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Republican Governors of Mass. and Vermont urge US to stay in Paris Agreement
American business leaders know the Paris Agreement will spur new investment, strengthen our economy and create jobs. htt…
Rick Perry urges President Trump to stay in Paris Agreement and 'renegotiate' | Business Green
Opening Webinar on Paris Agreement and the SDGs with Amina Mohammed on 3 May at 3:15 p.m. CEST. .
Scott Pruitt calls for an ‘exit’ from the Paris accord, sharpening the Trump White House's climate rift
Paris debate will reportedly happen tomorrow. Tell the Trump Admin -- Don't Abandon the Paris Climate Agreement!
Will Trump follow through on vow to pull out of Paris agreement? In WH, "remain" camp gains traction. https:/…
The Paris Agreement is essential to our future on earth. Let's combat Climate Change together.
Major US coal companies are now urging Trump to reject plans to pull out of the htt…
The world needs to place embargos on the US leaves the Paris Climate Agreement. It is all about oil $$$ for
Tell the Trump Administration: Don’t abandon the or weaken U.S. climate commitments!
promised to get us out of this ridiculous job killing Paris agreement. It's bad for many ma…
Decision on US leaving the Paris climate agreement could be made today.
US faces disgrace if Trump drops Paris climate pact
Trump team supposedly discussing now whether or not to withdraw from agreement. Our related cover from Nov: https…
Decision on whether the US will leave the Paris climate agreement could be made today via
Russia against Paris agreement. Russia super pacts donated to GOP. They do not want. Russia gets what they want. Russia wants La Pen.
.and I rounded up shareholder proposals on the Paris agreement for $FE, $DUK, $D, $SO, $ETR.
Trump is going to work hard to withdraw from the Paris agreement, after all he thinks global warming is fake. This is rea…
Elon: you thought you could convince Trump to keep the Paris Agreement? Think again.
Trump advisers to meet Tuesday to discuss agreement via
.reports that today's WH meeting on the Paris Agreement has been delayed due to scheduling conflicts, per WH official.
. Kill the Paris agreement, drive a stake through its heart, salt the earth.
1000+ investors and businesses support and want Trump to remain in the Paris Agreement
The business community tells Keep the U.S. in the Paris Agreement.
Will Trump inner circle listen to the voice of business and stay in the Paris Agreement?
White House postpones this afternoon's meeting on Paris climate agreement, reports.
Whether to stay in the Paris Agreement is a political decision, but not one real scientist was consulted. https:/…
If Trump withdraws from the Paris Agreement, he'll be at odds with the American business community.
Bush leaving Kyoto became a permanent stain on his presidency. Does Trump want the same?
Trump Advisers to Debate Paris Climate Agreement: The Eiffel tower is illuminated in green with the…
Trump advisers will meet today to debate Paris climate agreement
Trump advisers to meet Tuesday to discuss Paris climate agreement
The Paris climate deal is critical to defending our climate and communities. Our statement:
A scheduling conflict caused postponement of Trump administration officials' discussion today on the Paris climate agr…
Stand with me & tell Trump Admin we can't turn our backs on historic Paris Agreement & fight against Climate Change. http…
By more than 5 to 1, voters say the U.S. should stay in the Paris climate agreement
Paris Agreement does not need to be saved. It is in no danger. Decarbonization of global economy is unstoppable bec makes fi…
And/But even if global political will to keep to Paris Agreement existed, we'd still see catastrophic changes to gl…
I agree. Some may do so, but it is not what the Paris Agreement authorizes Members to do. This discussion…
Apparently Rex Tillerson, former CEO of ExxonMobil, is now the White House's primary defender of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change...1/3
In the face of national uncertainty, cities around the world remain strongly committed to the Paris Agreement:
[LIVE] Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing on the Paris Agreement.
Climate Change is a threat to our country's people, infrastructure, and economy. Ratify the Paris Agreement!
Curious why I never see the value of North Sea oil discussed in the Paris Agreement context?
