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Parker Posey

Parker Christian Posey (born November 8, 1968) is an American actress.

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My only experience w/Parker Posey canon so far is SUPERMAN RETURNS so I do need to rectify this
Wait which of us is Parker Posey b/c now we have to compete over who's seen Party Girl and J…
Debating your best friend. 1995: "Shaq's better than Michael Jordan!". 2017: "I SWEAR Rachel McAdams looks like Parker Posey in this movie!"
I would argue that Parker Posey's presence justifies its existence
"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed…
Even though she only has a few scenes, Parker Posey is used really well in Dazed and Confused.
I can't wait til the Grammys when they bring out Hitler's corpse for a bit with Parker Posey and a guy dressed like a lipstick.
Gen X drifting with Parker Posey: My piece on PARTY GIRL for new "Survival Kit" issue. http…
If I had a nickel for every time Grant is accused of disingenuous feelings about Parker Posey...
I used to be a Kathleen-Kelly dreamer, but now I'm a Parker Posey, the kind of woman who yells at the toaster.
It's like Parker Posey's character on evolved into Sarah Paulson's on
I'll be murdered and are y'all doing push-ups in martin shkreli's trial is amazing and keep your support is the parker posey of lies?
Wait a second.there an actress called Parker McKenzie Posey? And one called Parker Posey? 🤔didnt know this. They're the same right?
As a fan of and good indie film, can't tell you the joy I still get when Parker hits in front of Posey.
Batting third and fourth in tonight's Giants lineup, Parker Posey. Expect hits? Leave opponents dazed and confused? Whatever.
How do I become Parker Posey when I grow up?
Theater alum co-produced this film getting great reviews. Love work of Cho, Parker Posey and Michelle Forbes, can't wait to see this.
Everything I needed to know about NYC before moving here I learned from watching Parker Posey in "Party Girl".
You meeting Parker Posey was one of this first things we talked about.
I moved to NYC, I met Parker Posey and though we're not BFFs, she was cool as *** and gave some great advice. Now Rick Owens?
When I was a baby *** I knew that one day I would move to NYC, dress Rick Owens everything and hang w my cool friends like Parker Posey.
Afraid not.its got Parker Posey, Molly Parker in it with Ignacio Serricchio as Major West.
Imani Hakeem , Parker M Posey , Alexis Jordan , Karina & Oksana Pasian & Jhene Aiko have all been my wcws since foreve…
I was once a Ram too. Where was this hat when I was in high school?
Also, I want more Parker Posey being a massive jerk in it all the time
Dragged Across Concrete, starring Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson, is set to wrap on Saturday |
I didn't know this was on Netflix and will totally put it on tonight, my only memory of it is it int…
Just walking around, you see celebs being incognito which is cool. I saw Parker Posey and guy from Law & Order SVU.
Thrilled to have these folks in the hood...
Posey flies out to Hernandez in center and he doubles off Parker at first to end the inning!
Elsewhere starts shooting in Sooke today & stars Aden Young, Parker Posey, Ken Jeong and more!…
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Jon Miller just announced Parker Posey batting in the bottom of the Ninth!
I caught the very end of the View Askew panel today and one of the guys referenced a "love letter" Parker Posey gave to Joey Lauren Adams...
When comes out, I want her to be joined by Parker Posey and Joey Lauren Adams.
"Easy there - to me daily (but also a Courtney Cox to Parker Posey in
Back to the Future, starring Parker Posey and Michael Clarke Duncan. Directed by Kevin Smith, music by Tina Turner. Budget: $1 billion
"uhh…I guess aim to be as happy as Parker Posey talking on her unusually large cell device while enjoying an iced coffee fro…
Parker Posey - The Healthy Blizzard ("Waiting for Guffman") People in texas are so smart omfg. People everywhere. 🙄
I'm still mad that Parker Posey didn't win the Oscar for best supporting actress for her role as Jennifer Jolie/Gale Weathers in Scream 3.
so freaking funny. Alan Cummings and Parker Posey are both so funny
Atticus Finch, young Gorby and Parker Posey being outdone by the extras again.
