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Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf is a male fictional character from The Smurfs. At 542 years old (546 in the movie) is the third-oldest Smurf after Grandpa and Nanny, and well above the typical age of the other Smurfs, which are approximately 100 years old.

Peter Griffin Mandy Patinkin Rick Scott

This movie is much more interesting if you imagine Papa Smurf (Mandy Patinkin) is just animated Saul Berenson.
Today's first thing I've discovered is awesome without realizing I needed it: Julia Roberts as a Smurf. When she says "Papa Thing". LOL
smurfsmovie: poses with Smurfette and Papa Smurf at the world premiere!
He is a combination of Papa Smurf and Grumpy of the 7 dwarfs.
Why is there a lady Smurf emasculating Papa Smurf? I want some god *** answers!
They can't draft you if you can't pass the drug test...
Mamie Till died in '03. She'll never get justice for his murder, while the woman who lied has been living comfortably f…
Don't forget to stop in Nissan of Omaha tomorrow to visit with our special guests: Papa Smurf & Smurfette! They...
That's between Smurfette and Papa Smurf! Rainn knows what's up...
Hmmm... I don't know. Seems like a real Papa Smurf thing to say.
He looks kind of like the love-child of Yoda, Papa Smurf and Obi-Wan Kenobi! - Weird combination but pretty cute result 😂💚
For real, though: is Papa Smurf an immortal God-King, or is the title of 'Papa' a hereditary lineage? Were there previous Papas?
Nuh uh remember when dude from Day 26 came and hoed hisself 9th grade?
I didnt quite catch what u said papa smurf, could u repeat that?
Hate when people can't just say what's on their mind
Don't let nobody talk to you crazy idgaf who it is
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I poured it in the tub and sat on the toilet 5 hrs counting up by hand.The following week I bought myself a new money machi…
I don't even care about getting hit by missiles no more just make sure y'all get the *** that did this
See starring as Papa Smurf in theaters starting TODAY!
There is no debate, . Just like there is no debate over a historical Papa Smurf. . ***
Lincoln School thanks Papa Smurf (Jay Schneider) for the popcorn donation for trivia day!
Dawg I wish this *** would finish my car so I can go smoke ***
From Papa Smurf to Clumsy: here's why Smurfs: The Lost Village is THE movie to watch this Easter…
giving us the scoop on and getting to play Papa Smurf on
If you don't like me you must be pretty miserable cuz I'm a lit *** friend to have lmao
ok well next time use your own *** GPS. because clearly you didn't trust me with your life and i'm offended😐
YOU HAD THE GPS *** LMAO *** I didn't see the sign until we was bouta die 💐
lmfao you dumb for even listening despite what the sign said!!! BUT DID YOU GET PULLED OVER??? HUH?
And I still wanna fight Tykese *** *** for sneaking me and then moving to Florida
I remember the first *** I beat up for talking about my Grandma at Bates😂 Ishmael Muhammad. Beat the brakes of his ***
When you hit somebody with the African Booty Scratcher joke back in 3rd grade
thanks to my hair dye, it looks like I gave a hand job to papa smurf :-)
I'm wearing nothing but Fur and Diamonds after 40.
Very proud to be in partnership with the UN's sustainable development goals and the Smurfs. Mandy "Papa Smurf" Patinkin…
. Rick Scott > Papa Smurf > Karl Marx. From each according to his lobbying, to each acc…
Bravo, Gov. Rick Scott is the Papa Smurf of job talk
happy bday papa smurf have a great day, see you Saturday bro💃🏽 x
Papa smurf's tips on how to activate your extra acid trip lmao
Eight favourite Smurfs characters including Papa Smurf are coming to Kraków! :)
Me: Wow life is going really well, I'm actually happy. Inner me: Do something. Something bad. Something u will regret foreve…
What my mom sent me. Pass it along. 🙏🏽
WHY did they bring Joseline on The Real to give Tamera a heart attack with this filthy discussion omg I am YELLING https:…
If your faith allows you to believe that Donald Trump is a God-fearing Christian and Barack Obama wasn't, your faith is wh…
Can you be serious for just one second?. Me:
When they texting and driving going 80 on the freeway & swerve then look over at you to see if you looking at them.
