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Pam Shriver

Pamela Howard Shriver (born July 4, 1962), is a former American professional tennis player and currently a tennis broadcaster for ESPN.

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Chris Evert def. Pam Shriver 6-1, 6-3 in 1987 Dallas final, largely due to the string of amazing foreha…
Great job by Tom Rinaldi/Pam Shriver staying quiet during the last game of Konta/Halep match. What a moment.
George Lazenby is still alive; he is 77 now, . Was married to Pam Shriver, the tennis player, for a while.
Would you want Pam Shriver teaching you how to hit a forehand...
Serena is really up against it tonight and Mary Carillo and Pam Shriver are at their annoying best
Wonder why Pam Shriver called this the best match of the year. To hype it in the US? Did she forget there was an finals?
TRIVIA: Tennis great Pam Shriver was once married to which 007 actor?
Who the *** dresses Pam Shriver at The woman always looks like she dressed in the dark. It's
Pam Shriver on the court interviewing Serena without her Spanx.
I wonder if Serena Williams wins the US Open then Pam Shriver could wear a set of the during the on-court interview.
Does Pam Shriver write her own interview questions?? Seems like she's perfectly fine making things awkward for
Pam Shriver with the microphone up Serena's coach mouth- my God this woman is so annoying!!
Lot of awkward silences following Pam Shriver's insights.
I've finally figured out why I really dislike listening to Pam Shriver's is because she is a Debbie Downer!
Pam Shriver is the worst, how does the US Open not get you a hairstylist or a personality...
I could watch Pam Shriver's awkward interviews all night long.
The real question Pam Shriver should ask is: What eyeliner do you use? . Because that stuff is for real.
it is ESPN Tennis Commentators hater time. Pam Shriver already started with dumb question to Serena's coach.
Serena: "Just going out on the court not knowing what to expect keeps me motivated.". Pam Shriver follow-up: "What do you expect tonight?"
Does Pam Shriver talk louder than it seems on the intros to these interviews, or do the players have earpieces? How do they hear her?
Pam Shriver: did you have much fun with that Halep prematch interview?
Pam Shriver...well she was a big server and a heavy hitter if not a big hitter
. Play with Monica Seles play against Martinia Navratilova and Pam Shriver!!! Best day ever!!!
Everytime Pam Shriver does an interview, its Nanalan's grandma.
Anyone else find Pam Shriver extremely annoying? She's like that one drunk aunt that rambles on and on about nothing and ur forced 2 listen
ESPNTennis Pam Shriver is a terrible interviewer. She talks far too much during matches. Zip it, Pam
Pam Shriver with actually the most inane questions
Is this the part where I get to talk about how much I hate Pam Shriver's questions?
Can we please stop these painful Pam Shriver interviews? Asking Wozniacki to describe her NYC apartment? Really?
Pam Shriver just asked Wozniacki to describe the interior of her apartment, following her win
Only 2 games away for the next Pam Shriver interview with 🙈🙉🙊
Does Pam Shriver not like - what is with these discerning comments to her?
"Is it for this moment that you came back [to tennis]?" --Pam Shriver. Is a rather stupid question.
PAM Shriver - You make me press mute on my TV remote so fast (like ninja) when I hear your stupid voice.
Love Pam Shriver on ESPN's doubles coverage here on the match. She gives actual insight!
You guys keep Pam Shriver around just to make everyone else look less bad right?
. & could do us all a big favor and limit Pam Shriver's air time during the rest of She is the absolute worst.
PAM SHRIVER: "What's the hardest part of staying focused when the ranking's on the line?" KERBER: "That question."
Pam Shriver it's not about quantity in tennis it's about Quality. 2016 Serena Finals AO, FO, won Wimbledon, won Italian Open
Pam SHriver is only 6 ft? how come she towers over everyone she interviews
Wow--Pam Shriver just insulted to her face walking to Ashe: "Kerber could be And Vinci noticed.
Pam Shriver playing the big expectation game here to almost absurd levels. She's what, ranked~90 pre-
Pam Shriver just compared Ana Konjuh to an 18 year-old Venus or Serena Williams. Said her win over Radwanska was "That good".
'You can compare that Konjuh performance to Venus and Serena aged 17 or 18. It was that good.'. Pam Shriver on
Pam Shriver is so shady sometimes and I love it. Plus her autobiography is amazing.
