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Passion Pit

Passion Pit is an American electropop band from Cambridge, Massachusetts, formed in 2007. The band consists of Michael Angelakos (lead vocals, keyboards), Ian Hultquist (keyboards, guitar), Ayad Al Adhamy (synthesizer, samples), Jeff Apruzzese (bass, synth bass), and Nate Donmoyer (drums).

Michael Angelakos Constant Conversations Little Secrets Vampire Weekend Two Door Cinema Club Ben Folds Undercover Martyn Mac Demarco Animal Collective Arctic Monkeys Pearl Jam Edward Sharpe Cut Copy

My coworker just death dropped to Take a Walk by passion pit in the office kitchen. I’m calling the authorities
I’m listening to Passion Pit in my hatchback while I go I chipotle that I ordered on their app on my iPhone while c…
Concerts and conventions this year:. NAMM. the killers. passion pit. lana del rey . Gallifrey One. japanese breakfast. ma…
Music - Passion Pit frontman opens up about mental health problems ahead of band’s tour
"Ora croons over a gentle first verse before the track lifts, and delivers electric staccato-synth you last heard o…
Just wanted to listen to passion pit n cry u feel.
Shoot dude, take that bucket to the Passion Pit and fill her up!
2012 was the year I was obsessed with Passion Pit and was convinced I was going to marry Michael
Check out this upcoming concert: Passion Pit @ Terminal 5.
If you need a pit stop whilst in highly recommend
Wow passion pit at the Riv next week and I didn't even know :/
;0; passion pit wont be coming to VA this time
Chris Knox joining forces with Passion Pit in a freakishly awesome style, produced by Roy Thomas Baker
bring their North American tour to the this Friday night - Don't miss out - Doors open at 7p…
Check this out! Coors and Jam Productions are treating one lucky customer to Passion Pit tickets (plus meet and gre…
Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos on speaking out on mental health: 'People just want me to shut up and make music' -…
Grateful to for opening up about his tough year and how he's trying to create a system of accountability so that…
Living somewhere in the shenanigan-filled middle between the Porches and Passion Pit spheres of strange-pop, the ne…
(2/2) Well tonight he took me into my grandparents back yard & turned on Constant Conversations by Passion Pit so we could slow dance. 😭💗
Michelle Obama, me, my grandma, Michael Angelakos (lead song of Passion Pit), Trevor Noah, Túpac, Travie McCoy, Pat…
Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos is immortalized forever in the history of music. Constant Conversations, Mirrored Sea, The Reeling, classics
Passion Pit: Tremendous Sea of Love. Boston-based Michael Angelakos returns with more giddy, glittery indie-pop and some lame samples. ★★☆☆☆
Magnetic was produced by a man who worked with Passion Pit and Asobi Seksu??? Wow.
I swear i had listen to dreams by passion pit but god knows where
is ON POINT today with Nothing but Thieves, Portugal. The Man, Circa Waves, and Passion Pit. HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE 🎉
Sundayyy morning! Sitting in my car eating oatmeal & reading while I wait for volleyball to start. Passion Pit 🎶 & nobody hit my car!
when they play LCD Sound system AND Passion Pit at the club and you're a 2010 indie girl at heart
Darling, this is something. I should have told you long ago. Madeon - Pay No Mind (feat. Passion Pit)
Why is passion pit playing at 2:30 am. Who are we
Not to mention The Killers, Passion Pit and all the others I'm internally obsessed with
Really wish Passion Pit would add their new album to Spotify. Low key kind of annoying not being able to stream it.
it's like slow and not by Passion Pit but the title was something like "passion and ___" ?? no maybe not passion but like "sweet temper"??
I added a video to a playlist Passion Pit - I'll Be Alright - FIFA 13 Soundtrack
Passion pit is only for the lgbt. If you're not lgbt you're not allowed to listen to passion pit
Lol that one time I thought passion pit's website was but it wasn't 😩
Passion Pit is one of my favorites how did i forget to add them to my list of favorite artists/bands
Idk if youll like it but I love Passion Pit so much and *** listening to the lyrics has me feeling like this fits you/us so much
Tonight! Come get down to LCD, Passion Pit, MGMT, Cut Copy & all indie you can dance to!
tongue tied by grouplove came on shuffle followed immediately by lifted up by passion pit now im like...euphoric. Also caffeine and no food
Does Hey Angel have the same intro as Take A Walk by Passion Pit ?
