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Pam Oliver

Pamela Donielle Pam Oliver (born March 10, 1961) is an American sportscaster known for her work on the sidelines for various NBA and NFL games.

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Pam Oliver says she does her own hair and makeup for TV. That explains alot.
There are maybe three things worse than a bad haircut. Welp. Time to make like Pam Oliver and get myself a weave.
they must be. Pam Oliver might need to start to looking for work elsewhere boys
Sure wish I had some of my mamas beef tips and gravy. Hint... hint...Pam Oliver
Looking Great today on Numbers Never Lie...Please give Pam Oliver the number to your hair dresser.
If you put Pam Oliver's weave on Josina's eye'd have a really bewildered looking creature.
Should Pam Oliver respond to her critics?
See What Usher thinks about this audition! via
So if Dancing With The Stars signs Pam Oliver they are targeting Who?
sensationalism sells! Just ask Adrian Durham and Oliver Holt!
Sooo does Pam Oliver have the entire NFL off season to get her weave straight?
Lol, watching the best man holiday...Pam Oliver finally had her weave together!
If any one sees these dogs poppy and Oliver please contact me they are in the Central Valley highland mills area
Pam Oliver Thanks fir jamming with me!
Erin Andrews, Pam Oliver. Just a few female sportscasters mentioned at today's panel for facing constant gender criticism.
Female journalists like Pam Oliver, Michelle Tafoya, Alex Flanagan are all knowledgable but are treated as eye candy -Kathy Kudravi
Why does Pam Oliver's hair fiiinnally look right in her cameo in Best Man Holiday?? (Dear Glam-team, please hire whoever that was in the future and forever... thanks)
FOX's part time media reporter as well as journalist Pam Oliver might have been off the girl class sport regarding tonight's go with up against
ESPN pays her to NOT look like Pam Oliver lol
Robin Thicke and paula Patton calling it quits! via
Dreno probably have nightmares about Pam Oliver.
My heart has broken again tonight but I’m trying to be strong and know that my beloved Uncle Tom has joined my Dad many other loved ones in Heaven. There is No More Pain for him, only for us here on Earth and even thought I have lost an Uncle, My Mom (Toots Pundy Marohn) has lost her Brother, Auntie Phyl (Phyllis Oliver) has lost her Husband & Best Friend, My cousins Tommy & Pam Oliver Butterfield have lost their Dad which is way more heartbreaking than what I’m feeling. I pray that they feel the love and support from all their friends and family during this very tough time. For those of you who have been following my posts, Norm’s brother also passed away yesterday. Please continue to Pray for my Mom & Norm as they both are dealing with the loss of their brothers.
Mary Jane's friends are the same ones that let Pam Oliver do her own weaves all football season.
Thats when he got popped for the DUI? Still waiting for MediaTakeOut to run a Pam Oliver-Jim Harbaugh salacious affair story.
Jon Snow got that Pam Oliver situation going on
"Anybody know Pam Oliver's shipping address?". Sending her some new wigs/weave?
Happy birthday, James & Oliver Phelps! We hope your year is filled with tomfoolery, buffoonery and general good fun! h…
Why are my friends sending me good morning pics of Mama Dee and Pam Oliver?!?! Lmao I'm crying.
Heard Pam Oliver interviewed on over the weekend... said she's not a fan of social media, essentially because of trolls.
All I wanna do is put Pam Oliver in retirement & take her job .. Is that hard to ask for?😆
Jackie has a bad weave just like pam Oliver
Well at least won't be taking Pam Oliver's nfl job
Serena got her Pam Oliver wig on I see
Im in the store tryin to get somethin to drink, I turn around to get some gum an Young Pam Oliver come and cut the line.ah nappy head bit
What follower got the Pam Oliver wig?
great you got Brooke Burke fired just like you will do to Pam Oliver. Sure you must be proud. Banging athletes goes a long way.
Now that you guys have hired Bart Scott and Tony Gonzalez, it's time to go after Pam Oliver
Pam Oliver is a black female sports reporter. What is she best known for tho?
Ooo poor girl weave finna look like Pam Oliver
I'm Happy Pharell's auctioning his hat! via
I mean, ok she's no Pam Oliver when it comes to sideline commentary but she's also not Pam Ward either.
Pam Oliver should do Nascar just so that weave will go flying into the track after the 1st lap.
