First Thoughts

Part One

The Part One (Part I) to the Fundamental Statute of the Kingdom of Albania is the first of ten parts.

Part Two Ana Kasparian

The Nuremberg Raid - Part One, The Target for Tonight, by Blown Periphery - .
Here's Part One of the Undeniable Jack Gallow vs. Braydon Knight match from SWA Wrestling presents "WARGAMES"...
Dynasty Command Center: Making the Machine, Part One - by for .
TIBET: WE LOVE HIV/AIDS - Part One - This documentary is produced by Department of Health, Central Tibetan Administration ( Tibetan...
"Have the Media Been Caught in Planned Parenthood’s Web of Lies? (Part One)"
John Mauldin - Tax Reform: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly — Part One.
I liked a video from Epic History: First Crusade - Part One
Part One of a little church branding post I wrote for Monk Development.
I liked a video from Adam vs. Final Fantasy XV (Part Twenty-One)
building Dredge, one of the baddies from the crystals are my favourite part. https:…
No one is here for the "Peter wants Tara back" storyline part 133. We are all over it
Let us assist you. When you say skipping, do you mean jumping from one part of a song to another? Or do you mean breaking up?
Stockholm is an amazing city to visit with Young Children...
🔑 ANOTHER ONE🔑 . Part 2 of 'Complex Closets' episode is live with outtakes. WATCH:
Ending Ver. 2 Part 2. [it's a short one, I know but I had to cut the scenes.. ;w;) the next part will be the last one.] ht…
I wanna be a part time dog walker one day
No one thing fully explains it, but it's a part. If he wasn't willin…
Ok here it is your chance to be part of one of my artworks. The remainers will get their chance next week
The problem w/Hollywood is they think they are the ppl they are playing the part of e.g. george clowny thinks he's a l…
You can be part of outreaches this summer as an intern with one of our short-term mission teams. Come join us!
he - It’s a pain that every now and then you exclaim, I’m “one *** of a catch” part ways in every which... :(
OH THE INTERNET PART 3: another one from last night. At this point I was being silly. But for…
We have a space for one 13s team to take part in our festival at Dalgety Bay this Saturday (28th). 3 x 20 mins games, 1…
I learned when arguing w dudes u gotta send them one sentence at a time cuz if you send them a paragraph they only respon…
5 years from now no one will remember you lol you will fade away but the First Lady will be part of history forever jealous?
I loved your Browning/Whale discussion on The Old Dark House is one of my favorites as well. Can't…
When a Republic that declares in its Constitution that we are to be afforded "due process" and takes away our...
He has to understand, he is only one person; however, a part of a party that is falling apart.
Ever been overcharged on an transaction? Here's how they might have got you:
The best part about having the same shoes as two other guys in my program is no one can ever be sure that it's you pooping in the stall.
one day I will stop hurting but you'll always have a part of me
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The hardest part is over. It's one thing to know something is wrong but it's another to seek help. That first leap has been ma…
I started to read and I one part hit me real hard. If I could be there and will hug you once and not let you go! I'm so+
Am I the only one who cried at this part? 😭💔.
How one student learned to cope with trauma. Part 2 of series for
Let us remember we are all part of one Indian family.We ar united in common values, and the right of peaceful protest. A…
We're one of the designers selected to be part of the next magazine! 🎨 🏆 👩
examines "What does Brexit mean for UK franchising?" Part One
Hey feminists! I'm an individual, not a part of one collective uterus with the rest of you! Thanks but no thanks! 😊
The Army was a in the creation of the League Find out : https…
i have no peeps. I am a one man team. I think for myself. I see for myself.not part of the herd that gets cowed to do stuff.
On World Cancer Day, we’re asking you to play your part in one incredible your Unity Band now:
Help honor the legacy of one of the great's. Be part of the Torrey Ward Memorial Game tomorrow night. Contribute at
is not only one of the best looking men I know; he is also out here doing his part to
Gun enthusiasts...this might be helpful - : Do I Need a Gun Trust? Part one
I feel I might have missed one of my callings (to be a part of a film crew).
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Worst part of any relationship is cutting everyone off for that one person just for them to leave you
One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is thanking them for being part of your life
Amen!RT I need you, you need me. “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it”. 1 Corinthians 12:27
'I'm really proud that Donald Trump is part Scottish', said no Scottish person ever.