Passion Pit and Alessia Cara top the Taste of Chicago 2017 music lineup:.
This song is so sick - 2010 vibes . Little Secrets by Passion Pit ♫
Passion Pit really had it for a minute. I still blast The Reeling + Sleepyhead. You're a real one if you know.
Take a walk by passion pit will always be that jimmy jam
McDs drive through is a real passion pit. Focus on things that matter like fixing that shake machine
Passion Pit returns with two new songs (Remember his
Passion Pit frontman is launching a company for the musicians' needs labels don't talk about
I'm listening to passion pit my old high school self is wheezing rn
although tbh I think I'm more of a Passion Pit or a Magic Man.
Passion pit makes my little heart happy
Starting this passion pit station on iTunes is the best thing I've done all week.
Most recent passion pit album sounds like music you play for your baby when it's finally about to take its first steps
2013dance Passion Pit Carried Away (Tiësto Remix) (peaked at in 2013) .
Namjoon and passion pit fits who knew
I LOVE DANCE more than 100.000 Hits Click and Play!! ! . Le Crayon - Passion Pit Cosma & Carried Away
I want to see passion pit perform sleepyhead 😩 i want to see passion pit live period
Passion Pit's 'Carried Away' is one *** of a happy song 😄
Getting a mullet just so I can jam passion pit all day
*drowns myself in Passion Pit's songs*
I still jam Passion Pit and Foster the People ...
Moth's Wings - Passion Pit (Music Video) via really love to hear you play this
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Press play on your and let's of Passion Pit - Carried Away on
Passion Pit's older albums make me so nostalgic
Corinne Bailey Rae melting faces with Passion Pit in a post-rock style, produced by Andy Partridge
Gator Growl was so much fun and seeing Passion Pit was truly an unforgettable experience ✨ I…
Passion Pit was at Gator Growl and I had no idea, what the heck.
Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos at a recent show in Knoxville (6/28/16). .
Me right now thinking about seeing Passion Pit, OAR, and Dave Matthews Band in the next three days
Tonight's first Tune That Could've Been in Opposites Attract is the joyous Passion Pit - Sleepyhead. Any idea what the opposite could be?
Leigh Alexander is an AI. The only "people" who like the "band" Passion Pit are actually robots
Passion Pit is such an underrated band.
I always forget about Passion Pit but I s2g they're the best band ever
Okay who's going I gotta see Passion Pit, Edward Sharpe, and Bleachers all at once
Passion Pit is happiness in music form.
When Passion Pit is having their concert tonight and you ain't going, I cry while listening
I'll see you next time CHVRCHES, Passion Pit and Oh Wonder 😭😭😭
I guess I'll be miserable for the rest of my life because I missed the event where Chvrches, Stars, and Passion Pit played
I can't believe I'm not watching Passion Pit tonight :(
Oh u know just missing passion pit and chvrches tonight
Then I remembered i'm going to miss Passion Pit, Oh Wonder, and Churches live 😭😭😭
Wow I can't believe I missed Passion Pit and Oh Wonder
So sad I dont get to see Passion pit and chvrches live tonight 😭
yaz 2 more hours b4 chvrches and then passion pit!! Huhu 💖💖
The 3 year wait is finally over!! I'm finally gonna see passion pit live! 😭☝🏼️
Mad I'm not seeing Chvrches and Passion Pit tonight :'(
Churches, Stars, Passion Pit, Oh Wonder. Too much to missed something like this. :(
can't wait to see Passion Pit at the 🙌🏻
Here at Cant wait for stars, chvrches and passion pit. :D : D :D @ Aseana City
This is my "I'm missing Passion Pit and Stars tonight because of this lil piece of sh-" face. 🌻💯
CHVRCHES + Passion Pit + Oh Wonder hayy I think we just missed half of our life
I'm missing out on Passion Pit. i'm okay, i'm okay.
