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Paolo Di Canio

Paolo Di Canio (born 9 July 1968) is an Italian former professional footballer and current manager of League Two side Swindon Town.

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New signing Alan McCormack on how Paolo Di Canio was a big influence on his game | BoS |
new boy Alan McCormack reckons controversial Italian Paolo Di Canio made him the player he is today. >…
If Paolo Di Canio tried a rabona like Payet at age 29 he would've been in hospital for 4 months with hip dislocation
MaxItaly get one back with a glorious strike from Bernardo Corradi with five minutes to go. Paolo Di Canio also on the pitch now.
Sunderland fans slagging off Wilder when they've had Ricky Sbragia, Paolo Di Canio and David Moyes amongst others in recent years. Yeah ok.🤔
I got my all time favourite player, The great Paolo Di Canio 🏆🙏🏼
Video: Paolo Di Canio and Winterburn recreate controversial moment in Legends match!
Homie hit that *** with the Paolo Di Canio! Shet! 😂😂😂😂. The walk before he connected with the ✂️ ... MOER 😂😭😂😭
I have been a club team mate of Neil Ruddock, Peter Ndlovu, Paolo Di Canio, Paul Robinson & Cristiano Ronaldo. Who am I?
Paolo Di Canio - a man who always knew where the top corner was 🥅.
Awaiting the German takeover, Nazi flags flying from the SOL and Paolo Di Canio storming onto the pitch as new Manager, saluting the crowd
On this day, 17 years ago, Paolo Di Canio did this...
Who remembers when Paolo Di Canio did this...
Must be in history of Coral! Paul McStay, Paolo Di Canio, Tommy Burns, Charlie Nicholas and B…
West Ham's world changed for the better in 1999. Paolo Di Canio and Marc-Vivien Foe both became Hammers!. 📆
Monk criticising Wagner's celebration...he clearly missed Paolo Di Canio celebrating the 2nd and 3rd goals for against in 2013!
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Paolo Di Canio was on the spot in 5-4 win o... -
CLASSIC 📸 | Paolo Di Canio celebrates the Hammers' 3-2 win at in November 2000.
Expert managerial analysis from the journalist who forecast a Sunderland assault on Europe under Paolo Di Canio.
On this day in 1999 sign Paolo Di Canio and the late Marc Vivien Foe
On this day in 2001: Paolo Di Canio scored the only goal as West Ham beat Manchester United 1-0 at Old Trafford. https…
Blimey, we've got HenryVIII AND Thomas Becket trending at the same time! I suppose it makes a change from Paolo Di Canio and Lee Trundle.
20 years ago today, Paolo Di Canio's famous golden boots goal at Pittodrie.
There's a woman on this bus that looks just like Paolo di Canio.
Paolo Di Canio on the London Stadium: "It's like going to the theatre. You don't feel the passion anymore."
So it was ok for Sky Sport Italia that Paolo Di Canio was a fascist, as long as you couldn't see his tattoos on air? htt…
he's just a overrated Paolo Di Canio
Fired over a tattoo everyone already knew he had
Just another Paolo Di Canio with contact lenses.
Huddersfield Town are tabling a £13m bid for Paolo di Canio and Alan Shearer.
Paolo Di Canio axed as Sky Sport Italia pundit after displaying fascist ... -   10% Off
cancels Paolo Di Canio programme in Italy after he appears with fascist tattoo on his arm
"I could never, never have left West Ham" ...
Sky Sport Italia suspend Paolo Di Canio for displaying fascist tattoo on air:
Paolo Di Canio's fascist tattoo costs him Sky job: During the broadcast, a tattoo of the “DVX” could be seen ...
Sky Italy have sacked Paolo Di Canio after he appeared live wearing short sleeves, revealing a facist tattoo
Sky Sport Italia have fired Paolo Di Canio, after he was spotted with a Fascist ‘Dux’ tattoo whilst on air.
Paolo di Canio fired as tattoo reveals fascist sympathies the world already knew he had
Sky Italy suspended collaboration with Paolo Di Canio:he appeared with short sleeves,on right arm had fascist tattoo h…
There is no place for Paolo Di Canio in Football anymore. Here's why...