Thinking about snagging The COURG / A-11 39mm? Check out the latest review by Col via
You understand that Trump can violate every law, every part of the Constitution, and there is currently no one who will hol…
Do we see friend & foe alike, as part of one humanity, a struggling humanity?.
Let's Play The Sims 4: Vampires - Part One - Meet Drusilla! Please comment with any suggestions you have 😊
One thing we don't receive all that often is toilet roll but it's still part of the shopping list. Got some spare?
Go ask The place his kid goes is one of the biggest exploiters of HS athletes. Also part of transfer problem.
One part of me is like *** YEAH, he can walk home. Another part is like, well, he was just angry and didn't mean it. . And another says...
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France
Guys, just because I enjoy reading dystopian fiction and playing post-apocalyptic games didn't mean I wanted to actually be par…
Part one of bro in law .. wedding .. !! 😙😙😙 njoying this pic
Ever wonder what it's like being a global CEO? CEO Carlos Ghosn tells his story, check out part one here: https:/…
Breast Cancer Awareness
One of Napoli's best possessions from yesterday. Left-sided combinations a big part of their game.
One of the top strategists in the world explains the wave of populism that's sweeping the globe and the role technol…
How good was Part One of 's live session? Stay tuned for one more track & an exclusive cover but
Part One - The Marshall Islands -Paradise in the Toxic Atolls of the South Pacific by on
I added a video to a playlist US Elections 2016 - BBC Election Night in America - Part One
Awww heck no with this CLOWN SIGHTING! A brand-new image from Stephen King’s Part One!
On this day in 1979, Part One of the classic City of the Damned by John Wagner, with art by Dave Gibbons, was published…
The man behind Steve Evans - the Paul Raynor interview Part One
I liked a video New Fantasyland WDW - Martins Ultimate Tribute - Part One of Two
From the Pentagon Papers to Edward Snowden - Part One of Our Interview with Tom Devine, Legal Director for the G...
Part One was good. Part Two was so gloriously twisted and insane. Part Three? Best last line EVER.
I added a video to a playlist Dance is my Life says Prabhu Deva - Part One
Listen to Part One of Bishop Barron on the New Evangelization.
Stylish and Green Fashion Week Hub? Yes please! Part One: St Martins Lane Hotel is my base for London Fashion...
Rupert Murdoch talks about the internet at the Leveson Inquiry - Part One.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
High-tech and the courtroom series: Part One: Digital line-ups: U.K. University of Warwick reseachers discov...
Am reading an extraordinary book: My Struggle ( Part One) by Karl Ove think with contemporary setting.
I liked a video from Dead Island: Riptide - Part One
The official result of the UEFA Europa League 3rd qualifying round draw (Part One).
Here is Part One of Joni McKinnon -KTAB's exclusive interview with former First Lady Laura Bush. Tune in...
Going Pro?. Check out Part One of great advice .
Part One: From real world Meg Griffin Lookalike back to C'knock gurrrlll a.k.a My Fitness Return…
New post: Indiana Bicentennial 7.5: Winfield Durbin (1901 – 1905) (Part One): Decline of the White Caps and the E
I'm watching O.J documentary.. One part. This guy says "he is a good looking man. He had white features. Not the typical black man." 🙄
BBC pushing the Remain message again but they would being part of the establishment,the old boys club etc that's ruled over us since day one
“Everything in our life is already planned,what we do is one of the planned part of the life…”
Sucky part about not being able to fall asleep is having no one to talk to 🙃
The worst part about this election is that one of these candidates are going to win
One of these days you'll realize. What you mean to me, every now and then I see a part of you I've never seen
For sure one of those guys. Just doing my part to spread the patriarchy.
Part of me thinks I should've gone for the one with stripes. I think it looks superb!
I like Just one day japanese ver. than the korean one bcs namjoon and taehyung part really make me cry. Idk why I love this song so much
The feeling of being a part of something and being surrounded by the people who think like you is one of the most amazing…
Washed 2 yearling heifers this afternoon. One will be going to as part of htt…
Open your mouth to say one thing, part of another thing comes out, you get confused and forgot both things...
3 schools to visit today with as part of Drowning Prevention Week. It's going to be a busy one!
agreed the eu os part of cia agenda crash west euro into one block. Vote leave uk better alone
Part one of Nash presenting an award at the - via
I'was a dreamer, and You were part of my dreams... We were one, and so it will be forever in our hearts.
