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Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill , colloquially known as The Hill, is an area of Crown land on the southern banks of the Ottawa River in downtown Ottawa, Ontario.

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Dear - will you meet with me like you said you wanted to, on Parliament Hill, one year ago? I'll be there at 11a…
Watch online 7pmET: Federal politicians field questions from reporters on Parliament Hill (same-day time delay)…
Canada's Princess of protests on Hill in Wednesday.
Three years ago the were massacred. A vigil was held on Parliament Hill for them & 1000s more killed by…
Pls consider signing & RTing this Petition: Give communities back the right to decide where houses are built.
Good Morning Ottawa! Join me and fellow activists & prohibition victims on Parliament Hill at…
in 1916, a disastrous fire ravaged the Parliament Buildings in
pretty much safe where I am from most modern warheads if targeted at Parliament Hill, so that's slightly reassuring
Happy to be on for CARE's Join us March 7 at Parliament Hill @ 11:30am.
great sight in London Town is the start of a big X Country race, the nationals or the Southern, aside Parliament Hill lido.
newest member: National House of Prayer, in the shadow of Parliament Hill. Spend time there and "pray over" the House of Commons.
FCM brings the voice to Parliament Hill.
In it to END IT from Parliament Hill. Join to end slavery in our generation. Shine a light on slaver…
Going to the Centre Block on Parliament Hill for Question Period
NOW tells she will open her new shop in Ottawa & march to Parliament Hill protes…
Amazing view of Parliament Hill from Canadian Museum of History.
Thank you for the "like". Please insist that Trump speak before Parliament. It would be a jolly good show. Miss Bennie Hill
Met with Year 6 Fern Hill Primary School, Kingston after their tour of Parliament to answer their Qs on issues like Brexit & air pollution
Celebrating Canada's 100th anniversary of Confederation with the lighting of the Centennial Flame on Parliamen…
A big thanks to my colleague and friend for hosting breakfast on Parliament Hill this morning on behalf…
Of course, the best response to this is having the Royal Family on Parliament Hill for Canada Day celebrations.
One year ago came to me in Parliament, said he wanted to talk. I'll be on Parliament Hill at 11am; free to meet?…
Good video & written coverage of the shop opening & our Parliament Hill protest, by news https:…
Just finished a successful protest on Parliament Hill in Watch the video h…
Showing on Parliament Hill thanks to our host Catch it Feb. 25 3:30 p.m. https:/…
'English Parliament, surely one of the worst ideas in British politics'. Why is equality for England such a bad idea?
Liberal legalization plan via to make sure "we restrict access for a number of public health reasons" https:…
Petition: Replace the unelected House of Lords with a publicly elected body let's get rid of this unelected lot
Thousands of anti-Trump protesters rally outside Parliament during debate on official visit
A beautiful day to raise the flag on Parliament Hill for the first time ever!
It was great meeting up with students from today on Parliament Hill! We went on an "unofficial" tour of Centre…
SJA day on Parliament Hill planning under way. First week of May - more to come closer to the date.
It was great to see Kerry and A.J. today on Parliament Hill. Wishing Kerry a very Happy Birthday and thanks for your support…
The Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF) press conference at the press room in the Parliament Hill ,…
Cannabis Culture opens dispensary location steps from Parliament Hill
. & about a dozen demonstrators are rallying in front of Parliament Hill calling for a moratorium on marijua…
A big THANK YOU to the patients & cannabis supporters who came out on such short notice for a rally on Parliament H…
I worked as an assistant for a PC MP on Parliament Hill in 1990... Been there, done that...
.welcomed students & the many who gathered for on Parliament Hill today.
Canada's nurses National Executive Board on Parliament Hill yesterday talking to MPs and Senators about the need for
Was walking through downtown this morning just as the sun illuminated the Peace Tower at Parliament Hill.…
See a live image of the Centre Block & Peace Tower on Parliament Hill in Ottawa
Fort Smith 'daughter of the vote' heads to Parliament Hill -
Enjoy the downtown lifestyle. Sun filled unit. Spectacular views of Parliament Hill and ..
Parliament Hill in It's like the 'Capital Hill' of the North where the government does their bus…
On December 31, be part of an unforgettable celebration in Canada's Capital! See on Parliament Hill. A free s…
An evening stroll in our nation's capital ❄️ @ Parliament Hill
A beautiful night yesterday on Parliament Hill! h…
Algonquins take feds to court, claim title to Parliament Hill, Supreme Court
Following the signing of the Parliament Hill guest book, Biden and PM Trudeau head through the Hall of Honour.
