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Parris Island

Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island (often abbreviated as MCRD PI) is an military installation located within Port Royal, South Carolina, approximately south of Beaufort, the community that is typically associated with the installation.

Marine Corps Port Royal South Carolina United States Marine Marine Corps Recruit Depot Semper Fi Full Metal Jacket

Back at Parris Island to finish up my project with the - seeing the young women I've followed through bootcamp graduate tomorrow
Mine was at Parris Island, South Carolina. We danced and danced…
seriously ? I would have killed to hear that at Parris Island. We had to sing the Barney Sing when bad
I qualified expert in Parris Island with the M1. I failed to qualify Camp Hansen with the M-14. I remember that place.
I can't wait to see my brother graduate tomorrow! 💚 @ USMC, Parris Island, SC
A year ago I was on Parris Island training to become a Marine. Now in 5 months I'm going to…
I stood in parade rest the whole time. It felt like bootcamp graduation on Parris Island SC 1999.
They played his song at my sons USMC boot camp graduation at Parris Island. Breathtaking.
seeing pics of ppl @ Parris Island makes me miss when I went to go to see Maddy 😩❤️
I wish I could go to Parris Island and just watch recruits get screamed at.
After three months in Parris Island I can not wait to finally come home tomorrow
I made it through Parris Island, I will make it through Trump. 4 years-I will treat it as an enlistment I did not sign up for
this can’t be Parris Island, some of them are smiling in the photo. Fake!
came to parris island to get me a Marine🇺🇸
I felt a lot like he did. It was HOT in Parris Island in April.
Maybe Trump’s Army Secretary Pick would fit better as a Parris Island drill instructor?
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18 Marines from 13 countries were made the newest citizens of our country today at MCRD Parris Island, SC…
Parris Island waiting for the moto run! @ Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island
Going back to parris island in three months to watch one of my best friends graduate.. it's bittersweet.
I'm with a member of the Greece Athena football staff at Marine Boot Camp in Parris Island who spoke very highly of…
I saw them when I was at parris island Marine Corps. recruit depot
216 days until I leave for Parris Island, time is moving quick!
From Siberia to the Marines: Meet one of Parris Island's first female infantry graduates https…
If anyone wants to contact Michael, this is his mailing address. Parris Island only accepts letters ↓↓↓↓
"What happens after my child enlists?". Tuning into MCRD PARRIS ISLAND, SC - OFFICIAL PAGE daily, Zaide and Jaime...
It's such a perfect first day for my boy at Parris Island 😍
*passes a sheriff on way to airport* . Nana: *yells out window* "We're going to Parris Island, bite me!"
6 years ago today I took a 13 week trip that started on the yellow footprints at Parris Island
Tristan Lake left today for Parris Island He will graduate on April 4th as a United States Marine! .
At Parris island the drill instructors will do anything in their power to absolutely ruin your life...…
The group of 60 educators here at Parris Island have been put through the ringer this morning, starting at 6:00 am.…
Drill sergeants must be slave-driver and supporter, trainer and torturer...without crossing a line abuse via
Marines face court martial for hazing scandal following the death of a Marine recruit
hey you know I remember those hand written letters you sent from Parris Island :)
We met as soulmates. On Parris Island. We left as inmates. From an asylum.
38 years ago today my life was changed forever my first day at Parris Island SC it was the best thing I ever did Msgt G USMC Retired
Hey for anyone still undecided about what they wanna do after high school. I recommended a paid vacation to good ol parris island!
So I see Parris is on island. Wonder when pictures of our dance queen is begin to emerge on all social network accounts🤔
No, I mean the ant ridden swamp that is Parris Island.
Went to visit Parris Island today! Glad to see the Marine Corps have a great facility to train at. -G
The self-inflicted wound he gave himself at Parris Isla…
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Fantastic color in the sky at sunset tonight. Beautiful photo taken from Parris Island by Billie J Hernandez...
Brief visit to MCRD Parris Island. My message to drill instructors & officers: I believe in you & our mission. Do your…
Parris Island graduate becomes 7th Marine in his family
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A rare picture of my son from Parris Island!
8, Parris island. S.C. I'm your little vicious. I know. Vikki sea5. I'll watch. Nothing dirty. You Mu5t be th3re Plea5e.