Father's Day part one:. Jamie, brother, this is your FIRST Father's Day. We couldn't be happier for you. Love you!!! https:/…
Soulmate is the one who understand the deepest part inside you without explanation...💝💗
The best part of Monday is realizing you're not done overanalyzing that one mistake you think you made on Friday.
Also here for these Z's that I'm about to catch. One more hole in this part and I'm done. That's IF I can find the tool.
One of my customers was surprised how correct I am for I sent back part of money he sent for a mistake I did in calculating. 😳
David didn't believe in me singing every part to One Step Closer so I had to prove him wrong
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Just tidied one, yes one part of revision stuff away and the room already looks so organised
Right. The other part. *He begins to roll a smaller boulder for one of the snowmen.*
I wish test would've found his one love and had a baby at least part of him would've been here
One of my favorite AMV by KJ18. Part: 2. . Anime: Black Lagoon. .
hardest part of being an EXOL is that, seeing EXO & EXO nominated in one category. it's hard to choose between EXO vs. EXO t…
I'm watching the color purple and this fukci gn band made me miss part of it fukc u twenty one pilots
The most unrealistic part of Finding Dory is that one of the characters really wants to go Cleveland.
Hope 2 be a part of the premire at ComicCon 2016. Star Trek has been one of my greatest joys growing up.
I love seeing overwatch memes. Best one of the Bastion NaCl ones.
8. One of my faves but I'm posting it without the alternate part cause that takes Leigh's part out which I love
“i love the bwabwa part of cmb so much” OK I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE OMG
was one of top5 CPA firms & a part of scam. Japanese arm of Ernst&Young is too involved in Toshiba scam.
Part of me is very sad that I'll never see so many bucket hats in one place again.
I realized there is one more episode left and I'll be officially part of the waiting game.
Something that belongs to everyone belongs to no one. In EXACTLY the same way, someone who belongs to All Mankind is p…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Being part of the one holy, catholic & apostolic Church always means looking beyond ourselves & being with others. https:…
I'm part of one of the top 10 ETH mining operations. We support Soft Fork. We support the hard fork if needed. We support You.
> has convinced them (US) that there's one way to look. . That each body part has one way it's supposed to appear. The RIGHT way.
The fact that so many films nowadays are always "YOU KNOW THAT ONE PART IN DARK KNIGHT HURR DURR" makes me physically ill.
One of my favorite things about this season is that Iman Shumpert and JR Smith were a part of this team. It's...
Sad part is you can't even say Curry didn't have help because he's the one that played rubbish
You can choose to be that part of your spirit that is totally free. If you can be free in one area, you can be...
This one isn't just PART of the bootleg hall of fame. This IS the bootleg hall of fame
Global migrant tide swells to record 65 million: UN: Europe's migrant crisis is just one part of a growing ti...
Well, I didn't steal anything. Might have scared one man or... *he mumbled that part* ...ten... to make the lines shorter, >
and I realise that there is only one part left, and I should wait for the next season in the whole of time. ok. end of topic
Z gets one too he works part time for the organization
On page 113 of 208 of Wolf in White Van, by John Darnielle: Just finished Part One. It's...
Part One of Pere Marquette 1225's Back to the Bricks Excursion!
"The Benefits of Positive Energy - Part One" by on Positive Engery a must for survival!
Part One . Lust. . I had felt it more than once in my life. A pesky feeling. It was meant to be a fun, fleeting emotion +
Took me a while to write this but here's Part One of my Premier League season review for Pl…
So that's Part One: a new settlement between human desire and safe-sex technology might look like.
Chuck Mangione: An Evening of Magic, Live at the Hollywood Bowl, Part One 8 Track Tape This Is an 8-Track Tape
Watch “What is Orthodox Christianity? An Answer in Three Parts, Part One: The Teachings of Christ” on
The Hollow Crown giving some welly to the Gloucester/Winchester smackdown in Henry VI Part One. I love it.
