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Party Rock Anthem

Party Rock Anthem is a hit song performed by American electro recording duo LMFAO (Stefan and Skyler Gordy), featuring British singer Lauren Bennett and GoonRock.

Lauren Bennett Rick Ross Kidz Bop

These all have their own dance to them:. Lean & Dab, Soulja Boy, Drop, Hit the Quan, Nasty Freestyle,…
*** kneeling for the national anthem but I doubt they would kneel for the party rock anthem..
No, silly, LMFAO does the other anthem, the Party Rock Anthem.
He got it confused with Party Rock Anthem.
I could quite happily shoot up a school if party rock anthem was playing
*going around the circle* . ^ 70’s show reference . Billy: “I like that we just listened to party rock anthem. It made my heart happy.”
I added a video to a playlist Fallout New Vegas: Party Rock Anthem
It is gods year of 2018 and I have party rock anthem stuck in my head
Who sings party rock anthem?. The girl reading this. LMFAO. Seriously listen to him he’s not messing around
Wake up✅. Listen to party rock anthem by the hit pop duo LMFAO✅. Munch on some wheaties 💪🏻✅. Prank calls till 12😂😂✅. Ha…
I see the next door neighbors picked up where they left off last semester, blasting "Party Rock Anthem" every weekday morning.
Your mcm doesn't like party rock anthem
Only way to rescue it is a video of Theresa May / The Cabinet dancing to party rock anthem- “Every Day I’m Shuffling”...
Listen to LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem by Interscope Records on
I'm listening to the chipmunks version of party rock anthem and it is a BANGER
Can we bring back the song Party Rock Anthem
The world was united for the party rock anthem, we need that now.
At the end of the day it’s all about who you think about when you hear Party Rock Anthem
Unpopular opinion and a don't care but Lmfao - Party Rock Anthem will always be a tune.
I liked a video ON SET of Party Rock Anthem with QUEST CREW
Let's Get Loud / Party Rock Anthem / Oppa Gangnam Style via . Why is this not viral? Pop + Classical.
Very true. The new national anthem is Party Rock Anthem
Found in Party Rock Anthem. If Clive can't save from dancing, Seattle may be in Zombie-rela…
2011: "Racks" by YC, "All of the Lights" by Kanye West, & "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO were like the soundtrack son…
LMFAO ft Lauren Bennett & GoonRock - Party Rock Anthem was top of Australia's chart 6 years ago
Top of UK chart in 2011 Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO ft Lauren Bennett & GoonRock
They also did a rendition of Party Rock Anthem because, you know, Christmas...
"Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO from the album Sorry for Party Rocking (Deluxe Version).
Party Rock Anthem is still a bangin' song
"Party Rock Anthem"... Shufflin' every time da phone riiings. Lol. And thank you luv, just followed. Xoxo
call me hipster but party rock anthem was EASILY the best song of 2014
Someone is listening to Party Rock Anthem through their phone's speakers. This is torture.
Welcome back. Lets keep this party going. Here is LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
"Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO, Lauren Bennett, GoonRock in gurrrl yas
* LMFAO ft Lauren Bennett and GoonRock - Party Rock Anthem * was top of the Australian Chart this week in 2011
i only after they broke up, the long blonde hair girl was in another band called GRL and she sang in that Party Rock Anthem song 😂
They dropped that Party Rock Anthem and then disappeared
at least I never went though that shuffling, "party rock anthem" phase
Add Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO to the list of songs that should be black listed in 2012.
Party rock anthem music video has the weakest shuffling I've ever seen
No matter how old I get, hearing party rock anthem will always take me back to the Glendale
*5 years after the release of Party Rock Anthem* . "Son, I finally figured out what LMFAO means. You're not gonna beli…
Party rock is in the house tonight ♫ Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett & Goonrock) by —
Playlist on my drive in:. Loudon Wainright III--Daughter. LMFAO--Party Rock Anthem. Ingrid Michaelson--Fire. Blessid Union of Soul--Believe
I liked a video ABDC 6 FINALE - Quest Crew Master Mix of Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO with DOWNLOAD
Who runs the audio system at TD Garden and still thinks it's acceptable to blare "Party Rock Anthem" in 2015?
LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock. If you can't stop. We can dogs. CRIMES AGAINST
Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO Feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock, found with Listen now:
This church group having a concert with their music and they remixed Party Rock Anthem 💀
Rolling up a blunt to Party Rock Anthem makes me feel like I'm in a music video. Lol it just does.
Party Rock Anthem is currently ranked Billboard's 5th most successful song of all time.
Party Rock Anthem reminds me of freshman year dance team 😢... where has time gone
Party rock is in the house tonight. Everybody just have a good time. And we gonna make you. lose your mind. [LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem]
Hearing Party Rock Anthem makes me feel 12 again.
I added a video to a playlist NightCore Party Rock Anthem
Aha! Nice-one :-) puts me in mind of the bowld ; whatever happened to him, like?
I learned Party Rock Anthem has just now reached Proxima Centauri. I'm so sorry, universe.
I liked a video Old Dogs 3/4 React to Pentatonix Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO
First time I did heroin, I listened to party rock anthem and almost had sex. Best day of my life.
does anyone from St.Monica remember that flash mob we did to party rock anthem??
Party Rock Anthem is now my ringtone:)
find out why the Pam Grout recommends this Party Rock Anthem by via
Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO is in Bowlplex Basingstoke. Download it now at
LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, Goo…: Ive just broke my back to this..
I'm listening to: Party Rock Anthem (Ft. Lauren Bennett And Goonrock) by LMFAO on my amazing Nokia Lumia.
Pep Band of the day so far: Rochester Mayo, playing Coldplay's "Paradise." Also heard Eagen pull out "Party Rock Anthem."
Party Rock Anthem is on the radio and I feel like I'm in 2011
Party rock anthem makes me wanna punch babies
Macklemore Can't Hold Us or Party Rock Anthem (from my 7-y-o :)
Party rock anthem is playing super loud next door
Why did a marching band play Party rock anthem?
It's funny that I watched the Party Rock Anthem video not knowing that my future queen was in it
Once I was at their home and asad was taking shower, suddenly he came out in towel and started dancing on Party Rock Anthem. :p
Party Rock Anthem would be many times better without Lauren Bennett.
34.- Party Rock Anthem vs Sexy and I now it: Las dos me gustan :D
I added a video to a playlist Party Rock Anthem PMV : My Little Pony
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Jamin out n dancing around in the living room to Party Rock Anthem with little man, fun times :D
My ringtone is still Party Rock Anthem. Remember that if you are ever considering making me the godfather of your children.
Party Rock Anthem would ALWAYS be my favorite dance song
Just remember, the only person making a living off of partying is and he wrote a *** Party Rock Anthem
I will personally pay any time traveler $50 USD to keep the Party Rock Anthem from being written and recorded.
Some white boys *** me off. Not all just this kind. Justin Bieber hair head *** Abercrombie wearing head *** Party rock…
Di talaga maka uwi sa Thailand,di rin sa Taiwan.Japan?Sige ok lang the more we stay the more we get,ganyan talaga ang buhay.Anyway saturday,we will be having Party Rock Anthem again.(simple the best) Bitoy po.At Indian Ocean.
Remix by NKOTB helps me push through the end of an elliptical session. Party Rock Anthem has a great beat to keep mov…
My sister just got the Kidz Bop version of Party Rock Anthem from a Sonic kids meal..I'm jealous...
New set list teaser: Feel so close - Calvin Harris Get Lucky - Daft Punk Give me everything - Pitbull Glad you came - The Wanted Heart Skips a Beat - Olly Murs I need a dollar - Aloe Blacc Kids - MGMT Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO Pursuit of happiness - Kid Cudi Thrift Shop - Macklemore We Found Love - Rhianna We'll be coming back - Calvin Harris Wake me up - Avicii Don't wake me up - Chris Brown Don't you worry child - Swedish House Mafia Feel the love - Rudimental This boy's in love - Presets Titanium - David Guetta + Sia Earthquake - Labrinth What other acoustic house do you want to hear?
