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Parris Island

Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island (often abbreviated as MCRD PI) is an military installation located within Port Royal, South Carolina, approximately south of Beaufort, the community that is typically associated with the installation.

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I'm trying to go to Parris island September 17th - 19th to see Michelle graduate. Hopefully I can..
Sorry I didn't see that live on tv sir, but I was at Parris Island SC going through Marine Corps boot camp, was told by DIs
MCRD San Diego has an [undeserved?] rep as being softer than Parris Island. Currently SD's 1st Bn CO is a JAG; PI's is a Recon/MV-22 pilot.
I would never wanna b famous, just very wealthy.
A guy in basic at Parris Island sent my daughter little clover flowers in his letter... *swoon* how utterly adorable
Well I'm leaving Sunday for Parris Island where I will endure 3 months of hard work mentally and physically the...
Said I got that dumb *** she wanna b my tutor, so she gimme brain, gettin head on a scooter
Parris island SC in 25 days. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared
I love that I work w young kids n babies 😍👶
I grew up on Parris Island SC and I earned my title as a Marine . I changed and I'll be damned if I ever let someone disrespect me .
Dropping this MSG package as soon as I get back with an MAI package after my MSG duty it's time to go back to Parris Island & make Marines🇺🇸
we do *** Like we even packed the same bag to Parris island lol
When ppl try to make u feel dumb n you prove them wrong n they just look like an *** gt;>> suck mine ***
So THATS what my D. I. s were doing at Parris Island!!! *** . makes sense now.
We just visited the Marine Corps Museum at MCRD Parris Island. It was very interesting.
Being right next to Parris Island is so sweet
Im the brown bird. You're the white one.
Just give me food and tell me I'm pretty.
Meeting with the Saergant Major of Parris Island tomorrow 👌🇺🇸
Look what I just got!! Some pictures of my amazing brother in Parris Island. So proud of him! Keep it…
Hi Randy I'm totally obsessed with the RKO. I live outside of the Parris Island marine training can you come by to do a show?
“Sometimes the changes are good. Sometimes you think they’re good and you end up disappointed. Other time …
good job girl! Lol And I've experienced the 5am stuff at parris island last year
I'm still dumbfounded my baby brother was struck by lightning lol
Really wanna quit smoking, but what am I gonna do after I eat. Cig after food is the best.
There is some Parris island dudes in here.. they haven't woken up yet but the boot battles will begin about boot camp when they wake up..
Today in 2012 a waterspout formed between Parris Island and Hilton Head, with a second one near Tybee Island.
48 days until I'm off to parris island. I can't say it enough.
Congradulations to all the Marines who just came back from Parris Island and San Diego CONGRADULATIONS! That motivates me and the others.
I will get a shot glass from Parris Island if it's the last thing I do
lol not even cause of that but not yet more or less around January to Parris island
Patiently stalking the Parris Island fb to catch a picture of Codi.
I do not want any parts of this pregnancy boom going on 🙅
From a dad whose son's in his 5th week of boot camp at Parris Island: "I stand with Rand!"
I'm the top honor grad of Marine Corps Parris Island boot camp summer of 1968 Jun-Aug! Here's my book!
In case y'all were wondering, my header does mean something to me. It's Parris Island, SC where my bubby and sissy have been.
7 years ago today I was standing on the yellow footprints at parris island
1 - Hours of free time per day Parris Island recruits have in barracks, plus 4 on Sundays.
2,700 - Maximum calories provided daily to female recruits on Parris Island.
I really really really miss being on Parris Island .. I miss my Drill Instructors, I miss the daily routine, I miss my *** ... all'at smh
This time next year I'll be at MCRD Parris Island and done with all of you.
July 3 graduation we Helped 4 families get to Parris Island from NY, IN, WV & PA. Donate :
I leave for boot camp and start my 13 week stay at Parris Island, SC on February 9th! Spending 12…
my great grand parents live 20 mins off of Parris island in SC and we always go it's beautiful!
Someone come to South Carolina so I can go to the parris island "museum" so I can peep Zach at bootcamp
Marines follow orders, Thor wouldn't last a day at Parris Island. Heh
Laurel Bay, Beaufort, Port Royal, Parris Island and Hilton Head are up next. Storms beginning to cross the Broad...
The picture of courage is often painted in active, heroic, dramatic and easily recognizable colors. It's John Wayne on Guadalcanal, or the desperate Marines on Betio, or the firefighters trudging up the stairways of the Twin Towers nearly 13 years ago. It's all of those, and nearer and dearer as well. It's an old friend nodding his recognition of the doctor's clear statement of his prospects for ever walking again. Of his reaffirmation through a firm jaw later to close friends that he does intend to walk again and to sit with his dog on his back porch. Or his delight when we remember that we can watch Pulp Fiction on the iPad and he smiles broadly. This isn't the denial of reality, it's the acceptance of it and the determination to adapt and overcome. Remarkable to return to that some 49 years after he first learned that so near to us here in Savannah, at Parris Island. You can almost hear his DI yelling at him to get off his lazy *** and move or die. He doesn't intend to stay here on his lazy as ...
