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Papa John

John Edmund Andrew Phillips (August 30, 1935 – March 18, 2001), was an American singer, guitarist, songwriter and promoter, most notably of the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival.

Tom Jurich Cardinal Stadium John Schnatter Pizza Hut Peyton Manning Jerry Jones Little Caesars Jim Davis Little Caesar

Papa John's insane gambit to blame the NFL for declining sales of his terrible pizza was so stupid, only Jerry Jones cou…
I️ want to see Tom Jurich vs Papa John in next year’s Wrestlemania
Don't Supermacs have some kind of Papa John franchise in Ireland? Silence from them
Where was Papa John's?😉 Kinda got used to hearing that. We're ready for Christmas bee…
1962, Freedom Riders, Papa John and Hillary. (Hillary behind the last visible row) (…
Get 40% off at Papa John's using online code FL472. Expires on 11/19/17.
Once I learned Peyton Manning owns over 30 Papa John’s in one city alone; I wish I could regurgitate the past. :-
Keep it up - working: Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. More Anthem Protests. Less Sales.
Welp. Guess my Papa John's fan fiction was a little too spicy.
Papa John's 'all hate groups' as neo-claim chain
Papa john: *takes all the same positions as Nazis*. Also papa john: "why is everybody…
Man that has to suck. Now both sides don't want his Papa John's Pipping Hot Premium One Topping Pizzas^TM
On our way home. Thank you sa pasundo, Papa! ♡. MAYWARDxASAP PopLoveTeens
Papa John's is now the official alt-right pizza, according to neo-Nazis
Real world. .Papa John needs to pay its people $15/hr
I should have boycotted after their driver pouted when I gave him a $2 tip on top of the hi…
So guess who owns over 100 Papa John’s Restaurants and is the biggest single stake holder of . besides the owne…
This is all a proxy war between Comet Ping Pong and Papa John's for the Alt-Right Pizza market.
Papa John's forced to ask white supremacists to stop buying their pizza
Papa John's swears its not Nazi pizza
Few things bring me greater joy than watching Papa John completely implode on himself.
Papa John's tells white supremacists not to buy its pizza after endorsement from neo-Nazi site: https:…
Papa John's is trying to distance itself from it's white supremacist supporters. Nazi's should be able to get diarrhea fr…
hmm..maybe Papa John's should not sell toANTIFA followers because they act like Nazis too. Horrible to target innoc…
Papa John: Nobody will buy my pizza anymore because of football. Iowa: we got you fam
Red, White & Blue ... Papa John's worried about the "red" that is flooding his bottom line. Kneeling costs him $$$.…
Papa John's is a Trump supporter. He donated to Trump. . He also refuses to pay a living wage. Boycott his pizza . ht…
Jerry Jones said he's a joint owner of 120 Papa John's in Texas. Called Papa John a great American. "When he speaks, I list…
While I fully support this movement, I have to admit I have never had Papa John's pizza. I just think life's too sh…
Blease I want some ginger ale. but there's not really a store in appropriate walking distance from Papa John's :(
Did a "No Referral" PBIS at HHS over 366 Students. Thanks to Coke, Papa John's, Dominos, Lil Caesar's for your support in rewarding students
Papa John, Bob McNair & Jerry Jones: How the Good Ole Boys Club is losing it, and losing control. .
The NFL protests are hurting Papa John's business. Also, serving people food that tastes like homeless people is...
WHO was eating Papa John's in the first place... she don't love herself
Mann who knew Papa John was worth Tht much .. ..
Papa John's CEO lost $70 million in one day after he made controversial comments about the NFL https:/…
I always liked Little Caesar's more than Papa John's anyways
What makes it even sweeter is we're in KY. Papa John's HQ is about 75 miles away. 😂
Papa John is a millionaire with an estate having 2 golf courses and a huge golden eagle statue in his home.…
Perhaps he even eats Papa John's pizza.
