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Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a chain of bakery–café quick casual restaurants in the United States and Canada.

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Folks, we have a problem here and we need to address it as a nation. Panera Bread has to be put down. We've got every restaurant now remodeling trying to look like Panera Bread. Been to Bob Evans or Frich's or Applebees lately? All Panera wannabe's. Panera has tricked people into eating rubber by telling them that it is a breakfast sandwhich. Panera has cost people a boat ton of money and in some cases even their teeth. The only reason people like Panera to begin with is because their friends tell them to. This also explains Dave Matthews Band popularity. If you want good quality food either get it from your garden or go to Steak and Shake.
May. 10th, 2011 9:48 PM I sat down earlier before pottery class to write this, but I didn't feel like writing it out and I still don't but I will. I need a device that writes as I speak. much easier. my weekend was incredible. Friday I headed to Plum Island. Managed to see a male Hooded Warbler, one of the mack daddies of all warblers. Saturday I did crazy yardwork and then drove into Salem MA to pick up my reiki table. I'm sad the dude smokes cos the table stinks. I've yet to take it out of the bag and set up. Right after getting home with the table I headed out again to meet new friend Kellie for Thai food. After food we went to Panera Bread for coffee. (she got ginger orange mint tea, which is just wrong.) They kicked us out at 10:00pm and we ended up sitting in her car for 2 hours talking. Sunday I spent all day cleaning and trying to organize. There's too much stuff I want to donate rather than throw out so I need to find time to do that. Good news is this coming saturday is recycle your electronics ...
Thank you Dr Brandt for calling in an Rx for Zofran for me! Thank you Bob Russell for soup from Panera Bread. Hoping Zofran makes me sleepy! Sad times ahead the next two days. But God is good and will see us through!!! How do people live without Jesus? Can't imagine and don't want to.
I keep meaning to ask Hannah, but she's already been here twice at the house today and we've been busy discussing other things. I'm meeting a friend for coffee early (6:30a.m.) Friday morning and she's coming down Bouquet Cyn from Leona Valley. After we are done she has to head to Burbank Airport by 8:30 or so and I have to get back home quick (near Sierra & Soledad) to deal with Mom's morning routine. Which Starbucks is the nicest to chat at in comfy seats which is not too far out of the way for either of us. Or would Panera Bread up on Golden Valley be a better option. I've got a Starbucks gift card so that's why I was thinking there.but maybe Panera would be better. Open to hear your input as I don't get out that much!
TUESDAY!! Partners In Christ always meet at Panera Bread, N. of Sunrise Blvd., on US1, 6PM for encouragement, faithful fellowship and to share scripture that has inspired us this week as we practice sharing our faith! When Christ, who is our life appears, then we shall appear with Him in glory! Colossians 3:4
I used to skate and now I ride for a cause. If you still live near New Hyde Park "Get Your Guts In Gear" the Ride for Crohn's & Colitis Disease Fundraiser Please Eat at Panera Bread or Gigi's Pizza of New Hyde Park, Super Stop -n- Shop Shopping Center Thursday April 3rd between 4pm and 8pm. PRINT & BRING FLYER IT'S A MUST Please support us by eating out this night, thanks and I look forward to seeing you there.
Im changing my lifestyle guys. I'm unfollowing White Castle and following Panera Bread.
Pop-A-Wheelies Pizzeria opened in Osage Beach next to Panera Bread! If your out and about and haven't tried their Camdenton location, you need to try it out here and Osage and see what your missing! Best pizza ever!
If I had an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar Thursday evening at the Panera Bread in Pasadena, who would come?
All donations made at participating Panera Bread cafés in Broward & Palm Beach Counties now through June 30th will benefit The Dan Marino Foundation.
I had a revelation just now regarding my game plan for my matches today and tomorrow here at the 2014 IBJJF Pan Am Jiu Jitsu tournament. As I was standing in line at Panera Bread waiting on my coffee I was trying hard not to strangle the annoying lady in front of me. I then thought about what my original plan was this weekend and that was to "just survive" these young, best in the world Black Belts and go home satisfied I did my job. Then I thought "this isn't about surviving, this is about winning". I'll never win if all I want is to survive. For me to win I have to go for broke, use every tool I have and leave it all out on the mat. I understand that this opens me up an exposes me to being submitted and I'm ok with that. This is my major league debut, I'm not going to step up to the plate in the biggest show in the world and just watch the pitches go by; I'm swinging for the fences today! Let's do this!
Have you heard about doTERRA Essential Oils? Would you like to learn more about natural medicine? We are having a class on Tuesday March 18th at 1pm at the Panera Bread on 66th and O and would love for you to come! Seating is limited so if you are interested, please send me a private message and I can reserve your seat.
Panera Bread is nothing but F'n rip off and will never again pay that much for a sandwich I can make at home for half the cost... And I understand the cost of overhead but this is this is crazy! Way too much for just lunch.
So I'm sitting at Panera Bread waiting for a client when a woman comes up to the counter and asks if she can "sample a bear claw or something." The worker simply replied, "absolutely, right after you pay for it."
Lovin' the manual food processor and dutch oven Rockcrok for this yummilicious copy cat recipe for Panera Bread's Broccoli Cheddar Soup. (Pic shows a double batch...totally worth making more!) Click for recipe:
Fan of Panera Bread?. Win free bread for a year in our Chinese Auction TOMORROW, for our St. Baldrick's...
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Public Service Announcement: Panera Bread opens in Gardendale this Wednesday! It will be the first Panera Bread in the metro area with a drive thru! Roll Tide!
Northlanders help Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank and get a taste of Panera Bread
It's always interesting how things turn out. One thing I suppose I can contribute to Trey Hollis's ideal is that you must always be prepared to look your best when you go out. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of having lunch with State Representative Bobby Powell, someone I consider a friend, mentor, and former boss. Whenever I return to West Palm Beach, I always do my best to dress in a manner reflecting my progress. West Palm Beach knows me as a college graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and the former Junior District Secretary at Rep. Powell's House District 88 Office. Therefore, I must look the part, and I have. Little did I know that upon reaching Panera Bread at CityPlace for lunch, that none other than Florida Governor Rick Scott would be there for lunch and a meeting with some people. One thing led to another and next thing I know, I'm shaking the hand of and taking a picture with the Chief Executive of this great state. You better believe I looked good. The moment I walked in, pe ...
