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Pastor Benjamin Dube

Bow Down Worship Him Judith Sephuma Holy Spirit

6 out of 7 times my mom would pull up from work playing Pastor Benjamin Dube. His music always opens the flood gates 😔
Moment when Pastor Benjamin Dube stopped everything and let Holy Spirit take over 😭
Thanks to uKhozi FM now we know that Pastor Benjamin Dube can and actually does speak isizulu 😋
I like pastor Benjamin Dube's openness. Haircut, skinny jeans and wrist beads.
moment with Pastor Benjamin Dube at Eastgate mall during the launch ofmfu…
I can't erased this wonderful moment with Pastor Benjamin Dube at Eastgate Mall
I think it's Pastor Benjamin Dube ft Unathi Mzekeli & Dr Tumi you love me
Tonight on Unwrapped with Hellen I chat with South African Gospel musician Pastor Benjamin Dube. Dont miss at 19:30…
"All we want to say is Abba Father thou art worthy and receive glory and honor." Pastor Benjamin Dube.
Congratulations to Pastor Benjamin Dube and the Spirit of Praise team 👏👏👏👏
DynamicDuets with Pastor Benjamin Dube, All I can say is I am blessed...! .
Resting in God is doing God's Word. I hear you Pastor Benjamin Dube
Resting in God is doing what God wants you to do. I hear you Pastor Benjamin Dube
Pastor Benjamin Dube will be at Mmabatho Convention Centre on April 30th with THE ULTIMATE PRAISE CONCERT.…
Hello Pastor Benjamin Dube. My name is Kegaogetswe,I and other girls started a band of girls only.
... The only man of God that makes me to fall in love with Gospel music 24/7 😃😃 God bless you pastor Benjamin Dube
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Music by Dr Tumi and Pastor Benjamin Dube just feeds my soul!!!
I'll rise again!!! Pastor Benjamin Dube tjo wa re galisa these are some of the psalms that will be ministered on the cruise
God bless you Pastor Tshabalala. You have a giant next to you in Bishop Benjamin Dube. Wish you success!
Pastor Benjamin Dube praise an worship 👏👏 Thank you Lord!
I feel like going on by Pastor Benjamin Dube
great leader work has way out.pastor Benjamin dube
Pastor Benjamin Dube - Renew my strength 😇. Renew my strength, renew my life O' God 😍
I'm watching My favourate Pastor Benjamin Dube @ Destiny,oh blessed with his song Ungu Jehova,one day i see my self ft in one of his songs
Bow Down and Worship Him x Pastor Benjamin Dube.
Pastor Benjamin Dube is indeed getting old. He's Legendary really 🙌
And then there is this... Pastor Benjamin Dube God bless you Man of God! I had to google the translation.
LISTEN: weighs in on Pastor; and shares what to expect at the on Dec 4. https:…
Hi Nomfundo. I want you to play for me this following songs, Pastor Benjamin Dube - Yebo...
Spirit of Praise and Pastor Benjamin Dube // Elshadai Medley . My daily morning song ❤
Join Pastor Benjamin Dube at our Another Level Conference from 25th - 30th October 2016. For more info : +27796756…
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Thank u 4 playing Pastor Benjamin dube on Metro fo I am blessed u made my monday. Thank you!!
yo Pastor Benjamin Dube Bow Down and Worship Him track gets to me !
Pastor Benjamin Dube sincerly does it for me..*Blessed*
Pastor Benjamin Dube has good looking boys, bahle ,bahle, bahle and bahle.
Oh bless our God - Pastor Benjamin Dube is still my long time fav song. I can't just go anywhere kesa e dlala on my list 🙏🙌
bishop td Jake's have 5 kids..pastor Benjamin dube have 4 boys there's more ppl so that means sex it's nice me i love it
Pastor Benjamin Dube will call on the Holy Ghost at on July 16. Be there!
Pastor Benjamin Dube's question is probably why I haven't said anything about this day...
Pastor Benjamin Dube ministering to me on my way to work this morning OMG dis is powerful. LONA BA RATANG *** PHELA ON REPEAT.GOD BLESS
Listening to Pastor Benjamin Dube's worship this night
but you'll never go wrong with Benjamin Dube hey? This Pastor will leave you soul happy and blessed! Thank You for playing him.