Papa John's is now on my boycott list. With. - All Fox. - All NBC (for supporting Kelly / Jon…
Sorry, Papa John. Pizza Hut owner Yum Brands: "We're not seeing any impact" of NFL player protests on pizza sales https:/…
In announcing his withdrawal "Sam Clovis" said he wants to get back to finishing off people's discarded Papa John's pizza crusts.
Papa John's is the 1st of many to pull their ads from the . will now feel the heat after owners get…
Like I’m sitting like she’s crazy but then I heard what ole papa John said and I’m like idk lol
Better ingredients, better pizza, better politics...Papa John's
Losing $70M in 24 hours is just the beginning of John Schnatter's troubles. I have a feeling I'm not the only one boycott…
I haven't bought Papa John's pizza since my daughter found mold on several slices.
Feel free to put me on anything except a Papa John's pizza.
The closing of Papa John's would disenfranchise tens of thousands of roaches & rats.
Could also be because Papa John looks like a dad who’d volunteer a little too enthusiastically to drive the babysitter hom…
Owner of Papa John's sabotages his business by reminding everyone what a Nazi sounds like... 😱 . https:/…
Papa John more like Papa Gone .. cuz he’s outta here
It has been a slight sacrifice not eating Chick Fil-A. Continuing to not eat Papa John's "pizza" is just an extra…
Papa John's is really out here blaming black players for their poor sales when their tomato sauce tastes like lightly salted…
Papa John also doesn’t believe in providing health care for his employees. I started boycot…
I’m sorry but DO NOT fwm if u fw Papa John’s. I cannot expose myself to something so disgraceful
Papa John's Pizza is blaming decline in sales on NFL anthem controversy. Tune in at 11 to vote in our poll.…
Well, he will be much sorrier now because I hope many many people boycott Papa John’s now
Imagine being Papa John, being worth $800 million dollars, and blaming your problems on black people wanting equality.…
Papa John’s is trying to sell fewer pizzas. I think it’ll work :-)
Ok but straight up I’ve maybe only seen one Papa John’s around here and it’s like 30 miles away. Probably wasn’t doing well to begin with.
Order a couple of pizzas from Papa John’s for “game day” then skip the game.
These Papa John yelp reviews make this whole situation even better
I’ve never had a Papa John’s pizza but I watch the ads differently after seeing the owner whine about the NFL
🍕 🍕EAT MORE PIZZA 🍕 🍕 . 👉🏼 I won’t watch the but I will get back to eating more PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA
Waiting for Trump to announce that a slice of Papa John's pizza is our new Attorney General.
Buy John’s pizza increase their sales they pulled nfl ads. Thank you
Papa John’s been trash for a smooth decade lmao
Haven’t had Papa John’s since I found out he donates to GOP
Papa John's says NFL protests are hurting sales
Was reading bout Papa John's trashing the NFL & leadership. I remember fans watching & players playing. Wish fans could just enjoy games
Papa John: 'The NFL has hurt us. We are disappointed the NFL and its leadership did not resolve this'
This just in: . Papa John’s founder makes up for his losses by simply no longer buying Just For Men.
This customer service couldn't be what's hurting Papa John's no…
Papa John’s CEO thinks black athletes are hurting pizza sales by demanding civil rights
Order Miche Bag Online!
Papa John's has pulled NFL-associated ads citing 'negative consumer sentiment' -- This is what happens when you go again…
"Papa John's blames falling sales on NFL players protests" *** john ur pizza must be pretty wack if football was the onl…
Papa John blaming poor sales on the NFL and players kneeling during the anthem, um how about your pizza is trash
Papa John took aim at NFL leaders on Wednesday, blaming national anthem protests for declining pizza sales
The ongoing feud between and Papa John is incredible. Mike hates him more than Phil Mushnick!
Way to go, coach Terry McCombs - the Papa John's Bears High School Coach of the Week for Week 8!
Jobs like Papa John's Cardinal Stadium are what make us one of the nation's top sports construction firms.