My dream is to follow Pam Shriver around for one day. Pam lost count.
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did you not hear that Pam Shriver reached a slam final at like 12
Pam Shriver just asked a WNBA player in the stands "if Venus Williams were a basketball player, what position would she play?"
Please stop the Pam Shriver interviews. They're cringeworthy.
Pam Shriver interviews during us open matches😠 annoying. Ugh!
Tina Charles doing this better than Pam Shriver.
Whatever high one gets from watching a great tennis match at the it is completely killed by Pam Shriver's commentary.
Pam shriver asks some of the dumbest post match questions to the winning player😒🙄 get her outta there
Why does Pam Shriver call Toni Nadal "Uncle Toni?" Just seems odd to me since he's not her uncle.
That reminds me of couple years ago when I saw Chris Fowler, Pam Shriver, Cliff Drysdale on concourse of Center Court at Rogers Cup
has to be Pam Shriver to Martina Navratilova
that shirt is awful, looks like something Pam Shriver would wear at Wimbledon in 1985
15 finals for American women on the year, player in the world, 3 WTA top 10, 14 Top 100, but according to Pam Shriver we're "soft."
Pam Shriver is betting against Serena. Hope Serena proves her wrong. Vika doesn't look good either.
Tennis Channels coverage of Roland Garros is already 5000x better than ESPN's. Thank God no Chris Evert, Brad Gilbert, or Pam Shriver.
never thought I'd agree with Pam shriver
[ESPN]Cary Chow, Greg Garber, and Pam Shriver preview the women’s bracket at this year’s Fren…
Greg Garber and Pam Shriver make their picks for this year's French Open. Video - via App
Cris Collinsworth is 🤔. I believe Pam Shriver is the superior analyst between her and John McEnroe any day.
1987: Steffi Graf won her 1st Grand Slam (French) & became Pam Shriver called her overrated. Graf went on to win 21 more Sl…
Manufacturer: 4-6 weeks normal for in Maria Sharapova case: ESPN's Pam Shriver explains why t...
Two complaints about the announcers. First, Pam Shriver needs to get her head out of S.Williams' booty. Other player exist!
Yep . BTW Pam Shriver is the name I tried to recall .
Pam Shriver just called Maria the "ultimate competitor." I'd say penultimate, given who's across the net.
Pam Shriver said she seemed out of it twice in the last set. And also that she covered her mouth with towel or such.
"This is a model of why Serena is the greatest," Pam Shriver speaking truth.
Pam Shriver suspects Serena's issue may have to do with the heat or such.
Serena isn't gonna take your crap. Also, let's see Pam Shriver's hat again.
Having Cliff Drysdale and Pam Shriver on the same broadcast is downright painful
Wherever would we be without Pam Shriver...
Pam Shriver on the Aussie Open sidelines, confidently answering Elaine Stritch's beyond-the-grave question: does anyone still wear a hat?
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Whoa, Pam Shriver looks like someone out of a Jane Campion flick
Someone tell Pam Shriver that Darkwing Duck has been searching all over for that hat
What the *** is that hat Pam Shriver has on? Looks like Dallas meets the quilting bee.
Watching the Australian Open. Pam Shriver do what Pam Shriver do. Dat. Hat.
Yes Pam Shriver and this church hat! Lol
wow is this the real Pam Shriver, your a legend!
Pam Shriver thinks that if they had ticketed court resale here as at Wimb somehow there'd be a ton of ppl watching Konta-Makarova on MCA
Shriver Konta's service action of the high ball bounce makes me think of Tomas Byrdych
...& Pam Shriver are doing a great job on .send us some heat to DC :)
OMG Shriver just said Aga vs Carla was ‘not as interesting’ - nice Pam.
Andy Murray’s father-in-law collapses at Australian Open: Former US tennis player Pam Shriver speaks with crow...
Pam Shriver joins us on 3-5 to discuss allegations of match fixing and the latest results from
Hello Pam Shriver will Madison Keys be shown on the espn2 coverage tomorrow?
ESPN could easily improve on the Pam Shriver - Chris Evert duo currently commentating... they would only need to replace one...
Pam Shriver on Gavrilova: "We've been enjoying just the bounce of her ponytail, it has a life of its own."
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I just heard Chris Evert & pam shriver discussing it this week. They both have said its excessive
Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver, who won 109 matches
I just love Lithuanian sports journalists. According to them Pam is a man.
