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Parris Island

Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island (often abbreviated as MCRD PI) is an military installation located within Port Royal, South Carolina, approximately south of Beaufort, the community that is typically associated with the installation.

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Marine Corps. vs. Navy ~ The Master Chief Petty Officer and the Master Gunnery Sergeant, two old friends, one a Marine and one a Sailor meet in a bar one day (I know it may be hard to imagine either a Sailor or a Marine being in a bar.) They began to discuss which of them had had the more difficult and dangerous 30 year career. The retired Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant begins: I graduated from high school, the next morning I was on the train for Parris Island, South Carolina. Following Boot Camp I found myself in a regiment assigned to the Iwo Jima assault. With my fellow Marines we fought our way to the top of Mount Suribachi. In Korea I was with Chesty Puller at Inchon, then we fought our way toward the Yalu River. In the cold Korean winter we fought at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, I ended my career after Viet Nam where I spent 3 months in the Battle of Khe Sanh after stomping through endless rice paddies. The Navy Master Chief looked him in the eye and took a long draw on his bottle of beer and sai ...
Bradford Dillman (born April 14, 1930) is an American actor and author. Bradford Dillman was born on April 14, 1930 in San Francisco, California, the son of Josephine (née Moore) and Dean Dillman, a stockbroker. He studied at Town School for Boys and St. Ignatius High School. Later he attended the Hotchkiss School boarding school in Connecticut, where he became involved in school theater productions. He attended Yale University, studying theatre and drama. While at Yale, he enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve in 1948. He graduated from Yale with a BA in English Literature. After graduation, he entered the United States Marine Corps as an officer candidate, training at Parris Island. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps in September 1951. As he was preparing to deploy to Korea, his orders were changed, and he spent the rest of his time in the Marine Corps, 1951 to 1953, teaching communication in the Instructors' Orientation Course. He was discharged in 1953 at the rank of first li ...
Special recognition to Poolees Kayla Lainhart (pictured below), Helen Kilbury, and Victoria Young, who got a taste of what recruit training will be like aboard Parris Island, SC, and are EVEN MORE MOTIVATED to head down there!!! There is something special to be said about the character and courage required for that to happen! These young ladies are exceptional to know and mentor.
READ NEW VOICES FROM: MARINES NAVY Air Force ARMY COAST GUARD POLICE An up close and personal interview with U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and Member: Sgt Garry Wells U.S. Marine Corps (1964-1971) PLEASE DESCRIBE WHO OR WHAT INFLUENCED YOUR DECISION TO JOIN THE Marine Corps? I needed to get out of town, so I sent in the usual postcard you receive from recruiters when I graduated high school. The Marines were the only one to come to my house so I signed up on the spot. WHETHER YOU WERE IN THE SERVICE FOR SEVERAL YEARS OR AS A CAREER, PLEASE DESCRIBE THE DIRECTION OR PATH YOU TOOK. I loved Boot Camp. The only place I got three meals a day. I needed direction and guidance and my Drill Instructors provided that - and more! Plt 1001, Parris Island. On my dream sheet I requested (1) FMF Tanks Pacific, (2) FMF Tanks Atlantic (3) Tanks. I got orders to Henderson Hall, mess duty for 6 weeks, then a Security Guard. Go figure! Nam was the Marine Corps at it's best for me. We were the bloody tip of . ...
2/? in "30 Inch Steps." - I only let my emotions get me twice on Parris Island. When I got that first letter from home, and the day my Drill Instructor placed the Eagal, Globe, and Anchor in my hand and simply said "good job". I got the letter about two to three weeks into training. I wanted to rip it open right then, but I knew if I would have opened it before Senior Dril Instructor Square Away Time I would have paid for it. Once we got released to freetime, I tore open my footlocker and ripped the letter open. It didn't take more then two or three sentences to make my eyes start to blur. It's funny back home when you see a guy cry you tend to laugh but at that point in time, when you get that letter, everyone cries. A few guys came over to make sure I was fine, and with a smile and tears in my eyes I just whispered "Good to Go, man, Thanks." and re-read that letter. The second time I cried was after the Crucible. We finished the 15k Hike back from Page field, and they guided us up to the parade deck. We ...
56 YEARS AGO: 5 April 1958 when I was a young 17 year old punk I arrived in a Tropical Paradise called Parris Island South Carolina. Our train departed South Station in Boston and 24 hours later we arrived at the Station in Yamassee South Carolina. We spent a few hours there (Cleaning the building). A clanking old Marine Corps Bus arrived in the late evening and took us to Parris Island for our first meal in several hours. We dined on Liver and Onions (Left over Evening Meal). We formed up for a couple of days waiting for other young punks to arrive. I was completely re-born during the 13 weeks of training, my body and mind were completely re-sharpened and my name even changed. I, and many others were called 'Turd' during the time and some times we had a Classier name of 'Maggot'...Ah' The good old days! And that Folks is the rest of the story...April 5th 1958.
It has been a long three days but well worth it, from the sites that were seen, the training recruits, all the happy faces on family day, Parris Island is truly a beautiful place, but the best part of it all was seeing Jesse and bringing him home.. With that said good nite all
Common core challenge of the day: A family of four left Parris Island, SC, at noon on a sunny Saturday in April. The journey on which they embarked was to cover 864.2 miles, taking roughly 13 hours. At 7:34pm this family has 583.28 miles to go, and the GPS estimates they will enter the town of Maine at approximately 6am tomorrow. Part one of question: which field now sports a new, outdated GPS? Explain your answer. Part 2: which member of the family is losing his patience? Explain the reasoning behind your inference. Part 3: which passenger is close to being tossed out the window in the NEXT field for finding it so darn funny? Why do you think that is?
My Nephew Nick graduated Marine Corps Boot Camp at Parris Island, South Carolina today. Very proud of him for serving our Country, no matter how much that I disagree with what our Govt. does, I'm still proud of all of our Military members.
Parris Island, U.S Marine Corps Boot Camp is where I'm heading too.
Many thanks to alumni Emmett Julien '09-'11, Lara Snyder Alami '93-'96 and daughter Miriam, and Garrette Backie, Class of '93 for taking time out of their day to visit with our 8th grade students and share their experiences and offer encouragement as the students are about to enter high school. Emmett took time from his preparations to enter the Marines (he leaves for Parris Island on Sunday); Lara took time from being a full time mom, accomplished singer, and seamstress; Garrette was able to arrange some time away from his busy schedule and DOD duties. The students were very attentive and impressed listening to the successes and difficulties encountered by the 3 alums.