I am most like the legend Paolo Di Canio! Take the quiz and see which legend you are!
I sexually identify as Paolo Di Canio's suit
I think I've seen Harrison dive more times than Paolo Di Canio.
Give it to Paolo Di Canio until the end of the season.
Just had to Paolo Di Canio a fox in the head because it was attacking my cat and rabbits
Over performed in Swindon, under performed in Sunderland. Remain is Paolo Di Canio.
You never know, that Sunderland result might just be an anomalous aftershock of Paolo di Canio
In fairness, Sunderland is the same city that had Paolo Di Canio as manager...
No wonder why they loved Paolo Di Canio in Sunderland...
I'm worried about the lasting negative impact of paolo di canio on the area...
Paolo Di Canio leaves Gazza on the floor, 1996/97.
.non Scots, you're looking for seize mentality. Maybe not quite Paolo di Canio thought :)
"Paolo di Canio: skills and top 5 goal"
First Celtic jersey I see in the crowd I'm flicking over to vs . (unless it's Paolo di Canio)
'Paolo Di Canio rid me of my sweet tooth': Matt Ritchie credits the Italian ... -
And worthy of mention is that Katidis did it in jersey of AEK, famous for their Antifa fans. :,D . ...
surely Paolo di Canio can make a useful contribution to this debate
You must refer to RAI tv commentators, as SkySport had a spirited comment by Paolo Di Canio with usual anectodes.
.states the case for Paolo Di Canio never to be in charge of Read his views on pg 103:
Paolo Di Canio will whip them into shape 😄
I use to call him the crazy horse lol. Paolo Di'Canio
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Paolo Di Canio, you're the love pf my life. Paolo Di Canio, I'd let you shag my wife. Paolo Di Canio, I want dirty knees too.
Those last few words bring me to tears, happy tears. PAOLO DI CANIO!!
Come on Italy!!! Backing Italy today for my West Ham god Paolo Di Canio COYI COME ON ITALY!!
Slaven Bilic needs his own pundit show!. He'll be the head pundit, and he'll be with Mark Noble, Trevor Brooking and Paolo Di Canio!
Jonny Wilkinson is easy to like and admire, but you need to be really invested to be a fan of Paolo Di Canio!
Paolo Di Canio is my pick for manager. It would be entertaining at the very least. . Who do you want as manager?
And here's Cecil looking at Paolo Di Canio with a pizza. Halcyon days
Paolo Di Canio down to 5/1 for the Vale job. Garth Crooks will love that. . Up the 4th Reich Vale.
Paolo Di Canio. Now that could be entertaining!
Paolo Di Canio brought us some memorable Premier League moments.
Paolo Di Canio, Antoine Ferdinand, Trevor Sinclair, Jermaine Defoe, Carlton Cole, Dimitri Payet have done some magical things at Upton Park
Celtic should go for a groundbreaking management mentalist trio of Neil Lennon, Roy Keane & Paolo Di Canio. 💥🍀
Paolo Di Canio, actually all joking aside I bet he applies. Almost as funny as Fat Boy Evans getting the job.
it's like Paolo Di Canio's old joke about Totti
when Paolo Di Canio scored the greatest goal in Premier League history at home to Wimbledon. Superb skill.
On this day in 2000, Paolo Di Canio scored this stunning goal against Wimbledon...
If that was Paolo Di Canio he would've stopped the ball with his hands & gave it 2 Newcastle, and said here, free kick 4 you 😜😜
Paolo Di Canio scores one of the greatest Premier League goals of all time, 1999/2000.
Paolo Di Canio signed at Mark Noble's testimonial. On display & for sale
Paolo Di Canio scores one of the best PL goals of all time.
With so many to choose from and featuring such great names such as Billy Bonds, Paolo Di Canio and Bobby Moore, it was to…
"This is what they want!" Paolo Di Canio delights the crowd with a superb solo goal. http…
Then a day later, 16 years tmrw, Paolo Di Canio won it with this for against Wimbledon
Paolo Di Canio at the gig last night in Italy.