Pastor Benjamin Dube is top dog. Izinja ze life .. . Like he doesn't even try, the anointing eyakhe
Pastor Benjamin Dube healing in his presence,high praise explosion,I feel like going on, n his presence, looking back and u blessed me stil👑
May God keep on blessing Pastor Benjamin Dube, your work n ministry has touched thousands
Oh how I love him because he first loved me »»»»»»» Pastor Benjamin Dube
,U really inspire me Pastor Benjamin Dube i love your songs especially ,Thank you ,Ngiyakuthanda,I'll rise again
Please play me pastor Benjamin Dube Ft Ney Zimu Lamb of God
With Pastor Benjamin Dube at REMNANT MINISTRIES! ! ! Feel it ,Thank you Bishop Sammy Gitonga for inviting us.
I am not alone, when I have you. You promised me that you will never leave me, never forsake me. Pastor Benjamin Dube
Waking up to the sounds of Pastor Benjamin Dube.praise
♬Lamb of God Seated at the right hand of the Father You are Holy, Holy You are Holy♬ by Pastor Benjamin Dube ♥♥♥
But i love Pastor Benjamin Dube and his work😇🙏
Pastor Benjamin Dube.. *** ths man's songs will leave u teary. U'll end up thinking of quitting alcohol and all tht.
Pastor Benjamin Dube blessing me right now ohh his taking me back to church...
I'll rise again because He rose again,I love this song by Pastor Benjamin Dube
Bishop Benjamin Dube,to me he's a legend l love him to the moon and come back together with his sons The Dube the Lord continue to bless the Dube family going in and going out...0nelove :)
Pastor Benjamin Dube is my favourite gospel artist, by far!
Love this Pastor Benjamin Dube's I feel like going home album
Pastor Benjamin Dube is winning in this gospel industry ey
Redemptive Rest Revival hosted by HPC under the leadership of High praise Centre,Pastor Benjamin Dube's Church,...
Pastor Benjamin Dube gave me a shout out before the recording on Saturday!! Im so humbled by this man: his love...
Love u more Pastor Benjamin Dube,but God's love upon u,is jst greater than great.Weldone good and faithful serva…
Pls see pic“Pastor Benjamin Dube has gorgeous sons 😍😍 *ribaboshiya*”
Pastor Benjamin Dube has gorgeous sons 😍😍 *ribaboshiya*
Please greet Pastor Benjamin Dube for me, I'm a big fan and I'm also enjoying his sons, The Dube Brothers especially Buhle
"The King on the Cross...He died in my place...He rose again...He is alive!" --- listening to Pastor Benjamin Dube on repeat enaf said
Justo, hi my guy, remember to add Ngiyakuthanda ~ Pastor Benjamin Dube on that playlist
Bless you man“Pastor Benjamin Dube.I love your swag”
Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me. Bless His holy name. God bless you pastor Dube
Bishop Benjamin Dube. Pastor Paula White. The list is endless… and so is the ignorance of that "expert" !!
I cldnt help it, but 2b that annoying passenger. And sing along cause the taxi driver is playing Benjamin Dube and TGIF!!
2nd August...James Okon and Pastor Benjamin Dube LIVE at the Lyric. See Computicket, Shorite and Checkers for your ticket. POWERFULLY.
Sanctified In His Presence - Pastor Benjamin Dube's upcoming latest offering will be recorded LIVE at The Big Top...
We need to have spirit of praise and Pastor Benjamin Dube to GR
I'm listening to pastor Benjamin dube
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Wow Kay wonderful my dear nice singing there loving Pastor Benjamin Dube' s song ryt there...
Been on YouTube watching Pastor Benjamin Dube. I feel sooo blessed and revived. Lord bless his soul.
is Pastor Benjamin Dube because I love his music so much
Pastor Benjamin Dube. ... on playlist all day .
Tomorrow night,I'll be at Pastor Benjamin Dube's church in Vosloorus
Pastor Benjamin Dube is my legend. "Humble yourself."
Bow Down and Worship by Pastor Benjamin Dube. Always comforts my soul.
