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Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is an ship canal in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean (via the Caribbean Sea) to the Pacific Ocean.

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These liberals probably said man will never fly,the Panama Canal, could ne…
The Equator or Panama Canal is the Middle of the Equilibrium where all the melanin & info comes from out of Inn…
Another gave away Panama Canal, Subic Bay Naval Station and stop arms to Taiwan.
Panama Canal: bigger locks paying off
Military from 17 countries are meeting in San Antonio for an exercise focused on security at the Panama Canal.
"the Kra Canal may be just a dream. That’s what they once said about Panama before the US decided it was necessary" https:…
You know what, just reassert control of Panama Canal Zone, access denied, two birds one stone
Today is the day the Panama Canal opens to traffic with the transit of the cargo ship SS Ancon - August 15, 1914
You forgot to mention Panama Canal. Now is a good time to bulldoze it full.
Aug 15, 1914- The Panama canal was inaugurated with American vessel, Ancon, sailing from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.
Download [PDF] The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870-1914 David
Take a look at Cuba. They've been reported as smuggling a repaired MIG through the Panama Canal -to where?. Mmm-hmm. You got it. 👏🏿
Masterpiece of engineering in the Panamá Canal! Seen here from our plane & in person!
Love to show you my Panama Canal Collection my great grandfather. Head Electrical Engineer 4 of 5 Locks. Medal from President
SOS my mom thinks the Panama Canal is near San Diego
so... my raybans are now at the bottom of the Panama Canal
15.8.17 Panama Canal, one of the largest & most difficult projects ever was opened today in 1914
can you sponsor a 6 month trip across the Panama Canal to Australia on a catamaran ? If so hook it up please
The Panama Canal, new bigger ships! will tell you everything there is to know about it!
Expanded Panama Canal proves to be beneficial to the U.S. market. Read more:
Jesus, Christianity and the idea of Santa Claus? White man giving the Panama Canal--back to Panama. Give to all others?
Pictorial map of the Republic of Panama with the Canal Zone (1941) by Clark Teegarden and John F. Herman.
Panama City for LatAm workshop & Chapter meeting. Off to Canal this morning!!!
Going through the Panama Canal on a Celebrity Cruise May 2018
PANAMAX 2017 at -Ft Sam Houston. 17 nations military preparing to protect the Panama Canal.
Looks like fun! Take a ride with the Cutter Tampa through the
Recall the recent Panama Canal expansion? It was cutting straight through 20 mill y…
The RCN's first submarines, CC1 (front) and CC2 at the Panama canal 100 years ago today http…
But, if you recall, he also took credit for the Panama Canal construction. Everything is Donald.
New Pod! Ashley Carse/on the Panama Canal, geopolitics and more - w.
On this day in 1914, the Panama Canal was first opened to traffic. The Canal links he Pacific Ocean and the...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Take a look at the Panama Canal's new extension locks, built to allow Herculean ships pass through t
Post Panama Canal expansion, the top three U.S. ports still rule
Panama Canal is one of man's greatest engineering feats, but there is so much more to see there. Call us today!
Higher tariffs on the Panama Canal are unlikely to significantly alter LNG cargoes
Over the last century headquarters helped construct the Panama Canal, put men on the moon & much more:
I'm at Ft Sam Houston where South and 25 nations take part combined operation focused on def…
“The Port of NY/NJ is catching up...thanks to increased traffic from the Panama Canal” via
Article: China & Thailand working on Asian equivalent to Panama Canal
will help secure strategic canal in US' backyard
ICYMI this is a very well detailed piece about China, Thailand and a proposal to build Asia's 'Panama Canal'
This was Bill Murray's speech to the Groundhog's Day cast. Stay tuned for the part about the Panama Canal.
We're the nation. that put a man on the moon. that dug out the Panama Canal. that won 2World Wars. We can do anything. https:/…
So many ways to see the Panama Canal! Check them out...
So many new options for the Panama Canal! We're preferred partners with Holland America and all other major...
.plans 35 Panama Canal adventures from 5 homeports on 8 ships, fall through spring
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Holland America Line offers more ways to experience Panama Canal in 2017-18
And he gave away the Panama Canal...
PIED PIPER cruises to Costa Rica and the Panama Canal on the Wind Star in 2018! | via
That gonna swing through Panama Canal along gulf & up the east cost? get a long red one for me & a rig…
Birthday of George Washington Goehtals, chief engineer of the Panama Canal.