Global Justice and Environmental Governance: an analysis of the Paris Agreement, uma entrevista com Marcelo San...
is spot on. . This all shows poor judgement on Malcolm Turnbull part. . 1 Paris Agreement . 2 R…
Perhaps the US should stick with the Paris Agreement, oui?
I didn't write much but did manage to hit on some fav topics:. Rocko: Paris Agreement:
At in Morocco urged businesses to show leadership & turn Paris Agreement into action
French President says US must respect its commitments under the Paris Agreement
A love for life will help achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement
.Time to solve the climate crisis. Let's strengthen our commitment to the Paris Agreement.
Pope urges world leaders implement Paris Agreement
Statement: The Australian Government has ratified the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Doha Amendment to the…
Tamara has Skype'd I'm UNESCO friends from across the world currently discussing Paris Agreement and Kyoto Protocol
President Yoweri Museveni has called on developed countries that made commitments through the Paris Agreement to...
How can Ontario buying California carbon credits count if US leaves Paris Agreement?
Paul Simpson of discusses how businesses can take action to deliver on the Paris Agreement
FLASH: Duterte to uphold Paris Agreement: President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said he will…
Watch and discuss the implementation https…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
With the Paris Agreement, we commit to decarbonise by 3% annually. But we need to do so by at least 6.5% to stay below 2…
Paris COP 21 signed in December last year comes into play today.
says he didn't have a copy of the Paris agreement
SFA Yasay presented strongest opposition vs Paris agreement, but changed his position later
Cabinet voted to sign Paris agreement
JUST IN: says he will ratify Paris Climate Change Agreement
CEO Francesco Starace explained the Group's strategies to capitalise on the energy transition
My congratulations to 97 Parties to who have ratified &made early entry into force possible
Trump doesn't believe that human-caused Climate Change exists, and aims to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement and increase drilling..
Pang. Duterte: Pipirmahan ko [Paris Agreement on the Climate Change] because it's a unanimous vote except for one or two. https:/…
Paris climate agreement entered into force!. "I note that the world's countries have shown that they take the...
On eve of in 100 parties representing 69% global emissions formally joined the Agreement http…
Australia needs to 'step up' on emissions targets via
"We are being snatched of our future, and we will not just watch."
JUST IN: President Duterte says he will sign the Paris Agreement on Climate Change | via h…
Pres. Duterte: cabinet deliberated whether or not to sign Paris Agreement
The has entered into force! Find out how the on climate action around the world
We welcome the openness of our President to ratify the Paris Agreement. Indeed, climate action is of general welfare, now & the future.
The ratification of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is on its way. What do you think Bio Majors?
Paris Agreement: Climate rescue: UN talks get down to business
Great NEWS!!! says he will sign Paris Climate Change Agreement, says it was a cabinet decision 👍🏼
Didn't realise the Paris Agreement was already three years ahead of schedule (or making up for Copenhagen lost time)
ID4D: Paris Agreement : One year later where do we stand? . Amy Dahan CNRS
The road to decarbonization: next stop, Marrakesh: A year on from the COP21 summit, the Paris Agreement has…
⚡️ “The Paris Agreement on Climate Change comes into action”. .
Thoughts on in Marrakech. Leaders signed the Paris Agreement. Now they must act on it. vi…
Govt set to ratify but yet to do the math. Aus needs plan to reach zero pollution ASAP . https:…
"[The Paris Agreement's] goals require halting new fossil fuel development now."
Poorest must be heard on to deliver success - via
Duterte to ratify Paris agreement after Cabinet votes for climate pact
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
enforcement of the Paris Agreement adds to a year of substantive policy progress on Climate Change.
Canada ratifies Paris Agreement, read & learn why needs to be considered for next steps ! https:/…
Climate Change is hugely important to me. Government must act on the Paris Agreement, not just ratify it!