Had a lovely meeting with Pastor Benjamin Dube.Indeed God's ways are not our ways. His timing is perfect!
Benjamin Dube Preaching the Word that prevails and elevates Abundant Life - Pastor Sifiso & Thuli Phakathi ”
Good Morning friends will be ministering In voslorus Gauteng SA at Pastor Benjamin Dube's...
Also Pastor Benjamin Dube. . . You will even see yourself within the land of milk and honey nje.
Are you pastor Benjamin dube's son ?
Instrumentals on all of Pastor Benjamin Dube's songs!!♥
Sleepless night my mind and heart not at ease so am Listening to Pastor Benjamin Dube CD it Helps
Pastor Benjamin Dube's sons can get it hey
Pastor Benjamin Dube has the annointing of the living God. It's just one of those things. Can't be duplicated. You can't fake that
Bless the lord bless the lord_Pastor Benjamin Dube...What a blessed day I had at church
Today i stand humbled. I met Pastor Benjamin Dube for the very first time since i started my music career, in the...
I like pastor Benjamin Dube when he sing I will rise again
I think Pastor Benjamin Dube sings the moment well.
Big fan of Pastor Benjamin Dube lv that person God bless u Pastor from Trinity Music Group
Listening to Pastor Benjamin Dube ☺♬☺gospel music best way to start my day
I'm sure the amount of Praise and Worship at Pastor Benjamin Dube's church is phenomenal
Highly Favored wrote: Catch us Live Emmanuel Assembly 2nyt sharing a stage with Pastor Benjamin Dube and Pastor Fili
hi Judiee we waitng 4 ur presents in 20th celebration at Pastor Benjamin Dube church
'I will sing' by pastor donnie and Benjamin dube's 'Uyahalela' making my day already.. You should download these songs. JESUS is LORD
in ur presence Lord thats where i wanna be # PASTOR BENJAMIN DUBE# BLESSED
I will rise again by Pastor Benjamin Dube
God bless Pastor Benjamin Dube and his music team. Your songs do keep me sane amid trouble waters. There is...
I repeat when it comes to praise and worship God blessed pastor benjamin dube first...then the rest..up and comin artists should look up to him for worshipping songs.
I would honestly love to meet Pastor Solly Mahlangu and Pastor Benjamin Dube!
I liked a video from Message Of The Day With Pastor Benjamin Dube
In your presence with Pastor Benjamin Dube at Rhema Bible Church.
Rehrsal with and . Ws awesum an productiv tomoro on again with pastor benjamin dube...lookin fwad to it
God is God by Himself,He needs no one to make Him God . *the legend...Pastor Benjamin Dube
Pastor Benjamin Dube gives us a message for the day.
A heart of worship is what you are Pastor Benjamin Dube.. Your worship is exceptional!!
Elshaddai adonai, yebo linamandla and Bless the lord you blessing me Pastor Benjamin Dube
'When I think about Jesus'. He is worthy of all the Glory, YEAHHH! Pastor Benjamin Dube
Give me direction by Pastor Benjamin Dube amazing song
Give me direction to move on by Pastor Benjamin Dube***LORD YOU RULE* **
Pastor Nicholas Mugizi and Pastor Benjamin Dube...what awesome day...and service.
Bishop Paul Morton - Bow Down and Worship Him. Pastor Benjamin Dube - Bow Down and Worship Him
"Am not alone'm not alone'am not alone...when You with me with Pastor Benjamin Dube#
Lol so Judith Sephuma decided to be pastor Benjamin Dube's back up singer coz ebona ukuthi her genre of music isn't selling well.
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Solly Mahlangu n Benjamin Dube"Most Influential pastor in your country?
PASTOR BENJAMIN DUBE Your favourite gospel artiste in your country?
2 August carnival city with spirit of praise and pastor Benjamin Dube can't wait
Pastor Benjamin Dube's Yebo Linamandla is the one for me. JESUS!
South African Hero's Pastor mosa sono And benjamin dube"...Thank you so much."
'The Lord will Reign' forever & ever. Put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, Love Him with all your heart, mind and soul, for He is the Creator of everything. Pastor Benjamin Dube
Pastor Benjamin Dube takes me to another level of worship!
