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Palmetto State

The Palmetto State Quartet is a professional Southern Gospel quartet that originated in Greenville, South Carolina in the mid-1940s.

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Palmetto State Baseball news: Beer makes 1st start in LF for Clemson; Catcher Williams comes back early from injury
An intro to SC BBQ: everything you need to know about the Palmetto State's unique barbecue traditions
Hottie from the Palmetto State. He is with . Pic by Pale Girl Photography.
No inside info here, but I could envision him landing somewhere in the Palmetto State for sure.
The hot outdoors man from the Palmetto State, it's by He's with
Of course, Palmetto State's finest, if you ask us! Appreciate the support, Stro 👊
The Palmetto State Job Fair is one of the largest job fairs in the state. There are over 100 hiring companies...
It's time for the Palmetto State to take the lead in the Solar Industry, and collect the economic benefits of solar investments
Palmetto State Baseball news digest: Video streaming plans set for vs. to play...
You'll need a winter coat to live in the top ranked states ... the Palmetto State needs to improve!
📷 excelsors: All eyes were on Palmetto State University last year when Kevin Day announced he would be...
While in the Palmetto State, make a stop in Columbia!
Thanks to the teams participating in the 2017 Palmetto State Showcase and College Coaches that attended! Pray everyone arrives home safely!
Attention Juniors: Applications for Palmetto Girls and Boys State are now available in the Guidance office.
Had a great time paddling around Palmetto Island State Park canoe trail yesterday.
2017 Palmetto State Showcase kicked off this morning with Day 2 of action!
Never camped? Want to learn? Register for the Palmetto Campout Apr 8-9 at Sesqui State Park! Info & register here:…
I've passed Michelin's N. American HQ just about every day for 23 years. It was fun to cover them for a new...
I'll be in Palmetto State this weekend for rivalry series between & Saturday at Fluor Field in Greenville
Liberty Heights vs M.A.C.K. Prep Recap - Prep Hoops took in some action at the Palmetto State Showcase this wee...
Put on those hiking boots and check out & explore our beautiful state.
Results of new model of EI for autism in the Palmetto State
First look at the artwork for the new banner going up on Williams-Brice! Palmetto State Pride.
Yay Viola so proud and so is your Palmetto state!
And we are proud of this Palmetto state girl!
Steady stream of college coaches attending the 2017 Palmetto State Showcase today. Thanks for your continued support!
Palmetto State Baseball team of the week, Feb. 20-26:
Well. maybe the gamecocks are planning for their first sweep to be Clemson? Hopefully? Gotta take care of app state first though!
State troopers on palmetto north through Dotal n Miami Gardens, go easy peeps
From the great Palmetto State of South Carolina, USA. I am here.
One of the AD/MC supporters from the great Palmetto State of South Carolina, USA. HERE HERE!
All purpose parts banner
The Palmetto state is investing in the future.
At SC’s Elite Performance Training Showcase, we found 10 sleepers from the Palmetto State.
how many days until is back in the Palmetto State? 'Tis the question. 🤔
Speeding traps by state troopers on 826/ Palmetto going west from north Miami. Your welcome.
you bet we are! We're bringing the 'Duuuval' to the Palmetto State! 😉
That boy Kris Jenkins reppin for the palmetto state! Orangeburg's finest
Palmetto State Armory. It's not too bad. I'm saving a lot of money making it myself. Im sure Ill upgrade things after a while
From the PALMETTO STATE, however, root for my folks I'm TOBACCO ROAD .
God is good. God is great. Thank you Lord for the Palmetto State 🌙🌴
Palmetto State Fatherhood Awards Breakfast/Fundraiser! Go to for tickets/donate!
Great read! I love the Palmetto State yet I'm saddened to see such prejudice & ignorance persists ...
Palmetto Sunrise: Senate back in session this week: COLUMBIA -- State senators start the sprint portion of the…
Lexington Co Sheriff looking for THIS guy for shoplifting 3/2 at Palmetto State Armory Fernandina Rd. Recognize him?
Well what do you think guys? Some of the future palmetto voices at work. This is a recording from our state...
Palmetto State Baseball team rankings: Some shuffling in the middle of the pack
Palmetto State Baseball team of the week, March 28-April 3:
Anyone confirm or deny that our state tree, the cabbage palm (Sabal palmetto) cannot be planted in residential areas in BP?
