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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Christian Oyakhilome (known popularly as Pastor Chris ) is a Nigerian televangelist faith healer who runs a healing school and is the founding president of Believers' LoveWorld Incorporated also known as Christ Embassy , a Pentecostal Christian ministry headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

Christ Embassy Pastor Benny Hinn Almighty God Ambrose Alli University Bishop David Oyedepo Edo State Holy Spirit Benin City Holy Ghost Pastor Enoch Adeboye Christ Embassy Church

So Far best my best teachers of the Gospel is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Tshepo Phala. They make Sense to me.
If your focus is right, your life will turn out right! -Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD.
There is something to shout about in this month of. April, because there no such thing as Hopeless, Failure, Sickness, Poverty when it come to Jesus...wait until Jesus show up in your Life, if you believe say Amen as you mean it in your heart.. Wishing you a Blissful Day... This is your month of Laughter...pastor chris oyakhilome
A Case For Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on Abortion; You got it wrong this time via
I wanna prophesy with full force, right now... With my ability as The Major Prophet that I AM, fathered by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, guided into the Prophetic by Prophet Uebert Angel, above all sent by THE Holy Ghost, Heavenly secured and CHRIST PROTECTED... I give an urgent decree to the heavenly hosts to release all good and perfect gifts of GOD to YOU in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!!
You're now His dwelling place.You have become a God carrier; conveyer of the Almighty God. He lives in you; in every fibre of your being; every bone of your body and cell of your blood. That's why you don't have to be diseased. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
GLORIFIED BY HIS GLORY *PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME*. FRIDAY, APRIL 11TH, 2014. All the flocks of Kedar shall be...
prayer for you by pastor chris Oyakhilome 1:
WHY I LOVE Pastor CHRIS OYAKHILOME more every day 1)His desire to lead the WORLD to CHRIST JESUS
Just because you're facing the "Red Sea" and the enemy is bearing down on you doesn't mean God didn't send you-Pastor Chris…
Adventures of Super Heroes of the Bible - Elijah the Fiery... by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD at
Rhapsody of realities. What a book by pastor Chris and Anita oyakhilome. Get the book and get inspired. I love this book.
Your faith stops working when you thought it wasn't working. -Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD
Just woke up, about to listen to 'Striving For The Faith Of The Gospel' by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD. Best way to kick start one's day
Pastor Chris oyakhilome declare april the month of laughter by the spirit of God.Gen 21:6 and psalm 126
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Now playing Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - Call unto Salvation only at
oh my God.Pastor Chris Oyakhilome can move mountains with his preachings.
Never be weary of praying: Its a sacred moment of fellowship with the Father through the Spirit ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD
"You were born into God’s rest; therefore walk therein and refuse to struggle."-PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME
‘Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and I cannot disagree because our Bible is one’- PROPHET T.B JOSHUA
"Your favourite Priest or Pastor in your country? chris oyakhilome
There is no weapon in the world that can kill any man who has chosen not to die of any weapon. -Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD
You go to the doctor when your faith is broke -Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD
Judge not, so ye shalt not be judged Let GOD be the judge! "Pastor Chris Oyakhilome na FAKE pastor"
The past 8months was the most challenging in my Faith concerning my health. God's Mercy kept me. Thank you Baba GOD for keeping me to see today in good health. Special love to all my brothers and dearest Sister Rita Adams-Je who withheld not a dime to see that i stay alive. Great thanks to the few friends who knew what i was going through and stood in prayers. To the Pastor and all members of RCCG The Lord's Chapel, Onicha Ugbo, RCCG Believers Assembly, Abuja, Christ Embassy, Gbagada Lagos and St. Andrew Anglican Church, Onicha Ugbo, God answers your prayers. To my Fathers in the Lord in Pastor E A Adeboye, Pastor King Michael, Prophet T B Joshua, Pastor Michael Wealth, Pastor Ben and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, I know you were praying for me. God bless you all. The most Amazing of it all was that during that same period God gave me a new job and kept promoting me. Indeed, I am a wonder to my Generation. Finally to my Blessed, Osakwe Esther, for the love you displayed. That Special book on healing you brough ...
when will this end?. please read and comment... on this resport. It was recently gathered that the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and the Christ Embassy are currently locked in a dispute over a parcel of land located along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. And the two leaders of the churches, Pastor Enoch Adeboye and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome are stoking the crisis by their actions and inactions. According to findings, the two churches claim ownership of the land, spread across Oloke, Asese, Maba and Gideon Villages in Ogun State and have been unleashing torrent of criticism and employing mercenaries to tackle each other. It is so amazing that the men of God who so much believes in the teaching of Christ that ‘nothing we brought to the world and nothing shall we go with’ engaged in such a dirty fight over a mere parcel of land. Sources around the area told us that, in March, this year; there was a big fight between mercenaries of the two churches on the controversial land where some lost their lives ...
Welcome to Josh Dreey's Blog: Welcome to April! - from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Trymore Mazvinyika shared the following link: STUDY PREPARATORY CLASS FOR APRIL HELD ON THE 29TH DAY OF MARCH, 2014 WITH PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME PhD. It is an ongoing training program for all leaders in the ministry The word of God is always important. If you are not listening to the word of God, you'd be listening to something else. Thoug...
The reason we are in this world: 1.God has given us the opportunity to win others to Christ. 2.God has given us the opportunity to determine were we will be the here after. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
"The wisdom of men may take you some distance, but it takes the wisdom of God to go all the way." — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Phd)
The challenges we go through they are all springboards for our success. In fact, if you are not going through tough situations, how do you develop the stamina needed for exploits In life? Every man of exploits is a man who has a tender yet tough heart. My friend, you will have to learn to weather the storms, you must keep pushing and pushing, keep knocking and knocking and never give up. I ask you today: what are you pregnant with? Is it a business, is it rising to the zenith of your career, is it a vision to impact the world positively? Whatever it is: you must be willing to go through d pains of childbirth like a woman who's pregnant. The birth and growth of that vision, goal or plans will not come just with you folding your arms. My friend, I dare say it might not come easy. Do not seek the easy way. Get out of your comfort zones. Begin to think thoughts, take steps that will stretch you beyond your present state. Determine to do big things and big things only. My friend, stretch yourself. Think globa ...
