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Paracel Islands

The Paracel Islands, also called Xisha Islands in Chinese and Hoàng Sa Islands (Quần đảo Hoàng Sa) in Vietnamese, is a group of islands whose ownership is disputed by China, Vietnam and Taiwan, however is currently under the administration of Hainan Province within the People's Republic of China.

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The geopolitical complications of poverty in Paracel Islands
China news is liar.chinese goverment is a 2-faced snake. islands and islands belong to
The natural resources and economic interests of Spratly and Paracel islands have being one of the principal causes of the conflict
It's after midnight and randomly reading about Spratly Islands and Paracel Islands dispute. Dulu jaman kuliah gue ke mana aja. 😔
This describes all the commercial activity in "Sansha City", a prefecture-level city based in the Paracel islands.
Chinese military equipment in the Paracel Islands
"Okay, realistically, how many of these do I have to order for you to back us on the Paracel Islands thing?"
I bless the rains down in Paracel Islands
to hold military drills around disputed Paracel Islands in S. China Sea, according to statement from maritime safety admin.
China plans drills around Paracel Islands before arbitration ruling on claims
Then perhaps you'll enlighten us on The Spratley and Paracel Islands.
China's new Paracel Islands cruise ship. Will take first cruise next month.
for what i know Viet once inhabitted islands in the paracel till the CH massacred them (troops) in the 70s. Isnt that enough?
No rules can be bend for India. Hence the same applies on UNCLOS - China should stop claiming Spratly and Paracel Islands.
Some 10,000 Chinese citizens have visited the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea. The BBC joined one of the tours.
Interesting analysis of difference between China's 'militarization' versus 'weaponization' of the South China Sea.
as tensions with Beijing over the contested Spratly and Paracel Islands simmer. 2/2
Why the US Needs Conventional Submarines: the Paracel Islands, the Senkaku Islands, and Taiwan. With the PLAN’...
demands withdrawal of Chinese military aircraft from Paracel Islands
南海法理 Legal Aspects on the Spratly Islands and the Paracel Islands.
Missiles and signals in the Paracel Islands:
Update: Assessing the Freedom of Navigation Operation in the Paracel Islands http…
China, Vietnam & Taiwan are parties of Paracel Islands dispute, USS Curtis is strategic mistake, repeated. .
US 2nd Another challenge to China's resolve to assert its "rights" in d
United States warship sails near disputed island: ... near the Triton Island in the Paracel Islands archipelag...
A couple of smart elected officials when it comes to Asia policy!
China already has a claim of straight baselines around the Paracel Islands.
USS Curtis Wilbur asserts Freedom of Navigation, 12nm from disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea
[Election] A US “missile destroyer Curtis Wilbur, entered the waters off Triton Island in the Paracel Islands...
Anyone: pls explain how GulfOfMexico handled vs SCSea;.
An American destroyer near the Paracel islands claimed by ...
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Worth noting re latest South China Sea operation: Paracel Islands are REAL islands, not feats of Chinese engineering h…
One disagreemt: TW & Viet. have same interp of UNCLOS as China, so their silence telling. via
Good writeup of reaction to latest US FONOP: McCain happier, but critics not yet satisfied. via
US warship sailed in waters off island claimed by China – Pentagon
“On Saturday, the USS Curtis Wilbur sailed within 12 nautical miles of a disputed island in the Paracel Islands.” https:…
"To ‘up the ante,’ the US needs to conduct a FONOP around Mischief Reef,”
Return of the FONOP: US Navy Destroyer Asserts Freedom of Navigation in Paracel Islands
When Australia decided it wasn't worth invading the Paracel Islands - 4 May 1945
Consider this scenario: China deploys the S-400 system to the Paracel or Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.
reports another attack by Chinese vessels on its fishermen off Paracel Islands
Vietnam rescued fishing boat attacked by Malaysian Pirates off Paracel Islands
Everytime i see some issue about China and the Paracel Islands + the US whinging about it. I just think of
Vietnam rescued fishing boat attacked by Malaysians off Paracel Islands at
In the heirarchy of bad joke foreign policy statements, the Chinese may take the cake. "True if you believe it!"
In Effort to gain Control of the Says Construction in Contested Waters Is for
Facilities for typhoon shelter, navigation, search-and-rescue, weather forecasting, fishing... oh, and military use
China defended island-building work in South China Sea, noting it would help ships in the event of typhoons. Hmmm...
Via“China says island-building work in South China Sea for maritime purposes.
China says that its island-building work in the South China Sea is for maritime purposes.
"its nostrils and lower jaw were those rocks that appeared in the sea" small islands on Paracel?
Vietnam denounces China's "illegal" plans to set up armed forces units on the Paracel Islands, reports
.Whoever made coverage possible around the Paracel Islands, Vietnamese or Chinese, they deserve to have that territory.
