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Paperback Writer

Paperback Writer is a 1966 song recorded and released by The Beatles. Written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon (credited to Lennon–McCartney), the song was released as the A-side of their eleventh single.

Paul McCartney John Lennon Percy Sledge Jackie Wilson Wilson Pickett Port Arthur Penny Lane Roy Orbison Captain Beefheart Chiswick House Long Tall Sally Eleanor Rigby Mal Evans West Germany Elvis Presley Yellow Submarine Candlestick Park

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Paperback Writer, and Good Vibrations. America had all of these options to make the biggest song of the year. They did not. Instead,
Saturday night - get groovy and join us for Paperback Writer live on a Experience!…
It's based on a novel by a man named Lear, And I need a job, So I want to be a paperback writer,
Mal Evans, John, Ringo, Paul, Neil Aspinall at Chiswick House on the set of Paperback Writer / Rain promo videos. 5/20/66 -…
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.in other news I can't wait to share my screen play "Paperback Writer"
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Omg! I heard that the next version of Dance Dance Revolution is going to have "Paperback Writer (version 3)" by The Beatles!
Great knowing the is doing better than Grab yourself some
The first concert of July will be this Saturday: Sat 7/1 Paperback Writer (tribute).
"Dear Sir or Madam can you read my book, took me years to write can you take a look... I wannabe a paperback writer." Beatles
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That's exactly it, but I have an equally inexplicable devotion to "Paperback Writer"
Want to be a paperback writer? Firstly, learn to see things from your characters' point of view.
Listening to: "Paperback Writer" while I continue revisions on my own major project!...
Thanks! I prefer the paperback covers myself. :-)
Paperback Writer by The Beatles topped Irish chart in 1966
Golden Years: On this day in 1966, the Beatles were at number one on the UK singles chart with Paperback Writer.
Today in 1966 I was born, and The Beatles shot the films for Paperback Writer and Rain in Chiswick, London
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John, Paul and George filming the promotional video of "Paperback Writer", May 1966.
.started a two week run at No.1 in the US singles chart with 'Paperback Writer' in 1966:
song “Paperback Writer” started a two week run at No. 1 on the US singles charts, 51 years ago today.
... And Everywhere and She's A Woman and Paperback Writer and Penny Lane and Hello Goodbye and I'll…
The Beatles filmed their iconic promo videos for Paperback Writer and Rain on this day 51 years ago
OTD 20MAY1966 The film in the gardens of Chiswick House, for the promotional films for "Paperback Writer"…
Many pictures were taken by Mal Evans during the Paperback Writer/Rain sessions.
I know, I often have Queen thrown at me. They then argue that this is a film so I always have Paper…
May 19, 1966. Brian returns from Spain to watch the shooting of clips for 'Paperback Writer'/'Rain' at Chiswick House, London (EMI Studios).
The Beatles shoot promotional clips for Paperback Writer/Rain on May 19, 1965.
Today 1966 . Most of the day: shooting of clips for "Paperback Writer"/"Rain".
19 May 1966:. The Beatles film promo clips for Paperback Writer and Rain at EMI Studios, Abbey Road. See more:.
OTD 19MAY1966 The film the inside scenes for the "Paperback Writer" & "Rain" promotional films at EMI Studio…
Funny I remember Paperback Writer though. The only 45 I remember prior to that was Frosty The Snowman. :-D
'dear Sir or madam will you read my book...' Paperback Writer, The Beatles, filmed at Chiswick House
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Nothing but the superb Beatle best today from 11am, from Paperback Writer to Here, There and Everywhere even...
Things you will appreciate that I just ordered: Storm Vol. 2 trade paperback & The Writer's Journey by Vogler.😁
When I listen to paperback writer by the Beatles it makes me happy
during the filming of the promotional video of "Paperback Writer/Rain", 1966
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An interesting paperback collection has arrived.
I added a video to a playlist Beatles Rock Band - Paperback Writer - Full Band
BBC television's 'Top Of The Pops' premiered our promotional films of new songs 'Paperback Writer' and 'Rain' two days ago.
A lesson on a 'literate' song by The Beatles 󾠖
Like so many of us. Paperback Writer - Remastered 2009 by The Beatles ♫
To celebrate this week's paperback release of a of the sequel and prequel:
When you walk into a western themed barbecue and Paperback Writer is playing over the speakers.
Paperback writer-paperback write-Paperback writer. *still can't stop believing these are such memorable lyrics.
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If you ever wondered what they said in the background vocals to Paperback Writer -
tell Ss the Paperback Writer is gonna Cry Baby Cry! Take them to Penny Lane w/Rocky Raccoon so they're not The Fool on the Hill!
I was young & naive, so I tried to use a bass speaker to mic the bassdrum and that's how I got the sound on Paperback Writer -Geoff Emerick
Fab photo of John and George... Photo taken by Robert Whitaker during the Rain/Paperback Writer recording...
Paperback writer is white but pretends to be of color. Who cares really...these are the days much like in the...
Unless you are watching Beatles cover band "Paperback Writer" play in a Simi Valley mall parking lot. That's fun too
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Ah...but as a Paperback Writer, it's my duty to look out for it
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Paperback Writer - The Beatles - Subversive Sounds for Freaks of All Ages.
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"Paperback Writer - Live at CitiField, NYC - Digital Audio" by Paul McCartney from Good Evening New York…
The new single “Paperback Writer” is out now on Spotify! . You can find it online on all major music services...
All I heard in my head was Paperback Writer… :-)
[Fav4] The Beatles - Paperback Writer (stereo remix) A stereo remix with the lead guitar in stereo instead of over o…
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“PAPERBACK WRITER” (2.15) - - wrote the tune and most of the words - -
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Little Giant Ladders
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the backing vocals to the 2nd verse of paperback writer are fres Jacques!
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Pan's People dance to Paperback Writer on TOTP in 1976. Noel Edmonds refers to it as an "oldie".
Paperback Writer by The Beatles was the Billboard magazine Hot 100 No.1 hit on July 9, 1966
George Harrison with Brian Epstein during the recording of "Rain" and "Paperback Writer" promo clips, 1966.
John Lennon's 'Paperback Writer' guitar recently sold for more than $500,000.
."Paperback Writer" guitar now belongs to the guy who owns the Colts:
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[Fav4] The Beatles - Paperback Writer - Lyrics A great rock-n-roll number from THE BEATLES that topped the charts in…
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its not ''Tell me what you see'' its ''Rain'' or ''Paperback writer'' i think Gibson SG there
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[Fav4] The Beatles Paperback Writer no drums The Beatles Paperback Writer no drums.