An exceelent Sundy it was, was filled with insightful teachings from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd. My life will never be the same again, situatioms and self alike GLORY
"If you don't KNOW what YOU could have been or had, you'd ACCEPT what you see as the best. REFUSE to be IGNORANT." Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (God's General)
HOW RELEVANT IS JESUS TO YOU BY PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME :This message will teach you how to overcome challenges in life. Listen and be blessed...
ZiiTsunami ke ezi; Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua ''TB Joshua''(on top). Apostle Prophet Andile Myemane(on your left). And Pastor Chris Oyakhilome(on your right)
RHAPSODY OF REALITIES TUESDAY, MARCH 25TH PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME BE ACTIVE IN A LOCAL ASSEMBLY The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame. Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest; yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul. (Proverbs 29:15 , 17) While growing up, your parents might have taught you certain values to make you a decent and successful person. Some other kids who weren't taught the same probably ended up wild. That's how it works spiritually too; you have to be nurtured in the things of the spirit to become that man or woman God predestined you to be. That's what the local church is for, and that's why it's very important for every Christian to belong to, and function effectively, in a local Church. In Hebrews 10:25 the Lord expressed displeasure at those who don't take attending church services seriously, and warned others against imitating their ways: "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhortin ...
Bible Study Preparatory's a bible study forum with pastor chris oyakhilome
I am so excited. Bible study Preparatory class with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PHD
The aged ones talk about the past while the youths think about the future. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome |
Before you log out. For Every person Who will. Join this Pastor's Page Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - Christ Embassy...
Tis another global classroom this afternoon with our highly esteemed man of God, pastor Chris Oyakhilome (phd). I m so expectant
Listening to SERVING GOD RIGHTLY by PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME, PHD... . Pastor Chris: worth hearing
Saints be conscious of who you are in Christ Jesus. . Gods own Commander in Chief Pastor Chris Oyakhilome . is...
[YNaija] “A woman is allowed to abort a child conceived by rape” says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Rhapsody of Realities Daily Devotional. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome . Theme: You can know God by revelation. . Date:...
"True humility is submission to the Lordship of the Word of God"-Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Stick with the Word, you would come back with a testimony- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will not be ignored like that. Our president lacks Charisma.
"Its AMAZING how men of the FLESH always want to TELL the SPIRIT what to do". Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Prophet T.B Joshua to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Abortion after rape is double sin
WHAT VALUE DO YOUR WORDS HAVE? Words are thoughts clothed with vocabulary. Thoughts are the specific, descriptive imaginations of the mind, which are from the information received through the senses. The Bible says in James 3:5 (The Message Translation), “A word out of your mouth may seem of no account, but it can accomplish nearly anything-or destroy it! It only takes a spark, remember, to set off a forest fire”. Statistics say that the average number of words spoken per day by a person is 16,000. But how many of these words spoken are valuable? What value do your words have? Share your thoughts now - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Prophet TB Joshua clash on abortion :: NewsBite
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said a baby that is a productof rape can be abortedbut pastor T.B Joshua doesn't agree with him. Hesays committing an abortion when raped is a doublesin. Which of these pastors do you agree with?
Prophet TB Joshua contradicts Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on Abortion and M*sturbation.
THE THREE RICHEST CHURCHES IN NIGERIA They pastor huge congregations and wield enormous influence in political and economic circles. In effect, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor Enoch Adeboye are men of means as much as they are men of God. He looks like a matinee idol, dresses like a CEO and speaks with the diction of an airport announcer. And in the estimation of his numerous followers, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome preaches with power and is capable of providing deliverance from all human afflictions. Since hitting the limelight in the 1990s, the tele-genic Oyakhilome, founder of Christ Embassy, a Pentecostal ministry headquartered in Lagos, has become the face of celebrity Christianity in Nigeria. Simply put, Oyakhilome is glamour and gospel rolled into one. He moves around Lagos in a long convoy of posh automobiles, sirens blaring and shielded by a slew of security men. He also has an intriguing persona. On his birthday, his followers place congratulatory adverts in major newspapers, ...
**RHAPSODY OF REALITIES** TUESDAY, MARCH 4TH PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME YOU CAN WIN ALWAYS Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place. (2 Corinthians 2:14) One Bible character that inspires me greatly is King David; there's so much about him in Scriptures that's so inspiring. He was a very successful king, who never lost a battle. The only time Israel ever lost a battle in David's day was when he didn't go. How could a man be so successful? It shows us the kind of mindset that he had. Think like that: you're ordained of God to win always and never lose. There're people who are used to winning and losing. They say, "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose; sometimes you're healthy, and sometimes you're sick." For them, life is full of ups and downs, but that's not the way it should be. You can, and should, always win. That's the life of the man in Christ—a life of glory, excellence, and constant victories. Jesus wa ...
Daily Faith Proclamations with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome 4th March 2014 My body is not sustained by blood, but by the vitalizing power of the Holy Spirit in me. I declare that the Holy Spirit is at work in me; therefore, my body is daily renewed! I dwell continually in health through the working of His mighty power in me. Hallelujah!
The Bible simply put ‘Thou Shall Not Commit Murder’ but it’s never stated that not when the person is being raped, on this ground, the clergyman, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, General Overseer of Christ Embassy, has culled his point.Last Sunday communion service held at the headquarters of the church in
Can a baby that is a product of rape be aborted? Pastor Oyakhilome answers the question: Pastor Chris seems to...
"A woman can abort a baby who is a product of rape." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. I agree. Plus other scenarios too as well.
all these bloggers stay misinterpreting Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
All the beautiful and wonderful blessings and promises God has given you in His Word won’t do you any good if you don’t know about them and know what to do with them. To win always in life, you need the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord. Through this knowledge, you multiply grace and peace in your life. “Peace” here means “power over crisis.” Meaning that, in the midst of the storms and troubles of life, you’ll always win. Glory to God!-Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
When God Visits You (Books). In this riveting book, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome shares from the lives of Bible characters on how you can position yourself for a visitation from God and experience that change you've long desired.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, founding President of Believers' LoveWorld Incorporated also known as Christ Embassy,answered a question concerning abortion, in a question and answer segment of the Church's Communion Service, yesterday. Pastor Chris answered question using the David and Bethsheba case in t...
[YNaija] ‘Women are allowed to abort children conceived through rape,’ says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome / what's ur take on dis.
