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Parris Island

Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island (often abbreviated as MCRD PI) is an military installation located within Port Royal, South Carolina, approximately south of Beaufort, the community that is typically associated with the installation.

South Carolina Marine Corps San Diego Boot Camp Semper Fi Camp Lejeune North Carolina God Bless Hilton Head

40 years ago today I was chased out of a bus by a crazy man wearing a DI cover late at night not knowing where I was other than Parris Island. He was yelling at us to stand on the yellow footprints with a tone of voice I had never heard before - I flew off that bus and jumped onto a pair of footprints and from that moment on I started to become a man and better yet a Marine.
So I leave for Boot Camp in Parris Island in a month.
Five representatives are attending this all-expense paid Educator's Workshop next week in Parris Island, SC. —
One more sleep then Parris Island here we come! 🇺🇸
Officially on our way to Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island SC.😀 This should be a fun drive 😃 OORAAH!!!.
World IT Solutions is looking for a Net Ops Lead Mid in Parris Island! via
Happy 21st birthday to my beautiful cousin💞 I would do just about anything to have you back here…
Marine Meets Baby Boy for First Time: After being away at Boot Camp in Parris Island, South Carolina,...
"At this point, the yelling had slowed down for us. For a recruit, it would continue.".
14 years ago today I was in South Carolina. In Parris Island. Thank you and God Bless those not at home with loved ones.
1974 walking guard duty on Christmas in Parris Island in 75 spending Christmas in Futema Okinawa! USMC
I wanted to share something that happened to me. Sometimes when you least expect it life offers answers to some of your toughest questions. The most memorable and clarifying experience happened to me yesterday when I was speaking to a group of drill instructors on Parris Island. As everyone knows I struggle everyday with the deaths of my teammates, I struggle with the “why” in every aspect; “why did I live, why them, why did this happen?” But yesterday I was given the best answer to questions I thought would never be explained. I was getting ready to speak to a group of Marines when I noticed a cute little girl walk in with an adult, a Marine dressed in civilian attire. They walked to the back of the room and sat down quietly; I didn't give it much of a thought. I finished speaking and asked if anyone had any questions, it was the usual type stuff and things were going along like they normally do. It seemed as if we were about finished up so I asked if anyone else had any final questions. The Ma . ...
Oh you know, Sitting on Parris Island with officially United States Marines
I just want to thank everyone that sent birthday cards while I was at Parris Island. It made the day very special for my Drill Instructors.
Drill Instructors prepare recruits who come through Parris Island in hopes of one day being called Marine.
We met as soul mates on Parris Island/ We left as inmates from an asylum~ Billy Joel - Goodnight Saigon
A Marine Drill Instructor about to wake up a platoon of fresh recruits at MCRD Parris Island.
I wake up to the gun shots coming from Parris Island every morning
In 1942, President Roosevelt established a presidential directive giving African Americans an opportunity to be recruited into the Marine Corps. These African Americans, from all states, were not sent to the traditional Boot Camps of Parris Island, South Carolina and San Diego, California. Instead, African American Marines were segregated - experiencing basic training at Montford Point - a facility at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Approximately twenty thousand (20,000) African American Marines received basic training at Montford Point between 1942 and 1949.
Time Magazine. ARMED FORCES: Death in Ribbon Creek Monday, Apr. 23, 1956 Shortly after 8 o'clock on Sunday night, Staff Sergeant Matthew C. McKeon, favoring a pulled leg muscle, limped into the barracks of Platoon 71 at the U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, S.C. As the shaven-headed Marine boots popped to attention, McKeon gazed coldly around and snapped: "Fall out in two minutes." The men—mostly 17-and 18-year-olds—grabbed for their caps and fatigue jackets, scrambled for the door, formed outside the barracks. Lean, usually soft-spoken Matt McKeon, 31, rapped out a crisp command and, using a broomstick for support on his lame side, hobbled off briskly into the moonless South Carolina night. The 74 boots of Platoon 71 followed him toward the salt tidal marshes of Parris Island, where death was waiting. Two Desserts. As Parris Island drill instructors go, McKeon had been gentle with the clumsy, eager boots of Platoon 71, whom he supervised as junior D.I. under saltier, tougher-talking Sta ...