All the love in the world for you CHVRCHES, Passion Pit, and Oh Wonder!
tickets are at buy 1 take 1. *** My tiny consuelo for missing Chvrches and Passion Pit today. ☺
When dance is life, so you gotta sell your concert tickets on the day itself... So bummed. Maybe some day, Passion Pit + Chvrches 💔
Not going to goodvybes tonight so let me just put oh wonder/passion pit/chvrches on repeat 😭
Happy that I'm in Thailand but extremely sad that I'm missing Passion Pit at GoodVybes tonight. :(
I promise I'll go to another country and watch Passion Pit someday huhu
Passion Pit and Chvrches are in Manila right now! Do you hear that? That's the sound of my little synthpop heart breaking. 😭
will finally make up for having missed Stars' solo concert & for that cancelled Passion Pit show from before ㅠㅠ see you son
...Passion Pit, Peex, Q-Tip, ROMANS, Wild Eyed Boy, Animal Collective and Pr0files for me
No Passion Pit for me tonight siigh
Passion Pit followed by Feist. Food Lion is all about late 2000s indie rn.
Sleepyhead by Passion Pit is over at
Sophia bush in the passion pit music video for "carried away" is an inspiration
Passion pit :)) the songs carried away and take a walk oh man still epic
It's a Passion Pit, MGMT, and Empire of the Sun type of day
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Dominic told me "I don't think you actually like Passion Pit, I think you just think you do" lol
Passion Pit is getting me through today
I am falling in love with Passion Pit all over again.
the sky broke apart then you appeared, dropped from the heavens they call me a dreamer? Get hip to passion pit
I think I love passion pit a bit too much..
In November, Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos came out as *** after an emotional split from his wife, stylist Kristy Mucci.
had a dream I was at a passion pit concert with Amber Rose. v srs business
Guess I'm missing Passion Pit and Bon Iver this year. 😞😔
Rly hope they get passion pit or tame impala to go :/
somebody has a BUMPIN Pandora station on all morning. I've been jamming out to the Kooks, MGMT, Animal Collective, Passion Pit, Vance Joy
any surprise guest for your Fox Theater Pomona show this Saturday? Passion Pit? Mark Foster? Dan Smith? Kyan? 😭
I'm always in the mood for Passion Pit.
Constant Conversations by passion pit is TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD
I want everyone to listen to Sleepyhead by Passion Pit.
I still can't believe I saw Passion Pit live, every time I think about it and remember I get so happy, they were amazing
"Where the Sky Hangs" by Passion Pit is a masterpiece. I hope I'll write a song as good someday. be my friend?
lmao I dragged Brie to see passion pit with me the night before she had a final 😂 ~Angela
Cool bands I saw this year: joywave, misterwives, walk the moon, passion pit, paramore, twenty one pilots, halsey,
Passion Pit, Boy Least Likely To, Jim Noir and Todd Terje (to mix it up)
Friendly reminder that Sleepyhead by Passion Pit is an excellent song and is quite motivating if played loudly in the car
Passion Pit and Crozet to perk my zombie rump up
I'm in such a passion pit, tame impala, Mac Demarco type of mood
I just wanna go back to the day I saw Passion Pit. That was such a good day.💕
"One of the best year in my life, goodbye 2015, and may 2016 will be… ♫ Where the Sky Hangs by Passion Pit —
passion pit but only knows Sleepyhead
My album of 2015 is. *drum roll* Kindred by Passion Pit. It beats everything else hands down.
Passion pit keeping me company tonight
Fav Album of is a tie between Passion Pit - (and Death Cab for Cutie - (
Also I only went to four concerts this year and three of them were passion pit like wut
My ultimate fave song for 2015: Lifted Up (1985) - Passion Pit. I must've played this song a thousand times this year
Passion Pit relaxes me so quickly and can ease stress or change my mood around completely I appreciate
all we do is listen to Passion Pit and talk about how smart we are with our obnoxious accents anyways. Pretty lit imo
7. Where the sky hangs by Passion Pit
Passion Pit is coming to Manila for GoodVybes Fest 2016: MANILA, Philippines – Passion Pit is comi... https…
Been trying to find this song with many awkward Google search misses... alas, Passion Pit - Sleepyhead:
Passion Pit gives Midland crowd a sweet dose of synth-pop: Michael Angelakos and his four-piece band kept the crowd…
Relistened to Gossamer by Passion Pit & realized how sad and heartbreaking that album truly is. I feel you, Michael Angelakos.