Somewhere Pam Oliver is just happy someone else's hair is being talked about now
Oh and Nene's hair is ridiculous this season. You're rich. Look like it. You're giving Pam Oliver a run for her money. I'm done
We need to find out what Pam Oliver's hair thinks about this
do u have any more dinosaur tape for Pam Oliver . Signed Stuart Scott's eye pains
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
When did Pam Oliver start playing guitar wit Earth Wind and Fire?? ??
Fox Sports NFL sideline reporter Pam Oliver talks to the Wall Street Journal's Lee Hawkins about her journey to the top of the sports journalism
When someone asks me how I am doing my automatic response is "not bad". I can't stop myself. I will always say it. If I went into the ER with a gaping head wound and a surgeon asked me how I felt I would say "not bad". If I was the MVP of the Superbowl and Pam Oliver came up to me at the end of the game and asked me how I was feeling I would say "not bad". If my wife who was genetically engineered to be a perfect mix of Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson just gave birth to Luke Skywalker moments after I just found out I won the lottery and the doctor said "You must be very proud, huh?" I would probably say "not bad." Which doesn't even work as a response to that question. I am an ***
*Make no mistake. When it comes to sports, Pam Oliver is all about her business. So much so that she often sacrifices her good looks for the sake of delivering the best possible coverage for TV viewers tuning in to … Continue reading → [ 512 more words. ]
I can't believe that people on here is still talking about Pam Oliver's hair.
Did anyone Noti Pam Oliver hair at the Super Bowl. It looked like someone set that hair on her head. How can u *** on TV especially the Super Bowl with ur head lookn like that WOW. # COME ON MAN!!!
Pam Oliver has a waistline most women would die for so why don't they focus their attention on that.
During the NFC Championship last month, Pam Oliver was ridiculed on social media because of her her. She's now responding to the criticism.
Wow y'all calling Myitera Pam Oliver now? Lol that's rude.
Ha! My mother is from explains in why she can do her hair. The D is the hair Capitol.
I love Pam Oliver . She's beautiful. Always negative comments on my sisters.
I‘m not even gonna lie, I did not know who Pam Oliver was until a few weeks ago when the internet started going in on her about her hair. I quickly learned that she is a sportscaster that works the sidelines during NFL games … that I don’t watch … hence me not knowing […]
A post defending Pam Oliver who was at the brunt of social media jokes and ridicule over her hair at the Super Bowl 2014
I agree with everything Pam Oliver said
Perhaps I'm overreacting but I'm annoyed that so much was made of Pam Oliver's hair that she actually felt...
.didn't Pam Oliver get hit in the head with the tootball one time during an interview???.so, maybe there is a helmet underneath her all times.
God that lady is back preaching to me about Pam Oliver.
used 2 work with Pam Oliver when she would cover the NBA. Always saw her as consummate professional!
I'm creased right now Pam oliver the ... correspond who's weave was going with the wind whilst reporting for Super Bowl responded.
Pam Oliver is firing back at her critics.UP NEXT on
The photo you see above are the kinds of photos that have been flooding the timeline of Pam Oliver, sports correspondent. Well, Pam is tired of the
To think that Pam Oliver and Gabby Douglas have to take time out of their busy schedules to address negative comments about their hair is sad. There is so much more to life than getting your hair done. If it's important to you that's great but it's not important to everyone. We need to focus on real issues!
Clears throat...ahem. ..I didnt not know Pam Oliver was a graduate of Famu.
Pam Oliver finally responds to hair critics
Pam Oliver does not care about your feelings on her hair.
I can't believe you overlooked the Pam Oliver hairgate topic today. LOL
Criticism of Pam Oliver's hair spark a discussion of sexism and racism behind black hair in entertainment and spots:
Yesterday I read an article on Madame Noire where sports reporter Pam Oliver responded to the recent criticisms of her hair styles or the lack thereof. One of the most brutal being the one below. The internet can be a … Continue reading →
Pam Oliver is dressed like she's about to fight a chick at a Burger King
Not that she had to say anything however THANK YOU for THIS response:
so Pam Oliver said she does her own hair & makeup and is "too busy reporting to worry about how she looks".
I haven't seen a beatdown that bad since Pam Oliver went hat-less in the wind.
I'm reading this article that says listen to Pam Oliver's reports and stop looking at her hair. Ok. Cool right?