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Oh, Yes, "White Riot/1977" & "Paperback Writer/Rain" are great singles, but this is in with a shout -
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On air now:. The Beatles - Paperback Writer. Listen to Concept Radio!.
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I believe the Beatles started it with the music videos Rain and paperback writer. They sent them out to be played on TV.
Congratulations to who is now officially a Paperback Writer for and has gotten a Beatles guitar riff stuck in my head.
Man, the guy in Paperback Writer by The Beatles really should have worked on his book pitch more before meeting publishers
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If your career as a paperback writer doesn't work out, you're gonna need a Temporary Secretary. McCartney rocks.
Wow, someone just ... legit copy-pasted the lyrics of Paperback Writer into their query letter. Ok??
In a car in sunny Harrogate listening to paperback writer with Very appropriate!
Oh happy day. Congratulations, you're a Paperback Writer xx
I was thinking the same thing! Paperback Writer would have been better.
Paperback Writer by The Beatles. Paul's 1966 tells the story of an aspiring writer.
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Cant wait for my copy of KISS! you are an amazing writer! Hope you'll post more books on wattpad and paperback x
Today in Beatles History (May 30, 1966): "Paperback Writer"/"Rain" is released as a single in the US.
Music in the Park starts next Thursday in with Paperback Writer at 6:30 Tanner Creek Park.
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Two of my favorite power pop songs mashed up brilliantly by - enjoy My Sharona/Paperback Writer :
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The Beatles shot this promo for Paperback Writer at Chiswick House London - shown on Top of The Pops on this day 1966. http:…
Ever dreamed of becoming a Paperback Writer? Have fun finding out
This is 100 MILLION kinds of awesome! The Beatles' Paperback Writer mashed up with The Knack's My Sharona! GAH!
But I need a break and I wanna be a paperback writer, paperback writerrr
Paperback Writer is a perfect song like. Paul McCartney's bass playing and singing on it is next level
In discussing an opportunity with a serious rock historian discussion group here in the PNW, the subject of the influences of some of the songs written/by members of Paul Revere and the Raiders popped up. The telecon included the similarities between "Undecided Man" and "Eleanor Rigby"; "Too Much Talk" and "Paperback Writer" and "Just 17" and I believe (although I cannot remember for sure), the tune, "Whole Lot of Love." (maybe someone knows the real answer to that one). I've listened in the past couple of days to Undecided Man and Eleanor Rigby, and noticed that even some of the lyrics seem to be the same, as well as the string instrument sections; and I can also hear the similarities of "Paperback Writer" in "Too Much Talk"-the Just 17 and Whole Lotta Love (since I really have forgotten the song they were comparing it to), I'm still not getting. Perhaps someone here knows.
April 13, 1966…At EMI's Abbey Road Studios in London, the Beatles began recording the Paul McCartney composition "Paperback Writer," which they completed the following day. McCartney is said to have written it after his aunt asked … You’ll find the rest of that entry and a lot more in today’s edition of The Olde Disc Jockey’s Almanac. It’s published daily at 4 a.m. ET, 365 days a year at
as kid liked song Johnny B Good and wanted to write something like Paperback Writer.
Random thoughts for today: Don't buy the cheap iPhone cables from Amazon. The Kentucky-Louisville game was one of the best I've ever seen. "Paperback Writer" is a great song! Forgiveness is a great choice to make when the other person is truly sorry. It can even be life changing. And sometimes they're forgiving you for something, too. Not all coffee is created equally! The same holds true for tea and beer. Life is too short for cheap beer! On occasion, I hear the Goose Island Brew Pub in Wrigleyville calling my name. Which means Wrigley Field misses us too! Opening Day is Monday!
After intensive research at Mysterion Art Factory HQ we have compiled our top 12 music moments by The Beatles captured on film. It's a mix of promo films, TV appearances, and other gems. Listed in chronological order: 1. "Some Other Guy" 2. "Can't Buy Me Love" 3. "Kansas City" 4. "She's a Woman" 5. "Paperback Writer" 6. "Rain" 7. "Strawberry Fields Forever" 8. "A Day in the Life" 9. "All you Need is Love" 10. "I am the Walrus" 11. "Hey Jude" 12. "Get Back" Check out the link below to see all the videos that made the grade today o boy. Peace and Love.
Feeling like a Beatles music sort of a day so I made up a little story with some of my favorite Beatles songs. Well It's Been A Hard Day's Night so let's Twist and Shout anyway cause Here Comes the Sun. In life, if I want a Ticket to Ride, I'd rather be a Paperback Writer than a Daytripper. Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm going to church but with these roads I'd say to my husband "Baby You Can Drive My Car!", but I'm not Eleanor Rigby or Penny Lane nor Lady Madonna so I am going to church to give the Lord All My Loving.
You are all in for still another treat - nothing but riotous, top-notch, kickass music today to start the new year . . . these must all be listened to exclusively (like, none of these are background music to do other things to - stop, sit down, and listen) and at absolute full volume (like, louder than you think is comfortable). Next, the massively gifted Steve Marriott with the original Small Faces . . . this was when The Beatles were doing 'Paperback Writer', The Hollies were doing 'Bus Stop', and Peter & Gordon were top of the charts - meanwhile Steve Marriott was belting-out like nobody and had the biggest guitar around ~
The last Beatles concert of all time was at Candlestick Park some 47-plus years ago, on Aug. 29, 1966. Tickets were $4.50 and $6.50, and only 25,000 of 43,000 tickets to the show were sold. The Beatles told no one this was the last show ever, but they knew it. They played 11 songs, including, “I Feel Fine,” “Nowhere Man,” “Yesterday,” and “Paperback Writer.” They finished, nondescriptly enough, with “Long Tall Sally.” “Long Tall Sally.” Last song ever played by John, Paul, George and Ringo in concert. Now that’s … a letdown. After the concert, the Beatles were driven to San Francisco International Airport and flew to London. The end. The North American leg of their final tour was rather amazing. They performed 14 shows in 18 days. The first eight days, the Beatles played a show a night—in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Washington, Philadelphia, Toronto, Boston (at the Suffolk Downs Race Track) and Memphis. They were supposed to play on a ninth straight night, in Cincinnati. But ...
Recording the Paperback Writer and Rain promo videos at ... | The Bea…
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Of course I do have a special place in my heart for "Paperback writer". .
How much would it cost to get a band to re-record teh Beatles 'Paperback Writer' as 'XlsxWriter' ?