I love watching "Coal Miners Daughter" Hey, i just watched the part where the Mom was dancing, she was Shuffling!!! LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem now i know where you got that from.
Rick Ross is suing LMFAO over the 2010 song Party Rock Anthem...
Rick Ross is suing pop sensation LMFAO for their alleged illegal sampling of his "Hustlin'" lyrics on their own "Party Rock Anthem."
Rick Ross just won a first-amendment lawsuit, and now he’s flipping the table and suing party rockers LMFAO for copyright infringement. The issue at hand is LMFAO’s 2010 song, “Party Rock Anthem,” which contains the phrase, “Everyday I’m shufflin’,” in the chorus. THR reports: Ross says he got there...
Who’s ready for 'Showtime!!!'? For those who have cruised with us before, you know how amazing the Carnival Spirit waiters are in the Empire Restaurant at getting everyone up and dancing! As an early Christmas present, we’d love you all to be a part of picking the next song that the waiters wow us with! Comment below, which song from our list is your favourite? • I gotta feeling – Black Eyed Peas • Raise your glass – Pink • Khe Sanh – Cold Chisel • Moves like Jagger – Maroon 5 • Don’t stop the music – Rhianna • Hey Ya - Outkast • You shook me all night long - AC/DC • Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO • Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves
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Typical Friday evening at the Colby household... Joey's hosting his own Much Music Video Dance Party in my living room (currently busting a move to Party Rock Anthem). He asks me to pause the song and runs into his "office" (toy room). He comes out in a Wolverine mask, carrying a medieval-style sword, wearing Hotwheel's underwear, a blue t-shirt and socks. He then asks me if he looks cool and proceeds to start shuffling, using his sword like I used glowsticks in the late '90s. Then he tells me he's "the guy who starts the party." Heaven help us... ;)
Good Morning :) My shaking song for today is Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. Have a rocking day :)
I don't care how old it is I still think party rock anthem is fun to listen to.
Weird tricks to win at poker, why you should never check or call, Party rock anthem is still an amazing song !
Listenin to Party rock Anthem on da way to campus. PumpJam
Anyone remember back in 2011 when everyone used to bump party rock anthem?lmao
OMG, I'm so totes embares I can't remember who did "Party Rock Anthem"!. LMFAO!
Why is Party Rock Anthem playin g throughout my house at 7 in the morning
► - Promo Mix 5. . . Still my favourite, especially the remix of Party Rock Anthem he does here!
Meet my boyfriend. The guy who gets up in the middle of FaceTime to dance to Party Rock Anthem.
MUST READ: Skelewu new video concept was stolen from LMFAO party rock anthem
And Party Rock Anthem for that matter. Oh god Summer of 2010 is back with a vengeance tonight.
Shoutout to the guy with the bumpin speakers that just drove down my street blastin "Party Rock Anthem"
Does anyone else remember when party rock anthem got overplayed to a point where you wanted to punch something everytime it came on
"I don't wanna go back in my room cuz the radio's on and it's playing Party Rock Anthem."
I added a video to a playlist Pre Calc Anthem - Parody of "Party Rock Anthem"
Some random things I thought of today; waffles, Jonas brothers, milk, and Party Rock Anthem
gets a little too excited when Timo's theme almost syncs up perfectly to party rock anthem's video dance breakdown
This radio station playing Party Rock Anthem brings back some treasured memories of sophomore year. And by treasured, I mean awful.
I like to shuffle to party rock anthem
If I hear Party Rock Anthem one more time I think I might shrivel up into a ball and blow away
My radio station is resorting to Party Rock Anthem now...just play the *** song jesus
Why did Party Rock Anthem come up on my Latino Pop Pandora station?
