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Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf is a male fictional character from The Smurfs. At 542 years old (546 in the movie) is the third-oldest Smurf after Grandpa and Nanny, and well above the typical age of the other Smurfs, which are approximately 100 years old.

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somehow I just knew ud be hacked by this Nathi lol
This girl over here with blue lipstick looking like she just gave head to Papa smurf 😂😂
Mandy Patinkin to voice Papa Smurf in animated Smurfs movie
I sold another half of my $NUGT long @ $20.37 from $16.88 entry noted here: Blog post to come.
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and then my after life goal is to be Papa Smurf
I liked a video from Como Desenhar um Smurf ( How to Draw Papa Smurf) - SLAY DESENHOS
Who would win? Papa Smurf vs. Doc from Fraggle Rock
Where else can you see Captain Jack Sparrow and Papa Smurf having a chat? That's right... 😀
There's a puddle of blue goo in my pocket. Either my gum melted, or Papa Smurf unloaded in my pants.
I wonder whete papa smurf went and comp skype call me
When your teacher assigns homework on the 1st day of school 😂😂😂✋
. “Does the baby look more like you or your wife?” Right now, the baby looks like a shriveled up Papa Smurf with black eyes and wrinkly hands. In three months, she will look like a toothless Alfred Hitchcock. I have no idea who she will look like at this point. - See more at:
"You know the cokes good when you're feeling like papa smurf"
Model: Papa smurf by Velovillage bangkok x Art cycle
MLB: Frosted Flakes 2, Butt Cheeks 1; Papa Smurf saves the day with Bryan Cranston play
According to Papa Smurf, exercise, eating more fish, and exposure to sunlight might lessen the blues.
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To my son Christian, I miss you odee papa!! I'll be seeing you sooner than later 💯💯💯
Papa smurf and I like to eat proscuitto pizza :D @ Marina…
Real Cartoon Lookalikes These are brilliant - the Papa Smurf One!!
I'm gonna be in school wearing all blue. Call me Papa Smurf. 🙌
Now it's bed time for me and my papa smurf.
I see Rob burned the Papa Smurf hippie shizz jeans 🙌🙌🙌?
like if humans were able to live there would we all sound like Papa Smurf & smurfette?
Rich people have lambos wealthy people teleport
Imma need Destiny to let me know about the rellos.
A "Firenado" is a combination of a fire with a tornado.
Captain Charles & Papa Smurf will keep yo body moving!! NP Candy by Cameo
My birthday nails. Also decided to make them in memory of John Button aka Papa Smurf for…
Mclaren boys paying tribute to Papa Smurf / John Button
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Papa Smurf is drawing in Best Buy. Val Kilmer just bought a sandbox. Xabi Alonso is farting on garlic. George Washington.
It's official. There's a disease that will turn you into PAPA SMURF
Hope to see him very soon. Think about alit of things right now. Wish he was here so i could talk to him about them. Well off to lalala land with bella and janeway to see the wonderful papa smurf.
[≡ƤĐ≡] Papa Smurf PACT was just iced by Nicole, which brings the body count to 167,843 rivals. [≡ƤĐ≡] minnielou was just iced by Nicole, who has whacked a total of 167,844 rivals.
Busts of ancient Cypriot kings all look like Papa Smurf to me
Queen Mary Horn. Papa Smurf had to use the restroom though Surprised by her whistle
Financial update: Papa Smurf Homework caught in camera scandal; promises to cut staff by 49%
Momma Bear and Papa Smurf were a little tired today!
Papa Smurf are you ever gonna lick my ***
My little papa smurf mama and Kaiden against the world *** YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR PAW
yeah for a bball tourney I saw u ok the way out
My life is complete...nothing like dancing with papa smurf and Teletubbies at the bar 💁
About to head to the beach with papa smurf
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.You don't see Papa Smurf telling Smurfette "worship me or burn in *** for eternity". Why worship a torturer?
that is her original story though. Dark haired bad girl turned blond good girl by Papa Smurf.
What has Gargamel done to make Papa Smurf so angry?
What kind of "correction" would you provide to someone who really hates papa smurf?
M!$F!T$ Don Papa Smurf was just iced by Ian, who has whacked a total of 209,840 rivals.
Good mornin' friends of the page.. Ya know there's nothin' quiet as pleasin' as that early Sunday mornin' cuppa brew. Ah. Shhh.. let's not wake the rest of the house up for just a bit yet... Today is Sunday June 22, 2014. It's Smurf Day (This is not to be confused with the celebration of a Smurf's birthday. Smurf Day is a holiday that the Smurfs observe every year, which Papa Smurf in "The Magic Egg" calls "the smurfiest day of the year". How the day is observed was usually up to the Smurfs to decide, which could include a parade, fireworks, or even a dance with an orchestra.) It's America's Kids Day *Fourth Sunday in June (The goal of this day is to teach American children what it is to be an American. We need to teach them our fundamental values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Yes, there is a lot of cynicism out there, but it is still possible for children to grow up to be anything they want to be if they are willing to work for it. That's what it is to be an American) It's ARRL * America ...