Buzzing for testimonial Monday! Looking forward to seeing some former players,especially Paolo Di Canio 😬⚒
give up? Little mela mate. 😉I agree the day isn't about Payet but people should just enjoy it. Paolo Di Canio... ⚒
Rio Ferdinand & Paolo Di Canio have both stepped up their preparation ahead of Mark Noble’s testimonial
Rio Ferdinand & Paolo Di Canio have stepped up their fitness plans ahead of Monday:
Paolo Di Canio admits 'it's an honour and privilege' to play in Mark Noble testimonial as he prepares for return to Boleyn Ground
Paolo Di Canio thanking Mark Noble for giving him the opportunity to play in his testimonial at Upton Park. Legend. https:/…
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Paolo Di Canio is back with his second family once again. ⚽ ➡️
this is the same Ellis Short who appointed Paolo Di Canio, Roberto De Fanti & Lee Congerton
Throwback to when Paolo Di Canio pushed over referee Paul Alcock after being sent off against Arsenal.
Celtic's Paolo Di Canio shows some cheek at Fir Park 1997
in 2000, Paolo Di Canio showed his sportsmanship, catching the ball so Paul Gerrard could get treatment. http…
Paolo Di Canio full of passion, as always!
Can only think of one other time where a team's looked as bad as this & turned it around. need Paolo Di Canio
Harry gets it right over West Ham youngster Lampard
Paolo Di Canio Started five in a row and the rest is history via NOT LOST A DERBY SINCE I MADE THIS
Exeter City midfielder Lee Holmes was once too expensive for Paolo Di Canio era Swindon Town.
Paolo Di Canio personally signed/framed montage:. Currently on display and for sale at Worldwide…
Your footballing skill has nothing to do with your coaching ability, I mean look at Paolo Di Canio.
Photos: Forgotten Paolo Di Canio signing trains with Sunderland first-team, George Honeyman and Thomas Robson als...
Wonder if players like Trevor Sinclair, Frank Lampard &/or Paolo Di Canio will play in
Paolo Di Canio says some of his that he isn't a Fascist an will salute John Terry with a raised arm n cl…
What's the odds they give the job to Paolo Di Canio instead.
Is Paolo Di Canio's scissor kick the greatest goal of all time?
Any chance of Slaven Bilic or Paolo Di Canio being a future guests, Seth??!!
Paolo Di Canio and Carlos Tevez will be asked to play in Mark Noble's testimonial, according to
Rooney is on the decline with Man Utd losing their English spirit - Di Canio
If Alan judge for 6 million happens then he'd be our record signing surpassing Paolo Di Canio at 5.7 million
Throwback to when Paolo Di Canio sportingly stopped the game to allow the opposing ‘keeper to get treatment.
The likes of Joe Cole, Paolo Di Canio, Carlos Tevez and Carlton Cole are also expected to be asked to take part.
When Paolo Di Canio used to start every sentence with the words "it's obvious" 😂😂. Proper miss the sexy ***
It can be anything from Paolo Di Canio's scissor kick to winning the Play Off Final in 2012.
Paolo Di Canio scores the only goal of the game as Celtic beat Aberdeen 1-0 in this league match from November 1996.
I'm the Paolo Di Canio of head-to-heads. Well, the good stuff not the pushing over referees and Nazism.
Paolo Di Canio scores one of the greatest volleys of all-time for West Ham against Wimbledon. (2000)
Wouldnae make a difference IMO. Buck stops wae Deila. Di Canio. Bring him home. I'm sold on Paolo.
You know who would do a job for Celtic? Paolo Di Canio.
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You know who we need? We need Paolo Di Canio and his whole team of goombah, *** guineas from Swindon. We’d be last 8 in the Champs League
Paolo Di Canio is shouting off the top of a bus
Paolo Di Canio's goal was bang average, he just made it look good by unnecessarily jumping
Quotes . I'm not deaf - Van Gaal. Are you an Ostrich? - Pearson. People with ambition want Paolo Di Canio - Paolo Di Canio
.happen to Germany since Hitler, as the loony left would probably compare him, to Paolo Di Canio! (2/2)
Fabio Capello had some interesting things to say about Jose' Mourinho and Chelsea on "House of Football" with Paolo Di Canio.
