monday March 16th 2015 . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. These things have I written unto you that...
dis is nt Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.We dnt ve dis kind of Altar in BLW World Wide.Quote me anywhere Rubbish!
Hmmm...I'm still trying to understand that part where Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the likes anoint people with...
No matter who is King, Jesus is Lord - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome."and you are campaigning for Buhari? Choi!"
Never admire those who know not God, never wish for their position. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
God bless Rev. Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D. Thank you very much Sir for what you do. I LOVE YOU so much Pastor
Getting ready for The very first healing service with the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at the Healing School
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Anita Share Their Two Children: Mo... follow for more>>
Here are links of the free downloadable short audio messages by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (to help you this month.
'When you stick to the word, you will come back with a testimony...' Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I liked a video Wisdom and Grace by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I liked a video The Higher Life 2014 by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Rhapsody of Realities. Perfect And Complete In Him!. Sunday, 25th January. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. I know that,...
Christians should stand up and vote for Christians? Is that what Pastor Chris Oyakhilome taught us? Answer me brother.
Top two richest pastors in the world. 1. Pastor David Oyedepo . 2. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome respectively with d former worth $150M.. Just wow!
Which of these books will you buy? 1. How to look beautiful by Obasanjo. 2. Secret of successful marriage by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. 3 . Foods that will make you grow tall by Osita Iheme. 4 . My love for Nigeria by Abubakar Shekau. 5 . How we got back our missing girls by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. 6 . Ebola: Symptoms and cure by Patrick Sawyer 7. The Joy of poverty by Aliko Dangote 8 . Tips for passing your English Language by Patience Jonathan. The Only Sport Book Available 9. How to win the champions league by Arsene Wenger.
For Peoples of God who need true success from God listen the message below : Success through The Holy Spirit- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome- Great Man of God.
"★Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as a boy. Click here for more gist on him:
★Pastor Chris Oyakhilome & Anita on their wedding day. Click here for more on how they met:
You are not a man until you become responsible, Maturity is responsibility. I Love my Man Of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Dear brothers, and sisters! Welcome to Your Year Of TRIUMPH. God bless you All. -Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome cheated on his wife and is getting served with divorce papers. 50% of your church offerings are h…
talks about his music & relationship w/ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and not getting credit for his songs -
Rhapsody of Realities. Tuesday, January 20th. “Make Things Happen!”. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd. I can do all...
On chapter 3 now. The Seven Spirits of God-Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd. is a force..n im back with more followers kkk I love you all
PROPHECY FROM Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd!. And the Book of Remembrance will be brought forth and thou shall be...
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's daughter shows off her long hair without weaves
Daily Faith Proclamations With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd 18th January 2015 . I am the light of the ...
Brothers & Sisters . I declare unto a Mystery Your limitations are unreal,they have no foundation,get to them!# Pastor_Chris Oyakhilome PhD
I think pastors needs school. School is very important to someone's life. 2 Timothy 2:15. Study to show yourselves approved unto God. What is killing most African pastors a lot is lack of knowledge and failing to study. When I posted about men of God having security, Hey, Jehovah, most of pastors who have attacked me via in boxes are from Africa, In fact my brothers from America are in boxing saying, brother keep it up. You see, if you are a classroom pastor, what's the need of having security like what I see in Zambia, too much classrooms. Right now am listening to the Kenyan government, the are discussing ways of how they will give churches and men of God security, why? Only a normal person can answer this one. Every man of God who pulls a cloud becomes a government property. Let me give you an example of Bishop TD. Jakes, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor Benny Hinn, Prophet TB. Joshua and many more I haven't mentioned, these are government properties. In fact when Bishop TD. Jakes is traveling the UN i ...
Your area of ignorance is your area of darkness Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has sure moved on from the divorce saga between himself and his wife of over twenty years, Pastor Anita. The father of two daughters looked very happy and at peace as he danc...
TOPIC: FIRST FRUIT OFFERING Reference Materials: First fruit offerings (audio tape or audio CD) - teaching by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Lessons from the book of Philippians (tape or CD 1) - Teaching by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Scripture References: Lev 23: 9 – 10; Exodus 34: 26; Prov 3: 9 -10 INTRODUCTION The first fruit offering is to God a way of demonstrating the principle of putting Him first in all things. It shows the act of loving the Lord with all of your heart, soul and mind. [Matthew 22:32-38]. The first fruit simply refers to the initial or the first harvest of one’s labor and does not necessarily refer to agricultural produce, but whatsoever benefits come to us as a result of our labor or service rendered. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE FIRST FRUIT AND THE TITHE (LEV 27: 26-27, 30 – 33) The first fruit is the first of your income and should be the best. You do not remove anything from it, you are to give all of it. The tithe however is a tenth of your income. (Ex 34:26; Lev 23: 9-10; Prov 3:9 ...
Refreshing time with . Prophetic words from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Fear not for I am with you, I am your...
I liked a video Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Son performs an outstanding miracle
Let me introduce you to the healing ministry of pastor chris oyakhilome.
: : Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s wife, allegedly files for divorce in UK
Little Giant Ladders
I listen to Joe Praise, T-sharp and one thing I won't stop saying is; God bless Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ☑♥
See what Pastor Chris did to his wife, Anita Oyakhilome again!! (Look) - read at
Singer, Etcetera writes to pastor Chris Oyakhilome over Christ Embassy gate pass.
Revealed: Seven secrets of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome! (Details) - read at
Between pastor Chris Oyakhilome and wife Anita before she filed for divorce (Details) - read at
Selah Moment!!! Speak God’s Word; speak health, wellness, and life to your body; that’s what your mouth is for. Your mouth wasn’t given to you merely for eating and drinking; its greater use is for controlling your life. -Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Culled from Rhapsody of Realities, Jan 10, 2015).
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