Papa smurf brought me a breakfast platter 😱😋
Can I see papa smurf this afternoon before my birthday please :)
Well in to whatever nob head threw the blue felt tip into my garden turned round an Noah looked like papa smurf running round scrub time for him
“It doesn’t matter where you came from. What matters is who you choose to be.” ~ Papa Smurf – Smurf 2
Wonder if Motherhen and Papa smurf brought me a present back from their hols!!! x
Scar ed xx. Ccc x , lmfao just let it dlowww
Da bae lookin like the female version of papa smurf 😘
Okay, so there's one smurfet in the entire smurf village. With the village be so populated, that smurfet gotta be blown out. And if papa smurfs the oldest and hit it first, they are all related. With means papa smurfs a pimp of a the smufet in the insest village.
is actually voicing Papa Smurf in the next Smurf movie
It's papa smurf yet again, and he's standing just infront of our DST app booth!
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Why was Papa Smurf lurking outside her front door?
"It doesn't matter where you came from, it only matters who you choose to be" -Smurfs 2, Papa Smurf. Second time watching it!
He jumps like wiggins but he's black
This one is for Robin. Papa Smurf is talking to you girl. It's time... XOXO
Stick your pancake in his scrambler
Do u like your pancakes toasted fried or scrambled
Captain charles birthday party with papa smurf and DJ Fatt
"We didn't believe in her because she changed. She changed because we believed in her." -Papa Smurf, Smurfs 2
what if you make Papa Smurf into ANIMU?
Knowing papa smurf is gone really breaks my heart. 💔🍄😭
Still try n to understand y there is only one female smurf bt mad *** that's a problem papa smurf need to answer
APOLOGY.This is a touchy subject. But, it is a subject that must be covered for the benefit of others who know first hand what I am writing about. I say I am sorry and admit it when I am wrong. Which happens often. I try very hard not to hurt anyone. But, there are people who have abused and hurt me deeply through verbal abuse, physical abuse and violence, sexual abuse, neglect, and through a host of other ways. Am I complaining? No. This is a fallen world full of fallen people. Fallen people do fallen things to other people. It is the duty of conscientious Christians to educate their children and grand children to the reality of this world to prepare them for what will come. Idealism almost always gets left behind with the shattered dreams of the idealist. What does all this have to do with an apology? I have had to learn throughout life, that there are people who will never apologize for the evil they do to you. Don't hold your breath expecting one. You will die looking blue like a deceased papa smurf. ...
My Grandson Mason says that I am papa smurf.
Beautiful night spent with my Papa Smurf and his lovely Tammy. Thanks for the reintroduction to Port Pops! Really gonna miss you both
"Well, let papa smurf in and we'll put some red pants on this situation" -Adam
We rise to the amount of love that we have shown and we sink when that love stops. ~Papa Smurf
I'm 546, I'm getting too old for this. -Papa Smurf
I was just reminded of how much I appreciated, "How much longer, Papa Smurf?" cc:
Got all my stuff out of my old apartment thanks to mama dukesz & papa smurf
Drink papa smurf. Sounds like fun to me!
Let's not forget the soca fest tonight at the goombay park in the bazaar don't be late our very own blue Jay "94" will be performing alone with papa smurf Oscar B and others
mann, dnt know wat too doo,wit myself today!1i miss my lil papa smurf.. can,t wait to start my new job this week!!! I hate not having much of an option,of wat too doo. my mind start,s to wonder,and that,s not I need sum one to talk too!!
LOL 'Elderly papa smurf' :P okk than .-. :P
I don't know about you guys. But papa smurf has a nice beard.
Winter solstice today, so it means I’m getting ready for the annual Oyster Bay Druid Appreciation and Model Steam Ferry Society’s “meet the Dawn Sun” ceremony and sausage sizzle. Those with a keen memory and not much in their lives will remember that I’ve butted heads with the social committee of the Oyster Bay Druids before. My use of Aldi roll-on woad for the past two years hasn’t gone down well for some reason and I’m a bit fed up with their attitude. This year I’m wearing a Papa Smurf onesie and if they don’t like it they can stick it where the runes don’t shine as far as I’m concerned.
Papa Smurf Aubrey giving a talk on the SENS foundation approach to ending aging at TEDx Oxbridge in May. The interesting part for me was the slide at 21:27 listing some of the published research (all in vitro): - Enzymes used to remove oxisdised low density cholesterol. - Catalytic IgM antibodies used to remove TTR amyloids. - Nuclear expression for mitchondrial DNA genes that have been damaged, and import of the encoded proteins into mitchondria. Which one do people think will be the first to make it to a clinical trial?
So apparently I will be a zombie papa smurf.?
Too much moonshine makes Big Papa Smurf pass out in a vegetable tray with humus.
Happy 9 months to my beautiful son!! I can't believe time flew so fast! Everyday is a blessing with you, I love u so dearly. U make me the happiest woman alive! Happy 9 months my papa Smurf!
Big Al,There was this wrestler named Solomon Crowe that worked the opening match tonight in Lakeland. He had this device that looked a lot like a Kindle that he could use to control everything. (by the way the armory is only a few blocks from that new Amazon warehouse they are building. They are almost done and that place is MASSIVE) He used it to control the sound system ,the lights and all kinds of things. As you know I own 3 Kindles. I'm thinking this is a feature I haven't activated yet. Since i'm on my vacation this week im going to do some research on this. :) If it works out. Im going to keep one of my Kindles at work and that way when somebody complains about something I can just push a button! I may talk to Papa Smurf about getting one too. This would also be good to use when you go to the Karaoke sings. When some of those obnoxious jerks are on stage. Just hit a button and cut the mics off. I know your wife has a Nook. I'm going to see if Nooks have this feature too.It's amazing what you can le ...