Momentary coverage while flying over Paracel Islands:
Vietnam condemns China's new cruise to contested islands In a move that has faced fierce opposition from Hanoi, China opened a new route for cruise ships to sail to the Paracel Islands one week after welcoming a high-ranking member of the Vietnamese Communist Party to Beijing. “Vietnam has incontestable sovereignty over the Paracel Islands,” Le Hai Binh, the Vietnamese foreign ministry spokesman, said in a statement Thursday. The opening of the cruise route violates the resolution on China-Vietnam maritime issues signed in October 2011 and the Declaration on the Conduct of the Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) in 2002, the spokesman said in the statement. Vietnam maintains the new route will only further complicate the status quo in the East Sea – the Vietnamese term for the South China Sea – and the region. “Vietnam demands that China immediately halt such wrongful activities,” the statement read. The Coconut Princess embarked on its maiden voyage to the islands on Tuesday from Sanya, a .. ...
dredges channels near disputed islands as Beijing 'asserts stance on via
Shipping channels of Xisha's [Paracel's] inhabited islands open - Xinhua plans for additional port construction, too
News VietNamNet: Conflict in the Western Pacific has captured world attention. Conflict over com...
China says it will build a school in the disputed Paracel Islands, boosting its presence in waters also claimed by Taiwan and Vietnam.
Easter egg on Paracel storm regarding megalodon, apparently the islands can be used to find head :s
Chinese oil rig finished drilling near disputed South China Sea islands after finding signs of oil and gas.
China finds signs of oil at Paracel Islands
Natuna claimed by China as part of Spratly and Paracel Islands. Look at the map below:
and brinksmanship up close in the South China Sea Vietnam Coast Guard 8003, South China Sea (CNN) -- To be at the front line of a "cold war" is, these days, a rare thing -- particularly when that front line is a remote chain of islands in the South China Sea, hundreds of kilometers from the nearest landfall. The waters around the Paracel Islands, a largely unpopulated archipelago administered by China but claimed by Vietnam, have become the "battleground" in an increasingly volatile territorial dispute between the two communist neighbors. Taking advantage of a rare opportunity to witness the spat up close, CNN traveled to the area with the Vietnamese Coast Guard. Tensions between Beijing and Hanoi ratcheted up last month, when a Chinese state-owned company deployed an oil rig in waters off the Paracels. It was set up unilaterally, without any discussion between the two sides, much to the annoyance of the Vietnamese who view it as a Chinese incursion into their sovereign waters. Since then, an increasing n ...
Highlights of int’l responses to current developments in East Sea VietNamNet Bridge – The following are the highlights of international responses to current developments provoked by the illegal installation of Chinese oil rig in the Exclusive Economic Zone and continental shelf of Viet Nam. ASEAN ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting (AMM) on May 10 in Myanmar issued their first stand-alone statement on the East Sea in years, expressing, inter alia, their serious concerns over the on-going developments in the South China Sea (East Sea), which have increased tensions in the area; urged all parties concerned, in accordance with the universally recognized principles of international law, including the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), to exercise self-restraint and avoid actions which could undermine peace and stability in the area; and to resolve disputes by peaceful means without resorting to threat or use of force. ASEAN leaders In the Chairman’s Statement of the 24th ASEAN Summit on May ...
This a video clip captured by fishing men near Paracel Islands. It shows that a very big Chinese ship attacked and sank the Vietnamese fishing boat. They act...
China's indisputable sovereignty over the Xisha/Paracel Islands: China has sovereignty over the Xisha/Paracel ...
DTN Military News: Battle of the Paracel Islands: Why did Vietnam loose the battle of the Paracel Islands when...
Naval ships from Vietnam and China engage in a tense standoff near oil rig off Paracel Islands in South China Sea. | http…
Brinksmanship on the South China Sea: CNN travels to the Paracel Islands the Sino-Vietnamese spat over an oil ...
The problem with the China VS Vietnam fiasco lies with the fact that Paracel Islands is administered by China but claimed by Vietnam.
The Vietnamese fishermen are under Chinese assaults on most of the Paracel Islands area ...
Specifically, since Islands r claimed by & should also protest (cont)
This was a sacrifice for Neptune, the ruler of the oceans. 7th. March.matches flight no.brought down over amphitrite islands \paracel
Vietnam TV video of fishing boat alleged struck & sunk by Chinese vessel near disputed Paracel Islands via
Chinese ships invading the Spratly and Paracel Islands belong to Vietnam
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Vietnam Has Prepared Evidence Against China in Sea Spat By Bloomberg News May 30, 2014 10:48 AM ET Vietnam has prepared evidence for a legal suit challenging China’s claim to waters off the Vietnamese coast and is considering the best time to file it, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said today in an interview. “We are prepared and ready for legal action,” Dung said, sitting in the prime minister’s compound in Hanoi in front of a bronze bust of *** Chi Minh, the founder of communist Vietnam. “We are considering the most appropriate timing to take this measure.” Dung, 64, spoke four days after a Vietnamese fishing boat sank in a collision with a Chinese ship in an area near the disputed Paracel Islands where China has placed an oil rig. A legal filing would follow a case against China submitted by the Philippines to a United Nations’ court over contested shoals off its coast. Dung, who faces pressure from citizens calling for a strong response to China’s oil rig maneuver, risks damaging econo ...
More than 1,200 people lined up to form Vietnam’s map including Spratly and Paracel Islands, giving support to...