When your girl has a attitude for no reason but today you got time...
LMFAO girls are dumb.. i walked up to the cashier to buy some water and the dummy in front of me says "dont walk up on m…
Really love how Ludacris' wife is keeping her African culture and passing it onto the children and her friends
BET going to commercial after every 10 words.
I feel like strangers would get mad if you called them papa smurf
I hope on the new Smurfs movie Papa Smurf walks into Papa Johns and says "Papas in the house"
Her testimony about to be so lit at Church this Sunday
If I lived in the Smurf village my Smurf name would be Born-A-Mistake Smurf. Also, Papa Smurf wouldn't be around and it w…
OMG who made those?! This is like the best thing in the world
Lol blame burpy fam you can tak to papa smurf over there
☺That's probably why Papa Smurf is screaming bloody murder.
"...and Gilgamesh took up his sword and sought the land of the dead, guarded by the fearsome Papa Smurf"
I thought this said booked lmao I'm like what
When u realize u be eatin the wrong type of cookies and u don't wanna be tickled anymore cuz u wanna do the ticklin https…
When the divorced couple has to sit next to each other at their daughter's wedding reception.
I can't even deal dog like ... what lmao
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omg 20k. I can't believe this. I love you all, thank you for making this happen
Bout time you took off papa smurf's *** offf
"I want to call Russia. no, I don't know the number, I call him 'Papa Smurf' because he smurfs my smurf. Tell hi…
The bell does not dismiss me from class, you do
just saw a kid shoot a paper ball into a trash can and yell "Steph" instead of "Kobe"
It's irresponsible to create something that you can't take care of. I'm not thinking small minded,we can agree to d…
that's small minded thinking, some people cant even financially take care of a child. So why shouldn't they be able to abort
if you can't take care of a child you shouldn't of had sex. Or if ya did use a condom. Or have it and put it up for adoption.
This chick think she fine . Up here looking like papa Smurf with a little touch of Gargamel 😂😂😂😂 gtfoh!!
Wondering if Saun Harvey is disappointed that MC has made an even bigger mess of LUFC than him and Papa Smurf. They tried so hard.
I work so blue they call me Big Papa Smurf, baby. 😎
Who remembers this: "Really? Where did you get that from, papa smurf?" 😂
is that the reason why I'm hallucinating, Papa Smurf?
As if my mam was referring to Papiss Cisse as 'papa Cisse' and then asked if papa was short for something 'like, you know, Papa Smurf'
I've got Papa Smurf in the boot of the car. Could be an ice breaker tomorrow?
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Nick Bonino centering Scott Wilson and Conor Sheary on third line. ...Will they call him Papa Smurf?
Man in 'Papa Smurf' hoodie hunted after armed Christmas Eve robbers struck at Cambridgeshire Tesco muma smurf says ,he s a good boy really
Wonderful to see Papa Smurf celebrating amazing win in Canada 2011. What. A. Race. Thanks Rewind 🏆 🏁
I need to do this but with a picture of Papa Smurf or Uncle Ben.
Like Michael Knight's confusion as Colonel Sanders' lightsaber keeps turning on and off. Or was that Papa Smurf? Aw.
Papa Smurf has been seriously motivated by Lars Mytting's Norwegian Wood!
Welcome to Papa Smurf's Coke. Your travel companion is Roger Clemons. You see some icy rice.
everytime papa smurf was onscreen he turned and looked at me expectantly until I took the hint and said "he's a lot like you"
I might be papa smurf for a Halloween 😂
Welcome Maestro Smurf to your Mountain Village to create your own smurfy marching band! Coming soon.
I added a video to a playlist Papa Smurf - Can i Lick your ***
Starting to question my decision for a papa smurf before work 🙈
They had to Been talkin bout me tho 🌚, never heard a woman say papa smurf was cute
My tongue is red, white and blue because I was eating a Papa Smurf popsicle."
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really does remind me of Papa smurf with his little fluffy beard aww
One and only... as Papa Brian Smurf :-) I love his orange hat !!!
Papa Smurf immediately regretted letting in the Somalian Smurf refugees.