A great song indeed. – Yebo Linamandla by Pastor Benjamin Dube, from
Had a realy great time with dr Rebecca Malope, Pastor Benjamin Dube and Ntate Sipho Makhabane.
Pastor Benjamin Dube in Gospel Classics, oh LORD what a great way to wrap up my sunday and weekend
'Bow Down', for we cannot make it without you Jesus. Pastor Benjamin Dube
Pastor Benjamin Dube, Healing. Wonderful song. God heals the broken at heart.
Pastor Benjamin Dube by This Man of God is amazing
GOD first. Family second. And then everything else follows. Words by Pastor Benjamin Dube
My son sings gospel songs so much that his teacher had to ask me if i go to church with him every sweet, Im parenting well under God's guidance. His favorite songs are: Ri a livhuwa Yesu na U Yehova by Taki Ndou and Elshadai Adonai by Pastor Benjamin Dube...this boy blesses me daily
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.. Pastor Benjamin Dube...Talking to u was simply Amazing, Thanx for your constant support, it keeps me going. I Love you eternally Dad.
"I belong to you, you belong to me.We're family" - Pastor Benjamin Dube
Give me direction to move on, Shine your light upon me, i know the time has come for me. Give me the strength to move on. This song blesses my soul more and more. God bless Pastor Benjamin Dube,
In the house of the Lord there are no competition! But we compliment each other, My blessings are in you, And your blessings are in me! We are God's family! - Pastor Benjamin Dube
Thank you Pastor Benjamin Dube for blessing us with great Gospel
Moekelesia @ Themba stadium with Pastor Benjamin Dube,Israel Mosehla and others.
I have four Gospel songs (amongst others) that bless my soul everytime i listen to them, and if you want to hear me singing, just play them for me.. - Kwanqab Umusa, By Thina Zungu - Noma Kunje, by Fikile Mlomo - Mbize, By Dumi Mkokstad - You Bless Me Still, by of cos, Pastor Benjamin Dube. You will love my music collection..
Holy holy by Pastor Benjamin Dube and the Dube Brothers morning friends
I'm watching Pastor Benjamin Dube on TBN 341 singing "hw excellent is your name/ Amazula aya babaza" It takes me to the old good days. Shoo
Pastor Benjamin Dube should probably stop this piano playing situation and sing. And maybe team up with...
As much as u feel so alone and everyone has turned their backs on u, you feel like everything has been taken away from you,you nomore under normal circumstances,i want you to know that theres many on your side than those that are against you...GOD IS A MAJORITY AND EVERYONE-ELSE AND EVRYTHING-ELSE is a minority.. IM SOO ENCOURAGED... Pastor Benjamin Dube's testimony and encouragement...
Pastor Benjamin Dube- "I take this time to spend it with My Father"."Yadah"- Hebrew word for Praise! Mmhhmnn- Blessed Jesus!
Worship night with Pastor Benjamin Dube was a success Mc Divhambele Mbalavhali did a great job, Phuluso's perfomance was too grt, Thabelo Thavhanyedza did a grt job as well Takie Sikhwivhilu made people realise that we are only living by the grace of God when she perfomed Tshotovha Tshilidzi Mpho Regalo Gangashe was grt as well, people went crazy when he ascended the stage as always Rofhiwa Manyaga, Lufuno Buda, Takie psalmist Ndou perfomed very well PASTOR BENJAMIN DUBE was on fire, God is indeed working through him to make changes in people's lives. Thank you Alpha productions for bringing him to venda
Pastor Benjamin Dube said at CWC on Worship Night: When people try to drag you down, dont worry. Coz itz clear indication dat you are above them. And when they talk about u, dont talk back coz they r giving u free advertisement for u to be known. And d minute you raise up, everyone would b knowing about u. Then he said, no matter what life is giving u, dont give up. Keep pressing on. Then he sung a song "I feel like going on." MMMH! WHAT A GREAT NIGHT THAT WAS.
in his remarks as he assumed pulpit today, his excellency Pastor benjamin Dube said “there are many Servants of God who have forsaken their calling but have not forsaken the pulpit”
Had a gr8 tym yday an 2day wth pastor benjamin dube a true worshiper of God have learnd so much from him ,I have the power to rule
Today's service was awesome with pastor Benjamin Dube preaching at CWC, what a service mhhh.