Three days into marine training, Bowe tosses in towel PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. (AP) - Riddick Bowe signed up for three months of Boot Camp to fulfill his dream of becoming a Marine. He lasted three days. The man trained to take punches from the toughest fighters in the world couldn't take the regimented lifestyle of Boot Camp, and left Friday. ''It has to do with a guy who's 29, who's a multimillionaire, who's had control over his life ... coming and going whenever he pleased, losing control,'' said his manager, Rock Newman. ''That was a big culture shock - something very hard for Riddick to deal with.'' Bowe reported to Parris Island on Feb. 10, but the first few days of basic training involve mostly paperwork and orientation, said Master Sgt. Chuck Demar. The heavy physical training and marching began three days ago, he said. ''He may have heard the bugles blowing and said, 'Hey - I'm a Marine.' But it's tougher than you think,'' said Angelo Dundee, who trained Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. ''In sports ...
As many of you know my step son Jesse Jones stepped off the bus on to the yellow foot prints on 6 January 2014 to earn the title of a United States Marine, Jesse has always been one to be the best at everything he does, and at the end of each adventure whether the outcome was good or bad he was always able to say I did it to the best of my ability. Well Jesse has given his all and pushed his way through Parris Island to achieve and earn the title United States Marine. In 17 hours and 20 mins, Jesse will begin his final obstacle; at 0200 hours on 27 March 2014 Jesse and his platoon will start the crucible, a 54 hour straight up get it done put your training and knowledge to work obstacle. So I ask that all friends and family lift Jesse and his fellow recruits up in prayer as they embark their final journey to become a United States Marine. Jesse Scott Jones my son I am very proud of who you are and what you have become, now put your boots on the ground and do what you do best, get ya some, you got this, we ...
Marine Corps Battle Color Ceremony tour comes to Parris Island: More than 1,000 recruits, Marines and civilian...
Follow Me. By LCpl Tom Pemberton '59 - '63. Arriving at Parris Island in July 1959, I was sent to Third Battalion,...
The parade marching on was AWFUL, even as comedy. Third Battalion at Parris Island marches better on the way to the crappers!
Recruit Dayrien O'Donnell from Londonderry High School, far left doing Marine Corps Martial Arts & 3rd one in from the left (2nd row) listening to instructions from Drill Instructor @ Parris Island. MOTIVATE! -Sgt Barber
My handsome husband on the right with Gen. Jim Livingston, ret., a World War II vet and not sure who the guy on the far left is but this was taken last Friday when they took a day trip down to Parris Island for a recruit graduation. You can take the man out of the Marine Corps but you can't take the Marine Corps out of the man!
A year ago today I was left at a hotel, by my parents and wonderful fiancee, to embark on an amazing journey. The journey to Parris Island, SC. A year ago today I started my life for real. The Marines I have met since I've been have been more than amazing. I love the family I've come to have and I can't wait to see what this life brings me. Semper Fi Marines.
The top Marine Corps general is unpopular with his troops, damaged on Capitol Hill, and under investigation in the Pentagon. Can he really still lead? Shortly before Gen. James Amos took over as the Marine Corps' top officer in 2010, he visited all seven of his surviving four-star predecessors, seeking their guidance and counsel on what was important to remember as the service's commandant. But it was a stark warning from one of them -- Gen. Carl Mundy, commandant from 1991 to 1995 -- that Amos recalled later in a room full of Marines at the legendary training grounds at Parris Island, S.C. "If you fail to maintain the spiritual health of the Corps," Amos recalled Mundy saying, "you will have failed as the 35th commandant." That anecdote is captured in a transcript of Amos's April 2012 speech at Parris Island. In it, the general called pointedly for Marines to do more to prevent sexual assault, hazing, domestic abuse, and other social ills. He added that Marines have a special characteristic that allows t ...
"We Make Marines" is the mission of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Parris Island. Visit...
Two months and nine hours to go until Mark graduates. I can't wait to see the look on his face when I surprise him on Parris Island 😊❤️
OK Jeanne. In the military history side of things. The B&W on the left was taken of me (CO 1969) on September 4th, 1969. It was graduation day from Marine Corps Boot Camp at Parris Island, S.C. The pic on the right is Dave Lowell (left) and Bobby Watts (right) taken on the same day with a different camera. We were in the same platoon at PI having enlisted on the buddy system.
Recruits of Charlie Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, kept up the tradition of “every Marine a rifleman” Oct. 21-25, 2013, as they fired their weapons on a rifle range on Parris Island, S.C. Recruits rehearsed different shooting positions for an entire week before firing a single round, then spent four days perfecting their technique at the 200-, 300- and 500-yard lines before qualifying. Rifle qualification is one of eight graduation requirements as well as an annual training event for Marines. Charlie Company is scheduled to graduate Nov. 27, 2013. (Photos by Lance Cpl. MaryAnn Hill)
Savannah is either heavily defended or under attach the past ten days or so. Parris Island and the Marine Corps Air Station at Beaufort have been conducting maneuvers and we have been getting spectacular air shows every day. Fighter jets and air refuelers have flying all over the city, and are fantastic to watch.
Are you a member of one of our private groups? If you are stationed at a base, you won't want to miss on connecting with local news/events going on. Parents are welcome, but the intent of the page is to ask questions and share events. Boot Camp: (for those wanting to join the USMC or poolees, or those looking to provide advice) 29 Palms: & Parris Island: Lejeune: Pendleton: Point: Corps Reserves: you on a special duty billet? Want to connect with other military spouses or veterans to ask questions or discuss issues? Drill Instructor: Duty: Duty: Duty:
You can keep your Army khaki, You can keep your Navy blue, I have the World's best fighting man, To introduce to you His uniform is different, The best you've ever seen, The Germans called him "Devil Dog" His real name is "Marine." He was born on Parris Island, The place where God forgot. The sand is eighteen inches deep, The sun is blazing hot. He gets up every morning, Before the rising sun. He'll run a hundred miles and more, Before the day is done. He's deadly with a rifle, A bayonet made of steel. He took the Warrior's calling card, He's mastered how to kill. And when he gets to Heaven, St. Peter he will tell, One more Marine reporting, sir, I've spent my time in *** So listen, all you young girls, To what I have to say; Go find yourself a young Marine, To love you everyday. He'll hug you and he'll kiss you, And treat you like a queen, There is no better Fighting Man, The United States Marine
Drill Instructors of Oscar Company, 4th Recruit Training Battalion, instilled discipline in their recruits through close-order drill and incentive training Jan. 17, 2014, on Parris Island, S.C. Drill Instructors strive to produce basic Marines who respect authority, obey orders and have the self-reliance to maintain or improve those traits that exemplify a Marine. Oscar Company is scheduled to graduate April 4, 2014.
I guess we were both causing chaos in these parris island strrets with gogos yesterday😂lol
Gotta get shots today, well at least itll be better than the ones at parris island
“Get a taste of the salami, knock knock knock knock you down like a tsunami.
One time I taped my thumb down to my hand n didnt use it all day because Steve from blues clues told me to..
National Museum of the Marine Corps exhibit to commemorate one of the Iraq War's hardest hit units: T...