I added a video to a playlist Senior Drill Instructor's Speech-Parris Island
I have a large piece of live rock about 20lbs for sale. Asking $20 that's $1 per lb way cheaper than $8-10. Item located parris island
I met so many people this weekend that are going to Parris Island soon and I'm just like man . I'm so sorrry lol
Over analyze n over think things far too much
I don't wanna be here anymore. MCRD Parris Island is where I wanna be😑
should be hitting those yellow footprints on Parris Island before long. Very proud of him beginning his life as a Marine.
Not even ready for this Parris Island camp
If you aren't trying, I'm not staying 👋
Not knowing how long you have on the earth is scary.
Knowing you're gonna die at some point is scary.
All that grace, all that body, all that face, makes me wanna party.
I just want to sit on your face and tell you my problems.
My friend is in Parris Island right now. Crazy how a few years ago we were just fantasizing about it.
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Happy Fourth of July from the of Parris Island!
You know, I still have that letter I wrote while you were at parris Island, lel.
In 12 hours I'll be on my way to Parris Island
I lied, that was better than Christmas!! GET ME TO PARRIS ISLAND NOW!! 😍
so far ive met two girls with boyfriends/fiance's in the same platoon as Daniel in parris island, what a small world!
Well today my heart left for Parris Island. Good luck handsome, you'll do great.
Do you have a military question? Did you know that has been providing answers since 1998? Ask your questions today!
Everyone's worried about the sheep w 4 horns, I'm worried about the sheep w balls as big as my *** head..
I was Corpsman. Got it first time, every time, Thank you! At Parris Island, learned A LOT! Still first time.. hee hee
I wonder if your tears taste like bacon...
You're cooler than the flip side of my pillow
DO YOU LIKE ROAD TRIPS? Operation Parris Island was a huge success.We are thankful to make it home…
This is literally the earliest I've woken up this entire summer, besides 4 am at Parris Island
Tomorrow is the day I've worked for. I leave for bootcamp at Parris Island. I want to thank everyone for their support. I'll miss you guys.
When I see cats in a house, all I imagine is everything their *** has touched. . Couch. Counters. Beds. Chairs. Tables. . …
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Just saw a guy propose. Instead of "Will You Marry Me?", . I heard, "Will you nag me forever and stop sucking my *** ". …
Well at 9:30 today one of my best friends leaves for boot camp at Parris Island. This day seemed so…
DLV forever! Please give a shout out for my Son Tim Burton (real name) Leaving for Marine boot camp in 12 hrs Parris Island!
So i got my first letter from my buddy Alex tonight from Parris Island i am so happy right now!
Milan Troop: 214. Parris Island-Fox Co: 2014. DOB: 1/7/77. Most wouldn't have survived my year {or my life} so far.
No Cottswold... so craving... since I mentioned the Lox & Caviar I got for Parris Island graduation... want THEM
For "Goodies Night" before Parris Island grad, mom had a kilo of Beluga & 1 of Nova lox sent
Found it: Unfortunately they don't do it for Parris Island, but you may find info on the site useful.
Went to Parris Island hung over after a night of Kir Royales with Fran Lebowitz & Tama Janowitz..
Here's to Leathernecks, Devildogs, and Jarheads and Parris Island in July, Semper Fi
My best friend thought it would be funny to poke holes in my condoms. Totally back fired when I got his girl pregnant.
Beach glows about as cool as tribal tattoos
I'm gonna b dead after this weekend. N I'm never walking again. Ever.
I don't really have anything against people who drink but how do people let it get to a point where they can't have fun i…
Left for boot camp on Parris Island 10 years ago today... Not a single regret.
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Well going to parris island soon for The Young Marines thanks to all that serve I will be gone for a week
Your still the most pathetic person I know
Lauren n some black kid basket tossed me up onto a football post..flipped, fell off n landed on my back..👍
Today I took one of the biggest steps in my life. I swore into the United States Marine Corps and I couldn't be more excited. Thanks to those who supported me while making this life changing decision. I enlisted into the Reserves so that I could still work at my job with the District of Columbia Fire Department. This is something that I've always wanted to do but never had the chance after becoming a fireman. I figured this would be my last chance. I leave for boot camp in Parris Island, SC on January 5th where I'll hopefully earn the title of a United States Marine.
In January of 2005 my "baby" brother James joined the Marine Corps. (He's 20 years younger than I, hence the use of the term "baby".) Shortly thereafter, I began to display The Blue Star Flag. In August of 2009, my son Kinley joined The Corps, as well. In fact, Jim was processing out at Camp Lejeune, NC while I was watching my son graduate basic training at Parris Island, SC. As of 5:01 PM CDT today, for the first time in over nine years, I am not displaying a Blue Star Banner. The 3'x5' flag in the front window of the house is coming down, the WWI era framed Blue Star next to my front door is coming down, and the Blue Star sticker on the back of my car is coming off. Kinley just began his terminal leave, which will end his active service with The Corps. Semper Fi, Marine! Job well done! WELCOME TO THE 1s CIV DIV!
So excited to get a letter from my niece, Lauren Miller, who is at Marine Boot Camp at Parris Island. Was glad to hear that she is enjoying it. The funniest thing she said was that boot camp reminded her of "an angry summer camp". Go get em, Lauren! I am so proud of you :0)
My last day as a pmi was today and to put it best...bitter sweet. I done what i can to influence these young recruits some of which are marines now. I trained and qualified 1,106 recruits in Marine Corps marksmanship ending with a 94.40 qualification percentage. I pushed 19 platoons of the young minds in hopes that they will one day use the knowledge and skills that i instilled in them. Much thanks to all my brothers here at parris island. I enjoyed my time here but its time to move on. This chapter of my career is over, but where one ends another begins. I have made friends down here i will have for the rest of life and made memories i will have till the day i die. Now time to finalize plans for home and enjoy the weekend before the long journey to Missouri and then to North Carolina.