What an emotional, powerful n spirit filled service today with Pastor Benjamin Dube in the Pulpit @ CwC Thohoyandou. In his presence. Hw wz the service @ ur church n who ministered saying what?
Wow what great service with Pastor Benjamin Dube.
Got joy in my soul.ministered by Pastor Benjamin Dube
Church with Pastor BENJAMIN DUBE. Da man of God is a good singer
Pastor Benjamin Dube @ cwc Thohoyandou preaching that's awesome.
Thanks makes room for more To each and everyone who has come to say thank you to HIM, you will never run dry. I speak this over your life As you lift HIM up, HE will lift you up Pastor Benjamin Dube
Worship night with pastor Benjamin Dube last night was epic :D
'Ithemba lam' likhu jesu ' by pastor Benjamin Dube has blessed me ths morning.therefore i u rge each and every believer to put their trust in e Lord.' my faith is in e Lord'
Wat a grt nyt of worship with with pastor Benjamin Dube n many more Live on stage it feels rly gud hey it ws a wonderful nyt indeed filled with his presence!! Thanx to Zinzi
Do it Lord,ur will be done,against my will,do it Lord-By Pastor Benjamin Dube
It was a knt 2 rember with pastor benjamin dube
Mmm... The show was absolutely amazing,thank you pastor Benjamin Dube and love you
What a blessed night. Zwo vhona Pastor Benjamin Dube nga nama was a blessing to my life. Glory be to God
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Now it's back to polokwane had a wonderful time in the presence of God, thank you Jesus for such a Powerful man in Pastor Benjamin Dube
Eish pastor Benjamin dube now yoooh live
At HaMadzinge muaic festival...waiting my own Worship House on stage...then Pastor Benjamin Dube wow..what a night...
Just to worship the LORD with pastor BENJAMIN DUBE
Listening to pastor Benjamin dube..healing in his presence...
worship night with pastor Benjamin dube
Worship night with Pastor Benjamin Dube and Worship House.. This is going to be nice...
Yebo linamandla by pastor benjamin dube That song you always listen to before going to Bed?
Count down itss almost over 3 days to go for worship night with pastor benjamin dubecwc.
Yebo linamandla by Pastor Benjamin Dube blesses my soul
Ever want to say IDK without sounding stupid? Say this: I hesitate to articulate in fear I may deviate upon the highest degree of accuracy. Then purchase your ticket for Worship Night with Pastor Benjamin Dube at CWC and attend.
12 days to go...worship night with Pastor Benjamin Dube
When I grow up I want to sing for Pastor Benjamin Dube.
You better attend Worship Night with Pastor Benjamin Dube on the 7th of June
Tomorrow it's happening will be hosting Pastor Benjamin Dube live in Thabazimbi,It's a gala dinner dress to kill starts 6pm to 11pm only 30 tickets are available lobola R250 theme Love .come n learn more about love if u a single o tlatswa o bonwe
Pastor Benjamin Dube-Phakama gud way to end wat has been the longest day of the week!! :)
Some time u jst need to gt out n see sum people out deee today i waz @ pastor solly mahlangu church @ tembisa wat a nice service next m gng to church of pastor benjamin dube @ Pretoria next sunday pastor keke m dee lokovhela
I'm so much in love of the worship songs from Pastor Benjamin Dube DVD's entitled "Renewal In His Presence". There are songs like, "No one above you God", "Yebo linamandla". This is one of those DVD'S that takes one's spirit to even higher pavilions.
Ithemba lam liku jeso ma faith is in the Lord.singing along with pastor benjamin dube
Through it all i have lent to depend upon his WORD.! by Pastor Benjamin Dube
Just been ministered to by Pastor Benjamin Dube - live it right. This song said it all straight to my face. Got to do it right.
I'm really not sure of Pastor Benjamin Dube's latest album
I really miss just one powerful worship night with Pastor Benjamin Dube.Eish. heart of worship..
