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Pam Oliver

Pamela Donielle Pam Oliver (born March 10, 1961) is an American sportscaster known for her work on the sidelines for various NBA and NFL games.

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Pam Oliver gets her hair done in a burger King bathroom
Pam Oliver would like to borrow your Ugg boots but unfortunately she can't fill them
“I think we have Heatergate going on down here. These benches for the visitors are supposed to be heated.". Pam Oliver from Fox
Pam Oliver remember the hair story? black women can't live in peace. Sag Steele...
Two months ago he was a stray in Greece. This Christmas he helped my daughter get over her fear of dogs. Welcome home,…
Around the Dial: Fox Sports will have Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch, Pam Oliver, & Peter Schrager on the Falcons divisional home playoff game.
Jim and Pam used to be my favorite couple but Oliver and Felicity definitely take the cake. 😭❤❤❤
Fox Sports will use the team of Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch, and Pam Oliver for their early round playoff game.
Think imma start a go fund me for Pam Oliver... she need better wigs blood
I'm ready to see Pam Oliver in the booth calling the game with Troy Aikman. It's time a woman you call football games.
SN: Did y'all see Pam Oliver's new wig? I meant to ask about it earlier...
Also, when is gonna replace joe buck with Pam Oliver ? Just sayin
Remind me again why Pam Oliver got demoted It's a shame when less qualified, younger female reporters get promo…
I remember when the lovely Pam Oliver got hit with that football 😢😢😢
I love Pam Oliver, her class, style, complexion AND her hair.. Fact! 💝
Really, Pam Oliver? Pederson wants Wentz to get to know THESE receivers? These guys should be GONE!
Need an on screen signal to tell me when to take off mute after Pam Oliver stops talking
Only chemistry Pam Oliver has ever done is mixing vodka with orange juice.
I think that it had to do more with her poor hair choices... I enjoy "au naturel" Pam Oliver
Pam Oliver wig looks good today. You go girl
Pam Oliver makes too much money to be wearing them synthetic wigs 😒
Pam Oliver has most certainly got her act back together from a few years ago... thoughts?.
Am I the only that thinks Pam Oliver looks like Oprah?
I'm bouta start a GoFumdMe so Pam Oliver can get a decent weave
Pam Oliver look like she still get government assistance.
Someone save Pam Oliver's hair. She seriously needs to fire her stylist
Pam Oliver weave game done got better 2017 is looking up
I'll be Damed Pam Oliver's hair looks good this game. New year new wig I guess
Last week of the regular season and they finally get Pam Oliver a good wig.
Pam Oliver dont look half bad today
Pam Oliver's hair looks really good today
Pam Oliver got that hair done on y'all *** for the oh-17!
Looks like Pam Oliver got a new wig for 2017 !
S/o Pam Oliver she finally got the good weave in.
Always great seeing my girl Pam Oliver
Pam Oliver hair finally look like something
Pam Oliver is covering the Cowboys game?! Talk about a great start for 2017 for
Pam Oliver looking great great reporting for the Dallas Philly game
I promised I wouldn't but I can't help but grade Pam Oliver's weave game every time she comes on TV
Pam Oliver is consistent excellence on the NFL sideline.
She took a lot of heat but she wasn't trying to be Phyllis George or Jayne Kennedy.
The NFL sideline reporting is sexist/ageist. Pam Oliver got the boot but old male sideline reporters/announcers stay fo…
I appreciate the post-game Qs of Doris Burke, Holly Rowe, Tafoya, Rinaldi, Pam Oliver, LaForce, Wolfson when I get the opposite.
Often times I catch myself watching the fem sports world gr8s like Pam Oliver, Erin Andrews, Lisa Salters, Sage Steele, & I think 'what if'.
Totally agree! Not sure why she has done so well. I miss Pam Oliver, but she is "old" and not blonde!
Pam oliver not doing so well anymore im guessing...
I miss Pam of the coolest sideline reporters I've ever interacted with at the games
Nobody can tell me that Erin Andrews is better than Pam Oliver...
But frfr, who lets Pam Oliver on TV lookin the way she does?! Does she do it on purpose or...