My mom was named one of the top teachers in the state and she's vegetarian. She would never touch a ciggarete.Check your own health pink pig
Very proud to announce has been selected to attend Palmetto Boys State.
Palmetto State Armory and JSEsurplus, both have decently priced kits available
Property Rights Outcry Stops Billion-Dollar Pipeline Project in Georgia, as it Should in Every State!
Found s next purchase at palmetto state
📷 henrvwinter: DANIELLE hennessey WILDS, offensive dealer, captain of the palmetto state foxes, taurus,...
The Palmetto State is looking good today! Longwood at Charleston Southern on the Big South Network is set for 4!
Just took this photo in downtown Greenville. We're pretty lucky to be in Palmetto State and be Americans
that's a SC state logo with palmetto, not a Saudi crescent and palm ...
The pledge to the flag of is "I salute the flag of South Carolina and pledge to the Palmetto State love, loyalty and faith."
Texas BBQ's pretty are both NC varieties as well, as is that Carolina BBQ they make down in the Palmetto State
That, my friends is how we do it in the Palmetto state!
Palmetto State Armory. The best place to get the cheapest AR parts. You can buy an AR for about $500.   10% Off
before we were the palmetto state we were the iodine state lol WAT
CONGRATS on your Palmetto State Fatherhood Award. Go to to join us! https…
Today, Palmetto State plant employs more than 600 workers in Florence, S.C.
Tourism pros are tapping into the fact that the Palmetto State has many a tasty beverage.
on 2 NFL coaches with Palmetto State ties return for Pro Day.
Ga. lawmaker: "It's a conduit to pump petroleum from S.C. into Fla. It doesn't do anything for the state of Ga."
More good press for the Palmetto State... SMH .
HOME RUN CHRISTIAN STOKES!. The senior from the Palmetto State launches one to center and it's 4-0 UK!!!
These political roadblocks must be removed if the Palmetto State is going to move forward.
no doubt an evangelical middle finger from my native Palmetto state.
Why Everyone Is Suddenly a ‘Liar’ in the GOP Race: More. It’s getting personal in the Palmetto State. Just six ...
AndersonSC..let's keep that enthusiasm a+ the Palmetto state n make thisaBIG 4
Also, Jeb Bush has the best commercials in the Palmetto State. The anti-Trump ads are the worst. And Marco's are forgettable.
The Palmetto State has generally enjoyed robust growth in recent years -
Ha! Tell me, what's the tone in our beloved Palmetto State?. ;)
Order Miche Bag Online!
Thx to Mr.Trump, & all who are working HARD in Palmetto State!
State Senate is finally debating the roads bill on the floor and where GOP candidates are today:
Jeb, you didn't win anything. And you still can't break 10 percent in the polls in the Palmetto State. DROP OUT
Coming Soon To The Palmetto State brought to you by
All of you from the Palmetto State get out and vote for he is the BEST Candidate 4 the job .
How's your stay in the Palmetto State?. Any prospect casino locations?. 🐦 ⬆
Remember Citizens of Palmetto State You Could set the US on the right track Vote
hope the work of a Cruz victory in the Palmetto State is going well.
I added a video to a playlist Palmetto State Armory Unboxing Upper and Lower Parts Kits
Ted Cruz's Hugely Expensive Plan for a Huge Military: The Palmetto State has a high proportion of veterans and mi...
one problem.The parent company of FNH USA is Belgian-based. Why not 100% American-based like Palmetto State Armory in Columbia, SC?
"Face of God" is getting CRUSHED by 19pts in SC among Evangelicals. We don't respond well to LIARS down here in the Palmetto State
Black voters, women power Clinton to big lead. Likely voters in the Democratic primary in the Palmetto State, set to be
Latest polls show that has done little to grow his support among Black voters in the Palmetto State
Let's do it Palmetto State!. If win the someone is capable of pulling his hair off! :-0.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Welcoming President back to the Palmetto State today to Florence, SC! https…
you are exactly what this country needs. I'm a proud resident of the Palmetto State and I can't wait to vote!
thanks for that. Never knew that having been raised and living in the Palmetto State for 20+ years.
tomato based is an upstate thang my man. Mustard in the low country. That's how we roll in the Palmetto State. Rep or dem
George W. Bush makes 2016 campaign debut for brother in the Palmetto Bug State
Pumped-up crowd in Anderson, South Carolina today! The Palmetto State is Country!