I love the way Pastor Benjamin Dube worship the Lord
"Comforter rose above temptation,never fail me He is the one who created heaven & earth. No one above him"~Pastor Benjamin Dube
These gospel *** . only trust Pastor Benjamin Dube.that's a real talented and a God fearing man.not the entertainment pastor Sifso
To God be the Glory. His Name Is God, Jehovah. Everything that has breath should praise Him. He Is the Source of life, everything that is. Pastor Benjamin Dube - Bow Down and Worship.
"Step -Up" Brothers, how i love their offering,great work boys Pastor Benjamin Dube
"'Thanks' makes room for more"- Pastor Benjamin Dube in the song 'Udumo'!
Video from our road trip with family...Pastor Benjamin Dube...
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Lamb of God seated at the right hand of the Father, you are Holy, holy You are Holy...Pastor Benjamin Dube blesses me greatly with this song
'I Bless Your Name', for He takes a very good care of me. Pastor Benjamin Dube, Spirit of Praise
I need your touch. Pastor Benjamin Dube. This man puts me on another level when we sing this song together.
Pastor Benjamin Dube realy blessed ma day!
In the words of Pastor Benjamin Dube 'Thank You Jesus, Im Still Alive'. Goodmorning people :).
Can't sleep listening to Pastor Benjamin Dube ft The Dube Brothers-why
Thanx to those who watched The Dube Brothers and Pastor Benjamin Dube episode on The last repeat will be this Thursday at 15h30 This coming Friday it is The Muffinz, Keke, Atomza, Skabz and Simz and since Mthae wasnt there I became the 5th Muffin :) Stay Tuned
blessed by Pastor Benjamin Dube rise again! before going to bed. Thanks a million
I dnt mind waiting on de Pastor Benjamin Dube.dnt mind waiting saints there is a greater reward
Win urself Renewal in his presence wth Pastor Benjamin Dube . Question :. Who was playing bass gtor on the Ebenezer album ?
Wow! The level of maturity, the diplomacy in answering questions and the love and support for their father! Oh awesome. Big up boys and congratulations Pastor Benjamin Dube
Do not miss the repeat of iFani on ANN7 channel 405 at 15h30 And tomorrow at 21h30 is Pastor Benjamin Dube and The Dube Brothers, you certainly dont want to miss this one. I should say it falls under one of the best shows ive done thus far. Keep it locked on
Am getting myself Cd ya Pastor Benjamin Dube hosane Lamb of God sitted @ rite hand of the Father yo !!
@ The rehersal of Pastor Benjamin Dube and his Project, In His Presence and the Dube Brothers! woow, this team is Amaizing i tell you. Rite There!
Cant stop listening to Pastor Benjamin Dube adonai yahweh God is speaking to me
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Send Your revival upon me Lord, let your Holy Spirit flows over me (version in IsiZulu) by Pastor Benjamin Dube. This song blesses me a lot.
Juss listening to Pastor Benjamin Dube & Joyous Celebration this morning huwi!!!singing along.morning good pple
I take ths time tO spend it with my father,tell him tht I love him,tell him him tht um glad fOr wat he has dOne.ur amazing,ur incredible,ur lOve is unchangable :-) singing alOng with pastOr BENJAMIN DUBE
Huu wimbo "Bow Down and worship by Pastor Benjamin Dube" unanifanya nisitamani hata kutoka kwenye hili wingu... hmmm i feel something burning up in me... Indeed He consumes the fire
:Everything got a reason Pastor Benjamin Dube,Lord is gona give u strength. Rock it ManofGod. God bless.
Benjamin Dube-i will rise again. Pastor McClarklin - Lord I lift your name high.spiritual healing
But by the grace, and the grace alone: into thy presence we come- Pastor Benjamin Dube. ♥
Song of th mo: 'I'll Rise again - Pastor Benjamin Dube'. Shout it from the rooftops, Let the world know he's risen...
I rise again by pastor benjamin dube
What a wonderful message from Pastor Benjamin Dube on elections
Pastor Benjamin Dube is about to go on stage awu readi to be blended once again
Can't wait for Pastor Benjamin Dube to be on stage
Bow. down and Worship Him Feeling blessed L2 Pastor we cn nt . make it wthout ur power LORD... Bow Down ND Worship Him
His name is Jaweh Jehovah,He who causes everything to be...Can I get a witness *Pastor Benjamin Dube's voice*
Benjamin Dube rocks "Mighty warrior great in battle Jehova is your name
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Renewal in His Presence, what a dvd!! Pastor Benjamin Dube never disappoints. Am loving it.