Can you imagine Paolo Di Canio!? It'd be an interesting 5 month stint in nothing else. Like watching a car crash unfold.
Paolo Di Canio?! Can you imagine that - it'd be an entertaining 5 month stint if nothing else. :-)
Paolo dI Canio for personality also for his incredible goals
after your ridiculous and baffling start to the morning im surprised your not calling them Paolo,di,and Canio
Shame we didn't get Tim Sherwood, Gus Poyet and Paolo Di Canio. Get over yourselves and get behind the new manager!
Looks like she got her inspiration from Paolo Di Canio!
.good shout. This may be in our list too... The always entertaining, Paolo Di Canio!
To show how accurate BetFair is, Alan Irvine is currently 7/2, Paolo di Canio is 10/3 and Justin Edinburgh is 100/1 ON!!
Sheffield Wednesday's Paolo Di Canio pushes Referee Paul Alcock over back in '98.
paolo di canio says you'll never get 9-in-a-row used to ring around ma primary school. Great memories
Sack the special one. Get Paolo Di Canio in. Only Italians do it better. FORZA
Paolo Di Canio is one of them... Do you know the 10 shortest managerial reigns in Premier League history?
MATT LAWTON AT THE STADIUM OF LIGHT: Too old to slide along the touchline on his knees, Paolo Di Canio-style, Sam Allardy…
Paolo Di Canio will be in charge of Leeds United by the weekend
thinks Paolo Di Canio is one of the greatest players, what do you think? .
Ahead of Sheff Wed v Arsenal, we recall Paolo Di Canio's push on Paul Alcock. | https:/…
Brendan Rodgers just did the Paolo Di Canio knee slide when Bogdan saved that last peno
Just seen Paolo Di Canio house hunting in Liverpool
Looking back on my signed school shirt it has all Paolo di canio messages and 0-3 on the front then *** wrote 5-1 on all of the back😂
Paolo was right. The fans knew he was right. The team knew he was right. . New manager, new players, same .
Jack Grealish's hair stays more rigid through 45mins than Fabian Barthez when facing Paolo Di Canio
It was two years ago today that the former Swindon boss Paolo Di Canio was sacked as manager of Sunderland.
I was too young to remember the fee for Paolo Di Canio but my all time favourite player big fan of his £1.7 million big bargain them times
Off to Sheffield today for more management training. Paolo Di Canio and John Carver aren't on the course, I'm reliably informed
I was at my mates house last night and he has this! Paolo Di Canio
Paolo Di Canio was banned in 1999 for 11 games for nudging a referee. Costa needs something similar for being a cheating ***
If there's a Paolo Di'Canio part of the tour I think I'll pass out
Suddenly people hate towards costa has increased but didnt Legends like Eric Cantona , Paolo Di Canio , roy keane (1)
Eric Cantona , Paolo Di Canio Luis suarez , had/has same kind of antics on the pitch previously , End of the day no one is a saint .
Sherwood is a mental. Like a white Paolo Di Canio. Could be first manager ever to go an entire career without completing a full season
Didn't Paolo Di Canio assault a ref? Or have you muppets forgot about that? Last I check, he was European!
Abel Metre on Lazio's new black kit that he claims is fascist “It is a jersey that Paolo Di Canio would come out of retirement for,”
who subs after 20 minutes apart from Paolo Di Canio?
Paolo Di Canio infamously pushes Paul Alcock after being sent off against Arsenal.(1998)
Does anyone know the current capacity of the Greenwood and Lyall, BM6, Legends, Paolo Di Canio and Corner Flag Lounges at the Boleyn Ground?
I voted for Paolo di Canio in an election once. Was in the local paper.
West Ham is my religion.. Paolo Di Canio is my god.. And Dimi Payet is shaping up to to be my little Jesus Christ
Exclusive - Paolo Di Canio opens up about 'Ketchupgate' and hard-line management style:
Paolo Di Canio celebrates scoring for Celtic against Rangers in 1997.
