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Papa Johns

Papa John's Pizza is the third largest take-out and delivery pizza restaurant chain in the United States (behind Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza); its headquarters is in Louisville, Kentucky.

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I just recommended that Kshama Sawant be given a free pizza by Papa Johns for her hard work on getting the 15/hr mi…
I love how everybody in there mother is getting engaged and I’m sitting over here deciding if I should get Papa Johns or Pizza Hut
My family boycotts Papa Johns. CEO John Schnatter is greedy, racist, bigoted and inept:. -Mistreats his e…
According to the Compitetion of marketing, Papa Johns has every right to sue the contestant of unfair u…
Papa Johns is the official Pizza of white surpremicist CEO John Schnatter so that’s a no from me
Better than Pizza Hut. Debateable against Papa Johns. Way better than Caesars
He’s giing to investigate Jerry Jones and Papa Johns
If Griff’s doesn’t fill you up at raiseRED’s 100 days celebration tonight, then be sure to order a two topping pizz…
Must be worrying now about the almighty dollar // Papa John's: We didn't mean to be 'divisive' on NFL protests
Papa John’s apologizes for criticizing anthem protests
Player ID Reward | 💥. Get yourself down to Papa Johns Pizza in Torquay this weekend if you hold a Player ID Card 🍕…
NFL TV numbers' plunge deepens; one major sponsor points finger at Goodell
I say never spend your money with Papa Johns again!
how much Papa Johns did blake promise People for him to get sexiest man alive when is still alive.
Papa JohnS!!! The official pizza of the alt right!!! Yeh!!! They deserve each other.
I have eaten my last piece of Papa Johns, and I have eaten many.
indeed and the topics are great unlike first take who spent 20 min with Will Cain talking about Papa Johns
After re-swallowing the initial taste of Papa Johns his stomach rejected, he gurgled, "master race" before trying t…
You know I really loved eating Papa Johns now I'm done eating it.
Too little too late! We know you're trying to save those millions & we know you know that there are more non...
Too little, too late. We will still boycott your pizza. "Papa John's Apologizes for Blaming Poor Sales on NFL Player Protests"…
The sight of angry white men destroying their own coffee machines seemed to be the perfect visual expression for Americans v…
Papa John's apologizes for blaming lagging sales on NFL protests instead of their trash pizza
I ate pizza in Wisconsin once and almost threw up. Worse than Papa Johns. Cheese, Culvers, and beer ar…
Loving this commentary from especially the last line: "What looks at first like a strange act of suburb…
Company slams neo-Nazis, says it believes in the right to protest
“You could smell the brand fear in the statement.”. didn’t mean to “take a side” against pedophiles & pedophile…
Papa John's sorry for attack on NFL protests that attracted white supremacist praise .
Do you want to deliver Papa Johns Pizza? No. Then get to writing.
The Resistance is working! issued an ultimatum to bc he's losing sponsors. Papa Johns…
Still not buying Papa Johns. Neither are any of my grown Children because I raised them correctly.
When I worked in Papa Johns. A woman stared at me at the till for a good 2 minuted . Then approached and said “ do you serve pizz…
Papa John's Pizza apologizes and backtracks on its earlier national anthem protest comments. http…
Papa Johns pizza” Figurehead - Leader, has demonstrated his Racist Proclivity, therefore his A…
At the rate we are going the right isn't going to be able to eat nothing but Papa Johns and drink water from a rive…
Pizza Hut and Dominos can join Papa Johns in all of the garbage cans to be completely honest.
you mad cause yours and Tom Bradys add from Papa Johns got pulled from NFL commercials because you and…
Papa Johns tells Nazis not to buy its pizza
Pizza Hut running 50% off ads in the middle of an article about Papa Johns downfall. The pizza game is cold blooded bruh. ht…
You guys we have become so immune to violence Papa Johns story will have more legs than Texas shooting
Y'all, my sister just ordered Papa Johns. I think we're about to get into our biggest argument ever.