"No one can make you feel bad about yourself without your consent." - Pam Oliver
Pam Oliver's wig is sending SOS calls for Madam CJ Walker to be revived so she can show up & slap some hair sense in Pam
Proud of the achievements of Pam Oliver and John Thompson? Show your pride!
No matter how high Black women ascend in their professions, they will often be critiqued on how they style their hair. Pam Oliver, one of the best sideline reporters in all of sports, knows this al...
Wow!! Haters and their simulated standards. Go Pam Oliver!!
Pam Oliver can get her hair fixed, I don't know if it's possible for you to get some class.
Pam Oliver should just go natural. Get a good twist out. Can't go wrong there. These horrid wigs gotta go though
Pam Oliver may need to fix her hair, at least she puts substance over style, and she doesn't whine when things don't go her way.
I can't go in on Pam Oliver. The real tragedy is she had to weave it to be accepted. If we don't have love for them who will?
2:04... Pam Oliver does her own hair and make up:
Question of the night: is Pam Oliver related to Chewbaca?
Yes, Pam Oliver's Hair Was Way Off, but she Was Professional and On Point as Always
Pam Oliver has to be on television to bring black women down.
Chanel S. Clark... Tuleda Grantham... Angel Jackson... I just heard on the radio that Pam Oliver has something to say to all the naysayers and critics who be talking about her appearance... LOLOLOL . Uh oh, this should be reall good!!! Pam said she tired of y'all talking about her. She is kind... She is beautiful... She is smart... 😄😂😱😂
When MOST of the bs you post is something negative about others, please miss me with "ni€€as hatin' on Pam Oliver" movement!
Everybody talking about Pam Oliver and her hair and her contract is not getting renewd so what are they going to do about Aisha Tyler on the Talk she inside and her hair is always tore up.
I'm such a loser. Why didn't I go to jersey city to try and meet and take a pic with Pam Oliver? 😫!
Can u pls give donkey of the day tomorrow to Pam Oliver for defending that atrocity she calls hair.
Pam Oliver used to be bad. She fell all the way off. Her weave looking like she was just balling.
By now you've seen the picture online, Pam Oliver, FOX Sports NFL reporter, side-by-side with Chewbacca and seen all of the other pictures and comments about her hair.
Pam Oliver says haters need to sit down! Pam Oliver Says She Does Her Own Hair And Makeup Via Philly News reports: No, it wasn't because Oliver, an industry veteran, got her facts wrong. Oliver's too up on the game for that.
At first, I was just going to write a status about it but I have too much to say. Tomorrow, I'll be posting my first blog of 2014 - a Black History Month tribute. It's a message to the strikingly beautiful mocha and caramel and mahogany women who have found sheer amusement in using their influence on social media to tear down Pam Oliver. Oh yes, I'm going there.
So, I must say I think it is awesome that Pam Oliver in a male dominated profession doing her thing and being as knowledgable as she is. I give all props, but as a black/African American woman we have had great ancestor to pave the way in cosmetology. We can be all natural or (most corporate environments) fried, died, and to whatever side! As sistahs we critique each other because we know how beautiful we are and can be. I say this to say, Pam the makeup looks good and you make enough to have your own hair dresser. Who hasn't made a homie out of there hair stylist? FOX NEEDS TO PAY FOR HER FOR TO LOOK GOOD since she is working hard to cover these sports!
Lol. I'm seeing a lot of comments stating African American people are hating on Pam Oliver when they talk about her hair. Apparently stating they are mad because they don't make as much money as she does and just want to bring her down. I personally don't see her as the type of person you just want to "bring down." I do however, after seeing what people were talking about, think it's of importance that she represents herself in a specific way on TV though. Anyone who understands/knows how African American females were portrayed on TV in the past should understand. Saying something about it (joking or not joking) proves its NOT OK for her hair to look that way. And that apparent "good money" should be used to do something about it. What do you think?
"Her hair doesn't take away from her accomplishments, just like her accomplishments don't fix her hair" - best quote i've heard about the Pam Oliver rachet hair scandal, wisdom, lol
Why , Pam Oliver ? & at the Super Bowl.I you got a better STYLIST than this !