Y'all, I found Papa case anyone was looking for him...
Lil mama was wearin blue lipstick lookin like she just gave Papa Smurf dome.
I decided if I ever have kids and he's still around, which I hope he will be, they're calling him papa smurf too.
Old Papa Smurf Khamenei still spreading the love.
This final round quiz is a family affair! All of the answers feature a type of familial relation. Pretty easy, Papa Smurf!
Join DJ Captain Charles and Papa Smurf for a fundraiser party with a purpose this Sunday, 9/27, from 6-9 PM at...
Yes, you were so cute, it actually hurts. Can't Papa Smurf organise me a job there in the forest?
Ah, yes. Michael Fassbender as Papa Smurf in X-Men: Children of the Ring.
Still hard to believe that it's been a year since Papa Smurf past away.. I miss him everyday.
Little niggaz don't know the business
Look what happened to Papa Smurf on only his 2nd night in the Yukon... FULL MOON HORDE!
all I can visualize is Gargamel lowering Papa Smurf into a vat of oil.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
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Sometimes I randomly think of the episode where Papa Smurf was quoting Tennyson. "Better to have smurfed and lost..."
I'm hungry and have to pee... can we stop papa smurf ?
Working on my sexy papa smurf outfit for the Halloween
Bn sitting with my coat on for half hour 😡. Not like papa smurf to be late eh!!
Our head roaster AKA Papa Smurf taking our good friend jacobking13 from Warehouse Coffee Co. through…
Disappointed after seeing the Blue Man Group and neither Papa Smurf, Bob from Reboot, or Captain Planet were there.
Along with Demi Levato, Rainn Wilson confirmed as Gargamel & the wonderful Mandy Patinkin as Papa Smurf
when Trav showed up to practice lookin like Papa Smurf
That it was at the end, following Bill Murry as Papa Smurf should be a clue that it's a gag.
If you gotta hang around 45 people to come outside u ain't real u scared lol
The Pentagon was constructed so that no point in the building is more than a 10 minute walk from any other point in the buil…
What am I supposed to do without Papa Smurf tonight???
she was wearing blue frosted lipstick. Did you just get done going down on Papa Smurf or?!
"First of all, Papa Smurf didn't create Smurfette. Gargamel did."
“Naughty boy tryna slam harry for a song he recorded with his friend 2 years ago for fun lol”i KNOW papa smurf aint tryna talk
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Papa Smurf is heading over to Zell's Restaurant on Gentilly to broadcast his show live! Make sure you head over there for lunch!
Im the laziest hardest worker you'll meet 😂😂
Papa Smurf smoothing your crusty *** just imagine he could just go in your hole and just o mg
Alright. 22 a good starting score. Moms want that 36! 😂😂
My school,I never took one at U of D.
this the ACT you took at your school right or U of D ?
Feeling like Papa Smurf, only less happy
Debarge is snuggling with rocks in the diarrhea hut. Chester A. Arthur is sightseeing. Papa Smurf is mooing in the farting hut.
yea I know... If it wasn't papa smurf that caller is a *** Papa always gets a pass
that's why I took a screenshot lol. I must find papa smurf gummies
Bieber getting fried right now and doesn't look happy 😳😂
Oh and and dad looks like Papa Smurf
What I adore about is though he might think he's 'Papa Smurf', he just isn't blue enough.
Let's just all take a moment to appreciate the fact that Papa Smurf wasn't called Daddy Smurf
Bom proof positive Ikhwan r Us meeting with Papa smurf!! For what? Advice on Democracy you guys are funny
Humans lie an average of 2.92 times every ten minutes.
Don't take life so seriously it's not like you're going to get out alive.
U.S. Presidents have the authority to declare war without the consent of Congress if the U.S. is attacked.
Can someone please get them outa here “White girls take another L 😭
"Where did you get this car, papa smurf?" Gave quotes bij Fast and Furious 5 op
Or maybe all of us Canadians look like Papa Smurf ;)
that looks more like papa smurf.. :D
Your naughty photos (Nudy-Judy's) remain on the phone even after a factory reset.
How yo dead homie looking down on you when you lying and put it on them
When you and your homie fire up that loud.