15 - Number of recruit training companies on Parris Island (12 male, 3 female).
“When you FaceTime your best friend .
The Parris Island Marine Band perform the National Anthem at the beginning of the Miami Dolphins vs. Washington Redskins professional football game Nov. 13, 2011 in Miami. (Video by Lance Cpl. William Holdaway and Cpl. Kevin Jimmy, Combat Camera, MCRD Parris Island)
“Welcome aboard When do you meet your drill instructor? no shades
wish I would've gotten you Halloween night in my room😂
22 years ago today I graduated from MCRD Parris Island.
My mom n her dirty stripper *** friend r at my house...time for bed.
I think my son is good for the most part, it is good that his mother is home now. I'm about to turn this house into Parris Island, SC. I'll be the E-5 and he'll be the recruit.
Heard from my baby girl Crystal Ann today. I don't think basic training is quite what she had invisioned. She says they scream at you and tell what to do, how to do it, and how fast to do it. She did very well in her intensive strength test but is entering the next 3 weeks that are undoubtedly the toughest. For anyone that would like to give words of encouragement her address is RCT Retowsky, Crystal 4th RTBN PLT 4003 CO P Box 16445 Parris Island, SC 29905-6445
WACO walk! There's nothing like a walk on the parade deck on Parris Island South Carolina! Walking for the Hawks with a warriors heart! GO HAWKS!
Can't wait until soccer season, and graduation and finally last but not least Parris Island
The fact I have to be at work tmr at 7:15 hurts my head...😢
“but yo if you're going to that marine thing tomorrow at parris island or whatever come say hey”ok I'll be driving 16 hours
This has got to be the proudest moment of my life! Today was family day in Parris Island, South…
my brother graduating from the marines and we in parris island SC lol it's swamps on every corner
finally graduated today, just want to say thank you for motivating me before I left for Parris Island, ble…
An accident has just occurred near the intersection of Parris Island Gateway and Robert Smalls Parkway involving...
Wish I could see the street lines while driving in the rain...I end up in oncoming traffic more times than normal.
to when I graduated from Parris Island in 2009. Looking young as *** lil ol' PFC Morrison. Rahh. Get some. 💪🇺🇸
Congrats Seth Williams, son of Lt. & Cpl. Williams! He just returned from Parris Island and is officially a Marine!
nope not yet I'm at Parris island for family day
to when nilly squad was reunited on Parris Island.
35 days until my birthday and 38 days until I'm in parris island .man times flying.
Lol parris island marine mart has everything 😂!
Photo, video: US Marine Corps celebrates its birthday at Parris Island
Congrats to my brothaa on becoming a United States Marine today @ Parris Island, South…
yes we just landed at savannah airport and now we're driving to Parris Island!
So guess who's finally a Marine and getting off Parris Island tomorrow?
Devil dogs and jaw heads... Parris island in July. Semper Fi
Just take me to parris island now pls
I should be in Parris island at djs graduation why am I in jersey
Parris island , SC marine base. Time to see Sal :)
I can smell u from 4ft away I know for a fact you can smell yourself. Go buy some summers eve plZ.
I would give anything to be going to Parris Island with my boys right now
Wish I could be in Parris island for family day today😞 see you Saturday
Here on Parris Island awaiting the Moto run to start. Can't wait to see hubby.
I'm at family day at parris island I get to see vincent today I am so excited 😊😊😊😊
Day 1: Welcome to Parris Island. The fastest way off the island is to graduate.
Few more weeks and my cuz graduates from Parris Island!
can I go to Parris Island already? I don't care that it's going to be 3 months of *** I just want to get away from South Florida
Week 9: Recruits learn the basic field skills all Marines must know. via
I know things are never easy on Parris Island, but do things kind of calm down after first phase?