Mine is slutty papa smurf now thats is weird. Lol
Funniest thing ever.jonathan referred to Todd Mahoney as papa smurf.I am dying
Papa SMURF is a danger to you your children and your Country. He was elected to President of the United States in 2008, and never showed a proper Birth Certifacte. He is an outstanding public speaker that Charms the American People into doing anything he wants. Most American People are not fooled by this 'Danger to Society.' He is in league with Gargavel. He isn't even a real Smurf! Several Radio shows spend hours and hours convicing people who have time to listen to him between the times of 10 am and three pm (millions of Americans'-err not really and you can't even give away spot time durring the dead hours) to hate Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf is a radical. He wears RED UNDERWEAR. Just like Hitler and Norieaga. Papa smurf is obviously EVIL, why...we have just discovered YET ANOTHER conspiracy theroy. HE IS BLUE. Being blue means that there is no way Papa Smurf can be a 'Real American'. Papa Smurf also went to IVY LEAGUE schools where by vote of his peers who he obviously tricked through his magical powers-Pa ...
is watching THE SMURFS 2 on Netflix stream for Nostalgia RIP Papa Smurf's Voice
I better get my slutty papa smurf costume ready! Lol
Only just woke up "Again" And this headache won't budge what so ever.. Please bugger off 😧 Something to eat and watch "White house down" With papa smurf 😊
Papa smurf at work brought me and my bestie Rebecca Whitehead Was Sams a lovely bottle of wine today for no reason, which was so kind. But not sure how he realised we like grapes so much 🍷
WHY o WHY papa Smurf 33 yrs older than me just ask me to give him my cell Eeew...!!! OLD MAN = WORMS & I'm SKAID of worms!!!
Happy birthday to the best aunt a girl could ever ask for, my auntie Shanda Hodge. I hope u have a good day an ima turn up with u next weekend in Memphis, lol drinks on me I love u❤ Also happy birthday to my papa smurf Alexander, love ya pops. Have a good day. Glad God blessed 2 important ppl in my life with another yr.❤☺
$35 firm. Comes with everything needed. Flavors are Papa Smurf in the blue and Smurfette in yellow.
Papa Smurf. This was done at the Calgary Expo drink & draw in 2009/2010 I can't remember. I remember Bruce Timm laughing pretty hard & claimed he wouldn't forget it. So I found this and would like to share it. Enjoy.
9 _Dwarves? Did somebody slip in Alfred E. Neuman and Papa Smurf?
Guess who the employee of the month is at South Hanover Wal-mart. The notorious greeter we all know as Ken AKA/Santa-Easter Bunny-Papa Smurf and many more.
Peter is now Uncle Ben and Papa Smurf- Wow! That's funny to me!
U can call me Uncle Ben, you can call me Papa Smurf but please don't call me a b
Peter can take all the jokes and laugh it off..Uncle Ben, Papa Smurf...Bytch!! LOL
Papa Smurf, you sure it's not Uncle Ben!!!
Meet Clem! The Papa Smurf of student ministry at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Everybody loves Clem. What a...
"Papa Smurf".ready to be bagged at Traditional Hot Rod Speed Shop . Grab it up!…
When your squad don't come to school
First of all! Papa Smurf didn't create Smurfette... Gargamel did.
I'm 'smurf sitting' for Canada, can't wait. yay for papa smurf and the wonderful work of
I love that there's a Papa Smurf toy going to every F1 race this year. Great tribute to John Button, great idea.
they gave it to me at school after we took the PLAN
I know but my counselor said he cant get my transcript until Friday at 10:30 and where did you get the test papers?
o ok. I got everything filled out all I gotta do is get my transcript and the test scores.
oh yea I typed the paper but the two forms for administrative
my principle didnt wanna fill out her part. Did you type the paper to the principal?
I hate when Diamond dont go to school lol
“People think are rude sometimes. They just don't want to be dishonest.”
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
feeling the love papa smurf. Crutches come off tomorrow :p
am doing an auction in memory of Papa Smurf so ANYTHING would be superb even an unsigned plate :-D . TY Again ;-)
Fun Fact: Papa makes each Smurf hat for every Smurf in the village. That's a lot of white thread!
whaaat? Lol, i ditched school yesterday, they found out and papa smurf is home today. lmao
About to cool with my lil man for the first time in a grippp
I might miss her when shes gone but i wont regret anything..
I cant give you help if you dont want it
Once I saw the bright blue & red accents on this limited edition Lamy Safari, who else could it be but Papa Smurf?
Can Papa Smurf be considered a "DAD" since no one knows how Smurfs reproduce?
maybe I'm just multi tasking but at first I read that as Papa Smurf BOL.
I need to go see my papa Smurf today
Here's an image that breaks the wage gap down by race and gender.
Just realized how creepy Papa Smurf is.
How can he perform his duties as make-believe CEO, have dinner with Papa smurf, AND lead the Tories to election glory without one?
Although you are extremely impatient today, honoring your resp... More for Capricorn
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
While you were watching Papa-Smurf meets the Queen the three (count em) three public sector fiscal bodies cocked up a sum by €100mill
//Why are Papa Smurf and Smurfette invading the TARDIS?
I betcha the queen and papa smurf had sex
clinging on with parasitic barbs then, Papa Smurf would be most proud David!
Check out the campaign to send Papa Smurf teddy to every GP this year! For The Henry Surtee…
Scars by papa roach has and always will be the anthem of my existence.