The Marine Corps Sergeant Major who accosted a protester and drove away with the man's Drill Instructor hat has tendered his resignation and voluntarily stepped down from his post as senior enlisted adviser at Parris Island recruit depot, the Marine Corps Times reported Tuesday. Sgt. Maj. Paul A...
I did. I spent 3 months on Parris Island SC and I don't recommend it.
It had been more than 25 years since Beaufort resident James Cooler last saw the centuries-old canoe he found in the water off Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island.
Straight from MCRD Parris Island, help us welcome our two newest Pfc. Olivia J...
Sydney is coming back from parris island 😳
New Parris Island graduates eat FREE at Panini's on Graduation Day. It's the least we can do to say 'Thank You'.
Hey, check out my son last week. Had a blast. He's in JROTC and took a trip to Parris Island.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Weezy F baby and the F is for Fritos
Where was this last night when I couldn't sleep??
Finally headed home after 13 weeks at Parris Island. It was well worth the wait
person who should not be eating pizza in a white dress...but I'm gonna do it anyway..
My bro is finally done @ Parade deck. Parris island South Carolina
PARRIS ISLAND: Cradle of the Corps: this is an amazing video
Parris Island is hot. Not that kind of hot.
After 12 weeks of taxing trials and tough training, the recruits of Bravo Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, stood hours away from earning their places in the Corps as they wrapped up the last few events of the Crucible on Parris Island, S.C. The recruits trained on the island for nearly three months under the watchful eyes of their Drill Instructors, learning the importance of teamwork, integrity, fitness and commitment to excellence. The recruits proved themselves worthy of bearing the title U.S. Marine only after completing the 54-hour culminating event June 12-14, 2014. Bravo Company is scheduled to graduate June 20, 2014. (Photos by Cpl. Octavia Davis)
I got my first letter from Ty at Parris island today! Happy happy Mom 😄
Devan Symone's address if you would like to write her is: RCT Sirls, Devan S 4th RTBN PLT 4029 CO O PO BOX 16445 Parris Island, SC 29905 She is doing great in boot camp, but says she isn't getting mail. :( PUMP HER UP Y'ALL!
No letter yet but I have the boy's address in Parris Island!! DM me if you want to send him a letter
Good Morning Christians. Attending my Navy daughter's promotion ceremony at 0800 at Parris Island S. C. I had a flashback of my military ( US Army ) basic training at Ft. Polk Louisiana when I saw young Marine recruits singing and marching along the base...the area is very pretty... Have a Great and Safe Day everyone.
Happy 26th Anniversary Darcy Branum (Pvt Irish) and Rebecca Goodwin Lessing (Pvt Goodwin) and all of my Sisters who graduated Parris Island Marine Corps Boot Camp on June 20th, 1988. It is a day to remember and celebrate! I wonder where life has taken all of my Sisters and Drill Instructors. Happy Anniversary Plt 4016, Kilo Co, 4th BN, Semper Fi Marines
Let's show our support for RSS London Recruits... Lets make the guys and gals already on Parris Island feel the love and support...get those letters in the mail folks. :)
Hush puppies in parris island in T minus 12 days 🙀😁😁😁
Music is the only thing that makes me happy r/s
Think driving when you're half asleep is far more dangerous that drunk driving. 😴
Austin's the only one I wanna drunk text but I can't so I write him drunk letters, I know he appreciates them in Parris Island😂💙
23 days til my son leaves for Parris Island...excited and very proud
"A rifle is only a tool- it's a hard heart that kills." (1987). -Lee Ermey, Full Metal Jacket . Former Marine Drill Instructor @ Parris Island
My days are so routine. I hate routine.
But until then. I'll be in my books getting this degree and preparing for the marines!!! 09/07/2014 Parris island baby
Due to the current fiscal environment, MCCS has been directed to consolidate the Laurel Bay Child Development Center with the CDCs aboard MCRD Parris Island and MCAS Beaufort effective 28 July. Additionally, hours of operation at all CDCs and Youth Centers will be revised to 0530 – 1730 beginning 1 Aug. There will be a town hall meeting at the Laurel Bay Youth Center tomorrow, 19 June at 1700. At this time Colonel Buck, the Air Station Commanding Officer, as well as the CDC staff will be available to address questions and concerns.
The more I realize how boring this town is an the how much people *** me off here. I just want to go to parris island already
That moment when you would rather be in Parris island at boot camp then in your own home.
25 yrs ago today I was getting off the bus at Parris Island wondering what I just got myself into lol
To any of my family members, or friends of Curtis Layman that would like to write him at Parris Island while he is in boot camp; here is the address: RCT Layman, Curtis 1 RTBN PLT 1062 CO D BOX 16155 Parris Island, SC 29905-6155 He would love to hear from any and all of you as he is there without any of us around him. Also to anyone that would like to go to his graduation ceremony it will be August 29th. Please contact me so I can let him know what to expect. Thank you!
Aaron Reed and I just met up with one of my Parris Island cohorts John Davis, we had a great dinner and some good conversation. I miss all the PEBers.