Let the glory of the Lord, rise amongst us. Let the praises of the King, rise amongst us. Yes it is coming down, I can feel it! Glory Of The Lord by Pastor Benjamin Dube
When you lift up his holiness, he is not a selfish GOD he takes you to the same level of his holiness of where he is so when you lift his holiness you are not doing it for him but for yourself. Themba Masina and Pastor Benjamin Dube
Pastor Benjamin Dube and Kirk should focus on finding the talent and letting the talent do what it does best.
Pastor Benjamin Dube on The Sacred Space with . Great start to the day.
I'm up hitting on them books (with a Pastor Benjamin Dube in the background..Jehova we Praise You)! 3C here I come 7:00 its a date!
a wise woman once said ''Pastor Benjamin Dube can truely worship ''wow my sister he can nyan after listening to his songs mhmm cn indeed change 1 or 2thngs in sm1's lyf!blessed
Pastor Benjamin Dube is a Spiritual Father to a Great Multitude. I noticed a great excitement from EVERYONE in the arena. The atmosphere was too jovial and harmonising. Greatly touched when he led us in Prayer 'Bow Down'. Also inspired by the Scriptural Message of the occasion, 2 Chronicles 7:14. Thanks to the entire team.
No God above you by Pastor Benjamin Dube. He is a self sustaining God .blessed Tuesday
Sorry to all the other road users for my load music, i was enjoying myself way too much to turn it down! And thank you God and Pastor Benjamin Dube for his music of course, i feel blessed this Monday afternoon.
Pastor Benjamin Dube heard you playing at Carnival City I love ur songs baba big up
Am on playing with Pastor Benjamin Dube now
hi any one please help I heard pastor Benjamin Dube is looking for 10 vocalists is it true
MORNING PASTOR Dube I just love your music it blesses my soul and renews my faith,siyabonga baba.
Jesus knows all about our troubles...and He will guide till the day is done... there's no other friend like a Holy Jesus...NO one...NO one. # singing alone with my no 1 singer. much love.Pastor Benjamin Dube
Through it all.through it all I've learn to depend upon his the song. Pastor Benjamin Dube.
Watching Pastor Benjamin Dube Renewal in his presence iyashisa
I just realised I'm a serious Pastor Benjamin Dube stan. One day I'll chat with him about my love for him and his worship music.
Cleanin my rum playin Pastor Benjamin Dube after writing Financial Management very well
"Life here is just for awhile, live it right, do it right and say it right today" - by Pastor Benjamin Dube
My best track by pastor Benjamin Dube
Pastor Benjamin Dube "Tag musicians that don't smoke weed here?
Bown Down, Pastor Benjamin Dube. This is one of the Worship songs that brings transformation to my spiritaul being.
I can feel the power of the Holy Spirit right now moving right where I am.. Father God we thank You for Your presence in ourlives at this moment, Modimo Oya Halalela Father.. Continue to reign in our lifes oh God. Moruti ke lebogetse sefela seo sa Pastor Benjamin Dube. I'm at another level right now.. I am filled with the power and fire of the holy Ghost.. We give thanx, honour and Glory to the Most High God, Amen.
Renewal in His Presence with Pastor Benjamin Dube. i dont know what to say... but i love every bit of it. though i still think uTsepo Mohlala is the best kuma Worship songs... and Mandla Nkosi is my bio kuma praise songs.
I cant start my day without playing a song "why" by Pastor Benjamin Dube n His Sons.good morning people
Thank God for Pastor Benjamin Dube... Anyone with his handle? He deserves a follow!
Lord you worthy to be praised, you deserve the best** Singing with Pastor Benjamin Dube.
il rise again by Pastor Benjamin Dube
Lord calm me down ths instand. Listening to Pastor Benjamin Dube ' Ill rise again cause He rose again. Thnk u Jesus.
I'm actually having a conversation with Pastor Benjamin Dube :"( ♥♥ could my life get any better at this point in time? No :)
Pastor Benjamin Dube ☺ RT"Your favourite gospel artist in your country?
