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Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith (born Paloma Faith Blomfield; 21 July 1985) is an English singer-songwriter and actress.

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I was looking for another cover until the trailer song will be released. Paloma Faith & INXS - Never…
BIG albums still to come in 2017, including Paloma Faith, Morrissey, Alexander Armstrong and Little Mix
Lewis Hamilton at the Jonathan Ross Show along side Russell Brand, Mel Brooks and Paloma Faith.
Taylor, P!nk, Paloma Faith and Sam Smith releasing albums this year
Not forgetting Nadine go to work and Paloma faith cry baby :)
Here is Prince's exquisite and mesmerizing cover of Paloma Faith's Only Love Can Hurt Like This
I don't care, Paloma Faith's new song is boss.
A Perfect Contradiction by Paloma Faith is also a great album
Paloma Faith brands Gatwick Airport the worst ever
The worst pain about lupus is not having a support team. Holding on!
Paloma Faith songs are the perfect combination of songs to shower to in the morning and songs to c̶r̶y̶ sing your heart out to.
The Family Jewels by Marina please and A Perfect Contradiction by Paloma Faith please
Paloma Faith who is a well established artist had a full 7 days and entered at 61, Megan had 2 and entered at 43 and 53.
Guilty music pleasure at the moment... Paloma Faith - Crybaby. So freaking catchy 😭
Paloma Faith brands Gatwick Airport the worst ever
Low blow Paloma Faith 😥 - If you're looking for the best parking that ever existed, (😉🤣) book your...
Website Builder 728x90
Paloma Faith brands Gatwick Airport 'the worst ever" in online rant over priority access for parents.
Another great day in London today. Paloma Faith, Marc Almond and Julian Clary and Alan Carr
I added a video to a playlist Paloma Faith inspired Brexit anthem
Youth's a weird film. In what reality would anyone choose Paloma Faith over Rachel Weisz? 😂
The Voice UK finalists: Paloma Faith, and Ricky Wilson pick top 3
When is the Voice UK with Boy George, Paloma Faith, Ricky Wilson and
Would like to see Boy George and Paloma Faith back. George to replace Tom, Paloma to replace J-Hud.
(L-R) Tom Jones - Darragh Richardson and Paloma Faith - Lucy Michael getting into the groove for Howth RNLI.
That 400 year old Greenland shark is the second oldest vertebrate on earth, narrowly pipped by Paloma Faith.
"i got trouble with my baby'. Paloma Faith - Trouble With My Baby.
Watching a 'British' episode of 'American Dad'. So exaggerated but bloody *** it's funny😂
these things always make me die. i remember one where a guy got locked in a vault with Paloma Faith.
Changing by Sigma Featuring Paloma Faith is in Tavern on Main, Snellville.
🎵i tell myself you dont mean a thing and what we got, got no holdon me, but when ur not there i just crumble .. Paloma faith only love :)
i remember i bought my mum Paloma Faith tickets the day of the concert and surprised her! . she was so happy💜
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Paloma Faith - Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? via
I really like to please people, and I think it's a symptom of being an only child.
I stay true to my lyrics. If I go back and look at them in hindsight, the emotions I had when
me and Paloma Faith have a special connection
28. Paloma Faith - Only Love can Hurt Like this. no words. Goosebumps
A League of Their Own, starring Meg Ryan and Kate Winslet. Directed by Zack Snyder, music by Paloma Faith. Budget: $1m
who's more your type? The Katie Hopkins/Louise Mensch type? Or Lilo, Paloma Faith, helena bonham carter and Emma Thompson?
Imagine if they remade Carry on Camping today. Cast includes Russell Brand, Paloma Faith, Len Goodman, Alan Carr, Neil & Christine Hamilton.
Sienna Miller, Guy Ritchie, Kit Harington, Nick Grimshaw and Paloma Faith help unveil the new space
RelNews: Listen to the 11-year-old Scottish schoolgirl who has been compared to Paloma Faith -Daily Record-
Lori Smith penned her debut single while at primary school and is being tipped as Scotland’s Paloma Faith
I liked a video from Paloma Faith - Only Love Can Hurt Like This live on X Factor Australia
Paloma Faith, Davina Mccall and Roy Fielding. At last the celebrity injunction threesome is revealed!