For my Vietnamese friends and students, here is a piece for your mind! China's deployment of an oil rig off Vietnam's coast near the Paracel Islands has prompted a tense sea standoff and touched off deadly anti-China rioting. The conflict pits two neighbors with very similar governments but whose people bear ill feelings rooted in a rivalry that dates back centuries and has occasionally burst out into armed conflict. THE ANCIENT HISTORY: Vietnam was ruled off and on for more than a millennium by Chinese dynasties who regarded the southern region as a conquered province. That formally ended in 938 with the defeat of a Chinese force, although China briefly annexed Vietnam again during the Ming Dynasty in the 15th century. RECENT DECADES: Vietnam's friendship with China cooled after Hanoi drew closer to the Soviet Union, China's bitter rival for leadership of the Communist camp. Then, Vietnam invaded Cambodia in 1978 to oust the murderous Khmer Rouge regime — a close Chinese ally. Chinese forces poured acr ...
WORLD NEWS: China-Vietnam tensions: Beijing vows to continue drilling - China says its oil rig will continue drilling in contested waters in the South China Sea, despite deadly anti-Beijing riots in Vietnam. Top General Fang Fenghui said Beijing could not "afford to lose an inch" of territory, blaming Hanoi for stirring up trouble in the region. Speaking in the US, he also warned that America's efforts to increase its focus on Asia were fuelling tensions. A Chinese worker died in an attack on a steel mill in Vietnam on Wednesday. Almost 150 other people were injured as protesters targeted the Taiwanese mill in the central Ha Tinh province. On Tuesday, at least 15 foreign-owned factories were set on fire at industrial parks in Binh Duong province, and hundreds more attacked. No casualties were reported. The protests have been triggered by China's decision to move its Haiyang Shiyou 981 oil rig into waters west of the disputed Paracel Islands earlier this month. This triggered confrontations between Vietnam ...
US, China spar again on South China Seas dispute Reuters | Wed, May 14, 2014 China hit back at the United States over the disputed South China Sea on Tuesday, after US Secretary of State John Kerry said recent Chinese moves in the resource-rich waters were "provocative". Tensions rose last week after China moved a giant oil rig into an area also claimed by Vietnam. Each country accused the other of ramming its ships near the disputed Paracel Islands. China claims almost the entire South China Sea, rejecting rival claims to parts of it from Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei. "He (Kerry) said China's introduction of an oil rig and numerous government vessels in waters disputed with Vietnam was provocative," US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, referring to a telephone call between Kerry and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in which North Korea was also discussed. "He urged both sides to de-escalate tensions, ensure safe conduct by their vessels at sea, and resolve the dispute ...
China wants to occupy the Paracel Islands from Vietnam. China to lower rig right on the Paracel Islands to provoke Vietnam. China installed its own people on the workers living and working in Binh Duong province stir up a reaction. This at the same time, Viet Tan reactionary the opportunity to focus the reactionaries to undermine the country Vietnam. their collection of patriotic workers, set up demonstrations nominally patriotic people, they ask China to withdraw from the Paracels rig. they go smashing, burning and stealing plants from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Korea. even companies in Vietnam were also smashed and burned. China is using strategy: Using the Vietnamese people beat the Vietnamese. in history, water bandits had used this strategy for my country. China making workers on my country into bloodthirsty zombies. images of Vietnamese people honest, kind, gentle, diligent getting worse in the eyes of friends around the world. the reactionary nature of protest is spreading all over my country ...
NAY PYI TAW, Myanmar – The Philippines and Vietnam criticized China’s continued aggression in the West Philippine Sea/South China Sea during the 24th Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) Summit in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar as other leaders from nation-members expressed concern but urged for peaceful resolution to the escalating tension in disputed waters. Vietnam and the Philippines are currently embroiled in territorial conflict with China in areas where the three neigboring countries have overlapping claims. Vietnam has accused China of provoking tension by parking an oil rig in the Paracel Islands, a group of islets controlled by Beijing but claimed by Hanoi. Aggressive actions from both countries have resulted to collisions of their ships, blaming each other for sparking the confrontation. The Philippines, meanwhile, has detained 11 Chinese fishermen caught by maritime authorities poaching turtles in disputed seas. Beijing has given Manila a warning to release the detained poachers or ‘furth ...
Google has changed our homeland's map and recognized Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands were Vietnamese
CÀ MAU 69 CÓ MẶT NÈ !!! Paracel Islands belong to Vietnam. Spratly Islands belong to Vietnam. Stop arresting Vietnamese fishermen. Stop violating the UN Convention on Law of the Sea - UNCLOS 1982. Stop violating Vietnam's sovereignty in sea. Is pillage the diplomatic policy of China? Vietnamese will never let the Chinese to violate our territory! We will sacrifice our lives for the peace of our country. Boycott Chinese products! We will drive you out as we used to do! International friends, please help Vietnam as you used to do!
Spratly Islands, Paracel Islands belong to Vietnam. China, please respect for the sovereignty of Việt Nam!
WATCH: Several hurt as China rams vessels in disputed sea MANILA, Philippines — In a video released by Vietnam's Ministry of Defense on Wednesday, Chinese ships backed by helicopters are seen ramming Vietnamese vessels trying to prevent China from putting up an oil rig in disputed waters of South China Sea near the Paracel Islands. Ngo Ngoc Thu, vice commander of the High Command of Vietnam Marine Police, said the footage was provided by Vietnamese fisheries surveillance force showing one of the two incidents this week when Chinese maritime authorities rammed, hit or used water cannons to deter several Vietnamese vessels. The video was posted on YouTube as taped from a press conference led by Thu, whose comments are subtitled on the video. "It can be clearly seen that the cannons on the Chinese ship was uncovered and ready for using at any time," Thu remarked. Windows of the Vietnamese vessels were also smashed, injuring Vietnamese crew members. Thu said that China Marine Police still hit a Vietnamese v ...