Hey all! Remember, we will be meeting up tomorrow at Panera Bread 12531 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, VA at 7pm tonight! Hope to see you there!
Why use fear-based marketing? It's simple: the consumer feels guilt about purchasing other products, and a sense of well-being when purchasing another. It's time to say "STOP" to companies engaging in this ( Chipotle Mexican Grill, Panera Bread), and support those promoting products in positive ways, thanking the farmers who produced the food! (Culver's)
I wish my school served Panera Bread for lunch. 🍵🍜🍞
TheStreet's Jim Cramer says Panera Bread has a 'throughput problem' of getting people into their stores and through the line as quickly as possible. However, Cramer says not to worry about the near term because Panera will be able to figure out how to fix the problem. Cramer says Panera has develope...
When was the last time you visited Panera Bread? On your next visit, make sure you look for the Operation Doughnation collection container by the register. Donations made now thru June 30th at participating Broward & Palm Beach County cafés will benefit The Dan Marino Foundation
Free Akashic Records Lecture with Dahna Fox @ Panera Bread - 2855 W Market St Akron/Fairlawn, OH Thurs, Feb 20 at 7PM - Learn about how the Akashic Records work & bring your questions!
We are proud to announce that the Panera Bread Grand Opening will be held on Monday, March 3rd at 3 p.m.! Join us for a baguette cutting to welcome Panera Bread to Rancho Cordova.
Had a very lovely Valentines Day! At school, parents lavished presents and sweet treats of all sorts. Chocolate dipped strawberries, candles, gift cards, homemade brownies etc...We had Panera Bread for lunch and a Valentines Day Party. The best part of my day started the moment I saw Brian. He gave me a big hug and beautiful white roses. We went to Longhorn steakhouse and I got a fantastic salmon salad. I loved every moment of our time together.
Happy Valentine's Day to Sammie my beautiful bride of 46 plus years. I think she may like me. We had to go to Denton this morning and she bought my lunch today at Panera Bread. She has been a wonderful and loving helpmate and God has blessed me all through all the years. Sadly, to me, she is having to spend more time taking care of me. For the past year and a half she has had to drive me to doctors, hospitals for numerous scans, tests, etc. She was with me the entire time I was in the hospital post-surgery, and keeping on schedule with all the meds I was taking for a while after surgery. At this time, it appears that she will have to spend more time taking care of me. We will know more after we go to the Neurologist next Wednesday, but we will not reveal anything until after a scan we expect the doctor will probably want for confirmation. Now on a happier note, we plan to continue to be Volunteer Representatives for The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) for as long as God allows us, especially me, to do it ...
Tonight the Shop 'N Ride goes to Fayetteville! We'll stop at Wegmans, ALDI USA, Walmart, and the Fayetteville Towne Center where you can head to Target, Kohl's, Panera Bread, Famous Footwear, Tops Friendly Markets, L.L.Bean, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, TJMaxx and more! By request the shuttle will also stop at ShoppingTown Mall. Send an email to MAXwith your name and phone number to sign up!
On Friday I will be @ the Panera Bread @ Northlake Mall from 7-9pm. Meet me there to get your tickets.
Hi HOW Family, What a beautiful service this Sunday at Heart of Worship. The presence of God was SO SWEET! He is SO GOOD to us!!! Just wanted to update everyone on things going on within our church family: Daily prayer resumes tomorrow from 11am-noon. As you know, these prayer sessions are held Monday through Friday, weather permitting. This Tuesday morning at 8:00, I'll be meeting whoever can join me for coffee, bagels and fellowship at Panera Bread (located off Powers Blvd. at 3120 New Center Point). Bring your Bible. This Wednesday night (6:30), we'll continue our study of Jim Cymbala's book, Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire. What a blessing this has been to our church. Friday is Valentine's Day. There will be no special event at the church, so that you and your spouse can celebrate your union. Let's have strong marriages at Heart of Worship. Brother Tom Curiale is starting a new choral, singing group. He would love for you to be involved. Please see him regarding the rehearsal schedule asap. Three things I'd li ...
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Yesterday was an amazing day for everyone involved! A big thank you to the staff and athletes at Hofstra University for being so welcoming, to Noodles & Company and Panera Bread for feeding everyone with such a delicious dinner, and most importantly, to all of our participants for being so excited and having so much FUN! :)
Went riding around new home we plan on buying in Durham.. within a mile and a half I found. Pf Chang's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Ted's Montana Grill, Chili's, Ruth Chris, Moe's, Chick-fil-A, 3 Mexican restaurants, McAlisters, Bonefish, Town Hall Burger and Beer, Maggiano's, the food court in the southpoint mall, Champs, Cheescake Factory, Firebirds, Zineburger, Panera Bread, Chipotle and about 10 more I have never heard of.. I could not believe you can't find a decent chicken finger joint like Dairy Delite!
When's the last time Victor Cruz walked into Panera Bread when YOU were there?
CHURCH ON THE STREET w/Light of the World Ministries (Street Pastor's Harry & Shelly Divido) WhenToday Time8:45am until 10:15am Overcast 53°F Description Join us as we have church on the street with our homeless friends every Saturday morning at 9am. We give a message and then offer donated Panera Bread, bananas, coffee, water and other donations that people bring. You never know how much just a listening ear can mean to someone! Come listen to, love on, and pray for the least of these in Jacksonville Beach. The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' - Matthew 25:40 515 Pablo Avenue, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
I am meeting with my district Avon manager at 11:00am Panera Bread in Blue Springs, MO. 2 Avon ladies for those looking for an Avon book!
If you're in the Perimeter area, or can get here, these places are open: Target, Office Depot, Panera Bread, Atlanta Bread Company.