This cemetery on Parris Island, out at the Rifle Range area, is one of at least four cemeteries containing...
My handsome boy. I'm so proud of you AJ. GOD BLESS you baby @ parris island
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My friend Jennifer Piper was at Parris Island today, and had to stop for a troop to cross the road, she swears she saw justin in the front row! :-)
Just want to lay down n eat n netflix
Guarantee I run out of gas driving home lolz
My nose ring is probably gonna close because I have to go to Parris Island for a week before college
This day is just dragging, I wanna put my head through a wall
My nephew, PFC Matthew Williams, graduated from U.S. Marine basic training June 13 at Parris Island. We are very proud of him and his service to our country.
Time to go haze poolees and give em a taste of Parris Island
Former Parris Island Marine receives medal of honor
The 8th living Medal of Honor winner for heroism beyond the call.. Salute Ret. Marine Corporal William Kyle Carpenter..The ceremony was a few minutes ago and was shared by his fellow Marine brothers he served with in Kandahar Afghanistan. Obama to Present Medal of Honor in White House Ceremony American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON, June 19, 2014 – President Barack Obama will present the nation’s highest award for battlefield gallantry to retired Marine Corps Cpl. William “Kyle” Carpenter in a White House ceremony at 2:15 p.m. EDT today. The Pentagon Channel will broadcast the ceremony live, and it also will stream live on the channel’s website. Carpenter is receiving the Medal of Honor for his actions Nov. 21, 2010, in the Marjah district of Afghanistan’s Helmand province when enemy fighters attacked Patrol Base Dakota. Carpenter was born in Flowood, Mississippi, on Oct. 17, 1989, and attended high school at W. Wyman King Academy, Batesburg, South Carolina, graduating in 2008. In February 2 ...
In early 1943 a young PFC George H. Mulholland graduated from Parris Island Recruit Depot ... he spent 25 years devoting himself to God, Country and Corps ... he provided an adventureous life for his family filled with the unique opportunities of the military family lifestyle ... he had THE PERFECT MARINE WIFE who had more than ample ability to keep order in his absence each time he was deployed ... a young Marine who grew and developed into the ideal SgtMaj who represented The United States of America as he was introduced to British Royalty. He was a Marine until the very end. Once a Marine, Always a Marine. He was a great man, he was my father.
A former Drill Instructor protesting the recent Taliban prisoner exchange near the entrance to Parris Island found himself toe-to-toe with an angry Sergeant Major.
greetings Charleston peeps just a shout out to ask if anyone can be a driver for hire and give me a ride to parris island Beaufort in the am on a weekday? thanks in advance, peace
On this day, 19 years ago, a skinny and hard nosed kid of only 18 joined one of the premier fighting forces in the world. Gods bless the United States Marine Corps. Platoon 3009 "Nasty Nine", Parris Island, SC. Semper Fidelis.
Where's Patrick? The crew on the F-4 is in MCAS Beaufort, SC. Only eight miles from the gates to Parris Island, where I went to boot camp. The one in front of the helo is my Aircraft Electrician class in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Needless to say my time in Jax was way better than in Beaufort.
to South Carolina at the beach last summer when Colton graduated from Parris Island.
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8 years exactly today I made the biggest decision of my life to leave my home and family to go to Parris Island, South Carolina to undergo the transformation to earn the distinguished title of becoming a United States Marine. In all honestly, not a single day have passed where I regretted my decision. I loved every last experience, and all the amazing Marines and people I've had the privilege to meet. Once a Marine, always a Marine. 4th Battalion, Papa Company, Series 4030 / Platoon 4031. Semper Fidelis!
On this day 25 years ago I left home for Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, SC! 23 years before…
MCRD Parris Island why you no post any new pictures of the 4024 lately?
Join me for karaoke at the brig n brew tonight on Parris Island, 7-11pm. Cold drinks, air conditioning and good fun!
A lot of my friends that I worked with at Parris Island should remember Johns. The brother gave many years to...
8 years ago I stepped on those yellow footprints in Parris Island, SC... all that means is now I have to buy double hash marks. 15 days until my EAS... and the new chapter of my life
Maybe if you weren't such a loser junkie you could find yourself a good girl.. 😐
I love that old saying that goes "If your drink doesn't kill you make it stronger"... or something like that.
Just one of those days I want to lay in bed n watch movies all day...but werk werk werk
Well my nephew at Parris Island SC till he graduates on Aug 22nd wish him luck!
Due to drawdowns mandated by Congress and declining recruiting numbers MCRD Parris Island will close down and remain as a support element for MCMAP Training. Marine Corps recruits will report to Naval Recruit Training Command Great Lakes as they should since they are Department of the Navy.
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9 years ago today I stepped on the yellow footprints at Parris Island and began my journey to become a United States Marine
Thursday morning- Motivation Run! See this at 7am down Boulevard de France on Parris Island. Another Marine Corps 101 is held at 8am at the Douglas Visitors' Center, followed by the Liberty Ceremony at the All-Weather Training Facility at 9:30am. If you are needing tickets to tonight's Command Reception Dinner with the Commanding General, please stop by Java Cafe (inside Visitors' Center) BEFORE 1pm. Tickets are $19.95 Have a GREAT day with your Marine!
GM fb we are on our way to Parris Island SC. For our son's graduation from marine basic training! ! please pray for road mercy!!!