Philadelphia has so many talented hairdressers and Pam Oliver doesn't have ANY of their numbers?!?! Come on shawty! 😂😂😂😂
They got this Kristina Pink to slowly replace Pam Oliver in due time
You breathe on Pam Oliver her wig done
Pam Oliver does it for me. Oh yeah she does
Pam Oliver has never not been in the wind
There has to be someone in Pam Oliver's life that can tell her that these wig choices are no bueno
Glad Pam Oliver got her hair done for this falcons game lmao
Falcons coach Dan Quinn to Fox's Pam Oliver: "Carson Wentz lit us up in the first half."
"It's the stupid stuff that's killing us." - Unidentified to Pam Oliver. That about sums up the last three games.
Pam Oliver hair always look like she just got done having sex
Pam Oliver been on tv too long for her weave to look this bad on a regular basis.
Pam Oliver's weave is like our country .. slowly progressing but still a disaster
Pam Oliver is always looking crazy on tv lmao
so happy Pam Oliver got her hair did dawg
Pam Oliver still out here looking crazy. Lol.
I cannot deal with Pam Oliver's weave. tf
Feel like I haven't seen Pam Oliver all season
Why is Pam Oliver's weave so horrendous still?!
Pam Oliver actually looks decent today
Who's hyped for Pam Oliver on Tuesday?! 10:00am in Seiberling!
Pam Oliver makes too much money for her hair to look like somebody did it in the dark.
Pam Oliver. I can tell that's a new wig and it still look janky af
Pam Oliver looks like she always just showed from 1 night stand 5 min b4 broadcast every Sunday
How does Pam Oliver continue to do sideline reports for FOX?? She must have done dirt on someone to remain employed
Pam Oliver has the worst friends. her hair stay jacked up smh
Pam Oliver got all that money and know she gone be on tv but hair still be looking tragic.
Pam Oliver looks like she'd been up all night.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Y'all need to find the white woman doing pam oliver hair
Pam Oliver should just wear a helmet
Y'all I need someone to get Pam Oliver some human hair.
Pam Oliver has the worst wigs ever.
Pam Oliver head gonna be messed up by Halftime.
They better get Pam Oliver hair right
Guess what Pam Oliver, IF they play within the rules- we including Cam have NO complaints. Quit pretending we are talkin…
FOX is sending Kenny Albert, John Lynch and Pam Oliver to London to broadcast and Have breakfast. Watch football. Win.
On NFL broadcasting, being replaced by Erin Andrews & women of color in sports. Media podcast w. Pam Oliver:
On NFL broadcasting & being replaced by Erin Andrews and much more. The Media podcast w. Pam Oliver:
Tisha Campbell weaves were pretty Pam Oliver-ish on my wife and kids
you excited that you get your home girl Pam Oliver for a 2nd straight week?
Along with Nelson, Pam Oliver is a Niceville HS alum. Others from Niceville, FL include baseball's Tony Sipp and Hollywood's Alan Ritchson.
Trump is about to do town hall mtg with Hispanic leaders in Miami. Room full of voters who first backed Jeb, including…
Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch and Pam Oliver will be calling Seahawks-Jets this week on FOX. Second straight week on Seattle duty.
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Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch, Pam Oliver again on call of at Jets Sunday 10am, channel 13 locally
Same crew as last week calling the game on - Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch, Pam Oliver - 10am PST at the Jets on Sunday
-Josina Anderson- she started going down the Pam Oliver she got no friends look. (2)
Trump and Pam Oliver order their hair from the same website
Lisa Salters looks amazing compared to Pam Oliver
Trump hair look like Pam Oliver did it
Pam Oliver is one of the best sideline reporters in the and y'all way too focused on her hair. Stop it!
-Cam Newton- obviously, cam doesn't have any friends...he is the pam oliver of image 'dont's'...
I got to meet sports reporter Pam Oliver at the airport and tell her about
can you have Pam Oliver report from the sidelines without the mouth full of marbles? Difficult to understand her. Thanks.
Watching Hawks on DVR... did Pam Oliver get her mouth numbed before the game?
"I don't think it's right to do.". "That's why yo breath look like it stank and your weave look like Pam Oliver's". Wait, what? Lol
Just throwing some luv to my celebrity crush Pam Oliver...congrats on being inducted into FAMU Sports Hall of Fame
take a page out of the great Tafoya sideline skills.not sure why you replaced Pam oliver.
