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Partridge Family

The Partridge Family was an American television sitcom series about a widowed mother and her five children who embark on a music career.

David Cassidy Shirley Jones Danny Bonaduce Susan Dey Happy Birthday Bobby Sherman Laurie Partridge Little House Brady Bunch Shaun Cassidy

Danny Bonaduci from the Partridge Family tv show from the 1970s
I haven't heard a Partridge Family joke since Danny Bonaduce went to rehab for the 1303rd time.
The episode of the Partridge Family where Bobby Sherman guest stars is the most iconic of the whole series
Shirley Jones was the mother of Shaun Cassidy. But she was just the step mother of David. Except on TV. Partridge Family. She was his TV mom
Ha! My SO is Shaun after Shaun Cassidy of the Partridge Family. Spelling requested by his older si…
Sanctimonious lib media and Dems condemn hate from Charlottesville should address their unbridled hate of
I love The Partridge Family. It's from the 70s but for whatever reason when I watch that show..I CANNOT stop smiling or laughing! 😂✌🏼
Her and Gordon MacRae play in Carousel and Oklahoma! It's funny I grew up watching her in The Partridge Family :-)
It's so weird because I still associate Shirley Jones from The Partridge Family that I used to watch all the time!
I think I love you by the partridge family is such a kakashi pining for Iruka song
Partridge ✔️Phoenix Nights✔️The Office✔️ Time for a bit of The Royle Family. British comedy really spoils us.
They may be the worst in the movies. But the worst ever on film is Danny Bonaduce strumming a giant…
Now on air: I Can Feel Your Heartbeat by Partridge Family Listen online at
I remember David Cassidy being in the Partridge Family but I'm guessing it's not him?
Smack infested benefit cheats impregnating family's members pretty much sums it up
And if you try to promote the Nazi agenda then you're promoting murder. I view it as a threat. Stay away from me, my family…
Trent Partridge Can This Marriage Be Saved? Try TV Therapy - There used to be a saying that "The family that pr...
Isn't that a mini Partridge Family bus?
Thanks breaking my evening. Partridge Family. I think I Love You is now stu…
I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. If I were to ask you a Partridge Family question, would you answer it? Just wondering?
I just imagined us having a "Monkees v Partridge Family" debate & now I'm laughing so hard I can barely breathe ...
What month and year did The Partridge Family premiere on TV?
They asked who was the most famous member of the partridge family.I said Alan, technically it was pointless 😂😂
is also a HUGE fan of The Pina Colada S…
I feel like, in our current world, a Partridge Family revival would be an awesome add.
Partridge Family colours seem to be spreading.
The Partridge Restaurant is closed, according to this statement from the family. We will have more by 11 a.m.
LOL if there's some1 or any group of some1's who have no idea racist groups exist N U.S. they stil…
Wasn't this clown on the Partridge Family?
Very sad news, thoughts with his family
Make like the Partridge Family and Get Happy without the drugs!
The Partridge Family on vinyl. I was maybe 12
I'm guessing that's more likely to be a Partridge ref than an Alexievich one... I have a diverse family to buy for!
Trent Partridge Family divided by partition reconnects - CNN's Mallika Kapur reconnects a family divided by the...
For those who want to look like Danny Bonaduce & the Partridge Family.
If U want2 learn more about worldwide release of all & music, visit…
“A member of the legume family, partridge pea is a critical source of nutrition for quail, ring-necked pheasant,...
His name is Slavic,suggesting his family fled persecution&political extremism...In the words of Alan Partridge,"Don…
Are the crew travelling on the Partridge family bus or sometime'.
I just knew something bad was going to happen the moment I heard that super happy Partridge Family song. .
Back to the future! PST instant dry shampoo by Clairol, ad featuring Susan Dey from Partridge Family.
Susan Dey (Laurie Partridge)-never missed an episode of the Partridge Family
To me, Dave Madden will always be feisty Bernard Walton on He will be missed.
Family is forever. But this story has an end.
Posted by a friend... A friendly reminder to all my family and friends -- pre-existing conditions include, among...
I agree Mel their hard work is much appreciated by our family too.
The Partridge Family ~ 'I Think I Love You' from the album Super Hits of the 70's Vol.3 [1970]
Late entries:. Little House on the Burbank Backlot. The Partridge Family plus four dubbers and six studio musicians
Why did the partridge family theme start playing when I saw this?