Battlefield Earth, starring Sandra Bullock and Parker Posey. Directed by Roland Emmerich, music by Jefferson Airplane. Budget: $500
I salute the casting of Michelle Yeoh and Parker Posey today. Let's hope they work out better than Genevieve Bujold.
Hal Hartley directing Parker Posey on the set of "Fay Grim" (2006).
yes, that would be 2. 4 is worth a look and so is 3 simply for Parker Posey.
I hope Parker Posey has an amazing Halloween. Be it a big party or just home with snacks and movies. She deserves it all.
Parker Posey was the only thing I really enjoyed about it but I mean who can you hate her in anything
Parker Posey as Lindsay Carlisle Shay 2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation Seasons 1-4 Autographs by Unknown
I like soap opera acting. If it's done really well, there's nothing better. It's old school.
Have I told you the story about the time I met Parker Posey?
Thank you for alerting me to the fact I have woefully few Parker Posey gifs on hand! brb rectifying
Whenever I search "Parker Posey GIFS", I always get Tyler Posey, and I'm not mad, I just have serious Parker Posey…
Whenever I think 'pillbox hat' I always match it to a pink Chanel suit. And Parker Posey.
I'm not a *** but I would totally pork Parker Posey. *shrugs*. I like weird chicks.
Look at Parker McKenna Posey , the youngest daughter from the hit show MY WIFE AND KIDS
They should name a rose Parker Posey.
:) I mean Parker Posey's scenes got cut from that movie, but Rosie had a REAL part!
But it's fun to be something, have that, and you don't have to be real. It's like, comedians
Remember the youngest daughter from 'My Wife and Kids'? This is what she looks like now: 👀
Parker Posey as Jennifer Jolie in Scream 3 was my first introduction to the wonders of camp. ❤❤❤
I saw him first in The Misadventures of Margaret with Jeremy Northam & Parker Posey! in Paris-Manhattan from our list
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively and Parker Posey interview with via
interview with Blake Lively and Parker Posey on
Parker Posey in Gary Graham at the “Café Society” New York Premiere - Tom & Lorenzo
Okay, Parker Posey, at first it was cute, but...
📷 kwebtv: Scott Cohen, Michael Arden, Parker Posey, Ron McLarty and Lauren Ambrose in “The Return of...
Guest is Trump; Parker Posey is Melania; Bob Balaban is Wolf Blitzer; Michael McKean is Newt; Paul Michael Higgins is Corey Lewandowski;
Pepsi commercial with my pal Parker Posey. That day was so fun!
this is the feature we all needed (also, FPJ and I share similar feelings on parker posey)
I think at some point Elizabeth Banks stole Parker Posey's career.
Meghan Trainor, Parker Posey Hailey Baldwin in Coach Fall 2016 at the Coach & Friends of The High Line Summer Party .
True or False. Parker Posey is the most intimidating looking woman in Hollywood?
Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else at the Coach Party:    Parker Posey, I love you. I love you so much. You are my ...
In Party Girl Parker Posey works at a library that's actually a crypto-version of the Strand
Parker Posey and Chloë Grace Moretz Bring the Star Power to Coach's Annual Party on the High Line
Alyssa Campanella looks like Parker Posey and sounds like her. Literally just thought Parker Posey was a judge for Miss USA
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
AU where Liv Tyler, Winona Ryder and Parker Posey are the GoT version of the witches in MacBeth.
I'd rather be stalked by Joey Lauren Adams and Parker Posey than Ben Affleck, but that's just me.
The shirtless Ryan Reynolds scene of Blade Trinity is on my tv right now. Parker Posey, Ryan Reynolds's v-muscles, what's not to love?