Really tired of hearing CNN trying to blame everyone for the storm that hit Atlanta and the south. Erin Burnett opening up with "how could this happen right here in the United States of America" and then attacking Mayor Reed. Follow that with Anderson Cooper acting so incredulous and listening to all the lies. They are pros at making controversy - and Fox was following suit too. My feeling is that we are all carrying phones now that tell us the weather. Over the past couple of years I've come to realize that these weather guys really can predict pretty close to what will happen. I was sitting in a Panera Bread just a couple of miles from home hoping the snow would move north to hit us so Cade could come home from school and go sledding. We didn't expect it to hit us. The weather maps showed the storm passing to our south. Anderson Cooper played a clip he found that warned of snow in Atlanta...but most weather stations didn't predict that. The fact is that a town just a little smaller than Chicago needed t ...
Panera Bread on Great place. One question: Would it be too much to ask to have your auto bagel slicer thing t…
I'm now the Duke of Panera Bread on
Today we have Panera Bread, Deputy Chief Dan McDonald of the Peel Regional Police with representatives of the Canada Special Olympics Team, and of course your Mississauga Steelheads welcoming the Ottawa 67's Hockey Club. All we're missing is you.
This past Saturday, our AmeriCorps members along with our afterschool staff and volunteers took our students to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History on a field trip! The students had a great time learning about culture, science, and history. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, including Panera Bread who donated breakfast for our students and teachers.
Some really good news out of Spring Hill Mall today. The mall's press release follows. - SPRING HILL MALL WELCOMES PANERA BREAD -Popular Bakery-Café Chain Slated to Open Fall 2014- -Also Announces Nestlé Toll House Café Opening Feb. 15- WEST DUNDEE, Ill. (Jan. 17, 2014) – Spring Hill Mall is pleased to announce it has entered into a lease agreement with Panera Bread, one of the nation’s most popular bakery-café chains, to open a freestanding location adjacent to the mall’s east side. Panera is anticipated to open in the fall. In addition to signing Panera, Spring Hill Mall recently added Nestlé Toll House Café by Chip, which is slated to open in the mall’s center court Feb. 15. The café will feature high-quality gourmet coffee, fresh baked cookies and pastries and a selection of premium sandwiches and paninis. This will further enhance the center court where customized seating areas and free Wi-Fi were recently installed. Spring Hill Mall’s General Manager, Amy Prew, commented, “We are ...
Huh? "Panera Bread apologizes for asking toddler to remove squeaky shoes
Iron and wine playing at panera bread? They know my demographic too well.
“Getting Nay panera bread after class tomorrow”
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Panera bread forgot to give me a spoon for my soup so I'm eating it with a fork
I'm gonna be so sick next week hopefully somebody will bring me soup and bread from Panera everyday that's all ima want 😔
the Tiana I know works at panera bread
“All I really want out of life is panera.” The bread bowls?!?! 😋
I can tell you've been getting that bread like panera !
Got a loaf of bread from Panera and of course it's gone in one day
I'm at Panera Bread & this lady is getting hella mad lol
wow I just got panera bread I feel so white
Panera bread is wack ew I can just go to subway ty
Panera exploring use of beef, pork "raised without antibiotics"
I wish they built a panera bread by Walmart
Panera bread is so hitting the spot right now
is my brother and he's really quite cool. He went all the way to Panera Bread with me so I could meet up with some friends.
i have some great ideas. Want to talk about it over some panera bread in the morning?
This soup from Panera Bread is life right now... I feel the power! I feel.. I feel... Idk how I feel.. Just good
A prophet once told me that all girls are obsessed with Panera Bread and are more than happy to pay $27 for a bowl of soup. Is this true?
like we ain't good enough for Starbucks or Panera Bread
So I'm not going to panera bread after my mom said she had no problem wow
Ive been eating at panera bread for the past 3days!
Panera bread Im happy for you I'm going to let u finish but hometown buffet had one of the best macaroni and cheeses of all time
I hate going to panera bread and corner bakery bc memories but it's so good
yes! But, after you get the job you have to drive like 40 minutes away to the actual Panera Bread place & have a meeting.
Oh wow you have thousands of followers?!? I bet your customers at Panera Bread love hearing about it.
I could seriously live off of Panera Bread bagels
Come home and mom has food from Panera bread for me!😍
The Love is so Real with Me and Oomf 😘👌💪💏
everyone's saying panera lol it's called ST. LOUIS BREAD CO search it I swear
Brought my grandma Panera Bread for dinner.
Of there is ANY ONE out there that's cares aboit me even a little...can u brimg me some chocolate chip cookies from panera bread plz!
I ate panera bread for the first time today. 👌   10% Off
The things I would do for a broccoli and cheddar soup in a bread bowl from panera right now.
I want a bread bowl soup from panera 😔
Who needs panera when you can make your own bread bowl 😍😏
“Beatriz wants to go eat some where 👀” lol go to Panera bread or muscle maker
That salad at panera bread was heaven 😻
3 cheese bread lump. We're gonna call him Flanders.
Panera Bread has the best Mac and Chesse ever!
NASW West Virginia Chapter North Central West Virginia Branch The North Central Branch meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 @ 6:00-8:00pm Topic: Planning Meeting Location: Panera's Restaurant, Clarksburg The WVNASW North Central Branch will meet next Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at Panera Bread in Clarksburg from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. This will be a planning meeting. Several CEU topics are under consideration and we are always open to new ideas! Come and join your colleagues to plan for the coming year. All social workers are welcome, you do not have to be a member of NASW.
I'm gonna have to cancel Monday's Panera Bread event in Escondido. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am unfortunately being pulled out of town early on Monday morning. Come see me at 4S Ranch on Wednesday 1/15. We'll have an extra long show to make up for it.
Panera Bread Hess confirmed they are coming to Maple Valley, but location has yet to be settled exciting, since I know many people who leave town to go there!
Hey early birds, don't forget we have Man Church on Saturdays at 7am at Panera Bread 91 N Hamilton Rd, Gahanna, OH.
Panera bread, bread bowl and a movie kind of night
Panera bread for a lunch date with my sista󾌬
Panera Bread is not geared for men. It's 100 % foo foo.
At panera bread getting some lunch after work
Coming up are two opportunities for parishioners in Northern Iowa to learn more about the 2014 Christ Our Life Regional Conference. Join us on Sunday, January 12 at 2:00 PM at St. Patrick's Parish in Clear Lake and 5:00 PM at Panera Bread Bakery and Cafe at 309 S Duff Ave. in Ames.
Where did panera bread move to on 45???