Just about 11 days until my *** belongs to the DIs of Parris Island.
I need my best friend... But he's at Parris island.. Story of my life tho
Image shared from fans Eric N Jenn Brown:. Their sunset view from Parris Island last night
Twas an eventful on the island of Parris. Now to sleep away the night.
“No female wants a soft *** boyfriend u need to be able to put her in her place sometimes and be a MAN”
Everyone take a moment n Google "spiders found in Pennsylvania" n then tell me the next time you'll sleep bc im genuinely frightened ok.
Need to get away from delco. Over this place n the grimeballs w too much to say who have no room to be saying anything☺️
If I did this for a girl, she's probably ask me why I have 8 dm's and throw it back at my face
In every relationship there's always that one who likes/cares about the other person more and it's so obvious
My is still and always will be your *** mom.
Adding on Snapchat was literally the best decision I've ever made.
I don't keep tabs on him, just bite marks.
This could be us but the backseat's too small
got a haircut and I look like I'm about to ship out to Parris Island
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His girlfriend, Nina, had inoperable brain cancer and he stayed along her side the entire time 😭👼
Cory: "It's an interesting feeling, though.". Shawn: "What? To know it's over?". Cory: "To be the only guy in the world w…
Why does it take so long to get letters from parris island 😒
I love shopping. It's sickening how much $ I spend.
24 years ago today, I was stood on the parade deck at Parris Island Boot Camp graduation and earned the title Marine.
Discipline and teamwork are hallmarks of the Marine Corps. One way to instill these traits in recruits is through close-order drill. See the recruits of Kilo Company, 3d Recruit Training Battalion, practicing in Parris Island, SC, last month:
because you live in North Carolina did you ever go and visit parris island
Black Walnut Gator.. This will be at Bubba's on Parris Island Gateway, this Saturday. I will be carving live. I take requests.. Be there after 10 am til ...
Hand sewed n hot glued every *** piece of my costume..I'm very proud of myself.
He leaves for Parris Island for marine training in the morning. 😭
Recruits of Fox Company, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, and November Company, 4th Recruit Training Battalion, learned to navigate and communicate in a simulated combat environment Sept. 30, 2014, on Parris Island, S.C. During Basic Warrior Training, recruits hone newfound tactical skills by crawling under, jumping over and weaving their way through battlefield obstacles on a combat training course. Recruits learn during the ninth week of training basic field-related skills all Marines must know. These skills will be broadened after Boot Camp during follow-on training at Camp Lejeune, N.C. Both companies are scheduled to graduate Oct. 24, 2014. (Photos by Cpl. Caitlin Brink)
Four more motivators leaving for Recruit Training today; heading down to Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island! See you in 13 weeks! RAH! Jacob McClure Tyler Hibbard Adina Francis Charles Wilson Farley
Just so you know I'm not making this up...This is the Physical training session for Training Day number 30 for Marine Recruits at Parris Island: TRAINING DAY 30 MONDAY Intent: • The intent of this PT session is to increase both anaerobic and aerobic capacity across a broad range of work types. • This session is an INDIVIDUAL EFFORT PT session. Session: • Daily 16 Warm Up- Warm Up Card + Exercise Card 2, 1X5 • 3 rounds of o 880yd run o 50 push ups o 60 air squats o 70 crunches • Daily 16 Cool Down – Stretch Card C, 2X10 Does this sound at all familiar to anyone? Hmm, Increased Work Capacity across Broad Time and Modal Domains, perhaps? Well, the Marine Corps is onboard (and has been for some time), and Marines are extremely fit.
"Here's to leathernecks, devil dogs, and jarheads, and Parris Island in July, Semper Fi"
November should be a really good month. Parris island, thanksgiving and four and my girlfriend should be buying her plane ticket to me!
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Thats what happens when you go to Parris Island.