Every now and then I've got to reach out to those of you who reside in Putnam County's 15th Voting District. I put my name in the hat for the House of Delegate seat which Troy Andes is vacating. The race is down to two candidates. I am one of the two. I had planned, at a later date, to run for public office, but I was made aware of this opportunity to get started now. I am a proud father of two, which both attend Winfield Middle and High Schools. My past experience which I will bring to the table is that of a retired Lieutenant after 22 years of service, as a Charleston Police Officer. After walking across stage at DuPont High's Graduating Class of 85, I was off to Parris Island, South Carolina for Marine Corps Boot Camp. I spent most of my time at Camp Pendleton (Oceanside) CA. after obtaining training in 29 Palms, CA in the Communications field. I did spend some time in Istanbul Turkey, but that's all I can say about that. I last served as 9th Communications Battalion Classified Materials Clerk ...
The chest xray showed how bad my backs gotten. Its legit shaped like an "S"
Here is the video discussing the altercation between myself and a Drill Instructor on Parris Island who tried to use his size, position, and (what little bit of) authority to intimidate and harass me as I sat in my vehicle unable to move because he blocked me by stopping and parking his vehicle in front of my car because HE almost caused us to have an accident... *PLEASE SHARE & SPREAD THE WORD* Marines don't act this way
Get by Bubba's Lowcountry Collectibles today from 11-6 for fabulous deals! 463 Parris Island Gateway, with the big gorilla! LOTS IN STOCK!!
Report: U.S. drone may have killed Yemeni civilians: A U.S. military drone strike in Yemen in Decembe...
This time next week we will be on the way to Parris Island 😁
What the *** company that runs the internet on base? Seriously, a download speed of 0.28 and an upload of 1.09? Parris Island was horrible but at least when they promised 20Mb they at least came through with 15. You promised 15Mb and can't even come through with 5? And how do you accomplish a higher upload than download speed? You want me to upload everything but god forbid I want to watch a 5min video on youtube in less time that it would take for me to reenact said video
Hey, for you 20- and 30-somethings: Please hurry up and "find yourself." It's fine that you went to school for 4, 5, 6, 7 years. It's great that you had a wonderful time in college. You partied it up with your frat brothers / sorority sisters. When you found time, you went to class. You went to Wall Street and "occupied" it. You've traveled cross-country, across Europe, over the Andes. You've written poetry and played in a band. Yeah, I had a good time in my earlier years. At 17, I went to one of the most prestigious universities in the world - The University of Parris Island. After three months, I was indoctrinated into the world's largest fraternity - the United States Marine Corps. I shot rifles, pistols, machine guns, and grenade launchers. I ran wire all over the Mojave Desert and carried a radio on my back all over the Far East. I've ridden in ships, boats, HMMWV's, 5-tons, and tanks. I've worked 47 hour days and eaten cold meals. I've had desert starch in my cammies and desert mousse in my hair. I' ...
75 and sunshine on Parris Island S.C. Where my son is in bootcamp ! That sounds great :-))) Mitchell John Steffen
Porch lights on, MCRD Parris island 💜🙏sending our prayers.
Parris Island PT...Great way to start a Marine Corps day...errah errah...
50 yrs.ago today I was on a train on my way to Parris Island, South Carolina.Platoon121 here I come.
21 in Parris Island, 22 in Afghanistan, 23 in Louisville, 24 in Japan. I wonder where 25 will be...
Usually in a girls purse you'll find makeup and stuff like that, but in mine... snacks 😊
lol I ned to see it after you straighten it. N yes its weird. I dont like it.
lmao that creepy *** leprechaun thing in the back. Tell my mom to throw that out.
I know! I'm bouta just walk my *** to Parris island and by the time I get there it will be time. legs be weaker than grass
Your actions say what your words can not.
The 2014 Wrestling Dual Meet Championships at North Point High School was a success!!! Congratulations to the Champions and to Darius Phillips (Pvt Phillips); one of the most recent Graduates of Recruit Training Parris Island, South Carolina.
For those who would like to know, Amanda's new address at Boot Camp is as follows: RCT. NIEMINEN, AMANDA 4TH RTBN PLT. 4012 CO. P P.O. BOX 16445 PARRIS ISLAND, SC 29905 She has recovered from her injury and started training again this past Wednesday. Be sure to send her some letters whenever you get a moment. It doesn't take much of your time to write some encouraging words to her. She needs support!
I really should b studying but I'd very much rather watch Greys.
Urban Jazz Pianist Elisha Atlas Parris will be headlining LIVE in Concert at Jazz In The Park, St. Simon's Island this summer!
also an island called Parris Island in SC that's inhabited by Marine Drill Instructors and Marine Corps Recruits
Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow? — The bed in the barracks of Parris Island
Matt has two young friends at Boot Camp. They are fine young men, who have visited my home. Like all kids in Boot Camp, they need to hear positive things from the world outside of camp. If you have the time please send these guys a note! They graduate around April 7! (Staff Sergeant told us to put this on FB)! RCT Brown, Henry or RCT Carlson, Stephen 2nd RTBn, Co. G. PLT. 2028 Parris Island, SC 29905
I've been behind on my congratulations for our new Marines. Welcome to the family to Michael Keegan and Alex Kovak who graduated on January 31st. Also overcoming an extended stay at the hotel Parris Island Vanessa Mendez who graduated this past Friday.
151 days till I step off that bus and go to parris island 💪
Taliban say they discussed prisoner swap with U.S.: Washington has held indirect talks with the Talib...
Heading to work nightshift *** *** when u don't sleep that much during the day. I'm really missing my lil brother nothing I'd rather do than listen to some metal and have some beers with him. But I'm looking forward to seeing him graaduate from parris island I got faith in the little ***
Jets are heavy in our skies coming out of Parris Island or Fort Sumter. Gearing up to defend our nation
Who all is coming to my Parris Island graduation??? :p
Honestly i cant wait to go to parris island i wish i could go right now 😏
To all of Logan Collins close friends... I'm sure he'd love to get words of encouragement from all of you, so if I would, take some time & write him a letter or two. Here's his address: Recruit Collins Logan S 3 RTBN L CO PLT 3029 PO BOX 19001 Parris Island, SC 29905 Send him lots of love!:)
Missing church tonight due to Marine Corps poole function tonight. Tonight I will come face to face with Drill Instructors from Parris Island. feeling little nervouse.
Parris island, he told me that writing would be hard because of time, but he said to send him a lot of letters to motivate him
5 more days...then we are off to Parris island to see my baby boy graduate from the Marines
Can't wait for this *** to graduate Boot Camp. Finally get to visit Parris Island again and actually enjoy the sights.
This is Kayla's sister. Her address for the marines is... Recruit Calvert, Kayla A. 4th RTBN, "OSCAR" Co. PLT. 4015 MCRD PARRIS ISLAND, SC 29902-0 This address my change, but I will let everyone if it does. Also, please write in BLUE OR BLACK pen only. Try and make them formal letters. And at her request DON'T BS! lol. She will enjoy getting all the letters that gets sent to her!