Oooohh Floyd, say it ain't so? What would yo Momma think? Standing at just 5'8 of Papa Smurf macho and possessing a male booty grabbing reach of '72 inches (yiiikes, how did Mathhew McConaughey & Jared Leto escaped being *** harrased while filming 'Dallas Buyers Club'), Walterweight boxing Champion Floyd "Merry Maid...ooops, I mean Mayday" Mayweather is recently accused of orchestrating the kidnappings and beatings of two males who allegedly robbed the undefeated champ of jewelry from his Vegas home. One man in particular received a broken arm-in 3 places-aswell as having his pinky broken and hand pulverized with a mallet. This ofcourse is all alleged speculation, the victim citing Mayweather himself being present while he was tortured and roughed up by Mayweather's thugs. OK, despite a perfect 45 (26 knockouts) wins and zero losses record in the ring, if allegations are true, then Pretty Boy Floyd (and I use that term very loosely) is a coward and senseless thug. For one thing, everybody born outside of ...
GKMMC37, awesome time in Daytona! Those of you who went, great job on ridding skillfully and most of all safely! A well oiled machine! Had a great time meeting up with the other GK chapters and meeting up with the local Red Knights. Special thanks going out to Papa Smurf and Chapter 81 for their hospitality. With bike week behind us we now need to focus our sights on Fridays base motorcycle safety rodeo. Need everyone to help out to make this another successful event! Cage
Uh, I might be a bit late on this. But Y'know the voice actor for Papa Smurf for the Smurfs Movie? He sounds a lot like Esbern... Did anybody else recognize that?
JB spoke very eloquently, told some lovely stories about Papa Smurf and said it'll be emotional whatever the result ht…
Crosby's lips are so blue he looks like he gave Papa Smurf's *** a Dizzy Gillespie blow
Dumb award goes to Papa Smurf. Dumber award goes to Todd Hoffman. Congrats guys!!
I got Origen. Which of the church fathers are you? I got Papa Smurf. Which of the smurfs are you? I got Naphtali. Which of the twelve tribes are you? ... Can we stop doing this now?
DownloadFree Full Movie Downloads Websites - Full Movie Downloads Websites Natural environment Poll Reveals Couple of Think in Smurf-Motivated International Warming In a stunning improvement, Brainy Smurf denied the typically-held concept that smurfy affect was exacerbating world-wide warming. Smurfing analysts are bewildered by this transform in technique from the Brainy camp. Brainy Smurf is trailing towards the incumbent Leader and Basic Smurfing Despot for lifestyle, Papa Smurf, latest experiments have revealed. Free Full Movie Downloads Websites. Colin Firth Biography Colin Firth will generally be remembered as the sexiest Mr Darcy ever just after he emerged from the lake in a moist shirt in the 1995 Tv adaptation of Jane Austen's "Delight and Prejudice." But Firth is just as intimate in his private daily life. In 1995, just just after the sequence was shown on television, he met Italian movie producer Livia Giuggioli on a movie established, and it was appreciate at initially sight. Can A Kindle Swit ...
Red Sox, Duck Dynasty, Gandalf, Santa, Paul Bunyan, Papa Smurf... They all grow beards. None of them invented it.
I'm hearing Jeb Bush is a real possibility to be the Republican presidential candidate in 2016. Really? EVERYONE knows he rigged the 2000 election. Al Gore won and then suddenly Florida went the other way. So, let me get this straight, the GOP would rather have a white crook who conducts his politics like a mob boss as president than an honest black president who has shown composure, tolerance and good judgement despite them acting like Gargamel to his Papa Smurf since the day he stepped into office? Alright. The Republicans need to remember one thing,though. Hostility and intolerance have never won a presidential election and that is all that they are currently running on.
Hey! Why does the seal for the US Senate have Papa Smurf's hat on it??
next week on the Rachet hood wives of ATL ... Kandi Smurf gets in Papa Smurf face for what? Stay tuned ... I can't wait !!! I wonder what funky dineva has on this episode .
Just had a hair/beard trim. Now look slightly more like Andre Agassi and less like Papa Smurf.
Happy birthday Jenson. I love this picture of little Jenson and his father John, Papa Smurf. Just to…
Devasted to hear of the passing of Papa Smurf aka John Button.My deepest thoughts are with Jenson & his family.
We're devastated to hear the tragic news about 'Papa Smurf' John Button. Our hearts go out to Jenson Button, his family & friends. We have so many memories of John's love of life from his years with the team in Brackley. He will be greatly missed by all in the F1 paddock
Papa Smurf is at McKinley Elementary School tonight until 6pm! If you're there, stop by the booth and say hi!
My day was pretty decent. Took care of my Daddy in the morning and went to Dave and Busters and won a Papa Smurf!! I'm surrounded by oldies
Jonathan Winters actor and comedian. Jonathan Winters biography who voices Papa Smurf from the Smurfs.
In this very special episode, our crimefighting duo attempt to free Bruce Willis' head from a chimney. Guest starring Rod Hull & Papa Smurf
Jonathan Winters, US Marines During his senior year at Springfield High School, Winters quit school to join the U.S. Marine Corps and served two and a half years in the Pacific Theater during World War II. With a career spanning more than six decades, Winters appeared in hundreds of television show episodes/series and films combined, including eccentric characters on The Steve Allen Show, The Garry Moore Show, The Wacky World of Jonathan Winters (1972–74), Mork & Mindy, Hee Haw, and It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. He also voiced Grandpa Smurf on The Smurfs (1986–89) and Papa Smurf in The Smurfs (2011). Winters’ final feature film was The Smurfs 2 in 2013, which is dedicated to his memory.