*jesus emerges from the tomb with shades on while party rock anthem plays* did someone say... *lowers shades* YOLO?
Party rock anthem is still a jam homie
How did party rock anthem get on my sleep time play list please?😪
*** Didn't realise Party Rock Anthem has over half a billion views fuuuck.
listened to party rock anthem this morning on the way to school and was instantly taken to my 16th birthday at PCB w/ 😌🎉
Remember when party rock anthem came out by LMFAO? I swear the amount of house parties I went to had that song was incredible!
I told my mom to change the station cause party rock anthem came on & she turned it up. What the heck man
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If Party Rock Anthem is your ring back tone, I can't be with you. Ring back tones are tacky enough as it is.
I remember when Eric's favorite song was Party Rock Anthem and he used to play it all the time during art class 😂
Wait we are sitting in class right now drinking pina coladas and watching the party rock anthem music video
Casually doing the lip sync choreography in my head while Party Rock Anthem plays at blood drive
I still get down to party rock anthem that song makes me wanna dance
ok, party rock anthem from LMFAO can
I have been dancing and practicing on Party Rock Anthem dance for 8 days and lost 3kilos!!! Lol
Got 'smile why don't you' yelled at me in the street today. You don't know me, my life is pretty dark - my mum still plays party rock anthem
This is a god song to clean your house to, for real! ♫ Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO,Lauren Bennett,GoonRock
BIO ON L.M.F.A.O This year, the entire world is shuffling to LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem.” So far, the unstoppable track from the Los Angeles-based duo has topped iTunes charts in seven countries, and spent weeks atop the English pop charts in April and May, when the duo kept artists such as Chris Brown and Jennifer Lopez from reaching the number one slot across the pond. As further testament to the global love for the song, the vibrant music video passed twenty million views on Vevo in under two months And LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” (featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock), is just the opening round of Redfoo and Sky Blu’s forthcoming full-length album, Sorry For Party Rocking (Party Rock/ Tree/Interscope). “Sorry for party rocking is a party person’s excuse for having fun,” explains Redfoo, LMFAO’s member known for his gravity-defying afro. “It’s the excuse you give when someone complains,” he continues. “Let’s say your parents say ‘stop shuffling upstair ...
Remember when people liked Party Rock Anthem people? And then they found out they made the jersey shore theme song! 😆
Party Rock Anthem is on the radio what even
"96.5 TIC today's best variety" [starts playing party rock anthem] oh yes clearly today's best variety
my dad kept screaming 'SHUFFLIN!' to strangers out the car window while party rock anthem was on
Lol at the fact I still remember how to do the dance to party rock anthem
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have to be honest but I don't know that one. My favorite song ever is LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
What song do you love to dance to? — SNSD - i got a boy, Party rock anthem, Far east movement - turn up the love...
Anyone else think that Party Rock Anthem is something Spongebob would dance around to?
Party Rock Anthem was your top crafted song that everyone in the world adored, from the Middle East to the Far East, N and S.
Party rock anthem to pump me up on my commute!
Party Rock Anthem came on afterwards. Then a few songs later the Macarena happened again. My iPod is in the mood to dance.
the macarena just started playing again, after Party Rock Anthem. My iPod is surely in the mood to dance.
gonna take some moves from the Quest Crew's Party Rock Anthem
When party rock anthem came we went crazy
A new favorite: party rock anthem lmfao Remix 2011 by Abdelrahman Tarek 3 on
A new favorite: PARTY ROCK ANTHEM by on
"Jungle Warwick is in the house tonight! Everybody got triple XP." - Sa tono ng Party Rock Anthem. :) Namiss ko mag LoL.
Party Rock Anthem is the most perfectly song EVER.
I added a video to a playlist Shufflin' Tutorial: Basics of Shufflin', Party Rock Anthem
I favorited a video from Shufflin' Tutorial: Basics of Shufflin', Party Rock Anthem
Party Rock Anthem is easily one of my fave videos lol
Me and about to sing Party Rock Anthem at Karaoke
I never ever ever ever want to hear the song Party Rock Anthem ever again ever.