I had it heavy on my heart today to change my plans up and headed out to see who God would want me to meet up with. I headed out and actually got distracted at REI, an outdoor store I love to go check out, because well…I love outdoor adventure and they have cool stuff! I actually had a pair of pants I was getting ready to buy and something said not this time (ok God ), so instead, I left there with a protein bar LOL! I headed to the main mall as there many homeless that come there to seek refuge from the rain. I saw a man sit down in a seating area with a worn backpack and wet shoes, so I sat next to him and started up a conversation to see if I could ask him if I could help him. After a short while he pulled out a lunchable meal and started to eat very slowly. I then saw my opportunity to ask him if I could take him over to Panera Bread and buy him a meal, his answer was of disbelief and with a tear in his eye was like “…that would be awesome.” We headed over talking about random stuff he did su ...
Panera bread coming to Merced yup yup. Bagel time
Panera Bread has a green smoothie. I'm still not ready lol.
This Homemade Panera Bread Soup is so tasty. It's great paired with a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch or a light dinner.
Panera Bread recently added a "green" smoothie to their line of specialty drinks. Good for them! I applaud their efforts to add healthier food to their offerings. A quick review of their new Low Fat B-Green Smoothie revealed a 12.5 oz serving contains: 190 calories 49 g carbohydrates 4 g fiber (More on this below) 2 g protein 0 g fat Although I still think this smoothie is a better option that much of the Panera menu, I have the following concerns: The high amount of carbohydrates (and calories) and low amount of fiber concerns me. Part of the reason this "smoothie" is so low in fiber is that they are using vegetable juice concentrates instead of making a true smoothie using real whole veggies. Had they used the real thing instead of juice concentrates, the fiber content would be much higher. Fiber serves to slow the digestion and absorption of carbs. This smoothie contains more than three servings of carbs in a paltry 12.5 ounces. That means every ounce contains about 4 g of carbs. That is an incredibly ...
Craving some Panera bread with this chilly weather.
Central Westmoreland Transition Council Presents Its First... ROADSHOW! Join us for the coffee! Join us for the bakery items! Join us for informative discussions on Secondary Transition! Whatever the reason, join us for information and resources on assisting your child over the bridge from high school to adulthood. The CWTC is taking their expertise to you! Date: January 13, 2014 10am-11am Place: Panera Bread, 300 Greengate Centre, Greensburg Topic: Information for juniors and seniors on college preparation and community transition resources Contact: Sharon Greene sgreene
Join us tonight for a spirit night at Panera Bread! Don't forget to bring your flyer with you. Shop with Scrip and get a Scrip Now voucher and earn double money for the school!
Totals for 1/3/14: 88 People signed in 27 Seconds 105 Meals served 5 New people Menu for 1/10/14: Bean and bacon soup Chicken salad sandwiches Green salad Fruit Cake Drinks ***Another huge thank you goes out to all our volunteers! And to Zion Lutheran Church, Auburn Food Bank, Panera Bread and Full Circle Produce, without everyone and all the food, we wouldn't be able to do any of it! Thank you! ;-)
We'll be serving fresh Panera Bread, hot coffee, orange juice, and most importantly, the Word of God at The Lord's Glory tonight! Love & Blessings! Pastor Tom
Panera Bread Co. wants to give something back to the communities it serves, and one...
Panera Bread : Home to the awkward, across-the-room stares
Panera Bread soup on this freezing day. Can't get no better.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Some Panera Bread would be smooth right now
PANERA BREAD JOB FAIR – JAN. 7 Panera Bread is having a Job Fair for all positions (Associates, Catering Drivers and Managers) and for all shifts. Hiring locations include San Jose, Cupertino, Campbell, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Gilroy and Millbrae. Tuesday Jan 7th 9:00AM - 11:00AM Fair will be held at 118 East El Camino, Sunnyvale 3:00PM - 5:00PM Fair will be held at 503 Coleman Avenue, San Jose * Do you have tons of energy and love working with people? * Excellent communication and customer service skills? * Have experience in the food industry? * Desire to work for one of the fasting growing concepts in the nation? Come see us at our Job Fair and have an immediate interview!!If you can't make the Job Fair please apply on-line at: www.panerajobs
Panera Bread You pick two on this frigid day
Our Spring fundraiser, Capture the Moment, is Friday, March 7th at the Elk's Lodge in Blue Springs. Our silent auction items are already coming in for the event. We have received donations from The Kansas City Zoo, Drumm Farm Golf, Panera Bread, Paradise Park, Northern Tools, Swope Park Memorial Golf, Highway 7 Chiropractic, Bank Liberty, and On the Border. Thank you so much for supporting Special Neighbors!
Panera Bread has us covered for breakfast and lunch with these great dishes. Power Chicken Hummus Bowl and Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl with Roasted Turkey. Yummy!
The Library is closed today, and we regret that this also means the following programs and classes are canceled: * 10:00 AM-Panera Bread Storytime * 10:00 AM-Reading Club for English Language Learners * 7:00 PM-Juicing for Life * 7:00 PM-Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Basics
Today & every Tuesday is Bagel Tuesday at Panera Bread! Located in the front of the building across from Ten Asian Bistro, be a breakfast hero and pick up a Baker’s Dozen for only $6.99!
Go this message today. Pretty cool :) Heya Kevin, your 'Go Figure' track was on the Panera bread loop today while I was sipping some tea. High five to your mgmt for getting you on that! Tune's awesome! CHEERS
Wish Panera bread delivered I want some soup
Panera Bread to beat the cold in the most delicious way possible!
Panera Bread in Florida has sweet tea, and it's simply amazing!
Long Island's first two-story Panera Bread will open at 2375 Merrick Rd. in Bellmore on Jan. 13, company officials told Patch. "We’re so happy to be
Panera bread having a lunch date with my husband.
Headed to Panera Bread with a friend. ;)
Had panera bread for the first time lol. :}
Order Miche Bag Online!
So I'm hanging out in Panera Bread writing my next One Nation Under Nothing article, and a religious person spots my "We Are All 'A'fricans" t-shirt. He proceeds to use the Bible to "show" how we come from Mesopotamia, not Africa; and how it's atheistic misinformation. Ohh dear boy, you weren't ready for an encounter with me. More details later.--Johnny O'Coileain
Bron y aur is playing in Panera Bread. Thumbs up.