At this time, I have decided to discontinue use of this page. There is simply too much going on in our lives right now, coupled with new and more aggressive behaviors from Gabe that require constant attention and will need a lot of work in the coming months. In short, I am exhausted and at the end of my rope. As I've mentioned before, this page was only started in July, 2013. The road to where we are today has been hard and it looks like we're getting into tough times again. My son has severe autism, it takes a lot of work to get through these times and it's something I don't take lightly. I need to do what I've always done in the past and give my full, undivided attention to the issues at hand so we can work through them once more. Today as I type this I am looking at scratches down the entire length of my arm that will likely leave scars like the ones from previous years. But scars and bites turn to slaps, hits and kicks...and he's only getting bigger and stronger. I am exhausted from the fight. ...
Daughter of two Marines featured in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue: Hannah Ferguson doesn't just h...
you can visit the Parris Island base whenever you want to, 7 days a week??! YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TOLD ME THAT ;)
I get way too wrapped into things sometimes.
Getting a job on Parris Island was harder than I thought 😩
35 years ago, on February 16th, I graduated from one of the TOUGHEST schools known to man. Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina. AKA, The Land That God Forgot! 35 years ago today, my parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary! I attended in my Alphas. Today my aunt and uncle in Germany are celebrating their wedding anniversary. Several folks in my family celebrate their birthday today! Needless to say, a very busy day in my family!
I think I have it at my house, If I find it ill give it to yourrr mom if you want!
Congrats to Poolee Shayna McIntyre for becoming part of the Iron City family and 1st Squad sister.. Now time get to work and preparing for Parris Island
At 2 am, my big brother will start the Crucible. In one week, I will be on Parris Island to see him and have our family all together!
lol I srsly am obsessed w watching videos n stuff about them.
Rod Koehler Weems Me and Jerry drove my Pontiac Fierro to Parris Island to see Joey Kelly Carmack graduate basic training and then we went on over to Hilton Head. I have never told anyone this before but we walked out on the beach and were behind some really nice houses. No one was home at one of them and so we politely let our selves in, at the time it was the nicest house i had ever seen in my life. Jerry looked around, shrugged his shoulders and said "one day i will live in something much nicer then this" and we left. I guess he was right cuz nothing this world has, matches the beauty he is living in right now !!
Y the *** couldnt I have been born a mermaid..
Spouses learn how to flex political muscle: As a military spouse with a mobile lifestyle, Tatiana Mat...
I wish my life had background music.
At least the rain is taking most of the snow away
ill have to read that then, bc I loveee jodi picoult! I loved my sister's keeper.
The combat correspondents and photographers aboard MCRDParris MCRD PARRIS ISLAND, SC - OFFICIAL PAGE caught up with Recruit Jordon Russell of Queensbury, N.Y. to ask what lead him to the Marine Corps.
I need to refresh my Nooks library asap.
Anyone read any good books lately that I should know about??? plz plz plz help :)
First letter to Parris Island is in the mail!
My shoes r hurting my baby toes so bad. Cant I just walk around bare foot.
You attract people by the qualities you display. You keep them by the qualities you possess. I'm doing big things with my life if you're with me or not. In 11 days I'm leaving for Parris Island, SC for Boot Camp. I know it'll be tough, challenging and demanding but I know I can do this. That's why I chose the Marines; to be elite.
Gunnery Sergeant Monica Plank, 34, of Stafford, Virginia passed away Sunday morning, February 16, 2014 at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. Monica was born in Uruapan, Michoacăn, Mexico April 29, 1979, to Jaime and Margarita (Legorreta) Chavez and they survive in North Hills, California. On May 23, 2013, she married GySgt. Christopher J. Plank in Jacksonville, North Carolina and he survives in Stafford, Virginia. Also surviving are her children, Jocelyn Nuño, Adriana Nuño and Gabriel Nuño; step-children, Skylah Plank and Baylie Plank; sisters, Brenda Ochoa of Avondale, Arizona and Laura Campos of North Hills, California, and a brother, Gustavo Chavez of North Hills, California. Monica was currently on active duty with the United States Marine Corps stationed at Quantico, Virginia where she was a Sergeant Instructor at the Officer Candidate School. Having served for 16 ½ years, Monica had been deployed to Afghanistan, been a mechanic on Huey and Cobra helicopters, and was a Drill Instructor at P ...
46 years ago todayI left for sunny Parris Island, an all expense paid Vacation, courtesy of USMC
Flag on Iwo Jima>cited as being most reproduced photograph in history>I remember monument on Parris Island
In Boot Camp at Parris Island or San Diego, and in the Basic School at Quantico, no one escapes from the Rifleman's Creed. Every Marine is trained, first and foremost, as a rifleman, for it is the rifleman who must close with and destroy the enemy. The rifleman remains the most basic tenet of Marine Corps doctrine. All else revolves around him. Marine Aviation, Marine Armor, Marine Artillery, and all supporting arms and warfighting assets exist to support the rifleman. It is believed that MGen. William H. Rupertus, USMC, authored the creed shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. It is commonly known as the Rifleman's Creed, but it has also been called "My Rifle: The Creed of a United States Marine." Every Marine must memorize this creed. And, every Marine must live by the creed. * "This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me my rifle is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fi ...
*** just four more months until I will start my journey as a United States Marine but 60 percent away for MCRD Parris Island grinding all day
we got another letter today..had some insight ableit short though but some info. Dated Thursday Feb 13, They got their real uniforms sized. Name tapes on the camis. said its so good to wear those and to begin to feel like a marine. he said he is getting our letters but limited time to write back quick. said its hard to balance reading and writing. so that could explain the limited letter writing, Said it does help with the positive comments in the letters he gets.. Most definitely said 22 days until a MARINE! So keep writing and bring him tasty goodies when we see him. We have a list he sent... its crazy... the things they miss that we take for granted.Its all sweets! junk stuff. upbeat and ready.The crucible is the real test, first week in march 54 hours, 8 hours sleep, 2.5 MREs, long Marches I think 40 miles. ""The Crucible emphasizes trainee teamwork under stress. "Recruits get eight hours of sleep during the entire 54 hour exercise," said Sgt. Roger Summers, a Delta Company Drill Instructor in the 1s ...
5 months until family vacation at Myrtle Beach with a day trip to MCRD Parris Island.
Six days until my daughter leaves for Parris Island, SC for Marine Corps Boot, how time flies.
When I finally left Parris Island last month I was pumped to resume the process of getting my career on the road. But now I'm back in limbo until March and basically all I've accomplished here is coming to the conclusion that my left foot is bigger than my right. Productivity at its finest.