WHY DO I FEEL THIS WAY AND HOW LONG DOES THE TRANSITION TAKE OR DO YOU EVER TRANSITION? I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this but I am in a pretty dark place right now and I don't have anyone to talk to about this personally. I wanted to ask all of my Marine Corps brothers and sisters a serious question but before I do, let me explain a little about me and my situation. I joined the Corps in 1998 right out of high school, attended Parris Island and from there headed to good ole Camp Lejeune where I would serve all of my active duty time. I did my first 4 years while being married to my high school sweetheart who was not happy being a Marine wife. I never knew I would become a Marine as I was a football player with dreams of playing college ball and then becoming a college coach. I made a deal to her that for the first 4 she could do whatever while figuring out life wise what she wanted to do whether it was, go to college, get vocational training, start a business, etc, and if at the end of t ...
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE is looking for volunteers to go and fight in Iraq. (All you bull crap talkers)Marines Recruiters looking for volunteers just to go to Parris Island SC...JUST.WHAT WE THOUGHT!
Trip to Parris island anyone? Message me if you bout it. Time to bring my wife home, can't do that though cause she in the military, -.-
Got my letter from aaron today this is his address..the last one was a temp. If you have already mailed a letter he will still get it.. Potter, Aaron Platoon 2068, 2nd BN H CO P.O. Box 16255 Parris Island, SC 29905-6255
This week's Fan of the Week is Milton Sanders. He enlisted during World War II in 1944 and also served during the Korean War. Sanders went on to become a Drill Instructor at MCRD PARRIS ISLAND, SC - OFFICIAL PAGE. At 86 years old, this proud Marine veteran is now a devoted grandfather. He was nominated this week by his daughter, Sharon Wright. Semper Fidelis, Sir!
My son started his career as a Marine yesterday as he arrived at the Marine Depot at Parris Island last night. I received the 1 call I will receive instructing me that he arrived safely @ 12:47AM this morning. He was very stressed, the call is scripted and lasted 2-3 seconds with a Drill Instructor screaming at him and other recruits. The next 72 hours will be very rough, please pray for him by name Timothy Wade daily. Thank you.
Visited Parris Island today to see the place before Family day tomorrow and graduation Friday. We see several platoons marching in formation and decided to watch. The second platoon we saw Nelson. He saw us and smiled and when his Drill Instructor wasn't looking, turned around and waved hi.
Attention, team SPEARHEAD!!! We have just adopted four US Marine recruits stationed at Parris Island who are not receiving ANY mail at all while in basic training. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to choose one or more of the recruits below and write them a letter RIGHT NOW! These re…
From Paris to Parris Island. Talk about culture shock.
Firepit Friday is this Friday June 20 at 7:00. Grilling Burgers so come on over and eat and socialize and corn hole!!! Everyone welcome. If you are interested in joining come on out and check us out. A few of us are crazy as June bugs but most of us are pretty harmless! It really is a good group and we welcome new folks. Don't forget if you want to go on the Maggie Valley Road Trip, planned and lead by Jimmy Baker, July 18-20 you need to make reservations now. If you are interested message me for info Chris Roberts and Angie are leading the ride to Parris Island leaving Thursday. Prayers for safe travels. If you want to join them it may not be too late. Contact Chris or message me for info.
The Master Chief Petty Officer and the Master Gunnery Sergeant Two old friends, one a Marine and one a Sailor meet in a bar one day (I know it may be hard to imagine either a Sailor or a Marine being in a bar ? but hear the tale). They began to discuss which of them had had the more difficult and dangerous 30 year career. The retired Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant begins: ?I graduated from High School, the next morning I was on the train for Parris Island, South Carolina. Following Boot Camp I found myself in a Regiment assigned to the Iwo Jima assault. With my fellow Marines we fought our way to the top of Mount Suribachi. ?In Korea I was with ?Chesty? Puller at Inchon, then we fought our way toward the Yalu River. In the cold Korean winter we fought at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, ?I ended my career after Viet Nam where I spent 3 months in the Battle of Khe Sanh after stomping through endless rice paddies.? The Navy Master Chief looked him in the eye and took a long draw on his bottle of beer and sai ...
Get your free tickets for the Paris Island Marine Corps Band Summer Concert on June 14th at the Parris Island...
PI SgtMaj steps down following row w/ former Marine protester | Methink some1 is acting in suppt of a fellow black
Crazy to think that just next summer I'll be in Parris Island. 😳😄
An unfortunate outcome for a fine Marine.
The Sergeant Major at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island was arrested Friday, accused of assaulting a protester outside the base Thursday, according to the Port Royal Police Department.
The politics of this nation is starting to tear apart the tight brotherhood of the Marine Corps. Sergeant Major Paul Archie was arrested for third-degree assault and battery after an altercation with former Parris Island Drill Instructor Ethan Arguello. Arguello’s campaign cover from his time was ta…
Who will be the first member of 2017 voted of the island??? Tune in to Total Drama Island: Class of 201…
My baby girl is safe and sound at Parris Island! Praying for you love ❤️🙏
Whatever spaghetti. I can bend without breaking too when I get hot and wet.
Ryan just called me from Parris Island. It's officially official.
