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Passer Rating

Passer rating (known as passing efficiency or pass efficiency in NCAA football) is a measure of the performance of quarterbacks or any other passers in American football and Canadian football.

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Cody Kessler was 11 of 18, 91 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 92.6 passer rating when he was benched by Hue Jackson.
a spark.Kessler had no pass protection all night dudes good. His passer rating was nearly 5x that of McCown.
Kessler had 92.6 passer rating w/ 1 TD & 0 INT in the 1st half w/ the lead. What specifically didn't you like about…
Fact remains: they were winning w/ Kessler, 92.6 passer rating 1 TD 0 INT, & Hue STILL benched him just so he can s…
You're going from a rookie who has the same passer rating as Aaron Rodgers to a 38 year old journeyman. Shocked it's going badly.
7th in passer rating tbh, 0.1 rating away from Derek Carr imo
Kessler on pace for his fifth straight game with a 96+ passer rating. Manziel had 1 in his entire career.
No QB has registered a 100+ passer rating against the in. 34-straight games, including playoffs (longest streak in…
Dak Prescott is the first rookie QB in NFL history to have 6 starts with a 100+ passer rating in his team’s fir…
Cody Kessler is the first modern-era QB to lose his first 6 starts despite a 90+ passer rating. vs . 8:20 ET on
Throwing at CB Aqib Talib has yielded a passer rating of 37.0 this year -- lowest in the NFL. 🔒⬇️
Throwing at Ohio State cornerbacks Gareon Conley & Marshon Lattimore has resulted in a 25.2 passer rating for opposing QBs…
Since 2015, Flacco's ranks among 27 regular starting QBs: last in TD % (by wide margin), second-last in YPA, ANY/A, and passer rating.
Landry Jones faces the the Pats this Sunday. His career Passer Rating = 76. Can the Steelers win without Big Ben?
how do you feel about he top quarterbacks in passer rating being flacco, Logan Thomas, a. Murray and Keller Moore?
Tyrod taylor had a better passer rating than Cam Newton this year.
Peyton has more completions and a higher all time passer rating than Tom Brady 👀
Hey what's the lowest passer rating of a QB entering the Super Bowl? I would think Peyton's of 67 has got to be close?
Look at the passer rating differential when Manning has had a week of between starts.
Found this in the SB50 guide: QB with highest passer rating in the red zone with minimum 20 attempts-Blaine Gabbert 120.5
Wentz had a 109 passer rating in that game
.I love but a HOFer he's not. Look @ his body of work, not just lifetime passer rating
And you have to account for the rushing somehow. But I don't see how a higher passer rating makes the W/L thing better for
cuz every kid playing football dreams of having a great passer rating and comp %. Winning the big games means squat.
When your blood alcohol level is consistently > your passer rating, your NFL career is on borrowed time.
Peyton Manning's passer rating increases by 20.5 when using play action. When not, Manning had the 2nd worst passer rating of all …
Ark QB Allen passer rating is 6th , Watson was 13th
Passer rating leaders going into Sunday’…
Almost had another perfect passer rating with the GOAT Tom Brady. Won 28-21 online
you might've even had a better passer rating than Cook
Jake Coker 18 of 25 for 204 yards and two touchdowns. His acne is 30 for 30 with a perfect passer rating
Bridgewater (only QB in the league) w/o Int on passes of 10 yards or less) (9:0 touchdown-to-interception ratio and a 99.9 passer rating
3) Since the bye Peters has the second lowest completion % allowed and passer rating allowed. He's been fantastic since the bye. (2/2)
Yeah, so close. Johnny just needs to average a 103 passer rating over his next 4 seasons and he's there.
After the 0-5 start, Stafford has thrown for 2759 yards, 23 TD's, and 5 INT in last 10 games. 68% completion and 106.6 pas…
Here you go. It's a minimum of five attempts; Kellen Moore has the 3rd-worst passer rating in the NFL:
Top 10 CBs in passer rating allowed:
started playing football in 1920. Jay Cutler is 1st in team history in passer rating, completions, yards, completio…
Clemson punter Andy Teasdall, by the way, has a 360.4 passer rating.