Enjoying spring break with the bro and Papa Smurf in downtown Durham, North Carolina. Lovin' the warm…
I'll tell you one thing I run things like papa smurf . No matter where I'm at the earth is my turf
Him and Papa Smurf having a proper Womble-off? Nothing wasted there at all.
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About 20% of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood.
Shrek, Peter Griffin, Papa Smurf, and Mister Burns are real people; we have proof.
"they call me papa smurf bc Im daddy af" -
"When I'm feelin' blue. All I have to do. Is take a look at you, then I'm not so blue" Papa Smurf explains to Phil Collins why he's banished.
omg good idea!! So glad I haven't deleted our messages about papa smurf 😊
Remember Neville from iCarly? Well this is him now. Feel old yet?
When you high AF at the zoo but try to act normal..
Some smoke just came out my eyes lmaoo 💀
' It doesn't matter where you came from, what matters is who you choose to be' Papa Smurf
Geez.I'd settle for Papa Smurf at this point.
They told us Thursday. The weather ppl are starting to feel like Papa Smurf. "Not far now!"
sorry for not knowing Vic's progress. He didn't want to summon my papa smurf...
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Papa Smurf is back! Find him onFriday evening & he's yours for a week. Where will he go this time
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Florence and the Machine's 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful' is obviously about Papa Smurf's ***
my baby girl sleep but I'm awake just thinking bout her 💙
Hello Kitty, Papa Smurf and The Elf on the Shelf will all make their way down Sixth Avenue when the 86th annual
Real Life Cartoon Look-A-Likes . Shrek, Peter Griffin, papa smurf and many more
Ppl Call me Trey Trig Trigga Tyson Mr. Hinson or papa Smurf . Dont call me by my whole first name unless you're my Moms or Dad.
I'll have you know Papa John has several mansions. As does Papa Smurf.
I don't care if Papa Smurf Michael McDonald has a problem with Kanye. What a Fool Believes...
Last week I decided to turn the tables on Papa Smurf; the nickname we have given to the foreman of IW working in...
not so fast, Papa Smurf bags the OT winner!!!
you look like papa smurf again... So Ashton isn't the only daddy in the group
its a wild papa smurf omg . nah but srsly I like ur face
Some girls be lookin like papa smurf and Betty white had a baby
The way I read it made it so funny 😂😂😂
and I like to get the full experience by getting a picture with Papa Smurf! 😂🙌😜
well when the creepy guy from the garden or attic attack your not invited to my wake! No free buffet for you papa smurf 😂
. I also miss:. Smart SFA Tony, and . Papa Smurf. on
bad game eh? You should have papa smurf talk about all the ADC's he gets to post with in community games
"And the nominees for best supporting actor are Papa Smurf for Papa Smurf. Great Uncle Bulgaria as Great Uncle Bulgaria an…
Am I the only one who thinks Cynthia's husband Peter looks like a black Papa Smurf?
A street artist renamed the White Castle in Brooklyn:
Yes, isn't it awful? It's a libel trial ffs. Papa Smurf is increasingly erratic and strange, don't you think?
Be sure to get Papa Smurf's ridiculous baby pic 😁
100% of males we saw out got 3 for 3. 100% of females knew Papa Smurf and that was it. Got a couple "Are you Red Sox Jesus?"
If you really care about the fans, you will fight. If you care about yourself... you won't fight.
Papa Smurf confirms distance to magical waterfall "Not far now,"
Wow. first Raw I watched all the way in mouths. I didn't feel cheated out of 3 hrs. Still not the greatest but good. Papa smurf Cena ***
perfect!!! Make sure doesn't have plans with papa smurf ???
In December, we found out that Papa Smurf is actually real, and he supports Barcelona
somehow I just knew ud be hacked by this Nathi lol
This girl over here with blue lipstick looking like she just gave head to Papa smurf 😂😂
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Mandy Patinkin to voice Papa Smurf in animated Smurfs movie
I sold another half of my $NUGT long @ $20.37 from $16.88 entry noted here: Blog post to come.