"You Blessed Me Still" by Pastor Benjamin Dube reminds me how great GOD is. cc
5am worship :') of the King of kings, ''Bow Down and Worship Him'' by Pastor Benjamin Dube will be my shower-melody vandag
Come As You Are, God understands, He cares, do not be afraid, His arms are open wide, He will give you grace. Ps Benjamin Dube,Neyi Zimu, Judith Sephuma and The Worship Team!
Pastor Benjamin Dube, Neyi Zimu, Judith Sephuma & their Worship Choir baY-Tjukutja in the Kingdom of God!
Pastor Benjamin Dube. Wow!!! You create another atmosphere for me! Bow Down and Worship Him.
Let me watch No God Above You video by Pastor Benjamin Dube.
Am I the only one who thinks that Pastor Benjamin Dube is one of the most anointed and talented pastors in SA? Yhoo. Can't deal.
God will kill for a worshipper, dont mess with a worshipper of God, becos she/he brings pleasure to GOD. Learned from Pastor Benjamin Dube...
Pastor Benjamin Dube,Pastor Mthunzi Namba,Pastor Solly Mahlangu*God is really speaking to us through their talent*
From the rising of the sun,unto the going down of the same,Jesus is worthy. Can you sing this one for me Pastor Benjamin Dube? Please!!!
Rise of Jehova let all ur enemies be scatured.singing along wth Pastor Benjamin Dube.
I Bless Your Name. By Sons & Daughters of the Master(Pastor Benjamin Dube with Spirit of Praise)
I'm such a fan of Pastor Benjamin Dube , I Love him
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[Elshadai adonaih] am in love with this song by:Pastor Benjamin Dube :)
dumelang Bakgethwa ba kgethehileng gompieno ketsoga le Pastor Benjamin Dube ka pina ya : oya halalela oya halalela Jesu wamakgohla,we praise we praise yo name. .am so pleased and glad to have woken up dis morning,Jesus I love you Lord of Lords God of Gods king of kings. ...I praise yo holy name may yu all be blessed in the Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ
Starting a day with Pastor Benjamin Dube. ["Oh Msindisi Wami". (My Saviour/My Shepherd/My hope) ] Good morning dear friends have a beautiful day :)
• hooh how I love him,hoooh how he cares hook how I love becouse he first loved me !• watching Pastor Benjamin Dube blessed!
Tjo...eish...2day my schedule is very tight, i have 2 run my small business dis mrning, go 2 d studio to finish up recording a new track n den later go 2 d rehearsal 4 d conference which will be held in Thabong Community Centre dis cuming saturday *i heard Pastor Benjamin Dube will be der ministering on saturday evening, d 1st of March, wow!!* c u der!
Join High Praise Center and Pastor Benjamin Dube on April 05th at CarnivalCity as we will be praying for our...
Pastor Benjamin Dube putting things into perspectice...down and Worship Him# Goodmorning dear friends
yebo linamandla!# this song...renewal in his presence by pastor benjamin Dube
Good morning good people. Who's the best worshiper between pastor Benjamin Dube and Keke?
"Pastor Benjamin Dube meeting Prophet Angel In Pretoria isn't this just so lovely!
Lyf s jst 4 a while hu eva livs it xud try n liv it ryt.whteva u do,whteva u say,do it n say it rytfev pastor Benjamin Dube doin it 4 me dis morningkateking while getn ready 4 orchards.
Renewal in His Presence-Pastor Benjamin Dube!!!never disappoints,he understands the true meaning of Worship#
Worship in his presence pastor benjamin dube blessing me this morning**morning friends**
In your presence...Lord i want to be in your presence me love this song by Pastor Benjamin Dube
Waiting for the doors to be opened to experience the Glory and the power of God through the prophets of God (prophet Bushiri, Prophet Angel and Pastor Benjamin Dube)...
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5 April 2014 I will be in Carnival City in Jhb to watch Pastor Benjamin Dube Live Recording...noba ndiye ngeJog or ngobhontsi ek is daar...In the Mighty name of Jesus. Andiyazi noba ijonge ngaphi naloo Carnival City Nkos yam
Pastor Benjamin Dube always making my day! Dumelang ditsala, Glory to ALMIGHTY!
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