Two big boosts in UofL tickets sales at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium were Clemson game and U2 concert.
Capital donations nearly doubled last year thanks to Papa John's Cardinal Stadium expansion
The band got a distinguished rating at their regional competition and will be advancing to semi finals at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.
I was at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium last week to watch The Lamar Jackson Show!...No doubt a LJ statue wi…
Kelly K will be out at the Cystic Fibrosis Climb for the L of it, happening today at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium!
I added a video to a playlist Leah Pritchett and Papa John's Pizza's John Schnatter faced off in a in
John Schnatter is evil trash, and the pizza is HORRIBLE. People only eat Papa John's because Domin…
The Nats lost but I got a lot of half off Papa John's this season so I can't be too mad.💔💔💔
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Came across a Papa John's ad on Instagram and could only think of 🍕
Me and my little girl at Papa John's in Hickory Hills last weekend saying the word "pizza"!
hey who ever told Papa John he belonged in a speaking role on television
Papa John baking a Peyton Marnings forehead into every pie this season
Hey video chat is cool and all, but until we can prank call Papa John's I can't accept you have 100% superiority over Skype.
I was going to make some snarky remark about Papa John's being the C9 of pizza chains, bu…
It's OK.Wife went to & was back feeding the kids before pizza came.Ended up being a k…
Papa John's is virulently opposed to the ACA, vowing to reduce hours to avoid paying benefits. Ain't buyin' it.
Ok, hold, haunted by the ghostly skull of Papa John, which can only be sliced with a cursed blade.
Others would be shocked by John’s nonchalant way with this but Papa Midnite was just as casual. He ke…
Good deed for the day: gave the guys downstairs half of a papa John’s pizza. 😅
Young Papa John - and my dad is called Papa John by my kids 😂
Felicidad nivel:el dr. john marini y el Dr. Craig Coopersmith le digan a tu papá “you have an amazing son, hes going to be one of the best”
Thanks for coming Nick! Glad you enjoyed it. Best of luck with your projects.
My main gig was pizza cook at Papa John's on the side was 1-day of changing oil, and then dish washer at a camp.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Is it wrong that I've memorized the Papa John's coupon codes for the rest of the year?
I thought Papa John was my real dad for the longest time.
I liked a video Papa John's Pizza and Wings Please - Mukbang Eating Show
Mia’s, Papa John’s, & Gals Nails are all strong supporters of The thank them!
"It's called John's pizza in my house. I'll be damned if I call another man Papa"
As Americans we must be willing to withhold our money and business from the NFL and their sponsors. No Bud f…
The only reason I like sports right now is because winning Chicago teams get me 50% off at Papa John's.
Papa John’s is buy one pizza, get another free, any size so you’re welcome
meet jeremy. -32 . -still wears beanie he got from zumiez . -assistant manager at local Papa John’s. -asks his mom for rent money 3x/year
Arrgh, I am drawn in . . . No, not Papa John's. What do you KNOW . . . (?)
Meet him walking around Papa John's stadium at lunch. Class act one of my favorite homegrown. Go Cards.
Delivered $300 in Papa John's Pizza 🍕to our contest winners tonight, and even gave a Deputy Sheriff a ticket.
My 5 yr old just puked all over the Papa John's parking lot n store like a drunk college girl.
John Hayden with a HUGE right hook.
I trust that I was cute when I got a 15 dollar pizza half off at papa John's. Now if I was a fine mfer.. It would have been free
The boys are back in town and ready to bring that ⚡ feeling on Saturday. See you at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium!
They call him Papa John because he is our common ancestor.
BSU student: yeah I go to ball state, David Letterman went there. So did Papa John, Jim Davis, and the guy who played Eric o…
Thanks and for a great two day workshop! Really helped me…
I added a video to a playlist Closing with Richard Campbell, John Papa & Dan Wahlin with the Angular
Ordering Papa John's was your only mistake.. Dominos has upped their game
I choose to believe the $5 sign has no further information on it. All you need to know is $5 is all yo…
I refuse to do business with Papa John's anyway because John Schnatter refuses to pay a l…
Papa John's *** John Schnatter and company engages in wage theft for employees
John Schnatter, Papa John, supports that piece of crap Donald Trump.