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and then my after life goal is to be Papa Smurf
I liked a video from Como Desenhar um Smurf ( How to Draw Papa Smurf) - SLAY DESENHOS
Who would win? Papa Smurf vs. Doc from Fraggle Rock
Where else can you see Captain Jack Sparrow and Papa Smurf having a chat? That's right... 😀
There's a puddle of blue goo in my pocket. Either my gum melted, or Papa Smurf unloaded in my pants.
I wonder whete papa smurf went and comp skype call me
When your teacher assigns homework on the 1st day of school 😂😂😂✋
. “Does the baby look more like you or your wife?” Right now, the baby looks like a shriveled up Papa Smurf with black eyes and wrinkly hands. In three months, she will look like a toothless Alfred Hitchcock. I have no idea who she will look like at this point. - See more at:
"You know the cokes good when you're feeling like papa smurf"
Model: Papa smurf by Velovillage bangkok x Art cycle
MLB: Frosted Flakes 2, Butt Cheeks 1; Papa Smurf saves the day with Bryan Cranston play
According to Papa Smurf, exercise, eating more fish, and exposure to sunlight might lessen the blues.
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To my son Christian, I miss you odee papa!! I'll be seeing you sooner than later 💯💯💯
Papa smurf and I like to eat proscuitto pizza :D @ Marina…
Real Cartoon Lookalikes These are brilliant - the Papa Smurf One!!
I'm gonna be in school wearing all blue. Call me Papa Smurf. 🙌
Now it's bed time for me and my papa smurf.
I see Rob burned the Papa Smurf hippie shizz jeans 🙌🙌🙌?
like if humans were able to live there would we all sound like Papa Smurf & smurfette?
Rich people have lambos wealthy people teleport
Imma need Destiny to let me know about the rellos.
A "Firenado" is a combination of a fire with a tornado.
Captain Charles & Papa Smurf will keep yo body moving!! NP Candy by Cameo
My birthday nails. Also decided to make them in memory of John Button aka Papa Smurf for…
Mclaren boys paying tribute to Papa Smurf / John Button
Papa Smurf is drawing in Best Buy. Val Kilmer just bought a sandbox. Xabi Alonso is farting on garlic. George Washington.
It's official. There's a disease that will turn you into PAPA SMURF
Hope to see him very soon. Think about alit of things right now. Wish he was here so i could talk to him about them. Well off to lalala land with bella and janeway to see the wonderful papa smurf.
[≡ƤĐ≡] Papa Smurf PACT was just iced by Nicole, which brings the body count to 167,843 rivals. [≡ƤĐ≡] minnielou was just iced by Nicole, who has whacked a total of 167,844 rivals.
Busts of ancient Cypriot kings all look like Papa Smurf to me
Queen Mary Horn. Papa Smurf had to use the restroom though Surprised by her whistle
Financial update: Papa Smurf Homework caught in camera scandal; promises to cut staff by 49%
Momma Bear and Papa Smurf were a little tired today!
Papa Smurf are you ever gonna lick my ***
My little papa smurf mama and Kaiden against the world *** YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR PAW
yeah for a bball tourney I saw u ok the way out
My life is complete...nothing like dancing with papa smurf and Teletubbies at the bar 💁
About to head to the beach with papa smurf
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.You don't see Papa Smurf telling Smurfette "worship me or burn in *** for eternity". Why worship a torturer?
that is her original story though. Dark haired bad girl turned blond good girl by Papa Smurf.
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What has Gargamel done to make Papa Smurf so angry?
What kind of "correction" would you provide to someone who really hates papa smurf?
M!$F!T$ Don Papa Smurf was just iced by Ian, who has whacked a total of 209,840 rivals.
Good mornin' friends of the page.. Ya know there's nothin' quiet as pleasin' as that early Sunday mornin' cuppa brew. Ah. Shhh.. let's not wake the rest of the house up for just a bit yet... Today is Sunday June 22, 2014. It's Smurf Day (This is not to be confused with the celebration of a Smurf's birthday. Smurf Day is a holiday that the Smurfs observe every year, which Papa Smurf in "The Magic Egg" calls "the smurfiest day of the year". How the day is observed was usually up to the Smurfs to decide, which could include a parade, fireworks, or even a dance with an orchestra.) It's America's Kids Day *Fourth Sunday in June (The goal of this day is to teach American children what it is to be an American. We need to teach them our fundamental values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Yes, there is a lot of cynicism out there, but it is still possible for children to grow up to be anything they want to be if they are willing to work for it. That's what it is to be an American) It's ARRL * America ...