Paolo Di Canio on football fans is spot on
Paolo Di Canio.. Still our best goal in the Premier League?. .
What a legend Paolo Di Canio .Still makes me laugh the way the ref fell down in stages !!! But what an amazing skilful player he was
Tough to pick strikers though from Robbie Keane, Paolo Di Canio, Marcus Stewart and Darren Bent.
Happy birthday Paolo Di Canio! The brilliant Italian scored more than one fantastic volley in his career... https:/…
Paolo Di Canio leaves Gazza on the ground, 1996/97.
"Paolo Di Canio is one picnic short of a hamper.". 36 brilliant Alan Brazil quotes .
And Scott has someone who agrees with him ... Paolo Di Canio blames Ellis Short for Sunderland's failings
Duncys thought for tonight did paolo di canio play for septic I'm sure I've seen him against rangers ?see this worries me because septic are
Paolo Di Canio is a fascist !! He used to play for Coyi and Lazio !! We are all fascists too !! Lets pretend we have an alliance !! OLAS !!
Fair enough, gotta admit that the Di Canio antics were the main reasons behind my theory (although Paolo rocks).
Saw for sale today a statuette of one of the most controversial figures in history and one of Paolo Di Canio
*John Carver peels off mask to reveal he is actually Paolo Di Canio*
whose bigger West Ham, Celtic or Lazio – we need Paolo Di Canio!
currently writing about Paolo Di Canio, his fascist views, and his time at Swindon Town as part of my History course. Ideas?
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Joss Stone, Tony Blair, Paolo Di Canio (although we always knew, just wanted him to be the one, so much)
Just going through the lads new Match Attax, he's picked up a classic Paolo Di Canio so had to show him this... via
Gonna struggle against Cambridge. Score a Di Canio goal (outta nowhere for those who don't know Paolo). . 3-5-2.
Paolo DI CANIO : The Volcano ! The complete stories with Barthez and Lampard here :
- For any Hammers who want to reminisce about what Roeder went on to destroy three seasons later
Paolo Di Canio, friends. It'll cost you some bundle. :(
Paolo DI CANIO : The Volcano ! The compelte stories with Barthez and Franck Lampard here :
Paolo DI Canio nearly killing the referee with a push was horrifying
Was next paolo di canio on my flight he said sh don't tell no one I'm on here 😂
Bernie Ecclestone being interviewed in front of just one statue of himself. Poor. Paolo Di Canio would have six.
“SPOTTED: This Watford in the queue at the weekend... Paolo Di Canio being harsh!
Fiorini scored the goal which sent Lazio to a three-team playoff which they also got out of. Fiorini was Paolo Di Canio’s
maybe he's just misunderstood, like Mussolini. Right, Paolo Di Canio?
Despite being the Premier Leagues 49th all time top scorer with 68 goals Paolo Di Canio was never capped for Italy.
Paolo Di Canio pointed out "sudditanza psicologica" in his autobiography. Used Manchester United as an example. Referees get pressured (1/2)
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Just started reading Paolo Di Canio's autobiography, and I thought skiing in St Anton was exciting.
Join us over at 6pm for our weekly This week: PAOLO DI CANIO
"Paolo Di Canio is capable of scoring the goal he scored." - BRYAN ROBSON
Paolo Di Canio isn't too shy here, is he..?? Celebrating at alongside Jorge Cadete..
History lecture all about paolo di canio I can deal with that
Clear coaching vocabulary is key to dev. a successful culture http…
I was a team mate of Jason McAteer, Ian Wright, Wayne Rooney, Robbie Savage and Paolo Di Canio. Who am I?.
Paolo Di Canio, Neil Lennon, Lee Clark and Uwe Rosler are all shorter odds for the job than Sean.
in between a Paolo di canio and Leon Clarke argument!
Paolo di Canio is very excited about our work on 'Commissioning Planned Care in Newham'.
If you think that goal from Ramsey is the best ever, do a bit of research on a man called Paolo di Canio
In 10 seasons as a Serie A player, Paolo Di Canio never scored more than 6 league goals. Pretty well kept secret he was rubbish in Italy.