Papa Johns should start calling their pizza the Quintin Tarantino special. Comes with…
Regan Smith knows that Papa Johns in your phone isn’t really the pizza shop
BREAKING NEWS- Scott Baio is thinking about leaving Subway to make pizzas at Papa Johns which will hopefully lead into a…
If was really real, they’d drop a mixtape with a Papa Johns diss track like when Hamburger Helper dropped that 🔥🔥🔥🔥
*boycotts Papa Johns*. US: Do you even have Papa Johns in the UK?. Me: Look, I didn't say it wouldn't be easy.
Papa Johns has announced they are cutting ads to the America-hating NFL
Papa Johns puts tomato soup on cardboard and threw Peyton Manning’s long head *** on a commercial and blaming black player…
Papa Johns biggest business problem is their pizza is disgusting
Stopped buying Papa Johns years ago. Once he showed us who he is I was done.
This is a bold new marketing campaign by Papa Johns pizza:
Papa Johns would rather blame poor sales on NFL players kneeling than accept the fact that Little Caesars Hot N Ready i…
Papa Johns blames decline in sales on NFL kneeling. Roger Goodell will make players stand when companies start pulling ads…
“Man no way am I eating Papa Johns until those NFL players stop kneeling” that doesn’t even make sense lol
Just remember what they stand for at Papa Johns. Besides nasty attitudes and nasty pizza
Papa Johns blames NFL controversy for sales slump. NFL blames Papa Johns for calling that crap pizza. Kim Jong Un says he likes it.
Tom Scharpling says he tasted a Papa Johns pizza and threw the rest out the window. Next morning he saw a raccoon holding its stomach.
I started boycotting Papa Johns because of their comments about cutting workers hours to avoid providing insurance
You do realize that the Jones' own a huge stake in Papa Johns stock and every Papa Johns in DFW, right?
Trump has been "rage eating" since late last night. Papa Johns, Arby's, Hungry Man, funnel cakes - traces of all t/o W…
Last million dollar pizza idea was Papa Johns. Papa Johns is not cool...
Christi really just asked to have Papa Johns to deliver our pizza while singing Big Poppa 😂😂😂
Fun Fact: Little Caesar's pizza was founded in Garden City, Detroit, Michigan. Papa Johns was founded in Jeffersonville, Indiana
I'm at the CVS . I'm at the Papa Johns . I'm at the combination CVS and Papa John's
We asked Papa Johns to write a joke on the box
Good luck getting a pizza from Papa Johns @ Hillview tonight...our online order was still not even in the oven...
Listen, I'm not saying I think Buddy Valastro and Papa Johns are in cahoots with the mafia but.
did you see the Chicago Italian Beef Pizza in Chicago at Papa Johns?
Papa Johns is clearly better than Pizza Hut
Maybe in Spingebobs world but in reality, Pizza Hut beats Papa Johns no doubt. 😅
*** really out here thinking Papa Johns is better than Pizza Hut? 😓
State of the Pizza Union, per John Schnatter:. Papa Murphys - "losing". Pizza Hut - "losing big". Dominos - "on fire". Papa Johns - "solid"
There aren't many living memes around. These are your Papa Johns and Steve Harveys. I think Roger Goodell deserves a spot next to these men.
. What the *** is that. Is it like. Papa Johns and Taco Bell. PIZZA TACOS. I'm gonna invent that.
i wonder how much revenue companies like Taco Bell, Pepsi Co, Papa Johns, and Frito Lay makes on 4/20 compared to other days of the year
Cole: Mom can we have tacos from Papa Johns?. Me: No Cole that's Pizza. Taco Johns is Tacos. . Cole: What? I...