Hanging out with at Parliament Hill in chilly Ottawa. Meeting MPs and letting them know about our great pr…
As chair of Ottawa Region Métis council I'm excited for 1st ever Métis Flag raising on Parliament Hill on Louis Riel Day Wednesday at 8 am
Did you know that Parliament Hill's Centre Block is a war memorial?
Until November 11, a virtual Poppy Drop will be projected at Parliament Hill. https:…
Ottawa's Senators (the hockey ones) quietly disappointed by illogical decision to nix Parliament Hill outdoor game
And here is the official statement from the Senators on not being able to host an outdoor game on Parliament Hill.
Not good for the Parliament Hill hockey game pipe dream.
Such an awesome day in Ottawa @ Parliament Hill & the game. Thx 2 Neil Ellis, Ben Phowe & my sweet little side…
Why aren't the groups who protest Canadian oil on Parliament Hill today to protest Saudi oil?
So amazing to see & Luis Mendoza in Parliament Hill to bring the experiences of migrant workers to l…
BREAKING: 99 young people arrested on Parliament Hill calling on Trudeau to reject Kinder Morgan
Hamilton Collection
99 pipeline protectors arrested on Parliament Hill message to No to
Why did it take this long for the real story to come out? ***
Canada’s loneliest hero. A beautiful piece of journalism by (don't read the stomach-turning comments)
Hey Michael... once you're done with Obama please send him up here to Parliament Hill, you can keep Trump!
PM reflects on Parliament Hill shooting on anniversary of attack - NEWS 1130 via
WATCH: The Caliph is set to deliver an address at Parliament Hill today - here's what you need to know.
But while azzphat Kevin Vickers was hailed as a hero by the nation and appointed by Stephen Harper to be Canada’s...
Canada’s loneliest hero: Why you’ve never heard of this RCMP officer who shot the Parliament Hill gunman
The CBC is running a pro-Taliban documentary to commemorate the terrorist attack on Parliament Hill. It's how they remember…
THIS is a national disgrace of the highest order. should have ensured another's voice was heard. htt…
Greeting & interacting with HH Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Caliph of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, at Parliament Hill Ottawa…
- did you ever apologize to Const. Barrett after your shameful smear in May 2015? . If not, you should.
Today let's honour the lives of Corporal Cirillo & Warrant Officer Vincent by defending the values they personified. htt…
Many don't know of Curtis Barrett's heroism in the line of fire on Oct 22, 2014. Read about his courage & sacrifice: htt…
Noise alert: There will be a 19-gun salute for the Prime Minister of France at Parliament Hill at about 8:15AM tomorrow.
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While played around on Parliament Hill wasting tax $$$ & time gave
Overheard in Parliament Hill "mummy will have a feta cheese sandwich and I want a strawberry delight"
Thank you to everyone who joined us on Parliament Hill to mark Police and Peace Officers’ National Memorial Day yesterday
Thank you Justin. Unfortunately we sent 3rd party Larry, Moe,and Curly to Parliament Hill.
Meeting federal mp's; meeting councillors; launch of launches today on Parliament Hill at 6 pm- public are welcome!
Canadian Police & Peace Officers Memorial on Parliament Hill today. In just 3 days, we'll be here for the Ope…
Kenney bids adieu to Parliament Hill after 20 years
After 19 years, my time on Parliament Hill is coming to an end. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to serve my party…
MP critical of 22 Minutes star's post about Parliament Hill shooting.
Long time ago I covered a Parliament Hill announcement of changes aimed at keeping people safer after 1991 crossbow murder of Patricia Allen
Belanger greeted 1st Youth Forum Pilgrimage (2012) with grace, enthusiasm, on Parliament Hill
First time "Northern Lights" on Parliament Hill. Loved the Nellie McClung & Emily Carr shout-outs! https:…
28.7.81(2/2) Watched the fireworks on Parliament Hill. The Union Jack flags everywhere for the wedding are ridiculous.
Tonight on Parliament Hill not the heartbreak hotel the return of the King
Conservative government held a similar ceremony on Parliament Hill to announce Simon Whitfield in 2012, but had ministers, not PM
Brampton student a mainstay of the Changing of the Guard ceremony on Parliament Hill via Brampton Guardian
Pierre Trudeau was a 60's heart throb. Wore sandals & a cape on Parliament Hill. A rose in his lapel
Strolling by Parliament Hill tonight and snapped this at the War of 1812 monument.