I remember when The Partridge Family was on prime time and now Spin City is 20 years old.
the partridge family and the Brady Bunch
Triangle Shirt Factory Fire was caused by a spark from Laurie Partridge's triangle. Sad day for the Partridge Family.
Her: We never do anything fun. Me: That's ridiculous. Yesterday we watched a "Partridge Family" marathon and ate mac and cheese!
Oh... you would have made out well in the Partridge Family. LOL :-)
Reading John Miller's "When We're Singin'" re the making of the Partridge Family music. 1st-hand intvs w/ producers, writers, musicians, ..
I don't understand the partridge family storage techniques
Toatz remember this. Wierd how 1st crush ever stays w/u thru life. Frm Peter in Partri…
I still have my Partridge Family
Partridge Family was the bomb! Did you have posters and scrapbooks full of Partridge Famil…
Who hollers goodnight in their house to their kid like the Partridge family?
i LOVE seeing more garner fanpages! Your guys are creative af, welcome to the family! I need to follow every fanpage ou…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Depends on the family. Manson, yes. Partridge, probably not.
Hello girl, yes, its five o'clock,. I know, but just you listen The Partridge family
9:46am Collins arrive and Council makes bare quorum. Partridge has to leave at 11am for a family matter.
Bobby Sherman, Partridge Family, the Archie's, the Monkees. Bands for those born in the 60s.
Today's Girl is Katie Cassidy; a step in the Partridge Family world takeover. It's working.
"The Partridge Family" was great, but "Looker" was pretty bad...except for the nudity.
Hi Miss Dey. My favorite Partridge Family season is 4. What about you?
Hey Mr. Cassidy. Are you feeling alright? Also, what's your favorite Partridge Family season? Mine is season 4.
A Partridge Family Christmas - The Partridge Family on your home for
Happy Birthday to teen idol David Cassidy (born April 12, 1950) who shot to fame in The Partridge Family in the '70…
The Partridge Family came on my iPhone in the car today & I told my son it was the singer's bday. I kn…
I must be channeling the Partridge Family tonight. Got "I Think I Love You" stuck in my head. No reason why. It just appeared.
Happy Birthday to David Cassidy. Mark guest starred on "The Partridge Family" with David. Best Wishes for a happy day. ❤️
Happy Birthday to The Partridge Family's David Cassidy Here he performs Cherish.
Loved him & the Partridge Family. Met him in '88. So nice & down 2 earth. His band members were just as sweet.
Happy 67th birthday to David Cassidy, widely known for his role as Keith Partridge in the 1970s musical-sitcom The…
Happy Birthday, Apr 12, David Cassidy! "I Think I Love You" was the first hit from The Partridge Family
Wishing David Cassidy a Happy Birthday. I learned it was his birthday from my Partridge Family album Up to Date
My name is Yasmin Vaughn and I have been your fan since The Partridge Family. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, dear! Always remembered your Bday since Partridge Family days as mine is 4/29. Wish you a GREAT day! 🎂⚘😉💙
Family is everything! I'll stand by my brothers side until my dying day, no ones team is stronger than ours💙
The Partridge Family - I Think I Love You Just saying snd I will not get in the way
The Trump Family is on its way to becoming one of the great American families, right up there with Genovese, Gambino, Partridge, and Manson.
I had "The Partridge Family at Home with their Greatest Hits" Not listening to that on vinyl anymore
is 67 today, born 12th April 1950. Singer, songwriter, musician & actor. Best known for 70s sitcom "The P…
Gretchen Bonaduce . Singer and former wife of Danny Bonaduce from the "Partridge Family" was on…
We're living the Partridge Family episode when Laurie caught/played radio waves through her braces. DJT does watch a lot of tv
On the road again! Come on, Get Happy! (Yes DC does know the Partridge Family)
The dog that appeared in the first season of "The Partridge Family" was named Simone.
I added a video to a playlist The Partridge Family Pilot Episode
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Do, or do not. There is no try. The answer was: Partridge Family
Basically the Partridge Family mixed with Jason Aldean on poppers
EVERY SONG IS YOU (stereo), THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY via Really like this song!