Pam Oliver please call Nene or someone La La I know you know people, to help you with your entourage which is really your body guard, hairdresser, maybe a stylist or are you saying they dont pay you as much as Erin, give some up and coming young person who u dont mind being around a lot a chance, they have skills, dont let these ignorant black folks and their friends take your stuff
Ok eryyybody want to dog Pam Oliver about her hair What about KD he new a relaxer or sumn. Get off Pam
Y'all sure do go hard in the paint on Pam Oliver, I saw a picture of the bad weave with the caption "I woke up like this", smh. She is to cute though to be on TV with raggedy weaves but she's a very busy woman also, so it's somewhat understandable.
is Pam Oliver hair that grotesque lol
Yo I'm tired of all these $5 chicks talking about Beyonce and Pam Oliver head maybe if you focused more on your success then the way you look you to could have their bank. They could buy and sell all yall
The whole Pam Oliver "hair situation" is a little disturbing to me. The woman is an accomplished and very talented journalist. Why is it that we are sometimes very quick with criticism and slow with compliments. She is an African American woman doing amazing things in a field that is dominated by men yet all I seem to hear is talk about her weave. Not once have I seen a post saying "Wow, that was a great interview"! But I sure am seeing a zillion post and derogatory pictures comparing her to an ape of all things! What in the world??!!
I just found out the Pam Oliver is a FAMU grad.
Since Pam Oliver is a FAMU Rattler I'm a bit on the defense!! SHE is a successful black woman on the sidelines doing big things in a MALE dominated sport!! Who cares about her hair? Simple minded individuals who have nothing better to look at!! SMH
Hair. I am not my hair. Remember that song? You lie! LOL! YOU WILL BORROW money to get your hair laid! I love my hair too, but all of this criticism on Pam Oliver of her bad hair day needs to STOP! First of all, IT WAS RAINING! Many of you criticizing would run like Forrest Gump if it started raining and you were supposed to still stand there like it wasn't raining because it was a JOB REQUIREMENT. You'd risk getting written up and FIRED. You had the same ridiculous criticism for Gabby Douglas, and both ladies are in positions of prestige and privilege that you critisizing them will NEVER be. In fact, the week after you critisized Gabby, she was sitting next to Oprah. Get a life and be more concerned about artists that write songs you gladly dance and twerk to that speak of women in a derrogatory way, yet still get paid WELL and they get REPEATED AIR TIME and awards for. Be more concerned with Injustices like the excuse of using the STAND YOUR GROUND LAWS to kill someone JUST BECAUSE. Be more concerned .. ...
Breaking News: per AP reports, due to overwhelming time constraints and passion for the job, Pam Oliver has hired Cinna from the Hunger Games franchise to do her hair and make up for next season, quoted as saying, "I wanna be the girl on fire. If he can make Katniss look like Princess Leia, imagine what he could do for Chewie." Cinna could not be reached for comment...
QOTD: From Gabby Douglas, to Pam Oliver, even baby Blue...why are we so harsh on black women's (girl's) hair? Why are the accomplishments of black women overshadowed by something like "bad weave"? Is it really that serious?
Leave Pam Oliver alone she don't make a lot of money to have her hair done to meet everyone standards.
Bout to get on my Pam Oliver, Fox is talking about not renewing her contract because of all the negative talk about her appearance.who is majority of the talk coming from.BLACKS her own people.thus the crabs in a you see white folks attacking each other .nope when that situation with Phil (Duck Dynasty) happened they ride for each signed petitions, threated to boycott etc.smdh
Dang us talking about Pam Oliver hair may cost HER, her job!
Pam Oliver said she to busy to get hair and makeup done. She does it herself Shocker
Pam Oliver look like the bad guy in old school Sylvester Stallone movie called Cobra
Game Summary: Bruno Mars has better foot work than Knowshon Moreno, Boycott Coke for that awful rendition of America the Beautiful, Joe Namath and Pam Oliver should have had crack pipes hanging from their mouths…The Chili Peppers need to hang it up...
Giving respect to Russell Wilson who won the biggest game of his career and at the end he have great mic skills he didn't go off on Pam Oliver about his greatness, where on the other hand Seahawks wins the NFC Championship game and Richard Sherman goes off on Erin Andrews about his greatness and taking the spot light away from his teammate who actually pick the ball off to get them to the Super Bowl that's my opinion.