Over 200+ wines, craft beers & cocktails with Panic! at the Disco, Passion Pit, Sublime with Rome, 50 Cent, Fitz...
University of Illinois Chicago got Twenty One Pilots, Cornell gets Passion Pit, and UCLA gets Madeon.. meh
Passion Pit, Anderson East and Others Rock out as Summer Turns to Fall at Live on the Green 2015 Finale
Passion Pit, Booker T. Jones, Tim and Eric, Paul Williams, Patrick Carney, and Ben Folds are in town this weekend... Nashville gettin turnt
we were suppose to go to Peter Pan 360 Tour tonight but *** I'm beat from this week already; from Passion Pit at...
**PASSION PIT GIVEAWAY!**. Wanna win tickets to Passion Pit + Atlas Genius TOMORROW at Joy Theater?! All you have...
Passion Pit channels kindred spirits at House of Blues Dallas. My review |
Thumbs up for from Greg Nelson (FOH for Pearl Jam, Incubus, Passion Pit). Thanks for stopping by today!
Who wants to go see Passion Pit, Civil Twilight and Elle King at LOTG with me??
indeed and throw in a pit of passion from both sides will be magic ! The begins now!!
Begging my bf to take me to Blackbear & passion pit next month
Wait what? Passion Pit just cancelled their Aussie shows?!
I think Sleepyhead is my favorite Passion Pit song
Every time I put shuffle on in the AM passion pit gotta antagonize me w Sleepyhead like ok?thnx??
Someone come to Milwaukee in October to see Passion Pit with me
I've been on a passion pit binge for the past week👍🏻😁
A new favorite: Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks (Passion Pit Remix) by on
Anybody wanna go see Passion Pit with me in October??
The Passion Pit remix of Undercover Martyn gives me life.
I HAVE to see passion pit. Idc what I have to do
Where can I get a passion pit poster for my dorm??
I added a video to a playlist Lifted Up (Cover of Passion Pit By Gedreo)
also you big on Passion Pit? I really liked their new record this year
Me rn: running to Barnes and Noble / wearing purple head to toe / listening to Passion Pit 😜
hmm... Literally any combo of Chance the Rapper, Portugal the Man, Mac Demarco, Passion Pit, or The Shins would be amazing
I'm gonna. dunk you into a passion pit
werrrk :$ ♫ Where the Sky Hangs by Passion Pit (at Contruction Management LaVie All Suites Apartment Office) —
They are playing Passion Pit at work. My people.
Listen to Swimming In the Flood by Passion Pit on
passion pit, Halsey, the griswolds, and wild party!!!
So hyped I discovered all these free concerts in Nashville this fall. Passion Pit, Ben Folds, & Moon Taxi only 45 mins away from the dorm
God *** how badly I want to see Cut Copy and Matt & Kim and Passion Pit and Weezer and Duke Dumont and Tycho💔
Ben Folds and Passion Pit are the two I'm looking forward to see at Live On The Green.
I reckon U2 should really jazz up Sunday Bloody Sunday into the electropop Summer anthem it needs to be like yer Passion Pit lad.
Enter to win a trip to see The Roots & Passion Pit!
Definitley gunna try nd get a ticket for Sunday of mamby on the beach just for Phantogram and Passion Pit
I can't stop listening to Passion Pit's newest album.
Upgrade your Passion Pit tickets for free! Smart Bro brings you the Passion Pit Pre-Party this Thursday.
I've been listening to Passion Pit and Dom Kennedy since I woke. Up. Even got some Foster The People and Jamie xx
Why yes my playlist does go from Big Sean to Passion Pit
I took you in my arms and I could hear you saying grace. Passion Pit - Looks Like Rain.