Supposedly there was going to be a sequel to The Jetsons, but CBS wanted the Partridge Family in space cartoon, instead.
1 day I was feeling nostalgic 4 childhood&put on Partridge Family in pickup line.She said what is this?! Me: my childhood 😊
My skating-fan friends and I used to joke that this shirt looked like the Partridge Family bus:
That portrait looks like the oldest daughter on the Partridge Family. (No offense).
Plus music from ABBA, plenty of The Partridge Family, from her ne…
next you'll be telling me the Partridge Family were actually birds.
I still think I Think I Love You by The Partridge Family is one of the best songs ever written
I think Hall & Oates should do the remake of The Partridge Family's "Alone Too Long" (NOT their 1975 song)!! Matt
When you're watching The Partridge Family and realize is in an episode 😍😍😍
Did you ever wonder what The Partridge Family would look like if they were all played by Lars Ulrich? Neither did I…
He's looking like that younger Mark, who apperead on The Partridge Family, some years ago!
Back in 1971, the Partridge Family‘s “Doesn’t Somebody Want to be Wanted,” a hit single in Canada and in the US, was certified Gold.
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Everything in my life was about performance when I was doing ‘The Partridge Family. via
This day in 1971 The Partridge Family was on the radio with Doesn’t Somebody Want To Be Wanted
You look kinda familiar, were you the mom on The Partridge Family?
Up early listening to the Partridge Family 🤔🤔🤔
I think I love me but im not sure that it's me. My version of partridge family song.
While at a karaoke bar we were naming bands and the first one I came up with was the Partridge Family
remember when she started her career on a singing competition to be in the updated Partridge family?
Shirley Jones at talks Music Man, Partridge Family, real family & they all sing Kansas City. Loved it. https:/…
Time with the family... it's all for the kids, right!?! — watching The LEGO Batman Movie at MJR Partridge Creek...
pack your bags! we can start a band like the Partridge Family 😂
Hi, we think you look like actress Susan Dey (Partridge family+LA Law). Are you related to her? gr8 acting on
It's cool, cause it was The Partridge Family anyways.
.I loved the Partridge Family. I was a huge fan of your uncle, David. And your dad was always so handsome. Congrats!!
I hadn't even learned she'd died, found this during my weekly Partridge Family vidquest.. Suzanne Craugh Iheartu
I love the Partridge Family, and they weren't even real! It was Shirley Jones, David Cassidy, and the best backup singers.
Alan Partridge discovers syphilis in his family tree
He's like a "Slinky" hood ornament for the WH Partridge family bus!.HEY KELLYANNE!...your off beat with that tambourine!
I dont know I did like the mother from the Partridge family if that helps
Danny how's David doing I'm a big Partridge Family fan so I've been Praying hoping all is well!
Where are my Partridge Family fans?. Here is today's podcast with When We're Singin''s Johnny Ray Miller! You can...
It's outrageous that the Partridge family made their mom drive them everywhere in that bus.
my sisters loved him. I was more Banana splits and Jackson five myself. The Partridge family was an innocent time...
David Cassidy, 66, widely known for his starring role on the 1970s TV series The Partridge Family, reveals that he is fighting…
This seems so unfair, The Partridge Family were part of my growing up.
Partridge Family star David Cassidy reveals he has dementia -
'Partridge Family' star David Cassidy diagnosed with dementia - UPI
'Partridge Family' star David Cassidy diagnosed with dementia
. David Cassidy says he has dementia via
The Partridge Family’s David Cassidy reveals he is battling dementia
In the words of David Cassidy, when he was still in the Partridge family, "I think I love you"... You have brought…
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You know you're old when. The cute young guy from the Partridge Family you used to crush-on as a kid, is sufferi…
Sad, sad news about David Cassidy (the Partridge Family, Keith Partridge)...He has been diagnosed with early...
Partridge Family star David Cassidy, 66, reveals he is battling dementia after struggling …
David Cassidy fighting memory loss, wants to 'enjoy life': Former "Partridge Family" star David Cassidy says he's…
The Partridge Family's Danny Bonaduce says now is a 'great time' to send love to David Cassidy
David Cassidy's tragic family history of dementia has always haunted him; and now it's here.
David Cassidy has been diagnosed with demensia: "I was in denial, but a part of me always knew this was coming."