I know there's plenty of competition for this crown, but could Never Tear Us Apart by Paloma Faith be the worst cover version of all time?
I added a video to a playlist Emily Blunt, Paloma Faith and Russell Brand on The Graham Norton Show
The only person that good enough for Noel Fielding is Paloma Faith, they're like two magical pixie creatures and I love them
Paloma Faith looks like a drugged up Holly Willoughby
Harry, 19, won over his own mentor as well as Will, Paloma Faith and Ricky Wilson with his convincing impression of the l…
How didn't I realise that Paloma Faith was in St Trinian's?!
I've seen St Trinian's a billion times and I've only just realised the goth girl is Paloma Faith
TV voice *** Paloma Faith on BBC 1, Fraser Nelson on Might have to put the wireless on…
EXCLUSIVE: Paloma Faith is 'pi**ed off' at The Voice over gender imbalance among judges
EXCLUSIVE: Paloma Faith is 'P**SED OFF' at over its blatantly sexist format
Watch sing Beyonce's "Halo" live on radio as Jeremy Irons, Alex Jones, Paloma Faith watch in studio
Now playing on Blaze FM. Paloma Faith Only Love Can Hurt Like This "The Biggest and the Best!"
why does Paloma Faith speak like a smackhead
Paloma Faith has got the hots for Rick Snowdon:
All creative people have to have vulnerability because those nuances are wh...
Get your Paloma Faith name by picking the first vaguely Spanish word that comes into your head + something you lost a long time ago.
I just used Shazam to discover Changing by Sigma Feat. Paloma Faith.   10% Off
maybe we could see Paloma Faith or Olly Murs too??And then have a threesome obvs xx
Had 'Neighbourhood' on too. BANGER. Bet you in 20 years, there won't be a song called 'The Ballad of Paloma Faith'
Hey listen now playing Paloma Faith - Black And Blue on.
Now Playing: Paloma Faith - Picking Up The Pieces Radio Edit on listen at
'Only love can hurt like this' de Paloma Faith como banda sonora de todos los fic Pablert.
New York - Paloma Faith. Tune in now on Poptastic Radio
The freedom that money gives you makes you... well, I wouldn't say happy, b...
Paloma Faith followed by NKOTB's Hangin' Tough. That's quite a playlist you've got there, the Co-op.
The Voice UK: Paloma Faith warns artists they won’t get instant success
I've never understood one word sung by Paloma Faith. I assume she records songs with a mouthful of Maltesers.
and Ricky Wilson are still there, along with newbies Paloma Faith and Boy George.
I’ve designed for Paloma Faith, Beyonce, Rihanna, the Duchess of York and Madonna - but Kelly Hoppen got me starte…
the emo girl in St Trinians is Paloma Faith *** ?!?
Who knew Paloma Faith was in St Trinians? Not me
The Voice UK: Paloma Faith reveals she LIED about her age to get a record deal: The Brit Award-winning singer ...
Paloma Faith admits she LIED about her age during So how old is she?
Being patronised by Paloma Faith must be like getting megged by Phil Jones.
Paloma Faith looks like a Holly Willoughby impersonator
Can Boy George and Paloma Faith save The Voice?: Finding their voice (left to right): Ricky Wilson, Paloma Fai...
Taylor: Paloma Faith is rubbish and just copies Lana Del Ray. Me: *murders Taylor*
On the Virgin ad of inspirational women, why does she go from Nadia Comaneci to Paloma Faith?
So i'll watch and hour of Peter and Wendy for Laura Fraser & Paloma Faith & then (depending) i may switch to Russell / Kerry Howard on 2
Listen to Picking Up the Pieces by Paloma Faith on
Boy George and Paloma Faith join Ricky and Will as The Voice UK coaches - but Sir Tom Jones is gone -
I KNEW I had seen that Beiber water trick before... Here's Paloma Faith at this year's BRIT Awards
How n why did i not realise that andrea in St Trinians is Paloma Faith?
