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Paranormal Challenge

Paranormal Challenge is an American competitive paranormal reality television series that premiered on June 17, 2011, on the Travel Channel.

Ghost Adventures Travel Channel Native American James Randi Linda Blair

I watched nearly 30 minutes of someone rocking the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge. It was an April Fools' joke from 2008.
Paranormal Activity VR studio is also working on a Challenge: Impossible VR game
Challenge Day 4: a Check out my https…
Remember, James Randi had the Paranormal Challenge open for years and nobody won the money.
A fast-paced, well-written read to challenge even most hard-core fans of mystery on steroids!…
How smart are you challenge for Bigfoot encouraging of your Research
A Jewish professor & his daughter fight not just Nazis but also paranormal evil
TIL of the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge (1964-2015) . This challenge promised $1,000,000 to anyone who could reproduce supernatu…
I liked a video from The 3 Scariest Paranormal Rituals + CHALLENGE - GloomyHouse
Pressed to Death arrives March 8th and the Paranormal Museum is offering a FREE Fortune Telling Class!
Mario's a challenge in the Gateway Series: ♡❤♡ Award winning It begins with
Watching Paranormal Challenge the series is breathtaking and scary. Great job what would l do without you:D
We gave a team a chance for a pay to play chance. Military Veterans Paranormal to up on the challenge. Here is...
Today's challenge is Here's some of my paranormal books, my manga…
Watching Urban Dictionary Drawing Challenge vid & wanted to try it out for myself.. Clicked random and-
Disturbed - Down With The Sickness [Music Video] if i remember right this was the theme for Paranormal Challenge
Check out this remarkable team did U know ~Winners of Paranormal challenge~
Inspired by "speak no Evil" and NYX paranormal activity challenge video 😁
has took on a challenge to prove that paranormal exists .. What happened to my family as kid I will find the proof
I forgot that Debby Constantino was on Paranormal Challenge. RIP Debby.
I've added Twilight as my paranormal novel to my Book Challenge Bingo card.
Set myself a challenge,is it possible possible to take good photos on a phone, phone lenses and I'm rolling
1 autographed copy of The Last Challenge up for grabs .
And When The Bell Tolls and the Paranormal Challenge projects cannot be shot until sometime post fix.
If I remember right this was the main theme for Paranormal Challenge
I'm so glad you guys got a show. Was this part of winning Paranormal Challenge?
My current short story challenge: Write about your paranormal family!
My current showcase challenge: Write about your paranormal family!
My showcase challenge: Write about your paranormal family!
Let's see what you can give me for this challenge: Write about your paranormal family!
My next short story writing challenge: Write about your paranormal family!
My Indie Showcase Challenge: Write about your paranormal relatives!
seems whenever I challenge the existence of 'God' stuff occurs within place...
What's the biggest challenge you think about being a paranormal investigator?
Archangels, New challenge in Lucid Dreaming. via /r/Paranormal
What greater subject is there to study than the ? But there are obstacles.
It's like I'm drinking the cinnamon challenge right no... (Paranormal Imperial Pumpkin Ale)
R/UFO's Community challenge. What, in you're opinion, is the best accessible evidence or "smoking g…
The Last Challenge: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy by Sharon Karaa Lauren Rutherford knows she is many t
Bill Clinton claims he was threatened not to challenge the sitting president: Mr. Clinton said Whi...
The "Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge" is offered to anyone who can demonstrate a supernatural ability under...
Can they challenge fate together for a second chance at love?
Funny videos : Try not to laugh or grin challenge IMPOSSIBLE Compilation
Wake up! Rise to the challenge. The best writing happens then! Ab toh tu celebrated author hain. Behave like one :P
You do this all the time. Did You Know There's A Reward Of $1,000,000 For Anybody Who Can Prove That...
She would not dare challenge him WolfOnWheels
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I added a video to a playlist The Paranormal Challenge: Test to see if you have paranormal powers
Are you curious? If so please accept this challenge - with caution!