So I did a dry run, volunteering for dinner on Monday. Some things I learned: -They can use us all over the facility if there's overflow. To do the actual kitchen stuff is really gonna be more like 8-10 people. We served dinner with four in the kitchen--3 professionals and me--and it went smoothly. -Bring a hat and you won't have to wear a hair net (longhairs, have something to hold that stuff up) -You'll do fine in jeans and a tshirt or jeans and a flannel or jeans and a tshirt with a flannel around your waist, if that is indeed back in. (If so that would be awesome) -It's right past Cass Tech. The first building that says Mariners kind of hides the newer building where you enter and park. -They have to let you in through the locked door so we will all meet in the foyer at 11--PLEASE DON'T BE LATE as they are serving at 11:30. Early is fine--they'll let you in and get you to work. I'll be there at 10:30. -Cheryl runs the kitchen. Do whatever she says. Jordan (our age) and "Papa Smurf" (papa smurf's age) ...
Annual Truck Driver Roll-Call. Rest In Power to Big Mike,J-Dog and Perry Mason. To the drivers on FB I've ran the roads with: Sticky,TJ, Big T,Beano,Papa Smurf,TKO,Croaker,Big Ron,Gigalo,Slow n' Easy. To the drivers in my family,my eldest brother,Danna Mays-aka-Don,my lady cousins,Doris Livingston-aka-Suga Mama and Maria Livingston-aka-Re. And to the techs that keeps the trucks rollin,Gabe Medina,Earle Jeffrey ,Reggie Smith , OctavioyJenifer Ramirez and Terrell Neale. And a holla at Karen Jenkins,who's still holdin it down at K&Q.And to any driver or tech that I may have missed, Supa Dave from that Watergate City wavin 4 fingers and a thumb!
NEW RELEASE - SMURFS 2 - In this live-action/animated family sequel, the Smurfs return to the human world in order to save Smurfette (voiced by Katy Perry) from the grasp of the dastardly Gargamel (Hank Azaria). Gargarmel has created his own Smurf-like critters - the rascaly Naughties - but lacks Smurf-essence to turn them true blue. So he kidnaps Smurfette, and brings her to Paris where he enjoys adoration as a great sorcerer. The dastardly wizard plans on using Smurfette's Smurfness and the Eiffel Tower (as an antenna) to finally return home. It's up to Papa Smurf, Clumsy, Grouchy and Vanity to get help from Patrick (Neil Patrick Harris) and Grace (Jayma Mays) and save the Smurfing day
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
This weeks new dvd releases in store now include; Alan Partridge Papa Alpha With Steve Coogan, Colm Meaney, Anna Maxwell Martin, Sean Pertwee Grown Ups 2, With Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade Man of Steel with Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon Smurfs 2 with Papa Smurf, Smurfette and lots more blue people and The Hangover Part 3 With Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha Dvd rental prices now start at £1! and don`t forget your free bag of popcorn with each order. Free membership call in today, sign up takes 2mins. Key fob membership cards comming soon.
Hey Marty Correia did you see me in the crowd?
Didnt get much done outside today! Just so cold and I couldnt get into it at all. Tomorrow my mom is coming to help me and Sunday Josh is coming to check on the power and hang the star on the roof of the porch! Will be so happy to have the help! I am so thankful for yalls help! You just dont understand how much I want to be done with the outdoor stuff. So for all those that know our house and christmas stuff we should be up and going completely in the next few days. This year I am adding a few new additions to the display. I made Eeyore in honor of my sister in law that passed away. She loved Eeyore so I made it for her! Love U Grace! I will also be trying to add Smurfetter, papa smurf, gargamel (I dont know how to spell, Despicable me and the minions, Hello kitty (made by my daughter Tea Garza ) and our bird, a amazon parret named Juliet (that will be made by my daughter Kate Mack.) Hope everyone enjoys it once it is all finished!
Papa Smurf, what's scarier: Garganel or a downed dreidel? Welcome to the tribe. We embrace the blue.
"The muppets are better musicians than lady gaga"-papa smurf
Won a Papa Smurf from the claw machine at Denny's.
Thankful that Landon left Papa Smurf here to protect me because on really bad days like today snuggling with him makes me feel a little bit less alone. I miss my family.
Is there a smurfing band behind Papa Smurf? That would be just smurfy!
You know I'm not in the right state of mind when I call my dad "Papa Smurf" and try to bite my grandma.
Did she really call Papa Smurf's wand a MICROPHONE?!?!
like whenever. I'm sure mama an papa smurf would be okay with it
can there be middlecase letters because sometimes I feel like lowercase doesnt emphasize my point enough but UPPERCASE IS T…
Olivia and I hanging with papa Smurf!
Those family members who shake your hand like this 😻👋😂
Papa smurf birthday is in a few hours 😁
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I'd rather do thanksgiving dinner at Austin's tonight. With aunt Kris, aunt Cindy, grandma, mrs Graf, and papa smurf of course.
And here I thought the holiday season was going to suck elephant balls for me this year… And then the lovely Mayfair is putting this on… If you knew me at all in my Papa Smurf Period (circa 1979-1986), you knew that Saturday mornings were my own private religion with the gospels according to The Smurfs, Alvin & The Chipmunks, My Pet Monster, etc. I don't know exactly what's going to play here, but I can assure you I will be there. Bells on!
Papa smurf at Mary's thanxgiving parade!!!
My brother has a papa smurf and and said that papa smurf gives him dome
Got off the subway to go to work this morning and guess who was there to greet me? PAPA SMURF! Happy Thanksgiving!!