Pam Shriver and Mary Jo Fernandez doing the commentary for ESPN2 on Lepchenko and S Zhang
Pam Shriver is saying this. I don't know if I can believe her
Pam Shriver reporting players were given option whether to continue playing or not tonight.
Pam Shriver reports Ana knew there had been similar episodes before
Pam Shriver of Children's Pediatrics in Baton Rouge is committed to providing quality pediatric care…
did Pam Shriver take over your account, Amy?
Serena Williams ESPN interview with Chris Evert and Pam Shriver about winning Wimbledon 2015.
Brad Gilbert and Pam Shriver and equally annoying
Pam Shriver to Nick Kyrgios: "Channel your inner Laver, Rosewell, Roche, Rafter. Bring the class again.”
is Pam Shriver obsessed with Serena or what? And u would think emotions are all we care about typical journalistic b.s.
: Aussie brawl: legacy in tatters If you ask tennis great Pam Shriver, Australia’s tennis legacy is bein…
Not sure you could stand me...perhaps the same could be said for many others.I have a little "Pam Shriver" in me;Or a lot :)
Pam Shriver completely ignoring Harrison's behavior. But that's not surprising I guess
Pam Shriver's voice makes me want to drown a baby bunny.
Caroline Cameron has been brutal. She is just a tennis fan. ESPN has Pam Shriver and MJ as courtside reporters
Serena's match is on & Pam Shriver just said "so this is what happens to most of us human um tennis players". What?! As opposed to alien?
will someone put a muzzle on pam shriver I'm trying to watch the match.
pam shriver was saying they don't even speak now. Such a shame they were a great team
Pam Shriver the divine Ms SW DID have the rolling shot when she won her first Serena Slam, it won her here 1st French Open!
Just read up on the Seles Stabbing on Wikipedia that Pam Shriver alluded to on ESPN today. Such a horrible tragedy.
.I'm not suggesting they should--merely asking a question based on Bodo's article & Pam Shriver's ESPN commentary.
Pam Shriver: the way Kyrgios "threw Donna under the bus is unacceptable. It's just unacceptable on so many levels"
Thumbs up to Pam Shriver for not pulling any punches re Kyrgios
Pam Shriver reacts to the news that the ATP has fined Nick Kyrgios for his insulting remark toward... - via App
Pam Shriver is just ridiculously awful at her job
of Prince's first aluminium rackets.Played Ion Tiriac and Pam Shriver, legends of the 70's
Patrick McEnroe, Pam Shriver and Rennae Stubbs doing commentary for ESPN2. Sam Smith and Anne Keothavong doing commentary for BTSport2
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And kudos to (Pam Shriver) for her thoughtful comments in Mr. Rothenberg's otherwise awful article.
I find the ESPN commentators are getting redundant with the exception of Pam Shriver - prefer Tennis Channel with Martina
Blogger Pam Shriver shares a post on the importance of taking time for yourself while in the program --
Begging for the support she never gets. Even Pam Shriver called out the US Open crowd already.
Pam Shriver was a much better player than Betty Stove.Jo Durie-meh
Pam Shriver and Jo Durie couldn't even match her.
I'm pretty sure Martina used to play with Pam Shriver until maybe 1990? McEnroe used to play regularly too.
I like what coach told Pam Shriver. Don't focus on the top of the mountain. Just focus on the next step you need.
I can't be the only one who noticed Pam Shriver saying "tensest" on post coverage.
pam shriver world biggest hater. Probably vomiting off air after interview with Patrick.
Great interview by Pam Shriver with Serena's coach Patrick Mourtoglou.
This house likes him too: articulate and entertaining. A good find for the (Miss Pam Shriver tho’).
“their best body type, their best performance build, is one that is not thin; it’s one of power,” said Pam Shriver"
Why have actual tennis stars & knowledgeable Johnny Mac & Pam Shriver to let irritating Inverdale do all the talking?
Best part of the Mary Carillo and Pam Shriver are nowhere to be found. I'd rather listen to a broken vacuum.
“The way Serena wears her body type I think is perfect,” Shriver said. “I think it’s wonderful, her pride.” -Pam Shriver
All of the tennis announcers, you got hating *** Pam Shriver to comment. A woman who still can't bring herself to unabashedly praise Serena
On what would have been his 72nd birthday, Chris Evert, LZ Granderson and Pam Shriver reflect on Arthur Ashe, the...