Clemson punter Andy Teasdall has a 360.4 passer rating in the game so far. QB Deshaun Watson's is 48.1
Russell Wilson leads the NFL in Passer Rating at 110.0, Palmer is number two at 107.2
Andrew Luck is 32nd in the NFL in Passer Rating; Peyton Manning is 33rd. Only 1 QB in the entire NFL is worse: Ryan Mallett
Romo did LEAD THE NFL IN PASSER RATING & COMPLETION % last year. He was the REAL MVP 2014-15 RG3' a BUST!
hes made 3 SB's and is top 15 all time in playoff passer rating, stop embarassing yourself.
Tebow the goat with a perfect passer rating
he was in the bottom half of the league in BOTH Passer rating AND Pass %! ALL QB were WAY WAY up last season.
what's Bradfords passer rating the last 3 to 4 years. 40,? I'm finished with *** like U
Did great? Finished almost dead last in passer rating and yards per attempt.
And by better numbers I mean completion percentage, TD/INT ratio, passer rating.
Matt Schaub has a higher career passer rating than Marino. Completely useless.
I agree with the reasoning. But wasn't their rating just purely ranking the QBs on how good a passer they were?
Please tell me which of Wilson's elite receivers "carried" him to the second highest passer rating of all time
They had him at no.5 in passer rating and that is without any protection.
In 2 preseason games, DB Corey White has 3 PBU's and has held QB's to a completion % of 50.0 & a 57.8 passer ra…
Ben Roethlisburger was tied for the most passing yards last year and he had a Passer rating of a 103 You're an ***
Brian Hoyer's final five games in Cleveland:. 49% completion rate. 2 TD. 9 INT. 53.1 passer rating. 1-4 record. I see why the Texans love it
Does anyone remember Vick's 100.2 passer rating in 2010? Plus the game with 4 passing TDs and 2 rushing TDs?
Healthy Megatron = Happy Stafford. Stafford has a career passer rating of 95.9 when throwing to Johnson with 47 TDs. http:/…
Passer rating isn't a team defensive effort. That's specifically when targeting him
Passer rating is a team defensive effort. I use TDs allowed and pass deflections. Hall is 🚮 though.
Tony Romo has a career passer rating of 97.6 but even he has fallen victim to the "your/you're" mistake on social media.
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never said Brees was good, just saying it's so much easier to have a high Passer Rating when you're passing for 1k less than
Yeah, if only he could see above the UW linemen, who are bigger than NFL linemen, when he set the NCAA passer rating record.
how is Tyrod passer rating 84, and Cassel is 90? Real question
9th highest career passer rating in postseason history. Ahead of some big names.
Geno Smith records a perfect passer rating of 158.3. Believe it, or not, he’s the only QB to do it all season.
EJ has best passer rating of 117.2 in games Isn't that what the Bills will play in the season 2 passing TDs None by the others
Fwiw, Brady's Passer Rating was on average 10th best in the NFL. Cam's is 17th.
Mett had better passer rating his first season than Tom Brady did his first season.
Brady was a game manager, Newton is focus of team, passer rating average has changed over the years, quality of teams, etc.
"Romo don't perform in the playoffs," but he got a top 5 playoff passer rating in the league lol
Romo not clutch, but he got the highest 4th Quarter Passer Rating in the league, by a comfortable margin. Ok lol
It's only one QB in the history of the NFL with a higher career passer rating than Romo, and that's Aaron Rodgers.
.no championships, + his passer rating is below league average and Brady's was not iirc
Christian Hackenberg didn't even finish in the top 100 QBs in passer rating last year.but he's the 2016 pick? Stop it
Russell Wilson has the 5th best postseason passer rating of all time (one spot above Jon Montana)
The first Buccaneers quarterback to lead the conference in passer rating was Brad Johnson who had a 92.9 rating.