Events and discussions during a boring The hand soap at the Aloft Hotel smells like a man that just showered. Mmhmm. 2. After the third quarter, the house DJ at the watch party just starts playing music because it was just that horrible. 3. Everyone trying to figure out who can do the Nae-Nae dance out of the group. LOL! Oh Jana... 4. Did Tony Romo put on a Peyton Manning suit and play tonight? Ha!! 5. Why is Pam Oliver's weave stacked like that? on national television about every week! Come on son! 6. Joe Namath's my Joselyn of LHHATL's voice. 7. Jesse's constantly saying, "I smell horse meat." 8. Watching the spirit of James Brown come over Bruno Mars was great. Let him use you sir...let it have its way. 9. If the story is true, I would really hate to be Floyd Mayweather right now. Cough up that money bruh.
Here are the future Super Bowl sites: 2015 Super Bowl - University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ NBC will cover it with Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, and Michele Tafoya 2016 Super Bowl - Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, CA CBS will cover it with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms announcing 2017 Site to be determined but FOX will do it with Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Pam Oliver, and Erin Andrews announcing.
Ryan: "I wonder if Erin Andrews and Pam Oliver played 'rock, paper, scissors" to see who had to interview the losing coach..." Lol
Well done and classy interview by Pam Oliver, Doris Burke could learn a lot from watching her
Why not us?? Don't copy Derrick Rose. Percy MVP. Pete Caroll is awesome. Pam Oliver needs new hair.
You have Erin Andrews on staff and Pam Oliver is who interviews Russell Wilson. Shame on you Fox Sports...shame on you
I wasn't going to say anything because normally I don't like to rag on people over their appearance (hair) but Pam Oliver is pushing it. Where are her true friends and family? Let me introduce you to my aunt Tina Anderson the stylist.
Pam Oliver has me considering the merits of Tony Siragusa as a sideline reporter.
Pam Oliver and Doris Burke should both be fired.
Do Michael Strahan and Pam Oliver have the same dresser?
Pam Oliver cool but she aint Doris Burke. Football over soon. NBA focus comin soon
What's wrong with Pam Oliver? She's twitching more than Michael J. Fox.
"Pam Oliver looks like the love interest in an old Keith Sweat video..." Lmaoo
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Pam Oliver and her mop hair piece gotta get off my screen
So which coach is Pam Oliver assigned to? Dan Reeves or Chuck Knox?
Pam Oliver got a new weave for Super Bowl Sunday.
Pam Oliver and John Elway on the same screen Feb 2nd... how will people know they're watching the Super Bowl and not the …
Pam Oliver is in a contract year and nitpicking Erin Andrews-Richard Sherman interview
Troy Aikmen: So, Joe Buck, I have to say that I believe it was an exciting Super Bowl, but we up here in the broadcast booth saw nothing due to the blizzard-like conditions here at Met Life Stadium. Joe Buck: Yeah, Troy, I can’t even see the scoreboard, so I have no idea as to who won the game. Let’s go down to the field and get an update from Tony Siragusa. Goose, you there? Aikmen: I don’t think that big white thing down there to the right is Siragusa, Joe. I think it’s just a snow drift from when they tried to clear the field earlier today before the second ten inches fell after halftime. Do you recall a halftime show earlier with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Buck: No, I don’t Troy. Perhaps there were electrical problems resulting from the first fifteen inches we had just before kickoff. Who’s idea was it to have a Super Bowl in New York anyway in February? Aikmen: I dunno Joe. Well, if that’s not Siragusa, how about finding Pam Oliver? She IS a woman of color, and you’d th ...
Coming up next is conversation with Pam Oliver from FOX Sports on Radio Row. Listen Live
.conversation earlier from Radio Row with Pam Oliver coming up next. Heres a pic during their conversation.
My vote: replace Pam Oliver with Lisa Salters. Come on and Make it happen! P.S: after the switch, fire Pam. Thanks!
Lisa Salters with the diet Pam Oliver hairdo
Lisa Salters needs to call up Pam Oliver and give her the number to her hair stylist!
They don't pop molly, they rock Rob Ford. And Pam Oliver. And Macklemore. And white people riding the subway above the triple-digit streets.
Some members of the new Star Wars cast...Pam Oliver as Chewbacca and Kellen Winslow Jr. as Hand Solo should be a good flick...
I think Pam just had a bad hair day like most of us women? Pam is still beautiful! Your thoughts?
I believe that if Pam Oliver was the reporter instead of Ms. Andrews "White America" wouldn't have had an issue w/ Sherman...