I remember Richard saying serena was better than Venus and Pam Shriver condescendingly implying that he was insane...
Once you understand your fears, your emotions, it's easier to conquer them. - Pam Shriver
Pam Shriver says Judy Murray is tennis mum of the decade, if not century(?). It's only 2015 FFS.
Baltimorean and Hall of Fame tennis player Pam Shriver joined to give an update from
tv I like Reed, Petchey, Cotter, all the pundits really, Roddick was good on debut and nice to Pam Shriver on the h/lights
Pam Shriver just called the double fault before it happened based on toss. That's an expert.
I am watching the women's semi-final of Wimbledon. Could someone silence Pam Shriver. She is never quiet! And what she says about Sharapova!
Also Martina Navratilova beat Pam Shriver 29 straight times. Williams will certainly (probably?) retire before that could happen.
Pam Shriver-Radwanska not competition for Muguruza. Nasty. It's not about you. Give her respect. She's earned it.
What on earth is Pam Shriver wearing? Does she know she's at Wimbledon? Not a dog n pony show.
Pam Shriver and Mary Jo look like a ray of sunshine next to that "sleek cocktail dress" on Hannah. Ugh Hannah. @ ESPN TENNIS
Pam Shriver With An Update Live From Wimbledon: Pam Shriver is a Hall of Fame tennis player, who is from Balti...
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Did you see after Gasquet/Wawrinka match Tirico/Pam Shriver/Jason Goodall were on the set discussing the match?
Wimbledon prime time showed Pam Shriver looking quite elegant , with a nice dress, and with grace and class she chatted up . Kudos Pam
Turned on the telly to see Claire Balding, Pam Shriver and Martina Navratilova talking about the length of the grass.
BBC still a farce - last night Pam Shriver and Martina Navratilova battered by gusty wind on an exposed balcony. ***
thankfully u don't have Pam Shriver who does commentary with a pompom skirt
Oops, sorry I forgot to add Pam Shriver and David Lloyds to the list of highly paid "experts". how do you cope on your budget?
oh, he sure does...thought Pam Shriver and ESPN were going to allow him to go on to match point
touched a nerve have I? Oh dear youre lovely. , Pam Shriver and said same as me!
Love this fist-bump-five hybrid between Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver on
now they've put Martina Navratilova, Pam Shriver & Clare Balding out in the wind - & guess whose hair isn't budging
Enjoying the ongoing shambles of W'don2Day. Great idea to ask Martina & Pam Shriver to try to look composed despite sitting in a wind tunnel
Ignoring the fact that she has practically been blown away tonight, isn't Pam Shriver looking great? She's getting younger!
Was it me or did Claire just call Pam Shriver, Pat?
Martina Navratilova on players wearing headphones on court "disrespectful" to the crowd. All about endorsements says Pam Shriver
Pam Shriver always seems to get over for in time to get sayin "SIMI finals"
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Great to see Pam Shriver with Martina in the studio on Best doubles pairing ever
'Entered the arena of gamesmanship' - fine news speak from Pam Shriver there.
Why have they got Martina Navratilova & Pam Shriver in a Force 10 gale
Oh those were the days!!! Just watching Martina Navratilova, Pam Shriver and Clare Balding chatting away. What a combo!
How's that equality - Claire Balding, Navaratilova and Pam Shriver presenting highlights of Wimbledon
Apparently my Mom thinks that Pam Shriver looks like Caitlyn Jenner
I hit more sliced forehands than anyone - Pam Shriver lol
Pam Shriver talking about Coco Vandeweghe's good chances in the QFs: "let's see how many doubles she [sharapova] hits" lol
Pam Shriver is so bias it's obvious she hates Maria even though azarneka is a ***
"Let's see if Coco can put some pressure on Maria. See how many double faults she serves." - Pam Shriver. 😂
Got Pam 'Big Bird' Shriver in the other half of the bet.
Wow. Pam Shriver needs to lay off the botox. Can barely move mouth to form words.
take Pam Shriver off as a commentator
*** Day participants so far: Pat Cash, Pam Shriver, and now this Whitlock person from ESPN for recycling the Richard match fixing bs.
- Tennis has best announcers in sports and has for years. Also great are Martina, Brad Gilbert, Pam Shriver, Cliff Drysdale.