Today I watch my son graduation from Marine Bootcamp at Parris Island South Carolina! Doesn't get any better than this!
My dream finally came true. Glad to be done! @ USMC, Parris Island, SC
. Sorry Curtis. I'm just old school. Dad was a USMC DI at Parris Island. My mind is programmed differently than most
59 days until I ship to Parris Island bihhh
Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw on Parris Island - It's God's job to judge the terrorists and it's our job to…
the checks and balances are at Parris Island
So proud of my baby brother! He graduated from Parris Island's USMC Depot today! I love you so much baby bro! & I'm…
so excited and proud of our new marine!!❤️ @ Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island
Santa came early and gave me the best present ever 💞 @ Parade deck. Parris island South Carolina
Parris Island Marine Base for my baby bro graduation! I'm so proud of you! Love you ❤️
Visiting Parris Island for Friday's Graduation Ceremony? See where your new Marine is treated to a free lunch or...
"Waiting for his brother to show up on the parade deck . @ Parris Island, SC…
needs to stop telling me about the cute boys at Parris Island, and start sending pics 😂
lol i know. I can carry pounds. Im goin parris island. Dont have the hills yall got
Son, I was making Marines at Parris Island when your mama was still wiping your nose 1985.
Parris Island is all I want for Christmas .
I threw chairs and elbows to get to that hug. 😂❤️ @ Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island
My son went to Parris Island...meh, but SD is so nice and def better!
Let the laser beams begin. Whole Pentagon will be like Parris Island Bootcamp. Love it.
So proud of my sister😜😜 @ Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island
2 years in today. . Much better off @ Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island
A way way back of me on from at Parris Island, SC -
I miss Parris island more than Brandon does
Good luck surviving Parris Island for that guy
My teacher asked why i won't be here tomorrow and I said "well since you asked..." and told him all about my trip to Parris Island who am I
The day has come family day at Parris Island tomorrow is graduation its been a *** of a three months
So you're a Lt Col, in a Col billet, with a Warrant AMOS, who went to Parris Island?.
Before I left my neighbor came out and told me to thank my brother for his sevice since my car is still decked out from Parris Island🇺🇸
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Daughter of a friend began Parris Island basic on Monday. Guess she'll be dosed-up. Didn't know this formulation exists.
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You've got about ten years on me. I graduated Parris Island on 12/31/1997.
Still have 3 hours and then we'll be to Parris Island. 🙃
56 days until i get to go to Parris Island to see the loml graduate 😍😭💪🏼
Tomorrow I'll be on my way to Parris Island to pick up my marine ❤️
My son Brandon will be starting the Marine Crucible at Parris Island SC. What will the weather be for them?
Family of Parris Island Marine killed in crash: 'I'd tell him how proud I am of the man he'd become' by via Stars…
Throwback Thursday to 1981 and the United States Marine Corps Boot Camp at Parris Island, SC.…
.recruit who fell at Parris Island has serious brain damage and is in coma, according to family spokesperson .
Hopefully CBJ brought in Drill Instructors from Parris Island, SC for a little halftime motivation.
Staff Sergeant Perez was my Senior Drill Instructor at Parris Island. He was not a joke.
Most decorated US hero of all time according to my Parris Island drill instructors. Also stopped a f…
Marine drill instructors at Parris Island are under investigation for hazing, abuse at boot camp
Don't forget to *** off the Marine Corps band at Parris Island. It's the least you could do to start the day. 😳
and march on the Parade Deck at MCRD San Diego or MCRD Parris Island,
I liked a video Parris Island Graduation - Aug 2008
Hazing. Spreading toxic messages, and then giving people guns. Hmm...What can go wrong?
SO *** FRUSTRATED. Have no clue if my son is finally in a platoon and doing his training at Parris island
also hate the question "do you know where you're going to bootcamp yet" ALL FEMALE RECRUITS GO TO PARRIS ISLAND I NEVER NEEDED TO FIND OUT
Late night math getting stuff done early as I head to Parris island next week to watch Ethan Muhlenkamp graduate fr…
Thought just crossed my mind, 28 days until family day at Parris Island. In other words, in exactly one menstrual cycle it'll be family day!