Why can everybody keep they hair done but Pam Oliver?
Pam Oliver says Russell Wilson is done for the day, although Seahawks are claiming they were about to pull him with the l…
FOX's Pam Oliver reported Russell Wilson's day is "done." Lobbied to reenter but dealing with left knee and/or ankle injury.
Pam Oliver: But these Seahawks defenders continue to play!. /checks clock. Story checks out
Pam Oliver is a good one! Don't let somebody else get her. The rest of your sideline reporters are 💩💩💩
I got Pam Oliver's wig on my fantasy team. It has -5 points today 😞
thanks for the Pam Oliver back story. She's great!
FAMU J-Schoolin' with Pam Oliver (well.. her photo 😂) @ FAMU School of Journalism And Graphic…
Bring back Pam Oliver Fox she is excellent and gorgeous Can't tolerate Erin Andrews
my guess would be never. Probably have to go back to Pam Oliver on sidelines.
Gotta be Cowboys/Texans in 2010. EA wasn't even at FOX, yet. Pam Oliver was still on the crew.
Pam Oliver had a N64 rumble pack in her weave
Try this to solve it Pam Oliver I love seeing what you don't see, older brother helping young brother…
If you wanna have the discussion on age & race (ex. Coleen Dominguez/Pam Oliver) that's THE discussion, one of which is nuanced.
nice job on women in broadcasting sports. I'm thinking this is for women like Pam Oliver pushed out or demoted.
It's not they didn't mention Cari Champion or Jemele Hill and very small part on Pam Oliver
The segment on female sports journalists is worth watching. & personally I agree w/ Christine. Pam Oliver >
Fox Sports doesn't discriminate based on age, but you got rid of Pam Oliver for someone 17 years younger? .
I like Erin, but she is NO PAM OLIVER...and Fox realized that when after Pam went on a farewell tour they begged her back TUH
Pam Oliver replaced with Erin Andrews who is 17 years her junior and BLONDE AND WHITE...
CBSM shout out for big project from Pam Oliver and
God it's so cute that your advisor texts. Is your advisor Pam Oliver?
Sunday Vikings Chargers game is a national Fox game. Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch & Pam Oliver on the call of the game.
I showed him Oprah, Pam Oliver and also this.
Has anyone mentioned Bob Costas's horrible plastic surgery? Or do we just pick on Pam Oliver's horrible weaves?
I hope Pam Oliver dies on the field this season. Women need to stop pretending they have a place in football.
Some of y'all did Gabby so dirty. Ain't learn nothing from Pam Oliver's demotion. You don't deserve http…
One thing I dread about the upcoming Season, is boring two-faced losers standing in line to slander Pam Oliver's hair 😒
Pam Oliver's sentient wig is still the most terrifying thing I've ever seen besides the hegemony of global capitalism
Pam Oliver here trying to get me to that turkey chili. Tf, I'm black I need beef 🙄
Pam Oliver and Erin Andrews would never forget 💅🏾
remember when Fox's Pam Oliver got booted in the head with a Football a couple years ago 😂😂😂
Pam Oliver probably got a concussion when that football hit her a couple years ago LMFAO
So he knows how Pam Oliver feels now.
How rich is Pam Oliver?: The post How rich is Pam Oliver? appeared first on Richest Celebrities & Net Worth.
her wigs give Pam Oliver's a run for their money.
same thing they did to Pam Oliver, immature
It's actually the beginning of Pam Oliver hair-hate season. I love her and no one ever leaves her alone. It's not just Gabby.
Pam Oliver slander only leads to an Erin Andrews takeover. Erin's hair is "messy" too, but that's not normally said about Becky's 🤔
Pam Oliver stands on the sidelines, with gaseous overweight and over sized men, in fall/winter weather, but her hair should be flawless 😒
When the smoke clears women will stand there like they had nothing to do with this just like when they got Pam Oliver demo…
I wish Sarah Kustok could learn how to do sideline reporting from pros like Lisa Salters, Pam Oliver & Deb Lacey. She makes Kim Jones great
Josina Anderson picks up for black women in sports where Pam Oliver let us all down.