Tensions in the South China Sea escalated dramatically on Wednesday after Vietnam said Chinese ships rammed its vessels near the Paracel Islands and the Philippines detained a Chinese fishing boat and crew. China and Vietnam have traded rhetoric in
Over the weekend of May 3 and 4, China sent an oil rig into disputed waters of the South China Sea to begin oil exploration. The rig is near the Paracel Islands, inside the 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone of Vietnam, which angrily protested the decision. The Vietnamese government insists that the w…
"Vietnam's foreign ministry expressed outrage at China's plans to commence drilling for oil this week in waters...
China begins drilling for oil in disputed sea | The Paracel Islands are claimed by Vietnam
The Battle of the Paracel Islands was a military engagement between the naval forces of the People's Republic of China and Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) in Paracel Islands on January 19, 1974. The battle was an escalation of the Republic of Vietnam Navy's efforts to expel Chinese fishing vesse…
Beijing should reconsider its South China Sea claims PUBLISHED : Monday, 28 April, 2014, 4:03am UPDATED : Monday, 28 April, 2014, 4:03am Mike Rowse says Hong Kong has an interest in a resolution of the impasse. Now that the embarrassing Philippine hostage saga has finally been put to rest, perhaps we could take a look at another foreign policy issue that could affect Hong Kong. The situation with respect to the Diaoyu Islands is pretty well understood locally. In broad terms, they have been widely regarded as Chinese territory since the 14th century. They came under Japanese administration only after the first Sino-Japanese war and the subsequent Treaty of Shimonoseki in 1895. After the second world war, they were overseen by the United States and treated as part of the Ryukyu Islands. In 1972, the entire group of islands was handed back to Japan. The Chinese case for ownership of the Diaoyu Islands seems strong in moral terms given this history. Many ordinary citizens in Hong Kong have demonstrated accor ...
I agree. There are strong rumours that there is oil near the Spartly and the Paracel Islands. Plus fishing rights.
Spratly Islands and Paracel islands belong to VietNam...
Check the Paracel Islands for Flight 370. No inhabitants, but has one runway 2,437 meters long
-If turn-back made, The Gulf of Thailand a possibility. If no turn-back, area fr Hainan to Paracel to Spratly Islands a possibility
Lost Islands seems like a good home for They'll be small and run away from you like the parrots on Paracel Storm.
The Paracel Islands or the Sanya pininsula would be a better search zone!
Heads up guysss. is a false flag attack. Video shows it dissapearing between hainan and paracel islands. Mainstream media is a lie
no info, just my talking...low flight towards paracel islands, maybe a forced landing in south china: Ha Noi, Guangxi, Yunnan? island?
map of China from 1904 that does not show Paracel and Spratly Islands as belonging to China.
Who is next? Fourty years ago today was one of the most eventful day in the South China Seas (West Philippine Sea). It was the day after the famous One-day war between the Peoples Republic of China and the South Vietnam following the takeover of the Paracel Islands by the PRC. The PRC came out victorious, and then that country has been taking over as much area as it can in the region.
Did it ever occur to you that China has territorial disputes with all the nations it shares a border with and eight other countries? The exception is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which it keeps on its payroll. A look into the phenomenon that is Chinese imperialism and its expansionist designs. Here is a list of the countries that have territorial and border disputes with China: Japan :: Parts of the East China Sea, particularly the Senkaku Islands. Also, on occasion, the Ryukyu Islands, on the grounds that the completely independent Kingdom of Ryukyu was once a vassal state of China. The Kingdom of Ryukyu terminated tributary relations with China in 1874.  Vietnam :: China claims large parts of Vietnam on historical precedent (Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644). Also, Macclesfield Bank, Paracel Islands, parts of the South China Sea and the Spratly Islands.  India :: China illegally occupies 38,000 sq km (Aksai Chin) of land in Jammu & Kashmir. It also holds 5,180 km of Indian territory in Pakistan occupied K ...
With new air zone, China tests U.S. dominance in East Asia China's new air defense zone, stretching far into East Asia's international skies, is an historic challenge to the United States, which has dominated the region for decades. For years, Chinese naval officers have told their U.S. counterparts they are uncomfortable with America's presence in the western Pacific - and Beijing is now confronting strategic assumptions that have governed the region since World War Two. China's recent maritime muscle-flexing in disputes over the Paracel islands and Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea and over Japanese-administered islands in the East China Sea has stirred concern and extensive backroom diplomacy in Washington. But it took the events of the last week to spark an immediate and symbolic response from the United States - the unannounced appearance in the zone of two unarmed B-52 bombers from the fortified island of Guam, the closest U.S. territory to the Chinese coast. China's unilateral creation of th ...