Bridgewater has a passer rating 0f 111 and Hill is 115 smh
A lot of statistics from last year (passer rating, completion perc.) say so. Lot of analysts agree:
Pats’ win % is .936 when Brady had a passer rating >100. Saints’ % when Brees > 100 is .817. Ain't easy being Brees.
the article mentioned that he had a better career passer rating than certain other QBs...
For four straight seasons Philip Rivers passer rating has been over 100.0 on throws that took less than 2.5 seconds.
poorly slanted? This is TDs, INTs , and Passer rating. Not some random garbage stats. Wow
CB Ladarius Gunter has been targeted 10 times this preseason. Allowed 4 catches for 36 yards, w/INT. 10.8 passer r…
what? TD passes, yards, Passer rating, QBR etc are tracked actually.
"Romo has the highest fourth-quarter passer rating among active quarterbacks. And it’s not even close."
The last 5 games of Teddy Bridgewater's season he led the NFL in passer rating, completion %, and yards per completion.
romo's passer rating has always been legit even before oline. Don't mention Romo was undrafted FA
Just FTR, while in the nickel last year, Wilson allowed an 83.1 passer rating, 7th best in NFL.
It's not hating. Passer rating allowed is skewed because the cornerback Davis played with were bad.
That moment you realize they're going to rank Murray ahead of Romo, who has the 2nd highest career passer rating ever ht…
2011-2013: Tony Romo has 100+ passer rating in 20 games: 12 Wins, 8 Losses. 2014: 10 games with a 100+ rating, 10 wins.
Top passer rating, more TDs than Brees, and a lot less interceptions, highest completion percentage, most yards/attp
Rote had a better career than this guy. The passer rating+ column might help you the most.
To be second highest in passer rating all time is an accomplishment in itself
He was the top rated qb last year, he tied games with over 135 passer rating with 5. He had the most 70% passing games
Can't wait for my kids to learn algebra so I can show them why passer rating ***
Although I think they are all superior to passer rating.
Tony Romo's 95.7 passer rating in the final 2 minutes is the HIGHEST of all active quarterbacks. .
QB Everett Golson’s vs. ACC teams in '12 and '14: 153 of 229 (66.8%) for 1,943 yards, 17 TDs, 7 INTs. Passer rating of 156.…
Gregory is the best pass rusher coming outta college, Jones only allowed a passer rating of more research
Passer rating shmasser rating. He needs to win in the playoffs before I'll consider him good.
Yeah, shame. I wish we could have a QB that could lead the league in passer rating or have most comebacks past 5 yrs
yeah those texts were equal parts damning and hilarious. "Only thing deflating is his passer rating"
the dude said "the only thing deflating Sunday is Bradys passer rating".Just admit your a fan of a cheating *** organization
Patriots had zero fumbles last year, Brady's shenanigans impact more than just his passer rating
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- The only thing getting deflated this Sunday is his passer rating.
How about if they hold QB’s to a passer rating of under 100 before worrying about any nicknames for them?
4 games and a fine. Only thing deflating is his passer rating 😂
Can't get enough of the Pats equipment guys' texts. "Omg spaz." "The only thing deflating Sun is his passer rating."
Ryan in zone/off-man was very good in his rookie year. Only NFL CB with a lower passer rating when thrown at was Sherman.
"just passer rating" if you play in the league longer your gonna have more touchdowns buddy. Get educated
im laughing so hard. The deflate joke cracks me up. It'll be deflated like his passer rating
ok that's just passer rating. Who has most career TDs? Who's gonna break the passing yards record?
Bro, Tebow's passer rating is better than yours. 😂
"The only thing deflating is his passer rating"
apparently not everyone in the Patriots locker room loves Tom Brady
'The only thing deflating is Tom's passer rating.'
When new Bear S Adrian Amos was targeted, QBs had an NFL Passer Rating of 13.0; best for all draft eligible safeties.
The only thing deflating is his passer rating was a winner.