I was by the ghost of Richard Harris. Adams & McGuinness by Joe Pasquale & Paloma Faith respectively.
Paloma Faith and Harry Kane in the throne room
poor girl in AD is being taught about great women musicians,first Billie Holliday & then... Paloma Faith!?. "r u having a laugh"
Paloma Faith - When You're Gone live Delamere Forest 05-07-13 via - love love love love love.
Wonder if Paloma Faith got a new kitchen from her fee - tho Jane Wiedlin says she gets nothing for clips of Rush Hour
The women I regularly listen to include Annie Lennox, Alison Moyet, Nina Simone, Paloma Faith, Florence Welch and there are guilty pleasures
Ruby just asked me what I think of Paloma Faith. . Feck knows ! . I thought it was the new novice hurdler Rich Ricci's …
Paloma Faith proves why she's always our one-to-watch on the red carpet
Hayley Westenra's World In Union is better than Paloma Faith's. saying
'Paloma Faith's World In Union as bad as Sam Smith's Bond theme ...
Can't decide whether Paloma Faith or Ray Winstone is more annoying
My dads only just realised that Paloma Faith was in St. Trinians
Only just realised Paloma Faith is in St Trinians ***
Only just realised Paloma Faith plays the emo girl in St Trinians!
How have I only just found out that Paloma Faith plays the goth girl in St Trinians 😓
*** Paloma Faith is the main goth in St Trinians?! My childhood is tainted
This is how you deliver this song, absolutely love this from Paloma Faith & Ty Taylor .
Paloma Faith is new face of Agent Provocateur - 13 years after she quit her job as a sales assistant for them
Paloma Faith showcases curves in Agent Provocateur lingerie... a decade after working as a...
Never Tear Us Apart by Paloma Faith is just perfect omg
Stevie Nicks, Deborah Harry, Paloma Faith, Florence Welsh and Amy Winehouse are my fav musical ladies ever
Paloma Faith, George Ezra and Royal Blood are added to the line-up.
Photo: genuinekcsa: (via Paloma Faith and Boy George join The Voice UK with Ricky Wilson and
Going to the Sziget Festival tomorrow to watch Kings of Leon, Paloma Faith and
Tom Jones is leaving The Voice, but Boy George and Paloma Faith are joining:
Tom Jones ditched from The Voice as Paloma Faith and Boy George are hired
New York by Paloma Faith is in Old Burgh Inn, Skegness. Download it now at
Mentored by Paloma Faith, for whom she sang backing vocals, the soulful La Havas sadly failed to capitalise on the goodwill generated by
Have recently discovered Paloma Faith and Caro Emerald, and rediscovered Damien Rice and Anthony and the Johnsons. Thorou…
My dad is singing Paloma Faith very loudly in the kitchen. Save me
T in the Park was brill, great to see'The Proclaimers' & 'The Prodigy' bang on form & of course the excellent Paloma Faith!
When you realise paloma faith was in St Trinians...
Paloma Faith will always be my favourite artist 🌸
Watching recording of highlights,currently Paloma Faith (trying not to be bitter I couldn't use my ticket 😢)
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I fall to grace and into your arms. Cause we got freedom. You've stolen the dark. And turned it to stars PALOMA FAITH CASATE CONMIGO MAMI
I added a video to a playlist Sigma - Changing (feat. Paloma Faith) (Majestic Remix)
Am no saying there's anything wrong with Paloma Faith, but mum seems to think she's at T or Glasto
My maws blasting out Paloma Faith tonight 🎵
Got loads of reduced aisle fruit and veg from tesco so I'm making lots of goodies whilst dancing to paloma faith!
Paloma Faith - Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Offi…: my favourite to sing at the moment
because stereo kicks have split up will there be a replacement headliner on the Sunday? Jessie J/Paloma Faith preferably ;)
Paloma Faith is so amazing why is she underrated
Paloma Faith's songs are sexy and dancey but poetic and comforting
photos from yesterday Pori Jazz concert! !!
. Fishing is older than Chess and Paloma Faith. You're missing out, brevs.