The current ADIZ is in ECS & not SCS.But i see it coming in Paracel & Spratly Islands
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China hasn't ruled out establishing ADIZs over SCS. Paracel and Spratly Islands could be next when China has assets in place
So you'd rather cow down & comply?What if China declared an ADIZ over Paracel Islands? Oz security linked to the region
Will Chins next declare ADIZ over Paracel Islands? Spratly Islands quite a distance away to do the same.
for more maps like paracel storm. Weaving in and out of Islands in attack boats is the best :D
Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands with Japan; Aksai Chin and Tawang with India; Taiwan Province, Kinmen and Matsu Islands with Republic of China; Yalu (Amnok) river with North Korea; boundary dispute with Bhutan; Paracel Islands with Taiwan and Vietnam; Scarborough Shoal with Philippines; Spratly Islands with Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Brunei; Exclusive Economic Zone disputes with North Korea in the Yellow Sea, South Korea in the Yellow and East China Seas, Japan in the East China Sea and with Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia in the South China Sea... Huh... Is there any neighbour China doesn't have a boundary dispute with???
Geographic overview: The surface of the earth is approximately 70.9% water and 29.1% land. The former portion is divided into large water bodies termed oceans. The World Factbook recognizes and describes five oceans, which are in decreasing order of size: the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, and Arctic Ocean. The land portion is generally divided into several, large, discrete landmasses termed continents. Depending on the convention used, the number of continents can vary from five to seven. The most common classification recognizes seven, which are (from largest to smallest): Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. Asia and Europe are sometimes lumped together into a Eurasian continent resulting in six continents. Alternatively, North and South America are sometimes grouped as simply the Americas, resulting in a continent total of six (or five, if the Eurasia designation is used). North America is commonly understood to include the island ...
Sophie Lu explains Chinese tourists' assault on wildlife in the (disputed) Paracel Islands: via
The invasion Shina. In 1992. All of the Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands is declared China territory.
Chinese are the new 'bad' noveau tourists, claims Tea Leaf Nation in a post on destruction of Paracel islands ecology
Outcry after Chinese tourists pictured hunting rare sea creatures in disputed Paracel Islands
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday criticized China for what he termed its bid to 'change the status quo by force' in terms of its relations with Japan and other ...
Praying for the nations: Taiwan ~ 8 Jul 2013   Psalm 18:2 The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.  He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.     Background:  In 1895, military defeat forced China's Qing Dynasty to cede Taiwan to Japan. Taiwan came under Chinese Nationalist control after World War II. Following the Communist victory on the mainland in 1949, 2 million Nationalists fled to Taiwan and established a government using the 1947 constitution drawn up for all of China. Beginning in the 1950s, the ruling authorities gradually democratized and incorporated the local population within the governing structure. This process expanded rapidly in the 1980s. In 2000, Taiwan underwent its first peaceful transfer of power from the Nationalist to the Democratic Progressive Party. Throughout this period, the island prospered and became one of East Asia's economic "Tigers." The dominant political issues con ...
Paracel Islands & Spratly Islands? I thought it belongs to the Philippines cause it's so close to it. Oops~ Campuchia. O.O
GRADE 4 STUDENTS POEM TO CHINA LEADERSHIP I grew up surrounded by the sea Early voting you with casuarina groves Where birds nest found high nest The sound of the whispering wind She told stories of international troops soldiers Paracel Islands are the home country Although it is far away but close How is the life blood of ancestors meat. Also by the adversity of war Both nations stood up chasing invasion Those greedy opportunity to invade Winning Paracel since then until now The Vietnam I always wondered The vast land of China This desert, the other is the sea Painting more land for his father (me). I enjoyed reading mirror generously The main means to get the key from Statements made on this story Save Jingzhou But Liu insisted that did not receive. Ask people why not angry Vietnam My land, my island is also Thousand years of peace did not grab Time fishing boats were chased out. The gentle sea fishermen both Bring your fishing rod is only the net You know, so that they spread evil Use bullets fired pow ...
We're headed out to Comanche tomorrow Sunday anybody wants to come to the island to let us now
More background information dating back almost 4 decades to understand China's intensifying aggression today in the East and South China Seas. Recommended reading. Marwyn Samuels' View Conclusion for "Battle for the Paracels" Though the on-going feud between China and Vietnam remains the most serious source of conflict in the region, it is not the only dispute that involves the status of the islands of the South China Sea. On 16 June 1976, for example, the PRC issued a stern warning to Manila that Philippines sponsored oil exploration activity in the Reed Bank area of the Spratly Islands constituted 'an impermissible encroachment on China's territorial integrity and sovereignty'. 64 Similarly, Hanoi and Manila have also exchanged differences of opinion as to their own respective interests in the Spratly Islands. 65 Furthermore, the continued presence of a large ROC garrison force on Itu Aba Island (T'ai-p'ing tao) complicates an already muddled legal and military situation in the Spratlys. If nothing el . ...
China claims "ownership of the South China Sea" J-20 will be sent to Bai Tu Chinh, Changsha Monday, 06/24/2013 13:00 (GDVN) - China said that combat radius of the J-20 about 2000 km, and CCTV-4 relating to the possibility that SCS "the property" can be the J-20 took off from Sanya - Hainan participants' naval An essay "!? Chinese J-20 "The risk of clashes in the South China Sea next few months are great" India has never "teach one lesson other countries" such as China has made 4 Channel CCTV-International news broadcaster China Central program "Focus Day" yesterday 23/6 reported on training activities of the stealth fighter 5 generations of Chinese J-20 is said to have great progress. News on CCTV-4 said that China recently has continued J-20 test flight with the flight performance and low exhaust gas in the air in case of emergency landing. In March last China has successfully test-flown the J-20 bombers exercises and open fire compartment. Notably, CCTV-4 led analysis of the Chinese military experts sai ...