I'm trying to work in studio movies, but they won't hire me.
is this a promo for a new Parker Posey movie?
Angry Birds, the movie? Really, this again? Well in that case where is Woody Allen's "Tetris" starring Michael Fassbender and Parker Posey?
her name is a smash-up of two of my favorites, Charlie Parker & Parker Posey.
I googled for a GIF of Parker Posey talking about "Congress of the Cow" in "Best in Show." I DID OT FIND IT AND IT ENDED POORLY.
I have the biggest crush on Parker McKenna Posey... Bruh 😩😍🌹
I'm the character actor in Hollywood movies, the girl who has to be annoyin...
Parker Posey is the modern man's Beyonce.
My names is Parker Posey but you can call me peepee😭😂
Busy and good day made better by Parker Posey getting up close and personal!
baffled the baddie is Parker Posey tbh, considering she's usually good and not atrocious
Watching a film where Patton Oswalt and blind Natasha Lyonne take on Parker Posey and Triple H
Horror Lover Challenge Funniest horror movie character? Parker Posey in Scream 3 @ 474 North…
Parker Posey Anh-Tu Phuc Huyen-Hoang We are connected. If my word is discredited, I have to save my parents…
♣ Parker Posey Because to them, publicity on is the same as . They can sell a as well as…
she's ok in a limited range unless you got her confused with Parker Posey and then I'll just cry now...
I live in an alternate Universe where Parker Posey played Harley Quinn, and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.
☊ Parker Posey stop juicing, your teeth is turning yellow and your hair is falling out. It is the juice diet. I…
perhaps related, why did the decidedly low-talent Chloe Sevigny end up much more famous than Parker Posey? So many 90s indie mysteries.
I would gladly pay big bucks to see a Blade spin-off about Parker Posey's vampire character.
That moment when you realize you've grown up to become Parker Posey's character in "Best In Show."
and neither was Parker Posey, no one could save the PG-13 script made R at the last second.
Parker Posey in You've Got Mail is the reason I'm ***
ℜ Thank-You my friend. There you go Parker Posey, from my friends and I.…
Parker Posey goes I'm one of Woody Allen's muses. I go the old one? I'm just kidding you, I wouldn't know.
From is known in the Indie movement&she thinks social media plays an important role.
thinking about the time I served Parker Posey at a smoothie shop I was working at and my body felt so warm does she even remember me
plus Parker Posey as a vampire sweet blood of Christ
► Parker Posey "You don't know me." I retouched this image of actress in the…
I added a video to a playlist Parker Posey interview 1995
► Parker Posey joins the plot of dark comedic detective story shooting…
Anyone else think that Tavern Swindler looks like Parker Posey?
I really love how he's able to satirize and admire his subjects at the same time. Parker Posey & Fred Willard really killed me.
😡 I hope she or Parker Posey are really allergic to nuts. That might make it better, for me.
matter fact I'm off Tyla, where Parker McKenna Posey at 👀
Two of the best actresses in the world Genevieve Bujold and Parker Posey what else can you ask for?
muting this and then listening to Marc Maron's podcast with Parker Posey is a VERY odd contrast
I find both characters to be jerks. I think the movie is weirdly mean to Parker Posey.
Jeanne Trippelhorn played a great Jackie O in Grey Gardens, but Parker Posey would have been a slightly better choice, tbh.
Which Posey do you prefer: Buster or Parker?
On the other hand, Parker Posey's Kitty has nothing on Yvonne Craig's Miss Tessmacher.
Cap does NOT have Patton Oswalt or Parker Posey. My bad.
Little Giant Ladders
Watching Blade Trinity and can't help thinking Parker Posey took her look straight from Fairuza Balk.
Awesome movie! Nice seeing Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Milla Jovovich and Parker Posey in their earlier...
This is me with many Parker Posey roles. Her in Irrational Man was almost too much to think about but tl;dr I was all 'YES'!