"March is the month of Placement,God is getting you to where you're suppose to be"chris oyakhilome
What is pastor Chris teaching on aborting a child that is a consequence of rape... please help me.. ask4eddie
Communion service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome . 2nd March 2014. Questions and answer segment. Can a baby that is...
March 2014 is our month of placement. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome @ the global monthly communion service.
MARCH 2014 Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, March is a month of placement, placement is assigning someone to a suitable place where there are supposed to be. And in this month God Will surely visit you
This is the set time...march,my month of PLACEMENT..thank U̶̲̥̅̊ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Communion service live with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: It is my month of Placement! The Lord is re-assigning me to a better place.
Log on to view the Global communion service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
On going is the Believers LoveWorld Inc., March Global Communion service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
We a streaming Christ Embassy Church Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on THE GLOBAL CLASSROOM live from Nigeria. Send your...
Don't miss the communion service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome live at the The God-Life Church
Communion service,with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome...the moment of Blessing and impartation is here again...LIVE
‘Your emotions respond to your thoughts.' - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
hello guys; it's March 2014 and it is the year of greatness. Welcome into the month of your greatness.God is going to magnify you in all that you do this month and increase your labour of love. Enjoy your month of March 2014 as well. Remember to attend tomorrow's prayer and fasting communion service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in any Christ Embassy Church around you. God bless you.
Am full of the Holy Ghost and Power and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome phd is my man of God
!!!"I LOVE that man “Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's teachings are deep ♥”"
*i just dey look you* Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's teachings are deep ♥
Ever listened to pastor Bill Winston and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's teachings?yohh.The wisdom Lord..Can only be God.So inspired
If your knees will bend in prayer, you'll see the glory of God - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
RHAPSODY OF REALITIES TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME HE'S NOT A DOVE! And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him. (Matthew 3:16) A lack of proper understanding of the verse above has led many Christians to symbolize or represent the Holy Spirit with a dove. However, neither this scripture nor any other likens or typifies the Holy Spirit as a dove; He's not a dove. Acts 17:30 says "And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent." The construction in our opening verse isn't describing the shape of the Holy Spirit when it says He descended like a dove on Jesus. Rather, it describes the manner of descent: He descended the way a dove would, not that He descended in the shape of a dove. I'm aware of those who have the Holy Spirit symbolized by a dove in their church or ministry logo. While not trying to ...
Daily Faith Proclamations with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome 24th February 2014 My heart is strengthened to love and touch the lives of those around me today with the power of God's Spirit, as I express the compassion and love of Christ that's in my heart by the Holy Ghost, in Jesus' name. Amen.
A big thanks to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD.You are a Father,a true Friend and a companion.thanks so. Much.we love you
I'm a product of many meetings with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. I thank God for raising a man like Pastor Chris in our generation. Thank You Jesus!!!
Please let someone answer me, is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome a kinda mini god cos I don't understand wen he is Bn praised on TV rather than people give thanks 2 God. 2) When u ask people who attend CE how a prog was dey end up sayn Pastor Chris was great, they even make references 2 wat he said about d bible rada dan wat d bible says. I don't av anyfin against him o, I am just askn.
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You can be rich as Driver! There is fortune in every field. I have seen drivers who are multi-millionaires. How much do you think a driver to President Jonathan is worth? Hm Many people would almost immediately disregard you, the moment you tell them that you work as a driver, especially in Nigeria. But it’s a whole different ball game, with the driver of silver tongued, stylish man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, pastor of Believers Love World (BLW). a.k.a Christ Embassy. His name is Sunshine Samuel Imumholen, apparently hails from the same town with his boss, he is in his late 30’s, and doesn’t have a degree yet, scooped that he is under immense pressure from his boss to acquire a degree by all means. So he has enrolled in one of the universities in Lagos state. He lives in a lavish apartment in Magodo G.R.A, where he has fleet of exotic cars. We learnt that he spent well over 20 million naira for his wedding, on the 22nd of March 2013, in Lagos and Aba. He bought a red Rav 4 Jeep for his wife .. ...
"When you release anger and frustration, it is a manifestation of deformity within you." ~Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
PRC 2014 with PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME Rev Tom Amenkhienan Opening night Success and greatness are achieved through consistency. Joshua 3:1-7; Isaiah 60:1-3; We are not making any effort for greatness, it is my spirit. All ninjutsu need to do is act in consistency with my nature. Any great thing that I want to do is achievable. The word of God comes to us with increased ability. Colossians 1:26-29; Day 2 18th February 2014 Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Never seize to remind yourself that the day is coming when we will sit before the judgement seat of christ, whatever you did will be there before you. Also remind yourself that this world is not the end, we are doing this for a greater purpose. If you understand this, it will guide you in the things that you do, the life that you live! Starting early helps you organize yourself for success. Success is not an accident, it must be prepared for. You can't wait for the good things to fall on you, you have to prepare for your success. Romans 10:17-18; 13-6; Romans 1:18 ...
The Presence of God comes right where there's a thirst and hunger for change according to the Word; right at door of your heart.PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME
Christians are not those who don't do wrong; rather, they're those whose wrongs have been charged to the account of Jesus. ~Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
RHAPSODY OF REALITIES WITH PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME* DATE● ● ● MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2014* TOPIC● ● ● ...SPEAK LIFE! Scriptural Ref: (Proverbs 18:21) Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof (Proverbs 18:21). Genesis 1 shows us how God spoke the Word in recreating and restoring order to the earth after it became a dark chaotic mass. He showed us an important example to follow. When Jesus walked the streets in Bible days, He did exactly the same thing; He lived as the Word, by the Word, and in the Word. Everything He did was by the spoken word. When He commanded deaf ears to be opened, it was with words. When He needed to open blind eyes, He said to the blind, “Receive your sight.” In restoring maimed limbs, He calmly said, “Be made whole!” Even to the dead, he authoritatively ordered “Arise!” An example was Lazarus, who was raised from the dead by Jesus Christ four days after he (Lazarus) died and was buried. When Jesus arrived ...
It takes faith not to wish evil for those who hate, mistreat and misjudge u. By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
"Healing from Heaven" a spiritual book by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is available. Please inbox if interested. Osamangokonda Forensic Audit Report zamziko zopanda phindu. Let me see ur comments here as well
Jos 3:7 (AMP) 7 God said to Chukwuemeka, "This very day I will begin to make you great in the eyes of all the world. They'll see for themselves that I'm with you in the same way that I was with Moses, David, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
But Pastor Chris Oyakhilome get correct groove and sweg sha...his funneh ehn!
