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Pam Oliver

Pamela Donielle Pam Oliver (born March 10, 1961) is an American sportscaster known for her work on the sidelines for various NBA and NFL games.

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I wish Sarah Kustok could learn how to do sideline reporting from pros like Lisa Salters, Pam Oliver & Deb Lacey. She makes Kim Jones great
Josina Anderson picks up for black women in sports where Pam Oliver let us all down.
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I'm for Weave unless you cut from that pam oliver cloth lol. then ima have to flame yo *** up lol.
Did they leave Pam Oliver in 2015??? I didn't see her on any FOX games Sunday
so if that's the case, why don't we see cam newton hit on Pam Oliver when she's interviewing him?
Man it's supposed to be 0° on Sunday when the Hawks play in Minnesota. Pam Oliver gon be on the sidelines like...
>- Man. They could've used a better pic of Pam Oliver.
Dr Pam Oliver, Auckland University researcher, to speak at Euthanasia 2016 conference: not so 'independent', then.
Pam Oliver's weave needs its own show
Pam Oliver makes too much money to look like that.
If Pam Oliver has to be demoted because we know she's 50 years old, we shouldn't hire Simmons.
Naw when said Pam Oliver's wigs need an oil change on I bout *** near hollered!
Morning to the women with Pam Oliver weaves.
Erin Andrews replaces Pam Oliver on Fox's No. 1 NFL team It seems Fox Sports has a track record of discrimination...
He also had a loose interpretation of a quote after the NFC Title game loss to Seattle that Pam Oliver called him out for.
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heard Pam Oliver was scheduled to interview.
Can anyone tell me where Pam Oliver went?
Star Wars *** Story line was predictable... Swear Pam Oliver was in the movie
Pastor Oliver Carter, First Lady Pam, and the ministry staff at No Limits Outreach Ministries would like to thank...
Someone send me that Pam Oliver gif of her getting hit with the ball
These female commentators can get it except Pam Oliver 😂😂
Pam Oliver is amazing! Had a great day being her assistant and learning from her. @ Arrowhead…
Pam Oliver right on top of it once again.
in her own time... Pam Oliver is legend. Just satin'
Pam Oliver look like she just got to work from and all night orgy
Why Pam Oliver hair ain't never done brah see childish.
*** Pam Oliver look like a Halloween costume
Pam Oliver's fake horse hair is always a mess on the sidelines
If everytime you saw Pam Oliver and she said "Oh I'm coming from the gym" it be believable
she is better than Pam Oliver. That all that needs to be said
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Why Pam Oliver always look like a extra from Thriller?
They should never put Pam Oliver on tv again
Pam oliver hair is trolling us.. every sunday. Im convinced
Does anyone not care about helping Pam Oliver with her hair and makeup? She must not have any real homegirls.
Pam Oliver is perpetually on the Struggle Bus
I'm assuming Pam Oliver does her own hair and make up... I love Pam, but ***
Did Pam Oliver not wash her make up off from NYE? 😐
I really believe Pam Oliver thinks her hair look good
Man- Pam Oliver was in town and I missed my chance!
Pam Oliver's wig looks good today. Wasn't expecting that
They give Pam Oliver such a small role when she's Clearly better and more in depth and in tune than Erin is.
Need to give Pam Oliver 1 of my mom's cards. Hair been looking like Kane's attached to the mask since the '98 playoffs
Pam Oliver's hair is the equivalent to Craig Sager's suits. Love them both though.
Josina Anderson is determined to never be called Pam Oliver.
Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch and Pam Oliver on the FOX call for Panthers-Falcons
Why has Lisa Salters never pull Pam Oliver to the side and ask her if she ok?
Tracy Wolfson or Pam Oliver who ya got?
I got an Aunt Rita resemble Pam Oliver, growing up she would watch me while my mom was being fast, she would play prince & burn incense
Pam Oliver and her wigs is like Craig Sager and his suits.can't convince me otherwise, it's an elaborate troll
~Josina Anderson/Pam Oliver~ We can agree to disagree. I will not continue engaging you in this issue.
~Josina Anderson/Pam Oliver~ Pam Oliver is a wonderful reporter~~just do not like her overall appearance.
~Josina Anderson/Pam Oliver~ Never said that Pam Oliver isn't talented. She needs to work on her appearance.
The Colts will be on FOX this Sunday at 1. The crew will be Sam Rosen (play-by-play), John Lynch (color analyst) and Pam Oliver (sideline).