Vietnamese Anti-China Protesters called ‘Thieves’ and ‘Beaten’ in Detention June 3, 2013 Vietnamese authorities branded anti-China protesters as “thieves and prostitutes” and brutally beat them at a weekend demonstration against the recent ramming of a Vietnamese trawler by Chinese navy vessels, an activist said Monday. Some of the protesters at the rally in Hanoi Sunday were taken to a detention center in batches before they were freed, according to a blogger who was among those held. Around 150 people protested near central Hanoi’s Hoan Kien Lake before security guards hauled off “more than 20” of them onto waiting busses, blogger Nguyen Huu Vinh—also known online as JB—told RFA’s Vietnamese Service. “We patriots were categorized as prostitutes and thieves—more than 20 people were arrested,” Vinh said following his release. “They took us to Loc Ha [detention center] and separated us into different rooms. Some of us were beaten brutally.” The gathering—at w ...
Authorities clamp down on protests in Hanoi.
Asia fears fierce aggression of China Bringing visitors to Hoang Sa, to train with fighters to support the Senkaku troops invade Indian territory, the aggressive actions of China are causing growing concern for neighbors Asia. Newsletter on 2/5 of The Globe and Mail newspaper said that although the tour is the Chinese Paracel described as a normal trip takes visitors to sunbathe on an island in the South China Sea, but for countries in the region, the presence of the first Chinese tourists in the Paracel Islands are regarded as a flagrant breach of other sovereign countries. On 30/4, Foreign Ministry spokesman Luong Thanh Nghi Vietnam stated: "The work on the Chinese side has seriously violated Vietnam's sovereignty, contrary to the basic principles agreement addressing sea issues between Vietnam and China, does not comply with senior Declaration between ASEAN - China celebrates 10 years of DOC and DOC violated, causes stress and complicate the situation in the South China Sea. " Tours of provoking China, ...
China plans to open up to tourists disputed Paracel Islands in South China Sea by the end of April, state media...
China develops tourism to disputed Paracel islands | Mail Online: Vietnam and Taiwan also lay claim to the bea...
China arranges tourist visits to disputed Paracel Islands to force sovereignity claim
Rest and re-escalation: China plans to take tourists to disputed Paracel Islands.
Ever heard of the Paracel islands? Apparently they're important to three different nations in Asia.
China to open disputed Paracel islands to tourism |
China to open disputed Paracel islands to tourism [BBC]
to open disputed Paracel islands to tourism via
Ticket please !! China begins cruises to disputed Paracel islands
China to open contested Paracel Islands to tourism
All purpose parts banner
MSR: Disputed Island Tourism: China is to begin running cruises for tourists to a chain of disputed islands in...
China develops tourism to disputed Paracel islands tourism+
Chinese cruises to disputed islets without fresh water begs the question how these trips are being marketed
develops to disputed Paracel islands
China begins cruises to disputed Paracel islands: The Chinese government has revealed plans to run tourism cru...
China will begin tourism cruises to claimed Paracel Islands by next month.
China develops tourism to disputed Paracel islands - Daily Mail
China develops tourism to disputed Paracel islands
China will this month start allowing tourists to visit the Paracel Islands, one of a group of disputed islets an ...
China to launch cruises to disputed Paracel islands – eTurboNews
China to open disputed Paracel Islands to tourism -
China to launch cruises to disputed Paracel islands
Did you hear? China to launch tourism cruises to disputed Paracel islands: China is to begin running tour...
China to open disputed Paracel islands to tourism
Fancy a cruise into the disputed waters of the South China Sea?
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to open disputed for via Let's see what thinks about that
Beijing to allow tourists on disputed Paracel Islands [StraitsTimes Prime]
China cruises to Paracel islands via
China to open disputed Paracel Islands for tourists
China to open disputed Paracel Islands for tourists: Holidaymakers will be able to get the Paracels on cruise ...
BBC News - China to open disputed Paracel islands to tourism
China begins cruises to disputed Paracel islands
China to open disputed Paracel Islands for tourism
China to open disputed Paracel Islands for tourists.
Tensions rise in the South China Sea as China fires warning flares at a Vietnamese fishing boat. Both countries claim the Paracel Islands.
Se inscreva na ARF, nosso comitê em inglês! Vagas limitadas! The territorial disputes in the China Seas are probably the most concerning debate in the current international scenario, due to its many aspects, repercussions and the major powers involved. The Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands are challenged by Japan and China in the East China Sea. In the South China Sea, the Paracel Islands are disputed between China and Viet Nam; the Spratly Islands ownership is contested by Brunei Darussalam, China, Malaysia, Philippines and Viet Nam; and Scarborough Shoal – Huangyan Island for the Chinese – is contested by China and Philippines. The repercussions of the disputes involve the economic factor – the areas are major trade routes, fishing spots and wealthy in natural resources, such as oil and gas – and the political aspect, which divides interests and loyalties in the Asia Pacific area, including Western and Eastern States. They also comprise national armed forces, that patrol the islands and the sea, eventual ...