have you thought about a taco pizza? I'm sure only Papa Johns can pull it off
Hi! I just ordered a Papa Johns from Edinburgh using the Third Off Thursdays offer. I've not been given the triple points? Help
Papa Johns comes in clutch with that garlic sauce and jalepenos
Chicken on pizza is Papa Johns you can get breaded chicken on pizza.. life changing
Pizza Hut is trash, Domino's is trash, Little Caesars is trash.the only pizza that ever mattered is Papa Johns
If Javier (Yoshi) still worked at Papa Johns I would have gotten a heart shaped pizza but no 🙃
download the T-Mobile Tuesday app & see if it's your turn for free pizza! They also have 25% off Papa Johns
1 year ago today the Papa Johns delivery man hid a heart-shaped pizza that joey got me as a surprise and I didn't find it until the next day
I want a Papa Johns heart shaped pizza :(
All Sarah and I wanted was a heart shaped pizza to eat at work and Papa Johns said they didn't have those ☹️
Never had Papa Johns a day in my life 😐
Papa Johns is only good if you order the Buffalo Chicken pizza.
Papa Johns messed up Pizza hearts (they look like circles with a dent on top) They also forgot our drinks so we got the order for free
Hunter & i had resivation to the melting got there, then found it was $140 per a person to eat. Tf? Straight left now getting Papa Johns.😂
You can thank me later .50% pizza at Papa Johns promo code :VDAYPIZZA
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
thats because its Papa Johns the only good pizza ever 💁
I was about to order some pizza until Papa Johns asks me, "would you like to get that heart shaped?" Man gtfo my phone. Hung up on homeboy.
You get a free large pizza from Papa Johns if you got T-Mobile, clutch asf
Mr Flynn Where are you going to look next, Dominos, Papa Johns, Little Caesars,or Godfathers? Your next employers?
Just tried the BBQ chicken and bacon pizza from Papa Johns, it was so trash. Worst pizza I've ever had
Thanks for the pizza that I can't get to easily nearest Papa Johns. Is in Canada. Or 85 down to seattle
S/O to Papa Johns for forgetting to cut my pizza 😂
All I want is a heart shaped pizza from Papa Johns
I think whatever piiza joint their using doesn't deliver to my area. If I had to guess it's Papa Johns
Josh loves me "sooo much" but wouldn't even go get me a heart shaped pizza from Papa Johns? Boy bye 👋🏼
When you make reservations & take your girl out to Papa Johns for dinner & she breaks up with you.
I just ordered Lori Papa Johns lol when will your friends ever!!
That movie and Papa Johns was my valentine 😍
Ordered ah 6 piece from Papa Johns & they blessed me with ah 12 piece😋
Hey 60 min waiting for a personal pizza, really?? You're lucky we dont have Papa Johns in town
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
"i almost cried earlier when Bub gave me that Papa Johns" 😂 . -Ashtyn
Been on hold with Papa Johns for 15 mins. I don't have time for this. I need my heart shaped pizza ASAP. This is an abomination.
To put a cap on a good day , got shorty the heart shaped pizza from Papa Johns , simplicity is always key my *** 🤘🏾
Doing Papa Johns and a few Dominos pizza orders 10 dollars PayPal for 35 dollars worth of pizza have your order ready hmu fam…
Wish I would've invested in Papa Johns and the strawberry business a few days ago
happy valentines day! if you want to keep ya girlfriend, DON'T be like me & make out like you're proposing then whip out…
T-Mobile Tuesday's are so clutch. Just got a free pizza from Papa Johns 😄🍕
T-Mobile Tuesday got free Papa Johns pizza smh
I really have a taste for Papa Johns
When she knows your weakness, and Papa Johns doesn't know how to make a heart😂❤ I love you…
Thank you T-Mobile and Papa Johns for making Valentine's Day even more special!
I have a feee ride to and from my destination, and my dinner was some free Papa Johns pizza. Thanks 👌🏽
I rly just want someone to send me a heart cheese pizza from Papa Johns
super butthurt I ordered my Papa Johns pizza in Knox and I realized after the guy in Hville said they didn't have my order💔
We called Papa Johns and merge the call 😂
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Papa Johns Papa John's Pizza is an American restaurant company. It runs the third largest take-out and ... -…
ICYMI: Louisville man allegedly caused $21,000 worth of damage to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.