Letters sent from the Sandboxx app to be delivered to Parris Island in the morn. Sorted by platoon to get to recrui…
If rather be back on Parris Island then to continue to go to college
I have a solution, send in the Marine Recruits from Parris Island to sweep the streets and clean up the violence
Waiting on that ship date to Parris Island.
I had the pleasure of working aboard USMC Parris Island yesterday!
A Marine drill instructor at Parris Island, South Carolina, was under investigation for allegations of mistreating enlistees…
I should be back at Parris Island after January 😄
Having been in the Komsomol made me REALLY popular at Parris Island (Ross)
So... *** is me reliving the time I called my DI at Parris Island "Comrade Drill Instructor"? (Ross)
I liked a video from Earning The Title - Making Marines on Parris Island
If HH, Harbour Town (will be there Sunday!!). Played Legends at Parris Island today for fun.
looking for a FREE gown for the ball?we still have open slots here at the ball gown giveaway. until 9pm at Traditio…
Parris Island investigation complete, Navajo code talker passes away and the Corps welcomes a new MOS.
Me and my girl would've had mad summer dates but nah I was down at Parris Island the entire summer
+ as soon as some paper work is fixed. Then is off to Parris Island, I believe its called.
Gary just completed his 13 week basic training at Parris Island, SC.
I learned th days of average were over in July 1978 when I stepped foot on Parris Island.
Accident Trask Pkwy near Parris Island Gateway in Beaufort. The right SB lane of Trask Pkwy is blocked.
Life can always get worse. You could be on Parris Island right now.
it feels like back at Parris island
I can say I never saw this at Parris Island, but that was before 9/11 and Islamophobia.
it repels sand fleas on Parris Island! Ask any and they will tell you the same!
Drill Instructors from Parris Island with letters sent from Sandboxx to their recruits:
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Parris Island for all the Drill instructors and their FAMILY! Ooh rahhh
A game on a military base. It's beautiful. Bring it to Benning or Lackland; Parris Island next?
Best Fireworks Show I've been to was at Parris Island, SC. . And the one my dad did in Chiapas where we were the only *** in the town. 🎆
Driving around Parris Island is pretty cool
Good luck to my friend at Parris Island🇺🇸
I did learn a lot being on parris island though
Just visited Parris Island. Pretty cool feeling knowing that I could be here. But God *** I couldn't imagine boot camp at this time of year
When your "brother" Lukie calls you from Parris Island & you don't know what else to do besides cry 😭😭😭
What? The Marines do off duty differently @ Parris Island, SC - USMC
People on the west coast keep telling me Parris Island is where they make real Marines
Looking forward to this years 4th of July celebrations. For the first time in a while, Parris Island will have a...
Listen to 50k x Flex - chances prod. djyoungkash by Parris Island on
Great speech aboard Parris Island for the New Marines...
Hm. Sad for the recruit, but boot camp isn't a cake walk and the sugar cookies promised are a training...
Everyone invited to celebrate 4thofJuly at Parris Island with free
Day 2 of vacay included a trip to Parris Island for a day of swimming and golf. Finished the…
Who would like to help me turn this property into a sports performance center? Great location, great size...
Love fireworks? Better head to one of the local fireworks shows--Shelter Cove, Port Royal, Parris Island, Sun...
I come from an island. A motivated island. They call that island, Parris Island.
This 4th of July will be different for me. Proud of my daughter. RCT Brianna Reed. Oscar company. Parris Island. US Marines.
Stopped by Parris island on the way to Florida and it brought back so many memories. Reminded me why I wanted to be a Marine.
Fifteen drill instructors at the Marine boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina, are under investigation for
the few, the proud. straight from Parris Island! 😈
The recruit's death at Parris Island was tragic. I'm troubled by Marines' reaction to it via marin…
Proud of my stepson Ethan! Big day today. Off to the Parris Island to become a United States Marine! 🇺🇸
Parris Island bound in the morning, next time anyone hears from me I'll be a freaking United States Marine🇺🇸
Marines Corps sidelines Parris Island drill instructors after death of recruit
Top enlisted at Parris Island relieved in addition to training commander after death of trainee.
(Stars and Stripes) Update: Top enlisted at Parris Island recruit training dismissed, as well as co...