Papa smurf brought me a breakfast platter 😱😋
Can I see papa smurf this afternoon before my birthday please :)
Well in to whatever nob head threw the blue felt tip into my garden turned round an Noah looked like papa smurf running round scrub time for him
Wonder if Motherhen and Papa smurf brought me a present back from their hols!!! x
Scar ed xx. Ccc x , lmfao just let it dlowww
Da bae lookin like the female version of papa smurf 😘
Okay, so there's one smurfet in the entire smurf village. With the village be so populated, that smurfet gotta be blown out. And if papa smurfs the oldest and hit it first, they are all related. With means papa smurfs a pimp of a the smufet in the insest village.
is actually voicing Papa Smurf in the next Smurf movie
It's papa smurf yet again, and he's standing just infront of our DST app booth!
Why was Papa Smurf lurking outside her front door?
He jumps like wiggins but he's black
This one is for Robin. Papa Smurf is talking to you girl. It's time... XOXO
Stick your pancake in his scrambler
Do u like your pancakes toasted fried or scrambled
Captain charles birthday party with papa smurf and DJ Fatt
"We didn't believe in her because she changed. She changed because we believed in her." -Papa Smurf, Smurfs 2
what if you make Papa Smurf into ANIMU?
Knowing papa smurf is gone really breaks my heart. 💔🍄😭
Still try n to understand y there is only one female smurf bt mad *** that's a problem papa smurf need to answer
APOLOGY.This is a touchy subject. But, it is a subject that must be covered for the benefit of others who know first hand what I am writing about. I say I am sorry and admit it when I am wrong. Which happens often. I try very hard not to hurt anyone. But, there are people who have abused and hurt me deeply through verbal abuse, physical abuse and violence, sexual abuse, neglect, and through a host of other ways. Am I complaining? No. This is a fallen world full of fallen people. Fallen people do fallen things to other people. It is the duty of conscientious Christians to educate their children and grand children to the reality of this world to prepare them for what will come. Idealism almost always gets left behind with the shattered dreams of the idealist. What does all this have to do with an apology? I have had to learn throughout life, that there are people who will never apologize for the evil they do to you. Don't hold your breath expecting one. You will die looking blue like a deceased papa smurf. ...
My Grandson Mason says that I am papa smurf.
Beautiful night spent with my Papa Smurf and his lovely Tammy. Thanks for the reintroduction to Port Pops! Really gonna miss you both
"Well, let papa smurf in and we'll put some red pants on this situation" -Adam
We rise to the amount of love that we have shown and we sink when that love stops. ~Papa Smurf
I'm 546, I'm getting too old for this. -Papa Smurf
I was just reminded of how much I appreciated, "How much longer, Papa Smurf?" cc:
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Got all my stuff out of my old apartment thanks to mama dukesz & papa smurf
Drink papa smurf. Sounds like fun to me!
Let's not forget the soca fest tonight at the goombay park in the bazaar don't be late our very own blue Jay "94" will be performing alone with papa smurf Oscar B and others
mann, dnt know wat too doo,wit myself today!1i miss my lil papa smurf.. can,t wait to start my new job this week!!! I hate not having much of an option,of wat too doo. my mind start,s to wonder,and that,s not I need sum one to talk too!!
LOL 'Elderly papa smurf' :P okk than .-. :P
I don't know about you guys. But papa smurf has a nice beard.
Winter solstice today, so it means I’m getting ready for the annual Oyster Bay Druid Appreciation and Model Steam Ferry Society’s “meet the Dawn Sun” ceremony and sausage sizzle. Those with a keen memory and not much in their lives will remember that I’ve butted heads with the social committee of the Oyster Bay Druids before. My use of Aldi roll-on woad for the past two years hasn’t gone down well for some reason and I’m a bit fed up with their attitude. This year I’m wearing a Papa Smurf onesie and if they don’t like it they can stick it where the runes don’t shine as far as I’m concerned.