Cloudy morning (that's what bears do in Woke up to headlines about "lying" & "Ted Wolves are circling around State
If SC lowers standards falls for fraud like Trump it'll be sad day in Palmetto State might as well vote Bernie ya'll
Regarding the politcal ads on Palmetto State Baseball Web page.
Ted Cruz says hello to the palmetto state
Between now and Saturday, is barnstorming the Palmetto State. RSVP for a rally near you:
He's back. returns to Palmetto State today as he makes a push ahead of
Big day for bball in CSN girls play in state semis, boys in reg semi. Golden Gate, Palmetto Ridge boys play for berth in reg finals
The only surprise here is that Jeb got above 5%! Trump for the Palmetto State. Geez what a lovel…
Right now: battleground South Carolina, with live in the Palmetto State.
Electronic Device Insurance
This might be the cutest supporter in the Palmetto state
"It’s a week before the primary, and the Palmetto State is all anonymous fliers and unlisted numbers."
music to my little ears -- way to go, South Carolina. given the chance, the Palmetto State can
."State Senator Tom Davis was on Hilton Head Island on Friday discussing the Palmetto State's...
I ❤︎ my home state of SC so much & the way we've united after this natural disaster really proves why we're the Palmetto State.
Ah. A good day in the palmetto state 🐯>🐔
almost clemsoned again. But great win for the Palmetto State!
The Tigers survived another one good job to all you fans until we meet at the palmetto bowl yall own the state
I've had a stuffy nose ever since I landed in Texas. I think I'm allergic. Time to go back to the Palmetto State.
Photo: One day, Henry and Taters, this will all be yours. (at Palmetto State Park)
At least there is one team from the palmetto state that isn't a complete embarrassment
the triangle parking lot on state park Ed
Even though I'm a USC type of girl, I still gotta root for my Palmetto state boys
It is another rainy Saturday in the Palmetto State. If it is too wet for you to go to the game or sit…
tank flag is flying in the palmetto state. Go Irish. Beat Tigers.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"She's a rootin' tootin' pistol from the Palmetto State" 🌴. Thank you for being a part of the SC…
Officers from across the state walking to St. Joseph's Catholic Church to start the service for http:…
Updated rainfall totals for the state of SC
I need to lead some PD work with your school. I am FREE as a service of Palmetto State Teachers Assoc.
Up bright and early in St. Louis. To everyone back in the Palmetto State, stay above water!
What I'm saying is, as radical+visibly *** person living in the Palmetto State, if the GOP win this election, I no longer feel safe here.
CLEMSON wants these 2 STUDS from the Palmetto state!! and
WRF-ARW adds to consensus on potential: ~10+ inches of rain in 48 hrs for parts of the State
Any girls out there? Perfect necklace. Part of the sale! Details in shop announcement
Columbia isn't too bad right now but it floods bad in certain areas just from regular rain & we are under a state of emergency
If you want us to try and track down some scores from the Palmetto State, let us know and we will do our best to find them.
Carly Fiorina campaigns in Aiken: Presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina made her way to the Palmetto State Friday…
Arrived in Columbia, Mo. Sun is shining here. Stay safe back there in the Palmetto State!
looks like an angry elephant has it in for the Palmetto State. Have anything to do with Trump leading in the polls?
Sabal palmetto This palm is the state tree of both Florida and of South Carolina. It has a fan type of leaf, and...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Shi Smith may be the most explosive football recruit in the Palmetto State's 2017 class. See what the Union...
ESPN's College GameDay coming back to Palmetto State for
Lift our friends up in prayer this weekend. Potential for historic flooding. Stay safe, Palmetto state.
Good morning read ahead of Jeb's visit to the Palmetto State today:
A grand farewell to Beaufort, SC, the Palmetto State, and the entire southeast U.S.
thank you! I got the lower from Palmetto State Armory, they have great deals!
not at all! I did lots of research, ended up buying most everything from Palmetto State Armory and sent the lower to an FFL
But...will be hoping for the best for my friends in the Palmetto State, especially my old stomping grounds in Spartanburg & Myrtle Beach
Hey your thoughts on the game on Saturday between Being you played at and grew up in te palmetto state.
wonderful, sweet new avi...don't remember that specific one before. Stay safe and dry in the Palmetto State.
The Clemson-ND game was maybe the hottest ticket in years for the Palmetto State, the rain may cause that demand to go down
already had a lower receiver, everything else was off of Palmetto State Armory
.one of us is gonna have to change @ Palmetto Girls State
Speaking of which time to buy from Palmetto State.