Today marks the 150th anniversary of the first meeting on Parliament Hill.
WOW -- just down the street from Parliament Hill in Ottawa
He's got three known bolt-holes. Parliament Hill, Camden Lock and Dagmar Court.
We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene @ Parliament Hill
makes history by flying flag for first time on Parliament Hill
Justin Trudeau is celebrating the LGBTQ community by raising the pride flag on Canada's Parliament Hill
Justin Trudeau raises Pride flag at Parliament Hill for first time...
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raises Pride flag on Parliament Hill for the 1st time in history.
on Parliament Hill yesterday! I was glad to go show my support for Canadian farmers and Canadian dairy!
THANK YOU . for the awesome day in the Parliament Hill!
Vancouver's among MPs who helped to raise flag on Parliament Hill today
Hi saw you raising the flag on Parliament Hill, and would love to see you at this year's Vancouver Pride Parade!🌈
Update your maps at Navteq
For 1st time in Canadian history, Flag is being flown at Parliament Hill.
"This is a great day for Canada": Trudeau raises Pride flag on Parliament Hill
raises Pride flag on Parliament Hill to celebrate
Trudeau to raise Pride flag on Parliament Hill to celebrate LGBT Canadians
Glad to see and were present, today, as the pride flag was raised for the first time on the Parliament Hill!
NHL still interested in outdoor game on Parliament Hill - Ottawa Sun
We're hiring a defence reporter to work with our Ottawa bureau. Come join the best Parliament Hill team in the biz!
the Spec mentions New Democrats showing up on Parliament Hill the next day in wheelchairs and neck braces.
We shall call this the Peace Tower headstand @ Parliament Hill
I remember this and seeing Rick Hansen on Parliament Hill very special
Great first day on Parliament Hill! Private Cronkite in front of the clock tower.
Another must see in Ottawa, the Parliament Buildings, complete with free tours @ Parliament Hill
So happy to visit Canada's building. @ Parliament Hill
March for Life: message HEARD on Parliament Hill despite violent counter-protestors
With my pal Ken on Parliament Hill today!
The challenges of work-life balance for moms on Parliament Hill: Conservative MP Lisa Rait and NDP MP Ruth El...
Senator Mike Duffy returns to Parliament Hill after sensational acquittal on 31 charges
Canadians taking to Parliament Hill to meet with federal leaders
West block starting to show its skin again. @ Parliament Hill
Same thing happens on Parliament Hill in during the hot summer days with the GGFGs.
Hundreds more gathered on west side of Parliament Hill waving Turkish flags, booing other side
Chinese officials exploring $2B rail line to Ring of Fire, meeting MPs Tuesday on Parliament Hill:
Yesterday, met Justin Trudeau on Parliament Hill. Here's what happened;
Lucky to have MP take time out of his busy schedule to show Danielle around Parliament Hill
It is my greatest honour to host Her Excellency UN Human rights high commissioner at Parliament Hill
Too bad you didn't have similar empathy when you used Mike Duffy (balloon) to air populist senate claptrap over Parliament Hill.
The Guru Granth Sahib Ji has arrived in Parliament Hill and the Akhand Paath Sahib has commenced.
Canadian Governer General among 7 killed in a deadly terror attack on Parliament Hill. Look out.
Canadian Governer General among 6 killed after a deadly terror attack took place at Parliament Hill. Look out.
Protect the one-off Parliament Hill cafe from the tide of sweeping blandness
A skyline containing 8.6m people and home...❤️ London from Parliament Hill on our walk today 🌾
I took this photo of tulips at the Parliament Hill in Ottawa during the Victoria day long weeken, which is a nice...
Eternal Flame at the Parliament Hills in the capital city of Canada- Ottawa. @ Parliament Hill -…
Beautifully moody view of a rainy from Parliament Hill on today.
Glenn said this the day after the Parliament Hill shooting. He got death threats. From Canadians.
Our lovely Golders Hill Park Cafe is also under threat as well as Parliament Hill. What are you up to
Heading in to Parliament Hill to hear details of budget Hoping to see transformative investments for Indigenous Ppl htt…
and in Canada with MP John Brassard at Speakers Lounge reception on Parliament Hill
The building surrounded by police tape is 90 Sparks, home to federal court offices and steps from Parliament Hill.