Papa Johns has the best pizza crust
All I wanted for VDay was a heart shaped pizza from Papa Johns and they ran out 😩
lol can't order dominos, don't wanna order Pizza Hut so I guess I'm getting Papa Johns
Papa Johns is the closest thing I've ever had to a father.
I hope on the new Smurfs movie Papa Smurf walks into Papa Johns and says "Papas in the house"
Papa Johns' garlic sauce is what I imagine heroin tastes like 💕
I rarely crave Papa Johns and the time I do, my online order won't go through. bo
Someone bring me Papa Johns, they don't deliver to my house.
Papa Johns has the best pizza hands down. Don't argue with me
Discovered last night there are no Pizza Huts close enough to the apt to have them deliver. Contemplating moving VS settling for Papa Johns
Lots of giveaways today on including FREE Papa Johns, Jason Bourne Blu Ray & TSO NYE Tickets!
screw Papa Johns. This keeps up, every time Hayes scores a goal we should get 50% off at Weight Watchers.
Come on Andy Murray! Finish year as world no 1. Wonder what Papa Johns pizza he would order? If he wins he deserves a XXL 2 himself!
Finally found the source for that story about the grandma that was checked on by Papa Johns after Hurricane Matthew.
Kudos to Papa Johns correctly calling that JJ Watt would be free to have Sunday Cupcakes with Payton Manning.
Can someone buy me a small bacon and pepperoni pizza from Papa Johns and have it delivered to 504 College Dr. Albany, Ga. 31705 NORTH HALL
Big shoutout to Frankfort Penn Station, McDonalds, Papa Johns and Dominoes for feeding 100 kids for an awards program to…
Pizza Hut, lil Caesars, Papa Johns and Dominoes are all trash *** pizza spots.. That ain't even real cheese, it's like havin cafeteria pizza
no way that's behind Papa Johns as well.
here it's the best but then Domino's manages to be universally awful and Papa Johns doesn't exist and is also awful
In 2011, a pair of managers from Dominos set fire to a Papa Johns to boost their sales.
Rumor is food trucks have been losing money. Haven't seen many. Papa Johns and Buffalo Wild Wings posted up inside fence
I can bring you to a local pizza place that trumps both Dominos and Papa Johns, and NO it's NOT Pizza Hut!
I got a Role' on my arm & I'm rockin' Sean John & I roll the best dough cuz I work at Papa Johns
The more relevant Drake Equation: how many Papa Johns are there in San Francisco?
Last Year Bryson Tiller was working at Papa Johns, this year he winning music awards. Hard work never goes unnoticed.
95 percent sure the manager of fire bowl on Brodie is ACTUALLY Papa John of Papa Johns.
Does that mean I have to walk to Papa Johns for 1/2 price pizza?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Celebrating my sisters graduation the best way possible. Drinking Michelob Ultra and eating leftover Papa Johns
one thing I miss about college? ordering Papa Johns/dominos atleast once a month because I have neither of those in my town
Me & shawty literally ordered 8 piece chicken wings and a big *** cookie from Papa Johns and that was all 🙄
Ordering my first Papa Johns pizza using the app and wrote a "blessed" review. Papa bless us all in this day
guess the circle part of the driveway rotates. Crazy. Better ingredients better pizza. Papa Johns.
For the tournament this weekend my team is red and i am so close to wearing my Papa Johns shirt
yeah, that would be a pretty good perk lol though you could always work at Papa Johns directly
"Thanks you got calling Papa Johns please hold" . "Yea lemme get a."