Papa smurf know he in trouble with me but he wanna act like he dont know what im talking bout, its okay though! PUNK! -_-
Papa Smurf here! It's going to be a Smurftastic time at the Thanksgiving Day Parade today!
It's great to be back in NYC! I'll be dancing my way from Central Park all the way to Herald Square. - Papa Smurf
Hey it's papa smurf on Macy's thanksgiving parade...
Can you believe that I am as high as a 4 story building today? The view from up here is Smurfmazing! - Papa Smurf
Don't feel BLUE now that the is over. You can catch on DVD & Blu-ray on Tuesday, Dec. 3rd. See you…
Awesome photos of the parade! Looks like papa smurf was street surfing.Thanks
Am thankful I got to watch Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, so good to see Papa Smurf……!
Papa Smurf says. Happy Thanksgiving My Little Smurfs! Papas has been very very smurfy! Filled with framily & friends (oh the food too)... I am very blessed & thankful. Stay Smurfy my friends!
Home from mom and dads, I had a great time and haven't laughed that much in a long time thanks papa smurf, Rae and Tim had a blast! I sure missed my sister today I hope you are feeling better Cheryl Woods-Cross!
The people at the liquor store know my dad as Papa smurf lmao ***
Who made the last incoming call on your phone? — papa Smurf
On the new york thanksgiving parade there was a smurf float. Papa smurf and smurfette are wavinf as for the other one, hes holding onto the fence Like he is going to throw up and then slowly waves and then back to holding onto the fence. Hes definitely drunk or somethin lmaoo
I'm thankful for a friend with such a hot *** 😍😘 love you papa smurf 😘
Wrong Papa Smurf, one of the big balloons at Macy's parade was not affected by the windy weather of Thanksgivi...
Oo man ooo man have just fallen into bed. My tank is empty of energy! Had a lovely time wrapping gifts for the 'Step by Step' kiddies. Started at 9.30 am and signed off at 4pm. Then had to go home and get ready for our conveyancing attorneys Christmas end of year function. Our team theme was Smurfs ! Now that it is all over I must say we did great. Looked great and had a lovely evening even thou Papa Surf ( willi) was not feeling well. He looked fantastic and made a stunning Papa Smurf :)
1st Thanksgiving on the upper westside. Papa Smurf is blowing up outside my window. Great for me, bad for Gargamel
Aw little papa smurf snoring for Italy xxx
Papa Smurf! ...Happy Thanksgiving to all from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! 🍗
Healing very well I guess this is going to be my new look what do you think I kind of have that papa smurf thing going
Papa Smurf wanted to stare at da Con Edison lamp as i took dis pic! Lol
*chuckles getting out some blueberries* okay Papa smurf. Open wide *grins at *
Large Balloons Lift Off for Thanksgiving Parade: Snoopy, Papa Smurf will be part of Macy's parade despite conc...
Yeah i did see Papa Smurf and Pillsbury Doughboy when i was trying to a) figure out how to…
Papa smurf has landed safely in Perth W.A., so happy for him ,I have a new best buddy Hamish.x
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So as usual I am putting tons of pressure on myself for Saturday, so stressed and nervous, that my big Smurf brought mommy a beer to go with supper, which Papa Smurf made, so yummy. My boys are the best. Love you both tons. Must train tomorrow with big Smurf and let's see what happens on Saturday shall we.
Am I the only one that is very creeped out that there are hundreds of male smurf sons, one female daughter smurf and papa smurf says she's his favorite?
I'm at Macy's day Parade taking pics of my Papa Smurf!!! Lol
Happy Thanksgiving from Santa, some toys (I think), Papa Smurf and an elf butt
Snoopy, Sponge Bob,Papa smurf love the parade
Seeing the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person was AWESOME!!! TV doesn't do the balloons justice. Some look bigger on TV but are kinda small. Some look smaller on TV but are huge! Snoopy and Woodstock were first; Papa Smurf was last. And you had to be there to feel the excitement of everybody when they saw Santa Claus. The whole parade was spectacular! Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!! - Jim .
Papa Smurf is just one of the many artists performing at our Bahamas Best Mega Concert. RSVP to our event page and get your tickets today!
Candace, tyler , Tif and papa smurf
Thanksgiving Camp Cedar 2009. I would like to give thanks to the following people who made my deployment safe, secure, fun, and rememberable. Davis, Hatcher, Ward, Gabrielson, Sanchez, Skillin, Taubman, Riggs, Hotz, Coe, and Shwartz! Thank you gentlemen! Thank you for being you and watching over me so we can all enjoy this day with our family and friends! You men are always in my thoughts and I carry you with me, every day! Love you all, Papa Smurf
WE NOW TAKE A STATION BREAK FOR THIS IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Debbie and I just suffered through 3 hours of inane commentary of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS. It was bad enough when co-host Brooke Anderson referred to Papa Smurf's magical cane as a microphone; "It looks like Papa Smurf is getting ready to sing as he has his microphone." But when the other host Kevin Frazier saw Santa and Mrs. Claus at the end of the parade he said; "And with the appearance of Santa Claus we now officially usher in the Holiday Shopping Season." SAY WHAT? No you insufferable Moron, the appearance of Santa ushers in the HOLIDAY SEASON! HOL-I-DAY SEA-SON! NOT SHOPPING! The word SHOPPING should absolutely not been inserted between the words HOLIDAY and SEASON! As Debbie says; "They are part of the problem not the solution. Quit corrupting the Holiday Season!" *** Clark please come back from Heaven we so need you now! WE NOW RETURN YOU TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING!