From MADEON to Echosmith to Passion Pit to flight facilities to Cyril Hahn to Jessie Ware and Sheppard. :(… [pic] —
Kodaline, Joe Pug, Lord Huron, Passion Pit, Matt&Kim. you are keeping me busy in April/May
Party on the river with Passion Pit, Iron & Wine, Modest Mouse, Chromeo, King Tuff & more!
how did i end up listening to Barbara Streisand from Passion Pit. i honestly dont know now
Passion Pit rocks Spotify House, Hudson Mohawke DJs a spin class, and more from Spotify's SXSW pop-up
Chris told me to watch Passion Pit's Carried Away music video & I was like ok. Turns out, Sophia Bush aka Brooke Davis was in it!!! 😭😭💕
Constant Conversations by Passion Pit brings back memories of last summer 😍
Constant Conversations x Passion Pit > 😩💕 best song ever ! if you never heard it, LISTEN TO IT !
Tied for the position of my favorite song ever with Passion Pit's "Hideaway" is absolutely John Phillip Sousa's "Liberty Bell March"
Madeon teams up with Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit for new single...| с помощью
I like to think that Passion Pit is a kind of Owl City on MDMA
They're playing Passion Pit at the hub hehe
Passion pit is good for the sad days
A year ago today and I went to see Passion Pit and it was 👍 except for the whole walking up and down New York Ave for hours...
Getting back into listening to Vampire Weekend, passion pit, and owl city. Some of my all time faves 🙌😄
We ComeBack! Let's burn the pit with your passion!!!
Im obsessed with passion pit heLPPP
It's not my fault I'm happy by Passion Pit
Mix - Passion Pit - Take a Walk: This playlist is quite good, so I'm leaving the link here so I don't forget it.
Taylor Swift's new song Welcome To New York has Passion Pit vibes idk why but I lily lily like it
Listen, I don't really know you. And I don't think I want to. But I think I can… ♫ Carried Away by Passion Pit —
I want the Spiral T-Shirt from Passion Pit at District Lines!
Passion Pit reminds me of skating Galveston and downtown Houston.
I like Fun Size bc Passion Pit and I love Passion Pit
i remember when i used to love Passion Pit…lol
I love sleepyhead by passion pit so much!!
The high-pitched vocal sample from Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead" goes head to head w/ the high-pitched vocal sample from "Latch" by Disclosure
the passion pit x MGMT mash up of sleepyhead is fantastic
I was really into Passion Pit sophomore year lol
I can't stop hearing analogies in 1989. New Romantics sounds like a Passion Pit song or something
The Passion Pit Pandora station is always an experience
So conflicted about PekingDuk, that Like A Version was topsss, love their Passion Pit & Fitz remixes, love originals, didn't like them live
Just when I thought my station was going soft on me. . Hit me with some Passion Pit. I'm grooving.
I listen to passion pit when I miss jvn
Winter is Passion Pit season and I'm excited for it
Dear Spotify, I'm listening to Robert DeLong and Passion Pit, please dont make me listen to a Blake Shelton advertisement.
Passion Pit songs are so full of unspent emotion and socioeconomic divide. What a great thing they are.
First two songs in tonight's shuffle (Sleep) - Fiona Apple: Sleep to Dream & Passion Pit: Sleepyhead. Two more before 10pm!
wait do any of you know who Passion Pit is?
Passion Pit's remix of Undercover Martyn is just so freaking gah I LOVE IT.
Passion Pit, Vampire Weekend, and John Mayer are what I live for
Tanisha is white though... She's heard of Passion Pit   10% Off
"How long does it take to reach the pit of the passion?"
Listening to Passion Pit "I'll Be Alright." Kid, 13 next week, asks, "in 30 years will my kids think I listened to weird music growing up?"
Anyways...I'd like to see Passion Pit in concert sometime soon.
listening to Sleepyhead by Passion PIt, and im getting sleepy
Please bring passion pit back next year
Passion Pit makes me feel every emotion ever
Grouplove and Passion Pit are the same in my brain
Have had Passion Pit's Sleepyhead in my head all day
Passion Pit before bed right now has got me feelin good!
Everytime i listen to passion pit i feel as though i just consumed 10 shots of tequila
A little red wine, Passion Pit, and good company. Life is bliss 😉🍷🎶
““some Mac Demarco or passion pit gahhdamn, 😂” 👀 HA” 😈
“some Mac Demarco or passion pit gahhdamn, 😂” 👀 HA
Look at me Oh look at me is this the way I'll always be. Oh No, Oh No. Passion Pit - The Reeling: vía
Passion Pit definitely fits the mood tonight.