Bad prediction by McNally on Tom Brady’s passer rating vs
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"Only thing getting deflated today is his passer rating.". This is the greatest moment in the history of our sport
"The only thing deflating sunday. is his passer rating" lololol
E.J. Manuel doesn't need to deflate balls to complete 58.6% of his passes and have a 78.5 passer rating.
Imagine what TB's going to think when he sees the text from a lowly ball boy.. "the only thing deflating is his passer rating"
"Only thing deflating Sunday is his passer rating." -said the angry guy supposed to deflate balls for Tom Brady but he wanted new sneakers
Somehow the 2014 Bears got dragged into the Wells Report so we can all laugh/cry one last time h…
"Only thing deflating this week is his passer rating" lmaoq
PEDs are cheating. also the FACT that the balls were readjusted at Halftime and Brady threw 153% passer rating in the 2nd..?
So the text messages between the equip. managers definitely stated they wanted Brady's passer rating to drop. So he ain't invovled.
"only thing that will deflate is his passer rating" Kid is a boss
The text exchange between the patriots ball boys is hilarious! .
The text exchange between the 2 Patriots ball boys about how Tom Brady likes his footballs is hilarious NSFW language
McNally on if Brady continued to give him grief: "The only thing getting deflated Sunday is his passer rating." Classic McNally.
Anyone else find those texts from awesome"the only thing deflating is his passer rating"
"The only thing deflating his passer rating"
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Here's a fact. Brady's passer rating was 148.4 the game after ball boy threatened to inflate like a balloon.
Prior to game against Bears "Only thing deflating is his passer rating", NAILED IT!
Kudos to QB for breaking franchise rookie records for Completion % and Passer Rating.
In 10 seasons, Eli Manning has finished in the top 10 in Passer Rating just once. He's led the league in INTs 3 times...…
Jason Campbell has over 1000 Yards Passing and an over 88 Passer Rating. Last Brown QB to do so was Bernie Kosar in 1987
Fun fact, Tony Romo has the highest all time Passer Rating in the 4th quarter at 102.9.
Geno Smith's passer rating in last five games: 48.3, including a rating of 10 yesterday.
Jason Campbell's 44.3 yesterday is the worst single-game passer rating by a Browns QB since Brandon Weeden's 5.1 in the 2012 opener.
I had a better passer rating, passing yards, and only 5 less touchdowns.
Nick Foles leads the in passer rating. Not Peyton Manning, not Aaron Rodgers, not Drew Brees..Nick Foles.
Geno Smith's passer rating for first 5 games -- 80.3. For last 5 games -- 48.0.
Nick Foles is the NFL leader in passer rating ahead of Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers
RW has a 117 passer rating at home in his career. On the road? Oh you know, just 91.5
Nick Foles has a 152.8 passer rating over the last 3 games, the second-best 3-game stretch since 1960.
Andy Dalton has a higher passer rating than Tom Brady. Lmao! featured in NBC s Science of Love
I think it's probably a better idea to judge Foles on his league-leading passer rating, YPA and TD:INT figures.
Nick Foles is number one in qb passer rating this year and passes manning Rodgers and Brees
Nick Foles needs about a 115.0 passer rating over the final 5 games to set the single-season record for passer rating.
As of this point Nick Foles is the best qb in the nfl if your goin by passer rating
Foles has had a passer rating of at least 100 five times this year. Only Peyton & R. Wilson have had more. And Foles didn't st…
Nick Foles' 104.3 passer rating was his second-WORST this year.
Palmer's 109.5 passer rating since Week 8 is No. 5 in the NFL. The team is 3-0 over that time.
Mike Vick is 1-4 this year while Nick Foles is 5-1 with the top passer rating. Is Chip Kelly mad?
Assuming Russell Wilson is done for the day, his passer rating of 151.4 is a career high.
Nick Foles is on pace to set the single-season NFL record for passer rating
all-time in the SEC in:. Passing Yards. Passing Touchdowns. Completion %. Passer Rating. Yards per Attempt. That's the pace.