I wish I could give myself a back massage bc I give best ones n I freakin need one
← writer is still not over the three days when they went to Parris Island a Marine BootCamp
What's a life living in and out of jail/placement constantly? You're just a waste.
*** knowing some ppl will always n forever b lowlife loser scums. Ohwell💁
For boot? Parris Island South Carolina. San Diego is only for boys
My younger brother just called from Parris Island, SC. Incredibly proud to say that he passed and will officially graduate on Friday
My scars remind me that the past is real
she ain't no Cinderella when she's getting undressed, she rocks it like the naughty wicked witch of the west
Here's a throwback in honor of Jack leaving today for the Marines today. Good luck at Parris Island…
USDF!. All pilots Carrier pilots first. USDF HSLR. Parris Island-Columbus-Pensacola. Envision the weed-out of the unmotivated!!
Day 299: My first Sunday of newspaper clipping...these articles are headed to Parris Island to let my…
70 days until I leave for Parris Island...
On my way to see my cousin leave for Parris Island! 🇺🇸
49 days and I'll be in parris island man... Excited and nervous all in one!
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Hard to believe I've only got 50 days until I step on those yellow foot prints at Marine Corps bootcamp Parris Island!
I get the worst anxiety in the car if I'm not driving.
U don't know happiness til your hair is final long enough to pull into a pony tail
ill have to come shopping when you're working n visit bc i haven't seen u in forever n I miss u
Just read something and it said "Parris Island" When I read it a second time it said "Poland" What is my mind doing? Is that a hint..? 🙈👍✌️
she told me, I didn't know you worked there. I'm surprised I haven't seen you in there
saw jess like last week in Victoria's Secret
My little sisters growing up too fast n it makes me cry
Not quite finished yet but I'm so ungodly in love w how it turned out so far😈💀
"you going to San Diego or Parris Island?" Parris Island
you going to San Diego or Parris Island?
Today I leave Murfreesboro to go chase my dream. I step on the bus for Parris Island tomorrow. Y'all take care of each other. I'll be back
Shout out to who is leaving for Parris Island tomorrow to serve our country in the United States Marine Corps.
1915 MCRD at Norfolk was moved and established at Parris Island, SC.
My dad is going to drive past parris island he loves mee
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On this day 30 yrs ago I left for US Marine Corps Boot Camp Parris Island SC, left home for the real world
In exactly three weeks I'll be on my way to Parris island
See you this morning at Praise Assembly of God 800 Parris Island Gateway Beaufort,SC 29906 9AM or…
Excited that Rev. Tiffany Eddy - an ordained UM minister, Chaplain at Parris Island and faithful member of the WE...
"..Semper Fi, do or die. So gung *** to go and paythe price. Heres to Leathernecks, Devildogs, and Jarheads. Parris Island in July, Semper Fi.."
Standing in line at pennhurst just reading the little girls texts Infront of me...she's texting Kyle n he's so uninterested.
When you accidentally touch your soul
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Guest war dog of the week: ‘Mike’ of Parris Island, a World War II terrier
Had a great day with our poolees, NROTC applicants, and our special, guest drill instructor from Parris Island! More photos/videos to come!
Sgt. Samantha Cannon, a drill instructor from MCRD PARRIS ISLAND, SC - OFFICIAL PAGE, was on hand today to help...
Shoutsouts and good luck to the GOAT himself, with his move to Parris Island tomorrow.
A WHOLE 24 HOURS? You give them too much credit. Also, Parris Island only has Sand Fleas. Real Marines are carved in HILLS
I want to see these SJWs, Journalists, and Male feminists go through a single day at Parris Island.
Met a female DI today and got yelled at for an hour. Frightening but awesome and I can't wait to go to Parris Island😁👍
Department of Defense - The DoD revealed the progress on the new Marines training grounds, Parris Island.
9 years ago today, I graduated from Marine Corps training in Parris Island, South Carolina. Never been so proud in my life. Semper Fidelis Marines! Past, Present and Future!!