George Washington Goethals, American general and chief engineer of the Panama Canal, was born in 1858.…
- Chief of the Panama Canal and namesake of the Goethals bridge, George Washington Goethals is…
I would like to add this is also the Birthday of George Washington Goethals. Chief Engineer of the Panama Canal. 1s…
you didn't know Frederick Douglass was dead or that the Panama Canal was not just…
I can't believe Donald Trump took credit for the Panama Canal like Frederick Douglass wasn't out there with a shovel eve…
Who does a Booze Cruise on the Panama Canal??? We do 😉!!! 🙌🏾
In response to the Bowling Green Massacre, President Andrew Jackson hired Donald Trump to build the Panama Canal to ke…
Trump: "I think we did a good job" on the Panama Canal. "Yes, 100 years ago," replied the Panamanian president. https:/…
LISTEN TO THE SHADE. Trump: We did a great job building the Panama Canal, right?. President Varela: Yeah. 100 years ago.…
Imagine being so ill-prepared to meet a world leader that what you talk about is the freaking Panama Canal.
This lift from the Panama Canal coverage comes at just the right time. Teapot-Dome was really starting to eat into…
Trump taking credit for building the Panama Canal is one thing but taking credit for building the Señor Frogs in Cabo is over the line.
Love a good crossing through the Panama Canal! This was my third and definitely the least…
Pack your bags and head south! Join us and see picturesque Central America on a Panama Canal 3cruise.
I'm told this is a fantastic train ride from Panama City on the Pacific Ocean side, along the Panama Canal, to...
Panama Canal recognises environmental stewardship of NYK operated vessels
Last years trip on the Windstar trip coming up soon! This time Panama Canal & Costa Rica! Can't...
Was given the rare opportunity to open the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Pacific Oce…
hang out on a sunny @ Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, Panama Canal, Panama
You Sir are just down the road from the Genesee Country Villiage! That type of shovel, BTW, dug the Panama Canal!
A double transit of the Panama Canal, plus visit California, Caribbean and Mexico, on Fred Olsen Cruise Lines’... http…
Passed from pillar to post between nations, the Panama Canal has claimed lives, inspired revolution and created fam… ht…
First Indian for whom Panama Canal was opened, connecting Atlantic & Pacific Oceans! Moment of pride for India!
: "By funding the Panama Canal and the transcontinental railroad, I have created millions of jobs!"
1. Reagan was a Conservative-Populist (Panama Canal, anyone?) 2. Moore is an exquisite, socially-odd flake.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
As a taxpayer, I want my money back. This is stupid.
Most expensive destroyer ever built for the Navy suffered engineering problem in Panama Canal and was towed to port.
A new cutting-edge $4B Navy destroyer malfunctions in the Panama Canal
New, cutting-edge $4 billion US Navy destroyer malfunctions in the Panama Canal
So, a $42 bn battleship stalled in the Panama Canal and had to be towed in. 42 billion dollars. And it stalls. nice.
Most expensive destroyer in US fleet loses propulsion in Panama Canal - VIDEO: Largest destroyer ever built for US……
Join us sailing the Panama Canal in May 2017. Limited space!!.
Travel to the Costa Rican rainforest & through the locks of the Panama Canal with alum Feb.15-27!…
Our hotel is close to the Panama Canal, Causeway of Amador and Casco Antiguo.
Rapsodia del Canal de Panama by, Oboist Juan Castillo Mission Chamber of Rome
The Panama Canal Expansion is Opening this Summer! Read how this involves soybeans:
Amazing feat to pass a 108.2 foot wide ship thru a 110 foot wide lock!. The Panama Canal has been upgraded and is...
This is how transit through the Panama Canal works
Ship hits new Panama Canal wall, sparking design concerns
How did John Wayne help wrangle the Panama Canal treaties? Read about it here:
The third bridge crossing the Panama Canal in Colón reached 52% completion. The bridge will have a total length...
Are there issues navigating the new locks in the by
Here's a Vine of the M/V OCEARCH traveling through the Panama Canal.
My dad realized we were in trouble when crazies found their voice over the Panama Canal in '70s. "Something wicked this way comes…
The Isthmus... This 10+ year photographic odyssey to document the Panama Canal Expansion and…
Panama Canal launches incentives for cleaner
reduction contributions highlighted at MEPC 70 by
Panama Canal readies for surge in tonnage after upgrade via
The best cruises? Transatlantic crossing, Norwegian Fjords, Caribbean, Panama Canal for starters! .