Oh no! I was a fan of his on the Partridge family . Dr Doug KAUFMANN. gives his wise and educated opinion
| The Partridge Family star made the sad revelation...
NEWS: Partridge Family actor David Cassidy publicly revealed to People Magazine that he is currently battling Demen…
I am so very sorry to read about your diagnosis. I never stopped listening to the Partridge Family music. My prayers and ❤️
66-year-old David Cassidy has made a sad revelation about his health via
David Cassidy of 'Partridge Family' says he has dementia - USA TODAY
Former "Partridge Family" star David Cassidy to stop touring as a musician so that he can focus on battling dementia
David Cassidy: Ex-Partridge Family idol says he has dementia
Order Miche Bag Online!
Former "Partridge Family" star says he's struggling with memory loss.
I preferred the Partridge Family, in particular, Susan Dey.
Happily Susan Dey (Laurie from the Partridge Family) is alive and well so still time to ask her out.
My mom is listening to Partridge Family Christmas music...God help me.
Wait. There's a multicolored bus leaving West Hollywood for BC at 4:30. Bunch of celebs I hear. It'll be just like…
Hmmm, Monkeemobile, Mystery Machine, Batmobile.. but did the Partridge Family Bus have a name (apart from the Partridge Family Bus)?
Beach Corner podcast interview with The Argues, an indie roots rock family often compared to the Partridge Family.
have never heard of it. Was listening to the partridge family yesterday though and it's an event with all stone roses strokes-
How much do you think the rarest Partridge Family records would list for?.
This Xmas Do you only have a small work group or want to celebrate with your family or friends? Why not book a tabl…
Used Black Friday to acquire a used 1st season of THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY at 15% off. Glad to see you can afford great meals.
The Cowsills - Indian Lake - Bubblerock Promo HD - YouTube The TV show the Partridge family was based on this group
Today I've felt as worthless as the little red-headed girl in the Partridge Family band.
All bundled walk after dinner.
*** it ! (I think that I have watched this show, "the Brady Bunch," more than the "Partridge Family.")
FFS! i'm a celeb is so ducking boring, more ducking arguments in the Partridge Family, ffs, they've all just getting a treat, so exciting
Makes the Manson Family look like the Partridge Family.
Bottom, Partridge and obviously The Office but you forgot Extras!!! And The Royle Family 😋
Danny Bonaduce was always known as a troublemaker on set, but I had no idea was going on behind the scenes —...
Didn't doubt at all - Barry & got mentions, did a Partridge Family no. & closed with JerseyBoys
I just listed: 'The Partridge Family Sound Magazine', for 4.97 via
I hope The Partridge Family has an alibi. . But really, who would do that to Mrs. Brady?!?
The role of Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch was 1st offered to Shirley Jones, who turned it down to do The Partridge Family.
Where is now? He's a family man and hosts a kick *** radio show! Read more: —
I love how The Partridge Family explores both sides of gun control
The Partridge Family would have been a good show to watch if it was about an actual family of Partridges. .
masculinity is so fragile I'm afraid to whistle the Partridge Family theme because my d*ck might fall off & turn into a Gilmore Girls DVD :(
Partridge family picks up Pompano Beach shopping center for $50M (
Partridge family picks up Pompano shopping center for $50M via
The day after grooming 'touch up'. You can hear the Partridge family & Chloe barking…
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Looking Through the Eyes of Love by The Partridge Family - Listen now
Radio host: Florence Henderson died over the weekend. What show was she known for?. Caller: Partridge Family?. *crashes car into tree*
I was thinking The little red haired kid from the Partridge Family, what's his name, Danny Bonaduchie
It's like The Partridge Family's mom has been watching Home Shopping Network 30 years. More bonbons, please.
Hillary smiling tonight looks like Shirley Partridge singing backup on the Partridge family.
Watching the partridge family vs all in the family... You figure it out. 󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴
Partridge family taxi the love boat coneheads the bradys was in the love boat
Anyway, I'm about to see a musical about the Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family battling to the death, happy debate watching
Plus The Partridge Family, classic as well as...
Yes, Virginia, there is a cult who worships the Partridge Family.
Happy Birthday, Seen here in The Partridge Family. See more of his early TV roles here: h…
Oscar-winner Shirley Jones and her stepson, David Cassidy starred in The Partridge Family which debuted on ABC-TV...