There's a lady defiantly eating a Little Ceasar's pizza at this Papa John's and I admire her so much
New story: Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin appointed "Papa John" to board, but he backs AD Tom Jurich.
If Eli somehow wins the Superbowl, does Papa John now have to kiss both Manning brothers?
No more Budweiser, PepsiCo, Campbell's Soup, Gatorade, Nike, Papa John's for my h…
Squirrel does it and it's "adorable" I do it and I'm "drunk" and "not allowed back in Papa John's Cardinal Stadium." htt…
Website Builder 728x90
Gotta admit, the Papa John's shoutout at the end really threw me here.
Louisville needs to change the name of Papa John's stadium to DiGiorno, because they can't deliver...
No more nuggets from ChikFilA. No more Papa John's pizza. No more Amazon or PayPal. No more New Girl on FOX. NO NFL FOOTBALL.
I'm at the CVS . I'm at the Papa Johns . I'm at the combination CVS and Papa John's
Papa John's is amazing. They always have a 40% off deal going, and it's clutch as ***
pretty much all of OVO would cease to exist.. Bryson Tiller would still be working at Papa John's...
Jimmy John and Papa John fueling the top fuel NHRA dragster in Brainerd, Minnesota live. America Rocks!!
I heard it was a roving band of ewoks paid by Papa John and trained by Payton Manning. Read i…
Join the Teddy Bear patrol at work and we will bring a Papa John's pizza party your way.. Murphy..
Same sex couples raising children is fine. Papa John and Papa Murphy adopted Little Caesar and now we have many pizza options. I'm hungry.
There's a new Papa John's opening near me soon, is Payton coming?
turned on CNBC to watch Shark Tank today & saw a commercial for Jay Leno's Garage with special guest Papa John. Triggered.
PROMO CODE: GET40. 40% Off Pizza at Regular Menu Price. Thanks for letting Papa John's deliver your better pizza! Expires 2/2…
Currently craving Starbucks,Papa John's , Maxine's,ChickFilA, Hot fries,and so much more 😭
Papa John's>>>> . But they don't deliver to my adress 😩
Papa John's founder aims to increase his stake
I’ve just ordered pizza from Papa John’s!👍
Headin' to Papa John's Cardinal Stadium ? Go for free w/ Lyft! $50 Lyft ride credit, Use Code PIX
These Papa John's commercials are getting out of hand.
Just to clarify, this is a thread of numbers to various papa john's pizzas in the macomb area
Great video series from on building MEAN apps with
"Building MEAN Apps with Cosmos DB - Part 6: POST, PUT and DELETE with Cosmos DB" by John Papa
See I was thinking Papa John. That John guy is a real creep. Like Jared from Subway
Idk who Pappa is but Papa John is good
finally there is a new one! I thought you were having a mid season break or something lol Thank you for sharing
Don't get me all hot and bothered saying you're bringing pizza for the office and you walk in with papa John's. 😡🙄😷
FIX news old BS. D's new slogan mercilessly mocked, compared to Papa John’s ad |
Finished prep for my talk, wanna to learn how to hack node app? (and how to protect it, hint: helps) come see me talk
Yeah i'm pretty tough on myself... 66% is a passing grade.
Its cold and brew...2 out of 3 isn't bad!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
There are worse things he could've been missing
I'm at the Papa John's and Popeyes. MAKE EQUALITY CRYSTAL CLEAR This is how you fall somehow more in love w….
Learn how to POST, PUT and DELETE with MEAN.js and in part 6 of my free video series.…
lol i love how Mokgadi confronts John and then still call him 'papa'
Click the link for participating Papa John locations. If you're in N. State St is accepting donations.