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I'm at work in an office in Germany and would love to hear Paperback Writer by the Beatles. Any chance?
Just heard Paperback Writer by The Beatles. Still works better than ebook writer.
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Paperback Writer by The Beatles with lyrics: via
"Paperback Writer" by Paul McCartney at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan on July 24, 2011 via
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Everytime I go on the website, I have "Paperback writer" in my head. I don't mind, I love that song.
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Day 6: A Beatles song that always cheers you up. "Paperback Writer"!
a list of beatles songs the Beatles sure were busy don't you think , i myself like my sleep no much so i would have only got about half those songs done in the time they were together. ok maybe not. have a look "12-Bar Original" 1965 "A Beginning" 1968 "A Day in the Life" 1967 "A Hard Day’s Night" 1964 "A Shot of Rhythm and Blues" 1963 "A Taste of Honey" 1963 "A World Without Love" 1964 "Across the Universe" 1968 "Act Naturally" 1965 "Ain’t She Sweet" 1961 "All I’ve Got to Do" 1963 "All My Loving" 1963 "All Things Must Pass" 1969 "All Together Now" 1967 "All You Need Is Love" 1967 "And I Love Her" 1964 "And Your Bird Can Sing" 1966 "Anna (Go to Him)" 1963 "Another Girl" 1965 "Any Time at All" 1964 "Ask Me Why" 1962 "Baby It’s You" 1963 "Baby You’re a Rich Man" 1967 "Baby’s in Black" 1964 "Back in the USSR" 1968 "Bad Boy" 1965 "Bad to Me" 1963 "Ballad of John and Yoko" 1969 "Because" 1969 "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" 1967 "Bésame Mucho" 1962 "Birthday" 1968 "Blackbird" 1968 "Blue Jay W ...
Got to be Paperback Writer by The Beatles then!
ok. all the talk of paper back vinyl has been floating through my head to the tune of paperback writer. ALL DAY. as I hung you guessed it paperback vinyl.
Agora a Apple resolveu brigar com a pirataria mesmo !!! (2) Fonte : WogBlog The "1" video collection The Beatles’ "1" was not just the Beatles' but the world’s best selling album of the last decade, compiling all of the Beatles’ number one singles on to one album. "1" made its digital download debut in 2011 and quickly went to number one on many global iTunes charts, including the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Japan. In addition, the remastered "1" album was also re-released on CD with updated packaging on September 13th 2011. Now, according to the music merchandising wholesale representative, Break-Thru, the album will be used as a theme when the Beatles' music video collection is due for release in October 2014. Here's what they are saying: "October: 1's Program: dvd video clip compilation on dvd / vinyl / other 1's pieces. Leading up to this is probably the ideal time to do an Avedon art. program." So let's take a look at the options they have when compiling this music video DVD. And since we seemed ...
the beatles/paperback writer; film promo , at Chiswick House , 1966
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"Paperback Writer" performer by Forlorn Strangers - folks I'm proud to call friends here in Nashville
When the Beatles sang "Paperback Writer", I thought in was a repo song: "Pay for that Chrysler!" Here's more. Don't have a mouthful of coffee when you watch this.
This twangy country-rock interpretation of the Beatles' "Paperback Writer" was the first track on Pederson's 1976 album, 'Southwest."
Band I was given: The Beatles Have I seen them live? Only in my imagination Do I like them? What a stupid question.LOL! My favourite song: First choice would be the whole suite on side two of Abbey Road starting with Because and going to the end of the album. Second choice would be Paperback Writer.
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This is the promotional video for the Beatles song Rain. It is a song written by John Lennon in 1966 that was released as the b-side of the Paperback Writer single. It is certainly one of my top 10 favorite songs by the Beatles and was the first to include backwards vocals. Go to minute 2:34, and you will see cigarette butt and 3 flowers stuck into the holes of Ringo's bracelet. Watching further, you see him flick the cigarette butt from his bracelet. I might be reaching here, but it looks like a reference to Paul McCartney leaving the Beatles. Let me explain. I think that he was unhappy with the craziness of the band, what with Beatlemania and the recoil of society to John Lennon's "...bigger than Jesus..." comment. I believe that he was also unhappy with the deeper delving into drugs, LSD in particular, and the direction the band was going in. Perhaps he was represented by the cigarette butt, something that is burned out and of little use. The other 3 Beatles, of course, are represented by the ...
I could just as easily Google this, but I'd rather have one of you explain it to me. Is there more to The Beatles "Paperback Writer", or is it really just about a douchbag trying to sell a book? I like the *** selling a book angle
THIS DATE IN ARKANSAS HISTORY 7-Dec 1891 Federal Judge Isaac Parker addresses Fort Smith Fortnightly Club and encourages efforts for a public library, saying, "A good book in a library is like a good citizen in the community." 7-Dec 1994 Booneville Municipal Court Judge Paul X. Williams Jr. ordered the Booneville schools to stop daily Bible readings; High School Principal Ralph Bishop complained of end of an unconstitutional 30-year tradition. 7-Dec 2005 James Hoelscher settles lawsuit for $250,000 on claims he was fired for reporting that Beaver Water District violated Clean Water Act and for reporting violations to state Department of Environmental Quality. 7-Dec 2005 Thomas B. Fordham Institute's comprehensive review of state science standards gave Arkansas' public school science curriculum 45 out of 100 points (0 on Evolution) and assigned a generous grade of D. 7-Dec 1893 Birthdate of Claude Cooper, Blytheville attorney for Southern Tenant Farmers Union and other marginalized causes. 7-Dec 1926 Ned G ...
12 Little-Known Ways The Beatles Changed the Music Industry Forever Are you sure you know exactly how great The Beatles were? Guitar Feedback The Beatles were the first band to intentionally use the sound of electric feedback on a record. It can be heard on the first note of "I Feel Fine," created by plucking the A-note on McCartney's bass. The Bass Guitar Lennon was unhappy with the way the bass sounded on record, so engineer Geoff Emerick invented an entirely new way of recording the instrument for the song "Paperback Writer." By rewiring a large bass amp, essentially converting it into a giant microphone, he enabled them to fully capture those large sound waves coming from McCartney's bass. Created an Entirely New Kind of Song The song,"A Day in the Life," was, according to music historian Michael Campbell, "a new category of song — more sophisticated than pop ... and uniquely innovative. There literally had never before been a song — classical or vernacular — that had blended so many disparate e ...