Thank you and welcome to Alanna and Ashley, our two new Panera Bread volunteers! Thanks to you, we can continue to enjoy those weekly treats from our friends at Panera.
Enter now at Panera Bread for your chance at a luxury vacation!
LeadHer is hitting the road soon! Christie Love will host an informational coffee at 7 p.m. January 14 at Panera Bread in Oklahoma City, OK. We would love to share the vision of our ministry with you! For more information, visit
newest Scientologists.being recruited. Justin Bieber, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. jadan smith. and one of the The Statler Brothers.and the John Luke Robertson.thats who them crazy *** scientologists trying to recruits. Kirstie Alley. took them to dinner.,. she had 5 Welch's Grape Soda.and an Anchovies pizza,sent the bill to Tom Cruise.who was at dinner with his asian lover American Airlines to Panera Bread in Windermere, Florida for soup.
@ panera bread, got my Greek salad n frontega chicken 󾌫
SLL Boosters – next meeting is Sunday, January 12th at 6:30PM (Panera Bread – Marketplace). We need more volunteers to help with this very important group! If interested please contact Lori Dermody - ldermody
8:15 panera bread bible study for the glory of God! Lez do dis!
Panera Bread for lunch...big boy likes his apples!!!
A Panera bread bowl sounds so good about now.
Lunch at Panera bread before heading home!
For those of you in the greater Springfield metro area that have asked when the legislative committee meets, we have scheduled our first two meetings for JAN on the 8th and the 22nd. We will be meeting at the Panera Bread on Battlefield. We normally meet from 6 until a little after 8. If you would like to grab a bite please come a little early. The first meeting will just consist of getting everyone back on the same page so we remember where to look for what it is we are looking for. If you don't have a MO Constitution we'll provide you with one. (you should contact your state legislator or senator and request they get you a copy, that way they know people are keeping tabs on the process). We will also refresh our memory on some of the legislation from last year to show why is was rejected and where in the constitution the sections can be found for the rejection, or perhaps we'll use a copy of the pre-filed bills for this process. We meet in public always have always will, no super secret handshak ...
Start the new year with a bowl of soup. I will show you how to make the Copycat version of Panera Bread French Onion Soup.
The Panera Bread LoseIt Challenge gives you an opportunity to join the LoseIt! weight-loss and fitness community and also, for weekly and grand prize drawings to be entered into the Sweepstakes at certain milestones during the Challenge. Sweeps Rating: Okay Eligibility: US, DC, Ontario Canada, 18 an
At Panera Bread with my princess Ashley and Ailyn
Panera bread, sparkling grape juice, and Christmas movies with Momma!!! 󾔒
The Village Theatre Guild in Glen Ellyn, IL announces an additional audition date for the spring production of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tracy Letts' "Superior Donuts." Audition: Jan. 5, 2pm at Panera Bread cafe Butterfield Rd, just east of Naperville Rd. in Wheaton. Just 2 miles straight west of the theatre. Proceed to the glass room at the rear of the cafe. Production Dates: March 21 thru April 12, 2014 Rehearsals will begin in mid-January. Directed by Judy DiVita Produced by Renata Allelujka About the Play: Arthur, a holdover from the 1960s, operates a rundown donut shop in Chicago's Uptown. Franco, a young, African-American assistant, is writing his own great American novel. Despite a contentious relationship, they build an unlikely friendship. The young Franco is eager to add healthy foods, music and a trendier atmosphere to the shop. Arthur wants to keep everything as is. At times in the play, Arthur reminisces in humorous and poignant ways about his city, his family and his past. Setting th ...
TRUE OR FALSE Muscle weighs more than fat. First person to post the correct response wins a Panera Bread gift card!
Panera bread is weak, where the real food At lol
At Panera Bread with me myself and i
Panera bread with mom and stepgrandma and step brother. :)
First panera bread. Then to sea world thx to
Why is panera bread so gosh dern good?
Alumni brunch now! Join us! We are at Panera Bread in La Verne
Panera bread with my sick lil brothers..
Panera Bread tonight at 5. Come out and support CIS Rowan. Flyers are at the counter, just tell the cashier you are there for the fundraiser. Thank you.
Panera bread company. im phining.. or something like that
Panera Bread is sold on eBay to CNN for 114 million dollars. . Coldplay and U2 headline Lollapalooza. Tom Hanks publishes a book of riddles.
I wish I had a boyfriend who would take me to panera bread 😭
What the I just bumped into a girl from Westminster in my local panera bread at 10 pm?
If i dont have a boyfriend im taking brittany to my prom ♥
, one day imma have a power couple I guess dfll
if I fall back.. you mind as well say I'm done..
Yo omg turn up some girl just brought in panera bread Mac n cheese for Jason but he called out so she gave it to me
He said gone then i like em tough , yous a small peice of lover but you so well put together call me almond 
F u Panera for having delicious bread.
we were at Panera bread and we were walking to the door and tori wasn't texting or anything and on the side walk
My home never has food but nobody is down to go eat with me so tough choice between Sams sushi or panera bread. Perks of eating alone
My parents are planning on taking me to Key West to celebrate my birthday. I have Panera Bread in mind, but okay.
Panera Bread and I are best friends
I had some good panera bread memories with Lizzy & Hannah 💕
I wanna go to panera bread tomorrow...
I wish panera bread was still open 😒
I need to go to the movies, Panera Bread, Starbucks, and a concert.. If anyone wants to take me 😏
Panera Bread has the best cookies ever
Still having trouble understanding why everyone in the tri state area decided to go to panera bread today.
I miss you let's go to Panera Bread when I get home?
Ok, im bored. Applied to Panera bread. Hopefully I get a call back from them.
this fool...thinks he in despicable @ Panera Bread
I do not care about anything at the moment.
first you don't take me to Panera bread then this.
Panera bread, holiday lights, sweet tea, now home cuddling.😊 Yeah you can say it has been a great night.❤️
, i really fccks w/ nobody right now .. no Boo , Bae .. nffn !
I think it's so cute when a boy be a lor jealous😂😩
““Ive never had panera bread...” SLEEP” who are you ? My mom said dont talk to strangers .