New SC XC state poll is out. Palmetto Boys ranked 7th in 3-A; Palmetto Girls ranked 4th in 3-A! Hard work pays off. htt…
Hello again, Palmetto State. Good to be back 🌴🌛
My name is I am the Director of PD for the Palmetto State Teachers Assoc. I am using her book all across SC!
Dang - picked the wrong weekend to come to the Palmetto State. and next Saturday at the real home to SCFB!
Throwback picture of when I was Miss Palmetto State BUT I am the Titleholder of the week OMG!…
DAILYQ: Now that it’s complete, are you used to the lane configuration at the interchange of SR 836 & the Palmetto?.
We were thrilled to honor our 2015 Palmetto Boys & Girls State participants at our Board of Trustees meeting tonight! ht…
No question about it, the Palmetto State is ready to work!
The Palmetto State’s deadline of September 30 is the first threshold in the country that candidates must meet to...
We're in The Palmetto State today, checking out what's going on at
.said back in '14 his days in DC are numbered. No secret he misses the Palmetto State.
Free exhibit at through Nov 11 "Nuclear Carolina: Power and Waste in the Palmetto State"
South Carolina: a documentary profile of the Palmetto State, Rare First Edition
"There's a lot of fight in South Carolina" These boys are representing the Palmetto State so well!
has moved up in national child well-being rankings, but there's still a lot of work to be done in the Palmetto State
As a native South Carolinian, it pains me to see the Palmetto State become the Coward State.
SC House Democrats for the Palmetto State not the Pothole State
Rick Perry shares top presidential priority - Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry passed through the Palmetto State on Mo...
forsure! And because of palmetto boys state but we are going to furman and SCA too
Despite dude in seat next to me vomiting all over the place (ALL OVER THE PLACE), I have made it to the Palmetto state safely.
CHS student delegates chosen for Palmetto Boys and Girls State
So it appears that rapper Nelly was in the Palmetto State tonight around the Rock Hill area... can ANYONE confirm/deny this?
Thanks for always representing the palmetto state with pride!
I say either Florida or lsu will win it alll and possibly cal state Fullerton
Mac and cheese is a vegetable here in the Palmetto state...3rd grade teacher
Earlier at Pair of Palmetto State coaches on ballot for College Fb Hall of Fame.
. OIL PIPELINE BULLY: 'We're a big company... and the state of Georgia can't stop us.'"
Palmetto State Armory has released the first batch of their hotly anticipated, USA made, PSAK-47s for purchase.
*Top Secret*. Hm what is Palmetto State Armory manufacturing and assembling today?!
We are tracking visits to the Palmetto State by known and presumptive candidates
.Blount Mansion will certainly miss you. Congratulations to you and Charles! Wishing you both success in the Palmetto State.
Who will win?. Check out the teams participating this year. .
First time in history of format ('99) that no team from the Palmetto State advances to Super regionals
ITS ALMOST HERE!!! This time next week we'll be making final preparations for the 75th encampment of Palmetto Boys State. …
Thanks so much for the follow. Have u in my following column now. Let's start talking Marco for the Palmetto state.
From Palmetto State Teachers Association: . TEACHERS!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!. House Bill 3949 is a bill that we...
Stoked that I get an excuse to wear skirts for a full week at Palmetto Girls State!!! 🎀👒
I can always keep a shadow campaign organization here in the Palmetto State, Mr. President, in case you change your mind.
Well, what do you know! Another useless, non-scientific survey with which can bash the Palmetto State.
the "Foreign $ news" trying to "sell" means to disperse POISON which will lead to Islamic State victory you traitors
Palmetto State ranks second to last in safest states study
Cougars are the last Palmetto State team standing; will face FSU when Mother Nature stops delaying things.
Blessed to have been a Palmetto Girls State citizen for a summer so I can meet great people like . Have an awesome day
Don't be fooled: is the authentic national security candidate for the Palmetto State.
The San Marcos River at Palmetto State Park, which is CLOSED due to flooding
South Carolina Update on Legislation in the Palmetto State for the Week of 5/29
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
We're a big company, we're coming, the state of Georgia can't stop us.'"Landowners form a pipeline rebellion in ...
Oh, South Carolina - My Beloved Palmetto State - One of y'all please tell that sweet boy Lindsey to quit this ruckus about being President.