Sonny in the phone ordering pizza .. "Do you want my billing or shipping address?". "This is Papa Johns, not online shopping"
Y'all need a job go to Papa Johns . Frfr on god when I worked there I had bands 😂😂😂💯
Ordered Papa Johns we googled the founder after reading the story on pizza box, Kroy says," I'm done Im not paying 4 his un…
I've walked into Papa Johns before and the lady said hey shayna. 🙄
I didn't know Gamestop promoted Papa Johns lol I saw video games and was like, "do I get a free video game with my pizza" 😂😂
When Papa Johns forget to slice your pizza 😒😒
.and I got milly rocked by some *** named Papa Johns Large 2 Topping Pizza $10. i'm done with your pizza.
I could really go for some Papa Johns right about now
The strip class club just called Papa Johns...
we ordered pizza from Papa JohnS at my work 😛
I'm so mad Tracy ordered Papa Johns & didn't tell me 😒 I like Papa Johns
Papa Johns for sure then. I forgot you're car-less
I was on my hike working out so I can get in shape while Mother ordered Papa Johns. Now I get to have internal battle about pizza 😅
I just tore that Papa Johns up! Boy I was so hungry... Nah I was HAWNGRYYY!
Do Papa Johns kids call him Papa John ?
Papa Johns has the best pizza out of all pizza delivery franchises idc idc
The dude at Papa Johns asked what I was doing tonight...I replied, "eating your delicious pizza."
I don't want to say I'm a role model but I ate Taco Bell AND Papa Johns today
This girl gave me her number for Papa Johns. Kill me
Papa Johns got 10 hours of my life today I want it back
What other way would Cory & I spend our 2 yr anniversary besides sitting on the couch watching American Pie and eating Papa Johns?
if Papa Johns don't work out, Jesus' PR guy is looking for a few good memes
Residents from Fort McMurray and area. Stop in at any Edmonton and area Papa Johns (19 of them) and you will get two free…
Liftoff Lindor! And with that swing, I get Papa Johns half off tomorrow
Matt Murray at 21 - star and playoff hero. Me at 21 - former Papa Johns manager and unemployed college student.
"Let's go to the library" *goes to Buffalo Wild Wings, Rite Aide, the house, Papa Johns etc
Went to an Irish version of Chipotle and the now I'm ordering Papa Johns. Man I love Ireland
With a click of the mouse. Papa's in the house. -Papa Johns (I wish I made this my senior quote. I would go back in time just to do that.)
Join us with Spider-Man and Sponge Bob at Wyoming Wireless 205 S. Gillette Ave. We have Papa Johns pizza,...
Why is Popeye Jones asking Pudge Rodriguez to do Papa Johns radio commercials?
Pudge spot for Papa Johns - says it like he enjoys Popeye Jones.
Between Royals and SKC, big night for Papa Johns fans. Lookin at you
Texas Rangers Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez to start in a new commercial for Papa Johns!
Do you think there's Payton Manning/Papa Johns slash-fic out there?
Use promo code 'Wheres Joe Kony' for 25% off your next slice and can of Pepsi combo. First 100 orders receive ammo to help fight Papa Johns!
Another dump that is not Gainesville in Louisville, KY (Papa Johns in Cardinal Stadium)
The one near my college closed sophomore year, which led to years of Papa Johns.
Scott Borchetta - looks plastic with the perfect hair & creepy like the Papa Johns guy...
When you call Papa Johns to order brownies cause everything else is closed and you want chocolate
Groupon has deals for 55% Papa Johns... Jeez how far Papa Johns has fallen. Used to be kind of okay if you're hungover
Mcdonals is just gross ... Redskins is Papa Johns pizza - cant we get any "healthy" sponsors ??? Dang
You can find me at the Papa Johns... Arrivederci
That's much more accurate...soul food type cooking :D You can prolly order that pizza from Papa Johns, tbh :P
50% percent off at Papa Johns every time the heat wins.
Why does Papa Johns pizza always give me a stomach ache
I'll hook you up with all the Papa Johns and spring rolls beeb it's fine
Please support today!!! @ Papa Johns and 20% of your order goes to them!! 🍕🍕. Location: 7014 Fry Rd, Cypress, TX 77433
Go to the Citiview online guide and get a 25% coupon for Papa John’s online orders!
football team would love to make the Papa Johns bowl ha! But this Valpo bball! NCAA regrets leaving us out
People in Korea don't have mailboxes?! How do they know when Papa Johns has deals going on?