Since you obviously missed it; the Seahawks won again 10-1, Wilson 151 passer rating, Harvin two touches both special.
Per On the 14 drop backs he was pressured, Eli Manning had a 132.2 passer rating.
Not comparing to Tom Brady but u don't bench any QB coming off a 100+ passer rating 4 a guy in his 40's
I know passer rating means nothing, but holy crap Geno Smith:
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His current 186.5 passer rating would also be an SEC record, and be good enough to rank him 4th all-time in D1 history.
AA: Here's a look at the passer rating formula- McCown now 7th
If Nick Foles threw INTs on his next 26 throws, his passer rating would still be higher than Eli Mannings. Let that one sink in for a bit.
he's on 13 starts and already has more TDs, less INTs, better passer rating
Geno Smith had a passer rating of 10.1 yesterday, that's all.
Geno Smith has 16 ints and had a 10.1 passer rating on Sunday. If he wins ROY, the award is more than meaningless.
1 thing we all expected was to wake up on Nov. 18 & for Nick Foles to be leading with 128 passer rating, above Manning, …
Nick Foles leads the NFL in passer rating with 127.9, and people still doubt him..
Congrats to on a personal career best passer rating yesterday.
Chicago Bears Nation! . Backup QB Josh McCown is 61-101 for 754 yards, 5 TDs, no INTs and a 100.0 passer rating.
Ten Things To Know After Week 11 in the NFL: 1. If the Playoffs started today: Denver, New England, Seattle, and New Orleans would have First Round Byes; Wildcards: 49ers at Lions, Panthers at Eagles, Jets at Colts, and Chiefs at Bengals 2. Mike Glennon has more touchdown passes than Alex Smith—and Glennon was the 3rd string quarterback and did not even enter a game until Week 4 3. Tony Romo and Peyton Manning have the same amount of interceptions, despite Romo’s reputation of ‘always throwing interceptions’ 4. The quarterback having the lowest Passer Rating among active starters is Geno Smith, 65.1 5. Sunday night’s game against the Chiefs was the first game since December 16, 2012, that Peyton Manning only threw one touchdown pass 6. The Bears are 3rd in the NFL in total points scored and would miss the Playoffs if they began today 7. There are currently two 1,000 yard WRs and just one 1,000 yard RB 8. Yards per carry, this is the worst season of Adrian Peterson’s NFL career 9. Last year the ...
. 158.3 Passer Rating this game too perfect against Tom Terrific !
Just read an interesting stat on Tony Romo. Romo has had a 100.0+ Passer Rating in 52% of the games that he has started. That is the second best % in the NFL, behind only Aaron Rodgers. To put that into perspective, Eli Manning's percentage of 100.0 passer rating games is 27%. Eli has started nearly 2 full seasons more than Romo, yet he only has 37 games with a passer rating over 100. Romo has 48 career games with a 100+ passer rating. And people say Romo's not as good as Eli.
Tony Romo has started 97 games in his career (including post season). He has many haters out there who continue to say that he isn't elite and is a choke artist.. Well let's compare Romo's 97 starts with the first 97 starts of 2 QB's that are considered elite in the NFL, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. Through his Romo's 97 starts, he has won a total of 56 games. That’s more than either Manning (53) or Brees (50). Romo completed 2177 of 3375 pass attempts for a 64.5% completion factor. Manning completed 2140 of 3427 pass attempts for a 62.4% and Brees completed 2106 of 3286 for 64.1%. Romo’s 2177 completions grossed him 26,569 yards, 181 TDs, and 93 INTs. Manning, 25,077 yards, 167 TDs, and 111 INTs and Brees, 23,448 yards, 147 TDs, and 88 INTs. Since each of the previous stats favor Romo, you can probably guess that his Passer Rating of 95.0 is better than either Manning’s 87.4 or Brees’ 89.0. Many people would argue that the thing that separates Romo from these other 2 QB's is post season success ...