Here's little tidbit from Sgt Mom's book, Aging with Spirituality and Humor. Here she reminisces about her journey down to Boot Camp after being surprised by the start of Korean War. 25 year old Mom was not expecting that to happen so quickly after signing on the dotted line... "I was told you just had to pass a physical to be accepted, and people dropped out all the time for good reasons, e.g. job changes, sickness, moving, whatever. All true, BUT ... not if you join a week before the start of the Korean War! I was put on a train for Parris Island, and without a shoulder bag. {Mom desperately wanted that nice leather bag you got for joining.} It was a long ride to South Carolina. I kept my spirits up anticipating the warm reception we would receive from the 1st Sergeant. I had heard that she was from Boston. I presumed she would be thrilled to welcome girls from 'home'. What surprises would she have in store for us? I soon found out--she had the grimmest facial expression I had ever seen. It took a while ...
Pops was a drill instructor at Parris Island
Gail Persichilli mom of Sam Perschilli of Riverside Fire Department is looking for help with donations for bags they will be filling for Marines whose parents wont be able to attend graduation at Parris Island. You can contact her for info on were to drop of supplies but here is a copy of what they are looking for. :-)
Andrew being sworn in today at Fort Lee, Richmond, VA. He is a USMC Recruit. Now the hard part begins. He will make his way to Parris Island, SC for 13 Weeks of intense training. The only contact will be by letter as phone calls are not allowed. If anyone would like to write please inbox me and I will get you his address. Right now he has a temporary address and will have his official address on Monday. I will sit and wait for that one scripted phone call tonight, somewhere from 9 to 3 a.m. Prayers for him to have calm nerves and the endurance to handle all the challenges that lie ahead. I Love my Recruit and I know he will earn that EGA. We will see you November 20th Andrew Hatcher
: Paul Douglas was 50 years old when he graduated Parris Island in 1942. Douglas retired as a lieutenant colonel.
check this out heracliteanfire:. May 1942. Parris Island, South Carolina.: heracliteanfire:. ...
Just remember Camp Lejeune was the first marine Boot Camp ever created not Parris Island
word ? Ite do you have a phone yet or just slide in your Dms
It's so weird that all my friends are either getting married or having kids. I can't decide what to have for dinner. Let…
to the day I became a Marine and was greeted by my family at Parris Island in South Carolina!…
Gonna go for the freshest most needed run. 👌
I just wanna have fun is that a lot to ask for
Just got another letter from my RCT Taylor. She's getting sent home, just like I did 😥 I don't understand why this has to happen to us, the ones who get sick and injured who want that title so badly. She was there for every step of my journey, made me special sandwiches, helped me reconnect with God, we even slept in racks right next to each other. Crutched it out everywhere on Parris Island. I am so sad for her 😞 please send my boo prayers.
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Me and my Marine at family day Parris Island S.C. (Graduates tomorrow)
*** aren't you supposed to be in Parris Island. I'm on my moms phone. I don't get my phone until I ship Monday
Cant wait to go to Parris Island, South Carolina next month xD
Literally just ran full speed to the pizza place across the street to go get food..not getting an actual lunch break is the real struggle.
I got my phone for a short time today here on parris island i graduate as a marine tomorrow morning at 9am thank god Kentucky here i come!
Just wrung out about a cup of sweat from my beater after my run.. im gonna die in parris island.
My official ship date for Boot Camp has been changed. I'll be leaving on October 27, 2014 to Parris Island, SC.
Love getting letters from my brothers down at Parris Island
I finally got my marine today ❤️ @ Us Marine Corp Base..Parris Island, Sc
this *** Parris said I want a $50k island and ima build a house on it with flight clearances to where ever I wanna go. lol
Thanks for being such an amazing boyfriend 😍😘 @ MCRD - Parris Island, SC
That phone call just made my entire day💃
My eyes r just barely staying open 🔫
The MCCS on Parris Island is looking for lifeguards! They have flexible hours. Last day to apply is July 27th.