All I want is some Panera Bread Mac and cheese is that too much to ask for 😫
Fact: I'd wait 75% longer for my Panera Bread sandwich if it meant that it wasn't made with microwave technology.
Gets Chicken Tortellini Alfredo at Panera Bread gets only four pieces of chicken like uhm ok
NO. if someone insults Panera Bread you drop their *** then and there.
Mommy taking me to get panera bread breakfast tomorrow 😌
Whit girls now a a days be all about them northfaces ugg boots Nutella and panera bread 😤
The ceiling at Panera looked good. @ Panera Bread
I just want a macaroni and cheese bread bowl from Panera right about now
Be sure to visit our friends at Panera Bread this weekend. They have opened up a new cafe on Buffalo Road. At the new cafe on Saturday, when you purchase a You-Pick-Two, you get a $5 gift card for your next visit. Sunday is half off breakfast sandwiches until 11 a.m.
Panera bread for dinner, vodka for fun!;) goose turn up
Panera bread muffins are seriously the best muffins ever...
We're giving away a BWF prize package and all you have to do to enter is sign up for our email newsletter! The package includes gift cards to Charming Charlie, Panera Bread, a haircut from Vicki Maag at Salon Lofts and a gift bag from Lady Jane Boutique and Gifts!
This Panera Bread bagel is so good.. lol ijs
Please join us for a VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION this December. If you would like to attend, please e-mail Lauraat 10am Wexford Panera Bread Wexford, PA
went to Panera Bread for dinner thanks Sarah
A farm blogger setting Panera Bread straight for calling farmers lazy was our most read web story of 2013. -
Still feeling some holiday spirit? You can bring a renewed spirit to a sick patient by giving blood TODAY THROUGH Sun. Dec. 29 from 11 am to 6 pm each day at Sembler Plaza near Elevation Burger & Panera Bread on SW corner of Airport Rd. & Naples Blvd. Get a movie ticket with successful donation. Plus, qualify to win a prize drawing for a pair of 2 day adult Universal Studios admission tickets!
We are pleased to announce that Massage Envy and Panera Bread are now OPEN! It is a great day to treat yourself to some post holiday relaxation and a yummy lunch!
Panera Bread and Radio Shack in North a Beverly Plaza are both hiring.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
The other day on my off from work I spend some fun, relaxing time with my mother. We spend a day shopping in Kohl's and we snagged some cool stuff that had clearance, marked on sale, and bargains. Then we ate at Panera Bread. At the Garden State Plaza Mall, we watched Thor: Dark World and Saving Mr. Banks!! Two awesome, wonderfully directed, written, and performed films. Can't wait for some future films! 2013-2014 be expected to have great films being released soon that you wouldn't want to miss!
If you were just tagged in the original Check In to Win Christmas Give Away photo then that means you have won a gift card.the question is to where? First person to post a picture of themselves wearing Lifters Gym apparel gets the $50 Red Lobster gift card. Everyone else should still post a picture for your choice pick between Outback, Olive Garden or Panera Bread! The big yearly winner of the Kindle Fire HDX will be announced soon. Thanks!
Anyone of Panera Bread in Enterprise has opened?
The New Muslim Ladies Class tonight will be meeting at Panera Bread from 6p-9p. The address is 5620 Balboa Ave San Diego CA 92111. It is right up the street from the mesjid, heading west on Balboa. The more the merrier!
Panera bread with My Mom and sis for lunch
How does Panera BREAD run out of BREAD??!
Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all enjoying this Christmas season and taking some time to remind your family and loved ones what CHRISTmas is all about ;) Just wanted to invite you to join Your Will Be Done ministry for a time of prayer and fellowship tomorrow Tuesday the 24th at 7:30 am at Panera Bread by Summit High school! What better way to start Christmas Eve than by spending time in Prayer!! Hope to see you there! If you need more information please feel to contact us! Shoot us your prayer requests and we will be more than happy to pray for you! :)
Willoughby Design was tasked in designing the new 2013 holiday packaging for Panera Bread . ...
Reports of total gridlock on Route 611 near Panera Bread in Stroud Twp.
Panera Bread was amazing. So delish. I was in food heaven ❤️
At Panera bread with the bea having lunch.
At Panera Bread with Liam for some Lunch :-)
Panera bread cinamon crunch bagels are very good. Thanks Debbie Huenink!
Church, followed by Panera Bread to brainstorm New Year's service. This New Year's Eve at REACH Worship Center is gonna be so raw. Yayeah.
Well, Carol Kirkpatrick-Czerwinski and I were at Christiana Mall today at 7:30 am this morning. Got our annual Christmas ornament and did some shopping. Then onto Kohls to finish (at least I thought!!). I finished shopping, Carol still has some more to do. Then we had a nice lunch at Panera Bread, went with her to get her nails done and then bought our tickets for New Years Eve Night. Now kicking back watching Tony Romo and the Cowgirls choking again and getting ready for the Eagles at 8:30 pm tonight!!
Gonna try panera bread before going to church :)
For a full day of shopping, make sure you recharge and grab a snack at Panera Bread or upstairs at our Food Court. Also, make sure to check out 'The Weekender' in our notes section, a detailed list of featured sales from your favorite stores at the mall.
Panera bread company open in Ottawa ..guess where were off to ...
Having panera bread for lunch with my Stinkey!
Panera Bread: home of the most expensive turkey sandwiches and dry salads
Mama's craving Panera Bread. Anyone wanna join me?
Mmm panera bread sound good right now
Panera bread then the desolation of smaug pretty good night
Splurged on panera bread...yeahhh buddy󾌩
Mm.Panera Bread soup and baguettes... best lunch ever!
Over 200 pounds of turkey and some jubilant volunteers made their way to the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank on Wednesday thanks to the wonderful management team of our local area Panera Bread stores. This is something the employees feel strongly…
Are you a MyPanera member? Share your crazy, wacky, all-time favorite holiday traditions with Panera Bread and you could win $150 Panera Bread gift card!
anyone planning on coming to lunch with denise today at Panera Bread at 12:00 pm in Dickson City? I am planning my day and wanted to make sure people were attending. I know its hard with christmas, so I just wanted to make sure people were coming before I make the trip:) Let me know
Have you been to our NEW EAST SIDE LOCATION yet!! (Across from Eastside Walmart next to Panera Bread) If not Come check it out, and don't forget to use your vision insurance benefits before the end of the year!!