Pam Shriver and Mary Carillo as I recall both talked about it, so did John McEnroe. Shriver even said 'she looks drunk' on air
Some thoughts on grunting from Monica Seles and Pam Shriver.
take Drysdale and Enberg with them. Pretty much leave Pam Shriver, McEnroe, and Gilbert when he isn't making jokes
Watching ABBA at The BBC (don't ask). Anna-Frid at times, looked tidy. By the last knockings she looked like Pam Shriver.
Hingis top seed at RG. Reckon there would be a spot for Pam Shriver at the top there with her. ? bennydaroo
that was a stellar day. Great weather, fun tennis, beers, saw Pam Shriver play w/ grandson on side court. Solid haul
founded the Pam Shriver Fund - they help many charities. Learn more:
nearly passed out when Pam Shriver (begrudgingly) called Serena the greatest women's tennis player ever after her Aussie win
Brand new Episode 99b is here, featuring guest Pam Shriver! .
Want something to spice up that weekend?? Try Episode 99b, with guest Pam Shriver! (She comes in at 30-minute mark)
In Episode 99b, 61:15 in, Pam Shriver spoke to how networks should work around broadcasters' conflicts of interest…
New Episode 99b features dynamo guest a cameo by David Ferrer, and Courtney's love for Sleater-Kinney
We can't call Pam Shriver a legend, but half of y'all ain't even blink when they called Patrick McEnroe one. Lol. What is this?
I gather that Bodo, like Mary Carillo, Pam Shriver, & Brett Haber, worships at the altar of Fed & despises Rafa.
Pam Shriver is drunk or Republican. Or both. Why is Chrissie in our dreams? What does she have to do with Mrs. Bush?
Pam Shriver once said, "I don't trust anyone in tennis, and especially not cute girls." 😂. She meant playing tennis
Some of the these predictions from the ESPN Tennis Crew are hilarious, especially Pam Shriver's.
reminds me of Pam Shriver. No mental game.
How about this record ... from Jun '83 thru Jul '85 Martina Navratilova & Pam Shriver won 109 straight Doubles matches as a team
CiCi Bellis' teenage tennis success put in perspective by Pam Shriver
Please sign petitionf or Chris Evert,Pam Shriver apology to
Happy Birthday to Orioles' majority owner Peter Angelos and to Orioles minority owner Pam Shriver.
yeah saw that. And the Chris Evert / pam shriver chat on espn this morning. But this is a bigger story no?
Darren Cahill, Pam Shriver and Chris McKendry on ESPN all tip Petra Kvitova to win the women’s singles title over Genie Bouchard
Genie Bouchard "speaks the way she plays, with great clarity" - Pam Shriver
Pam Shriver and Darren Cahill break down how Petra Kvitova has become so strong and is a huge threat on grass again.
Pam Shriver may have gone from being one of the most awkward looking ladies in her prime to a very good looking lady in her later years.
JMac marvelling at Pam Shriver's 'leather' outfit.
Pam Shriver is a hater and Mary Jo Carillo too. Hating *** ***
I blame the evil and insidious influence of Pam Shriver.
Pam Shriver insinuated yesterday that Serena might have taken drugs and it was all an act, disappointed she hasn't apologised.
I can't believe there has been no apology from Chris Evert or Pam Shriver about their BOLD ASSUMPTIONS about Serena.
The expect an apology today from to
I hope she will be ok too but the comments made by Chris Evert and Pam Shriver were OVER THE LINE. ASSUMPTIONS
Pam Shriver especially owes Serena an apology. No excuse for her comments before she had any facts.
Pam Shriver and Chris Evert owe an apology for suggesting she wasn't ill but "on something".
It's disgusting for Pam Shriver & Christ Evert to suggest that may need to be drug tested! Really?
Pam Shriver's comments are ill informed.Serena hit by virus which forces retirement from doubles match via
Pam Shriver wasn't sure if ReRe's illness was real or an act. I mean, the girl look plain disoriented. Why would she pull a stunt
*** Chris Evert and Pam Shriver need to STFU. Trying to act like Serena Williams is under the influence of drugs on the court.
Did Pam Shriver and Chris Evert really insinuate Serena had taken drugs? Just read a Perez Hilton article. Reliable.
an ill Serena withdrew from Wimbledon Long time critics Pam Shriver speculated he tanked the match and that drugs were involved...
