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Pastor Chris Harris

Christopher Calvin Chris Harris (born 28 November 1982) in Truro, Cornwall, nicknamed Bomber, is a Great Britain international speedway rider for the Birmingham Brummies in the United Kingdom.

Sometimes God will allow you to experience favor at a discounted rate - Pastor Chris Harris
DAY SIXTEEN (of 21 Days) of Fasting & Prayer with Pastor Chris Harris, Sr. our
Set the pulpit out for Pastor Chris Harris, Sr. Plus a Mother of Zion of Dr. Mildred Harris and...
"will not only be saved, but will remain an open-enrollment high school. CPS heard us." . -Pastor Chris Harris, Bright Star Church
Pastor Chris Harris is speaking on behalf of the BAC Bronzville Action Council. Applauds the CPS engagement with the community
Pastor Chris Harris, Bronzeville CAC, says they've happen Dyett will remain open. Arts & tech are important. CPS has heard the community.
Pastor Chris Harris blessed me tonight -Glory to GOD
Meet me & Pastor Chris Harris at Hadiya's park 44th/Calumet @ 9am to pray for peace and encourage the uninvolved to get involved.
REMEMBER: If they weren't loyal to their "OLD FRIENDS" you're just their "NEWEST FOOL!" Pastor Chris Harris
It'll be worth it all ... After all ... Pastor Chris Harris ! 😩
Pastor Chris Harris said me and don't have to worry about college debt I couldn't help but cry 😩🙌
What is the law of manifestation: what we decree & declare is 1st having imagination declares Pastor Chris Harris.
Pastor Chris Harris . You are anointed to stay Happy!. Gods getting ready to Get Glory For your story
Come out and celebrate my pastor 49th birthday!! 7pm Pastor Chris Harris will be guest speaker!!
Pastor Chris Harris & N'Harmony IN CONCERT IN STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN! Watch this and get tickets now! .
BLOWN AWAY & POLITICALLY SPEAKING!! If House Majority Leader Eric Cantor can LOSE after spending $5 Million in a race to a "no named guy" who spent $100,000.ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! ;-) Pastor Chris Harris
I see my sons Matthew and DeShon in there, Pastor Zebadiah White you are there too,I see Dr. Lawrence Willis in there too,Pastor Chris Harris I see you too. Eld Joseph Berry Sr. had a role too. This photo doesn't include the men that we know, but they do exist. List some male role models that you know too. Let the world know that they do exist!!! Because it will be the real list.
It's 12:43 am, I can't sleep! Since Friday 52 people have been shot 9 have been killed in Chicago! "And the night is not over."This is the city of my birth, life and ministry. So you know I love Chicago and have a serious passion for youth. I think I'll just walk the streets the rest of the night and see who I can talk to and hopefully change their lives. 8 were shot tonight within walking distance of our church, east on 79th cuz somebody's got to do something ! Where are the righteous? Where are the concerned prophets? Or are we all safely tucked in our pulpits or in our beds? Jeremiah asks "is there no balm in GILEAD" I applaud the efforts of Father Michael Plegher, Pastor Corey Brooks , Pastor Ira Acree, Pastor Chris Harris and a few others who have made their involvement visibly especially here of late. But there are over 3000 churches in Chicago!! Please tell me what you're doing and what we can do together to end the violence. It's not officially summer yet the funeral homes have had their share of ...
This dude KILLED this performance at the White House and had POTUS & FLOTUS on their feet! A phenomenal talent... Joshua Ledet! Enjoy, Pastor Chris Harris, Sr., Chris Harris, JoJo Harris
DATE NIGHT For Pastor Chris Harris & JoJo Harris! I absolutely LOVE spending time with this sexy woman! Still celebrating her 43rd Birthday!
Oh behalf of Pastor and Lady Jacobs...Thank you to every person who played a role in making the celebration of the 7th Pastoral Anniversary a success. We'd like to thank the New Zion Temple church family, Pastor Seion Roberts, Pastor DeAndre Patterson, Pastor Eric Thomas, Pastor Chris Harris, Pastor Monte' Dillard, Apostle Sharon R. Robinson, Bishop William Hudson and your congregations for all your support. All NZT visitors and friends we love and appreciate you!
IT'S OFFICIAL AND I AM EXCITED! PLEASE SHARE THIS!! My long time friend & Award Winning Recording Artist, Pastor John P. Kee & New Life is coming to Chicago to be in a FULL FREE CONCERT for Pastor Chris Harris, Sr. & Bright Star Community Outreach, Inc. (BSCO) / Bright Star Church saying "STOP THE VIOLENCE AND OUR SILENCE!" NEXT TUESDAY, MAY 20th at 7:00pm to be held at the Life Center Church of God in Christ located 5500 S. Indiana Ave! All the hit songs you've always loved, he'll be singing! It's gonna be BANANAS! We are looking for 200 PASTORS to be there to pray for our youth! Who's Coming?