Watching the Macy's parade for the first time since I was a kid. I must say the Papa Smurf ballon looked a little smurfed up.
Al Roker just called Papa Smurf a matriarch. Hmmm...
So, wait. if Papa Smurf is the father of ALL the Smurfs, who is the MOTHER if Smurfette is the only female?
Waiting for the native American dancers in the parade my mom "they are either before or after papa smurf" dancers are done.we are waiting for papa smurf! Where is papa smurf! My mom!
Jammin' on these pots and pie pans with my sister in the kitchen with Papa Smurf on the one and twos..."You make me happy, this you can tell!" Doing the bump...Ceedie done knocked a sister CLEAN 'cross the kitchen! Dang Ceedie! # Before I let you go!
Thanksgiving a day to spend wit family n ppl.u love... today I'm missin my gram.. papa smurf.. n big hoot...
Papa Smurf is up & in the bathroom. ...I I still haven't decided if I'm cooking or not.
now here is Papa Smurf and the Gang!
If for nothing else, the Thanksgiving Day Parade is worth it just to hear Matt Lauer talk for ten minutes about Papa Smurf.
Papa smurf Derek Madden there waiting on us lol
Still watch the "Macy Thanksgiving Parade" and just seen Papa Smurf and Smurfs!
Happy Thanksgiving all! papa smurf float and the theme song too at macys day parade made my day!!! ahh the momories
Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade like if I were a little kid and loving the Papa Smurf balloon & Smurf float. One of my favorite cartoons and now one of many that my girls enjoy too 󾬓󾬓
Did everybody see Papa Smurf wave to me on the parade? Lol love the Smurfs. Happy Turkey Day!!!
I was about to share with my wife how thankful I am to be her husband until she called me Papa Smurf.
For Randall Price - here's a list of balloons introduced at Macy's parade. It all started with just one - Felix the Cat - as a novelty in 1927 - and grew from there. --- The following is a list of balloons that have, over the years, been featured in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, sorted by their first year in the lineup. 2013: Snoopy with Woodstock (seventh version), The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary, Finn and Jake, SpongeBob SquarePants (second version), Toothless the Dragon 2012: Hello Kitty (second version), Papa Smurf, The Elf on the Shelf, Kaws's "Companion", Happy Dragon (second version) 2011: Sonic the Hedgehog (second version), Paul Frank's "Julius the Sock Monkey," Tim Burton's "B" 2010: Greg Heffley, Po from Kung Fu Panda, Virginia O'Hanlon, Takashi Murakami's "Kaikai and Kiki" 2009: Pillsbury Doughboy, Sailor Mickey Mouse (4th version), Ronald McDonald (3rd version), Spider-Man (2nd version)[13] 2008: Horton the Elephant, Buzz Lightyear, Smurf, Keith Haring's "Figure with Heart" 2007: Shr ...
And then children, the pilgrims gathered around the harvest table and gave thanks. Then they drug a giant Papa Smurf balloon thru the town.
For u papal Vernon and papa smurf . Jim
There is a Smurfs float and Papa Smurf balloon in the parade Jennifer Bass Smith!
If Smurfette was adopted by Papa Smurf, will we get to meet here biological parents?
"Papa Smurfs loves all his smurf children equally, but he loves his adopted daughter Smurfette just as much." -Parade Banter to get your whole Thanksgiving table to argue.
Baby present from mummy and papa smurf x
I was watching the parade while setting up the dining room then, The Papa Smurf float went by and I totally lost it. I miss my dad. If anyone out there knows who has his Papa Smurf hat, please, please try and get it back for us.
Watching the parade and Gabriella asks why people are waving at the floats, they are fake. Now she sees Papa Smurf and says Look he is waving. Really?
You know it's going to be a good day when you turn on your TV and papa smurf is on. Happy Thanksgiving ya'll
PAPA SMURF!!! Lol 51 feet tall in New York!! Lol not the one we know Kristy Kirkland Magliocchetti! Lol
Reham In Egypt ... Cute papa SMurf ... Getting alot of Love Papa smurf ... Here comes the Bridge to the Future Float ... NYC TV
Papa smurf going by in the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
A Very nice parade.but I missed papa smurf
Does anyone know if Papa Smurf has come through in the parade?
Sitting here watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and can't get the image out of my head. Does Al Roker look like "Papa Smurf" or what? and Matt Lauer should get rid of his facial hair too. Some people can wear that facial hair, but the rest should just give themselves a good old fashioned "shave". Just voicing my opinion!!! lol
About to paint the Chevy body blue like papa smurf without no cloths with Will Cassell and Drew Stanley
Happy Thanksgiving to each of you! Keep an eye out for "On the Roll Again" float featuring Lewis the Duck and Broadway/Television star Megan Hilty will air on NBC at approximately 11:53am just behind Papa Smurf.
Look kids, there's Snoopy...and Papa Smurf.and Cross-dressers performing "Kinky Boots".
I love you bit and Adele James Stephanie Horton and papa smurf and everybody else in MY family glad to have you all in my life
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
2nd pot of coffee being brewed - just woke up from a lil nap! Papa Smurf still on the couch under the covers sleeping.. ( yes he's alive! ) Justine fell asleep too.. John just got up.. House smells delish now.. w/ the turkey in there for a couple hrs already. Missed the parade gotta put it on and see what its up to.. did it start at 9 or 10 am ?