Landowners in Georgia are upset by a Texas company's plan to build a petroleum pipeline through the state .
Mid-Morning is here. Quick check of the temps across the Palmetto State.
Wow I miss this place we really had a great time at Palmetto State Park
Welcome to the Palmetto State! So many GOP Primary events here this week. Hope you brought a twin or clone to hit them all.:)
A beautiful sunrise among the palmetto trees along the beach at Hunting Island State Park. Looks like a great...
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has declared May 6 to be CPA Day in the Palmetto State.
GOP's former senator Rick Santorum comes to the Palmetto State
Last 6 seasons in Palmetto State: Between them, Clemson and S. Carolina have either won 10 games or played for the league ***
Now that we have made it into Palmetto State it's time to fill the car with some South Carolina Low Country
It always was going to be difficult for Perry Dozier to avoid basketball. Not that he wanted to, mind you, but his father and uncle's prominence within the game — both played at South Carolina — ensured that the Palmetto State product would receive every opportunity to carve out his own place in the…
. Ahh the Palmetto State - home to Senator Tim Scott and Rep Trey Gowdy
Rough time for Palmetto State football. *** & Tigers get drubbed. Now news that Conner Shaw & Taj Boyd have been cut by their NFL teams.
Nate Hinton scored 18 while Jamal Bryant put in 17 as the 15U team beat the Carolina Wolves. Good Palmetto State battle
Time is running out for the Palmetto State's best kickoff party.
Where does the Tar Heel State end and Palmetto State begin? That will be discussed in Raleigh
Hi Donna. Greetings from the Palmetto State, home of Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, Trey Gowdy, Joe Wilson+Jim DeMint
South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson announced a new plan and task force on Thursday aimed at preventing and investigating the human trafficking problem in the Palmetto State.
South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham won his Republican primary on Tuesday, cruising past the 50-percent threshold to avoid a runoff against his tea party-inspired challengers. The 58-year-old senator faced six Republican challengers in the Palmetto State, but none of those opponents got much traction…
Baseball fans in the Palmetto State are lucky to have coaches like Jack Leggett, Chad Holbrook, Gary Gilmore, Monte Lee & more in this state
Golf tournament means far more: The Lakelands, like so much of the Palmetto State, is a golfer’s delight, but ...
The No. 1 pick in the NFL draft? Jadeveon Clowney's own Palmetto State rival, Clemson's Tajh Boyd, thinks it should be the South Carolina defensive end. As for Boyd's own prospects, which have slipped in most experts' eyes, the QB calls it "hilarious."
Vice President Joe Biden will raise money for South Carolina Democrats on Friday, CNN reports. Biden will be in the Palmetto State to deliver a commencement spe...
I want to share some big news with you. I've been chosen by the S.C. Athletic Hall of Fame to receive the Herman Helms Media Excellence Award. It's one of the biggest honors of my career. I'm very humbled to be recognized on a night when some legendary figures will be honored. COLUMBIA, SC – South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame president Kay Fortune has announced that Billy D’Andrea of Clemson, Mike Veeck of Charleston, Dennis Powell of Columbia, Rick Henry of Columbia and Coach Dawn Staley of Columbia will be honored for their various contributions to sports in the Palmetto State when the organization hosts its 54th annual banquet and induction ceremony on May 12 at the Columbia Metro Convention Center. D’Andrea will be recognized with the Bobby Richardson Sportsmanship Award sponsored by Pete and Ane DiVenere; Veeck will be honored with the Willie Jeffries Ambassador Award that is sponsored by Defender Services, and Powell will receive the third annual Dom Fusci Leadership in Action Award that is ...
South Carolina’s top education leader announced on Monday that the Palmetto State is pulling out of the Common Core standardized testing group, Smarter Balanced.
Whoever came up with Georgia as the Peach State and us the dang Palmetto State, WHY
Nancy S. Campbell last year was hoping to land a $102,000-a-year seat on the S.C. Public Service Commission, which regulates utilities in the Palmetto State.
Winthrop is in the Big South title game. Could be all-Palmetto State final if CCU can get past future SoCon stalwart VMI in the other semi.
yes sir thanks for doing what you do keeping us all informed on Palmetto State baseball. .