Even though he won't see this. I wish I had gotten to seebefore he left. Good luck at Parris Island bro. Semper Fi.
yes it's a road with water on your left and right side. It's a short drive into parris island
the campaign cover has ZERO relevance to the protest nor does Parris Island. Just a fool looking for attention
Obama non- Marine attacks fellow Vet video. via
On this date : 17 yrs ago I stood on the yellow footprints on MCRD PARRIS ISLAND,SC. OHH RAH.
A Sgt Major at Parris Island has forgotten his OATH, on what his duty is. Not only he scolded with insults a US Marine (ret) Drill Instructor who has served ...
Sgt Major in Parris Island scold a US Marine Veteran and steal his DI Ca...: via Sgt Major went to far,SF
Parris Island's senior-enlisted adviser charged with assault
Black SOB needs to be Throwed into the stockade ! he had NO *** Business Stopping and Taking this Marines Hat...
In this amazing video, the command Sergeant Major for Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, confronts a Marine veteran and is offended that the man wore hi
The campaign cover, at a protest outside Parris Island, is ridic.
If I don't get a letter from Nick within the next 2 days I'm going to Parris Island myself & kicking his ***
Omg!!! Paris Island has going wild I remember this Sergeant Major when he was a Gunnery Sgt when I was at...
Waiting for my brother to call that he made it safely to Parris Island is the most anxious thing ever! .
The highest ranking enlisted Marine at Parris Island has stepped down from his position following last week's alleged assault with a former Marine.
POS "Marine" wears Campaign Cover to a protest SgtMaj does the right thing, loses his job.
Or 7 days. I just wanna be in Parris Island already 😍😍
Meanwhile I can't even get a text back
Well Jt arrived safely at Parris Island! 12 more weeks and he's officially a marine! Should get his address in a week and the letters begin!
Video: Parris Island Sergeant Major charged in assault at Bergdahl protest
Why do a million ppl come in 5 mins to close every single night
I'm with you SgtMaj OoRah “Sergeant Major of Parris Island recruit depot resigns following altercation
A Sargeant Major really being charged with assault for this? Some citizens have no respect at all.
Just got word my Tyler made it safely to Parris Island,SC :) Thank you Jesus! I'll be waiting for that first letter.
My Marine recruit. You left for Parris Island today and I'm so proud of you. September please hurry up!
19 - Average age of a Marine recruit on Parris Island.
Sergeant Major of Parris Island recruit depot resigns following altercation with protester”. How do you guys feel about this?
BREAKING: Sgt Maj involved in altercation over hat resigns from post as Parris Island's top enlisted adviser
If you're going to be in the Beaufort, SC, area this weekend, check out the Parris Island Marine Band Saturday beginning at 7:30 p.m. Click the link for info about tickets and more!
Happy Sunday.reminder that June is Dad's Month! Come and train for free. Also all the best to Deshi Aaron Youpa (3rd degree black belt) who just left for Parris Island, South Carolina to become a U.S Marine.Urraaah! Welcome to all our new students :)
Parris Island graduates 17,000 recruits a year, San Diego graduates 21,000 recruits. Where did you graduate from?
Echo Company, 2nd Battalion and Oscar Company, 4th Battalion: welcome to MCRD Parris Island! Please check out the Douglas Visitors' Center for maps and schedules of events.
is a Marine. Enlisted. Parris Island. Camp Lejeune. Afghanistan. You don't go through all that without being tough.
I came across this on YOUTUBE. 22 years ago I was were these young men are young, dumb and didn't know $hit. On November 2, 1992 I was in Parris Island, South Carolina giving my soul to God and my a$$ to the Marine Corps. This right here is a world class oh $hit moment. I send this out to all of my fellow Devil Dogs who who survived *** and went on to becomeUnited States Marines. Special shouts out to Platoon 2012 Hotel Company November 2, 1992 - January 29, 1993. Semper Fidelis and remember Once a Marine Always a Marine.
Dear Mr. Morgan (now, of course, you are Bob), I could never better express to you all that my incredible fellow bandsmen/women have said so eloquently and poignantly on these pages, about what you have meant to us, to the band, to the school and to the City of Clifton. So I won'y try. Maybe I'll give it a huge "DITTO" and leave you with one story. In my 55 years, I have had the highest privilege of belonging to two of the greatest organizations/institutions in the world (and I don't think I'm exaggerating). The first was the Clifton High School Mustang Marching Band ("The Show Band of the Northeast") and the second was the United States Marine Corps. You, my band family/friends/parents and the myriad of experiences I had during the three years I was a bandsman ('73-'76) prepared me for what lay ahead, Parris Island and the USMC. Just one for instance: I was identified early-on in boot camp as a recruit who knew how to march! It may seem odd, but that lead to me being appointed a squad leader, and g ...
Thought of GG and our trip to Parris Island, SC.just wondering if she's figured out where the Mississippi River runs. LOL Evelyn LeBlanc, Chris Smith, Damon Hoffpauir, Myndi Blount, Bud Smith, Aimee Demary Hoffpauir, Hayden Blount, Alex Hoffpauir, Darbee Hoffpauir..priceless memories huh?