Pam Oliver needs to take notes from Josina Anderson
Best female commentator in sports.Pam Oliver, Cassie Campbell, Erin Andrews or Jessica Mendoza?
The difference between Lisa Salters and Pam Oliver is so glaring
All the best to Pam Oliver! It wouldn't be football season without her and the $3 corner store wigs.
All you sexist *** mfs talking about females not knowing sports but see Pam Oliver or Doris talk and be paying attention. STFU.
Pam Oliver got a gig with 60 Minutes Sports? When?
*** behind him with a Pam Oliver wig like 😃
Did Dez catch it?. A) Yes. B) No. C) "Someone needs to get Pam Oliver a stylist".
I'd rather sleep with Pam Oliver than have to deal with any cops.
It's not over, says deputy mayor Pam McConnell. Predicts decision will be fought by community and in courts
Are they bringing back reporter Pam Oliver & sending reality show star to Wife Swap dont care otherwise
Nice to know Pam Oliver doing well.
Cllr Pam McConnell stressing the Gardiner issue could "end up in court forever" if council chooses Hybrid
I didn't know Pam Oliver has a Snapchat.
Pam Oliver is coming back this year actually.
loved the Pam Oliver segment with the Ryan Newman family! Such nice people!🏁
Glad to see Pam Oliver on introducing a segment.
Pam, Charlie, Aly, Oliver, Carter, Othello or Ivy not being seen for awhile doesn't really matter bc they're all background players.
love that you and Pam Oliver are doing meaningful sport stories. Thrilled to see you find an outlet for elevated commentary.
Serena momma and Pam Oliver must have the same hair dresser, cause they don't care what they pay for smh
Carton needs to show Pam Oliver respect. She has covered the NFL for man years. Knows a lot more about Football than Carton
I just saw Josina Anderson on ESPN she needs to call Pam Oliver and give her some tips
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
.is beating up "fatties" in the Midwest, and is being awkward, can we have Pam Oliver class things up a bit
unfortunately not for Italy, not available for us. there was a funny (in italian) scene between Oliver and Pam in the kitchen
Never been a fan of Still don't understand how she got Pam Oliver's gig on Fox.
Wish it was football season so I could see Pam Oliver's fat juicy lips
The only person happier than Marshall Henderson to hear the news about Jarret Stoll is Pam Oliver
Wealthy to get monopoly of tax cuts in Joe Oliver's federal budget cuts himself (& his tax bra…
That woman is just an arrogant snot. She better hope she never gets the Pam Oliver treatment.
oomf used to call me and sing VSOP to me chile not no more lol cut that off like a bad pam oliver wig
Pam Oliver needs to watch Lisa Salters for life tips.
Pam Oliver took a football to the face like a champ. Let's see do that
it's all a vast scheme hatched by that maniacal genius, Pam Oliver.
somewhere Pam Oliver is smiling right now.
??? Pam Oliver was considered ugly? Hard to believe. I think people complained more about her "attitude".
Slowly sports networks have been phasing out qualified female reporters for younger, more attractive ones. Pam Oliver was their first victim
Don't deny that. But Black women are vicious towards each other on here too. Just look at any discussion about Pam Oliver.
frustrating to see people like Pam Oliver get put thru the ringer due to...age?...when people like this skate by
1. Pam Oliver works for FOX 2. The fact she is higher up makes her more likely to be fired 3. It is reality look to the past
Ever played finders keepers, losers weepers with your human's stuff? I have. Meet Oliver: http…
Pam Oliver is way more valuable to ESPN so you are so very wrong and trying to play a race card out of this is pathetic!
FACT: If it had been Pam Oliver instead of Britt McHenry, she would have lost her job.
Linda Cohn & Pam Oliver, both excellent sports reporters, both have gotten pushed to less desirable gigs as they aged...
I hear you, but every network I've been on that's the desire for the male viewers. ie Pam Oliver replaced by Erin Andrews
If sideline reporters are talented, why is Pam Oliver's most memorable moment the time she got hit in the face with a football?
Here's the Pam Oliver article I mentioned on the latest podcast hear it here: ARTICLE:
Pam Oliver deserves a lot of respect. She knows a lot about Football.
Is Pam Oliver still a sideline reporter???
Honestly if this had been Maria Taylor from SEC network or Sage Steele or Pam Oliver, it would have been handled same way.