Looking to sale FOR the right price! Palmetto State Armory lower, .300 AAC Blackout upper conversion( $1000 new) with flash tip( .300 AAC black out is a shortened .223 with the stoping power of a 308), M4 feeders, Rock river arms OD Green grips and sliding stock, GG&G 8 sided rails, Aimpoint laser red dot scope w/ flip up covers, Mbus flip up sights (rear sights have a little wear but that is the only thing on gun that does), Magpul charging arm latch, 2 metal mags, 4 pocket/ 1 shortage space shoulder strap mag, Asking $1800 OBO,
Officially a resident of the Palmetto State! 🌴🌙
House Bill an important piece of legislation currently before the South Carolina Legislature, would allow judges to include animals in protective orders issued when violence threatens human inhabitants. Remember: House Bill If you live in SC, please call your legislators to urge passage of this life-saving legislation. Don't allow this legislation to languish yet another year. If you're from outside SC, you can still let the Legislature know of your support: Loss of potential revenue from vacationers to the Palmetto State is a powerful tool:-)
Carlin Aindreas and Kayleigh Waggoner are either of you guys gonna be at Palmetto State Armory today?
Anniversary weekend...Palmetto State Armory...Dinner without kids...300 in 3D.. maybe some massages..and some grocery shopping without kids.. an early thank you to my mom Becky Addis for being awesome and keeping the kids Saturday and Sunday. We love you an appreciate it!
The State: Occupational Therapist: Details: Palmetto Rehab Solutions is seeking an full-time o...
Four history teachers, twenty high school students, one weekend in Charleston, SC.look out Palmetto state!
Welcome our newest product line: Palmetto State Armory.
Georgia House Votes to Nullify Obamacare Georgia is one of eleven states engaged in some form of nullification of Obamacare. Late Monday evening, the Georgia State House of Representatives passed HB707, which bans the state participating in significant portions of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. The vote was 115-59. Representative Jason Spencer introduced HB707, The Georgia Health Care Freedom and ACA Noncompliance Act. Spencer also had five co-sponsors to the bill. According to Tenth Amendment Center executive director Michael Boldin, “While Georgia can’t fully stop Obamacare on its own, it can serve as a pretty major roadblock to implementation,” he said. “And as more states get on board with this strategy, it will pull the rug out from under it. Bills like this will end Obamacare from the bottom up.” HB707 specifically provides the following bans: 1. Prohibits any state agencies, departments or political subdivisions from using resources or spending funds to advocate for the expansi . ...
Hey, guys! Remember the Men's Fun Day tomorrow! Palmetto Island State Park in Abbeville. $2. Bring your lunch!
New EOS AR-15's. All have SPR magpul stocks, enhanced trigger guards, and pistol grips. Some models available with magpul hand guards. All chrome lined inside bolt carrier groups, and chrome lined 1:7 barrels. Your choice of mid length or carbine. All palmetto state stripped uppers and lowers. Assembled in Jefferson City, MO Prices starting at $875 Can be customized to fit your needs (additional fees may apply) add a sight, Dura Coat, you name it we will make it happen!
To all men: I hope to see you Saturday at Palmetto State Park in Abbeville. We will have a great time of fellowship.
MYR Wire: Can SC keep its lucky streak for the Mega Millions? - Myrtle ... - WMBF
You "shop local," so why not "spa local" too? Drop in to one of our 7 locations in the Palmetto state. Relax w/ us:
Coming up: A NC-based company is relocating some of it's sales operations to the Palmetto State.
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Back in one of my favorite cities for the weekend. Vivian's first visit to the Palmetto State.
yeah Grath that's why it's called the Palmetto State
Beautiful South Carolina: Take a photo tour of the Palmetto State
What you do after lunch when your brother works for PSA @ Palmetto State Armory- Greenville
Palmetto State Armory (PSA) next order should be coming in Tues March 10th according to tracking number.
Learn to camp! Register for your space in the Palmetto Campout at Sesqui, April 5-6.
request to bring Jack out of retirement, as a palmetto state resident, I am proud this morning, we need jack
$ 99.99 - Palmetto State Armory PMAGs and a Bag -...
Palmetto State has 2 Conference Women’s Hoops Coaches of the Year. and Congrats
Report: Marine to become 1st South Carolinian to receive Medal of Honor since Vietnam War "Palmetto State Honors him"
1st Ever State Lineman Championship Set: For the first time ever, the Palmetto state will have state champions...
2014 Palmetto State Championships event file and meet information are posted on our website.
New Thread: most of my range friends are women: i shoot at Palmetto State Armory here in the Hilton Head Islan...