What are your thoughts on this whole fiasco? *points microphone to you*
What was News worthy in this spot? After Pam Oliver, & others, reporters should've learn not to turn their backs to the field
spoke with us about the hair backlash. Read the article here please. =)
I'm not impressed by Sherman's antics or Erin Andrews (she's terrible compared to Pam Oliver) but I can see Perlman apologizing to Erin
you might need to get ol girl Pam Oliver right! Bless her little heart lol
Can Stacey be honest? Pam is 51 years old and looks better than half of you 21 years old out here and you're hating!
I know that Black people can be mean, insensitive & just rude but in our defense this ONE time, Pam Oliver hair ALWAYS look a *** fool. So!
I wonder if Pam Oliver had interviewed instead would any of this matter. Don't mind me, I'm...
girl don't make me cut your Pam Oliver lookin *** up lol
Pam Oliver: Interpreting "Japanese activities" in Australia, 1888-1945.: An article from: Journal of the Australian W
I am interested to know your thoughts on the hurtful comments hurled at about her hair?
Monica also chimes in on her thoughts as far is concerned.
BTW , Jim Harbaugh dropping that Ernest Hemingway line in the post game interview with Pam Oliver was one of the coolest moves ever.
Where's Pam Oliver's nappy headed *** at tell her too .mike Epps is too funny
Pam Oliver sat down and spoke with us about the controversy with her hair.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I liked a video FOX's Pam Oliver shares how she got into sports broadcasting
Monica really hit home with this article. Nobody ever notices the accomplishments of black women.
Pam Oliver spoke with us about how she felt regarding the hurtful insults and backlash she received about her hair
I wonder what people would say if it were Pam Oliver doing the interview...
Pam Oliver with Jim Harbaugh post game. "Coach how bad does this loss feel?". "Probably as bad as your weave, Pam."
My name is not Pam Oliver... this precious weave shall not be slandered...
See...I told you Pam Oliver was turning into Steven Tyler...
Pam Oliver just set black women back 400 years with that hair fam
Pam Oliver: Social Work with Disabled People (BASW Practical Social Work): The fourth edition of this respected text
Just heard the podcast, well done again! (I got the Jamie Oliver question, don't know who else it would have been?)
Pam Oliver making it so bad for black female reporters OMG 😭😡
'Pam Oliver' appeared on Tuesday 21 at the 8th place in the Top20 of New Orleans's Trends:
Mirror, Mirror: Pam Oliver's hairdo was a don't, but no need for nastiness: Let's be clear: The wild, windblown...
Pam Oliver...fix yo got dam weave..u work for the NFL
On Tuesday 21, 'Pam Oliver' was Trending Topic in New Orleans for 12 hours:
BTW, who is Pam Oliver's hair stylist? Tina Turner? *** ..
Why Jim Harbaugh looking at Pam Oliver head like this?
Pam Oliver reporting from a sound proof booth.
Although Pam Oliver is one of the most talent and celebrated sideline reports in sports, she’s not immune to mistakes. Today, her hair was a major source of chatter on social media. Critics said her weave looked like Chewbacca. And then, within minutes, a funny meme was born. Look below...
Remember the comments about Gabrielle Douglas? Folks were so adamant about expressing their comments about her hair, that it proved to be a distraction and she lost her final competitions. Fast-forward to today and we're dealing with similar comments about Gabrielle Sidibe and Pam Oliver. When will we learn that all black is beautiful and we are not our hair. In the words of Dr. King, "choose love. hate is too a great burden to bear."
Isn't any interview by Pam Oliver awkward?
Pam Oliver used to go by the RuPaul
While everyone is talking about the interview of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman by Fox Sports' Erin Andrews, Pam Oliver and San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh ...
VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh and Pam Oliver made for the night’s other awkward interview
VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh and Pam Oliver shared an awkward interview of their own after the NFC Championship game
USA 202 Jim Harbaugh confused Pam Oliver by quoting Ernest Hemingway Because there was no yelling, trash talk or har…
You've seen the social media memes clowning Pam & comparing her to Chewbaka and Cousin It, etc and while you may passionately dislike her hair/ image, where do we draw the line on being mean & outright disrespectful? What are your thoughts? An Open Letter by Russell W. Hopson: An Open Letter to Pam Oliver Detractors: I have been more than a little off put by the consistent stream of memes and unflattering comments regarding Pam Oliver in recent months. It is true that in a visual medium there is certainly some value that should be placed on aesthetics and her appearance is not what it once was. I would like to propose some facts about Pam that you may or may not know: • Pam is 52 years old • Pam was an All-American in track at FAMU in two events • Pam has been the lead sideline broadcaster for Fox’s NFL broadcast for 19 years • Pam is the 1st African-American female to act as the sole sideline reporter for a major American sport For all who criticize her I would like to ask you a few questions. ...