My story is not one of an act of heroism but more of pride. My daughter enlisted in the Marines while in her Senior year of high school in Michigan. She was almost destined to be a Marine, for myself, her Dad, step-mom, and step-dad were all Marines. When she became a Marine I was there at the graduation ceremony at Parris Island SC and never felt so proud in my entire life. As her military life went on she was stationed at Quanitico VA. The day after the 911 attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon she and others ★Continue reading: ~ Support our Troops
Recruits learn combat swim survival at Parris Island. Photographer Erica Miller is on her third day of documenting the grueling training that...
Sgt. Justin Smith, a Drill Instructor for Platoon 1021, Charlie Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, speaks with his new recruits Jan. 11, 2014, about standard procedures they must follow while inside the barracks on Parris Island, S.C. Moments earlier, Smith and his fellow Drill Instructors met...
Attention everyone: should you like to write to Kostas while he is in Boot Camp please see below. Please send in a plain white envelope and don't make it thick as this will bring unwanted attention to him foe his Drill Instructors. Thank you!!! RCT Adamopoulos, K. S. 3rd RTBN PLT 3028 Co L P.O. Box 16345 MCRD Parris Island, SC 29905-6345
I graduated from Boot Camp at Parris Island on 9 October 1968. That day, after the ceremony, about 320 of us, newly minted Marines were turned loose for about 5 hours of Base Liberty. That meant that while we couldn't leave the base, we did have free reign to explore the museum and enjoy such fare as RC Cola and Moon Pies at the slop chute. We could pose for pictures at the Iron Mike Statue or the Iwo Jima Memorial (see mine here). All this and no one would hassle us (much). For the past 14 weeks, our every step had been hounded by ubiquitous Drill Instructors. Our world was ordered by the Staff Sergeants and NCO's wearing the famous campaign hats. My friends and I made a beeline for the slop chute and milk shakes. As we sat around slurping them, a commotion arose. We noticed a much older Marine in a garrison cap moving through the crowd. He's stop and speak to the brand new Privates and PFCs, get a response and keep moving. Now this was quite an event, because, as he got closer, we could see that h ...
Only about 600 Marine Corps Drill Instructors shape the approximately 20,000 recruits who come to Parris Island...
ATTN POOLEES! FAMILY NIGHT IS FEBUARY 24TH AT BEARDEN HS AT 1800! Please let your families know so that they can attend as well. dinner will be served and your families will have the opportunity to talk with Drill Instructors from Parris Island. It is important that we get families involved in this evening! this evening is a good time and your families will learn a lot about Parris Island and Recruit Training!
Joseph Melton James (born October 3, 1939) is an American professional wrestler and Hall of Famer, better known by his ring name, "Bullet" Bob Armstrong. In the course of his career, which spanned five decades, Armstrong held numerous championships throughout the Southeastern United States. Armstrong is also the patriarch of the Armstrong wrestling family; he has four sons (Scott, Brad [1961-2012], Steve and Brian), all of whom became wrestlers. When he was a child, Joseph James's father took him to see Gorgeous George wrestle. The young James was impressed and intrigued by the flamboyant performer. As a young man, James served in the Marine Corps of the United States armed forces and was stationed in Korea. During his recruit training in Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island on Parris Island, South Carolina, James was named Honor Man. After leaving the military, he began working for the Fair oaks (Later Cobb Co) fire Department as a firefighter in 1962.
Semper Fi Subject: Great Marine Story By Richard W. Williams I was a grunt in India Company 3/5 in 1969. But, this is not war story. This is a story about the Espirit de Corps of the 1st Marine Division. I lived in Boca Raton, Florida. Prior to joining the Marines in 1968, I learned that there was a Marine who lived close by my home. I knocked on his door and his wife answered. I merely said I was considering joining the Marines and I understood her husband was a former Marine. I was hoping he'd let me ask him a few questions about what to expect. Like any Marine's wife, she let me in and introduced me to her husband, "Archie." Archie was quite old. However, he sat in his winged-back chair with a quiet repose. In spite of his failing eyesight, he fixed me with a steady gaze, politely smiled and simply said, "Welcome aboard." We talked the afternoon away. Archie patiently answered my questions about the Marine Corps, Parris Island and careers in the Corps. All he related to me about his exploits in the Ma ...
1015 tomorrow morning Ben Murphy will be walking the Parris Island parade deck and graduating as a Marine
I'm headed to Parris Island tomorrow with my sister! We're going to see my nephew, her son, Staff Sgt Brown.
We asked, you answered. See who inspires you to serve. "I'm inspired by the brotherhood, the family that comes with the honor of becoming a United States Marine. Two years and 163 days I'll make my way to Parris Island from upstate New York."--Ryan B. "I want to be the best."--Ajay M. "The love for my country and to prove to myself I can be more."--Elexious B. "Not someone, but the ability to serve and protect our country."--Brandon E.
so here's to leather necks, devil dogs, and jar heads, Parris Island in July. never leave a man behind 🇺🇸
461.2 hours until I'm off to Parris Island, SC.
Looks like I will be returning to Parris Island for another weekend after all
I just realized I won't have any money to eat while I'm at parris island 😣
Saying a prayer for my brother tonight. First night in Parris Island.
I remember coming home from Parris Island &telling my mom "Ma,I don't think you understand. I was turnt on the entire time we were on base"😂
I wanna go to Parris Island again this year 😩
Uhh if Parris Island is in SC, then yeah.. If your east of the Mississippi river,you go to SC..The west of it goes to San Diego
that's good dude , would you go down to Parris island or is there one near you
NAVSUP: Navy, Marine Cash cardholders safe from Target data breach: The 58 sailors and Marines who us...
I kind of wanna go back to Parris island... Sand flies and all
Jax just rolled around my bed for a good 20mins till he got comfy w his *** stuck in the air... n then he farted in my face.
Best kinds of babies r the ones you can give back...
Sun set on the Parris Island Marine base
About 10 hours left between us and Parris Island. In a backseat with Amber and . Oh boy 😅
Me and my boo kayla at parris island ;) love the marine and navy
Wooo! My buddy from Rome NY is going to Parris Island! After those weeks,he might come back a newly made Freedom Fighter!
Crazy to think in 3 months me and Todd Kohn are gonna be on bus headed to Parris Island, SC to start our journey of becoming a Marine!
Ship me off to Parris Island already.
Finally found out that I ship off to Parris Island on June 16th.
I need beer n lotz of it in large amounts at once.
I Graduated Marine Corps Boot Camp in May of '93 at Parris Island South Carolina. We had 5 baddass DI's. Loved'em. It was kickass.
Parris Island.seems like only yesterday I was drilling and getting "smoked" on the quarterdeck.platoon 3070
Concur fully! My kids are headed to college, JuCo or Parris Island when they hit 18th bday.
Definitely having a party before I ship out to Parris Island
Troops in 10 areas to get increased hardship duty pay: Troops in 10 areas will see a monthly increase...
Change of plans, I leave for Parris Island in 20 days now. Not 2 months.