{I'm going for a walk, after my brekky..I promised Parker Posey a foodie weekend she accepted..on her own terms}…
thanks for the kind words man. Posted some cool Posey vids earlier 2day y'all might like
(I have a v strong crush on Parker Posey)
You think you had a good day but YOU did not abruptly realize you were in an elevator with Parker Posey so really I win everything
I HATE You've Got Mail. The only good things are Parker Posey and that dog. Even Greg Kinnear falters.
Posey adjustment CB vs FB. Watch the front foot and how it lands. Don't need much delay to "stay back"
Posey combo view. You could try and slap offspeed pitches the other way... or try this
Hartley’s Henry Fool is about a poet who falls in love w/ Parker Posey. And a cautionary tale about attempting the Great American Poem
Here's one: a live-action remake of the South Park movie by Seth McFarlane starring Parker Posey and Tre Cool of Green Day. Spitballing here
SubUrbia is a good film for many reasons. Parker Posey being one of them
How did yall forget Parker McKenna Posey g😭😍
Yep, Parker Posey's character slamming pancakes and Pennsylvania in "House of Yes"
Isn't this what Parker Posey said in "The House of Yes?"
I just checked into Blade: Trinity No es tan mala, y sale Parker Posey
{Jokes. Parker Posey never give me money, I'm real!}
This month, I've seen Elijah Wood, Parker Posey, Zoe Kazan, and Melanie Lynskey. why you so fabulous?
plus it's full of Illumanti codes, that spiel by Parker Posey is all too true. FUN :D
Ladies & Gentleman I present to you: the Parker Posey ready
in non-Prince/Bey music news, new LP is lightning fire & rain. "Strive" is NYC rave 90s Limelight Parker Posey RuPaul ruling BE U
Parker Posey's performance in this movie is TOPS
I did not know that Parker McKenna Posey was dating Problem. That's crazy.
I love this movie so much Parker Posey is a gift
Mira's got a Parker Posey look going on. I like it.
Parker Posey, my personal life goals. Mostly just life fantasy. Good fantasy.
How great is Parker Posey's hair right now?
Partying with Parker Posey and Vince Clarke at the Morbid Anatomy Gala via
Parker Posey and Michael Rappaport, 2 promising careers seemingly going the wrong way.
Things that make this movie better: Parker Posey, original John Williams theme, Frank Langella, Brando (not Crowe), Jimmy Olsen.
Parker Posey as Jennifer/GaleWeathers in Scream 3 is my jam... PP is my idol
but see with Parker Posey, that's perfect, because that's ever character she ever was
we didn't mAke out, but I did talk Parker Posey thru a bad breakup for 2 hrs 1/2
Great to read Jake Wilson talking to Parker Posey ahead of her retrospective
Christopher Guest & Co. would SLAUGHTER that. Parker Posey as Megyn Kelly.
Amazon to distribute Woody Allen movie featuring, among others, Jesse Eisenberg and Parker Posey. (cc
Your insult to Parker Posey in Blade Trinity is perhaps my favorite bit of vulgarity ever put on film. Just sayin'.
A guide to being a librarian, as told via Parker Posey in Party Girl:
Ring around the rosie.Parker full of Posey? 😳
I read that Parker Posey. Whatever happened to her?
Once saw actress Parker Posey in NYC with the ugliest dude in town.
Wow, Parker Posey was, like, 5 years away from being Elizabeth Banks
I get more curves thrown my way than Buster Posey lmao
My favorite evolution of Parker Posey is Parker Posey enduring awful conversations.
Parker Posey is my security blanket, her acting protects me.
Literally had NO idea Parker Posey went to Suny purchase until just now
Pretending that news read "Parker Posey and Elaine May join Woody Allen Amazon series"
In honor of Reigns NOT winning the I'm watching Inside Out (2011). HHH & Parker Posey together again!