Lawd Pam Oliver would have been fired, put on the rack AND stripped of her lace front.
That's retarded bro you think Pam Oliver gets fired for this?
Of course not, that's how females are treated. Look what happened to Pam Oliver.
No Way Pam Oliver gets fired for that. No. Way.
Pam Oliver would get away with this just as easy as Britt will. Not an issue of color just status
More and more, I appreciate the words that Pam Oliver shared w/me. Don’t even know what to say about video that just came across my screen
I know we don't know these people personally, but could you really see professionals like Michele Tafoya or Pam Oliver go off like BM? No.
What do you think Pam Oliver's response should have been to attacks on her hair? ^JHP
If you're Fox Sports reporter Pam Oliver, and people are all over you about your hair, what do you do? ^MLJ
"Is there anything that Pam Oliver can say to mitigate what people are saying about her hair?" -Professor Russell ^MK
"if you're Pam Oliver and people are attacking you on social media over your hair, what do you do?" -Russell ^LT
She could be work bay, but this Pam Oliver weave isn't working out for me
Oliver sits on the fence but Pam Neale says she would pick GO and 'learn from his mistakes'
unless you're pam oliver and call your bosses out. I hope she stays on the sidelines for a few more years.
Maya Angelou, Oprah, Tyler Perry, Judy Smith and Pam Oliver. These people I look up to, all have a story behind their tremendous success.
Ohh yeah I heard is going to keep Pam Oliver! So excited...she definitely knows sports and is great at what she does. Go pam!
Pam Oliver somewhere not getting her hair done
So happy for Oliver signs on to stay with Fox Sports for 2 years
"Ofeibea Darku is the next Pam Oliver. She is definitely one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen on campus."
NASA wants you may be a "mob" from SNL's Hillary wanted to resume if the news. Pam Oliver will trade Nick Foles to
I was critical of her appearance but I'm glad shes back
I'm not a guy but I love Pam oliver over Erin Andrews anytime she annoys me
Anyway, I was kinda personally offended by the whole Pam Oliver thing. She's a beautiful woman and, more importantly, really smart.
Thanks, but I was talking about the Pam Oliver thing at FOX.
Thanks to everyone who weighed in. Really glad that Pam Oliver is going to be back on the sidelines.
No and no. Pam Oliver >>> EA. Doris Burke is another great at her job so underrated
I'll take the info over looks. Last years sideline reporting was really bad, so I'm glad they're bringing Pam Oliver back
I liked Pam Oliver a lot and that she is in her fifties, doesn't make her over the hill.
Pam Oliver Breaks Silence on Being Replaced by Erin Andrews on Fox Sports Sidelines via
Hooray! Fox Sports pulls a 180 with Pam Oliver on the sidelines -
Neither Erin or Pam have any biz being on the sidelines!. NFL Experts Weigh in on Fox Sports’ Pam Oliver About-Face
...I grew up watching Pam Oliver on the sidelines. She is alot of the reason I have my degree in Journalism. Good move
Pam Oliver is returning to sideline reporting at Fox Sports for the next two years. Good call from the executives to bring her back.
Sports reporter Pam Oliver is returning to the NFL sidelines for two more seasons, but not without controversy
Glad to hear that Pam Oliver will be back on the sidelines for another 2 years!!
Last October Pam Oliver did a really interesting feature on NFL players who retired early
Im glad Pam Oliver got her job back. Now you & your folk on try not to ruin it this time
Surprised Pam Oliver returning to NFL sidelines for two more years with Fox >> Nice
NFL Experts Weigh in on Fox Sports' Pam Oliver About-Face: There Was a 'Drumbeat of Bad Press'
Our & speak with about Pam Oliver returning to the sidelines.
Cari Champion. In a different way, Pam Oliver and Sage Steele. All great at their jobs too.
Doris Burke and Pam Oliver please follow me ladies
"you'll never be as good as Pam Oliver LMFAO
Pam Oliver has self respect and pride. She chose not to sleep with her boss. She will find work else where.
Pam Oliver. One of the best, bar none.
"The journalism has to matter." -Pam Oliver on young motives in sports media, as described by
As a woman that aspires to be a sportscaster, I love this a lot. Pam Oliver is the best role model.
Pam Oliver had some important things to women who want to follow in her footsteps. "Journalism matters."