DO YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE THREE THINGS YOU MUST DO IN ORDER TO SHIFT CIRCUMSTANCES IN YOUR FAVOR? 1. Your heart must be in line with the word of God. 2. Your mind must be in line with your heart on the WORD . 3. Your speech must alter the sound code (which is the Rhema word of God, the word for the now, the active word of God) for your life. ...PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME Ph.D.
I'm watching Pastor Chris Oyakhilome-The Audacity of Faith(Dvd),it's worth hearing.if u dont have 1 jst get 1.
What Happens to One's Soul and Spirit When He Dies by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome D ... -
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is OnAir.. Download the app from Goole Play and listen… its FREE
Problems arise and gravitate towards their solutions so GOD gave you the seed of the solution the problem will look for you so the problem that look for you are bread for you (pastor chris oyakhilome)
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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has someone who's paid to clean his shoe and align his trousers with his shoes whenever he steps out of a car
Religion!!! The greatest killer of our time. Thank God for deliverance by being unveiled to the truth by the Message of a World Changer by the Word of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, PhD. How some sect just believe that except we get born again through their message, else we are all SERPENT SEED. How terrible this so called END TIME MESSENGERS misunderstood the Messengers... God is in the business of saving lives, yet somebody says they are all FOOLISH VIRGINS. It has been believed by these sect that THE GRACE AGE WILL ELAPSE IN 2004 and rapture will take place in few years time, but they have predicted wrongly, yet with followers still... HE IS JESUS CHRIST, THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER... He said that His message must go round to the ends of the world, before the end comes... What efforts have you END TIME SERPENT SEED PREACHERS DOING TO ENSURE THIS IS DONE??? Are you aware that OUR MESSENGER ANGEL, RHAPSODY OF REALITIES IS IN 203 LANGUAGES AND STILL COUNTING??? IT HAS GOTTEN TO ALL KNOWN TERRITO ...
What is Wrong With This Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Photo? - I’ve been seeing this picture all...
What a night with my Man of God Chris Oyakhilome PhD. 2014. *dancing*
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Hires Israeli Bodyguards Do you blame him, clerics are killed in broad daylight
Thank God for my Pastor,mentor and life coach,Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. God bless and strengthen you sir.
A christian is not the redeemed..he's a new creation with no past. Redemption gave birth to him-Pastor chris oyakhilome.
Don't start your day without a daily dose of # RHAPSODY OF REALITIES daily Devotional from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome,
Pastor chris oyakhilome and T.B joshua are fake that's why both of them are friends--DR. PAUL ENENCHE
The evil TSUMANEE spirit that operates in pastor chris oyakhilome is actually stronger that the anti christ.--DR PAUL ENENCHE
Pastor chris oyakhilome and pastor T.B joshua are all secret agents of the devil-DR. PAUL ENENCHE.
Every Christian should be a financier of the Gospel - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
"The old man was saved by the death of Christ, and the new was born by the resurrection." Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Please repent! God does NOT want you in *** neither do I. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, my friend, please repent TODAY.
its past 1am,while many are sleeping,listening to effective prayer by pastor Chris Oyakhilome.Will PRAY...
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Message from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome coming to you. This word will change your life forever
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome"Who is the best Dressed person you Know?
robbery is the greatest confession of poverty-Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Now playing Quick Charge by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - Year of Greatness only at
Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PH.D.
Weekend with the man of GOD Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (JP) was wahooo.Am still feeling so good,because i have got 2 know some great secret about life.This man of God is just more than words.
My miracle' s re rolling in just like that oh, fianance convention is really a bomb with , pastor Chris Oyakhilome,Glory To God
When your spiritual father is as loaded as mine(Pastor Chris Oyakhilome) then your can only go upward ever
RHAPSODY OF REALITIES MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME SEE THE REALITY BEYOND THE SHADOWS Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1) Faith is the ability to see and walk in reality that's unknown to the senses. Faith sees the reality beyond shadows. By faith, you see with your spirit through the Word of God and declare, irrespective of staggering opposition, "I'm what God says I am; I have what He says I have, and I can do what He says I can do!" This is how Abraham became the possessor of the whole earth. When the Lord said to him, "...Lift up now thine eyes, and look from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward: For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed for ever" (Genesis 13:14-15), he knew the Lord wasn't talking about physical lands. By faith, he saw the whole world with his spiritual eyes, and he believed: "For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it ...
FINANCE CONVENTION GRAND FINALE WITH PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME PhD, Day 5 Not only have we been learning the word of God and being filled with Gods wisdom, we are also being filled with impactation. The message brings something to you that makes you what it talks about. You become what it talks about, don't miss meetings, they're times of change and transition to higher level. We've been dealing with a lot of beautiful things. I hope you've got time to review them. Let's look at another aspect. The power of the Prophet's word. God deals with men through men. I'm teaching you now not as someone that knows the word through years of learning. I'm anointed to do what I'm doing now beyond myself. I'm ministering to you as a man of God. It's not from my head. I'm bring to you Gods message. When it come to financial prosperity, when ever God wants to multiply the wealth of a man or nation, He sends a man of God. To bring salvation, God brings men to save them, in saving the whole world, He sent Jesus as a man. Tak ...
When you believe in GOD,Believe in MIRACLE, To believe in GOD & not believe in MIRACLES is terrible contradiction. By PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME
FINANCE CONVENTION DAY 4 WITH PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME PHD ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES BECAUSE I BELEVE IN GOD Romans 1:16 The gospel is for you to believe it. If you don't believe, it will not work for you.The word of God must be believed and acted...
FINANCE CONVENTION WITH PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME PhD DAY 1 - 12 FEBRUARY 2014 We have prayer meetings, healing meetings, preparation meetings, out reach meetings, many different kind of meetings. One of them is the Finance Meeting, it's different. When you come for prayer meeting what do you expect? You expect answers. If you go for healing service, you expect healing. In out reach, you expect souls to be won. A lot of times people don't really know what to expect because they don't know. They are not ready, their faith is not ready many times because they never know that such things happen. For example, if you go to church for a first time if you focus on music, the music will dominate you after church and you will talk none stop about it. Otherwise, some even focus on that they gave their offerings. In a Finance Convention people concentrate on how people came out to give. Its like saying I went for a prayer meeting and oh we really prayed meaning you focused on prayers.They go and pray pray, their atten ...