Parker posey still one of the funniest actors. if you're just gonna their awards at ww, give her some already!
reminder that Parker Posey is a priceless treasure of the cinema
Also the guy at the airplane hanger sold Parker Posey a rooster in Best in Show.
Dazed and Confused is on IFC and Parker Posey is *heart eyes emoji*
US: having taken each other's hand... One last adventure. DEATH IN THE GUISE OF PARKER POSEY: put your *** on the third rail
Parker Posey was the fun alternative to Winona Ryder and G. Paltrow!
After watching the suicide squad trailer, is Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn or Parker Posey?
Me and Parker Posey aren't doing this for Toronto Tourism. So please mind your manners. It's a family formality now.
Olivia looks a lot like Jesse J and chicken girl looks just like Blake Lively! Lace, Parker Posey!
VIRGIN, Rose head, Parker Posey all got a rose. Onsie, Chicken& Emma Stone got the boot!
Lace, aka "Drunk Parker Posey" couldn't even focus enough to see if he was looking her in her eye.
Drunk and crazy Parker Posey is easily the best part so far.
Also, am I the only one who confused Parker Posey with Elizabeth Shue in the 90s ?
Parker Posey catches up with Hurlyburly co-star Bobby Cannavale in NYC. via
Parker Posey playing mandolin to the school group in A Mighty Wind.
yes! & Madeline Kahn, Sandler (but he's not a main), Juliette Lewis, Liev Schreiber even Jon Stewart & Parker Posey have cameos.
Have Rosemarie DeWitt and Parker Posey ever played sisters in anything? Because they really should.
omg and hugh grant is late for his big meeting because of it, but that's how he meets sassy cab driver Jenn (Parker Posey)
How was Parker Posey so lucky to get to act next to Triple H? Blade Trinity had it all.
Parker Posey in WAITING FOR GUFFMAN is complete comedic commitment. .
Should we be mad because Tom Hanks cheats on Parker Posey with Meg Ryan/her w Greg Kinnear?
Extraordinarily great cast in all these films. Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, Fred Willard, Michael McKean, Parker Posey etc.
Stuff that means a lot to James Franco, Parker Posey, Mark Ronson and others.
Scream 3 this week, the best thing about this movie? Parker Posey.
Here are Eric McCormack & Parker Posey, stars of our upcoming feature THE ARCHITECT.
Parker Posey & Jennifer Coolidge are too funny + almost everyone in films. Eugene Levy + Catherine O'Hara too
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The as yet untitled film will also include Ant-Man's Corey Stoll, The Hobbit's Ken Stott, Parker Posey and Jeannie Berlin, as well as
DEN : According to The Hollywood Reporter, Woody Allen's newest movie will star Jeannie Berlin, Parker Posey, Blake…
Blake Lively, Corey Stoll and Parker Posey join the cast of Woody Allen's new (still untitled) film…
there are so many babies in that movie. Adam Goldberg, Wiley Wiggins, Parker Posey, Ben Affbat...
Today I've seen both Terry Hatcher and Parker Posey. Vintage *** amber alert to be issued momentarily.
Emma Stone, Parker Posey on Woody Allen’s ‘Irrational Man’ and Roles for Women via
"Look at this! Look at all this," Parker Posey shouts, twirling. "What beautiful madness!" She offers her hand to a speechless Bill Murray.
Before Bill can answer he's transported to a penny-farthing festival in Prospect Park with the Ghost of Whimsies Present, Parker Posey.
Parker Posey was in more movies with Triple H than you think.
Don't care if Parker Posey is a Giant now (or that they were "Best In Show" in '14), I still don't like 'em
The entire effing cast! I love it all so! Josie is adorable. Alan Cumming and Parker Posey were GENIUS.
Parker Posey in Scream 3 is legit everything.
I mean scream 3 is the weakest one out the bunch but it's not that bad when parker posey is on there.
but drunk Parker Posey actually just is me
when you just fell in love with Parker McKenna Posey 😍😩‼️
ugh I want parker posey to be in all the movies
Parker McKenna Posey is beyond gorgeous man
Makin' a film with on Saturday. It's like I'm Christopher Guest and she is Parker Posey. Yes, we're THAT good.