Financial implications to UK of Paris Agreement "unlikely" to go beyond Climate Change Act "to 2050" -
India Joins the Paris Agreement: Another Big Step for the World, One Giant Leap for India
YES! In less than a month the Paris agreement will come into force. Together we can beat SHARE this video t…
Bentler: The Paris agreement really does change everything
The Paris agreement really does change everything
Why the Paris Agreement on Climate Change means the end of coal:
4th November 2016 - the date the global climate will enter into force! Now the real work begins🌏
Removing CO2 from the air is the only hope for reducing Climate Change.
What's the most ridiculous claim or assumption about the Paris Climate Agreement?
IT'S OFFICIAL: the WILL go into effect in 30 days. This is the road forward:
In an historic demonstration of commitment &political will the Paris Agreement has fulfilled the 2 conditions to entry…
'Turning point for our planet': Green economy reacts to Paris ...
Paris Climate Change agreement set to take effect after quick ratification process
The will enter into force on November 4. Together, we've made international a reality htt…
"Today is a historic day in the fight to protect our planet for future generations." —President Obama https:…
Now that NZ has ratified the Paris climate agreement, the transition to a cleaner economy has started.
Great news! The world crossed the threshold needed to bring the Paris Agreement into force. htt…
Obama hails ‘historic’ ratification of Paris climate agreement
The Paris climate agreement is entering into force. Now comes the hard part.
Buhari signed a padded budget and now Paris agreement on Climate Change.All these without knowing the content.Stop giving PM…
ratification: It is remarkable what political will can achieve:
comes into force: now time for Australia to step up via https:…
Deposit of instruments of ratification of the Paris Agreement on by EU. . Paris agreement now can enter…
.says Pacific can take some credit for Paris Agreement ratification
"In Paris, I said before the world that we needed a strong global agreement to reduce carbon pollution" —
The world took steps to make a reality, now we must act to make a 1.5°C... by via
The Paris agreement really does change everything .
Paris climate agreement is official! Join and send a message of thanks:
Canada formally joins now time to implement
Forests Emerge as a Big Winner in Paris Agreement via
Science! Reporter reminds America that if Paris Agreement goes as planned, we may have seen our… Via
Gandhiji believed in a world worthy of our children. In joining the Paris Agreement, & the Indian people carry on…
It's official: on Climate Change enters into force 4 Nov. 10 countries + European Union join, see:
ICYMI: Read about the historic and what it means for the fight to
The world commits to zero climate pollution
Paris Climate Agreement enters into force four years early
When there’s a will, there’s a way. ratification is a step in the right direction. Now, on to work:
agreement comes into force: Now time for to step up.
Craig Oliver’s pick for misplay of the week: Tories voting against the Paris climate agreement.
Thank you to every nation that moved to bring the Paris Agreement into force. History will judge today as a turning point for ou…
The "hard part" about mitigating is doing the hard part;
just ratified the Paris climate deal — bringing it extremely close to taking effect
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The Conservative Party of Canada votes against ratifying the Paris Agreement on
& just voted with GOC to ratify the Paris Agreement under the UN framework Convention on Climate Change so it passed.
As we ratify the Paris Agreement, wise words from Trudeau can't escape the math on climate targets.
says not to forget achievements in getting SDGs and Paris Agreement. Keep pressure on govts
Cabinet approves ratification of the Paris Agreement: The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Na...
UN SecGen announces Paris Agreement will activate this year. We're pushing beyond "ambition" for survival & justice
Buhari to sign Paris Agreement on Climate Change at UN General Assembly: President Muhammadu Buhari would, during… https…
Govt has made no decision as yet on ratifying the Paris Agreement. Domestic processes in this regard are still underway: Vikas Swarup,MEA
Why have the British government NOT signed the Paris Agreement on climate? Even China has.