I added a video to a playlist Paranormal Challenge S01E12 - Jerome Grand Hotel
James Randi Challenge still stands to any person who demonstrates any psychic, supernatural, or paranormal ability .
Shadows of the Past: The 777 Writer’s Challenge by Carmen Stefanescu Dracula’s Mistress, paranormal historical novel
Charlie Charlie Challenge: When the “News” is a Lie via CryptoVille
Challenge: download and read my exciting new paranormal mystery novels at night, home alone. http:…
just relaxing and watching Paranormal Challenge on YouTube!! How are you? 👻👻👻
Steamy sex,sexy immortal men.The Hunter series out now
Ok I issue a challenge to anyone who can get through Paranormal Asylum in one sitting lol...possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.
Perhaps r/creepy will be more up to the challenge, can you guys solve the riddle?
I have a idea when you did Paranormal Challenge show why not interview the paranormal investigator's of that show on Aftershocks
Check out this video on NYX FACE Awards Paranormal Activity - NYX Face Awards Top 20 Challenge
We turned down an offer to host a paranormal challenge show. Everybody has their own methods, so we had to turn it down as we don't judge
A One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge... nothing can possibly go wrong here
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
And the theme of our next challenge is...PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 💀 For a fan of gore like…
Shoutout to my dentist for having Paranormal Challenge on the tv during my appointment, really made the experience that much better
but it's not the same I recorded them seeing paranormal challenge
Just got hooked on this show Paranormal Challenge... It's so stupid but I can't look away.
it is ops lol ok Nick am seeing paranormal challenge would you like to see a video
Ever since Paranormal Challenge came our. I discovered the show, then. Favorites: para share days and giggles.
How does one get in on the Paranormal Challenge.
it so hard seeing the TV and not seeing any Ghost Adventures so recorded Paranormal Challenge and Ghost Adventures today so sad ;(
I recorded paranormal challenge and Ghost Adventures earlier to day no more Ghost Adventures Friday so so sad;(
You need to bring back Paranormal Challenge!
what is Paranormal Challenge? I've never seen it ivd always watched Ghost Adventures
Apparently I'm on Travel Channel right now with zak on paranormal challenge!
currently flipping back and forth between Dirty Jobs and Paranormal Challenge. 💁
have you taken the paranormal challenge? If you're a psychic you could take home a million dollars. What are your powers?
Watching paranormal challenge have not seen this since this was going on love it repeat don't care sweet
Paranormal challenge is such a cool show 😱
Paranormal Challenge pumped up my morning so I hope it does the same 4 u that must be an awesome feeling success speaks 4 itself
I've not seen paranormal challenge, can you buy it on DVD?
Watching "Paranormal Challenge". I wish they would do another season. I know Paranormal Universal Solutions Serving You would love to be on it - with Scott Gruenwald and Karen Rontowski.
will you ever start a new season of Paranormal Challenge?
Paranormal challenge 12pm today call the Dr
I absolutely love but now I am hooked on Paranormal Challenge
This show is ok... paranormal challenge
I'm watching Paranormal Challenge right now!:) It's frrking amazing!
paranormal challenge miss Heather before work. Jealous I wanna do it
have you taken the paranormal challenge? If you're able to prove your healing you'd get the million dolla…
Paranormal challenge was one of the best tv shows, I miss it so much, you guys did a great job with it !
so excited to watch, right now it's Paranormal Challenge, later it's Ghost Adventures! 😛
Because I'm watching this tv show paranormal challenge , she called me cray cray 😂
I just saw Paranormal Challenge at Linda Vista, telling my friends about you. I threatened them NOT to change the channel.
watching Paranormal Challenge, love it! Are you still making episodes?
Watching paranormal challenge One of the guys tried asking the ghost is there sex in the after life And one of his partners asked him why are you asking that?? And he says idk I'm freaking out and I'm nervous cx Me: I'm curious now :o
I wish I had the balls to go on a snow like Paranormal Challenge.