Salma Hayek, Aishwarya Rai and Parker Posey hit back at gender inequality
I want to see Daytrippers again. Besides Anne Meara, it had great performances by Hope Davis, Stanley Tucci, Liev Schreiber and Parker Posey
good choice. And she was amazing on the little seen indie Daytrippers as Hope Davis and Parker Posey's mother.
TV "has become a place where riskier stories are told... and often those are female-driven"
Just realized I can totally cosplay as Parker Posey in Dazed and Confused if I just dye my hair brown & yell "air raid!" at passerby... Yes.
Another one of my faves. Parker Posey is truly a KWEEN. You seen Party Girl?
I'm going to watch that asap. I remember nothing about it except her and Parker Posey and me endlessly laughing.
Now I'm imagining what Ryan Adams would be like if he had stayed with Parker Posey.
anything by Parker Posey always good in any mood and time.
"I thought I'd have a career of playing the best friend" - Parker Posey
Celebrity had Lyme disease Parker Posey, independent film & Broadway actress "Queen of the Indies"
Salma Hayek, and Parker Posey hit back at gender inequality -Br…
Agnes Varda hair theories, Parker Posey's turban & more in this Red Carpet Roundup!
I saw a Parker Posey looking blonde & stunning on the Bowery today in something very flowing & orange. LOVE HER SO MUCH.
One of my favorite movies ever. And Parker Posey. "Burgers. Fries. Shakes."
Blimey - Parker Posey has glammed up for this.
Charter members of my Unsung Genius Hall of Fame: Charles Portis, Parker Posey, Lisa Germano & 1,000 or so jazz musicians.
Some amazingly talented women spoke out against gender inequality at
Salma Hayek "Women in Hollywood can’t continue to allow themselves to be sidelined."
and Parker Posey, how about a sweet ending for white *** Wally and lisping Lisa?
HeForShe Panel: Parker Posey reveals the Viagara secret of Hollywood producers: via
HeForShe Panel: Parker Posey discusses these "ghoulish times": via
"At a summit in Cannes, the stars and key female producers have shared their own experiences of industry sexism and…"
YES. And the way she is described in the book i also thought of Jennifer Jason Leigh and Parker Posey
Woody Allen, Parker Posey, Soon-Yi Previn and Emma Stone at event of Irrational Man -
Parker Posey: "I watch a lot of TCM, and those women from the '40s, there’s so much wit. It’s so rare I see that in movi…
Something to look forward to at the movies this summer: Parker Posey in the new Woody Allen.
All purpose parts banner
When I'm laying in bed, and trying to fall asleep, I watch youtube clips of both Parker Posey and Jessica Lange interviews
Secretly in love with Parker Posey: Listening to Episode 599 - Parker Posey by *** with Marc Maron Podcast.
great talk with Parker posey. Getting to the big questions. Thanks!!
Parker Posey looking fabulous in blonde tonight at RadioLoveFest
early 90s NYC rave/club kid movie starring Parker Posey. It's awesome. U need to see it. U will LUV it.
Was just listening to Marc Maron's podcast, and I sneezed. Parker Posey said bless you. She was talking to her dog. Strange experience.
We love Parker Posey, so don't screw with her, Marc Maron. Do not do bad things anywhere near her.
Dates and first round of Judges announced. to name just two...
It's also a joke from Best in Show, Parker Posey met her husband coming out of two Starbuckses across from each other
Middle of Nevada. Banana. Truck stop coffee. Marc Maron and Parker Posey. Come and just rain already!…
Saturday morning, 8:30, 3rd coffee and with Parker Posey! Comedy tonight in 12 hours! So far, it's a good day!