The current Passer Rating was invented in 1973, Roger Staubach's (84.9) led the league in 1978. Aaron Rodgers had (122.5) in 2011.
Too bad a Concussion put Alex Smith on the Bench for the Rest of the San Francisco 49'ers Season, as he had a higher Passer Rating that ALL of Those Quarterbacks who ended their Seasons in The Playoffs... He DESERVES his Release from the $8.5 Million Dollar Contract he is Under from the 49'ers, and now it Appears he is seeking the same... It's going to be a bittersweet week in New Orleans for 49ers backup quarterback Alex Smith. And it might be his last run as a member of the 49ers. The team is expected to try to trade Smith this offseason, given the $8.5 million he's owed in 2013. But a trade isn't the only way out of San Francisco -- Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that Smith "is expected to seek" his outright release from the 49ers this offseason. It wouldn't be stunning if Smith is released: CBS Sports Jason La Canfora had Smith as his No. 3-ranked free-agent quarterback, a list made well in advance of even the Super Bowl. Smith and his big contract won't -- or, perhaps, can't --be in a backu ...
Warning! Nerdy sports guy status update comin' atcha... Disclaimer: I am a devout Cowboy fan! I see a lot of Tony Romo bashing...maybe it's because he plays in America's most popularly hated on team?? Cowboy QB all time leaders: Passer Rating: 1st Completion Percentage: 1st Yards: 2nd * Yards/comp: 1st TD's: 1st TD to INT ratio: 1st *Troy Aikman played 12 seasons. Romo is on pace to surpass Aikman's total yardage in his 9th season. In my opinion, he hasn't been given the surrounding pieces necessary to be considered an elite QB. Line, Receivers, Running Backs, Defense, etc. Unlike basketball, it takes an above average team effort to get to the next level. Just like John Elway, all he needs is the surrounding team and he'll get his Super Bowl ring...and all the "negative" will be washed away!
If they don't give the NFL MVP Award to Adrian Peterson, then they need to rename it the Popularity Award. Manning doesn't have the most yards, most TD's, least interceptions, best passer rating...all they did was get the seed in the AFC with a 13-3 record which ties ATL for best record in the NFL, and Matt Ryan is better than Manning in Yards Per Game and Passer Rating. Denver won the AFC West last year with Tim Tebow. So they probably would have made the playoffs this year without Manning. Last year Denver won the AFC West with their rivals going a combined 23-25. This year, their rivals went 12-36. So the road to the playoffs was definitely easier for Peyton vs. Tebow. I'm not even going to say Tom Brady deserves it because his stats are not there. But New England did outscore Denvers offense 557-481, also against tougher competition. To prove NE is better than Denver, if NE would have tied Denver in the standings...they would have the seed because NE already beat Denver...again. Adrian Peters ...
Nick Foles has played in 7(started 6) games: 161-265 60.8% 1699 yards 6 td's 5 int's QBR: 45.3 Passer Rating: 79.1 Is this a big enough sample in your opinion to move forward and allow him to be the opening day starter next season? IMO I need a 16 game sample out of a qb to see what progress he's made over that period of time. After those 16 gm's I myself could then make a decision moving forward if he's my guy.
A few thoughts about the Heisman: Basically it comes down to Johnathan Football (TAMU) and Manti Te'o (ND). 1 - Manziel is 14th in yards (3419), Tied for 24th in TDs (24), and 18th in Passer Rating (155.9). As a rusher, he has 1181 yards and 19 TDs. 2 - Te'o is tied for 2nd in INTs (1 behind the leader) and leads LBs by 2, has 103 tackles. Te'o led the Irish Defense to an undefeated season and NC bid. My two cents - If Adrian Peterson didn't win the Heisman as a Freshman, Manziel (and no other freshman for that matter) is worthy. If Te'o doesn't win it, make it an offensive position only award.