The uks number 1 tribute to paloma faith . Amazing Faith by Paula Swann-sully live on the main stage
When you realised that Paloma Faith played the emo in St Trinians
Photoset: smilingformoney: every paloma faith music video ever –> can’t rely on you you can say what you...
I reckon Paloma Faith or St Vincent would be a good shout
All purpose parts banner
Paloma Faith kills it every single *** time
Glastonbury 2015: Sunday daytime as it happened – Lionel Richie, Patti Smith and the Dalai Lama
Paloma Faith is some woman for the octave jump
Paloma Faith no show da Marina Set from BBC iPlayer (T in the Park 11/07/2015) ♥.
Is it wrong that I like Paloma Faith?
Oh yeah, and Paloma Faith stood right in front of me during Marina's set. I can't get over it
Do yourselves a great favour and download Paloma Faith's music. . Wow. Wow. Wow
Paloma Faith tickets x3 Belsonic 20th August. Go to best bid - all proceeds to Dublin Rape Crisis. RT
The TV does Paloma Faith no justice, she is unreeeal😍
Paloma faith has such an amazing voice!
Would give my right arm to see Sam Smith and paloma faith ❤
Marina has the best single covers. Along with Paloma Faith.
Paloma Faith nearly tumbles into the crowd taking selfies a... |
Fell in love with Paloma Faith at T ❤️
I'm in love with Paloma Faith oh my god
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I missed aw the acts I wanted to see except paloma faith
Paloma Faith announces 'I wish I was Scottish' after T in the Park
New York by Paloma Faith is a brilliant song.
Paloma Faith flashes her bra and her underwear at T in the Park   via
Paloma Faith flashes her under carriage. Talent over rides it via
Want to see Paloma Faith live so bad 😣
Gutted that Paloma Faith and Calvin Harris clash at V!
Paloma Faith regrets not having casual sex (Bang Showbiz) :Auto pickup by wikyou
Talented West Bridgford hairdressers to style Paloma Faith and Girls Aloud
Ben Howard, Paloma Faith, Elton John & now Spandau Ballet tickets all in the bag for
they have got . Elton John, Ben Howard, Paolo Nunti, Paloma Faith, Spandal Ballet and motorhead
Florence and the Machine, Paloma Faith, Mark Ronson, Alt-J,and The Vaccines are among many added to the Line-Up!
Now playing great song from Paloma Faith: New York Want to hear it now?
Wilko Johnson, Tricky, Paloma Faith: this weeks new live music -
Left-wing writer Owen Jones to support Paloma Faith in London and Brighton
Royal Blood, George Ezra, Paloma Faith, Sam Smith and more! With us you can find for your favorite
Ed Sheeran 'speechless' after he picks up two awards at the Brit Awards
New post: Brits 2015: Paloma Faith and Rebecca Ferguson match as ladies in red as they joins star-studded guest list
Why Paloma Faith? because I was playing candy Crush now I'm walking for a taxi
Paloma Faith makes it rain + delivers the best performance at The Brits
Favourite performance of the night was Paloma Faith
Paloma Faith is so bloody cute i wanna smush her cheeks
I don't know why I dislike Paloma Faith so much. She just seems really annoying.
Paloma Faith says women in music are being 'supressed' and questions her lack of Brits nominations
In a nice little reversal of fortunes, Alice made Greg James do his Paloma Faith impression in front…
Your Brit Awards performance was EPIC television! The best thing you've ever done on TV!
That's another one for Taylor's trophy cabinet. But who else won?
See all the winners from tonight's Brit Awards
.wins British Album of the Year for X at the
Arsenal concede a second goal and Paloma Faith gets an industry award at the same time. Worst minute ever.
Best performance of the night goes to Paloma Faith though
If every feminist was like Paloma Faith, the movement would be a absolutely perfect
😍 💙 "Paloma Faith" 📀 Sex Dates in your Area Click here >>
Paloma Faith - for when Shirley Bassey feels too real for you.