Papa John's looks to learn from ecommerce - Nation's Restaurant News
Me justifying using my credit card for a Papa John's
I love all the pizza chains - Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Domino's - so I'm probably not the best judge. Never…
As soon as the Lord permits me, I'm hitting up BWW, Olive Garden, Papa John's, and wherever my heart pleases. Y'all are welcome to join 🙌🏼
"There is nothing in this city that beats Papa John's Pizza". - My NYC Uber Driver last night
Thanks to Papa John's Carolinas for sponsoring our staff lunch today! Check them out for all your pizza needs! 😋🍕...
Antagonizing my Papa John's delivery driver until he punches me and I get it for free
If you prefer little Ceasar's as opposed to Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Domino's, and Mellow/mad Mushroom. You don't deserve the slice life.
Update: my mom bought me Papa John's yesterday. She's my true hero.
My face when I know papa john is on his way 🤤🍕💋
I'm seeing what deals Papa John's have before I commit to such strenuous activity
Papa John is the Rachel Dolezal of Italians dudes last name is Schnatter
The Ross Boss is on vacation in New Jersey but surprised us at the office with Pineapple Papa John's!
Katelyn was telling me how they don't have Papa John's where she lives and my response was "well I live in Ragley... all we have is subway"
Remember when Papa John's Misty said, "I'm never leaving The Canyon" and then relocated to New Orleans?! Fraud!
Papa John’s and Little Caesars: Offer Vegan Cheese Pizza! - Sign the Petition! via
TODAY: Join a nationwide call-in for vegan cheese at Little Caesars! via
Dave Letterman, Papa John, the guy who made the Garfield comic Jim Davis. So without Ball State the world would be humorl…
The White Sox lost today, but won yesterday, so Papa John's near hotel gave me a huge discount on my pizza. Giddy Up
Rivals 5-star RB James Cook is in the house here at Papa John's Stadium.
Lives matter. There are people who will listen to you. Papa John's: (877) 547-7272. Little Caesars: (800) 722-3727. Domino's:…
Papa John's Pizza Fireworks Extravaganza kicks off 4th of July Weekend in Atlanta at this Friday night
Present your Toy Kingdom Amazing Card when you purchase a regular 14 -inch Papa John's pizza to get free...
Yo I got Papa John's at like midnight once, welcome to the club
Jack and I are over at Papa John's where they're hosting a fundraiser for the SPCA. There's pizza by donation and...
Legend says that if you say better ingredients better pizza 3 times Papa John will literally kiss u on the mouth
I just joined T-Mobile Tuesdays. I have not got anything from Papa John's yet.
Peyton Manning who's buddies with the Papa John's guy who didn't want to provide his employees with health insurance? Ye…
I just finished eating Papa John's. I'm more than a little 🤢 nauseous. Why oh why did it have to be Peyton Freaki…
'Operation Extra Olives' busts Papa John's employees who, police say, were selling cocaine out of the store
Turns out the only reason I didn't get into Yale is because I think Papa John's is garbage.
From 5pm on Saturday, June 3, search the UberEATS app to see if you’re within the reach of the Birmingham Papa John’s 👀🍕🙌🏾
Smart. Anyone who loves Papa John's that much would be better off living someplace where she's not in danger of encountering good pizza.
A love of Papa John's really only qualifies you for Slytherin, tbh
That girl does not love Papa John's as much as I do!!
Andrew didn't tell the entire story. The girl turned down Yale. She's going to Auburn. Papa John's on campus.
Started the week off with papa john and ending it in the same way 😜
How to score a free pizza from Papa John's for the big match with UberEATS
My favorite loot was the free Papa John's pizza because I got an XL pizza for about $0.60
Even Papa John couldn't deny a pizza this
"Hey Lizz, we're ordering Papa John's for lunch, you want some?" Me:
Teen writes application essay about Papa John's, gets accepted to Yale
Papa John's John Schnatter just wanted to make $50,000 a year. He's now a billionaire:
Happy Friday Papa Jackson and Tuning in from Ipsos Direct Winnipeg office while work…
Girl gets into Yale after penning essay on Papa John's pizza: But she's going to Auburn.