Paolo Di Canio was given an 11 match ban for actually pushing a referee. Are there different sanctions for the rich&famous?
Harry Redknapp attempting to sign Robbie Keane in January, along with Jermain Defoe, Peter Crouch, Darren Bent and Paolo Di Canio.
OTD in 97. Paolo Di Canio rounds the keeper and scores a last minute winner to give a 2-1 win over
Paolo Di Canio is 28/1 to be the next Leyton Orient manager. Worth a bet?. HERE ->
how about the referee who got pushed by Paolo Di Canio
Today's win is the happiest I've been since meeting Paolo Di Canio
Frank Lampard and Paolo Di Canio celebrate for West Ham in 1999.
The legend that isDi Canio. Been a long time since we've seen his like. Amazing season so far though.
Bring in Paolo Di Canio that way if we losing at least our manager gonna be biting at people
If Balotelli is a racist, so Paolo Di Canio is an angel and Human rights activist...
If FA can charge people for what they do in life, off the football pitch, how did they allow Paolo Di Canio, a fascist, to coach in the BPL?
"""You get fantastically talented players, but the desire goes down when they get a big car, a gold and diamond watch” Paolo Di Canio"
Paolo Di Canio Volley vs. Wimbledon: Do you mean this from the 99/00 season?
This season is made for Paolo Di-Canio to come in.. It'll be that kind of season.
For all Paolo Di Canio's complexities, he has plenty to offer football, according to Raffa De Vita. Big Interview :
Golden Years:Let's get physio -From Greavsie to Becks and Rooney via
Some great moments including the 'magic sponge'
Paolo Di Canio was brilliant wasn't he?. Well. You know, except for the fascism and that..
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Paolo Di Canio was our manager. You won't find a worse manager
West Ham's new signings in 1999, Paolo Di Canio and Marc-Vivien Foé, who sadly passed in 2003.
I managed Leeds as well - signed Paolo Di Canio for a three-pronged attack with Viduka and Smith
Looked at subscribing to App & noticed they promote a column by manager Paolo Di Canio! Great coverage guys!
Before KO, Paolo Di Canio on Sky singled out Smalling as being the only player on the pitch who doesn't belong at this level. Hard to argue.
Paolo Di Canio's rabona volley in training back in 2004.
as your lot weren't fickle went yous chanted Paolo Di Canio then wanted him out, likewise with O'Neil?
Liverpool borrowing Paolo Di Canio's 4-2-4 formation for the last few minutes.
On reflection - the fact that Paolo di Canio didn't get any full caps for Italy is hard to believe - a man so capable of the spectacular
Good thing Paolo di Canio was not playing in Switzerland back in the day he pushed a ref!
only Paolo Di Canio has scored more Premier League goals for West Ham than Carlton Cole.
he's worse than Moyes mate, he's more like Paolo Di Canio one good finish to the season and he's the king
i would tbh, no manager would stoop so low, unless your name is Paolo Di Canio or Jose Mourinho, those 2 would say anything
Final part of design complete, Paolo Di Canio avail able from 7pm Friday
Fairy snuff. And Paolo Di Canio gets a pass on his politics too cos he's an ex-Celt.
Last season it was Paolo Di Canio. This year m betting my money on Pardew and Big Sam to be first to get the boot.
Accepted and nominated for great causes and , and Paolo Di Canio 🙈 https:/…
How was Paolo Di Canio never capped by Italy 🙈
SJP park 1 year ago today Steve Harpers charity match. Paolo Di Canio
Steve Bruce & Paolo Di Canio never played for their countries.
Paolo di canio does fascist salute 90 odd % of celtic fans hate him. A lisbon lion backs the brits and ach theyre entitled to their opinion
I really cba, I bet if Paolo Di Canio became a legend on FUT EA would've made him a silver
“Paolo Di Canio is as low as 3/1 today for the job. FFS don't you think we have enough looni Italians at the club?
Paolo Di Canio's reputation was ruined at Sunderland, but Michael Lintorn thinks that he would rebuild it at Leeds.