Paloma Faith finally wins best solo artist gong on her third attempt
I liked a video Paloma Faith - New York on Later with Jools Holland (HD)
*** Not available right now. Oh well. Jamie and Jimmy will have to do, and the gorgeous Paloma Faith.
Sam Smith and Paloma faith too much on a sad one lol
Playing some Paloma faith right now 👌
We're kicking off Fan Art Fridays!. Check out this great image of Paloma Faith by
30 Minute Love Affair by Paloma Faith is in Shooting Star, Southampton. Download it now at
Paloma Faith hurts my brain with her try hard 'cute' dumb voice!😩
Only love can hurt like this - Paloma Faith . Heart wants what it wants - Selena Gomez . Thinking out loud - Ed Sheeran
"saw Paloma Faith live in Utrecht tonight! she was great!!
Two amazing shows by Paloma Faith in the Netherlands!
I think Paloma Faith might well be Jim Carrey.
Paloma Faith in Tivoli Utrecht. She rocked the place!
saw Paloma Faith live in Utrecht tonight!
Paloma Faith clones everywhere. Like Being John Malkovich, but with Paloma Faith.
Omg i saw paloma faith today in a tinny coffeeshop
Paloma faith is actually a banging little salty potato
Massive girl crush on Paloma Faith and all over eating squirrel
Anyone else find paloma faith really attractive
I added a video to a playlist Sigma ft Paloma Faith - Changing (Official Video)
WoW!! Paloma Faith is gaaf!! Only love can hurt like this is kippevel en Can't rely on you is heerlijk funky. Enjoy!.
Beastin off paloma faith on jamie an jimmys friday night feast ere yano
Can't believe I had a dream that Paloma faith was at my house ya layed across my sofa😂
Stupidly excited to see paloma faith next month
can I ask you the hugest favour, the drawings that you do, whenever you have a chance would you pls do a paloma faith one?
I love Paloma Faith I wanna marry her
Paloma Faith reminds me of Cassie from Skins
Tickets to The Forest Tour are on sale now!! Head here if you'd like to come along
Further tickets went on sale yesterday for her UK shows and you can compare prices with us! Full info -
An amazing night at The Guildhall with the delectable Paloma Faith
Paloma Faith and Tom Odell are both at Thetford this year I ned to go
That bloke on socceram looks like a male version of Paloma faith
British musician Paloma Faith performs live at the Burberry Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014 show in London Burberry is bringing the show soundtrack to ...
Cant wait for the Brits!Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Royal Blood, Paloma Faith, George Ezra and Take That all performing!
just been listening to Paloma Faith OH loves her might treat her to a forest gig in July
Currently in love with Paloma Faith, such a great voice really!
Paloma Faith has already sold out at the forest... why did no one tell me?!
can u please play only love can hurt like this from Paloma faith pweeezzzee
Changing by Sigma Ft. Paloma Faith is on Blunt Radio - Listen on
Is it just me or does paloma faith look like a drag queen? 😕
Love me a bit of Paloma Faith this is just how I feel . Sigma ft Paloma Faith - Changing (Official Video)
Paloma Faith took my Grammy for this..
Only love can hurt like this. Paloma Faith
The guest list for is absolutely insane
For Gaga fans who don't know, Diane Warren is a legendary songwriter- most recently, she wrote Only Love Can Hurt Like This for Paloma Faith
Feeling down and sad...from my daughter's room I can hear 'only love can hurt like this' by Paloma Faith. Very apt!!
Paloma Faith adds second Hampton Court date: Paloma Faith has added an extra date to this year’s Hampton Court…
New post: Paloma Faith tickets for UK Forestry Live tour on sale today
Last year Lionel Richie and and this year and Paloma Faith
Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott are already totally sold out! But Tom Odell (June 25th) and Paloma Faith (26th) will be fab too!
Royal Blood, Paloma Faith and George Ezra added to BRIT Awards 2015 line-up
Royal Blood, Paloma Faith and George Ezra join line-up for . next month’s
Yup, def going the 2nd weekend. No Doubt, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, TI, Preservation Hall, Paloma Faith, so much more
Never knew Paloma Faith was the emo in St. Trinians
Always find it so weird that Paloma Faith is in St Trinians
I'd like to see a celeb version of this show. Olly Murs and Paloma Faith would be great.
Listening to Paloma Faith - Sigma-Changing on my Android phone . A great song!