God isn't going to let the Indian mafia & Parliament Hill steal from taxpayers anymore. People work hard for their income.
.you're going to need to replace Parliament Hill backdrop for Province House or perhaps.
Quick visit to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Quite a bit of snow in the capital but today is mild
This about to be me in front of Canada's Parliament Hill idc
Read about geneticist Dr. Terry-Lynn Young & her recent trip to Parliament Hill:
Today is Manufacturing Day on Parliament Hill. Follow for updates on our messages to Canada's federal leaders.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Will we see the Queen or another royal on Parliament Hill on Canada Day 2017? Don't be surprised if we do.
February 15 marks the day in 1965 when our flag was first raised over Parliament Hill.
Parliament Hill, Feb 8 2016, special winter in Ottawa, a lawn of ice on snow
Centre Block destroyed by fire on Parliament Hill in 1916 - Ottawa - CBC News
Around this time 100 years ago, a fire started in the Centre Block of Parliament Hill.
Want to know what Canada's Parliament Hill would look like without the Parliament Buildings? Check this out...
The House of Commons recognizes descendants of those who perished in the 1916 fire on Parliament Hill:
The Westin Ottawa on There's the Chateau Laurier and parliament hill.
100 years ago today, Parliament went up in flames. Read more from
.as ship captain? on Parliament Hill's nautical theme:
On Feb.2 1916 Parliament Hill was ravaged by flames. Only the library stood once the fire was out.
Let's also remember the fire-fighters who regularly put themselves in harms way.
The opposition leader has an angel? Watch visual tour of Centre Block:
The secrets of Parliament Hill: Inside the heart of Canada’s democracy
The secrets of Inside the heart of Canada's via
Remembering 100th Anniversary of 1916 Parliament Hill fire at city hall unveiling of painting by artist Ross Rheaume
Centre Block looked like before, during and after the great fire of 1916
Easy to see why Sophia is gaining so much attention! she is adorable AND smart AND only 2yrs old!
A century later, mystery of Parliament Hill fire still unsolved
FYI, the 1916 fire only destroyed the Centre Block (save the Library) but not the rest of the buildings on Parliament Hill.
"Euthanasia? Assisted suicide? There’s an app for that." The latest from from Parliament Hill
The Centre Block on Parliament Hill went up in flames. More about the fire of 1916:
.Prez talking to our lobby caucus about our work this week on Parliament Hill
Sport: have won the South of England Championships at Parliament Hill Fields
it is heartbreaking! I couldn't imagine anyone trying to make a movie about out tragedy on parliament hill last year!
The walkway up to Parliament Hill is an ice rink
Today marks a hundred years since the fire that destroyed much of Parliament.
Thanks to and her baby, Parliament Hill got a whole lot cuter
Proud to be on Parliament Hill this week putting forward our vision for Talking lots about grads this week! https…
A wreath is in the hall of honour in remembrance of those who died 100 years ago today in the Parliament Hill fire
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Today marks the 100th anniversary of the chaotic and tragic fire on Parliament Hill. Find out what happened
Throw Back Wednesday to when it was *really warm* on Parliament Hill.
ATHLETICS: Tonbridge athletes shine at South of England Championships at Parliament Hill -
I rarely get downtown but I have done that 1 Sometimes I start at Andrew Hayden and run to Parliament Hill for long runs
6 days until South of England XC Championship on Parliament Hill, London. 15km mudbath coming up!
What role did mental illness play in Parliament Hill shooting?
And this is what they look look like inside. @ Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath
Parliament Hill. Not many up on Hampstead Heath yet.
Hundreds of people on Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath watching fireworks on the river and on the Heath
It's a pedestrian mall, basically one block south of Parliament Hill.
Light and sound show on Parliament Hill tonight!
I do too! As well as Rememberance Day, as he was WW2 vet..Great minds think alike!! I go to Parliament Hill every Nov.11th..
Just an hour to go Parliament Hill & West Hampstead. Don't worry if you missed us, we are at Marylebone tomorrow.
Good morning market lovers. See you Parliament Hill & West Hampstead today 10-2pm.
VIDEO: Inside look at the rarely seen Speaker of the House of Commons' apartment on Parliament Hill.
Packing potatoes for this weekend's Parliament Hill, West Hampstead & Marylebone from 10-2
Mayor Jim Watson reflects on 25 years of Senators hockey: Jim Watson was working on Parliament Hill in 1990 as a…
CORRECTION: Mayor Jim Watson says the outdoor game is likely to take place at Lansdowne Park, not Parliament Hill.