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I'm for Weave unless you cut from that pam oliver cloth lol. then ima have to flame yo *** up lol.
Did they leave Pam Oliver in 2015??? I didn't see her on any FOX games Sunday
so if that's the case, why don't we see cam newton hit on Pam Oliver when she's interviewing him?
Man it's supposed to be 0° on Sunday when the Hawks play in Minnesota. Pam Oliver gon be on the sidelines like...
>- Man. They could've used a better pic of Pam Oliver.
Dr Pam Oliver, Auckland University researcher, to speak at Euthanasia 2016 conference: not so 'independent', then.
Pam Oliver's weave needs its own show
Pam Oliver makes too much money to look like that.
If Pam Oliver has to be demoted because we know she's 50 years old, we shouldn't hire Simmons.
Naw when said Pam Oliver's wigs need an oil change on I bout *** near hollered!
Morning to the women with Pam Oliver weaves.
Erin Andrews replaces Pam Oliver on Fox's No. 1 NFL team It seems Fox Sports has a track record of discrimination...
He also had a loose interpretation of a quote after the NFC Title game loss to Seattle that Pam Oliver called him out for.
heard Pam Oliver was scheduled to interview.
Can anyone tell me where Pam Oliver went?
Star Wars *** Story line was predictable... Swear Pam Oliver was in the movie
Pastor Oliver Carter, First Lady Pam, and the ministry staff at No Limits Outreach Ministries would like to thank...
Someone send me that Pam Oliver gif of her getting hit with the ball
These female commentators can get it except Pam Oliver 😂😂
Pam Oliver is amazing! Had a great day being her assistant and learning from her. @ Arrowhead…
Pam Oliver right on top of it once again.
in her own time... Pam Oliver is legend. Just satin'
Pam Oliver look like she just got to work from and all night orgy
Why Pam Oliver hair ain't never done brah see childish.
*** Pam Oliver look like a Halloween costume
Pam Oliver's fake horse hair is always a mess on the sidelines
If everytime you saw Pam Oliver and she said "Oh I'm coming from the gym" it be believable
she is better than Pam Oliver. That all that needs to be said
Why Pam Oliver always look like a extra from Thriller?
They should never put Pam Oliver on tv again
Pam oliver hair is trolling us.. every sunday. Im convinced
Does anyone not care about helping Pam Oliver with her hair and makeup? She must not have any real homegirls.
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Pam Oliver is perpetually on the Struggle Bus
I'm assuming Pam Oliver does her own hair and make up... I love Pam, but ***
Did Pam Oliver not wash her make up off from NYE? 😐
I really believe Pam Oliver thinks her hair look good
Man- Pam Oliver was in town and I missed my chance!
Pam Oliver's wig looks good today. Wasn't expecting that
They give Pam Oliver such a small role when she's Clearly better and more in depth and in tune than Erin is.
Need to give Pam Oliver 1 of my mom's cards. Hair been looking like Kane's attached to the mask since the '98 playoffs
Pam Oliver's hair is the equivalent to Craig Sager's suits. Love them both though.
Josina Anderson is determined to never be called Pam Oliver.
Why has Lisa Salters never pull Pam Oliver to the side and ask her if she ok?
Tracy Wolfson or Pam Oliver who ya got?
I got an Aunt Rita resemble Pam Oliver, growing up she would watch me while my mom was being fast, she would play prince & burn incense
Pam Oliver and her wigs is like Craig Sager and his suits.can't convince me otherwise, it's an elaborate troll
~Josina Anderson/Pam Oliver~ We can agree to disagree. I will not continue engaging you in this issue.
~Josina Anderson/Pam Oliver~ Pam Oliver is a wonderful reporter~~just do not like her overall appearance.
~Josina Anderson/Pam Oliver~ Never said that Pam Oliver isn't talented. She needs to work on her appearance.
The Colts will be on FOX this Sunday at 1. The crew will be Sam Rosen (play-by-play), John Lynch (color analyst) and Pam Oliver (sideline).
Pam Oliver needs to take notes from Josina Anderson
Best female commentator in sports.Pam Oliver, Cassie Campbell, Erin Andrews or Jessica Mendoza?