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(l-r) NY State Senator Liz Krueger and Marine Corps Veteran Abner Greenberg The New York State Senate Veterans' Hall of Fame was created to honor and recognize outstanding Veterans from the Empire State, who have distinguished themselves both in military and civilian life.  This year, New York State Senator Liz Krueger nominated Abner Greenberg, a Marine Corps Veteran, who lives near VA’s Manhattan Campus where he receives services and volunteers to help fellow Veteran   This is Mr. Greenberg’s bio as it appeared in the induction program at the event that paid tribute to outstanding Veterans.  Mr. Greenberg and other Veterans receiving the honor for 2014 attended a ceremony on May 20 at  the New York State Senate.   Abner Greenberg was born in 1924 on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. He grew up a street kid during the Depression, and became a boxer as a teenager. The day after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Mr. Greenberg enlisted in the Marines, completing boot camp at Parris Island, and then serv ...
"HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY" to all my fellow Marines and Soldiers who served and are serving this great country of the United States of America. I served from 1970 to 1976 beginning at Parris Island, South Carolina and ending with Marine Aerial Refueling Transport Squardon VMGR-252, 2nd MAW, Cherry Point, North Carolina. Thank you for your service! May God richly bless you and God bless, save, defend and restore the United States of America and make it a beacon of light and hope in a dark world. May we continue to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ into all the world as a witness unto all nations until He returns! I would enjoy hearing from any of you who served. OORAH!!! "Oorah was originally a Comanche war-cry that meant "All-right" or "Lets go!" in the Comanche language". Adopted by the United States Marines in 1953.
Recruits of Lima Company, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, sprang out of bed sharply at 4 a.m. on Feb. 18, 2014, to begin another training day on Parris Island, S.C. Recruits spent the first hour getting dressed, preparing equipment, cleaning their barracks, and finally, eating a nutritious breakfast. Lima Company is scheduled to graduate April 25, 2014. (Photos by Cpl. Caitlin Brink)
12 years ago today was my ship date to Parris Island, SC. Where u at Platoon 1058 Delta Company 1st BN!!!
Headed to Parris Island SC, tonight to see PFC Tim Charron graduate from Marine boot camp and then bring him home. So happy you have realized part of your dream. So proud of you. Congratulations Marine. Going with Lynn Gilmore Mary Stewart and Joshua Callahan . Love you T.J.
On our way to Parris Island with Jacob Parmenter. So excited!!!
Two years ago today was what I would consider the beginning to one of the greatest things that ever happened to me and my parents would probably consider it one of the toughest days they had in along time. My parents supported me whole hearted through all the hugs and tears before I stepped on that plane for boot camp. I was scared, lost, sad, happy, excited, and ready to start a new chapter in my chaotic life. Never for a second did I think I would haunted graduated boot camp, bought my first truck, returned to the island, have surgery, be fighting with everything I have to stay in the Marine Corps and still two years later be on parris island. It's been a rough journey with highs and lows, ups and Downs, laughter and tears not only for me but for my parents as well. Never once have they ever doubted me. I have met some of the greatest people, the best mentors, the greatest leaders, the strongest people, and the best friends I could ever ask for. This place has become home to me but in a few short days o ...
. "My brother Adam ships to Parris Island soon. Proud of him & YOU!
didn't help me either. 85 days of paradiise on Parris Island changes your outlook on "priviledge"
My public service announcement for the day.Parris Island is backed up down the bridge on the Port Royal side and past the Savannah Highway/Shell Point Plaza/ Ryan's Pizza side. I would def avoid that area if possible! Have a safe day!!
he's a good guy? I knew what clomid was for '90 I did steroids before going to Parris Island Does that mean I'm not a good guy?
Leaving for PARRIS ISLAND... bringing home my SON!!! Yea, he's a Marine and that's just wonderful but first and foremost, he's my SON and it's been a long 13 weeks!
I hate Parris Island traffic. Sometimes they flow and most times they don't.
1 year ago from today I stepped on the yellow footprints of Parris Island to start the vigorous 13 weeks of training to earn the title a United States Marine. Happy 1st Anniversary Kilo Company!!
Off to Parris Island tomorrow earn the title Marine. Prayers are appreciated! I'll see y'all July 11th. Lord willing.
Breast Cancer Awareness
A year ago watched Jarrod Strine leave for Parris Island as a recruit 13 long weeks later graduated a Marine so proud of him, and all the rest of the Kilo/ November Co. OORAH
I'll wrap my hands so tight around your neck with love
You can b my full time baby, hot or cold 💘
Late night wawa runs bc all i want is choc chip cookie dough ice cream 💘
The Proud *** One Marine's Journey from Parris Island through the *** of Vietnam: The Proud *** ..
16 years ago this week, I vacationed on Parris Island SC, for 3 months. Seems like just a few Summers ago.
I get nervous just thinking about Parris Island.
This is some motivating stuff... My blood is pumping. Had to share.. Enjoy my friends... You can keep your Army khaki, You can keep your Navy blue, I have the World's best fighting man, To introduce to you His uniform is different, The best you've ever seen, The Germans called him "Devil Dog" His real name is "Marine." He was born on Parris Island, The place where God forgot. The sand is eighteen inches deep, The sun is blazing hot. He gets up every morning, Before the rising sun. He'll run a hundred miles and more, Before the day is done. He's deadly with a rifle, A bayonet made of steel. He took the Warrior's calling card, He's mastered how to kill. And when he gets to Heaven, St. Peter he will tell, One more Marine reporting, sir, I've spent my time in *** So listen, all you young girls, To what I have to say; Go find yourself a young Marine, To love you everyday. He'll hug you and he'll kiss you, And treat you like a queen, There is no better Fighting Man, The United States Marine
Next Monday I will be leaving for Parris Island to become a United States Marine!