Them girls with septum piercings usually got everything else pierced too
The marines have a bowling center on parris island. im set.
When I'm with you there's no place I'd rather be💕
& I'm out. going to SC. Lil brova graduate from basic training tomorrow out Parris Island
Parris Island, SC 1942 "Boot Camp" Wick and some of his new budddies spent WWII, nearly 4yrs, together.
have your mom or dad join "parents of parris island support group " that's where thr pics are. And yes with Travis & Mitch
After three long months, the day has finally arrived. ♡ @ Us Marine Corp Base..Parris Island, Sc
Parris Island sand fleas can suck a fat ***
At parris island with the family to see Aj do a motivational run and finally see him!
Off to MCRD Parris Island for a friend's retirement //
Parris Island in July, never leave a man behind. Semper Fi.
Drove all night... Made it to Parris Island
Marine recruits complete Confidence Course on Parris Island [Image 6 of 7]: via
Just passed the exit for Parris Island... Well. That sucked. 😔
Parris Island or San Diego must be nice this time of year.
You did the impossible gained my trust..
View of MCRD Parris Island from the rental. It was nice sitting outside in the dark tonight knowing she was...
My brother Adam ships to Parris Island/USMC in 91 days. Proud of him, scared too! God Bless you.
"When I arrived at Parris Island and stepped on those yellow footprints, I was desperate to leave...
I am a mess. I am a ball of barbed wire and bad ideas that you will entangle yourself in every time you hold me close.
You never know what someone's going through or have been through, b conscious of how you treat people.
leaving on Monday for parris island!
: Helmet for My Pillow: From Parris Island to the Pacific. Helmet for My Pillow: From Pa...
oh yes how I remember those days from so long ago at Parris Island.
Those army surprises really get to me holy Christ. Ya boys tearing up
Parris Island can be so beautiful. Definitely not as a recruit though lol
Thank you for your service Devil Dog, and thanks for the follow. Parris Island Class of 86!
I added a video to a playlist Parris Island - Abigail Mead
Just saw the sexiest chick on a street bike 😍 you can take a seat right on my face. 🙈
A year ago today I was on Parris Island.
Boot Camp still takes place at Parris Island or MCRD San Diego. 0311 is still a Grunt.
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Here on Parris Island about to watch Ryan's graduation practice. Can I watch from the car please?
Off to Parris Island. Thanks to everyone for the support
I needed to refocus my life and also repay a debt I felt I owed this country for giving my family safe haven when our country was in shambles. I left for Parris Island, five days after my son's birthday and I don't regret that decision for one minute.
Update - address for Zeke Lafevers and Philip White Zeke NOTE: Please do not send food or packages. He is to only receive letters. No cards. He can receive pictures, however they must be appropriate, pretend their little sister will see it!! Thank you! Zeke: Recruit Ezekiel LaFevers 3rd BN, India Co. PLT 3073 Parris Island, SC 29905 Phil: He can receive packages, however no food products. Once again please only send appropriate content to our future Soldier. Thank you. Philip: I should have in a few days.
"Everywhere we go, people wanna know, who we are, where we come from, we come from an island, a motivated island, we call that island, Parris Island..."
Like when I got to Parris island and my "last phone call" wouldn't go through because my house doesn't accept blocked phone calls. HA fun
Looks like i'll be going to Parris Island, SC to take care of some good ole marines.
Don't apologize to me if you're gonna keep doing the same thing over and over again that you just apologized for
song came on the radio that me and my bro listened to alot before he left. Cant wait for him to return from Parris Island
I really don't like very many people.
I'm trying to go to Parris island September 17th - 19th to see Michelle graduate. Hopefully I can..
Sorry I didn't see that live on tv sir, but I was at Parris Island SC going through Marine Corps Boot Camp, was told by DIs
MCRD San Diego has an [undeserved?] rep as being softer than Parris Island. Currently SD's 1st Bn CO is a JAG; PI's is a Recon/MV-22 pilot.