The difference between Lisa Salters and Pam Oliver is so glaring
All the best to Pam Oliver! It wouldn't be football season without her and the $3 corner store wigs.
All you sexist *** mfs talking about females not knowing sports but see Pam Oliver or Doris talk and be paying attention. STFU.
Pam Oliver got a gig with 60 Minutes Sports? When?
*** behind him with a Pam Oliver wig like 😃
Did Dez catch it?. A) Yes. B) No. C) "Someone needs to get Pam Oliver a stylist".
I'd rather sleep with Pam Oliver than have to deal with any cops.
It's not over, says deputy mayor Pam McConnell. Predicts decision will be fought by community and in courts
Are they bringing back reporter Pam Oliver & sending reality show star to Wife Swap dont care otherwise
Nice to know Pam Oliver doing well.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Cllr Pam McConnell stressing the Gardiner issue could "end up in court forever" if council chooses Hybrid
I didn't know Pam Oliver has a Snapchat.
Pam Oliver is coming back this year actually.
loved the Pam Oliver segment with the Ryan Newman family! Such nice people!🏁
Glad to see Pam Oliver on introducing a segment.
Pam, Charlie, Aly, Oliver, Carter, Othello or Ivy not being seen for awhile doesn't really matter bc they're all background players.
love that you and Pam Oliver are doing meaningful sport stories. Thrilled to see you find an outlet for elevated commentary.
Serena momma and Pam Oliver must have the same hair dresser, cause they don't care what they pay for smh
Carton needs to show Pam Oliver respect. She has covered the NFL for man years. Knows a lot more about Football than Carton
I just saw Josina Anderson on ESPN she needs to call Pam Oliver and give her some tips
.is beating up "fatties" in the Midwest, and is being awkward, can we have Pam Oliver class things up a bit
unfortunately not for Italy, not available for us. there was a funny (in italian) scene between Oliver and Pam in the kitchen
Never been a fan of Still don't understand how she got Pam Oliver's gig on Fox.
Wish it was football season so I could see Pam Oliver's fat juicy lips
The only person happier than Marshall Henderson to hear the news about Jarret Stoll is Pam Oliver
Electronic Device Insurance
Wealthy to get monopoly of tax cuts in Joe Oliver's federal budget cuts himself (& his tax bra…
That woman is just an arrogant snot. She better hope she never gets the Pam Oliver treatment.
oomf used to call me and sing VSOP to me chile not no more lol cut that off like a bad pam oliver wig
Pam Oliver needs to watch Lisa Salters for life tips.
Pam Oliver took a football to the face like a champ. Let's see do that
it's all a vast scheme hatched by that maniacal genius, Pam Oliver.
somewhere Pam Oliver is smiling right now.
??? Pam Oliver was considered ugly? Hard to believe. I think people complained more about her "attitude".
Slowly sports networks have been phasing out qualified female reporters for younger, more attractive ones. Pam Oliver was their first victim
Don't deny that. But Black women are vicious towards each other on here too. Just look at any discussion about Pam Oliver.
frustrating to see people like Pam Oliver get put thru the ringer due to...age?...when people like this skate by
1. Pam Oliver works for FOX 2. The fact she is higher up makes her more likely to be fired 3. It is reality look to the past
Ever played finders keepers, losers weepers with your human's stuff? I have. Meet Oliver: http…
Pam Oliver is way more valuable to ESPN so you are so very wrong and trying to play a race card out of this is pathetic!
FACT: If it had been Pam Oliver instead of Britt McHenry, she would have lost her job.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Linda Cohn & Pam Oliver, both excellent sports reporters, both have gotten pushed to less desirable gigs as they aged...
I hear you, but every network I've been on that's the desire for the male viewers. ie Pam Oliver replaced by Erin Andrews
If sideline reporters are talented, why is Pam Oliver's most memorable moment the time she got hit in the face with a football?
Here's the Pam Oliver article I mentioned on the latest podcast hear it here: ARTICLE:
Pam Oliver deserves a lot of respect. She knows a lot about Football.
Is Pam Oliver still a sideline reporter???