I wonder why no one mentions The NY Times digging into McCain being born in Panama Canal Zone.
& John McCain was born in Panama Canal Zone, which sure didnt bother ppl. Wonder what the diff was btwn them & O?
Meanwhile McCain proves that being born in the Panama Canal Zone qualified him as a US citizen. No Obama proof until 2011
Upstate South Carolina, 200 miles inland, gets business boost from expanded Panama Canal with new 14k TEU ships. https…
If LBJ trashed 1957 Civil Right Bill as a senator, open all in 1968 as president and Carter gave Panama Canal away in 1977
Carter gave away the Panama Canal! You know Obama had to one up him on terrible decisions
He also sold control of the Panama Canal, f'ed up the Iran Hostage Crisis, had a misery index of 21.98, 16% inflation
This is neat: Cal Maritime Academy's training ship, the Golden Bear, transited the Panama Canal last week.
TIL By the time the Americans finished the Panama Canal they had eradicated Yellow Fever and nearly eradicated malaria from the canal zone.…
And if you think there's no double standard, ask why John McCain, born in Panama Canal Zone, was never called foreign.
Holland America Line - From the engineering marvels of the Panama Canal, to the breathtaking natural beauty of...
Did You Know..?. The building of the Panama Canal, which links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, was one of the...
The elevation difference btw Atlantic and Pacific Oceans at the Panama Canal is 25.9 meters.
The big ships via the Panama Canal are as much a challenge as an opportunity for NY-NJ port reports h…
Port Tampa Bay still struggling to find its place after widened Panama Canal opens via
We will benefit from the expansion!Port Tampa Bay still finding its way as expanded Panama Canal opens via
Panama Canal as Ratty, in'Toad of Toad Hall '. ( photo of Ratty ) Back in Cardiff, I relived my triumph as Sancho Panza
POINTE BLANCHE St. Maarten - welcomes inauguration of Expanded Section of Panama Canal.
Maersk approves Panama canal expansion: Maersk Line is likely to  increase use of the expanded Panama Canal a...
Sustainable growth is essential for the Upstate. Read about the Panama Canal expansion & its impact to the region: http…
Maersk Line welcomes expansion of Panama Canal: The extension of the Panama Canal will double the waterway’s ...
Documents show gas industry lobbied for the expansion of the Panama Canal to make room for huge LNG tankers .
Just 10% of the ships passing through the Panama Canal carry fuel = room for growth. — of AES Panama in
Port of Savannah expected to benefit from Panama Canal expansion - Atlanta Business Chronicle
Ur psychic. Reading "Path Between the Seas" by David McCullough, about Panama Canal creation.
Panama Canal widening could boost trade in NC- and other business headlines. Check today's
Maersk Line set to re-route services through expanded Panama Canal
Panama Canal opens $5B locks in major move to double its capacity: Panama City (AP) – Amid exploding firework...
View of the Miraflores Locks in the Panama Canal near Panama City on June 22, 2016
Google map data way behind on the new channels in the Panama Canal (& Suez)
The new Panama Canal could have a big impact on this major US industry - Business Insider Australia
Mohab head of the Suez Canal: participate in the ceremony of the Panama Canal
Wonder if the Panama Canal expansion will be as under-used as the Suez Canal expansion.
Survival. Trend toward larger ships favored Suez Canal over Panama Canal for Asia-to-Americas trade.
Carriers line up services for expanded Panama Canal - Maersk to shift one string from Suez routing as CMA CGM m...
Maersk to shift Asia-US east coast service from Suez to Panama Canal now new locks ready
Just spoke with a Maersk exec: any growth in Panama Canal will result in 1:1 loss for Suez Canal.
10–15% = est. revenues lost by Panama Canal in last 3 years to Suez Canal, where larger ships could pass through
At 63 still at it Love those long runs from Miami to Panama Canal through the Canal for the Second time,. Fighting...
This fat slob gave up the Panama Canal & then bent over & said any and all Muslim have at me. How could this pig get on fox?
Heard that Panama Canal expansion and port delay will improve and economy!
An "Upstate'' that's looking to get real business: South Carolina will get boost from expanded Panama Canal
Would the two canals compete or cooperate?