Rest in Peace Stu Hilborn. It was a true honor to have met this man and be held responsible for transporting that very first constant flow mechanical fuel injector -- the first Hilborn fuel injector-- to its display at the Long Beach Motorama. Such a sharp and witty individual, I must thank him for introducing me to Panera Bread, correcting me when saying fuel injection instead of Hilborn injector, and reminding me that "Life is Short. Eat Dessert First." Edris, thank you for sharing your time, and your father's legacy with us. My heart, love, thought and prayers are with your family. [Hilborn Fuel Injection]
Panera Bread in upland at the 210 freeway opens Friday
Please Read and Share...Meeting at Panera Bread - News for Conejo Networking Meeting: 12/20/13
More than two years after plans were first announced to bring Panera Bread back to San Marco, the bakery-café is open, serving its signature bagels, salads, sandwiches and sweets.
Trevortni Tip: Eat out and don't blow your diet. A new report from the National Restaurant Association found that 71% of us are trying to make healthy choices when dining out. Luckily chain restaurants are becoming more creative with their lighter options: California Pizza Kitchen: Shaved Mushroom and Spinach Flatbread delicious and thin-crust found on the Small Plates menu (400 calories); The Cheesecake Factory: Lemon-Garlic Shrimp, a plate of protein-packed, omega-3-rich shrimp with asparagus and pasta on the side (560 calories); and, Panera Bread: Roasted Turkey Harvest Wheatberry Salad, field greens and romaine tossed with antibiotic-free turkey, dried cranberries, pistachios, wheat berries, Gorgonzola and maple balsamic vinaigrette (450 calories).
Just had Panera bread for the first time!
Looking forward to our mid-week service at The Lord's Glory tonight! I thank God for our live streaming of these services on the internet. This is one of the ways we can offer the gift of Jesus to the world. Blessings on Sonday International for helping us with this vital ministry! If you live in this area, we invite you to come on out to the church and enjoy free Panera Bread pastries, coffee, and orange juice before and after the service, but more importantly, we will be dining on the bread of His Word!!! Love & Blessings! Pastors Tom & Schar
Panera Bread is like the whitest restaurant ever. xD
After nearly 20 years, the Panera Bread eatery in downtown Columbia will close its doors for good tonight. The company says the opening of its Highway 63/Broadway location and expiration of its lease prompted the restaurant to close. STORY:
Juniors and Seniors meet the Missionaries Wed. afternoon from 5:30 - 6:30pm at Panera. Panera Bread on Highway 124 across from Office Depot.
For the past 10 years, First Data has provided Panera Bread with payment solutions that meet its growing and evolving needs. Today, Panera is offering new and innovative ways for its customers to order and pay anytime, anywhere.
Panera bread on dale Mabry hiring full and part time
Omg panera bread sounds so good right now
I wish Panera Bread was 24 hours! LOL And I wish Chipotle Mexican Grill had wifi. :-( It's a quarter til 9. what to do, what to do. I really need good, healthy food+a productive work environment late night combo. Mabe I'll be able to sneak my Chipotle into the Starbucks next door. hm
Panera bread that's what's for dinner tonite lol
We are an everyday oasis for our customers. We're the place people come when they want to visit with friends, hold an informal meeting or just enjoy some alone time. Come experience the warmth and welcome that make Panera Bread bakery-cafes a natural gathering place.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I'm feeling Panera Bread for lunch today.
Bad news panera bread sexual am shocked..
BIG thanks to all our sponsors Carls, Panera Bread, Zackary Cajun Cafe, 94.5, Skydive Spaceland, Prim Rose, Crosby Church, and Family Health Clinic.. Thank you to all our RSKA students. Without all of you we couldnt have raised 7000 for Crosby Cares Clothe a Child JDF
We have postponed the official Arts Stroll & Shop today in Newton Centre due to ice and slush conditions and the threat of dropping temperatures. Merchants, restaurants and even an art gallery (1280 Centre St) are open though! If you're out and about today visit Duchess, Craft Beer Cellar Newton, COMO by CERI, CERI, Bloomsbury Park Flowers, L'Optique Boutique, Deluxe Station Diner, Terry O'Reilly Irish Pub, Panera Bread, and more! They have specials, deals, and treats waiting for you!
sooo wish Panera Bread and Starbucks delivered.*sigh*
Grindin at panera bread..lets get it!
I want panera bread so bad right now . : /
Tomato soup and a sandwich...Panera Bread to the rescue
Panera bread broccoli and cheese soup is GREAT! Thanks Amber
At Panera Bread while my mom is working
Panera Bread in Centerville pampered us with an incredible selection of their bagels and yummy pastries yesterday morning. Thanks, Amy, for putting this together for our Giving Angels team!
Thank you Panera Bread for the bagels
At panera bread with bry and amber..yum!
Panera bread has some excellent New England clam chowder
Panera bread in Conyers is now open! Yay!
Attention Oklahoma Photographers! Gina Harris, executive director from Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep will be in OKC on December 27th to meet and hopefully recruit some new volunteer photographers for NILMDTS. If you've been on the fence or unsure about volunteering, but you'd like to know more, this is a great opportunity! She will be there to answer questions and discuss concerns. Please meet with us! We really need more volunteers in the metro area. Current members, including myself, will be present to help with discussion and questions as well. Noon - 1PM we will be at Panera Bread in OKC at 3312 Northwest Expressway. Please RSVP Gina at gharris Please share this info, and invite others!
This Sunday we continue the Mosaic Christmas series as Pastor JJ shares how "Jesus came came to redeem a wrecked religion." We will also be celebrating this special season with some great music such as Always, Blessed be Your Name, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, and How Great is Our God. Come early and enjoy some coffee and Panera Bread and pastries. Its truly going to be a great worship experience!