The solution is to listen Paperback Writer at full volume
ON THIS DATE (18 YEARS AGO) December 4, 1995 – The Beatles: “Free As A Bird” b/w "Christmas Time (Is Here Again)" (Apple R 6422) 45 single is released in the UK (December 12 in the US). "Free as a Bird" is a song originally composed and recorded in 1977 as a home demo by John Lennon. In 1995 a studio version of the recording incorporating contributions from Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr was released as a single by The Beatles. The single was released as part of the promotion for The Beatles Anthology video documentary and the band's Anthology 1 compilation album. For the Anthology project, McCartney asked Lennon's widow Yoko Ono for unreleased material by Lennon to which the three remaining ex-Beatles could contribute. "Free as a Bird" was one of two such songs (along with "Real Love") for which McCartney, Harrison, and Starr contributed additional instrumentation, vocals, and arrangements. Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra, who had worked with Harrison on Harrison's album C ...
George Harrison and John Lennon in Hamburg, Germany The Beatles ruled the world... and George Harrison hated every minute. Graeme Thomson charts George Harrison’s descent into PARANOIA Barely a week into recording what would become The Beatles’ final album Let It Be, George Harrison was ready to quit.  He was no longer willing to fulfil a subservient role in the band, and by lunch on January 10, 1969, things came to a head.  Having rowed with Paul McCartney over what to play, or rather what not to play, on the track Two Of Us – ‘Whatever it is that will please you, I’ll do it,’ said Harrison acidly – during a break he told his band mates he was leaving. When? ‘Now. You can replace me. Put an ad in the New Musical Express and get a few people in. See you round the clubs.’ ‘It was very uncomfortable,’ says Let It Be producer Glyn Johns. ‘To watch this begin and be there in the immediate aftermath was very unpleasant.’ Harrison and McCartney had had a fractious relationship since ...
The Beatles - Paperback Writer (Mono) converted from 440 hz to 432 hz. 432hz sounds fuller and nicer on the ear whereas 440hz sounds thinner. 432 Hz touches ...
If you care to laugh, reminisce and this to a rap rhythm. -BEATLEMANIA- It's been a hard days night And I need some help. Yesterday I could imagine That all you need is love, But lately the world is like A glass onion Where too many people think Happiness is a warm gun. That's nowhere, man! There's so much I, me, mine And live and let die That things are getting Helter skelter While my guitar gently weeps. It's tough to carry that weight, And sometimes it's all too much, But what can you do? You give your money To the taxman While the fool on the hill And his choir of piggies Sing you the same old song, "Ob La Di, Ob La Da," But they never solve the problems. I should've known better, But I called my friend, The paperback writer, And I said, "Hey Jude, I need a magical mystery tour." See, he's a daytripper, So I figured he could help me out. He says, "I'm here, there, and everywhere, Anytime at all." So I catch a cab To his place on Penny Lane, and he opens the door saying, "Good day, Sunshine ...
Poor Oen. Ian is playing Let it Be and Oen is pleading with him not to because it's too sad. Awww, sweet Ian just switched to Paperback Writer.
If you want to have fun, put on the Beatles' "Paperback Writer," change the chorus to "Piggyback Rider," and then carry your kids on your back all around the house!
Paul McCartney performs "Paperback Writer" at the Hollywood Bowl for his Up And Coming Tour The Lowest Purchase Price at Or if you're...
You're right! Did you notice that in the Beatles "Paperback Writer" they sing Frère Jacques in the background?
Thanks to the man singing Paperback Writer in Caribbean accent at Hampstead Heath station, you had a bunch of strangers giggling together
Fun run to Montrose for Marianna Alacchi's karaoke birthday bash at Applebees. (Love their roast garlic sirloin...) And what a great crowd we had to cheer on the Divine Miss M and take turns singing. I'm more of a "behind the camera" girl, but I enjoyed doing "Lovely To See You" by the Moody Blues, and the Beatles' "Paperback Writer." Best part was when two 14 yr old guys got up and did Bohemian Rhapsody. The one kid looked like he was up there because he lost a bet -- but the second kid got his bearings and started hamming it up like an old pro -- even pointing to people as he sang. Priceless! :)
To all my friend in Oxnard (I have friends in Oxnard?!?), I'm doing a Beatle show in that area today at some place called "The Collection at RiverBank" from 6-8. This time they're calling the band Paperback Writer, know.
This day in Rock: 1962 July 2 Jimi Hendrix was honorably discharged from the 101st Airborne Paratroopers, after breaking his ankle during his 26th and final parachute jump. 1966 July 2 Frank Sinatra's version of "Strangers In The Night" displaced The Beatles' "Paperback Writer" at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. It was also a UK Sinatra's recording would win him a Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and Record of the Year, despite the fact that Frank often said he didn't really like the song. 1969 July 2 Bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell quit the Jimi Hendrix Experience after completing the three-day Denver Pop Festival at Mile High Stadium. Hendrix and Mitchell would later team with bassist Billy Cox to form the short-lived Gypsy Sun and Rainbows, who played at the Woodstock Festival. July 2 US consumer advocate Ralph Nader issued a warning that loud Rock music threatened to produce a nation of hearing-impaired people. July 2 The British trio Thunderclap Newman enjoyed their ...
Title: Paperback Writer - Recorded on June 30,1966 during The Beatles third world tour.The Beatles played five shows at the Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo,one ...
June 30: TODAY IN BEATLES HISTORY 1951 Stanley Clarke is born. 1963 Concert at the Regal, Yarmouth. 1964 Return to London, at the Heathrow airport. 1965 Concert at the Palais des Fetes, Niza, France. 1966 Press conference and concert at the Nippon Budokan Hall, Daikan-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. "Paperback Writer" number one, second and last week (UK Record Retailer). 1967 1st concert of the Monkees at the Empire Pool, Wembley, presented by NEMS Enterprises. 1970 At the Music City Recorders studio in Nashville, Ringo begins recording tracks for his album Beaucoups Of Blues. 1972 In Kassel, West Germany, Yoko's exhibition "Documenta 5" opens. 1973 "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)" number 1, first and only week (US Billboard). Living In The Material World number 1, second week (US Billboard). John and Yoko attend the Senate Watergate hearings in Washington, D.C. 1977 The final British battle between "My Sweet Lord" and "He's So Fine" is held in London's High Court. Both songs are played in court before Mr ...