Marine Corps ousts Parris Island recruit training commander after death of recruit
My worse summer vacation was spent at Parris Island, Marine Corps basic training.
Continuing series from Parris Island: in the squad bay, senior drill instructor Staff Sgt.…
the Boston Cream Pie in the 1st battalion chow hall of Parris Island is the best Boston cream I have ever had
I should take leave and go down to Parris island just to IT you
After all the waiting, St John finally leaves for Parris Island tomorrow. Good luck homie 👊🏻 make us proud
Wow. This day next month I will be starting my first day of boot camp. Parris island im coming for ya🇺🇸
the closest place I could get to Parris Island lol
Congrats to Nick Roberts and Greg Gratiano for graduating from Parris Island today, welcome to the family Marines!
Photos: New Marines from Echo Company graduate at Parris Island: Portraits of the latest batch of Marines to g...
Dinner with my soon to be US Marine nephew. Next stop Parris Island! (@ Monterrey Mexican Restaurant in Taylors, SC)
The most proud day of my life. Parris island, it was fun and all but I've done my time
Longest womens drive today at The Legends at Parris Island. It was not my best of the day but a winner.
Have you heard the news our is headed to Parris Island to train with
What did you do this week? Our own Coach Rachel spent it with the US Marine Corps at Parris Island for an...
HUGE congrats to each of the new Marines who graduated from Parris Island this morning. We thank you all for your...
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Wish I were in Parris Island with my dad and everyone. Congrats for becoming a Marine. So proud of you! Rah
Graduation Day! My young man is now a Marine. (@ Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot Operator) on
Every east of the Mississippi River heads down to MCRD PARRIS ISLAND, SC - OFFICIAL PAGE.
Good Morning Parris Island! Taken on my way to work by 3rd Battalion Pond.
exactly 4 months till im off to Parris Island
Ready to finish up school and get to Parris Island
Fresh out Parris Island ready to finally get my career started exctied to see whats ahead.
When I hopped off the bus in Parris Island, SC and stepped on those yellow footprints was
when I stepped off the bus at Parris island
Sometimes a long night at Barretts makes me look forward to Parris Island
Parris Island or Great Lake IL? In some months I'm ready for bootcamp
I have yet to meet a "Third Wave Feminist" who could get laid at MCRD Parris Island with a dozen pizzas and a keg of Coors!
This feeling is so weird. Going back to Parris Island. Last time I was here I was an aspiring Marine but this time here to welcome a brother
Let me in Parris Island pls I don't wanna be a civilian anymore
Alabama & I'll be at Parris Island during that event
The Iwo Jima monument at Parris Island has a long history of its own. Felix de Weldon, an Austrian Jew who...
Throwback to my first Marine Corps Photo taken at Parris Island over 10 years ago
Got a 3 second glimpse of my boy from a video straight from Parris Island!! I spy my ginger 💜
We proudly support our Parris Island Military Grads. Are you planning a celebration for your Parris Island Graduate?
2 months from today, I will be off to Parris island then soon a marine
Spent the day walking around MCRD Parris Island. Brings back memories of when I was here years ago, of course not...
there's one in my town too. Gees. Then there's charleston AFB which is basically closed and Parris island.
Whether a law enforcement agency or military, we are available to keep you updated on active shooter situations.
I wonder if I can get my drill instructor from Parris Island to apologize for all he said.It is hockey for God's sake!
No UNK's for these recruits! . Parris Island recruits are learning how to shoot like Marines. For one week,...
Round these snowflakes up, send them to Parris Island, and don't go back for them.
As long as 6 weeks on Parris Island? on 53 days of Dail negotiations. War is ***
I spent three months on Parris Island, and I was so sleep deprived and hungry the entire time I barely remember any of it. Thank God.
Parris island 😈😎 AYYE remember earn the title. Nobody can take that away from you.
Discipline: US Marine Drill Instructor Sgt Jonathan Reeves inspects and corrects a new recruit at Parris Island. https:/…
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Down in Parris Island at the USMC recruit depot (boot camp) learning new things for summer workouts! - Coach Wrinkle
Navy unloads commander of USS Worth; btln cdr deep-sixed at Parris Island
Recruit’s death under investigation at Parris Island: The death of a recruit at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Par...
toughest trainer huh I completed parris island Marine Corps boot camp we didn't have fancy machines just saying.