Not really sure why Pam Shriver & Chris Evert would doubt that is sick & accuse her of "taking something"
Have had a cheeky Pam Shriver on to win this at 16/5
Why are you and Pam Shriver speculating on what is wrong with Serena? You have no idea. Bad call.
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I really hate what Pam Shriver had to say about Serena today. No, woman, this was not some "act or drama".
I just really dislike Pam Shriver, Mary Carillo and Chris Evert.
And as usual, there's country club Williams-hating windbag Pam Shriver speculating on whether it was drama. Where's the precedent? Go away.
Pam Shriver takes a look at Serena Williams' retirement from the doubles draw on Tuesday.
It's disgusting that Pam Shriver and Chris Evert are suggesting drugs right away...
.handling 3 sets with Feli and his post-match interview with Pam Shriver with total professionalism.
Pam Shriver to Wawrinka--"How important was it for you to hold serve?" You gotta be kidding me. This is a joke.
Between SCOTUS & Pam Shriver I need to go count to ten on my deck. Ten times.
Seriously, why does Pam Shriver have a job?
Pam Shriver just said that Maria "has a lot to juggle with her boyfriend now a major contender".JUST STOP
If Keys would've done this Saturday, Pam Shriver said they would've finished Sabine's match on center
Pam Shriver tagging Serena is a low blow.
Pam Shriver is horrible.. When Serena loses it's the sun, wind, or act of God... Never the other player beat her
absolutely fantastic... She deserved her moment in the spotlight... I bet Pam Shriver is still picking Serena to win it all!
Pam Shriver and Chris Evert need to hear themselves talk. ESPN obliges.
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When I got up this morning it was sunny, bright & a great day 2b alive; then we tuned into the tennis & I think it's better to go for a walk than listen to Pam Shriver praise Sloane Stephens while one of the best women tennis players in my lifetime, Venis Williams, is on the court. Maybe Pam Shriver doesn't know that 2 very talented young women won championships this past week. Madison Keys & Vanderwege? If Pam was going to talk, maybe it should have been directed to Venis Williams.
ESPN Video: Pam Shriver talks to Taylor Townsend about her success in the first week of the French Open.
Mary Carillo? I believe you have taken over Pam Shriver's spot as my least favorite sportscaster, followed closely by justin gimelstob. Elek tells me it's just that I haven't heard Pam in a while. Maybe. Can't we just listen to the European guys? We deserve better. Do I need to hear 8X that the poor Italian girl's dad is a thief? At least they admit that they are afraid to say anything against Federer or else he will refuse to give them an interview. Sound off.
Pam Shriver isn't calling this match, let's drink to that
If Pam Shriver is court side I'm going to shoot someone
We'll send you an annoying soundbite of a Pam Shriver interview! That should do the trick!
I just realized no Serena Williams in the aussie open makes it one of the best aussie opens ever don't have to se eher get everybody to cow to her and also no mary carrillo she cant talk tennis unless very other word is seerena this or serena that I thought maybe mary jo Fernandez would be better but she aint and theres a reason why we all got spared pam shriver she cried losing to martina all the time the only ones that cry now are those of us who cant get to our mute button fast enough I don't know who has a more annoying voice her or u.s. davis cup captain hands down though it maybe martina hingis
It's "Chrissy", "Pammy" and "Cliffy" at the Australian Open. Chris Evert, Pam Shriver and Cliff Drysdale are calling the women's final and their pet names for each other put me in mind of a nursery school. So annoying. By the way, Li Na wins, this is a re-run. Don't know why I am watching? Something to do while I am ironing -- one of my favourite household tasks. When you iron, you think of nothing else.
ESPN's Pam Shriver catches up with tennis legend Pete Sampras after the 1st set of the Nadal-Federer semifinal match.
Watching Aussie it Li Na or Na Li? What happened to Pam Shrivers Afro? I think the tourney needs to get some blue in their scheme.thought something was wrong with my tv.
I swear ESPN is trying to get people to watch less tennis by keeping Pam Shriver on the air. How do I mute her, please??
Pam Shriver tells the world that Li Na's husband smokes. "PAM!" Chrissie scolds.
Can someone invite a mute button for individual commentators. Pam Shriver has got to be the most annoying one on earth.
Pam Shriver started talking about how she caught Li Na's husband sneaking off for a smoke..