Just watched an ep. of Paranormal Challenge. Its one thing to investigate this phenomenon to educate people. Its quite another to turn it into a gameshow. Play it out like that and its entirely disrespectful to the people who died in that location. Specifically the Linda Vista Hospital in L.A. Im sceptical of wacky Zack Bagins and his traveling fratboy spookshow already. So way to go Zack. On hurting your already shaky at best credibility and well done and being a complete ***
When did zak from Ghost Adventures start a new competition show? He is hosting paranormal challenge. Its so weird seeing him not investigate the case but actually be judging 2 teams to see who does a better job. Lol.
I'm sitting here watching Paranormal Challenge and I had this thought.why is it that, us as "believers", are willing to put any of our evidence under a microscope and examine it thoroughly and try to see it through the eyes of a skeptic and try to debunk anything that we 100% can't conclude as being paranormal? But "skeptics" don't even try to entertain the thought of a piece of evidence being actually paranormal?
Taking applications for a ghost hunting team who 's with me? After watching paranormal challenge!
Paranormal challenge makes me procrastinate and not get ready when I should
Watching paranormal challenge and dying laughing.
I am watching Paranormal Challenge on the !!! So Awesome!!!
Photo: I’m watching Paranormal Challenge “Check-in to Paranormal Challenge on tvtag
I wish u would bring back paranormal's understandable if ur running 2 shows at the time..that would be hard to do
I paused my dvr, and it automatically started on paranormal challenge. It's a sign! A sign for me to stop studying and watch it!
Ya I'm stoked to have been part of the paranormal challenge, the best part was the payout, now to put my new found energy to use.
Bring back Paranormal Challenge. It was a good show & would love to see new episodes.
Watching paranormal challenge missed watching this show!
what's with the Paranormal Challenge? What happened with your regular shows???
Very much was a lot of work to try and host and produce 2 shows at once “did you enjoy hosting Paranormal Challenge?”
did you enjoy hosting Paranormal Challenge?
Our very own Scott grunewald is currently on the Travel Channel w/ our friends verify paranormal and Mr Zach Bagans on Paranormal Challenge woohoo
My TV is acting really weird and the only thing it will let me watch is Paranormal Challenge. hm
How do I get on this paranormal challenge show?!!
The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a closed sanatorium located in southwestern Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky. It opened in 1910 as a two-story hospital to accommodate 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients. In the early 1900s, Jefferson County was ravaged by an outbreak of tuberculosis (the "White Plague") which prompted the construction of a new hospital. The hospital closed in 1962, due to the antibiotic drug streptomycin that lowered the need for such a hospital. Waverly Hills has been popularized on the television show, Ghost Hunters, as being one of the "most haunted" hospitals in the eastern United States. The sanatorium was featured on ABC/FOX Family Channel's Scariest Places On Earth, VH1's Celebrity Paranormal Project, Syfy's Ghost Hunters, Zone Reality's Creepy, the British show Most Haunted, Paranormal Challenge, and Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel.[2] Plans have been developed to convert the sanatorium into a four star hotel which will cater to the haunted hotel crowd as well as regular hotel ...
So tragic that Sylvia Browne died before she had the opportunity to win the JREF $1M Paranormal Challenge she accepted on Sep 3, …
Maybe someone needs to do a $1M challenge to prove the existence of the Illuminati, like in James Randi's Paranormal Challenge.
Were you on the Eastern State Penitentiary episode of Paranormal Challenge?
See Through Fleur's invisible - This is her challenge her frustration & her solution?
I love your paranormal activity spoilers and the one were you did the cinnamon challenge
lol yeah! But ahe was only a judge once. But i miss paranormal challenge!! :-)
one of the judges from paranormal challenge. DOnt rememver her name.
Check out my reviews of the first two books of the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead! and
I need to have this novella done and out the door by the 1st. Then start on my next paranormal for the Chapter Challenge.