June 25 1963 5.00-5.29pm. BBC's 'Pop Go The Beatles' broadcast (all 17 June 1963 session but 'A Taste Of Honey'). 1964 Concert in Auckland, New Zealand. The producing company Fourmost Productions Limited is incorporated, with Brian one of its opening directors. 1965 Brian begins negotiations to present the next UK tour of the Everly Brothers. The Beatles, with Brian and Wendy Hanson, stay at a hotel in Geneva. 4.30pm, 9.30pm. Concerts at the Palazzo dello Sport, Geneva, Italy. Mr. Quintieri, member of the Italian Parliament, in the Chamber of Deputies, asks the Minister of Finance if 'appropriate measure has been taken to guarantee the payment of taxes on the fees paid to the Beatles and what was the amount declared and assessed.' 1966 Arrival and concert in Essen, at the Grugahalle. The press announces that a Japanese nationalist group has threatened to cut the Beatles' hair during their next visit to Japan, protesting for their performance at the Budokan Hall. 'Paperback Writer', number 1. ''Yesterday'. ...
june 25- Today is Please Take My Children To Work Day, Color TV Day (the 1st regular commercial tv transmissions were presented by CBS), & Global Beatles Day (to celebrate the 46th anniversary of a telecast of them singing "All You Need Is Love" especially written by John that was seen by 400 million people in 5 continents). my friend Bobby Haggenmacher is 57, Jimmie Walker (played JJ on good times) is 66, June Lockhart (played the mom on both Lost In Space & Lassie) is 88, George Michael (was in Wham!) is 50, Carly Simon (singer, was married to james taylor) is 68, Ricky Gervais (comedian/actor) is 52, Layla El (WWE) is 36, Mike Kroeger (bassist for Nickelback) is 41, Jeff Cohen (played Chunk in The Goonies) is 39, Sid Tepper (co-wrote 43 songs for Elvis, including G.I Blues & Puppet On A String) is 95. 1966 Paperback Writer by The Beatles was 1630 the fork is introduced to american dining by Gov. Winthrop. 1867 1st barbed wire patented by Lucien B. smith of Ohio. 1910 Mann Act passed (no women across st ...
TODAY IN MUSIC HISTORY 1964 - During a Chicago recording session at Chess studios, the Rolling Stones meet two of their Blues idols, Willie Dixon and Muddy Waters. 1966 - The Beatles’ “Paperback Writer,” is released in the U.S. But it’s the b-side, “Rain,” that is notable for using a reverse tape technique on the guitar solo. 1966 - Janis Joplin makes her debut with Big Brother & The Holding Company at San Francisco’s Avalon Ballroom. 1967 - Bob Dylan and The Band begin work on what will be known as “The Basement Tapes.” 1968 - The Zurich Rock Festival has Jimi Hendrix, Traffic and Eric Burdon & The Animals. 1974 - The Who sell out again… and again… and again. The group begins a four day stand at New York’s Madison Square Garden. It only took 60 hours for the shows to sell out. 1977 - Joe Strummer and Topper Headon are arrested for painting “The Clash” on a London wall. Sometimes a band has to take marketing into their own hands. 1978 - Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good (To M ...
Beatles History for June 10 by 1966 - The Beatles were first heard using reversed tape in the song "Rain." It was a 'B' side to the song "Paperback Writer." 1971 - John Lennon's "Woman Is The *** Of The World" hit in the U.S. 1976 - Paul McCartney and Wings set a record for an indoor concert crowd when 67,100 fans gathered in Seattle, WA.
FYI: the Lake Arrowhead Summer Concerts this weekend 6/7 - Catch a Wave - Beach Boys tribute band 6/8 - Paperback Writer - Beatles tribute band 6/9 - Pleasant Valley Sunday - Monkees tribute band with 80's Daze Friday and Saturday are evening concerts and Sunday is in the afternoon.
June 5 1952 George Smith dies of a brain hemorrhage. 1963 'Please Please Me' LP, 11th week in the Top 10 (UK New Musical Express chart). Concert at the Odeon, Leeds (3rd British tour). 1964 During their arrival in Amsterdam, fans throw themselves to a channel trying to get near ther Beatles. Evening: Concert in Amsterdam, on a live TV show. Recording for Dutch television (Vara TV), at the Cafe-Restaurant Treslong, Hillegom, Holland. Recorded live by AVRO radio, Hilversum. [4 June?] In both events, Jimmy Nicol on drums. Single UK release: 'Like Dreamers Do', with The Applejacks. Radio KFWB of Los Angeles releases the single 'KFWB Beatles'/'You Can't Do That', with interviwes to the Beatles. Billy J. Kramer with the Dakotas, Brian and Tony Barrow fly from London Airport to the US. 1966 Interview for the Ed Sullivan Show. Broadcast on the Ed Sullivan Show of clips of 'Paperback Writer'/'Rain'. 1967 NEMS Enterprises announces news about the film 'Yellow Submarine'. 1968 Studio 3. 2.30pm-1.30am. Recording: 'Ri ...
Paperback Writer was an attempt by McCartney to write a song based on a single chord - possibly influenced by Indian music, other songs from this period, notably The Word, If I Needed Someone and Tomorrow Never Knows, were similarly modeled. "John and I would like to do songs with just one note like Long Tall Sally. We got near it in The Word." Paul McCartney McCartney wrote Paperback Writer after reading a Daily Mail report about an aspiring author, and composed it on the way to Lennon's house in Weybridge. "You knew, the minute you got there, cup of tea and you'd sit and write, so it was always good if you had a theme. I'd had a thought for a song and somehow it was to do with the Daily Mail so there might have been an article in the Mail that morning about people writing paperbacks. Penguin paperbacks was what I really thought of, the archetypal paperback. I arrived at Weybridge and told John I had this idea of trying to write off to a publishers to become a paperback writer, and I said, 'I think it sh ...
Thank you to my older son, Dustin Thames for the pleasure of his company and the ticket to see Paul McCartney tonight. Sir Paul played 2 hours and 45 minutes and was incredible -- even in better voice than 2010! Thank you for the Mother's Day gift and for a great evening and trip down memory lane -- Songs from "Yesterday", Eleanor Rigby, Let it Be, Hey Jude, Ob la di, ob la da, Band on the Run, Back in the USSR, I Love Her, Paperback Writer, Maybe I'm Amazed, Eight Days a Week, Blackbird -- 38 songs in all I think. I remember roller skating to "Eight Days a Week" at the Glider rink on Skelly Drive with my Camp Fire Girls group in grade school . . . He is 69 y.o. and slim, trim, energetic and yes, he is still the "cute" Beatle! (and he wore Beatle boots!! Over the course of the evening, he sang songs he had written for his beloved Linda, his now wife, Nancy and also one for John L. -- also paid a lovely tribute to George. He sang Let It Be and dedicated it to the victims of the tornado in Moore. Sir ...