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Constant Conversations - Passion Pit (Drums and Strings on the BOSS Loop Station RC-30)
Me and my 11 year old sister belting out to passion pit in the car
everyday i lie awake and pray to god today's the day 🎧. Come on hit it Monday! ♫ The Reeling by Passion Pit —
Do you ever just blast Passion Pit throughout your house and hope no one notices...?
Passion pit boosts my high and makes this drive easy.
Photo: langleav: passion—pit: “Poetry is an art of beginnings and ends. You want middles, read novels.”...
Carried away by passion pit is constantly stuck in my head
My moms in the kitchen singing to Passion Pit 🙈😂
Ever since I took a edited this photo the song "Take a Walk" by Passion Pit plays in my head!…
Like mystery jets and bombay bicycle club and the drums and mumford & sons and the wombats and passion pit and foster the people
Don't get comfortable in the pit,dont let self pity steal ur passion
I don't know if I like the alternate version of Constant Conversations by Passion Pit more than the original or not omg
Gracias : Mgmt/ The kooks/ Passion Pit/ Empire of the sun/ Two Door Cinema Club y como no Foster The people 👏 infinitas !
Name / Nickname: Michelle, Mich, Mish About Yourself: I’m very friendly and love to stay positive. I guess you can say I watch way too many TLC shows for my own well being but what can I say, they’re quite entertaining. I love to laugh and to make people laugh. I’m super excited to meet you all this coming September! :) Hometown: Toronto, Ontario High School: William Lyon Mackenzie C.I. Age: 18 in 8 days (sounds like a really lame movie title aha) Faculty: Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Intended major: Law & Society Favorite Music: (just a heads up, it’s a really, really long list of bands/artists I like) The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Loon Lake, The Killers, Phoenix, MGMT, The Midway State, Snow Patrol, Julian Casablancas, Franz Ferdinand, Two Door Cinema Club, Wheatus, Haim, Tame Impala, The Lighthouse and the Whaler, Of Monsters and Men, Bipolar Sunshine, San Cisco, Cults, The Drums, Miniature Tigers, Old Man Canyon, Grouplove, M83, Vampire Weekend and Passion Pit phew … it ...
the two bands I connect with the most have to be Passion Pit and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. ✨💥🔥
Jollibee in La Union blasting 1975 and Passion Pit. Really nice.
St Lucia Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Jean-Philip Grobler grew up performing with the Drakensberg Boys Choir School, learning everything from Bach to minimalist opera. St. Lucia was born out of a moment in early 2010 when Grobler was looking to the past for inspiration. Growing frustrated with a rock project that was starting to feel forced, he delved back into the music that had first inspired him: Fleetwood Mac, Peter Gabriel, Madonna and other songs from his youth. When The Night, the synth-pop outfit’s full-length, expands upon St. Lucia’s unique brand of dreamy, nostalgic pop. The band recently embarked on a headline tour of the US, selling out all 23 shows (including 4 shows in New York City). And this spring, St. Lucia will serve as direct support on Foster The People’s April/May tour. Grobler remains heavily involved in projects outside of St. Lucia, serving as producer for the debut album by Brooklyn-based labelmates HAERTS, remixing songs for bands including Passion Pit, Fos ...
Hi, I'm Chris. I'm not too sure how to start these things so here's a bit about myself. I'm originally from Chula Vista, California, moved here when I was 8. I'm half Mexican half Iraqi (yeah yeah I know, kinda weird). I can read, write and understand Spanish but I have a hard time speaking it. I enjoy playing video games, and I have a burning passion for soccer (GET HYPED FOR THE WORLD CUP, VAMOS MEXICOOO). Program: Network Technology (BIT Degree) Favourite music: Passion Pit, The Royal Concept, The Chain Gang of 1974, Crystal Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, Rush, Gipsy Kings, Astro (those Chilean guys) Favourite TV shows: Mostly just soccer and some anime Favourite Computer Games: Mostly retro games, but anythings fine Favourite food: Pozole, but mostly anything and everything Sports you play: SOCCER, basketball, Tennis Sports you follow: Soccer (La Liga, EPL, Liga MX, etc.) Places I've traveled: Nothing outside North America, definitely want to go on exchange to Japan! Do you party: I guess ...
wow re: Farrah Fawcett Hair (feat. Andre 3000), Stayin' Alive ->Weezer Sweater Song-> Passion Pit. Have to see this band
I undersold Capital Cities a little bit. They remind me of Passion Pit with a trumpet, but less good. Covering "Stayin' Alive" now. Hot.