I'm at Traffic Light - Parris Island Gateway and Savannah highway (Port Royal, SC)
Currently traveling to Parris Island, South Carolina. Home state of the amazing Stephen Colbert!
Working almost every single day for the next two and a half months just to get my time off to go to Parris Island 👍❤️👍
People: You're so quiet, like you don't talk. . Me: I talk, just not to you.
Parris Island Graduation 11/21/12 (+playlist): via This is where Marines are made :) Enjoy my video
Iraq war vets feel sting of Ramadi and Fallujah losses: For David Bellavia, seeing the images of al-Q...
that always happens to me... Going somewhere for one thing and leaving with 20 things
Came to target for sweatpants...I somehow ended up in the baby section looking at pretty things for Arabelle♡
I was just yelling at my mom for it.
"Don't let the green grass fool you" mattcassar_ brandonjcrespo Moto run at Parris Island.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
MEPS uses my story and picture from bootcamp to show poolees what could happen to them at Parris Island.. Thats crazy 😳
Is it cold enough? Here's a photo of the 3rd Battalion PT field on Parris Island this morning. By Martin Grasso
My mother said my gum smells like angeldust...
This time last year I was at Parris Island, that's not me in the pic but it brings back memories!…
the weather at Parris Island will be a mild 70 degrees. Have fun at Fort Leanord Wood
I have no patience, I just want to go to Parris Island already 😍
Aw one year ago today Wendell left for parris island
13 years ago today I stood on those yellow footprints at MCRD Parris Island and it's been an amazing journey ever since. Semper Fi.
Former Marine's conviction for AK-47 tossed: A former U.S. Marine has been released from prison after...
Parris Island is going to be nice and warm :)
Heavy metal n mullets it's how we were raised. Maiden n priest were the gods that we praised
3 more hours until we are in Parris Island, SC! :)
Officially on leave! Heading out to Parris Island in a few for my girl graduation
Im battle scarred. I am working oh so hard to get back to who I used to be.
A week from today and I get to leave and head to Parris Island 😁👏🎉
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Recruit on way to become family's fourth generation Marine on Parris Island
They made us jog to Morning chow in shorts and cold *** weather on parris Island. I don't have no sympathy
Just got Nates recording that he's at parris island!
One year ago today I stepped onto those yellow footprints at Parris Island.
On the road to Parris Island to go and finaly get Eric!!!
My little cousin left for Parris Island today and I am so proud and excited for her the next time I see her she will be a marine and I'll probably be on my way!
My baby girl is off to Parris Island, to attend U.S.M.C. Boot Camp and start a new chapter in her life. Congratulations Achante, I love you!
Recruit Preston Wingo has made it to Parris Island South Carolina love you bye.
Welcome to the concise graduation guide for Parris Island� Marine Corps Recruit Depot.
The gas chamber an after, Parris Island, SC...poor Hunter I know he glad it's over..phase 2 now..
i go to parris island in 2 mouths and about a week.. and i have to do something before i leave and i really hope it works out! IMA GIVE IT ALL I GOT!
Well it looks likes Parris island will see me again cause my Milso sis Floridalma will be going the ending of this year & I'm in there supporting and all... WE SISTERS NO MATTER WHAT!!!
Deanna Cottis Look at the MCRD PARRIS ISLAND, SC - OFFICIAL PAGE. Is that Clay's group?
Nothing but good news from Parris Island! I'm so proud of my boo! 󾬏
Good Friday Morning, I'm WTOC Mike Cihla, coming up on the News at Daybreak, more than half of female Marines in Boot Camp at Parris Island can't do three pull-ups, the new minimum standard, so the Marine Corps is delaying the requirement. Plus, a strange twist in the case against a Montgomery County banker thought to be dead but very much alive, accused of taking millions of dollars, and now we find out he may have spent his time in hiding growing over 200 marijuana plants. Join us on the news at Daybreak! Or Watch us live streaming at!
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My cousin graduated Parris Island in March of 2012. He has a top notch duty assignment right of tech school.which shows he is certainly not a slack. They don't put slackers at the Pentagon. He is the first Marine on my dads side since my great uncle who fought on Iwo Jima in 1945. Today my cousin was pinned with his CPL stripes. I'm proud of this Marine and the young man he's grown into. Congrats Marine!!!
Just so happened to take the Parris Island exit for food and gas ;) Welcome to South Carolina...
Parris Island Graduation date December 20th, 2013. Photos from the Crucible and Bayonet training
Parris Island (Original Mix) [Echelon] is available for download on Beatport, the world's largest DJ and electronic music community.
2013 started on parris island, then North Carolina, followed by five months in Missouri and now has ended in Japan. Oh and I became a Marine. What a year that was.
Speaking of Parris Island, I remember one ditty that our Drill Instructor taught us. We said, "All I feel when I kill the enemy is the recoil of my rifle." Man we thought we were "hard core": 3rd Batallion, Kilo Company. After the Senior Drill Instructor heard it, he insisted that we changed it. We then changed it to, "Hard as nails, tough as still, born to fight, trained to kill." It was not until after I got out of the corps that I realize what we were saying. This mind set was really helpful in Iraq though. Some people think that we are crazy. We are not crazy, we just know how to improvise adapted and overcome. Another one of my favorites in "Pain is Weakness leaving the Body." This mindset keep me sane as I was serving in the desert.
Next year... June... its my time.. Parris Island... Yall dont know what lies there
Off to Parris Island we go to be reborn, guy with the pit stains I don't remember but tall guy is Mountain, Jon Grogan went to school with him and he served in Bravo 1/4 1975 long haired guy is me, an angry young man.
I remember my first week of basic training at Parris Island, SC. For all of you that did not know, yes I am a marine. That first week was just processing as you feared the wrath of your Drill Instructors. After processing, we began to learn to march. Everywhere we went, we marched in a formation. We would walk to the rhythm of the Drill Instructors cadence. Every now and then another Drill Instructor would be passing by and he would yell, "Platoon Halt!" Because we were not familiar with the voice of our Drill Instructor, we would stop at the order of the passerby Drill Instructor. Our personal Drill Instructor would go into a rant and punish us because we listened to the other Drill Instructor. We had to learn his voice. In the midst of chaos, we had to know the voice of our leader, because we feared the consequences. This is similar to the walk of a babe in Christ. Our new guide in the Word of God and we are lead my the Holy Spirit. In order to tune in to his voice, we must spend time in his ...