On this day in in 1981, 3,000 Indians march on Parliament Hill to protest exclusion of aboriginal rights from constitution.
Man with concealed knife apprehended on Parliament Hill: RCMP
Gotta love being Canadian. view of Parliament Hill, Rideau Canal & Ottawa River warms heart on chilly fall day.
Who polices the police? >> RCMP accused of rewriting history of Parliament Hill attack -
Bottle it and send to Parliament Hill. Label it a donation from the Poo'rer citizens of Quebec; Liberal Party Only!
RCMP to honour officers, security employees for helping to stop Parliament Hill attack
We challenge Ottawa's GR community to collect enough food bank donations to build a replica of Parliament Hill
.I believe Trudeau is a horrible PM, a force for evil in the world, and one day hopefully he'll be dragged from Parliament Hill.
The Parliament Hill lawn overlooking the PMO's building to the south. Glad it's getting new occupants…
Your first national photo op on parliament hill and as a new minister, Why was your poppy on the wrong side of your shirt.
Video: Red Dress rally on Parliament Hill in support of missing and murdered indigenous women
Air cadets dream to be at Parliament Hill 11 Nov taken away cause he turned 18
it is called "Parliament Hill Fields Athletics Track" and is the old House of Parliament site.
An exciting day as the NB Caucus meets for the first time on Parliament Hill. Ready to get to work!
I guess we damage the courses a bit. Parliament Hill still hasn't recovered from Nationals
100km from Parliament Hill the NCC are just nobodies
If I went to parliament hill selling auxiliary battery packs for blackberries, what would be a realisable price?
Justin Trudeau jokes with PeterMansbridge while riding the bus to Parliament Hill: …
Justin Trudeau jokes with while riding the bus to Parliament Hill:
I was dreaming about wandering around Parliament Hill seeing if I could spot but only saw Harper who tossed candy at me 😳
Does the National Gallery of Stephen Harper Images still exist on Parliament Hill? .
What about Rideau Hall, Stornoway, the Centre Block on Parliament Hill? Shall we tear them down, shred the Constitution?
Defeated MP Peter Stoffer packs up eccentric Parliament Hill office after 18 years. A class act who will be missed!
Join a family friendly march at Parliament Hill on Nov 29 to celebrate justice-based climate solutions before http…
Melnyk confirms Sens pursuing game on Parliament Hill
"Too much war. Not enough women" suggestion purged from the minutes re: the new Parliament Hill light show
Another bright & sunny October day. Get yourself down to West Hampstead or Parliament Hill today & suppor…
Each we give a flag from the Royal Military College stopped by Parliament Hill today:
Ottawa, Canada: Demonstrations in front of the Centre Block Building on Parliament Hill
I promise there is a city view behind all that cloud @ Parliament Hill, London
View of the Rideau Canal near Parliament Hill! Never been to Ottawa in the summer, and I'm just in…
Dairy farmers in their tractors driving past our office on their way to Parliament Hill to protest the Fair trade …
PTSD Service Dog Leo joins Sgt. James Ward on the march to Parliament Hill.
Memorial to honour victims of communism initially slammed as ‘detrimental to dignity’ of Parliament Hill
Fenelon Falls native Mike Perry sets sights on Parliament Hill: KAWARTHA LAKES - To Mike Perry, stepping up to...
Best wishes to riders in the on their way to Parliament Hill in Ottawa for ^sm http…
Hmmm. 20min to go from King Edward to the Parliament Hill?? Who was the *** mind behind closing Rideau St again?
More than a thousand people went to Parliament Hill to sing song in support of http:…
HCol Loreena McKennitt will sing the national anthem at today's ceremony on Parliament Hill.
OTT's mayor Jim Watson has the brilliant idea of having an outdoor game at Parliament Hill (Lansdowne, and LeBreton Flats too).
Outdoor game on Parliament Hill could be in works: Speaking to TSN 1200 on Tuesday, mayor Jim Watson said that...
Families struck by cancer rally Sunday on Parliament Hill for a national strategy
Cancer survivors rally on Parliament Hill for national treatment plan: For the third-straight year, one of few…
Join us on Parliament Hill on September 13th to light the Peace Tower gold to raise awareness for
View of Parliament Hill from the Ottawa River via water taxi from Hull.