Paul McCartney last night played a number of instruments - including the Hofner bass he's had since 1961 or so, the Epiphone Texan he used to write and record Yesterday, the Ep Casino he used on Paperback Writer and so on and so on. He gives you the sense that he still has every guitar or bass he's ever owned. Of course, he was never married to Debra Hillin.
"Paperback Writer" is a song written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon and released by The Beatles on the A side of their eleventh single. It went to the number one spot in Britain, the United States, West Germany, and Australia. This was the first Beatles single that was not a love song (though "No...
For the ALL 5 PAPERBACK contest, I'll draw 2 names now. One from the people who followed the rules exactly (which I understand is being hindered by some of your privacy settings), and one from everyone who entered... so if you can't post your pic and you're still okay with it being displayed on the wall here, email it to me. (The address is in the comments... as are the original rules, in case you can't find them)
If John gets this question, he'll be this weeks Champion! Question Holland, France, Paris, Spain, Amsterdam, Vienna and London have something in common. They were all mentioned in a song by The Beatles. Which one is it? The Ballad of John and Yoko Paperback Writer Old Brown Shoes Back in the U.S.S.R.
We only have 9 entries in the contest to win all of my books in paperback! Chances are good!!
Finding Your Feet In - The essential guide for families is available in Paperback :
Just back from seeing Beatlemania - brilliant show - if you like the Beatles you'll love em!
What is your favorite Beatles song? Tell us in the comments. We hope to see you at RAIN: A Tribute to the Beatles tonight! Call us at (269) 387-2300 for your tickets!
And then she went off to school w/her ONE FOR THE MURPHYS bookmark proudly peeking from her Murphys paperback. Perks of having a writer mom
Its a steady job but he wants to be a paperback writer
Sir Paul McCartney was hit in the head during a broadsword duel. Luckily he was wearing sturdy armo(u)r, so he only experienced a minor concussion. This left him a hard dazed knight.
Nightingale Woods in A Story about 'the other woman'
It was the last day of Kate's happiness. £1.92 ebook. Paperback soon. KATE'S SECRET von Jean Mead via
But He wants to be a paperback writer
i said to this woman right next to me "he's going to sing paperback writer just sEE" and then he started signing "PAAAPERBAACK WRIIITEEER"
1 I saw her standing there. 2 A day in the life. 3 Hey Jude 4 Revolution 5 Paperback Writer. 6 Hey Bulldog. All classics!
Moments from now, from 8am-10am, Pacific, this week's episode of Snap, Crackle, POP! on (click "listen now") and locally at 88.1FM. In the 2nd hour, my on-air guest will be Andrew Curry, executive producer for the upcoming Drink A Toast To Innocence: A Tribute To Lite Rock. We'll talk about The Things We Do for Love, and many other lite rock activities. Along the way, I'll also have new music from Maxi Dunn, Stephen Lawrenson, The Junipers, A Fragile Tomorrow, Jeff Litman, Hot Nun and more. Turn it up, softly.
Closing in on the end of this round of revision at last! Well, it's in sight anyway. And then there's probably another after =P
Occasionally I do a book review on Amazon and Goodreads usually because the book has annoyed me in some fundamental way. One of my reviews has gotten comments like "this was really funny" and "you should be a writer". Perhaps...
Black History Month Fact: Writer Maya Angelou was lauded in 1995 for remaining on The New York Times' paperback nonfiction best-seller list for two years—the longest-running record in the chart's history. (
Buy 24 Gun Control Plays by Caridad Svich (Paperback) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews.
Expat Women in Asia: Call for Submissions Editor Shannon Young is seeking contributions from expatriate women in East Asia for a new anthology from Signal 8 Press in Hong Kong. This collection will feature the writing of women who are currently expatriates or who previously lived in an East Asian country. For the purposes of this anthology, we construe East Asia to include Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and the ASEAN countries. All submissions should be creative non-fiction and/or travel memoir pieces that speak to the expat experience in modern East Asia. Potential topics include travel, work, relationships, gender roles, safety, family, and repatriation. We are looking for stories with a strong and personal narrative arc, not just travel guides or descriptions of the places you’ve lived. We hope to make this anthology as inclusive as possible, as well, and we welcome submissions from women from different parts of the world. Contributions should be between approximately 2000 and 5000 wo ...
What "special" name do you call your beautiful Birman (apart from their actual name). This should be very interesting x x
Paperback Writer is on the radio. Jammin' right now. 😁🎶
I am the walrus and paperback writer
he has retreated to the safety of list production...oh well...have lost him now...I like Paperback Writer btw...
My top 6: 1 fool on the hill 2. Strawberry fields 3. Paperback writer 4. Let it be 5. We can work it out 6. I am the walrus
Here's Brett Milano's review of my book... Sharing his life secrets is nothing new for Andy Pratt: He’s been doing that for the past thirty years, in a string of creative and idiosyncratic albums. So as you’d expect, his biography “Shiver in the Night” is honest and unflinching as was his album of the same name. His story is a classic rock’n’roll journey: He got into music out of love, wrote a timeless song almost by accident, then hit the heights without being fully prepared. Rolling Stone declared him the future of rock, the Who’s lead singer covered his song, lovers of thoughtful songwriting took him to heart. And the sudden fame took its toll on Prattt’s relationships and his internal life. Yet for all its painful moments the story isn’t a tragic one, as the hard times led to a spiritual awakening and further musical explorations. Pratt’s book draws you right in, opening with a triumphant Boston show that was both the height of his career and a major turning point. He’s forthcomi ...
OK, what about paperback writer by the Beatles then?
Sent last edits for Sunny Days Ahead today!
I am extemely happy to announce that my book "The Prince and the Princess", by Denny Chipman, is now officially released and available in paperback and eBook. It is of course available on Amazon and B&N, and other sites the publisher is marketing through. I found it for sale on a foreign website that wasn't even in English! lol. It will appear on the shelves of some bookstores in the coming weeks and months. Yay! I have been waiting for this day a long time! I hope you all enjoy reading it!
Thank you to everyone who is supporting me in my latest adventure as a writer. It means so very much to me that my story (Grace's story) is affecting you all the way it is and that you are entertained when reading the book. That is the best gift ever!