If anyone would like to write to Dayquan Askew (im sure he would appreciate it and he's probably doing high knees and push ups right now), heres his current address: RCT Askew, Dayquan Askew Platoon 3010 Co: I BN: 3rd PO Box 19001 Parris Island, SC 29905 He has some of the same Drill Instructors I had and I hope they slay him for that ;)
San Diego HAS SOMETHING PARRIS ISLAND DOESN'T Among the coastal hills at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., the Reaper rises from purgatory and ascends toward a promised land where every Marine recruit on the West Coast wants to be. Each man can see his title from the crest of the Reaper. At 700 feet, it climbs approximately 150 feet higher than Mount Suribachi, the famed Iwo Jima volcano upon which five Marines and one sailor hoisted the American flag in 1945 during bloody World War II fighting. Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego recruits traditionally contend that by marching together to the summit. They tip the scales in Boot Camp comparisons with MCRD Parris Island, S.C., which has its own trials but no discerning landmark like the Reaper. After hiking about seven miles in the Crucible’s final hours – culminating the 54-hour severe test of will – recruits approach the Reaper’s scythe exhausted and hungry. Sleep and food have been minimal, but a warrior’s breakfast sizzles beyond the ...
This literally just inspired me to be just as more of a Drill Instructor than I already did. Gotta go back to Parris Island.
Watch as recruits step off the bus to Parris Island and are greeted by their receiving Drill Instructors.
Four trips to Parris Island. Leading a new small group in my house. A new Trinity church campus in my neighborhood. A new ministry based business. Praying to spread the gospel to thousands in 2014.
My favorite Billy Joel tune was performed on the Kennedys. Goodnight Miss Saigon has special meaning to me and my brothers. We all remember Parris Island and earning the title of United States Marine. " We met as soul mates on Parris Island. Seemed to last as long as 6 weeks on Parris Island ( Those of you who went through Parris Island like me, know that it's actually 13 weeks. Army Boot Camp is 8. Air Force and Navy is 6 weeks). I also love my Vets and it was a great moment when the Vietnam Vets, came out sing, " and we would all fall down together". There's still people, family, and communities to love in our great country.
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So here I am back at Parris Island but for one week I knew freedom. It calls to me
My hydroponic Parris Island CoS Romaine lettuce. Sprouts were on 11/29/2013, the final picture 12/29/2013. Done in Kratky Tote, passive. No electric, no lights, no pumps. Set it and forget it. I did add some extra food to the solution about a week or so ago, we had some rains and didn't want the solution to be diluted too much.
Marines!! LIKE this status if you went to Parris Island..COMMENT if you went to MCRD San Diego! ~Devil~
On our way to Parris Island SC for our grandsons graduation from The Marine Corp Basic Training Camp. So proud of him. Christopher William Sabo. William after his dad and his great grandpa Sabo that he never got to meet.
yes I was a Drill Instructor at Parris Island for 3 years too agh let him go...
Who in the greater MCRD Parris Island and MCAS Beaufort area wants to go out to watch UFC 168 tonight? Or at least be my DD ??
Boot Camp, Parris Island, outside of Beaufort, SC. Definitely a strange place with the over ground ducts and piping seen in many areas of the base. Maybe it has something to do with it being on swampland, which surely creates a unique unforgettable stinky smell.
Home, 2,160 miles to Parris Island and back twice in one week was a lot of riding and driving for my wonderful husband Bobby but well worth it to have Kyle Shifflett home for Christmas !
Just passed the exit for Parris Island. I think I'll go the other way.
Welcome to the official YouTube channel for Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island/Eastern Recruiting Region, South Carolina. Parris Island has been turnin...
Yelling at me makes me giggle, ask my Drill Instructors from Parris Island, I did thousands of pushups because of it. Swear words look and sound like punctuation marks and insults are like Tickle Me Elmo talking. I am like a dog with a bone... Reality.
Christmas chow on Parris Island did not disappoint: turkey, ham, roast beef, stuffing, sweet potatoes, shrimp, Deviled eggs, various pies, ice cream, egg nog and a full salad bar. I didn't eat all of that, of course. Only most of it.
Asking for your prayers and positive thoughts today. I have both my boys on the road. Ian Robertson and Bruce Robertson are on their way to Sacramento to pick up Stevie Walton, Richard Larsen III, Nichole, Easton, Justin Sullivan and Brook from the airport. And tomorrow heading up to Lake Tahoe!!! My little George and his dad are on their way to Savannah, Georgia to visit friends. And then heading to Parris Island, South Carolina, (Marine Corp) so George can see what his daddy did as a 1st Sergeant.
Hydroponics tote, with Parris Island Romaine Bobby, MHPgardener taught me how to do this.
Merry Christmas everyone! Merry Christmas Parris Island and to every brave soul who is deployed this Christmas!
Merry Christmas to RCT RUIZ at Parris Island. We are very proud of you. Love you mom, dad and Jen!!! Can't wait to see you!!
The only thing missing from my Parris Island experience. Semper Fi and Happy Holidays :0
"Here's to leathernecks, devil dogs and jarheads, and Parris Island in July, Semper Fi!"
Two Christmas away from started in Parris island and now to Okinawa but I'm still grateful that I've seen another day and I have a bundle of pleasing around me I love all my fam and OOHRAH
The sky on Parris Island is crystal clear. I saw two shooting stars on my way back from the chow hall yesterday morning.
Oh yes I'm going to parris island 2mor get to go to my second home lol
On my way to Parris Island, South Carolina to pick up my son David Ducharme from Marine Boot Camp Graduation. Couldn't be more proud!
For all the of the RSS Cartersville poolees who have been missing PT with no plausible excuse, on behalf of me as your squad leader and Poolee Falconbury as your guide, if the head count at PT does not improve before Staff Sergeant Hall gets back from Parris Island next week there will be *** to pay. Make no mistake.
Starting tomorrow Color me Beautiful Boutique in Downtown Ridgeland will be collecting unwanted beanie babies to pass out this Christmas to the residents of Ridgeland's Nursing home. Monday, Wed & Friday you can drop them off at 7716 West Main Street from 3 to 6 LOOK For the Purple Ball Dress outside. IN Beaufort we can meet at Bi lo by Parris Island. Message me for day and time
Movie Trivia Metal Jacket (1987) Did You Know? It is a common misconception that much, if not all, of R. Lee Ermey's dialogue during the Parris Island sequence was improvised. In several interviews Ermey himself has stated that he worked closely with Kubrick to help mold the script so that it was more believable, all while retaining certain dialogue crucial to Kubrick's vision. While filming the opening scene, where he disciplines Pvt. Cowboy, he says Cowboy is the type of guy who would have sex with another guy "and not even have the goddamned common courtesy to give him a reach-around". Stanley Kubrick immediately yelled cut and went over to Ermey and asked, "What the *** is a reach-around?" Ermey politely explained what it meant. Kubrick laughed and re-shot the scene, telling Ermey to keep the line.
So excited made my day! Got a letter from my Nephew Ricky Colletti today who is at Boot Camp in Parris Island, South Carolina. He is doing Awesome So Proud of him and can't wait to see our Marine.
Congrats to the Corps' newest K Co. completed the Crucible today on Parris Island. Semper Fi!