Pam Oliver's hair is on its worst behavior!
Gary radnich is goin in on Pam Oliver lmao wow this AINT right she bout to sue lol
Pam Oliver, and Erin Andrews had a hard day yesterday
"Pam Oliver take her weave out and prolly look like Barry Sanders when he take off his helmet." OH GOD! lmfao
If I am Pam Oliver right now, I’m doing two things; 1) Hire a better stylist, 2) update the resume. It seems that ever since that errant practice football pass hit her in the face, causing a concussion, our girl has not been the same. This is not good for Pam, as FOX Sports may now have the opportunity they have been waiting for in regard to Erin Andrews. Ever since they lured her away from ESPN in 2012, she has been shuffled in various roles, none that seem to have any staying power. That is until now.  Since 1995, Pam Oliver has been the sideline reporter for FOX’s play by play team. While we can question the true value of sideline reporters, no one could question her competence. She provides the information pretty accurately and does what she is asked to do. Meanwhile, Erin Andrews came with a lot of fan fare. Why? It’s not like she did hard hitting news pieces. She is no Lisa Salters (how many of them are? Ms. Salters is a *** good journalist when she is not on the sidelines). Ms. Andrews’s . ...
aw man I just sat back and watched the show tonite. Although, I did get Pam Oliver's *** Lookin like Patrick Ewing with a weave
Pam Oliver wig used to be a swiffer mop!!!
Pam Oliver will deactivate all social media accounts tonight!
Pam Oliver look like Wendy Williams she step on the field coaches be asking her why she not suited up to play.
Black folks took an L cause of Pam Oliver's weave. She looks like the love child of Steve Tyler & Chewbacca.
Pam Oliver is getting the business on social media
Pam Oliver looked liked one of them THOTS!
Pam, I got nuthin'.
JIM SHORTS HERE.Pam Oliver just conducted the worst interview in the history of television with Jim Harbough.THE WORST EVER!!!
Pam Oliver. Fire your hair stylist. Right now!!!
Pam Oliver should get a Grammy for this interview!
Pam Oliver sounds like she's literally taking the loss harder than Harbaugh. Just ask the questions, no need for fake sy…
Pam Oliver needs to get her weave tightened.
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911 Pam Oliver...seriously...your ***
"Is that a quote?" 😕- Pam Oliver...these post game interviews are jokes!! “
Pam Oliver. I am offering you my services.
Pam Oliver looks like cousin it bad hair
Pam Oliver .what the heck kinda interview was that?
Pam Oliver made the interview with john harbaugh sound like someone died.
Pam Oliver you are an embarrassment to your profession.
Pam Oliver needs to do something with that hair!
Pam Oliver look like she been smoking that s***
Pam Oliver has had a terrible day, huh?
Pam Oliver still looks like a rachet Steve Tyler
Pam Oliver is the lead singer of Aerosmith!!
Pam oliver look like a smoked out oprah
Pam Oliver needs to FIRE her whole glam squad.
Pam Oliver looks like she's trying out for the "John 3:16" guy role in the Super Bowl with her rainbow hair.
Pam Oliver it's time for a new wig sista!
Pam Oliver looks like a dude in drag! LOL!
Pam Oliver is kind of like a Chewbacca/Steve Tyler hybrid right now.
Dam Pam Oliver needs a better weave
Pam Oliver couldnt do her hair before the interview.
Pam Oliver really should have brushed that wig!
If Pam Oliver dont fix that weave...
Pam Oliver has some crucial bags under her eyes. She and john just pumped out a few lines before this interview
Pam Oliver has that someone died kind of tone.
Pam Oliver looks like she's been crying...
Pam Oliver hoping John harbaugh don't go all Richard Sherman on her too
Pam Oliver is thankful for the Sherman interview . . .
Dear Erin Andrews, "I would have smacked Richard Sherman with my weave and he would have calmed down!" Signed, Pam Oliver
You can tell Pam Oliver is ready for the offseason
Pam Oliver looks like Chewbacka's sister Suebacka...smh
Ya'll really didn't have to do Pam Oliver like this bruh...