Live beyond your circumstances, live in the dreams of your future.CHRIS OYAKHILOME
Awesome 4 days for the Financial Convention by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy International! There was Miracle Money testimonies + Healing testimonies, flowing in the thousands of audience in the meeting, along with all churches connected around the world, watching it LIVE, yet receiving money miracles, including Mauritius!!
In the house of God anything is possible - Pastor Chris: finance convention 2014
Thank u lord 4 a 5dayz succesful finance convention with my Man of GOD pastor chris oyakhilome phd I am lifted by d spirit
Daily Faith Proclamations with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome 17th February 2014 I pray for God's people all around the world today, that they might be filled with the knowledge of God's will, in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God, in Jesus ' name. Amen
Prosperity is not about how many houses you have nor monies. Its an ability. Ability to do all you want to do anytime - Pastor Chris oyakhilome (PhD). Prosperity Convention Benin 2014
Twenty-one gun salute to My Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd for giving lives a meaning. You don't only preach the word, you do it. Thanks a million for the car gift U gave to bro Victor during finance convention 2014. I Love U MEGA.
FINANCE CONVENTION DAY 5 PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. TOPIC: The Power of The Prophets Words. Text: Whenever God wants to increase d wealth/ finance of a nation/individual, He sent/sends a man/prophet into their lives & that prophet produces the sound code that causes the change. Amos 3:7 Matt 13: 11 Hosea 12: 13 2Chroncles 20: 12-25 The moment of crisis will come to u & when it strikes, u should be prepared to face it with d word of God cos if u don't know what to do, u'll flutter. If u want prosperity, u should believe God's prophet. The battle is not mine to fight. Jeremiah 33: 6-9 God doesn't only bring health & cure but prosperity also. Psalm 105:37-41 U can actually get to a point in life where u can talk to anything but u have to believe these principles before they can work 4 u. U must recognize how God wants u to live. Prosperity is d ability to do what u want to do & still be unlimited. Money in reality doesn't exist, it only exist in d mind of d poor. Its all d manipulation of figures. Phillipians ...
FINANCE CONVENTION 2014 WITH PASTOR CHRIS. OYAKHILOME:. DAY 1. This is a very special program especially in our. year...
I thought it was my imagination in one of mornings last year when I saw pastor Chris Oyakhilome wearing a long whitish gold gown
Wisdom is the key. Get wisdom and own the world _Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Anything you can believe, you can receive (Pastor Chris Oyakhilome).
'Prosperity is the ability to function without limits' - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Prosperity isn't hw many houses/cars u hav,bt d ability 2 do wat u want 2do and be unlimited-pastor chris Oyakhilome
The Anointing of God is the most important thing in the life of a christian -Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
The key to receiving from God is believing on his word- pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
FINANCE CONVENTION with PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME -Phd. 15th February 2014 Day 4. Anything is possible, it's not a...
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Worship In The New Testament. • Sunday, February 16th •. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. But the hour cometh, and now is,...
FINANCE CONVENTION DAY 3 FEB 14 2014 . BY PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. -All you need is the knowledge of God’s word...
Learn to be joyful at all times. Once the Devil takes your Joy, he'll ruin your life. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
Don't brag about canal things, rather brag about Christ that is Living in you. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
Church was awesome tonight,Finance convention with pastor Chris oyakhilome Ph.D via live streaming from ikeja
Just had a wonderful time with my mentor and pastor of all time, Thank you Lord for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd, love you . papa
"The Glory of God is in the Word of God that works in you." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
"When any man understands a mystery and apply it, he brings an end to misery." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
FINANCE CONVENTION. 14th February 2014. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome . Man fears what he has no knowledge of, once he...
Look forward to today's finance convention, yesterday was awesome and great.. by our Mog Pastor chris oyakhilome Phd..
Finance convention Day 3 with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. When we don't know how to apply our faith,we become...
Finance convention day wine with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DAY 1. What you should focus your mind on during a...
At the Finance Convention with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Day 3. Read the Scripture on the screen and act on the Word
Finance convention with pastor Chris Oyakhilome,what an awesome experience
The God of Pastor Chris oyakhilome the C.E.O. of loveworld is my God. Like if u support me!!
DAY 2 Finance Convention February 13th, 2014 with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - Do you realise that we are in…...
Oh I thank the Lord that I know Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in this time!thank you Lord
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has mathematically. proven that the smallest particle of any element is. not an atom!
Until the word of faith is both in your mouth and heart, it will not produce your desired result... Pastor Chris Oyakhilome @ the ongoing higher life conference in Benin City, Nigeria
So many miracles at the camp ground! Our eyes opened to new revelations of God's word... Higher Life conference with our man of God; Pastor Chris Oyakhilome... Today was an explode! Watch out 4 transformation of lives tomorrow! Whao! Glory!
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome dishing out the word like never before at Higher Life Conference Benin. It is indeed our year of GREATNESS..GLORY
Healing and miracles heaped over and over again... HIGHER LIFE CONFERENCE with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome day 2 just got bigger and better... testimonies upon testimonies... i've got mine too... glory to God!!!
It will be all over 2moro life conference with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
An ultra-modern hostel built (donated) by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for Ambrose Alli University (AAU) Ekpoma was launched by Governor Oshiomhole on few days ago. Though Oyakhilome attended AAU, I think this is the best thing the flamboyant Christian minister has done in a long while, aside the 'Reach-Out Nigeria' Programme. Is it not heartwarming that Oyakhilome could do this while some politicians, who are clearly riding the glorious tide of the people's commonwealth in Edo State, are thinking more of raising fees at AAU or "moving" campuses to their own village? Anyhow, I still believe the competition for private jets acquisition and pervasive materialism among clergymen especially in Nigeria or Africa is "un-Jesuslike" and nuChristian. The view that the poor cannot be exploited by the "now rich" is sheer folly and unbiblical.
I was moved today watching Pastor Chris Oyakhilome donate an ultra modern 650 capacity hall to Ambrose Ali...
Kudos to my Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on his donation of an auditorium to Ambrose Alli University.
Oyakhilome donates 650 capacity hostel to Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma The General Overseer of the Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has donated a 650 capacity hostel to the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. The cleric said that he made the donation to improve the standard of living for students on the campus. He announced that he would donate solar powered lamps to all students resident in the hostels of the University. He called on the private sector to work with the government to improve the condition of schools. Responding, Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole commended Oyakhilome for hia investment. Oyakhilome was a student of the school.