The approval process for a new gravel mining operation... The Price of Gravel, Part One | Pagosa Daily Post
Last Day of Unleavened Bread Sermon 1981 by Herbert W. Armstrong - Part One via
Tried to find my copy of CHRISTINE today, couldn't... Revisited, Part One: A Q&A with Keith Gordon - via
Programmatic Advertising in a Nutshell - Part One - imonomy blog
Food fight, Part One: American Airlines and United Airlines do battle via
Merkel to Juncker - Part One: case for EU Asylum Support Mission in Greece | Rumeli Observer
[1/2] Mr Sharp made a slight mistake in Part One of the this morning. He played a record called "Peggy Sue" by Mr
I'm assuming the new Power Rangers is going to be a trilogy. I wish Lord Zedd and Green Ranger were introduced in Part One.
Part One - Hey, No Pressure by Ray LaMontagne. Best song off the new album. Worth a listen. ♫
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
What is a Digital Enterprise? (Part One): Just like any trending business topic, the concept of digitalization...
.investigate the basement of a private home reputed to be a former hangout of The Mob. (Part One.)
I added a video to a playlist Learning the Ropes (Part One) | Rogue Legacy: Couch Co-Op
Part One: Nine reasons to love Limerick: Discover nine of the many reasons to love Limerick in our University ...
Hop pickers and evacuees - how the Kent and East Sussex Railway has changed - Part One
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report' - Part One of "2015: Prophetic Year in Review.". From the perspective of...
SPOILERS ! Don't read if you don't want to know. Wanheda: Part One and Two
I liked a video Craftversations! Volume Eleven, Part One, with Joey Richter!
2015: The green business year in review - Part One
RSS: Lineup Lessons – Gameweek 19 – Part One - Eden Hazard is fielded as a false nine for Chelsea’s trip to Uni...
“Preface” from A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh (Part One) how much true fear of God do they have?❤.
I added a video to a playlist Chante Moore on the Tom Joyner Morning Show - Part One
What Causes Failure in Retail? Part One in connection with Three...VQN
NEW from "Magic The Gathering: The Diary of a Beginner - Part One".
A look back at some seasonal treats: Wales Arts Review Christmas *** Part One
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I liked a video from Pandit Nayan Ghosh on Sachin Dev Burman - Part One
I'm afraid it will be "Star Wars: Billion Dollar Intellectual Property Investment Pay Back, Part One of N"
Essay: Deceivers and Antichrists (Part One). By the time the apostle John penned his gospel and epistles, he had...
Effective Small Business Marketing Strategy – Part One: The majority of business owners do not know the differ...
Ana Kasparian has totally lost it. Part One.
I liked a video Chick Corea and the Boston Pops - Concerto No.1 for Piano and Orchestra - Part One
Part One. Chapter 1. Which describes the condition and profession of the famous gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha.
I liked a video from Let's Play Batman: Arkham Origins | Part One
My Story - Part One - Laura Smith Hamilton is my Stalker
I've worked on my guide to Best of SoCal's Fests for 3 years. Here is Part One on
Photoset: achingangels: 1989 by taylor swift // (part one)
The sad part is that, no one can control who goes at the Union building and what they do there!
The hardest part about starting a new job is coming out to people as a one direction fan.
The only part of me that isn't fat is the one part that should be.
Oh I just had one of those a month ago! You’ll be great! The hardest part is over!
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Should members of who criticized Heather Rabbatts, ALSO be investigated? afaik, she is still part of FA, so attack…
This is one of those images that calms me. Not sure if it's part nostalgia of what I was feeling when…
Real Powers: Part One It's 2027, and as the global economy s
In one week the first games are scheduled! Be part of it! follow the WKC via
But the Church is ONE in Faith, by divine constitution. That’s dogma. So one of you is not part of the Catholic Church.
Why businesses use MongoDB? Part Two: In our part one of the MongoDB blog series, we talked about that Mong... BG
You know that one part in a video game that you have to play about 1000 times because ... (Vine by Poop Frogg)
The one thing has taught me is that we all deserve second chances & the most important part of
Just PART of one of the most amazing gaming collections I've ever seen. ❤💛💚💙.
"I just need one more shot at forgiveness" i LOVE that part, he sings so smooth, VOTE
In case you missed it: I'm writing the best StarCraft 2 article series ever. Here's part 1!
📲 | ET's segment about last night's concert being cancelled (part 1) (via
The worst part in times like these is knowing that I'm the only one that can help myself, but I'm just simply too weak.
Am I the only one who yells "NOT REALLY" in permanent vacation for Michaels part "my chest hurt cause my heart keeps breaking"
thx. Doing ok. Hard part is over. Got to reconnect with family. These are the one like me.😎
The hardest part about maining Nightstalker...