Pam Oliver wants young people who cover sports to focus on the journalism. "It’s not about wanting to b…
MT Start @ the 13-minute mark: Pam Oliver gets emotional about the business for women:
"Looks come & go". Great comment Oliver:Sideline reporters should be journalists, not celebrities.
Medill, athletic department panel tackles voice of women in sports journalism via
Start at the 13-minute mark here and go to 15: Pam Oliver getting emotional about the business for women:
I like Pam Oliver. And I don’t much care for Erin Andrews. So, this I appreciate:
Co-sign. Pam Oliver wants young ppl who cover sports to focus on journalism. "It’s not abt...being on TV."
Pam Oliver says sideline reporters should be journalists, not celebrities. So how come so many aren't?
Says Pam Oliver: Sideline reporters should be journalists,not celebrities:
Pam Oliver or Lisa Salters.who you making pancakes for?
Lisa Salters wouldn't have had the umbrella, Pam Oliver wouldn't, neither would have Michelle Tafoya
the fans want to see Melissa Stark and Pam Oliver talking about football together.
Josina Anderson = Pam Oliver + Better weave . Cari is still the. well, Champion
“Pam Oliver out there looking like jermaine Jackson”. ***
Pam Oliver out there looking like jermaine Jackson
Pete Carroll's face was so close to Pam Oliver that I thought he was gonna pull a Broadway Joe-Suzy Kolber
So glad Pam Oliver is working this game. I have missed her reports!! Her "replacement" has yet to impress me.
You folks who are trolling Pam Oliver right now do know you're the reason she was demoted to the B team, right? Smh.
Congratulations to Pam Oliver on a long, successful career on Fox. She earned her respect in the biz. Give her a show; she deserves it.
On this day in 1999: *** Stockton, Matt Millen & Pam Oliver called 49ers-Falcons Div. playoff in Atlanta for FOX. http:…
Pam Oliver.does she know about shampoo? .
Great to see a real reporter Pam Oliver!
I see Pam Oliver is trending. How much you wanna bet some people are talking about her hair?
Pam Oliver in the all white! LOL FOX for demoting her from the for Erin Andrews. Just an embarrassing decision all round
This is so the b team of announcers. Pam Oliver deserves better. Erin Andrews shouldn't even sniff Pam's panties.
Always "Pam Oliver has the worst wig I've ever seen."
Oh well. At least we now have Pam Oliver's weave gone wrong to laugh at
you must be talking about Pam Oliver! Her weave is the stuff of legends!
Pam Oliver is the best & has probably been standing out in 100% humidity 4 hours! She is the best no matter if her hair isn't
"Pam Oliver look half way decent today" rarity
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Regardless of the outcome this will b the final game on the sideline, for Pam Oliver on Fox. How sad
Tonight is Pam Oliver's last game as a sideline reporter for the NFL on FOX. Hard to imagine FOX's coverage without Pam…
Pam Oliver doing this on purpose at this point. Lol
Hollup...why does Pam Oliver look like Francine from Arthur?
You may want to cover your kids' eyes when they show Pam Oliver's weave
Is it just me or doesn't Pam Oliver look like Chubaka?
I can't tell if Pam Oliver is wearing gloves or not 😂
Pam Oliver combed her hair. She actually looks cute. Jesus must be coming.
At one point in her life Pam Oliver looked decent now she just eww
This is the Pam Oliver "revenge game." She's in 50 degree weather, Erin Andrews gets 15 tomorrow in GB. Have fun with t…
Great to see Pam Oliver on the sidelines.
As usual RT“Pam Oliver is still struggling with the hair smh”
Pam Oliver is killing me with her hair! Get a new hair stylist!
Tonight is Pam Oliver's last game on the sidelines. I'm gonna miss her so much! :(
I know Pam Oliver makes way too much money to be wearing cheap *** hair like that.
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Seahawks and Panthers got the C-team of fox commentators. Well then there is Pam Oliver SMH.
I'm not hating on Pam Oliver but she be killing me with them wigs... lol... She making all that money and come out on national tv looking like she has a mop on her head...
Im thinking tonight is the last night Pam Oliver us going to be doing a game on the sidelines... At least at Fox. I think everyone should recognize what she has done in her career. Regardless of if you liked her or not, she has been very professional and has changed the mindset of just a woman with a pretty face to someone who is very knowledgeable of sports, football especially. Congrats to her and good luck on her future endeavors
Can someone. ..ANYONE, recommend a Dominican hair salon for Pam Oliver?! She's been on the perm and press MIA for a decade. Word life. Snapple facts. BESA
Pam Oliver, lead sideline reporter for Fox’s coverage of NFL game day coverage, has been replaced by Erin Andrews.