Honestly if this had been Maria Taylor from SEC network or Sage Steele or Pam Oliver, it would have been handled same way.
Lawd Pam Oliver would have been fired, put on the rack AND stripped of her lace front.
That's retarded bro you think Pam Oliver gets fired for this?
Of course not, that's how females are treated. Look what happened to Pam Oliver.
No Way Pam Oliver gets fired for that. No. Way.
Pam Oliver would get away with this just as easy as Britt will. Not an issue of color just status
More and more, I appreciate the words that Pam Oliver shared w/me. Don’t even know what to say about video that just came across my screen
I know we don't know these people personally, but could you really see professionals like Michele Tafoya or Pam Oliver go off like BM? No.
What do you think Pam Oliver's response should have been to attacks on her hair? ^JHP
If you're Fox Sports reporter Pam Oliver, and people are all over you about your hair, what do you do? ^MLJ
"Is there anything that Pam Oliver can say to mitigate what people are saying about her hair?" -Professor Russell ^MK
"if you're Pam Oliver and people are attacking you on social media over your hair, what do you do?" -Russell ^LT
She could be work bay, but this Pam Oliver weave isn't working out for me
Oliver sits on the fence but Pam Neale says she would pick GO and 'learn from his mistakes'
unless you're pam oliver and call your bosses out. I hope she stays on the sidelines for a few more years.
Maya Angelou, Oprah, Tyler Perry, Judy Smith and Pam Oliver. These people I look up to, all have a story behind their tremendous success.
Ohh yeah I heard is going to keep Pam Oliver! So excited...she definitely knows sports and is great at what she does. Go pam!
Pam Oliver somewhere not getting her hair done
So happy for Oliver signs on to stay with Fox Sports for 2 years
"Ofeibea Darku is the next Pam Oliver. She is definitely one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen on campus."
NASA wants you may be a "mob" from SNL's Hillary wanted to resume if the news. Pam Oliver will trade Nick Foles to
I was critical of her appearance but I'm glad shes back
I'm not a guy but I love Pam oliver over Erin Andrews anytime she annoys me
Anyway, I was kinda personally offended by the whole Pam Oliver thing. She's a beautiful woman and, more importantly, really smart.
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Thanks, but I was talking about the Pam Oliver thing at FOX.
Thanks to everyone who weighed in. Really glad that Pam Oliver is going to be back on the sidelines.
No and no. Pam Oliver >>> EA. Doris Burke is another great at her job so underrated
I'll take the info over looks. Last years sideline reporting was really bad, so I'm glad they're bringing Pam Oliver back
I liked Pam Oliver a lot and that she is in her fifties, doesn't make her over the hill.
Pam Oliver Breaks Silence on Being Replaced by Erin Andrews on Fox Sports Sidelines via
Hooray! Fox Sports pulls a 180 with Pam Oliver on the sidelines -
Neither Erin or Pam have any biz being on the sidelines!. NFL Experts Weigh in on Fox Sports’ Pam Oliver About-Face
...I grew up watching Pam Oliver on the sidelines. She is alot of the reason I have my degree in Journalism. Good move
Pam Oliver is returning to sideline reporting at Fox Sports for the next two years. Good call from the executives to bring her back.
Sports reporter Pam Oliver is returning to the NFL sidelines for two more seasons, but not without controversy
Glad to hear that Pam Oliver will be back on the sidelines for another 2 years!!
Last October Pam Oliver did a really interesting feature on NFL players who retired early
Im glad Pam Oliver got her job back. Now you & your folk on try not to ruin it this time
Surprised Pam Oliver returning to NFL sidelines for two more years with Fox >> Nice
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
NFL Experts Weigh in on Fox Sports' Pam Oliver About-Face: There Was a 'Drumbeat of Bad Press'
Our & speak with about Pam Oliver returning to the sidelines.
Cari Champion. In a different way, Pam Oliver and Sage Steele. All great at their jobs too.
Doris Burke and Pam Oliver please follow me ladies
"you'll never be as good as Pam Oliver LMFAO
Pam Oliver has self respect and pride. She chose not to sleep with her boss. She will find work else where.
Pam Oliver. One of the best, bar none.
"The journalism has to matter." -Pam Oliver on young motives in sports media, as described by
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