*Customer Service Announcement*. Palmetto State Armory is proud to announce we are completely caught up on emails!...
This time tomorrow I'll be giving ole Maryland the one finger salute and thinking about the palmetto state that awaits me.
Stay warm today. We don't want to get sick before 8&under State, Senior Sectionals, Age Group Sectionals, or Palmetto Champs.
If you love the Palmetto State as much as we do then you will adore these Tidewater Flip Flops! Shop in store or...
It's only in SC... Lol. The palmetto state. Lol. But they sell oakley sunglasses and it makes me think of tyler.
Palmetto State Metal Art! Several colors and sizes available at Palmetto Traditions! by palmettotrad
I want to move to South Carolina so bad right now...mainly because this winter has been so depressing, but I love the palmetto state:)
Back on the road with to Clemson. Let's show em who rules the palmetto state!
Palmetto State Armory and Primal Instincts hunting some hogs with the PSA 6.8 AR!
Have a few producers from SC registered on Apparently they like in the Palmetto State
My schools football team is ranked 411 in the state of Florida palmetto is ranked 286 . Great move
Respect the state tree...the PALMETTO tree!
Disagree, but we are biased to the Palmetto State school we guess.
Operation Palmetto Employment (South Carolina's new commitment to hiring:
Palmetto State Armory has been good to me
Aiken county council candidate makes formal announcement: In the Palmetto state people are beginning to announce...
I never ordered gun parts on Amazon but still, this is lame on their part.
At this point the law of Palmetto State rivalry favors South Carolina about like law of gravity favors Earth.
Getting a history lesson about Jackie Robinson. That’s what plenty will have the opportunity to do as "42" comes to a theatre near you. The movie hits close to home for South Carolinians. That’s because the main actor Chadwick Boseman who plays Jackie Robinson is from the Palmetto State.
People who relocated to the Palmetto State accounted for two-thirds of the state's population growth since 2010, giving South Carolina one of the nation's faster growth rates, new Census Bureau estimates show. The state's ability to attract residents from other states and nations helped give South C...
IMO, the best- and most under rated- is the battle of the Palmetto State! Clemson and South Carolina.
In the Palmetto State, Federation member South Carolina Equality (SCE) is working to ensure that the military is becoming more inclusive, and they’re starting at The Citadel Military College.
Gov. Christie, if this bridge scandal sinks your presidential aspirations, consider the Palmetto State. All will B 4given. Ask Mark Sanford.
Fire departments in the Palmetto State are please with the decision from the U.S. Department of Treasury to exempt volunteer fire departments from providing health care coverage. When you see the flashing
When the Palmetto State elected Lindsey Graham, we got …
Join Jillian Michaels in the Palmetto State as she takes her inspiration and motivation to the stage on April 12th. Meet the Maximize Your Life Tour in North Charleston for an empowering and entertaining show you won’t forget! The world’s leading health and wellness expert, JILLIAN MICHAELS, is live...
South Carolina's plan to pass a bill outlawing the Affordable Care Act in the Palmetto State will be a test case for the rest of the country, former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano says.
~The Day After Gameday~ 'Twas the day after Gameday, and all through the state The Gamecocks rejoiced as Clemson met their fate South Carolina emerged victorious for the fifth year in a row As the Tigers would sigh each time the rooster would crow By arm or by foot, Connor Shaw got it done As the clock hit all zeros, he knew he had won The hopes for redemption Clemson held were des...troyed And there'll never be another opportunity for Clemson's Tajh Boyd So for Gamecock fans, Christmas came in late November And they witness a streak that they will long remember As Carolina has won bragging rights for half a decade Leaving Clemson fans angry at the effort their team has displayed The countdown starts now, 364 days to go Before Carolina & Clemson meet again for the big show But for now the Gamecocks bellow a mighty roar As they remain the victors of this Palmetto State civil war The battles were fought, and the debts were squared Payed with by crushing blows, bruises were bared Yes, heroes were made under ...
“If there is anybody whom a South Carolinian hates more than a Yankee, it is a Georgian; if there is anything he despises more than a free *** it is a North Carolinian. The Georgians and North Carolinians, moreover, living contiguous to the Palmetto State, the former on the west and the other on the east, the chivalry’s detestation and contempt for them is livelier and more personal than for the Yankees, who live a great distance off, and regarding whom your average South Carolinian knows very little.” – The New York Times, April 19th, 1863.