Panama to whip curtain aside on newly expanded canal: After nine years of massive work, a renovated and expan...
at the Panama Canal, President Theodore Roosevelt operating an American steam shovel
The $5.4-billion expansion of Panama Canal could completely change world trade routes
A controversy outside of the Panama Canal extension to open on Sunday.
Commemorate the Panama Canal's expansion with these photos from its construction via
Panama Canal's expansion is a feat almost—but not quite—as impressive as building the original.
I like this simple animation showing how the Panama Canal locks work
-The impact of the Panama Canal expansion on US ports & shipping h…
New Panama is a multi billion dollar boondoggle.
One winner from the expansion of the Panama Canal...South Carolina. Who knew? via
Panama Canal expansion opens this month into one of worst slumps in industry history
I liked a video Live from the Panama Canal
Carolinas ports getting ready for bigger ships from Panama Canal
$5.4-billion expansion of Panama Canal could reshape world trade routes
New $5.4B Panama Canal expansion ready for business
Yet another New York Times investigation that uses the old WikiLeaks cable leak as a significant source:.
The Panama Canal expansion project, which took 9 years to complete, will open Sunday:
The is ready to open! Except for the leaks, questionable construction, bad tugs, and water problems:
Relive the Panama Canal's colossal construction in photos via
Only two days left before the official inauguration of the new Panama Canal!
World trade routes won't be the same with the $5.4-billion expansion of Panama Canal!
NY Times Investigation: Future of expanded Panama Canal cloudy at best, its safety in doubt: http…
Just about ready: New lane of Panama Canal officially opens Sun.; listen to "RFD Today" Mon. live from Panama -MLO https:/…
The Panama Canal is opening a third lane to accommodate new mega cargo ships.
Feature: New Panama Canal locks no game-changer to Americas crude flows - Platts
It's finally show time as expanded Panama Canal opens for business
Countdown Begins for Expanded Panama Canal opening: History will be made in Panama on Sunday, June 26, when t...
Training on Tiny Ships for Bigger�Panama Canal: As the Panama Canal Zone nears the end of a nine-year expansion to…
Draft restrictions lifted at Panama Canal: The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) announced on Thursday it is lifti...
These stunning photos of the new Panama Canal will make you feel very small:
The expanded Panama Canal has one more hurdle to clear ahead of its June 26 opening
Panama Canal Authority's new ENC data for expanded Panama Canal expected for use onboard ships in form of updated ENC's by 26 June 2016
China's 'Panama Canal' Project: China may soon be constructing its own version of the Panama Canal ...Full st...
In May’s Sean Brady concludes his tale of the Panama Canal & looks at Nicaragua Canal
Panama Canal expansion turns Jamaica into goto place for sophisticated logistics via
Panama Canal is an approximately 80 kilos in total length meter, Depth is 12.5 meters at the most shallow place.
Besides Starwars day on this day 1904 Work began on Panama Canal 1910 Royal Canadian Navy founded 1973 John Madden born May 4th be with you!
Panama's a really wonderful country. There's obviously the Panama Canal, wh...
King Juan Carlos at the inauguration of the Panama Canal?
Panama Canal to carry out scheduled lane outage from April 9-10 at the Gatun Locks
Just change the headline> "A day of global sales hidden in the Panama Canal!!!"
PERI - Expansion of the Panama Canal | Episode 1: Project of the Century (EN).
The mega ships coming via Suez and Panama Canal will soak up the idle cash and turbo charge the global economy.
Canal Zone From the Auditor of the Panama Canal to Chicago IL, 1925
Do you happen to have email address for Hans Schmidt by any chance? Would love to chat w/ him about Panama Canal expansion.
9th anniversary we were at the Panama Canal, 10th was New York, 20th today we're off to East Grinstead... Can't wait for our 30th!
"I almost invested in Panama Canal road"
Looking forward to my first visit to the Panama Canal this week. Will be a great few days of education and networking.
Which two oceans does the Panama Canal link?. Atlantic and Indian. Pacific and Arctic. Atlantic and Pacific...
Question: Which two oceans does the Panama Canal link? . A). Atlantic and Indian. B). Pacific and Arctic. C). Atlantic and Pacific. D). Pacific
Work progresses at the new Agua Clara locks on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal.
Why not continue up Chilean coast, through Panama canal, and across Atlantic, back home to home of Oslo Bay?
Cruise through the Panama Canal aboard luxury Celebrity Infinity from Miami to San Diego. This 18 night package...