At the ratification ceremony of Paris Agreement by China & US w/ Historic moment! In
World's only two superpowers are set to go net zero emission, the pollution age could be ending. This is not a drill
Kudos to US & China for formally joining Nation by nation, we're coming together on Climate Change https…
Read call-to-action for global leaders ahead of the G20 Summit in Hangzhou. https:…
More on Paris Agreement ratified by China & US Good for humanity, good for peace
Mayors of major cities call on Leaders to build low-carbon world
US, China seal participation in Paris Climate Change agreement
China ratifies Paris Climate Change agreement ahead of G20
.thanks China & US for bringing early into force big step closer
Ban Ki-moon congratulates on ratifying Paris Agreement on
China and US ratify Paris Agreement. . Huge step in fight against Climate Change!.
Obama and Xi Jinping formally committed the world’s two largest economies to the Paris climate agreement
Fantastic news that China and the US have ratified the Paris agreement. Time for global leadership on Climate Change
LCV Statement on US and China Joining Paris Climate Agreement: Washington, DC – Today, in response to news re...
The superlatives are justified (?ed.) Paris Agreement ratification could herald the end of the fossil fuel age
BBC reporting China has just ratified Paris Agreement. If so world's largest polluter now committed to full decarbonisation t…
China and the United States have ratified the historic
The United States and will ratify the Climate Change agreement
Now that China & US are committed to implementing Paris Climate agreement 'decarbonisation of economies' new focus.
The US and China have officially ratified the Paris Climate Change agreement
The United States joins China to formally ratify the Paris agreement to curb climate-warming emissions on the...
New: What US + China ratification means for business + investors
."U.S. & China are sending an important message to the other G20 countries" on taking
The planet's two biggest polluters just ratified the Paris climate deal
The U.S. and China just ratified the Paris climate deal — which could be bad news for Donald Trump
China and the United States will ratify the Paris climate agreement
President of China & President of USA ratify/join Paris Agreement and deposit legal documents at UN w/ UNSG
BREAKING: China, US join Paris Agreement. This must be start of greater climate leadership
Paris agreement was 1.5 degrees above the pre-industrial threshold. We're already at 1.1.
This may be remembered as the "moment we finally decided to save our planet" says as US & China formally join Paris…
China and U.S. have ratified the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. It'll be a good day when N.Z. follows suit.
With US/China ratification the world is close to have the Paris Agreement entrying in force. It could be in ht…
US joins China in ratifying Paris global climate agreement - two nations responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions
U.S., China ratify Paris climate agreement - the two large emitters taking this commitment is important.
The United States and China will ratify the Paris Climate Change agreement
Good news & a big deal: ratifies Paris change agreement
G20 summit: US and China ratify Paris agreement in major step for Climate Change fight.
It's official: The U.S. and China have entered into the
Tonight in CANBERRA: "What does the Paris Agreement mean for health? Public Forum"
Need 55 countries at 55% emissions to make Paris Agreement a reality -Mary Robinson
Sweden violates Paris Agreement and approves sale of coal assets
Ban commends India and United States for supporting early entry into force of Paris Agreement - UN News Centre
China wants British Central Luzon 'republic' to join the Asian Games as part of the Paris Agreement
[COP22 Will Be Event of "Action" and implementation of Paris Agreement
French Parliament passes law to ratify Paris Agreement
Big questions raised at this event essential for long-term legitimacy of the Paris Agreement
Saudi Arabia and New Zealand to chair new working group for Paris Agreement this year
4 ways to cross the Paris Agreement finish line -
Pres.Hassan Sheikh Mohamud signs Paris Agreement on global Climate Change in New York.
Pres.Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of High-level Signature Ceremony for the Paris Agreement, National Statements. htt…
Climate Action 2016 summit to bring global leaders to jump start momentum on Paris Agreement on Climate Action.
Signing of the Paris Agreement by the Hon. Deputy Prime Minister, Siaosi Sovaleni...: {content}
Paris Agreement signed. Means a cleaner environment, stronger economy, and better future for our kids. And we led the way. Happy
36% of EU emissions are from buildings. Renovating them is "absolutely critical" to meet Paris Agreement
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation at the Signature Ceremony for the Paris Agreement.