Far out 1970's track on WBOM: I Think I Love You by Partridge Family.
One step closer to becoming The Partridge Family. Check out our UP bus cruising down Michigan Avenue.
Txs to leaders in our community like Peter Partridge & family who continue support
" I thought, I'll watch The Partridge Family, then I'll kill myself."
Grateful to be able to unveil the new teamroom. BLESSED to have the support of the Partridge family.…
On this day in music history: September 25, 1970 - “The Partridge Family” television series premieres on the ABC
Our official locker room unveiling. We would like to thank the Partridge Family for your generous donation!…
Partridge family support for basketball is great for Brock!
Meet the Partridge - An expansive family room with fireplace opens to an immaculately appointed gourmet kitchen...
Awoken by the partridge family. It was peaceful
Hillbillies rode in a 1921 OLDS! Partridge Family Bus was also from these parts: Superior Bus part of GM? tho built in Lima, Oh
Boys was co-written by Wes Farrell who later wrote hits for the Partridge Family. Six degrees of
That is my all-time favourite Partridge Family song EVER. It's great to spin to
The Partridge Family were undercover cyclists, what with their bus to tool about to gigs in!
I was thinking more along the lines of The Monkees or possibly the Partridge Family
it's nearly 3am and I'm writing an essay that's due at 9am and listening to the partridge family... college is weird sometimes
Tonight the TV show "The Partridge Family" (1970) is airing for the first time on exoplanet gamma Cep b
1st Osmonds, now The Partridge Family? Well that cinches it, we are definitely related!😊
On this day 46 years ago"The Partridge Family" debuted. To celebrate, I made a video! Y not! Thx…
This day in 1970 the 1st episode of The Partridge Family on ABC television
On in 1970, premieres on ABC television. via
46 years ago the first episode of The Partridge Family aired, featuring Shirley Jones, David Cassidy & Danny Bonaduce.
Um, Rumple, David Cassidy called...he wants his Partridge Family hair back.
Was watching They love Marcia Brady on & wanna see the whole Partridge Family next. I'll do it!
Chuck Todd is a doppelgänger for Partridge Family's Danny Bonaduce, but without the charm.
TV!!! Old TVs had vert hold problems, etc. To watch, say, The Partridge Family, you had to beat the thing like the family mule.
look on the bright side - it could have been a Partridge Family bus
You know you're of a certain age when you see this and the Partridge Family theme starts playing in your head.
Danny Partridge from the T.V. show The Partridge Family was arrested for beating up a transvestite prostitute.
researching the family from but also strayed into Bucks and Oxfordshire
"Younger people sharing with their networking family and friends" - Tony Partridge via
God I wonder if there's a rerun of The Partridge Family on now
Are we certain Tim Kaine isn't the grown up version of one of the kids on the Partridge Family?
well I liked the Partridge family... Mostly because it was about a band unrealistic as that was
Are we voting for DJT or Eric? Like watching the Partridge Family. Curious how many paid supporters are at his rallys
Ostrich family on the run in darkest Ayrshire. That's one Xmas sorted. PS The Partridge family should never have been allowed out either!
Quinn hanging out with the Partridge Family on the plane...
Match the convention with a TV show's equivalent spirit. RNC: Game of Thrones. DNC: The Partridge Family
on the is so awesome! Talking about being born into the Black Partridge family!
Has anyone seen our ostrich family? We were going to do spoof versions of the tv classic Partridge Family's songs and.
"This sounds as if the Partridge Family got all coked out and sang along to a drum machine" -on neo-disco
If by famous you mean the 10 years I served as the Partridge Family fan club president; then yeah, I'm totally famous.
While the DNC is becoming the "Partridge Family"; where is the ISIS talk, Foreign policy & Immigration???
tv obsession runs in my family. I was named after The Partridge Family
Harry Partridge is about a witch with quite the fancy looking scar, a know it all brat, Botched, and a family of gingers.
The partridge family just showed up on the lake walk... . Umm, I'm reading here people..
Gonna be like The Partridge Family bus only way sexier.
With Broadoak in partridge grey and chalk, this timeless kitchen suits a family lifestyle.