Paolo Di Canio 9/4 favourite with Bwin to be next Leeds manager
Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink joins Paolo Di Canio & Robbie Fowler on list of interesting candidates for the Leeds job.
paolo di canio and Robbie Fowler latest to be linked with Leeds United vacancy: Paolo Di Canio and Robbie Fowl...
Paolo Di Canio and Robbie Fowler latest to be linked with Leeds United vacancy
Paolo di Canio and Cellino? Can't see any problems there... whatsoever...
Paolo Di Canio: "Obviously Lazio is in my blood but West Ham is the place where I feel I belong and feel happy in life."
Paolo Di Canio is now 6/1 from 40/1 to be the next Leeds manager. HERE ->
In other news seeing Paolo di Canio being a favourite for the Leeds' head coach is good. Two nutters running the club, can only be good?
Paolo Di Canio and Leeds fall hand in hand really imo.
Remember when you asked Paolo Di Canio for his hat?
Paolo Di Canio now. 5/1 to be next coach. Where did that come from
Paolo Di Canio now just 8/1 to be the next Leeds boss. Who wants to see this guy back in management?
Another steamer in the Leeds manager market. Paolo Di Canio cut from 50/1 to 11/4 today! http…
Former Sunderland manager Paolo Di Canio has today been backed into as short as 11/4 from 66/1 to get the Leeds job!! ht…
is this what Paolo Di Canio calls a roman salute?
If it were my decision I'd be looking at Steve Clarke, Paolo Di Canio and Simon Grayson
Paolo Di Canio finalising a deal to sign on loan till January as cover for Cattermole. More to follow
"Roma are fortunate that they have two presidents. One is at Roma and the other is at Lazio" - Paolo Di Canio
Paolo Guerrero suspended til 2015 for pushing a ref!?. Does he think he's Paolo Di Canio or something
Paolo Di Canio. Let's make it happen. That Jewell stuff is genuinely troubling.
Malian defender Modibo Diakite has left Sunderland by mutual consent. The 27-year-old was signed by Paolo Di Canio from Lazio in July 2013.
Another of Paolo Di Canio's scatter-gun signings gets the bullet as SAFC terminate contract of Modibo Diakite
I reckon we should hire Paolo Di Canio just to throw West Ham off there game Saturday
"Malky Mackay still has plenty of friends in football", says a defiant Paolo Di Canio.
Someone should nominate Paolo Di Canio for those silly ice bucket challenges. He's an expert in pouring water through a dressing room.
Paolo Di Canio is remarkably STILL out of work, though yeah?
I know, Hocks still need at least a few games, but if Cellino really wants an italian manager, no doubt, that will be Paolo Di Canio!
I have noticed the changes in football, It used to be work, work, work. Now, for some players, the priority is a gold watch - Paolo Di Canio
Corinthians midfielder banned for six months for shoving a referee. FAO Paolo Di Canio
We are pleased to announce Paolo Di Canio has signed a 5 year deal to become our new manager
Daughters swing thing plays music and plays the PAOLO DI CANIO tune. Can't help burst into song every time.
Maybe you and Paolo Di Canio instead. The chalk and cheese cops. Like in Lethal Weapon.
Palace needs Paolo Di Canio. Now more than ever.
fans singing Paolo Di Canio's fascists go he is my favorite
I have always liked QPR (and hated Fulham). But Harry Redknapp is this season's Paolo Di Canio. QPR must be destroyed.
Would you pick a fight with PDC. you wouldn't have to pick a fight with paolo di canio he would pick a fight with you
Something magnanimous on the field of play. That would do it. See Paolo di Canio.
Am sure you'll make the right decision on the new manager and get the fans backing. Unless it's Paolo di Canio obviously.
It's a good job Paolo Di Canio hasn't been linked with us
It's okay Palace fans, Paolo Di Canio is still unemployed. He lived in London for five years. Home from home and all that.
We used to have a massive canvas painting of Paolo Di Canio. Couldn't get rid of that like. The bin men wouldn't take it.
Steve Parish has a delicious choice this evening between Paolo Di Canio, Tim Sherwood and Chris Hughton
Crystal Palace have hired Paolo Di Canio with immediate effect.
Is Paolo di Canio up to much at the moment?
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