70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly: High-level signature ceremony for the Paris Agreement.
175 Parties so far have signed the Paris Agreement -
Chinese vice premier urges full implementation of Paris Agreement on Climate Change
Ukraine signs Paris Agreement on Climate Change: Ukraine's Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN)...
President Robert Mugabe with SG after signing historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change in New York,
Today a record number of countries signed the Paris Agreement, showing strong commitment to clean energy!
Today, the US joined some 170 nations to sign the Paris Agreement - an historic step this Earth Day to protect the one planet we…
Obama sidesteps Senate approval of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change via
."Obama will celebrate ‘Earth Day’ He sidesteps Senate approval of the Paris Agreement on
150 plus countries will sign Paris Agreement today. Let's hope it will not be doomed as Kyoto Protocol!
Green News: Signing of Paris Agreement should give Britain confidence to deliver new low carbon industrial strategy
EU signs up to the Paris Agreement adopted under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, OJ L103, 19/04/16
Check out the latest post from our very own Bonnie Smith! Adapting the Paris Agreement:
On 22 April 2016, a day-long celebration will mark the opening for signature of the Paris Agreement at the United Na…
Fiji signs Paris Agreement, China and US to follow - Radio New Zealand
Papua New Guinea logs first official climate plan under Paris Agreement by
Following up with other Govs that signed Paris Agreement to put long-term net zero emissions goals into law
Father of the Montreal Protocol, George Schultz with mother of the Paris Agreement in San Francisco
A wrote a little something on the Paris Agreement, Climate Change, and Canada's role and obligations:
Looking forward to former President of Ireland Mary Robinson's keynote lecture concerning challenges & priorities after the Paris Agreement
The SDGs and Paris Agreement provide a comprehensive global action agenda for the years 2016 to 2030. These...
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - Environment ministers discuss follow-up to Paris Agreement (European Commission)
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on all world leaders to sign the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in...
Héla Cheikhrouhou, Christiana Figueres and Laurent Fabius all leaving their top climate jobs. Post-COP21/Paris Agreement change, it seems
I did it. I read the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. And I didn't fall asleep in the process
I have to read the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement
What next for the Paris Agreement?: It took seven years for the Kyoto Protocol to come into effect. How...
The Paris Agreement sent a strong signal to markets around the world, and the bar has definitely been raised with re…
Reading about What the Paris Agreement means for the private sector on The Economist. Check it out at
LatAm NGOs & private sector engagement are essential to ensure the Paris Agreement is implemented
Great chat today w/ the panel of experts, incl. https:…
UN Secretary General to investors: seize the opportunities in
Paris climate agreement not good news for everyone. Paris climate deal could 'displace millions of forest dwellers'
As with all international agreements, the Paris climate agreement will have to be tested and proven over time:
Questions on climate finance & green economy? expert R. Fischer is answering LIVE:
"Task now is to translate Paris deal into clear benchmarks for 1.5°C investment portfolios" in live Q&A:.
What are the next steps to be taken for the to be effective? Read:
Tom Goldtooth of calls carbon credits a "greenwash opportunity" for polluters in the global North
Need to keep the to their Paris Agreement. Look forward to meeting with enviro groups
My new article on : Can LatAm diplomacy at COP21 spur interest in the Paris Agreement back home?
OpEd on what the agreement from actually means.
.on issues with Paris Agreement:. -no reference to fossil fuels or decarbonisation. -aviation & shipping exemption
China, USA, India, Brazil, Indonesia are key to Paris Agreement by shifting to WWS.
Background articles for Thursday's LSE talk http…
Interesting article that makes me realise how slowly the cogs turn, at a time when expedience is required.
Replacing coal w nat gas = 28% reduction in GHG. Paris agreement is easy for US vs other countries.