Anyone who thinks Beyoncé is queen hasn't seen Parker Posey ❤️
In my world *** is all character actors, all the time. Parker Posey's ep is such a dream, so honest, inquisitive.
There was a TV show with Parker posey and Lauren ambrose as the leads and it’s not constantly talked about and I just learned about it? Que?
I've got a parker posey podcast interview to listen to ... y'all don't even know want to know how much I adored this woman back in the day.
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loved that Parker Posey episode. Great episode to have while wandering the subway
From Parker Posey to Kim Gordon...I really have to listen to Maron's podcast more often.
I wish You've Got Mail had a sequel where Parker Posey and Greg Kinnear hook up too and are just awful together.
I could listen to Parker Posey say "yeah..." all night long.
Marc Maron just did an episode with Parker Posey? I think I know how I'll be spending the rest of my Friday night.
nothing is better than seeing Parker Posey playing Gale Weathers.
Parker Posey and I are in the same place dating-wise so it's cool that we can finally give that a shot.
I couldn't like this episode more. *** with Marc Maron Podcast: 599 - Parker Posey
oh my goodness he interviews Parker posey?! I'm on it!
*** is unavailable rn all I wanna do is make carrot soup and listen to Parker posey!!! 😪😪😪
I still listen to the soundtrack all the time. Also, Parker Posey is a REVELATION in it.
Short Story of the Day Stacey Richter's "The Minimalist" as read by Parker Posey. Podcast: Selected Shorts.
If Netflix can pay for a "Full House" reboot, it can give Parker Posey her own show. It's criminal she isn't in more projects.
So I'm curious, how big was the spliff that Parker Posey smoked before the interview started? Not that I'm judging...
Parker McKenna Posey 😍😍😍 I don't think yall kno how much I love her “Katie from My Wife and Kids 😻 htt…
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We. Are. Not. Worthy. . So tell us, what's your favourite Parker Posey moment? We're all ears!…
I would like to see Neve Campbell and Parker Posey in every movie. Please and thank you, Hollywood.
Hear me out here: When I say the phrase "Parker Posey 2016," it makes so much sense to you, doesn't it?
On *** when asked if his history as a child rapist makes WAllen difficult to work for, Parker Posey (💔) explains that no …
So Parker Posey and Christopher Lloyd are doing a Netflix show and no one told me?!
I wish Parker Posey would read books on tape.
Yes. Parker Posey is the coolest. You're closing in on all the Corkey St Clair Players.
Katie (Parker McKenna Posey) from My wife and kids gorgeous now too 😍😍.
I don't know that I'll ever forgive us for turning our back on Parker Posey.
Parker Posey just hugged me 6 times, told me I was the "the real deal" & i'm incredibly talented bye I can die now
Sexual Identity: absurdly dressed Parker Posey organizing books in a library to 90s dance.
Trailer: Parker Posey is the best reason to see 'Irrational Man' (Video)
Great to see Parker Posey in the 'Irrational Man' trailer with Joaquin Phoenix & Emma Stone:
They are Parker posey and that dude in Best in Show
Tell us what you think of the trailer for Woody Alen's next movie "Irrational Man"...
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For her role in this film, Parker Posey learned to play the mandolin -
Parker Posey! Didn't know she's in the new Woody Allen. Hope we see her lots more again after this.
an easy tell: Mary Louise Parker dies in all of her movies. Parker Posey does not.
I still get Mary Louise Parker and Parker Posey confused.
My dad recently reminded me that my grandfather's cousin was Lefty Frizzell. ~Parker Posey
I can see me getting a cheap copy of this from amazon. Alan Cumming and Parker Posey goodness.
And now Matthew Perry, Alan Cummings, and Parker Posey in the same episode. This 3rd season is wow
This is not a good pic, but Alan Cumming, Amy Sedaris, & Parker Posey on the same screen BLEW MY MIND.
Parker Posey & Jonathan Morgan Heit in a scene from Season 3. Coming soon!
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