Irwin Cotler describes himself as "an accidental MP." He leaves Parliament Hill as one of its most respected MPs:
Just saw Northern Lights show at Parliament Hill. An absolute MUST see. So proud to be Canadian! Thanks to all who've served this country.
Canada Parliament Hill Shooting Kevin Vickers opens up about emotional toll of Parliament Hill shooting
Pls Join us @ event for Sept13 on Parliament Hill
Pls join us @ event on Parliament Hill Sept13 Help us raise RT
He regained consciousness and was wheeled up the hill to watch fireworks celebrating burning parliament/catholics (delete where applicable)
REMINDER: Parliament Hill Centre Block, bike path (Locks to SCC) and road to Supreme Court closed for tonight.
It would be cool to have Ottawa native performing on Parliament Hill on Canada Day, 2017.
Had a full history of Canada discussion with the Parliament Hill tour guide
Ottawa 2015,. VIP tour of Parliament Hill, and Ottawa Greek Fest . Happy Name Day to me!
See the free nightly Northern Lights on Parliament Hill during Aug at 9:30 pm.
I'd like to go to the light show on Parliament Hill anyone know when it ends? Not sure up for tonight.
We commemorated the 70th Nat'l Liberation Day on Parliament Hill! A celebration of history & culture!
I was sexually harassed by NDP & Liberal MPs on parliament hill and
Beautiful light show on Parliament hill tonight.
Visiting Ottawa? Don't miss the Changing of the Guards ceremony daily at 10 am on Parliament Hill.
Some pix from the light show on Parliament Hill last night
hello Parliament Hill these are the signs of things to come
“"Oh, Mike ... I wish I knew how to quit you." Brokeback Parliament Hill
Make abortion an election issue, MPs urge Harper conservatives trying to bring U.S. culture wars to Cana…
Construction on Parliament Hill: NO access to back of Centre Block or bike path to watch fireworks.
Today we are at Parliament Hill, come and grab a lolly!
my friends were raped on Parliament Hill - left wing NGOs attacked them because "now cry
reality is you are all using as a scapegoat to hate to hide a rape ring on parliament hill & CBC
I added a video to a playlist HOAX Shooting in Ottawa on Parliament Hill - 1
Short but sweet return to the water. 2 weeks since finished (@ Parliament Hill Lido)
Up and at 'em! We are off to Parliament Hill today. See you there.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
illuminated Raisina Hill and Parliament in preparations for Independence day.
up on the Heath to Parliament Hill and back with and Hangover fixed!
Market day! See you at West Hampstead and Parliament Hill Farmers' Markets for beautiful British…
It's time to kick this man out of office and bring responsibility and transparency to Parliament Hill.
Five political scandals that rocked Ottawa: From John A. Macdonald to Stephen Harper, Parliament Hill has had ...
Been sent this creepy footage of something odd going on at Parliament Hill. What on earth!?
Lac Leamy fireworks on Parliament Hill watching Northern Lights sound and light show @ Parliament…
Everyday at 10am during the summer you can watch the time honoured... @ Parliament Hill
Photos: Fortissimo at sunset on Parliament Hill, July 23-25: Fortissimo is a military and musical spectacular…
This is the man that stopped the shooter on Parliament Hill. Miramichier & now Canada's Ambassador 2 Ireland
[Heritage] Northern Lights Launches on Parliament Hill: All-new sound and light show experience welcomes its f...
Right now on Denise Leblanc of Canadian Heritage talks about new light laser show on Parliament Hill, starting tomorrow.
Ridiculous. . Cover photos obviously a mock-up of the grandiose Uncle Stephen statue planned for Parliament Hill.
» Canada Canada Day 2015 on CBC: Watch the 148th birthday party on Parliament Hill » NEWS » Q…
6 photos from flag bearer day on Parliament Hill: |
Richard Madan interviews one of the members of Magic for Canada Day on Parliament Hill. Rainy but great
At the museum of history overlooking Parliament Hill on
From the archives: My hitchhiker, the Parliament Hill gunman.
Exit interview: Why MP James Rajotte is leaving Parliament Hill after 15 years
Change to Sunday's Parliament Hill band. It is now Basil Hodge Quartet, a Modern and Latin jazz band with Afro Cuban influences 3pm.
Leader Thomas Mulcair speaks to media following last Parliament Hill caucus meeting before
CPhA's addresses crowd at Parliament Hill during rally against cuts to
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