I get to meet some Drill Instructors from Parris Island in May😅😅😅
Beaufort is very close to Parris Island and Marine Corps Boot Camp. Spent several months there, USMC!
One year ago today I recieved my first letters from Jonathan while he was at Parris island. ❤️
My father was an Air Force career veteran, I was US Navy, my son joined USMC in Parris Island at age 26. Semper Fi. Go for it.
2 weeks from now I'll be Parris Island bound 😍
make em earn it Chief. it's like Parris Island on steroids.
. shout out to 3rd Battalion Lima Company Platoon 3017 Parris Island readying for The Crucible. Hoorah!
Cool fact of the day: I've been on the roads as seen in Full Metal Jacket. USMC Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC is a beautiful place
Just got that 2am call from parris island it sounds lit
Tonight my son is spending his first night at Parris Island. He'll have no sleep. Praying for him & his fellow recruits. Will you join me?
Parris Island is where boys become Men
The Proud *** One Marine's Journey from Parris Island through the *** of
yes as in Parris Island!! I didn't know visitors could visit base during recruit training, I can't wait
2 weeks I'll be packing for Parris Island 😍
Check out photos from DASD Rodriguez's visit to and Parris Island
To all that want to drop Jesse a line please do at RCT Temple,James,J. 3rd RTBNPLT 3034 COI. BOX 16325 Parris Island,SC. 29905-6325
That clued me in that Parris Island did not work because of America's bias conservator culture toward me before 1994/95.
Full Metal Jacket The Parris Island story is fascinating and chilling.
I video will get uploaded tomorrow. Just a list of people I'm thankful for. By the time it goes live, I'll be on a plane to Parris Island.
lucky I wish someone could go to parris island with me! I'm all alone
Hey everyone, meet my battle buddy. We're shipping to bootcamp together!! Parris Island isn't…
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Captain's log aboard the "USS Starvation". Day 5: Haven't fantasized this much about food since summer break at Parris Island.
In less than 5 months I'll begin my training for the Marine Corps in Parris Island, South Carolina. Very excited to be a part of the
Good luck to my boy heading to Parris Island tomorrow. See you when we've both made it through💪🏽
Patriotic brothers&sisters from Walhalla to Parris Island…
Wishing some good luck today as he is about to head out to Parris Island. Proud of you my dude.
Please join the Marines and family of RSS Middletown in sending Deandre Mullen to MCRD Parris Island to begin his...
I'll be in Parris Island tomorrow! 🇺🇸 graduate in May. 4th battalion November company
Tomorrow I'll be leaving for recruit training at Parris Island to become a Marine, see y'all in 13 weeks
Whenever I think I'm having a bad day I'll remember somebody on parris island getting destroyed right now
Helmet for My Pillow : From Parris Island to the Pacific by Robert Leckie
Hey, is your uncle really the Ron Kovic? We learned about him @ Parris Island when I was in bootcamp.
Missin' extra much today, sending love to Parris Island for you! 💕
Drill Instructor SSgt Lindsey Gonzalez transforms recruits into Marines at Parris Island each year.
My father was a Marine Drill Instructor at Parris Island. I went out to the rifle range with him. Fun stuff!
classroom 602 on Parris Island, Sc. taught me about Presley O'Bannon and the Barbary pirates
Full Metal Jacket: "Now you can give your heart to Jesus, but your *** belongs to the Corps." Man I loved Parris Island and being a Marine
Parris Island, Camp Geiger & 29 Palms sheesh they love us Marines 😐😕😑💀
Brad Davis told us today how he went through Boot Camp at Parris Island. OUR VERY OWN ADAM MACHADO '15 LEAVES FOR BOOT CAMP THERE TOMORROW!
Well, off to Parris Island. See you all in 13 weeks, hopefully with a new title, United States Marine.
Update your maps at Navteq
The West/Davis family is visiting Beaufort today from Danville, VA to proudly attend the Parris Island graduation...
(Like analogically they send her into the Marine Corps barber shop at Parris Island and shave it all down to the skull.)