I aint perfect but i promise i wont do you wrong. 👌
We are heading to Parris Island soon pick up our new Marine! We are so very proud of our son! His brother & sister has missed him so.
I get real emotional on another level if I don't get food.
This will b my second cheese steak in the past 5 hours. 👌 whateva
I met a drill sergeant from Parris island&she was in face yelling 😂 But that's really good I was thinking about marines or AF
A beautiful sunset captured by Behind Weapons Battalion on Parris Island...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Today's sunset on Parris Island S.C. behind the Pistol Range out at Weapons Battalion.
My chins.. They itchin.. They itchin for some chicken.
i will never understand why people need to get involved in things that have absolutely nothing to do with them?¿?¿
I never switched sides, I just switched lanes. I got older and realized everybody ain't the same 👌
Congratulations to those who graduated in the past few weeks ago, few days ago, and those who are going to graduate soon at the U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego and MCRD Parris Island.. They did great and well and ready to move on to the next training.
I've got a nervous habit and I drink too much
Psst…No dress blues at PI graduation. 1 of my frmr Scouts graduatd Parris Island wearng Dress Blues
It's been a year since Jason first left for Parris Island.
A year ago today I was on a flight down to Parris Island, SC...1 year down. Dam does time fly by!
Today's sunset photo is from Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island S.C.
This is one of the "fun" things you do at Parris Island, except in 1966 we didn't have face masks and wore jock straps but no cups. Marines come in all shapes and sizes. At the time, I was 5' 9" and weighed about 155. My "opponent" was about 6' 2" and weighed around 220 or so. Scary! He charged me, I ducked and he hit me on the back of the head. I crawled between his legs, giving him a rap in the crotch on the way, and when he bent over, hit him over the head from behind. Time called. Ain't no such thing as a fair fight! :)
Graduation needs to hurry up so I can get my *** on Parris Island
Tomorrow is Aaron's 20th birthday. Last year he landed on Parris Island on his 19th birthday for the grueling 13 weeks of boot camp. He endured a lot. I hope he knows how proud of him I am. (I am also proud of Logan ) He graduated in Aug of last year from boot camp and then graduated in March from MP school.
I know! My brother said if he could be guaranteed K-9, he would be an MP. He ships to Parris Island in several months.
Parris Island, SC! & dude that's so sick you're gonna have the time of your life!
35 days till I leave for Parris Island!
I am looking to hear from any member of Platoon 338 that graduated from Parris Island 1 September 1965
If anyone wants to see me or come to my going away party let me know. I'm shipping to Parris Island on 7 days.
You are welcome. My brother ships to Parris Island soon for boot camp! Some day my brother will be a veteran!
Carpenter completed his basic training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island in 2009.
Shout out to everyone stationed at Parris Island... you are a trooper
Very exciting day!! We have Brady Gump's address at bootcamp!! RCT Gump, Brady J 2nd RTBN CO G PLT 2061 Parris Island, SC 29905 We are encouraging everyone to take time to write him! He will live for mail call each day!! And after a hard day, encouraging words from loved ones will be vital! Please keep all of your letters positive, he will be going through enough without having to worry about anyone or anything here at home. So, encouraging thoughts and up beat conversations only please! Thank you all in advance! Also, if you do write to him, please make sure your address is on the actual letter (or send him an envelope with your address on it) so that he can write back to you!
After the longest 14 weeks ever, tomorrow morning I am finally Parris island bound to bring home my marine!!! 🇺🇸
Due to some complications I am back early from MCRD Parris Island I am disappointed but glad to be a home.
Filed a claim with the VA for bladder cancer due to the polluted water from Lejeune. Filed in in June 2013 with all medical records. Today I get a package from the VA wanting the following info. How long I was at Lejeune, where did I stay (housing or on post) and what did I do when I was there. I looked thru some old papers and found copies of orders from Parris Island to Lejeune, Then orders from Lejeune to Pendelton, and copies of orders showing arrival at Pendelton. Total of about 40 days. Now to wait for someone to get around to processing this stuff.
I turn 19 years old on Parris Island
Huge femur in Argentina could be biggest dino yet.
I am not in love w you. Im in love w the idea of you. If its any consolation, you're the best idea I've ever had. Im sorry.
derek!! The young one w bleach blonde hair and a perfrct smile ♡♡
You don't know awkward until you a group of 14 year old girls ask for your number in 711
Poolees, Applicants and guests of RSS BG: The Annual Combined Pool Function is right around the corner. On Sunday, June 1st, we will be meeting at RSS BG at 0600 for accountability. We will then board a bus and drive to Parish Field Park located at 1 Ursula Drive, Phoenicia, NY 12464. Poolees and guests will then be participating in close order drill and squad bay procedures provided by Drill Instructors from Parris Island, SC, and a competition field meet between all the stations in the Lower Hudson Valley. RSS BG WILL BE THE BEST!! Uniform for the event is weather-appropriate PT gear (please bring sweats in case of cold weather, black PT shorts with Blue Poolee Shirt for enlisted recruits and Plain White T-Shirt for guests). Red Water Bottles are mandatory!!! Ensure your schedules are cleared for the entirety of June 1st, as we will not be returning until late afternoon. Any poolees who cannot attend must speak directly with Gunnery Sergeant Cabrera. I look forward to seeing you all there!!! R ...
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