CONGRATULATIONS TO KILO COMPANY! They are our brand new Marines this week. I hosted their family members this morning in the Yuku Chat room and they are all ready to start their drive to Parris Island today. WAY TO GO KILO!!! Welcome to the family. Safe travels to all. Enjoy your family day and graduation. OOH Rah and Semper Fi!
Ready to experience Parris Island and those dreaded sand fleas
I am truly humbled and thankful for the recognition vets are getting, not just today, but every day. However for me I remember the little boy who never missed an episode of "Ba Ba Blacksheep", and read every book I could find on Iwo Jima. I remember finding my dad's guidebook for Marines, over 40 years ago. (That I still have by the way.) I remember studying it and hoping to one day wear that Eagle Globe & Anchor. I learned the Marine Corps Hymn and taped my grandma's butter knife to my bb gun to practice the bayonet moves shown in that manual. I told everyone who would listen about my dreams. I remember the first time I saw the front gates of Parris Island. I'm not gonna lie, I was scared. I remember first realizing my sense of humor would not get me over, and was VERY unappreciated. I missed home, I missed my family, and I missed my friends. And to be honest, if it were not for my dream I would have begged to be let go. However seeing my dad's face when he saw me in uniform the first time made me know i ...
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Jarhead Jargon Wednesday. We share a piece of Corps jargon and you tell us which definition is correct. “Chit” A. Written authorization or receipt B. Small bugs found at Recruit Depot Parris Island, S.C. C. Documented negative counseling
I love FB and the ability to reconnect with people that you may have never gotten the chance to after you've lost touch. Tonight I was able to find one of my Drill Instructors and it really warmed my heart. Those 13 weeks at Parris Island made me into the woman and Marine I have become today. Those women gave us their all and sacrificed their own time with their loved ones to ensure we were leaving the island at our best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Lily Molina for the change I was able to make and see in myself. You truly hold a special place in my heart. Semper Fidelis!!
Drill Instructors coming down from Parris Island this Saturday coming up ... this should be fun 😁😁😁
García was born in Utuado, Puerto Rico where he received his primary and secondary education. He moved to San Juan where he started to work for the Texas Company as a file clerk. On September 19, 1951, García was inducted into the Marines; he received his basic ("boot") training at Parris Island, South Carolina. After he graduated from his basic training he was sent to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina where he underwent advanced training before being sent to Korea.
learned another interesting thing!... Gullah; a word that refers to the language, but also the origins of a specific group of enslaved-African-descendants, in South Carolina and Georgia, which at some point comprised the Dataw Island, Coosaw Island, Edisto Island, Sapelo Island, Daufuskie Island, Ossabaw Island, Kiawah Island, Wassaw Island, Parris Island & St. Helena Island.
“I joined [the Marine Corps] because I wanted to prove to my little sister that anything is possible.” – Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island recruit Who inspires you to lead?
Hurricane Hugo made landfall 24 years ago today... on the South Carolina coast. - I was at MCRD Parris Island as a recruit.
But hey, I'll be on Parris Island for the Marine Corps birthday. That's pretty sweet!
Between school, work, gym, and homework its safe to say that my social life is not looking very amusing for the next few mon…
"Take this money and buy yourself some flowers, all the way from parris island, I love you baby happy…
Officials to lawmakers: We're not asking you to declare war: Senior U.S. officials repeatedly pleaded...
I've had two good days in the Marine Corps, getting off parris island, and getting promoted
Parris island is right around the corner.
bright and early Monday mornin I catch a bus to Parris Island, SC
The fact that Parris Island Gateway is a parking lot infuriates me beyond belief. I just want dinner 😒
only have three hours of college tomorrow and I'm done for the week and headed to Parris Island woot woot!
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Texas: Same-sex spouses can't enroll for benefits at state Guard facilities: Texas not allowing same-...
This soon to be assed up mf--> is leaving for Parris Island monday. So go give him a follow before the DIs rape him.
if it made it to parris island it stays.. Check the zip code and spelling
In Georgia now, and only 45 miles away from Parris island! 💕
Anyone know how I could possibly see pictures of my boy while he's at parris island?
Missin my son TERRIBLY Today.But, room is Booked and in one month we will be in Parris Island watching his Graduation 😜
I just checked the Parris Island weather. It's going to be 87 degrees for Garrett's graduation.
Shout out to my cousin for leaving today to Parris Island. Good luck and you'll do great! See you soon💙
Senate Syria resolution could be marked up this week: The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee cou...
Obama seeks support for Syria strike at G-20: Facing roadblocks at home and abroad, President Barack ...
Obama surprised staff with decision on Syria: The president's decision to seek congressional approval...
At least Miley is getting paid to act ratchet, the rest of you do it for free.
Assad: Risk of regional war if West strikes Syria: France released an intelligence report Monday alle...
The day is FINALLY here!! Leaving for Parris Island to see my MARINE ❤
What is Parris Island? How long have Marines been made on the island?
Currently heading to Parris Island. Its finally hear! Ill be able to see my Marine!
I only have to go to college for two days this week..then..I'm off to Parris Island! 😁🙌
I'm sure it's going to be chicken broth and an apple since I am on Parris Island.
Yeah, MCRD Parris Island. Yeah basically, our only form of communication is letters.
"You can have your phone in army and Air Force Boot Camp.. Is that a sick joke." try that at Parris Island. I dare you.
Sex would be clutch right now. Buuut Parris Island has my boyfriend until the weekend 🍆💋👅🐱
Once I get to parris island I gotta be a machine. No feelin emotions, or pain. Just KILL frfr
500 - number of yards distance Marine recruits learn to fire the M16-A4 rifle from on Parris Island.
utilities engineering, he goes to Camp Legeune NC after Parris Island for schooling and then hopefully gets stationed in the US
Well in a few hours Ill be headed to Beckley to see off to Parris Island for 3 months He'll do amazing
Can't seem to hold you like I want, so I can feel you in my arms.
I guess I should have been more like her.
You had it all, for a pretty little while, n somehow you made me smile when I was sad.
Little Giant Ladders
I guess ill just go eat twice my weight in food bc I'm sad n wanna be fat.
Good luck to tomorrow as he leaves for Parris Island☺
From the east to the west, Parris Island is the best
Lima Company completed the Crucible and will graduate Friday at Parris Island. Congrats Sean! > Marine
Female veterans struggle to overcome homelessness: The population of female veterans in the U.S. is s...
11 years ago today, I stood on the infamous yellow footprints on Parris Island. And a couple years later, on the...
Obama orders 1 percent military raise for January: In the midst of discussion about launching a U.S. ...
One month from today I will be headed to Parris Island to pick up my Marine!! 💏
I was thinking about where I wanna go during the spring break then I realized I would already be at the Island. Parris Island. 🙊
Good luck my brothers who left to Parris island today, I really wish I could come with u guys. I will see u guys again at graduation
Going to Boston today Parris Island tomorrow. See all of you in November. OoraH Semper Fidelis
I just got the best call anyone can receive parris island South Carolina here I come!
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