Then we are 2 :D I Play league everyday but the Hentai and the art is one of the best part 😍
Zim we want is where no one is left behind, explains PS Sibanda, calling 4 multistakeholder part'ship 4 devt
Proud to be part of UCD School of Medicine - UCD Centre for Emergency Medical Science is one of several...
Things change, people change, plans change, lifestyles change. Change is part of life, it's one way of growing up & de…
those people are still dead I guess you missed the part where she was emailing her family one thing...
So blessed to be part of this nation n have atleast one honest "Sharif" in our life.
one thing you're leaving out... a BIG part of why Lebron is making to the finals is because they play in the east.
having you guys as part of my life is one of the biggest mistakes I did.
Dont be one of them girls that thinks givin a *** headache is part of a relationship! No its not. Its definitely the path…
only been 1 he's in his 2nd year in Baltimore last year was only one he want part of
Meet Will. Little did he know part of his PA gig included building one of the Tampon Mountains.
Part one of the Ralph Bakshi article, Keeping it Real here: …
I agree! Too bad Ana isn't part of it. She was the hottest one last year!
macysbeautyJOBS : Want to work in MA? View our latest opening:
Loved being part of this great little festi this year. One to get involved in next year
I was heartbroken for so many times. Again and again. The sad part is, I'm the only one who picks up the pieces. Every single time.
When you are in spiritual harmony, you are the one that is. You are a distinct part of the cosmic flow of this…
Even at orchestrated photo opportunities as part of diplomatic state visits no one wants Cameron in the frame.
[LISTEN] to Part One of my series interview with host Laurette Willis based on my book: Live Before...
*** retirement in the Community: Part One by
Lineup Lessons – Gameweek 7 – Part 2: After rolling out Part One of our Lineup Lessons yesterday, we turn to…
Today on GameOn, I bring you Part One of our interview with voice actor Derek Stephen…
Tammy Marie Smith replied to AmberFics's discussion Part One in the group Trippin'- FF
What Does Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis Mean for Bondholders? Part One (new post, hopefully of three)
September 24th,2007: The Sarah Jane Adventures: Revenge of the Slitheen, Part One was first aired on this day.
On page 39 of 272 of Cave and Shadows, by Nick Joaquín: Finished reading Part One. This is...
Crime Scene, Part One by The Afghan Whigs from the album Black Love
Peacemakers: Mr. Gee in Conversation with Prem Rawat, Part One vía
I liked a video Proof that Concealed Carry permit holders live in a dream world, Part One
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Just finished Part One of the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns movie. Real great.
Melbourne Writers Festival review (Part One) - looking at sessions with Eleanor Catton, David Malouf and Suki Kim :)
AJR's Interview with Seth Schwartz | Part One: Making the Case for Ancient Jewish History (to Roman Historians!)
I liked a video from Top 10 Weirdest Gibson Guitars Ever - Part One
Part One of a four part series of Mai and Hong’s Thailand adventure.
Part One of our studio visit with the lovely is now up on my blog and on
The Constitution Writ Large, Part One: Larry Tribe [This is the first part of Professor Tribe's Jackson Lectu...
Yep... Chosen Few. Masters at Work. Part One... And do you see my crush?. DEON COLE???!!!???
Just got word from my publisher that Part One of my book series Emotionally Discombobulated will be available soon!
What is the essence of the art of writing? Part One: Have something to say. Part Two: Say it well.~Edward Abbey
Part One of the Ill-Gotten Gains update is out today in Grand Theft Auto Online:
We did 2 series of End of Part One in 1979 -writers Andrew Marshall & David Renwick. Fun!
Part One of OTH: Karen's Cafe, The River Court, and the bridge😁
Part One of this weekend's secret project: Supply trip to Vashon Island.
// Part One of Chapter Two is now posted on Tumblr.   10% Off
How to Win an Argument with a Prohibitionist (Part One) | Students for Sensible Drug Policy UK
Check out Part One of our exclusive interview with and
The Present State and Need of Civil Rights in the United States, Part One via Publius Forum - By ...
I'm watching Tom Baker in Doctor Who: The Androids of Tara: Part One (S16.E13-16) (1978)
Homegrown Paleo Cookbook Tour – Part One: Houston, my visit to an organic farm in the fifth ward
Part One...Noam Chomsky brilliant MIT professor.answers to why Americans have become so uneducated, to be...