Thank God for and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for how God has used him to make me understand the
India will not remain the same again. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD.on stage.
Pastor chris oyakhilome and anitha oyakhilome
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Starting my Saturday with an infomercial for "Atmosphere for Miracles with Chris Oyakhilome", a pastor who "heals" people in arena churches.
You are not wise untill phronesis works in. you - Pastor .
The "Breaking Of Bread" And Prayer. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. And when he had given thanks, he brake…
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for the first time will be a guest minister together with Pastor Benny Hinn at Indian Prayer Conference.
Video : Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ministering at the Christian Prayer Conference in India: We just got a video o...
Congrats Sis. This is the Morning of your life “Still speechless! Pastor Chris Oyakhilome gave me a brand new kia Cerato 2013”
EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Benny Hinn Prayer Conference in India. India will never remain...
PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME has arrived. What a loud applause for a Man of GOD from audience.!
Yesterday at Christian Prayer Conference 2014 was beautiful. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will begin ministering...
And Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is ministering in less than 5 hours. INDIA!!
When it comes to ''faith'' everyone can be a success. PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME PhD.
Pastor CHRIS OYAKHILOME from Nigeria has top the top10 list of richiest preachers in the world with a about estimated of the Christ Embassy R514 Milllion, person should consider opening a church Mm
A call to PRAYER Brethren I humbly beseech you all to join us pray into the 2014 Prayer Conference being held in india. Pastor Benny Hinn, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor Varugese and Pastor Dhinakaran will be ministering. There have been some riots so far as some persons in the authorities want to thwart the meeting as they claim Pastor Benny Hinn led so many indians to Christ in 2005. Brethren let us pray from now till 19th January, that the Almighty God sees the program through and win so many unbelievers to Himself through the Men of God. We pray for peace through out also. Honey be a part of this prayer conference in india by praying into it. Notice: India is home to 1.2 billion people comprising hindus (80.5%), muslims (13.5%) and Christians (2.3%). There is a cause to pray into this program. God bless you all.
Now I understand why Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is 20yrs ahead of his generation.
Order Miche Bag Online!
"Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Faith always activates his power, but fear invites the devil in." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
its aMazing! Still speechless! Pastor Chris OyakhiloMe gave me a brand new car last nite! kia Cerato 2013! Pls rejoice with me!
False Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy has exposed a plot by the Almighty God and his angels to put ...
Your Response To The Word. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. … for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor…
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome & Pastor Benny Himn will be in India from 15 Jan. 2014 for an explosive crusade. It will be a time to bring God's Presence to the people of India and to dish out God's Word with Power.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn will be making history in India! Let's pray for the deluge of the Spirit!
Wow! Just 25days to go! My Father, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Coming to Benin City, Edo State. 6-8 of February; Higher Life Conference.I just can't wait!
Have u heard, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be Live in Benin 7th to 9th Feb 2014. Higher Life confernce. Dnt try to Miss this. Its a higher and greater Life this 2014
the seven spirits of God by pastor Chris Oyakhilome. frnds#
Listened to my first ever Pastor Chris Oyakhilome message today. Hian! The man sabi o. Very simple but deep and he can explain well.
watch this exciting video of pastor chris oyakhilome dancing and singing on stage t the glory of God. enjoy veiwing. http:...
Classic Teachings from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: - *Three Kinds of WISDOM *Three Kinds of Knowledge *Excellence *Faith (audicity of faith, two kinds of faith, faith proclamations)
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - PhD shared the following link and had this to say about it: As I was praying this morning, I saw the fire of God burning so strongly and powerfully in front of me, I asked God why this is so and He said this same fire would go ahead of you and burn down every evil and negative plan of the enemy for you, your family, church and business this year, He now said look back and behold t...
Pastor Chris oyakhilome will be praying for you and your family, read how to participate |...
HIGHER LIFE CONFERENCE BENIN witn Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD HOLDS FROM 7th - 9th FEBRUARY 2014. Will you be there? It's a time for change and promotion for us in Benin and all that will attend.Healings and miracles will be abundant for all.See you there!
waaooo PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME will be in Benin City next month
Welcome to Linda Ikeji's Blog: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Inspires 2 and a half year old Contina. Y'all must watch this!
worrying sets up a magnetic force that attracts to you those negative possibilities and makes them possible. [Pastor Chris Oyakhilome]
“God will magnify you greatly in 2014” – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I like the way Pastor Chris Oyakhilome illuminate the scripture. That Man of God is a Good Teacher, for your own spiritual sake, listen to him, if u say ur full, ur deceiving yo self coz u will always learn something new.
Healing School 2014 with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome b ready 2rcv miracles n b healed by da power of da Holy Ghost. Register now space is limited 1st session start 21st febr. God bless you
"Every child is your child." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD The InnerCity Mission is a ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Christ Embassy to children living in the "inner cities" of our world, to give them a hope and a future. It is a faith-based Non-Governmental Organization [NGO], dedicated to breaking the cycle of Child Poverty by giving deprived, excluded and vulnerable children access to information, food, clean water, sanitation facilities, healthcare services, shelter and formal education. From inception, the InnerCity Mission through a network of missionaries, volunteers, and partners has provided food, clothing, medicine, education and accommodation to hundreds of children who live in especially difficult circumstances in several cities across Nigeria and in several other locations in Africa.
Higher Life Conference Benin City with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a reality. February 7th to 9th 2014. WOW! There's glory in the house. Say Amen!
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be praying for all the families today by 5pm to be a part of it. Send your Name and that of your family members to prayerGod bless you as tap into this anointing service.
Personal wealth report: 1. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Pastor Chris)-US$50m 2. Benny Hinn-US$50m 3. Pastor Joshua-US$10m We can't ignore the fact that there's big money in church. Whether that should be owned by any specific persons bank account as opposed to it being used for church activities, that is a question for another day
First Sunday of the Year of Chris Oyakhilome will be praying for families today. send the names of your family and love ones to: prayeryour email.
Today,Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be praying for those that send their names and those of their friends & loved ones to prayeryou!
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - PhD wrote: Please do not scroll down if you lack faith because what you are about to see will surprise you! : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Beloved , please I said do not scroll down if you don't have faith : : ; : : : : : ; : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Wow!!! you are still here scrolling. . . . . . . . , . . . . . . .