Thanks for hosting a stimulating convo on climate finance! Read it in full here:
In context of Paris Agreement (COP21) there's a very strong case for braking the growth of commercial aviation in UK
Minnesota corporations hopes to cut their CO2 by 60% by 2030 . (outsourcing them to China?).
Paris Agreement = 'turning point for humanity' - Sir David King at our Energy Law Lecture
Andrew Steer on the Paris Agreement: a “Big Deal for the World; Good Deal for America” via
"Over 1,000 companies reported...integrating...a carbon price into their business planning over the next two years"
John Barrett quotingto explain his perspective on the Paris Agreement (i agree!)
In Abu Dhabi, a Bold Plan to Realize the Paris Agreement: Aims to Double Renewables - AM
Paris Agreement on Climate Change must recognise, protect rights of indigenous people, says UN Special Rapporteur. http…
'David Cameron is a Climate Change villain as he claims glory for Paris Agreement' - John Prescott - Mirror Online /
Learn about what and organizational methods went into the successful Paris Agreement on Climate:
I commented on fascinating article on the Paris Agreement on Climate:
Vote for Green Climate Fund in Omnibus Spending Bill Is Vote for Paris Agreement via
MT Paris Agreement marks a global shift for climate
Reflecting on COP21 and the Paris Agreement: Photo Credit: Diane Husic We are experiencing an extended stretc...
I'm so disappointed by this: Pollution from Planes and Ships Left Out of Paris Agreement
Canada to be congratulated for the strong, positive role they played for Paris Agreement in defence of our planet.
is no magic bullet to solve but it is a huge step - Jeffrey Sachs explains Paris Agreement
PM on Paris Agreement: Climate justice has won
Gist of Paris Agreement on Climate Change
Climate negotiators: get strong language on 1.5 C, decarbonisation goal and 5year cycles into Paris Agreement
Read Climate Action Plan prepared for the upcoming Paris Agreement (here: …
Thanks. 2015 is a big year for w Sendai this week, dev finance, SDGs, & a Paris Agreement. Lots of work to do.
Dear all, Hun Sen, traitor and Puppet of Hanoi, didn’t dare respect Paris Peace Agreement and has insolently and meaninglessly responded under hypnosis that all content of treaty had been put in Khmer Constitution. Transitional National Council (TNC) would like to inform khmer nation that Paris Agreement is not the liquid or cereals to be put in the bottles or baskets. Two vital, public and open questions of khmer nation and Transitional National Council (TNC) are: Why king Sihamoni, Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy haven’t take initiative to cancel bilateral treaties of 1979, 1982, 1983 et 1985 ? Why have they established and voted an additive treaty in 2005 ? At the Demo in Paris, at Human Rights Place of Trocadéro, Transitional National Council (TNC), has urged Khmer nation to rise up together from October 23, 2014, to put Hanoi out of Cambodia, chase Hun Sen from power and claim Cambodia’s independence. Indeed, Vietnam hasn’t respected Paris Peace Agreement, but it continues to deliberately violate it ...
If anyone has never imagined how people were killed during Pol Pot period, the killing acts of the video clips could tell. Killing his own citizens should have been ended in Cambodia. Hun Sen has brought back the pains and sufferrings and the unforgettable feelimgs for Cambodian families. You could hear the sounds of the people in the video clips of how shocking and fightened they were. They were bad experiences in lives of those people. Hun Sen is inhuman. He got mental problem. Without those armed forces under him, he could become a gentle man. We feel so bad for the victims and the killed people. We feel so bad for Hun Sen who could not create a harmony environment for Cambodia. But, to kill more people to make them scared of him is what he wanted. But, that does not work at all. UN, US and all the signatury countries of the Paris Agreement must help Cambodia again to stop Hun Sen to kill innocent civilians.
Witness the Paris Agreement of 1954 where the Federal Republic of Germany was invited to join NATO:
Twilight A Bitter Peace: Washington, Hanoi, and the Making of the Paris Agreement (The New Cold War History): De...
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