My British Invasion radio knows me so well... Paperback Writer
Re-reading David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest, I just found the J. Carson joke he put in there which I first noticed in '97 and could never afterward find. P. 633 of the 2006 paperback: "What do Canadian girls put behind their ears to attract boys? Their ankles." It was part of the setup for a 1987 spot called Joke Wars Between The States, the premise of which was that each state had time-honored insults/jokes about its neighbors. Except that after the first one or two from a mag article, then-head-writer Ray Siller couldn't find any. Anywhere. So the staff made up the rest: jokes, as well as the supposedly real ones from the setup. The ears/ankles was, I believe, what people in Arizona said about Colorado. Wish I'd gotten to tell this to DFW before he died... I remember it was a thrill for me.
Foreword by James V. Schall, S.J.Truth is stranger than fiction. And nowhere in literature is it so apparent as in this classic work, The Autobiography of a Hunted Priest. This autobiography of a Jesuit priest in Elizabethan England is a most remarkable document and John Gerard, its author, a mos...
Like this if you be willing to go to and read the free preview? Then, get back to me.
FYI: TxForce * The Affordable Care Act Nobody Can Afford to the destruction of our stellar healthcare and patient/doctor confidentiality, compliments of Obamacare - I was just handed the Phreesia computer tablet by the receptionist under the guise of updating my medical and insurance information. I had seen this orange notebook in another doctor’s office and I became suspicious. Is this really meant to verify, as the website claims, my insurance eligibility automatically and help doctors collect on their insurance while easing the load of paperwork? Or is it forced electronic data compliance to Obamacare? As soon as I started reading each screen, I realized that it was asking me to consent to third parties to obtain my medication prescription history from my pharmacy and to my entire medical history. I had the right to request and restrict as to how my protected health information was used or disclosed. However, when I declined to sign, the computer stopped, and prompted me to talk to the receptionist. ...
Paperback Writer is potentiallyy the best Beatles song NOT to make an album cut.
Is a Beatles RPer a Paperback writer or?
Health writer Cathy Stillman-Lowe, one of MEA mag contributors, gives 3-star review of Greg Crowhurst's book:
Ben Lewin is best known in the US as the writer and director of comedy features: Paperback...
All right your starter for ten...famous and favourite b sides of 7" singles ...wayhay we are talking vinyl.
Got Paperback Writer stuck in my head today. I now hope it gets stuck in yours.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Win 1 of 5 copies of 11th Hour on paperback: The world’s best-selling thriller writer James ... RT
GEEZ! I just had a "Close Encounter of the Third Kind"...(er, no sorry.of the WORST kind!), from the type of so-called CHRISTIAN, who gives us ALL a bad rap. The ladies who think that the living of a Godly or holy life is all about RIGID PRACTICES. Going to church perhaps daily, saying mechanical prayers they don't even listen to, or mean, and whose hearts SHOULD be filled with compassion and kindness; but are instead hearts of stone. And indeed, as a daily worshiper in my church, I haven't really SEEN this woman before, but am not too anxious to experience her again! There is a poor Jamaican woman who has often sat quietly in our church, listening to our Mass and prayers. I see her sometimes around the 'hood, and historically she is a VERY sweet soul. But something IS amiss...there are mental issues. Yet we know her - and @ this stage, she belongs to our community, far as I am concerned. We have a sign which reads: "All are welcome in God's house" at the side of our Church. Just as it SHOULD be. ...
THE PAGETURNERS MATTERS NOT”, the Warwick Davis Memoir Reviewed by B. Watkins   Reading my first pick for PAGE TURNERS, I recall a memory from high school, back when we were reading Gulliver’s Travels (can’t remember if it was the whole text, or the abridged version). After we were finished, we watched the miniseries version starring Ted Danson (which took several classes to finish). I had already seen it on TV, so my attention wandered from the actual movie to watching the other students to see what they thought of it. There’s one particular scene where Gulliver’s in …B-World or Land of the Giants (no way I can remember the actual name), where the dwarf jester came walking in on stilts.     Well aware of who the actor was, my eye wandered over to a pretty female student (can’t really remember who it was; I remember she was blonde) and the look of puzzlement on her face was hilarious as she whispered to a friend next to her, “Who is that?” Then, when Davis jumped off his stilts and st ...
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What have you been geeking on? I'm on quite the streak. Finished Jetman, rewatched the Jetman episode of Gokaiger, watched One Piece, finished two episodes of The Walking Dead, cracked open XCOM again, and tonight.. Kyorueger's first episode and The Fourze Movie!
Paperback Writer just came on shuffle, wow! Haven't heard it in years, tune.
Numismatist: N a student or collector of coins new word today.
All of my stories can be found in both Paperback, Kindle, and Nook formats. Wives... Christmas is coming soon!
I just found that all 6 books in my Zodiac series are in the Top 100 for e-books at B&N! Not bad for a series that started in 07!
love me do, let it be, paperback writer, hey bulldog, hey Jude, get back, Yellow Submarine, when I'm 64, help, ticket to ride
Dear sir or madam would you read my book it took me years to write, would you take a look?
I think I'm the last writer on earth that doesn't have an e-reader :/ so I'll have to go with paperback
BLACK HISTORY BIOGRAPHY(Black History Month) JOHN HENRICK CLARKE. a Pan-Africanist American writer, historian, professor, and a pioneer in the creation of Africana studies and professional institutions in academia starting in the late 1960s. He was Professor of African World History and in 1969 founding chairman of the Department of Black and Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College of the City University of New York. He also was the Carter G. Woodson Distinguished Visiting Professor of African History at Cornell University’s Africana Studies and Research Center. In 1968 along with the Black Caucus of the African Studies Association, Clarke founded the African Heritage Studies Association Early life and education Born on January 1, 1915, in Union Springs, Alabama, as the eldest child to sharecroppers John (Doctor) and Willie Ella (Mays) Clark, he renamed himself John Henrik (after rebel playwright Henrik Ibsen) and added an "e" to his surname Clarke. Counter to his father's wishes for him to be a farmer, ...
I'm curious - what's your favorite career or job-related song, movie, book, quote, etc?
(Bobby Ray) Pumpin' out the Greatrest Hits from 10-3, and looking forward to your "All-Request Cafe" songs at Noon! Call 320-0957 or e-mail me bobby
One of the hardest questions I'm asked--right after, where do you get your ideas for a book-- is "What is the book about?" The answer to both questions is a shrug and an, "I don't really know." I don't plot books. I don't outline. I rarely think beyond the next scene. I just write. And when I'm done with the book, it leaves the space in my head and a new book replaces it. I never think of my books in terms of themes or story arcs. I seem to concentrate on characters. But . . . here is some of the back copy we're working on for Run To You: There's nothing like fleeing Miami to ruin a girl's day. Stella Leon's bartending gig was going fine until gorgeous ex-Marine Beau Junger decked her Mob-connected boss, spirited her out of the city, and claimed that Stella's half-sister--the one with the perfect life--sent him. Now Stella just has to stay alive, lose the chip on her shoulder. . . and seduce Beau military-issue socks off. . . The Marine Corp was Beau's escape from his old man's legacy of Naval heroism and ...