Tony Ew Atreides Well, you've failed. On the other hand China has attacked and seized Tibet, East Turkestan, Inner Mongolia and the Paracel Islands. China also attempted to seize Damansky Island and the northern part of Vietnam by force. Now the Chinese are threatening to seize lands from Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines. The real aggressor is China and its pattern of aggressive behavior seems very clear to me. Like you know history in that part of the world very well? China in fact is VERY CIVILIZE! The disputes in the S China Seas can EASILY be resolved with BILATERAL NEGOTIATIONS China had proposed from Day One. But WHY don't the other countries, especially Philippines, Vietnam agree? The Japanese goverment should release the flight pattern logs of the Japanese navy ships and the helicopter that were radar locked so we can see if there was INTENTIONAL pretext to FORCE a response from China BAITING her to fire the first shot. I have to remind people Japan master the Playbook of Deceit from observation ...
Please don't forget your responsibility and duty towards the nation in the traditional "Quý Tỵ" NEW YEAR . Đón xuân "Quý Tỵ" xin đừng quên trách nhiệm và bổn phận đối với đất nước. Dear Vietnamese, Vietnamese traditional New Year is coming soon. People in the country prepare to celebrate this festival which best can be called "Đón Xuân" or "Ăn Tết", just epitomizing our cultural identify "TẾT". You need to buy some foods, goods and products for New Year party, gifts to family or friends and so on. What should you buy these things for celebrating Tết? This is my advice for you: AVOID TO BUY MADE-IN-CHINA THINGS It never sound stupid if you say "no" to China, although their goods and products are better and cheaper than yours. There is no doubt that Vietnam has been losing its rights on the islands in disputed water. For example our fishing areas around Hoang Sa and TRUONG SA. (the Spratly Islands and the Paracel Islands) have become smaller and narrower over time. ...
See you next year in Paracel Island " sang năm về *** ng Sa "
CURRENT GK : JULY – SEPTEMBER 2012 370. Which global banking giant was recently making news for money-laundering transactions involving Iran, followed by a settlement with fine worth $340 million? Ans: Stan Chart 371. What is the contribution of MSME sector to the country’s total manufacturing output? Ans: 45% 372. "Mee Seva", the electronically delivery of citizen services is the e-governance project of which among the following states of India? Ans: Andhra Pradesh 373. India does not extend the Visa on Arrival facility to the tourists coming from which among the following countries? Ans: Sri Lanka 374. The "Spratly Islands" and "Paracel Islands" have been making news frequently in recent times. These islands are located in __? Ans: South China Sea 375. Oscar Pistorius, also known as the ‘blade runner’ and ‘the fastest man on no legs’ participated in the recent Olympic games. He hails from __? Ans: South Africa 376. At which place, the head-quarter of the International Astronomical Union is l ...
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China robbed Paracel islands and now aim to do Senkaku Islands of Japan.
China, the Philippines and Scarborough reef, in the Spratly Islands and Paracel Islands is causing the problem with Malaysia and Vietnam.
Melior Merioles 17 hours ago · China’s Creeping Invasion: The Real Score At The Scarborough Shoal By ANDREW JAMES MASIGAN January 13, 2013, 11:13am Every Filipino should be aware of the real score at the Scarborough Shoal, as the situation is getting very serious. In a unilateral act of aggression, China recently announced that the Spratly Islands, Paracel Islands and Maclesfeild Bank would now be administered by its own political entity called Sansha City. The newly formed administrative body calls for the construction of Chinese military barracks in our islands, headed by no less than a Senior Colonel from the Chinese Military. They have permanently deployed military ships on the shoal and are mounting regular combat-ready patrols of its environs, indicating that they are militarizing the area. In another act of provocation, the Chinese roped off the entrance leading to the Scarborough lagoon, preventing Philippine vessels from entering. Beijing authorized its coastguards to accost foreign vessels (P ...
Ian he was a postman on the paracel islands
In front of the Vincom on HBT street, you can see some patriotic pictures of Paracel and Spartly islands.
fm the Daily Tribune No retreating? Written by Ninez Cacho-Olivares Friday, 23 November 2012 00:00 Noynoy really should brush up on his Philippine History before giving out speeches claiming that Filipinos historically do not retreat from a fight with foreign aggressors, and in this case, he refers as the present day foreign aggressor, China, as he said in his speech. Noynoy said in his arrival from Cambodia statement that he has given China the very strong message that he and the Philippines will not retreat from a fight. Noynoy’s speech cited historical accounts where he said Filipinos, at no point in the past, ever took a step back against foreign aggressors. “We all are aware that in many points in our history, there were instances where foreign forces tried to annex their territories to the West Philippine Sea. We have seen it happen in 1974 and 1988 at the Paracel Islands, where foreign forces from Vietnam and China engaged in a confrontation. “We saw it recur in 1995 as t . ...
Spratly Islands & Paracel Islands are belong to Vietnam. Who agree with me. Pls click LIKE for expressing love Vietnam and Let's share it!
Many Countries? There are 196 countries in the world today. Unless you don't count Taiwan… Taiwan is not considered an official country by many, which would bring the count down to 195 countries. Although Taiwan operates as an independent country, many countries (including the U.S.) do not officially recognize it as one. Because the People's Republic of China considers Taiwan a breakaway province of China, countries who wish to maintain diplomatic relations with China have had to sever their formal relations with Taiwan (more than 100 countries, however, have unofficial relations with Taiwan). How many countries belong to the United Nations? 192 countries are UN members. The exceptions are Taiwan (in 1971, the UN ousted Taiwan and replaced it with the People's Republic of China) and Vatican City. Kosovo is not yet a member. The newest UN members are Switzerland (2002) and Montenegro (2006). What are the world's newest countries? The world's newest country is South Sudan, which gained independence from S ...