That's the modern young people's Paloma Faith, who is sort of Cyndi Lauper without the personality or talent.
*sees Paloma Faith and Ed Sheeren on tv together*. so Gerry Anderson never really left us.
DJ Abbott WKDfm is playing Paloma Faith - Freedom Live, Legal and Loud Internet Radio
I think John Richardson and Paloma Faith would make a great couple
Phew what a week & just got on here... Sorry if I'm late for Birthdays :-) ... Will catch up weekend ... Got to watch my Paloma Faith tonight with Tom Jones too, then bed & work tomoz :-) . Looking forward to Raw Deal at The Elms Worthing West Sussex Following weekend Saturday 20th :-)
OMG Sir Tom Jones and Paloma Faith singing together live tonight 8pm BBC Music Awards nearly pirates of penzanced when I heard that, bring it on cant wait
Paloma Faith and Sir Tom Jones ahead of their performance tonight.
Amazing photo of Tom Jones and Paloma Faith. He may or may not be paying her a compliment.
Tune into BBC One tonight (from 8pm) to watch us singing along with Paloma Faith & Tom Jones at the BBC Music...
Crikey! Still think Tom Jones is gorgeous! And he's the new surrogate dad to Paloma Faith :) Nathan Williams
Paloma Faith's new song sounds like she's doing a Craig David
Shirley Bassey and Paloma Faith singing "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" is brilliant. And Bassey's still got it.
I'm still listening to Vintage Trouble; I'm hooked! Didn't he do something with Paloma Faith?
Prince Harry lures celebrities including Nicole Sherzinger, Ricky Hatton and Paloma Faith to "spill a secret", encouraging Aids sufferers to speak out and seek support on World Aids Day.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Prince Harry will join with other celebrities as he bares secrets on video to support a campaign for World AIDS Day. The 30-year-old will share some of his worst fears and guilty pleasures as part of the campaign for the Sentebale charity he co-founded, which aims to raise awareness of the stigma and shame which prevents people with HIV from seeking support. Celebrities including singers Nicole Scherzinger and Paloma Faith and former boxer Ricky Hatton are also taking part. Prince Harry launched the campaign from the microsite FeelNoShame.Today and will release a video later this afternoon sharing his own secret. - A World Health Organisation deadline to halt the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa has only been met by Guinea, according to latest figures. In October, the organisation launched its plan to isolate 70% of those infected and safely bury 70% of the victims in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone by 1 December. But in Liberia, only 23% of cases are isolated and 26% of the needed burial teams are i ...
There's nothing like Noel Fielding and Paloma Faith together.
Paloma Faith always reminds me of Julie Walters doing a character.
Presales for Papa Roach and Dave Gorman. Extra tickets for Usher, John Bishop and Paloma Faith. Extra Kevin Bridges
Live at 5pm with Today new songs from Becky Hill, Katy B ft. Jessie Ware & Geeneus, Paloma Faith, Maroon 5, Chris...
Coming up...JLS, Cher, Paloma Faith, Spiller + an 80s summer anthem from Aztec Camera, all before 11
Paloma Faith. Colin Firth. Rupert Grint. Stephen Fry. And a host of other actors recognisable from Doctor Who and the BBC. . Best. Movie. Ever.
Watch the video Sir Bob Geldof greets artists at Band Aid 30 recording on Yahoo News. Sir Bob Geldof greeted stars including Rita Ora, One Direction, Paloma Faith and Ellie Goulding at the Band Aid 30 recording at London's Sarm Studios.
Paloma Faith and Diane Warren are a brilliant music paring for creating music.
One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin, Bono, Sam Smith, Elbow, Ellie Goulding, Bastille and Paloma Faith have all agreed to record a re-worked version of "Do They Know it's Christmas," with proceeds from the single going towards the U.N. effort to fight the virus in West Africa. Bob Geldof and Midge Ure are spearheading the new Band Aid effort on the 30th anniversary of the Christmas charity single's original recording from 1984. "It's the worst-kept secret in music history," joked Geldof at a press conference in London on Monday. The project was launched just three weeks ago when Geldof, who recently lost his daughter Peaches, received a call from the United Nations. "They are very concerned. They require at least a 20 percent increase in assistance and material," he said, adding that the brave volunteer doctors on site "need to be supported." With the death toll in West Africa at almost 5,000, "They are dying because they are very poor and that is radically unacceptable," the Irish singer and songwrit ...