Left over Papa Johns for breakfast, don't mind if I do
Girl bucked up she at Papa Johns working 😂😂😂
I'm gonna fly to the nearest country that sells Papa Johns
ooh there's a new Papa Johns pizza in and they're spamming me in my TL!
There a new Papa Johns open in Marston make sure to check us out!
I have a friend that works in Berea that says l Browns will draft Goff & trade to Broncos. He works at Papa Johns.
LOL - I think I overdid it on the Papa Johns
hey Papa Johns I used to work for you notice me senpai
Papa John's - Own an internationally recognised pizza business!
depends on how hungry you are, but Papa Johns never disappoints
Corley services is obviously the place to be - Papa Johns AND Dunkin' Donuts?!
Also why are these good places replacing their good garlic sauced with the buttery vile stuff!? Papa Johns and harvester 😭
I don't trust ppl who take ppl from out of town looking for great pizza to Dominoes, Little Caesars, Pizza Hut or Papa Joh…
I'll have to try it sometime . From dominos though I hate Papa Johns
Who doesn't like Papa Johns!!?? "Better ingredients better pizza Papa Johns!!" 🍕
Yeah me a g getting this large 5 topping pizza from Papa Johns😋😋
Anybody got a Papa Johns promo code?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Papa Johns messing me with deals of 50℅. Why now papa? I don't have a penny to my name 😩
If was smart, he'd dial up some Papa Johns or Dominoes. Dude could get a delivery and maybe a nice kickback for product placement
VIDEO: Worth another look as Rick Nash snipes the game-winner tonight for the
I think my favorite wings from a pizza place are Papa Johns
Papa Johns needs to work on their pizza cutting skills. Our "extra large" pizza was really like 5 LARGE pieces.
It upsets me greatly I have 12 slices of Papa Johns pizza in front of me and I can only manage 3 of them. I don't like who I've become.
DYK:. The prestigious Johns Hopkins University and Medical Center are named after their founders, Papa Johns and Lightnin’ Hopkins
Michael Osborne I want some pizza "Papa Johns" & breadsticks, a hot fudge sundae,pepsi and some milk duds. Yea...
don’t need a QB. Put a life sized cardboard cutout of Manning from Papa Johns on the field & the defense will win a …
Papa John: Everyone knows Hitler was bad. But did you know he made great ovens?. PEYTON: Here at Papa Johns we are retrofitting holocaust ove
Papa Johns and Supervet marathon in my cot. . Big fat, lazy, emotional hungover ***
I'm happy the big fella is riding off in2 the Sunset...Another Super Bowl ring, some free Bud Light, Papa Johns is boomi…
Results of Papa Johns yesterday and Dominoes today...
Working at Papa Johns, Bryson Tiller borrowed $600 from friends to buy equipment & record 'Dont' in his living room. https…
Papa Johns is fine . I order from there when i visit friends on Granite owo. (if were talking about the one on John Fitch Highway)
BREAKING NEWS: Peyton Manning dropped by Papa Johns. Signs deal with new sponsor.
True strength is smelling Papa Johns but getting Boars Head anyways.
Jim Nance is in a dark room somewhere with a lukewarm Papa Johns pizza silently fuming.
Papa John's Pizza on Having lived in Louisville, KY, I have always been loyal to Papa Johns, but I have not …
I boycott Papa Johns and have ever since I discovered how homophobic and racist John Schnatter is. He is a 1%er...
In a stunning turn of events, Peyton Manning retires from the NFL and becomes a delivery driver for Papa Johns
Give me a Papa Johns and Peyton Manning kind of relationship.
So Pizza Hut was the big sponsor & Papa Johns gets the 1st Peyton Smooch.