What is the world's best song to dance to? — Party rock anthem
Get up, put your hands up to the sound, to the sound Read more: Lmfao - Party Rock Anthem Lyrics | MetroLyrics
We are Goon Rock - Lauren Bennett - LMFAO on - tune in right now, listen to: Party Rock Anthem!
"Now playing: "Party Rock Anthem (Everyday I'm Shuffing)" by LMFAO I was just listening to that! -winks-
Party Rock Anthem maks me think of Homecoming & Ibanoe LOL
Party rock anthem will forever give me flashbacks of the lido deck.
Party Rock Anthem on the radio. I miss Freshman year and pep band way too much already.
Congrats to for Party Rock Anthem being the 5th biggest song EVER in 55 year history of Hot 100
what made u start shuffling — Well i saw this video called party rock anthem by LMFAO thought it was pretty cool...
i dont know what Pandora considers Pop Latino but its sure as *** not rolling in the deep or party rock anthem .
Wait remember when Party Rock Anthem was a song that people sang and listened to
when Party Rock Anthem playing and one THUSTY Sahara desert boy feel him mus jook jook pon mi batty...
Whhhooo yaah try whine to Party Rock Anthem and Harlem Shake? Not me ute find a white gyal fi dat.
Party rock anthem-lmfao comes on and mum goes 'look em, party rock!' And punches the air in an attempt to fist pump 🙈
Every once in a while I still listen to Party Rock Anthem. Lol
The band just played an acoustic version of "Party Rock Anthem" ... My ears are confused
🌟✨💫- awe I miss you so much! We really need to hang out sometime and remember the party rock anthem 😂😏
Dear lord, I remember when you could never go anywhere without hearing party rock anthem
party rock anthem in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time Rihanna
Has anyone ever heard that song blurred lines? It's almost as underplayed as party rock anthem was
Apparently does not like it when I start blasting Party Rock Anthem while she eats dinner.
Heard Give Me Everything and Party Rock Anthem on the radio back to back today. Made me have really bad nostalgia for 😔
Love the party rock anthem that is my favorite
APENAS MTA INVEJA DESSA PESSOA!!! I am a huge Friends and Harry Potter fan, which were the main reasons I wanted to go on the tour. At the start of the tour, our tour guide, Beau, asked the 10 or so other people in our group which shows/movies we liked best in order to make the tour more personal for us. I of course said Friends (and also Big Bang Theory), and he definitely mentioned these a lot throughout the 2.5-hour tour. We started off with the back lots, which are the sets they use for outdoor shooting. These included Hennessy Street (our guide mentioned a bunch of stuff filmed here but the only one I can remember is LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem music video), Tenement Street, Anytown USA, fake NYC, some residential suburban neighborhood streets, and the jungle (which was used for Jurassic Park!) Throughout this part of the tour he mentioned Pretty Little Liars a lot, since it's a show that WB is currently filming. Unfortunately, I don't watch the show so I didn't get any of the references. The WB back l ...
*** remember when Party Rock Anthem was the livest song ever .. Lol
Oh my god the blonde from GRL is the same girl who sang on Party Rock Anthem...
Party Rock Anthem is so basic to me now. It's annoying.
Excuse me, did the radio just mix sadi gali with party rock anthem or whatever that song was, can't even remember.
you down to make a trill AF shuffle edit later to party rock anthem ?
Party rock anthem has to night, every body just have good time!
Wow party rock anthem has been out for 2 years!
OH MAN!!I remember in Oz...we went to this store they played party rock anthem half the store was in shuffle!!You gotta love tha aussies
So my iPod just played Electric Slide and Party Rock Anthem back to must know I'm back in Colorado!