Pam Shriver is the absolute worst... She makes Gus Johnson tolerable
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Cliff Drysdale, Chrissie Evert and Pam Shriver doing the commentary for ESPN2
“Seeing my kids enjoy many different sports is a dream come true,” said Pam Shriver, a mother of three. “Our hope is this multi sports skills challenge just prior to the Davis Cup doubles match will inspire kids to play many sports, including tennis.”
VIDEO UPDATE . Pete Sampras in Rod Laver Arena: ESPN's Pam Shriver catches up with tennis legend...
“These guys are good…they really are!" says Pete Sampras on ESPN to Pam Shriver on and
pam shriver interviewing Pistol Pete at the teenage tennis crushes die...never.
Pete's answers to Pam Shriver in a nutshell "We'll see what happens rest of the way" LOL Love Pete, he's my fav.
Pam Shriver's wit, folks, as she interviews Pete Sampras: "So We got a couple of P.S.'s here ..." (zero reaction from Sampras follows)
much better than BG but thank god no Pam Shriver
You should have seen Pam Shriver...sounded like she wanted to cry she was sooo heartbroken hehe. Didn't say 'genius' once lol
Actually like Chris Fowler. Worst was the Aga-Vika match with Cliff, Chrissie and Pam Shriver. All slobbering over Aga.
Pam Shriver showing early signs of Alzheimer's. Let go of his arm
I think I got into a Pam Shriver argument once in law school. I will not stand for people dissing her. WILL NOT STAND FOR IT. The best.
"We still don't understand what happened." says a member of Domi's team to Pam Shriver. He speaks for many.
Tracy Austin and and Pam Shriver need a "no more floral and pattern dresses" clause in their contracts
The only thing "bold" about Pam Shriver is her hideous outfits and clown makeup.
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Pam Shriver stfu about YOURSELF again and how you played "underdog tennis" are over
Apparently it's some dude's entire job to hold an umbrella over Pam Shriver as a sunshade on the sidelines of the
Chris Fowler, Mary Joe Fernandez & Pam Shriver doing the commentary for ESPN2
Euginie great match. Li Na just to good ! As Pam Shriver said when you walked off court "your looking at the future of women's tennis "
Pam Shriver can be blunt in tennis covg, but her post match interviews with coaches have been illuminating as to strategy
Carlos was trying to get out of stadium. "NICE TRY"-Pam Shriver
Pam Shriver is right - needs to avoid that Li Na backhand cross court shot.
Gotta love the compliments from Pam Shriver Chris Everett, and Cliff Drysdale. Well deserved. Another break.
AGH. Pam Shriver, it is not *literally* twice as hot in Melbourne as before. Unless it went from 70 degrees to 140 degrees.
Pam Shriver believes there is a different Sun in the southern hemisphere. I'm not sure most of America disagrees.
Pam Shriver: “The sun in the Southern Hemisphere is different.” Oh…
ESPN could do without Pam Shriver and probably make a lot of people happy
The only thing hates more than tennis is Pam Shriver's voice.
trying to think of other past commentators, Pam Shriver ?
It's so nice to watch a match and not have to listen to Brad Gilbert or Pam Shriver.
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Pam Shriver on Radwanska: "There's a Genie in one half of the draw and a genius on the other"
Good insightful interview of coach by Pam Shriver. Now if only I know how spell his name.
"It's hard to coach because it's so unpredictable what she does." Aga's coach tells Pam Shriver.
I wonder if Pam Shriver meant to say that out loud...
"She ought to have an endorsement deal with Toys R Us." Pam Shriver wins the commentary booth.
I'm pretty sure Pam Shriver and Chris Evert lean in the opposite direction from me in every match ever.
Between Azarenka's grunting and Pam Shriver commentating, this tv bout to go on mute.
Pam Shriver just said it on ESPN2: "She's a genius, isn't she?" I give up hehe
Pam Shriver sitting were she is sitting is Funny Cool
Aw, nobody wants to sit next to Pam Shriver (and I don't blame them). 😢
tennis channel really needs to improve their lineup. Martina andTracy are light years behind Chris Evert and Pam shriver on ESPN
Did anyone catch Genie Bouchard's coach Nick Saviano being interviewed by Pam Shriver after her quarterfinal match? Man, that guy is impressive. Makes me want to lace 'em up and get back out there!
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