You need to stop oppressing Orange Americans like Pam Oliver and John Boehner.
OMG Pam Oliver getting smash on gram
Usually i'd never post anything like this but I have to: It's saddening to see women criticize other women. ESPECIALLY another woman that is doing something EXTRAORDINARY. My newsfeed is filled with insulting comments about Pam Oliver. The first black woman to do commentary for the NFL & FOX. She's also a contributor for 60 Minutes Sports. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!! And yet she is being made fun of. To those taunting this Extraordinary woman LISTEN: She's on TV. YOUR NOT. She's living her dreams YOUR ON THE INTERNET TALKING. She gets a paycheck. You get a LAUGH. She is amazing and you are spreading HATE. You will never get ahead in life sowing negative seeds! You will get a ROTTEN harvest in your own garden!!! If someone did this to you, you would be devastated!
I am so sad to say this but Pam Oliver should be heard and not seen! I am available for consultation before you go on live TV, Pam. Call me/send a text pic. I will tell you for free. Really!!
Pam Oliver lioks like the beef jerky saskwatch
Pam Oliver what's going with the hair hunni?
Wow, Pam Oliver looks like a crackhead
Pam Oliver izz looking extremely hot this evening
Pam Oliver covered her big forehead with the weave!
Pam Oliver always looking like she just got piped down.
Pam oliver look like a drunk serena
Pam Oliver.. girl tou need a Bene lol
Why is Pam Oliver on the TV when Molly McGrath exists
Pam Oliver what is up wit your hair?
Pam Oliver look like your local hoodrat lol
Pam Oliver your hair reminds me of chewbacca
Pam Oliver has been drinking to stay warm ..ha
Pam Oliver your hair could be so much better ~
Pam Oliver is looking a little Tito Jacksonish tonight.
Pam Oliver need to fire her hairdresser stat!
Pam Oliver does look like a Wookie. ***
Pam Oliver need her azz whipped for that wig
You won't see this trending because of but Pam Oliver's weave, that's trending topic worthy.
UPDATE: Pam Oliver's hair is still being looked at and her on-camera return in this game is listed as questionable.
Dear Lord, please allow Pam Oliver to live her life. No o e is letting her live right now, with no chill button in sight
Pam.pam.pam Oliver. Really? Do the other sisters like Lisa Salters and not call her and get her a stylist? Dammit man!
Pam Oliver is sporting helmet hair or smuggling in a young squirrel!
Yall lay of Pam Oliver! STFU with yall ugly *** ugly folks always have the most to say smh😂
"The Internet is so cruel lol rip Pam Oliver lololol
I've been watching Football for a long time and Not once, not once have I ever seen Pam Oliver with a hint of combed hair 😂…
Alright y'all, lay off Pam Oliver please. Seattle is cold, wet, and lacking in Black hair care products.
That's one heck of a wig Pam Oliver!
The ppl of Fox really need to talk to Pam Oliver. She's representing them so wrong.
What the *** is going on with Pam Oliver's weave?!
Poor Pam Oliver...just can't get a
Pam Oliver needs to fire her hairstylist yesterday...then again, she walked out like that so maybe it was per request.
I seen girls' heads that look way worse than Pam Oliver's lol
Oliver know dam well she wasn't supposed to leave the house looking like that!
Pam Oliver horrible wig is protecting her from all types CTE-y'all need to talk.
Pam Oliver and Chewbacca separated at birth?
Booty had me like Pam Oliver be like...
Trying to understand why men are arguing with me about Pam Oliver's hair. Like.
To those who think I was mean to Pam Oliver, remember I wore a figure skaters outfit with stupid cornrows. Just a lil fun. L…
I was about to say that people are so mean .. Can't believe Pam Oliver is trending because of her weave MN thing
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Mannn if they don't eject Pam Oliver for that *** hair they better!! 😂😂
I'm Sure Pam Oliver is aware by now about the continuous TT About her Hair. I am just sad her Stylist or someone haven't helped her by now
The Pam Oliver slander has to stop. The has to let her have a black hair stylist.
U gotta be trollin. Ion even watch football like that and I know who she is. "Who Is Pam Oliver?"
I'm ready for somebody to get hurt so I can roast Pam Oliver brick *** weave again during her injury report
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