My mention is not your play ground,so behaviour you self gal "
Party Rock Anthem playing in the clubhouse during Dillon Gee's postgame interview
Dragon Nest is the best MMO because there's a skill that summons ghouls to do the shuffling from Party Rock Anthem
Songs used are Avicii - Levels, LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem, and Young the Giant - Cough Syrup (Glee Version)
Party Rock Anthem is on right now My sunglassses go on ;)
I just used to tag Party Rock Anthem by Party Rock Is In The House Tonight.
It's so quiet in the departure hall.. If life was a musical, LMFAO's party Rock Anthem wud inject some life here
Party rock anthem reminds be of summer 2011 so much
My science teacher playing party rock anthem during the bridge project was definitely the highlight of my day
Rocking out to party rock anthem in the court house parking lot. Anyone like to join?😂
There is another chance to play Trackpot this afternoon! Listen to LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem! :)
My neighbors are blasting party rock anthem.
Megan Nicole-Party Rock Anthem: via me why this video is not on the channel Megan
Listen for LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem today for it plays again between 4:00-4:30! Listen LIVE:
Party Rock Anthem is probably the most overrated song of all time
Please so 'Titanium' or 'California Kind Bed' or 'Live to Rise' or 'Love the way you lie' or 'Party Rock Anthem' ^_^
Parents blasting party rock anthem in the McDonald's drive thru and they wonder why I don't want to be seen in public with them
To all my friends graduating, I just teared up at my computer while listening to Party Rock Anthem. That is how much you will miss college.
Remember when party rock anthem was like the best song ever
'Party Rock Anthem' reminds me of the most amazing summer I've ever had in my whole life, I miss it so much
I hate party rock anthem gets me angry everyone bummed it like last year
"White ppl twerk to anything. How do you twerk to party rock anthem??!" 😂😂😂
Party rock anthem is still an amazing song ! 🔊🔊🔊
So jenna says party rock anthem makes her think of my poconos trip and she didn't even go 😂😂
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That moment when you realize you've been listening to the party rock anthem for just over 2 hours. I feel like shufflin.
l wanna dance and love dance agaiN.j Lo feat pit buul
remember party rock anthem omg seems so long ago.. every day I'm shufflinng
Party rock anthem comes on at work, what a perfect time to go on an hour break
Omg I'm listening to party rock anthem after so long! :')
Jammin to Freaks and Geeks, Levels & Benny Benassi's remix of Party Rock Anthem
Listening to party rock anthem AGAIN. :D
Today apartment 308 is more akin to 'All Quiet on the Potomac" than "Party Rock Anthem"
Hey remember party rock anthem I love that song
party rock anthem by LMFAO and it was out in 2011.
When My beat droops Ill make ya girl go *MOAN* (via
I feel like Party Rock Anthem should be playing there :)
Gangnam Style, Thrift Shop, Party Rock Anthem, and many other songs are annoying. If you play them I will find you and I will kill you.
My granny is clapping to the beat of Party Rock Anthem
When your listing to party rock anthem and your music is telling you your listing to something else 😳
I want to say a big THANK YOU to Stockton for scheduling a 7am Sunday youth track meet I enjoyed listening to party rock anthem since dawn..
Glad You Came makes me not want to die I don't know it's my party rock anthem or something
Sewing whilst listening to Party Rock Anthem... There's a bad joke in there somewhere
Let's party! Harlem shake again! "Freaking party tomorrow at laboratory "Party rock anthem? "
Freaking party tomorrow at laboratory "Party rock anthem? "We are going to party?
So Party Rock Anthem was playing in the gym and I'm casj doing the running man. I stop and everyone is looking at me omg :/
Every time party rock anthem comes on the radio, my day is made. ✌🎶😍
The fact that party rock anthem was just on... 👌🙌👏 everyday I'm shuffling 👣👣
The first song I heard this morning was Party Rock Anthem. This has to be a good sign, right?
"Who is the singer of 'Party Rock Anthem'" | "LMFAO" | "Huh? What's funny?"
I love how Cy-Springs is playing Party Rock Anthem.
I think 'Holiday' S&S version should be added to the MDNA Tour in the final part or GMAYL party rock anthem remix.