'In this year, speak in tongues more than before.' Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. 'I thank my God that I speak in tongues more than you all...I have laboured more than them all [apostles], yet not I but the grace of God in me.' Apostle Paul. 'He that speaks in tongues edifies himself. He is not speaking to men but to God. No one understands him. He utters mysteries with his spirit.' See 1 Corinthians 14:2-5. In this post, I speak to believers. As you pray with your spirit, you are exercising your faith. It takes faith to pray for hours, or all day long in tongues. Common questions we hear are, 'how are you sure that you are even demonstrating the real thing? Are you sure it's not empty speaking? Are you sure your needs are covered in all that praying?' Sometimes, this question comes up in own our minds. For when a man prays with his spirit his mind is unproductive. 1 Corinth 14:14. The mind does not like to be in such a state. But don't worry. Your inner man, the real you, is being built up. Speaking with to yo ...
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome wants to give each and every one of you a special package by praying for you and your family. What you need do is to send the names to prayerOffer ends on Sunday. Dont miss it for anything.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - PhD wrote: A boy said to his father: "I saw a girl and I want to marry her. She is so beautiful and she has gorgeous eyes. The father answered his son: of course son, let’s ask for her hand in marriage." When the father saw the girl, he admired her beauty and he told his son: "You don’t deserve this girl, she needs someone who has experience in life and she can depend on, s...
Prophecy from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: While fasting and praying today. The Lord said to me 2014 shall be full of surprises. My children shall make tremendous impact around the world. For I am the light of their rising. My Glory is risen upon them. They shall speak forth and see it come to pass. They shall dominate territories and lands. In every opposition they shall see victory. Says the Lord. The Spirit of God is saying: See, take my word as I have said and walk in it and you will see my glory. You thought you have seen impact? For the results of 7 years I have packed into one!
Send the Names of your family members to this email address prayerfor Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to pray for them.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - PhD GOD said to you reading this right now, before the end of this 1st Week of 2014, I will give you a testimony of a Life time. If you believe, Let your 'Amen' work for you
Find me at LIBERATION STADIUM. New year eve service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. ARE U READY?
2014 loading . Come be a part of a life Changing service at the liberation stadium port Harcourt Nigeria with d lord. Christ Embassy invites you for this epic service as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome unveils God's word for 2014. See you there.
Be my guest @ New Year Eve wt Pastor Chris Oyakhilome @ Liberation Stadium PHC or view it live on television
Higher life conference with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome... Live in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.. On 6th - 8th of February 2014... I'll keep you posted...
"People that sleep during church service tend to have a brighter future than those who doesn't" - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - PhD Illuminati top spiritualist [pictured] claims they control the world by dominating the "government, music, movie, internet and the finance sector". Do you agree to this? Now, let's show them that we are controlled by God Almighty. In 2 seconds, Type 'I am for God' and Share this post. Do not ignore this post, let's join hands together and show them that God rules. "I AM FOR GOD"
The Gain Of Temperance. Sunday, December 29th. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. He that hath no rule over his own spirit is...
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome wrote. The word of faith is in my heart and my mouth,and it prevails as I speak it forth.My life is the testimony of God's grace and a harvest of blessings because I walk by faith in his word.I'm more than a conqueror,and my faith is the victory that overcomes the world
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - PhD I decree and declare a new level of success, promotion, and prosperity over your work, your business, your finances, your relationship and family. Your heavens will be open and hindrances shall give way. You shall excel in all good things, at all times, with all people, and under every circumstance. In whatever you do, situations will bow down before you; systems, ordinances, institutions, policies and legislature will adjust for you to have your desired breakthroughs. Go forth and possess your possessions in Jesus mighty name I Pray.. Claim this prayer by typing 'Amen' » If you are NOT My Fan yet, •Join MY PAGE Here » Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Pastor Chris Oyakhilome » And Also RECEIVE the Blessings In This Prayer
"When the SPIRIT takes over your soul - you'll be changed, His glory will be revealed." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
The Word of God has the ability to build you in all areas of life. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"God's word became flesh and dwelt among us - that's Christmas." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
The 7 attributes of Grace are at work in me. Increase in Grace (Pastor Chris Oyakhilome) via TwitPal iPhone
"Christmas is all about me, because Christ came for my sake." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
Life on Earth is a shadow,be Heaven cautious-Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
"Don't localize yourself, get Bigger on the inside.." chris Oyakhilome
"Make up your mind to change your World" Pastor Chris Oyakhilome...
He Laid Down His Life For You. Wednesday, December 25th. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Greater love hath no man than...
At 12midnight today, I sang with our man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Hallelujah!
"God's word became flesh to dwell among us and today, it abides in us — that's Christmas!" ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD
Live at da Staff Christmas Carol/Party with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The party scene is gonna be HOT!!!
(NEWS) Pastor Chris Oyakhilome speaks God’s Word of Prophecy for 2014: The man of God who is credited to have ...
My two role models are aliko dangote and pastor chris oyakhilome...God bless them for making an impact in this world..
Meaning of christmas by pastor Chris Oyakhilome; C-Christ has come H-hope fulfilled R-righteousness,is ours I-inheritance,is bestowed S-salvation,is complete T-telling the untold M-ministry,we're ministers of reconcilliation A-acceptance,I've been accepted in the beloved S-sonship,now are we the sons of God
I love this topic. Nothing shall be impossible unto me. Vol 1 Part 2 - Understanding Righteousness (Pastor Chris Oyakhilome)
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - PhD wrote: *WITCHES AND DEMONS CAN NEVER KILL YOU *** My Name is Prince Anomah , please post this for me. Though many will see this and Ignore my Testimony, I still want to share it with the few who will take Me seriously. I am a prayerful young Evangelist. I Usually wake up to pray at night . I've had countless spiritual attacks at night after prayers but all failed becau...