New Blog Post: The Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Part One - Kentucky is all about two things, bourbon and horses. Over t...
In a major act of self-sabotage, I have decided to spoil the ending of ANT-MAN. Here it is, in two parts. Part One: http:…
Ivan the Terrible, Part One and Jackie Brenston are defeated...
Jeremy and the Summer of Stalking - Part One by Mark Sutton My name is Jeremy. I am a liar, a pervert,
No more black hole! "Let’s Cut Your Job Search Time in Half (Part One)" by
Keep On Truckin' (Part One) by Eddie Kendricks from via tune Chris
I liked a video from Supreme Court, Canada - Cannabis Extracts - Part One
Missed my episode with ? Follow the link to catch up with Part One!
Intense. Part One: The Dark Underbelly of a Cult; How it Works, and Recovery - My experience
idk lbs we just got done doing one part Hayes the doing some more shoots later
Get ready for part one of my era rc!:)
Part One of new review for by by 11 yr old
Ever have one of those "I'm getting to that part of life where funerals are becoming more common" moments? I have. Not cool at all.
This book sound so good. And unbelievably important.
Warhol inspired me to come and cook. Part one Rosemary and thyme white jeweled yams red capsicum…
"Hurt myself again today. And the worst part is there's no one else to blame. Be my friend"
A new favorite: Master Of Elektronisches MixRemix-tape 14.02.2015(for my sister R:I:P 18.01.201 part one
PT "innocent" man is bearded guy w/ISIS flag part of mob that killed a child & threw him down a bldg skylight, he stabbed one of the kids
The SOA one uses MEF for DI. I use Autofac today and am writing a part 2 with more stuff (mobile site, public API, etc)...
No-one's there in the struggle. But the second youre gone they'll want to be a part of it.
Part II of one of the most phenomenal desert sunsets of the year.
Yo if Josh doesn't get recognition for his performance in Mockingjay part 1 by at least one award show I will start an uprisi…
The scariest part of letting someone in is they can take one look inside of you and never come back.
which part? That you’re building one, or that the rationale for is it that you’re from Mars?
Honestly, I feel bad for people who aren't involved in sports because being a part of a team is one of the greatest exper…
The Adventure begins Portal part one: via
So proud to be part one of the first ppl developing this
One part of me wants to go to the field trip and the other part is a nah
Feeling alone is one of the most painful part of our life
I am loving sending notes as part of 30 Days of Encouragement. If you want one sign up soon. htt…
happy one and a half year baby girl I love you so much thank you for being a part of my life you're the best❤️
This is one safelist that is truly unlike no other and an absolute MUST have as a part of your advertising ***
Riseborough will take the part of Rosalind - one of Shakespeare's most romantic heroines - in As You Like It, which Polly …
Like, part of me knows its a bad place but the child part of me refuses to believe it. Its one of the only happy memories of my (c)
Factory fifteen will be taking part of Outbox Short Film Festival with one of our first short films;...
I literally re played that one part 5 times
Hi as promised, one dirty dog. Finnegan is part of our product testing pack:
Don't forget to read the next part in the series! This one is about the struggles of LGBTQ youth in the closet.
Okay so I might go to a bar with Tara and two friends one Edgar from that old autozone car part return scam y'all wanted me to do
And Bruce in cuttoffs should only be part of a one-panel gag about him being bad at taking a vacation
The art of reading is in great part that of acquiring a better understanding of life from one's encounter with it in a book. ~Andr� Maurois
It's amazing how many people equate dark/gritty/tone with literal colors. . Does color play a part? Sure. But it's a small one.
Some shots of James as Bart in Part One
$1.50 at the thrift store. I'd venture to say this was part of the after divorce house cleaning one of you donated.
Inner beauty should be the most important part of improving one's self. ~Priscilla Presley
View from my Mom's window, part 4. One more part after this.
If you procrastinate when faced with a big difficult problem, break the problem into parts & handle one part at a time. -Collier
2 things happen on Thursdays: ratings & Toni's photo recaps. One of them makes me smile. via
If I could have one night after football without icing some part of my body that would be really nice!
The 1st one was crazy , just imagine how part 2 gonna be 😈💃🔥. . @
Really enjoying But the main question: will be taking part in the next one?
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