Budweiser, Nationwide and Papa Johns are big winners tonight.
Jim Nance is totes jelly of Papa Johns for getting a kiss by Peyton
I still feel Peyton's biggest win was buying all those Papa Johns franchises right before Colorado legalized weed.
Broncos won!!!... I only care because $1 Big Macs and free Papa Johns pizza! :D
A lot of Budweiser and Papa Johns pizza. Tomorrows headline: Peyton Manning found unresponsive after big win.
Would you eat a large John's Favorite from Papa Johns? I sure would and I wash it down with an ice cold Budweiser!
I'm off to get the kids and sick wife to bed. A big Papa Johns kiss for at 6:00 tomorrow
Peyton should come back next year and be the first athlete ever to advertise on his body. A nice big Papa Johns logo on his forehead.
Not sure what the big deal is, I have embraced Papa Johns after many of big moments in my life
Big win for the Broncos, even bigger win for Papa Johns 🍕
When you just won the Super Bowl but you really love Papa Johns
I can't wait for Peyton to pop up in the next Papa Johns commercial singing. "I've won some really big rings & I need some really big wings"
Black people we gotta boycott Papa Johns until March 1st
Papa Johns get the first kiss before his mama?
Papa Johns about to profit off this game big time! 😂😂
Papa Johns: Joe Montana we want you to do an ad. Montana: Great. PJ: You have to wear cargo pants. Montana …. PJ: I’m sorry, you got other work?
Bobby Petrino has me ready to sit in Papa Johns until the first game
I don't know how much that guy dressed as Spider-Man for Papa Johns is getting paid but it most defiantly is not enough
That feeling of absolute panic when not even Papa Johns can save you.
In 50 years, Deflategate won't seem nearly as bad as endorsing Papa Johns.
Papa Johns in GP (off of Camp Wisdom & Lakeridge) is having a hiring event tomorrow January 18th from 12-4.. Just come in a be interviewed..
First impression upon walking into a Papa Johns restaurant, "I want my employees to smile at you." - John Schnatter
Mike Pence, bigotry bought to you courtesy of John Schnatter. Boycott Papa Johns
Just realised the man on the Papa Johns box looks like Simon Cowell lol
Papa Johns owner John Schnatter just gave $25k to Pence's campaign.
With something broken preferably! Then I won't have to mute his Nationwide insurance or Papa Johns commercials!
Have you tried Pizza Hot Express? (I think that's it..) They have an 18 inch pizza that's cheaper than Dominos/Papa Johns...!
I think they have a Papa Johns deal but didn't put him in uniform because he is retired and not active.
Papa Johns would make so much more money if they put like 5 garlic cups in their boxes instead of 1 but ikd
Who has two thumbs, some extra money, and is full?. You, if you order Papa Johns tonight (tip well)
Stoners love Peyton's Papa Johns. That sounds so dirty.
New reports are claiming Peyton Manning received & used PEDs. Now we know what Papa Johns was putting in that garlic sauce
also Jack in the box, Genghis grill, KFC, Papa Johns, Starbucks, Carl's Jr, Del Taco and Walmart😂
as long as he doesn't buy Papa Johns, I think big bro will be ok.
So pepperoni, Italian sausage, meatballs, bacon, and Canadian bacon - now known as the Carcinogen Special. Compliments of Papa Johns
wins! Spiders down W&M, 48-13, to advance in the playoffs. Use URSPIDERS at Papa Johns
When your girl asks you why 'Papa Johns' sending you pictures of they buttcheeks
Dabo confirms pizza party during news conf says, "Papa Johns has stepped up. They're all in."
Maybe Matt Schaub could do some Papa Johns commercials for their new pizza deal: Pick 6 and Pay Dearly
Papa Johns is looking for a in apply now!
welcome to Ames Matt where we have Papa Johns 😂
Matt probably still do some crazy nd win the game for them tho but if yall lose i still got the Papa Johns code for yall
Apply now to work for Papa Johns as Delivery Driver in
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