Forgiveness is a marvellous tool for your own happiness. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Who will gimme ALL of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's messages? I'll pay.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said'Ur name defines determines ur's who and what u are'.if u don't like ur name,if ur name brings misfortune to u,u've got d right to change it to somethin suitable.Am so proud to be called Ugochi Confidence..*
– In your city you will so shine, in your nation you will so shine, every where you are, you will shine & it will be said of you that you are special. God bless you. Isn’t it wonder? We are blessed in the nations. May his grace rest upon you, may the beauty of the Lord shine upon you. May the glory of the Lord be manifested in your life all over the world. And in the mighty name of Jesus, This coming year is your year of Glory, your year of Success ,your year of beautification, it is your year of promotion because you will shine in this coming year.- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D 31st night 2006
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - PhD ***A MUST READ FOR ALL*** There was a day a man entered a bus.. Suddenly a mad man ran to the bus, pointed at the man and said MAD MAN COME DOWN Everybody was surprised and was laughing at the man, the mad man came again and pointed to this young man and shouted MAD MAN I SAID COME DOWN Again everybody started laughing at the mad man who is calling a normal young man a mad man. Now the bus was full with passengers and was about to kick off when again the 3rd time the mad man ran to the man and shouted MAD MANNN I SAID U SHOULD COME DOWN YOU DONT WANT TO HEAR HM. The man thought for a while and told the driver to stop that he wanna alight from the bus, and he alighted At last the bus went off, 20 mins later it was heard that the bus has gotten an accident and all the passengers died. Now I decree to all those who read this story and ready to type"Amen". whenever the enemy plans to take away your life, the LORD shall send His angel to inform you in JESUS name! Claim this prayer ...
I love my Prophet, my Pastor, my Mentor, my Father Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Just hearing his voice settles it...
Oyedepo has 4 jets, pastor chris oyakhilome has jets, E.A adeboye got a jet, & okotie gets a ride ya'all R complaining, ya'all die, ***
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - PhD ALL YOUR WASTED YEARS MUST BE CONVERTED TO MULTIPLE BLESSINGS THIS Coming Year 2014 in Jesus name!!! AMEN I decree a new beginning for you all! I see things turning positively in your favour in Jesus name. A new beginning is starting for you today in the name of Jesus!!! Write 'AMEN' to claim this prayer..
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - PhD wrote: If you are my fan, I Recommend you Join This Page »Yembos End of Year Blessings » Don't miss it
Pastor chris oyakhilome phd. . Don't be a victim. Google first. Has pending charges in South Africa.
Indulging on The Gates of Zion by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Phd!!! Ohhh what a book
Prosperity is the ability to help others prosper - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
**RHAPSODY OF REALITIES WITH PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME** **DATE** FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2013* **TOPIC** There’s More In God · Our Lord is great, with limitless strength; we’ll never comprehend what he knows and does (Psalm 147:5 MSG). Some Christians have reached the point where their lives have become boring and they’re wondering, "What more is there in God?" They’ve become so used to the worship and other activities in church; even God’s Word has become common to them; what a sad situation to be in! What they haven’t understood is that it’s not just about the activities that take place in church; it’s about the glory that comes out of those activities. When you understand what comes out from the Spirit, you’ll never be bored; you’d never ask, "What’s more?" People become tired or uninspired by the things of God because they’re carnally minded; just like the children of Israel that got fed up with the manna that was coming out of heaven, and started clamouring for meat! Walking with ...
Proud to have such role models lyk my mom and dad,pastor chris oyakhilome,pastor david feso,strive masiyewa,pastor joe agbaje,e.t.c..the list is long..they have all influence my life positively
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - PhD A successful day starts with a prayer.Now say these prayers with me... *I shall be great *I shall not die *I shall not be poor in life *I shall live wealthy and healthy *I shall lend to nations *I shall marry and bear fruits of the womb *I shall work and eat fruits of my labour *I shall achieve every goal that i have set... If you can believe God write a believing"AMEN" ...and watch it come to pass in your life.
C as I fresh lyk pastor chris oyakhilome.a man God used 2turn my lyf around 4d best nd not better
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - PhD There is a miracle with your name attached to it. Before December 31 this year, a miracle will happen in your life that will cause your neighbours to congratulate you, put your enemies to shame and glorify the name of God in Jesus' name. Somebody say AMEN and claim this prayer
Our connection with the LORD is not an ordinary connection. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
GREATER is HE that is in me, than he that is the world. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
O, boy my life will never be the same. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
My life is an upward and forward life. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
What God wants to give you is HIS WORD, HE will make you what HE talks about. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Look at me now, the next time you see me I'll be better than today. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
I am not the POOR trying to get RICH, but I am the RICH discovering what BELONGS to me. - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Powerful sermon by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome about Power in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.
From January 31st to February 2nd 2014, the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome...
“One thing is certain; if you stick to the word, you will come back with a testimony.” - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ♥
PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME PHD. Today,you will be remembered and you shall receive a call of FAVOUR that will make you laugh aloud,jump and shout Halellujah.Shout aloud Amen if you believe...
UPDATES: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome In South African Trouble! Pastor offered me R10 000 to sit in a wheelchair, stand up and walk Faith healer or fake healer: Pastor Chris | From architecture to saving souls Nigerian preacher and healer Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been accused by a member of his own church of staging miracle-healing sessions. Some of his followers have said that he has been hiring people to pretend to be sick and disabled and then “be healed” during his television shows and public prayer meetings. A man who did not want to be identified for security reasons said: “I was offered R10 000 to rehearse and pretend to be in a wheelchair three weeks before the all-night prayer called Night of Bliss at the Johannesburg Stadium.” Last weekend Pastor Oyakhilome hosted an all-night prayer at the stadium. The source told Sowetan that he started attending Christ Embassy Church in Randburg last year. He was recruited by one of the pastors and told he would be paid if he helped to draw crowds. ...
Lord thank so very much for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and My papa Pastor Choolwe I don't know were I would have been
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the owner of Believers Love World Fellowship which metamorphosed into Christ Embassy International Ministries. This Church has a regular membership of over 3 million in Nigeria alone and fans of over ten million people who belong to other denominations but see Pastor Chris
ZOE! "Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, created his own Social Network, Yookos. Com to preach the word of God."
Great men are made by words and recreate their world by their words. . Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - PhD Just 13 days left for this year to roll out. If you believe in the God for a prosperous, and Fulfilled 2014 where laughter & favour shall be your name, Put your name in the comment below with faith by Writing 'Amen'.. Just 13 days left God is going to shower His Blessings on the names in the comment. Don't Ignore this
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - PhDThis is your DECEMBER to REMEMBER. I seesomebody giving you an open cheque. Youwill receive a green alert in your bankaccount; your pocket will be loaded andyou will have more than enough tocelebrate this Christmas and much more left to give out. May favour pursue andovertake you this season in the name ofJesus Christ
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