"It's been 14 years of silence, It's been 14 years of pain. It's been 14 years that are gone forever and I'll never have again." I know what you mean, Axl. I do. Still on the Guns n' Roses Use Your Illusion kick. This one may last a while. I haven't hears these songs for so long. And come one people. How many times can we sing Om Namah Shivayah? (Just kidding on that last one. Obviously ;) I like to alter My G N' R w/ KD, BD, SD, DD, and any other *** D you can think of. And quick Superfans. Which of the 2 Use Your Illusions was it on? No peeking,
Cual es su cancion favorita de the beatles ? Pony(:
Rush withheld a secret that had destroyed Blaire's world. She knows she can never forgive him, but she can't forget him either… Now, Blaire's back home in Alabama and is trying to move on with her life … until something happens to send her world spinning once again.What do you do wh...
Okay I've just seen three sites with my book on it as a free download. I've reported them but I could be rude and hunt them down and take them to court but I'll chill out since they took it down in a heartbeat. I don't play with my books. It's MY work and I worked *** it. I mean really, it's only a dollar. Ugh. I can't stand piracy! I seriously can't.
Enter to win one of 10 free copies available. Giveaway dates from Feb 18-Mar 18, 2013. Win a free trade paperback copy of Anne Michaud's GIRLS & MONSTERS...
HOLY CRAP! I've just been informed that NEVER TOO FAR is on Paid books on iBooks in the UK. That's just preorders! WOW. I am just... wow.
One of cherished author Debbie Macomber’s classic novels, an enchanting tale of a love that is challenged at every turn, is available for the first time in decades—and exclusively as an eBook. At a magical Christmas fete, Karen McAlister meets a man she cannot ignore—the first man to interest her…
Forrest was a schoolboy when he heard his first Beatle song, 'Love me do,' I think it was. From there it didn't take him long.
I have a question for you as horror readers... A frequent question that horror writers get is: "Why do you write about such horrible things?" This, to me, presents an interesting question. So, I ask you, the readers: Why do YOU read horror? What is it that makes you want to read these stories about horrible things? I'm sure the answers will be widely varied, and I'm sure the reasons for reading horror are different from the reasons for watching horror movies and shows. But, I do genuinely want to know what people think. Ask your horror-minded friends as well! Why do YOU peek into the dark places?
I need a job and I want to be a paperback writer.
I'm trying to decide if "Paperback Writer" counts as a dramatic monologue. Traditionally they are spoken words or a stream of thoughts (internal monologues), but if we can count telephone calls, why not the older medium of a letter? A letter is simply a speech which has been honed and written, isn't it? Dawn Elmore-Mc Crary, what's your professional opinion?
What is your favorite Beatles song? Methinks "Come Together". Although I am not sure what it means, I just like the phrase "He's one spinal *** .
On Saturday, October 27, Lorenzo was interviewed on a radio talk show about 25 Lessons. Subsequently, the host of the show, Starla Faye, chose their talk to be the interview to replay over Thanksgiving weekend. It was a great interview in which they discuss the beauty of life and why we all should appreciate it. Since, Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 22 happens to be Lorenzo's birthday this year, he feels its a wonderful early birthday present. Help him celebrate life and take a listen if you are interested and have some time today. Click here, to hear the interview. Across Four Categories September 3, 2012: For the first time, 25 Lessons is now the bestseller across four categories, including both the Kindle and book categories for "Photography - Photo Essays" and "Artists, Architects & Photographers Biographies & Memoirs." A Heartfelt Thank You August 31, 2012: Thank you to everyone who helped promote the giveaway of 25 Lessons yesterday. It was a very successful campaign that exceeded my expectations ...
Re: Is the Necronomicon a real book - I recently ran across a plethora of questions on the web asking if the Necronomicon was a real book. The answer is no and yes. No, there is no actual historical grimoire called the Necronomicon - it was a fictional book that popped up periodically in the FICTION stories of H.P. Lovecraft (if that's not clear enough, INVENTED by Lovecraft). However, since his work has influenced many other writers, including screenwriters, the book has spread beyond his stories, and has inspired other fiction writers to write "authentic" versions of the book. So yes, you can find ACTUAL books called the Necronomicon, BUT they are FICTION, inspired by Lovecraft. Admittedly, I'm preaching to the choir here (given my friends are, appearances to the contrary, sane), but maybe this will spread beyond my personal circle...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
This was an excellent night! Added 874 words to Bitter Chocolate and I'm FINALLY over 70K! Total word count is now 70,048. It will build fast now. Also received an order from Amazon for a Hot Chocolate paperback just an hour ago, and I noticed that I had another 5-star review from a reader. You can't beat that.
26 GREAT REASONS TO START READING! If you are one of the non-book readers who feels you “don’t need no stinking books”, here are 26 great reasons to start the habit…before you are left behind! 1. Reading is an active mental process – Unlike TV, books make you to use your brain. By reading, you think more and become smarter. 2. It is a fundamental skill builder - Every good course on the planet has a matching book to go with it. Why? Because books help clarify difficult subjects. Books provide information that goes deeper than just classroom discussion. 3. Improves your vocabulary – Remember in elementary school when you learned how to infer the meaning of one word by reading the context of the other words in the sentence? You get the same benefit from book reading. While reading books, especially challenging ones, you will find yourself exposed to many new words you wouldn’t be otherwise. 4. Gives you a glimpse into other cultures and places – What is your favorite vacation spot? I would b ...
Considering changing Kai's school, when I asked him wat he did today he said he 'learnt all about Paul McCartney's Death' car crash in 1966 apparently.
Is Murray psychic? He talks to the dead and comforts them in their lonely graves, even as they provide solace for him—they are his best friends. When he hears a new voice in the cemetery, he’s sure it’s Nikki, the cheerleader who has been missing for months. But who will beli...
What's your favorite song by The Beatles?
Oh, my. This is Claire's house in my next book, DADDY, UNEXPECTEDY. It's kind of eerie.
The NASCAR Hall of Fame nominating committee got it right Wednesday by making Wendell Scott one of five first-time nominees for the class of 2013. But what about the other four?
Hoping the positive mood carries me through my lesson observation tomorrow. racking my brain for a song to play during the starter activity which links somehow to persuasive writing. Any ideas?
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