ObamaCare: But it's the Law! J. Robert Smith From the AP. If you've wondered about reincarnation, wonder no more. Einstein's in South Carolina in the person of the state's former Republican Party chairman. "At the end of the day, you're fighting legislation that's already passed," said former South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson, describing the fight to defund the health care law [ObamaCare] as a lost cause. Dawson may want to trot down to the state capitol in Columbia to pick up one of those nifty pamphlets that educate kids (in the simplest terms) about the legislative process. In our democratic system, and under the rule of law, politicians and citizens can contest existing laws. Pretty special, huh? Katon Dawson's bio has him as a segregation opponent back in the day. But once, segregation (popularly known as Jim Crow) was the law in the Palmetto State. Legislation created the law. Or was it done through fiat? Hmm... Fugitive slave laws (remember Dred Scott?) were once... laws. But th ...
Charleston Southern is loading up on Palmetto State talent with Jarryd Coleman, Javis Howard, and Wesley Johnson all on board.
Help raise $114 for going away gift, a Raquel Welch hairpiece: He's returning to Palmetto State
Several new rules for saltwater fishing in the Palmetto State have come out of this year’s legislative session.
Following Places I've been : (1) Empire State of the South (2) Sunshine State (3) Palmetto State (4) Tar Heel State (5) Mother of Presidents State or The Old Dominion State (6) Keystone or Quaker State (7) Free State or Old Line State (8) Diamond State or First State (?) What's Next on the Agenda! Maybe the Bluegrass State. Life is an Adventure!
Forget Mark Sanford’s win in the Palmetto State. The race to watch this year is Virginia’s gubernatorial contest.
GSSM Students Take Home 38 South Carolina Junior Academy of Science Awards Thirty students from the South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics (GSSM) recently brought home 38 awards from the SC Junior Academy of Science (SCJAS) Annual Spring Meeting. The 2013 conference was held April 13 at the Benedict College School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Columbia. The event consisted of scientific presentations, tours, workshops and poster sessions, all focused on the ongoing education, research and development within the Palmetto State. Students submitted written research reports and made oral presentations in the following categories: Biochemistry, Botany, Cell & Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Consumer Affairs, Engineering, Environmental Science, Math & Computer Science, Physics, Physiology & Health, and Zoology. Written presentation winners included Tara Brown from Camden, while Oral Presentation winners included Brown and Megan Chapman of Elgin. Science and Ma ...
ALSO TODAY IN 1788 - South Carolina, the colony originally named in honor of Charles I of England, became one of the United States on this day. The eighth state also has the dubious honor of being the first state to secede at the start of the Civil War in 1861. Its capital city is Columbia. The state bird is, appropriately, the Carolina wren. When a state has so many palmetto palms and beautiful jasmine flowers, what do you do? You choose the yellow jessamine (jasmine) as the state flower and call South Carolina the Palmetto State. Equal opportunity for the plants. 1827 - The first nursery school in the United States was established in New York City. The school was developed “to relieve parents of the laboring classes from the care of their children ... offering the children protection from weather, from idleness and contamination of evil example.” Yes, it actually meant that mommies and daddies who worked could drop the kiddies off for a truly fun, educational experience with little to fear. Plus, th ...
Friends, don't become completely consumed and distracted with the IRS scandal. There is still much work and discovery to be done in the Benghazi "MURDERS" (That's right - I said murders) by this evil administration as well as the illegal and completely unwarranted covert investigations and tappings of James Rosen, the AP gang and the others at Fox News. Issa will continue to press, thanks to Rep. Gowdy of the Palmetto State as this clueless Lerner twit screwed herself, issuing a declaration of innocence. The 5th amendment is now nullified and I'll bet they're fuming in the White House. Mark my words folks: Lerner will sing before this is all over to save herself from the iron bars. She will be recalled and the Oversight committee will be all over her like Reggie Love on the MIC in the east wing.
Governor Nikki Haley has declared this week Public Works Week in South Carolina to recognize the positive contributions made by Public Works employees to the improved quality of life for the people of the Palmetto State. See the proclamation here:
Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is representing the Palmetto State once again. He was sworn in just a short time ago as District 1's Congressman.
Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R) has won the race for the state's 1st District congressional seat, CNN and the Associated Press reported. Sanford, who served as governor of the Palmetto State from 2003 to 2011, defeated businesswoman Elizabeth Colbert Busch (D).
Find out what's bubbling up in the Palmetto State...
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