No, it's the Pamplona bull run, not the Paloma one. Although I want to see Paloma Faith running in terror from bulls!
[Reposted from Entertainment News -... C00111B35] Bob Geldof and Midge Ure have revealed a star-studded line-up for the new Band Aid Ebola charity single, which is being recorded on Saturday and will be released on November 17th. Among those lending their vocals are Adele, One Direction, Bastille, Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sande, Paloma Faith, Jessie Ware, Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding, Olly Murs, Sinead O'C
LONDON (AP) Stars including One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Paloma Faith and Coldplay's Chris Martin have signed up to re-record charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas," with proceeds going to the battle against Ebola.Bob Geldof,...
Paloma Faith has become the modern day Gerry Marsden.
O2 Priority Tickets available for Paloma Faith, Cat Stevens and more -
Paloma Faith was one of the emo girls in St Trinian's omg
Cause Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Paloma Faith and Paulo Nutini have all gone platinum and that's just I few I looked up
"BREAKING: Paloma Faith and Simon Rimmer to join frontline in The *** Versus Bigots"
I just can't rely on you. Yeah, you got that good stuff but that don't last... ~Paloma Faith
Playing new tracks such as SIGMA feat Paloma Faith, Olly Murs, John Legend, Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl, Ella Henderson, Erasure, Adam Lambert, Jessie J and more until 3pm when our '3will be Erasure!
It was our great privilege, this evening, to have been part of one of the biggest musical moments in the BBC's history. The orchestra came together with some of the biggest musical stars on the planet - from Stevie Wonder to Alison Balsom, from Paloma Faith to Chris Martin from Coldplay and Elton John to launch the new BBC Music. The occasion was an extraordinary performance of The Beach Boys' God Only Knows. Watch it here
lol, recognised Elton, Kylie, Brian Wilson (of course!) Jools, Paloma Faith, Sam Smith and Jamie Cullum! Its like Generation Game
Q. What do you get if you cross Patsy Palmer, with Paloma Faith & Una Stubbs?. A. Una Paloma Bianca
Paloma Faith can make as much music as she wants but to me she will always be the weird girl from St Trinians
Remember when Paloma Faith was in St Trinians? Because I do.
I always thought Paloma Faith looked like she was in her 30s. She looked especially old in St Trinian's
Entertainment Today, quick recap. Music – Paloma Faith has announced a UK arena tour for March 2015, tickets go on sale this Friday at 9am; Jeff Lynne has hinted that he may do more ELO shows after the band’s first show for 28 years last weekend. Films – Matt Damon is to return to the role of Jason Bourne; Bond 24 will begin filming in December; Sony is planning a remake of I Know What You Did Last Summer. Queen are releasing a limited-edition vodka called 'Killer Queen' this week, to mark the 40th anniversary of the single of the same name. It’s described as ‘well versed in etiquette’ and was Freddie Mercury’s favourite drink.
Live in Hyde Park Part 1. Many thanx 2 Kate Nother & her Grandad 4 this mat not have happened otherwise. Chrissie Hynde absolutely brilliant as she belted out her hits. Kacey Musgraves country singing at it's best. Paloma Faith was terrific, I did worry when she got on top of the piano and she looked good. Billy Ocean, what can you say, a real showman and still has the voice, a fab performance. Blondie a great performance but what was she wearing, I'm no fashion expert but. please do look at the pics.
Freddie Mercury, John Lennon, Kate Bush, Paloma Faith, Jeff Lynne and hundreds more have proved so much to me -
Yesterday announced Shirley MacLaine, today it's Paloma Faith!. I'm going to need incontinence knickers to cope with the excitement!
Jesus H Christ. Just been fortunate to witness Paloma Faith & Ty Taylor from He has one of THE best voices I…
The good company! (at for Paloma Faith + more in South Kensington, Greater London)
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