Papa Smurf Aubrey giving a talk on the SENS foundation approach to ending aging at TEDx Oxbridge in May. The interesting part for me was the slide at 21:27 listing some of the published research (all in vitro): - Enzymes used to remove oxisdised low density cholesterol. - Catalytic IgM antibodies used to remove TTR amyloids. - Nuclear expression for mitchondrial DNA genes that have been damaged, and import of the encoded proteins into mitchondria. Which one do people think will be the first to make it to a clinical trial?
So apparently I will be a zombie papa smurf.?
Too much moonshine makes Big Papa Smurf pass out in a vegetable tray with humus.
Happy 9 months to my beautiful son!! I can't believe time flew so fast! Everyday is a blessing with you, I love u so dearly. U make me the happiest woman alive! Happy 9 months my papa Smurf!
Big Al,There was this wrestler named Solomon Crowe that worked the opening match tonight in Lakeland. He had this device that looked a lot like a Kindle that he could use to control everything. (by the way the armory is only a few blocks from that new Amazon warehouse they are building. They are almost done and that place is MASSIVE) He used it to control the sound system ,the lights and all kinds of things. As you know I own 3 Kindles. I'm thinking this is a feature I haven't activated yet. Since i'm on my vacation this week im going to do some research on this. :) If it works out. Im going to keep one of my Kindles at work and that way when somebody complains about something I can just push a button! I may talk to Papa Smurf about getting one too. This would also be good to use when you go to the Karaoke sings. When some of those obnoxious jerks are on stage. Just hit a button and cut the mics off. I know your wife has a Nook. I'm going to see if Nooks have this feature too.It's amazing what you can le ...
Mine is slutty papa smurf now thats is weird. Lol
Funniest thing ever.jonathan referred to Todd Mahoney as papa smurf.I am dying
Papa SMURF is a danger to you your children and your Country. He was elected to President of the United States in 2008, and never showed a proper Birth Certifacte. He is an outstanding public speaker that Charms the American People into doing anything he wants. Most American People are not fooled by this 'Danger to Society.' He is in league with Gargavel. He isn't even a real Smurf! Several Radio shows spend hours and hours convicing people who have time to listen to him between the times of 10 am and three pm (millions of Americans'-err not really and you can't even give away spot time durring the dead hours) to hate Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf is a radical. He wears RED UNDERWEAR. Just like Hitler and Norieaga. Papa smurf is obviously EVIL, why...we have just discovered YET ANOTHER conspiracy theroy. HE IS BLUE. Being blue means that there is no way Papa Smurf can be a 'Real American'. Papa Smurf also went to IVY LEAGUE schools where by vote of his peers who he obviously tricked through his magical powers-Pa ...
is watching THE SMURFS 2 on Netflix stream for Nostalgia RIP Papa Smurf's Voice
I better get my slutty papa smurf costume ready! Lol
Only just woke up "Again" And this headache won't budge what so ever.. Please bugger off 😧 Something to eat and watch "White house down" With papa smurf 😊
Papa smurf at work brought me and my bestie Rebecca Whitehead Was Sams a lovely bottle of wine today for no reason, which was so kind. But not sure how he realised we like grapes so much 🍷
WHY o WHY papa Smurf 33 yrs older than me just ask me to give him my cell Eeew...!!! OLD MAN = WORMS & I'm SKAID of worms!!!
Happy birthday to the best aunt a girl could ever ask for, my auntie Shanda Hodge. I hope u have a good day an ima turn up with u next weekend in Memphis, lol drinks on me I love u❤ Also happy birthday to my papa smurf Alexander, love ya pops. Have a good day. Glad God blessed 2 important ppl in my life with another yr.❤☺
$35 firm. Comes with everything needed. Flavors are Papa Smurf in the blue and Smurfette in yellow.
Papa Smurf. This was done at the Calgary Expo drink & draw in 2009/2010 I can't remember. I remember Bruce Timm laughing pretty hard & claimed he wouldn't forget it. So I found this and would like to share it. Enjoy.
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