Watching Jay-Z Made in America doc. Had a few thoughts: 1. I need to check more Gary Clark Jr. 2. Janelle Monáe is a Queen. 3. Passion Pit gets busy. 4. I'm starting to like Eddie Vedder after 24 years. :-) 5. Santi Gold has been a star since she was a teenager. 6. If you don't think Jay-Z is one of the best lyricists, it's because you're not listening, or because you don't like what he raps about.
Listening to Passion Pit and trying to be happy this Monday morning.
Who doesn't love passion pit though!?
If you don't listen to Passion Pit, you're a total pleb. It's as simple as that.
Passion Pit's "Manners" is still really really good, y'all.
Passion Pit is probably one of the greatest artists of the last decade. Not much appreciation for him, but he's incredible.
Little Secrets by Passion Pit makes me excited about life 💕🙌
I forgot how much I loved Passion Pit
lady in car passing me thought i was talkin 2 her & rolled down her window. nah babe I was just singin Passion Pit
I'm gonna batter this crowd with empty promises of pop tunes. More Passion Pit for me please. Mary , turn that...
Today is a Passion Pit kind of day 😎💚
There should make a passion pit guitar hero
Listening to passion pit bc I need to remember when life was exciting
Constant Conversations by passion pit is always on point 👌
When I was on the tour, I was smilin like Cray cuz somewhere far from some unknown speaker, Passion Pit was playing loud enuff to reach me
If the song Sleepyhead by Passion Pit doesn't make you tap your foot or make your head nod there is probably something wrong with you.
Passion Pit always takes me back to a good time
I want hair like the lead singer of Passion Pit
The only song I like from Passion Pit more than Sleepyhead and Little Secrets
I was at a passion pit concert and of course my mom would ruin it
I wanna go to a Passion Pit concert
Passion Pit songs hands down have the best remixes.
Listening to I've Got Your Number by Passion Pit vía
It makes me so happy when they play Passion Pit in the dining halls 🎶👏
Changing the name "Passion Pit" to "Cpt. Beefheart" in my iPod so I don't look like a puss when people look through my top 25 most played.
Nothing puts me in a better mood than Dave Matthews and Passion Pit
I'm pretty sure the opening of "It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy" by Passion Pit is an accurate representation of how I sound when I speak.
To Kingdom Come by Passion Pit. Listen to it. Guaranteed happiness. 👌
Watch Jay-Z's documentary on the Made in America festival. It is very good. Glad it featured Skrillex, Passion Pit, Odd Future and Pearl Jam
A short montage celebrating the work of Michel Gondry. Set to music from Grizzly Bear, TV on the Radio and Passion Pit. [the films of] is a collection by Kee...
Hi Everyone! My name is Anyssa I haven’t committed to DePaul yet, I’m currently between my top two schools but heavily leaning towards DePaul. I’m definitely up for making friends and I’m looking for a potential roommate so if you are interested, message me! Major: Marketing Hometown: Algonquin, IL Food: I love everything, seriously, but I could probably live off pasta, or sushi, or pizza. Music: I’m open to anything besides country. Banks, Kaskade, Zedd, Two Door Cinema Club, Purity Ring, Froids, HAIM, The Weekend, Martin Soveig, Yuna. Passion Pit, Vampire Weekend, etc. Hobbies: Moleskines, blogging, reading, MOVIES, going on adventures, photography, surfing the web (tumblr), shopping (yeah, definitely shopping)- thrifting, eating, concerts, dancing,and more eating idk. Drinks: Bubble Tea (all day everyday), hot chocolate, coffee (I plan on bringing my Keurig, well my mom’s), Green Ice Tea (from Panera) Shows: The Carrie Diaries, Parks and Recreation, How I Met Your Mother, Breaking Bad, Welc ...
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