.or that far too many people think attacks too place at Parris Island, not Paris France.
Meanwhile, women began training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina, in 1949
Up from the mud: Making Marines from recruits at Parris Island
Change of command ceremony at Parris Island via
Sunrise on The Legends at Parris Island SC from Rock Head William Tripp Jr. He says it's great!
I only have a few more months until I graduate hopefully. Then I'm enlisting so I'll leave New England again for Parris Island lol
100th Anniversary of Recruit Depot 100 years of making (1915 - 2015). http:/…
Don't forget- the documentary "Parris Island: 100 Years of Making Marines" now showing at The Shed in Port Royal and at 1:15 and 2:15.
Oorah! Celebrating 100 years at Parris Island this morning.
Rick O'Hara, a Vietnam Veteran and marine, shows his support at the parade this morning for Parris Island.
A few more shots from this morning's parade in Port Royal celebrating the Parris Island Centennial.
Pics from Port Royal ' little hometown parade to celebrate 100 years of USMC Parris Island. Military parades...
Celebrating 100 years of making marines at Parris Island with a parade in Port Royal. Royal
Great day for a parade. Spectators gather to celebrate the Parris Island Centennial.
Amazing to return to after 25 years congratulation Golf Company 2nd Battalion &
I come from an island. A motivated island PARRIS ISLAND.
24 October 1915: The Marine Corps Recruit Depot was moved from Norfolk and established at Parris Island, South Carolina.
I have the biggest pump right now. Send me to Parris Island right now.
One year ago today I was sent home from MCRD Parris Island as a civilian... 🤕😟😔
I miss Parris Island because even if it's fall or winter, it's always warm. I hate the cold
my PMI on Parris Island was the only Marine on duty to get a round off rest of the guards had empty magazines
any pic that I see that slightly resembles Dan from Parris Island I just pretend it's him idc
Sunset in Port Royal, SC by the gates to Parris Island.
Welp... I leave Sunday for Recruit training at Parris Island to become a…
I can only pick out Jabraan in these parris island pictures because of his long *** eyelashes
thank you! Means the world and I'll need me some prayers for Parris island
Today marks one month since I left Parris Island. Since my career ended before it even got the chance to start. 😔
So proud of my grasshopper ❤ she only has less than one month for graduation at Parris Island 💪
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savannah airport, I left Parris island about 2 hours ago
100 years of making Marines: Reserve your copy of our Parris Island commemorative section: Parris Island is kn...
Just graduated from MCRD Parris Island. Officially a United States Marine. Best feeling in the world Semper Fi!
me towards everyone at Parris Island
The Crucible: No Parris Island recruit can become a Marine without surviving this test
A cut above: Barber Stewart Johnson buzzing heads on Parris Island for 59 years
Cool getting to experience Parris Island today
After 13 weeks of misery, I'm finally a Marine. Parris Island it's been an honor. Time to go home.
Parris Island. 1998. Good time to be alive.
New Marines in uniform eat for FREE here at Panini's on Graduation Day from Parris Island. It's our way of saying...
better get all the "Netflix and Chill" out of your system...that and you can't go to Paris on on Parris Island.
Stop what you are doing and meet the Marine Core Depot Parris Island's mascot, Mike. VIDEO:
We held the day. In the palm. Of our hand. They ruled the night. And the night. Seemed to last as long as six weeks. On Parris Island
20 years ago today, I stood on the yellow footprints at Parris Island.
23 years ago today (also a Friday) I graduated from Parris Island. I have lived longer since then than I had...
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Everyone keeps talking about how pretty Parris Island, SC is going to be like I'm going for vacation & willget to enjoy the view.
Excited to see my boy Shawn graduate from Parris Island. Congratulations man, you've earned the title of Marine
Missing my and this time he's only in Parris Island for a few days ☹️
LOUIS' GHOSTS OF PARRIS ISLAND .  A lot of people left there and went to their death.
Take a moment to read about the history of Parris Island on their 100th birthday:
Three generations of my family graduated from Parris Island
Very proud to make and donate these for the Iwo Jima Monument restoration happening at Parris Island.…
Congratulations to on graduating from Parris Island and becoming a United States Marine. We are all proud o…
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