That's for a still shot likely local ad. If you go and look at national T…
🎶Papa John Creach / I'm in trouble deep. Papa John Creach / I've been losing sleep. But I've made up my mind, I'm keepin' my Starship🎶
Papa John's over Pepe's, Sally's? Srsly? Yeah, she'll be happier away from New Haven, sticking w what she knows, no…
10% off on select gift cards when you spend $100 - Uber, Groupon, Buffalo wild wings, Nintendo @ eBay
Accepted! Ivy League admissions essay is about ordering Papa John's
yeah my stomach just growled thinking about it 🙃 too bad Martin doesn't have Papa John's. ugh
Same here and the PJSTOP doesn't eork it says failed. Never using papa John's again.
Me too! Frustrating that there's so much spam we can't answer our own phones anymore, but I guess that's where we're at.
I get about five a day. I don't answer my phone anymore unless I recognize the number
can we expect updated covers for Armageddon and TMS more in line with the recent re-release main series Skulduggery books?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Girl gets accepted to Yale on back of essay about loving Papa John’s. Selects Auburn, which has a PJ’s, over Ivy
And Auburn, unlike Yale, has a Papa John's in the student center.
Just read an article and I'm in AU now. Love your essay and love Papa John's too.
Girl gets Into Yale with an essay about Papa John's pizza, promptly cucks them for Auburn http…
The secretive billionaire who makes cheese for Pizza Hut, Domino's and Papa John's:
An essay about Papa John's pizza helped a high school senior get into Yale (PZZA)
I had two missed calls from my dad, assumed something was wrong, but he just wanted to let me know about Papa John's new cheeseburger pizza
My favorite is the pizza, either Domino's or Papa John's. Don't have to cook!
one of the best pizzas I have had was one from Papa John's called the smoky pizza. cream sauce base wit…
Spread the word! Papa John's is coming to North Managers, Cashiers, Cooks and Delivery ht…
Im thankful for Papa John pizza. And the nectar sunglasses, and T-mobile swag 💖 most of all T-Mobile for being you.
Order online and pay for delivery online. Imma need one for Papa John's too.
Papa John ate her brain a long time ago. She can't keep her stories st…
Gotta say, the best stuff T-Mobile has gifted me are all those Movie Tickets and free Papa John's!
Lol no, Papa John's has a new cheeseburger pizza, but it has pickles on it and pickles on any kind of pizza sounds horrific
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Papa John's brought back the bacon cheeseburger pizza! I'm so happy!
If everything goes according to plan, I'm gonna die at 35 from chocking on a Papa John's habanero chicken wing
A "May of MIC Miracles" in full effect as these kids enjoy Papa John's. Order and make sure you use your school code. 3 D…
Papa John's pizza with extra sauce is not the business. Especially the day before work . 😩😩
Thanks for listening to Q105.3 at work! The School Nutrition Office at Bryan County Schools gets Pizza & Pepsi from Papa John's
Nothing like some Papa John's pizza and watching The Godfather on a Sunday 👌🏽
Hi Maha! We checked & there are several pizza restaurants open at 12 & after like Papa John's, Pizza Hut and others in Riffa areas:)
Terrific Tuesday is back 😍. Buy one get one free at Papa John's Pizza today! . Coupon code: PJTT01
WTH!!!Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Papa John's are not Italian restaurants and they make millions selling pizza and pasta!😲
Thank u Papa John u handsome man. I shall call u the Carbs Vixen
baby the only delivering there was came from the Papa John's guy waiting backstage for Alexa to get ha pizza
Pizza Hut losing market share to Domino's, Papa John's via the App
It looks like Jay tried to block Papa John's ultimate-death-heart-punch technique, b…
Bull, everyone knows Papa John's is the biggest pizza chain in Texas xD
Papa John's and Chick-Fil-A have delicious food but conflict me due to their ethical choices
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I just ate a Chick-fil-A sandwich and a whole bag of Papa John's breadsticks hello hangover
Imagine if instead of Papa John's it was called Papa Ron's-if you say it fast it sounds like Pepperoni's. He should open a pizza shop
Lol Tom Pagnozzi's eating a Papa John's Pizza on the big screen.