Forget that, I'd dig so deep into the cleavage the Panama Canal would get jealous
Panama Canal lock repairs pass the test
Do you know anything about the constitution? He is a citizen as is John McCain burn in the Panama Canal Zone.
While I sailing to Pacific the Panama canal was closed b/c there was a strike by the native workers. 😒
Smithsonian in Panamá: Will lionfish cross the Panama Canal? .
Boats waiting to go thru the Panama Canal.
New locks will allow for Post-Panamax vessels; a significant increase from current 5,000 TEU limit
7. During my voyage I was going to go through the Panama canal but it was closed, my men and I took the long way.
Imagine thinking Panama has a government. We all know it's just Giovanni sitting in the presidential palace opening an…
Check out this story I wrote about the Panama Canal expansion ft. my dad!
Engineering marvel - more than 100 tears old.. How the Panama Canal Works - Wait But Why
Panama Canal adventures await you with Oceania Cruises': The Bridge of the Americas!. In between the dense...
Have been on HAL many times Favorites were Panama Canal and Norway. Hope to be with you again soon in the Mediterranean
this old man thinks this is the best time to load up on because once Panama Canal widens natural gas will be shipped at $5 😜
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
CRUISE WITH THE ROAMING CATHOLIC TRAVEL CLUB and Fr. Mike Ingram on an 11-night Panama Canal Sunfarer Cruise...
Join us on 2/27 from onboard in the Panama Canal!
It's like the whole world forgot the Panama Canal existed.
is a great destination come check out the Canal and get out of the deep freeze https:…
22000 is the approximate number of workers who died during the building of the Panama Canal due to accidents and diseases
Panama Canal: Not a game changer, overnight. What's going to generate 50 million SQ of warehouse is petrochemical. Billy Gold
I'm still waiting for Obama 2 uslessly and idiotly give away Guantanamo 2 Raul (with tears in his eyes) as Carter gave away the Panama Canal
Learn about the impact of the Panama Canal in "Panama Canal Stories" 2/25, at 5:30PM in Memorial 108!
Lazy liberals cannot comprehend building a wall. With that type of mentality the Pyramids, Suez and Panama Canal, China wall, wouldn't exist
Panama Canal Moves Closer to Completion of Expansion - Latest industry shipping news from the Handy Shipping Guide
to that one time we took our kids to the Panama Canal and they all sat there looking bored…
Close-Up Look at Panama Canal Crack Now that is some cracked concrete!
Yesterdays view on the canal from Panama . . and today from Panama Oeste
Why a pic of the Panama Canal? Could this be our European Shipment making its way to the Port of Oakland?!
Carter gave back Panama Canal. Is Obama Cuba trip to give back GitMo & force detainees to U.S. despite Cong. Law?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
it ain't like "Americans" own much when it comes 2 refineries...and China today controls the Panama Canal
The new Panama Canal may be opening very soon! via
Here's the latest official update on the Panama Canal Expansion Project
sorry had to sleep.McCain born in the Panama Canal Zone-us property. Romney didn't win Gop nomination
Panama Canal Authority fixed leaks in its new locks; now no cause for delay in opening the expanded canal.
Wow! 7 years in the making, the Panama Canal expansion is close to being completed! Watch this amazing video.
The completion of the Panama Canal expansion in 2016 is expected to boost con... ®
Make NM the Silk Road transit of the today. Panama Canal to Russia train route. Help NM break its chains!
Panama Canal Crack Fixed: A large crack that threatened the delivery of the Panama Canal expansion and pushed ...
Panama Canal expansion nears finish line – testing the basins for the new locks
Holy Roman Emperor Charles V was the first to propose creating a Panama Canal in 1534.
my husband and I are taking the Panama Canal cruise on Apr 15-25 on the Coral Princess. With it sailing to the hot bed of -
A2 Panama Canal cruise. Always dreamed of that kind of fabulous itinerary
Cruise the Panama Canal, Adventure and modern miracle - all in one!
Island Princess Cruise Review by tamzin: Panama Canal: Worth the Trip: Was travelling with a family group, my ...
Finally finished my travelogue of our voyage to the Panama Canal. Wonderful vacation!