Some stats to think about after today Broncos fans... 1.Peyton Manning tied John Elway in total career regular season wins today 2nd only to Brett Favre. 2. Broncos won their 5th straight game to go to 7-3, starting with the last win against the Chargers which set the NFL record for the only team to come back from such a large deficit (24-0) and win by double digits. 3. Unless the Broncos lose 4 out of 6, AFC west is on lock, a fact Phillip Rivers himself guaranteed was not possible in postgame interview. (Also said that this was the best defensive unit he had faced in Denver in his 9 year career.) 4. So far this season, Peyton Manning is 2nd in Passer Rating and is on pace for 4,700 yards (and oh yeah, our schedule was VERY VERY front heavy. Remaining schedule = TB, CLE, KC, Kansas City is 1-9, Oakland is 3-7, Tampa Bay is 6-4, Baltimore is 8-2, Cleveland is 2-8) 5. When the Chargers finally scored on us in the 3rd (offensively) it broke a streak of 26 holds by Denver's defense on 3rd down going back to ...
Hey all this Eli talk about being MVP and great. Carson Palmer 2355 Passing yards 201 of 330 for a 60.9 completion percentage 13 TD passes 8 INT 85.6 Passer Rating Eli Manning 2426 Passing Yards (only 71 more or about 8 yards per game) 194 of 318 for 61.9 completion percentage 12 TD passes 9 INT 85.5 Passer Rating
Reaching into the bevy of coverage statistics in the PFF Premium section, Mike Renner examines cornerbacks and the NFL Passer Rating they've allowed on throws their way.
Packer fans. Lots of noise about Aaron Rodgers having an off year. Funny thing about that. He leads the NFL in Passer Rating (105) and TD's - 16. Seems like an off year the other 31 starting QB's would like to be having-)
Mark Sanchez by the numbers: Going into Week 6, after playing in 666th Monday Night Football game ever Jersey6, TDs: 6, INTs: 6 Passer Rating: 66.6 Yards/Attempt: 6.6 I say someone (upstairs) wants Tebow to get more snaps.
Look at the STATS is 4th total Offense and 1st Defense, with QB Taylor Kelly leading Passer Rating.
Is it possible that Tim Masthay has a higher Passer Rating than Graham Harrel?
Mark Sanchez should take note that Eli Manning was very much the unproven QB at the same point in his career. Entering their fourth NFL season, Sanchez's and Manning's numbers were remarkably similar. Passing YPG: Sanchez 195.1; Manning 196.3. TD Passes: Sanchez 55; Manning 54. Completion Pct: Sanchez 55.3, Eli Manning 54.0. Passer Rating: Sanchez 73.2, Eli Manning 73.1 While I'm not saying in any way that Sanchez will become a multi-Super Bowl winning QB, this does show that Sanchez has something to strive for. Despite all of the issues he still has to overcome, it can be done.
Last December-January the Cowboys went 1-4. As usual, the clueless critics laid that at the feet of Tony Romo. "choke artist strikes again" Yeah, lets look at Tony's stat line for those 5 games: 101-142 71.12% 10TD 1INT 1158YDS 8.15YPA - 115.87 Passer Rating - Yeah, some choker.
(Top left) Andy Dalton 8th in the NFL in passing yards. (Bottom) Andy Dalton 4th in the NFL in Passer Rating
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Robert Griffin III finished the game with a Passer Rating of 139.9 – the second highest in a Week 1 NFL debut. In comparison, Cam Newton’s 110.4 passer rating in his 2011 debut against Arizona Cardinals places him fourth on the list. (Fran Tarkenton tops the list with a passer rating of 148.6 in the 1961 season). HTTR
Welcome to the NFL, Mr. Weeden. Against the Eagles where Mike Vick throws 4 picks & has 2 fumbles, The Browns win right?! No. Weeden throws 4 picks, completes 12/35 passes for only 118 yards and a Passer Rating of 5.1 - worst Rookie debut since 1960. Nice draft pick Holmgren, Heckert & Shurmur. Karma's a b*! - If Colt wasn't such a mature professional, he'd be laughing his *** off at all y'all.
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