Bright Star Church & Bright Star Community Outreach, Inc. (BSCO) , Our community partner, University of Chicago Medicine, is celebrating their 12th Annual Day of Service and Reflection TODAY (May 10th)and Bright Star Church was selected as one of the sites chosen for their day of community service. University of Chicago staff & students will lend a helping hand to Bright Star 10am – 1pm as we clean, paint, restore the summer program’s garden, etc. for our beautiful church. I am asking every leader and member to take part in this day of service. We will provide light refreshments and tools to complete our tasks; bring additional tools if you so desire. Thanks, Pastor Chris Harris, Sr. Shari Addison, Annette Gamble Barnes, Jason Miller, Ronedy Ra Moore, Carl Hearne, Melton Brown, Atavia Venice Brown, Melanie Clark, Melanie L. Brown, Melton Brown, Gwendolyn Hicks, Sheree Hicks, Michelle Hicks, Tommy Hicks, Belinda Hicks, Chris Harris, Chrystal Harris, Ronnie Matthew Harris, Patricia Harris, Eleanor Mccra ...
Dear Donald Sterling: You judged Magic Johnson & the entire African-American Community based on the "Color Of Our Skin!" But the NBA & all of society (who are not bigots like you) have judged YOU based on the "Content Of Your Character!" PS: Now PLEASE get mad and get even with us by revealing ALL of your bigot friends "in your culture" who will wisely hide themselves as a result of your so-called penalty of $500+ Million at age 80 years old! I'm SURE that will be excruciatingly painful for a racist! NEXT ON OUR AGENDA: The "Other Donald" who shamefully defended you! Happy To See You BANNED and hoping Magic gets your team, Pastor Chris Harris, Sr.
Good Morning! Wishing you a productive day, Pastor Chris Harris
Dr. Jamal Bryant last night speaking for Pastor Chris Harris was truly off the chain, God moved in that place last night and the anointing was very powerful and strong. If you missed it, all I can say is wow!
When praises go up, blessings come down . Amazing gospel workshop w Pastor Chris Harris and Daniel Stenbaek
Pastor Chris Harris and Shari Addison just brought the house down with Can't Make It Without You .
Come join us tonight 7pm sharp help us celebrate one of the Greatest Pastors on this side of the Gates my Pastor Chris Harris today we kick off his 14th year Anniversary of Pastoral Service Bright Star Church 735 E.44th St Chicago IL 60653 you don't wanna miss it hope to see y'all there.
GloryZone New Zion Temple will with Pastor Chris Harris and Brightstar Cogic tonight... Hope to see y'all there !!!
QUESTION: Remember when you used to be so dependent on various folks, feared not having them, and hardly even feel their absence nor require/request their presence? That's God showing you, it was HIM helping you all this time. You just suffered from misappropriated faith! ;-) Praise GOD for everyone HE taught you that YOU CAN MAKE IT without! Pastor Chris Harris
"Water is good for skin, but His blood is good for sin!" Finish this line..."What can wash away my sins,_? Pastor Chris Harris
I am truly overwhelmed by all of the birthday love that I've received on today. Thank you for all of the warm wishes. I had a most wonderful day. The party started at "The Star" - service was off the chain today!!! Pastor Chris Harris, Sr. - you are the best. We are OVERCOMERS!!! Thank you to Don and Kathy Krause for being such gracious hosts. We had a blast. .
God has done MORE for me.than the devil has done to me!- Pastor Chris Harris
Can't wait to see these Powerful women Dora Sanders Hill and many others. Register today Pastor Chris Harris
So, MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL came to with Pastor Chris Harris & Bright Star today and enjoyed the service so much that he could not (wait) WOULD NOT leave. He got to the door, turned around, stayed there for 10 more minutes worshiping! Even took his jacket off with uplifted hands! He took Psalm 84:10 literally! LOL! Check these pics out then SHARE THEM!
BrightStar service was just incredible today true food for the soul Evangelist Shari Addison blessed our souls with the Power of the Blood this Woman of God is annoited then Pastor Chris Harris came with a powerful word from God teaching the Pentecost serious I love it gave me the reassurance that I needed the weary cloud that has been tryna storm through on me has been wiped out with a cloud full of glory.
My daughter was accepted to King College Prep for H.S. when I asked if she wanted to go to Jones she said, "If my scores weren't high enough to get me there, I don't want to be there." Tonight, Pastor Chris Harris drove pass my home and saw me and my son shoveling snow. PCH yelled, "A preacher shoveling his own!" My son asked, "Dad, can't you get someone to do this for you?" My response, "You and your sister will never be guilty of having anything handed to you. The biggest mistake I could ever make is making you feel as if you're entitled to anything because you're my children! There's nothing like earning what you have, as oppose to things being handed to you because your last name is Jakes. If they give it to you, they can take it away from you. If you earn it, it's rightfully yours." He began shoveling with purpose. My point is that I don't want my children operating out of privilege or feeling people owe them anything. They must work hard if they want to achieve success.