Happy Turkey Day everyone! For anyone watching the Macys Parade my cousins are holding the Papa Smurf balloon! Can't wait to see you Eric and LaNita Hazard~ 󾔗󾥶󾟝
Katie is getting impatient. She wants to see the balloons ( especially Papa Smurf). She doesn't care about these people singing lol.
They just said Papa Smurf, Dora the Explorer and Buzz light year were the classics of the parade. Come on the Smurfs were in the 80s but those others were 90s characters. Not even close to a classic.
Getting ready to cook for me, Rick, the kids, dad, and Papa Smurf! We're having turkey, mashed potatoes, lima beans, corn, green beans and stove top. Butterfinger pie and coconut cake for dessert! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I've gotta get a cake in the oven and Bob (yes I named the turkey) ready to go in the oven!
Papa smurf here wishing everyone a happy and lovely thanksgiving. Love you all
you are papa smurf. Aaand Nicole is clumsy. buuut I'm too ugly to be her :(
lokl ! Can I be papa smurf please ? :D and you guys have to fight over smufette and clumsy ! Aaahh unlucky :(
wooah ! You haven't seen me get personal. Do want me to get personal Papa Smurf ...
So I asked for you beautiful people to text me with your names. Its basically turned into a giant game of guess who. I've had texts from the likes of papa smurf and marverick and goose. Thanks guys. Thanks.
I'm happy, I have everything I need and all the food I can eat I would say I have all the people I love around me but that would be lieng a need my dad wish he was here but nerr need to go see him sometime love you papa smurf the king of my world
Codename ; papa smurf Too be honest , you a stranger change that Rate 9
It's happening on Billy Goat Hill right now! At The Spot: Free Pool, $3 Yager Bombs, Free Pizza and Gumbo, Live DJ, and some cheap drinks! S.I.N at Frozen Spirits $1 off all Bottled Beer! $3 Shots!: Jager Bombs Papa Smurf Jameson Vegas Bombs FREE SHOTS DURING SAINTS GAME every time the SAINTS score a TOUCHDOWN
I have seriously smurfing watch the smurf movies way too many smurfing times, someone come and knock the smurf out of me, so I shut the smurf up... papa smurfit
Wow such an amazing night at work. Still here I got a chance to see talk and chat with Michelle knight. Such an amazing woman she was very laid back. I was impressed on how social she was. She even managed to crack a short papa smurf joke at me. Made my night to meet and talk with her. Wish nothing but the best for her!
Ok after watching the RHOA for the 2nd time Peter looks just like Papa Smurf tonight in that shirt & them pants... CTFU
There's a midget lurking around my house consorting with E.T., Gizmo, and Papa Smurf. I think they're plotting against me. No wait, that's just my daughter!!
Smurftastic Grand Launch at SM malls Nov8-11 Catch Papa Smurf & Smurfette today at 5pm
Papa smurf makes me sick Cynthia could've done better than him Js
I don't like Peters' character , he looks like a black Papa Smurf...
"You should all be ashamed. You've been behaving like human beings." - Papa Smurf
Thank u papa smurf and uncle randy and all who serve and served our country..GOD bless them all...
Random question of the day... Who do you think would win a wrestling match: Gumby, Papa Smurf, or The Kool-Aid Man?
Lovely day with Papa Smurf, shopping (feeling Christmasy) ;)
Prepared lunch for my Daddy. Papa Smurf works so hard, even on Sundays! Love my Daddy to life!
Nikki Sorensen ... LOL I think we should go STAY with Papa Smurf and Gayla Russell Mother Pea
In Sydney at the Liverpool and District Show the little blue Kuteaz PaPa Smurf (Shaggy) Owned by Susie and David Simpson went Baby Puppy in Group for the 2nd week in a row! Congrats guys keep up the good work!
Woke up this morning in pain can't hardly walk back has went out not able to carry load on right leg all same as before my back sergey 3years ago...papa smurf
Missing the saltiest Lance I know Papa Smurf and the sweetest girl in the world on our birthday
Just noticed that girl smurf is a Thot because she flirts with every smurf and even the papa smurf lmao
Life is the most precious thing to protect. -PAPA Smurf :-)
I can't wait for baby smurf to come home and have a big cuddle and make her happy again and I no baby smurf feels the same way so all the *** can do one cuz I no how we both feel love papa smurf x
Papa Smurf always has the best advice!
Well i thought i would go to a jazz cafe this afternoon. It was ok although im not the biggest jazz fan. Spent an hour down there before going to time square and meeting papa smurf and smurfette. I then went to chinatown and got a massage as my body is beyond broken. It was ok (not a happy ending one). Paid my bill and they asked for a tip. I was kind enough to give a %10 tip and she was demanding %20. I refused to give it as a tip is a gratuity not mandatory. I have the right to decide whether i give one and how much and no one is going to tell me what they are worth. Plus in reality it wasnt worth %20. This resulted in an argument and me telling them where they could stick it. I then went off to clockwork again and had a kick *** night. Big thank you and hugs to Madeline Maser for enriching my night. Was lovely to meet a kindred spirit. I had a giggle with a new york police officer on my way home. Now back and relaxed. Feeling sad that im at the end of my last saturday night in America but i know i wil ...
I'm still laughing over this ... the question is which Smurf was it? No red hat or pants, so Papa Smurf is safe ... for now!
So my day begins at 6.10 with a lad full of cold. Never mind despicable me 2 on and relax with a hot chocolate each. Just hope he nods off back to sleep coz papa smurf is knackered.
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