So happy to see Pam Oliver on the sidelines reporting! Yay
Watching FOX with Pam Oliver interviewing Carroll, and he couldn't really hear her over the crowd noise. As he kept trying to get closer to hear, she kept backing away like he was trying to get intimate with her. Lol. He should have just mouthed the words to make her get closer to him to "hear" his answer.
Gotdayum, why does Pam Oliver put so many bags if hair in her head???
Pam Oliver has her wig on properly, good for her/finally lol
Is that Richard Sherman's hair resting on Pam Oliver's head?
Since joining the NFL on FOX team in 1995, Pam Oliver has established herself as one of the premier sports reporters on network television. She contributes feature stories and sideline reports for &...
Man. Watching Pete Carroll literally screaming into Pam Oliver's weave makes me want to watch a game in Seattle even more. That place is LOUD. any one of you people that thinks I'm an awesome man that deserves nice things should get on that.
Why the frack do Pam Oliver get on camera on game day with her hair looking so jacked Up(come on pam) can you say hairstylist.
Pam Oliver.I just dont understand why she cant do better.Hair be Fukkked Up!!!
Pam Oliver need some new and better wigs she is not broke been interviewing in the NGL for umpteen years.
Am i the only one that thinks Pam Oliver is fine as ***
Pam Oliver and her GOD AWFUL HAIR did not disappoint. Not as bad as last year in the rain, but SOMEONE BUY HER A NEW WEAVE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!
Pam Oliver always got that "I just got some nookie hair" ughhh , what is the problems?? The hair stylist need to shoot themself
So... Pam Oliver is back... And her hair is still the same.
I don't normally speak on such things in a negative light, but Brian R Knight just pointed out how bad Pam Oliver's do was! I thought it was one of those weird hats until he pointed it out!
Pam Oliver makes over $130,000 a year.why can't she fix that madea type wig.! Common Man.."
Pam Oliver's hair is always a hot mess.. She needs a stylish on the field then again that's a *** wig.
Good to see Pam Oliver back on the sideline for the playoff game tonight. My question is how healthy is Cam Newton? Panthers must weather the storm to have a shot at pulling off the huge upset. Otherwise, Russell Wilson will run wild and make plays. Should be a good game.
One thing you can be certain of, you will never see Pam Oliver real hair!
I'm so happy to see Pam Oliver on the sidelines. I am rooting for Seattle because it's the home of Pearl Jam. Totally hate watched the last game.
Pam Oliver has on a Chaka Khan wig...smdh
O.k. ladies, what was Pam Oliver wearing, Brazilian or Remi Yaki?
Pam Oliver! *** girl! You have been doing this waaay too long for you to CONTINUALLY look a hot *** mess! ***
*** Pam Oliver has been on the sidelines for years and her hair still looks like an old mop. Is Fox Sports not paying enough for a good weave?
I love Pam Oliver but two horses passed away for her hairdo today...
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Look it's forehead!(Pam Oliver). With 10 pounds of foundation on her face and a dead animal on her head.
Pam Oliver needs to fire her stylist!! IMO...
It's been awhile but.what's up with Pam Oliver hair? *** !!
Pam Oliver's Forehead: the only thing big enough to stop Marshawn Lynch..
Pam Oliver can interview me anytime. That girl has got class.
Yas! 🙌 Pam Oliver has a coat with a hood on today!
Pam Oliver's hair is back Chewbacca form. She has got to do better.
Pam Oliver's hair hurts my feelings
Pam Oliver is back? I thought they got rid of her. They shouldn't have but I didn't know she was still announcing.
Please someone help Pam Oliver. All That money and her hair stays crazy !
Pam Oliver has the worst weave on television. Just terrible. Watch as every person she interviews gets lost staring into it, Lmao.
Pam Oliver got a fresh weave in today. 😉
Pam Oliver looked like she stepped it up a little bit this year...hopefully
Uhmmm Pam Oliver's hair is on point tonight!!!
Good to see Pam Oliver on the sidelines again. You go sister!!!
Uh oh.. Pam Oliver is back on the sideline lol
It lowkey looks like Pam Oliver is slowly getting her hair together. ...proud of her
Pam Oliver is starting again this playoff season with that mop head look. C'Mon Man.