ROCK THROWERS! I love that Jesus said to the accusers of a person clearly struggling with sin, "You who are without sin, cast the 1st stone!" That rock always feels awesome in your hand, but awful up-side YOUR head! See, the problem with tossing rocks at others, GOD ALWAYS makes more available to be tossed at you later. It's called "Reciprocity!" Pastor Chris Harris
Pastor Chris Harris and his church had some CHURCH last night...wish i was there!
Ok..I'm looking at bobby jones and anita wilson is singing "jesus will" I'm not trippin but Bright Star there's nothing like the Pastor Chris Harris REMIX:-)
So we challenged my Pastor Chris Harris and bright star church in bowling, let me announce we won by default.they was afraid to come stay tuned!
There cannot be no elevation without separation.Pastor Chris Harris
I'd like to thank God for Pastor Chris Harris for calling out of me something I hadn't acknowledged existed! Dr Stovall told me what I could do and why I could do it, but Pastor Harris expressed it and for that I say thank you!
Awesome time at church with my Pastor Chris Harris today. BrightStar Church of God In Christ
What can we do as the body of Christ to stop the violence in the streets of Chicago? I'm so proud of my younger brother Pastor Chris Harris and the Bright Star Community Outreach Project making a difference.
Join me in the a.m., 10:30 a.m. starts my Sunday lounging in the NEFM Cafe`for fellowship and continential breakfast. 11a.m. starts our Sunday School inspired by my leader Pastor Chris Harris (Ministering to Your Pastor) and 12p.m. is Worship & Word "Come over here where the table is spread and the feast of the Lord is going on 6952 S Wentworth
Pastor Chris Harris is hosting the Bronzeville Community Festival on 44th and Evans today. Free Book Bags, Laptops raffles, free food and live entertainment with National Artist. ALL FOR FREE. Stop by with your children for them to get on carnival rides.
So Proud to have been this Young man's Teacher. Pastor Chris Harris, doing it for the Community, and you know he has to be a COGIC Minister, truly the best.
Bronzeville Family Fest is back with Pastor Chris Harris. Register today and this event has become a community...
Pastor Chris Harris: "People don't want God, they just want His STUFF"
Chicago prayer warriors! Join Pastor Chris Harris in this amazing movement.
Here is an opportunity to Community Outreach, Promote Safety & Push Education! We launched in North Lawndale! Interested Pastors in East Chicago...Connect with Pastor Joseph Harrison ASAP! You'll be glad you did! Pastor Chris Harris
THIS JUST GOT EVEN BETTER! Tio Hardiman and Ameena Matthews are on the way here now! PLEASE SHARE THIS RIGHT NOW IF YOU WANT TO HELP WITH VIOLENCE! Dr. Eric Whitaker & The University of Chicago Medicine, Ald. Pat Dowell, Ald. Will Burns has partnered with Pastor Chris Harris & Bright Star to fight youth violence. We're showing the movie "The Interrupters!" And having a discussion right after. Tune in and join in LIVE right now! Over 125 youth are here with us now!
See Pastor Chris Harris featured on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) with Bishop David G. Evans. Pastor Chris Harris is the Senior Pastor of the Bright...
Ive been released!!! Thank u god&Pastor Chris Harris!! U said it was goin happen. I recieve my "New"because its well overdue!
Preach Pastor Chris Harris, God can't drive you forward, when you are stuck in reverse!
My church New Bethlehem is having a revival. Pastor Anthony Spencer encouraged us last night. Tonight we will have Pastor Chris Harris. Come join us at 8850 south cottage grove. God bless.
I heard a message today that made me shout till i almost couldnt talk! Pastor Chris Harris said Shout Til You Get Out! I was like faith without works is dead and that word shook me, i must have hollared, i didnt care if the neighbors heard me. This is it, my breakthrough just broke through! And then the broadcast went off, that aint right. Now somebody from Deandre Patterson's ministry please send me a cd, that just was not right, got me all hyped for the message and it cut off, lol.
First night of 8th anniversary month Pastor Chris Harris let us have it! Deliverance! If u missed it...u missed it!
You being blessed doesnt mean your job or your health that is the result of being blessed..Being Blessed means you have a relationship with GOD--Pastor Chris Harris
Pastor know he was teaching this evening BrightStar Church is where you should of been if you missed out catch online Pastor Chris Harris is a amazing man called by God "The Gospel' Good news for a dying world! I love it
What a weekend good friday lost my aunt and closed on my new home .it was a lot of pain mentally .Sat. a lot of physical pain ,moved with help of vince ,joe, kevin, jason, jimmy,bryan,it was last min. my guys came thru big for me, love you sister n law in the world wanika always there thank God for you.A man don't want to let people see him cry ,so no one is here now.God allowed this to happen for me tears,from a baby in the DCFS system living in someone else home to having my own .so sorry i missed easter pics. but there was a resurrection here .we did go over the real meaning of easter.Thank you JESUS,,this is small compared to what you did for man.I'm very grateful.(Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.John15:13).A special thanks to mother bettye brown who open her home to me and, i still have keys to go in and out like its my you mom. Pastor Chris Harris Sr. my pastor who has lead by example spiritually and physically .Pastor Mark Smith ...
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