I would never wanna b famous, just very wealthy.
A guy in basic at Parris Island sent my daughter little clover flowers in his letter... *swoon* how utterly adorable
Well I'm leaving Sunday for Parris Island where I will endure 3 months of hard work mentally and physically the...
Said I got that dumb *** she wanna b my tutor, so she gimme brain, gettin head on a scooter
Parris island SC in 25 days. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared
I love that I work w young kids n babies 😍👶
I grew up on Parris Island SC and I earned my title as a Marine . I changed and I'll be damned if I ever let someone disrespect me .
Dropping this MSG package as soon as I get back with an MAI package after my MSG duty it's time to go back to Parris Island & make Marines🇺🇸
we do *** Like we even packed the same bag to Parris island lol
When ppl try to make u feel dumb n you prove them wrong n they just look like an *** gt;>> suck mine ***
So THATS what my D. I. s were doing at Parris Island!!! *** . makes sense now.
We just visited the Marine Corps Museum at MCRD Parris Island. It was very interesting.
Being right next to Parris Island is so sweet
Im the brown bird. You're the white one.
Just give me food and tell me I'm pretty.
Meeting with the Saergant Major of Parris Island tomorrow 👌🇺🇸
Look what I just got!! Some pictures of my amazing brother in Parris Island. So proud of him! Keep it…
Hi Randy I'm totally obsessed with the RKO. I live outside of the Parris Island marine training can you come by to do a show?
“Sometimes the changes are good. Sometimes you think they’re good and you end up disappointed. Other time …
good job girl! Lol And I've experienced the 5am stuff at parris island last year
I'm still dumbfounded my baby brother was struck by lightning lol
Really wanna quit smoking, but what am I gonna do after I eat. Cig after food is the best.
There is some Parris island dudes in here.. they haven't woken up yet but the boot battles will begin about Boot Camp when they wake up..
Today in 2012 a waterspout formed between Parris Island and Hilton Head, with a second one near Tybee Island.
48 days until I'm off to parris island. I can't say it enough.
Congradulations to all the Marines who just came back from Parris Island and San Diego CONGRADULATIONS! That motivates me and the others.
I will get a shot glass from Parris Island if it's the last thing I do
lol not even cause of that but not yet more or less around January to Parris island
Patiently stalking the Parris Island fb to catch a picture of Codi.
I do not want any parts of this pregnancy boom going on 🙅
From a dad whose son's in his 5th week of Boot Camp at Parris Island: "I stand with Rand!"
I'm the top honor grad of Marine Corps Parris Island Boot Camp summer of 1968 Jun-Aug! Here's my book!
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In case y'all were wondering, my header does mean something to me. It's Parris Island, SC where my bubby and sissy have been.
7 years ago today I was standing on the yellow footprints at parris island
1 - Hours of free time per day Parris Island recruits have in barracks, plus 4 on Sundays.
2,700 - Maximum calories provided daily to female recruits on Parris Island.
I really really really miss being on Parris Island .. I miss my drill instructors, I miss the daily routine, I miss my *** ... all'at smh
This time next year I'll be at MCRD Parris Island and done with all of you.
July 3 graduation we Helped 4 families get to Parris Island from NY, IN, WV & PA. Donate :
I leave for Boot Camp and start my 13 week stay at Parris Island, SC on February 9th! Spending 12…
my great grand parents live 20 mins off of Parris island in SC and we always go it's beautiful!
Someone come to South Carolina so I can go to the parris island "museum" so I can peep Zach at bootcamp
Marines follow orders, Thor wouldn't last a day at Parris Island. Heh
Laurel Bay, Beaufort, Port Royal, Parris Island and Hilton Head are up next. Storms beginning to cross the Broad...