No. The Partridge Family was not a band. They had a tambourine.
since then I've done so many.mainly classic shows like Full House.Partridge Family & Gilligan.
The Partridge Family - I woke up in love this morning via
we are get find the later once for Hannah Partridge in the Smith`s family the future
I have the exact proof, family member of mines worked for the mag company
I still cannot believe teddy and emma dated also rip new partridge family contest show 👻
Elizabeth following Michelle is like The Partridge family following George Clinton.
When I see those BETTER TOGETHER signs I think of the Partridge Family song "Together We're Better."
Just listened to the podcast and now I'm walking around the house singing "I Think I Love You" by the Partridge Family. Sweet.
is that the Partridge family bus in the background???
I heard the Partridge Family will be speaking tonight... Can anyone confirm?
Bonus points for the Partridge Family reference...
Oh yeah ,remember it 😴. Mine was Shirley Jones : mum in partridge family 😍.
Greatest British comedies? I'm going the office, royle family, partridge, bottom and peep show. In that order.
Does someone have a fascination with the Partridge Family? 😃
Best part about the family being gone is walking around the house nude! 👐
The same thing happened to Susan Dey on the Partridge Family when she ate nothing but carrots!
A black Partridge Family... Minus the bus. The groovy music. And a G rating!
Oooh, the Partridge family is about to throw down!
Oh, The Partridge family isn't much of an improvement
Lol the line he used was Black Partridge Family, but Dallas is more accurate.
"We're more like the Partridge Family" - Jamal
"We're more like the black Partridge Family." - Jamal.
Will someone please hang the Partridge Family from the Pear tree already so we can stop singing this *** song?!. *honey-*. •Don't explain•
I'm giving away something for you on THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY THE COMPLETE SEASON . Get it here -
This was from last week's And yes, we included the partridge (family).
2015, former child actress Suzanne Crough -Tracy the youngest member of The Partridge Family, died of a rare heart ailment at age 52.
this is starting to remind me of The Partridge Family
no, I just looked it up. He died, too. So sad. I think I'll listen to some partridge family to perk me back up. :D
I'm going to buy these partridge family songs & annoy the *** out of my family now. They need to be blasted on way to ballet
You're getting confused with the fact Oasis were known as The Royale Family in the early days homage to the Partridge Family
that's the best Partridge family song. :)
Is it me or does Hilary look like the PARTRIDGE FAMILY . Mom
Trent Partridge Hillsborough: A family's loss and search for truth
I'm not even old enough to remember the Partridge Family.
Do it - but rent a bus and do it up like the Partridge family bus for a laugh.
Interesting fact: He was singing about Shirley Jones from the Partridge Family.
Today I was humming the Partridge Family because I legitimately know every song, and it was one of those, "Am I 23 or 53?" moments.
Look, we have a team. We need bigger/integrated transportation. This or the Partridge Family bus!
I've noticed a lot of cameos on The Partridge Family from actors that were in the Little House on the Prairie!
David Cassidy. What ever happened to the Partridge Family ? Lol...x
Partridge family has finances but most importantly a heart to improve R'Head
I'm so happy, proud & excited to see what the Partridge family will do w track.
"If you crossbred The Partridge Family, the Swiss Family Robinson and the Lannisters from "Game of Thrones," you..."
Fab - the holodeck is getting closer to reality! I'll soon be singing lead for the Partridge Family!!!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I think that when the Partridge Family starts to make it into your top 25 most played songs is when you start to have pr…
As the ranking staff member on this trip, I proclaim we will begin with the first album by the Partridge Family.
A Sunny Tuesday in CLE with The National covering The Dead, Parquet Courts, Partridge Family, Rita Marley and more.…
Remember the Partridge Family? David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce once swooned their way int…
He should have joined the Partridge Family and become David Cassidy:)!
I'm stood up in the kitchen eating spaghetti and singing the Partridge Family. This is what's called a messy Saturday night.
Starring in this ep of the Love Boat: Rue McClanahan, Dabney Coleman, Robert Urich, & Reuben Kincaid from the Partridge Family.
The whole Partridge Family series was based on their family!
Now THIS is how you photoshop. Sci-fi meets The Partridge Family vibe. Is the real weapon the sword or that *** fine hair?
Those remind me of the Partridge Family chicks. :)
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