Thank you Pam Oliver because I was ready - lol
Is it just me or, is everybody also extra excited to see Pam Oliver's weave during the Super Bowl this year?
FYI - Pam Oliver gives weave a bad name . OMG, why does she always look a mess .geesh
Tonight after 20 years, Pam Oliver will be working the sidelines for an NFL game on FOX for the very last time in Seattle. She once worked at WTVT here in Tampa early in her career. Best of luck Pam in your future endeavors.
Ahh DPam Oliver tighten that hair up girl.. They done told you..LOL
Pam Oliver just called our defense "mean-spirited" I think that's pretty inaccurate. Mean-spirited??!
Pam Oliver she's looking better in her heavier days.I like my girls BBW
It's time for Jon Gruden to take his act to a new level! Maybe Pam Oliver could join the crew and Dance to Cat Scratch Fever!!!
Pam Oliver weaves is not wildcard playoff worthy
Pam Oliver lost her job due to a series of bad hair days.
Lisa Salters got people that care about her. Idk what Pam Oliver did to her crew.
FOX NFL demotes Pam Oliver because of pressure from a weave activist group via
Lisa Salters looks 10x better than Pam Oliver.
Dinner at CPK with pam and oliver. Thanks Oliver for the dinner! Yum! 😊🍕🍝
your my favorite reporter and your so fine smh. sorry Pam Oliver
please share the number of your hair stylist with Pam Oliver! No offense intended, but your hair is always fly, share!!!
Yes, beware the Beadle! Now, if Pam Oliver were doing the Tony Romo interview sted Erin Andrews, we'd get solid information!
Sitting at the dinner table in front of Pam Oliver, John Gruden, and Mike Tirico 💁
Shorty on First Take, giving Pam Oliver a run for her money
Kerry Champion is disappointing me with this bogus weave in her head. Looking like Pam Oliver *** near
Cari Champion rocking the Pam Oliver collection weave
Aww nawww Cari got her a pam oliver wig on *** someone at espn should have let her know that aint it 😂😭😂
Who else would rather listen Matthew McConaughey announce a game over Bill Walton or Pam Oliver?
Derrick Henry got that Pam Oliver for head bruh 😂😂😂
I'm very disappointed in sideline girl announcers for both games,where is Tracy Wolfsen, Erin Andrews, Pam Oliver?
Pam Oliver rockin the skully from Home Alone collection
Pam Oliver comes on the television & first thing my dad says "now why in the world is she on national television lookin …
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it was a great time. Happy new year to you, Pam, and Oliver!
Great list. I agree about Rick. Ugh. I would love to see more of Oliver and Aly. Pam and Charlie are the best. Love them.
Still can't believe Pam Oliver got fired lol.
Congrats to you, John Lynch, and Pam Oliver on a great season!
I need Richard Sherman to yell at whoever do Pam Oliver's weave
“I can't wait to see instead of Pam Oliver lol”
its like the Pam Oliver thing..u got money & u got access to stylists..why u on national TV looking scraggly? Fix that! Lol
“Haven't seen Pam Oliver in a min lol”. Hmmm... you right lol
Safe to say men in general are. Most fans are not deeply versed. Look how Pam Oliver was demoted just because...
You are a five headed thot Pam Oliver 😩
Hope it's Fire Ray Lewis, and Pam Oliver day too.
stacey dales just spent 43 seconds analyzing emerys quote. and now shes back at it again. Where is pam oliver.
Tell the NFL to replace Pam Oliver with me
I'm thinking Pam Oliver styles her hair with vaseline.
met the very classy Pam Oliver @ ncaa volleyball championships. great example of how to handle difficult situations
Pam Oliver: rough loss to the seahawks there. How- . The hair: WHY'D YOU TRADE ALEX SMITH?
Pam Oliver hair is never on fleek lol
Pam Oliver be looking like wolverine's wife
They can't afford a budget for weave maintenance “Pam Oliver hair be looking depressed”
Pam Oliver be looking like chewbacca
Someone should tell Pam Oliver about her Wig
Pam Oliver be on tv way too much for her weave to be so trash
Was Pam Oliver drunk when she put on her mascara today? You demoted her, but have mercy, let her have some makeup staff. PLZ!!!
Unless you're going to be her stylist, leave Pam Oliver alone. Stop tearing down our Black women.
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