Princess Cruises California Coast,Mexican Riviera, Hawaii,Panama Canal cruise w/savings up to 55% off book by Feb 17 use code:PE6MD025/425
Latest issue of all about Teddy US: Panama Canal; Europe & US empire. Check it out!
he bin on mega cruise since Jan 10th!! All round Aruba, Columbia, Florida, Panama Canal got off in LA on Friday an had nite there
Tick off major BUCKET LIST items on this Caribbean, Panama Canal, Costa Rica Cruise! Info @
announces 22 longer cruise itineraries to the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Panama Canal.
Tommy and me are going on a Panama Canal cruise next year, and looking for a group to go with, date is tbd, open invite. Hmu.
.announces 22 longer itineraries to the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Panama Canal
Travel by cruise ship to Panama Canal (HD)
Have you ever considered cruising the Panama Canal? Now is your chance!
Travel by cruise ship to Panama Canal (HD) via . GOOD
look up Panama Canal, Nee England cruise line for . And if any of you military
Gotta think they are limiting the view to same city, same day. Can see both from Panama Canal Zone. Not from NYC, LA
Panama Canal- a canal in Central America that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
I wonder how the Panama Canal will impact our industrial market in the Puget Sound over the coming years?
Where MAJ Walter Reed discovered the source of malaria allowing the completion of Panama Canal
In 1880 the building of the Panama canal started
Lee Kline shared the history of the Canal (102 years old) on |
and as big as that hole is, number of nuclear devices needed to dig out say new Panama Canal was prohibitive.
The Atlantic side of the Panama Canal is further West than the Pacific side.
This Maersk container ship is 1,200 + feet to long to go thru the Panama Canal ,so it goes into port Balboa...
1999 the US, because of Torrijos-Carter Treaties, gives over control of the Panama Canal to Panama
1881 French begin work on Panama Canal . The construction would be dogged by malaria & yellow fever throughout its construction
USS Pennsylvania in Miraflores Locks,Panama Canal-1920's See FB for more
Here's what to look forward to in 2016:. Completion of the Panama Canal expansion project. Microchipping of all...
The all new preps for it's biggest ships, putting California port jobs in doubt.
just booked a shore excursion Kayaking on Lake Gatun and then to the Panama Canal.only to find out there are...
It's New Years Day and we are transiting the Panama Canal right now!…
“Panama Hats”, which are what is arguably most known for besides the Canal, actually originated from & are made in Ecuador.
1880 – Ferdinand de Lesseps begins French construction of the Panama Canal.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
On 1999, the United States hands over control of the Panama Canal.
What was the dentist doing in Panama? . . . Looking for the Root Canal yep
"it's like driving a RC boat down the Panama Canal" 5:30 Cameron talk.
Responsibility for the Panama Canal formally transferred from the US to Panama on 1 January 2000
in 1999, Panama assumed control of the Canal, after the U.S. and Panama signed a treaty 20 years earlier. h…
maritime silk route is Chinas version of Panama canal diplomacy!
1999: Panama assumes control over the Panama Canal.
Deal of the Week: Huge project takes shape: That, along with the expansion of the Panama Canal and rising ship...
Onboard its like nothing happenned. Happy New Year 2016 @ Panama Canal
Today in 1999, The United States handed over control of the Panama Canal to Panama.
1999: Panama - the U.S. officially handed over control of the Panama Canal, putting the waterway into Panamanian hands…
On in 1999, Panama Canal turned over to Panama. Read More via
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all from the Panama Canal. The SUN rose in the Atlantic this morning and it will set in the Pacific tonight.
WRONG! Born OFF BASE, OUTSIDE the Panama Canal Zone in a Civilian hospital. Military bases are NOT US soil anyhow, not meant tobe
He was born outside the Panama Canal Zone in a civilian hospital
Sigh. Colon, Panama is inside the US territory of Panama Canal Zone.
Robert Marshall, Kurt Meister // I love a good cute-meet story, esp if it involves the Panama Canal.
So he could run 4 prez in 2008 because he was brn in Panama Canal Zone on military base- it's long explanation
bridge of the Americas Panama Canal Zone - Spans the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. Completed
Third Set of Locks nearly done, crack repairs underway and an excellent Panama Canal expansion update video is here:
Great story on Panama Canal expansion, just saw on loved the woman engineer Ilya Marota in charge!
I'll ask you this only once, you hear? Alright. Now, WHO did the holly jolly on the Panama Canal?
At Thanksgiving, I would like to argue old issues: US control of Panama Canal, SALT II, Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill. Maybe Dan Quayle IQ
Panama was happy when the U.S intervened because they built a canal to ship goods and gave them independence from Columbia!
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