He's singing party rock anthem while laying in the mud dfkm
Party Rock Anthem is song number 500 in my phone.
Wow this amazing orchestra version of party rock anthem on the plusnet advert
Party rock anthem is way better than gangnam style
That party rock anthem beat do make a *** wanna do the running man tho 😏
Yo we're sitting here out in Australia watching the video wondering where the 'Party Rock Anthem' street clips are filmed.
Party Rock Anthem remind me about you :)) hakhakhak
I liked a video from Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO (Screamo Cover)
The most romantic music is definitely party rock anthem. Lets bone to that.
Party on Hard Rockers!! On Music Spotlight-Party Rock Anthem. Share your Party list now!!
Party rock anthem playing first thing at the gym!? I think I will...
The rest of the chart 4) Bingo players ft Far east movement with get up rattle 3) LMFAO Party rock anthem 2) Olly Murs with Troublemaker
no need go tuition tmr party hard tmr!!! Party rock anthem
Test FM is now playing : Party Rock Anthem by Lmfao
Get up get down put your hand onto the top Party Rock Anthem
Just rocked up to work windows down blasting party rock anthem. 😎
Party rock anthem is still a class tune,I love it!
when my generation is old, and theres a 'golden oldies' radio station, it'll be Party Rock Anthem thats playing. Ill just let that sink in.
Party Rock Anthem will always be better than Gangam Style
DG just did the shuffle routine from the Party Rock Anthem video...fugg this I'd've murked that shib
Endorsed by LMFAO; you can see a bottle in the 'Party Rock Anthem' video.
Every time party rock anthem comes on I think of
When I hear party rock anthem I get nauseous
It's been a long sleep deprived week when a terrible song like party rock anthem puts u in a better mood
Party Rock Anthem... Makes me miss summer and all the fun it brings
How are they still allowed to play Party Rock Anthem on the radio.
says his party rock anthem is really 's "La La Land"
Party rock anthem is stuck in my head!! Every day I'm shuffling!!
Why did I think party rock anthem was cool enough to buy 😳
I'm listening to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO on Pandora
Wr those party rock anthem guys tho? guess they now sell snakes in brazil!
I think my heart just stopped there... They actually played a part of Party Rock Anthem on the radio! That was AWESOME! :'D ♥
Im gonna arrange for it so that we play Party Rock Anthem as your casket gets lowered and ill be shuffling on top of it.
is now playing: LMFAO ft Lauren Bennett n Goonrock - Party Rock Anthem [BlenX] - Clean
Yeah I work out to party rock anthem
In 50 years time will be playing party rock anthem and call me maybe
Things I wish I was not listening to right now: the Chipmunk's cover of Party Rock Anthem. Why is this real?
Do y'all remember when "Party Rock Anthem" was the most important thing in your lives?
Who else sings when party rock anthem comes on the rads ?
Party Rock Anthem just came up on the playlist..oh yeah, it's a good day today
Totally OK with my prof deciding to start class with party rock anthem
when LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem went viral, we were forced to learn how to dance to the chorus, and then forced to perform.
Party Rock Anthem & Levels = Signature songs of my freshman year.
party rock anthem // LMFAO been long since I listened to this.
When I hit shuffle the first song to play was Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, lol :D
I'm too busy to shake that during party rock anthem
Everytime I hear Party Rock Anthem it reminds me of pep squad freshman year x)
Highlight of my day: playing dance freeze with my kindergartens, and dancing around the gym to Party Rock Anthem with 20 five year olds!
Waking up to the Party Rock Anthem should really get my day going tomorrow 👌🍻😉⚾
Oh god NO, thank jesus. Just the Fight Song and Party Rock Anthem.. with a little surprise. Though I'm doubtful it'll work.
Party Rock Anthem doesn't have saxophones or a sweet bass line though.
All I said was, "Party Rock Anthem" is a more hip and cool tune than the National Anthem. Stop throwing trash at me. I'm a taxpayer.
LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem : via Let it begin Luv this song.xo
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