Who wanna do the paranormal activity challenge ? That's where u watch that movies @ 1 am by yourself in the dark ...
Video and audio footage is being taken of this challenge and will be posted for public view.
yep Dave you were great, and did a great job on Paranormal Challenge too. xo
Follow The Paranormal View as one of their members takes the ultimate challenge of facing her biggest fear.
Yep, Mark & Debbie & I know he was a judge on Paranormal Challenge but I would like 2 see Chris Fleming with GAC too,feel better
47 / 365 Days of WSPR One of Kat's beauties - On location of Paranormal Investigators: The Challenge -...
tell me now! Pretty please?! Is Paranormal challenge coming back? :-)
I have a question.Will the show paranormal challenge be on Travel Channel again new season wise?it was quite fun to watch.
having a paranormal challenge marathon after my GA marathon :) it's going to be a good night. Thank you!!!
paranormal vid yet. I'll check it out for sure. I did see the Makeup Challenge lol that one was hilarious. I'm sure you'll get
How exciting, the Trailer for Paranormal Investigators: The Challenge has just been released!! Watch it here now!
In the last five years the line between Paranormal Investigation and Para Drama have become blurred thanks to TV shows like Paranormal Challenge. Some of the contestants on that show had little or no investigation experience and the ones who did had to deal with Divas on a quest for fame. Now things are going from bad to worse. Syfy channels new show Ghost Mine has an ACTRESS who stared in the Girls Gone Wild videos posing as an investigator. Syfy has also developed a new paranormal investigation show that will have nothing but actors on it. Till Hollywood is done using the paranormal field for "Reality" TV there will be no credibility left in it.
host of "Ghost Adventures" and "Paranormal Challenge" on the Travel Channel. Author of Dark World.
Breast Cancer Awareness
watching " Paranormal Challenge " its kinda cool. Reminds me of the old show "Scariest places on Earth" with Linda Blair.
Join Billy Tolley from Ghost Adventures & Paranormal Challenge on a real live Ghost Hunt, or stock up on the latest ghost hunting equipment. Listen to real spirit voices
S.O.N.A Paranormal (Spirits Of Native American Paranormal) a Non-Profit organization founded by Scott Burke in 2011, After his appearance on Paranormal Challenge host by Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures, aired on The Travel Channel. My Team and I bring a unique style of Investigating with a Native American twist, We like to use the Native language and music as trigger objects. We believe in the Nati ve American beliefs and their connections to all realms of life. Team Members Founder and Lead Investigator - Scott Burke, 2nd Investigator Melissa Stecker, Research and Special Investigator Jesse Roth Of Puppet Master Projects. We also work with Andrew Chervak of Midnight Studios as he is a natural at investigating and Al Fundo and Asylum Gal of the Scikotics Car Club (Lehigh Valley Chapter), Al Fundo a true skeptic through and through and Asylum Gal a true believer in paranormal make for a great investigation.
Dude , i am sitting here Watching School Spirit and i know the 2 guys that are in it . Both Daniel and Adam were on Paranormal Challenge . I starting to wonder is this show is fake . These 2 guys have there own paranormal team called Resident Undead , they even tried to make their own show and its opening was exactly like GAC . These guys are BS in my book , as far as i have seen of them
Paranormal investigating has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, thanks in part to television shows like Paranormal Challenge, Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story and others.
Story Producer for 'Paranormal Challenge' ~ Jenna Levine, is the Producer for new TV show called 'Paranormal Paparazzi'
The One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge: Benecke "challenges" Randi. James Randi and Mark Benecke are being interviewed by Julia Offe (GWUP) at the 6th W...
Spread the word Paranormal Challenge is new tonite Mansfield Reformatory & an episode people will talk about for weeks. Travel Channel 8c/9e
Follow Dave Schrader who is my "Chief Judge" in Paranormal Challenge premiering June 17th on Travel Channel!
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