The picture of courage is often painted in active, heroic, dramatic and easily recognizable colors. It's John Wayne on Guadalcanal, or the desperate Marines on Betio, or the firefighters trudging up the stairways of the Twin Towers nearly 13 years ago. It's all of those, and nearer and dearer as well. It's an old friend nodding his recognition of the doctor's clear statement of his prospects for ever walking again. Of his reaffirmation through a firm jaw later to close friends that he does intend to walk again and to sit with his dog on his back porch. Or his delight when we remember that we can watch Pulp Fiction on the iPad and he smiles broadly. This isn't the denial of reality, it's the acceptance of it and the determination to adapt and overcome. Remarkable to return to that some 49 years after he first learned that so near to us here in Savannah, at Parris Island. You can almost hear his DI yelling at him to get off his lazy *** and move or die. He doesn't intend to stay here on his lazy as ...
I added a video to a playlist Senior Drill Instructor's Speech-Parris Island
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I met so many people this weekend that are going to Parris Island soon and I'm just like man . I'm so sorrry lol
Over analyze n over think things far too much
I don't wanna be here anymore. MCRD Parris Island is where I wanna be😑
should be hitting those yellow footprints on Parris Island before long. Very proud of him beginning his life as a Marine.
Not even ready for this Parris Island camp
If you aren't trying, I'm not staying 👋
Not knowing how long you have on the earth is scary.
Knowing you're gonna die at some point is scary.
All that grace, all that body, all that face, makes me wanna party.
I just want to sit on your face and tell you my problems.
My friend is in Parris Island right now. Crazy how a few years ago we were just fantasizing about it.
Happy Fourth of July from the of Parris Island!
You know, I still have that letter I wrote while you were at parris Island, lel.
In 12 hours I'll be on my way to Parris Island
I lied, that was better than Christmas!! GET ME TO PARRIS ISLAND NOW!! 😍
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so far ive met two girls with boyfriends/fiance's in the same platoon as Daniel in parris island, what a small world!
Well today my heart left for Parris Island. Good luck handsome, you'll do great.
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Everyone's worried about the sheep w 4 horns, I'm worried about the sheep w balls as big as my *** head..
I was Corpsman. Got it first time, every time, Thank you! At Parris Island, learned A LOT! Still first time.. hee hee
I wonder if your tears taste like bacon...
You're cooler than the flip side of my pillow
DO YOU LIKE ROAD TRIPS? Operation Parris Island was a huge success.We are thankful to make it home…
This is literally the earliest I've woken up this entire summer, besides 4 am at Parris Island
Tomorrow is the day I've worked for. I leave for bootcamp at Parris Island. I want to thank everyone for their support. I'll miss you guys.
When I see cats in a house, all I imagine is everything their *** has touched. . Couch. Counters. Beds. Chairs. Tables. . …
Just saw a guy propose. Instead of "Will You Marry Me?", . I heard, "Will you nag me forever and stop sucking my *** ". …
Well at 9:30 today one of my best friends leaves for Boot Camp at Parris Island. This day seemed so…
DLV forever! Please give a shout out for my Son Tim Burton (real name) Leaving for Marine Boot Camp in 12 hrs Parris Island!
So i got my first letter from my buddy Alex tonight from Parris Island i am so happy right now!
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Milan Troop: 214. Parris Island-Fox Co: 2014. DOB: 1/7/77. Most wouldn't have survived my year {or my life} so far.
No Cottswold... so craving... since I mentioned the Lox & Caviar I got for Parris Island graduation... want THEM
For "Goodies Night" before Parris Island grad, mom had a kilo of Beluga & 1 of Nova lox sent
Found it: Unfortunately they don't do it for Parris Island, but you may find info on the site useful.
Went to Parris Island hung over after a night of Kir Royales with Fran Lebowitz & Tama Janowitz..
My best friend thought it would be funny to poke holes in my condoms. Totally back fired when I got his girl pregnant.
Beach glows about as cool as tribal tattoos
I'm gonna b dead after this weekend. N I'm never walking again. Ever.
I don't really have anything against people who drink but how do people let it get to a point where they can't have fun i…
Left for Boot Camp on Parris Island 10 years ago today... Not a single regret.
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