Fan Outfitters Zone ? of the Day: Does Matt Bevin only refer to John Schnatter as "Papa John" in conversation?
Papa John and Tom Jurich would be interesting
and I saw Tom Jurich eating at Blaze pizza yesterday. I guess no Papa John's for him.
So much behind the scenes drama with Tom Jurich & Papa John. I think I'll call this Pizza Gate.
Kinda hoping it's Papa John's Wildcat Stadium, so Tom Leach, Papa John, Mark Stoops and John Calipari can recreate…
I will be laughing for days if Papa John decided to go to UK & name Commonwealth Stadium after him because Tom Jurich can get any company!
.can we please get a sponsorship, we've sold more Papa John's than Peyton Manning for Pizza's sake!
Don't forget to strut your mutt tomorrow at Papa John's 6th annual Mutt Strut! Be sure to stop by and check out...
Reasons Denny Matthews is in the Hall of Fame: he can read the Royals/Papa John's 5-run promo without laughing.
Papa John's is throwin major shade at Tom Jurich
Cardinal Stadium without the Papa John's has a nice ring to it. Let's make it home to Tom Jurich Field as well!
Tom Jurich and Papa John should stage a celebrity boxing match. Loser must donate $1 million to students struggling with debt.
So, is Papa John now Poopy John? No one tries to put Tom Jurich in a corner.
KSR: Papa John puts Tom Jurich on blast at UofL Board of Trustees meeting
Papa John's Pizza on Worst pickup ever. Just told me some one took my winds. They are going to make me anoth…
For our greater Houston friends. "On Monday, April 10, all proceeds from all Papa John’s locations in Greater...
The Paul Jones show kicks off at 7pm tonight with classic sounds from John Brim, Papa Lightfoot & Mike Bloomfield 👉…
Papa John's to donate all proceeds to Asst. Chief...http…
Help Cheif Greenwood's family by ordering Papa John's today 🍕
Be sure to order from Papa John's Pizza today. All proceeds go to Asst Chief Deputy Greenwood's family.
Best way to cope with the gruesome death of your loved ones? Papa John's pizza of course.
When Papa John is too plastered to care anymore.
Papa John’s is rolling out a gluten-free crust in St. Louis according to Fortune
"Do you think jimmy John is papa johns son?"
which is why we should all become Wobblies, get jobs at papa john's and stage a takeover one franchise at a time
TODAY: Papa John's Pizza to donate all proceeds to family of Asst. Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood
Better idea: we all get jobs at papa john's and salt every location in the city
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
🍕✨🙏🏼 sooo how many RTs for a year of free Papa John's Pizza? 🙂
Considering the owner of Papa John’s hate of providing health care and a living wage I am not shocked saddened but…
well if you liked stick you're gonna LOVE the *** blasted papa john
This Monday, April 10, all proceeds from Papa John's in the Greater Houston Area will go to the family of Chief Greenw…
RIP John Clarke, all the Trevs will be as gutted as we are. Here's Fred Dagg's original gumboots, in the history collections a…
John Clarke's bones should be kept in Te Papa, and his skin in Melbourne Museum. It's what he would have wanted. RIP
I've eaten Papa John's like 3 times this week, and I want it again. Fix me Jesus. Please. I don't wanna be like this no more.
Main Street is back open between Papa John's and Spring Hill First Baptist Church.
Papa John's Commercial: Just because it's cheaper, doesn't mean it's better. Me: You just described why I don't eat Papa John's.
you: Papa John's. me, an intellectual: Father Jonathan
Papa John's giving me a $2.50 Extra Large pizza because it's the Bachelor finale and they know I'm alone & I also have enough reward points.
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