Paracel Islands belong to Vietnam. Chinese people holding their Independent day there is unacceptable.
World Cycle of Prayer We pray for the people of Paracel Islands. Ecumenical Cycle of Prayer We pray for our sisters and brothers members of the Church of North India.
China speeds up construction of Sansha City on disputed Paracel Islands - GMA News: XinhuaChina speeds up constr...
" I'm glade that you come to steal my fisheries" vietnamese communism said. Man i wish these boats will runs out of gas or oil, so they could enjoy the death on South China Sea. How can the chinese people are so gready, they bring 23000 fishing boats to fishing on the Paracel Islands, even those islands are not belong to them at all thought.
The Philippines yesterday summoned the Chinese ambassador to protest against China’s plans to establish a military garrison on the disputed Paracel Islands in the West Philippine Sea.
So your saying China has "history" with the Senkaku Islands. Fine, then what the heck is China's excuse for disputing Aksai Chin, Arunachal Pradesh, Cherkip Gompa, Dho, Dungmar, Gesur, Gezon, Itse Gompa, Khochar, Nyanri, Ringung, Sanmar, Tarchen, Zuthulphuk, Demchok, Chumar, Kaurik, Shipki Pass, Jadh, Lapthal, Ieodo Island/Suyan Rock, Jammu, Kashmir, Kula Kangri, Macclesfield Bank, Okinotorishima, Paracel Islands, Scarborough Shoal, Shaksgam Valley, Spratly Islands, Trans-Karakoram Tract, Tumen River, Eastern part of Bhutan, a small area of Gilgit-Baltistan, Heixiazi / Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island, Heixiazi / Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island, Kutuzov Island, part of the Rasŏn administrative division. Sixty-Four Villages East of the Heilongjiang River, Taiwan Penghu, Jinmen, Matsu Islands, Pratas Islands, Songling District, and finally the Jiagedaqi District. Please China stop playing the victim card. Your the wolf trying to get as much land as you can get. If it wasn't the Japanese, you would probably have mass pr ...
Restore Taiwan, Liancourt Rocks, South Kurile ,Spratly and Paracel Islands to Normal Statue under the Law of Nations
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By Peter Symonds 7 August 2012 The Obama administration has further inflamed disputes in the South China Sea with a US State Department statement on Friday criticising China for formally establishing the city of Sansha and a garrison in the Paracel Islands. State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell maintained that the US was not taking sides in the competing territorial claims by China and several South East Asian countries. However, in noting “an uptick in confrontational rhetoric” and “disagreements over resource exploitation”, he singled out China’s upgrading of Sansha City and the stationing of troops as running “counter to collaborative diplomatic efforts to resolve differences and risk further escalating tensions in the region”. Ventrell also pointed to “coercive economic actions, and the incidents around the Scarborough Reef, including the use of barriers to deny access”—an oblique criticism of China’s actions in the ongoing dispute with the Philippines, a US ally, over the ...
The China national map of Qing dynasty,published 1910, said that the farest point of China to the Sound is Hainan Island. So how come today China Government declare that the Spratly and Paracel Islands belong to China since 2000 years ago, since Han dynasty ??? Please share it to the World cause Human need to know the truth about Spratly and Paracel. It has both Vietnamese and English.
Beguiled by undersea oil and gas deposits and the weakness of fellow claimants to the Paracel Islands, China launched a naval offensive to seize the disputed archipelago. To justify its actions, Beijing pointed to history -- notably Ming Dynasty Adm. Zheng He's visits to the islands in the 15th cent...
I see China's claim over Paracel Islands, but claims over Spratlys and Scarborough Shoal is just might vs right bullying
Major disputed territories in the world: the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, the Paracel Islands, Spratly Islands, Western Sahara and Antarctica.
Rear Vision keen to talk to sailor who’s seen Spratly & Paracel Islands & Scarborough Shoal in Sth China Sea. Get in touch if you can help!
Google has settled its conflict with Vietnam by correcting a mistake made by its map service and ‘returning’ the Spratly Archipelago and the Paracel Islands to Vietnam. Earlier, those areas were not assigned to Vietnam in Google maps. It required diplomatic interference to sort out this...
A REPOST from Delmar Topinio Taclibon Why The Rothschilds – The Richest And Most Powerful Entity In The World, Are Here In The Philippines? In Asia, Rothschild provides investment Banking, private banking and venture capital services. The Rothschilds have their sight on the Philippines growing legion of the wealthy. Rothschild Singapore Ltd. has received government permission to establish a representative office in the Philippines. The office will carry the name, Rothschild (Singapore) Ltd., Philippines. This approved by the Rothschild top brass in January 2011 with the confidence of potential wealth management in the country (Asian Banking & Finance Magazine, February 8, 2012) Wealthy in the Philippines, or the Aramco Overseas Company B.V. (owned by the Rothschilds, and as of 1990 ARAMCO produced over 8 million barrels of crude oil a day) exploration of Hydrocarbon, other known as oil and natural gas in Palawan and in the West Philippine Sea where the Paracel Islands, Scarborough Shoal and the Spratly ...
Vietnam asks for China to release 21 of its citizens detained while fishing near the Paracel Islands
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