Holiday Packaging Design. The established agency Willoughby Design was asked to develop set of 2013 holiday packaging for Panera Bread. The classic and nos
Tomorrow morning I will be at Panera Bread at 6:30 a.m. - 8 a.m.! Join me as we discuss the birth of Jesus as told by Luke. Read Luke 1 and 2 to prepare. Bring a friend! The cinnamon rolls are GREAT!
chilling at Panera Bread editing videos
Panera Bread has the best tomato soup and grill cheese!!
Beginning Monday, December 16th, 2013, the Outbound Red West 17th will enter the Walmart West parking lot a new way. After turning onto Wanamaker, the bus will turn west into Walmart using the road between Golden Corral and the convenience store rather than using the intersection by Panera Bread. Additional information available at
Did someone say Grilled Cheese Sandwich? yummy! Enter the greatest Grilled Cheese Pinterest Challenge today for your chance to win a Panera Bread Gift Card.
Panera bread bring out the true Italian in me. Mm 󾌳󾥤
Hey, everybody! We're holding a fundraiser at Panera Bread on Monday, December 16 from 4pm to 8pm. The Panera Bread site is 1409 N. Collins St., in Arlington. We receive a portion of all sales during those hours, so be sure to tell your friends and family!
W.O.W. (Women of Warehouse) book club meets the third Tuesday of every month at Panera Bread (1330 Orchard Rd. Aurora) at 6:30pm. All women over age 18 are invited to come and discuss a different book each month. December's book is THE CHRISTMAS WEDDING by James Patterson.
On the sixth day of Christmas Stuart Magazine gave to me, free bread for a year from Panera Bread! Comment below for your chance to win! Sharing this post is worth THREE Bonus entries!!
Just applied for Panera Bread, Walgreens, Dunn Bros, and Caribou Coffee online. Pray i get a call for an interview. I really want a job. I'm sick of being broke every month!
Tis the Season to Give... Join Butterfly Roses as we collect the following items: NEW and UNWORN men, women and children's underwear, t-shirts, socks and pajamas. ALL SIZES!!! Items may be dropped off at Panera Bread by Stonecrest Mall located at 8200 Mall Parkway Lithonia, GA 30038, Tuesday, December 10 and Wednesday, December 11, 2013 between 6-8p each night. All items will be donated to the Women and Children's Shelter and Atlanta Mission.
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with Peggy Flynn at The Rink in Downtown Burbank hosted by Downtown Burbank Business Partners as 100 students from Emerson and Miller Elementary got to eat, skate and play with Olympic Champion Kristi Yamaguchi. What fun! Thank you to Downtown Burbank Business Partners, Kristi Yamaguchi, the City of Burbank, Panera Bread, and Ice America!
On Thursday December 5th, Defend the Vote is meeting at the Panera Bread in Fox River Grove from 6pm to 8pm. The...
Do you want to learn business principles by studying the Word of God? Join us @ EICC (International Chamber of Commerce) @ Panera Bread, Stonecrest Mall, 7:00 A.M. on Saturday, December 7, 2013.
Someone PLEASE come to Panera Bread in Spanish Fort, Alabama and PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY 😶🔫
Please don't forget about the memorial ride for our dear friend, Keith Gergley, tomorrow at 7:00am from Panera Bread. It will be a no drop, controlled pace with about a 20-21mph cap, up to the Sebastian Inlet and back.
I love that one of these opened close to home. (@ Panera Bread) on
Round 3-Letter:Illegal Voting Systems in Chicago & Cook County! Learn More @ the Dec 5 Meeting! *|URL|* - Join us at the Panera Bread in Fox River Grove.
I love eating lunch at Panera Bread. Mostly I frequent the one in Doylestown, but today I went to Willow Grove. After an unusually long wait for my bowl of soup I couldn't find a table to sit down. I walked the floor and did observe SIX (count 'em) people not eating, just working on their computers - all six occupied one table each. Finally I sat at a table for 4 where a lady and her small kid had camped out. Halfway through my soup a table opened up. I guess they have free wi-fi there, hence the computer campers, but they really need to limit that to off-hours (not the heart of lunch hour). I tried to speak to a manager, not a one of them seemed the least bit interested. I guess I bought my last lunch at the Willow Grove Panera.
Day 20 I am Thankful for the Mary Kay meeting at Panera Bread. It is great to have supper with the girls and then to experience what is "new" in Mary Kay! Tonight we sampled the new Midnight Belara perfume and saw the new eye colors! Beautiful! Plus, there is a new product to rid one of dark spots on your face and/or hands! And did I say how good supper was at Panera?
Getting Panera Bread tomrw. Who's coming with? Not you, Daniela.
I drove back to base tonight and instead of showing the gate guard my I.D. I hand him my Panera Bread giftcard by mistake. Thankfully, he was a very good sport about it. That's what happens when you work for 14 hours. lol
Is it bad that I still haven't been to 5 guys, dickeys, buffalo wild wing, Panera bread, and whatever new restaurants we have yet ? Lol 😬😳
Can never go wrong with panera bread
Panera Bread sounds bomb right about now 😋
I must confess... Yuri came home with Panera Bread pastries and I couldn't find the strength to resist. Oh *** lets call it what it is... I CHOSE to eat it!! I WANTED IT!!! *** pastry HAD to be eaten!! Now... I feel gross. Was it worth it? Probably not. Did it taste good? OMG YES!! Will I resist the next time? Who knows. Is Yuri in trouble? TOTALLY!!! Just kidding :):):) The good news~I haven't consumed anything of sugar since !! Anyone else need to confess? I'm telling you~you will feel better afterwards!
If only we could get a Panera to replace Atlanta Bread
Just called bread co panera... Need to get back to St. Louis right now
Andrew Smith had panera bread waiting for me when I came home. I love him.
How does anyone even like panera bread
Working at Panera bread seems like it would probably suck major ***
Panera Bread finally opens up in our area next week...😍. About time
I'm not gone eat at panera bread again smh 10 dollars for two items
Well I can officially announce that I am the new assistant store manager of Panera Bread! I start my 7 week training on dec 2!! I'm so excited!! I'm sad to leave my current job, but I could not pass up on this offer!!
Panera bread bowl with cheddar broccoli soup sounds dank right now
Ate at Panera Bread for the first time today. Went in asked the lady what's the best thing on the…
“Good news in Florida. Nicole got the solo in the chorus concert and Morgan got a raise at Panera Bre…
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